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Welcome back to debate with Bachelor Nation. I am so excited to be here today, you guys. How we doing? Doing good. I've had two cups of coffee this morning. Same, actually. I went to Starbucks twice this morning, twice, two different trips. I did I did two different trips. Usually the first drink I got was a car macchiato, but I did it with coconut milk. I don't know why I was like trying to be all coconut milk.


It just didn't hit. So I ended up going back and got a dirty chai. What is a dirty chai?


The chai tea with a shot of espresso.


And there is like cinnamon flavored. Yes, it's so that's one of my favorites.


Oh, but that's good. You're doing good.


You've been good. I'm feeling good. I'm on my third coffee like you guys, but I feel I feel good. Very vocal today.


I got a lot to talk about what I want to get off my chest in this class today.


OK, good. Me too. Because we have a lot to talk about. And if you couldn't tell, I'm an extra good mood today and I don't.


Why what did you notice yourself on The Bachelorette coming out of the pool? Look at all hot looking like Halle Berry girl. And now see, I agree. I want to be. We were friends. You got to give me a forewarning. I'm so sorry.


We're friends. We're co-workers. So I have to be you know, it's always good to be respectful or respectful job.


Taisha, you did look really good there, I swear.


Like, I can't watch this anymore because she's my friend. I can't look at I'm like pretty sure everyone in America watching that their mouth went to the floor. Yeah, I was jaw dropping.


This is. How many times did that take. What do you mean?


I was just listen, I don't know what you guys are talking about. All I know is that I love Palm Springs. I love looking into advocation there. It's summer, it's hot. It was a pool. I was just swimming around. I don't know what you're referring to coming in hot here for good. Well, thank you, guys. But listen, so there's that happened this week. Let's see. But we have some other good headlines.


And not to fail to mention, one of my favorite holidays, which is Halloween is right around the corner.


Now, I know about you, but I'm frickin still have tons of little plans to do with my girlfriends this week.


And that's not the only reason why I'm in a good mood, because I get to see all of them, but also because we have an amazing guest today whose hilarious and I can't wait to talk to her. Her name is Fortune B.M. You might know her from a recent Netflix special Sweet Insult. She's a comedian, a writer, an actress at the LA podcast her. So we're super excited to have her today.


And I don't know. I can't wait to laugh because I guarantee you she's going to make us like, roll. Oh, she's hysterical and you guys didn't watch her special, you have to check it out on Netflix, sweet and spicy, salty, salty.


Oh my God, what is wrong about that? I still thinking about the things on his mind. I do.


I have to show my mind. Just throw me a professional, you guys. You got to get professional on the potty. Please, please.


I'm getting high. I told you and I'm going to actually tell you guys a little something about me.


I did stand up when I was in my 20s, and I. I was pretty bad. I was pretty bad.


How do you even start that? Yeah. How do you practice in the mirror by yourself?


Yeah, you do. And you actually do. That's what you do. Yeah.


And I wrote down jokes and I thought they were hysterical and I'm like, this is going to be just kill it, you know.


So I signed up for an open mike. And then you hear your voice for, like the first time projecting in a room. Yeah. And I'm like, oh, no. Oh, no, no one's talking. It is quiet, just staring at you, ready to laugh.


They're staring at you or they're looking down because they can't look at you because it's so bad.


Oh, I tried to walk off stage on one of them. I just said, that's it. I just suck at this.


I'm terrible. Wait, you what? You tried to walk off during your set? During the set.


I tried my leg off. Right. And the guy goes finish the set. And I look and I'm like, all right, fine.


And I stood there for another minute.


Just a minute. Like, you are so brave. I know. Honestly, I look at it that takes like balls. Like, I don't know how you did that. I could not do that because. What's your funniest joke?


Oh, yeah. I don't I don't I don't have any right now.


No, I can't I can't repeat the ones that I used to say this one.


I don't I honestly, I don't. They just weren't they weren't put together well enough. I guess I'm working on some I'm going to go back and do it.


I mean. Well, who's your favorite? Yeah, that's cool. Yeah. Who's your inspiration.


Mine would have to be so. Yeah.


Like I love old school Jerry Seinfeld I would say currently I really like Sebastian Maniscalco. Oh, he's from Chicago. How about you guys. I like David Spade. OK, that's a good.


Yeah, yeah. We're good friends.


He's so funny but I haven't been able to go to any comedy clubs. I mean coming out to L.A., I was like looking forward to it because there's so many good ones. David Spade has one, but that's just another industry that's hurting because of the pandemic. How do you guys ever been to a comedy club before? There's like an improv right down the street from my house in Irvine. And I've seen actually quite a few people there.


But I have to say that my favorite kind of comedy is like I like Kevin Hart Halfan or like Dave Chappell, like me is is so but one of the best of all time.


He's like he kills it every time. I love Dave Chappelle and you just tell it just like it's just him, like his mind, everything. He breathes comedy and like it's not even like a thing for him. He just it just flows out of them and it's hilarious. I love him. So we'd be talking a lot about comedy with Fortune, so let's save that for her. But we're going to get into the headlines now, which happens to do with my favorite favorite topic, Halloween.


So Vanity Fair just released an article listing the best new and classic Halloween movies. And I'm fucking here for it because I love all things Halloween, especially scary movies. And I think I've mentioned to you guys before. But Halloween is just I think it's because my dad likes Halloween that I love Halloween so much. But I will say my dad loves to dress up and like the stupidest costumes that he loves to scare.


Is your dad really goofy?


Oh, absolutely, I am. OK, so that's where you get it from. Exactly. OK, and my family and I live for scary movies. I mean, not my mom necessarily. My mom like hides at times, but my dad and myself and my little brother live for scary movies device that I got to ask you this.


Why what do you like to be to get scared?


Yes, I love being scared. When I was a kid, I used to, like, have nightmares or like I think that there's like people in the house and like, I'm the only person in there, but like acting like grown up. And I got really used to it, like, I really don't care, but I love being scared.


You also love movies in general, right? Did you love going to the movies? Well, I don't watch scary movies because I saw a ghost one time and I don't mess with that kind of stuff. What do you mean? You saw a ghost?


I saw a ghost. I saw with your own eyes. You saw a body?


Yes. It was the worst Halloween memory ever. I was little and I was running out of the kitchen and I saw a ghost. I saw ghost and I was coming towards me. And then I ran back into the kitchen and I ended up cutting, like slicing my head open. And I had to be taken to the emergency room, got stitches. And then actually there's like a scar on my head where, like, I feel like pull back my hair.


Like, I if, like, it's scar in my hair won't grow in that area. So there's a Halloween scar. OK, many questions on this. No one was at your house. Yeah, that's my house. So your house is haunted technically. I mean, it was Halloween. I do think ghosts or Halloween were hyped up on some sugar.


No, no sign in Saugus. Was it a man? Was it a female?


Yeah, it was like it looked kind of like Casper a little bit.


You just said, look, I'm not trying to discredit you, but I say, what's up? A guy, it wasn't friendly at all.


And I have a scar. You have a scar to always my Halloween scar.


And I have been following since you do. I saw one Halloween. I think I was like eight years old.


And I, I dress I dressed up like the infamous Al Capone. Oh, I don't know why.


That's what I dressed up this, but I did.


And I, I went trick or treating and I got bit by a dog and I was so scared of dogs at the time because I'm like, I don't want to go trick or treating because I don't want to get bit by a dog. And of course I get chased, I'm running from the dog.


I dropped my candy and I get bit.


Joe, I wish I knew you as a child. I beg you, be so funny.


Oh, I was the I didn't like dogs and I didn't like fireworks.


Um, that's traumatizing. It was it was I wasn't I wasn't comfortable with dogs till I got one when I was like fourteen.


But before then though I am now I don't that's why I don't dress up for Halloween anymore.


Oh I know. I mean I did last year because I was in a I was in a relationship. So that's like a relationship thing.


But yeah. No I'm not, I'm not dressing up. Yeah.


You guys I don't think I'm dressing up this year. If I were it's really sad because my girlfriend and I have the best Halloween costume idea. I mean, it's not very original. Oh. Can you tell us. Yeah, sure. Well whatever you said.


No, no, no. I mean, I mean it's really not anything special. I was going to be on shows that we share, but it's just funny because like, we just actually realize like that's actually us, like I am so Don and so Cher. So you don't have to dress up. Not really.


But I would love to put braids in my hair and just like with them and just like Cher and Dionne from Clueless.


Oh, I didn't know you were talking about. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


I'm clueless so I really want to be there, but it's OK. I'll do it next year, right next year, and my Halloween costume this year is going to be my cheetah pajamas that I'm staying in.


Yeah, well, if you guys need some movies to watch, I definitely go to see the Vanity Fair article. But I highly, highly, highly suggest watching the movie Husch. It's on their list. I'm actually really happy it made it because I've never seen a scary movie like it. My parents and I guess my family watched it in a hotel room.


And I'm not going to lie in the middle of Baltimore when we were visiting my sister. It was so creepy. It was so good. I loved it. I screamed. It was it was amazing. And so what about a scary movie? If you've seen it once and you know the ending, can you watch it again like next year? Because you know the ending. So there's not as much suspense, right. Because you already know what's going to happen.


Yes and no. I mean, I watched the Halloween movies every single year and Chainsaw Massacre, like, it's just just make sure it's dark and people around and, like, just watch it and it still scares you every time. Helyar Scream is not a scary movie or corny. I really get it.


I'm like, I can't believe I used to be scary watching this as a kid living alone. Yes. Honestly, my girlfriends and I used to be so scared of that.


But we ain't scared about that anymore. It's so cheesy. It's so bad. I remember my dad, he would just like get all blocked out and he would wear a mask and he actually had an axe like an actual axe, and he would stand an actual axe and he would stand on my front porch. And it kind of like because in the dark and like my dad, like pretty tall, like it's like black gear. He just stands there and you think it's kind of just like a prop, you know?


Yeah. My dad was down there and like, people would walk up or whatever you do to adults, not children. And he would just move and like, say something. And I have never seen so many grown men, women like teenagers, run down the street screaming so freaking loud in my life, like my mom, my brothers and I would stand across the street just watching him scare people for hours.


Did you ever record any of them?


Oh, God, no. I never did. Even to this day, I was just thinking about it. It's one of the best memories as your dad dressing up this weekend.


I don't know. Probably not.


You think when he at the end of that day, you know, he showers and everything and he's like right before he goes to bed, he's like, yes, he's hilarious.


Oh, he loves that. He thinks he's great. And I don't it's not like I mean, I promise you, he's a really like it's fun. It's all in good fun, but. Got terrorist attacks around, so be fucking careful, you cross the Adams households to say, I never seen so many grown men run out of fear in my life except for like around Halloween because of my dad. It's it's comical. I really should have recorded things.


You have to have them do it this year and record.


I know I've posted that shit on your insta, but it's like I heard your dad's a character to you guys don't even know Richard. It's funny because a lot of people think I'm really reserved and quiet.




Yeah. I think it's just because you're mature and like dramatic situations, like when we saw you on Kolten season, I think maybe that's why, because you're very mature and you're just like, not going to act stupid. Yeah, but like the other 90 percent of my life, I'm.


Yeah, like you're goofy. Like you're light hearted. Like you're fun. Yeah.


You know, Taisha, you should probably do you should be The Bachelorette for Halloween.


You should go around, check everything that you should just like pass out roses instead of candy.


Wait, that's actually very cute. Yeah.


You should just I think you should maybe like go get a dress.


I mean these speculations and like everyone's just guessing sometimes will just be it, right. Yeah. Yeah.


I mean you'll you'll completely have to like get an outfit for it. Really. Like Bachelorette. That's actually a really good idea.


OK, and just sit at my house and wait for trick or treaters just just up by myself. Yeah. Do a meet and greet.


Do you first meet and greet your country. They're going to get a limo.


Make my door a limo. Oh yes. Yes. I just like drop off and like all the different houses. That was good.


That's a good one. Well, it's going to be maybe The Bachelorette. Joe's going to be a comedian for Halloween.


You know, I like it. Well, the only Holly Halloween costume I'll ever need is Dolly Parton.


She is truly my soul sister. Probably off looking like her. Yes. You could, uh, I don't know, just give you a look a little wonky.


But this next headline is about her. Meet the man behind Dolly's greatest love song, her husband of over fifty years.


So this song, Jolene Jolene, that's a great song, right? Well, many people assume that her song was written out of spite for her husband cheating on her. Do you like the lyrics? But actually, the truth is, is that the song was based on an ongoing joke joke between her and her husband, Carl Dean, who's no one has very many, very few people have even seen a picture of her. Who is Carl?


Who is Carl? Carl?


Yeah, Carl is your husband of 50 years and he just doesn't like being in the public eye. So it makes me think, is that the secret to being a celebrity to be in the public eye? Do you just keep your marriage completely private? Oh, that's a good question. What's your take on that, because I really want to know this from a guy's perspective, because I have my opinion. I think yeah, I think it's healthy. I think I think the more of your life that you could keep private to your family and to your friends, I feel like that's beneficial for you.


I feel like we're so now it's a new norm that just put everything out there.


And what are the repercussions of that like for you? You were in a pretty public relationship for a long time. I mean, longer than Hannah and I were. And so dealing with that. I mean, did you guys usually put everything on blast, if you don't mind me asking? Oh, no, no, please. I actually yeah, I'll definitely think about that.


OK, so did you guys share quite a bit of what was going on in your life or did you kind of just like stay off and then work showed up? How how did that work out with you guys?


See, it was it was yeah. We put a lot out there. It was never too much.


Kandal wasn't like over the top with it, I. Like before or so before her, I was not really like boyfriend material kind of thing that I mean.


Oh, OK.


I was never I never was like affectionate or like a public relationship person.


I always did keep it private. So I went from, like.


Zero to one hundred to like, oh, I'm in a public relationship off of TV, right? It's yeah, it's difficult because there was a lot of times where I'm like, I don't want to post a story right now, I don't want people to see we're doing because it's Tuesday at one o'clock and I don't feel it's anyone's business.


So, yeah, it definitely weighed on. It was there in the relationship any time where, like, the public started to like, make judgments because it's like sometimes I see like a couple that's made it public and you don't see them post together maybe for a couple of weeks or months, feel like, oh, maybe they've broken up, maybe.


Did that ever happen to you? Yeah, it did.


And I think something that happened at the beginning of our relationship was when I would take interviews, when I was on dancing, I would do interviews after and they would ask me about my relationship and I'd be like, yeah, it's great.


You know, she's cool, like. It's kind of I mean, that's such a guy response. Oh, yeah, and and that's how I talk.


I mean, that's just who I am. And I know that that could have I think that affected Kendall a little bit because she'd be like, oh, like this guy doesn't even like. Yeah.


So it was kind of like going through all this because I did I really did care about her.


So I didn't want to come off like an asshole. So yeah, it's difficult.


I feel like having a relationship in the public eye, you have to be ready to take on like go like I said, go zero from zero to one hundred, but also confront so many things that you might have not even thought would be like an issue like posting on social media all the time.


Like that's probably an argument. You guys had more than you'd ever think that you would have or like what you're willing to share or like how you say like, oh, yeah, she's cool. Like, that was probably like an argument you guys had and you had to learn how to communicate more effectively because it hurt her.


And I mean, do you have to watch every move?


So I'm happy.


When couples are secretive and hidden, like I feel like like Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendez is like a really good example of that. Yeah, it's like I always wonder, like where they are. And it's cute when, like, a photo like comes out. It was so funny.


I was on Instagram in the day and someone had said like like get your husband to bring you out in public a little bit more. She's like nothink. You like I'm very content with just like being him and I and it was just cute that she said that she's like now like I don't need to be out here talking to you people like for a while, like I'm happy my relationship. And I think that's the key to success, to be honest.


Cher, Dolly, I think Dolly has it going on. I think she knew I think she knew that she has to share so much of her life that it's just if one thing can be private, it needs to be her marriage. Because she said that is one of the most important aspects is privacy.


Yeah. And why add that that extra element onto it?


It just makes it more feels like you could be having an argument with each other. And then when one person brings up like, oh, but look what look at what people are saying under under this photo and at us now and then. Then all that stuff, regardless of how mentally strong you are, will weigh on on both people.


And then you start double, double, double, double thinking or double whatever. I don't know the word I'm looking for, but it's whatever.


So I'm ready for start talking about it. Yeah. It's clearly like. Like. It's just annoying, you have to watch every single move for what you could prove people wrong, for whatever idea that they come up in their head, yes or no?


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Well, you know what, we're getting pretty negative on love, and we have a positive love story right now to march in Same-store, who is coming on our show in just a little bit, got married over the weekend to her partner, Jaclyn Smith.


So they have a Korona wedding, right, during a pandemic, no wedding.


And the couple got married in Malibu. They rented a house backyard overlooking the ocean. Looked romantic, seems romantic. How do you guys feel about getting married during this pandemic?


I think Fortune did it the best way possible and has it.


Yeah, because she had a small, intimate wedding and waiting to do her reception after the pandemic. I just think that's personally the way to go. You know, if you're excited, get married and why not let anything hold you back?


I completely agree, to be honest with you. I've had so many of my girlfriends, I think about seven or eight now postponed their weddings.


Some went through with them, but most postpone them for like a year out.


Now I know, but like, why? Like just getting married with each other and that's what I would do. I still have my smalling like wedding ceremony and then I would just have a huge reception like a year later and celebrate my one year anniversary.


You think. Yeah, you think you would still have that huge party, though, you think people would go well a year from now? Yeah, yeah, but what if it's what?


That's the thing. That's why I think I agree with both of you. You have to take advantage of not take advantage, but you just have to step up and just I feel like just make the most out of it.


I have a small little wedding because what if what if this disease is around for four years, you know, and you postpone for a year and then it's like you hit that year.


We got to postpone again.


And then your money's tied up a lot of the times with these wedding venues.


And I. I don't know. Go ahead. I mean, one of my friends, she had her foot to her wedding venue prior to the pandemic, and she's tried changing the date to different times and she can't get any of her money back. So she's just having to continue to push it.


And like a mass, I feel so bad in this situation because if I get more time to think and like a few other properties or anything like that or like find any photographer, find any florist, I would be so pissed because I'm literally tied up with somebody and then I want to change it. No, I'm just saying it's is like if I have too much time to think, it's not a good idea, especially with Pinterest.


Yes, I agree. I rather just get it done. Do it. Be happy.


Do you guys find yourself like and I think this is common. I think I've done this. I feel like I've done this my whole life.


You always are looking into the future like, oh, but in like a year this is going to happen or or you know, you're always you're not living in the moment as much.


And I feel like with Korona, I feel like we're all like, OK, well, once Corona's over, everything is going to get back to normal. Once it's once it's over all I'll get back to my old ways.


But like, maybe we should just start being happy living in this and just dealing with dealing with it. Yeah, there's no end date to it either. So if you're really excited about something, I feel like you kind of have to get with the times and manage and make the most out of the situation like 4chan did, like.


Yeah, that's crazy that you brought that up and and it's such a simple concept, but I feel like I needed to hear that because I, I am really hard on myself. And I if I'm going to do something, I like to do it to the best of my ability. And I like for it to be perfect. And that's something that I would do like. That's kind of why I have difficulty with making a decision sometimes, like I do it this way and then this way.


Would it be even better? So if I just wait a month, like, I'll get back. But it's you're so right.


Like, Corona does not have an end time, so I'll just do it now. It might not be how you thought it was going to happen, but make the most of it and everything works out the way it's supposed to eventually.


And Corona has really at least taught me that life is always changing constantly.


Like you can't you always just have to keep it moving and not always, like, wish for like the next best thing, but like truly be where your feet are and because you never get it back.


Yeah. But it's even like this podcast, it's just like really appreciating, like, I know I know all three of us, we get, like, stressed out before we get on because we want it to be perfect and yadda, yadda, yadda.


But nothing's ever perfect anyways. But it's like really just appreciating.


We get the hang out with the do this podcast and have and have and have interesting guests on.


And it's just like just being here as opposed to thinking like, oh, when it's over it's going to be even better or. Right. Yeah.


Like Corona's fucking part of our lives, just like the mail is.


I don't know where I'm going with that, but maybe not do that on. I mean, let's just not. Yes. I would say that very stand up. Oh my God. This is why I bomb in comedy clubs.


People don't see. This is why I would love watching you though is because sometimes like you are really funny, but is it again your own way. And it's just it's hilarious because he's like freaking out a little bit. Yeah, I love it.


I'm pretty good at getting in my own way.


It's oh my God, I do. I mean I do it all the time. I know I do. I'm like, oh gosh yeah.


Oh man. I was going to say something. You reminded me of somebody who.


With your reaction, you just reminded me of John Paul Jones. Oh, really? Yes, that's he makes remarks like that. Like that's interesting. Like he does. Like you.


Like all I feel like it's always a lot of noise is coming out of his mouth. I like him, but I feel like if you took the opposite. My opposite mail, it's probably him like we are just totally we just look way different. Yeah, absolutely. I'm just saying, like the noises you were just making.


Yeah, just probably back to sometimes. I don't know anyway. OK. Yes. Let me ask you this. OK, I'm sure you watched Miss Masel. Marvelous Miss Meixell. That's what it's called. I was dying. Laughing She's hilarious. You need to start watching it, Joe. I really think you would like love her, but she always kept like a little joke book around and like, you know, oh, you could be your next inspiration.


I have to I have to work out my jokes. All right. I do have a joke book. Yes, I do. OK, so do you know where it is is in your bedside? It is. It is in my it's in my dresser.


Oh no way. I don't think so.


Like hair like the other night I went to offload it and one of the flow tanks. You ever do that.


I actually got the inspiration from Hannah because you were talking about cryotherapy.


Yeah, I love it.


So I followed it and then I was like, as I'm in this like, gigantic bathtub, like I'm just like a grown man floating in a bathtub looking at stars and like I'm like so I'm like hitting all the sides and I'm so fucking awkward.


What did I do? And then I get out and my my shorts are soaked in.


I'm like, do you have a plastic bag? And the girl's like, why did you wear shorts? You were supposed to go naked so naked that that this is a joke.


You're supposed to float naked. You guys know these floating things are it's like you're floating in saltwater. Yeah.


You mean they kind of are at the surface and it's best to help with, like, muscle relaxation. And that was miserable. Right. Done that before. It's so creepy.


And I had like a family event that I was supposed to go to that was important. And I forgot and I was.


And then when I got a phone call like, what are you doing? I'm like, I'm I'm I was floating.


I was floating like, oh, my God. Oh, my. Oh.


And that's when I thought, that's why I'm like, I have to start. I can't really growing up, floating on top. And I was floating I was floating nude in Salt Lake City, but.


Oh my God. Music video. This has nothing to do with your comedy.


Well, this is kind of this is what I would talk about.


And then I'm thinking the whole time I'm in there, you're you're supposed to, like, clear your head and you're supposed to be thinking of, like, you know, you're going to be creative or whatever.


It's good for your mind and you're hearing and stuff, too. Yeah. But for me, the whole time I'm thinking, what am I doing?


But then you're thinking too much and you're just thinking about nothing just until you have the kids in class. I would get in so much trouble talking to.


I know because I just laugh at people like when people are really making me laugh and I start getting the giggles, I can't stop laughing. Like it's to the point where I used to have like, like bite marks on my arm because I would have to hold my arm and bite so I could stop laughing or also would get in detention because I was such a little stinker.


I would love you to at school. Are you to people laugh at me.


That's that's my high. When people start laughing then I really think I'm funny and then I just keep going.


Oh are you going. Oh my mom. Laughing is my favorite thing to do.


I mean they say last year's best medicine. It really is. Since we all clearly love a good laugh, it's time to have our very funny guest. It is 20 20 and it has been a rough year for all of us. So laughter has been key for me. I don't know about you guys, but I need to laugh, especially now.


So comedy, if you don't know a lot about the grocer, Joe, I love comedy.


I love standup. I love sitcoms. I love it all. That's why I'm so excited to have Fortune on today.


So I was really excited to meet you because I'm from the South too. And I totally get what you mean by chili on Sundays. I have to get at a church at eleven fifty five a.m.. I totally get that. I watch your your show on Netflix. Thank you.


And you go to Chili's. Yeah. And you only go to church so you can go to church. Absolutely.


Absolutely. I have to ask, how is your magical day.


This past weekend we got married.


Oh my God. Julie, thank you.


I appreciate it. I even took a picture on our where we got married to make it look like The Bachelor.


You didn't realize. I did. I'm really the rose.


But I have a picture that I'll post where I'm putting my hand that like, will you accept this, Rose?


I didn't have an actual rose. Oh, my gosh. I have I watch a lot of that one pretty much every season of The Bachelor restaurant.


I don't brag not. Do you have a favorite season of yours to each of us?


Whether it is that is my favorite. And so when I signed on, I love watching people try and find love. It's better. My gosh. I mean, was like one of your favorite cast members. Do you ever dream anybody's name sticks out to you?


It's just a cast member to say that that Nick is really come around for me. At first he was like the bad guy with the Kaitlynn season, like get and to tell another scoop about hooking up.


And then and then you went on because he was on A&E was A&E sees it originally in Kaitlyn's and then he came back on Bachelor in Paradise and redeemed himself. And then everyone was like, oh, he's funny, we like him. And now he's got a fun podcast.


And now he gets paid to dish on everything to make us come around for me because there's so many. I love Jillian's bachelorette season. Oh, she was really I like the ones with fun personalities.


You guys had fun personalities. You know, like the I mean, Claire, I feel like is going to be pretty interesting because I just feel like it's going to be bonkers.


I think she already is going bonkers. Yeah. Have you been watching this season?


I have, yeah. I mean, I'm, I, I guess there's controversy with the guys doing the strip dodgeball but. Oh well who. They're hot.


And you guys, you know, it made it interesting. I mean we're all sitting there watching like take it all. So now I'm married.


And so my hopes of being on The Bachelor, now our days are shot. Maybe you can go on the show and host a date.


There you go.


Know, I like that comedy date is a good idea. Oh, my gosh.


Is the it's anyway, Amy Schumer did that one season. I just remember she called one Paul turd for was that one. It was somebody that was a third whoever it was deserved to be called a turd.


That is hilarious. But wait, so did your special day come out the way you wanted to be so happy? Yeah. I mean, got to thank you. We've been together five and a half years, so it wasn't a shotgun wedding per say, but we expected to have a big wedding this summer. And obviously the pandemic ruined that. And then we were expecting to have this kind of wedding. We have a tiny wedding in Malibu with just five friends and we zoomed our parents.


Oh, fun. Yeah, we ended up being really special. We honestly did not get to political what we did it because we were nervous about marriage equality going away with the Supreme Court's tides shifting so significantly. So that factored into our decision to do it when we did it.


Yeah, well, I mean, that's important. And we're very, very happy for you looked amazing. You. I do have to ask you, because I'm a big I'm a big fan of comedy. I've done standup myself. I fucking was really good at it.




I was not good in Chicago, but how was it.


Great standup city.


Yes, but how is it right now in this climate of the pandemic, how is it doing standup or I mean like how is it working around that?


It's hard because yeah, we as entertainers, we were always the full proof business after a tragedy. You that so the comics turn to let us have permission to laugh again, to get us through the hard times. If there's a recession, people want to laugh. It's been a business that was always there for you when things in the country or the world were in disarray. This is the first time in history where our whole business shut down and we couldn't do anything.


And I know for me, like my Netflix special came out, I had six months of theaters sold out, ready to go.


I was like, we go right there. Yeah, yeah. My first show was me March 15th. So right when it was happening. Yeah, obviously that didn't happen.


So I think all of us as comedians, we kind of looked at rooms and drank a lot of wine for the first couple one and and just kind of let ourselves for the first time just sort of be like we didn't feel like there were some people trying to figure things out, but we just sort of allowed ourselves to experience the grief of the pandemic and the loss of plans and the being afraid like everybody else about catching this and about the people dying.


And then eventually you're like, oh, we're still in this. We have to yeah, we have to figure this out. So we started doing the virtual shows and it started with virtual shows and it started driving shows and now people are added to baseball fields.


I know that was honestly the baseball and to minor league baseball field back back in North Carolina and South Carolina. It was awesome. And I hope that when the weather well, we're getting out of this pandemic was great. But if people want to feel really safe, the baseball field is amazing because people we only sold a certain amount of tickets so people could spread out really well and feel safe and that I was on home plate, like they put like a little stage and you can hear the laughter.


That's what's been missing from the virtual shows. The driving shows is inspiring.


And I feel like that's probably what fuels you. Joe is just talking about that. Like just hearing somebody laugh about your joke just makes you keep going and just gives you the energy you need.


You know, it's working. So you play off of that. You build energy. And when it when you're screaming at a car window, it's different. So I just love hearing laughter again. And my soul needed. A lot of people wrote me to say this is the first time I've been out in six months, seven months. I didn't know how important laughing was. So I hope that we as comics can figure out how to keep doing this.


Oh, did you find yourself during this pandemic?


Laughing or crying more depends on the day. Yeah, right.


And, you know, I will say the first month I was pretty I was kind of down and I'm over. I'm a very positive person by nature. Like I wake up, I'm very lucky. I wake up happy. It's not a struggle for me to find the glass half full. But that first month, I think it was more just like just seeing the whole world was jarring and all of us experienced something negative from it. Be it my be it you lost someone, be it financial, be a job.


We all had something to grieve. And so I just like drinking this one every night. But but now I feel like I'm in a much better place. I think we're all kind of learning to live with this. Yeah. And our friend, my friends, we figured out how to zoom so we'll have not quite the same, but.


Yeah. We're starting to do the social distance, like backyard hangings, yeah. Laughing How was your time off? Did that seem to be helpful or hurtful in your creative process and being creative and writing?


Well, I definitely shut down the creative part of my brain for a little bit. You kind of forget how much of a hustler you are. Stand up. I know you guys do a lot of different things to work. We're always trying to find jobs, opportunities or the need to entertain people. So I kind of let my brain just sort of shut down. But that's come back to start writing scripts again and developing some fun projects. So the wheels are starting to turn, starting to turn back on.


I always wonder what's like comedians?


Because like you obviously like how we talked about you feed off people's energy and you get inspiration from so many things, but also like, is it nice to kind of shut down a little bit and just kind of like have a little time off? Like, how does that play into things? But do you really need that stimulation?


Well, you need to you need to shut it down a little bit because as a touring comic, we were on the road either every weekend or every other weekend like we were living on planes. It's hard to take care of yourself, you know, and it's hard to eat. Right. Sleep. You're waking up. You're totally so. So I think my body just needed a minute or two. But then I started filming silly videos.


And you have a character named Brenda who that her husband steals. And so we have a hot tub and a little one piece bathing suit. Oh, my word. And I started wearing this one piece bathing suit, not put this way. And I was pretending to be Brenda pissed off her husband and she just needed to take a deep in the heart to get here. And I was starting to find ways to make people laugh through these silly videos in my backyard.


Do people inspire those characters or do you just come up with them on the spot? Because I yeah, I could have a I have a few neighbors I like to impersonate, if you will.


Yeah, I think Brenda's a compilation of like five women I grew up with cell so aggravated with her husband, but they the husband just does the bare minimum. Right. And she's like, OK, give me some turquoise though. So I'm going to give B.J.. How do you go about the podcast?


Do you think you think like this new short form Tic-Tac Instagram videos? What do you think? This is where comedy is shifting?


I mean, it's definitely where you can get your voice out, your name out very quickly if it hits. I mean, I do a Netflix show for Netflix on Sirius XM and we just interviewed Sara Cooper, who does the Trump lip synching. You know, I'm talking about.


Yes, the dual tick type thing where she's going to the voice. She went viral during the pandemic and she was a stand up guy who had not had much traction. And then now she's got like two and a half million followers on Twitter because of these viral Tic-Tac video. Not to say every time you post the video is going to go viral. Well, you never know. Never know. But it certainly is a way for people. It's kind of right place, right time.


And if you're bringing your skills to it, you just have to hope it all comes together for the rest of us were alone the the tickets to me.


I mean, if anybody has not already checked out a fortune on Netflix, she has a new series called Sweet and Salty that just came out, which is hilarious, by the way. I think we have all watched it well. And I have to say, Joe got me to watch it because he was raving about it.


So then I was watching it. Funny, very funny. And I'm not just saying that because you're here.


Well, I would probably say thought I'm being honest. It was I thought it was hysterical.


You had me not having a lot to do. You had me win. Right. What you said, snatching and snatching was all the rage.


I was like, all right, I'm just yeah, I.


I got I filled it in October of last year and they came out late and they generally were. So it was cool to have it on the Netflix platform while people were stuck in there.


So yeah, it came out the perfect time to be honest and to have that sound right before everything, because it'll be a while before people can film anything like that, because I had to prep for that special ed toward that version of that set for two years. And in the year leading up to it, that one year alone, I hit 50 cities and ten shows.


You were going hard year because you want to put out your best stuff. It's such a huge platform and it's getting harder and harder to get a special on there. And you just wanted it to count. And Wanda Sykes was the producer on it. And you she tells me she's like Chris Rock told me they call a special because it meant to be special. And so that's what I wanted to do. And so I'm glad that people related to a lot of stories about me growing up and finding myself growing up in the South and not knowing I was gay and and coming to that realization through to doing the wrong try the wrong things to figure out the right thing.


Yeah. The funny that comes with that. And they got to figure it out watching a Lifetime movie that was to start with.


That's crazy, but crazy. Yeah.


What did it mean a lot to you to do that special. You said it was a half hour. Where you from where you grew up, correct?


Yeah, I did it. And I filmed in Charlotte and I grew up in a tiny town outside of it called Belmont. So I had a lot of hometown people there all getting toasted before the show. Oh, my gosh. I mean, because it was cool to get to perform those jokes in front of them because a lot of them were like I was on the swim team with her or I went to high school there. But what people what I didn't anticipate was because people were so excited that they knew me and knew these things I was referring to, people were yelling out during my tired set like, that's right, girl.


Yeah, that's true. And so many times I like guys. Shut up. Yeah, you can. I need the sound of my jokes. We I love. So would you prefer doing jokes or stand up in front of people you know, or just like any crowd?


Listen, on a in a regular situation, I'll do jokes in front of my hotel all day long because they lose their minds. And that's the great the greatest honor in the world.


I now know filming something, it's hard it's hard not to have it where they're excited, but not to the extent or that it was.


Is it more fun for you to film funny videos at home or to do stand up in front of a crowd? Oh, man.


I mean, I would prefer standup just because you have that immediate feedback, like that feeling of making people laugh is it truly is addicting. I mean, that's why we're all of it still doing it. That's one we we put up with all the crap and all the terrible road shows, because then you hear that laughter and you go, oh, this is weird that I got ready in a closet with in it.


But, you know, the videos are fun alone because social media is such a part of our world now and you feel like you're always having to entertain or I don't know, I try to put up my modeling pictures like you guys, but the effects do Dancing with the Stars that I know.


And that was honestly that after I did that, I thought I could I could go back and start trying to do standup because I could do anything if I could dance in front of.


Yeah. I got to ask you, though, could I ask you can I ask really hard hitting question, please?


All right.


But I want I want a detailed no bullshit answer, no bullshit, no bullshit in this house.


Hooters or Chili's or.


I mean, that's well, OK, they don't realize haters, because I basically have been going there since I was eight years old and I love the Hooters and the chicken wings has been really good to me.


They they basically the of all and what I have a I have a thing in my backyard.


I have a Chili's. Welcome back in the house. I have I have a son right now that says Marguerita President a vote for president say Marguerita like it's as if it's a presidential son. They I don't know, they were giving like on my tour, give me send me chillis to my dressing room.


But my heart is.


So I have to say they're really serving it and there's nothing like their chips and salsa, so nothing like it. It's that boneless buffalo chicken. Yes. Which I think I like to get there. The Triple Dipper is the best we get to pick your three, right? It's called the triple deprince, the egg rolls, chicken wings and then standing US country bumpkins. We love those restaurants.


We do like chick fillet, please.


Like you do all that. Now, a real serious question.


You have you've done so much in your career. Do you have a pivotal moment where you're like, OK, I've made it or I'm on the right path?


Yeah, um, I, I, it was like right around the same time I had just left Chelsea lately and I was starting to do acting and I got to I did a pilot with Tina Fey and that pilot didn't go. And then I ended up getting to sell my own show based on my life. And Tina Fey produced it was called Family Fortune. And we shot it for ABC. And like because it had my name in the title, like the family fortune was like everywhere, everywhere.


It was all over the golf cart and some production offices, the scripts and and it was this huge production. Annie Potts played my mom and I played myself. And it was just this magical thing that I got to do. It didn't end up getting picked up. So it was how the business gives and takes. It was like this cool experience of like, oh my God, I'm on the phone with Tina Fey and she's giving me notes about my own life story.


And she was at the taping. I'm like saying jokes that she's giving me, like that was such a cool experience. But then right after that, I got to shoot a movie because I was so devastated by that. I was like, oh, my God, I was so close to having this really magical thing happen. And then I got to film a movie called Office Christmas Party. And I filmed my whole all my scenes with Jennifer Aniston, where I was the Uber driver, and she was in the back seat.


And they basically were just like, do whatever you want. And they make up the entire scene. And she just had to react whatever I was doing and just be sitting there in a car on a big stage in Atlanta with General Austin for three hours. And we're just making this thing together. And it's like, oh, my God, I can't. I watched her friends growing up. I believe this is my life right now. And and she's trusting me to make up this whole scene.


And they end up putting all the stuff we made up as the scene. It was really, really cool.


Was that it? Was it hard to was it hard to have fun with somebody like as big as Jennifer Aniston?




Yeah. I mean, I was luckily I had met her randomly. I had sat with Saturday at Thanksgiving because.


How did that happen? Yeah, I saw her. Thankfully I met or otherwise I would have been so nervous and I still was nervous. But when I was on Chelsea lately, Chelsea was like, oh, you want to come over and eat Thanksgiving at my house? And I was like, Yeah, sure, why not? And I walk in the door and there's Jennifer Aniston and Justin Thoreau, who live at the time.


And I'm like, Oh, hi. And I had no idea they were going to be there.


And there was like ten other people and everyone got their plates to eat and everyone too nervous to sit beside them. And so I was the last person on my plate and they're only open. See what's inside. And I was like, Chelsea goes, oh, God, don't embarrass me.


So I sat down with the prince and I'm trying to, like, not eat like a beast and I'm very open and proper.


And she's like, did you get did you get some of the Greek salad? I did. And she goes, I made that. I go, I love great. So I guess this is the best I've ever had in my life. You're lucky you grabbed it. That's funny. Yeah, but she was the nicest person in the whole world and and it was so lovely. And so that cut to I think it was five years later, we did the officers party and she I walked up and she was like Fortune.


And I was like, too skinny.


And that's crazy. I wish I spend Thanksgiving in. And I mean, that's the crazy thing about I've been in L.A. 17 years now. And you just I, I find that it is one of those places where you I can't believe I'm having this experience with this person right now because of like Natalie Maines has become one of my good friends and all because we did this comedy thing together. And then I'm like I listen to the Dixie Chicks since I was like twenty one and now I'm at your house.


Putting a puzzle together like this is so weird, so surreal. And you've earned it all. You have truly earned all.


What's been key to a puzzle name what you say, what's been the key to get to where you're at?


Because you've been in L.A. you said for Los Angeles for 17 years. What's been the key to?


I mean, tons of hard work, tons and tons of it. I moved out here and I have no money and I didn't even know I wanted to do comedy. I didn't know what to do. Stand up. I started taking classes like Rowlings to honestly just to make friends because I had a hard time meeting people out here and it quickly became a passion. And once I found comedy, once I found improv, stand up it. I'm so lucky that I knew immediately that's what I was meant to do.


And so my focus became razor sharp where I was like, I know exactly what I'm supposed to do. I just don't know how to make a living at it. I don't know how to get people to pay me for it, but I love it and there's nothing else I want to do.


So from that day forward, I just was like on a mission and I was doing shows seven stand up shows a week, improv shows, making sketch shows, doing videos. And it was every job I had. I was like trying to build on that one and I never stop. So even now, it's like I've been lucky to be working the last ten years as a comic and I'm lucky that I get to do what I love, but I never stop.


It's like even if I have one job, I'm like, what other ten things can I be creating right now? And it never feels itself. So it never feels like work because I love it so much. But I just I just think that it was a combo of just working really hard at it and just trying to get better at it. And I'm hoping that the opportunities and myself met up so great.


Let me even giving two years worth of work into like your Netflix show, like, that's crazy hustle. So props to you because honestly, honestly, that's like a lot of hard work. But I have to say, we ask every single guest here one question, so we're going to ask you the same. But in terms of pop culture and entertainment, what was your biggest influence in your life? It gave you a good person. It could be a place or a thing.


My pop culture, like something big that happens in our entertainment, like did you even it could be like if you saw friends, like if you watching for.


Well, there's two big moments. One was Janet Jackson's boob being exposed.


A great day for Justin Timberlake. If you don't know. I think you can even pull that up on YouTube. Oh, my God, that is so great. But I was very happy about it. Saw that so bad.


And so that was pretty special. I mean, special moment for me. And then the first season of the L word was a big one for me because I didn't come out until twenty five and that show came out when I was like twenty three or four. And being from a small town in the south I just had not and it wasn't like I was in the closet. I genuinely did not know was gay and I was very naive to what that meant to be gay and I didn't know any gay people.


And so I do think that contributed to me coming out later in life. And I just didn't have examples of gay people. And then that show came out and all of a sudden I'm seeing women like just having I mean, it became very salacious, but just seeing them in the beginning have coffee together. Yeah. Blew my mind. I was like, oh my God. Like, why didn't they would make out?


And then I was like, what's going on here? And it did have a big effect on me of like, oh my gosh, something's happening when I watch that. And it really blew my mind. And it was like you said to me, like I invented the telephone.


I was like, how much of an effect it had on me.


What was amazing, yeah, what was a bigger relief coming out and realizing that you were gay or that feeling when you were in comedy knowing like, hey, this is what I'm going to do for the rest of my life.


Oh, wow.


They actually happened to the same the same year. So they're they're both very pretty significant. I came out in 2005 and started comedy in 2005, and I think that one had to happen for the other to happen because once I realized I was gay, it was like this giant release, like this giant load was lifted off my back because my whole life something it always felt off and I didn't know what it was. And I couldn't I literally couldn't put my finger on it.


And I just didn't know, like, what is this missing piece was nothing. Nothing seems to be lining up in the way it feels like it should be. I came out and it really was this giant light bulb moment of like, oh, my gosh, like that is it? I could look back at my whole life and see how that had affected this or that or this to that and and knowing the answer was huge. And I felt like for the first time in my life, it gave me permission to just be free in a way that I had never felt before and that there was a lightness to it.


Like I had a lightness where every hard thing seemed so insignificant from that point forward and then entering, then comedy entered, which was the best thing to have when you are a comedian to be free. Yeah. And so it was like so interesting that they happened right around the same time. And and comedy requires you, I think to be a successful comic. You have to tell people exactly who you are. There's if you're hiding something, it's there's always an elephant in the room.


But people know like what you see is what you get. I think it allows you to connect with the audience so much more.


So I could finally just be me and also be that person on stage, possibly not with so many people like how you were just saying she's like because, you know, you're being authentically yourself and that's just so much more relatable than I mean, I don't know. I think so. I mean, I feel like the people that enjoy my work just they know that I'm literally just telling true stories from like I'm sharing my life. I'm sharing who I am.


I'm silly. I'm positive I'm not pretending to be something in hopes of you. But I can take it to my show, I guess. Like, this is me.


And I hope you enjoy that and find that funny. If you don't the you know, I'm not for everybody. Wow. So you move on. But I do think that there's something nice because there's so much smoke and mirrors and Hollywood and social media people are very they're it's like a refreshing thing when someone adjusts themselves.


Yeah, well, you see, Joe is Joe is getting a little stage fright earlier, asking him to give us joke. Great tips for Joe. You seem to be you OK?


Are you going to start doing more comedy when the when the you know, we can actually do shows again, you know, I think well I think after this is a little background, as I did, I did like Second City improv.


I did all those the improv classes and improv groups. And I started messing around with standup. And I was just I was really bad.


Bad? Yeah, I was really bad.


But it was hard also because for me, I, I used to wake up for work at like 2:00 in the morning because I was in the produce business and all I could get on an open mic, I would get on it like midnight.


So I would do that and then go sleep an hour and a half and then I'd be like, yeah, not even funny.


I'm I'm half asleep. You're tired, Delirio.


So I'm working on, like, new material. Are you doing that currently right now. Like or do you like is it hard because you're not getting inspiration from the street.


Yeah, I haven't been. When I was doing shows, I started picking up the material that I was working on back in March and just sort of trying to hone that. I haven't really been digging into a lot of new stuff. Standup was because. You're like, oh, we like wiping down gross trees, like really talk about right now, and I know that, but I don't force that.


I kind of know that that inspiration will come when it's ready. The creative stuff I've been doing is I just wrote another movie script and I'm creating some TV stuff. And so I've been putting my creativity into that. And but your brain kind of always shifts where you go, OK, that's great. Now let's focus on standup, but always finds a way to compartmentalize. So but I don't really know what my next act, my next hour will be like.


It reveals itself that way.


But didn't I just read that you just got a Pixar role? Yes, I am in the new movie Soul that's coming out Christmas Day.


Oh, my God, I'm so excited. Congratulations. Thank you.


You know, a fortune you've been kind enough to. You've been kind enough to come on our podcast.


So why don't you tell our listeners everything that you're working on right now? Yeah.


Where can we find you? Yeah, well, OK. That Pixar movie comes out Christmas Day on Disney. Plus, it's supposed to be in the theaters, but obviously things have changed. I'm on a show called Bless the Hearts. It's the animated show on Fox every Sunday night. I'll do a Sirius XM radio show every morning for Netflix on Channel three called One A Joke with Fortune. So you can listen to that in the mornings or afternoons. Oh, I'm in.


I'm a new movie called Chick Fight that's coming out in number 13. Oh, guy.


It's how it's a sumo fight club. Oh, it's always.


That's so exciting. You so much going on. It's not based on the Fight Club movie, but it's a movie that has a fight club and they're females. So it comes. Malin Akerman stars that Bella Thorne, Alec Baldwin, it comes out on video, on demand, and then it will be on that thing, a streaming service that's coming out soon. And yeah, there's other fun stuff coming, the different points, but everything's been pushed and moved out of the pandemic.


But, you know, my Instagram Portu at fortune fame for those silly Brinda videos or that play my mom or sometimes I play a spin instructor named Deb who's never, never just tells you to go.


But I love that lots of that's happening.


All right.


Well, I got one more question. Who's fun, man? Who's funnier? Alec Baldwin or Tina Fey?


Oh, man, they're so different.


I mean, I want to say Tina Fey, because she's like the funniest person ever and the wittiest person ever. And yeah, I got to go with Tina. She's a good one. Hilarious. But I've worked with a lot of I've been lucky to work with a lot of really funny females. Mindy Kaling was my boss for three years on The Mindy Project. She's hilarious. Chelsea, I've been lucky to be surrounded by funny women.


Yeah, powerhouses, to be honest, funny and powerful.


And you're joining them. Look at you. All this fun stuff coming up for you. I'm so excited. I'm so happy you were able to join us today.


Oh, and thank you so much.


I've been watching all those stories and I'm hoping that that that you're finding love and I don't know, we're working on getting a girlfriend through the podcast. If you adding anyone for them will not have a problem.


Come on. I mean, are you in L.A. to Chicago?


When they start listening to my jokes, that's where I lose them to my now wife I met in Chicago.


Oh, yeah. The city of one city. Love to the kindergarten teacher out there for 11 years. And I met her and I made her moved to Los Angeles. Oh, wow.


What maker was she like? What part of Chicago. So fun. OK, OK. Like she taught a lot of kids in need and she was like the greatest, just like she loved more than anything because she felt like she was really making a difference. And then and then here comes made a living at home.


I mean if you leave your job where you're really making a difference and tearing and then maybe you'll beat your wife. Fortune just wrapped in a little piece of advice. Yeah, there you go. During a essomba around the knowledge you how to do. I don't.


I still don't.


I still don't know how you would think a week a week's work for a minute and then a minute, like a minute and 15 seconds formants. And I could never nail it. But I try.


I try. You look beautiful and saipan's. Thank you. Thank you. Hopefully maybe I'll get another chance.


But Fortune, thank you so much for joining us. Oh my pleasure.


Thanks for having me. I really appreciate it.


Of course, I look forward to seeing you on Christmas Day. Yeah.


And my Netflix special, Steven, it's still up there.


We got started. And I'm not just saying it because she's here, but I'm not with it.


But I know you have a good day to day lives by you guys.


What did you think about Fortune? She's awesome, isn't she?


She was so funny. And it's like she's so down to earth. Like she's just. I would love to have her as a neighbor. I would just go over drinks and like a lot of people doing it. I see I see her like, give me some me.


And it's on the front porch. And let's just say in the positive, positive and happy in such a light.


I love hearing the stories of people moving to L.A. and following their dream and working hard in accomplishing it.


Well, yeah, it's it makes total sense that you came out and did comedy in the same year because I don't think she would have been able to do one or the other.


Well, I think that's like really leaning into your calling, to be honest with you. And she did exactly that. And that's probably why she's being so successful as she has you and me like two years on the road.


I mean, I don't know if I could do what was she saying, 50 shows a week with like it's not even being herself. Know, I feel like it would have come up eventually.


And the fact that she that all played a part into her success was amazing here. I don't know. She's a really cool chick. I like her. Just goes to show you hard work.


You work hard at something. You believe in it. You could achieve it.


Work hard. Play hard. Well, that's a wrap. Thanks for hanging out with us today. We had so much fun, lots of laughs. And I know we say this every week, but you better not forget. Follow us on Klick. They've been on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook because we want to keep up with you all.


And of course, as always, make sure you subscribe to the podcast on Apple podcast. Subscribe to Spotify, the Wonder App or whatever. You are listening to your podcasts.