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Previously on Blood Ties, Karakol were launching that recall. No way. What's very core to polypill on the medications you need to prevent a heart attack.


And it's going to remind the world why they love Richland Health. Santino Reyes gets what he's owed or I don't sign. Then I'm keeping my shares. Hello. Hi. Governor, your father. How is he? I of. Conaway or. A listener note, this episode contains adult content. Peter? 20 minutes. Your dad's just 20 minutes. We'll talk when we land. When we're all together, OK? I'm Peter. What's going on? Eleanor.


I lost her. What am I going to want? She wanted to know what's wrong. Well, nothing's wrong. It's just the wind shear. Everything's fine. She wanted to know why we all have to go back to the island for Christmas. And I didn't know what to say. I mean, she has a point. It seems like we could just as easily sit them down in the living. Julia was ready to Morocco losing altitude. Three oh, look, the third.


What do you mean?


Oh, no, no, no.


We've got Tampa back to. Sir. Yeah, I'm fine. Just give me a sec. The changing room is like right there. No need. See, I'm all done. Excuse me.


Stop. Wait. You're bleeding. She uses. I. You're in my home safe and sound, not safe, not safe.


No need to rest, my friend. Please, Marie, do you remember what happened on the plane?


I said something's wrong. Oh, yeah. Say something. Something is very wrong.


Peter, come on. Thank God you're alive.


No, no, no, no. I'm not alive. Nobody can know that I'm alive. What do you mean? Someone is trying to kill me. I'm wondering, this is the second season of floodtide. Every time it rains, it rains in this room. Do you find your fortune fun? Oh, no, down here. This is episode two, The Survivor. A developing situation in the Caribbean this morning is a private airplane believed to belong to the physician.


Dr. Peter Richland has disappeared.


Air traffic controllers lost contact with the plane yesterday evening around 7:00 p.m. I flew over a thousand trips on that plane.


I know it's like the back of my hand. Somebody did this.


I need to turn this off. Washington today. Would you do that? You need your rest. Did you sleep?


Of course not. Where's Mary? She had to come to shore. Near where I did. I told you exactly where I went down. She didn't make it. Peter.


What does a. Her first makeup datebook. No, she's not dead. I refuse to accept that you need to look harder. You need to push your people. You need to make this happen. A fisherman found her body this morning. Same one who found all this. He made one phone call to Michael. The kids just identified the body.


You need to get them off the island. They're not safe here. Who? Whoever is coming after me.


Why would somebody be coming after you? Pull a security tape from the gift shop, tell the cashier at that resort. She never saw me. She never saw anything.


You need to make sure that I'm really done and your children are on their way here. I've got a plane ready to take you all home. Just them the safer that way. Thank you, Peter. Thank you. Did the people who saw me at the resort, no one knew who you were. That's them. How do you bring them back to see, you know, the less they know, the better. Just tell them you're you're still looking for me.


And please keep looking for Marie. She's out there. I know she is. She's strong. Please. Peter. Try to rest. Michael, let me make sure it's good to see you, too, Governor.


And Eleanor. Last time I saw your father, he was telling me all about the field work you've done.


It just happened to me.


Maureen on the phone right now. Okay. Sure. Are you ready? I can't get to. He'll be home in a couple of hours. Peter, I want eyes on those kids at all times. Done. I've got a safe deposit box in town at the bank and I can send someone. Couldn't you send someone you trust?


Or better yet, you got yourself and I coke. Peter, if you're going to be staying, there's a lovely guest cottage just a stone's throw away. Right on the water.


Perhaps not an unnecessary. Know what I mean is that the main house is where I live and work. Have other guests. It might be better. No, this is fine. Thank you. Fine, but you still haven't told me one thing. Why? Who's trying to kill you? That's what I need to find out here.


Is this about the drug? Yeah.


Oh, my God. I just. Dr. Richard Zemurray, great, oh, what a hellhole. You haven't asked me that in over 14 hours. I was getting worried. Here, drink this. Oh, Jesus. What the hell is that? It's cranberry juice for your blood sugar.


Oh, just get out of here. Will you get out of here, please?


David. Biggest worry? Rick. Rick, I can't get to the phone right now. I really thought that after not the rich night, we should go inside. Someone could see you in a minute.


Goodbye, Marie. Look, if the governor would fire me, if he knows I let you out here. What was that? My wife's phone. Why did you talk to me? Because she's dead. Come on, let's get inside. Merry Christmas, by the way. To you, to Dr. Richmond, to the. Oh, I see.


And we are just 10 minutes away from wishing you a very happy 20/20 as long as your last name's not Richlands Casey. And it's not. So let's get this party started. Yeah.


Yeah, you can do before someone sees you. Send him up inside now, but sun-dried said everyone fathered a million.


And then some, apparently, I mean, gut wrenching, disturbing allegations against the late Dr. Peter Richland today. Accusations that are making people the world over ask who was this man? And Field.


What the hell are you doing?


Look at this. Look at all this. Why are they doing this? Because he's wealthy. Why? Because he's white. Why? Because he's a man. And I'll tell you why. Why can't your people let this man rest in peace?


Finally, when I get home, first interview goes to that guy.


When you get home, I'm leaving. Thank you for your hospitality, Governor. No, stop. Excuse me, sir. Don't. I'm sorry. Have you forgotten? I am the governor of this island. I have armed guards around this entire property. You were my teacher and my colleague. And I respect you enormously. But if you try to leave here, you will be shot and dumped in the ocean. How dare you? You ask for my help and I give it.


But this goes both ways. If you turn up alive, then I go home. And that isn't happening. So you're staying. Did. I am having some guests over starting tonight and putting a card on this door. Are you kidding me? Yeah, on second thought. You're moving to the guest house tomorrow. I want my house back here.


I need to know who's who's doing this to me. First, they try and kill me and my wife. Now they're dragging my name through the mud. Who's doing this? A good night.


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Subscribe to the next big idea and other great wonder. He shows on Apple podcast, Spotify, the wandering app or wherever you're listening right now. We'll be starting a new era in health care in five minutes. Please take your seats. OK. You hear me? Levels are good. We're good. Fine. You got to slide things right. The typo. Remember the double T.. This is B singer.


Hey, David. Michael. Hey, listen, I'm sorry about the board meeting yesterday. We just thought your head seemed to be somewhere else, right?


You see, I'm the CMO of the company, you know? So, I mean, I should probably be out there. Medical perspective on that.


That's why we're running the video at the top. The one from the first. The old man beat you to the punch.


Wow. Running that video of my dad. It's ballsy. But you want to change the narrative. You run away from the guy, right? You're doubling down. We sink or swim with the father to millions. OK. Give him back his good name. We can save this company. I couldn't agree more. Which is why his son should be up on that stage. OK. See this section here? I'll give that part to you if you don't mind.


I actually have a couple of things that I'd like to add. Just a couple small one like, oh, no, don't push it.


Read what's on the bloody paper. Fine. I'll just read what's on the bloody paper.


Connie, what they let you in? Hey, they let you in? Well, they don't really have a choice for me. So what can you tell me about this new wonder drug? It actually sounds pretty remarkable. They've been working on it for years. It's funny how companies always make their biggest breakthroughs when they're desperate for good press and their stocks in the shitter. Is it a female Viagra? Not quite when I'm not buying it. Congratulations on your research, Grant.


Did you hear about that? I'm a crack investigative journalist.


Also, we're friends on Facebook. Oh, right. Yes. Still on Facebook. But I'm off Twitter, though, the troll army. You got you. I can only be called an evil bitch so many times.


Yeah. You know, I just picture them as living alone in their parent's basements. And it takes away all their power over me.


Oh, and welcome to a moment. Years in the making. That's how long it's taken to perfect the science behind the drug that will change public life forever. Well, the concept of the move to lead with your dad, they bring him back from the dead. I guess so.


Before our presentation begins, like three beams of light joining to form a rainbow of healing. The three drugs contained in berimbau are all you need to prevent heart attack and stroke in a single once a day pill for aspirin. What do you think of David Hammer? I like him well enough. I think he's hot. Connie, can I ask you, have you been poking around the R.H. server? How do you mean HST? Somebody has been using an old block and I thought maybe no.


Never gonna lose my job services. And now acting CEO David Hammer.


Thank you. Thank you. Very kind, thank you. For those of you who don't know me, I'm David Hannant, the CEO of Richland Health Services. I've been to this phone company for 12 years and I've never been more excited or seen a company initiative that will have a greater impact than the drug we are noticing today. We are.


And so sorry. Sorry, David. Now, I present to you Dr. Michael Richland, our chief medical officer and the leader of our vertical initiative.


Michael, thank you. Thank you, David. David Hammer, everybody.


We are so lucky to have a leader like you to fill my father's shoes during this difficult, tumultuous time.


You know, all I want to say tonight is please listen with an open mind. I know there are members of the press here today, and we welcome. We welcome your opinions. But this is about science, about medicine. Today is about introducing a new way to save lives.


Because today. So I'm really sorry I have to take this.


Hey, I just became a dad. Right. Three days ago. So when the wife calls. Yeah. Yeah, I have the answer.


Since the end of the day, this is a family business, folks. You read that Michael would say this is all about the first love of this company, medicine.


So, Randy, I'm going to be quick.


Michael Dell back here. Wait, wait, wait. My. Got a call that I want to hear it from me. I should be in his life. I don't want your brain. They're going to be selling for him. I'm his father and I get. I'm sober for a whole week. Tell me what's his name? So what's this kid's name? Adam Carolla. Wait, wait, wait.


So we will see. Hey, I'm so sorry about that. I just didn't know what to say. Sort of. We are a project family right now. Remember, you do, my friend. You nailed it. Oh, thank you, David.


Thank you. I thought I told you I can help with this. I want to help. You just gotta let me in.


Come here. You're in L.A., David. Congratulations. Your brother.


He was perfect. Well, let me go off script then. I will nail it every time.


So any word on Santino? Oh, yes. Yes. Let's go through today. All right.


I can't stand how much longer.


I promise I'll handle it. Michael, great works.


Hey, you. You too. Sticking around for a while now for a second longer than I have to. I mean, this place, these people.


Yeah. I hear that. I'll see you around sometime, Michael.


Yeah. You. Safe travels. It was amazing. I mean, they loved us. David Hammer and I, we were like, I don't even know how did you totally in sync. I think I really think we're gonna be the team.


OK. Keep your eye on the ball. Get lost. They got people feeling good. Guys like Rafa. He's he's good. But Dad, listen.


I probably became a father, and that's the best I got.


Peter. Dad. We named Peter. Don't be an asshole. His name's Adam. Adam. I like that. Does he look like me? My first grandkid. I should be there right now. Show me to cover debt.


So she's not letting me anywhere near him. Still, she had me thrown out of the hospital. I haven't even seen him. I don't know what he looks like because I am not allowed to see my son. Oh, my God. I'm sorry, Dad. I'm sorry. I didn't know what to even say to you. I. It sucks. I'm really sorry up everything. I got some advice for you, Mikey. Focus on her work.


I felt that way before. You know, like everything it touched her is like you're worthless. Like you really. I'm surprised. But then I guess. I've never seen you have those kinds of doubts. Sure. I mean, I'm all human. I mean, a lot of times when I felt like I wasn't doing things right. I always get up and I go to work. Fire the first problem. I can't wrap my head around at the office and solve it.


That's what you need to do now. Focus on what you can control, which is the work, and let the rest sort itself out, because all that other stuff. It always works out in the end, I promise.


When you called me on New Year's Eve for me to even describe it like a ghost calling me. But now I feel like we're closer than ever. Let me tell me, tell my. Sorry about all this by yourself. It's hard, but. I think it's time for me to come back up. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'm not sure it's such a good idea.


I don't know. I mean, I feel most people out there protesting against the law, so people defending me, Dad.


All those people love you because they think you're dead. I'm sorry, but you've got to stay put. I'm trapped here on this godforsaken island for six months, and you're already dead. I took you from us, but I'm the only person gets up enough to try to find out what they're worth. So please save your apologies. Help me find out. You're trying to kill me. From wandering. This is episode two of six of season two of blood ties.


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