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Previously on Season one of Blood Ties. That's a heartbeat. That's a baby going to be dead. So who's the mom? Blood. Sophie. Sophie, my girlfriend in Boulder.


I talked to mom when they were in the air. They were 20 minutes out. And that was three hours ago. Tragic news out of the Caribbean this evening where Dr. Peter Richland is feared dead. Michael Rich left.


Good to see you. I remember when you were a teenager. Good to see you, too, Governor. I can't believe this is happening.


You know, I studied cardiology under your father at Mount Sinai. So it's the very least I could do to make sure that his children do not have to suffer through forms and phone calls and bureaucracy and all. What about finding my father? I'm a search and rescue teams are out there. This Richland looking everywhere. We'll find out what happened.


Connie Beckwith calling a of time. I'm sorry to bother you. Listen, I can talk to you for the obituary or whenever another time for an obituary. I have information, damaging information about your father.


I just listened to a tape of Nancy Grace. Seems really, really disturbing things about her father. I got the news of 14 different women and they all say the same thing. What did say he raped? I don't think Nancy's gone. I'm at her building right now. I just talked to the super who she called. I don't know. You know, I don't know. I'm trying to figure it out. They're really pushing back about a company like our addresses, basically unlimited resources to pay people off.


They're using that as a reason to kill the story once and for all. Nancy. Nancy, please. Please. I know you trusted my mother. Please. Can you just trust me? I have something very important to tell you about Santino inside the house if you're going to make a scene. Anyway, she's just two years ago, my parents added into the will that Peter's kids split everything, all his kids. I know about Santino. It means he's entitled to the same as me and Michael, the inheritance, the shares, Mitchell and how he really says up this stuff about another Richling kid becomes public.


I don't even know how much money us you and me personally, I'm not helping you anymore. You are on your own. Fine. But just don't. Just to try and stop me, OK? Just don't work with them. Can you promise me not? No, I can't promise that I will. Because what you're trying to do now is threatening me. Sophie. Please, just. Just listen.


Nursing your high during surgery, self prescription controlled. OK. You've had three reviews in the past. It's not true. Go ahead. All of this from me. You write me a whole time about everything. Your money isn't an issue anymore. So if I can fight anyone, I'm going to take a jab at Richland that I know about the boy.


I just I just found out today. I think I think it's really, really wonderful. Do you think that's enough? That's the voice of the late Dr. Peter Richland. In an explosive new recording that came to light early this morning, a front page story in the Times alleges decades of sexual misconduct by the once beloved physician. Shares of Bridgland Health Services down were down. From wandering the audio drama Blood Ties returned with a new six episode season. Subscribe on Apple podcast Spotify or listen at Free on the Wonder Hand.


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