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Previously on Blood Ties. So what can you tell me about this new wonder drug? It actually sounds pretty remarkable. They've been working on it for years. It's funny how companies always make their biggest breakthroughs when they're desperate for good press and their stocks in the shitter, like three beams of light joining to form a rainbow of healing.


The three drugs contained in berimbau are all you need to prevent heart attack and stroke in a single once a day pill form and presented to you.


Dr. Michael Richland, chief medical officer and the leader of our vertical initiative. Thank you.


A I know this episode contains adult content.


And now into child's. Feel the strength, guys, girls, great and feel the ground strength, yoga, morning meditation, green juice, keeping my anxiety down.


It's like a fucking two hour routine every morning. I cut out coffee. I love coffee. And when you're ready.


Push up downward facing dog. Yes, you didn't hear that. Stretch your shoulders. Oh, fuck it.


OK. Sort of fill you all in. I mean, getting a lot of shitty messages on a lot of different platforms from a lot of people in the last six months. People who worship my father and want me to burn for what I quote did to him and quote, they tell me I deserved the death penalty, that I'm a traitor. The tweet that got me to quit forever said rape. Eleanor. Then the text messages started to my personal cell phone from a blocked number.


Same message every time. Just how could you do this? At least that's what it used to say, because this morning they added something, something much, much worse. My name. My full name. Eleanor Page Richland. And that sends a chill down my spine, because everyone who's ever called me by my full name is Ted. Hello. Hi, Eleanor. Stalking the land for the National Transportation Safety Board. Hi. We understand you're in your first few days.


Do you know that we'd like you to come into the office when you have a moment? We have some new information about your data. I'm wondering, this is the second season of blood ties. And every time it rains, it rains pennies. Do you find your fortune? Oh, no doubt. Yes. This is Episode three trials. Is he in there? Michael, you can't go in there. He's busy. We need to talk. Michael, I'm kind of in the middle, is liking it now.


And those fair court trials. She despite the recent shitty circumstances of my life, I woke up this morning feeling pretty great. Went to the gym, almost bench press my weight. I had a smoothie, came into my office, finally took a real hard look at the trial date. I mean, as the CMO. Seems like I should be familiar with it. Right. And that's when I noticed. Where are the stateside trials? All this data is from overseas.


OK. Slow down. Hang on. Have a seat. I'll explain. I'm all ears. Your dad's wonder drug might save lives, but it was killing this company. OK. Massive hemorrhaging of funds. I mean, you know, an expensive new drug development is billions of dollars. So we move the trials a few years ago, much more cost effective overseas. My father would have never signed off on that. I mean, he was a doctor first.


Okay. There is no fucking Michael. This my dad. Sit around. Michael, please. We knew we had to get Varicorp to market, and this was the fastest way to possibly be fast tracking this at the FDA without stateside data. I mean, where's the data from this one clinic in the Bronx, five miles away? He got fed up with a guy, Dr. Givens, total prick. Your dad had said don't move or stop. We think your dad shit.


It's completely unprofessional and it's getting on my last fucking nerve. I loved you and you know that, right? Yeah, sure.


And when he died, he gives me the guy. I knew what people are saying. Right. Yeah, I know. You know what, the last thing he ever said to me was punctuality is the courtesy of Kings, David. And you're too fucking late. One was at 10 minutes before his flight took off. Really? Are supposed to be on that plane to the island. Supposed to go with him. I asked him to wait for me.


You know, your dad was three minutes late. He took off. Why were you coming on our family vacation? Because he and I had work to do on Vercoe. Because the truth is, Michael, nobody builds a company the size of our chest by being a doctor first. OK, so today is July 15th, 2020, or 900 hours, NTSB, Lower Manhattan branch. This is Agent Tural Novak. Interview with Eleanor Richling, daughter of the deceased.


Oh. How's your brother doing?


He's fine. Where's Agent Powell?


Off the case. Yeah. You're probably wondering why I'm reaching out after all this time.


Yeah. As a matter of fact, I am very much so. Well, as you know, your father's case has an advanced month since the initial investigation was ruled. The mechanical failure mixed with poor weather conditions.


But then we got a tip from home. We don't know exactly. You know, we do get a lot of what we would like to call our superfans. But Brandos out there, nothing better to do, especially when a celebrity like your dad is involved. Now, this one won't tell us their name, but it's safe to say whoever they are, they are quite obsessed. But they've actually got some decent intel here.


Take a look at some security footage from your dad's airplane hangar in Greenwich. You see the timestamp there in the corner about three hours before your parents took off. That's the Piper Saratoga that your parents were in. And behind it. What is that? Is that a car? Oh, that's a 67 Corvette. 88. Is a pretty sweet. Right, but we're red. We're actually looking for ground left. See that? Oh, it's I mean, it's kind of hard to make out, but it is high now.


But just take a look. Who is that? Is a man. That's what we're trying to figure out. Looks to be about five nine, five, 10. What is he doing? Maybe nothing. Maybe maintenance. But we checked and he doesn't work there. So I guess what I'm wondering, Eleanor, do you know that man? I mean, I can't really see his face, but no, he doesn't look familiar. OK. Noted.


Well, I guess I just have one other question. Given all that's gone on with your father. Give me more reason than the last time you talked to this department as to why someone might have wanted your father dead. Radio host, radio. Excuse me, clinical research into the hot. Yeah. Dr. Gibbons, I'm I'm Michael Richland. OK. To Dr. Michael Richland. I'm the chief medical officer of Richland Health Services.


Oh, you OK? I've been looking for the full results from this study. Are H.S. dead here?


I know it didn't end well, but can we just talk doctor to doctor? You can clear off that chair. No, no. I've got a system going on there. The other chair. OK.


Yeah. Floris Fine. OK, great. On the floor. Look, I think we both want the same thing here to help people, to give them the medication that's safe, viable and end coronary disease as we know it. That sounds right. That's what we signed up for when we started the study. But what you gave I know our HST cut it short cost cutting at the expense of good data, but not exactly where and where did I put that folder?


Look, I can assure you that will not happen on my watch. Well, what is this?


Just read the cover page. I handed that file to your father eight months ago. It's still sitting right where he left it. Then I heard about your father's passing. So I faxed your office a copy. Never heard back. These are patient files. These are test subjects. People who got their records. They're all dead. Yeah, I have the very court trial. How do you know that their blood pressure spiked. Severe headaches. Blood in the urine.


And then they'd go into cardiac arrest.


This is impossible. I mean, we we know what's in the medication. We know what it doesn't. What it does not do. And what it definitely does not do is send people in into cardiac arrest. That's pretty much the same thing your father said. You talked to my father about this. He sat in that chair. Well, the other chair, actually, other truth be told, his language was much saltier. And he saw this. These pages here are all and he didn't believe me.


They said he knew science, that he knew medicine. But he was the most famous heart surgeon in the world. And this made no sense.


And then he shut down the trial. David, we have a major fucking problem to solve, Brooke. Oh, my. I told you already. No.


Well, at first I thought I was coming here just to see the data, you know, to see if I could bring the study back online. I call it. Then I found out about this miracle drug.


The one that's supposed to end the heart attacks as we know it.


Turns out it's giving people heart attack. That's bullshit. I have the people with right here. If this gets you.


I know what you're referring to. Michael, it's not true. How can you say that? This is a totally legit double blind state side study that say, oh, God damn it, I knew it. Oh, Michael. The drug works. Now. I mean, if the testing says otherwise. Michael, we have a book. I almost think of testing that CENTO. I don't we don't get to market. And in fact, we don't.


We don't. Which one is it?


The drug works or that we need the drug to work for our business.


I'm not planning to come back to the office. I'll have someone on my team walking through all the gate. Fucking know what the data said. But, you know. By looking at it for 24 hours. You're a plastic surgeon. A plastic surgeon. Great accomplishment in life to be a card carrying member of the company. Wow. Michael, I have tried to humor you, but enough is enough. Stop fucking with launch. Michael, you know the arrangement.


You can't kept calling like this doesn't work. Governor, I need to speak to my father right now. Michael, we will call you at an appropriate time. Now, get him on the phone right now, please. Sure. OK, give me a second. Turn the music down. I'm waiting. Jeff, tell me what happened in the bear court trials in the Bronx. Hey, I'm Stephen Johnson, the host of Wonderings Show American Innovations, where we go deep into the stories of the scientists, engineers and ordinary people who shaped our modern world on our newest series.


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Download the app today. Dad, tell me what happened in the very core trials in the Bronx. What happened? You can read the report. I didn't just read the report. I went there. Everything was supposed to be preventing this drug is causing.


Let's start with the final report. I don't care. I talked to the guy in charge of that at home.


And then when I talked to David Hammer, he basically confirmed to me that all of this all of this was done with you, David Hammer.


He wants to ignore the data and plow ahead with a drug that kills people. So dramatic. Then how would you describe it? What the hell? People in clinical trials and adverse side effects look like death had serious comorbidities or underlying conditions going there.


I mean, Dad, ADC truck for heart disease.


I think you can assume that generally everyone else in that study saw improvement in their symptoms.


So you knew about this? It still went through with it.


Of course. And I collected more data, a lot more data in multiple double blind trials for hairs. Michael, do you really think I would push forward a drug that could kill people? I live by the protocol. Where's the rest of the data from that? Right. Hang on. Hang on. I'll put you on speaker. I've got the governor here, too. Right.


Governor, if you don't mind, I really need to discuss some work issues with my dad, one on one where our doctors here, Michael, the governor was one of my top students and he was the one running the very core trials with me here. Let let me assure you, Michael, the trials we've conducted in our clinics have been very promising. Very promising indeed.


If you're so confident, Dad, then why wouldn't you share the results of the Bronx trials to win?


Everyone out there wants to see me fail the way. Many more reason to shut us down. This will save the company, man. Will save our company. What are you doing? Just go. I can't. I just became a dad and I'm not allowed to meet my own kid. The chief medical officer of a company, your situation is seriously, dangerously homicidally fucked. And I'm sober for the first time in a decade. And that feels like a really big mistake right about now.


Well, bad things are happening. Big things about the party, right? Which bedroom are you sleeping in, mom and dad's room with a little one used to crash in after we came in to see Broadway shows. I will never forget what you did.


The townhouse is still yours, too, so you can stay here. You don't have to be alone, but that is it. I don't have anything to say to you at this point.


Oh, I'm really sorry about all of that. I was wrong. It's not just what happened last year. It's that you've been lying to me about what the text messages I keep getting from someone calling me Eleanor Page Ridgeland. I have no idea what you're talking about. Oh, wow. Lying is really like breathing for you, isn't it? Stop, stop.


Okay. I really don't know what what you're talking about. I don't believe you, but I'm not sending you text messages. I know you're not. But you're lying because you know who is. Why didn't you fucking tell me that dad is still alive? Here, have a drink. Oh, I'm not going to sit here and drink when you just got sober. Sighs I don't need it.


I think you probably do. Okay, try me.


Fine. I've got to call New Year's Eve from Dad. From Dad.


Knew it when the news about him broke. He told me that after he crashed, the governor took him in and covered it up. That's what normal. Anyway, he's been holed up with the governor this entire time.


Well, why can't you tell me you're the one who's been giving me the silent treatment. And I didn't want to get you involved.


What has he been doing? He's convinced someone tried to kill him. And Mom, he's been spending all this time trying to figure out who did it. Jesus. Yeah. You figured all this out because someone texted you using your middle name? No. No.


The first thing was David Hamre told me to stop using an old R HST log in, which I wasn't doing. And then I got the text message. And then this morning, somebody from the National Transportation Board called me out of the blue.


What? Why did he call you? Not me. I don't know. He's a weird guy. And all you would tell me is that someone sent him surveillance footage from Dad's hangar from the morning the plane took off. Kimmett. I told him to reach out to no one but me. So it was dad.


I was like, who else would have had that footage? All this time but never handed it over.


Where he has been absolutely obsessed with figuring out who caused the crash. Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Fucking Mind obsessed. And he's been asking the governor for help.


At first I was like, the whole idea. He's still alive. Is it sane? How is that even possible? But then. Well, you know, the second I asked you about it.


I saw it on your face and I knew you knew you wanted to come home. He says, would you say that he needs to stay dead? The corporate fallout alone would be catastrophic. Maybe. Maybe you should try to talk some sense into him.


Oh, no, thank you. I am still I'm still I'm still processing.


Well, there's more to process the trials that did on very core before he well disappeared. They all say the same thing that sometimes not a lot. But, you know, sometimes the drug kills people. Excuse me. Yeah. Oh, my God. Give me that. Fine. You win. I'm drinking. Oh, God. Oh, my God. Keep going.


You remember what I said to you after we learned about the world, about our shares, about what we could do if we worked together? Yeah. You said your shares and my shares could come together to form a corporate Voltron that would come down and save the day.


I meant it. But you did the opposite.


Look, I always knew Dad was a businessman, OK? But I always thought he was a doctor first. I thought he was a great physician that made up for all of his flaws.


It does not make up for anything. I know. I know. I was wrong to sell your shares.


Don't give the position of authority you have at Richland. We need to work together now. We need to stop them from rushing this to market or people are going to get hurt. And I'm sorry if I was a shithead last year.


I don't forgive you. I need you to know that I'll stand.


What are you doing? Check this out. What is this?


Wait for God. Four days of. Go. I'm sure you know, this comes a legend, a legend of Voltron guy stopping defender of the you know, the Billy that scared me. National Transportation Safety Board. How may I direct your car? Agent Powell, please ask us in regards to the case number.


Yeah, yeah. It's three seven nine four teens or two. Richland Oh. Is that okay? I'm sorry, sir. That tape has been transferred. I'm sorry, what does that mean? It means I don't have any information for you. I'd have to contact the FBI. So what me? The Federal Bureau of Investigation. Have a good day. From wondering. This is episode three of six of season two Blood Ties. If you'd like to help us spread the word, please give us a five star rating and a review and be sure to tell your friends.


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