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In true crime, you often hear stories that have a beginning, middle and a bloody or lawful end, but what about the stories that go cold, the ones that you don't hear about, the families that slowly and painfully lose any hope of closure? In the Vanished podcast from Wondering, host Marissa Jones explores the stories of those who have gone missing, going beyond conventional news reports to take a deep dive into the story of a different missing person. Each week, in one of the latest episodes, you'll learn about the disappearance of Echo Lloyd.


The last time her daughter Kelsey ever spoke to her was the day before Mother's Day. She'd promised she'd be by the next day with flowers and a card. But when she got there, Echo and her car were nowhere to be found. While puzzled, she didn't begin to worry until she went days without hearing anything from her mom. When she returned to Ekos home later that week, her car was there, but her mother was still gone. Desperate for answers, she looked to her mother's community and found there was one person in particular who liked Echo a little too much.


You're about to hear a preview of the vanished. While you're listening, subscribe on Apple podcasts, Spotify or listen ad free by joining one degree plus in the Wonder app. Someone somewhere knows something, it just doesn't. I don't know, it doesn't make sense. I don't understand. I don't think that she's still alive. The thing that really makes me afraid is that there are so many places down there to dispose of someone. And it's very brutal, very worried.


And there's so many different codes and little pockets of water and places that you can dump her in the middle of the lake. We would never find her again. And it's just terrifying to know that we may never know what actually happened to her. 47 year old Echo Lloyd last spoke with her daughter, Kelsey, on May 9th, 2020, the day before Mother's Day. Kelsey stopped by, echoes Edwards, Missouri, home the next day to drop off flowers and a card for Mother's Day.


Echo wasn't there and her car wasn't in the driveway. So Kelsey left the items outside for her mom when she returned home over the next several days. Kelsey kept trying to reach Acco, but her calls kept going straight to voicemail. Her concerns began to grow, and by the 15th, she made the trip back to Ekos home. Kelsey found the car was in the driveway, but there was no trace of echo. She began searching everywhere and found that Ekos purse was there, along with her ID and some money.


But her cell phone keys and medications were all missing along with Echo. Since that time, suspicions have focused on one person who lived near Ekos home and had taken an unhealthy interest in her since she had moved to Edwards America and from wandering. This is Episode 265 of the Vanished Echo Lloyd's Story. Well, conducting interviews for this story, everyone had such wonderful things to say about Echo that she was kind, bubbly and always willing to help. She was an important person to so many.


One person we spoke to was EKOS Cousin Mary, who told us about EKOS life we grew up in and help the very, very small town.


And my mom and my sisters, we we grew up together. We did all the family stuff together, all the holidays. And so Echo has always been a part of my life. She was always a very fun, outgoing person, very popular in school, have lots and lots of friends. In fact, some of the people who have been most instrumental in her search effort are some of those friends from school that have just become her lifelong friend group.


We also spoke to Echo's daughter, Kelsey, and she spoke about her mom from a daughter's perspective.


She is the life of the party, as is how I love to explain our very bubbly personality, typically always happy go lucky everybody's friend. I really don't know. One person who doesn't like my mom know she's just so kind and giving. She didn't think there are people out there that have a bad bone in their body. You know, she'd always think that she could pull the good out of people so kind that she was naive.


Eko was living on a 10 acre property in Edwards, Missouri, and his Mother's Day 20 20 was approaching. Kelsey had been in contact with her mom over the phone. Kelsey told us more about the lead up to her mom's disappearance.


But I spoke with her on the 9th of May. In the evening. Earlier that afternoon, two of her best friends went by the house to check on her, and they brought me a card for both my boys. And she called me that evening to make sure that the boys got their card and told me she loved me and that she called me soon.


And come Sunday, I went by her house.


I left a pot of flowers when Kelsey drove to her mom's house on Mother's Day, Ekos car was not there and the house was locked up. At first she figured that her mom had just gone out somewhere. But as the days wore on without hearing from Echo, her concerns began to grow. On May 15th, Kelsey returned to her mom's home in Edwards. This time the car was in the driveway and locked. Kelsey went up to the house to see if her mom was inside, went to her house.


I banged on all the windows, you know, I went to her window first because it was more in time. She's a night owl. No answers from that. I went around the whole house and went by her shed.


After Kelsey couldn't locate her mom, her thoughts immediately went to one of EKOS neighbors. This person came into Ekos life shortly after she moved to the Edwards property and seemed to take over her life to me.


I could see that mom, like, just needed a friend and I think she felt like he needed someone to. And I think he saw that. It's like I could see it and I tried to warn her about it. And she came to my house two weeks before she disappeared, scared of this guy. And, you know, I know that he was wanting more from her. That was very obvious. And I think it was. And I want what I can't have.


And I think she was ready for him to go when she disappeared. She told him to go. That was it.