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Previously on Blood Ties, you gave your speech and then how can I no, you are not speaking. Of course I know you're not. If you try to go out there, security will block you. I'm giving the eulogy for both of those. That's just the way it is. OK. Feds are not fucking around. They know he's alive, or at least they suspect that we're here for a safe deposit box.


Welcome, Dr. Richard Alemi. How much is in this, in case you ever wondered, is what a million dollars in hard cash looks like? Oh, this is a go back. He's gone. But when 15 minutes ago, good, I'm sorry. He was a great man and L.A.. Don't go in. Where is he? We've removed his body. I have a plan to make this all go away once and for all. A listener note, this episode contains adult content.


This is the spot where dad proposed to mom. I guess that means I was conceived somewhere within 20 feet of here. Oh, God, that's gross. Can you just try and take this seriously? The last time we tried to do a memorial. It didn't end so well.


Yeah, yeah, you're right. Actually, the last time we didn't let you say anything. So you should go first. OK, I'll wait for everyone to settle then.


Gull's OK. Dad, I love you and I miss you, and I'm I'm grateful for you, but I'm also furious about all the lies that you told and your arrogance. You thought you could do whatever you wanted. You thought you could have whatever you wanted. And you heard a lot of people in the process, your wife, Nancy Grace, all the women, your son, Santino. Your son, Michael Richland and me, our names are your legacy, all of it the good and the bad.


I was all definitely true, yeah, every every word.


Thanks. Do you want to say something to him?


Oh OK, Dad, when I talked to the funeral the first time, you know, I meant what I said.


You know, about you setting an example for what I wanted to be as a doctor and as a businessman, you know, but but now now there's one area where you've shown me what I don't want to be, and that's as a dad, I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure I'm a father to my son, that I'm there for him, an example for him.


And someday I want him to say what a great doctor and a great businessman I was, but just a good man.


Because I'm sorry, Dad, I just can't say that about you.


What's really nice, Michael, you have felt really awkward, but thank you. All right, let's get the bag right.


Right. But. We sure we want to do this. You know, maybe we just do like half of the other half. Michael, this is us, you and me baring it all. OK, I don't want it to you. Yeah. Yes, very much so. Whatever, the feds will probably use it anyway. Look at it go. Billion dollars really look like much from here. Piedad for real this time. Governor. OK, yeah, we'll be there.


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So many that better help is recruiting more counselors in all 50 states. Get 10 percent off your first month at better health outcomes. Blood ties. From wondering, this is the second season of blood ties, and every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven it to me and you'll find your fortune falling all over town in pennies from heaven. This is Episode six, Safe Deposit. Agent Novak, here's Illinois, where Michael Richland, please, guys, sit down.


Well, thank you, Governor. Gosh, about as good a work destination as I could hope for. So thank you for the trip.


You're welcome. Now, last time I saw you, you were running away from your own house.


Mm hmm. Free country, though, right? OK, let's cut the bullshit. Just so you know where things stand, we have frozen every account that ever touched anything related to Peter Richland, but which, of course, includes both of you. So you step out of this room, try to buy so much as a coconut, your card will be declined.


OK, we came in here for a conversation, but if this is how things are going to go, then lawyer sorry.


No, no, no. We are not in the United States anymore, my friends. Now, you chose this venue, not me.


Let me remind you, that means you're here talking to them at the pleasure of this government. Yes, understood, Governor, and we thank you, so listen to those kids. There is this here. Here we go to 14 p.m. yesterday, New York Field Officer Gerald Novak, phone call log.


What is this? Well, it's a phone call I made yesterday. Yes, I could do the voices, but yeah, just not really in the mood for acting right now. Me. Hello. Is this Miss Sophie Martin? Sophie Martin? Yes, it is me. Your attorneys expressed some concern about our investigation into your ex-boyfriend, Sophie Martin. Yes. My bank won't give me any money. My credit cards aren't working. My God, I have a three week old baby.


I depend on his financial support. Fuck you. Me. Well, I'm hoping this isn't a permanent situation for you, Miss Martin. Sophie Martin. Jesus fucking Christ.


You know that the money is for my guest, Michael. I am just being open and honest about where things stand. So you tell me, are you good with being open and honest to God? Yes.


Good. Good. First question, why did you come down here to see your father, Dr. Peter Ridgeland and Miss Ridgeland, can you confirm that what your brother is saying is true?


Yes. And I'm Dr. Richland, by the way, if I may. Yeah. If you don't mind, Governor, I'd like to hear this from them. Don't be silly. I'm more than happy to clear this up for you. I contacted Michael Richland two days ago to inform him that a body had been found near the site of the plane crash. Yeah, Governor, all due respect, please, the body had decomposed considerably. So I asked Michael and Eleanor to come as controls for a DNA test and to bring any and all medical records that could help identify the body.


And using dental records, the body was identified as Dr. Peter Richlands. We expect that when the DNA tests come back, they will confirm as much as governor. I've got phone records. I've got voicemails from Peter Richland left after he died. Dead men don't make phone calls, Agent Novak. Dead men don't leave voicemails. There must be some mistake. Please come follow me to the morgue. We'll review the body, the test results. You're going to take me to see the body, what's left of it.


At least forgive me if I may sound skeptical. I am a physician by training. I welcome skepticism. But Dr. Richland is dead. Sir, come follow me. My man will bring Eleanor and Michael to their hotel and make sure they stay there until you're satisfied. Here is the Palm Suite, which we have no way to pay for. Remind me, why did we dump a million dollars in the ocean again? My God, this has been a clown car of dumb fucking ideas.


But that one that one out may have been the dumbest of them all.


The world's best minibar. No, don't even think about it. LAX, Diet Coke, good or whatever. Tiny chance I had to see my son. That's out the window.


No, not necessarily.


Despite the governor's noble efforts, I'm most likely going to end up in federal prison.


No, you won't, Michael. And this is all over. You're going to get your ass back to Boulder. And when you get there, you're going to keep trying and trying and trying and you'll keep showing her who you are. You're going to leave all of this shit behind. How can you be so sure? Did my dad really die of a broken heart, science actually says that can happen, and if anyone could do that to him, it's my mom, Marie Pierson, Richlands, strong, smart, totally underestimated.


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He didn't put us on the same flight as the FBI did you go, go? They're flying commercial, thank. Thank you again, Governor. The fact the FBI agents don't have a body. Well, not a living one at least means they don't have a crime or a key suspect to charge. And I hope all your accounts will be unfrozen soon. Oh, believe me, our lawyers are already on that shit. Certainly, I wish we could find a way to repay you.


Actually, there is one thing before you go shoot. Yeah, go for it. I know your father was holding something for me and a safe deposit box on the island. My compensation. Your compensation? Yes, for my work on the core trials. He and I had a long friendship and mutually beneficial working relationship right to the end. As you know, Michael, I believe you were the cosigner governor. That money is gone. Gone. Yeah.


We kind of threw it into the ocean this morning, what you might call a memorial service. You're joking. No, no, I'm not. I wish I were. I'm sorry. You know, I will never understand this family. Michael. Eleanor, please don't come back here. Oh, my God. Holy shit, I cannot believe we threw his money in the ocean. Wow. Wow, I feel terrible. I know. Skydiving on skydiving, training.


Massive data tampering and fraud behind the new outrageous wonder drug there in a damaging Times story that broke this morning by Connie Mack with the same reporter who broke the Richlands sexual assault scandal. Story is raising questions about the outsourcing of drug trials, transparency of data and what controls the FDA has in place up the same AmeriCorps. One set to turn around a troubled company will officially be put on hold. All right, everyone, if you could please take your seats.


Thank you all for coming in on such short notice. But to put it in scientific terms, we are seriously fucked and we all know who we have to thank for this time story. Michael Alino, would you like to stand up and receive your slow clap? Apparently, the father to millions had two kids. Too many since you both hellbent on ruining him and everything he ever built. David, you don't have any voting shares, so please just sit there quietly until I'm finished.


And you clearly don't merit a voice in the direction of this company. So, David, I see the buck stops with me. I recognize that. And I was brought in precisely to get through crises like this. And we will get through this.


That's actually why we were called to this meeting, because we agree there is a way through this, but not with you in charge. You don't have any say here.


No, but the board does. And they voted Michael back in since well, since last night you weren't invited.


Sorry, is this true? We all discussed last night that it's time for Bridgland Health Services to go in a different direction. This is a very fragile time for a company and we need a strong leader to lead us. And look, if you'd wanted to shit candy, why didn't you do it tastefully? We don't want you to take this personally. I'm so sorry for your loss, David. I really these men are here to take your keycard and your laptop.


Any personal effects in your office will be sent to you. And don't worry, you got to keep the Corvette you base shit. This was the whole board, David. The vote was unanimous. Oh, don't give me that wide eyed good girl shit. You set this up, you knew this would happen and you're deliberately humiliating me. Get your hands off me. By David. By David. Touch me. Let me go. Attacked by. That's my.


Hey, Michael, hey. Yeah, look at this thumb drive from the safe deposit box, it's home movies to talk to you about something. So Jason Nasrat from the board just called. OK, they picked a new CEO.


All right. Why didn't they call me? Don't I got a say in who comes next?


They have an idea, actually. Now, no decision's been made. They feel that in this moment we should project family strength at the next CEO. Should be a Richland.


Oh, wow. I, I mean, I think if that's what you want to do, then you should go for it. Dad always said you.


No, no, not me. I don't want it.


You're right. My life is in Boulder. This is company. This life, it's toxic for me. It's like it's cursed. They want you kill me. And personally I think it's the best fucking idea this company has had in a long time.


You think I want this any more than you do? Richland Health is bankrupt. It's drowning in lawsuits. I know, but I think you've crush it.


Just one man's opinion, of course, but I don't know how to run a business. I'm a university professor. I do grant research. Let's be honest.


At the end of the day, I didn't know how to run a business either. And I look at what you did when we all stuck our heads in the sand. You have this whole billion dollar company pushing back against you, can you found a way you won, you brought R.E. just to its knees. Now, I think you're the person who helped me get back up, this company can still do great things, just needs the right person in charge at the present time.


The great and powerful magician Garageland is assistant. My name is Dr. Eleanor Richland, and along with my brother Michael, we leaked the news about the faulty data behind Vereker. We didn't want to see the company our father built be destroyed by more lies.


This company is sick and it needs new, responsible leadership. That's why I've agreed to accept the role of chief executive officer of Richland Health Services.


Well, the other traders, yeah, one board member who was found to have helped cover up my father's history of sexual assault has been removed. We replaced him with my half brother and, you know, for mass murderer.


Michael, no screen time. He's only two months old. I know. But I'm showing little baby Adam a video of a Zampa Elenor kicking smoothly. How's she doing? Oh, great. Well, you're not doing too bad yourself. Thank you, Sophie. Next question over there.


Hey, Dr. Richland County Beckwith at the Times. Haqqani, congratulations on the new position. Thank you. Any comment on the recent rumors that your father was alive and in hiding for six months before his body was found?


I have seen those rumors, yes. On the Internet. A lot of interesting theories on some message boards, but unfortunately, none of them are true. So how do you respond to people who say you're becoming CEO? It's just a PR stunt that as soon as things calm down, they're going to push you aside and go back to business as usual. Oh. I'd like to see them try. I'm wondering, this is the sixth and final episode of Season two of blood ties, if you'd like to help us spread the word.


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