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See you in those six oh one oh. Guys, fancy, fancy. I always just imagine that, like the way that song is, I just always imagined. It's like a huge crowd, you know, and of course, everyone in plastic bubbles. I was going to write, but a huge crowd. And, you know, just like just doing one of these things, I think you're right. I got the whole crowd waving back and forth.


Yeah. The good old holding their gold, their lighters up simpler times. Remember, those times I remember shows, right, fantasy folks got their field Yates t shirts on. Yeah. Haters going to hate, but was still available. I think I might wear one later on this week. Keep us posted.


We'll do. You'll just see it because you'll be six feet away from me on this podcast. Good morning. How are you? I'm fine, thank you. I'm just curious. Field dates. I detect a detect a tinge of jealousy in your voice. In what regard?


Well, I don't know if you remember, but you know, Hailey, Hailey Burns, our our intrepid producer, challenged me at the beginning of this week.


She says, I, like you could grow hair on my face. You know, obviously, there's some areas, some areas where that ship has sailed. But this is just two days grows. I don't know if you can get a close up of well, I mean, like so this is literally like I mean, so we're Wednesday morning and I haven't shaved, you know, I took Haley's challenge to heart.


Right. And so here you go. And so Field Yates, who is still waiting to hit puberty, like just looking they're jealous at my at my my unshaven manliness over here.


Well, hold on, though. Didn't he sort of defeat the premise there, Daniel, when he asked for a close up? Yes. Like Daniel could be in California right now and we could see his beard from Bristol, Connecticut.


That's how that's not two days. That's this is two days. I could absolutely have a Daniel type. That's not accurate.


No, I have I have also not shaved in two days. Matthew Berry would stop it, but.


Oh, I'm sorry, I won't go. How long have you been arguing right there?


When was the last time you shaved your beard?


I shaved April 11th, 2012. OK, there you go.


You see, that was the day. But Life event was the day before I left the Air Force before I before I was honorably dishonorably discharged. Yeah.


Oh, thank you for your service. Subsequently trim on occasion. Yeah, I'll trim it out.


But I've never I haven't shaved like down on my skin since that day.


I actually went through like a five year period where I never I did not also shave. I mean, I'm being serious. Right?


I just used it was five years from for the past five years football like once I started to get really uncomfortable.


Let's talk about let's talk talk before your big show today, we've got both the Jaguars and the Titans on double trouble. But as we did yesterday, we're going to crank it up once again, a little bit of news or noise. News or noise? I think it's important to note here that just like the many players on her fantasy teams, once again the camera at the Chateau Daquan has fallen to the curse of Stephania Bell, who is, from what I understand, a lot of people like what we're here to find you where it's divine, because divine is always top of the show.


She's always part of, you know, part of news or noise. And we have no star. Find your bell.


And I believe that is because there are some technical difficulties getting into the Chateau Taccone.


So once again, like, I don't know, maybe Rico, you know, a bit through a lot of you buying it, buying wine. This is that news Epicor noise that Stephania can't come on the show because of technical difficulty having like a spa day at the house. That's entirely possible for you to actually get a you know what I mean?


Like, leave it to Stefania to find a way to boondoggle from home.


Like she's working so hard and. Yeah, no, no.


I mean, like, definitely not. Right. She can't be know because of travel restrictions and everything with covid-19. Yeah. She's had to restrict her boondoggling to her house.


When you can't when you can't go to the Amalfi Coast, you bring the Amalfi Coast. That's exactly Daken. That's exactly right.


Whenever we get a camera up in there, I bet you you'll see like a lot of a lot of sand and a beach chair and, you know, somebody bringing her drink pasta overnight. I guess that would be fresh anymore. But you know my point. Yes. Cool stuff.


It's your house, Daniel. All right. We got we got some news or noise here, guys. I'm going to throw this one to field. Nick Chubb is in the league's concussion protocol field. No noise on this.


This is noise for me. And I don't want to mitigate the impact of a concussion. Now it is right now it is what? August 19th. The Browns play their first preseason game, September I'm sorry, the first regular season game, September 13th. So we have nearly a month before the Browns are actually scheduled to play their first regular season game. It is noise for me, and I don't think it's going to keep Nick Chubb out of week one or threaten his availability for that week.


You can make the case it's a little bit of noise news in the sense that just a reminder of how valuable Kareem Hunt is as an insurance running back and a player who has standalone value. I agree.


I agree with all that, although I would have categories categorized it as news, because you have one of the top running backs in the NFL in the concussion protocol. We expect him to be back. But as Stephanie would often say, it is a nonlinear injury. There is no there's no timetable. Like, do we expect him back? Sure. But we don't know. I mean, like there are concussions that lasts longer and longer and longer.


And so while I think given the amount of time it is until the first time that the Browns play a game, that it is unlikely, just given what we've seen for most players in terms of when they recover from concussions, there's a there's not a non-zero chance that this keeps them out.


Week one. That's all I would say should continue to monitor.


All right. Next stop, Matthew Berry, Damien Harris, quote, continues to stack good days together, courtesy of Klans Evan Lazaar news or on this good news about Damien Harris.


I think this is noise. I think this is noise. Look it. He's an interesting name to, especially given the current injury concerns around Tony Michel. But play it out. Even if Sony, Michel, is placed on the purplest.


You've got James White. You've you've got Rex Burkhead, you've got the Armillaria, you've got Lamar Miller, who they just signed.


And oh, by the way, we all expect Cam Newton, the greatest rushing quarterback, especially on the goal line in NFL history, to be their starter. Like so, you know, like Damien Harris, you know, have a more significant role than we think. Sure. Was he a talented rookie coming in college? Sure.


But, you know, counting on a Bill Belichick running back for consistent fantasy value and a top twenty rate is is a tough prospect, at least at this point in the process. I think it's more noise than anything else.


All right, Matthew, going to come back to this one to you for this one. Josh Reynolds has been, quote, steady as the wide receiver, three in L.A. news or noise.


I think it's noise. Look, do I expect Josh Reynolds to be the number three wide receiver when they do three word reserves, sir, for our purposes, do we care? Like, to me, the three pass catchers you care about in Los Angeles are Robert Woods, my little Cooper Kupp and Tyler Higbee.


Yeah, right. And so, you know, do I expect Josh Reynolds to have a better fantasy year assuming health than Van Jefferson at this point? I do. I think Jefferson's an interesting dynasty pick, but I just don't know that that often supports for fantasy relevant pass catchers. And the previous years, when it was Woods Cup and cooks, they were getting nothing from their tight ends. And I just think you look at what Gerald ever did. And then Tyler Higbee when Tyler Higbee came in, I'm saying Higbee over Everett, but one of their titans is going to have a much bigger role in the offense this year.


So I don't think Josh Reynolds, who I like a lot again, Gigha, Maggies, you know, I grew up in College Station. He's a Texas A&M Aggie. I think this is you know, I think this is Noize as far as fantasy is concerned. All right.


Field TJ Hodgkinson says he is still not 100 percent after dealing with that ankle injury last season. News or noise?


I think this will actually be the opposite of what Matthew would have said. Put its noise to me as well. Daniel, I always wonder on phrasing of these questions, right.


So how it's presented to the player. Hey, TJ, would you characterize your ankle as 100 percent? Are you all the way back, given that, you know, the end of the season you had a major injury and now we're three days into camp? Do you feel exactly like your normal self if it's along those lines? You said, well, you know, I'm still not quite 100 percent yet how he like that's kind of what you'd expect a player to say, right?


Especially on a team that is we know I don't have a problem with this. The players are going to be characteristically buttoned up about getting into their details of their injury. That much? I think it's noise. I'm not concerned about his availability from the beginning of the season. And although we did have a couple of injuries, the concussion of the ankle last year, Hodgkinson's a player that I think is built to last in the NFL is college performance suggests that.


And I really like the players.


Well, you know what else? The Lions are buttoned up on? Wins. Wins. They you know, they don't they don't let those out a lot secrets grow. You know, I'm saying I'm going to say what I'm saying.


They're the weight of that comment coming from a Washington family. It's just real heavy. There were two just ahead of the Lions last year. One of them was the Bengals and one of them was the Washington football team.


And the whole team handle the Washington professional football team. Oh, right. Yeah, exactly. Hail victory. All right. Last tornados, we have three Super Bowl rings. Well, how many lions have? Yeah, just saying there's not a lot of teams we can talk to the last one here.


Sir Brian Edwards, third round rookie for the Las Vegas Raiders, currently running with the ones news or noise.


Yeah, getting a lot of buzz, but I'm going to say noise here as well.


Look, to me, this is more of a concern for Henry Rug's, who than it is pro Brian Edwards. Edwards to think again is a is a name that you need to know. I could easily see him being a hot wavier pick up at some point in the season. He's obviously a dynasty target. But look, they have Hunter Renfroe, they have Darren Waller, the baller, they have Terho Williams. They weirdly have a lot of pass catching options on an offense that I don't know is going to be that pass heavy.


Like, I still think Josh Jacobs is going to be wet that often that offense runs through Josh Jacobs, so to speak.


And so, you know, like, again, it's great to see that he's you know, that he's getting some buzz here.


But to me, this is more of a concern about people that are going all in on Henry Rug's than it is Brian Edwards is somebody that you need to target in drafts except in the deepest of leagues or dynasty leagues. OK, I disagree with any of that.


I'm good with you that I'm good with you. I'm with I mean, he's a player that was under drafted because of a pre draft injury concern. Really talented guy. I mean, just. Sure, South Carolina, he was a baller for them. But I'm with you. There are a lot of players in front of him or alongside him for an offense that I think Derek Carr can throw for four thousand yards, but not a whole bunch more than that in four thousand yards with a lot of weapons.


It's not necessarily enough to make a guy a standout fantasy player at this juncture of the preseason.


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OK, well, we have a really important thing here coming up, because we actually do now have connection to Stephania Bell, Dafina Bell and look at this under Huggler. Oh my God. Her sunglasses on. On.


How are you? You got their shoes. You should you should be holding a glass of wine to you might be. Are you. We just can't see it now. OK, fair enough, it's underneath, I suppose you look at those glasses, but those are impressive.


Yeah, well, you know, the apropo. Right, they are apropo.


Do you have any information on T.J. Hockeytown? You want to add to the context? I didn't say a whole lot of, like, breaking news earlier, so maybe you have more useful context.


I thought you did a great job. It's actually interesting because I think the quote from T.J. Hokanson got a little it's like telephone, right? A lot of the times they get passed along. And by the time it made some of the other outlets, it sounds like it had changed a little bit. He actually was talking about his ankle injury, which, of course, ended his season, put him on ice after week 12. But he said that he still notices it and then he quickly added, But I'm getting there.


I'm 100 percent. So I think in his mind, this is me projecting. But the way I interpreted his words, I went back and looked at it over and over is that a lot of times you have an injury that lingers. And remember, back in June, Darrell Bevell said that even though Hokanson was running laps, he was still not sensing the explosiveness that he had before the injury. So I think it's one of those things where sometimes you're so aware of the body part that you injured, but you're fully functional and you're pushing through it.


I think that's what he was trying to convey, I guess my interpretation.


So I was trying to say that earlier, and I hope I did a decent job was to find it a much better job of describing you. Thank you, Stephania. We're coming back to you very shortly on some other pertinent injury updates. Stay cool. And. All right. Out of the sun. Well, let's talk about the actually, before we do that, we have to put this down.


So, Daniel, will you please be so kind as to double, double, double, double trouble, trouble, double trouble, double, double, double, double trouble at this moment there on double secret probation. All right.


So let's talk about the Jacksonville Jaguars, which they don't have a ton of fantasy relevant players, Matthew. But I think the ones that they do have a really interesting and last year, Leonard Fournette was RB nine on a per game basis, seventeen point to nine points per game, a very admirable season for Leonard Fournette.


And yet if you look at his ATP right now, it's running back seventeen, which is actually where I have a McDaniel has fifteen, but there are many in the industry, including yourself, that I don't want to make sure you agree with the statement that are sort of out on Leonard Fournette this season.


So tell me why you're out on Leonard Fournette this season and then I'll retort with where I kind of level set personally.


Fair enough. I want no part of Leonard Fournette and you know who agrees with me? The Jaguars.


OK, so look, this is a guy that they drafted fourth overall, like they used a top five overall NFL draft pick on a running back. And yet this off season, they declined to pick up Leonard Fournette fifth year option, which is a massive sort of nail in the playing career coffin of Leonard Fournette as a Jaguar.


Right? I mean, that is a like to not that's that's a major statement when you do not pick up the fifth year option of a player that's on your roster, but that you used a fifth round, a top five NFL draft pick on. OK, do you disagree with that statement? It was notable aside, it was practical.


I thought it was the the only decision they can make. Understood. There were a lot of rumors and I think they were credible. You're the NFL insider, so you tell me if you disagree with this.


But there were a lot of rumors that Leonard Fournette was on the trading block and that they tried to get rid of him and they found no takers, correct? They found no takers. I think he's a prime candidate, especially as we enter a season where where teams are dealing with covid-19. I think he's a prime candidate to get traded should a contender need a running back at some point. So I am not convinced with 100 percent certainty that Leonard Fournette ends the year as a Jacksonville Jaguar.


So I think there's I think there's a chance and there's a couple of different ways it could happen, but I think there's a chance he's no longer on the Jaguars. We would get this massive here.


OK, so in addition to that, he is somebody that has had trouble staying on the field. He has not played all sixteen games in his NFL career. He's never had a season where he's played all sixteen games. He missed time not only due to injury, but other things like who misses a team photo field? Leonard Fournette, right. Leonard Fournette missed the team photo and got suspended for a game. And the argument for Leonard Fournette is like, well he got so unlucky with the touchdowns last year, which he did, he will absolutely have positive regressions for scoring.


But to me, I think what people don't realize is that the majority of his fantasy value last year came from his receptions. He was massively used in the passing game. OK, so this this is somebody who last year.


Had I want to say, over 70 receptions, he was fourth and target second, second. Six. Seventy six. Yeah, over five a game. Yeah. Now, you think about what this Jacksonville Jaguars, but for his career, he'd never done that before. And now you think about the Jags who have added Chris Thompson, former Washington player who played under Jay Gruden, their new offense coordinator in Washington, over the stretch that Chris Thompson was with Jay Gruden in Washington, he averaged over seven fantasy points per game as just a pass catcher.


You think about what Jay Gruden and their new quarterbacks, coach Ben McAdoo, would like to do throughout their NFL career, they like to throw, they're going to throw, OK?


And so I just think you'll see I think you will see a lot more. Chris Thompson. I think you will see Gardner Minshew pushing the ball down the field. Remember, Leonard Fournette ranked forty third out of forty five running backs and 100 carries and percentage of Russians that gain five plus yards. Leonard Fournette has a career yards per carry average under four. He needs volume to be. He is not efficient at all. And I just I'm not convinced he gets the kind of volume he got last year.


All right.


So Leonard Fournette got lucky and unlucky last season, right? He got lucky in what you referred to with this pass catching seventy six catches last year. He had 58 catches to the first twenty one games of his career. Yep.


And of those seventy six possession is seventy six receptions. His average depth of target was zero point zero five yards. Matthew, as in like basically he caught every ball at the line of scrimmage or behind it or ahead of it. Exactly.


The point is that there was probably some pass receiving luck last year because they had nobody else to catch passes, which I'm accounting for because, as you noted, the design, Chris Thompson, he also got unlucky Leonard Fournette last year.


In terms of players with 200 or more carries, he scored once every 88 rushing attempts, every other player who had at least 200 rushing attempts scored once every 28 carries.


He got unlucky. I really believe that some of that is bound to regress in his favor.


And you mentioned that Leonard Fournette might be a part of the Jaguars plans. That's possible. But if he gets rated to a contender midseason, that only helps his value. But second of all, remember, for this, he is not only I mean, he is playing for football life, Matthew. He's got a contract here now is he needs to run really well. And I get it. He did not meet expectations of the fourth overall pick. He's been disappointed by basically every metric except for the one year where they made it to the AFC championship game.


But this is still a guy that went fourth overall for a handful of reasons. He can be a more explosive back than we have seen specifically last season, and the volume is going to be great. You mentioned Chris Thompson, Chris, I'm sorry, here the football, aren't you? Just not. I agree. And besides that, who do they make an investment as a runner this offseason? Nobody, nobody, so I think the team is rebuilding, which is why I've got Leonard Fournette at running back 17, you've got him a twenty four and I wonder if it might be a board bet involved here.


Sure. I think, Leonard, I am always happy to bet against Leonard Fournette. Let's do it. I think Leonard Fournette will be a top 20 fantasy football running back this season.


I say Leonard Fournette will not be a top 20 fantasy football running back this season. Put it on the board, put it on the board.


Very happy to make that bet on board better. Here's what we can figure out. What to do. Point to point. I want to finish it.


I think it's points per games, half half season played off all Baudette should be assuming whatever the season is, half the NFL season is played. Otherwise the but doesn't.


OK, and I like points per game. That's fine. I mean part of my argument against Fournette is that I think he is injury prone that I mean I think he will miss time.


Yeah, I'll take, I'll take, let's say let's put it on line. I'll take the point that he's going to play every game this year.


All right. Leonard Fournette. Interesting by that. I do think though I will say this is that like I so part of like he's been discounted, I mean RB nine to RB seventeen.


So if I'm someone who bypasses running back in the first round, maybe the second round as well, because where you're going to be drafting Leonard Fournette like I think if he's my first running back Matthew, I'm nervous that that part I will concede to you.


I would much rather pair Leonard Fournette but I think.


But but Field, think about when you take Leonard Fournette. Think about who you're giving up. Right.


Think about quickly secrets go. Who, who are the, who are the running backs going right there in terms of like nobody.


He's going in the same range as Chris Carson, as David Johnson who you and I both like a lot. I mean among running backs. Right. I mean, like, I don't know, I'd much rather have any of those guys. I'd even Lord help me. I'd even rather have Le'Veon Bell like, you know, crazy Le'Veon Bell, who's supposed to the best of his career, like he says every year. But whatever like the Jets improve their offensive line.


Like that's another guy that got unlucky last year that will get a massive work here. I think he's more talented running back than Leonard Fournette at this point of both of their careers. Where how about right back?


I don't know about that part is a receiver? Yes, I don't know. But it is a runner. No, I'm.


Well, that's part of the entire package, is what I would say. I think it's close, but to me they're the same territory. So again, I would not love Leonard Fournette as my number one running back, but I'm OK with him if I'm pairing him with an elite guy and a very good wide receiver as well.


Let's talk about Chark then, because T.J., Chark last year was awesome. In a second season out of LSU, he finishes a top twenty wide receiver on a points per game basis. Right now is wide receiver. Twenty seven Zachy specifically where Daniel has him ranked.


You've got him a twenty four. I've got him at twenty nine.


Matthew and why do you hate for the day Chark in his ceiling than what we saw last year. And there are some favorites of factors really working in his favor this season with how bad the Jaguars could be, because as of right now, Vegas has them with the lowest wind projection total in the entire league. There ever was a time this offseason and this may have been updated with some transactions. There was a time this offseason where they were the only team in the NFL to not be favored in a single game this year.


Early Vegas Lions, zero games.


Right. And in the win total of his is courtesy of our friends at Caesars. But yes, I believe so. Listen, that's among the reasons why I'm out on Fournette as well. I think this is a team that's going to be pass heavy. I think they be past heavy because that is what Jay Gruden and Ben McAdoo like to do, like to do. And I also think there can be pass because I think their defense is terrible, I think to be trailing in a lot of games.


OK, and so I think you sort of, again, think about how this this team comes together. Garner Minshew News knows he's the guy to get rid of Nick Foles, right. He's now in Chicago. Garnishments who comes into camp knowing he's the guy. Jay Gruden designing the offense for Gardner. Minshew Like, what does he do? Well, what does he not do? Well, so you can put that together. So now he knows he's the guy.


Shaka had a twenty percent target share with Gardner Minshew And you think about who else they have there.


I mean, look, I like Dede Westbrook. He's a nice little player. And we'll talk about lyrics in a second.


But like D.J. Shark's going to be the guy, he's going to be the number one wide receiver, the number one pass catcher for this offense. And you think about Jay Gruden as an offensive coordinator or a head coach. And five of Jay Gruden passed eight full seasons. We're not counting to nineteen when he's fired five games in. He had at least one pass. Catchers score over two hundred fantasy points. And in fact, over those eight seasons, six times it is top pass.


Catcher finished the season as a starter in terms of total fantasy points, is this a top twenty five?


An impressive thing to list series. In five of his eight seasons he had a pass. Get your score over 200 fantasy is that.


I'm not saying that's like I think I think when you think about the talent that he had in Washington, I do know he had some players in Cincinnati, but he had some brutal players in Washington.


Like it's like that's like what that's like less than thirteen points a game that's not being impressed. Top twenty ish. That's top twenty ish is what you're saying. Interesting. OK, pull me away. But I don't think it's a blow away stat. I think it's a I think that's OK. So we know that there's going to be at least one very fantasy relevant starter here. Again, like Cincinnati and Washington were bad offenses. Yeah, I think they were happy.


My faith and Chark has a lot more. To do with just the talent and you're going to be going to be a bad team then like Jay Gruden, history of like producing borderline fantasy good players.


Anyways, I digress. No, I think that's a fair point. I'm merely saying that, listen, I'm a Jay Gruden fan when it comes to fantasy, when it comes to pass IP offenses. I'm a Jay Gruden fan. And so if you're the number one pass catcher on a Jay Gruden offense, my expectation is, is that you're going to be a top 20 guy. You're going to you're going to be a top 20 guy. Again, shark's going as wide receiver 27.


So I think he has a value. I think he is somebody that will outperform his current ATP. And among the reasons I'm saying that is because I think he's given the number one off number one option in a Jay Gruden offense. I like Gardner Minshew as well.


And remember, last year we did have some preseason conversation about how Nick Foles and Westbrook seem to have a connection. Right. That was one of the things that we saw when preseason games still existed back in twenty nineteen last year. If you go back and look at basically every major passing category with Gardner Minshew as the quarterback D.J Chaak did lead the way for the Jaguars. So I think I agree that there is the opportunity for him to be an even better player this year.


The reason why I haven't lower Matthew is much less a reflection of Chark and much more reflection of the fact that there are a ton of really talented, established wide receivers who have a chance to be the number one wide receiver and their offense, whether it's guys that we've seen, do it for a long time, or players like Terry McLaurin and AJ Brown, who are ranked ahead of him as well.


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What is a Lebanese elevenses?


Elevenses is a time when hobbits from Lord of the Rings will eat food at elevenses. It's like they're after a second breakfast.


Really? Yeah. I did not know that it actually eleven o'clock I would assume elevenses. Yeah. Is that, is that from the movies. From the books. Both of you have excellent knowledge about very random things.


Oh thank you. I don't listen. Not that. No I'm no but here's the thing. Like I've seen the Lord of the Rings movies like I'm not all into him the way some people are, like people got crazy about him.


I actually didn't enjoy them all that much. This guy I'm more of an Avengers guy. That's hundred percent right.


MCU yeah. Maybe that's right. But listen, they were insanely but I don't think that like thirty Kyle I want to poll like do you know what elevenses is.


Oh my goodness. Yeah. Yes or no. Because I don't think people do.


It's weird that I put on the poll and I had no clue. Yeah.


Thirty Kyle. He's nerdy. He does not nerdy Chiaretti but I don't have in movies at all. Your life is not pop culture nerdy. That's true. Kyle, Kyle, I made this is for people who don't know. I literally made Kyle watch Star Wars because he'd never seen Star Wars. I made him and do a book report which is kind of awkward.


Yeah. Right. Yeah, yeah.


He a movie movie, whatever you want to call it. But there's a book report I guess. By the way, he aced the book report. Thank you. Not surprisingly, when you tell Kyle to research something, he researches it.


If all the incredible accomplishments in Kyle's hobbies like movie review, way out there, way up there, Kyle says, no, I just I think you you're undercutting your own, your own.


But I'm just saying, like, I'm nerdy and a pop culture nerd and I don't know elevenses. All right.


So we've accepted this team is going to be very pasteurizing this year, Matthew, because we think there will be playing from behind, if I'm not mistaken. They actually led the NFL in snaps played last year while trailing. Maybe they were number two behind Miami.


They weren't great last year. They threw there were no one says Kyle. Thank you for that. So this seems to be throwing the football a bunch, Matthew, that we have seen that it will be Chris Thompson. I think there will be enough, but not as good volume for Leonard Fournette, A.J. Chark. But how about the rest of the pass catchers?


Is there anybody that tickles your fancy a little bit? They could have sort of explode onto the fantasy scene.


You know, what looks national is somebody that I think is pretty interesting. Right. So, you know, just as as a rookie here, you know, this is somebody who, you know, listen, had eight different games with over one hundred receiving yards since twenty eighteen, which is tied for the most in the pack in PAC 12, you know, wasn't a particularly good team.


But, you know, just in terms of when you watch the tape sort of jumps off the off the page, you're hearing lots of buzz about him out of Jaguars camp. So I don't know that he's anyone that I'm targeting in a non dynasty league. But just that's an interesting name in terms of I I've taken a couple of Latron flyers on him and some best balls and some deeper leagues. He felt a forty second overall, a byproduct of not just the fact that there were a lot of great wide receivers in this year's draft class.


But you mentioned some injuries. And Stephania, we're going to bring you right back because you know something about the discussion about JR, the once prime Colorado wide receiver.


What do you know about him? How he played through a lot of pain in his final college season with. It was called inflammation of the pubic bone at the time and basically considered a core muscle injury and he really wanted to perform at the combine. So he went and he tried to run and his run was disappointing. I think he ran a four or five, eight forty and expected to be much faster than that. Pretty shortly after the combine, he underwent that core muscle repair surgery.


And by the time the draft rolled around, he was already working on football skills. So that particular injury, which I do think cost him a little bit in the draft, ultimately should be fine by the time they get him really active in training camp here. The problem is we're not going to be able to see him in live action without the preseason. And just being a rookie, he'll be understandably a little bit slower to catch on. But if he gets that explosiveness back and they plan on using him as a versatile receiver and lining up in a lot of different places, then I think that he could really become something in fantasy, but probably not until the second half of the season.


All right. So I maybe a guy that, as Matthew said, great dynasty consideration and also a player that maybe makes the waiver wire later on in the year. Great insight, as always, from Stephania Bell. All right.


Let's go to the head of the Tennessee Titans, a team that exploded in the second. I want to talk a little bit. Romania, you talk about Germany. I love in Germany. OK, how how much do you love you were this guy for Halloween was. He was.


That's maybe my best Halloween costume ever. It is. Although it is when you added hair to your legs.


No, I didn't. Did and I'm just hairy.


I'm sorry you can't grow hair on your head, like grow an atypical amount all my life, the way that Japan pulled out her mascara and did it all over your blonde hair because it's like your your legs are so your legs are like Daniel's beard.


Like it was a filter, wasn't it. Oh no. I mean the filter.


I would just like you know, I just have three legs and that got that got, I got Internet changed and I'm OK with it. You know, it's ah your legs are beautiful. Don't you let the Internet tell you anything about your legs.


I was hoping people would notice my bulbous calves instead. Right. To point out the fact that I have hairy legs.


But you can't win all Daniel. So I'm going to partner Minshew for Halloween every year that you see Gardner Minshew shotgun. The Gatorade can practice field yesterday. I didn't, but I believe it.


It's awesome. Ghanam and shoes enter that, I think. What did Bill Simmons used to call it? The the Mike Tyson zone, where there's there's any story that you could tell and you sort of believe it. Minshew is entered, I believe, the Tyson zone where you're just like, if you tell me a gardener Minshew story, I'm like, sure, OK, probably happened totally.


We'll be on Shark Tank one day. He'll be on it. No one is pitching. He's going to be on there one hundred percent anyway.


I just think for two quarterback leagues, for deeper leagues, for people who want to back up, I think this is somebody that is undervalued dumping draft in a lot of ESPN standard leagues. But he's one of my favorite like to quarterback league kind of guys are deeply guys. Again, we just talk about this. You know, I talk about Jay Gruden earlier in the show. I'm a big believer in Jay Gruden. You think about Jay Gruden, right, from 2011.


Twenty eighteen. So not counting twenty nineteen was fired five games. And he was the offense coordinator, the Bengals and the head coach. The Washington watch Washington's team.


OK, so first year Andy Dalton, who's his rookie year, throw that out from that from after that year. Here's his quarterback finishes 12th fifth thirty fit. That was the three injury year where they have three different quarterbacks, eighth, fifth, sixth, and then thirty first. That was the year that they had four different quarterbacks, Mark Sanchez and Josh Johnson. AFL's superstar AAF superstar Josh Johnson, were among the starting quarterbacks for Washington.


So my point is, is that other than Dalton's rookie year or the two years where he had multiple quarterbacks who were injured, he's had a top twelve fantasy quarterback for all the seasons that he's been an offense coordinator or a head coach for the entire season, guardsman who had sixteen more fantasy points and eight to 12 starts. He's more mobile than he gets credit for. He comes into this year knowing he's the guy, not just some rookie that they threw out there.


Hey, find your way around.


I think they look up to his one of my favorite late round quarterback targets. Agreed.


I think we all feel like there's a squeeze at quarterbacks we would love. I would love to rank Gardner Minshew, my top fifteen for quarterbacks.


I just think there are other players that either have more upside or a higher floor as well. Let's go to Titans now.


And Derrick Henry was RB four last year on a points per game basis, nineteen point six four points per game. He got even better in the playoffs. He led the NFL in rushing yards last season.


He led the NFL in yards per carry after first contact. Tremendous guys. An absolute study earned a four year, fifty million dollar contract from the Tennessee Titans.


Now he makes more than you do. Yeah, he does. By like. Like almost 50, almost 50 million now at the NFL and Keris, he had twenty point two, so next closest was eighteen point eight. All of these things are obvious to people. He was a man among boys, their horseback of all the backs in the NFL. He is the workhorse back. He is the piston for his offense, more so than any other running back as a runner is in the league.


So two questions, Matthew, is that, one, can or is there any chance that his passing game volume goes up? Because if so, Matthew, then this sounds crazy. But if you thought there was a chance he could get. 80 to 100 targets this year. There's a case from the number one player in fantasy football this year, 100 percent. Now the other quote, finishing as the number one running back in fantasy is absolutely within the range of outcomes for Derrick Henry this year.


That's not within the range of outcomes for a lot of people. That is within the range of outcomes for Derrick Henry.


Hundred percent, I don't think he's going to get between 80 and 100 targets this year.


I haven't backed down a little bit further down the ratings. But this is where actually the conversation with Eric Henry is really interesting because we know what he needs to do to be like he was last year. Just get the football done what you will. You don't pay guy 50 million and then not use it.


But I think a Derrick Henry is the is the first running back that comes to that conversation. So if we continue to preach the importance of drafting or running back early. Yes, sir.


Or so than every other year before this, Derrick Henry, I think, is kind of the Mendoza line for Michael Thomas. I think we have both said this that we feel comfortable with. Christian McCaffrey, Cequent, Berkeley, as Yechiel Elliotts, Dalvin Cook and Alvin Kamara in some order going in the top five picks CMC one and then the next four. I think it's sort of at that point where you have to sort of have the conversation and it's, I think three players.


But for a while it was just to Michael Thomas or Derrick Henry. Clyde Edwards l'air.


How do you draw the distinction for you with if you have picked six, how are you making that decision?


So I pick six.


I am going Clyde Edwards l'air. So I have I have S.H. then I have Derrick Henry, then I have Michael Thomas.


Let's go. I want I want. So first off, I want a running back. I want a running back. I probably won't have a lot of Michael Thomas this here because I just I want a running back. I feel very confident. My ability to to to start a solid wide receiver corps. If I have if I go running back, running back or if I go running back, you know, tight end like Kelsey Kittel. So there's that.


And so we'll just have to pick seven. OK, pick seven. I'm going Derrick Henry.


OK, but then take your score. Clyde Zeller. I'm going to have the players gone.


So take it to the thought process of choosing Derrick Henry over Michael Thomas. Other than the positional value, is it simple? Is that it's really that simple?


It's because, again, both guys are going to get a massive amount of touches in their respective offenses. We expect both offense to be good, but it is entirely about positional scarcity or depth, positional scarcity of workers, about backs and positional depth of elite wide receivers. So that's why to me, I think the more interesting conversation is Derrick Henry versus Clyde Edwards. The so I have S.H. at six, Derrick Henry at seven. You have them reversed.


You have had seven, you have Henry at six. Correct. Here's my argument again. You have to nit pick. Yeah, right. So I'm with you. And that that's within the range of outcomes for Derrick Henry that if he if he does improve his passing game usage. And by the way, you look at the Titans roster there, it's not like it's not like what we just talked about with Leonard Fournette, where there's there's an obvious guy to take away receptions in the passing game at the running back position, like Chris Thompson, Leonard Fournette.


There really isn't anyone in Tennessee where you feel like, well, that guy is going to be on the field. Right. Dion Lewis, obviously now with the New York Giants.


Yep. OK, so so that's certainly within his range of outcomes. The concern, though, is touchdowns on Derrick Henry. When they get in closer, are they given? It's their country? Of course they are just throwing it right. Right.


But here's the concern. Fifty percent, like forty nine point seven, forty nine point seven of Derrick Henry's fantasy points last year came from rushing touchdowns and the yardage on those scores. Right. I'm good with that. But that's a high number and it's a very high number. And I'm not like if that goes to 40 percent, like, here's the other stat. He had six rushing touchdowns last year, right, Derrick Henry, OK. Ladine, Ian Tomlinson and Larry Johnson were the last two running backs to repeat 16 rushing touchdown seasons since they did a running back has rushed for 16 or more touchdowns, 10 different times.


In those 10 instances, the average drop off per game was forty seven and a half percent over 16 games. That would result in Derrick Henry losing seven to eight rushing touchdowns. Now, I think that's excessive.


I know, but I'm just saying, hang on, hear me out. I'm just saying, if he goes from six to 12, he goes to 16 to 30. I'm running back seven, dude, like I'm in on Derrick Henry.


I'm just saying, like, you're asking me why do I have him slightly below Clyde Edwards, player in a PPR in a full PPR format. That's why. Because I do think there is a slight regression in rushing touchdowns for Derrick Henry. I'm concerned how much of his fantasy points come from rushing touchdowns. And so if there's even the slightest bit of regression, that's enough for me to knock him slightly down. That's my argument.


If Clyde Edward Delayer had six rushing touchdowns this season, would you consider satisfactory like reasonable?


I mean, I expect him to I expect to have double digit touchdowns, obviously.


But if you're saying just rushing touchdowns. Yeah, that sounds about right.


I think that's a seven worst case scenario for Derek. Like, if he craters, he's going to like six or seven right now.


That's how I break the tie. Is that that stat to me?


I think it's a little bit of a small sample size and I'm not totally convinced it has great merit here.


But what I will say is that I think he is the best pure runner in the NFL right now is Derrick Henry, and he is the player most likely to be able to sustain these rushing touchdowns statistics year over year, especially behind that offensive line, and especially with no threat of anybody in the backfield stealing carries from him. I mean, the biggest goal line threat is like Dennis Kelly, who's an offensive tackle, who caught two touchdowns last year.


Right. So, I mean, that's all that is.


I think he has got a better chance of repeating double digit touchdowns than Clyde Edwards. They're doing it for the first time.


Yeah, he's just the argument for S.H. is, you know, you're in a Patch Williams offense and you going to catch a ton of balls. Like it's entirely about the passing game usage, right? I mean, like and just that we know all the stats about what a number one running back does in Andy Reid's offense. We've seen like what Damien Williams, who I don't think is nearly as good as is S.H., you know, should be. So David Williams, a good player like S.H., has a chance to be really special, like it's the first time in Andy Reid's career as an NFL head coach that he's just a first round pick on a running back.


So I guess you're breaking the tie thinking there's a chance that some of Derrick Henry's touchdown dominance goes down. I'm breaking the tie by saying I think the Derrick Henry's touchdown propensity outweighs is decided edge in Russia. It's also his touchdown propensity. Plus rushing yards outweighs his receiving yardage.


We like both players. I'm in on Derrick Henry, obviously, but. Yeah, and I also think, by the way, if you say which one of these guys has a better chance at being the number one running back in fantasy, I'm going S.H. as part of it, as the lead running back in and Andy Reid Mahomes offense, then Derrick Henry and Ryan Tannehill at offense. All right. Yeah.


Well, speaking of Ryan, tonight, we're gonna talk about him in just a second. Yes, we are seeing player.


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Talk about Ryan Tannehill has worked or in the interest of keeping these unique pronunciations I used to love and younger and my guy, Ryan Tannehill, when he would do them on their football games back in the day, he was like he was a Gruden grinder. He probably was a grinder at some point going to Monday Night Football games.


Yes, sir. Super excited about the new crew for Monday Night Football. Yeah, that's right.


Levi, Lewis, Riddick. And and yeah, I was going to say friend of the fantasy show, friend of fantasy football.


Now, Lou Riddick, you go making his Monday Night Football in-game debut. But we love all of them and wish them tremendous luck and success. They'll be awesome. Yeah, they will do a great job.


We look forward to the first game of the season. They're doing the late game. Of course, Hurby and Chris Fowler have the early game on week one, Monday Night Football.


So, Matthew, I think people actually aren't like shouting like, hey, why don't you have Ryan Tannehill ranked higher despite the fact that he finished as quarterback nine points per game points per game basis last season?


Yeah, he was great. He was unbelievable.


In eight of his final nine starts, he was a top ten quarterback.


I actually don't think people are that mad about you and I and Daniel all having him it. You have nineteen seventeen. Daniel has him at twenty one. I think people all kind of get it that, you know, the numbers suggest at some point Ryan Tannehill was going to level off.


But let's dig into those numbers, Matty, because is it possible that Ryan Tannehill will just keep on motoring and remain a fantasy football starter and that we are counting him out too soon?


Entirely possible. OK, but I'll tell you who who thinks that the Tennessee Titans paid him all sorts of money, all for my money.


Yeah. So, you know, I mean, I feel like the the anti Tannehill argument and again, we talk about this fantasy football is an emotional game. And Tannahill as a Miami Dolphin was a disappointment. He underperformed more often than not. Now, was that hurt and yeah, was that a function of the injuries? Is that a function of the franchise around him? He didn't have a lot of personnel. There was coaching changes, et cetera, et cetera.


But the fact of the matter is, is that Ryan Tannehill has been in the NFL for quite a while and he's had one half season of being an elite option. And so I think there is and we we look at Tennessee and we're like, well, a run first offense, which it is when we just talked up, Derrick Henry and I both have him as a top seven player.


So the question about Ryan Tannehill is which one's the real guy and can he be as efficient as he was? Because, like, he's not a guy that's going to lead the NFL in pass attempts, right? I mean, like this is he's going to have to be super efficient because it's still going to be run first. Having said that, we both think AJ Brown is an elite talent. Yes, we do. Right. We, like John Smith, is an emerging talent.


We'll see what they get out of Corey Davis. But like, you know, there's is there a better team to do play action off of or a better running back to do play action off of the Derrick Henry? There is none. There is none. And so and again, once Ryan Tannehill became the starting quarterback of the Titans last year, I was like a top five fantasy quarterback over the second half of the season. So, like, I have my QB nineteen you I'm at seventeen.


He's being undrafted in many leagues. I want to get him higher. Those question marks are still there, but would not shock me if a year from now we're talking about Ryan Tannehill is a top twelve guy because he is more mobile than you think. It seems to like he's a really good fit for Arthur Smith's offense there in Tennessee. And they have some nice weapons.


You know, baseball has got all these metrics, including a baby chip batting average of balls and play that do a good job of quantifying like. You don't quite want to go as far as saying a guy got lucky, but like the numbers suggest, this will come down a little bit. And so I had to dig into this in week seven through seventeen where he was amazing.




Ryan Tanel averaged 31 opportunities per game, which for a quarterback is passing attempts, plus rushing attempts in that 11 week stretch that was 31 out of 34 qualified quarterbacks.


So, like not that many opportunities. And yet during that stretch, he was eighth in total quarterback yards. So performing well above the expectations.


And we use the stat when we were talking about Lamar Jackson and like which suggests that perhaps the touchdown rate will come down a little bit. Lamar Jackson, I believe, was right around nine percent in terms of his passing attempts, resulting in touchdowns last year during, again, this isolated 11 week stretch, Ryan Tannehill was eight point one percent. That was number two behind only Lamar Jackson. Just for some context, Patrick Mahomes and the elite elite player, right.


As good of a chance of anybody to throw 50 touchdowns in a season as a career rate of six point nine percent. So there are certain ways that we saw Ryan Tannehill exceed expectations last year.


And, well, we love the player, love what he did last year. I am inspired by his determination. I think it's reasonable to expect that he ends up as being somewhere between quarterback, you know, fourteen to twenty, then quarterback five to 10.


That's it. Yeah. Daniel, I feel just said a bunch of words. And I think what I took from that make sure that we're reading this right is that I think he said that he thought Ryan Tannehill was better than Patrick Mahomes last year. I did. That's what I think. I think he said the right there in that whole thing is that this. Yeah. If you could just just the one part where he said Ryan Tannehill was statistically better than Patrick Mahomes last year.


That was the part that feels good. I think just it's interesting. So, you know, listen, we better not it's actually better not contractually better. But he thought the Tannehill was better than Mahomes.


Yeah. Listen, you know, ESPN rewards people that give those hot takes, so you're well on your way.


That is nice.


At that was so just have that one available if I like. A noon tannahill over Mahomes Warfield Yates. Let's talk about that field.


Yates, if you would like to argue with him about that particular take, he's Attfield Yates on Twitter. He loves to engage with his fans. So go ahead and let them know. Just, you know, your opinions on Fields' opinion that Ryan Tannehill is better than Patrick Mahomes. Let's talk about AJ Brown.


Yes, sir. Because he's wide receiver. For the record, I am. Mahomes over, Tannahill. OK, just that's one where we that's where that's a place where we differ. OK, we agree on a lot of players. Right. But I just I have Mahomes over Tannehill. This particular case. You get the last laugh as we will run in life. Yes, we will.


Brain with AJ Brown was wide receiver thirty last year and two points per game basis. But you can throw that out because as we know, in the second half of last season, AJ Brown was incredible. Week seven through seventeen, when Ryan Tannehill was the starter, he was set wide receiver seven.


In terms of total points. We've got him at sixteen for you, nineteen for me, Daniel at sixteen.


And I'm starting to wonder if not only am I too low and AJ Brown, but all of us are too low. And AJ Brown and I get it, Matthew, there are all kinds of star receivers are ahead of him.


And I mean, I'm talking stars like not just the Michael Thomas, Julio Jones or the world, but like Odell Beckham and Adam Feelin's and players that have had wide receiver one type fantasy seasons before. Right. But AJ Brown, one of those players that might just shoot to the moon, I mean, how many targets does he need to see to surpass even our already optimistic expectations? Yeah, I mean, that's the thing, right, we expect an increase in target share for him because AJ Brown was incredibly efficient last year.


I mean, like I feel like AJ Brown, like a typical AJ Brown game, was like four receptions for one hundred yards and a touchdown, like he would catch one ball and run like 70 yards for a touchdown.


And so he just he didn't again, they were they were run heavy. And you talk about the fact that Tannehill was thirty first and quarterback opportunities last year.


And so it's not a team that throws a lot when they were throwing that would throw to AJ Brown. But so given that every team that has Tennessee on their roster, this on their schedule this year is like, OK, how do we stop AJ Brown like?


So he's going to get a lot more defensive attention that he did last year. They're working on that. Having said so, he's not he's not going to be as efficient this year, but maybe he doesn't need to be because again, Corey Davis is banged up. You've got Geno Smith, who's a nice young player, but unproven at the tight end position, and there's no one really else. So you've got a very narrow target, Tre, in Tennessee in terms of who could take balls away from AJ Brown when they're throwing.


Right. So, yeah, I mean, I haven't sixteen. That's where his ADP is. It's tough for me to get him higher. But yes, top five wide receivers. Absolutely. Within the range of outcomes for AJ Brown, because I will tell you and you go back and look at the tape or look at my tweets on this game.


AJ Brown was my favorite wide receiver coming out of college last year and in fact, actually made a hole big, like AJ Brown was my favorite wide receiver. Now he goes to Tennessee with Marcus Mariota. Where are they going to be run heavy and I don't think Marcus can play. And so I basically had written off AJ Brown because of his landing spot and he honestly, he didn't do anything until, you know, until Ryan Tannehill took over.


So try to think who it was last year. I think I got I'm so bad it but I'm in on the talent is my point. And I so I think that. So last year, the two outliers in terms of touchdowns scored.


Most rookie wide receivers were AJ Brown and Darius Slater. But there are a lot of warning signs like Darius latents likely to level off because the volume probably won't go up that much, if at all. This year might go down for Darius Layton, who already had low volume.


AJ Brown is not going to have eighty four targets again this year. He might double that this season, maybe not double Matthew. But my point is like one hundred and thirty targets should be part of the Titans plans this year. And along those lines, even if AJ Brown scores sixty percent of the touchdowns he scored last year, he could still easily finish the top twenty wide receiver because the volume and the yardage should be there. And as you said, he's just an explosive, fun, talented player.


So we're in AJ Brown.


I just see what's what's the argument against AJ Brown? So we both we both like I'm at sixteen year and nineteen, so we both have as wide receiver two, but we're both saying like, could we could we get them higher because we both agree like a massively talented player who's the clear cut number one wide receiver on his team.


Yeah. Here's the here's the argument against is that the volume doesn't go up a ton because of two things. One, the Titans can continue to smother teams with the run to Corey Davis sort of has a light switch moment. And three, Adam Humphries, who was the biggest investment they made in a wide receiver last off season. And other than Corey Davis, the biggest one they made in quite some time, nine and a half million dollars per year was a non factor.


If Adam Humphries sees one hundred targets this year and Corey Davis gets seventy and you know, the team hasn't doesn't run the football I'm sorry, runs the football exceedingly well, then the volume isn't spike to one thirty. It stays at like one hundred and ten. That's the argument against interest.


Again, really good wide receiver depth this year. Like if you're choosing between Odell and AJ Brown, like even with what happened last year, who cares? Like there's an awesome case for Odell Beckham Jr in basically any wide receiver argument, he's no right or any more wide receivers or pass catchers in Tennessee that really I've mentioned Geno Smith, I mentioned a couple of times.


But yes, we agree on we agree on AJ Brown.


Like, again, you know, I, I think he's I think he's a stud. Matthew, did Johnny Smith, was he and others receiving votes on your love hate column that just went live before the podcast started?


Oh, it's up. Should not be up. It's up tomorrow, so. Right. Oh, and that is up today. Keith Lipscomb, let me know that if you want to do it, it's going to be published tomorrow before the show started today. Yeah. Really we're up normally.


We go normally goes on Thursdays. I thought it was going up. We're you're right. It got posted today.


We're up a day early. Are you sure that is there to check out John Smith and the others receiving votes category? You have thirty seconds, Matthew, because we've got to get some social questions. What do you like about him?


Oh, listen, he's got eleven games with three or more catches in those games. Savage double digit fantasy points per game would have been ten point nine would have been tied in seven last year. Look, no Delanie Walker there. And again, like Corey Davis has yet to do anything in an NFL career. Like maybe he has a Devante Parker kind of light switch on moment this year, but we just haven't seen it yet. To your point, Adam Humphries has been a nonfactor.


I think Geno Smith is a a a talented young player who's been waiting for his moment. Now it comes you see right there, by the way, you see three seasons pre breakout. Corey Davis and Devante Parker were both brutal. If you're watching at home, we have a full screen up that shows you.


Corey Davis versus Devante Parker before Davonte break out right there, but anyway, look, just Johnny Smith is a talented young player. Tannehill seems to like the tight end over over the course of his career as well.


He's he's due for a significant increase in target share, obviously, from from last year. You think about all the years in Tennessee where Delanie Walker was a fantasy, you know, his top ten fantasy tight end. I have Delanie Walker. I'm sorry. I've have Geno Smith as tight end. Seventeen higher than you or secret squirrel, right?


Yeah. I mean, Geno Smith.


A couple of social questions for today. We're going to start with Karlo.


He is one of the social questions about my beard because I'm just looking at myself on camera. You don't. I mean, I definitely have one. I have Scruff and I don't think it looks good. I did it for my Massarotti. I don't have a Massarotti, so my Massarotti.


Oh yeah. That's all I'm saying. I think he looks I think it's excellent. Scruff you know what. Thank you. That's all I ask. Field. Yeah. It's, it's a little bit of love.


What do you got. What are these social questions. How do the people want to know.


He wants to know. What are your thoughts on going with team QB as a position this even given the potential for late scratches. I'm down with it.


Yeah. OK, I think any suggestions you have that build extra protection against covid-19 protocols? I'm in for your league 100 percent. OK, all right.


This question is going to come from Pastor Jonathan one and we're going to bring Stefania in for this one. Is there any reason to downgrade a player who tested positive for covid this preseason? We've addressed this a couple of times and some of our earlier shows, but we know that everyone listens or watches every show. So, Stefon, you just wanted to have you weigh in here real quick.


Yeah, I wouldn't automatically downgrade everyone. It's a reminder, too, that not everybody who goes on the covid reserve list has tested positive. It could mean just that they've been exposed and they're waiting for their testing. So monitored that individual's reports closely. But I wouldn't automatically downgrade anybody.


OK, all right. We got one more question. This is from at Steinback. Chief says, Do you approve of me taking Mark Ingram and JK Dobbins at the seven eight term? Would you do both Ravens running back? Yeah, I have no issue with that.


I feel like this goes back to that, you know, team quarterback question if that's going to help you and that's going to sort of insulate you from covid issues.


I'm OK with it. If you're basically saying I'm going to get the starting running back of the best rushing offense in the NFL and all it's going to cost me is a seventh and eighth round pick. Yeah, I would Mark come in the back in the seventh is actually pretty good value.


And the only reason that I wouldn't is because at the eighth. So you've already drafted the starter. You're probably never going to play Jackie Dobbins or you're thinking they're both going to be flex play if something happens to Mark Ingram.


I'm playing Jake Thomas because I think Jake, I'm one hundred percent.


I'm totally and running back. How many other backups are you drafting in the eighth round to not play unless somebody gets hurt, though, is my question. Is the eighth round too early for that kind of a position?


I don't believe so. I mean, it all depends on sort of your draft, as you know, and where you're playing and how deep your league is. It is a ten teams of twelve teams of fourteen team, et cetera, et cetera. You know, is it a super flex? You only playing two running backs. But, you know, the love hate column that you referenced.


Yes. JK Dobbins is on it. I say he is one of my favorite, like mid to late around guys. I think he has tremendous upside JK Dobbins over Tirico all day, even though Tarricone will play every single week. And there are chances that JK Dobbins doesn't play at all because J.K. Dobbins, if something happens to Ingram, JK Dobbins has a chance to be a league winner this year. I love it.


We're going to send it back to the stat seller for Kyle with our Geico trivia question of the Day.


We've got a gardener, Minshew Bass trivia question. So we're going to get a little visual of what Garden Hemanshu looks like in a best case scenario when he's traveling around ESPN Campus in a minute here. But the question here, Gardner mentioned two hundred and twenty nine point two points last season as a rookie and a sixth round pick or later. That's the second most over the past 15 years by such a player who leads the way. And I ask one question.


It was drafted in the sixth round. Later, you just say that mean NFL undrafted agents are excluded from this. No, that kind of after they count. Got it. OK, undrafted free agents do count in this situation. Maybe if I could have a picture of Garner Minshew, I would say to you, look, it's going to be like, OK, it's an inheritance on their hair and your legs are feel.


Yeah. Look how ridiculously hairy these these legs are. We got one minute guy. There's an undrafted running back. Can you go ahead.


Who are you guys Divinia atmosphere with to get this. This this is hard. I can't I hear six round and I only think of Tom Brady. I don't really have a guess. I don't know maybe. I have no idea Matthew, because I got nothing for you today.


OK, go, go, go to I how. We got 30 seconds in the show. OK, I am going with Matthew Berry. No, what's the. Oh, I'm watching. Matthew Murray has to get my Anderson Denver running back. Mike Anderson, think about your team. Washington football team, Washington football team. No idea how many these questions now. So we've got to go one point eight later. Alfred Morris oh oh six oh one oh never going to hustle, in case you didn't know.


Matthew Berry, GM on YouTube. You guys go ahead, give me grief for being on SportsCenter for forty seconds. You can do better than me because I don't think you could jailbait Bayfield yet. If you're you're you're terrible at hashtag improvment. I feel great. I feel great stuff on your back. Oh, no, that's very, very.


Secrets, but Daniel does make a mediocre fantasy, Geico knows there are many reasons why you ride from the thrill of the revving engine and pure adrenaline of flying down the highway to the confidence of knowing that Geico always has your back with 24/7 access to claim service. But Ari Snider has one reason in particular that I had extremely large upper arms.


They won't even fit into most shirts. Thankfully, biking really embraces vest culture, so I feel accepted.


I go motorcycle. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.