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USA Network's. Dear diary, I've been going out with boys since midday yesterday. My mom is such a bitch, I'm not dumping either of them. I'm going to keep them both hanging on. Cassie Smith is the most unpopular girl in school. Such chipwich. God, why am I such a bitch? Hello, lovely listeners.


Welcome to another episode of Dear Diary, your effort with myself, Hannah Ferrier, and my lovely co-host Justin Hillo. Hey Jessie, how are you going.


Sakurada Good I'm just getting into a second coffee for the day. I've already had three.


Is it bad that like someone said this the other day and I was like I really feel you know who was Charlotte Crosby the other day.


She's like, I don't know how I'm going to go back to like having to get up super early to resume normal life again.


And I know you've been really badly normal life, like when you I mean, it's probably a bit different for her, but I know, like, when you have, like, a job, you're like, I'm up at six thirty. I do this at this time. Yeah.


And because so many people have been like working from home and not working, you're doing Zoome calls in a college shirt with your underwear. All of a sudden you're like clothes. What a day. I'm trying to train myself to basically do that again.


I used to go to the gym in the morning.


Oh gosh. I really need to. I did actually stop by my time. Yeah. Did you go back?


Well, no, because it flicked off a injury that I had during birth.


So I was like back at it and then, yeah, two days later I was like, oh great.


I can hardly walk again.


Will you go hard? I mean, you came here and you were like, oh, I'm doing three classes away and then you got your period and then OK, now an injury.


Yeah. So I'm going to go and say my trainer and just have a chat with her because it is so like I said, I don't know if I mentioned to you it got voted Sydney's toughest workout.


So I think that like because I still want to go there. And the actual trainer herself, she's so lovely, Wendy. And we actually started I said to my girlfriend, I was like, is it just me? Or like, is her body like not what you'd expect a like trainers to be as in like as in like her stomach.


I was like, oh, I thought you'd be like a little more like six pack as opposed to like not like normal looking.




Like she literally had like a normal looking stomach and I was like well I came here to look like fuckin gazelle so I don't really like know if I should be going off.


You know this woman. Yeah, the bitch was five months pregnant stuff.


Oh my God. You like it looks like you've had kind of a big lunch just like five months pregnant. I was like, you just look like you've eaten a burger and that's not my perfect body. So then I found out the next class that she was five months pregnant, like, oh, my God, found out about Dan Quayle. Exactly. I was like five months pregnant. People just bitch. You're like, I'm not sure you're a good billboard, yogalates.


And the worst thing was, is I was like, then I hate five months pregnant. And people were like, oh, have you got your overnight bag?


Yeah, I'm like, no, bitch. Oh, my God, it's pregnant. Four months to go, you bitch. Wow. I know. I actually went for Valentine's Day dinner date chat eBay and it was one of my favorite photos on, like I'd put it on Instagram. Yeah. The one where I was in that blue Kamilla with the wind. Beautiful.


And I think I gave birth about five days after that.


So I was right at the end. But I just remember this one coming from this guy, you know, with the I think his profile picture was like on a ute, like a pickup truck with an American flag flying. And he's like, what are you giving birth to a fucking elephant?


Oh, my God. It's twenty, twenty one, mate. We don't say things like that anymore.


Exactly. Exactly. So I was like, no.


Well, we looked at the time. She said to him, you try fucking pushing it.


Oh, nine pound baby out of you. Exactly. Exactly how. Yeah. Oh I don't get it.


No, they really do. I do distinctly remember there was a moment I just knew for most of your pregnancy you would come to my apartment.


You got I'm pregnant like I'm sick. You look at my tummy and then one day it was like overnight you're like, oh god, I don't know, I need to sit down. Oh, God.


I sat down and I did pay and I was like, wow, I had no idea amount of editing that had to be in the podcast of the last line, Bryan, was I was like, I don't have like a little head to it to just like bathroom break.


Bathroom break. Just we can edit this, right? Yeah. We take that out show.


Oh my gosh. No one ever. But it has been a very big week. We had the auction for the house.


Oh, my goodness, that's right. On a Friday night. Holy shit, intense. It was insane.


I was so happy. So I hired by buyer's agent to do the bidding for us, which was the best money I would ever spend. No, I'd.


What to do. It was so nerve racking.


I said to Josh just before we went in, I was like, the only thing that I can kind of compare it to is when I'm getting miked up, as I'm walking towards the boat like here, we got to start a new season.


All right.


OK, because it's that lack even after, like, six hours of filming, you're like, I know who I'm filming with. I know this. I know that I was you know. I know the boat. Yeah. Where is that moment when you're like on the dock 200 meters away?


You see the cameras on. You go like, what the fuck am I doing here again? I saw my last time. Yeah.


And you've got your little suitcase and you're walking towards the boat. That's how I felt as I was walking into this auction sucking in a few.


CIG's before you get on there.


Oh, yeah. No, and I can't even do that anymore like that anymore. Fucking Healtheon, stop smoking. Didn't I say that again. Bolthole. Exactly. Wow.


OK, and I'm really not the type that's like, oh, I'm so stressed. I'm just going to go and have a workout.


Oh yeah. I'm like, you know, I do, I do feel better. Yeah I know, but it's very hard to get there. It is. That's the.


And I need to like get I need to get my head into that mentality now because it's almost like that's you know what I used to get stressed. It was like, oh, sit down, listen to Eminem, smoke half a pack of Marlboro Lights and drink two bottles of wine.


Now I have a child like. Yeah, priorities change. Exactly.


I want to be alive in five years, about fifty forty.


I remember that time that you were going to do a natural birth and not have any painkillers. I was doing that till the very end until she got stuck.


Oh she really got stuck. She really got, she was like hanging around for like fourteen hours and she was like OK now I should now come out one time just to fuck you up a little bit more because you know my massive head's not quite going to do enough damage. I'll have my little hand up like a superhero on the way out. Just making an entrance. Just like a claim. Exactly.


No, she's so funny. She's now doing this thing so she doesn't really cry anymore. If she cries, there's really something wrong. But she's got this new thing when she wants attention. Yeah.


Where she just goes like like a little schoolgirl to a seagull. Exactly. And you're just like, OK, OK, you want attention.


Look at me. Yeah. She's your daughter and I. And then sometimes you'll go in there after like all this squawking and she'll literally she's still in a swaddles so she's got her arms like wrapped by her side and should just like not a head back and forth with this massive smile. She's like, ha, she's got it. It's Teddy in the long get you out of it. I mean, who's kid? You all get the room.


They go, well, yeah, exactly. I'm like, oh my God. And we had my mom over on the weekend because luckily we got her to come to come up for so she could look after about when we went to the auction so she could take Anna.


Yes. She went exactly like pretty much straight.


My head, me, everything's going to be all right. No one else understands. No one else will tell me. It'll all be OK. Exactly.


So, no, she came up and I swear I was walking down the stairs and, you know, my staircase because it's carpeted.


You can hear and I hear her talking to Ava. She couldn't she didn't know that I was up. And she goes, I am going to teach you all the naughty things so that we can get back at Hannah to get the.


Oh, I've got to show you, you you get dropped off at school. You know what you do? You go at the back.


And I was like, oh, I was going to say, how would your mother know the naughty things?


But obviously she knows them from you, from this bloody podcast. Every week I get this phone call going.


The girls are black, told me, rah, rah, rah, you know what Suchiate beat you that your mother and now she's going to get back at you. I never thought of that. What a vicious cycle. I know so.


And I say to you, I said, you know what the most hilarious thing is? She'll probably be some little angel over a table, like a plus shoehorning a computer for her eighth birthday.


Yeah, like she'll be I'll be like, do you want to get your bellybutton? My mom. That's irresponsible. Yeah. Mom, I've got a degree. I guess I could use those. Exactly. If I could just have like the newest calculator and that would be great.


She like the one you got me just doesn't calculate five. No, can I upgrade my iPhone? No, not for selfies for the translator.


I'm trying to learn Spanish, OK, I'm going to take it apart and build something new. Exactly. Oh, God. This is what you're in for.


Yeah, just say it and I'll be sitting there 15 years. Stop making me feel bad about myself ever. And you'll be like, come and have a come and have a party with mom.


And she's like, no, mom, I'm starting. I'm trying to study.


If you could turn the music down, Mom, and send your friends home, OK?


You'd be like I was famous once, you know, on a TV show. I don't care how much I look like a trash bag in times before. Please don't make me sit down and watch reruns. Exactly.


It's Wednesday night, Mom, and eight p.m. it's time for your fucking friends to go home, stop drinking wine, or did you just feel it's like flash forward to the end? Oh, that's scary.


Yeah. What about Valentine's Day? That was recently as well. Oh, by the way, we didn't even say whether I got the house. Oh yes. That said, did you. No, no. We got outbid.


Oh. But it was down to the two of us. Yeah. And I think like we had our very end point and we went an extra fifteen over like. Right.


You pushed far beyond. We pushed and then. Yeah. Just someone, it was like we will I feel like we were already getting a pay over market value. It was a beautiful house. It was. It was. And it was an emotional buy. Yeah.


But it wasn't like I mean my unprofessional opinion is the market in Sydney at the moment, like housing so much, it's cheaper. So like people buying, which is weird. Yeah, so obviously the competition is higher.


I know I'm like, oh, you fucking lost your jobs. I was buying property.


The people still with money who didn't lose it. Bastard, bastard. That was Hannah's house. I know. That's OK. And we went and saw another one the next day, which was we called it Granny's house. So it's a knock down. Oh yes. Like you walk in there.


Oh she had a collection of thum. What are they called. Finger tap things. You know, these symbols, symbols, symbols. Yeah. I was like this. All these symbols. Like those. Yeah.


Like sewing and knitting and stuff. Yeah.


She had about five hundred of those in these big glass case and then she had like it was the weirdest thing actually she had picture frames but they were like the size of half my thumb. Oh. So putting them little photos, tiny little it's like, it was like a miniature house.


It was the weirdest thing.


Muffled noises coming from underneath the stairs or something like this isn't like keeping people.


I love how you would have walked in. You would've been like, oh, stunning.


Look at you. Simbel collection look are so beautiful.


And then as you walked out, you would have gone to Josh. We're knocking this down.


Exactly. Oh, it's got so much. Yeah, it had a bar like a bumper bar in the back of my head.


All my children here and my grandchildren. You're like lovely. Oh, wouldn't look nice there. Yeah, exactly. Wouldn't a marble bathtub just go. Yes. So. Well I know. And we literally left and I started Googling. How much does it cost to demolish. Oh yeah. Yeah.


Costly because that's what people do around, especially around like the area that you live. Yeah. Like it's the land. Yeah. Oh you pay for the house but you're actually just buying the land. Yeah.


No so we so we didn't get it but we're going to keep looking and keep positive.


Yeah that's right. You find something. Exactly. And then Valentine's Day mum stayed because I don't know if I told you but like I, I always like if Josh's phone is closer to mine, I'll click onto it to see the time. Oh yeah. And there was a message from my mom to him. Oh like three weeks ago. And I was like, why is my mom texting you? It's like, oh, I was just about what time to pick her up tomorrow.


I'm like, I'm picking her up. Why do you need to know? He's like, oh, just like out of curiosity, I'm like, yeah, but why. But why. But why, but why. And then he's like, OK, I arranged it to come and babysit for Valentine's Day, OK.


And I was like, oh you this. I did the same thing the other day to my boyfriend. Oh, don't you feel terrible? Yes, but then he was like I was like, I can't believe you ruin the surprise. But like, I hadn't been so easy to mind it as well. I was like, why have you done this? And he's like, Oh, it's because I was organizing a surprise for you. And I'm like, I can't tell.


Like, you could have just said, don't ask because you want you want not want to know.


I would have gone. Exactly. Well, and that's what. And then on Saturday, again, Mum was here and I said, oh, where are we going for like what area are we going to for dinner yet?


He goes, oh, we're going to that new French restaurant that you've been wanting to try.


And I'm like, oh, for God sakes, Josh, I said, what if we are, like, not where you are we driving? Are we catching a helicopter like, you know? And he'd be like, nah, that's the boring bit. You'll get what you just gave away. The so I was like, fuck, like your bloody useless. And he's like always.


And he's sitting there going, oh, hang on, I, I arranged her mum to come and babysit for Valentine's Day and then booked this French restaurant she's been wanting to go to for ages, yet she's still yelling.


I'll tell you why, because my boyfriend is just like Josh, you and I play the same role in our relationships.


It's because we love the theatrics. Yeah.


So when we do things for people, we're like treat it like put on the blindfold. I've been spending six months getting this present ready for you and it's not about you. It's about me.


And so we love the theatrics of it, whereas they are like, well I just did this nice thing for you. So you just accept it.


Yeah, that's actually apparently what normal people are like. So apparently like extroverts like us and not that's not normal, but it's OK, you know. No. So on Josh's birthday, we were in lockdown. So to me, like, obviously a normal person. I'm sorry, babe, we locked down. You couldn't do much. Oh, nine nine nine nine. I ordered 10 presents online.


Yeah, 10 presents online. And then I did a treasure hunt with custommade clues. That's right.


I'm going to read a few to you because I actually think it actually was like a proper treasure hunt. Yeah.


So the first one was UGG boots, which I don't know, in America, they like those big boots. So it was the president was hiding behind the TV and the clue was cold winter nights. This will keep you baking. Pop me on. I'm yours for the taking. And then the clue about where it was hitting. You can turn me on for hours of fun. I have many channels, but they all start at one. And then I got a personalized catering for him.


Did you write this? Yeah. Oh my God. Who knew you had such talent?


So personal. So basically the first part of the clue is what the president is in. The second part is where you find it. So and it was a key ring with his initials on it. I have the initials JPI. You can't use me in the shower, but you can in the car. I may be bananas, but aren't you happy you met me? I think you're great, cumquat and get me.


Oh, my God. I think you're great. Come and get me. Oh my God. You've ventured into my territory. You say some cufflinks.


They were hidden in the bread bin. Yet I'm a link at your wrist. But I'm not your ball and chain. It's weird you haven't married me. Are you insane? Oh, bring the butter. If you bring the bread, open me up and make me breakfast in bed. Wow.


Also to love the subtle hint you exactly. Oh my mother fucker with my brain. Yeah, he married me yet we aired.


This was a photo of the sonogram of Ava hiding under the couch. We didn't say cheese, but it went straight to number one. I see headaches ahead, but it's still the best thing we've done. We've had to replace this the couch more times than one.


Luckily for us, the mundane things are fun and wow. Were you like when you would write these? We like, yeah, that's a really good on me. I did such a good job. Exactly. And the very last one.


So I've missed out a few. The very last one was a letter and then it had like a voucher for a weekend away down south. So this game was exhausting. You may need a break, pack an overnight bag for your impending escape. We were supposed to be there now, but the pandemic changed things. They say it ain't over till the fat lady sings.


And then I walked in with my pregnant belly. I got and I think, oh, my God, this is what I mean. It's the truth of it all. And she still turned it around to make it about her sexy. I'm like, look at me. You're like, whose birthday is it? Who cares?


It was so good. And he was just kind of at the end of it.


And I'm like, looking at me going like, what just happened?


And you're like, today, aren't I fabulous? I just the most amazing friend in the World Bank. Me. How great am I for doing that for you know, I have a bad habit of doing that.


I would like to talk about my gifts that I got. A.J., you know, how great was that? Yeah. Did you like do you even know that it wasn't a five of. I love it. Thank you. And I'm like I need more like I need more from you. I want a pat on the back. I want some kind of reward in getting you a great present.




And then the thing was as well, you know, the engagement was, you know, gorgeous and lovely, but it was a normal person's way of engaging and, you know, at the end, like. So is that it?


Yes. Are we done? Is that right? And I it's daytime. Should I get back to. Exactly. It's like, bitch, you got a ten person treasure hunt with custommade poems. Oh my birthday. Oh God.


Why now. Why is there not swans flying past my window. Right.


He's like push turkeys on the less all they try don't they.


They do. And it's that's the thing is I think with that sort of stuff, it's either, it's either in you or it's not. Absolutely. You know, he was like waffles by the way.


Will you like to get married.


Likely. Oh is when does the music start flying again.


Oh sync up by performance to the music. Exactly. And then like I was talking in front of Josh to my father about our wedding plan. Yeah. And I was like, so I just. Think like we don't need anything, you know, we're not the type of couple that needs like some big over the top thing, so we're going to get married at midday onto the rotunda as a three piece string quartet plays in the background. Right. Then I walk to the island with my photographer.


We have our photographs that we walk down. We bought a super yacht. The superyacht is decorated by this florist.


I then have my chef from this restaurant we go to in Newtown. Come and do it. Tankel standing degustation menu. I like she's not lying. She gave me the same rundown.


I then removed the top layer of my wedding to reveal to reveal a fully beaded one pace Villaine masterpiece within Disembody. The yacht in Circular Quay, where there is a straight stretch limo, is waiting to take us to my friend's private brax where the entire roof will have hanging white roses. So we're just going to have a super chill wedding.


Yeah, it's like really low key, just like just drinks and nibbles. Basically, as the sun sets on my face, I will turn to everyone and deliver my speech thanking them and handing them handmade gifts. Exactly.


I got that. And, you know, the funny thing is I was like, wow. I was like, yes, great idea. I didn't even think that it was over the top. No, I was like, what an amazing way.


She thought it was pretty chill time because I was like, well, the second one. Oh, the second one. The guests get picked up in a helicopter. We do a wine tasting tour through our wine region. We then disembark into a vineyard where we have closed down the.


He's talking about it at all guys.


You know, that was like the bigger wedding.


And the one I'm thinking of is now the maturity. Josh was like, oh, we have such a lovely backyard. Like, what about I'm like, bitch, please.


I'll be like, is that is it April Fool's or is that a joke?


Haywood legitimately to whack on the barbecue and some beers and I'm like counting him and be like, let's not do argue, let's just do minute steak. And he would be like. How do you like see, that's how it feels. Well, we're actually going down now after I leave here to girlfriend's place. Oh, yes, down south.


And he's like, oh, babe, do you think come while you're doing the podcast? I should go to the butcher and pick up some.


And I'm like, honey, it's a tad elitist to show up at someone's house with your own man to be like, Oh, hey, thanks for having us.


Yeah. I don't I'm not I don't want a priest. If got prepared, I brought my own Waker Shaklee.


I was like, no, honey, they might just want spaghetti bolognese like Noble.


And he's like, I'll just cook up mistake. Well, you guys have exactly. Just like, you know, nine nine nine nine nine.


Oh God. How did twenty three minutes go by. Oh I think I started talking about my wedding. That was like a day ago. Daddy. Wow. There's like your articles for like a week.


Do you have a diary entry for.


I do. I do. OK, got to get out of my notes from when I was so good.


That was a that was like a very, very good rundown of your relationship and. Yeah. And she does.


Anyone is OK. Is anyone else out there the same. You like this star in your relationship. As I would say this, like I've heard some people say is a racehorse and a donkey. But I like to say there's a flower and a gardener in a relationship.


Yeah. And I'm like, I am I will put my hand up and say I'm the flower.


Like I am on unabashedly the shower that oh God, I cannot wait till we what the show golden.


Yeah. And I just think that in relationships there are and I'm sure that there are people listening to this and they like the flower.


OK, I know that we're running over time. I thought I also have to tell you this one funny thing. So we when we moved into the house, Josh decided that he was going to start gardening. So he went out and bought a lawn mower, a hedge trimmer, the big sister thing.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Remember this. Yeah. Yep. Secateurs and stuff. Yeah, yeah.


So you went and bought all of these, all of this stuff. I shit you not halfway through mowing the garden for the first time, I look out the window, he's got a face like a Slapton going up and down pushing the electrical things away. And he comes in halfway through and he's like I don't like God.


I was like, oh even with all your toys. Oh honey.


Oh I never saw this coming. I never saw this coming back. I said maybe rent for now instead of buying it.


I believe he said, Let's get a gardener. I definitely said, let's get a garden. But I thought the compromise because you're trying to be normal. Oh. So if anyone in Sydney is moving in and needs to buy the entire range of top of the range fucking doctor to do you garden with its for sale that's only been used once half a time. Bless him.


And yeah, no he thought he was saving money because we wouldn't need a gardener. No. Now paying off the fucking lawn mower and paying the gardener.


As I always say, I don't like cleaning our house but I like having a clean house. Yeah.


So I just get it clean. Exactly. So guys, I want to chat with you super quickly about our sponsor today, which is Noom. If you think about everything you've ever learned about getting healthy, there's a lot of contradictory information out there and things like that old fashioned food pyramid just aren't really that much help these days. I'm sure you guys have obviously gotten questionable food advice as I have.


I don't eat carbs, don't eat sugar, don't eat this before 10:00 PM, eat this after. And honestly, it's just all a little bit confusing. And I'm still not really sure what the good advice is for me personally.


I am going through obviously a massive body change after giving birth and I'm wanting to get my old body back. I miss it so much. So basically name is teaching me that it's not just about what I eat, it's also about how I eat in general. So it teaches you about your cravings, how to build new habits. And since I've been using it, I've noticed that obviously an app can't stop you actually eating, but it just kind of works with your psychology and helps you feel better and gives you an understanding about your cravings.


So hopefully you can then stop them. It's also teaching you how to shop and knowing that no food is actually bad. It's just about wanting more energy and enjoying exercise and obviously fitting back into those pre EVA clothes again so you can do a trial today at noon dot com forward slash did.


It's basically based on psychology, so it teaches you why you make the choices you do and it gives you the tools to replace your habits with healthier ones. The other good thing as well, after nine months of pretty much eating, what I want is that no one is forgiving because at the end of the day, we're all human. So if you go off track today, you'll be back on track tomorrow. You can do your sign up for your trial today at noon dot com forward slash dear diary.


And the only thing Noom asks for is ten minutes a day because we're all obviously crazy busy. Over 80 percent of Newman's finish the program and over 60 percent have stuck with their goals for at least one year. So it is perfect for those people who actually want results. Learn how to eat again with Noom. Sign up for your child today at noon dot com forward slash dear diary. That's name. Come forward slash diary.


OK, all right, so that's diary, these diary entry is cool because it's my first day at work or after, I guess my first day as you got the job last week, I got the job so excited and I totally have been underselling myself because I was not just a toast girl.


I was a toast. Girl in the morning, moving on to lunchtime, I was the sandwich girl.


Oh, the things you find when you reread your old diaries, you're like, just a minute. I was doing more than just toast. I was also the sandwich girl. Exactly. So Dear Diary. So I started work this week and it's so awesome. It's Thursday now and I started on Monday. Have you noticed in my diaries as well? I've always got to tell my diary the time frame. Yes.


You like to time it. Yeah. Yeah. I don't really know.


It's an important detail that obviously your nonliving diary needs to know. Yeah, exactly. But also to be very beneficial for us because we've been using these light.


Well if I just started talking like what didit, how long would I be working there. Yeah. So it's Thursday now and I started on Monday so I've already had for four days and I still love it so much more than school. OMG, yesterday I stayed at Dad's for the first time and when I finish work I went and got a Happy Meal and walked around Circular Quay. I used to do that.


You know what, you know what? If you're still eating Happy Meals, you're too young to be working full time and you're like, Oh goodness, I could not eat a full grown up.


I just said, oh, my fifth day, but I should not go hand in hand.


I'm working full time. I just have a happy meal. But because it was it was because my mom I was only allowed McDonald's once a year on my birthday.


And that is how I got fat. Yes. Yeah. And then got thin again. But was I the same thing. Yeah. We were never allowed to have junk food.


And so as soon as I started making my money for you're like, okay, if 90 percent of my salary goes on junk food, that's completely making me happy. Exactly.


So there are so many different people there and everyone is always in a rush. Oh, yes. But it was so cool to sit and watch everyone in an even cooler to eat McDonalds when it wasn't my birthday. Oh, the little things. Oh yeah. Well, I was too young to be working.


It was so cool to stay at Dad's because I finished work at three and was at Dad's by three forty five. When I go to the island it takes me fifteen minutes to get to the train station and then an hour to get to Hornsby. And then I changed trains and it's another thirty minutes to Hawkesbury River and then I wait for the ferry and it's another twenty minutes on the ferry and then I walk home so I only get to Ailey's at six.




And I guess you're like hmm. Maybe working in the middle of Sydney was probably not the most practical thing, but thank God I did. Otherwise I'd probably still be working somewhere like Mooney. Mooney, yes. Or Gyges. Yes.


No, no.


He's in jail but she really loves it when I come home with the mini donuts because we were Yeah.


Hi all the time.


Oh not somebody's not at that age so. And I bought eighty seven oh one this week so I can't stop listening to that ushe.


Oh did have a remix on it. You know that's not who I see.


What was the song of that album.


So I said I think you turn is going to be a massive hit but I. Well because I was listening to casting music.


Yeah. Yeah. That it was like because it said like the Michael Jackson dance was of the eighties, this was of the 90s and then I think it was eighty seven and one must have been released this year.


So 2001. And so I thought U-turn was going to be the next. Like this is what we're doing the whole of the nineties, the entire decade.


Put your hands up and your knees bounce around in the circle getting down with me.


Oh but I love love. Pop your collar. Oh my God.


I know you had another person and you missed the other day.


Asking is if you have watched that Locarno I need to find it because on a boat or whatever it was because Mya and chilly on the show.


I know.


OK, anyway, I don't know why I'm going on and on about Asia when I have so much to tell you about my new job.


That album had you remind me on it. That was so. Yeah, yeah. That was a great album.


Pop Your Collar Pecola Don't Let etc.. I got youth. Oh I'm so busy in the morning. And then at lunch again I do the toast in the morning and I make sandwiches at lunchtime and one of the customers already told me it was the best sandwich he'd appreciate.


Oh I just needed him to say it a bit louder around my boss.


Did you hear that? Yeah.


And she's like, can I just do your job? Exactly. It was a ham and cheese bitch. Calm down.


She's like bread, bread, bought a ham and cheese a bloody day like two of the customers in. Invited me for drinks, but I'm way too scared to go in case they ask for my ID, so I really, really need to work on getting my fake ID date. And I will say this. So it was a very different time. So please don't tweet at me. It just kind of was back then. This is 20 years ago.


But I because I grew up on this tiny little island where everyone knew everyone. So everyone was nice to you because they knew your parents. Oh yeah. And then I started working full time and I did look old for my age. But then all these men at work were like nice to me.


And I was like, oh my God. They said, city people are very lovely. They just creepy old man. Yeah, I like Dalan ally. Yeah, exactly. I was so lovely to me, but I legitimately was like, I don't know why everyone said that people in the city were rude.


Yeah. Yeah. Honey, they were hitting on you idiot.


Um I never really had that. They were like oh you sound like a girl like you're like, oh thanks. I'm going to be successful one day.


Yeah, I'll make it. I'll show you. How are you. So I work with so many cool people. Ricotta is my favorite. He's the barista and he's from South America. And all the women who God all the women who come in fall in love with him. Oh yeah. It's really funny to watch, but he's already like a brother. And then there's Helena. He's got massive long dreadlocks and lives in a suburb called Utahan, which I've never heard of.


Like I say, for those listening at home, Newtown is like a soupy, like trendy, cool.


Like I said, it was very dark and grungy, but like dreadlocks, they're like, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. But now it's like Aiba like shake and we don't shake, but like it's very alternative. Yeah.


Yeah. But like alternative with money. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Cool way. Yeah. You take away the money and it's just like weed. Crunchie.


Yeah. She said I could go to her house for a drink after work one day but she's so cool and a little bit scary.


Oh come on dude.


Everyone is so different to the people I went to school with. Yes.


Because they know fourteen year old girls, their priorities are not boys and like smoking around behind the gym.




And they're so grown up, everyone has their apartments and everything. It's really exciting, but also a bit scary. I will fill you in more on the weekend. I think I'm going to need to sleep all weekend. It's definitely more work than bunking school.


Ha ha ha ha. Chelsea Wow. I know times have changed for you, haven't they?


Come you the sandwich girls will is the taste.


No, I basically got a promotion before I even started. Yeah. You've been underselling yourself all these years too. Yeah. I guess you're at high school and I did have a look super quickly. I was sleeping this week when I was looking through my diary, so I read a few and I'm going to have to tell you, I'm going to have to blog some stuff out because I started getting really naughty.


Oh, in your diary. Yes. You read forward. That's not fair. I know.


Just to be OK, but I got it. Eventually you have to block some out of town, you know, I mean, like I only read forward to.




So, no, I'm going to definitely have to, you know, be like. So tonight I beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. And it was really fun. And that person's name was beep. Yeah, exactly. And then it'll be like end of diary entry like you. What a great diary entry. Yeah. Like no trust me guys, it was really, it was really good. I'd be like really cool.


I love it. Oh God. Also two guys.


We have been checking your breakup stories as well and we've got some exciting stuff for that to come.


So if you if you have them, please keep sending them to me. So could one of them the other day involved weighing on the floor?


I was reading in Adam's very interesting. And I look forward to delving into that a little bit more. Well, but yeah, if you want to if you wanna do that, follow us on Instagram and Twitter at Hannas podcast and shoot those through to us.


Yes, keep tweeting us, Domínguez. It's hilarious. You guys are keeping me sane while I'm getting thrown up on Daly. Thank you very much.


Let's you I know I remember the good old days when you were getting thrown up on in a club. I know now I get thrown up on my count and you're like spumante and unless problems you like to go to. Oh no, no worries. Walk that up.


OK, last last funny thing to tell us. Don't end on that note. No. So, yeah. Let's end on this note. That's a good idea. So the other day I'd had such a bad night's sleep and Josh went to work and it was like out of a sitcom. I was sitting in bed with Ava. We just fed and I was looking at her. And I talk out loud to her all the time because I think that, you know, it helps with her.


Her. How does your mom apparently. Yeah, exactly.


And I said I was like, Ava, mommy had a really bad night's sleep and she's got some work to do. Today, so do you think he can be nice to me and she literally looked at me, went off and threw up on me and I swear my face to me, the change I was so tired. I was like, so that's a no. And she looked at me again and just threw up once more. I'm like, OK, that's.


Yeah, that's a confirmation of that. No. Then. Thank you so much. Thanks for coming. Wow.


She's like maybe she could have been saying, I'll just get it out now. So then you can then clean yourself up, get what you need to get done for the day as opposed to dealing with a little hell in the middle of what you were doing. Maybe so maybe she's being nice, you great bitch.


I think she's evil. An amazing, gorgeous, evil genius who gave birth to a sort of your fault.


Yeah, this is true. This is true.


OK, guys, thank you so much for tuning in. We have a special guest next week who's going to share some childhood memories, someone you might know from your old Bravo land.


So we'll look at you teasing the guests coming up. She's a media professional.


Hey, they didn't put me in media training after that tweet from Episode four for nothing, OK? Some of you remember that and look back.


OK, guys, I hope you have an amazing week and I will chat with you next week.


Bye. OK, guys, thanks so much for listening today. Please go online and get involved. You can follow us on Instagram and Twitter at Hannas podcast. Please subscribe on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you get your podcast.