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And this episode will be spreading some holiday cheer and swearing loud for all to hear.


From London. I'm Brooke Ziprin. And I'm Erica Skidmore Williams. And this is that even the rich year end special. That's right. We promised you guys a fun episode to close out the year.


And I got to say, we definitely delivered.


We did. First, we've lined up Forbes journalist Ollie Williams, who's based in the UK, to chat about how the rich handled life, the pandemic.


And when we say rich, we're talking Luber rich, like private. I'll be rich.


Yes. And then to follow it up, we're awarding the very first Ritchey Awards with culture writer Bobby Finger, host of the WHO weekly podcast, who will win the most cringe worthy attempt to relate to regular people award.


Only time will tell.


Yep. And then to top it all off, we're going to play some games, baby. We're going to look back at some of the stories we covered this year and even hint about the ones coming in 2021.


I won't give all the stories away, but one rhymes with Ma Maggiano's Reesha. They're never going to guess that that is way too hard. I mean, I got to make them work for it. Yeah, definitely.


So should we get started. Yeah, let's do it.


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That's right. So we reached out to reporter Ali Williams to talk us through what the uber rich have been spending their money on. Ali is a former investment professional who's now covering the wealthy for Forbes. Ali, thank you so much for being here.


Thank you for having me. So, Ali, you cover the wealthy, and when we say wealthy, we're not talking about the one percent here. We're talking about that point zero one percent or where would you put the decimal?


I mean, these people generally to put in monetary terms, it's normally the hundreds of millions and then the billions. So we're talking Europe's wealthiest entrepreneurs, families, and a lot of them just live lives which are so far removed from everyone else's. You can't really put a decimal point on it.


Is there any other term you use, like the superyacht crowd?


I haven't heard the superyacht in crowd. There's probably a lot of less kind words towards them, but you can call them what you want. I think we all know who they are.


For a lot of us, the pandemic has meant being stuck in one place for a very long time. But the rich haven't really stayed put, have they?


No, they haven't. No. So if we go back to March, when lockdown's happening in Europe and then then America, people were just heading out of cities, people just getting in their cars, getting on their private jets and just heading out. And it was to the country or to second homes in Europe. And this happened again in the second lot than we had in Europe, which started to take effect in countries from September and October. Then people were talking to they were heading to Greece, they were heading to Ibiza.


They were heading to Spain. They were heading to their houses there. And they were going out. They were getting out of the cities which they had briefly returned to and going going out again. So. So, yes, the money has got it. And it has been constantly moving. There's been no stopping that. And thanks to private jet travel, which has been one of the success stories of the pandemic, you're right, the rich have not stopped moving.


They've carried on just bouncing from place to place to place so much.


Yeah, we you talked about a term private jet Vergennes in one of your articles.


That's right. Yeah. So so when we talk with a jet set where we think people who private private jets all the time, well, there's lots of rich people who don't see the need to fly private jets. I mean, this is seems illogical. If you can put your place in first class and first class is very comfortable, why would you need a private jet? These are the people who are now renting private jets because they think a commercial airline is probably not a good place to be when there's a pandemic floating around so bad, therefore, to pick a private jet.


These people probably haven't flown a private jet before, but they've got the money to do so. And so these are the private jet surgeons who are breaking their private jet virginity in order to still get around. Yeah.


Now, there was one story in your articles that as a dog owner really stayed with me. You probably already know which story I'm talking about. Involved in eight seater jet handling teams at airports in London and St. Moritz and a six month old Labrador puppy. Can you talk about that a little bit?


Yes, of course. This is a bizarre story, but quite a delightful story of one British family who is stuck in Switzerland. So this was in June when there was all sorts of quarantine's, meaning that you can return to Britain without spending two weeks at home. And and they had this six month old Labrador puppy and they wanted to be with us over the summer. And so they booked a private jet and they flew it from their home in Belgravia, which is a very wealthy exclusive part of London all the way to Switzerland.


And as you say, an active jet, it cost them around twelve thousand dollars. But obviously, for them this was worth it because because the family was thrilled to be reunited with a Labrador puppy when they they arrived at St. Moritz and they were very excited and they stood there waiting for the private jet to arrive. And and for them, it was money well spent.


No money is too great for a puppy. That's my motto. OK, so let's talk for a second about golden passports. This is something that the rich have been doing for a while, basically buying citizenship to other countries. But this year, people haven't been content with just one citizenship. They've been buying them up like Christian Louboutins. You just can't have too many, can you?


See, the way this works is there are several countries around the world and that normally small countries or islands and they sell their citizenship for a price. So this has been going on for a number of years. Right, but. Over the past year, and especially in the second half of this year, U.S. citizens have been buying up these ships and this hasn't really happened before because formally, if you had a U.S. passport, well, that was pretty good.


Now you can travel most of the world without restrictions.


But now the combination of factors, one of which is covered, and then there was the election. A lot of us started buying passports and they were, look, buying Caribbean passports initially because they were the cheapest and the quickest. So if anything happens, if if something bad went down the states, they could they could get up. But then they started buying other passports. So then they went down the Portugal route in the route and so on, so on.


So and so until they had a collection of passports of which to use just in case something happened. And this is probably going to cost someone several million pounds. I mean, the Caribbean passports are about a hundred thousand dollars. Portugal is three hundred and fifty thousand euros. Wow. But the most prized one is I mean, we talk gold and passport passports. A golden golden passport would be New Zealand because everyone has looked at New Zealand and how they have handled the pandemic.


Yeah. And so if you got about two million dollars, then, well, possibly New Zealand might let you in and you could you could see a pandemic from that time. It started off on me. Yes.


So, Ali, what else have the rich done differently during the pandemic?


I mean, I'm assuming they're not doing every puzzle they own and baking bread like the rest of us.


How are they handling that? What are they doing for entertainment?


So entertainment is obviously something that most of us have not seen happen. Now, if you've got a lot of money, you can still make entertainment happens. So let's say let's say you wanted to go to a concert or festival and that has been cancelled. Well, if you're rich enough, you can fly in somewhere like Afrojack or Alicia Keys to perform privately to your party. And of course, these stars, these performers have no concerts, have no festivals, so they're suddenly available.


So there has been this new business borrowing in just private performances from stars, from musicians, from jades to to fly out to wherever the rich might be and to perform. And we we spoke of the the super yachts that well, this is a sports that's own territory. So a lot of people have been retrofitting their super yachts to have clubs or to have stages on board so that when when you're a superstar, when when Drake or Alicia Keys flies in, then you've got there a ready place where they can perform to your pass you on board your yacht.


Wow. And it's not just yachting as well as I spent a couple of people night beat. And so I Bisa Party Island in the Met, it's normally full of rich people in their villas and their parties. Of course, this year is again a year like no other. I spoke to a couple of people who said that they had been putting out private nightclubs in Ibiza villas. And this is where people use the pool house or some of the big purpose underground clubs literally on the ground under the tennis court in some cases where they fit them out so they can still host parties and again, still find jazz performers in order to to carry on partying.


It's so it's all gone underground, literally underground in some cases. So the rich guy can still buy entertainment, thank God.


Yeah, I mean, I, I miss concerts. So, Ali, how much would that set me back if I were to look into flying Alicia Keys to perform for me.


I can't speak for Alicia Keys, but people I've spoken to who do this say, well, it'll be anywhere between seven hundred fifty thousand dollars and the million, someone like Drake, a treble that.


I'll stick to Spotify. Yeah. Now, kind of more about that. There's basically the equivalent of cameo for A-list performers like the rest of us can spend like five hundred dollars and have Chris Harrison tell us we're worthy of love or whatever. But as you said, the really rich can hire Alicia Keys, for example, to sing a live set for you online, not necessarily in your home, but just online. How does that work? Yeah, exactly, so so over the past couple of months, restrictions have not lao's even the richest fly performance to them.


So one one thing which has taken off is these some streambed performances where you could have, say, Chris Martin or as you say, Alicia Keys performed something in that studio and in the US, in California, and that would be live streamed to your party. So if you, for example, in Saudi Arabia, where you have a prince and you have a roundtable of his friends, it's good if you if you're there in your compound or in your penthouse or your superyacht, all of your friends, it's quite a flash.


It's quite impressive if you have Christmas in the bay on the street doing a personalized concert to you. And this is this has been really good business for these stars who aren't making any money because almost all of the tours are canceled.


So so, yes, this has been another weird niche which has been drawing, drawing not down in many places, just another term besides golden passports that I learned from your articles is Potlatch.


Potlatch is a term devised by anthropologists in France. Brás, when he was studying 19th century tribes in the Pacific Northwest. He studied these tribes, and when he wrote about them, he said that they would have enormous competitive gifting ceremonies where tribal chiefs would would lavish gifts of considerable riches upon his guests to advance his title rank. And basically, they would they introduce ground parties. They would they would burn their canoes or three coats on their fire just just to show how rich they were.


And and Zormat, to hear about this in the 21st century. And today, this is what they academic Ashley Mears has done. She's revived this term to apply to the super rich party. So I reviewed a book of her she wrote called Very Important People, and she studies this modern day potlatch among the super rich party, said this When people use comparative gifting on now on another level in nightclub's. So we're talking about bottle trains of champagne coming on with fireworks stuck in the mud.


And if you've ever seen these. But they are quite impressive. I've seen it myself in a number of nightclubs. It's and it's very flashy. And it's hard not to be impressed by this. But what's interesting about Mrs. Burke is that she analyzes this to such a degree while she says the business model behind it has been perfected. So people were spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on a night out, in some cases millions on the nights out in nightclubs.


Do you think the idea of Potlatch kind of explains why the ultra rich can't stop partying and why they're building nightclubs and their tennis courts? I think there's some truth in that, too, to go about another USQUE, right? I spoke to a Swiss clinic which deals with therapies for the rich. I mean, they called themselves a basically rehab for the rich. And I spoke to them back in September. And and one thing they said is that they've had an enormous cases of people, rich people coming to them with problems over a lot.


If you're a CEO with your big entrepreneur and you're used to having a whole group of employees asked, you know, you're sitting at home with nothing to do. Your ego is not nurtured enough. And for some people, this this actually sends them into depression or alcoholism or it causes serious problems. So I think I need to go back to your point.


Yes, people are addicted to this sort of thing. And yes, back ups, they are hosting these grand parties, building these nightclubs, flying in these superstars just so that they can make themselves feel important again. All right, Ali. Well, that's all we have for you. Thank you so much. This has been very Eye-Opening bring you to. Thank so much. It's 1:00 a.m. you're in bed, should you be asleep to part of you says maybe the other part says just a few more minutes, you're not flicking through Graham's tweets or Tic Tacs tonight.


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That's friends without their best fiends. Hi, Bobbie, how are you? I'm great, how are you two? We're good. Thank you so much for being here. Now, before we get started, can you just explain to our audience what your podcast, who weekly is about? I can't.


I'll try to do it quickly. It's it's not that complicated, but I always end up using way too many words to talk about it, essentially. My co-host, Lindsey Webber and I created the podcast after sort of a long running joke between the two of us and some of our friends.


And honestly, I think most people who are in any way, I don't know, exposed to tabloids and celebrity entertainment journalism and which was that we were seeing more and more people we couldn't describe or explain on the cover of magazines and in US Weekly, just online. And it was like, who's this? Who's this, who's this? And we developed this binary between we built this category categorization of celebrities, which is essentially whose and they are the people you look at and say who?


And then there are them's those people you look at and say them. It's just sort of like it's making the LSP list list thing even easier. So every week I talk about the who's in the news because ultimately they're just more fun to talk about. They're the ones who want the most attention.


It's just it's a fun category of celebrity to talk about. Usually doesn't get to darker upsetting.


Yeah, that's always this is very silly. And a little birdie told us that. Who Weekly also has an award show. Can you tell us about it? What's your top award?


We do well, we have it. We change them around every year. But the one that we do without fail every year is definitely sponsored content Spanton of the Year, but we call them the Hummes, which is admittedly a terrible name. But it's one of those things, I'm sure, like I'm sure we've all started things or named things or said things that we can't take back and they're just stuck. So we have this annual award show called The Hummes, as in someone literally saying to me, we do it every year, supposed to sound like the Grammys.


I mean, it's really bad. It's a bad title, but we do it every year.


OK, well, the Ritchies are awards for any combination of rich shenanigans and general pop culture basically think like the Razzies, but for messy celebs instead of bad movies. So are we.


We ready to do this, guys? I am. I am. OK, OK, so our first Richi is for most tone deaf attempt to connect to regular people and that award is going to go to Gal Gadot in her imagined video. Basically, for those who don't know, she gathered a bunch of her celeb friends like Kristen Wiig, Jamie Dornan to sing.


And I use that term loosely rich coming from us. OK, please.


They basically saying John Lennon's Imagine and it it did not go over well, to say the least.


I think what gets me is the reminder that this came. I mean. We hadn't even gotten past our tostadas yet, you know, like it was so early on in the pandemic that I still can't believe it. Like, the celebrities were freaking out before anyone. Like they couldn't deal with one day of isolation and they were already making these videos like it came so early. I think that's the thing that I will remember most about this.


Like this was in June or July. Right.


I kept thinking about what this text chain was like. Like did go like what she like who are the people that I know what love this or did she send it to every celebrity she knows? And just like where people sending emojis like, oh my God, this is such a great idea. I just I wish we could see where the chaos started.


There were there were a lot of people I wouldn't have assumed. Yeah. Would be like, yes, I'm totally down for this.


But I think that wasn't Jamie Dornan had to release some statement later where he was like, I didn't even know what was going on. Like, he I think he was very I mean, Jamie, it's very Jamie Dornan behavior to sort of be blunt in a sort of interview situation. But he said something along the lines of, I understand why you cringed at this. Like, I don't know how this happened. Like Kristen and I did a movie together.


She texted me. I said, sure. Like, I think that's kind of how it all happened. They were like, yeah, Gal said, Sure, why not? They all just throw it right out of the best.


OK, so I have the Ritchie Award for most perplexing rich person in isolation, and that's going to Madonna in the bathtub. Also something that happened early on, which is truly a theme that I hadn't realized until you pointed it out.


And that was when she said covid is the great equalizer from her pedal filled path, which is so relatable to nobody. Yeah, the celebrity. Right. Exactly. It's the great equalizer. And what's terrible about it is what's great about it. It's terrible that it is. It's made us all equal in many ways. So weird, just very weird.


And like the music in the background is just like straight.


And did she also have some long, long running or short, medium running Instagram series where she was releasing these videos and these like writings was one of those things that was like I think everyone can relate to the desire to want to pick up some new habit or hobby in the early stages of the pandemic, and then you just very quickly abandon it. But when you're a high profile person, it's a little more notable. You're like, oh, yikes.


Yeah, it wasn't really going to do this for 12 months. Yeah. And so the runner up for this, Bobby, we have Jan Jones's whole thing and we're hoping you can talk a little bit about this because it's just I follow her on Instagram and I actually love following her on Instagram, but she's definitely got this quarantine vibe going on.


Yeah, I think Jan Jones, I think it goes back to I wasn't a bad person. I didn't watch it. Um, so my first real introduction to Jan Jones, apart from love, actually was the hurt, the drama surrounding the the paternity of her child.


And she still hasn't revealed that. And I always thought that was kind of cool. It's just so rare. And so she's always seemed like to me someone who is I mean, it turns out that the who them status, she seems very comfortable in her position of celebrity or her tier of celebrity. She's never atlast at least to me maybe I'm not the expert on Jan Jones here, but she seems very comfortable right where she is and that she doesn't have aspirations to be any more or less famous.


And so this reads like an extension of that where she's just like. I'm just going to have fun and I'm not going to worry about what it does to me because, like, who cares?


And I think that that, yeah, that was appealing to people for a lot of reasons that she did that she did so much weird content throughout the quarantine. And I don't really think it made anyone like her less. You know, if anything, it made them like her more relatable. We're all just sort of, you know, treading water and behaving very erratically. But I think she seems really weird and fun and frequently fully own like there were a lot of celebrities over the pandemic who you got the feeling like who took that photo or how many people are in the house with you.


And I never got that photo. I never got that vibe from her at all. Just like responsible.


Yeah, well, by herself. Oh yeah.


Oh, OK. So my the next reality I have is biggest swing and a miss. And that's going to founder Jeff Katzenberg and CEO Meg Whitman of Weibe, which was supposed to be this short form video service for Commute's, which launched April 6th. Right. As Commute's disappeared and December 1st as of December 1st of this year, it was officially shut down. So I'd say that that definitely qualifies as a swing and a miss.


I only checked out two shows on Weibe, and that was Chrissie's caught with Chrissy Teigen, who I love, and Kirby Jenner, which is this guy who pretends to be Kendall Jenner's fraternal twin. That sounds absolutely hilarious. I said I missed it.


Yeah, well, here's Instagram, so. OK, yeah.


So I would have given it. I would have given it more of like an honest shot had it not been exclusively on your phone, like even beyond. I get that the the commuting stuff is unfortunate and they couldn't have planned for that. I also think that they were trying to solve a problem that didn't exist. But whatever it was, just like I don't like watching things on my phone, so I just never watched it. I like Christie. I'm just not going to watch it on my phone.


I like the, you know, the cast of game show. That was a funny show, but I'm just not not doing that on my phone. And I think by the time they finally let you, you know, play it or cast it to your TV, it was long gone. I stopped caring. Yeah.


You know. Yeah. Yeah, that's definitely fair. Yeah.


OK, the next one is one that I and I could just do a whole podcast. So it's the award for Biggest Open Secret and the award goes to Ellen and the fact that she's evil.


So basically a bunch of stories were published alleging that Ellen's notoriously nice persona was a front. There's a whole Twitter thread of just this guy was like, I'll donate money for every story of your experience working with Ellen. And it's a very, very long thread. Obviously, people were commenting jokes in there. So like some of them are obviously not real.


He ran out of money, but I have no more money left.


Yeah, sorry, guys, but, you know, and I actually so my mom met Ellen DeGeneres at this, like, celebrity golf tournament and it was for charity and she was with Porsche and my mom was the only one around.


There's nobody else around. And she was like, Hey, Alan, I'm a big fan. And Alan just turned and looked at her with this like, how dare you speak to me? Look on her face. I didn't say anything and walked away. And my mom was like, OK, opinion changed immediately.


Like, I was like, man, you're there for charities. And my mom told me that. And I was like, oh, you know, maybe she just doesn't want to be bothered.


Yeah, but then this Twitter thread came out and poof. Yeah, crazy.


It's I mean, I know my mom is an eleven and I don't know that the news I wasn't going to be the one to break it to her. And I don't think the news ever trickled down to her. And the show was still on. You know, it's one of those things where it's like I think the people who knew already who are going to know already knew the people who were surprised, weren't watching the show anyway. Like it's one of those things where I don't like what has actually changed.


I don't know, like everything. I was just reading the tabloids this week and there was something life and style or something. There was some long two page spread about and against the tabloids. But this long to page spread about how she and Portia are stronger than ever. I was like, wow, she really weathered the storm.


And for a while it kind of seemed like she was going to quit or be forced out. I feel like part of it was that there was this whole year there's been so much going on in the news that there wasn't enough air time for it. Like if we had spent like we had spent a full, you know, month after month talking about how terrible she is, then maybe something would have happened and there would have been. Strive to make a change, but, you know, we're fighting a pandemic, we're fighting getting 15 cents on the dollar from the government for having to be in this pandemic.


So it's just there's so many other things going on that everyone just forgot about it. Yeah, yeah. I told my husband I was like, if you're going to have a scandal, this is the year because you very quickly go away and there will be a new one out.


Right. People will forget about it.


We've got like two weeks left to start a scandal.


OK, so our next Fritschi is for biggest celebrity who got the Wrona. And that is going to Tom Hanks.


Basically, this was right at the big guy. Like we heard Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson got it.


We were all like, oh, my God, a celebrity has coronavirus.


And like you, it was just it said. So I think that's I mean, he deserves it, right? He was the first major celebrity to get the virus.


So maybe that's why all the celebrities panicked, because they were like, if Tom Hanks, one of us, can get coronavirus, we're screwed.


Yeah, Madonna was like, that's it. Get me my backup top of it.


But thank God they're both fine. Yeah, they were in Australia when that happened. They were.


Yeah. Ironically, because Australia handled it so well. Yeah. New Zealand is a place to be. So our last Ritchie is your category baby.


The last Ritchie is best surprise baby announcement. And that goes to Mindy Kaling, who went on Colbert to say that she just gave birth to her second kid named Spencer and no one knew she was pregnant. And not only that, no one knows she was pregnant.


She was, like, deliberately fooling us with, like, particularly cropped photos and stuff like that where she was putting it on Instagram because she wanted it to be a surprise. And it was just it just came out of nowhere.


No one knew. No one knew. Yeah.


I got to say, I keep thinking of Kylie Jenner and how she basically, like, went off the map when she was pregnant. And 20/20 has made it so easy for celebrities to be pregnant in complete peace. No one has to know. Yeah.


So how dare they? I'm just I know we have a right to know. Oh, and this is the one that no one like.


She didn't say who it was with nothing.


Right. Like Jan Jones. Like Jan Jones. Yeah, I know. I was going to say so Bobby. That was all we had.


It was so fun to have you on for our first Ritchies awards segment ceremony.


What do we want to call it. I'll leave it. No, it's a ceremony. It's all right. Yeah.


I didn't wear this gown for nothing. Good point.


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Erica, it's time time for what? Time to get messy for our last segment, we're going to play a couple games, OK, fun. And what do I win? Well, my eternal love and affection. OK, I thought I already had that, but OK, you'll have it more after this.


OK, so first we're going to play. Would you rather we've met some very interesting characters on this show this year and it'll be fun to think about, you know, things that will never in a million years happen. OK, so I'm totally down. Yeah. OK, my first one for you is would you rather party with Donatella Versace or inherit from Rupert Murdoch?


I would love to inherit Rupert Murdoch's money. I don't want any of his like, you know, news or anything like that. I just want the money, the yachts, all that 100 percent.


Yes. So you don't want to smell Chanel, that's what you're saying? No, I don't want to smell Chanel. I mean, she doesn't smell Chanel anymore anyway. That's true. And at least like during a pandemic, you can still do stuff with money.


OK, my next one for you. Would you rather be a Kennedy wife or a Windsor wife? Oh, my gosh. This is.


These choices are horrible. Like people after having covered both of these families, I'm just like both of these lives do not seem as grand as they once were in my mind. But I'm going to go with Windsor solely because there seems to be such a curse on the Kennedy family. I know that I'll just take the jewels and all that drama in exchange for not having a life cut short. Yeah, I agree. Although the Kennedy wives aren't to cast yet.


Knock on door Would you say that I got to watch the. Oh, boy. All right, would you rather watch a Lifetime holiday movie with Rupert Murdoch or John Paul Getty?


My God, I both are such downgrades for me. I know. I mean, yeah, I usually watch it with you, so. Yeah. John Paul Getty, I feel like would just be a complete downer.


The oh, one hundred percent. You'd be whining a lot.


Rupert, I feel like would probably fall asleep during the movie, so I would really have to deal with them too much.


OK, so I'm going to go I'm gonna go with Rupert Murdoch. All right. That's fair. Safer answer. Yeah. Yeah, that's true. I mean, he definitely would fall asleep. Yeah.


I mean, John Paul Getty probably would, too. But I do like John such a curmudgeon.


He'd be like, can we change it, please? Can we change it? It's like, no, I need to know if she's going to marry the prince. I love that.


You think he'd say please. So cute. OK, this one's fun.


I really like this one. Would you rather bake Christmas cookies with Britney Spears or Beyonce?


Oh, can it can it be a threesome? Do I have to pick one another.


Yeah. Yeah. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Um. Oof! This is actually really hard. It is. Because they both bring they both bring so much I mean at the very least will we will be singing the whole time. Yes. And I'll, you know, harmonize with them, blow their minds at how well I can sing. I'm I think I'm gonna go with Beyonce because mostly I just want to, you know, talk about what is it like to be Beyonce.


I think Beyonce is a Virgo, too. So, as you know, she'd probably be very strict about how those cookies look.


Those are they're going to look good. OK, in that vein, would you rather have Donatella or Johnny decorate your house for Christmas, which I know is something you can't even imagine? Do you think you're so good at it and you are?


So I take Christmas decorating very seriously, truly the most.


And I. Yeah, and I feel like Donatella would be like a little too modern for my taste. OK, whereas Johnny, he's very like over-the-top and like classical. Yeah. I mean you lived here. I love the like red and gold and green like classic holiday and I think Johnny's over-the-top vibe would be perfect for me.


So I'm definitely going Johnny on this one for sure. Yeah. That's right. OK, this one's fun. Who would you rather kiss at midnight, Jay-Z or JFK Jr.? Hmm. Oh, boy, um. See, this is hard because I feel like they both would be more focused on what they're getting out of the case than what I'm getting out of the case, and that's really important is you wanted to feel very equal.


Hmm. So I guess I go with just based off. Oh, my God. This is really actually hard. I'm going to say.


OK, I'm going to say Jazy, because based off his songs, he really knows how I was. I was lying right through this. He really knows how to treat women, obviously not necessarily based off all of his songs, but I feel like he'd be a fun midnight kiss. Yeah, I can see that for sure. More from the JFK Junior, I feel like he'd be very like like one of those quick packs. Yeah, aren't you afraid of the wrath of Beyonce?


I mean, here's the thing, I baked Christmas cookies with her. Like we have this standing and she's probably said, you know what? He's getting this one pass when the clock strikes midnight and then that's it. And I'd be like, you know what? You can kiss my boyfriend whenever I get one. Even Steven, whatever. I get. What I mean, listen, that's cool. So now we're going to move on to another quick game called Date Marry Divorce.


Oh, this should be a doozy.


None of the marriages on the show are super solid, though. It's really none of this.


This checks out. OK, Brooke, first of all of these three, who would you date?


Who would you marry? Who would you divorce? JFK Jr.. Sam Lutfi and Jay-Z. OK. I'm going to date JFK Jr. because. I mean, let's be honest, he's a hottie. I'm going to. Mary, Jay-Z, because, I mean, come on, he's not a businessman, he's a business man.


He's a mogul. And I'd love to be at that power couple. And then I'm obviously going to divorce Sam Lutfi. Yuck. I can't even picture his face. You should, like, have those divorce papers, right. When you get married, be like, hey, look, just sign them right up. Reciter marriage certificate. Exactly. OK, I, i this is a fun one. OK. OK. Donatella, Britney Spears or Jackie O.


Oh, oh, boy. Oh, well, OK, so. I'm going to divorce Jack Yeo and nothing against her, she's got style, she's got class, but I don't have either of those and it just that's going to be problematic after a time. Yeah. So I might as well just divorce her.


OK, I'm going to I'm going to date Donatella during her days. We're going to have a lot of fun, but we both know it's not going to go anywhere. Right. And I'm going to marry Britney Spears and in marrying her, I'm going to save her.


Yes, I was hoping you'd say that. Yeah. OK, this one I'm curious, where are you going to go with this Wendi Deng, Beyonce and Princess Diana?


Oh, OK. So. I'm going to. Oh, man, I'm going to date. Beyonce.


Because I think she's got a lot of fun, I almost married Beyonce, but I changed my answer just this second, because I'm going to marry Princess Diana so she can see what a real loving marriage is like to give her so much love because she did that poor woman.


I mean, he deserves it. She deserves it. Beyonce is Beyonce. So, yeah, she she lied. She doesn't need me. You know what I mean? Yeah. Wendy, I'm going to divorce her because I, I don't want to be part of one of her crazy journal entries, you know what I mean. That's are just. Yeah, those are wild and I don't want to be part of it. Yeah.


No I get that totally. OK, the next one for you. Mm hmm. We got Prince Philip of Prince Charles and Prince William while a prince trifecta. Yeah. OK, well. The easy one is I'm going to marry Prince William.


Yes, that's because he he seems very levelheaded, very supportive. And I mean, to walk in Kate Middleton's shoes, I'm not going to complain about that. I mean, as wonderful as for dating and divorcing, I guess I'm going to. OK. Hear me out. I'm going to divorce Prince Philip. Oh, because he's old hat, whatever. I'm sick of Prince Charles. I'm going to date only because I'm going to date him not being in love with him.


So I don't care that he ignores me. I just go to these parties like once every six months. We only have to go on, like, what, ten dates in our courtship. And then he's like, you know, six months in Australia while he's in Australia. I'm just living it up at Buckingham Palace or, you know, whatever state he sends me to and just have the time of my life.


What if he tells you he wants to be your tampon? Are you going to have an early break up? And I will just be alone and loving it. Good. Very fair. But all right. Final one. So I want you to really think about this and I want your honest answer, OK? Jamie Spears, Ted Kennedy and John Paul Getty, senior.


OK. Hmm. OK, now hear me out. This is going to be a wild ride. I want you to stick with me, OK? I'm ready for it. I'm going to divorce John Paul Getty, senior, OK, because, I mean, alimony, I guess, would be the only going to come out of that.


Yes, and you've earned it if you were. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. I'm going to date Ted Kennedy and I'm going to marry Jamie Spears. And I would trap him in a room for our entire marriage. And I'm going to be like, how do you like it? So. Right. I can appreciate that.


I'm I'm petty enough to do that. Yeah. Yeah.


When I got the nice serving of pettiness, I love it. Thank you. Thank you very much, Mary, for Petty, very for that'll be my resolution for next year. Inspiring.


Thanks again to Ali Williams and Bobby Finger. It was so much fun having them celebrate this dumpster fire a year with us.


Oh, my God, it really was. Can you believe we actually made it to the end of 2020? This year has been two decades long, at least.


Thankfully, once we hit January, our long national nightmare will finally be over. Yes. Plus we'll get the vaccine. But even better than that, we'll have new stories about the rich and famous to tell you. And I'll be taking over to talk about the very first influencer. Paris Hilton felt Hilton out.


That's hot. I know. Can you imagine? And I'll give you two guesses who will be following her up with. Oh, is it the machines close enough?


We're going to be talking about Kim Kardashian and the Kardashian Jenner empire maybe by the end will be famous for being famous.


OK, but don't hold your breath.


All right? Well, I'm not going to just I have to say this next part. If you like our show, please give us a five star rating and a review and be sure to tell your friends you can subscribe on Apple podcast, Spotify, the Wonder App or wherever you're listening right now. Join Mandery Plus in the Wonder app to listen ad free. In the episode notes, you'll find some links on offers from our sponsors. Please support that.


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