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I'm excited to share with you a preview of the luminary original podcast Fiasco, Season one, Bush v. Gore, a contested election, an extraordinary legal battle, you might think. I'm talking about the worst case scenarios for this November, but I'm actually referring to Bush v. Gore and the year 2000 when a 36 day stalemate led to a high stakes political frenzy that ended with a five four ruling by the United States Supreme Court. So what can we learn from that debacle?


Host Leon Naficy tells us the story in season one of his award winning luminary original podcast Fiasco. As you enjoy this preview of Fiasco Season one, Bush v. Gore, be sure to subscribe to Fiasco on Apple podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.


As morning brings news from Florida, the morning after the 2000 election, millions of Americans woke up to find out that the 2000 election was still going on.


We still do not know the outcome of yesterday's vote. The presidential race was stuck in limbo after hurtling towards a conclusion for more than a year. It had come to an uneasy and bewildering stop. And for the 36 days that followed, no one in America knew whether the next president would be Al Gore or George W. Bush or how the winner would even be determined. The vote count is not going to decide this. We're going to go way beyond into the courtroom.


The nation watched the ensuing battle between the two candidates as if it were a sword fight taking place on a tightrope except instead of swords, Gore and Bush wielding obscure legal theories and allegations of partisan bias. And instead of a tightrope, they were navigating the idiosyncrasies of Florida politics. This was bureaucracy weaponized. This is hand to hand political combat of a sort that probably we've never seen before, not a TV series. This is about the Constitution, not about a campaign.


Where is this going to go?


I'm Leon NAFDAC, the cocreator of Slow Burn and the host of Fiasco, a podcast about power, politics and uncertainty.


19000 people tried to participate in a democratic election and weren't allowed to. This quiet municipal building turned into a loud, violent protest with the death threats and with the media surge. We felt like we were in the trenches as the Trump and Biden campaigns lawyer up for what could be a protracted election in November. We'll walk you through the last time it took weeks of hardcore political combat to decide a presidential race. It was a battle that played out in newsrooms, voting booths, municipal buildings, courtrooms and eventually the United States Supreme Court.


Over six episodes, we lift up the hood and how this unprecedented stalemate was resolved. You'll hear from participants defending their actions and second guessing what might have been. It is amazing the consequences of what seems at first like a fairly small list. There was a sense that we were faced with an attempted soft coup. What was fiasco was the way the media handled it. I don't think there is another instance in the history of the United States where you can look at one single event and see clearly that he decided the presidency of the United States with.


Fiasco, season one, Bush v. Gore available now wherever you get your podcasts.