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The story of a one of a kind sporting champion, it's the way it's done, the way he'd look, great charisma. Some people have done he has this ego about and he has this swagger from humble beginnings to national hero. The moonwalk you gave him, the better you got. There was never a day. He said, oh, I'd want to do this. I don't to do that. He took it all in his stride, scaling new heights and defying expectations.


It was a long time in the darkness after that news closed in on what he finished.


Very old women like him can come back with 200 percent more to the fellows that are determined to see Colin Powell to a roaring success story that could become a record breaking the small horse Cavitt 11, Stone five and Dave Grohl. What a superb performance by Tiger Roll, who has won back to back Brad Nationals'. It makes him a people's horse and the horse that people are going to remember for the rest of their life. Tiger or the People's Horse, brought to you by Artie's documentary on one first full episode available February 22nd, wherever you get your podcasts.