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In Strange Woods is a new fictional documentary style musical podcast, the story follows 18 year old Penguin Wells after her brother's death in the white male national forest as she seeks out survivalist skills from the enigmatic recluse who found her brother's body. Listeners follow producer Brett Reback as he explores themes of grief, adolescence and our precarious relationship to the wilderness. All set against a sleepy northern Minnesota town reeling from a loss of innocence. It will never get back with a cast of Broadway television and fiction podcast, Mainstays in Strange Woods, as a new musical offering like nothing you've ever experienced.


You're about to hear a trailer for the show. Now, while you're listening, make sure to subscribe to in Strange Woods wherever you get your podcasts. And for more information, go to in Strange Woods Dotcom. Nine one one, what's your emergency? I, I, I found the boy, the missing boy. In the spring of 2015, Jacob Wells went missing in the north woods town of Whitetail, Minnesota.


I didn't know if he was dead or alive, but I just wanted to get out there and look. For Jacob's sister, Peregrine, that event was the beginning of a journey she never imagined she'd have to make.


Are you listening to me if the worst thing would have happened to you? Are you ready for a journey that started with a disappearance in the forest and ended two years later with yet another?


At the time, authorities called it an accidental death. But Jacob's uncle, Donald Van Kelkar, has new information that he says should prompt law enforcement to reopen the case. Listen, read the stories. I could tell you the stories everybody got about this. This guy, what does Howard want with our kids? We started thinking of ourselves as like survivalists. Everything got way more intense after that.


There's the hunger, the third. I don't understand why is so important, you got to make some plans to put your life at risk. That's when panic sets in. We've got a monster right here in Whitetail threatening the safety of our community. We have to do something about it. From a typical artist, my name is Brett Ryback and this is Ms. Strange Woods. That's the mark of a man who has abused. Available now. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.