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See you in those six oh one oh oh guys, fancy, fancy. Welcome into the week for CBS DFS podcast, I am your host, Daniel Dopp. To my left, Michael Clay. Michael, you are sporting a beautiful Chad Pennington jersey right now.


Thanks. It's actually autographed on the on the back, is it? Which it is. You know, it's funny, I was looking for a good Stich Penington jersey back in my heyday. Is a fan still in the NFL and I was searching.


I could cannot find one on the Internet and I found one I found this autographed for at a reasonable price at Wal-Mart. What, Walmart's website? Not no. Not even joking that I believe that that's crazy from beautiful and in its perfect condition, apparently signed by Chad Pennington.


But anyway, yeah, I'm I'm a big Chad fan. And of course, the Jets were recording this Thursday morning. The Jets play tonight. So sport in the sport in the Causer.


OK, outside Infeld, you're wearing a T-shirt and you look sort of like you rolled out of bed or whatever.


Thanks for joining us.


You know, it's early in the morning. I got my my fuzzy slippers on. I'm just I'm just here to talk about the DFS may or may not be wearing pants.


Awesome. Awesome. Well, I appreciate I was not here for the last two days on the podcast. A couple of mental health days, just some time away to kind of go through head and stuff. You know what I mean? A lot going on in the world right now. So I just want to say to all of you, if you have been thinking about it, if you're like, you know what, things feel a little bit heavy, there's nothing wrong with taking a day and just trying to clear your mind to get in a good headspace.


So no doubt actively encourage everybody to try to make sure that you are as mentally healthy as possible. And we're going to get you as financially healthy as possible by giving you some great week for DFS advice.


Let's quickly recap week three where I demolished my clay there.


The streak is over.


The first non Asterix loss of the win of the season for me. I had one hundred and thirty six point two points last week. Mike had one hundred and twenty point six. Mm. That was it.


I got to say hurts. Last week was a tough week.


There were a lot of things we expected to happen. Didn't happen. I hated it. I hated as I told you guys on our on our text thread Sunday to the guy, you know, we had a lot of like punts and value plays. And we talked about A.J. Hammer in the show last week, went through a bunch of them, too.


There were two guys on my list, Dontrelle Inman, who I was like, you knew David. Like, I'm not I don't want to use him. Yeah.


Any of two touchdowns. And that was a Schitt's Creek reference, by the way. Those people listen, you watch a yes. Yeah.


So I couldn't use it. And the guy I loved and he obviously had a lot of value because teams what he was I was Rex Burkhead and I had him in one lineup. Oh. So it's just one of them weeks where, you know, sometimes you just don't have as much exposure to a guy that you would like. So disappointing week for sure. But we're to get back on track this week. Yeah, this week for sure.


Definitely a thelema. Twenty one one hour DFS showdown last week, 206 point one points in our fantasy focus league. Congratulations. Absolutely crushed it. Please make sure to join our weekly contest. Unlimited participants free to enter two hundred dollars in weekly prizes. Here's the thing, guys. We do not go out and tweet out a link to it on Twitter because we want to say this for people that actually listen to the podcast, not just randoms that can come in and join the league without being able to listen and be a part of the community.


So and we'll put the link on social so you guys could find it. But we're not going to tell people that. Exactly. Free to enter. And there's money if you do well, that we keep that secret. That's just for the listeners. Yep. So definitely check that out.


This week I am down one games to two to Mike Clay, but boy, oh, boy, we're going to get on it this week. And Mike, I just want to start right off with the quarterback because it's the quarterback that I am excited about here this week, Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fifty four hundred dollars taking on the Seattle moneymakers when it comes to quarterbacks who play against them.


Right. I can't believe this price on Fitzpatrick because draft kings, we know make some tweaks. Right. For schedule. So they do. But there's twenty six quarterbacks in this league, really. Twenty four now, which I guess we should point that out. Right. So you'll see it if you're going to say your lineup. Obviously Pittsburgh and Tennessee have been postponed. That game is not included this week and any any slights now it's of course been moved to later in the season.


So make sure you stay away from all of those players. And if you set a lineup early in the week, make sure you adjust for that. But of twenty four quarterbacks in the slate, Fitzpatrick, fourth lowest. Fourth cheapest. I can't believe it. He is fourteenth and fantasy points already this season. He is back to back top ten weeks against the bills was one of them. It's a good defense. And Jacksonville as well. And you mentioned it.


Seahawks, the Seahawks against quarterbacks this season. Most attempts faced, most completions allowed most passing yards allowed second, most fantasy points allowed. They allowed fifty. This is worth just quickly going through against the Falcons. Fifty four pass attempts against 450 Haaz to touchdown twenty four fantasy points against New England. Forty four attempts 397 yards, 47 rushing yards, three total touchdowns in thirty five fantasy points. That's forty four pass attempts by Cam Newton who runs the ball later and then last week Dallas.


Fifty seven attempts. Four hundred and seventy two yards three touchdowns in twenty seven fantasy points. It's ridiculous and he's super cheap at fifty four hundred.


It just seems like a shoo in that you. Be working him into your lineups this week, OK? If you decided to pivot away from that, because I imagine there's probably going to be a lot of people on Fitzy this week. Give me another quarterback that we maybe want to look at if we want to pivot away from that game. I mean, when I look at Cam Newton, it's kind of it's going to be the story of the best of times and the worst of times, it is the tale of a quarterback.


So when he's playing at home or is favored, they're going to play extremely slow. Are the New England Patriots. They're going to try and run the ball 30, 40 plus runs, including the 10 or so that cam is going to get himself when they're chasing like they did in Seattle, playing on the road, not favored, not playing from had great, great games. Great for a fantasy quarterback. He has to throw it a lot more times.


Forty four attempts against Seattle. I think that we're going to see something closer to that here against the Chiefs. And it's going to come at a lower percentage in terms because everybody saw the island game, what they did to Lamar. I personally think that Lamar could have had a really nice game, that game. I think he just personally was a little bit off. He missed a couple of deep shots to Brown. He had touchdowns dropped by Andrews.


He could have had a very viable Lamar Jackson game. And I think that that's persuading people to say, well, Kansas City figured it out. And Cam Newton is similar to Lamar in style of play. I think this is a situation where he throws it thirty five times. I think he can get into the box on the ground, maybe one, maybe two through the air. This is a great spot to get it on. Cam Newton and his price has come down to sixty four hundred, as Mike said, matchup oriented here.


His price should be down when they're at home and favored and up when they're going to have to chase and throw more. Yeah, agreed.


I got to be honest, I was looking at who to talk about at quarterback and those are the two quarterbacks that I wanted to talk about. So I'm just going to echo what both of you guys said. I will say this, though, about Fitzpatrick. He's had multiple touchdowns in each of his games this year and all of his games this year. And the Seahawks have given up multiple touchdowns, as Mike just pointed out to us. So listen, get at least one line up with a fifty stack in it and then find another line up to do some of the things.


But like at least find one with Fitzpatrick, because there are so many things that you can fit into a lineup with that quarterback. Make a couple of the guys that you like here this week, both Deshaun Watson and Josh Allen.


Talk to me about both those guys. Yeah, I think remember, the Texans have had a ridiculous schedule. So our first three games have been terrible.


We've had. The week has struggled. Track traveling across the country to Elvie, but obviously he's been tremendous and the price point isn't too bad. And then Daniel Jones playing at the Rams again, tough traveling, but his prices plummeted so much. We know he adds value with his legs as well. So I think Jones is an interesting punt option. But you know what? I've been throwing a once a week a giant stack together, and that has not gone well for me.


So I don't know how good I feel about that here. About what? Quadrupling down here in week four on Giants.


Here's the deal. The whole point of this show is we're trying to find value, right. There's no better way to find value than waking up with Wendys breakfast, like, hey, when are you going to bring me Wendy's breakfast?


When you it is the morning I won this week. You should have brought me Wendy's breakfast.


Well, I've won the last 15 times and he didn't bring me breakfast.


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That's on top of what Geico could already save you. So what are you waiting for? There's a Geico dotcom to learn more. All right, let's talk about some running backs.


And L I want to start with you because you've got two running backs here. Are you going to talk about I hope you're going to talk about both of them. And Zeke and Alvin Kamara, the top two guys on the on the board this week. I want you to break down both of them for me here real quick. OK, so first of all, Kenyon Drake is still too cheap, I understand that people are disappointed and he incites some sort of a Bilel type reaction when you bring his name up here in week four.


But like, this is who we want to attack every single week is the Carolina Panthers. They've allowed the second most yards per carry after first contact to opposing running backs. They've allowed nine more running back rush touchdowns than any other team this season. They're just a fantasy carnival that we want to be a part of every single week. I've played running backs against them. Every week I'm going to keep doing it and they're easy to bring back in stack.


But also Ezekiel Elliott should be 9500 or the fourth straight week, and he's seventy eight hundred. So he's a massive value as well. Inflow, independent running backs, somebody that we're not going to have to worry about. Are they playing from ahead or behind? There was a lot of consternation before the season. If the Cowboys get behind in games, Tony Pollard is going to come in and Zeke's not going to play. Well, that didn't happen.


He had twelve targets last week. Yeah, it's bounced off his face now, but it is what it is wasn't great. Twenty plus touches playing at home favored. He checks off all five boxes that I like at running back. So get in there and get Zeke in your lineups.


I said I meant Kenyan Drake. I just saw the car to start the name a spoiler alert. I'm going to talk about a running back that has a K to start with. The other name for one of mine. You're so excited about it.


I sort of excited about it. What are you going to say?


Mike Claddagh a take it off the New England Patriots.


And by the way, before I get into that, I agree with Zeke. I almost talked about him. I went Edwards Helyer because I've a lot I want to talk about with him, but 100 percent agree. It's it's almost like draft. He is inviting us to spend up on running backs right now and really not as much good. Right. They want us to use these guys. And that's a little foreshadowing for our up, so to speak, to yours as well, Daniel.


So we'll talk about that more in a little bit. Lots of running back value. And again, one of those is Clyde Edwards, l'air. Sixty four hundred dollars against New England, his eleventh highest price running back. And he's twelfth in fantasy points this year. So maybe maybe that makes some sense. It doesn't make sense. If you look a little closer at his, you should 66 percent of the snaps he has played so far this season, he's handled.


Seventy one percent of the design runs and fourteen percent of the targets in the best offense in the NFL. He is and I don't think people realize this one fourth, that running back and carries the season and in targets fourth and both of those categories that the running back position, he only has one touchdown. His expected total is much higher than that, closer to four. A lot of that was was from Altham goal line carries week one, but nonetheless, the touchdowns will come.


Keep in mind, the chiefs have scored on. Eighty two percent are. Eighty two percent of their touchdowns have been passes so far. They're expected total based on our play calling is fifty nine percent. That total will come down closer to where it's been the past couple of seasons.


Also, it might seem like a tough matchup against New England. It really should it be. In fact, chiefs running backs have been really good against the Patriots in their past four meeting 674 scrimmage yards and eight touchdowns in four games against the Patriots. That's Damian Williams. Kareem Hunt was a part of that as well. I think Lashon McCoy got a few touches there as well.


JOHNSON And just for percent. No, no, not that far back.


Only four to five New England against New England. The Chiefs, receivers and tight ends also combined for a touchdown. So the running backs and the all the other players think Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, all those guys had eight total touchdowns. So Patriots meat-packing against running back so far. But the Seahawks and Raiders running backs both reached one hundred and forty five scrimmage yards against them. I love Edward Cilliers volume sorry his volume going forward. I love the matchup a little bit here.


So yeah, we talked about him a little bit on the season long show today about his and how he's actually a little bit underachieving based on, you know, the work usage that he's gotten. So, yeah.


And by the way, in season long, good player to trade for I think right now. Yeah. Yeah, he may he can be the top scoring fantasy running back going forward based on his usage. Very easily, man.


All right. We're going to talk about another running back here, Alvin Kamara speaking about the top player. Does anybody look better than Alvin Kamara right now in the NFL?


I'm absolutely not. I mean, the numbers are great, the volume is great. And on tape, he looks ridiculous.


He looks incredible watching the the workouts that he does, where he stands on top of that like weird medicine ball and then has to catch the little triangle thing with, like the right color. And it's like the hand eye coordination. Unreal, unreal. Watching and what he's out of there on the field seeing what he does. He's second in the NFL in receptions tied for fourth and receiving touchdowns, fifth and receiving yards.


He's a wide receiver, one absolutely that is getting over ten carries a game. And I cannot fathom not playing him against the Detroit Lions, who I have watched every single week. They do not defend well against pass catching running backs. They did a little bit better last week. They played a little bit more three safety rather than, you know, leaving Jarrod Davis and some of their linebackers out there. But Alvin Kamara, even though he's definitely more money, I feel like there's a ton of value here.


And he's still absolutely worth a look here in week four. Yeah, I'm with you.


I think a few other names in addition to Kamara.


Zeke is on my list, as mentioned, and I'll covered him very well. You mentioned Kamara like him, Joe Mixon, Josh Jacobs gets the Bills, Dalvin Cook against Houston. And honestly, again, I just listed off like a whole bunch of the top running backs, but that's all been pretty much talked about because they're still values for some reason. But Myles Gaskin, if you wanna save a few bucks against Seattle's on the list as well.


Let me ask you really quickly now. You can jump in here, too, if you'd like, with the news on Leonard Fournette is the rodeo is quite a bit less expensive. I believe in the forty seven high for thousands. A little five thousand. Do you think there's value there for Ronald Jones this week based on the workload that is going to get if Leonard Fournette does not play?


Yeah, I mean I haven't adjusted the projections in the sheet yet, so I will get back to you, that's for sure. But I would say I'll be shocked if he's not either a good or great value once a week for that.


Yeah, Al. Yeah, and there's so many values this week at running back, all the guys that Mike mentioned, you just brought up Rajo Henderson Jr. for the Rams. Again, home favorite running backs, the project to get 20 touches inside the five carries and inclusion in the passing game. There are literally everywhere, and they're all less than 7800 on the slate, 8000 if you include America. It's amazing.


All right. Let's talk about some wide receivers here, gentlemen. Mike, you've got a pair of Panthers pass catchers you like going up against Arizona, both DJ Moore and Robby Anderson, Robby Anderson, only 200 dollars cheaper than D.J. Moore. I'm not sure what's more like. I'm surprised about at this point of the year that D.J. Moore is only fifty six hundred dollars or that Robby Anderson is still only fifty four hundred dollars. I know.


It's unbelievable. In fact, there is at one point this week. No, my my optimal lineup, if you will, is always adjusting. And I mess around with, like, high ceiling variance and stuff like that. But there was one point where when I ran it, it popped out of line up with Mike Davis, Robby Anderson, D.J. Moore and Curtis Samuel. All of them fit into the SINEM. Now, you don't want to set a lineup like that.


It's going to be hard to win that way, barring a ridiculous performance by Carolina. But it just tells you that there's a lot of value in this offense right now. And again, I want to talk about Moore and Anderson here, Moore only fifty six hundred. He's a twenty fifth highest price wide receiver. Anderson is twenty ninth of fifty four hundred. They're playing Arizona. Let's talk about the Panthers offense first. They put thirty points on Las Vegas in week one.


Then they were held to three total offensive touchdowns against two of the better defenses in the NFL, the Bucs and the Chargers.


So I think there's a. Also, one third of their offensive. So that's because 55 percent based on their play calling, so more of their touch-And-Go should be passes going forward. That's good news for these wide receivers. T.J. Moore 10th and targets this season, 14th in yards, but zero touchdowns so far. Robby Anderson, 12th in Target 17 catches 15 yards eighth and fantasy points. I mean, the usage has been there that targeteers great usage is great.


I think the numbers will come going forward. By the way, you might look at the Panthers or the Cardinals defense as a tough one. They've allowed the second fewest fantasy points to receivers. But keep in mind, they shut down the forty Niners week one. Obviously, they didn't have Tebow, Samuel or Brandon Eisuke in that game. They struggled against Washington in week two and they did OK against Detroit in week three. But Abacas Out was one of the better defensive backs in the NFL.


He's going to miss this game. So I think it sets up well for this passing game to get going.


Yeah, I like both of those guys this week. Al, I'm excited to talk about your wide receivers because we're two totally different ends of the spectrum. I'm just going to hand it over to you, Michael Thomas and Damien Bird. Let's let's hear how you make these to fit into a segment.


OK, well, one all apologies to your Detroit Lions here, but since the beginning of last season, players that have seen ten targets a game against Detroit are averaging twenty point one draft Kings points per game. Four of those players hit the 100 yard bonus. Another for those players caught a touchdown pass. Detroit is allowed twelve red zone completion so far this year, tied for third most in the league. And that fits well with Michael Thomas's role in this Saints office when he's healthy last year, averaging thirty point five nine percent of the red zone targets from Drew Brees and Bridgewater last year.


He is a beast no matter who is a quarterback, and if they throw it over twenty yards in the air or not. So it fits his game. He's a low end sort of guy. So this new Brees works for him as long as he's healthy. Seventy four hundred is entirely too cheap. He's an eighty five plus hundred dollar player on draft kings every single week. The other end of the spectrum at the stone minimum is Damir Byrd. I talked about Cam Newton.


I think that they're going to throw it more times in games, but there's going to be more attempts. There's more targets to go around. It's between Byrd or Harry, whichever one you like more to me, Byrd running more routes per game than Harry is. And in a situation where I think they're going to throw the ball a lot more times, the floor should be elevated to the point where it's like five or six points. So there's not much it's going to kill you in a in a cash game if you play him to open up a lot more spots on your roster, a lot more salary on your roster.


But he does have the upside if he gets himself into the box.


And I would really quickly, just in case you didn't listen to last week, you talked a little bit about how if you're going to spend three thousand dollars on a player that's still in a minimum while you're punting, even if they don't reach that threshold of what your expectation is like, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Can you kind of just go over that strategy for us one more time?


Right. So I would like to get theoretically one hundred and fifty points in cash games, because most weeks, obviously, there's going to be a higher floor some weeks and a lower floor other weeks. If you get one hundred fifty on draft things in your head to head, fifty fifty, typically you're going to be in the money that week, you're going to make a profit. So if you're spending three thousand on somebody that generally means you want somewhere around eight to 12 fantasy points from them.


But if they score five and a half or six, no, they didn't smash. You didn't reach or exceed value, but they missed by like two or two and a half points. It's way different than if you spend for, say, Michael Thomas and he puts up a five point game and now you spend all that salary and you missed value by fifteen, twenty points, much more damage is done to your bottom line when you miss on a higher priced player than somebody who's basically at the minimum or around it.


So you have the upside of possibly getting five times their salary or six times or eight times their salary if they happen to catch a long touchdown, which is in Damir Byrd or last week, AJ Hamilton's locker. So you have a good enough floor with the possibility of a ceiling and it opens up so much for you with those other high volume guys everywhere else on your roster.


Absolutely. Absolutely. Love that guy that I really like this week, Devante Parker taking on Seattle, all the stuff that Mike said, talking about the passing game, understanding if we think that Fitz is going to throw a ton, someone there has to catch it. I was hoping Preston Williams would come on a little bit more this year than he has that we've all been a little bit disappointed with that. But Devante Parker, I'll tell you what, I want to look at this correlation here.




Kyle gave me this. No, it's a fantastic correlation in the stats. Fitzpatrick has scored twenty plus points nine times since the beginning of last season. And in those nine games, Devante Parker has averaged twenty point seven draft Kings points. So that's absolutely if I'm looking at a stack, I'm if I'm looking high upside, looking at how many points can be scored, I love that. And it's a it's a pretty inexpensive stack, all things considered, when you look at where they're at.


So, Mike, there's a whole bunch of other wide receivers here.


I'm just going to give you the mic and let you run Rapid Fire through a couple of these with a nugget or two on each of them.


Yeah. First of all, I'm with you on Parker, by the way, and Preston Williams. You remember they play Buffalo and New England. And then and then Preston Williams scored against Jacksonville and Parker did fine.


So if you can't find a way to make Parker fit in with everything else in your roster, construction, and you want to spend, you know, twelve hundred dollars the. Son Preston Williams, I don't think it's as you know, it's not a bad decision, I'm a little bit more optimistic about Devante Parker, but still totally worth it with with Preston Williams.


Yeah, Parker looks good for sure. But yeah, a few other great plays that are shown up as tremendous values for us. First one is Gabriel Davis. So let's assume Sean Brown is out if he surprisingly plays Cross Davis off. But I love him as a punt this week against the Raiders who are down another corner.


They're having a hard time at that spot to. A pass offense has been pretty good, so Tyler Lockett, a still pretty good value, Nikil Harry and Julian Edelman add them to Dimir Byrd. So Patriots wide receivers we like Michael Thomas at Detroit is all laid out. Phonte Parker against Seattle as you laid out, Keenan Allen at Tampa Bay and Hunter Renfroe against Buffalo. The top two receivers are out for the Raiders. Renfroe looked great last week with the nine targets.


And he's if you trace back to the second half of last season, he has twelve plus fantasy points in five of his final seven games last year. And then we saw it last week. So Renfroe very intriguing as well.


And I throw a correlated stat to Daniel to your correlated stat. Oh yeah. Correlate my correlation plus.


Yeah Coralee double correlation here in magic top seven career games. Their opponent has scored an average of thirty one point seven points per game in real life. Vegas has Seattle penciled in at a implied theme total of thirty point five. So they're expecting them to score somewhere around that total. Not saying that Fitz Magic is going to have one of his top seven career games, but every other time he don't get my hopes up. Well, why would you say that if you're not trying to get my hopes up?


Sounds like a good game to to use a primary and secondary stack. Oh, am I right or am I right? Yeah.


Yeah. All right. Listen, guys, after a long summer, the wait is officially over. College football is back, and so is an all new season of your favorite Dr. Pepper obsessed college football town. That's right. We're talking about Dansville. So brace yourself for all the on the field football drama and off the field Dr. Pepper flavor your eyes and taste buds can handle because even though you can't be at the stadium, you can still dress, cheer and drink Dr Pepper like a true fan.


Head to a store near you to treat your inner college football fan to an ice cold twenty ounce Dr Pepper today.


All right, Mike Klay, I finally am friends with you again. As I thought this is where you were going when you were like the wait is finally over. I didn't know you were reading an ad. I thought you were going to go right into this.


So go ahead. We are finally buddies again as we get to the tight end segment where you have TJ Hokanson finally put in some respect in his name. Forty eight hundred dollars taken on the New Orleans Saints. What do you like about TJ?


That's the end of the analysis. That's it. Playing the Saints. Right. That's that's been the place to go this season. Hawkinson Forty eight hundred against the Saints. Again, I think he you know, he's price tight, end eight. You know, I was hoping for a little bit of a better value knowing he was facing the Saints this week, but it's still pretty solid. His ninth fantasy points this season. Seventh, the tight end and catches and receiving yards.


He also has to end zone targets. Certainly like to see that he is playing more the last season snaps, routes, targets, airports all up from last season. And we also saw him. I thought this was important. He handled seven targets last week. Why is that notable? Kenny Golladay was back. He still has seven targets in that game. But here's the key. The Saints defense has been atrocious against tight end so far. They've allowed a touchdown in every game against the Las Vegas Raiders a couple of weeks ago.


Remember that big Darren Waller game? Fourteen catches a hundred and thirty nine yards, one touchdown and thirty four fantasy points. And then again last week, nine catches, one hundred and four yards and two touchdowns totaled thirty one fantasy points in that game. So that was of course the Packers who don't really have a standout tight end.


Robert Tunney was beating them up. So it's been a rough go for them so far and Hodgkinson's has been a big part of the Lions offense. So he set up and by the way, if the Saints play well and score points that line tough to keep up and keep throwing the football, it sets up well, for Hokanson, that's the plan, unless they decide to use 48 year old Adrian Peterson.


Twenty plus times on the ground again.


But don't get me started anyway. Don't get me started on that owl.


Let's talk about Dalton Schultz. Forty three hundred dollars. Take it on the Cleveland Browns as if the Cowboys don't have enough pass catchers to worry about. Now, we got to think about Dalton Schultz this week to.


Yeah, look, I was quite the sad panda when Blake Darwin went down, I'm pretty exposed to him in season long. But Dalton Schultz has been a revelation with 13 catches over the past two weeks. You mentioned how the Saints have been the worst team so far in defense versus position against opposing tight ends. Cleveland is fourth worst in the league. They've allowed fifteen point six three draft Kings points per game to opposing tight ends. This is where we want to kind of attack.


We want to attack these defenses that can't defend the position with guys that are getting solid volume. He's the only cowboy in the last two weeks that has multiple red zone targets. So when they get in close, Dak looks his way.


OK, I'm going to look at a tight end that I just, you know, I want to feel good about it. I want to trust the process here. Mike, Jimmy Graham taking on the Colts, um, especially with Nick Foles under center. It really looked like he looked Jimmy Graham's way. I'm hoping that is not just last week. When you look at Graham, he leads the league with seven red zone targets. Four of them came last week.


Three of those are from Nick Foles. He leads all tight ends and your metric. Right. And he's allowed the fourth most redzone completions. They did it last season. And no offense to this year, but this year they've played the Jags, the Vikings in the Jets. So they haven't really come up against a powerhouse of an offense to be able to to change anything there. So Jimmy Graham is a little bit less expensive. I like him here.


Again, if you're going to be spending up at running back and those big names that we like, another tight end that you can consider, that's a little bit cheaper here. But we got a couple of the names, Mike, that you like here, a tight end, Evan Engram and Hunter Henry both. Yeah, yeah, definitely.


And, you know, I have Darren Waller on this list, by the way. He's only four hundred dollars more than TJ Hawkinson. Right. Which seems like a small gap, but he's playing buffalo. Makes me a little bit nervous, too. That's why I can lean that way. But he just still come in is a great, great play at this value. You mentioned Jimmy Graham, Evan Engram against the Rams six, the tight end and targets the season.


I mean, the volumes been there. He just needs to get going. And Hunter Henry at Tampa Bay.


OK, we've reached the point of the show where, Michael, you can give us your week for DFS fantasy focus if we roll lineup.


All right. Let's roll. Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback. That was my guy. I told he got to work him in here running back. And this is what we were talking about earlier. Right?


There's just you can load up, including your flex with three really good running backs and put together a good lineup. Yep. So I honestly, I can't believe I was able to do this, but having fits a quarterback saved me a lot. Alvin Kamara.


Zeke Elliott and Clyde Edwards, you that might be the best three running back, please, you can use all three. And guess what else?


You're wide receivers have to suck then. Yeah. Michael Thomas. What?


He's basically a running back that just catches passes. I mean, his scoring. I mean his usage. I mean, he just gets a lot of touches. D.J. more. Oh my gosh.


Also very good. Gabriel Davis, who's my punter, who I talked about before, like him a gram, a tight end, who he just laid out. He's been tremendous in use to the goal line and the Lions defense as well. So they're playing the Saints, who I haven't been as dominant as we expected, but a punt, 20 to hundred, they all fit. I can't believe I got three superstar running backs and more and Thomas into the lineup with Fitz.


And it's great. I mean, you can put that together.


That's I can't be much happier with the Kaseem lineup than that.


I don't disagree with you at all. I really like your lineup in part because after I put my lineup together, I always look at your lineup to see how it interacts. And we had very similar lineups this week, so I'm going to run through mine.


Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback Alvin Kamara and his running back. I actually have Kenyan Drake in the flex rather than S.H. that allows me to spend up on Tyler Lockett. Right. I've got Devante Parker for my stack with Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tyler Lockett as the stack there on the other side, Damir Byrd, only three thousand dollars out, talked about him, TJ Hokanson comparing him with Alvin Kamara and that Saints game. And then I've got the Browns defense. Only twenty two hundred dollars had a little bit at three hundred dollars left over.


But I couldn't find a way to be able to spend that three hundred and feel comfortable.


So I just I feel like both of those lineups have a ton of possibilities there.


Al, I know you're going to give us your your weekly tournament lineup, but just if you had to pick one, if you had to pick a line up between Mike and I like, which one would you prefer?


You're asking me to choose between my two sons right now. So this is very different. I'm going to look again in that in that aspect. As a father, I have to pick DOPs because I think that it's very mean that Mike picked the Lions defense just so that if the Lions defense does score a touchdown here against a lineup with Kamara and Thomas, you're going to drive a stake through Daniel's heart. So, Mike, just for being so mean, thank you.


I'm going to pick Daniel. I appreciate that.


I lineup's that's one more point, but that's totally fair. I don't like that at the end that I'll stick with that part. I'll give us your weekly tournament lineup.


All right. So we're looking for correlation here and we're looking to get guys that are going to have some lower exposure in tournaments coming at a lower percentage. So I'm going to go with Russell Wilson. I'm going to stack him with DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. They're both lovely. We're going to bring it back with Mike Koseki. I'm going with a secondary stack. Where is my secondary in assignments? David Johnson at Running Back. Now, yes, David Johnson running back then, I've got Mike Davis, who's caught a ton of passes, and we're going to go with the secondary stack of Damir Byrd saving a ton of money, like we said, and white Edwards l'air in the flag.


So we've got a primary, a secondary, some good values that running back that I don't think are going to have high percentages. Tournament's going to go with the Texans defense playing at home and favorite against Minnesota, hoping that we can get some pressure.


And so you actually have two secondary sacks here, right? Because you have Texans deal with David Johnson and then you also have the Edwards Hilaire with Byrd. So a lot of you know, if those very highly coordinated lineups, you need three games to pan out the way you want them and you'll be sitting pretty.




OK, Mike, if we were to decide that we needed to find a way to get through this Thursday night football game with some semblance of sanity and football, that's a fantasy. Football is where it's at. Give us a showdown captain lineup that you like for tonight, by the way.


That's why fantasy football is so great, right? I mean, there's a lot of heavy investment in this game because of fantasy. You might not be starting a lot of these guys, but certainly you're following your guys closely. I'm sure everybody out there has at least some exposure. And if you don't play some DFS, as you mentioned, showdown captain draft is the optimal lineup. Is Melvin Gordon in the captain? This assumes Phillip Lindsay is out, which is the expectation.


So there should be a lot of volume, a lot of running opportunities against the Jets. Brett Rypien, who's starting a quarterback in the flex, not going to cost you a ton. So like that a lot. Jamison Crowder, Jerry Judy and CJ Himmler in LA. Michael Petrine is a little bit of a punt. He's only eighteen hundred. He played more last week. He's in his third NFL game, you know, so I don't know.


Just need one big play and that'll pay off. I'm actually surprised that you would take Michael Ryan over the other running back. That I feel like is one of your all time favorites on that Jets in Calan Moulage. But I understand it.


No big deal. Yeah, no big deal, guys. No comment.


I've said too many mean things about Bill during his Miami days. But, you know, it's funny. He gets out of Miami and out of that guy's offense and he goes to the New York with the base offense, but at least gave him an opportunity again in the NFL. I guess there's there's that. There's that. They're all right.


Thank you so much. I love being able to do this with you guys every week. Make sure you continue to check out the weekly DFS podcast. Follow Al on Twitter at Al Zidan Felde. Is that correct?


That is 100 percent correct. Al Zaidi, NFL Helda Foxtrot, Echo, Lima, Delta nailed it. And follow Mike on Twitter at Mike Clay NFL. That's me. And I am at Daniel Dopp. We have a ton of fun being able to do this. Send us your lineups. I love being able to look and see who you guys have. Also, if you join in, like, you know, you took some advice and you liked what you heard and you have a really big week, like shoot us a screen shot.


I would love to see how you guys are paying off some of the things we have with you. So, like, please send it along to us, make sure you join our free weekly contest. Two hundred dollars in prizes and.


I think that's it. We have nothing else to say. That's all I got. Good luck when some cash this week, like you said, let us know how you did and enjoy enjoy the games. By the way, quick season long. No. Can we just throw this on the end in case people enlist? And the other popular for the Titans and Steelers, it's basically their bye week. Just assume the schedules change. It's there by week.


You can start them. You can't put them in your ears. They're just off. Take them. They're just not playing. Put them on your bench this week. And I think that's helpful.


Right? Like I hundred percent I have later in the season.


There's a lot of teams on a bye. Right. And you're going to have to deal with that with thought with your Steelers and Titans being out. Like if you have Henry and Juju and you and other teams now you get the bye week essentially in week four, you only have to deal with those two teams being out and, you know, you have more flexibility later in the season. So, you know, there's just a lot of complaining out there.


I don't like to see it. You know, there's bigger issues.


There are on a personal level with with these players and their families dealing with this. And I'm a little you know, we could cut this whole part out. But it's a little frustration seeing all the complaints that I can't deal with this. I need to put these guys on air. How am I going to fix my fantasy team? It's not important, right? That's not important. It's a game. Fix your lineups.


And you also it's you know, if you're in AJ Brown manager, I was likely getting ready to not have him this week. And now I get to not have him, except he's not missing a game. It's just like his bye week now. So, like, I'm not potentially going to get an extra game. AJ Brown this week.


Exactly. And again, it's just it's just fantasy football, right? We love it. It's fun. Let's not let's not be complaining about something that is a lot more important and than a game. So, anyway, a little rant there to finish off the show. I love it.


Usually Matthew does the rants, but my close friends are like, so polite. And, you know, it's like, guys, please just love each other some more and maybe be less about your rubbing off on me.


I know. I'm so glad. All right. For Al. For Mike. My name is Daniel. And as I say this, at the end, every week there's a there's a podcast and a thing that I watch called critical role, which is basically just like a Dungeons and Dragons campaign that they are on line. Matt Mercer, who's the guy that says every week. So I want to be very clear. I do not this is not my saying, but at the end of every critical role, they say, don't forget to love each other.


I feel like there is so much going on right now where we all just want to make sure that we are doing that with each other and sharing as much love and compassion and empathy as we can. So have a ton of fun this week. Enjoy fantasy football and don't forget to love each other.