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See you in those six oh one oh oh guys, fantasy, fantasy. By Geico, you'll be eating Mike Clay hanging out with you on a Thursday in which somebody theoretically has to win a game.


We also have Stephania Bell, as always, and Daniel Dopp is back. Good morning to both of you. And nice to see you back, my friend.


It's good to be here, guys. I appreciate you keeping the seat warm with me while I took a couple of mental health days.


OK, well, mostly Kyle kept the seat warm. Well, I appreciate Kyle. Kyle working hard, as always. Kept the seat warm. Good to have Mike back. Who's wearing a. Is that Chad Pennington's music, Mike? It is it is the man, OK, and here there's three reasons why I'm wearing this.


OK, let's play tonight. OK, that's one.


Chad Pennington is the greatest Jets quarterback ever. I guarantee it. Oh, wow.


What? Wow. See what I did there? Yeah, I did. You know, a better quarterback than Joe Namath. I'm just, you know.


Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Parkson I'm a big big Chad fan. I am back in the day. Went to Marshall of course, played with Randy Moss a little bit, was terrific with the with the Jets for a while. The most accurate quarterback in NFL history before Drew Brees the past couple of years. And the third is a guy we're going to talk about a little later. Brett Rippin, a lot of similarities between these two players.


So anybody thought it was a natural then, Mike Clay, that is like next level, right? I was like thinking I was just showing up to work for a normal day. Like I read there's a note this morning is that kind of preparation that this was my prep.


OK, let's bring Chad Pennington Jersey.


That was the end of my we got a big show today with obviously some major news that broke just about 30 minutes before we got on the air.


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All right, get into some news. And when I say it's unprecedented, I am not exaggerating. This is unprecedented because this is our first year we've ever dealt with covid-19 in the NFL in the world.


And we have our first postponement. This morning, the NFL did announce that the Steelers and Titans who were scheduled to play Sunday, the game has been postponed. They have not as of the time we were having this conversation. And just in the interest of updated information, it's ten oh three on my watch East Coast time. And there is no word yet on when the NFL will reschedule this game. For between the Steelers and the Titans, there is a very logical solution as presented by our NFL excuse me, a bias.


That's an information group. You could push this game back. Let me pull out. Just make sure I have all the specs.


Here it is. You would potentially try this. Let's see one more time move. Steelers and Ravens, which is currently scheduled from week for week seven to week eight. The Steelers and Ravens both happened to have a bye and we eight. So then you'd move the Steelers Titans game from week for to week seven. The play out would be the Ravens have their bye week a week earlier, and the Steelers and Titans have a bye week of sorts this week.


And we understand it's not ideal, but I'm having a hard time feeling really bad for people right now, given all the circumstances surrounding the world that their bye week isn't perfectly scheduled. I don't want to dismiss the rigors of playing in the NFL. At the same time we knew coming into this season anything was possible. We're going to have to deal with it in the same way that the Titans, if this game was played on Sunday or Monday, would have had to play with dramatically less preparation than the Steelers.


These teams are going to have to deal with a modified bye week now and going forward.


Yeah, no question about it. And if you're setting your lineup this week, the key right now is to treat them like they're on a bye week. This is probably when we don't know for sure it's not locked in. But the thought is that once they reorganize the schedule a little bit, this will just essentially be their bye week. So that's how you treat your lineup right now, right. So if you have a Titan, you have a Steelers player, you cannot put them on.


I obviously you just put them on your bench as you would any normal bye week and then most likely later in the season where they would be out, you'll be able to use them in your lineup.


So it should work out. Pretty smoothly, hopefully we'll see, but we're on it, it just happened as as we just laid out, but for now, put them on your bench, don't put them in your lineup. That's how you treat week number four.


And by the way, there have been week number four buys four for absolutely, absolutely long been a thing.


They think I don't know if this is the first year without a week for buy, but as of like the past couple of years, there have been four buys. So it's not totally unprecedented to make your alterations in your fantasy lineup.


Just a housekeeping note. The NFL could make an announcement at any moment.


It could happen for this podcast is over. But until that happens, if you're opening up your app right now, you're going to see PPD postponed next to Steelers and Titans players. So Derrick, Henry and Juju and guys like that, it will say PPD when the schedule is officially updated, the app will be updated as well.


So for now, you're going to have to find some waiver wire considerations. And I would encourage you to go on the waiver wire. We understand that some things did. A lot of players were added on Tuesday night. And this is always the case.


I hate to just say tough luck, but unfortunately, none of us have any control over this, so we're going to have to deal with this now. And it was why at the beginning of the season, we encourage you to have expanded benches, maybe even have an Irish spot. But to be clear, one last thing. The players from the Steelers, the Titans, they're not going here. I lost this week. That's not an are. They are they have been there in a bye now.


So treat them like they are.


If you have ABI played fantasy baseball, this is no different than like when a game gets rained out and it's postponed till later in the week, like it's literally the same thing.


Yeah. So that's how it works.


It's a very good point there. And again, I know like we take this very seriously. Let's listen to a podcast, take this very seriously.


But I think we all collectively owe it to each other to be as nimble and dynamic and empathetic to the circumstances here.


Right. I mean, like if you're sitting here saying, like, yeah, my fantasy lineup got screwed, like there are eleven people within one organization that now we're dealing with covid-19 and that might have an impact on their family. There might be more positive cases. Let's make sure that we take a big picture approach here as we think about all the circumstances surrounding this news.


Now, every other game is on and the Vikings are returning to their facility today. It's Thursday. The Vikings, of course, are the team the Titans played this past weekend. There are a bunch of injury updates that we are going to get into for Sunday. And with that, there's no one better to bring in than Stephania Bell. Good morning, Stephania, and morning Hatefilled.


Before we get to the news, I just want to dovetail on what you're saying. I really appreciate you saying all those things. You know, the NFL has had the approach this year and the league and the NFLPA have told clubs that the two words are to be basically flexible and adaptable, which is sort of like nimble and dynamic. What you just said. And this is a new set of circumstances for everyone. It's nothing they've ever dealt with before.


So understand that the league and the clubs and the players association, they're all working together and these things are being dealt with and learned about on the fly. And we are reacting to them for our fantasy show in in the same way. So everybody's ability to be flexible and adaptable will be what is being asked of the players as well.


Yeah, and to Daniel's point about how this is like a postponed game and baseball, like, think about the teams like the Miami Marlins and the St. Louis Cardinals, who both of them had major, major delays early in their season. They happened to both be playing in the postseason.


And it's like you got to find a way to power through and show some endurance and toughness.


And that's what these athletes have that most of us don't.


And some of the rules may change to as far as how they implement testing. You know, I've got these lists of protocols and what they're doing, and so far they're following them to the tee. But as they learn more, those things could change it because a virus has an incubation period. I just think it's really worth reinforcing that if you're wondering why can positive tests come up later? Well, for some people, it's not going to show up until days later.


And that's why they took the precautions they did to shut the facilities down. So just understand that everyone's moving at the speed of light, but everything's evolving in real time. All right.


Well said. By defining and finds to find you underscore ESPN on Twitter because Safire's timeline is always worth your time. But she has been very resourceful, has been a great resource, very educational for someone like myself that is learning about these things on all things covid and just really anything in life to find out about.


Let's get to some injuries to find out. You also happen to know a lot about those. And I'll be candid.


I was caught off guard last night when Alex Marvis, the great Alex Marvis, tweeted that he and Bill Polian were interviewing Bruce Arians on Sirius XM NFL Radio and that maybe, like Leonard Fournette, ankle injury was a thing. This wasn't just like, oh, we're putting it on the report because it's our fiduciary responsibility. What's the latest on money?


I think that came as a surprise to all of us. When you hear that, Bruce, you know the things coaches say on radio appearances, sometimes this is how we get the best information when they're sitting with the reporters and giving the updates. They may not. And then they they make a separate appearance. And you get a little tidbit like this where Bruce Arians says that Leonard Fournette, he's not optimistic about his chances of taking the field. We already know that Chris Godwin is expected to miss this game because of a hamstring.


Leonard Fournette has had ankle issues in the past. Not a lot of clarity as to whether this is a repeat of the same problem or there is something new there. But bottom line, not practicing. And he gave you a heads up look for somebody to potentially replace Leonard Fournette this week.


I mean, Mike, we we keep joking about Ronald Jones and like, maybe this is the week. Maybe it's not the week. Who knows?


How do you assess this Bucs backfield? I would just say that if you had been rostering Ronald Jones like this might be the clearest path for him to deliver on return.


And then part of me is like, that's like the devil on one side of my arm, one shoulder than what the angel is like. Oh, Keyshawn Bond's going to have.


Yeah. Or no. That's all I was going to say, say Dagobah while I was going to resign.


I think he plays for the Jaguars right now and he'll get, you know, two touchdowns, Lusha McCoy revenge game.


So more seriously, like do we think Ronald Jones, this is his job, it's cemented. And you play him with confidence, as you know, potentially like an RB two, given the fact that it's not a great matchup, I don't think. But the Chargers around five starters already on defense.


Yeah, I think Ronald Jones will handle it. Pretty huge chunk of the touches in this game. I mean, just look at so far this season, Jones, 37, carries Fournette 24, Lasha McCoy, believe it or not, one one carry. OK, so they're just not using him that way. Ronald Jones should get fifteen plus carries and if they're leading throughout this game, which they very well might be in this game against the Chargers, he could get perhaps twenty.


He's going to play that, that role targets have been split pretty evenly. But Lasha McCoy has gotten he's been targeted heavily when he's on the field. So I think he'll still handle that, you know, that that workload. But, you know, Jonesville has nine targets in three games. Fournette is eight. He may take on one or two of what Fournette would have seen. So fifteen or so carries and three or four or five targets. It's pretty good.


I mean, definitely an RB two with upside for RB. What numbers? If you have Ronald Jones, you put them in your lineup.


Zach Moss was back at Bill's practice to follow him, but what does that mean for him? And there was a wide receiver who was not there with him. Yeah, exactly.


Zach Moss obviously missed last week because of a toe injury. He was listed as limited. So it's hard to take a read too much from that from one outing, although he was not wearing a noncontact jersey. So that's something that that is positive. I guess we'll wait and see what he does Thursday and Friday to see if he has a chance to play. John Brown is actually the player. I'm more concerned about calf issue. You know, he's been managing this foot injury that's sort of flown under the radar because he's worked through it and played every week.


And it's not real clear. Sean McDermott not wanting to answer the question as to whether they're related, but this calf issue kept him out of practice. And I am fearful that he will not play this week.


OK, yeah, I would I would I would feel the same way based off of some things that I have heard as well. And Mike, I don't know offhand what percentage of League's John Brown is started in or has been started in recent weeks. Probably not a ton. So it's not necessarily making a replacement.


But when you have and I'm not not speaking to out of turn here, maybe the third hottest quarterback in football this year, maybe the second hottest quarterback in football.


I mean, you could make the case that Josh Allen over the three game sample size has been even hotter than Patrick Mahomes is crazy.


Yes. I mean, what can he say? I mean, objectively speaking, he's been been fantastic. He's not even running quite as much. And he's still it's one of the past heaviest offenses in the NFL in Buffalo. And he has been lighting it up. But you have that kind of quarterback play.


Yeah, you might have a chance for two pass catchers to make hay on Sundays. So spandex has been marvelous this year. Is there anybody else? You know, Gabe Davis had a great touchdown this past week and we talked about Cole Beasley on Monday on the shoulder, but he had 100 yards in week week three.


So is there anybody that you think has a chance, like would you put any investment into any of either of those players?


Tyler Kroft, what a touchdown last week.


Yeah, not not too in Kroft. There's a reason for that. The bills have been number one in the NFL in four plus wide receiver sets. Right. So they're not even going with with a tight end all the time now. Crafted it a good game. If you're in a two tight end league, fine. But they have had I mean, going a little broader here. They've had three or more receivers on the field on one hundred and eighteen out of under pathway's.


Yeah, right. So there's always three out there. So who are them three going to be at Browns out. Obviously Stefon Diggs on the outside, Cole Beasley in the slot I think is a flex option in twelve team leagues, probably ten team leagues as well, certainly PPR formats. And you mentioned Gabriel Davis. Now I have him outside my top fifty. I don't feel great starting him just but he could be a DFS jam this week. He should, you know, deep league's pick them up if I'm in a few deep leagues, dynasty certainly get him on your roster because, look, he's been good so far.


He's got all seven of his targets for hundred three yards and a touchdown. And as mentioned, he set the receiver. He they like him a lot. You'll see some Isaiah McKenzie in there as well. But they want to get this kid on the field. They like him. There's a reason a day three pick has essentially been forced on the field over Dassa knocks. At times, they're, you know, they're tight end. So I think that Davis is just that, you know, maybe a breakout player at some point, but only starting very deep leagues this week.


Yeah, sometimes when I think about fantasy football analysis, I almost imagine, like if you ran a hundred simulations of a game, I think if you to run a hundred two hundred simulations of bills Raiders on Sunday, I think the number two scoring bills wide receiver in like sixty of those is Cole Beasley.


Mm hmm.


And then I think the one who has the best chance, not named Stefon Diggs to score at least fifteen points in twenty five of those simulations is Gabe Davis. I know it's kind of a complicated way of looking at it, but it basically just sparks do.


Hey, yeah. Higher floor versus higher ceiling. Cole Beasley, seemingly the higher floor. Gabe Davis has much higher ceiling. Yeah, if you're looking for a flex option, who could out of nowhere score two touchdowns? Davis is on that list. There's no question about it. In a week where we just had we had two onnes unexpected buys with the Steelers and the Titans, for those that missed out of the show, certainly could be a name to keep in mind in a deeper legal rights.


Stephania Last Thursday night, we did not have D.J. Chark on the field for the Jaguars. Might garner Minshew have him back this Sunday.


I think it's and it depends. I mean, he was back in practice, but still wearing a noncontact jersey. And last week he was a lot further from playing, I think, than the team let on because he was having trouble moving around. Very stiff, very sore listed on the Singapore with both his chest and his back after a hard fall in week two. So I would say they have to see a little more out of him to be comfortable putting him out there.


And certainly the noncontact jersey has to come off by Friday.


OK, it is, of course, a matchup with the Bengals on Sunday, Mike, if he does play not to get into wide receiver cornerback matchups too soon.


But this game is one of those sort of fun shootout potential Sundays between, of course, Joe Burrow and Gardner Minshew, if he plays there, certainly a good opportunity here for him.


Well, I'm thirty first on my board. So it's not I'm not I don't think he's a mustardy anyway. He has seven targets in two games a season. Right. They haven't really been thrown to him. I will say this is Snapp's and it's basically the same as last season. So he's still out there and I think he will come around.


But we need to adjust for that after two full games have not really seen quite that volume.


So again, I think he's a borderline wide receiver three. But maybe at this point you have a decent option, a healthier option. You could you could throw in there, but not a must start. I wouldn't say that.


Safinia Last week it was two raiders in both Darrin Waller and Josh Jacobs that we monitored throughout the week. They both played.


I'm telling you guys, Dharawal, he really played. I promise he was always got balance. I just thought he was out, right.


Yeah. He played this week. Stephania It's not those two that are drawing the headlines. It's actually some other teammates, including Henry Rug's. Do you think rug's might be available on Sunday after missing week three?


It's really interesting. Jon Gruden has gone from calling Henry Rug's tough and how much he admired and and love that he played through this knee injury that he had in week one. And you wonder if some of that came at a bit of a cost. He was added a hamstring was added to the body parts. It's not clear if they're connected, but the bottom line is that his what has plagued him over the last two weeks and now Jon Gruden saying that Henry Rose is a longshot to play this week.


I mean, if he comes out and says it's a long shot for him to play, then it's definitely a long shot because he's usually accustomed to allowing his players grinded out through injuries. Brian Edwards with an ankle injury, already expected to miss this week. So they are going to have a tough time at the wide receiver position. And he had sixteen guys on their injury report this week. I mean, they're banged up for sure.


The Raiders, are they sure they? Well, last year to write their first round pick, Jonathan Abrahim plays just one game.


Josh Jacobs broke his shoulder tough, threw a lot of it, but still, they've had some bad luck.


Have the Raiders, with all these injuries to high round draft picks over the past two years?


I mean, like, I don't know the Henry Rodgers in anybody's lineup, obviously. Same with Brian Edwards. I mean, I don't even know if there's a single Raiders wide receiver that's on the radar other than maybe Hunter Renfrow this week.


Yeah, that's what I was going to say. I think with Rog's out and Edwards as well, Renfroe becomes a flex option. I mean, we saw it last week, right? Nine targets, six catches, eighty four yards and a touchdown.


Remember that he was in this position late last season, right in the second half of this JOLIVET. Yeah, and he did. He had twelve plus fantasy points in five of his final seven games last year. A lot of targets. I think it was like seven and a half per game during that stretch. So we've seen it before. He's 30 seventh on my board. Again, if a couple of teams out this week and you know, you know, maybe you don't want to use the edge, maybe you're nervous about him.


Renfroe is a guy I think he could fill in with this. We can I would stick with PPR leagues not feeling quite as good about a flex non PPR, but PPR like him a lot.


You know, I play in just one nine PPR league. Now, of all the leagues I play, it's just one.


And it throws me for the biggest world rivalry every week. I'm just like, I'm looking at the waiver wire and I'm like, oh yeah.


The guy we don't know, he had seven catches for 42 yards. Never mind.


Yeah. Jamison Crowder goes from like the 30th best play to sixty secondary total.


It is such a it can be a bit of a whirl. How about you. Do you have a question. You do what you want to ask.


I do. You may have asked or answered this yesterday as I was not here, but Henry Rug's is rostered and over 60 percent of leagues.


OK, bye bye. I want to I mean, I actually would think that other than Justin Jefferson, all first round wide receivers to me are droppable right now.


I know they're probably a case for jury duty, but like we'll talk about this in a moment.


The quarterback play is just I mean, it's leaves much to be desired right now.


And, you know, he's had opportunities already, right?


It hasn't yielded like, you know, we haven't seen the monster day yet maybe to come. But I would say Jefferson should be rosten over the lamb.


EUROSUR, dad, I forgot about Keadilan, but I was thinking so basically what I'm trying to say was that Henry Rux, you say goodbye, Brendan, are you excited to be rostered in over 50 percent of leagues?


Figures are ragers hurt.


So, yeah, I think there are definitely, as we're looking at, because this is the reality is that you're going to have to make some considerations this weekend. Who's droppable, who is not.


So let's do it, Daniel, shall we? Let's do it. Let's talk about it. Let's talk about Thursday night. Let's do it. I'm ready. I'm ready to do it.


But I want to use to find you one more chance before we get into Friday's big interview. Oh, my gosh. She has any other way to remind you.


Reminded me of this to Stephania what Daniel said.


Well, let me get my notes ready because I have to go through the forty Niners.


Oh, I'm going to take a break. I'm a step out for a while. Yeah. Oh, hey, we have good news. We have good well so stay dry. Stay for the good news. George Kittle, full participant in practice and expected to go fully every day this week and then expect it to play. So you get George Kittle back this week, Debo Samuel back in practice with his foot. Now, I had said just because he was coming back to practice is not a guarantee that he would play.


Kyle Shanahan was pretty specific. He said we just to see need to see him go through three days what type of shape he's in. If he can protect himself, he'll be out there. So there's a possibility for DBO Samuel to return this week as well. Jimmy Garoppolo did not practice. I expect that Nick could get the start again this week. We'll see what happens. Raheem Mostert remember he had to MCL sprain from that Jets game and there was a one to two week projection on him.


He did not practice yesterday but was doing some light work on the side. He was out there. That's good. Jerick McKinnon, who left last week with a rib injury late in the game, full participant yesterday. So expect McKinnon will be fine for this game. And then Jordan Reed is headed for Iara. For anybody who was wondering. There you go.


That's the 49ers in a nutshell. A bump for Jordan Reed. This would be so he was drafted.


I think 2014 should be on the seventh season, has yet to play sixteen games in a full season. I believe he's finished and I are bitter and I are for five of those seven seasons.


So tough injury luck for Jordan Reid.


Yeah, but hopefully that's a short term one for him. And he did help the 49ers get that win against the Jets in the week when. Yeah, no doubt about that. So he has some positives, but I'm saying it's not all made a lot of money in Washington, too.


So he's probably set up himself in the family for hopefully a very comfortable life going forward after football. All right, Daniel, now it's time.


Now it's. Oh, Brian.


I need my uncle Brian. I need my uncle review gambiae. Review, review, review of the game.


The somebody has to win game. It is the Broncos going to East Rutherford, New Jersey, to play the Jets. Broncos actually a one point favorite in this game.


And we'll get to a couple of the players that might be on the fantasy radar. But first, an injury update. Stefania, as we have Philip Lindsay, he has been dealing with that turf toe.


Is there any chance he plays tonight?


I think they want you to think he has a chance. But I think for fantasy purposes, I would avoid because if he does play, I expect that he'll be on a very limited snap count. You know, they've only had walkthrough in Denver this week. So when you see that he was limited in practice, it's not really full bore practices that he's been going through. And obviously turf toe very easy to aggravate that and set you back. So I think he may not play.


If he does, he'll be very, very limited. OK, good to know.


And sounds like we'll be focusing on Melvin Gordon. Let's discuss the outlook for M.G. He is twenty two. My rankings actually. Fourteen of your rankings. Mike, you're pretty optimistic here.


Now, Gregg Williams, the Jets defensive coordinator, made a comment after the 49ers game about how like if you just took away the long Raheem Mostert run, maybe one other run their run defense was as it has been since the beginning of last year, typically strong.


Are you buying the idea, by the way, like you can't do that?


Yeah, I would. I was going to say, if you take away all the good plays, her dark defense is great and we count my birdies and pass under par all summer. Just the other ninety five percent of the holes haven't.


However, Mike, are you optimistic about Melvin Gordon, this matchup? Is it more if it is, is it more matchup? Is it more workload or is it a combination of both.


It's both. My ranking also assumes Lindsay is out there. So I had him like twenty four. Twenty fifth. Assuming Lindsay's out, I bumped them to fourteen. So he's been off to a slow start. Yes. But he does have two touchdowns in three games and there's, there's a theme here. Seventeenth and carries that running back fourteenth and Target Seventeenth noted. And he's 19th of fantasy points. Right. So he's basically been mid to back end RB two so far.


Right. That's what you've gotten from him. And he's facing the Jets, as you kind of mentioned. Yeah, a couple of big plays there. But fifth, most fantasy points to running backs, tenth most scrimmage yards. So it's not just one player, two plays, the fifth most touchdowns with four allowed. And they've just been hammered against the forty Niners and the Colts over the past two weeks. So I think, Gordon, if you have him, I mean what where do you go?


He got drafted in the third, fourth, fifth round in that range. I mean you draft him to be a starter. No, Lindsay, he's being he's playing the workhorse role in this offense. You start him. So I feel like sometimes we get oversimplified too frequently, but there are a couple of cases where I think oversimplifying things really works this week. One of them would be you have Brett Rypien making his first career start.


You're probably is going to hand the football off to your best offensive player right now, which is Melvin Gordon. So maybe the workload needs to be substantial.


And I don't imagine based off what I've seen from the Jets that they are going to have a controlling lead at any point in this game tonight where Melvin Gordon will be off the field.


Heck, it might only help his view with more pass catching opportunities. But Mike, and this is not the Geico trivia, but how many seconds this season of the Jets?


How to lead four oh zero zero?


That's correct. They're the only team in the NFL that has not yet held a lead in a game this season.


So maybe they should have Chad Pennington. Maybe if they had Chad Pennington, they'd be winning games. So Melvin Gordon should have a game script in his favor as well. We talked about jury duty earlier on, Mike. Again, he has had three games as sort of being the guy.


The good news is the volumes been there. The efficiency has been great, though. At least seven targets in each of the three games. Is he playable tonight, in your opinion?


41St on my board. So Flexin twelve team leagues is the range. I'd go. You're right, the volume has been good. Seven or eight targets in all three games. But he's had for four or five catches in all three games and he's been between fifty five and sixty two yards in all three games. Right. So no touchdowns. He's been in that same range, all three games, but a twenty one percent target share 27 percent of the yards and he's been on the field for two thirds of their past plays.


Right. So he's been out there. He has been really worked as their number one receiver. But he's in terms of targets, he has been just hasn't played, you know, like you've seen Tim Patrick play more snaps, K.J. Handler Times. But nonetheless, he's been pretty involved. I will say this, the Jets tenth fewest fantasy points to receivers so far. It's been low volume. Their efficiency is not been good at all. It's just that they they are crushed by the bills receivers.


And then they played the Forty Niners and Colts who you're not getting much out of the receivers anyway. I think that context is really important here. Their efficiency hasn't been good. So I think Judy could put up a decent game in this one. And that's why I think he's still in that Fleck's range, despite the fact that the results haven't been great so far, national TV tends to bring out the best in some people. So maybe Jerry Judy has his breakthrough game tonight.


The last ones, no offense, I don't think a lot of analysis here. Fans been really good. And for what it's worth, the Jets are allowing the highest completion percentage to opponents this year excuse me, second highest, seventy five point five percent. So it doesn't matter who the thrown into to.


The Jets are usually pretty generous to opposing players, and Fant has looked the part of being a star at times this year.


I think he's being dragged down a little bit by the quarterback play. That's about it, though. Yeah, I think so. He's tenth on my board. A couple of things here. The Jets have faced the fewest tight end routes, right? So that's why the numbers don't look as bad. They've actually allowed the fourteenth most fantasy points despite facing the fewest routes. I thought that was interesting. They have allowed three touchdowns. They face the bills, don't throw to the tight end much.


And they allowed two touchdowns to Jordan Reid and then the one last week to Alley Cox. So something to keep in mind there. You know, Fant, I you know, he's playing almost 80 percent of the snaps, the targeteers around twenty percent.


Pretty good. This is one thing that jumped out to me, though, so twenty targets this season for him. That's good. Twenty four percent of Jeff Driscoll's throws went to no offense. That's pretty good. That's a pretty big target. They're only 14 percent were from Drew Lock, who's obviously not playing no big deal, zero of nine from Brett Rypien last week. He didn't go his direction at all. Now the sample is really low. And I will say this about Rippin.


I think it's worth, you know, what can you expect from him? The report on, you know, he's small, he's a smaller quarterback, does have the strongest arm, though. I do watch him. I did watch this tape from last week and he had some decent zip, including hitting Jerry Judy down the seam. It was a pretty good zip on his throw, but he's going to be pretty conservative. I think he's extremely accurate, but he doesn't have a huge arm.


So he's going to be a pocket quarterback. He's not going to run a lot. So I do think that's my long way of saying, yeah, but I think he'll get the ball to because he's going to be utilized in that area where he likes to throw the football. But I just thought that was interesting that he didn't throw to him at all in last week's game.


Can I give the short version of what the Broncos think of Brett Rypien? John Elway highlighted this smarts.


OK, that was like it was like from a mental I think it was something to the effect of like, you know, we're talking about like, you know, from a mental standpoint, these are extremely sharp player.


RuBo, although I told you before the show, I picked six in this game and not surprised me, just based on watching him in that first game, just coming out first read, throwing it right to the sideline. If you see, like Bless Austin, just take one right down the. So don't be surprised if that happens. But I did like him a little as a prospect. He was one of my more underrated players in a in a Penington, Cody Kessler, sort of Kennedy.


He's the kind of player that stands to reason that he could be in the NFL for like eight to 12 years. And it wouldn't. Absolutely right. Absolutely.


He'll never be a starter other than like very rare circumstances where injuries deplete the depth chart.


But he'll be in the NFL for 12 years and probably make himself a lot of money. All right. So the Jets other side of the coin, of course, the Jets are only three.


There's plenty of speculation about their head coach being fired. Eventually. We'll see. There's not a lot on the Jets side of the ball.


Frank Gore has remained the starting running back with Le'Veon Bell not due back until at least week five. Jeremy Fowler reports. Likely week five. It's his target right now, which makes sense because he only has to miss three games.


I don't know, like and I'm not trying to pooh pooh this game too much.


But like, how are we supposed to get thrilled about the fantasy prospects for Frank Gore in this game? Like, what's better and I love Frank Gore forever.


What's the best case scenario for Frank Gore tonight? Fifteen carries for sixty one yards and a touchdown.


Yeah I mean I, I would say so. He is one hundred and forty four rushing yards this season and five receiving yards.


He has won the Jets as a team.


Have one carry inside the ten yard line. That was Josh Adams two yard touchdown. So that means Frank Gore who's been their lead back. Basically all three games has zero carries inside the ten yard line. He's probably not going to score a touchdown. He's not going to be targeted. I mean, you're right. The best case scenario is they somehow get a lead and he has twenty three carries for ninety two yards and maybe finds his way to a touchdown.


I mean that that's there's just. No, let me just put it this way for some perspective here. Twenty fifth of running back and touches this season. Fifty fourth in fantasy points. And also they're using Calan Belhaj now and Lambic Petrine. They're getting more guys involved too.


It makes it even more so. Denver's also good run defense, too.


I mean, there's just no reason to be starting. They're so banged up right now.


Is Denver through OKC Draymond Jones, amongst other players that have recently been put on ice for them on defense.


So again, we love Frank. We're forever one of my favorite players of all time to find anything you want to add their own franker other than just that you like my love for Franka that everyone already knows about because I preach it all the time.


I just I would love to see him on a night where there is no other football game. Get a touchdown.


Oh yes. A great, great loose and Frank Gore deserves every good thing that comes to him. I hope he thought he'd get one against the forty Niners because I thought they would like make sure that happened. And then you saw that game at the forty Niners were playing on one leg with their hand tied behind their back and still. Yeah. You know, rough score. I can't believe that game by the way. I thought I still can't believe I can believe it.


I actually I guess I'm thinking of this past week to right the Giants. Like I can't believe the Giants just did nothing. I mean, the 49ers coming into New York and it's a week to week league.


It's unbelievable. Sure. Yeah. I think the chances are the player that has the best chance to be fantasy relevant in any given week for the Jets is Jamison Crowder and he missed last week, got hurt the week before in practice.


Might he be available tonight? And for those of you that are wondering how my dynasty league team is doing and this like the twelve of us that has James Connor and Derrick Henry is my starting running backs. It's fine, James in front of my starting wide receiver. So am I going to have him tonight?


I think he will. When he spoke to reporters yesterday and said not only is he confident that he'll play, but he's confident that he will play the entire game. That's something when a player who's coming off a hamstring injury, I mean, sounds like he knows the question, right? That's always the issue. You worry about a setback with a hamstring. And of course, until he gets through the game without issue, we won't really be able to fully exhale on the health of his hamstring.


But he obviously is feeling pretty good about it if he's telling you he expects to get through the whole game. So, yeah, very good news for Jamison Crowder.


OK, excellent to know. The Jamison Crowder could be back in the lineup tonight, I would think.


You know, he's probably Aflex flex consideration in most leagues, even ten team leagues. Yeah, no question about it. Week one, thirteen targets, hundred and fifteen yards at a touchdown, just under eight targets per game since he joined the Jets. So, you know, he's being used all, by the way, who has replaced him the past two weeks, Braxton Berrios.


And he's been pretty good in fantasy touchdowns both week. So their top slot receiver is a touchdown in all three games so far this season. And, you know, I mentioned the Broncos three straight games. They've done a good job against the run. They've not done a good job against wide receivers. Fifth, most fantasy points allowed fifth, most yards, second, most touchdowns with five. And they allowed thirty seven or more fantasy points to receivers in all three games, Titans, Steelers and Buccaneers.


I know it's the Jets now, but Crowder is the guy, right? He could get double digit targets in this game. So I'm with you in PPR. He's fine to start.


You know, I love to see you play well tonight. Who.


Chris Herndon, you know, is not going to play well tonight. Chris Herndon, Chris Herndon. You know why the Jets hate. Chris Herndon, yeah, I mean, he does leave the team with 16 targets, Mike, but that number should be twice that. He should be seen. Sixteen targets every game, basically.


I mean, not literally 16 targets a game, but I don't understand it. Like he's blocking. I know they're all kinds of.


I'm sure you'd have much better data here about how many routes he's run this year, how frequently he's blocking relative to past plays. Like I feel like he's under utilized for a player that is in a team that has zero depth whatsoever amongst dynamic playmakers. He's their best chance. Why can't he break out? That's the question I asked. Which Samini last week, who covers the Jets for us is a great job, has been for a long time. And he said the his answer was basically the Jets are confused why he's not producing.


And I'm like, we're all confused why the Jets aren't producing anything offensively, like throwing the football. Right? I mean, it's not that complicated. It was such a weird question. We answer like, that's not Richard's fault. Obviously, the Jets should be finding ways to get this guy the football. Right. But I'm with you. You can't trust him. He's twenty fifth on my board right now. Eighteen percent of the targets so far this season.


Seventy six percent of the snaps. So he's been on the field. They're just not throwing him. He's thirty seven yards, five yards, twenty one yards, no touchdowns. The Broncos have not been good against tight ends. But I mean, it's just.


Yeah, you might see the graphic on the board up. I think it might be might have different numbers up there for us. You're right. Yeah, I'm twenty fifth. That's up. So anyways, we have a much lower we're not advocating for starting Chris Herndon this.


He's my ten and twelve in this game actually. So pretty good. Pretty good. That's an exaggeration. But just forget the sake of of entertainment, Mike, who you pick and win this game. Broncos twenty seventeen 2017.


Give it the Broncos as well. Daniel, what are you going to take? The Broncos. But I don't think it's that close.


I don't think it's like I think it's like twenty seven to nine.


Brett Rypien going to get it done for, you know, what he got here.


I I'm going to take the Broncos. I'll take the Broncos nine three. They're out.


I hope. I hope that happens. Right. That'll be great. The Rock I to the playoffs, the Rockies and the Yankees might outscore the Jets and the Broncos if the Rockies are in the playoffs. I should know that much more of a company man. All right. We'll get back with Mike. What Mike's wide receiver quarterback matchup in just a moment. But remember to wake up with Wendy's breakfast if you haven't tried it yet. Wendy's breakfast menu is definitely something you don't want to sleep on.


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The smartest way to hire is a pretty great.


He sure is a brainiac, he sure is McLay, of course, he is our author of the weekly wide receiver quarterback matchup, like on the OG of the wide receiver cornerback matchups.


And it's pretty simple if you have a wide receiver with a good matchup, you make my first column for a wide receiver with a bad matchup. You also make Mike's column. Mike, I would like very much very, very, very, very much. And not to be selfish, but very, very, very, very, very much for Odell Beckham Jr. to look like Odell Beckham Jr. for the past 19 weeks in which he has played for the Cleveland Browns.


Sorry, Hailey, he has not looked like Odell Beckham Jr. On Sunday, he plays the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys could probably not cover me. Is there a chance Odell Beckham breaks out on Sunday?


I think so. And I know you and I have talked about this on the show, fantasy football now in person now for a couple of weeks. But the Cowboys just totally beat up at the cornerback position. Shobha Rusia was basically their number one corner. He's on our Anthony Brown was in the slot out of the gate. He's on air. And Trevon Diggs, the rookies or other starter, he's also the second most fantasy points in coverage among quarterbacks this season.


So who are there outside corners in this game? It's going to be Diggs on one side and it's going to be Darryl Worley, who they converted to safety. Right. He was supposed to be their third safety. Now, is he starting every down perimeter corner? So the Cowboys, as a result, as you can imagine, second, most fantasy points allowed to wide receivers to third, most to players who line up on the outside. That's where Odell Beckham lines up.


Eighty seven percent of the time. He'll be on these two guys throughout this game. By the way, all three wide receiver units, the Cowboys have faced a season, have reached one hundred and eighty nine receiving yards and 53 fantasy points, seven total touchdowns between Atlanta and Seattle. Wide receivers. They've just been getting crushed at the in the secondary so far this season. Beckham should be next on the list. I'm told he's pretty he's pretty good at football.


He's really good. I just want to make it happen. I just right now I mean, I don't know what it is. I can't pinpoint it. No one can pinpoint it. If somebody could, it would have changed a long time ago. It's not like Odell has become less explosive. He hasn't slowed down. His catch radius is still ridiculous. It just feels like the connection that we've been yearning for has not been there for, again, nineteen games thus far.


Another one, it is a good matchup, is going to the Vikings, which in previous years it would be the other side, right? It would be the Vikings to be in a void. Now there are welcome in, join the party, have 100 plus yards, which should mean good things for willful or you. No question. And you can just throw Brandin Cooks right in here. Right, because both of these guys line up on the perimeter about two thirds of the time.


So they're going to see some combination of Kamara Dantzler and Jeff Gladney and Holton Hill.


Now, Gladney and Gladney and Dance are both rookies that both have had a hard time a little bit this season. Dancers miss some time with injury. We'll see if he plays, but if he's still out, it'll be Gladney and Hill on the outside.


And by the way, before I really get into this finally for Houston, right. I mean, their schedule so far has been ridiculous. You told the Chiefs, the Ravens and the Steelers. The Steelers have given up quite a bit to receivers this season, but the Chiefs have had the fewest Steelers. You know, they've struggled. Baltimore's obviously terrific against receivers, so it doesn't get much tougher. Finally, they have a good match up here, so perhaps they can get on track.


Vikings, by the way, a couple numbers here. Fourth, most fantasy points to receivers six, most of the perimeter 7th, most of the slot. Three hundred and fifteen yards, four touchdowns. Seventy nine fantasy points allowed to the Packers in week one did fine against the Colts. As we mentioned, they've been beat up at that position. And then right back to 220 yards, Titans wide receivers. Last week, we saw Adam Humphries score a vertical touchdown against the secondary.


So they've had a hard time, Fuller Cooks and even Randall Cobb into slot. We're upgrading all of these guys.


I just would have never imagined a world that we get to where three straight games, Mike Zimmer couldn't figure it out with the secondary. The guy is you spare parts throughout his defensive coordinator and head coaching career to turn out good secondaries.


And it hasn't happened with, again, a very young but like some of these players they're relying on, these are not like, you know, undrafted free agents. This is like first and third round picks that they have just not gotten the most out of as of yet.


Meanwhile, Xavier Rhodes in Indy just doing great.


He has been great to the roads are back to being close to interceptions so far for Xavier Rhodes. All right. Now, the matchup downgrade. So that same game, like I don't know how many people would think of the Texans as a cornerback group. You should fear. But should Adam Thielen be FEARnet, you should fear one specific player, maybe not the other guy.


So Bradley Roby has been terrific. And let me quantify that for you. So so far his assignments this season. Tell me if you think this is tough, right. These are his assignments through three weeks Shadow Tyreek Hill in week one Marquese Brown and Week two and Deonte Johnson last week all good play where he left with an injury. That's tough. I mean that's tough to be one on one with those guys. Those three wide receivers combined for eight targets six catches sixty five yards and one touchdown on forty three routes against him.




The only big play was that remember that Tyreek Hill went across the middle. Yeah right. I remember that that was the only big play. He's really a lot so he's been tremendous so far this season. I think he'll shadow Thielen. He's been on the outside eighty one percent of the time this season. That would make sense. And for Robbie to travel with him, I don't think it's a lock just because what we saw with Justin Jefferson last week and he's playing outside more, but I do think he'll travel with Thielen still their number one wide receiver by the way if that happens, Justin Jefferson draws Vernon Hargraves who has been one of the most speed-up corners.


In the NFL, the past three, four, you know, since he came into the league, that would be that positions him for another big game.


Yeah, well, it'd be nice to see seven catches, four hundred seventy five yards last week for Justin Jefferson. And this is not a specific matchup here, Mike, but just the Patriots chief's matchup. And obviously in this case, we're talking about the Patriots defensive backs against the Chiefs litany of skill players. How do you think this thing may shake out? How do you and we actually have a sample size here, right? We've seen the Patriots and Chiefs play quite a bit since you became the starter.


How do you expect the Patriots are to slow down this group of playmakers? Yeah, they played three times over the past two seasons. And sometimes, you know, the NFL is known for, you know, injuries and players rotate rosters all the time. The turnover is crazy, but it's basically the same players and the Patriots secondary end and a wide receiver for the chiefs is basically the same guy. So we've a pretty good idea what to expect here.


The past three matchups have all seen Sophon Gilmore, Shadow, Sammy Watkins, all three. Right. So we know what their plan is there. Jonathan Jones has mostly been on Tyreek Hill the past two games and Jesse Jackson shadowed DeMarcus Robinson in last week's or last season's game. So the results have been really good for Tyreek Hill. His stats in those three games fourteen catches, 246 yards, three touchdowns on twenty three targets, not as good for Watkins, ten for one eighty two and no touchdowns on twenty targets for three games.


Right. This is over the three games. Exactly right. All right. So all that being said, you know, the Patriots have a lot of lots of receivers this season. You know, they haven't been quite as dominant as the past two years. Seventh, most fantasy points to receivers. Eighth, most of the perimeter. But still, I'm not I'm not certain Sammy Watkins. I'm not. I'm not. I'm still going to start Tyreek Hill.


Obviously, I'm not certain any other receivers. I'm still stuck. Travis Kelce obviously. Right. That that's it. I mean that's a long way of saying all that. I think people are like a little bit, a little bit sort of wary.


A little bit.


I want to emphasize a tiny bit because last week we had this conversation about Darren Waller and it was like, hey, you might downgrade him, might have put him in daily fantasy, but you're not benching him. Turned out you probably should have benched him. I mean, not that you shouldn't have mentioned the process was correct. There is Darrin Waller get twelve catches the week before against a very good defense in New Orleans. Just a reminder that when you have a more limited group of pass catchers and an inferior quarterback to the Chiefs, that the Patriots might be able to bother you up.


But as Mike said, roll ahead with Mahomes and Kelsey and Hale and Clyde Edwards is as well.


All right, Daniel, I'm headed back off to you.


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The Jets and Broncos to come on 50 points tonight? Probably not going to happen. Visit Geico Dotcom to learn more. All right.


Time now for Smart Line of Decisions, which is informed by IBM, Watson.


And I believe, Daniel, there is a question in regards to a certain player and what smart lineup decisions informed by IBM. Watson this week has asked us to look at Mo Ali Cox, who's available to over 80 percent of leagues.


Yeah, that up. Ask the question. That's all right. Smart. A lot of decisions is informed by IBM Watson and this week Mo Cox is available in over 80 to 80 percent of leagues has boomed in each of the last two weeks. So Christopher Rattray wants to know if he should be playing Mo Cox over Evan Ingram this weekend. Are you buying another big week, another boom week from Mo Ali Cox?


I tell you what. I don't know that I'm buying a major boom week from O'Reilly Cox more than anything from then on, I also want to bring more than ever Ingram. I mean, Evan Ingram. We talked about this on yesterday's show. He's run over 30 routes per game, right over 100 routes in total through three games. And yet they can't seem to get him going. And I don't know if that's an Evan Ingram issue.


I don't know if it's a protection issue for Daniel Jones. I don't know that the entire offense is just sort of slowly crawling out of the gates here early on this season, Mike.


But I actually don't know that it's the craziest decision.


I certainly would prefer still to go with Evan Ingram personally, as is reflected in my rankings.


But I think it's at least possible that Mo Ali Cox, who for those of you who are also wondering, played college basketball at VCU. So glad you noticed that to give him an edge. I mean, no. Yes. Would you play with Robert Ingram?


I'm going to chase volume on this, so I'm going to stick with Ingram. OK, you know, he picks the tight end and target. So far, almost a 19 percent target area right around the nineteen percent target share. So I'm going to go that direction. By the way, Jackson will play last week. He was questionable, wasn't used. I don't think he was even targeted in that game. He could ramp up a little bit in this game.


I think Cox is going to stay involved, but I'm going to go to stick with the volume here and go with Evan Ingram McLay as I was very pragmatic and sensible and following logic and have one catch for six yards and I'll look like explicative.


Yeah, yes. A beep. Yes. Expletive, expletive. That's it.


All right. So Mike also like sort of like create stats every once in a while and one of them is, OK, did anybody else use this now, Mike, or is it still proprietary?


This is yours and yours only. This is mine. You see you here. Expected touchdowns, a lot expected fantasy points is starting to grow and growing. And seeing that more in the industry, it's very important.


We have to know what you collect royalties on those. I should. Yeah, OK, you're not. I need an attorney. Lawyer. Can you need a Priština?


Yeah. We need to send around people to be able to make sure that we're getting points. Yeah.


You're an attorney on the fantasy show, right? I've seen your commercials. I have.


I'm a I do a number of things on the fantasy show. We do. So so explain for those that aren't familiar and I'm sure most people in this audience are. But just as a reminder, what is and what it measures.


So it stands for opportunity adjusted touchdowns. And again, it's like your expected touchdown total based on your usage. So what would the average player have in terms of touchdowns? And again, we can apply this to fantasy points as well with OFCCP. If they saw this exact volume, the same location, if you the ball is thrown fifty yards downfield and you catch it at the five yard line and walk into the end zone, what are the odds that would turn into a touchdown for the average player?


So I chart every single play, every single target, touch everything across the NFL, come up with an expected touchdown total based on usage for every player, and then we can look at who's getting the opportunities, who's below that number, who is over that number. And that can help us project touchdowns better than just looking at touchdowns, which are very random. I sounds like a lot of work.


Mike definitely hustles, but we won't hold it against him because I think it's important information that we can apply to fantasy not just for this week, but also going forward.


And who is the leader in TD so far this young season, Mike?


Well, I don't know if you've heard of this guy as Ezekiel Elliott. Is that you know him. Exactly. You know what he got covered by Jeff Okuda last week. Got that.


Good. Thanks for that messed up on pronunciation once a week. You're allowed that.


OK, you're allowed a couple Ezekiel up there. It is good cowboys. Cowboys feature on a four point seven OTES leads the NFL for touchdowns. So he's pretty much right on track easily. Could have five second with seven carries in the inside the five the season. Believe it or not. I'll put you on the spot. Who leads the NFL and carries inside the five carries inside the five this season.


I'm going to go with Todd Gurley.


Is it a running back? Jordan Howard. Oh, sorry. Oh yeah. You're not that answer. Jordan. Howard, that's. I should have known. You got it, Howard. Right. He's playing like ten percent of the snaps. I'm calling the NFL and carries inside the five. But Zeke Thirteen carries second and roots running back to season. He's number three, scoring running back a lot by the way, efficiency shockingly low for him, three point eight yards per carry and three point eight yards per target.


Both of them are atrocious. So the efficiency for Zeke has not been good, but the volume has been great. So he's been great in fantasy. I saw this.


It's the Jets and the Cowboys are the only two teams that are 15 plus yard runs so far this season.


One of those things is not like the other, right?


I mean, you'd expect that every week from the Cowboys, they have zero so far this season worth. No. Do they have a very banged up offensive line?


So that's the leader. You guys have an odd surprise. A player is inside the top ten that very few of us would think. Yeah.


And shout out Kyle Sarpy because he picked this one out. He was going through and said this one jumped out to him. So that's why we're going to talk about Jimmy Graham. I think he's a great topic. Right, because I'm sure people are wondering, should we buy in the last week? Should he be in lineups right now? He is ninth for the season and he is a two point nine, his three touchdown. So, yes, the the numbers do match up with his opportunity.


So far, he leads all tight ends and he's tied for the end zone target lead as well with four at that position. And again, we saw last week six catches, 60 yards, two touchdowns against the Falcons on ten targets. He's run around. On 74 percent of the routes in one game, 67 of their past 67 percent and 76 percent. What does that mean? That means if they're they call Parsi's run in or out three quarters of the time, you'd like to see that for sure.


And I used a similar stat before a split here. Mr. Miski targeted Graham on 11 of his 86 throws. It's 13 percent. Nick Foles last week, seven of 28. So a quarter of his balls went to Graham. Interesting. And you've seen Foles utilized the tight end with Philly as well. So I'm biased on Graham as a borderline tight when he was the topic or the answer, I should say, for the Geico trivia question on Wednesday.


I think the question was who leads the NFL in an end zone targets right column. Get the double thumbs up from Kyle over there, which means I was not totally off there.


How about a player's overachieving Mike? Based off of what you would expect with their overachieving would be? This is a really interesting topic, DK Metcalf. Right. So this is really interesting. Three touchdowns this season is a zero point six, which means the average player with his usage would have either zero or one touchdown. It's very interesting.


He has four touchdowns this season. I was going to say that, yeah, he basically has four touchdowns. You're right. And that would not have affected his TD He just had to take one more step forward. So he would have been the same who had had four touchdowns. So anyway, here's one hundred and fifty eighth in the season. So it just shows you how over his head he essentially is. The only one ends on target led the NFL in that category last season.


His production has been strangely consistent for a player that uses a vertical weapon for four ninety five for for ninety two four four one ten to touchdown in all three games. I thought this was interesting too. I did a little research here, twenty four point eight yards per catch the season. He's on pace for over sixty catches so far. The NFL record for yards per reception on 60 plus catches is twenty three point two. There's a trivia question that you'll never get that one.


Do you think that is Mark Platonism from way back in 1965?


Lance Alworth. Oh, not so. Go in there. So you might have got that in two hundred guesses.


Probably not, let's be honest.


But anyway, so he's not going to he's not going to keep up this rate, obviously. Right. So all that being said, touchdown rate yards per catch. They're all going to come down. They're going to be aggressive. I mean, but the silver lining is good at football, top to weapon for Russell Wilson and the pass heaviest offense in the NFL. I still think he's a borderline wide receiver and maybe the best deep throwing quarterback in the NFL.


Those are those are unbelievable.


How good is unbelievable, how good he is about how about an underachiever so far this season. Clyde Edwards, l'air one touchdown, four point one TD. Again, a lot of that came in week one. Right.


But I got to ask what the stat here, I'm not not trying to take away the merits of it, but just if all of the opportunities came in week one and I think it was like two separate drives where he had the opportunity to score is the four is that combining those two drives plus other drives? It includes every play.


So even if they just keep giving it to him at the goal line, it's going to keep racking up OKd, which is a tough call. I get this question all the time. And in a nutshell, there's pluses and minuses. But I'm working on I'm working with Sayegh, our sports information department, to focus on, drive by, drive to to kind of have an adjusted OK, so we'll work on that. But anyway, every play is a separate play.


They could have thrown it to someone else or given to those teams. So anyway, the fact is he's he's well below that mark. But I do think he's going to bounce back. I think he's a player even to try to trade for if you can play two thirds of the snaps, over 70 percent of their calories have gone to him. Fourteen percent of the targets, believe it or not, he is fourth in carries and targets at running back right now.


So the volume there has been good. They're going to score more rushing touchdowns. And by the way, if you're wondering if they've taken goal line work away from him, they have to run plays inside the ten. Over the past two games, Patrick Mahomes got one, Edwards, Hilaire got the other. So I don't think that's the case. Don't worry about that. OK, yeah. We talked about him a couple of days ago saying after Monday night game, being like we suggested in the preseason, to take him somewhere between six and 10 of your drafts.


If we were to redo drafts right now, he'd probably go somewhere between six and ten.


Absolutely. You know, don't panic. He's the volume is great and it's great. He'll be OK. He hasn't overachieved. He hasn't totally underachieved, separate from the statistic there. So a couple of social questions, Daniel, are presented by our friends at Geico. They are Geico social questions of the day. Going to start with this first one. We'll go through these pretty quickly. Stacey Evans wants to know, is this the week for Joe Mixon, please?


That sounds like a Mike Clay question. What do you think they are playing the Jaguars that run defense?


Are you scared of them?


Are they they've have three point two yards per carry so far, which is fourth best only. They've been good against the run. But he's RB ten for me. Lots of rushing volume, no receiving volume. That's what I expected coming into the season. So I don't know if he breaks out, but RB ten.


OK, OK, I'm going to send this one to Stephania at Joseph. Chevy wants to know rest a season David Johnson or James Connor.


So I'm going to go with David Johnson because I think that he's clearly the guy in Houston and Connor will have these up and down weeks. They probably are both considered injury risk by some. I think that the injury risk on David Johnson has been overblown. James Connor, we've already seen it this year, but then we thought there was going to be a backfield split and then corner ends up getting. OK, the work, but I think it'll be up and down for him, and so I think more favorable matchups for the Texans are on the way.


And I would go with David Johnson. All right.


We're going to do one more quick one here comes from at Dan Jokes, wants to know what do I do with Maki's Brown? Do I wait for a big game and sell? Do I hold tight and hope that he develops consistency this season? I would hold tight and hope that he continues to develop touchdowns because then you go five plus catches for one hundred plus yards each of the first two games.


Like I understand that you would love a touchdown either one of those two games, but I'm OK with Marquese Brown. This past week was a bad week for basically the entire Ravens offense, so I'm not going to single him out on a night where you got nothing from the running backs. Lamar got your fourteen points, which hilarious. That's his flaw. Right. But still no one performed well this past month.


And I think that things bounce back in a major way on Sunday against a very undermanned Washington football team. Anything else, Daniel?


Now, that's all good. OK, great job with the Geico social questions of the day from Daniel Dopp. Again, the Jets and the Broncos play tonight will be back on Friday with a preview of all things you need to know about all games for the weekend. Of course, the big news of the day, Steelers titans has been postponed. We'll see if we have an updated date for that game for Mike and Daniel and Scerbanenco. Kyle, I feel touch you guys tomorrow.


I'll see you in those six oh one oh. Fancy, fancy.