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Dr. Donge had this habit of promising his patients miracles beyond their wildest dreams, but the results of his surgeries were often worse than any nightmare imaginable as a surgeon driven only by his ego.


He'd make any outlandish claim necessary to bring patients in. And it worked for a long time. In Wonderings latest miniseries, Bunga Bunga host Whitney Cummings follows the story of another ego driven man who managed to hypnotize an entire nation for almost two decades after a massive corruption investigation indicted over half of the politicians in Italy.


The Italian people were looking for a miracle, someone who could come in and fix their broken political system. So when billionaire media mogul Silvio Berlusconi claimed he was so rich he would never need to take a bribe.


All of Italy lined up to vote for him.


Using his wealth, charm and media savvy, Berlusconi established a new political party, ran for prime minister of Italy and won.


But instead of fulfilling his promise to drain the swamp, Silvio threw wild sex parties with prostitutes and rewrote the laws to enrich himself.


Italy had unwittingly kicked out one corrupt government with ties to the Mafia and replaced it with another.


That is, until three determined women and two words brought his entire empire crashing down.


Bunga bunga. We're about to play you a brief preview of Wonderings new eight part miniseries, Bunga Bunga. But while you're listening, make sure to subscribe on Apple podcasts.


OK, people, we're going to Milan, Italy, late on a Thursday night in May of 2010. It's a quiet night in the courtyard at number 11 VCF at that benefit, Ali. This building used to be a palace, but today it's Milan Central Police Station. And this is business as usual until officers bring in a 17 year old girl named Ruby.


You know, the Ruby scandal is such a strange one because you have this young girl who gets arrested for essentially, you know, stealing something from one of her roommates. And she tells the police, listen, I'm someone important.


Ruby has wide eyes and pouty lips and let's be real. She doesn't look surprised to be here. This isn't her first brush with the cops. But a few hours after she arrives at the police station, something happens that will change everything. The phone rings on the other end of the line. Silvio Berlusconi. OK, here's what you need to know about Silvio Berlusconi. Some people like to say that in Italy, he's like Rupert Murdoch and Warren Buffett rolled into one.


But that doesn't even do justice to the influence he has in Italy. He's everywhere and he owns everything. Oh, I almost forgot.


When Ruby walks into that police station, Berlusconi's also the prime minister. That's who calls about this random 17 year old at a local precinct police station a little before midnight on a Thursday. And so everybody raises an eyebrow.


And sure enough, Berlusconi knew exactly who Ruby Ruby, quote unquote, the heart stealer was.


Ruby stage name is Ruby, Ruby Koorie, Ruby the Heart Stealer.


So what does the prime minister do when he hears Ruby the heart stealer's at the Milan police station? He tells the police that she's the Egyptian president's niece and he doesn't want an international incident. He tells the police to let her go. So they do the end.


Thanks for joining us, everyone, from London.


I'm Whitney Cummings. And this is the right like that's the end. That is not the end, because obviously this one little phone call raises a ton of questions.


For one thing, Ruby is not related to the Egyptian president. That was a lie. All of a sudden, you have someone as powerful as Berlusconi making a call. And this girl who's in jail for stealing out of her roommate's purse is sprung from jail. And that raised a lot of eyebrows like who on earth is this girl? Where does she come from? How does she know Berlusconi?


And more importantly, what does she know? Because Ruby definitely knows something in the answer to what she knows is just two words.


Bunga, bunga, bunga, bunga, two words that will spell out a world of trouble for Berlusconi, for Italy and maybe the world.


Two words that are the mystery at the heart of this story. What the hell is bunga bunga? Well, let me just give you some advice if anyone ever asks you to. Bunga bunga. Run it up, the fire fighting. Coming up this season on bunga bunga, this kind of crazy moment with Berlusconi's bloodstained face and had he been shot? What was going on?


Somebody has been involved in kidnapping one of your house guests and you don't fire them right away. What does that mean?


Everywhere you look, you saw these sort of grotesque, vulgar, inflated silicone bodies oozing out of plunging necklines and tottering on stiletto heels.


We ran a cover, a famous cover initially saying the man who screwed an entire country, we have to attack, attack, attack.


If we treat our enemies with concentrated fire and fire relentlessly against them, they will finally stop. He said, is that girls, are you ready for the bunga bunga? I'm Whitney Cummings and my new eight part miniseries, Bunga Bunga is available on Apple podcast. Or you can listen early and ad free by joining one degree plus in the Wonder app.


The eyes of the country are on the Senate. As Kamala Harris definitely questions a witness at their confirmation hearing. Millions of voters lean in closer to their TVs as they watch the prosecutor turn. Senator, make her case over and over again. The scene is broadcast around the world. And Kamala Harris is at the center of one of the most controversial, dramatic moments in our democracy. But behind the questions and quotes, who is Kamala Harris? What motivates her?


What sort of leader is she? Kamala? Next in line is a new podcast from Wondering. And MSNBC host Joy Reid will take you inside the unique journey of our country's first black vice presidential candidate from her upbringing in California to making her mark in Washington, D.C.. You'll hear Comilla story, as it's never been told before, interviews with those who know her best. We'll introduce you to the real Kamala Kamala next. In Line premiers October 5th. Subscribe to Comilla, next in line on Apple podcast or Spotify.


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