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Imagine you're struggling with back pain for months, no one can tell you what's wrong.


Then you find a doctor, in the words that he said that I wanted to hear was I can fix you. And, you know, those are magic words. I was in pain. And somebody, a neurosurgeon to a conviction you trust he'll take care of your problem. Nothing but good reports and a list of accolades that or two pages long when you talk to him. He's engaging. He seems very intelligent. He's witty, he's charming. You always talk about I'm going to be a doctor, but he has this dark side that he likes to keep separate and hidden from everybody else.


This is a story about 33 patients who put their trust in a prominent surgeon in Dallas state your full name for the record, Christopher Daniel and wish they hadn't. This friend called me and said, I believe that your doctor is on the news, that he has been killing patients. And it's a story about a system that failed to protect them at every possible turn. I'm trying to stop this guy from being let operate anywhere, any time, any place.


Have you ever been under the influence of any drugs during the time that you were performing spinal surgery on any patient? I think the first this was not an operation that was performed. This was attempted murder. So you don't take any slam from wondering the network behind Dirty John. I'm your host and reporter, Laura Beale. Dr. Death, our new six part series premieres on September 4th. Subscribe today on Apple podcasts. That's not how that story's supposed to end, you know.