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Please be advised. This show contains adult language and explicit scenes not advised for persons under the age of 17. Dirty Diana is presented by Dipsy Desire is a fire to be stoked. Connect with your sexual self with Dipsy and download the app today. QR code presents Dirty Diana, created by Sean FSD, starring and produced by Demi Moore. Come on in. So you're sure that nobody's going to walk in, right? Oh, yeah, positive. Everyone's gone for the night.


This is your office? It is.


I usually you have a space, but it's not available this week.


It's not the sexiest environment, is it?


No, I'm afraid not. I take it the your co-workers don't know that you do this. No, they don't. What would happen if they found out? I don't know. I'd probably be fired.


Well, maybe that would be for the best. Yeah. Okay. So why don't you tell me about your fantasy.


Which one? I have a few.


Well, tell me about your favorite one. My favorite. Well, I'm actually my age and my favorite. Usually I'm younger and my fantasies.


And may I ask, how old are you? I'm 61.


And where are you?


I'm at a brothel. I know. I know. Maybe I've just been watching too much Westworld. I mean, it's only my fantasy in my dreams when I'm awake. That's different. Oh, so what happens in this brothel?


You know, the usual things. Lots of corsets and velvet and men drinking at the bar downstairs. There's nobody playing the piano or anything, but it still feels like something that you would see in the movies. Am I allowed to smoke in here? Sure. Absolutely. So in my fantasy, I'm the only woman there. No one else is working that night. And my boss tells me that there's a bunch of sailors coming in from the closest port or somewhere and they have not seen a woman in months.


So I immediately worry that I'm just in the wrong place, that they will be so disappointed when they see me because I probably look like their mothers. So I try to leave. But my boss reassures me and and he gives me some fancy lingerie to put on and and a silk robe to put over that. So I very nervously wait for my first client to come in and look in the mirror a thousand times. Lay on the bed in a hundred different positions, trying to find my least mature angle.


And then he walks in and he is so young. Like one of those old black and white photos that your grandmother would've carried.


He's so classically handsome in a tragic sort of way. And he is more nervous than I am. I mean, I can practically see him shaking. So. I stopped thinking about how disappointed he must be and I start trying to make him less nervous. I peel off his clothes slowly until he's totally naked and he is already hard. Kind of hard that I have forgotten about. I mean, it's hard. That feels like it's about to burst through his skin.


And I put him in my mouth and I feel him grow even more inside me. And I know that he is not disappointed because he moans in pleasure and he looks at me in astonishment because no one has ever made him feel this way. And then I leave and I walk into another room. The next man is only not disappointed that it's me. He takes me in his arms and he tells me how beautiful I am. Now, happy is to see me.


So I push him onto the bed and I climb on top of him and he slides inside me. And I ride him expertly into climax. He has never come so hard, so fast. I mean, these men, they love me and I get bolder, bolder, and I walk into the next room. Completely naked. I can place any man. And what about you? Who pieces you?


The last room that I enter was in that room. All of them. Hi, Diana, it's Jodi. Girls message to the IDF. Before I could say goodbyes, I'm leaving you a message because I know you hear this. This is not about Kyle, though. I was thinking of having a stripper's ask you to see if that joke. I know the answer to that question. I do. I do. I do. Listen, I got to say, her children tonight, just you and I.


Babysitter is set to sleep over and you can order as much room service as you like. Seriously, I don't think that I don't know the way out. If I order you to kill cheeses. Will you meet me at the Sheraton?




Okay, fine. Three grilled cheeses, but I can't do any more than that. Just can't. Wouldn't be healthy.


That's fine. Fine.


Jesus, you drive a hard bargain for grilled cheese with us, but has to be from the children's menu otherwise. Well, it's just too indulgent. Well, you may be chosen tonight. Love you, too.


That's a fact. Hi, Diane.


Hi. I'm wonderful. My best days always have been. It's been hard, but you won't even return. Oh, my.


Diana, it's me.


I know you're getting these messages and it's very tough to be ignored. I don't know what I did to you that was so horrible, but you owe me a phone call. Ed actually done you shit. I'm extending an olive branch here. I suggest you take it. Message deleted.


How are you feeling without the meds? Well, I'm not as anxious as I thought I'd be good. I'm I'm I'm actually OK. What does that mean? I was worried about the thoughts, you know, that they'd be more intrusive, you know, like work and marriage, money, sex.


I don't think about sex like I thought I would. Have you considered that you might actually have a perfectly normal appetite for sex?


Mm hmm. I haven't. Who did you talk about sex with when you were growing up?


Well, my my girlfriends, I guess. What about your mother? No, we didn't. We didn't talk about sex. How did you learn about sex?


Fuck. Friends, boys. I know. How does how does anyone learn about it?


Did your mother know that you were sexually active? Oh, I'm sure she did. We just never talked about it. She was always busy, always working. What'd she do? Oh. She was a civil rights lawyer. Oh, that's impressive. Yes, she was. I miss her. What do you miss? I miss having her support. She was always a champion of mine. What kind of things did she champion?


Uh, you know, academics, volleyball, whatever I was passionate about. Yeah. She was very supportive. Diana, I'd love for us to have an honest conversation around your mother.


We are. I am. Or we can talk about why you've built this fantasy around her, this mythical mother figure and. Well, you need to be dishonest. I'm not being dishonest, and I think it's time we talked about your actual mother.


Jesus. Sorry I'm late. Hey, hey. You're the boss. These are for me. Easy. Don't even want to know what's in them.


Well, you got me sober, right? I mean, a version of it, but you never know what's really in it. You can't just blindly trust drug dealers, Diana. You're a drug dealer. No, I sell Molly to free kids. I don't mess with this prescription, should especially this generic shit. But if you say yes to ads on our site, I can probably get the real stuff. No ads. The fantasies would be free if we sell ads.


People listen to them because they've paid. They listen till the end. If we don't charge, they're going to get bored and click on something else. Look, you're invested in a different way when you pay great companies.


E-mail me every day trying to get an ad in. It's classy stuff. It's not like a creative compromise or anything. No ads. We're making enough money. Speaking of, I'm going to Hawaii with my girl for two weeks, my cousin James is going to fill in for me. I just got back from Afghanistan. He has no friends. He talks to literally no one. So you don't have to worry about extinction. When were you gonna tell me this?


I don't know now. He is great with computers. I already showed him how to upload the new fantasy's. He did the last deposit with me. So good. I don't like this. This is how information leaks.


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That's dirty and talk space, Dukkha.


You must be James.


That's me. Sorry I caused such a mess.


I'm Diana.


Liam showed me everything. I uploaded the audio onto the site. It's ready to go.


Well, there will be a part to I. I think I'm gonna try and get more of her interview. Okay. Do I need to do anything or now just wait. That's all I'm good at the. So you just got back from Afghanistan? Yeah. I didn't see any action, but I was in Kabul for two years. Did you want to see action? No, not at all. Look, boring is fine by me. I enjoy my limbs and not killing people.


I don't know. Yeah, of course. Well, look, thanks for the gig. Leon told me you don't trust many people. Not going to screw you over or anything. Did you listen to the fantasy? I did kind of like the good, you know, it made me want to meet her. Well, it's confidential. I wasn't asking for her address or anything, just her voice, you know, her confidence. It's just you want to meet her.


Did you climb out? Excuse me. No, no, it's a it's it's a work related question. I jerked off. Yeah, but felt different. Like, I wasn't quite alone. Why? I should get home one, one what? Oh, no, God, no. I just record them. That's too bad. Oh, it's my lucky night. Cause it's ladies night. Oh, what a night. Back from where are we.


Oh let us Rabson three Gobbi marginal song.


Am I right? Are we that predictable? No. You just have good taste. So I'm going to throw some fried green beans on me just for ladies.


Thank you, Eric. You got here. I'd like to fuck him. What I would want, no one would find out. We could do it in the parking lot after shift.


So his penis would probably smell like lettuce tops. Yes.


And broken dreams. No, he'd smell young. Feel young. Imagine grabbing on a skin that isn't hanging out the bone.


Kevin's turn into a plucked chicken widget, which you really sleep with him. Are you just saying it to be provocative? What?


I really fucked the waiter at P.F. Chan's. Yeah. Would you. No. He's not my type. Why not? It's price starving. Actor is cute.


Now he wants he wants to please us too badly. I feel sorry for him.


You're a snob. You wouldn't really cheat on Kevin, would you? No, I wouldn't. I mean, Kevin is disgusting, but I couldn't cheat on him. My destiny is to have mediocre sex for the rest of my life. So get this. Danny caught me using my vibrator last night. You have a vibrator, don't you? Yeah, but still do you? Yeah, course. So what happened? It was horrible. He got totally turned on like it was some dumb porno or something.


But like I was doing it to turn him on. But it wasn't an invitation. I thought he was watching Shark Tank. What happened? Well, I just put it back in the box and kissed my orgasm goodbye. Did you wash it? Oh, my God. Of course.


But then I took it out in the middle of the night and used it once he fell asleep. Why don't you use the vibrator with him?


Oh, he thinks he is a vibrator. Oh, please. Hey. So, Dana, what's happening with all over? How are you guys? Well, we're meeting later tonight at a hotel.


Oh, well, was his idea.


Which hotel? The Sheraton on May. God. You haven't had sex in a year. You think it's spring for the Hilton or something? Well, he's making an effort now. I want sexy making an effort by the friend. Don't ruin it tonight. Might be incredible. And I think it's really sweet. He's being proactive. You're right. You're absolutely right.


We'll just order another Maag, you know, want to show up at the Sheridan sober.


Hello. Back here. Oh, wow.


Rose petals. Dozen roses myself.


A dozen. Wow. It looks like a like a lot more.


It's too much. You think. No, I mean, maybe the maybe the candles, they're a bit strong.


Got them at a sex show. They told me they were afraid Asian.


Well, hey, hey, they smell like cough syrup.


And I also got this.


Oh, my God. All of you. Where did you get that? And why is it orange?


I don't know. It was the only one left at the sex shop.


Oh, my God. Well, I don't think that's for us. Why not? Well, who's it for then? Well, it's got straps. Yes, I know. I was wondering about those.


Was somebody helping you in the store? No. I was sort of embarrassed. I just kind of grab things and then left. We could try it.


Wow. Well, you want me to use that on you? Well, I don't know. Maybe, you know.


Oh, it's huge. It's. Is that is that way? Is that really what you want?


I'm not actually sure what I want. I just. Police want to connect with you again. I you know, I keep thinking about that night. That was a spark there. It was still there between as I felt it. And I had a feeling you felt it, too. And I just thought as long as I still were there. And that is something to work with. I mean, you know. I'm sorry, right? Why don't we take a bath?


Good pet sounds nice. So you get in first and I'll put on some use a can. But what, you won't listen to you design. Did you wash the bath out before you drew it? What did you wash out the bath?


There's something floating. Is this your hair? I, I, I'm not sure I.


I don't think so. It's a hotel. Oliver, you have to wash the tub out first.


Of her. I'm trying to please just take a bite of the goddamn strawberry.


Now, what a chiefs on board. I'm sorry, it's just I feel like this is how a 13 year old girl would want to lose her virginity.


A Netflix movie just feels almost silly. Rose petals.


Maybe that's not make such a big effort. Does the candles, please? I'm sorry. No, don't apologize. Let's let's just be us.


Yeah. All right. All right. You got you're so right. I swear, I know more about women than our customers.


It's not. It's not. It's it's sweet. I'm saying it.


Always horrifying clarity right now. And it isn't some kind of desperate romance novel. Hayesville. Hey, can I just tell you, I have had sex before. I promise. I know. I know.


We made a daughter. We did. And a pretty good one, too, didn't we? Yes.


So let's slews the candles and start over. You mean the candles that promise great sex? I think they might deliver. They were 399. Well, you know, in that case. So, yes, oh, although the smoke is almost worse than the scent she's doing now.


But it's just it's just a lot of smoke. Oliver is fine. I'm just worried he could smoke. No. Grab a pillow in the smoke. Don't talk. Everything is getting way over. Grab my phone over there. I don't want it to get wet. Please get my phone.


You're soaking wet. Am I? I barely noticed in this heat. It actually feels nice. Come on in. You really testing the limits, aren't you? What do you mean by having us meet at work?


When my daughter was a teenager, she would leave her open journal on the bed at night. You know, almost hoping that I would read about the troubles she was getting into.


Well, my usual place isn't available, that's all.


OK, so why are we here? Because I'm curious. I don't think I got your whole story. Well, it's a pretty intimate fantasy. You didn't like it? No, it's it's it's not about me liking it. It's it's, um. It's about honesty.


I was being honest. I'm maybe I'm. What I mean is a deeper truth. What do you fantasize about when you're awake? I already told you. No, you told me about the fantasy in your dreams. I don't really fantasize when I'm awake. Well, you must think of something. It's not sexy. I don't care about that. I think about my ex. I'm divorced and it wasn't my choice. He left me. I'm sorry. Yes, I just hate that this is what I think about.


I really do. Tell me. Hey, did I wake you?


I don't sleep much. I have the last part of the fantasy. Great. I can put it up when I get home. Good. Thank you. Wait, wait. Why?


Why is your hair what fire alarm in a hotel?


Well, why is everyone okay? I don't know. Are you okay? Uh, not really. What happened? I'm lonely if I'm being honest. I'm lonely, too. Do you to listen to the fantasy? With you? Yeah. I mean, if you don't want to know. I do. Absolutely.


Well, everything about my waking fantasy is real. Where we're in our old house. You know, the house that we lived in when we were still married with a roof that leaks every time it barely rains and ugly carpet that we swore we would replace. But we never did. What happens? Well, I'm alone and I'm getting ready for bed. And when I look up from washing my face, my husband is there in the mirror watching me, looking at me like like I am the most beautiful woman that he has ever seen.


And I think that he's going to turn away. But he does. And instead he comes up behind me and he slips his hands under my shirt and his hands are so cold against my skin, my nipples get really hard and it turns him on. And I can feel his collection pressing into my back. So I turn to touch him. But he doesn't let me. He wants me to watch us in the mirror. So I watch him undress me.


And he never takes his eyes off me. He moves his hands down my stomach. But they're not cold anymore. They just melt into me when he spreads my legs. And then his voice is in my ear. Now he asks. And when I say yes, he pushes inside me from behind. And he's so hard that first can I just lose my breath? You know, like I'm on on a knife's edge between pleasure and pain. And.


And then it's like I'm floating watching these two people fucking and moaning and seeing them bent over this thing. Well, he's pushing his cock inside her over and over. And then I'm back in my body and neither of us ever want it to stop. And I close my eyes. But he whispers. Up in them, are you hard?


Sorry, I couldn't help it. There's something about her voice. It's just it's OK. That's why I made it for me. For lots of different people. Wow. Wow, so sorry, I was. I can't I. I'd like to, but I. Sorry, I can't. I thought that's what this was. Why? Why don't you finish here? Yeah. With you? Yes. Can I look at you? I do. Yes.


Yeah, yeah. And you want to know what I think about? I think being held. My my husband told me before we fell asleep, he would wrap his arms around me and spoon me. And it felt so safe just. His heart beating softly and my back and his hand holding mine until the moment that he fell asleep, you know, and his fingers would just sort of fall away.


And I know that he is doing that with another woman now. Maybe even more than one. But. When I fantasize in real life, especially right before bed. He's holding me again. Ron, thank you for listening to Carry.


If you'd like to her story, be sure to enjoy our other fantasy's on. Have a good word, Dirty Diana stars Demi Moore as Diana Place bang as Oliver. Melanie Griffith as Carrie. Betsy Brandt as Susan Lesley. And Ward as Jean Reese. Wakefield as Liam Diogo. Kenny as James. Dolly Wells as Lauren and Penelope Ann Miller as Cassie with additional performances by Max Marshall and Carmen Tolerantly created and directed by Sean FSD. Written by Sean FSD and Jen Besler, executive produced by Demi Moore.


Sean FSD. Jen Besser, Rob Hurting Dave Henning. Brian Calvin on Jones and Friedberger. Produced by Tess Ryan and Sandra Yingling. Original Music and Composition by Darren Johnson. Audio Engineering by Ryan Walsch and Ben Railtrack. Edited by Miller. Yeah, true. Ryan Nash and Ben Chubb. Sound Design by Katy Haliday. Additional sound designed by Justin Daisy and Ryan Sullivan. Mix and Mastering by Ben Milch of Sound Design and Mix Consulting a map Neocon's Casting by Chelsea Block and Marisol Roncalli at Atomic Honey.


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