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No guys, fancy, fancy. Welcome in to the fantasy bogus football blog, Gasfield and Mac. And Daniel and Stefania, and for a second there, I was a little bit nervous day and our drops didn't work for those that are watching live on the interweb somewhere, they may have seen me hesitate. And I was a little bit worried that maybe you pulled some of hijinx, a math. You know, I did, in fact, show up ready, I think, because we had a Lisa or Matt Harington on our year.


We didn't hear the start of the song, but I did, in fact, hit the button. Wow.


Well done by, you know, other people throwing people under the bus. One of the first rules of TV isn't ever through the sound effect for that.


Had you on. We don't know. What do you mean? Isn't that the first rule of TV? Never throw your producer under the bus. When Field just said to me, Daniel, I was worried you didn't do the show, right. He literally threw me under the bus. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


But you're not like a producer producer. You're like you're like Daniel. You're like, you're like, oh, whatever you're like. You're like a grandpa in that sweater of yours. Right.


You know what I mean. Right. It's literally like. Right. Lisa's a legit director. Yes. Matt Harington is a legit TV producer. Yeah. You're a guy that pushes buttons on something that we're not even sure goes out to anyone that's accurate.


Hopefully it doesn't, right? Yeah, right. Exactly. I mean, like, honestly, if you're doing your job correctly in terms of presenting the best possible show to our listeners, this never gets published. Never happens. Absolutely. I mean, the fact is, honestly, I don't know. It just it seemed weird to me that you would just I was curious if you had a if you could look through your drops and just see if you had, like, a bus sound effects a that like or actually.


No, I take it back. It's not a it's not a broom. It's a phone book.


It's a screwball. Right. Like yeah. It's like the bumps, it's going over Lisa and Matt Harrington because that's fairly graphic. Like kind of threw him under OK. Yes. Kind of a couple of speed bumps there. He did throw them under the bus just a little bit. But we digress because we have major, major news here and I'm not talking about stuff like that's happening around the NFL.


More important news, Daniel, perhaps the most important news of the fantasy football season so far.


Yeah, last night, the great, the incomparably talented. I mean, she is just on a track to stardom.


Dylan Schefter, the daughter, lovely daughter of Adam Schefter, did a great favor to all of those who play in the War Room league, and she conducted the draft lottery draft lottery. Of course, we do not go by the reverse of last year's standings. Every year we redraft the order and it's done by picking names out of a hat. In this case, we had a zoom involved.


And number one overall is Lewis Reddick. Not number one overall is Matthew Berry.


And what pick did you try to succeed, Matthew? So it's sixteen teams and for the second year in a row, I am pick sixteen.


That's tough to I mean, I have a lot of issues. I have a lot of questions. OK, I think we will agree to this. Hold on. Dylan chapter.


Yeah. Adam's daughter is wise beyond her years. Have you seen any of her interviews that she's done with Leonsis and Gary is you can't believe this girl is eleven. You mean like she's she is a very bright young woman.


And so I have to believe the fix was in. I believe somehow I think there was some sort of I think my ballots got, you know, my the name had, you know, it was cold or some frozen body covered.


Patrick Ewing, you know, 100 percent. I I'm throwing my theory out. Wow. Yeah.


That is a I mean, that's audaciously questionable. She's one. I'm not. Listen, that's what they claim. But you see her on air. You talk to her. She's a Danny Almonte. She's I'm just she's a brilliant young woman. She's unbelievably bright and well wise beyond her years and and by the way, and also a devoted daughter to her father, Adam, I don't know. You know, did Adam suggest this? Did Seth Marchman, our intrepid commissioner, suggested it's don't you think it's a little questionable to have the daughter of somebody in the league pulling it?


I'm just no.


I thought it was highly entertaining. And to be honest with you, I think it's amazing that you have the 16th pick. I hope you go on twelve during the regular season, this unbelievable field.


Get this. I just want to be clear about this guy, the bitter berry.


Oh, do we have a bitter berry? Can I not this year we do. It's probably up up at the top. It's in your football helmet.


Kind of looks like you got one to his left doesn't it. Yeah. Yeah. Otherwise we we don't we don't grab the leather barrier anymore.


This is the eleventh year of the War Room league draft. Sixteen teams, eleventh year more in eleven years.


I've never had a top three pick. Yeah, terrible.


Only three times in eleven years. Only three times in eleven years. Field. I've had a pick in the top eight. Yeah. I've only had a pick in the upper half of the league three times in eleven years. Wow.


Don't you were so hungry like the anti Washington football. It's wow. Wow. That pretty good line.


And the truth is, is that if I were, if I were representing Dillon Schefter I would point out the fact that how could she possibly be. I've been considering I've had insanely bad luck, all but bad luck the entire time that I was I that have been in this league, so I don't know anyway. So whatever kudos. Kudos to Dylan and Adam Schefter.


I'm pick 16. The only thing I can say here, the only positive thing I can say here. Affiliate's last year, pick 16.


I finished second in the War Room League. If you are interested in following along to the War Room League, you can follow Scott Clark at all.


Underscore Bui's, the Adam Schefter of the War Room League here.


Insider hello's to find you. By the way. Stephania has picked five. How many upcoming world? How do you feel about your selection this year to. Well, I've had some good practice, I think I've hovered around the four or five picked for the last several years or so and one year I did really well. I think we came in second one of the years we were in that top five pick and then last year, you know, not so much.


Well, I'm hoping for it. Look, you know what? The fantasy draft. The fantasy marathon draft. I had the fifth pick, so I got a little feel for it. Unfortunately, as you know, 16 teams in our war room league, which is basically saying, let's go out the window after the first round.


Yeah, I have a question for you, Stephania and Field and Daniel Thirsty in we put it this is a poll and then we're going to get to we're going to get to Kenyon Drake. And we've got a lot of news to get to. But I have been offered to trade out of sixteen. I'm going to tell you what, pick, because I don't want to, but it's somewhere in the middle of the draft, basically the middle of a draft.


So I'm curious, would you rather have the 16 team league? Would you guys rather have 16 or somewhere in the middle of the draft? I want to be quick about this, because I know there's a lot with the league. Is it a two quarterback league? Is there any one quarterback league? Sixteen. Sixteen. Just straightforward, straight four. It's an extra flex. You play an extra, you start an extra flex. But there is.


I want the turn. I want the turn. I want the turn.


I think I'd rather be middle of the pack. I want middle of the pack as well to secure a top running back with that. Nine, ten, eleven, eight. What would be the middle of the pack.


The twelfth. But that's somewhere, somewhere in that range.


OK, that range is what I would prefer personally. All right, let's get going. Going. I'm going. I'm thinking it over. I'm thinking it over. So we will we shall see.


Hurt what it does. Is it thinking it does hurt. It does. It absolutely hurt. All right. Let's get rolling out an absolutely heard time now. And just by the way, the last thing I want to say and then move on this, I just want to be clear in case it wasn't I'm obviously joking about everything.


Like, I don't believe there's any there was any actual malfeasance or skullduggery, you know what I mean? I'm just just having fun there. I, I believe it was all on the up and up.


Yeah. We all know as we're. All right, Saphire, let's get to you right now. Gentlemen, ask her about a couple of injuries that. Correct. We want to get started now. You want to start there. Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry to bother you.


News or noise, loud noises. Hold on. I totally screwed this up, and you know why? Because I'm reading the wrong show. No, that's what happened. So I'm going to take this one. This is totally my fault.


Stephania and Matt Harington, my apologies. He's talking to me in my ear. And I'm I'm so perplexed. I'm flummoxed by figuring out how Matthew could have such bad lottery luck that my mind is what I really wanted to ask you about.


Stephania is actually not news or noise. We'll get to that in just a moment. But yesterday, you were part of a group of reporters that was on a conference call with the league and they gave some very interesting and important updates on covid testing and covid protocols. What did you learn during that call and what might it mean for fantasy football this year? I think there are two main things that we learned on the call that I wanted to bring to our audience here, and the first was an update on testing.


The league's been doing some fairly regular updates. And I think we've got a graphic of some of the numbers that they released for tests in the last nine days, August 12th through the 20th. And that last grouping of tests, over fifty eight thousand tests were administered to players and personnel. Of those over 58000, more than twenty three thousand tests were of players. Zero positive tests among players during that window, six new positive, among other personnel. What it tells us is basically that the efforts to protect against the virus in training camp have been largely successful.


And I'm told that coaches around the league are very happy because there was a day off, the first day off in camp in that window and no positive test returned. So they plan to stay vigilant, but that's good news. The other bit was related to the events of last weekend Chief Medical Officer Dr Alan Cells that they noticed an unusual spike in positive covid-19 tests over the weekend. And when you hear that there were actually zero positive tests in that last window, you can understand why when they saw 77 positive tests over the weekend, they knew there was a potential problem.


Now, without getting into all the details, they've done an analysis with the lab, Bio-Reference they partner with. And it appears that there was a contamination at one of the lab processing sites, pre analysis of the samples that was responsible for these false positives. So obviously, steps being taken to try and ensure that that does not happen again because it obviously threw off schedules for teams. They had to go into automatic isolation and contact tracing because they have to treat those as presumed positive even while they're working through to see if the test is correct or not.


What I will say is they thought the silver lining was that they actually got to go through those steps of contact tracing and isolating and they found it worked very, very well. So looking forward, they hope to not have another scenario like that.


But it was a good exercise for them to find your wonderful information and some encouraging results, I would say, on the whole for the NFL. We'll be back with you in just a few moments.


So I wanted to pass along one other note that does pertain to leagues on ESPN as of now or as of, I guess, immediately you can or ESPN has built in an extra I hour spot for a player and for any injury. But if you are placed on the reserve covid list, you are eligible to be placed on IRR.


So something to keep in mind if these tests and we hope they don't flare up, but if they do wind up flaring up, you have a bit more built in roster flexibility. And a reminder, you can customize your league to your desire on ESPN dotcom. To that point, what you're talking about with the the added Iara spot is just for the standard league. Like if you just sign up and you don't do anything to your league, if you play in a public league, that's what that is.


But if you and your buddies are getting together, you and your co-workers, your family, whatever, and you're creating a league, you can have five by hour spots if you want, you can have 10. You can you can customize the league to whatever it is you want, whatever rules and settings you want. And so you can have as many spots as you want. I would encourage you to have a couple and just for people to understand that, yes, if a player is placed on the covid-19 list, they are eligible for the spot.


So I think that's important to note.


I'm not going to replay the drop because I screwed up asking for it the first time. I'm going to tell you that we are now starting with news or noise. And as I mentioned at the top of the show, Louis Riddick has the first overall pick in the war room league draft chiefs game time in three years.


That's right. And he's only been a leader for three years. Yeah. Chiefs GM, Brett Veach mentioned recently are said recently of Clyde Edwards l'air. He's on pace to have a big year. And why is that pertinent? Because a couple of weeks ago, Lewis Riddick took to Twitter and said, if you have the number one pick in your fantasy football draft this year, you should be taking Clyde Edwards l'air, the Chiefs first round pick.


And so we'll see whether Lewis as a sort of put his money where his mouth is. Right. And I bet he does. Interesting.


So and we don't have to belabor this, but quickly, like, is that even if Clyde so how does that pick justified in your opinion?


Do you think it gets justified? Does it have to be justified by Clyde Edward Delayer, resulting in the number one player in fantasy football, or is there a process aspect to it that you could sort of wrap your mind around and say, like, yeah, I could build a case for it?


Yeah, I can. I can build a case for it. Here. Here's the case for and it's not one that I agree with, but the case that I would build for Clyde Edwards, there is this No.


One is that Lew believes in the player's talent. Lew believes in the system. And Andy Reid, obviously, he he he worked with Andy Reid in Philadelphia. So he understands firsthand just, you know, just how talented he is. And the argument is, is that you think he's going to be something special, that he is going to be Brian Westbrook, who from 2014, who I think was from the four years that he was with Andy Reid, he was a 12.


For 2008, he was the second best running back in fantasy. Then the other thing is that Chris McCaffrey suffered some regression, that that offense is completely new, obviously, and that they don't use him nearly the same way that they get some other people involved. There's some argument about Curtis. So that's the argument for Clyde Edwards.


l'Air in a 16 team league. You're going for upside. You're swinging for the fences. And so if Lou believes that that's a that's a bigger swing at the fence, C.H. than CMC, then that's the argument for it.


It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out. We'll see if Lewis does actually go with Clyde. Edwards declared the draft is the night before the season begins. So I'm sure people will see it all over Twitter. A couple of other questions.


For some reason, I believe he does it very quickly is that two years ago when he had the number one pick, he was saying sack over Todd Gurley, who was sort of the consensus number one two years ago.


Well, wherever Barkley was, not the consensus number one Barclays rookie year.


Yeah, it feels different to me circumstantially.


But at the end of the day, it's people it's your fantasy team for everybody is making a pick, whether it's one to 10, wherever you go. And ultimately, at the end of the year, there's only one winner. And that person is proven correct to find a couple more injury updates with you.


And we talked about this yesterday, but Lamar Jackson did practice yesterday. So news or noise that he is back on the practice field and this seems to be a thing of the past. I think it's news and that it confirms that our noise statement from yesterday was correct. That's the news. I mean, look, we said that this was not a big deal. We expected him back yesterday. But you can plan on the Ravens win just under three weeks till the regular season begins to be cautious with him because obviously you don't want something that's not a big deal to turn into a big deal.


All right, Stephania, let's keep it short and sweet there. As you said, this is noise but or news as a result of noise yesterday. But there is maybe some more pertinent stuff that could actually be interesting and newsworthy is yesterday we discussed Kenyon, Drake and the Cardinals. We learned after the fact that he was in a walking boots and Kenyan Drake. The threat to Adam Schefter is insider thrown, apparently took to Twitter to break a little more insight.


What can you tell us about Kenyan Drake being in a boot?


Well, according to him, he said, no worries, I'm good. His coach backed it up. Kliff Kingsbury said it's not a big deal, snakes and bruises, and they're being cautious with him. And this is that time of year. We're probably going to be saying this a lot, where teams, if something small crops up, they're going to take it easy, scale it back to everything they can to protect the player. So there's no issue come week one.


I will say this. Matthew tweeted about, you know, seeing a player and walking, not ideal. That is true. The problem is a walking boot can be used for anything ranging from a fracture or a major ligament injury to just offloading the weight of the foot so that it's giving the foot a break, if you will. I think that in this case, it's noise, not news, but good observation. Matthew, I appreciate it.


Not a clean entirely a clean bill of health right there from Stephania. So, Matthew, I think it's news. What do you think? I think it's news as well.


Any time a running back is in a boot, I think that is news. Now, he's saying is he saying it's not a big deal? I think he tweeted out, hey, I was in a walking boot at this time last year, and I think he did like laughing emoji or something like that. And then, you know, and obviously, here's to find you here, Kliff Kingsbury also say like they don't think it's a big deal, so, OK, fine.


It's not a big deal, but it's some sort of deal.


It's not a nothing deal, you know. I mean, like if he's 100 percent fine wise when he was in walking, I, I continue to say what I say yesterday. This news obviously came out yesterday after we did well, after we published our podcast, which was all about the Arizona Cardinals.


Chase Edmunds remains a a somebody that you should target in the later rounds of your draft. I think tremendous upside on Chase Edmunds, whether it's insurance for Kenyon Drake or just, you know, if you don't have Kenyon Drake and you want to take a flyer, because we I don't want to speak for you, Field, but I. I feel confident in that. You and I both agree that we're Chase Edmunds, the starting running back, the Arizona Cardinals.


We'd be very high on him in fantasy. Yeah, I think he'd be like a top 18 or 20 running back if he were him as the go to guy in that backfield.


Shout out for him. The Rams, that's where he used to play his college football. All right.


One more here, Matthew, and we'll be back to Stephania in just a moment quick. Cam Newton getting the bulk of work at Patriot Practice on Monday. News or noise? I think it's noise only because he's going to be the starter. He's going to be the starter. I mean, I. I think I think this might have been news like two weeks ago, but Cam Newton is going to be the starting quarterback, the New England Patriot. You heard it here first.


Just it happens. Please credit Matthew Berry as a result of that fact. We're coming back for double trouble in just a second. But Daniel has something to say, I believe. Yeah.


Just really quickly, before we get into talking about our favorite advertisers, when we were talking about covid and the other spots, we can have the max that you can have it on ESPN Ligas for four spots. OK, so what we're suggesting is if you want more than that, add those four our spots and then have a couple of extra bench spots that your league has designated that you guys know. That's how it was. I wanted to be clear on that.


All right.


That's my that's my mistake. Double trouble coming back in a second.


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Double double trouble. Trouble. Double trouble, trouble. Trouble, double trouble.


At this moment they on double secret probation throw the flag on somebody you know Daniel threw a producer under the bus at the beginning of the show.


I'm going to do the same thing to a researcher because our here says double trouble. Oakland Raiders Kyle. Wow. He lived in a bunker for the past six months. The Raiders plain lost me.


I didn't put that label there. I just had Raiders.


OK, fair enough. All right. I'll throw somebody else under the bus.


I just got to figure out who I'm supposed to throw under the room. All right. Let's begin with the Las Vegas Raiders. And, by the way, makes it's like apparently this bus is going really fast, really like the bus from speed. Like, it's just like was classic.


I want to get a great movie. I haven't got us in a minute now.


Oh yeah. That was the movie that made like a star. Yeah, that's right. I agree on that. Good take.


And and Keanu Reeves was Anna Reeves, by the way. Bill and Ted face the music bill and Ted three coming out soon. Very excited about that. Nice. I can't wait for Movieland. Ted is one of my favorite movies of all time. All right.


Let's talk about the Las Vegas Raiders who now play their home games at a Legion stadium, which looks amazing. The best player in the Raiders offense in our opinion. I think we agree.


As Josh Jacobs Matthew, you have him at RB ten or nine excuse me, and you have him higher than anybody else at ESPN. I've got him at RB fifteen and Daniel has an RB fourteen.


So right there is a bit of a rankine's disparity. I know that's only six spots, but that can be a big difference up in this point of the board.


Let me start here and just lay out my case for why I'm a little bit lower and a little bit closer to consensus and why I think you are. And then I'll let you have the floor here.


Josh Jacobs, amazing. Got super talented, right? I mean, he had a very compelling case to be the rookie of the year on offense last season. Ended up being Kyler Murray had a ton of calories. Right. I mean, he averaged over twenty touches per game over 100 yards from scrimmage per game. He also suffered a nasty, severe, major shoulder injury. And he played through and he showed incredible toughness to do that.


But I don't know if this was simply charged by that or if it was because of other reasons this offseason, the Raiders and I know that these guys are not Safwan Barclays', but they signed Devante Booker, a once useful player for the Broncos and a very good pass catcher. They signed theoretic.


They drafted also a very good pass catcher in his in his formative years.


They drafted Lynn Bowdon, junior out of Kentucky, utility player, who's going to be really fun to watch. And they are working him extensively at running back right now.


They play they pay Jalen Rashad seven and a half million dollars an extension this offseason. Now, I don't know. I would classify those as four major investments. I would consider those two reasonable investments and then to flyer's. But I'm just wondering, Matthew, if maybe this team is planning to not utilize Josh Jacobs quite as heavily as they did last year simply because they saw what the rigors of a full season can do to any player. This is also a team that last year not only did it have Josh Jacobs out for that major shoulder injury, but Jonathan Abrams, their other they had three first round picks last year, one of their three first round picks, Abrams.


He suffered a major injury after one game and missed the entire season. I wonder if some of this is philosophical. They're saying to themselves, like, these guys can be stars, but we've got to manage them a little bit.


Are you not buying that? So let me get this straight, your concern on Josh Jacobs is. Jalen Rishard, the ghost of Theo Riddick, Devante Booker, who couldn't make the Broncos when they didn't have a running back, and the plane bound junior, who's a nice player, but they're going to use as a gadget guy, they're going to use him a wide receiver.


They're going to use him in Wildcat. They're going to do a bunch of different cool things with the inbound Jr.. Yeah. Like what? I mean, I just I mean, like, listen, all those whatever, Richard's a nice little pass catcher and like I mean, I think there's seven 1/2 million bucks. Yeah, it's more than just Jagels makes it falen.


Machard was on the roster last year as well as a game A and and that was a year in which Josh Jacobs was running back fifteen. And so what you're saying is that there's absolutely no improvement in Josh Jacobs from year one to year to you have him. You have met 15. He was running back fifteen last year. I think the entire offense is better. I think Josh Jacobs is better. I think he will be used in the passing game more.


Now, there's been rumors of like, oh, he's going to catch sixty balls. I don't believe that. But he caught twenty receptions last year in thirteen games. Could he get to forty this year.


I do think he can. OK, I absolutely think he can. So that's what it comes down to.


And listen your points well taken in the sense that like Rashad Booker Redick bound to an extent all pass catching running back. So if you're like, OK, this is the guy that gets it between the tackles and then they're going to use different guys on third down. So maybe they don't use him as much in the passing game as well. But this is a guy who was top ten among running backs and touches in scrimmage yards per game. It's six different games last year with over twenty carries last season, only Chris Carson had more such games since twenty fourteen.


The only rookie with more such games was Ezekiel Elliott in twenty sixteen. The fact is, is that this kid had a massive workload, came through it. Great. And Jon Gruden, he's been public about this. Jon Gruden is angry that Josh Jacobs did not win offensive rookie of the Year last year.




You know, and so I believe they want they're like, oh you'll watch.


He's way too much of this stuff. Tom Brady's not he's going to have a couple of extra touchdowns in the goal line. Yeah, because raiders are going to work.


You're going to use oh, my God, field. This is a very real conversation. Come on.


You don't actually buy this stuff. I tell you what I do buy I buy that football players like everyone else, our human beings are 100 percent human beings and human beings are driven by emotion. And I will tell you absolutely that they care about stuff like that, because I know you know why Field and I would be shocked if you say this doesn't happen to you.


I get texts and emails and like when I'm at parties, like whatever Super Bowl parties, whatever, I run into NFL players, they'll sit there and say, like, oh, you had me as a bust. Oh, you had me as a sleeper. Oh, this is like and if they're paying attention to dumb me, you drop those. No, no, no, no, no.


Oh, hey, listen, that is not that's not me namedropping. That's not me being you know, I'm going to say, no, that's not that's not me trying to brag or anything like that. Yeah. I'm just wondering that, you know, that is me saying that is me saying football. I my opinion would be why do you care? You should not.


Not and not one NFL player should pay attention to anything I stupidly say, but they do. And so if they if they pay attention to dumb me, I assure you they pay attention to offensive rookie of the Year. I assure you they pay attention to dumb stuff. I wonder if you legitimately pay attention to, oh, Tom Brady's washed up one hundred percent.


They did. Just one thing I want to say, though, is that like you really believe and this what you're saying. So you're believing is that like sidelines, middle of the game, competitive atmosphere.


Jon Gruden sat there thinking to himself, like, I know that Josh Jacobs a little bit. He's he's tired after seven straight runs.


But let's make sure we get him another touchdown right here. Like you really believe that like Sean McVay is his fantasy friendly as a coach is there is. And he was put Malcolm Brandon all the time last year. I don't know. I just think fundamentally, you know, I do know.


I do. I believe that specific example. No, I do not I do not think that Jon Gruden is worried about awards when it comes to that. But do I think that when they are game planning, when they are planning out their entire offense, when they're sitting there on Wednesday saying putting in what they want to do, do I think Jon Gruden says, hey, like I want I want I want Josh Jacobson there in our jumbo package.


I want Josh Jacobson at the goal line. I want Josh Jacobs here in here. In here. Yeah, I do think that I think he's also, by the way, I think he's their best offensive player. And so Jon Gruden, who wants to win football games for the Raiders in their first year in Las Vegas, even though they're not, can be playing in front of any fans.


Yeah, yeah. I think he is going to get a massive, massive workload. I do not have the same concerns about the competition that you do. So I am in on Josh Jacobs as a top ten running back this year. Yeah. All right.


So I'll just say that just to put a put a bow on it, it's not that the players are so daunting that around him. It's just the idea that, again, the guy broke his shoulder last year, I think running back fifty, which is not an insult the way he was that he played through his broken shoulder.




And that's the thing is that maybe they don't want to have to have him play through a broken shoulder again this year. Legrand's to find you then for a second. That's a fluke injury. That's not something like that. Didn't happen because of usage. A broken shoulder can happen in the first play from scrimmage. It's not because he had, however, many catches. He had rights to find you. Do you think Josh Jacobs is an injury concern? I, I, I think the way he plays.


Yeah. It's kind of like we talk about Cam Newton and the way he plays. He is potentially at risk. But this was an injury. I agree with you that it was it could happen at any time as a. But it definitely got made worse by him continuing to aggravate it as he played his positions.


Wonderful, wonderful insight from you. We've got to get to the wide receivers to find you. That's what I heard from you before we discussed the the Raiders wide receivers.


What might be most interested in how about an injury update on Tyrell Williams injured in practice last week, Victor, for the athletic reporting that he's going to try and play through a torn labrum in his shoulder after taking the next couple of weeks off to rehab it. So I'm just a refresher. A labrum is the cartilage ring in your shoulder and it actually helps improve shoulder stability.


You need the labrum intact to have maximum stability in your shoulder. The issue for him will be if he tries to play through a torn labrum, no one can get full range motion to get his arm up overhead to be able to catch those passes that are placed, you know, especially up in that like overhead and back behind you. Position number two, diving on an outstretched arm can really aggravate this type of injury. And number three, contact. So these are all three things that he will have to engage in on a regular basis at the position.


And so my question is twofold. Number one, can he be ready for week one? We don't know the answer to that yet. And the number two, even if he is ready for week one, can he stay healthy enough to perform? And I don't think we're going to know that until we see him. And even then, every week, week's going to be a risk. You know, he did play through a torn Lieberman, his other shoulder, while he was a charger, and he played pretty effectively.


He ultimately needed surgery on it. But every injury is different. So you can't necessarily compare that episode to this one. All right.


So this is a tricky one here, but we appreciate the insight. Come back to you in just a couple of minutes here. So we're going to put four wide receivers in a category, Matthew, of basically the late, late round flyer bucket.


We have, as we just mentioned, Tyrod Williams, who's to you know, we'll see if he actually plays. But there's a chance Henry Rug's the third, their twelfth overall pick, their first pick this year in the draft fastest player at the combine this year. You guys all know his credentials.


Hunter Renfroe out of Clemson last year who finished with nearly 50 catches and just thirteen games. And then also Brian Edwards, their third round pick this year out of South Carolina. A reminder, the depth was so great this year in this year's draft that the 80th overall pick this year might be like the fortieth overall pick in a lot of other years.


Yeah, and the buzz out there have been a lot of Brian Edwards hype and buzz. Yeah. Raiders camp.


So any of these players that you so I don't think you're swinging on to many of them. I don't think you're swinging on multiple raiders late in your draft. But if you are making a selection of a Raiders pass catcher not named Aaron Waller, who is it late in the draft or do you have a clear hierarchy within that group of four?


I don't.


I mean, I think there's interesting things with all of them. So I'll take Henry Rug's off the top right in. But here's what I mean by that.


He's going much, much earlier than any of the other guys. And I don't like he made my hate list this year. He's the highest ranked Raiders wide receiver that I have.


But he made my hate list because of where he's going in overall drafts. He's going ahead of like Sterling Shepard, ahead of Brandin Cooks, ahead of Deontay Johnson. He's ahead of a lot of guys that I like much more than Henry Rug's that have had proven success in the NFL. Again, this is an offense. Remember, that was that was twenty eighth and pass percentage. They were 21st and pass attempts per game. That was, you know, bottom half of the league in Red Zone pass percentage as well.


It's again, one of the reasons why I like Josh Jacobs. I believe once again they will be run heavy. They will certainly favor the run more than the pass this year. And so how much volume is there really to go around in this passing offense? Do I think rug's will have some big plays? I do, I suppose.


And, you know, listen, I like rug's. If he were to drop. Sure. I kind of think Hunter unfroze interesting finish the season. Strong had a couple of really nice games there at the end, especially for PPR leagues. Kind of a nice little slot receiver there.


And by the way, but Brian Edwards wouldn't surprise me if he came out in and blew the roof off the doors.


And Lynn Barton Junior also, by the way, is really interesting enough for qualifying him as a wide receiver, running back, running back on our game.


Yeah, so. You know what I mean, like, I didn't give you an answer there. The fact is, is that they're all worthy of Latron fires, but there's not one that I'm sitting there going like, boy, I really, you know, the way like I'm like really like Paris Campbell, you know?


I mean, like, they're just sort of like, OK, like if I'm in a deeper league drive, like an hour 16 league war room league draft where I picked 16, like I'm probably going to have a lot of raiders, like I like to be like, all right, who's left? I got to run Renfroe Devante Booker. Oh, I'll be like I'll be there like in the 10th. I'll be there like a third Romney field. Talk of Davonte Booker.


Maybe I should take him because that's what we left. Let's be honest, though, right?


Like you have your third pick comes before my third pick in this draft. Like you're miscalculating how this all works. Maybe I know you might be your first time place and it's to snag the second. Yeah.


If I did make a pick on one of these guys.


Yeah. I would just go I would just go with Henry Rug's and just game changer potential more so than any of the other players. And I understand the camp reports have they haven't been down. But I think there's been more buzz about Brian Edwards so far in camp.


But I'm not going to trust the guy that last year, basically for an album offense that had two players drafted in the first round and wide receiver has more coming down the pike was the most dynamic out of all of those players.


Here's my question, though.


I don't disagree with you again. Rug's is my highest rank Raiders wide receiver. I understand the eighty four.


You prefer rug's at his ADP than any of these other guys rate much later, is what I'm saying.


I agree with you that he's overdraft overdrafting my whole point to the outlook.


But still we have. Yeah, we both have rug's highest. Yeah.


OK, let's talk about Darren while the baller your best call of last year finished last season is tight end six, nearly fourteen points per game.


The limiting factor for him was just three receiving touchdowns last year for Darren Waller, his ADP. Right now, Matthew is six amongst tight ends and sixth round in general. It's not the discrepancy we have between him and his tight end. You at five a.m. at sixty thousand five.


But is that too much of a premium in the sixth round to be pain on Darrin Waller?


For a guy that has, it would seem, much more competition for targets this year because of all those wide receivers.


We just discussed the weird part on Darrin Waller, and I appreciate that that was like, you know you know, that was a call that worked out for me last year in a big way, but. It's a guy that didn't get didn't even get an end zone target in 11, 15 games last year. Right. You know, I mean, and it's just weird. So they have Jasa went in there.


They have Foster Morreau, who they who actually had like touchdowns. They like Foster tomorrow. They had more touchdowns there. I have a number of 60 overall, so I'm in a seventh round pick. So he is going higher in the overall than I would have a round higher. So I guess, yes, if you go by my ranks slightly higher, I think he's fine.


I like Aaron as a player. I actually like him a lot. But to your point, I think this is a run first offense. I think there's a lot of competition for targets, not just in the in the wide receivers, but also suddenly the tight end room got a little bit more crowded. Like I don't think Jason Witten's a fantasy factor, but do I think he plays enough snaps that he snaps a little bit? Right. Possibly. As you're saying, you don't sign him to have him sit on the bench.


He's going to play twenty five to forty percent of the snaps, I would think.


And yeah, if they play too tight, end sets like that means somebody is getting moved off the field a little bit. So I'm with you. It's it's probably a little bit of a richer premium than we probably would prefer. But I also think that like philosophically, he's not going to be a player that's going to bring you negative value.


Right. So like you're still going to get a tight end. You can rely upon most weeks. So maybe we're a little bit less optimistic than his overall ADP, but not by much. Yeah, you hope.


You hope there's a little bit more positive touchdown regression and you hope that they look for him in the end zone. I mean, it's not like they look for him in the end zone a lot and then he just got unlucky. They just didn't look for him for whatever reason down there. They used him as a decoy a lot more.


What I will say, though, is, is that if he winds up in like the seventh round, I'm fine with again, he's my I have him as the fifth tight end. But I will say that he's the start of the next tier that I do think it Kelsie, Kittel, Andrews', Ertz, that is a tier. And then there's another tier. And so he starts the next year. As I've said, my philosophy this year on Titans has been I want to either be one of the first or one of the last in my league to get a tight end.


And at pick sixteen, I'm most likely going to be the last. Yeah, Jason would be my starting.


Oh, salty chargers coming up next. But first, a bit on Brand for me. Hashtag bilberry.


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Austin Ekeler is not just the starting running back at the Chargers with less competition. Matthew, he's also a lot richer. He's one of the great success stories from the undrafted free agent pool in recent years. He signed a four year extension worth over 24 million dollars maximum. So happy for a guy who went to Western State and Colorado to play his football.


He was RB six last year and two points per game basis, nineteen point thirty one points per game.


And yet some time maybe it's because he doesn't have the traditional sort of body frame of a workhorse running back, maybe because it was his first time doing it, maybe because his carries were low relative to other war courses last year. Do you have any concern, though, about Austin Ekeler repeating his 2019 performance and bringing you RB one return?


Here's my concern, OK? People that are drafting him later, morons, that's my concern. OK, that's my my concern is, is like, what are you doing? I do not understand I don't understand how he is going as late as he is. I don't understand the fantasy community that has suddenly bailed on Austin Ekeler.


Are people building his his overall ADP is like early third round.


Yeah, that's crazy. I mean, wait, what? So we're all in on Michael Sanders, who has a five game sample size of being a stud. Right. People are all over Kenyon Drake, who has an eight game sample size of being a stud last year. And yet Austin Ekeler in the four games without Melvin Gordon was the second best running back in fantasy. He was four points less than Christian McCaffrey in that span. OK, ok, fine.


But hang on though. And then Melvin Gordon shows back up. And then from the time that Melvin Gordon was there, he was the fifth best running back in fantasy. So I don't know what you think about Justin Jackson or Joshua Kelly, but I assure you they're not as good as Melvin Gordon at this stage of their NFL careers. And by the way, Austin Ekeler do we all agree that Austin is going to get more touches this year? He has led all running backs in fantasy points per touch, minimum one hundred carries.


This is a guy who is insanely efficient. He actually if you've ever read any interviews with Austin Ekeler, he talks about that. He talks about how he's deep into the fantasy, deep into it, he stands the efficiency. He loves it. And I know people are worried about, oh, Philip Rivers to Tyrod Taylor.


Like what? Like, I get it. I know that there's a connection there. And Rivers likes to dump the ball off and Tyrod holds the ball a little bit too long. But I assure you, to your point, they paid this man their head coach, Anthony Lynn, former NFL running back. Anthony Lynn is not all of a sudden going to go, you know what I need on this team less Austin Ekeler like they showed last year. They're not scared and they're not scared to run between the tackles.


They're not scared to use them on the goal line. This is a guy that's going to be a running back that is especially on a team that honestly doesn't have a ton of weapons and that have, you know, some questionable depth behind him. Ekler is going to have a ton of work and a better offense than you think in PPR scoring.


How is this guy going so low field? So I'm going to try to make something. Not saying that I necessarily agree with it, but he had 132 carries last year. So even in a workhorse role and I understand that Melvin Gordon was part of the mix from week five on last year. Still, 132 carries.


Not a huge, huge number. Right. We're talking about. Yeah, Ezekiel Elliott. Twice that, maybe even more this year.


I think Matthew and I could be wrong here.


I think part of the thinking is, you know, last year, the stars sort of aligned in this regard.


The Chargers could not get out of their own way. Last year, they were constantly digging themselves into holes. They were constantly in the perfect game script for Austin Ekeler to have eight, nine, 10 catch performances.


Now, the counter to that is although previously on the podcast, I've spoken of other running backs that are in the neighborhood of Christian McCaffrey as a as a pass catcher amongst running backs, the two best running backs in the NFL. My pain, Christian McCaffrey is in a class of his own. And then it's Austin Ekeler.


So as much as maybe his workload won't be as substantial as other workhorse running backs as a runner and as much as maybe 92 catches might be a little bit less attainable because they won't be playing from behind constantly because the overall approach here will be a bit more conservative.


You go from one of the most turnover prone quarterbacks over the past year to almost literally the least interception prone quarterback in the NFL, which is Tyrod Taylor, that maybe they have a few less opportunities for Austin Ekeler to have eight or 10 catch performances.


But that's a long way of saying, like, I'm not totally sold on it. Like, I think it's probably I have his running back eight. So I'm confident, like, if you ask me if I see him going somewhere between six, nine and fourteen, I think to myself, sounds about right.


Yeah. I mean, so for me, the big difference is in the overall I admit I have it running back ten, but I'm at eleven overall like so I have him is a you know, late first round, early second round pick. His current ATP, as we've talked about is in the third, he's going in the third round. And so I just think that's insane. And like I can't believe that I have to bang the drum here for Austin Ekeler, but apparently I do.


I think I just I just think he's being massively disrespected and underappreciated by the fantasy community.


Well, let's change it. He's now making a lot of money. Let's all appreciate him as much as the Chargers do. I think about wide receivers this year who may be or have been affected most in perception right now based off of quarterback change.


And I think that there are two that come to mind where our value has dropped most dramatically for them because of a quarterback change. And I think it's a tie or maybe it's one A one B, however you want to phrase it with Keenan Allen and Julie Element.


But in your opinion, is Keenan Allen the wide receiver most affected by a quarter?


Back change this off season, if this were not Tyrod Taylor, but it was Philip Rivers coming back for another year, we might be talking about Keenan Allen as one of our five ranked wide receivers, top five ranked wide receivers right now.


Matthew, I am a 19 year Matt, 21 denialism at 20. His ATP is twenty second amongst wide receivers. This is a dramatic change from a quarterback.


Yeah, I mean, look. And he's fine. And and so, look, Keenan Allen's a nice player. Oh, he's outstanding as a player. Yeah.


But he's like we expect a more conservative offense with Tyrod Taylor under center and we don't know how long he is the starting quarterback. Do they do they turn to Justin Herbert?


It's all right. Is that good for them? I don't know. OK, we don't know what we don't know. I would think it is a pro. I would think I would think it is.


I would think that his I would I would probably prefer if Justin Herbert was on the job tomorrow, would be more bullish on Keenan Allen right away.


Fair enough. Certainly has that potential here. I just I don't know the. And it's different offenses, everything like that, right? But for me, Tyrod Taylor, when Tyrod Taylor was in Buffalo, there you go. You know, the average under 30 passes a game, right? Dead last in the NFL. Yeah, dead last over three years.


So how much of that how much of that is Tyrod versus the offensive system? But by the way, Anthony Lynn was was on that staff there. Yes, he was. He was the running backs coach. He was the assistant head coach. He was the head coach, interim head coach. Like he had a bunch of roles. There was a lot of turnover. And then Allen had a quick rise up. Yeah, but yes, that that's the expectation.


That's one of the reasons why he's comfortable with Tyrod as a starter. He knows them well from their time together in Buffalo. And when they were in Buffalo, they were averaging under 30 passes a game. Yeah. And so if you sit there and you say, well, Hunter Henry, currently healthy, we'll get to Stephanian and Mike Williams. But you've also got Keenan Allen. We expect Austin Ekeler to have a big roll out of the backfield.


Just how much volume is there for Keenan Allen? Again, we think he's a very good player there. We we have I mean, I have met wide receiver twenty one you up at nineteen. We're both higher than the consensus. He's going at twenty two. But we you and I feel more comfortable with him as a wide receiver to than as a wide receiver one. Yeah. And I want to make what he has been previously in his career.


Not that you disagree with this. I wanna make clear like I don't think he's a good player. I think he's an elite player.


Like one of the best wide receivers in football is just he's playing with a different offense than he has played for many years. And you mentioned Hunter Henry being a factor, actor being a factor potentially. Mike Williams could be a factor as well.


Stephania But for a guy that has dealt with some some serious injuries early in his career, he's now dealing with another one.


What do you know on Mike Williams field? If we were doing this in the news or new segment, I would be telling you this is significant news, the nature of the injury that Mike Williams has now. The Los Angeles Times reported that he made a diving catch and practice on Sunday and the shoulder pads were removed because they were playing during a period where there was supposed to be less intensity, but that meant he drove unprotected on that shoulder. The report from NFL Network saying his collarbones intact lead you to then suspect that he has an AC sprain, which happens when you dive and land on the point of your shoulder and the ligaments there get damaged.


The question is, is it a minor sprain which potentially could happen back in a couple of weeks, or is it something more severe that could take multiple weeks to come back from? Right now, they're calling him week to week, which is never as good as day to day, obviously. But I think it hints at the idea that he is going to miss some time and potentially not be available for the start of the season, much like we were talking about with Tyrell Williams.


This kind of injury can limit your range of motion, keep you from being able to get your hand over your head, make it tough to dive and land on that shoulder and to some degree make it tough to take contact. So all of those things are things to watch. The team hasn't commented on his injury specifically, but there's definitely some concern in Los Angeles. All right, Stephania, thank you for that.


Unfortunately, talking about Mike Williams, an injury lt again, I'll say I was sort of excited because one thing Tyrod Taylor does really well as a thrower is push the football down the field.


He's got this sort of nice barking ability to throw these bucket throws. But for now, I can't imagine anything more than a late round flyer on Mike Williams.


But Hunter Henry might be a different conversation. He's healthy. He's tight. End eight. Last year, Matthew had a pretty solid season. In the twelfth game, we had that one big injury, but he returned and played really well for them.


Got the franchise tag.


You're a little bit less optimistic than I am on Hunter.


Henry is is the question or sorry is the argument against Hunter Henry basically what we applied to Keenan Allen low volume, or is it maybe reflective that you have other titans, you just believe in more this year?


Because I actually think in terms of talent, I am at seven. I think that's about where he is like one of the seven or so best tight ends in football.


I'm at twelve. Yeah. Made the list for me this year, so why so down. So a couple of reasons why. So first off, in games in which he doesn't score touchdown, he averages under seven fantasy points per game. So he is very touchdown dependent. OK, he's never played all sixteen games in an NFL season, so he's injury prone.


He's touchdown dependent. And we expect this to be a low volume offense, so all those things make me very concerned, especially in terms of where he's going.


And if you consider him, let's say he's the number two pass catcher in this offense.


Right. OK, so it's we all agree. Keenan Allen is number one. Let's pretend he's the number two.


I mean, even if we do that, Austin Ekeler is definitely the number two in this offense.


We would be number one argue along this argument. Yeah, for argument's sake. Yep. Pass catcher number two on a game to game basis when Tyrod Taylor was in Buffalo. Forget who it was, right? Like, got nine point four fantasy points per game on under five target, so regardless of who the number two pass catcher is, we went we looked at every game that Tyrod Taylor was a starter.


And the number two pass catcher for Taylor in Buffalo averaged nine point four fantasy points per game, had under five targets a game last year that would have been tied in 12. And that assumes, again, to your point, Daniel, that we're not even not we're not even talking about Austin Ekeler, because I think there's an argument to be made that Austin Ekeler is easily the number two pass catcher on this offense. Yeah. So again, touchdown dependent, injury prone, low volume offense.


And we don't expect Tyrod Taylor to throw in the red zone and the end zone to the tight end, as much as Philip Rivers did when he was in Los Angeles.


Pretty simple for me is that first time for him last year, playing without Antonio Gates alongside him yielded a pretty solid season, right?


Even in twelve games, he still had over 650 receiving yards and five touchdowns. You say his touchdown dependent. I say he's a touchdown maker. And I think there is a lot of relevance we can carry from Tyrod Taylor in Buffalo. I also will concede that I believe the pass catching group much superior here than he was playing with in Buffalo. So that's why I'm more of a believer in Hunter Henry.


It's just it's just weird to me to say we're going to knock Keenan Allen, who we both agree is a great player. Sure. Yeah. Not Keenan Allen because of Tyrod Taylor, but we're not worried about it with Hunter Henry. I just said that I'm not worried about it.


I just said that, you know, again, this also tight end, we're like the options thin, quickly, wide receiver. We've got an embarrassment of riches. Like for me, if I'm bypassing Keenan Allen, it might be because I'm landing Cooper Kupp or Robert Woods like four tight ends. Like, I think there's a case that, you know, the depth is just not nearly the same. So there's a different opportunity cost. By passing Keenan Allen, there would be someone like Hunter Henry, who I think in talent alone is one of the six or seven best tight ends in the NFL.


We will agree to disagree, but we'll see how the season plays. Well, we'll see how the season plays out. Field the aid for the defense. But you important on this? I say to Hunter, Henry is a top ten tight end this year.


Yep, it's seven. Yeah, well, it's Evan.


OK, so don't how do we usually do our best. We do. We do. We split the difference. I would definitely do. If it's ten it's a push. If it's anything above ten.


Matthew, to win anything below ten field would win if you did it that way around. Yes. I have you outside of the top ten. Yeah I find of that. That's fine.


Seems like you're right because you were just waxing poetic about it but fine.


That's fine. Why say what we normally do. We would normally with the difference. Right. Yeah. Yeah normally. Right.


But I mean want to change Unicenter, you know, just, I mean I just thought you might be more confident because you just you just had a love letter to hundred.


When you're playing up, you just pick up your brother in the backyard, go to the plane to eleven, and then I go up eleven for no no play to twenty one I thought was eleven.


Yeah there are twenty one. I say Hunter Henry is not a top ten fantasy tight end this year.


I say Hunter Henry is a top nine fantasy at end this year. Yeah. Put it on the board. Put it on the board.


All right. Let's have a couple of social. Do we have time for this. We've got a couple of social questions here.


This one comes from PC Hallenbeck, once NFL superstar Donald Parnham, by the way, backing up Hunter.


Henry, for those of you in deep, tight end leagues, what do you got?


OK, so PC Hollenbeck wants to know, what has been your biggest tie breaker amongst player this year? Is it team familiarity? Is it injury? History is a position scarcity. How is it in this different season that you are looking at tiebreakers?


I'm going to let Matthew answer is one, because I know he's been harping on team familiarity a lot this pre-season.


That's what it is for me. It's it's team familiarity. It's like being in the same system.


And then, you know, once you get there, it's like you want an offense that you expect to score a lot of points, whether it's because they have a bad defense, because it's a high flying offense. So, yeah, you know what I mean. So I'm going for team familiarity and veterans and people that have done it for a longer sample sizes.


OK, this one comes from Mark. When is Matthew going to release his fantasy writer die for this season?


That's a great question. That's a great question. When am I going to do that? Am I going to do that? We should do that. Well, usually we do it on the on the fantasy show, on ESPN. Plus I have to do that.


I mean, you know, and then I'm sure you'll get anyone that has the here's what you should do is you should download the free fantasy life app.


Right. 100 percent free. Where are the alerts? Absolutely crush. I'm sure you'll get an alert before anyone else about who my fantasy writer or is.


But yeah, you know what I need to do that I need I'm going to I'm going to go to the I'm going to go to the lab. I'm going to start cooking up some numbers. It was going to be I will say this.


It was going to be Clyde Edwards in there, but then one Damian Williams popped out.


I thought that was too obvious. Yeah, I agree. So that was but that's who it was.


Usually it comes it just sort of we're talking about a player is going to be the draft. I mean, I'm doing it. Daniel knows, because we were talking about this on the show, we were going to do a post NFL draft show. Do I announce that is my ride or die? And then were like, no, let's hold off on it.


Like, we literally had that whole discussion and then Damian Williams ruined everything. All right.


Well, you know, caring about. Health and safety in his family. Was that your. I don't know, that's a Twitter troll voice. Oh, I thought that was an impression of the great impersonator, Joey Molinaro. Oh, I love Joey. No, it's not, Larry.


So, yes, follow him on Twitter was his impression of Andrew Luck's impression. All right.


Joey's great Geico trivia question of the day heading to Kyle. You guys talked about Darren Walters. We got some Walter the Butler trivia, he became the second tight end ever drafted in the sixth round or later undrafted counts to record a 90 catch season. I need the name of the other one. And before you complain, I'll give you a hint. He turned thirty six years old earlier this month. I'm 33 for those that are wondering. All right, Stephania.


He doesn't look much like field. OK, no more hints.


Hold on. All right. We're going to get everybody surviving. I'm going to come to you in one second. Matthew, I believe, is scribbling down his answer. And we are going to go with Stefania first. Let's say you.


I only I thought of this name quickly, because I love this guy so much and sixth round draft pick by my forty Niners, Delanie Walker.


Oh, nice pick right there, Delanie Walker. I'm going to go with. I don't think that's correct, Matthew. What he got. I think that is correct. Interesting.


Peter, I wish I thought about that. I'm going. I don't know where he was drafted.


Jason Waller's teammate of The Age, Jason Witten. There was a third round. I got that one wrong was him as well.


I think I might actually have this one. Nice. Antonio Gates, Kent State, golden flash power forward.


He recently I mean, I got to figure he's close to thirty six. Right. I love the idea of field. Yeah. It's for your trust. I trust Matthews got here the trust to find you against to find your bell with the right answer. Delanie Walker Walker and twenty twenty. You guys never had ninety catches in the season. It stuns me. Wow.


Really it's a great cause. My job.


I used to fun. You must have been with the Titans. Well here's what gave it away to me. I followed Delanie Walker's career. I love Delanie Walker.


I knew he was drafted by the Niners in the sixth round when Kyle hinted at thirty six years old that Mike, he's got to be in about that range.


I got just to find Antonio now. Antonio Gates. Eighty nine grabs in twenty five.


So that is impressive. I do a job I hate to find. Get their sixth round pick sixteen. Do you think Delanie Walker will be there for me. Hopefully. Hopefully maybe. Fingers crossed he'll make it down to you.


All right. There you go. Matthew being bitter again by tomorrow, he'll be all happy. Steffon, congratulations. The fifth overall pick. I can't wait for you to win the league this year. We look forward to that. We are coming back as what you and you, the Irish. Twenty one third overall pick me better to win. We're back with double trouble on Wednesday. Until then, we'll talk to you later. Vissi. Oh six oh one oh.


Never going to hustle, in case you didn't know. Matthew Berry, tmr you, you you guys go ahead, give me grief for being on SportsCenter for forty five seconds, think you can do better than me because I don't think you could jailbait. Jailbait yet if your your you're terrible at hashtag improv. I feel great, I feel great stuff. Funny about. Oh no that's very convert. Secret squirrel Daniel does make you have a mediocre fantasy and by your own people realize that never style.


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