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See you in those six oh one oh oh guys, fantasy, fantasy. You want to address this one or two of your handling? I don't even want to look at him anymore. I'm not going to lie to you. For those watching his focus podcast's feel to Matthew and Daniel and Safaga here as well. But we're laughing at we're not laughing with, to be entirely very clear, as Matthew looks like he's a couple of sangrias at a wedding right now and not quite sure, like if he has liquid courage to be the star of the dance floor.


Yeah, but also embarrassing, Beth, a little bit right now because of his stance. Also, let me address this in a couple of ways. So I was doing some version of the Cabbage Patch Dance to the 060, a theme by international recording superstar Eric Hutchinson.


And Field knows of what he speaks. He's seen me with liquid courage on the dance floor. That's right. I saw how I ripped it up. It filled in shapes and Japanese wedding some and by some I mean field. Yates called me the MVP of Wedding Weekend Fair. It was an excellent showing.


You mean seriously? They write they write books about those kind of performances.


I'm fun at a wedding. I will just let you know that I am fun at a wedding. My wife Beth is also amazing at a wedding. Everyone loves her. And I've been embarrassing Beth every day since we've been married. So that's nothing new for her. Yeah, you know, that's why it's what my wife enjoys a glass of wine with Tiffany all the time.


It's divine.


Has been at many weddings with me, by the way. I believe it's divine. You can speak to this as well, right, Stefania? Yes, I can.


And usually it's better than I hanging out and you embarrassing yourself on the dance floor all by yourself. Fair enough.


Well, yeah, it looks like Matthews decorum at a wedding is the same as just decorum during a podcast. Factually correct. Factually correct. I just you know what I need to do. Like so like I was doing Gangnam Style the other day. I was doing cabaret. I need to learn some of the new dances, the new TAC dances. I'm I'm starting to get in the ticktock. I'm on I'm on the ticktock at Matthew Berry team at Matthew Berry TMA.


I've had a couple of my videos go viral, by the way, on the ticktock. Come on. I swear to God, look at my ticktock look at my tick tock right now. Do you have a tick tock? Why do that happens? You I posted like a I did a thing with Daniel Jones, like we had the super awkward interview and it got like 200000 views, which is viral on to that's a I think that's a lot of views on tertile gets like five million for.


Yeah, I'm not I'm not a massive star, but like I like 1500 followers on Tic-Tac. I'm just starting and I did another one the other day that got seven hundred thousand views like that. I mean I'll give you that. Yeah. That's a good one. I guess I'm just saying I'm starting to get there. I'm learning, I'm learning the ways of talk. I'm really proud of you, man. Let's talk about some foot anyway. Follow me on the ticktock because it's the only way they don't press my daughters.


That's all I'm asking. Oh, he wants more followers. And the tick tock follows to find you on the Instagram volubility seven. That's the only account. No change your name. I'm sorry.


It's actually. No, it's to find your bell now. Yeah. Wow.


That's your bell on the ground. Obviously that was someone else's block before huh. I guess.


I don't know but I don't think it's like that Jersey number. Exactly. Just an envelope of cash and you're good to go. I got my name back. I fought for my name. I got it back.


Stephania has allowed is allowing that person, the person who previously occupied Stephania Bell on Instagram, a one week stay at the Chateau de Kooning. Incalculable amount of value there because of his drawings. Honestly, the person might be there now. It's so big seven. You wouldn't even know. I was talking about some football some time now for some reason.


Actress Carino. News or noise? Let's head on over back to the chateau, Daken and Stephania Eagles running back, Miles Sanders is now being called by the team is week to week lower body area. That's very natural of them. Hello, Rico as well. Tell us more about Michael Sanders. Is this news or noise?


I think the Eagles would like you to think it's noise in a way, but I think it's news because it's starting running back in the NFL, who is expected to carry the ball all the time. We've already heard Deuce Staley say he doesn't see any reason to monitor his workload. If you're talking about a guy where there's going to be no monitoring of his workload, you need him healthy and to start the preseason with anything that puts you on the injury report and you don't know.


Right. You said very NHL. So that means by the injury, is it NHL or is it a hangnail? You know, you don't have any way of knowing. Now, Tim McManus, who covers the team for us, said that he heard from a source that this is more proactive.


Rico is really trying to ruin the moment. But the bottom line is, I don't think this is a big deal in terms of the severity of the injury based on the reporting we're getting. But you're obviously paying close attention because there's not a lot behind it. All right.


We need a new term that's like not a clean bill of health, like an optimistic outlook that guards are sort of ties to about. Daniel, anything else you want us to get in there on, Myles Sanders or Matthew? Anything you want to chime in with? Just your concerns.


I know you're already a little bit down on him relative to ADP, relatively ADP. He's being drafted at best case scenario, ADP, he's already he's already banged up. We have a small sample size on Myles Sanders. We have five games of him being dominant. And that was last year when they had nobody else.


And so in college to do what, small sample size? And it was a backup. Now, there's a good reason he was behind, of course, but small sample size, they're small sample size there as well.


He's a no, listen, I'm talking out of both sides, my mouth, because I also have Clyde Edwards in there at number six. I have made the first rounder. So, you know, my argument there is that the small sample size isn't on S.H., which obviously there is, but there's a much larger sample size on the lead running back for Andy Reid. We have never seen a lead running back for Doug Peterson because he hasn't had one.


He has been a running back by committee guy as long as he's been in Philadelphia.


But certainly, look, as somebody who will not be having any of Myles Sanders is here because his ATP is out of control, this is yet another thing that just, you know, makes you raise your eyebrows and a little bit of concerning. I have one question for Stephania, though. She said, you know, reca ruining the mood. Is this the only time the Ricos ruin the mood for I'm going to put it right back to find, you know, audio issues.


Where's the air horn? Thank you. So you feel be there. But my producer knows how to handle that, right?


You moving along here? Dalvin Cook contract talks with the Vikings have stalled.


He says his focus is on week one. Phil gets news or noise?


Yeah, it's actually this is news to me, Daniel. And I think people who are thinking about what my focus is on week one would say, oh, this is good news, right? I mean, contract, but it's news in the sense that I thought within the last five days this deal is going to get done. It is not now done. And I don't want to speak for Dalven Coker's representation here. But one of the fears with the new CBA is that these players who don't have a new deal but want a new deal are going to report to training camp and all that, like George Kittle, like Joey Boza, like Dalvin Cook.


But what you get, what you grow wary of is Safavian was just describing the spectrum of major injuries in the lower body from whatever an ACL to a hangnail is a is a hangnail turns into like a two to three week hangnail. Right. Like if you're a player and you're on the precipice of a long term contract and there are games coming up and you're dealing with anything whatsoever, Matthew, does your motivation go up or down to be on the football field?


The answer is pretty obvious. You're more likely to protect yourself here. So it's news. That being said, I want to add that yesterday NFL Live Adam Schefter did note that while contract talks have stalled for now, this could change at any moment. So we'll continue to monitor this. It's not to say this couldn't get done by the time the season begins. It's interesting.


You know, I hadn't thought about it that way. But you're right. I mean, obviously, like, he could be he could be there accruing, you know, accruing credit, you know, to get towards his free agency year, you know, completely dissimilar to Le'Veon Bell, who just stayed away entirely.


So he's there. But you're right.


Like, I don't think I can go today. Oh, my my legs feel a little sore or whatever it is. Right. And I, I got a hangnail.


Whatever I do, this is not we're not we're not we're not saying this or this is protective. It's the same way that Darvas Berton's in the NBA sat out. You know, you got these guys who are banged up. Could they have played if it was a normal non bubble situation?


Probably, maybe I should say, but players going to protect themselves a little bit. Where do you have Dalvin Cook right now ranked knowing all this?


I believe I just moved him down last night to five before. Find Alvin Kamara interesting because I moved him ahead of Alvin Kamara because my thought was the other, the other way to look at this is that like, OK, now he's playing for a contract. You know that injury concerns have been a long standing issue with Dalvin Cook. He has one year of elite production given how high he was drafted his one year. And so, you know, does he does he basically go out, ball out and prove that he is worth a massive amount of money?


I just want to say I love this because neither one of you are wrong right now, you know what I mean?


Like the strategies that we've got to think about as we head into it. So just the way to think about it. Never 100 percent, Matthew.


I look forward to the start of the season in which there will be many times where we're both wrong.


Yes, yes, yes. It's the best time of the year. Bryce Love Matthew Berry.


The first team snaps during practice Wednesday. JP Finley of NBC Sports Washington reports. Is this news or noise for Bryce love?


I think it's a little bit of news, and I'll tell you why. We know the Washington football team starting running back job is up for grabs. The release of Derrius Guice, who was expected to have that role, has opened up an opportunity there.


Antonio Gibson and everyone loves Antonio Gibson. I'm on board with that as well. But the thing is, is that Antonio Gibson might be used more as a gadget player then as a starting running back. You know, could he be used Christian McCaffrey style? Sure. But could he be used more because he's taken reps with both the wide receivers and the running back groups? Look, you got Adrian Peterson, who is a veteran who's a who's a clubhouse leader.


Fair enough. But I don't think people remember how good Bryce Love was at Stanford. Now, it's been a while, obviously, because he got injured his senior year. He got basically a redshirt year last year as well. But Bryce Love has a chance to be special in this league. Had he not been injured field, he would have been a much higher draft pick. And so Bryce Love, who's basically free and draft, is very much worth a a late round flyer because, look, this is a team that's going to be rebuilding.


Adrian Peterson is not the future, Bryce love is. There's a chance Bryce love leads this backfield on a better than you think Washington offense. It's going to be great, but it's not going to be awful.


I want to further this conversation at some point, but I'm a little bit weary of suggesting that both he and Antonio Gibbs, like, you know, I don't know that this backfield can produce even one fantasy relevant running back. So I don't want to suggest that, too.


So let's we're going to let's let's revisit this Washington backfield at some point a little bit deeper into the preseason. If I can just say one comment off of that. I agree with you. What I'm saying is, is that I don't think it's a foregone conclusion that it is Antonio Gibson. I think there's a there's a non-zero chance that the fantasy relevant running back on this team is Bryce Love. That's what I'm saying. All right.


Next up, Field Parishad Perriman is who we're talking about, Jets quarterback Sam Donaldson Spearmon is, quote, super explosive and everything you want in a receiver. Rich Samini of ESPN reports. News or noise? Yeah, it's noise. Yeah.


A guy who ran one of the fastest forty times in his entire class is going to be super explosive. I want to be news, though. Everything you want in a receiver, I, I think this is leadership from Sam Darnel.


Right? I mean, what's it going to say? The guy's a total dud and we shouldn't have given him that contract this offseason. No, he's going to say the right things about Bershad Perriman. I will just say that I did recently and we had this conversation.


I sort of think Julio Jones is everything you want in a wide receiver, right? Just I mean, that's me.


If I get a vote, I guess the offense, like, throw into, like, you know, guys off the you know, of the free agent street. Right. Exactly. So scrappy.


So DeAndre Hopkins, sort of everything you want in a wide receiver to say, say we reflect on our Jets Double Trouble podcast. I mentioned how the idea that like at the time I had Jamison Crowder. Right, had a Perriman Crowder a bit safer. Perriman a bit more explosive upside. I have subsequently reversed those two players in my rankings to reflect that.


You know what, a wide receiver. Forty two or something I should be chasing upside as opposed to chasing a guy.


Come on in. The water's warm. Thank you. I love me some Burchard Perriman. Right.


That was a top five fantasy wide receiver for the fantasy playoffs last year.


It was a very small sample size and its different team, but showed why he was a first round pick so many years ago when receiver for fantasy when you stop five.


All right, Daniel, our last one, we have Matthew for you, Jaron Brown, the 49ers and Brown on Wednesday, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports. Maybe you've heard of them news or noise on Jaron Brown I Darren, is it Aydan?


Once you said he was of ESPN, I remember who it was prior to that. I wasn't familiar.


I wasn't sure and feel like I've seen him once or twice in the hallways, but I'm not sure. Point him out to me next time if he can, or I think this is news in this sense. I don't think it's news relevant to to Deron Brown, who actually have always sort of liked, you know, it's just sort of bounced around the NFL. But like, you know, when he's got an opportunity, I feel like he's he's done a little he's done, you know, a thing here, too.


But I think it's news just in the sense that, like, they're worried.


I mean. Right. So, I mean, you think about you think about Tebow, you think about Jalen Hurt just like, you know, just and we're going to get into the forty Niners here in a second. So I think it is news just in the fact that there are concerns about the wide receiver depth on the Forty Niners and this is another into. And that it might be pretty thin after George George Kittle. Yeah, absolutely. We're going to get into the 49ers, like you said.


We'll have a lot of you coming up because of that wide receiver conversation. But, Field, why don't you give us a little word from one of our sponsors? I will do that, Dana.


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Double double trouble. Trouble, double trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble. Double trouble. As of this moment, they're on double secret probation.


It is with great pleasure and honor, really.


It's just one of the highlights of my year to be discussing the defending NFC champions, the Super Bowl attending, not winning sorry, San Francisco 49ers in our Double Trouble segment today.


Of course, we'll have plenty of stuff on the inside as they are her beloved San Francisco 49ers. But Matthew, I was thinking about Rahime Mostert yesterday and just sort of. Were you.


Yeah, well, no, because what did that look like? That like this.


Why do you ask things like why do you ask why or how not to show Violet that has not today interrupted me.


That might be a double whammy. That's a four point violation right here.


Retire. My alarm went off. I don't know why I went off is about what happened is that Matthews got several alarms in the morning. Lot of that was like to this one looks like I'm a snooze through that one. Yeah.


Third one is like if I don't leave now, they're probably get mad at me for showing up late. And this is the this is the break glass in case of emergency, like, oh my God, I was this is, this is they call in.


You can maybe catch the second half of the show. Oh yeah. Anyways, I was thinking about Rehema. Yes, sir.


It's like this. Yeah. OK, perfect. That's what I am. I know. So because I was thinking about how to frame the conversation around Rahim Moster and you and I have them ranked even twenty five. I'm at twenty six.


Denialism at 24 has ATP amongst running backs right now is twenty eighth.


I don't know that there's a world that exists where Raheem Mostert finishes as like a mid tier RB two, because if you think about it and one of your great columns this offseason, I think this was the lead to facts, correct.


It was a blind resume of two players and you painted two very different narratives and they both were he moster. Correct.


So the reason why I bring that back and a great column should go find in the archives of ESPN Dotcom, is that doesn't it sort of feel like Raheem Mostert has one of two outcomes?


One is he's like a top twelve running back behind an incredible offensive line with great explosiveness. And one of the best play callers we've seen in the past 25 years.


And two, he's so involved in the TIME-SHARE with Tevin Coleman and Jerick McKinnon, a bunch of other players, then you can't even use on a fantasy football.


Do you get what I'm saying? Like, we had two twenty five, which is more I have badging his potential outcomes.


Yeah. The argument there would be. Is that he's both that he starts off red hot and then in the middle of a season, McKinnon looks for explosive, Colman's healthy, whatever, and then all of a sudden he goes away. You know, we've talked about, you know, Kyle, son of Mike, who is famously known for, you know, just shuffling his hat, his running backs and shenanigans and, you know, all of it and and so and, you know, never trust a Mike Shanahan running back in.


And so there's that chance as well, because you remember Reggie Moster did nothing in the first start of last year. It was all Tevin Coleman. Right. Right. And then over the second half, it was he Mostert and more even towards the playoff run.


And so so there's a chance where he finishes as running back twenty five ish, where he's just like he's a top 12 guy for the first half of the season. And then he just falls out of favor of the second half or some version thereof. That's the concern. The concern on Mostert isn't isn't the talent, because I think we see it right. You know, like he's not a pass catcher, but he's an explosive guy. He's somebody that can score a ton of touchdowns.


This is worth noting over his final nine games. And again, this goes to the playoffs. So this includes like the Super Bowl. This is all during the playoff run.


But the final nine games that he Mostert played, he scored 12 touchdowns. Yeah.


I mean, like so like he he's got sixteen touchdown game, sixteen touchdowns season potential potential. There's going to be one of the best offensive lines in football, which got even better in the off season when they stole Trent Williams from my Washington team, Bruce Allen anyway.


But but like it's going to be a really good offensive line field and it's going to be a very run heavy team as well.


This is a team that was top five, rush percentage, top five and RedZone Rush percentage. We know this. So so if you're the lead running back of a team that runs a lot behind one of the league's best offensive lines, good things can happen. Mostert was amazing down the stretch.


And if you look at his fantasy points again, just like in the playoffs, like top ten running back, the concern is no passing game usage. And there are multiple running backs in that backfield.


I, I made he made my love list by others receiving votes in the loveless, by the way, love hate. Now out on ESPN dot com.


I'm a company man. Go check that out.


I just I believe that restructuring their deal, you know. Yes, they have McKinnon. OK, but McKinnon has been out of football for two years. They have to have in common who's never played all sixteen games and NFL season and they always find guys. Jeff Wilson Junior all of a sudden comes in and has three touchdowns.


But ultimately, I believe that they could have told Rahim Mostert to go pound sand and they didn't.


And they said, you know what, we're going to reward. We're going to try to we're going to give you a we're going to throw you a bone as well, which is what that seemed like to me.


I mean, you're you're the contract guy. You're the NFL insider guy. But that seemed like that was done entirely to placate Rahim Mostert when they didn't have to. Yeah. I mean, he requested a trade. So did they did it have to in the sense that. Yeah, I mean, they probably still wouldn't they they could have just done nothing and also not traded him. But you're right. I didn't think it was. I will say this, though.


This was not a massive gesture of of gratitude. Like they didn't give him a bunch of extra money, just moved money around, which is fine. They squelched his concerns about being traded. And he but still. So money aside, though, I think Fortune tends to favor the Bolton fantasy.


Yeah, well, we always talk about it like you don't want to play for for third or fourth in your league.


And so along those lines, he's a not quite boom or bust, but he's a boom or potentially disappoint player, not because of his own ability, but because of the backfield he plays in. And I mean, we keep using the word explosive. And these are the stats that Kyle backs it up with. He gained five plus yards on nearly forty four percent of his carries. Last year. He gained ten plus yards, nearly 17 percent of his carries.


Last year, both of those were the best amongst all running backs with one hundred plus carries of guy.


I'm going to this is going to sound a little bit crazy, so I'm running about twenty five. Like I said, he made the love list in the others receiving votes. He's going in the early ninth round. I'm Tammy, you're either in or out on Ruggie, Mostert and I am in Unprime must start. Throwing it out there, just trying it whatever little test balloons or what to throw back. We edit that out of the audio podcast version.


I wish you guys if you guys are not watching at home, if you guys are watching them, I wish you good to see Daniel, who just like gave like a little shake of his head, like, you know, how like you taste something that's really bitter and you're just like, oh, I don't want that when someone else makes it fun.


Yeah, exactly.


Really? Yeah. That was that was Daniel. Daniel just gave it a little head shake like, no, no, no, we're not in on Rahima must start, which means, of course I'm just going to pound it.


But here's the thing. There's a wide range of outcomes for him. Mostert But I would say I would argue at the top of that range of outcomes is Derrick Henry, like six rushing touchdowns top to best case scenario like that's I believe that is within the range of outcomes for him. Mostert is Derrick Henry. Last year, sixteen rushing touchdowns, top ten fantasy running back and a guy that you can get in the ninth round.


Part of the reason why it may not be super likely those because cherrypicking is back.


Matthew referenced this to find as we bring you back in to talk about your beloved 49ers, Jared McKinnon is back after basically two straight seasons not being involved with the 49ers at all other than occasional practices. What's the latest on his health and his recovery from that major knee injury field?


It sounds like he's looking really good to start training camp. And, of course, you know, we hear a lot of buzz when people are trying to spin things positive. But the Niners have been pretty straightforward. Kyle Shanahan has always been pretty straightforward about the health of his running backs. And last year I was at training camp when Jerick McKinnon returned to practice. And you know how long that lasted? He was there for, I think, a day or two.


And then he had soreness in his knee and we never saw him again. This can happen after an ACL reconstruction. It's why we say you never take for granted that somebody is automatically going to come back. Now, it turns out that the off season having the entire last year off may have really helped him because there are reports about how strong he's running, that he's been put through really strenuous workouts and has tolerated them really well. And the other thing that I find interesting just for a potential functionality point, is that Jimmy Garoppolo has been talking about how great he's running routes and how he has the feel of a receiver.


And this backfield is crowded, as you guys have pointed out. And it's really hard to know who has Kyle Shanahan's trust. Everybody's head injury concerns, the ups and downs with Tevin Coleman, who started last year and then immediately had an injury that cost him a few weeks. I think Jerrick McKinnon has a chance to really make a case for himself. And you talk about moving money around. He took a salary reduction base salary, six and a half million down to just under a million.


So he's trying to get a spot on this roster.


He's making the minimum you can make for a player of his tenure. Now, base salaries to Fonua. I want to ask you about the receivers before I think we can double back to McKinnon in just a second here. But the 49ers have a laundry list of injuries. Wideout Walk us through with the latest with DBO.


Samuel Samuels, the big one. Right. Because he had this stress fracture that cropped up in the summer. We already heard about it. He had surgery on it. The surgery is relatively minor, but it does take a while to recover. He was put at a 10 to 12 week projected recovery timeline, which we have him getting healthy right around week one, which sounds great, but it's not the time you want to throw him back in to full speed game when those injuries, if you return too quickly, have a high incidence of fracture.


We've seen that before in the NFL. You've already heard John Lynch say don't be surprised if he misses the first few weeks of the season. I would not be surprised if they keep him on the physically unable to perform list to start. That would mean six weeks without him. Obviously, Jalen Hurt potentially gone for the year. And so the wide receiver you mentioned the signing of John Brown. I think it's very up for grabs right now.


All right, Stephania, I'm sad to hear all that news for you and your 49ers, but injuries do create opportunity. Matthew, just do you want to add anything to Jeff McCann or anything? You want to get in, sneak in there about his value? Are you good? Yeah.


Listen, one hundred percent. You know, if you want to do a late run flyer, we've looked at it. You look at the running back distribution last year from week's five to ten when Coleman brought it in. Mostert We're all active, you know, or even weeks. Fourteen through seventeen when all three were active. Again, we're getting just sort of the players look at this is weeks five to ten. Ninety eight touches. Eighty one touches, twenty eight touches in essence.


Basically I think the way Shanahan has run his offense is that two running backs are going to have fantasy value. And I think as we've seen McKinnon be successful. And so I'd have no problem if you want to do a late run fly on him.


But I actually think Tevin Coleman is more of the underrated asset here. Who's going his running back? Forty. He's undrafted and over forty percent of leagues again. Remember, of all the running backs, who's been Kyle Shanahan the longest? Tevin Coleman, who is with minute. And who Kyle brought over to San Francisco with him? Yeah, I felt like with Tevin Coleman last year, it was blips on the radar where it was good. That's why I'm having a harder time trusting Tevin Coleman.


I have a lower in my ranks as a result of that than you do.


Let's talk about DBO Samuel, because to find you mentioned the possibility he begins a season on Pupi, that actually might be a good thing for those of us that are playing fantasy football, for clarity's sake. Right. You're missing at least the six first games of the season. You're not wondering if your returns in week three, do I bother playing him or not? Are you having right now wide receiver 50? I've got a wide receiver, 39. You're clearly obviously impacted by the the injury that he sustained that Jones fracture.


Are you out on Debow Samuell or are you just basically absent being in a league where everybody else is risk averse?


Probably not going to have him on your roster because that feels unlikely. He'll last until wide receiver fifty and most reps.


Yeah, I mean, again, like, if we can get more clarity on his injury situation, you just heard Stephania say, like, you know, she thinks there's a chance he starts on the physically unable to perform list, which would mean he's out the first six weeks.


Right. And then you're not starting him in week seven. You want to see him.


Right. So week eight is the first time. You know, game eight, in essence, is the first time in which you would feel reasonably comfortable potentially starting him. Yeah. So you're talking about half a season of DBO Samuel, and that's best case scenario. Maybe it lingers longer. Maybe he doesn't show much in week seven. So now you're like, OK, let me see it again. Know, like, you just sort of have to play this out.


Having said that, look, I had the injury to DBO was going to be on the love list. DB was going to be a big break.


Like second half of last year is the ninth best wide receiver in fantasy total points. That's the part. He's a special player.


I love, love, love the player. There's so many things I did. Well, last year he had eight point one yards per catch after the catch that was best amongst wide receivers who had at least 55 receptions last year. So he's a special talent.


I love the way that Kyle Shanahan was using him, not just as a receiver, but a runner, too. He was great in the Super Bowl. He has been great in big moments already for the 49ers. Daniel, what do you want to know about DBO stable?


Just a strategy question for you guys. If you had an ear spot in your league and we knew ahead of time that he was going to be OMGPOP, so like going into your draft, it's like I could draft him and put him on the IRR. Does that change?


You know, maybe I'm not going to target this early, but I would be the only issue is that the earliest he will be put on on the purplest is the final roster reduction, which I believe is September 6th this year.


Oh, wow. So unless if you're drafting week one, which is the nights before chiefs. Texans. Yes. But up until that point, he I don't believe he'll be either eligible in ESPN because he'll just be on the puppy list like every other day.


It doesn't he doesn't need to be eligible. He just needs to be just you need to know that he's going to be right. The news has come out if you or this or this young an up and comer, Adam Schefter, is that what you said?


His name was Adnan.


So whatever the Schefter fellow like, if you were him or, you know, more or somebody breaks the news that, hey, actually this is what's going to happen with him, then I understand Daniel's question.


And certainly because we know we you know, you draft him there and then you're like, OK, when the season starts, when he's officially placed there, then I can put him there. Yeah.


Especially given that we expect mostly should have more extra roster spots this year. Given that we're going into a season with covid-19. I would say the one thing that I'm out on him at his current ATP because his current ATP on ESPN is wide receiver thirty one. He's going ahead of Marquese Brown. He's going ahead of Michael Gallop to guys that are on my love list. And so those are two guys that I think have big year this year. I'm not taking DBO Samuell over them, considering the fact there's a chance he misses half the season injuries.


Great opportunity. Is there anybody else on this wide receiver group that you're bothering using a draft pick on? Most specifically, Brendon IUE, their first round pick at Arizona State, the twenty fifth overall player. They traded up to get our guy from Arizona State, second straight year, a first round wideout for the Sun Devils.


You interested at all or. No, I mean, just late round, like I'm at wide receiver. Fifty one of the, um, at fifty. So we both have him as a wide receiver. Six, I mean he's a wide receiver, six with upside look, he's still a rookie, it's still a run first offense that passing offense is still going to go through. George Kittle, can there be success beyond George Kittle? Sure. Again, we saw it with DBO last year, you know, and so I don't mind it, but.


He's a rookie in a year in which there's not a lot of there's no preseason games, limited practice time, it's a run first offense. You know, Kittles is going to get his you've got some other pieces around there, like Trent Taylor, like Kendrick Bourne, like Richie James, like. So I get the appeal of Brandon IUC. And like I said, I ranked him as, you know, top 50 ish wide receiver. So I don't mind a late round flyer on him, but he's not anything other than that for me.


He's not somebody I'm targeting and trying to go into the draft.


There's a there's a very recent history of first round wide receivers not having a ton of fantasy success. So I think along all those lines, a flyer for all of us. George Kittle is not a complicated player for fantasy football. Each of us has him as tight end to this year behind only Travis Kelsey.


So the conversation surrounding George Kittle really isn't about whether we think he'll be really, really, really, really good.


He let all pass catchers in yards after the catch, not just this past year, but the year before that as well. He's got paid and deservedly so. But just hear me out here. I want to walk you through this hypothetical.


Sure. Walk me through. Willing to pay the premium on George Kittle. Yeah.


What is the opportunity cost to the rest of your roster if you do so?


So, Matthew, let's imagine. And when I say pay the premium on George Kittle, I think it means towards the back end of the second round.


Right. I think to when people are reaching for a pick twelve or something like that, let's say it's like pick eighteen, nineteen, maybe even twenty.


We've pulled this up. And let's just imagine you have an early round pick and you land yourself a top five running back maybe a second. Barkley Right. And you come around the I've of end up with someone like George Kittle. This is an ideal second overall pick draft that we have for those that are listening up on a graphic for those I'm sorry, for those that are watching, for those that are listening.


Here's how it shakes out, Matthew.


And we're and we should be clear here feel that we're using ESPN, ADP, so standard 10 Team League one quarterback league, no tight end premium scoring, just a standard down the middle ten team ESPN league.


And here's how it shakes out again. Saken Barkley. This would be the second overall pick.


Then you come around in the round two with George Kittle that we pick nineteen. Yeah, third round you could if you wanted to pay the premium on a quarterback as well.


Land yourself, Patrick Mahomes and then here's your wide receiver group shakes out with your next three picks, Juju Smith, Schuster, Calvin Ridley and Robert Woods as your flex with Kareem Hunt as your RB two in this situation.


So I think, Matthew, if you just examine that roster, my initial instinct would be, my goodness, my well, my RB two spot might be a little less desirable because Kareem Hunt is still the backup in his own backfield.


It's a pretty strong roster coming out of the gate through seven rounds with George Catalyser tight end.


It really is. And so it's a really interesting kind of thing. Like because you've heard if you if you're in on fantasy Twitter.


Right. Which is this whole kind of little universe. Right. But like there's a lot of talk about zero RB, which is basically waiting on running back and then hoping guys, you know, that other guys get injured and then, you know, players pop. Right. Like Kareem Hunt is a fantastic zero RB candidate because obviously, if anything were to happen to Nick Chubb, he would be a top five running back. And we think he has value even with Chubb in the lineup.


But this is sort of a modified zero RB, which I think is really interesting, which is basically one RB. Right. So you lock in one of those first five guys. So in your case, make one. But whether it whether it was Zeke or Kamara or CMC, any one of those guys, you come back around and you get Kittle in the second round. OK, great. Now you've got an elite elite running back. You've got an elite tight end.


Now, Mahomes again going off of ESPN AP If Mahomes is still there in the third, we assume Lamar Jackson is gone at some point in the second. You know, but whether Jackson or Mahomes whatever, you get a quarterback there, now you've got a top two quarterback, top two running back, top two, tight end, pretty strong.


OK, now you get into the fourth round and the again, just going by ADP, you're looking at a choice between Juju Smith, Schuster, Allen Robinson, who made the love list and is always undervalued. Odell Beckham Jr.. Somebody like that Odell this year. Yeah. Love Odell. I've seen feel him in that rain. Adam Thielen is in that range as well. So somebody like that come back around in the in the fifth round. By the way, here's just to give you another option here.


If you didn't want to go with Juju or Allen Robinson or Odell, you know you've got running back, they're like Leonard Fournette, like David Johnson who we both like, like Le'Veon Bell. OK then look at who the wide receivers are. When you get to the fifth round, you're looking Courtland Sutton.


I'm not I'm not in on Sutton this year, but AJ Brown, Tyler Lockett. We're going to talk about him. Calvin Ridley, I know you and I both like Calvin Ridley to break out this year.


Melvin Gordon's there in that fifth round and the six around a little Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, D.K. Metcalf, Keenan Allen, Ty Hilton, like like you could even if you did a running back somewhere in that fourth or fifth round, like you're looking at a starting wide receiver of like, say, you did in the fifth round and you got like Melvin Gordon in the fifth round your line.


Here's what your starting lineup would be.


So you've got Mahomes a quarterback, you've got Barkley and like Melvin Gordon running back, you've got Juju and AJ Brown or I'm sorry, Juju and Cooper Kupp or Robert Woods at wide receiver. And George Kittle, tight end. Yeah, it's just it's it's a very specific roster construction, but I'm in on that.


The idea is that if if you have secured a premium running back early, it may open the door up to drafting in elite tight end early in a way that drafting a wide receiver in the first round, I'm not sure it affords you that luxury based off of how things have played out and the depth that you do not necessarily have at running back overall. Great player. Looking forward to finding him on a bunch of my rosters this year, Daniel.


But I what the underlying point of this and you go read my draft a manifesto because it makes sort of the same point.


The underlying is that there is insane depth at wide receiver and understanding the fact that there is insane depth, that wide receiver allows you to get a lot more creative with the other positions, because even if you wait around or two more than you normally would a wide receiver, you're still going to wind up with some really good guys, Daniel.


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When we talk about the Seahawks, it all begins with Mr. Unlimited, Russell Wilson, of course. And so based off where they're being drafted and Russell Wilson, an ATP right now, is quarterback for right around the fifth round, sixth round turn.


I think there is a pretty strong argument that Russell Wilson might be the safest quarterback investment that you can make in fantasy football this year. Now, I'm not saying he is the best investment because we have Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes both ranked a little bit higher now than you have Dak at three two, right?


I have Dak at three as well. Yeah, yes, yes. I have five players ahead of Russell Wilson. So it's not that. Right? I have him as my number one quarterback.


But again, so think about the premier, Mark Jackson and Patrick Mahomes. They'll both have a solid season, I have no doubt about this.


But no, last year before the injury and before the playoff run, Patrick Mahomes was not worth the premium that people paid on him last year. It just and that's not a it's just true. Just look at the numbers. There was regression to the mean. Right.


It's possible that could happen with Lamar Jackson as well this year. And people are drafting him like eighth, the twelfth, the fifteenth overall.


So you go back to Russell Wilson, who, again, somewhere between the fifth and sixth round that you know what you're getting.


Right. He's got thirty touchdowns in three straight seasons. Only quarterback to do that. Only current quarterback to have done that over the last three years.


No one else team done twice. He has over 340 rushing yards in the past three seasons.


Again, pretty solid, right? This is a guy who's an incredible runner, incredible thrower. He threw a 63 end zone passes last year.


That was the most any quarterback has thrown since the stat was first tracked by ESPN in 2006 over a thirteen fourteen season sample size.


So I just think that, by the way, never misses a game that little literally never missed a game. Yeah.


Now, like, they rip off his leg and he throws he puts on some bionic leg and hobbles out there. But Guy does not miss a game, he does not miss a game. And he's got great upside week to week. He has had some duds, no doubt about it.


He's got unlimited upside.


So you buy the idea that he is the safest investment in a quarterback that you can make this year, factoring in price and player and all that? Yes. Yeah, there's there's a very high floor with, as you mentioned, some upside. There's a chance that they let Ross Cook, which, you know, there's been talk about that.


I feel like there's talk about that every year. Feel like he always starts slow and then he gets going here. But, yeah, look, I have met five again. We talked about this the other day when we were talking about Deshaun Watson, because I have him one spot ahead of Watson.


You have them flipped in a year in which there is so much unknown when there is you know, when there are so many changes and again, no preseason, limited, limited practices. I want the guys in the situations that are familiar to them. Right. And so Russell Wilson, same coaching staff, same offensive system, same skill guys around him. Yeah. Like Russell. Now, obviously, Mahomes has that as well as does Lamar Jackson. But the argument there from a Holmes in Jackson for them to be worth where they're going in the second round is they not only to be they not only need to be number one or two, they need to be significantly better than everyone else.


So even if they finish one or two, it's not worth it. They need to be like Lamar. Jackson wasn't only the number one quarterback last year. He was number one by a lot.


And if he's only number one by a little bit, then he's completely you know, he's not return the value of his dropping.


All right. So I think we agree on Russell Wilson. I think maybe the safest player at the position in fantasy football this year. Chris Carson is a player who has immense upside we've seen over the past couple of years. Right.


But is he being undervalued right now in fantasy football?


And here's a reason why I ask that question, Matthew, is that, yeah, last year he was RB twelve and two points per game basis.


His ATP right now is RB sixteen. You haven't ranked is RB fifteen. I have him is RB eighteen. But it's not his ATP relative to running backs. That's disconcerting right now.


It's his ATP relative to all players and see that you are concerned with because you have him much higher in your overall ranks than his ATP would suggest.


He's in the fourth round, you got him at the top of the third round right now. Hey, Lisa, take a wide shot here. I just want to make sure people are watching at home. Can you take. There we go. Thank you very much. Lean back, because I don't want to like social distancing, but I'm just, you know, I'm going to do.


That is me ringing the bell for Chris Carson, that is me trying to bang the drum for Chris Cox, but we don't have a drum. But what do we do when people what are we doing without Chris Carson? I don't understand. It's like I have a twenty three overall people. I don't understand why people don't appreciate how great Chris Carson is. Last two years, here's the entire list of players with at least eleven hundred rushing yards and nine rushing touchdowns, nine total touchdowns, I should say, last two years as Elliott, Chris Carson.


That's the entire list. Zeke and Chris Carson, everyone's like, oh well, he gets injured. Well, OK, last two years he's played twenty nine games. That's the same as Alvin Kamara. I mean, like when I'm drafting Alvin Kamara in the top five, he's played, he's played, you know, more than more than one bleep. So Chris Carson is somebody who is healthier than you think he is.


People like, oh, what about the fumbles, you know, who don't care about fumbles? Pete Carroll, he fumbled last year. Pete Carroll's like, go back on out there. Then you think about, well, there's competition, competition, like how many years are we that like all Rashaad Penny is going to take over, like that's been asked and answered with Carlos Hyde, who's on his sixteenth in four years, ran four thousand yards last year.


I understand that. I argue that Carlos Hyde and yet Houston still said, yeah, we're good.


You know Carlos Hyde right now, four thousand yards last year, and yet Houston was still like, you know what? We're going to trade our best asset, DeAndre Hopkins, to get David Johnson replace you. Carlos Hyde. That's how that's how much they loved Carlos Hyde last year. Cosigns on his sixth team in four years.


That's true. Yeah. It's close to true clean. No, it's completely true. Cleveland, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Houston. Wow.


Six and four years. Right. We're well traveled. And Stephania.


Yeah. So anyway, the point is, my ears still hurt. I'll do it again. I would prefer you don't. We'll just move up Chris Carson in your rankings then my friend got them. Nathan carries per game last season. I'm sorry. Fifth. Fifteen carries per game last season, he gets a massive workload, I'm not worried about Carlos Hyde, I'm not worried about Rashaad Penny. He might start the season on the physically unable to perform list D.J Dallas when they drafted JR Dallas.


You know, Pete Carol said, can't wait to see him on special teams. That was the first quote out of Pete Carroll's house.


You're going to see I come out to see him on the on the two tables also do. But the first thing out of Pete Carroll's mouth on the at the postgame press conference was can't wait to see this kid on special teams. Chris Carson is going to have the lead running back roll on one of the best offenses in football that is run heavy. He's healthier than you think, and he's getting more involved in the passing game three targets a game last year, which was nearly double than his twenty eighteen average.


Yeah, no one ever gives love to Chris Carson except me. This guy, every single year I bang the drum for Chris Carson every single year and makes the love lost every single year. He gets he gets under drafted every single year he produces twenty third. Overall I'm a second round pick as a third round the high third late second ago.


But he's going like in the middle fourth. Late fourth. That was passion. I loved it. I love, I'm just. Yeah.


Give me Chris Carson all in on Chris Carson. I'm going to give you a chance to, to sort of debrief and just like cool off. What's on reading.


Debrief. Debrief. Oh, debrief. I thought you said maybe just cool off though.


Yeah. By reading something for us. No, sure. It's about Chris Carson because I'm down for that.


It's about ways that you can watch Chris Carson on Sunday.


Matthew Berry, OK. Hi there, football fans living in apartments in big cities, sympathizing with all of you out there who want every live game every Sunday afternoon, but who can't get DirecTV where you live?


Well, I have some good news for you.


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Once again, promo code, ESPN twenty twenty. And you say 15 percent at NFL Sunday ticket TV. Don't miss any of the action. Head to NFL Sunday ticket dot TV today. Use the promo code, ESPN twenty twenty and you're welcome. All right, field. Now it's time to talk about Tyler Lockett, DKA Metcalf. Which one of these Seahawks receivers should be drafted first or is there another pass catcher on this offense that's worth drafting? Let's get into that.


I am going to commit what I believe to be a little bit of a cardinal sin here, which is speaking out of both sides of my mouth, fantasy football purposes.


But I would prefer to roster Dick Metcalf this year, despite the fact that I have Tyler Lockett ranked higher than DK Metcalf.


And here is the issue with Tyler Lockett. He is a marvelous, marvelous talent. Right. The guy was has been unbelievable. He's an incredible value for them at eight million dollars per year.


Last year, he led the NFL in red zone, targets twenty three and catches seventeen in the red zone. All right. I've got him a wide receiver.


Twenty four is ATP right now is wide receiver seventeen.


And there's why I have the issue, because if you look last year at Tyler Lockett and I know anybody here who has rostered him remembers this last year, Lockett was a yo yo player last year.


If you can pull up a full screen here on some of these splits for Tyler Lockett in twenty nineteen, this is Tyler Lockett and a handful of other players that I have ranked ahead of you.


Matthew, am I wide receiver rankings, Courtland, Sutton, Keenan Allen, Calvin Ridley and Julian Edelman on the right side of the screen. For those that are watching is the consistency ranking for wide receivers developed by our great friend Tristan Cocroft.


Tyler Lockett was thirty fifth inconsistency, ranking last year behind guys like Sutton Itan, Allen at nineteen, Riddley at fifteen and then a minute five.


OK, last year Tyler Lockett went to argue this because I can argue all they hold on.


Tyler Lockett last year had four games with six or fewer points for a quarter of his games last season. He was Dunn's last year in terms of games with seventeen plus points, he had five. That sounds good, right? Well, all those guys that I just mentioned had more games with seventeen plus points than Tyler Lockett. I'm just telling you, Matthew, that this is a player who obviously was banged up last year. I know that I'm not naive to that, but there was a lot of up and down weeks for Tyler Lockett.


And even there were weeks where even if he was salvageable, he was salvageable because he had one catch for fifty one yards and a touchdown. He's an inconsistent player for fantasy. He killed you for a month. There we extend through fourteen. He just absolutely crushed you, crushed you like a grape. So I don't have an argument for that other than the fact that he was not healthy. But prior to that he was awesome. You mentioned about how efficient he is and that's true.


But that's his game. That's Russell Wilson's game. That's been the Seahawks offense. Like you think it's an outlier until they do it every year in a row and then you're like, OK, that's just sort of how they are. That's how good Russell Wilson is. If we just talked about the fact that Russell Wilson has the highest floor of any quarterback, that we think he's the safest guy right at the at the elite level and that this is a guy that's done thirty touchdowns each of the last three years.


He's the only quarterback in the NFL that can say that. Thirty passing touchdowns at least in each of the last three seasons. Well, who's he thrown at to start to Tyler Lockett.


He's going to DK Metcalf and then who else. We've got some tight ends. Whatever. I got my yeah OK. But whatever I mean, it's a very narrow target. Trae there in Seattle.


And so, Tyler, forget Kansas. Forget fantasy, forget consistency. True or false? Tyler Lockett is a very talented NFL player.


I said that Ryan of course he is. OK, so if we buy the talent of Tyler Lockett and we buy the fact that this is that he doesn't have a lot of competition for targets, that we think Russell Wilson is one of the best real life NFL quarterbacks and one of the best fantasy quarterbacks, and that he has thirty passing touchdowns in the bank. He doesn't miss a game. I mean, I have him at 19. I'm higher than you.


I'm higher than Daniel. I'm still might be too low on Title Lockett. I get it. He killed you for a month last year. And that's the only that's the right. It was weeks 10 through 14. So, I mean, whatever it was. Yeah.


I mean, it was right. Right. When you needed him. Like, if you were counting on to get you into the fantasy playoffs last year, he did not do that. I'm with you so but fully healthy.


Talked about Matthew, all those things you talked about last year. You said all those things you just mentioned. Do you want those to last year? Sure. OK. And by the way, and in even and he still finished his wide receiver, 22 last year because he had killed you. Monster game, OK. Right. So, yeah, he had three monster games with ten plus catches here.


Other game and Tyler Lockets game long term targets two four, four, five, seven, six, four, three to six.


Those are those are games with targets. Those are his targets. Yeah. Targets. He's very efficient. It's not it's look, you have to get he's efficient.


But I'm just saying, like when we're talking about someone has great depth. Well, guys are money in the bank for one hundred and twenty targets. That that to me is more appealing. That's why I'm down on him this year relative to where you have him. Right. That's all. Fair enough.


I you know, I mean, we could go through that list of players that you guys that I could, you know, argue all of them read my stuff online, I guess, you know, like that's fair.


Although it does have DK Metcalf ranked ahead of Tyler Lockett along with Eric Karabell. And so obviously, Danny, a very smart man sort of side of me on this argument. Tell me more about why you have him ahead.


Well, of Lockett and has a close personal connection with Russell Wilson. That is accurate as well. Yes, I honestly feel exactly what you laid out, as is the reason why I like Dick Metcalf more. I think the idea that as a rookie last year, seeing what we did over nine, nine yards, receiving seven touchdowns and now another year to be able to get better, to be able to learn the position more.


And the idea that Tyler look at Tyler Lockett has so few targets.


He is we always talk about how crazy efficiency is. Right. Can he continue to be this efficient every single year? I would just rather have a wide receiver that I feel like is going to see the ball more often than four times a game.


Like it's really that simple. Yeah.


It's cute that you can be efficient on four targets. I'll take the less efficient guy on the left. Yeah, right. That's that's exactly. And that's one hundred percent way. All right. So before it's it's a healthy motorization. Oh I'm going to say is that I get I get sort of the up and down nature, although that's true with a lot of a lot of the wide receivers there. And it looks like I said, I don't think Courtland Sutton gets nearly the target share he got last year, cetera, etc.


There's some injury concerns there. I think the quarterback change hurts Keenan Allen more than most quarterback changes this off season, regardless of all of that. The fact is, is that Tyler Lockett didn't get a lot of targets, KJU for a month and still finished as the twenty second best wide receiver in fantasy last year.


Again, I would I would lean on the fact that he had three gargantuan games, that painting do those not count. But that's the point, Matthew, is that I don't count for consistency. Right. Like, I am targeting somebody who week to week can count on more. And I'm not guessing. All right. Is he going to have thirteen catches for one hundred and fifty two yards and two touchdowns, which off top my head that's what, twelve, twenty five.


That's like forty of his points last year came in one game. Right.


I want the player that's more consistent. All right. So we get you back in the mix here because the Seahawks did add a tight end this offseason.


And Greg Olsen, who you've talked about a lot recently because of injury concerns, but also another player returning at the position and will distally who unfortunately missed the bulk of last season. You're right, and it's interesting that Greg Olsen is the insurance right after we've been talking about him with his own health issues. Obviously, he's an older, tight end, but clearly they felt they needed it because, well, Disney has struggled to stay on the field. Obviously a huge talent.


But after he comes back from a torn patellar tendon, which is an incredibly difficult injury to come back from and looks fantastic, by the way, to start last season, then he gets just a handful of games in and he turns his Achilles on the opposite side. And if you're looking for a silver lining, he had a surgery that's called a mini open. It's minimally invasive and it's a quicker recovery.


It's less soft tissue damage, if you will, in the process of going through the surgery. So it's it overall, you can come back quicker, stronger, and they do really, really well. The problem is when you have consecutive major injuries like this, opposite sides, you got to wonder what's in store for the future. And we just don't know about will displease health going forward.


Again, as I find that you have a chance to workshop what it would be if it's not necessarily a clean bill of health, like an optimistic outlook, are you still sort of figure that one out? I mean, I think he's going to be healthy to start the season, so if you're looking for Health Week one day, I think he'll be there. The problem is, will it last? You're going to be nervous.


I think it's the number of bells. Is it one bells to bell. That's the closing bell system bell. Eskil Bells. What about cones?


We could also do cones that I like. We'll just. Yeah, you do. Tell me about Will Bisley and how much you like him and whether you think there's value in either one of these players here. Greg Olsen being drafted in 30 seconds. Yeah, I just look, we'll just was a top seven tight end for a number of years. So, again, I and I love distally in Dynasty Olsson's.


You know, I think I think distally has more upside than Greg Olsen, but it's not something that I would want to count on. I think you need to see it a little bit, right.


Yeah. So I think it's more for four deeper leagues here. Before we move anything, I just want to clean one thing up real quickly. So here are the six teams that Carlos Hyde has been on on the last three since you got in San Francisco. Yeah. Then went to Cleveland, then Jacksonville. People forget he was in camp with Kansas City for a little while, right. Then went to Houston and now everybody hugs.


OK, I know that was good.


OK, I just want to clean that up because it was unclear at this time because Matthew so used to not being able to remember stuff off his head that, like, he actually nailed that one is I want to make sure, though, you got to check yourself.


All right. Let's have some trivia fun here and we'll pass it over to our good friend from the bunker, Mr. Kyle Sarpy.


Limited. Limited. He's not limited. No. He's like, if Russell Wilson is Mr. Unlimited, Housetop is Mr. Limited.


He's in the bunker. He can't go anywhere else. Is that true? It's true.


Mr. Lynch, what he got you guys talked a lot about end zone. Target 3rd came back, Kev, Tyler Lockett, both our top five last year and total end zone targets. I want you to name for me.


The last time we saw that prior to the Seahawks, to the last time a pair of teammates both ranked high five and end zone targets in a season so far, you that expression said it all right there for me.


Like, I don't feel like your initial instinct is you're not going to get this one right. I'm sure we got multiple choice coming next week on Monday.


So you guys are cut you a break that there didn't even multiple choices when here you guys probably can't see this, but I'm going with greatest show on turf. Isaac first Tory hold. I don't know.


Nice his that's that's a really good guess right there. I don't. Yeah.


Neither do you want to venture a guess the last time. Two teammates. Both top five.


Yeah. I don't think this is right at all, but I have Jimmy Graham and Marcus Colston, another good one.


That's actually good thought since I have a weird feeling on this world that I might be right, but I'm sure I won't be because I've got OPHR since now in the first question. Right, Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery had.


Oh good. Well yes. I actually thought about Brandon Marshall for a second.


That's actually a pretty good guess to them that end up clearly forgot about or potentially those.


It's not a bad guess. You guys are thinking too hard. You're going too far back. Definitely. Broncos with Peyton Manning then, huh? No. Last year. Twenty sixteen, 2016.


I mean, I was going to say it's got to be Davante Adams and Jordy Nelson. Here's a hint. Yes, sir. Oh, snap. You know what I thought about Devonta? All right. Kyle knew I was not stopping some of the some of the questions have a foreign answer that nobody can get. This one was gettable.


I don't know how we don't spend all day on the interweb looking up stats right there on Twitter. Right. Oh, good job. You know.


Yeah. Taylor Bolton sitting there next year. Google, right. Whatever on. All right. Why did you what did he tag at the Seahawks to, by the way? I think that he's doing like, hey, heads up, Seahawks social media manager. I got a trivia question on a podcast. Yeah. Do doing well anyway. Taylor Bolton at TI Bolton. Nice job there. He he apparently got it. I am glad that he's listening right now.


Taylor Bolton is. All right. A couple of housekeeping announcements on Sunday. The fantasy football marathon on ESPN begins will be on ESPN, ESPN two, the ESPN app, probably other places as well. Yeah, Matthew prominently involved. Safinia Prominently involved. Daniel primarily involved. I might show up for five minutes or something fair. Give me a lot of fun.


Can't wait for that side of every ESPN dotcom foul. Come play a game with us, sign up, do a mock draft. As a result of that, we will not have a podcast tomorrow. So Friday you'll not have a podcast. We're back on Monday. Correct, Daniel? Accurate. You will be hanging out in the Chateau de Cone.


In the meantime, keeping that palatial estate up, keep everything else that goes into the maintenance of that house to find. I can only imagine how much work that is for you. My love hate article is out on ESPN dot com. Please check that out as well to find anything else before we head into the weekend. Got big plans.


I don't have big plans, but I do want you to listen to the ESPN Daily from yesterday that aired. That's a. Alex Smith, I appreciate it. All right. Check out the ESPN Daily podcast, great stuff from Pablo and Stephania and Matthew show violations. We've reached the end of the week. I imagine this number is pretty large where we at 50 50.


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Wrote a past dotcom promo code 06. Oh, we'll talk to you guys on Monday. Have a great weekend, everyone. Stay safe. We'll see you on the marathon.


This out six oh one oh. Never going to hustle, in case you didn't know. Matthew Berry, GM on YouTube. You guys go ahead, give me grief for being on SportsCenter for forty five seconds. You can do better than me because I don't think you could jailbait Bayfield yet if you're you're you're terrible at hashtag improv. I feel I feel great stuff on your. Oh no. That's very, very. Feklisov Geico knows there are many reasons why you ride from the thrill of the revving engine and pure adrenaline of flying down the highway to the confidence of knowing that Geico always has your back with 24/7 access to claim service.


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They won't even fit into most shirts. Thankfully, biking really embraces vest culture, so I feel accepted.


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