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Shayna Firm and Tracy, moms and creators of the popular comedy Experience The Pump and Dump Show dive headfirst into what it's like to be a woman who also happens to be a mom. In their new podcast, in collaboration with Warner Brothers and 1G Band of Mothers in Band of Mothers, No Topic is Off Limits. The podcast explores women's lifestyle subjects with honest, hilarious and entertaining conversations through the lens of being a mom. In today's world, Band of Mothers will gather special guests, irreverent humor, controversial conversations and interactive games, basically just like a day in the life of being a mom.


This is a podcast for every mom because every mom should have a band of mothers. You're about to hear a preview of a band of mothers. While you're listening, subscribe to a band of mothers on Apple podcasts, Spotify or listen early and ad free in the one free app. My son, who is eight, has gotten to that phase, which I I believe it is a phase hopefully, where he will look at me with, like, very, very sexy eyes and then passionately kiss me.


And I didn't know this was coming. Like, it's kind of like you expect phases. You expect your kids pick their nose for a couple of years. You expect them not to wipe their buck for a couple of years. You expect them to be obsessed with slime for a couple of years. But now it's like I had to I had to actually tell him that he can't kiss me, like on TV. And the other day no one was home.


And it was just he and I and I was actually, like, uncomfortable the way that he was looking at me. And it's the saddest thing because, I mean, I am like such a mom. Yeah. I can't imagine why he'd be looking at you like. Oh, and so part of me is like really proud of him and like, oh always love your mother that much. And the other part of me is like, oh no.


Oh oh no. I mean there's no tongue. This is not a tongue. No, no.


But it is like a it's like a TV kiss. I mean I think it is a fantasy and like grabs my face and it's. Oh yeah.


I mean have you guys been I well so I know it's a phase because I, I remember doing that to my dad, the guy I totally remember.


I remember it so clearly, you know, same thing like I had watched something on TV. You get to an age where you're starting to absorb what you're seeing and you see people kiss or you see your parents kiss. And I was in my room and I was standing like I was on my bed and maybe my dad was saying good night to me. I don't know. But I stood up on my bed, so I was like, same height as how old were you?


Oh, gosh. I don't know. Let's say eighteen. Let's say how you know about Tracy, let's say eight and under, just to be safe. I mean, had to have been young and they did this to give me a hug.


And I like leaned in and I tilted my mouth and did the thing where you sort of move your lips, someone else's lips.


And he has never done this in his life. He literally just took his hand on my chest and just went and just pushed me. Oh, yeah. I mean, he was horrified.


Well, what's amazing is that that's your like you have that memory because it obviously was like your first sense that it wasn't OK. Right. Right.


And so how how can we gently without throwing our kids like I don't blame him for a second. I mean, but how do you when am I. I'm just going to break his heart.


I don't think so. I mean, I think you're not I am not him, not as a friend. But I will be always I will love him more than any. I think he'll get it. I mean, it's just a he's just he's just it's just a phase. He'll get it. You just see you can kiss mom like that. Yeah. It's pretty wild. It's new and it's kind of ongoing and and it, it's so much so literally.


My husband the other day when he did it in front of him, my husband goes, get a room.


Oh my God. I was like, oh yeah. Oh yeah. I don't know, I don't know how you how you shut that one down, but you might love the snuggle snuggle.


Oh sure. But then he grabs my face with his hands and would you also love I admit it just everybody feels that way about their boys. I'm just amazing. I always say like I want my daughter to grow up and be president of the United States and I want my son to grow up and snuggle with me when he's fifty. And that's probably what's wrong with the world right now. That just sums it all up. It really does. Yeah.