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Have you been listening to the Mummy Doomsday podcast, you know that there's a lot of detail about this story that we have put out there for you to hear.


But you may not know that there's a good deal more a good deal more story you're going to want to hear about, and that is the subject of our Dateline show.


There's been a clear and alarming pattern in the defendant's life.


Of course, we know now what happened to her children, Tyler and JJ, and the horrible truth about where they were all those months after they were reported missing, letting family members just twist in the wind knowing your children are dead in someone's backyard. It's inconceivable. Lori has not been charged with murdering her children, but she is certainly under investigation for murder. And we've spent months now tracing her path of heartbreak, hearing the stories, many for the first time of the other people who've died after crossing paths with Lori.


Shane Bishop, who is producing that show, is here with us now Shane. What do we got in here? I think the main headlines in this new show are our interview first ever interview anywhere with Tammy's family. Think I wore them down after 10 or 12 trips to their doorstep. And, you know, they finally said yes. And, you know, they'll tell us for the first time about conversations with Chad when Tammy died. They'll tell us about conversations with how Chad told them that he had remarried.


He says, I have something I need to tell you, but don't tell anybody. I got married while I was in Hawaii. I sat there for a good five seconds and I said, Excuse me, you did what? And he says, I got married while I was in Hawaii.


What was it like there that it was shocking? Because at that point, Tammy only been gone for a month? It didn't make sense to me. And obviously I was really upset.


The other headline is really comes from Lori's background back at Austin, Texas, back in 2007. That is absolutely fascinating. I mean, the the back back story, if I can use that terminology of her marriage to Joe Ryan, the other one with Charles. Well, of two.


But, you know, when you hear a person's history, it all begins to fall into place a little more.


And the those things which you simply cannot possibly understand or at least a little more comprehensible.


And the interviews with the guardian ad litem and the mental health expert, they continue to live with me because what they were able to tell us was. Well, it was remarkable and it was also disturbing given what might have happened. Well, if I can give a little background. We we went back to Lorean Joe's custody fight for Tirelli in 2007 after their divorce, and we got about 18 hundred pages of court documents and found the details of this battle for for for the children.


And Lori had claimed that Joe Ryan was sexually abusing both Kolby, her son and her, the daughter, Tirelli. And we found the guardian ad litem and the mental health expert who really examined all those folks, maybe one of the only one of the few people who've done that. And they both came to some pretty startling conclusions about Lori back then that weren't listened to. In fact, both experts believe both Tirelli and Colby were manipulated by Lori.


She was the mastermind behind the whole thing. Lori absolutely matches much of the criteria for an offending, falsely accusing mother.


When we called them, they immediately picked up the phone and said, oh, yeah, we'll talk to you. If somebody were to listen to us 15 years ago, this all might have been avoided.


Mm hmm. The history of this woman and these relationships that we're able to report on, there is a kind of a common thread of the great for a while. And then she has to move on and she's going to move on whichever way she decides to.


Katy, bar the door. Yeah. And anybody who crosses her gets the full treatment. There's kind of a it seems almost a little bit of a playbook that Laurie used for the past 15 years against husbands who displeased her or didn't go along with her.


And I guess the ability to declare somebody to be, you know, a demon or a zombie and declare that that person really had to die. And in order to find their proper spirit or whatever it was, was a kind of a convenient way to do that.


Moving on to the next thing, whatever it happened to be, you know, without, of course, knowing exactly what's happened in this latest case. But there doesn't seem there didn't seem to be any incentive for them to change or for her to change because like we did a deep dive on Joe Ryan's death, her third husband, and we have this secretly recorded audiotape that's not been heard much where Laurie said she wanted to murder him, she wanted to kill him.


I was going to murder him. I was going to kill him, like the scriptures say. And I thought I couldn't take it anymore.


But Laurie also said on the tape that she decided not to go through with murdering Joe, that instead she dedicated her life to going to the LDS temple and don't want to do anything that's wrong.


I do not have a murderous heart. I just wanted to stop the bleeding and stop the pain.


That's pretty blockbuster stuff. Now, by the time we heard that, Joe had already been dead for six months, but she's she's gone to some weird places and that death also paid off for her, just like Charles would have if he hadn't switched the beneficiary of his life insurance policy. To me, this is this experience, this latest story has been like taking what we already knew, lifting the lid and looking under underneath and looking at the components that that made the story what it is.


And that's really eye opening stuff.


We keep finding new angles. We keep finding, you know, I mean, you and I have been at this a long time, but when our jaws drop regularly, you know, it's it's a pretty weird story. The chart topping podcast from Dateline is now a true crime television event with more of this extraordinary story. Much more watch Friday at nine eight Central only on NBC.