Happy Scribe

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Do you call him daddy? Do I call her daddy? Call her daddy. Hello? Is this thing on?


I it is. It's us. It's Alex and Sofia.


And if you're wondering why we sound a little bit different, it's that we are sitting in our apartment in the dark. Is that the dishwasher?


Hi guys. Recording from home the perks.


I have not partaken in the fun times of drinking alcohol in a very long time.


I mean, I have, but I have not drank to the point of getting wasted in a very a long time.


And that last night I have never woken up more hungover.


Alex, you're my younger prodigy protege, Prozac, Parmesan cheese.


These guys were so fucking hung over right now I'm really so not OK, but like it also I once you hit the age of twenty seven and you're taking down bottles and bottles of champagne on an empty stomach.


You don't wake up feeling like you have.


And now Alex and I have a whole episode to record. And you know, you could say we are you could say we are unprofessional.


You could say that. I mean that's fine.


All I can say is we did it for you guys. What we did last night. What happened is we are investigative research. Yes.


Well, OK, first of all, we recorded an episode.


Yes. And we found out later.


Yeah. That the sound quality was so fucking horrendous that we had to rerecord.


We were like, OK, cool, cool, cool. Let me just drink myself into oblivion. Perks of recording at home.


And then we decided to go down a spiral of trying to find out who my stalker is. We found him, I think, and the process that it took to get there.


Yeah, it was the craziest process, but it was the most gratifying process. We had like aha moments while we were drinking champagne. I looked at Alex and I was like, the FBI is missing the fuck out by not having us on their team. And I know so many girls say that. But like, no, Alex and I were it was we had like a diagram. Sofia has folders on her eye, a folder on her folders.


And we put so many clues together that you wouldn't even fucking think about.


And like it was great. Anyway, anyways, Tiger came. Oh, well, first I was going to say so we're sitting in the dark in our apartment right now, so hungover there are bottles around us. I don't know. I mean, I do.


There are. I came out to our whiteboard and there are names of men just down our way.


I don't know what the fuck I was doing.


Why were you I mean, also not to mention if anyone is fucking still listening to the shit show the podcast, not to mention Alex Stutman not talking to me. Slim Shady not talking to me. Fucking face time, everyone. But then last night, dude, I don't even know what we were doing.


All I know is we're here now. Yeah. And we're fine. Tiger King, Tiger Sophie and I started Tiger King and Tiger King makes me feel better about what I did actually, yet makes me feel better about my life in general. Tell the entire Tiger King is about these people that own tigers. Yes.


Legally, illegally. It's film, kind of like a documentary and it follows different people who own tigers throughout the United States in the most random places. I can bum fuck nowhere.


Yes. And you think it's about one thing and then it becomes about Carol.


And she fed her husband to a bunch of tigers and like, God damn, this woman is such a fucking cunt, savage. And like, I hate her, but I love her. I feel like she kills a lot of people. Why? I don't know. But the guys have like multiple husbands. And yes, one of the guys says he's in a three way married.


Yeah. With two other men. And then another guy is in like a fucking five way marriage with women and he makes them all get a job and he's running it like a cult. Yeah, it's fucking wild. You guys go and check it out. But that's the whole point of Tiger King and no one is going to if I can see this coming, this is the little call her daddy flavor. So someone missed something on Tiger King and we're going to acknowledge it because some people are trying to turn a blind eye and we're not doing that here.


Every person that works on this particular Tiger Zoo ranch, Yasou Ranch, whatever it is. Are missing limbs. That's not funny, but it's funny, it's funny I want to say, because the dude that brings in People for the Tiger tours is missing both of his last legs and the woman is missing her arm.


And I'm a go ahead and say that if I brought my children to a fucking tiger ranch and the people leading me into the ranch were missing all their limbs, I would go ahead and turn around.


I'm a girl, I didn't say go fuck yourselves, I'd like a refund, see it never, I would rather not see the tiger today.


Two amputee legs, a full nub of an arm. And these people are like, come on in, folks. And, you know, I'm glad they don't discriminate. When they do, the hiring will actually when the woman did lose her arm. Yeah.


The tiger can't just go watch Tiger. It's it's shocking. It's so shocking.


How many teeth in total do the people on the show have? And like, I'm not kidding. I think we could 12. There's a full set of teeth, but it's with all of them combined. If you added all of this is one of the most unbelievable shows, like, gosh, but like, I don't support homicide. No.


Oh, no, we don't.


No, no, no, no. Polar Daddy. We I don't support homicide. We obviously do whatever you want. You can obviously do whatever, like support till we die, but like or literally die. But like no, we don't.


But Carol's like about us, whatever.


Yeah. Yeah. She fucks she. Oh yeah. She bugs tigers that's for sure. Yeah. She bugs she.


If I can put her husband through the meat grinder your he deserves all the hype anyways. Anyways.


Korona The reason I got over I'm the reason we're hung over. I'm going to blame it on Kronin. Yeah. I mean dude bad behavior is coming out. Yes. What else are we supposed to do. So if he was dancing in the windows last night, I mean, the girl couldn't be stopped. She was on fire.


The girl. Nothing is off limits.


Nothing is off limits. There's no real days. There's no what day is the week? Is it. I don't even know. I don't know what time it is. I don't know what's going on. I hope you kind of get that together because you have a show to report. But but yeah. No, Korona makes you do wild shit.


In other news. What's new with you?


With all my work and what's new with you and how are you doing?


Well, the reason is because Sofia went to Superman's and she fucking left me. So like, we've been waiting when she comes home to not talk and we just hop on the pod. Yeah. Which I kind of like. Yeah. Do I like you leaving me alone. No.


Am I jealous. You're getting and I'm two days a week. I leave Alex. It's just she is Daubert on every door. She's texting me like when will you be back. What time can I expect you. Yeah. I just feel like it's fucked up and I feel like you're going to come back with Korona and if we do get it, it's literally because of you.


But you're the one that's leaving the house, OK? And I'm fucking sitting here like a good fucking human. But in my defense, the sooner you get the virus, the no, get the fuck out of my face anyways.


So I've been journaling and I literally started writing in a journal star. I'm not kidding.


And I this is the thing like I first if I saw someone on my fucking social media being like guys during Corona, like start journey, I'd be like, get the fuck out of my face.


No, but if someone tells you to journal, you're kind of like, I would rather do anything but that.


So I randomly found this notebook that I haven't written in and I started journaling and I just know I still have my journal from when I was in high school to be able to read what sixteen year old Alex was thinking. But unbelievable. You have a notebook I got in high in my house, so I would just imagine I turning in high school.


You're like Johnny.


Johnny said my braces grinded on his penis when I was going down. I know that I can give me a blowjob. So. So what I was thinking is I was like, I kind of feel like it's a genius. Time to start journaling there. Yeah. Now, like, we are never going to forget this time in our lives, but to be able to write down what you were thinking. Yeah. And I was like, oh, I'm so I'm enjoying this so much because you can only talk to your friends so much about what's going on.


I mean, I, I'm happy. I'm relieved you're journaling. I know.


Like, my God only takes so much that you put. Oh.


So I straight up was like writing like all I wrote in a line, all the men I'm currently talking to so I can look back and I wrote their professions. I was like, forget them.


I like restaurants. Really what people mean when these. I know. I know. But I literally like wrote Slim Shady last name as if I would forget him years. But so I know also journalling other know I'm journaling about how I'm feeling during this time. The guys that I'm hooking up with. Yeah. How I feel about you.


And just like just how much tension there is in the home, you probably shouldn't have told me.


You know, I'm speaking here momentarily, so I don't know. I feel like it's like kind of cool to do, though. I feel like I do a version of that. We're all just right in my no.


Yeah. And tell me because I know you're just as paranoid as you like are you.


Don't worry. Like do you have a lock on the notebook. No I know but I know. I know, I don't know. I feel like I'm more concerned that people are going to hack my shit on my phone than when I have a written thing. I don't have to hide this.


I know I don't either. Please don't go in and read it. I won't, but I might take pictures and post it on my Twitter, so I don't know, I just feel like if you guys are bored, just journal.


OK, this is what I actually want to bring up about Korona. And I think everyone I hope no.


Is getting mad that we're talking about Korona, but literally, what else are we supposed to fucking talk about?


We're going to spend the whole episode talking about, you know, so. The amount that my family, specifically my mom is sliding in, like my mom wants to talk to me every day.


It has heightened tenfold, like there is a group chat with my entire family. People are constantly messaging, like even Superman's mom put us in like a group thread and she is just sending us articles and like and my mom is doing the same. You put Superman and I in a group. I'm surprised my mom is not texted you yet. She sent me a couple of times. We've had a couple of.


Okay, but I agree. I was thinking about this last night. I'm like, I don't see my family too often now that I'm an adult and I live in New York. Yeah, of course. I see them during the holidays. I go home occasionally.


But for some reason, my parents think that this is an opportunity where we should be ramping up the communication.


I used to like Zoom and I told them we were in the middle of recording and I lied to them because we don't ever zoom and do big fat family face time jobs.


So why the fuck are we going to start doing it now? I see what you're saying. You're like, I'm not seeing them any less. And they're pretending like it's like been years. They're like this. I haven't seen you in so long. And I'm like, no, I never see you. So why are we act? And I think it's because they're bored. And I think that generation of people is having a really hard time seeing their kids or some shit.


I think there's anxiety that's kind of like how long is this going to last? Is the next time I'm going to talk? I don't know.


I'm enjoying myself right now and I don't want to do group face time family fucking shots. We don't do that when we don't have Crono. Why would I do that when there is Korona?


I am a heartless, fucking heartless.


We go straight up and I wanted I was happy. My grandparents are dead and this week I'm like, why the fuck is my family starting to do it?


I swear the like when you got into a hole and you get like, happy with yourself on your couch, you want to just be alone. I have so much fun alone. Yeah. So much anyways. I don't need anyway, but I'm sure a lot of people can relate.


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We all know about the little meth. You just drink some fucking vodka cranberry at the bar you're going to believe. Yeah.


So just drink some cranberry juice in the morning and your vagina's going to feel great. It doesn't work like that.


You Kaura actually works you, makes a packet of you up, you put it into water and you can drink it after sex. It's super easy, effective and it tastes like pink lemonade which is pretty dope. It tastes really good. I've had it before. I used it as a chaser also. OK, and then it cleanses the urinary tract and then also boost your immune system so you're not as vulnerable to get a UTI. So you're fucking gooky, right, Dr.


Cooper? So you guys right now, you Kaura is offering thirty percent off for call her daddy listeners. When you go to you Kaura that's you. Q Oh are a dot com slash daddy ucore adcom slash daddy. You told us that you received a picture last week. Yes. From the Canadian and it had three men in the picture and all three men you are talking to. Yes. I love my love. Shocking. What's going on with that.


So basically what happened is finally the Canadian called me alone. He's been fucking FaceTime me me way too much with the other men that I'm also talking to you and it's becoming uncomfortable. You can't have a real conversation when all three of them are right. I'm like, why are we doing this? Can we all talk separately like I want and like we should? It's kind of like a threesome for some. Like, you have to give them all equal.




And I don't want to fuck all I got. No. OK, so finally I got the Canadiana face time.


We're talking. It's like the morning. So he's sober, which is great. And he ended up telling me how I came up that day for them all to realize they talk to me. So one of the guys was talking about, I guess, something we had either posted on, like call her daddy or something. And he was saying like, oh, I really want to fuck that, call her daddy girl. And it wasn't me.


He's like specifically the brunette. The blonde is busted. But I'm trying to slide in through her, so I be OK.


No, OK, so so then the Canadian ended up telling me that he jumped in on the convo and was just like, oh yeah, I know her. I talked to her too. OK, and what I the whole point of me asking this is I wanted to know is the Canadian explaining my pussy to these men. Right. Like what is he fucking saying are running his mouth about?


And so I was like, did you tell them that like, we've fucked and, like, talk about our sex? And he was like, so insulted that I even asked that he was like, no, what the fuck? I'm not running around, like, telling people about.


I said, OK, see my theory, Alex, tell everybody I had a theory. Sofia and I, when I got that picture, we had a theory and we were like, do men even discuss in detail? The sex with girls that they're having, this is a thing if a guy received a picture from three girls and he was talking to all three, those girls would have talked about in detail his penis size if he was good and bad, blah, blah, blah.


Yes, girls would have covered it from start to finish, start to finish. And the thing is, is people assume that guys are like that, too, and they're not.


No. And the theory is, is that men do not talk about their sexual adventures in detail with their boys. They don't know. I was sitting at a lunch and I was with Soup Man and two other guys, and they were asking me, like, what color Daddy's about? And then I started sweating bullets. I'm like, you're like, oh, shit. Well, so it's a health and wellness. And yes, usually I talk about sex.


But I guess what guys, I'm proud of what I do because I want to fucking ask me that. And I was like, it's like locker room talk. But for girls, we've said that you're great one. And they were like locker room talk. But for girls, what does that mean? I'm like, you know, like when you're in the locker room with your boys and your dicks are swinging around and you're talking about like Vanessa that like the whole team, like porked or whatever.


And the guy looked at me and he was like, I have never talked about Vanessa or with my husband.


I was like, yeah, you're like, OK, you know? But he was like, guys don't talk about their sex, right? He was like, maybe every once in a while I'll be like, yo, dude, like, was it good? And then my friend will say, Yo bro, it was great, right?


I know. Yeah. I think that men will admit to who they have fucked like like. Oh did you fuck her. Yes. That is where the conversation ends. Yes. And so Sophia and I started asking a bunch of dudes that we talk to being like, do you discuss with your boys? Yeah. And I'm going to read you because the L.A. guy that I'm talking to, RO, and he was like, basically, unless some crazy shit went down or like, scarred someone, OK, unless, like, a girl shit on there during anal.


There you go. Not then for the most part, it's going to be like, oh, did you fuck yes or no. Cool. Either way, keep it moving. Right. Obviously, there are going to be immature little bitch boys out there that are going to talk in detail about their sex and run around to their little friends. Immature, but for the most part, when you're fucking with men like grown ass men that are mature, they're keeping it pretty simple.


And the details that they share with their boys, I totally agree. So, like, yeah, if you're in college, you may be a little bit more fucked. But like, then that also is like women choose your fucking right more exclusively. Like, don't fuck with little boys. Yes. You know, like old men. Fuck all. That's really what it's about. Yeah. OK, let's agree. The moral of the story.


Can you tell us how the fuck you even feel about the Canadian? Because I don't even really know you guys are on again. Off again. Like, what is the deal? That's such a good question. Talking about feeling right any twenty twenty.


I think that's a really good question. I think like I don't.


Yeah. You know, you're you still don't know.


No, I think that OK, I like him a lot.


I think that you know. Yeah.


I, you know, I think that the Canadian and I have this really good like we are very both similar in our personalities. Yeah. We're very sarcastic. We love to joke around with each other. We're both very sexual with each other and I'm enjoying that. And I think we're both so single and yet so reacted to each other and it's super easy. So to me right now, I think he yes, I like him really excited for like his off season.


Do you see him, like being your boyfriend? No. Well, no. I think it's more of like a we have to just hang out more. Yes. And see where it goes. But like, it's exciting and it's fun. And I like him, but emotionally, I'm not super invested. Right. That makes sense. Well, yes.


Like I guess you're also talking to like I learned what I do. Right. Well, we'll see.


Oh, my God.


Alex and the Canadian green card. Green card.


We're going to talk about social media, specifically social media and the time of Korona and Instagram. So there's some full pause.


Oh, it's a big word. Thank you.


Every single time I use a word that is like above beginner level, it's like, you know, you always are like you're so smart, OK?


Because you are.


Except when we were playing Scrabble the other night and we know you won the first round.


I won this. No, but I'm just saying we both couldn't come up with words that were bigger than four letter things to think is not something on the podcast, but that's all right. Instagram.


So for a minute there, we felt uncomfortable about posting. And I'm laughing because you've been bringing them fire on your Instagram. Let me just dissect this.


When Corona's started, yes, I turned to Sophia and I said, I feel weird posting anything on Instagram right now, especially a thirst I'm about to point to thinking I know you've been throwing up Thursday like I've done.


My Instagram is looking a little bit more slutty than normal.


I think it's because the men in my life.


So Korona didn't stop you for two different. You know, it stopped me for a second, though.


So what we wanted to talk about, though, because we've been talking about it, is like does anyone else in the world right now feel weird posting like kind just pictures on Instagram?


Well, I girls are throwing up their assholes and pictures of their ass and it's like hashtag quarantine.


And right at first this is how I felt in the very beginning of Korona. It felt weird. Yeah, it felt insensitive. It felt like I was uneducated and I was unaware of what was going on in the world, unaware who we were.


Now, as time has progressed and we're entering the third fucking week, the third week feels like the third year. Right. And I'm kind of like, am I want the content? What are we supposed to do? Never post on Instagram.


I think it's after any major life event, you feel weird, but it can only last so line like the world doesn't stop.


So I think that I can I'm going to judge the girl that threw up a fuckin third strop the day that we went into quarantine.


Yes, you can hold off also. It's ridiculous when a girl does post the ass shore on her Instagram and then the caption is like, Corona. Corona got me like, yeah, that's where it's not OK. Right? And it's like, I just want to pause and post this picture of my ass just to show my support for, like, you know, the people that work in health care.


And it's like, fuck off, stop. No, I agree. So I think that we were just kind of like, what the fuck is the etiquette on Instagram? And I think now the floodgates are open and it is fucking fair game because at this point now I think we're reaching the point where everyone is just desperate to look at anything other than the news. So if you want to post your fucking clitoris on the in the ground, do it, do whatever the fuck you.


If something major happens, there has to be a grace period. We're going to leave it up to you. How long that is more than a day.


Yeah, OK. Give it more than it.


Give it twenty four hours. Absolutely. You thirsty, huh. Yeah. And but then throw the third trap up. Absolutely. Because right now all eyes are on you. Yeah. Oh you are in the ring and all eyes are on. Yes Alex.


People are really hyper focused on your and so everyone is on Instagram right now.


No one has anything to do. So post your hotness. I support it. OK, yeah. Right next. If I see one more fucking notification at the top of my screen that says blah blah blah is going live with blah blah blah, I'm fucking done. Why the amount of people going Instagram live, specifically celebrities. I think I might be alone in this. I fucking hate Instagram like Sofia hate. I hate it. I think it's the most boring shit I've ever watched you let them know.


No offense, because like I'm pretty sure I go live.


But honestly, you did it out of boredom, right.


That's your excuse. What the issue with Instagram live is. And the reason I fucking hate it is this like a lot of the times the people slash celebrities are just sitting there doing nothing and saying nothing for thirty minutes, fucking twirling their hair and like waiting for, like a question to come in. Right. They're giving a little shout out to fucking Casey from Kansas. Yeah. Casey. Oh, oh. There's Burt. He's from Florida. Oh my God.


Like Repp in Australia. I see you. It's like, why do I want to watch that. Yeah, I feel you so and I know that people are going live right now because they want to talk about Corona's, but it's like I'll listen to a health professional. Right. So if he's passed this split live, how about that? Yeah, that's what they're all doing. Yes. Andy Cohen is splitting his life with Michelle Obama.


OK, Michelle Obama. Like, I would maybe tune in to that like you do not fucking splatting.


Goldberg is splitting the screen with Amanda Bynes and just do it. Your celebrities are picking star Amanda Bynes and WAPI Goldberg. I would also tune in. Oh, no, it's more like any. I'm in Nevada. Yeah. It's like John Mayer and like Miley Cyrus. Miley. Yeah, she needs to fucking stop. No, I think that the first when I saw people going live, I thought it was cool that artists were like singing and did their way of giving back.


Yeah, I told you I was like I could kind of see like why people would think it's cool.


Like John Legend, you know, gets on his piano and like she's like, I don't know if it was like I don't think it's fucking cool at all. I don't think it's right.


I don't think you really know yourself. So you're like, I think it's fucking stupid that. So, well, can you explain it to us? I personally am heartless because let's say Chris Martin from Coldplay.


Yes, I showed you his live eye. You had no interest, love, and it was all yellow. I love him, OK?


There is something that is just it takes away from the music that their Instagram live like they think in their minds.


I'm putting on a live concert and it's like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


It's not a live concert. You are still behind a screen. There's probably five fucking producers know there's probably another probably home alone, but I just don't find it that interesting. Yeah, on. Well, you can post a video. Yeah.


There's some they think because it's live, it's our special. I like going back and watching people's lives once they've uploaded it and it's on their page so that I can fast forward through it to the points where I think things are doing well also.


OK, here we go. Here we go.


Artists are playing songs that everybody knows and changing the lyrics so that it applies to Corona and covid came is not with you know, you're talking about Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe.


Do you guys remember leave get out. Leave right now. Yeah. Iconic, brilliant. Amazing. So hot, so fucking cool. Iconic live for her fucking hot her on my walls. I fucking masturbated to that chick. I went lesbian for that young couple that I love. Joe the amount of times I grabbed my hairbrush and I like broke up with whatever guy and I fucking sang that song in my bathroom.


And what did she do to the song. Like butchered it. What did she say? She brought one lyric.


She goes covid night. No, no, I got it. I got it.


She goes, she goes, she goes singing right now do it for humanity. Like what dude. She literally is like. I never thought Coronado could be such a nasty behere. Yes.


Me that you made. I am not but I never knew Corona be nasty bitch.


Jojo, you're ruining my child. Yes, that was my fucking jam. That's what it is. And you ruined you ruined it.


Yeah. People need to stop changing their songs and I actually think they just need to stop it.


Yeah, people will probably disagree with me, but like, I don't want to see anyone sing a song.


I don't care how famous we have. I have to say this. So yeah. And I right now, we both started before we started recording, annoyed with the guys we're talking to.


Yeah, I'm coming through Sylvere. You literally just looked at me and said, you just go. I don't I don't think anyone taking any song, anything we discuss right now, I'm going to be like, I fucking hate it. It's fucking stupid. OK, OK. Who is getting to us anyways? Let's try to be diplomatic about this. OK, ok, we're Delgado. She is so beautiful.


She was in Superwoman, she super was super woman and she put together a music video. I'm bringing this up because it's a perfect example. She put together a music video of all of these famous people singing lines from John Lennon's song Imagine, Imagine All the People.


So for every line, it's like a different celebrity. So she got all of her fucking celeb friends to put this video together. And the thing is, I think she had the sweetest, intense, sweetest. I get it. She was really trying to give back. But I low key think that her making a video of all of her celeb friends singing a song from John Lennon, and they're doing that to make everything right in the world. Go fuck yourself.


Go fuck. No, no, really. Go fuck yourselves. All of you. Fuck yourself the all the years. Go fuck. You know, Salgado, I will fair of you. All of you will be a man, but I don't think they're in it, but they're in it. This is the thing. Why the fuck would a song all of you lip singing. Yeah. To a song. Yes. Why the fuck is that going to help anyway.


I don't think they were listening. I think they were actually. Oh yes. Yes they were. But still. Yeah. Is awesome to make me feel better. You know what I know? You know what?


Will Ferrell decided to sing a line from this song Who Cares About Krona guys?


We've got because we've got this we're in this with there there's a virus that's wiping out a fucking nation, except, my God, turn on the fucking little music video that gal put together. And we're good. We're we're smooth sailing. A smooth sailing, the best part of this best part of this, guys, is so this music video came out. Yeah.


And we got to meet we got an email from our employer and we got an e-mail from our employer. And they were telling everyone in talent that they wanted to do a version of what?


Oh, no, we're not. We're not.


They wanted us to do all the content where we work to do a version of what Gál and all the celebrities did.


Everyone, so we get this moment of silence just for that, because they wanted the talent to do the music video and they sent out an email and they designated who was going to say what? And when Alex and I saw that email, we were about to pretend that we each got her uncle.


And you were quarantined in the fucking hospital when daddy gang when we got this email, Sophia and I were like, fuck our fucking lives. You've got to be shitting me. Like, how the fuck are we going to single handedly ruin our careers, ruin us? Singing Imagine all that people I get out of. I would never live it down. We open the email and so every line is designated someone else and tell it and we're scrolling.


We hit the chorus.


Whoa. Don't see our names.


Don't see our names. We're headed into the outro. No, don't see our names. Don't stand your name.


We do like our talent or what are we what we do. A full overview one more time swipe through.


We are not on the list. We are not. Every talent at our company is on the list but us, Alex and Sophia from call her dad. They might as well have Ro, Alex and Sofia from call her daddy excluded everybody else but on enjoying it. So we're sitting there, we're like holy fucking shit. They know us so well. They knew, they knew. There's no fucking way those girls with a gun to their head are going to fucking do this.


But it's so fucked.


I knew that we were either not going to do it or we were going to do it and like ruining and ruin the whole thing.


Wow. It was pretty. I was one of those moments where, like, we thought we were going to really have to do it. So we were like bunkering up to do it. And then we went down the list. And when you we saw that we were excluded, we were like, well, maybe our employer really knows better than we do a little better.


But such a fucking really we're almost kind of we were her we were as much as we say with a gun to our heads, we would have done.


I think you we've been talking about an album.


We've been talking about how we like to say so I would not succumb to the fucking imaginal. I could. No, I couldn't. So that's what happened. It's just something like this. The last comment, it's like, why do you think that you are helping by singing a lyric from a song? How is that helping your own?


Like I, I think some people like that actually really helped me move on because it like it's so fucking stupid anyways.


Do I miss the days that Alex's hair looked like a broom. Yes, I do miss it. But it got so out of control, you guys, that we did need to start using function of beauty. Function of beauty saved my life by talking electrocuted a fucking thing of straw above her head that looked like shit. My hair looked like shit before I started using function of beauty. Sophia, go fuck yourself, guys. Function Beauty is the Internet's top rated customer hair care brand with over thirty thousand five star reviews.


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Dotcom slash daddy. Here we go. Here we go.


This is rich. Let's go. Let's go. I'm excited. I'm excited.


Last week, last week we talked about seeking arrangement. And the thing is, is we ran out of time.


But what we also wanted to discuss is something that could arguably be more powerful than seeking arrangement.


And before we get into that, I do want to make it clear by there I have some dimes and I know you do, too, Zofia.


The people being like you guys didn't cover this like you guys who is sitting there speaking arrangements?


Well, listen, you've got to add you up, Corona. Well, I fucking knew, OK?


You the people being like you didn't cover this and this and this. Of mother fucking course, there are more things just sticking around. Yes, girls were writing in saying you guys did not cover the full scope of seeking arrangement. And it's like that's its own podcast that we do a seeking arrangement podcast next. OK, but for anyone that was concerned that we messed up, yes. That was just the beginning of starting the conversation about seeking arrangement. Yeah.


We need to address, obviously, being safe on seeking arrangements and how there are catfishes. But there are some good people, like there's a bunch of shit, but we're not fucking talking about talking about taking arrangements because what we're talking about is only family, only motherfucking fans. Bring it.


Here we go. Here we go. OK, only fans. If you guys don't know what it is your world is about to change. It's a website where subscribers can go. Most of them are male, of course.


Of course. Straight, gay, whatever they are, they pay models and social media influencers fee. It's around like five to 20 bucks a month and they pay to view a feed of imagery to receive for Instagram and all those beautiful. Basically, these guys are paying for exclusive content that you can't see on their Instagram. Yes, it is. Also right now, this is not an app because it's too explicit that Apple won't let it be an app, which I think is really interesting.


I thought that was so interesting, so interesting. The amount of times that I'm like, oh, that's disgusting. I'm going to make an app for that I'd like hurt you. It's like you can. Yeah. So right now it's on, it's just a website and all these guys are so hyped on it right now. It's literally the new hottest, best thing. Yes. And I've noticed even I see when girls are like I just created an only fans account, I'll go check how many followers they have.


There are some normal ass chicks with like a thousand followers doing this shit and making bang bang.


I can attest to it because I was actually hanging out with Superman and one of his friends, OK, his friend was talking. His friend has a girlfriend, OK? And he started talking about how he shells out like sometimes twenty K a month on only Schutze to get stuff from these girls. And I'm like, oh does your girlfriend know about that. And he's like, I'm not doing it in person. Like what am I doing.


And I'm like, oh hey OK. Do you think that's cheating. Yes, I fucking think so.


You would be mad and zuman that I would and then I would create an account here and I only him got subscribe and everyone else. Oh no, no. I would make sure he could subscribe and I would be like that's going to be thirty.


OK honey you little piece of shit. Yeah. No I could see why like oh my God.


Can you imagine if you had your boyfriend on one of these sites, you fucking create one of your own and make sure he comes across that way.


Babe, babe. And they string up my ass like, no, you can't be mad, right? You watch. Watch cheating. Yeah. Why you you can do it, but I can't. OK, so let's back it up for a second because can you guys tell that we're in an argument right now. Manoni OK, OK, so only fans.


I was doing research because that's all I'm doing during Korona.


So I was doing research and I read that gem Wolfie is the most followed person on only fans. I remember you. OK, so she I guess is like she her feed and they say she has, she shows off her Cardassian esque proportions and she's squatting in really tight leggings and squeezing her breasts together, strategically covering her nipples. And she would be considered a like a fitness model, I guess. But obviously men are not subscribing to like see her technique of squatting.


They're looking to see if they can see pussy. Right. Usually you're not trying to cover your nipples while trying to, like, do a squat. Right. Right, right, right. Right. And fitness. So I guess that so she has so she's the most followed person. She has ten thousand subscribers who pay ten dollars a month. So that means that she is making one hundred thousand dollars a month. So that's one million two hundred thousand dollars a year.


Moment of fucking silence. I think we need to take our careers. No. One. I'm done with it. I'm done. Why are you on here? Are you fucking kidding me? What? And she's this is a thing. She's not new. OK, first of all, a million something dollars a year.


That is fucking shocking. Right? And that was going to be my next question. She must post nude stuff and she's not. It's like it's like a strip tease, but you never see up her nose. Yeah. So she's like doing very provocative shit, but like has like little leggings on. Yeah. Now obviously there are girls that have full blown nudes on our girls that are like suggestive nudes where they cover their nipples. That's what I was going to bring up, is I asked the guy, I was like, why are you shelling out twenty thousand dollars a month?


And you can D.M. if you're a subscriber, you can. D.M. These girls or guys, whatever it is, and you can ask them for like specific share and then you just have to pay more.


So some of these guys are in these girls dorms, like that's actually kind of brilliant because you're right. What do you slide in? And yeah, it's like you don't go nude until they slide in and they ask for a personalized video of you with, like a toy in your pussy. And the thing is that I also read was these girls are feeling super secure and protected because I guess if you are subscribed to an account and you take one of their nudes and you put them on the Internet, that they have the right to sue you.


It's a federal like copy written thing or whatever, and so that you can go to jail and get sued for pictures of, like a watermark on it.


No, but like. Yes, like, I don't know the exact details. All I know is that's why girls feel super comfortable posting this shit on there, because if it doesn't release, that person is getting fined and sued and like going to fucking jail. OK, so girls are like throwing the fucking pussy because they're like this shit. You have to fucking pay to see it, right? So I'm not on. But that that can change. Let's talk about that.


Well, OK, so I'm not on there, but if I were to go on there, yeah. I would be posting extremely slutty shit. But make sure that like. Right. Nipples.


You're not giving it all. Yeah. This is a thing. And then if a guy wants to slide in and be like, I'll pay you five thousand dollars to see like the left labia right.


I mean, maybe he's getting that left labia up. The thing is, this guy's only fans is a really interesting new phenomenon because it's similar to porn, but it's almost better. And I know that sex workers are going to get mad at us for saying that. But like, there is something obviously about porn that is not realistic. And it's and it's like you can't you're not going to fuck that porn star. These accounts of it's like frangible. Yes.


Like you can kind of fantasize that this girl that lives in Nebraska that's posting in her little childhood room, taking these fucking pictures, you can diam her and she's going to talk to you. And she you could fuck this girl you would like. These are real normal girls, you know what I mean?


I want like let's talk about it, though, because you guys kind of and we were like, let's save it for the podcast right now. In today's culture, only fans, if you have an only fans account hooker, your slut ho ho bag, you are known as a whore. Yes. People look at you like, oh, she has an only fans got your fucking whore. Yeah. And you could not be posting that slutty of stuff on there, like you could be on the lower end of slutting it up.


But it just so happens that like because of the nature of what's on this fucking what the UN like, everyone knows you have to pay to see this fucking occlusive weird shit. Not weird shit, but hot shit. Yeah. Naked shit.


You're a whore. Well, OK, let's now I love you though. I just it's just what it is. For example, if there's a girl and on her Instagram page she is covered from head to toe and she's posting pics of her family at church and fuckin at a charity event. And she's like, I'm helping the homeless and I'm wearing a turtleneck, OK, if she has only fans in the bio horror horror. But it doesn't matter. I don't care about the church or charity.


Don't fucking get labeled as a whore, your label. And that's the thing. And people are going to be like, you guys are fucking like with the Barbie, like you girls are labeled as a whore. True? Absolutely. I know that. Yeah. At the same time we know that. Hey, yeah. But the thing is, is like I'm not saying it's a bad thing or a good thing. I'm just saying this is what we always fucking do and call her daddy.


We're speaking Pacci if you have and only fans account, people look at you like you're a whore. Yes. And even if you're only posting the little, you can kind of see the G-string sticking out of your leggings, but you're completely covered.


Haw, haw, haw, haw, haw renot. And this is the thing though. That's fine. It's fine.


We love a good whore. We love her. We love girls that fucking rock that shit and good for you if you're making bank, I think that the reason we're bringing it up is because because I personally would not make an account, because I already have the show or title and I'm like, I don't want to outroar. Like, we don't want to take it to a level we don't like. We already pushed it. We already put our family through things.


We put the men we're talking to through things, and we take it to the only fans. It's like, you know, we don't need to go there. But a normalized check if you are trying to decide, holy shit, it's during Korona quarantine. Like, should I fucking just an only fans account? Should I make bank in cash? You absolutely can. It's easy fucking money. Are you going to be so much fucking money. It's insane.


However, you just need to mentally just kind of like work.


Just rewire. Yeah. Just prepare yourself for that. I mean, I guess you could create an account on the website and not mention it on your Instagram profile, but like we're here to make money.


Well, dude, I mean, I'm not trying to be an asshole, but like, you just got to look at it.


Are you going to look on the bright side here, but with great finance. But Rich. So and you know what? Maybe what you do is you whore it up for a few months. Yeah. And then all of a sudden you may bank and you just take that Olenka out of your Instagram. Thank you. No one will ever know. Right. Right. Plump up the savings, lump it up and then come back as a new person.


Like, don't do it, but do it if you want to do it. Yes. You know, yes.


I'm totally there with you.


And again, I understand why this is so successful, because I think because at first I was like, why would men go on this website when they can type in PornHub and see, you know, like the three stepsister's all scissoring each other on the bathroom? You know what I mean?


On the bathroom, they say on the broom. Right.


Like they're masturbating with the handle broom. Yeah. Yeah. Did you ever hear that horror story when you were younger? They're like, oh, my God, this girl from the other town over, like, she's masturbating. And then she was on top of the broom. Then it cracked and it went right. I think that must have been like that was like someone's parents that they were like, please don't mess with reading and stuff around the house.


I don't know why it was a scare tactic. Yes, I'm sorry, guys. Anyways, that was the point is, is making only fans account and make a lot of fucking money, but just be ready to put that little scarlet letter on your chest and rocket with fucking pride. We could spiral right now. We are and be like, well, what is the horror?


You know, we could get so deep because that is actually a really great question.


That's a good question, because you've slept with a lot of guys.


Is it just because, like, you show your pussy for money, like what is a whore? And you can decide that, like we have our definition, you have yours, maybe you are a whore if you have an only fans account. What we're saying is the majority of the world thinks that if you have an only fans, count your right. Do we support whores? Yes. So, yeah, do it. OK, I bet you there are plenty of girls on only fansite.


Like, I bet you they're virgins straight up. Yeah. And we're just sharing the fucking public opinion of it. Don't shoot the messenger. Oh, my God, I'm so sorry. I can't we can cut this out. I just got a message from him.


I just got a message from soup, man, I have not heard from him since yesterday. You want to read it? Well, I mean, you obviously don't read it.


We can pause. I'm just going to say this soup man and I's relationship is in a very different place than it was. I would love to give you guys the full story and all of the details, but I can't. This is this has been an issue that we have been dealing with, with a lot of things, actually. And I know that sounds really fucking confusing, but daddy gang, there is a lot going on behind the scenes that we have not been able to talk about because we are not allowed to divulge certain things right now on this show.


And that's not how we have ever done things. You guys know that. And we hate that. We can't. It's really frustrating for us right now. It's really frustrating. But with all sincerity, all we can say is things are about to change.


And when we say about to change, we believe this could be coming to a head as soon as next week. Yeah. All right.


Wow, a little anyways, let's get into your favorite fucking part of the goddamn week, how you were never going to ask, kill our eardrums, take it away questions.


I'm going to introduce a little segment I like to cook who is Jewish. Choose the questions of the motherfucking lake every single day, baby. Questions and questions of the love of the killing. And that's a fact. All right. Smooth sailing from here on out, guys. I guess I'm going to start this one. Go ahead, Sophia. Mm hmm. I know you would do this for me. OK, so listen, pressure's on. I was home for break last summer, and you know how that goes.


I was hooking up with my ex, but was also starting to get serious with a dude back at school. I'm sure this is like very prevalent for Korona.


Oh, actually, no, no, I read no, I read that a lot of people went home, obviously, because Korona and a lot of people are d I mean, me being like the person I'm hooking up with in college, we're kind of fading out. And I'm fucking talking to people back from my hometown. Right. Which I don't think anyone's happy about.


But like, that's just the way it is. That's just the way it is. So she continued on to say the guy back at school wanted me to come up for the weekend and stay with him and his dick was bomb. So I had to. But my ex had left a huge hickey on my boob the night before I was planning to go.


So I went over to my friend's to have her help me scratch my boob with a fork and makeup brush to make it look like I had fallen. I told the dude I ran into a brick wall while playing catch and swimming at my house and he believed it. He thought I was a klutz and it was an inside joke between the two of us for our entire relationship. I still love every time I think about it. Love you all. Thanks for getting me through all my college hookups.


You're the best.


That is so amazing. The thing is, women are brilliant, so you got to give it.


And how fucked up it became an inside joke. He's like behavior. Such a klutz we like. Right. Bathersby You and me we can wink and joke together dude that is like pretty fucking unbelievable. That reminds me. I remember. Do you remember when we went to L.A. and the guy that I was hooking up with bit my nipple and bit my boob and I had a straight up bite mark on my nipple and my boob and it was like obviously super hot in the heat of the moment.


But then at the time I was I took a picture to send to another guy, another guy. And I have I'm trying to a nude and I have a fucking bite mark on my day. And I'm like, this logistically isn't going to work on my lap, on like my hand over my right. Well, I hope used Photoshop, but I actually just like made a different nude than I like, wanted to write him an ass new sentimental suit.


And I was covering my nipples. But the thing is, is if you had to hook up with the guy in person. Yeah, you've got to. And you had the bite mark.


My dog bit my city. What are you are you going to do so if you don't have a dog.


So I was just trying out that's where I would come in and I would like smash like a wine bottle on to your tits and take a video.


You just so happen to be videoing. Send it to the guy. Everything's good. Listen, the thing is about life is everything can be solved with a lie. A good lie can get you far in life. And I think that this girl is a perfect example of now she has a fucking inside joke and an amazing memory. Maybe they both remember it differently, but they remember I mean, I think we would do this for each other.


Yeah, I totally agree.


OK, here we go. OK, OK, she's coming, going OK. Hi, Daddy. Question the other night, my boyfriend was playing video games in the living room while I was alone in our bedroom. Well, I started touching myself and using a vibrator and wanted him to join. So I started sending him nudes of my tits, my body and videos of me using my vibrator. Liv time. He proceeded to open all of the pictures and videos with no reply whatsoever.


A message, not even a message back. He also didn't even come in or or reply in any way, just a flat out open and no response to any. My question is, what do I do from here? Should I say something? Never bring it up. Never do it again. I'm just not sure what the right thing is to do things in advance. OK, why do I feel like this girl is not telling us the full OK and why the fight has been right?


There's no way. How are you in your room masturbating and he's in the same home as you and he's not dropping his controller and walking into the fucking room.


He's either pissed at her for something or he like was in the middle of doing something. Right. I well, I don't understand. Why are you saying should I never bring it up. Should I say something. Are you. I wait. What. Oh my vibrator at his fucking head controller. Get out of hand. Break the Xbox. Yeah. Make a scene at one hundred like that. What would you do if you literally sent Superman a video of you in the bedroom and he was in the other room and he just didn't even acknowledge it and didn't come in?


No, something's wrong. First of all, that just would never happen.


It just I just know that that would happen. If it did, I would walk into whatever room he was in.


I'd be like, buzz, buzz, bitch. You want to tell me, like, what's going right? And just so you know, you will not be fucking this for a straight month now. You missed the opportunity. Yeah, I just feel like a lot of times I may be in quarantine, too. I think girls are struggling with like, why is my boyfriend so obsessed with video games? Why can I not get his attention? And I think it's like if you're dating someone that is that consumed by video games, that when you send him a video of a toy going inside of your post, that is not video game addict.


Yeah. And like, that's like really unattractive. And you should be like, this is the thing I need to get serviced and you're not servicing me, so I'm going to go get service somewhere else. Right. And that's not even cheating. It's just like doing the due diligence to my vagina that it deserves. Yeah.


Unless this girl maybe I'm trying to play double advocate is constantly masturbating like there she is trying to entice him with like video.


Then my advice to you would be like, slow down, take a pause and like don't be sexual for a few days. And so you guys can like stare out because he's like, God damn, there, she's doing it again. He's like, my dick literally has rug burn, like for the love of God. Stop, Becky. Yeah, yeah. I guess we need more details, but I'm sorry girlfriend.


That sounds horrible. This girl wrote and she said so I cheated on my boyfriend over the weekend, not proud of it, but the other guy was a ten. Sex was a ten. Now I realized I got to break up with him and not sure what to say. Please help. I really want to get back in the game.


Ah, that's kind of easy. It's easy. Also, it pains me to say this, but like maybe cheating is exactly what you need to do.


It's what the doctor it is what the doctor ordered here today. Folks will be Inchy. The cheating helped her realize that there is just so much better out there.


This is also the worst nightmare. I know men are like, this is why you're not allowed to listen up fucking podcast you listen to. So usually when people cheat, they're like, it wasn't worth and it opened my eyes.


This girl's like, oh, it was more than worth. I want to do it again. They like put things in perspective. Girlfriend, just end the relationship. I was going to say it's almost like kind of the biggest blessing. Like I feel like the guilt so many people have. Like you are flying high over there. Just keep riding that high. You end the relationship, you just tell him, should you be like, I cheated?


No, no, no. Do I even the satisfaction.


No, you don't want to leave the relationship being like the bad guy because like, you just never know. You just want to be like, hey, this isn't working for me. And like, I think we need to break up, obviously, like, you add more details and be sympathetic and stuff, but you don't need to fucking tell him that you got it in you because you're about to go get it. And even more and like you need to stay on your positive vibe.


Don't let him bring you down. No, you cheat and you walk right out that door.


But yeah, break up with him. It's that's really OK. This girl was like so I matched with this guy on a dating app who is literally my type. So perfect.


And we start messaging on and off. One day he asks for my Instagram handle to talk. They're. But instead, he starts watching all my stories, but he never deems me. Recently he decided to unfollow me and stop talking to me, but little does he know I've already matched with his best friend. Do I follow his friend on Instagram before I unfollow the guy or should I unfollow him and then follow the friend? You know what? We just need to be blunt here.


The guy went and looked at this girl's phone and he was like, he wasn't into it. No, he wasn't into it. And that's OK. That's OK. You're not going to be everyone's cup, right? Maybe you are his best friend. So when she's like, what do I do? You absolutely unfollow the guy that goes. Did you before you followed the best friend on the Instagram? Guys are weird like that. Obviously you didn't hit it off with his friend yet.


And so if he goes and sees you follow his best friend, he's going to be like, I don't even think this guy is going to go look at who. She's probably not on her profile. And he was like, I'm all right. I kind of think this sequencing of events doesn't even matter. Does it really matter when she goes in and follows the guy that goes? Well, I think you should follow the ghost guy immediately, unfollow the guy that goes you, and then fucking start following his best friend.


Yes, but like, drop him. If he dropped you, you drop him. I don't know why the fuck you're even still following him. Right. Get rid of him. Thank you. Thank you. Neum Neum. Everybody listen up.


During quarantine, you are realizing the really, really bad habits that you have and this is a perfect time to work on changing those bad habits. And that is where Neum comes in. Noom is a habit change program that uses psychology to teach you how your mind works. You can understand why you make the decisions you make and feel empowered to change them for good. And you are going to be assigned a goal specialist and they are going to support you and help you through all the cognitive decisions of how to change this bad habit.


Also, it doesn't take up that much time. They only ask for ten minutes a day, plus over 80 percent of numerous finish the program and over 60 percent have stuck with their goals for at least one year. So, guys, yeah, it's a good idea to just try this during quarantine. I think, like, a lot of people have a lot of shit they want to work on. So if you guys want to give it a try, you are going to start your free trial today.


Noom dot com slash daddy again and is a Nancy. Oh, is an orgasm. Is an orgasm. And as in moaning dotcom Baghdadi. OK, are you ready for this? I'm ready. I am 20 years old, and for some reason I've always had a fantasy of an old man like 65 plus like me.


Is that weird?


It's OK when guys want to milk. But if a girl wants a dill, that's gross thoughts. Sixty something year old Bill. I think that's more like a grandpa, right?


I killed a girl because when you when you say mill, what age are you thinking? I'm thinking like I'm thinking 40. Yeah, I'm thinking like late 30s. 40S. Yeah. So the 65 plus. Have you ever hooked up with anyone 20 years old? No, I have not. I haven't either. So I personally can't literally. But we're not going to. No, no, no, no.


Totally. I think that the appeal to women of older men stems from the fact that we are in a world where men, even in their 30s, don't know how to make a woman come right. So naturally, the older the man, the more experienced do you believe he is? And maybe, just maybe, he'll make you come. And so I get maybe this girl is like, I am not getting service. And this six year old, this guy will absolutely make me fucking squirm.


I think you have a point. But like, I don't know, we need to, like, head into, like this 60s, 70s. I now like I mean, like even like maybe like and it's like 50s. Yeah. Like into the half life. Yeah. Yeah. I think this fantasy that we like lived half his life, I mean I think this fantasy probably has something to do with like the submissive being wanting to be like dominated.


Then you just want an older guy who like knows what he's doing, really knows what he's doing really around the block.


Look, I'm not going to judge you at all. And I think that if this girl wants to act out this fantasy, as long as you're a super safe about it, then well, I also think that we always talk about how there's a difference between fantasy and what you actually want to act out in reality.


So maybe you have this fantasy about like this, right? You're old guy, but really you just want to fuck an older dude. So maybe what you go and you fuck like a 30 year old or a 40 year old guy, you're going to start.


Yeah, maybe you can just watch porn. That's older guy, you know.


Yeah. With saggy balls.


I'm just getting no good for you girl. Yeah. Do whatever the fuck you want to do. Full support. OK, here we go. Hey, Doughty's I am hooking up with a professional soccer player at the beginning of his career and we are both young about in our 20s, I sent him a nude video today and he responded with the usual, my dick just got hard, etc.. So I said, show me. This guy gave me a speech about how he can not send a dick pic because he has seen other athletes past come back to haunt them and he doesn't want it to get leaked and hurt his career, even though his face would not even be in the picture.


He was like and I said, OK, I respect that. If you're not comfortable, don't stress. Then two hours later, he sends me a dick pic and only writes, I swear, if this shows up in 10 years, I'll never forgive you. Like what one? I'm not horny anymore. And two, am I supposed to be turned on by the threat and lack of trust? So I'm wondering, oh, Alex, have you ever experienced this type of paranoia over nudes, videos from professional athletes?


Is it normal or. Question mark? Question mark. Question mark.


OK, wow, that's interesting. It's very interesting because I've had situations not that I dated a professional athlete, but I've had situations where you're sexting and then something else is brought up and then the guy like sends you something sexual and it's like, are we going to continue being sexual or are we going to continue on this other conversation we were having?


Right. She she feels weird because he's like blending the two. Right? He's sending a big picture. He said he didn't want to send a back. And then he's also like, if this ever gets out, I will never forgive you.


And it's like, do you want me to start masturbating to that or are we having a look way? I see where she is coming from, but I think she needs to not take it as seriously and is his way of showing her. I trust we.


Yeah, I was going to say the fact that he is confident and as much as his text is kind of being like, fuck you if this ever comes out, it's also like but I also fucking trust you. Yeah, he's yeah. Also I get really horny for you, so I'm going to send.


Right. You know, I think that athletes have very large egos and why are you laughing. Not one hundred percent.


It's not like you're going to say they have very large degrees is going to be like that, you know, so they all have very large egos.


And I think that you have to be super careful about how you go about asking them for certain things.


But I do have to say, well, is it an ego thing or just like a small boy?


It is. But I also think it's like, well, no, I'm never going to let that be me. Like, I'm not going to have be the guy that's fucking nudes come out OK.


I think that it's kind of great that he sent you this picture, though, because if you can with an athlete, find a way for him to do things with you that he never would do with other girls. You know, immediately he feels you're like just he just sees you in this different light. So I think that's amazing. He said this. And I just think don't push it. Like, don't keep pushing him for more picture. No.


Well, I just think don't make this a big deal. Respond with something slutty. Be like, yeah, I am so happy. Like I got you to cave in, not because now I'm touching myself and now like you can trust me. Yes. And now moving forward, he's probably gonna start sending you. Yes. And then you may be the only girl he's sending shit to. Yeah, I get that.


It's kind of weird. I think you just you always go sexual kiwi's. He's going sexually to converse head towards the light of sexual always. This is a serious question. OK, this guy wrote in and he prefaced the question by saying, it's kind of dark. I'm twenty two and I haven't had a girlfriend yet and I'm kind of a virgin. I had been sexually molested growing up from multiple family members and was pretty messed up in almost every way, sexually, emotionally, relationships, etc.


. Fast forward to now I'm ninety five percent healed and ready to begin a normal life of dating girls. I'm embarrassed about never having a girlfriend. Never had sex with a girl. I'm embarrassed. I worry that my inexperience would turn girls away if such questions would arise. Advice thinks studying your podcast has definitely put my mind at ease. Oh wow. I'm happy. I don't think we've ever known talked about something like this.


No, sexual abuse is extremely common. Yes, really horrible. But it is. Yeah. And I think that this is amazing that this guy is saying he's ninety five percent healed. Right. If anyone is dealing with that, I think therapy is a great resource. Yeah. But besides that, he's saying like he's worried and embarrassed to like go into relationships.


Now I think that it's not that you need to be ashamed of something like this has happened. Not at all. I also think that it's something you may want to bring up once you feel comfortable and safe with the. Senior days. So I think this guy should come up with a reason and a way to say he's a virgin without having to divulge his full pass right away.


Right. I agree. I think that you have to keep in perspective that these girls do not know about your past. Right. And so when you are going into this, there are so many virgins in the world, you are one of many. And that is totally fine. And so when you go about this, if you can try to separate that you're a virgin from what has happened in your past, maybe it will allow you to just be like, all right, I'm a virgin, like I fucking find and I'm going to eventually find a girl that likes me.


Right? I was going to I think that's so smart. It has a lot to do with how you approach that. If you approach it feeling embarrassed and worried, then that's how it's going to come off to the girl. If you approach it a little bit differently where you're like, look, I just haven't found the right girl and I'm waiting for that. And that's like my M.O. that's so respectable. That's totally fine. Yeah, I think, like, a lot of girls will understand.


I mean, he's 22. It's not like he's a 40 year old virgin. Right. Right.


Yeah. Listen, I think that everyone has shit in their past that has, you know, that you carry over into your new room. Yes. And I think that if you are working on yourself and you feel like you're ready for a girlfriend, try to go into these relationships full blown, focusing on yourself and what you want. And if it's sex that you want, then go about it like it's OK to use a little bit of a white lie in the beginning.


Yeah, like you don't need to full blown go in and be like I have all the I mean, Sofia doesn't fucking go into her new relationship, but by the way. Right. All this shit went down it. No, I don't either.


Like you keep it to yourself until you open up to that person and sometimes you open up sexually first. Yes. So it's up to you. But I would just be confident.


Yeah, absolutely. And once you find the right girl and you want to tell her about it, then tell her.


Yeah, OK. Well, guys, another week, another episode, another corona filled. We oh, god.


I just pray that this ends sooner than later. But we know it's going to last a while. So everyone stay inside, keep having FaceTime sex, keep sexting, keep cheating on your significant other. Keep sending voice of you sounding sexy. Yeah. Trail the trail. The trail, the trail lies. Yeah.


Let's just say we're in the forest and we're we're heading out towards the what.


It's coming. It's coming. It's coming. OK, we love you guys so much.


Go follow us on Instagram. Minhas, Alexander Cooper. Mine is Sofia with an F.. Franklyn with a Y. All right. PSAT, let's.


There's no there's no way we can do it. It's not going right, something's wrong, so I can't help laughing. Think we can get one word out? There was no tension. We were in our apartment. The man said yes. And here we go. Can you hold the microphone, Norvel, please?


That's what. Like it when I sit on the ground so you can't see any. Do that honestly, might help if it's just audio. OK, OK, OK, you know, you sit on the ground and I'll sit on I'll sit up here and if you need me, just ok.


OK, ok. All right. Do you. I'm not. No, no. Because you don't know me. Are you fine for the fucking second.


Just like breathe, breathe, breathe.


All right. Here we go. I think you said, here we go, OK. All right, I need to stand up for five seconds. Jesus Christ, I feel like we took laughing gas while watching. This isn't funny.