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See you in those six or nine. Fancy, fancy. Welcome to the fantasy focus, we are presented by Geico affiliates Matthew Berrys to your bill from the police station. Yes, Matthew, what would you like? I have a question for you. OK, so when you say. You know, our our podcast is presented by Geico. Right, we're we're thrilled with that. I notice you didn't say proudly we think Geico is proud to present or just or begrudgingly presenting.


No, I'm sure they're very proud to be presenting us, Matthew.


I think this is a very popular podcast, little to do with you, but that is the fornia made a measurable contributions over the years. That's true.


And the people love to find. That's very true. We we think people love Daniel. Yeah.


And Kyle's rock solid. Yeah. I have my moments. They like you. They tolerate me. I got it. But the real star of the show is probably not cool, Keith.


I mean, even though he's not here right now, like, not quite a lot of people like not watching Daly.


He's so nice. He's the greatest. I feel so bad with us. He'll be super nice.


Keith just isn't a good nickname. You know, I agree. Superintendence I think not. Cool. Keith a while. Inaccurate in my opinion. Correct. It has a little bit more it sort of rolls off the tongue. Daniel, what would you like?


I just want to say, like, you're super nice, Keith. If I could hang out with a guy named Super Nice Keith or not cool Keith, I would always pick the guy named Nat Cole. Keith every time. Super nice. Keith Doesn't sound like fun to hang out with.


That's that's the point. Yeah. That's why we went with Nicole Keith. I don't know if I but if you wanted to if you wanted to make an accurate nickname. Super nice.


Keith is totally. Yeah. Super nice. Super nice and polite.


Yeah. Do you guys are dressed. You guys have any thoughts on Keith Leigh's raw debut figure. That would be some crickets there.


You guys got to get educated on Keithley. That dude is the met him. Keith Lipscombe, the two greatest kids that we know. Let's get right into it with a little bit of news or noise.


We do a lot of news or noise. All right, so yesterday, the great ball McClure, who covers the Falcons for us here at ESPN, did an interview over the phone with Falcons offensive coordinator Dirk Cutter and said all kinds of talk about how much Todd Gurley will play this year for the Falcons within the course of each game. And Cutter explained, and if you read the article in full, which you should, that his vision is for Todd Gurley to get a minimum of 15 touches per game and a maximum of 25 touches per game.


Can I go just to follow you here? Can I ask to follow Stephania? I want to know about what you thought of this news or noise.


That dirt cutter has a vision for a weekly roll of Todd Gurley for fifteen to twenty five touches per game. Is that even possible?


I think it's news because we now know what the Falcons would like to do and that doesn't surprise us. But I agree with you. People should read the entire article because the headline that was clipped about fifteen to twenty five touches was immediately followed by provided the running backs and can stay healthy throughout the season. And after all, it concerns about his knee, how he got here from Los Angeles with dirt Cutter back in May said he knows that Todd Gurley can still do it.


It's just a question of how often he can do it. And now we're hearing reports about how good he looks in camp, that he's got that explosiveness back, which was missing last year. But Winter Cutter went on to explain about the low end of fifteen in the high end of twenty five. He said, it depends where you are in the season and the wear and tear on the knee. Last year, Gurley averaged just under seventeen touches a game and it wasn't rock star material.


So consider that our Matthew Newser noise here. Well, doctors to fire in just one moment.


News or noise for you quickly on Todd Gurley in the potential for a fifteen to twenty five touch per week roll.


I think as long as he's healthy, I mean, it's that's the that we should change his name to Todd Gurley as long as he's healthy, OK, because we can do that because I don't believe there is tremendous competition.


I will say that I think Ido Smith gets more work than people are necessarily expecting. I think it's Brian Hill.


He's been the star of training camp for Atlanta.


Well, according to everybody who's theirs, the coaches is that Brian is the guy I understand.


I'm I'm going with veto, OK?


I understand that it may start out that way, regardless of whether it's it's it's Brian Hill or, you know, Smith.


I'm not a Brian Hill guy. Sure. OK, that's fine with me. Staubach, we're talking about a backup. Right, exactly. But so regardless of whether whether it's Itoh or Brian Hill or somebody else, the fact is, is that my expectation is, is that Todd Gurley is going to get the majority of work in that backfield. They pass the running backs quite a bit. And so we expect him to be used in the passing game a lot more than he was last year.


They just didn't use him at all in the passing game, although we've seen Gurley be successful in the passing game in previous years with the Rams. So the question is, is just whether he can hold up for a full season because they don't have a lot of depth behind him.


So I think you and Stephanie are sort of in lockstep here. It's about how many games, not whether he can get fifteen to twenty five touches in one specific game, but to find let's go right back to you, because AJ Green ran some routes this week and according to head coach Zach Taylor, is expected to practice today, Wednesday. Is that news or noise?


It's news because AJ Green obviously has not been on the football field since twenty eighteen. And a year before that, he had an issue with the hamstring and it was a hamstring tweak and practice that kept him out. Now the good part is he was back catching balls within a couple of days and as you said, expected to practice in pads today. But of course, we're going to keep an eye on this. It's always news when it's a soft tissue issue with AJ Green.


And if I could feel them just going to pull a Matthew real quickly and go back to Todd Gurley, because I want to point out to everyone he is on a load management program with Atlanta there. Obviously, it's not like he's free and clear. They're monitoring his workload right now. And I expect that to continue throughout the year.


Safinia Appreciate that. And I'm going to call this and I hear you on the Todd Gurley thing.


But to bring about AJ Green, I'm going to call it news. And here's why. I think he's going to wind up being of value this year. Last check, his ADP was hovering around wide receiver. Twenty eight, maybe thirty. So you're talking about a player that isn't even draft to be drafted as a starter? I'm basically tossing out twenty nineteen. I think extenuating circumstances were as much a part of why he didn't return as the ankle injury itself.


And we are often to remember to forget how talented a player can be with just one bad year. I think that's the case with AJ Green. He also needs to have a massive year to get that final lucrative contract that he is looking for. I'm talking myself into AJ Green and this entire Bengals offense or fantasy more and more by the day, right back to define it, because we have another receiver who. Unfortunately, is now going the opposite direction.


Mike Williams, the Chargers writer who we discussed yesterday, Stephania, we got a bit of an update on his status. It sounds like week one is in question for him. Absolutely.


And Anthony Lynn said it's possible he could miss week one. This is news because it sounds like they are preparing to not have Mike Williams available, like it's probably going to take a few weeks for him to recover to the point where they want him in a game. So already you're planning on Mike Williams potentially missing time with this AC spring.


All right, Matthew, you believe this to be news or noise? Mike Williams. Yeah, Ouli News, OK. I mean, look, last year yesterday we talked about Keenan Allen and one of the arguments against Keenan Allen, because we all agree of the talent was volume that we just think this is going to be a lower passing, a lower volume passing attack than it was under Philip Rivers. But if you're tired, Target is suddenly like Hunter Henry Keenan Allen and Austin Ekeler Out of the Backfield suddenly becomes a lot more interesting if Mike Williams is going to miss four to six weeks, if he's going to miss significant time, I don't think there's anyone else on that team that scares me in terms of taking Target share away from Keenan Allen.


And I even think that Mike Williams is going to be a big target monster. But he was a legit threat.


Right. And so and we know that Tyrod likes to chuck a deep on occasion. And so I think it's a downgrade a little bit for Tyrod. But I will say that, yeah, Keenan Allen, I think you move up a few spots and a lot of news so far this morning.


One more for you to find. You don't have to answer this if you want to excuse yourself from forty Niners injury updates. But their first round pick, Brandon Eisuke, their second of two first round picks, as we discussed a couple of days ago, now has a hamstring issue. What's the latest on him and is it news or noise?


I think it's news. He's been very impressive in camp and we thought he was potentially going to get a lot of utilization at the start of the season, given the injuries to DBO Samuel. And now there's a question as to whether he'll be ready for week one. We will see. But when you hear the 49ers are working out a whole crew of receivers, some of whom people haven't heard of and the names are familiar, it tells you that they're concerned about their depth at the position.


I think this news first find his team rushing noise to me. And here's why I say that, is that even with the injury to DBO, Samual and Jalen Hurt and some of the other players that were banged up in this training camp, we hadn't yet gotten to the point where we were saying, yeah, Brandon IUC is more than a late round flyer. So this sort of to me pushes him to like further into almost undrafted player territory, then further towards like, let's say, Browns twelve thirteen ish.


Right. So I just think that while he certainly could become fantasy relevant this year out of the gates with the injury, the uncertain offense, which as we know, they've been so good on the ground, they don't necessarily need to light it up weakly. To me, it's noise, even though there is news involved.


I have I have a semi controversial take here, OK? And I'd love to find you to weigh in on this and give me give me her opinion here.


But I think that after George Kittle, the late round pass catcher that you want to take a flyer on is DBO Samuel. Who is that? That I would rather take a late round flyer on DBO Samuel and coming back in a few weeks and being productive, you know, especially over the second half of the year, then Brandon IUC, then Richie James or Kendrick Bourne or Jordan Reed, who looked good or supposedly at practice yesterday. And I wants to find his thoughts on that statement.


I think if you just prepare that you would not have the same role for the first six weeks and just assume that he's going to stay on the PUP list and that means a minimum of six weeks before he'd be back. That's how you have to operate. And if that's worth it to you to take him in the late rounds for that, then the upside is definitely there. We know that and we know what he can do on the field. I like I you and I still I think, you know, I still think he will be utilized.


But I agree with Field. If it's a 10 team league, I'm probably not using a spot on him.


But wouldn't you rather have ten weeks of Debow Samuel than six weeks of anyone else that isn't named George Kittle on that passing offense? My answer is yes. At last check and these things move quickly. DBO Samuel is still being drafted relatively high.


So that's what I had wide receivers. That's what I was going to say here. Right now his ADP is tenth round. He's wide receiver. Thirty five.


But give me a call behind him. Right. So that's too high for me. So what range are you when you say late round based on where he's going, like what would feel comfortable for you if I have him?


I don't have my rankings memorized, but I believe I have him a wide receiver. Forty ish range.


So twenty two wide receiver. Thirty two. There you go. Thank you. Thirsty Kyle guy by the way. I was. There you go. So yes, wide receiver. Forty two is where I'm comfortable taking him. OK, fair enough. That's the answer. There are forty one wide receivers I like more than DBO Samuell at the moment. I hope that we don't talk to Stephanie about injuries regarding the 49ers for a long time, moved back to her in just a couple of minutes.


But first, it is time now for another edition of Double Trouble.


Double trouble.


Double double trouble. Trouble, double trouble, trouble, trouble, double trouble. As of this moment, they are on double secret probation.


By the way, correct me if I'm wrong, I believe today is the last day of double trouble. I believe we have made it through every team except for two we're going to talk about today. I love miss. We speed dating.


I love correcting you when you're wrong, Matthew, but you are not wrong about that one. It's like the most impressive poll you've had in a while.


Yeah, only trivia game was on point. Oh, you know what?


Check the standings because it's not like anyone else has been. Lighten it up. Stefon has gotten a little bit of a hot. We'll get to that at the end season, a little bit of a hot.


But it's like, you know what, we are a Johnny football over here. I know. Like, oh oh. For the season we're like eight teams left out of the NBA bubble.


Like you're the Cavs. I'm like, I don't even know some deplorable Pistons team. Sorry. Oh, I'm sorry.


That's fair, though, man. Anyways, let's play some double trouble. Our last edition of Double Trouble. As Matthew mentioned, we were able to get through these teams so fast.


I want to have a trivia point for that. OK, that works. Let's begin with this kneeing reigning Super Bowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, who had just an incredible off season in so many ways. Let's dive right into the half a billion dollar man, which, of course, is Patrick Mahomes.


We're not going to quibble too much about where he ranks. We have them all at number two behind Lamar Jackson. But at what point, Matt?


This is the question. OK, there's actually two questions. I'm sorry. OK, I was going to say we all have a but he's going at one overall in the 80s, which is interesting.


He has actually he has gravitated ahead of Patrick Mahomes, which I have a theory, Mark Jackson, I'm sorry, ahead of Lamar Jackson. I have a theory on that.


OK, we have a recency bias thing that impacts our life in so many ways, not just fantasy football, but a fantasy football. Like more recently, we saw Lamar Jackson struggle and Patrick Mahomes be a superstar. One was a great player in the playoffs, won the Super Bowl MVP, has a half a billion dollar contract.


Now, the other got bounced in the first round. But if you just go back and look at last season, Matthew, one close look, it was not close at all. Right?


And as a matter of fact and so little so I think these two questions kind of tie to each other because the question is, should he be going first? And then I think B is at what point are you taking Patrick Mahomes right now? As you mentioned, his quarterback one and his overall ADP is somewhere around 16 to 17. Again, these things are updating in real time. So obviously these are subject to change, maybe by the time that you listen to this podcast.


But how soon is too soon on petrol bombs? I think the first round is too soon on Patrick Mahomes.


OK, so I have MIT quarterback. I have a twenty seven overall. Right. So I have him towards the end of the third round and my rankings are done for ESPN Standard League's ten team leagues. One quarterback leagues. Yep. So assuming we're talking about that, I have him as a late third rounder.


OK, but if you take him in the end of the second, do I think you've completely, you know, you know, jobbed, your draft, but I think you completely like, you know, butchered your draft.


I don't look, here's a thing. You're not going to lose your draft. Like when you finish your draft, you're not going to sit there.


Like, you know what? I really made a mistake on draft. And Patrick Mahomes correct. You're not losing your draft by drafting Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson. They're awesome. They're super studs. It's all about opportunity cost. And I will say that, you know, Daniel, when we did the draft in the fantasy football marathon and you didn't I don't think you drafted Mahomes. You drafted Lamar Jackson. But I think the point is still relevant here.


What Daniel did is what pick did you have in the draft? It was a ten team draft.


It was a ten team draft. Correct. I had picked number four. He had picked four. And so if you there's just a way in terms of roster construction, if you want, right where you can if you get one of those first four picks, if you get what we feel to be a rock solid, safe running back.


Right. You get you get CMC, you get Barkley, you get Zeke, get Kamara. Right. And I think if Dalvin Cook signs a contract we would argue he's in that he's in the tier as well in that tier as well.


So if you do that and then you come back around and then your next two picks, you take a tight end, you take Travis Kelsey and then you get Mahomes in the third or vice versa.


That's a really interesting roster, construction, because, again, wide receiver so deep. And I think there's a chance that there's somebody decent as your number two running back in the fourth, or you can get a decent wide receiver there. And so I just think that's something to think about there.


Yeah. So I agree on the roster construction. I don't I don't have anything to dispute there. I think where I'm more focused on Mahomes right now is simply to your point that like if you're taking him at anywhere from like 17 to 22.


It's the opportunity cost of who you're bypassing, which based off ATP right now, is that you are potentially passing up on someone like Julio Jones or even his teammate Tyreek Hill based on ATP again right now, Davante Adams, Austin Ekeler.


And so if we're comparing the merits of Mahomes and Jackson, something you have to decide is what is more repeatable. Patrick Mahomes in what he did in 2000 and 18 when he had 50 plus touchdown passes and I think 4500 plus passing yards or Lamar Jackson last year, where he obviously had bundles of passing yards. But what really was the key that turned this engine on was the one thousand plus rushing yards, I would argue, and maybe neither of them ever repeats those two seasons.


I would argue Lamar Jackson is a greater threat to go for one thousand plus rushing yards and thirty plus passing touchdowns in a year than Patrick Mahomes is to repeat the 2018 season.


Yeah, I would agree with you. And that's why I have Lamar Jackson at one and I have Mahomes at two. But I will say that I think if you're sitting there going, which one of these guys if I tell you one of those two guys, the bottom completely falls out this year. I would say it's Lamar Jackson, I think Patrick Mahomes has a higher floor because there is a concern. I think we've seen this with rushing quarterbacks. You've seen it.


If you go back to, you know, Michael Vick, if you go back to RG three and his rookie years, which was so magical, like we've seen this before, where quarterbacks that get a ton of fantasy points with their legs have regressed, especially if they're scoring rushing touchdowns. Now, Lamar Jackson is something special. And it's not just the rushing touchdowns, as you pointed out. It's the rushing yards.


And we obviously look I mean, the guy's a human video game, right? But. Right. But that's what I would argue. There's more concern of the rushing it. I think there's a higher floor for Mahomes, if that makes any sense, than Jackson. I want to have a longer track record, obviously two years versus one.


I want to close this conversation by saying something very, very clearly.


There is zero negative things that I can think of about Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson's football players and really as humans to rights when we are making that agree that.


I know you do. I'm just saying, like before someone misconstrues like me saying I think a thousand rushing yards and 30 passing touchdowns is more repeatable for Lamar than Mahomes. Twenty eighteen season is. Oh, you know, Lamar is definitely better. Come on, guys, relax.


We're just saying that if you are trying to separate the zero point zero zero one percent quarterbacks, that's how you're going to have to do it.


When you do rankings, you have to make a call. And we've each made that call to put Jackson over Mahomes, and that's among our reasoning here. But again, I have I have him as late third rounders. That's where I have them. But I don't think you're completely, you know, messing up your team if you draft him late second. But you're asking me what I would do. What I would do is I would take them in the late third round.


I think that the argument for taking them as high as they're going isn't just that they're going to finish is the number one or two quarterback. I think this is an important point. It's not just they're going to finish is the number one or two quarterback, it's that they're going to finish significantly ahead of everyone else, because that's what Lamar Jackson did last year. He was not only the number one quarterback, he was the number one quarterback by like forty something points.


Yep. That's I completely agree. Right. You're saying this is all back to it's a process based decision. It's not simply a results based decision. All right.


Let's talk about Travis Kelsi. Sure. Travis Kelce, the only tight end ever to have four straight one thousand receiving yards seasons. He also, by the way, during each of those four seasons, had 80 plus catches. The guy lives in the end zone. He's supremely rich after that incredibly well deserved extension.


Another player that we're asking, where do you take him if he's still on the board?


And like, should he be going earlier than Patrick Mahomes his teammate? I have him ranked that way. Yeah.


Mixu, again, depth position. So, you know, Mahomes is awesome. He's amazing.


But you've also got Lamar Jackson and I'm very high on Dak Prescott this year. And by the way, if you leave your draft with Russell Wilson or Deshaun Watson as your starting quarterback, you can be just fine. Matt Ryan, Drew Brees going to be just fine. Obviously, so many good quarterbacks. But here in Travis Kelsey, who's been the number one fantasy titan for four straight years, it sort of feels like that run that Antonio Brown was on for so many years.


Field. It's just like I think Travis Kelce, especially given the fact that he's still playing for Andy Reid, is still playing with Mahomes as his quarterback. Travis Kelce is the closest thing to money in the bank in fantasy football this year, other than maybe Christian McCaffrey.


I think he, Michael Thomas and Christian McCaffrey are the three surest things in fantasy football this season and was actually pressed into this decision himself. And Daniel, let's take a look at your roster. If we can flash it on the screen. Yeah, I'll spell it out for those that are listening on the podcast here.


But you had to make this decision during the marathon you had picked for, as Matthew referenced, you and Alvin Kamara at four.


And what was your thought process to pick? Seventeen. So a pick seventeen. I saw that Travis Kelsey was still on the board and my thought was given the depth that wide receiver, I could be able to take what is in essence a wide receiver there. And sure, up the number one spot at tight end zone. I've got a top five running back, the number one tight end. And I was hoping that either Lamar Jackson or Patrick Mahomes would make it back to me in the third round so that I could have the number one or number two quarterback.


And now the first three picks. I've just I feel like I've got the one of, if not the best at the position with those three picks and then follow that in with what you did. Yeah.


Grabbed Lamar Jackson in the third round. Yep. And then coming back around to the fourth he got Leonard Fournette. Now I am not a huge Leonard Fournette fan here, but at the end of the fourth I don't mind that ADP and there's other running backs there. And then what's interesting is, is like, OK, so this is what I was getting to when I was talking Mahomes and Pat and roster construction. Right. And I think this only works and it's going to be tougher to do in twelve team leagues.


But attend team leagues, this will absolutely work is like top four running back. He's got the best tight end. He's got a top two quarterback, he's got a a top twenty running back in Fournette issue. I mean again like give or take, you know I'm not, I'm not a huge fan, but whatever moving on from him, a lot of people certainly like Fournette this year can't argue with the ADP. Then you look at who has wide receivers are you're like, OK, he doesn't take a wide receiver till around five.


Robert Woods. Tyler Lockett, him and who is your third, Jarvis, Landry, Jarvis Landry. Yeah, three guys who could easily lead their teams and coaches. Yes, yeah.


Robert Woods, who you know, who is like a top 12 fantasy wide receiver. Last year, Tyler Lockett, who was a top ten wide receiver last year for a long period of time before he got hurt.


And Jarvis Landry, who's always underrated and will absolutely outearn his ADP.


So that's my point is like, again, top four quarterback, top to top four running back, top two quarterback top number one, tight end and a very strong wide receiver corps. I love what Daniel did in the draft, actually.


So that is a Travis Kelsey catalyzed draft strategy there that Daniel showed you. That is exemplary.


What Matthew is discussing last quick things. I love what Daniel said is that, like, you're basically getting a wide receiver.


I wonder how his ATP would be manipulated if his position was wide receiver, not tight end. I think there's a case that you would be going closer to like 12.


I think I think this has been done in 36. You pop in here if you if you have the number. But I want to say, like, if you counted him among wide receivers, he's a top twenty wide receiver, you know what I mean?


Easily, you know, a top twenty wide receiver, like all four years each of the last three seasons, he's been a top 25 flex player, which basically excludes everybody but quarterbacks each of the last three.


So you're getting him obviously at a rare position there. His ADP overall is 20th overall into the second round.


I am slightly higher than that at number seventeen.


Overall, I think it's a good value there. Pick twenty. We I feel like there's been no player. We've discussed more in this podcast besides.


And I would also say if I can just one last thought on Kelsey. I have met seventeen overall.


But if you are if you are at the end of a long run, you mean like if you're at the if you're picking at the back part of your draft and there's been a crazy running back run and you don't love the running backs ahead of you, like, I'll just say this like so I'm sixteen and our 16 team war room league draft.


If the first fifteen picks are running backs, Kelsey is very much on my radar at pick sixteen.


OK, it's good to know how far that went away. Kyle, what's the Travis Kelce stat?


You just texted me that you have it since twenty seventeen. He would be a top eight receiver on both a per game basis and total points.


So I mean if you're talking about like we're making the case for Chris Godwin or Mike Evans in the early to mid of the portion of the second round could do the same thing with Travis Kelce. Let's move on to Clyde Edwards, the player who I really believe we've talked about as much as basically any player thus far in the podcast this season. So maybe we don't need to belabor it, but we're all buying the hype. We agree on this. You have him as a top six running back.


I believe it is. I have six player overall, top six player overall. I have No. Seven overall, personally, one spot behind Derrick Henry in one spot ahead of Michael Thomas.


So just maybe just to refresh, we don't need to bicker too much over this, but just a refresher of why you're so bullish on Clyde Edward Delayer for those that may not have listened to it. And then if there is, who would you pick up as a chiefs insurance running back?


OK, so fantasy success comes from two things talent and opportunity. Talk about the talent. I mean, you know, a stat we've used quite a bit, you and I both have. But he's the first player in SCC history where are over a thousand rushing yards in over fifty receptions in a single season. He did that for LSU last year. It's nothing short of special. Andy Reid compares favorably. You know, Andy Reid, who is a very good talent evaluator, in addition to many other things, says compares favorably to Brian Westbrook, who from 04 to 08 under Andy Reid, was the second best running back in fantasy.


Look, Andy Reid has made, you know, let's call it pedestrian running backs.


You know, you think about Korrell Buckhalter. Sure.


Kendrick West or Spencer, where, like, he's made, you know, kind of a middle of the road running backs, very fantasy relevant.


And so now you get somebody who many people, many talent evaluators, not in the NFL, not on the Chiefs staff, but just in general said this guy's a first round talent.


This is one of the best running backs coming out this year, if not the best. And now he goes in the first round to Andy Reid in the Chiefs offense. We know how productive the lead running back of the Kansas City Chiefs can be under Andy Reid, with Damien Williams opting out. The roll is all his. Lou Redick, our colleague who has the number one pick in the War Room league draft, has said fantasy leaguers should draft him number one overall over CNMC.


So, yeah, full speed ahead.


Great player and a great opportunity. Very exciting. Clyde Edwards l'air.


Yeah, not I don't think right now there's a clear cut insurance policy. Daryl Williams and Daryl Thompson, it was going to say is if you wanted to take a flyer on an insurance policy.


Now, I know there's a lot of buzz for DeAndre Washington, who was Patrick Holmes teammate at Texas Tech who the chiefs chased in free agency played well for the Raiders last year. But I just want to give a shout out to Daryl Williams, who last year got three different games with double digit touches.


And in that that those games averaged fifteen point six.


Fantasy points per game, I don't really quickly and we have a stat, I have made it clear where I feel on Clyde Edwards earlier, but just a thought here. Yes, sir. If we're touting the buzz of backup running backs to Clyde Edwards, is there isn't that also acknowledging a bit more risk?


Like how many Derrington Evans conversations have we had so far about in Tennessee or how many Dion Lewis, you know, positive notes that we passed along behind, say, you know, do you know what I'm saying?


Right. I mean, like, we've got you guys. I do.


There's my answer to that is that I don't think we're really touting.


So I would you know, you just asked me a direct question if there is there an endurance running back? So I'm answering your direct question. The other thing I would say there is, is that Ezekiel Elliott has never missed a game due to injury and his NFL career. I still think Tony Pollard is very much worth a flyer late. OK, you know, like I still think, look, you know, we haven't talked about a or noise, but it looks like it looks like Mike Davis has passed Reggie Bonifant to be the backup to Kris McCaffrey and Carolina.


If you're looking for insurance on CMC, I've talked up Latavius Murray, who had over thirty fantasy points in the two games that he filled in for Alvin Kamara last year. So I I agree with you. We haven't had a lot of Derrington Evans conversations, but at least there's some track record on Daryl. Daryl Williams, if you think about who's there in Kansas City and if anything were to happen to S.H., because injuries happen to every running back, you think about who's there.


DeAndre Washington, brand new to the team. Darwan Thompson has yet to be able to sort of find the field. Daryl Williams got some work there last year. And what's most important to Andy Reid, right. Protecting his half a billion dollar quarterback who understands the pass protection. My belief is if there's a running back at least early, if there's a running back out there that isn't C.H., I think it's going to be Daryl Williams. And so if I'm in a basketball league, I'm going to deep league.


If you're looking for who you're going to, who are you going to like, you know, uses insurance on S.H. Like you can absolutely make a case for DeAndre Washington.


It wouldn't be surprising if he's the guy over the second half of the year. But I'm just saying, like Daryl Williams, I think is a guy that no one's talking about. And I think it's sort of interesting and I do not believe talking about Daryl Williams is in any way a knock against S.H..


OK, so Tyreek Hill was has always been incredible and productive for the Chiefs last year and just 12 games, he had eight hundred and sixty receiving yards and seven touchdowns.


I do what I do wonder and I was just I asked Kyle to pull this this morning. If you look at the top eight wide receivers in terms of rankings this year, Tyreek Hill leads them with nineteen touchdowns, which is one ahead of DeAndre Hopkins, Devonta Adams and Michael Thomas over the past two seasons.


But if you look at the number of games he has during the last two seasons versus those three with at least six catches. Eleven for Tyreek Hill, twenty two for DeAndre Hopkins, twenty four Davante Adams and twenty three for Michael Thomas. Now understand that Tyreek Hill did miss some time last year, so maybe percentage of the games that he had at least six catches is closer. But still like those guys, so are we.


Is the less impressive volume consistently, totally offset by the big play propensity here for Tyreek Hill, or is there a case for somebody who's a little bit more volume dependent to maybe slide ahead of him in our wide receiver ranks? Right now he's five. You have them three and and three as well to clean that up field.


He had six catches in just four of twelve games in twenty nineteen when he only played twelve games and he had seven of sixteen games in twenty eighteen where he had six catches. So percentage wise eleven of his twenty eight games.


You don't need to catch three, you don't need to catch three passes on a series when the first one goes eight yards, four touchdowns.


I mean look that's Tyreek Hill's game Tyreek Hill is Deshaun Jackson. Just times a billion. I mean right. He's got a quarterback that can literally throw it 80 yards from his knees. Mhm. I mean you know he is, he is truly at faster than.


Yeah. His old Twitter handle. Yeah. I mean like, like I think he's probably the fastest player in the NFL and if he's not it's a very short list as to who's faster than him. And I don't think there's a defensive back that can keep up with him. And so we've got a guy that's got a cannon for an arm. You've got a play caller that's amazing at getting guys into space and creating mismatches. And yes. So the answer is, is do I think the volume, the, quote, volume deficiency is masked by the big play propensity?


I do.


OK, fair enough. I am at five am my wide receiver ranking, which is I lean more towards the guys that I think are a greater weekly opportunity to get me fifteen points than the guy who may in some ways get me thirty one and then another weeks because they have a lot of talent. A wide receiver might get me seven or eight, which is not not Binetti. How many weeks but how many active weeks did Tyreek Hill get.


Less than eight fantasy points someone looked at. I got up on it. Yeah we can figure that out.


I, I say you have DeAndre Hopkins.


I assume a higher than Tyreke goes Michael Thomas, Davante Adams, Julio Jones and then DeAndre Hopkins and then Tyreek Hill.


I say Tyreek Hill has a better fantasy year than DeAndre Hopkins. I say DeAndre Hopkins has a better finish the year than Tyreek Hill put on board.


Put it on the board, put it on the board. Yeah that to single digit games for Tyreke one in which he was hurt.


So you can't get the one he got hurt. That happened. That can happen. Great. Well how many did in Michael Thomas had. At least 15 in every single game. Like you know these guys.


Michael Thomas ranked number one. I'm just saying look these are guys. We're splitting hairs. How many DeAndre Hopkins have it? But you're right.


But your argument against Tyreek Hill is that he that he's a boom or bust guy, that he has these small single digit games he had won.


My, my the thing that I posited was, is the lack of volume enough to offset and make split the difference.


People are making this decision in the second round with you. Right. So that's why my case for DeAndre Hopkins or Davante Adams or Julio Jones over Tyreek Hill is that volume is more significant. And oh by the way, the touchdowns you're talking about, you're right. But DeAndre Hopkins has won fewer touchdowns than Tyreek Hill over the past two years. One it does interacting with a second.


Your quarterback did even play it again in an offense that he's never played before.


But you're also in the breakout and breakout quarterback of the year, right? So Dana, what do you have? Yeah, so I got to we've talked about all of these chiefs, right. And they're all fantastic. Any single one of these guys could finish top five at their position, and we would not at all be, you know, think that's weird.


Yeah. So when you go into draft, we've had a lot of questions on Twitter. I could see putting a roster together with two or three chiefs on it, like understanding how all these guys are going to be that big at their position. Do you guys, from a strategy perspective, not, you know, decide I don't want any more than two players from one team. I don't want any more than three players, one team or if they're going to be top ten, does it not make a difference to you?


So I'm going to fall back on a rule.


I don't want to shout out the great Chris Wesley. And we continue to wish him well in his fight with cancer.


One of the great people in our industry and a very, very smart fantasy person, especially during, you know, he's he's more sort of real football focused fantasy focus now, but much love to us, much love to Wes.


And he sort of lives by rule for fantasy football that, generally speaking, a good strategy is to draft good football players. Right. Like if he's a good, talented player, then you have a better chance than not to return value.


And all these guys are stars. Yeah.


So am I going into a draft where I am intentionally adding every chief or intentionally avoiding, let's say, drafting Tyreek Hill if I already landed Clyde Edwards the player or avoiding Patrick Mahomes. If I already have Travis Kelce. No, I mean if the chips fall that way, I'm OK with it. It might make for a Harry Bye week, but besides that, I'm good with it.


Yeah, I agree with Field. I'm not necessarily going in targeting one particular team. Sure, there are some teams that make it unless I'm in, unless I'm in something like Scott Fishbowl where we're in a larger tournament and you need to sort of or you know, it's a baseball kind of thing where you need to have a different strategy to sort of stand out where there's a lot of teams. So that. Then I would target a team to stack, but it might not be the chiefs, because that's a little bit obvious.


Like, you know, when you're in a large tournament, you need to have a team that is very different than everyone else's right to stand out.


So like the Giants, weirdly, are an interesting team that you could easily stack the Steelers.


You know, like we talk about the Bengals, we both think the Bengals offense actually takes a real nice step this year and is actually going to be fantasy wise. Yeah. So, you know, the Steelers are really interesting to me, stack team.


But yes, like you'd be happy if you had Travis Kelce on your team. You'd be happy if you had Patrick Mahomes on your team. You'd be happy if you had Tyreek Hill on your team. You'd be happy if you had S.H. on your team. So if they were all on your team, like, that's not a bad thing. I'm not avoiding it.


But it's rare that I'm sitting there specifically targeting it because again, what happens if you get two thirds of the way there and then someone takes Kelsie the pick before you write whatever?


Right. If it falls to you that way, you're not going to avoid it because of that. But you're not targeting it.


A thousand. A thousand percent. Cool, awesome.


Interesting. Just looking back and Tyreek Hill for a second, who had four games with at least 15 points last year.


So one in three weeks you're getting at least fifteen points for Tyreek Hill. Just just just just saying, I'm just saying, all right, so I feel like I, I get to say I just think that maybe, you know, the idea that he's got like, considerable weekly upside relative to someone like DeAndre Hopkins is maybe maybe a little bit.


I think maybe it's a bad idea where there is risk with DeAndre Hopkins that there isn't with Tyreek Hill. Like, I want the guy in the same system with the same quarterback. He's the number one wide receiver on one of, if not the best passing offense in the NFL. And I love DeAndre Hopkins. He's an amazing wide receiver and he's one of my favorite players to root for in the NFL.


But the idea that there is no risk with a guy going to a brand new system in a brand new quarterback, that has there's a lot of other targets around him as well. You can't tell me there isn't. And, you know, listen, I think say, well, we'll see. We'll see where bears out. We got to keep moving here. But it'll be really interesting to see how that one shakes out. Another board bet in my favor.


We're going to come back in just a moment.


A poll I want to poll right now, Thirsty, who's right near field on Tyreek Hill or DeAndre Hopkins? Who you.


Well, you can create that poll in the meantime, Stefon, your first a word from you.


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Last team in double trouble and looking forward to this one. Here is the Denver Broncos.


Really, what team did you know? DeAndre Hopkins had fifteen or fewer fantasy points in seven of sixteen games last seven, seven or 15 games last year.


I mean, I will jump in, but I will put my mask on and come in between both of you. You do not stop seeing each other.


So we stand on that eight fantasy points. Goodness in the other. Got to fifteen more fifteen plus points in eight games. Right. He had he had no in seven.


You just said he had fifteen or fewer and seven of. Yeah. Yeah you're right. Yeah. Then he had one with a sixteen point game but yes yes yes yes. Tyreek Hill had eight games with fifteen or fewer points and four with more than fifteen.


Yeah. So you just still finished I believe higher than DeAndre Hopkins in points per game basis last year.


Got math. You've got to work on your math here.


Let's talk about the Broncos before we get too far down that rabbit hole of math.


And I'm all I'm saying is I'm just saying if your big argument for DeAndre Hopkins is is like he's super consistent and gives you like this this first you kept moving the goalposts. First you said, well, it's the single digit games were like, all right. Well, he only actually had one single digit game, Tyreek Hill. And then you're like, it's fifteen points and you're like, all right, well actually DeAndre Hopkins, you know about half the time, didn't even get to that threshold.


So it's, it's like all right like I don't know.


OK, OK. We haven't even talked about Julio yet. Yeah.


I mean OK, so the Denver Broncos this off season I thought surprisingly made an investment in Melvin Gordon two years and sixteen million dollars they already had.


Phillip Lindsay became the first undrafted player ever with at least one thousand rushing yards in Back-To-Back seasons to begin his career.


Are you concerned about the running back by committee or or do you think that Melvin Gordon has this job and it's clearly his and Phillip Lindsay is not a thing of the past, but he is a change of pace.


So somewhere in between, so, yes, make a couple a couple of questions there. Do I think do I think the job is clearly his? I don't. Do I think Phillip Lindsay is a thing of the past? Kind of.


I want to acknowledge there are reports out of Denver we've heard coach speak saying like this is going to be, you know, a running back by committee and they plan to use both guys. But I'm a big believer in, to your point. Follow the money on some level, right? They despite having a big year from Phillip Lindsay last year and despite a team that used an early draft pick on Royce Freeman, they went on to sign Melvin Gordon to big money last year.


Mm hmm. And I just think Phil Collins is a nice you know, he's a nice player. But he ain't Melvin Gordon, and I think a big argument that gets made is like, well, Philbin's, he's going to take all the passing down work. Lindsay had under 10 receiving yards and 10 or 16 games last year. I don't think Phillip Lindsay, because he's small, I think people assume that he's like this great pass catcher. He's fine.


But Melvin Gordon literally has close to 100 receptions in his last 24 games. Yeah, Melvin Gordon, I don't think people think of Melvin Gordon as a great pass catcher because, again, he's a bigger guy, is more physical guy. But Melvin Gordon is a very good pass catcher. And again, he's played 12 games in the last two years. He has, I want to say off the top my head. Ninety two receptions combined, his last two years, like he's like a 50 reception guy.


So so I don't totally buy the argument that Melvin Gordon's absolutely coming off on coming off the field on third down. I actually think the opposite. And I think when they get in close, it's going to Melvin Gordon. We expect this offense to be better this year.


We think we think Noah Fant takes it another step. We think a full year of drew lock. We think it's a more efficient offense, adding obviously, Judy and Hammer, and obviously they've got something there. So we think this is a more efficient offense. It's going to be scoring more, but when they get in close, they're going to give it to Melvin Gordon, who is one of the best goal line running backs in the NFL. Over the last four years, he has been a touchdown machine that's been, you know, that's been a big part of his fantasy value, as have been the touchdowns, because it's not the most efficient guy, like he's a four yards per carry guy.


So, yes, I am more bullish on Gordon than not. Now, I do think I still think Phillip Lindsay gets eight to ten touches a game. So I think that's a little concerning. But the idea that it's a even split here, I don't buy.


Yeah. So I have Melvin Gordon, right. The twenty one in my running backs. So not too far behind you at running back eighteen. We're in the same territory and I want to buy into everything that you're saying, and it may be that I end up drafting him around his current ADP. I still think I'm still sort of sorting through this one because it's just hard for me to envision that Philip Lindsay disappears. Now, 50/50 split is also hard for me to totally envision because they shouldn't have paid a guy eight million dollars per season.


But just for just for fun, I had Kyle look this up, sort of build a blind resume, if you will.


You look at two players and your last thirty one games and one of them averages four point nine yards per carry. The other one averages four point three. One of them averages the same number of yards per game, sixty six point one a piece.


Philip Lindsay as I'm not sure Rush. He has a touchdown every twenty six rushes. Melvin Gordon has one every twenty one point six rushes.


So like, statistically, there are some similarities between these two that I guess I'm I'm having a hard time envisioning Phillip Lindsay being. Totally phased out, which I don't think you're suggesting, but I'm also opening my mind to the possibility that, like, if Melvin Gordon starts the season slow, could you see this being a hot hand situation where Phillip Lindsay becomes the guy who has maybe 18 or 20 carries in a given week?


I think boring, it's hard to imagine that they want to win ballgames, so if Melvin Gordon completely falls off a cliff and Lindsay is crushing it, then sure, I guess I just don't see that happening.


I mean, starting in week seven last year, Phillip Lindsay was averaging under under five receiving yards a game like I actually think here's the thing.


If you look at Drew Lock, if you look at sort of the drew lock numbers, Drew lock in terms of target share, 20 percent I'm sorry, 25, 24 percent. Sorry. I'm looking at my numbers here, 24 percent. I'm sorry, 20 percent.


I'm looking at the catch catcher, 20 percent target share to running backs last year, Drew Lock.


And so, again, like I'm actually my pro Melvin Gordon argument is I think he's used much more in the passing game than Phillip Lindsay or the other people expect. OK, well, let's let's let's get to Fong in the picture, because I know she is up and she wants to add on these two running backs.


I actually am going to back Matthew up here on a tidbit that I got from Jeff Blackwell, who covers the Broncos for us and does an excellent job, and he's been there. He's dialed into the Broncos is anyone? And he said that Melvin Gordon's look really good in camp, especially as a receiver, that they look to split the rundowns pretty even, but that Gordon will definitely pick up the work as receiver and probably get more snaps, especially when they're in three wide sets.


OK, so I think, Sophon, you actually kind of made the point to both of both. You made both arguments for us. Is that like what I know? Right. Right.


Matthew is saying he's a better receiver, which we are in agreement on. I'm also saying that, like God, I still wouldn't be stunned if there was a week where Phillip Lindsay gets 18 carries or 20 carries. And that's the part that has me a bit nervous in my ranking, is not totally reflective of, like, massive nerves. I'm just pointing out that, like, of all the backup running backs in the NFL, Phillip Phillip Lindsay is one of the better ones that we're going to see right now.


Maybe. But I mean, like, look, I have met 38 you I'm at 37. His ATP is 32. You and I are both. Yeah, I'm just behind where he's going and we're both behind consensus.


What do you have to this might be a dumb question and this will be the last question I ask, I promise, because I know I've jumped in a lot. This podcast.


That's OK. But I'm some question is sort of on Brantford, so it sort of is.


So Melvin Gordon was running back 12 and total points from week five on from when you returned. OK, and he was splitting time with Austin Ekeler who's really freakin good. So if he's going to have a whole season in Denver, this is nothing against Phillip Lindsey. But if he was running back twelve in a running back by committee with Austin Ekeler, don't we think that he's going to be better than running back twelve splitting time with a less talented running back?


Daniel It was one of the great and this is anecdotal. This is not something that I have measured out statistically. The Chargers had one of the great game script opportunities for running backs we've seen in quite some time. Yeah, constantly behind not incredible depth that wide receiver and a quarterback who, as we recently said, his new offensive coordinator, Nick Sirianni, acknowledged one of the greatest ever at getting running backs, the football in the passing game. I so you're you're logical in in wondering why that's the case.


I think a lot of things just fell very favorably for Melvin Gordon from a game script standpoint last year to have that late season surge.


OK, that's fair. Yeah. And the other thing is, is, again, it's touchdowns, right. And we expect we expect the touchdown.


But touchdowns can be flukey from from year to year. And so you've got a new team and you don't know how it's it's going to pan out. We don't know what you know, the Broncos offensive line will see. I think there's some question marks there.


And so, yes, he's got that potential. And what I am more bullish on Gordon than not. Right. But to say that there's no concerns with Melvin Gordon, I think is. Oh, yeah, absolutely.


Did things work well in his favor? It's the it's the he had won he had won one hundred yard game last year to Melvin Gordon. I mean, I wonder if like week five on, it's just like so many studs got hurt because when I hear white running back to them, like, really I remember him being that good and looking at the numbers, it really wasn't that good.


We got to go to the wide receivers and call up and make your hate list.


Matt, you and I, this is when we were definitely on different pages in terms of value. So I have a wide receiver, fifteen, which is also is ADP right now. You've got him a wide receiver. Twenty five. What makes you nervous about Courtland Sutton this year?


So a bunch of different things. Right. And by the way, Mike Klay agrees with you. Mike Clay loves if Mike Clay was doing a love hate list, Courtland Sutton would make his love. Yeah. So my concern with Courtland Sutton has nothing to do with a player. I think he's very talented. Yeah, I think he is very, very talented. My concern with Courtland Sutton is two things. No. One is so volume, right?


Last year he had three games all season with just over five receptions, and that was with a twenty six percent target share. He got a massive target share and still and still last year finished his wide receiver. Twenty seven. So with a massive targeted areas, wide receiver, 27, now he comes into a year where it's still likely to be a run first offense like Denver was twenty seventh pass attempts last year. OK, it's likely to be a run first offense.


And now we just talked about how good Melvin Gordon is a pass catcher. We expect a big second year surge from Noah Fant. They add Jerry Judy and CJ Handler like.


I just don't think he gets the same amount of target share. So I think his target share comes down on a run first offense and then where you have to take him. You mentioned running back wide receiver fifteen like his ATV. He's going ahead of guys like Tyler Lockett of Terry McLaurin, of guys that I believe are the true number one. He's the number one of their team. So that's not a good argument. But the guys that I think have much higher upside, much easier paths to significant target volume, like he's ahead of Cooper Kupp, he's ahead of Robert Woods.


He's ahead of all these guys that I would prefer to have on my team. So that's why he makes my hate list.


I'm very, very bullish on the talent. And I know that you said it's not about the talent. I'm just telling you, I'm very, very bullish on the talent. And I think a lot of that target share and the disparity between his target share and the number of games with at least five catches.


A lot of that is attributable to poor quarterback play because they were last in terms of deep passing attempts.


So it's not like they're high risk throws or low efficiency throws that he's relying upon.


I think this is more just bad quarterback play for much of last year that I'm banking on being better. And again, a simple thing for me. I'm just a believer in that player. Oh, but ardent.


Yes. You're taking him over. Yes. Correct. What? I'm yes. Those guys top fifteen. That's where I, I have a number 15.


Yes. I am taking over the players that you are describing that you mentioned Tyler Lockett. Yes. There MacLaurin. Yes. All those guys that you mentioned. I am comfortable taking Robert Woods.


Cooper Kupp. I was ahead of him. Cooper Kupp. Yes I'm ahead. I have, I have calls ahead of Cooper Kupp.


How about no offense one more player here that this is a breakout pick that a lot of people are in on Matthew. And speaking of talent like this is one where no matter what he did last year, he's a unique talent, big athletic freak, a guy who last year had one of the great highlights from tight ends, a catch against the Cleveland Browns for like seventy eight yards and a score.


Do we think there's enough volume here for Noah Fan to be a breakout player and also be a top ten weekly fantasy tight end? I do.


I do. You know, listen. Oh, AJ Brown, you have you have Courtland Sutton higher than AJ Brown because that's where he's going in ADP.


If they're like they're right next to each other. Right. I'm not sure who's ahead of of either. Calvin Ridley. I'm a I've got I've had to count.


How about no offense, though. Are we talking about. Yeah. So no offense. Yes. The answer to your question is yes. Look, we had some big plays there. There's not a ton of stats from last year that you can sort of point to. Like all the stats are inflated by a couple of big plays. You're just banking on the talent.


There was a reason why he was a first round pick last year. We expect we expected to have a I think he is a very talented young player. And I do think that the volume for a tight end to be a fantasy relevant player is not nearly the same as the volume necessary for a wide receiver, because there's a lot less competition at tight end than there is at wide receiver this year. So I have no a fan as a sleeper this year.


I mean, a lot of people do. I'm as a top ten tight end. He made my love list. So yes, I'm all in on know a fan who I think is phenomenally talented, just loved what I saw on tape both in college and last year.


Yeah, certainly a very fun player to watch. And the Broncos need it for him because, you know, they may be a run heavy team by design, but they do play in a division that we know includes the highest of high flying offenses and the chiefs. And we think the Raiders could be a little bit more fun and offense this year. And we'll see on the Chargers. But if they play games where the game script is in their favor or fantasy points, it may be that they need a guy like Noah fan to be very heavily involved.


We're going to have some trivia and just a little bit. But first, a couple of words from some friends, starting with you, Daniel.


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All right, let's head on over to the bunker for the Geico presented a trivia question of the day.


We do have trivia today. We also have trivia standings. You guys were asking about them. We deliver. So you will see that graphic up on the screen right now as we get into trivia today.


I can't read Secret Squirrel. I can't read who's in first place.


Depends how you define first place. If it's win percentage or no, I think it's no correct. Then Matthew Berry leads with five to about four bucks to find is she's on a hot streak leading in the process of heating up.


Yes. Yes, I am too behind it. Honest. Yeah. Look, let's be clear about this.


I'm dumb and I have no I have no trivia sense. Stephanie has like twenty five degrees and speaks eight languages. So so she should be crushing us. She should check that I'm anywhere within the neighborhoods to find you. I got lost. I got to stand up for Stefania because Stefania didn't do the first couple of trivia questions. That's not correct.


I'm just saying. Yeah, I'm just saying to find you should be wiping the floor with us in the fact that you're not. It's a victory for me. All right, Kyle, what is the Question of the day?


All right. And trivia are not the same. Oh, I like that. Interesting. I want a board, but with Courtland Sutton, we're just not going to let that go ahead to tomorrow's trivia. Sponsored by Calling Sutton today. Over the past 15 seasons, there have been four instances in which a player under six feet tall caught at least six touchdown passes in four straight years. Tyreek Hill owns an active streak, so there's three others. I need two of them from you guys.


Give me two of the other three players under six feet tall, six touchdown catches in at least four straight season. OK, so three players need to to win.


You want you to find it. We can hear you. Samiah, what's happening over there right now?


Well, I'm trying to just say it out loud for National Dog Day. Go Cranborne for National. But for this, I'm just trying to follow this question. Are they active players or players that these are not active players? Necessarily? Over the last fifteen seasons, players that are going to Tyreek Hill has the more concerned with Ryko right now.


So is he is he going to join the six or under under six feet.


Well, he's so good about staying in his bed that he doesn't want to come. I'm trying to coax him up to get him in the shot and he's like leaving his toes on the bed because he knows he's supposed to stay there.


Oh, what a good boy. All right. In the interest of the graphic flash and I saw the answer. I did, too. And I am going to abstain from answering this question.


I'm not saying I'm not it's not my fault that I have a class, so I'm going to abstain. Yeah.


And I'm not going to take any credit for any answers here. So, Stefania, why don't you venture a guess, if you like? And if we can't, we can litigate whether. Yeah, right.


So what were your guesses? Just curious.


Well, I only had two that I could come up with that I thought. And they were Antonio Brown and Steve Smith.


And I'm stuck on a really good idea of the road row. That's why you nailed them. Yes. To fun. Yeah, those are both correct. Is that right? Those are like Kiles Totonno's short.




Yeah, those are really good. I wrote down Antonio Brown and Wells Welker after already after I saw the graphic. But again, like his phone, a friend like it's not my fault if they're going to flash. I'm using all my all the ability. So that's where they're going to have to decide.


See, I got a half a point. I think Stefaniuk Point and you guys get a half a point just to finish.


I don't I'm not going to. I didn't I wasn't I'm not going to get any points.


You were writing down you were writing down your answer before you saw. I saw. I don't penalize my other guests and they're not. Right. Yeah, I'm not going to I'm not going to have to either have to know the question or. Yeah. I really like because it's not like we didn't get a chance to answer.


Well, I'll tell you, I think it's an idea. You're ready. Yes. If you didn't get to do the first couple of trivia questions, maybe you guys sit this one out, she takes this one. I think this is the answer to finally get a point. I get zero points and a missed guest math. You get zero points, but it does not count towards winning percentage. Oh, see what I mean, I'm OK with that.


I'm sure you are. Yeah, Zaban, you have all day to you know that. That's true to find you did not get to get to participate in the first two questions, whatever and allow it. But, you know, the fire is on fire. We are back on Thursday with something that's not double trouble for field. Matthew, Daniel, everybody else, we'll talk to you then.


Rhonda post.com peace out six oh one oh. Never going to hustle, in case you didn't know. Matthew Berry, tmr you, you you guys go ahead, give me grief for being on SportsCenter for forty five seconds, make you even better than me because I don't think you could jailbait building if your your if you're terrible at hashtag improvs. I feel I feel great stuff on your belt. Oh don't let Barry convert. Secrets, but Daniel does make you have a mediocre fantasy and by your own people realize that never style.


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OK, Mom, I empty the dishwasher, vacuum the basement and folded the sheets out of the dryer. What? Oh, and next, I'm going to clean Martin's litter box.


Are we in some kind of prank show or something? That's a camera, isn't it?


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