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This is Dave Colly, the writer, researcher and voice behind Cold. I need to eat a little crow today. March 10th, 2021 was supposed to be the day I announced the topic for cold season to I'd gone so far as to tease this date on social media. And I had every intention of dropping a trailer today. But sorry, no announcement today. There is a lot happening behind the scenes right now to make sure the new season of cold is buttoned up due to some late breaking changes.


I need a little extra time without giving anything away. I'll just say the new case at the center of season two is one that requires an extra degree of sensitivity. And I'm using this time to guarantee the story gets that. I promise I'll be back within the space of a month to make the announcement. In the meantime, I'll suggest you go download the Amazon music app, because season two of Cold will be exclusive to Amazon music. The app is free and listening to cold.


There is also free, no paid subscription required. And by following cold on Amazon music now, you will be first in line to hear the new season when it drops. I'm also going to be updating the Cold podcast Dotcom with new pictures, videos and articles as season two rolls out. So be sure to visit there as well. Again, follow cold on Amazon music and please grant me a little extra patience because we are about to take a real emotional ride together in cold season, too.


Thanks. And talk to you soon.