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See you in those six oh one oh. Fancy, fancy. Welcome in the Fantasy Focus Football podcast on a Monday, a marathon Monday, if you will. It is the fifth annual ESPN Fantasy Football Marathon.


Felgate, Matthew Berry, Daniel Dopp, of course, Stefania Bell joining us for this great show today. We've got a lot we got a lot planned, double trouble and plenty of news. Helo's to find you're looking great in her palatial estate, as always, Matthew, so far.


And we're only, what, 14 hours into the marathon. Anything stand out to you in this fifth edition of the Fantasy Football Marathon, which, of course, is performed this year under much more unusual circumstances than it has been for the previous four iterations. One hundred percent field.


And so myself, you, Stephania, Bell, McLay, Damien Woody and Adam Schefter kick things off last night with a SportsCenter special starting at eight o'clock last night on ESPN two for the Fantasy Football Marathon. And right off the bat, not a shock, but cheffy makes news to me. You are the best in the business for a reason. You just got us right into it. I'm just saying, like you asked me what stood out to me, that's what stood out to me.


Well, I mean, there are a lot of different things out there. You know, we can go through them. But for me, the biggest thing that's come out of the first 14 hours was what Schefter said.


Do you want to drop first, Daniel? Give me something. You don't have anybody. They had the that's now working.


Maybe Lisa will hit the news or noise sound or upstairs in the anchor machine. Oh, she can't do it. New weather or news or noise.


All right. This was our modified version of news or noise dropped SANA. That wasn't particularly great. But, hey, we've got some limitations. However, the news is important.


Listen, anyone that listens this show or watches it now, they they are familiar with not great. That's a mediocre fantasy advice.


We are nothing if not consistent. One hundred percent.


We are we are right down the middle, my friend, and pretend oil is news or noise and the top is being stolen.


Are you guys trying to take over my segment. This is my segment. Well, I would also say I was going to say pretend there was a news release drop. And then, Daniel, here is your chance to take the lead here. Daniel is up.


May I may I do this secret squirrel, Daniel Dopp, who was not part of the SportsCenter special Attack Your Fantasy Football Match last night, presented by our friends at E.A. Madden NFL 21. So secret squirrel Daniel up. Yes. He did not allow on TV, but they will allow on a streaming Internet show accurate.


Yes, it is your time to shine. Can I one more second to pull Matthew here.


Give me a show violation. I'll take it. Give me three. Daniel Dopp, who is the only member of the 060 universe to ever be spotlighted on SportsCenter top ten ways.


That's true. Daniel Dopp, who the reason why he wasn't available last night is because he was on a virtual signature tour. Daniel Dopp number seven in the ESPN SportsCenter Friday night edition of the Top Ten plays for what some are calling the greatest throw since Joe Montana, since Joe Montana, since Joe Montana put a ball on a line for Dwight Clark and what is now known as the catch. An incredible moment for you, Daniel. It felt pretty unreal.


And I was just really pleased that Matthew Berry powered through and just like kept right on going with the take because that Carter was never going to happen again.


So for those that missed it, Field and I both posted it on our on our social media, as did Daniel. And so basically, when we do our love hate segment during the fantasy show on ESPN Plus, which is streaming now, by the way, and the Love Hate Show, or you can even watch it today at three p.m. on ESPN two as part of the night, you're going to see this episode where Daniel did this and everyone thought it was fake, but it was completely real.


Daniel tosses the the cards that he wins the question.


And this particular time, Daniel decided to get a little bit fancy, try to challenge himself. He tossed it into my pocket square. Amazing.


Again, halfway across the studio, because we're obviously very far apart.


It was an amazing throw angels' not a golfer, but that was your hole in one.


That is a hole one hundred percent. And I feel like I just took a lot of the time that Russell Wilson and I spent the preseason before I got to watch him. As I was catching passes from him, I understood delivery and body motion.


But Daniel Cook, that's Daniel Cook. All right, Daniel, speaking of cooking, I would like to say newser noise, topic number one. ESPN's Daniel Dopp reports that Adam Schefter said on the fantasy football marathon. Right, that if Dalvin Cook doesn't have a new contract in the days leading into the season, it would give him pause in drafting him to his fantasy team. Is that news or noise? Matthew Berry?


That is 100 percent news. That is 100 percent news. And that is I haven't been online that much, so I don't know if fantasy football Twitter has taken up as much as they should have, but that is something that people should be like.


Whoa, wait, what? Hang on. So to be clear here, what Adam is saying and Adam Schefter, you guys all know him as, you know, news breaker extraordinaire. Right. And you know, the guy with two cell phones never sleeps. You guys all know that. But Field and I and Daniel, you as well. The three of us know him. In addition to that, he's a hard core fantasy football. Player, he he he loves it, he he obsesses over it, he plays in multiple leagues and has done done so for a long time.


So Adam, when Adam says that if a new contract for Dalvin Cook is not done by the start of the season, it would give Adam pause in terms of drafting Dalvin Cook. That is something to take seriously because Adam understands what he is talking about when he says that he understands the weight of that statement. And so for me.


You know, a couple of years removed from Le'Veon Bell and it's hearing somebody like Adam say that to me, Field absolutely gives me pause. It gives me concern. I think we have to, as we get close to the season, start thinking about downgrading Dalvin Cook. And right now, we need to raise Alexander Madison and Mike Boone in our overall rankings in a running back rankings because they're very important insurance and they could have tremendous upside.


In a in a couple of words here, though, how soon would you draft Dalvin Cook right this second?


Still in the first round, still in the first round, but I would I would reach for Alexander Madisen, I would reach for him.


But let's talk about in the first round very quickly. Pick his pick. There was a tie. No, I mean, OK, that's the answer. Picking up live is where you feel comfortable drafting Dalvin Cook.


But I have to tell you, like, you know, it is before I thought there was a big five and then a little bit of a drop and then you and then you and I have debated six and seven, which is Clyde Edwards, the player. I have it six. You have Derrick Henry at six, I have Henry at seven. You have had seven. But for me it's now to me now it's much closer. I think there's a big four.


And then I think Cook, C.H. and Henry are in their own group. So that's I would move it. David Cook out of that RB one tier into that, you know, second tier of still further backs. But to me, he's now there's a clear delineation between, you know, CMC Barkley, Zeke and Kamara.


OK, Daniel, topic to topic number two. We're going to chat with Stephania here after missing two practices. Lamar Jackson is dealing with soft tissue issues, but is expected to be at practice today. Is that news or noise to find your bell? Well, it's an accurate report, but it's basically noise.


He is back at practice today. And and this is not a significant injury. And when you have a quarterback who runs as much as he does, then if you feel even the slightest of twinges, you are going to get a couple of days off field.


I'm going to call it noise. I used to find me. I'm not going to ever go against her medical suggestions or advice here, but it's noise has an impact.


The way that I feel about the more Jackson we discuss at length last night during our SportsCenter ranking special that Lamar Jackson is basically being drafted about a full round sooner than I would be interested in taking Lamar Jackson. He's going in the middle of the second round.


I would prefer if I'm going to be the person who kicks off the quarterback run in my draft to draft him somewhere in the middle of the third round. Daniel, let's go right back to you and then we're going right back to you.


You bet. We are with Rob Gronkowski. Now, Bruce Arians said he looks to me like this was Gronkowski five or six years ago. Stephania, with Gronk not playing football and the amount of time that he has been is a little over a year. That news or noise to you? It's noise.


And I'll tell you why. I'm glad that Gronk looks as good as he does. And I'm sure a year off from football makes everybody feel better as Ben Roethlisberger. I'm sure he feels better as well. But the last time Gronk played all sixteen games in the season was 2011. So that's more than five or six years ago. And in the interim, yes, know he has had the back surgery, the forearm surgery, the ACL surgery, all of these things.


You can't erase a person's history. So I appreciate that. Aaron said he looks like he's moving better than he did before he retired, which I believe I'm not buying that he's the Gronk of 2011 when he last played sixteen games.


OK, Matthew, anything to add? No. You want to go? Yeah. Here's what I would say. Is that so it's noise to me as well.


But so fundamentally, this is a bit that I believe and you may feel differently, probably the thing that gives me the most consternation in being a fantasy analyst. And Ranko is whiffing on a player who goes on to be a superstar. Right. That just a really tough thing to reconcile, because normally if we if we have a guy that we we are very confident in going into the season and he busts in a lot of cases, Matthew, injury catches up to the guy.


Offensive line play is so bad that you say no one could have done much behind that offensive line. Things of that nature. When you downplay the potential of a player who has been, I think, the most dominant tight end in NFL history at his peak. Yeah, it gives me a little bit of caution to think that he couldn't have a top three fantasy tight end season. I will just say, though, that, like, we're ultimately pressed to assign or decide what are the most likely outcomes.


And I still believe that even if Gronk feels better, there are three to five tight ends who to me have a clear, very obvious higher ceiling and higher floor than Gronk.


There's just the upside is undeniable. And Rob Gronkowski and it's why he's going among the top ten tight ends and going six, which is a little higher than I have. But it was a top ten tight end and I'm more in on Gronk than I'm out.


But the reason we have a little bit lower is because there is more risk with Rob Gronkowski than there is with some of these other guys. It's the injury. It's the new team. It's the year off. It's the injury history.


It's also, by the way, that when Tom Brady is looking to throw, he's got a lot of people to choose from. Like if he decides instead of Gronk, he goes to Mike Evans or Chris Godwin, both of whom are great in the red zone. That's not going to shock you. So we are on the same page here. Feel Yates, I will just quickly add that when you say, like, you know, our biggest fear is like missing on a player that explodes.


I'm out on the limb on one of those guys this year, Myles Sanders.


Michael Sanders makes me insanely nervous, like I'm as I'm as a running back to, but I'm lower on him than consensus and it's because of my concerns about small sample size and Doug Peterson. But if you absolutely. Miles Sanders could blow up. And that's the one that makes me the most nervous of all my calls this year. A couple more before we get to double trouble, Daniel.


Well, if you we're going to come back to you, Riverboat. Ron Rivera says Bryce love can be an every down back. Is that news or noise to you?


I think it's noise.


And here's why I love that Bryce love is looking really good in camp. I'm happy for him as a person. Ron Rivera obviously thinks he's got the talent to pull this off. But I ask you, when's the last time that you had a player who hasn't played in two years that is going to step on an NFL field for the first time in his career, coming off an active? It had to be a little problematic for him to miss an entire season, a year after the surgery.


Why would you suddenly think he can touch the ball that often handle that volume as effectively a rookie? I just don't buy it. I don't think he's built for that. And I think he's in the mix, but I don't believe he'll be in every town back to find.


Alex Smith hasn't played in two years. He's saying that about Alex Smith, too.


Well, right now, they're not saying he's an every down quarterback. Yeah, but there's a big difference. Dallas area. I just I just I just like needles. Fine. You look, here's the thing. I understand what she's saying and I want to handle it. I would never I would never go against the Fania's medical advice. I, I would push back on this.


Bryce Love, I believe, does have that talent. You know, again, I think it's been a while since we've seen him at Stanford, but this is when he was like when he was the guy at Stanford. But he was special. And had he not gotten injured, he would have been drafted much, much higher in the NFL draft. I don't think there's any dispute about that. And so, look, I think they're going to use multiple running backs in Washington.


I think you'll see Adrian Peterson, they're talking up Peyton Barber as well. And obviously Antonio Gibson, they're using him all over the field.


But I think when Ron Rivera is saying that he could be an every down back, I think he could be not weak one. Listen, you're not starting any Washington running back week one this year, but over the second half of the season, I think there's a chance that someone emerges from that backfield. And I think it's most likely either Antonio Gibson or Bryce Love as somebody that you can use regularly in fantasy.


It's noise to me. I'm out on the Washington backfield. We've now discussed the possibility of like four different players being fantasy relevant this year. Somebody keep an eye on as Peyton Barber appeared to get banged up earlier practice. Most important piece here is that all of us from the 060 onoe sending our well wishes to you, Ron Rivera, as you fight cancer.


We know that few people are more mentally tough and courageous than you. So we are thinking about you. We're thinking about your family. And he's been through a lot this past year. But there are some people that are built for a determined moments and Ron Rivera is one of them.


So we wish him and the entire organization and his family well during this trying time.


If anyone is if anyone is prepared for the fight, it is Coach Rivera. So prayers up for coach 100 percent. All right. Last one here.


Dallas Goddard has a hairline thumb fracture. The estimated return is one to two weeks.


Stephania Bell, is this news or noise when considering Dallas got hurt in your drafts?


It's nice he was back out at practice on Sunday. Zach Ertz is also listed on the injury list and was back out of practice on Sunday. Right now, everything in this department is noise unless they missed significant time.


All right. So I everything that's fine you said is accurate. But you know why it's news for me? Because I've been thinking about this more and more.


And we had a fairly passionate like when you think about it, why do you always ask how things look? It's like every three days. What does it look like when you eat breakfast? Like, I'm just maybe like, what does it look like when you go see a sunset on, like, the coast of California? That's a cool thing to imagine. Yeah.


What it's like when you think I'm sure that's exhilarating for most of our listeners during this audio medium.


So we had a fairly always interesting to me what will get field, you know what I mean?


Like, he's so unflappable and I try to flatter him. Yeah. I mean, and it's always sometimes without a flag. Yeah. Throw away just flaps him. Yeah. Was a throw away. That was just a dumb little throw away and it slapped him. Slapped me.


I am no jet I unflappable. No unflappable. Yes. It's a flat field. Oh gosh. What's that. What's that spine. You what are you guys.


Matthew being late. Oh my goodness. I actually disagree with that. I'm late all the time at this point. Fields used to it. He's numb to it. He's immune to it. Doesn't mean it doesn't mean we can't have some anxious moments before the bypass begins.


I think it's all right anyway. Anyways, I'm sorry, my friend. So Dallas Goddard, we got to hear what you been thinking about this situation. Yes, we had a fairly spirited conversation about Zach.


It's when we were doing the Eagles and Double Trouble, and I've come around to think about this, I said at the time, I still believe that Ertz is part of the elite trio of tight ends at the top. And you have Mark Andrews ranked ahead of him, which that's OK.


I just think now more than ever, underappreciated Zach Ertz for the player that he is. And this was a point that I made at the time. But I want to double down on it. And I know that he's deserving of a pay raise after Travis, Kelsey and also George Kittle got a contract. And I think his number should be around those guys. But I also do wonder if he's also been underappreciated in fantasy football. And I would encourage those who are on to Twitter to go find the thread that you and McLay had a conversation, the back and forth.


This is not you're right, I'm wrong or vice versa. It was just a conversation about the value of Zach Ertz and just how much utility he brings to your roster. This is a player who, other than one three week stretch last year were like the chips just did not fall in his favor because he was being triple teamed on some Sundays that he was an absolute rock star.


Again, he's going to be that way. So it's not news in the sense that, like, I'm less in on Dallas Goddard.


It just a reminder that I'm more in on Zach Ertz as a player. It's fair. I the one thing I will count on that is that what Mike Clay and I were discussing is so Mike was saying that he doesn't understand why Zach Ertz is, you know, not third anymore. You know, Zach Ertz is dropping for some unknown reason. And what I said is the unknown reason is called Mark Andrews. That's why he's dropping it, because I think people some people agree with me that Andrew's and not Ertz is the tight end three off the board.


But I think where Mike and I agree is that hurts. If he goes to the fifth or sixth round, which is where I've seen him drop in some ESPN leagues or some 10 team leagues, we're both in at that value. Where I'm out on Ertz this year is if he's going in the third, you know, around, I have Mark Andrews ahead of him.


I don't have a lot ahead of him, but I have him ahead of him. And so, like, probably out around. And so I think that's the thing. Like, if Ertz is going in the third, I'm out. But in the late fourth, the fifth, even the six hundred percent, that's great value.


I agree. He's going to be one of the top four titans in fantasy this year barring any sort of injury.


He's a stud. He is a superstar. That much is clear.


I don't know if we're going to have a drop or not, but it's time now for a double, double, double, triple, double, triple, double, double, double, double trouble there on double secret probation.


Josh Daniels was better than yours. That was it.


Oh, elaborative. After that, I had a feeling both of us in concert double trouble feet very often, you know.


Yeah. We're like Dan and Shay. I'm yeah. You know those guys. Rockit, let's talk about the Los Angeles Rams and of course, one of the teams on Hard Knocks, which is every Tuesday night, 10:00 p.m. on HBO.


But let's discuss them for fantasy football and this Rams backfield.


Super interesting, Matthew.


And it's two players that we are most interested in.


But can I go just a feeling right now for an injury update?


I would love to ask you, Stephania, one of the players that we are keeping an eye on, the Rams backfield is Darrell Henderson, who last year was generating all sorts of headlines. He was a favorite of Sean McVay, his third round pick. But where are we at with their Henderson's health because of a recent injuries sustained during practice?


Yeah, hamstring tweaks. These are very popular right now. As soon as the guys put the pads on, you're seeing this hamstring strains all around the league, but reportedly mild and not expected to keep him down very long.


OK, that's good news right there. Yeah, I believe Sean McVay was quoted as saying last night that he expects him to be ready for the Cowboys in week one, which is, I think, twenty days away from right now. So, Matthew on. Safinia all the way back to you in just a moment here.


But ostensibly the starting running back for the Rams has a lot of value in fantasy football. Sure. Two years removed from being the offense you wanted to be a part of. And Todd Gurley for some of his limitations right now has scored or scored twelve touchdowns, at least in three straight years as the Rams starting running back as bad as the Rams offense was last year, especially in the run game.


And as much as their offensive line struggled, was injured, there's trades like they were third and redzone rush percentage. Yeah, Todd Gurley had double digit touchdowns last year, even though he was inefficient and didn't get a ton of rushing yards. He still was a viable fantasy starter because when they got in close, they wanted to run the ball.


So what I'm trying to figure out is whether the door was opened during this injury to Darrell Henderson, despite against a Fania's relatively clean bill of health, that he should be good soon. Is the door now open for Cam Acres to, for draft purposes, be selected as an RB to back end RB two or maybe even a flex consideration? Or is there an element of needing to see it before you fully invest in carmaker's? Yes and no, I'm sensing a little bit here, obviously, but so here's how to answer that question.


My belief is, is that is the door open for carmakers to be a fantasy starter, a fantasy asset?


One hundred percent, OK. Am I comfortable drafting him as a fantasy starter? I am not I would not want to leave the draft and a 10 or 12 team league. And my number two running back is carmakers. Now, if you're doing a zero RB or even doing a modified zero RB, where you where you went, you know, one running back like you did, you got like Zeke or Kamara, and then you you punted on running back for quite some time.


And then you come back around and you're going to get a lot of sort of, you know, upside flyers, if you will, which is kind of a modified zero RB, then I get it. I'm OK with it.


But just in general, in terms of roster construction, I would be much more comfortable with ACRS as my three or four. I we just don't know how this is going to play out. Again, people were so excited about Darrell Henderson last year. Yeah. And he's coming in to a season where Todd Gurley and Malcolm Brown are there. And then, you know, Henderson was being drafted higher than ACRS is now, you know, and he's being drafted higher than where Henderson is.


Coach speak.


Did that coach speak? Did that 100 percent. And so, you know, I just I'm always nervous about drafting a rookie without a without, you know, knowing there's a clear path to playing time. I do think I do think it is the potential is there. I think the run game will be better. ACRS certainly was very impressive at Florida State, eight different games with a rushing touchdown and multiple receptions. He averaged, you know, over twenty three touches a game like he was a workhorse back.


Right. I mean, and so you sort of see there, you know.


So for those that are watching right now in a variety of mediums, a graphic entitled Mirror Image that shows two players, both went to Florida State, both drafted in the second round ones five, eleven, one, five, ten ones, 220 pounds, ones for two hundred seventeen pounds one year. And a four four six one ran a four for seven.


Those two players, Dalvin Cook, he's a star and carmakers. So physical profile comparable to Dalvin Cook.


He was outstanding after contact last year was Cam Akers. And for a team that hasn't been good for a while for the state, he was one of the few players you could actually enjoy watching week to week. So I think probably everything you said is really well taken. And people I get it. People are going to get big mad at us no matter what call we make. That is incorrect, no matter how consequential or inconsequential. But I'm not even sure the Rams know how their own backfield is going to shake out.


So just for the purposes of drafting strategy, you mentioned that you think we all agree kingmakers is the Rams running back we are most interested and invested in this year, correct?


Yeah, but I will look right now. But but hang on. Let me I'm going to. But I think this is important. So I've carmakers at twenty nine my running about twenty nine. I'm Darrell Henderson running back thirty so I have them right there.


And so I mean so if I like guess do I have carmakers ranked the highest for the Rams running back. I do. But carmakers ADP is running back thirty. Darrell Henderson's ADP is running back thirty seven. So I obviously consider Henderson the better value. I just think and I just suddenly sounded like Mr. Unlimited there for some reason, but I consider Henderson the better value I look again.


Henderson is being drafted higher last year with a much tougher path to playing time. It was very small sample size, but there were moments last year where you saw those flashes of why they were so high on Henderson coming out of college. He's just a year removed from being a superstar in college and a couple flash flashes.


He didn't get on the field very much now. So the crazy part, the injury is certainly a detriment to him, proving that he should be the guy. But I like the idea of field in terms of where both guys are going in their ADP.


I like the idea of drafting Akers and Henderson and seeing how this plays out, because I think if you have both guys every week, you would likely have these starting running back of the Rams. And that is going to be a good thing, especially at their ADP.


Kind of reminds me of the Ravens in that regard, draft both. And things are probably going to work out in your favor.


This is the third occasion I can think of where we're deciding between a teams, two wide receivers, and which one might actually be the better value because you could be selecting them picks apart a round apart at most doesn't always happen.


But if you're thinking about drafting a Rams wide receiver, it may very well be that you're sitting in your draft room and you're deciding between Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp at the same time. Not his name. Matthews Little Cooper Kupp.


I wish we could in our studio needs the little copper cup.


At some point back will find that I'm sure it's buried in some sort of thoughts or temporary digs is what I've been told.


We'll see what happens, we'll see what happens.


So let's sort of wait and focus it up.


It may not be quite a tie. Matthew, let's break the tie between Robert Woods and Cooper, your little Cooper Kupp.


Which one would you prefer? Robert Woods. OK, why? So even though he is my little Cooper Kupp. Always have a spot in my heart for him. I have woods is the higher value. I think he's I think he's going to have the better fantasy season.


Look, last year, average over nine targets, a game that was top 10 among wide receivers, like even with just two touchdowns last year, you got really unlucky with the touchdowns.


He went to 11th among wide receivers, an average weekly finish over the last two seasons. Robert Woods is the 13th best wide receiver in fantasy on a points per game basis. He's just he is so consistent. Brandin Cooks is no longer there. So we expect obviously even more targets to go around. We'll talk about the Titans in a second. But the fact is, is that whether it's Josh Reynolds or Van Jefferson and three wide sets they're passing, Tre is going to be Robert Woods and Cooper, my little Cooper Kupp when it comes to the wide receivers.


And so Woods, who just gets no respect and love, is his ADP as wide receiver.


Twenty. I have him as a top twelve guy this year and I just don't understand. He is so consistent. He gets so many targets he and if he gets even slightly positive regression of the touchdowns, even if he gets to like five or six, which is not tough to get to given the amount of targets he gets to, I don't know. I think he's an amazing value at wide receiver twenty, which is where he's going. Yeah, I really.


Robert Woods all day. Every day.


Yeah, I am. I mean, I'm both players and I would prefer Robert Woods and a lot of the same reasons that you pointed towards Cooper Kupp is a really fascinating conversation and I hate the idea of assigning any player is just being like a system, something system quarterback is what we most talk about. But some people like to make the case that Cooper Kupp is the biggest benefactor of playing for Sean McVay of any of these wide receivers.


If you look back at his numbers last year, he's always been a good touchdown producer. And last year, despite the fact that the second half of the season was a lot less target focused than the first half, he still scored five touchdowns in the last five years. He touched on every single one of the Rams last five games.


And I think that, you know, it's kind of like a knack, right? Like some guys just have it finding the end zone. So I think Cooper Kupp is going to continue to defy some of the McLay regression suggestions. And but I agree Robert was the player that I just think the volume is going to be not just comparable, but that the week to week output is going to be more consistent. And he's bound for some good luck this year.


I haven't wide receiver seventeen is ADP's 19, so I'm higher than the consensus on both Robert Woods and my little Cooper Kupp. You mentioned the second of the season and that's the only question. If you want the argument against Cooper Kupp, it's not one that I buy, but the argument against Cooper Kupp is the second half of the year. He really dropped off second half of the year when Tyler Higbee emerged and it felt like because the issues that they had, both personnel wise and in terms of running the ball on the offensive line, that they went to more twelve and that they played more to tight end sets and that there's a concern that the emergence of Higbee, especially in the middle of the field, is going to hurt Cooper cuts production.


I don't necessarily agree with that, but that's the argument against that is the argument against Cooper Kupp. One thing and we'll talk about this when we get to Jared Goff. But I think this is very important. Jared Goff is somebody that had insanely bad luck when it comes to touchdown passes. So if you think about positive regression for both Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp, that starts with Jared Goff. Jared Goff made my love list in terms of others receiving votes.


And so we'll talk about when we get to Jared Goff. But expectation right there. Yeah, I mean, look, here's the thing about Jared Goff. I'll then I'll just finish the thought. Jared Goff last year was top three and passing yards, attempts and completions.


And yet he was like 20th in touchdowns. I mean, like he was a guy that was thrown all the time. There's a guy that's been a top ten fantasy quarterback in his career like two years ago. He's a top ten fantasy quarterback. And then last year he just fell off the map and it was because he got really unlucky with the touchdowns. Our friend Rich River at Lord Reeves on Twitter, Partho wrote a pass to, you know, be clear there, but love the stat that he found.


He tweeted this out, which is that last year, Jared Goff had seven different passes where the receiver was tackled at the one yard line crazy and didn't throw a touchdown pass in that series. Meaning like they got down to the one and then, you know, they gave it to Gurley or something like that, but like didn't get a touchdown pass out of any of those series. And so, again, I just thought Jared Goff got insanely unlucky enough.


Jared Goff getting unlucky. That means Woods and Cup is as well. We expect positive regression in the passing touchdowns for the entire Rams offense. All right.


So speaking of the entire Rams offense, you did mention a little bit earlier Tyler Higbee, who came on strong at the end of last season. He might have been the most valuable waiver wire ad during the last six weeks of the twenty nineteen season. He was awesome in the playoffs. Is it bound to sustain Matthew because he was playing like a Zach Ertz or a George Kittle or Travis Kelsey for much of the second half of last year? Do you buy that he can come close to replicating that success?


Of course. Do I buy. Yes. Do it. Yes, of course. You look first Titan ever with four straight games of seven catches and one hundred yards in NFL history. Right. You know, despite the fact that he didn't play all that much. Right, I mean, it was Gerald Everett for quite some time. He still led all tight, tight ends in red zone targets like so like I know that they like Higbee.


And the concern on him is that, hey, General, Deborah was pretty good. But Higbee is somebody that they drafted with very high expectations. The current regime, Sean McVay was there when Higbee was drafted. And so I do buy this. He certainly makes me a little bit nervous, but I have haematite and eight. That's Izadi as well. He's going as tight end eight. So I have him as a lower and tight one. There's a little bit of risk there, but the upside is tremendous.


All right, safai. I know you want to get in on this conversation with Tyler Higbee in the Rams in general. What stands out to you about Higbee is the potential for a repeat of his success.


Jared Goff loves him. And I think it really depends on if you believe that the Rams will run an offense with two tight end sets like they were a lot at the end of last year. His yardage was very back, heavy, as you mentioned. It was in the latter part of the season. Over 70 percent of his seven hundred plus yards came in five games. Jared Goff, in a virtual tailgate with fans, said that he wants to have three thousand yard receivers this year, Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp or two of them last year, and Gerald Everett hit seven hundred plus yards in that handful of games where he was heavily involved.


So I believe if and there are hints in this training camp that they are operating with a similar offense to how they ended last season.


I think Tyler Higbee is a good bet. I think he could end up here me out as a top five tight end at the end of the season.


Good stuff there from Stephania. That was actually you got another bold call last night about Blake. Darwin is a top ten fantasy tight end for this year. So some players that we could see some great value from in a position where it's hard to find stars.


The the concern on Gerald Everett, the concern on Higbee, I should say, just I just want to point this out, because I think it's important that from weeks one through 12 last year, Tyler Higbee averaged five point three fantasy points per game, week thirteen on twenty one fantasy points per game. Week thirteen on Gerald Everett, Miss. Three games saw a total of one target from week thirteen on.


So like he was really banged up. So that's the question. Did Higbee show enough? And I believe he did, but I'm just I just there there he is not without risk and I think he has more risk than some of the other titans going in his range, because there's a chance that if if there's a healthy Everet and they split the snaps again, like we saw earlier in the year, then that's a concern. So but I think Higbee was so dominant over that, you know, from week thirteen on that Sean McVay and the Rams are like, all right, you're the guy we finally see the guy that we drafted, we're rolling you out there.


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So when you want to hit reset, reach for the beer that's made chill. Get Coors Light in the new look delivered straight to your door at get Coors Light Dotcom. Always celebrate responsibly. Coors Brewing Company, Golden, Colorado. All right. Let's move forward to the Arizona Cardinals part due of our double trouble.


We obviously did the other half of the NFC West on Thursday show. Can you speak French? Nope. What's to find the cancer? We'll talk to her in just a moment about it. Let's begin, though, with DeAndre Hopkins, who was traded this offseason. I know Stefania was very impressed by Purdue right there. DeAndre Hopkins was traded this offseason. And, of course, the trade focused on David Johnson going back to Houston.


Matthew, we've had this conversation about where we're most comfortable drafting Michael Thomas. We talked about the first round value of Davante Adams.


DeAndre Hopkins is the only wide receiver in the NFL with three straight top five fantasy football finishes. Does he deserve to be a top ten fantasy pick this year?


Not for me, OK. I mean, among wide receivers, certainly, but not just top 10 overall. No, I have I have met 19 overall.


So if you go to my top 200, which is on ESPN dot com right now, of course, I'm a company man that done a good job, but you'll see that I have about 19 overall. So I'm at the end of the second round. He's my wide receiver. Five. So, you know, the concern here is and we talked about this somewhat on the marathon show last night on television, is is that at the elite level you have to nitpick a little bit.


And so it's two things. No one is comparing him to the other elite options.


I prefer Michael Thomas, Davonte Adams, Julio Jones, Tyreek Hill, all guys. Those are the four wide receivers that I have ahead of DeAndre Hopkins, all four guys with the same quarterback as last year in the same offensive system as last year with the same coaches last year. DeAndre Hopkins is the only one that's changing, right? It's going from Houston to Kliff Kingsbury Kylo Murray in the Arizona Cardinals. So at the elite level you have to nit pick.


I am nit picking here and that's why I have him down at five. The other thing is it's about just roster construction in general. Why haven't 19 overall? Why say no?


I don't believe he deserves the reserves is the wrong word. One of the reason why I would not take him in the first round of the top ten picks, top 12 picks is because, again, wide receiver is so deep. And so if I come around and so Le'Veon, I have a nineteen and overall, but if I don't get a wide receiver in the first two rounds, I am perfectly fine going into a year with my number one wide receiver being Chris Godwin or Mike Evans or Allen Robinson or Juju or Adam Thielen or you know, like Kenny Golladay.


Like there's a lot of guys that you can get in the third and fourth round that I think will put up wide receiver one numbers.


I kind of want to go around the horn here because I know Stephania on the SportsCenter ranking special last night during the marathon, had some interesting thoughts on DeAndre Hopkins and then from Stephania, I want to ask Daniel, who has DeAndre at number two. So Stefon, your last night we were talking about DeAndre Hopkins and you were bullish. You were optimistic on him remaining the elite fantasy option. He's been.


I just think the talent is undeniable. And he he provides something that they haven't had in Arizona in the way that he goes up and gets the football. I mean, he is a guy who will play physical to get it. He's not the speediest guy on the field, but he will outmanned someone to get the ball. And Cutler Murray hasn't had that. I think this is going to be the first opportunity to really see the Cliff Kingsbury offense running the way that he desires it to run.


I'm not that worried about chemistry. DeAndre is a veteran enough to be able to pick these things up. And you know what else I love about him? And I said this last night, as somebody who covers injuries, you know, a guy who doesn't miss time, DeAndre Hopkins does not miss time and he'll get banged up. He'll miss a practice here and there during the week. But he always shows up on Sunday. He's reliable and quarterbacks love reliable receivers to find the good stuff.


They're not done. You haven't? No. To want your wide receivers, which may also mean you have missed a top ten player this year. You also very optimistic on DeAndre Hopkins.


Yeah, I love Newark. I've always thought that he's just a fantastic wide receiver. And Matthew, you talked about the idea of being able to figure out like how you do doing tiebreakers. How am I deciding this guy versus this guy?


One of the things for me, you know, I have him above Davante Adams because I have Aaron Rodgers ranked so low. I mean, if I have to choose between Davante Adams and a quarterback that we have a quarterback, fifteen or Nuch and a guy we have inside the top five, like, I just like that upside a little bit more at the same point with Tyreek Hill or with Julio.


There are just other people in that offense that I think are going to take targets away. They're valuable, obviously. We've got Travis Kelce, you've got C.H., You've got Calvin Ridley, you've got you know, so for there for for Newark to be there, I think there's going to be an excitement.


One and two. We're nit picking everything about this conversation between these like three or four people is nit picking. So, like, if there's one thing that has someone over top of somebody else for you, I think it's OK for any of these three guys to sort of be, you know, right after Michael Thomas, it's like to A to B to C, I'll close the circle and just push back for one second.


I'm sorry. I feel I just want to push back on what Daniel just said. Sure. OK, sure can.


And make no mistake, if DeAndre Hopkins finishes the year as the number one wide receiver in fantasy or the number two, it wouldn't shock me.


Oh, no, but I don't think it's fair to say, like you you you know, because who knows? Got he's dealing with Calvin Ridley or or you know that.


You know what Tyreke is sorry. The Tyreke is dealing with, you know, Kelsey and S.H. and another one.


I mean like that's the other thing.


It's Hopkins' like he's got strong girl, Christian Kirk and Kenyan Drake.


I mean like so here's how maybe this was going to go where I was going to. He's going to need that. He's going to lead that team in targets.


You play football with Larry Fitzgerald like he's on his. And I love Larry Fitzgerald, but he's not the guy that he used to be.


The idea that that he's not he doesn't have competition for targets, you know, I mean, like, if that's your argument, Davante Adams should be your number two, right? He has no contract.


That was my that's so I kind of close a circle with I have DeAndre at fourth and the simple explanation. Michael Thomas, the best volume in the NFL, obviously. Number two for me is Davante Adams, who to your point, it's his volume probably has. He's probably the only other wide receiver who has a chance to break Michael Thomas's receptions record from last year. Unlikely, but he has a chance. And then Julio's three because he's got much more big play propensity than really any of the guys in the.


Up for number four for me is DeAndre Hopkins, who I think is a good bet for 100 plus catches and somewhere around 11, 100 yards, he's had 150 targets in each of the last five years.


Like the dude's a target monster.


No, no, no. I just think that the two players, I think all three guys are ahead of us in an offense. He's no longer just fine. We're nit picking here and at the back end of the second round as well. Let's talk about his quarterback because it gets really interesting there.


And we had a conversation a few weeks ago, actually, like a week ago. Time is all relative.


And it was whether we would prefer Russell Wilson or Deshaun Watson. You and I differed on this one. I was on the Watson side.


You were on the roster. Unlimited, limited side. But so let's start with asking. The question is that should Cutler Murray be drafted before his ATP, which is close to Dak Prescott, and maybe let's make this the same argument or debate, whatever you want to call it, because you and I are Flip's just by one spot here on these two quarterbacks.


You've got Dak Prescott third. I've got him fourth.


His ATP right now amongst quarterbacks is fifth, which is in the sixth round, I think.


I know.


I mean, I know what the case is for Dak Prescott, but just reiterate sort of the resume for Dak Prescott is a third quarterback in fantasy this year since Amari Cooper came to the Dallas Cowboys. He's the second best quarterback in fantasy. Yeah, he's fourth on a points per game basis. He was, you know, a tough top three fantasy quarterback last year. He since he came into the NFL, Dak Prescott has more rushing touchdowns than any other quarterback.


So he gets high points with his legs. He gets eight points with his arm. He's got Amari Cooper, you know him very high on Michael Gallop. Stefania and I both like Blake, jawin to her bold prediction last night was Blake. Darwan finishes a top ten fantasy tight end.


And, oh, by the way, they added Cedi Lamb like people wait to you see KD Lamb, people that aren't paying attention that like a lot of people thought KD Lamb had a chance to be the number one wide receiver drafted in the NFL. Like that's how high Lee talent evaluators think of KD Lamb, like he's somebody that has a chance to be special. And he's he's the oh, by the way, wide receiver on the Cowboys offense this year.


They even though there's a new head coach in Dallas, they kept the same offense coordinator in Kellen Moore. They're expected to run the same offense. And oh, by the way, DACs playing for a deal. Dak did not sign a long term deal. He's under a franchise tag. DACs like I'm going to bet on myself. So fair enough. That to me, the long term consistency of Dak Prescott versus Collin Murray, who's only been in the NFL one year, and we haven't seen it at an elite level yet.


However, I'm going to say but you know, same thing we could have said for Lamar Jackson or Patrick Mahomes. We had started one game before his breakout.


And every year we are looking for the next Patrick Mahomes.


And I don't think that Collin Murray is going to be quite as historic as Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson last year.


But I do think there's a really compelling case for him to be the breakout quarterback amongst the guys that are ranked within the top five to eight. And Kyle can stat check me on this would be greatly appreciated. I believe Colin Murray was number two amongst quarterbacks last year in terms of rushing attempts. He had 93 in total, but did anything about how the Cardinals last year feel like they had uncorked Carla Murray. Because my suggestion is that they did not uncork unleash Carla Murray last year.


As a matter of fact, that might have actually been overly conservative.


There was it felt like every Sunday there would be a joke on my Twitter timeline about how, you know, fourth and one from the three and the cardinals, you know, it's seven, six with twenty five seconds left in the first half.


And rather than going forward and trying to take an eight point lead, they would say, you know what, here we are, let's take a field goal, settle. So they settled too much.


By the way, Kyle notes he was third and quarterback rushing attempts. Lamar Jackson was one. Josh Allen, believe it or not, was number two. That makes sense.


So I'm going to go more rushing for calamari, more passing touchdowns, few interceptions. And just I mean, we just we just sat here and sang the praises of DeAndre Hopkins, the players around Kyla Murray. Very exciting from it. Kind of reminds me of Cincinnati in like I don't know about line, but the skill guys are really, really good.


I will tell you that there were times last year where you're like, I can't believe that Cliff Kingsbury somehow turned Kyla Murray into a game manager. Yeah.


I mean, like there was definitely like, you know, we always joke about Let Russell Cook. There were definitely times where you were watching the and you'd be like, let Cuyler Cook. What do you do it? Having said that field, I completely understand and agree with your assessment.


Like which is the who has the best chance of being this year's Lamar Jackson.


It's Cuyler Murray. Yeah. Who we all agreed coming out of college like this is a special player and somebody that has just a complete skill set to not only be a dominant NFL quarterback, but a dominant fantasy football quarterback. And you and I both, even though you have my three and I'm at four, we both are higher on him than the consensus at QB five. That's where his ADP currently is. Daniel also has a QB for as well.


You know, the only concern, again, like you have to. Nitpicked for me, like I'm all in on deck, right, and the Cowboys offense, but absolutely, I think he runs more. I think people forget how accurate a thrower he was in college. We know about the athleticism, but I don't think people understand, like this is a guy that was insanely accurate as a thrower in college as well. We know he's got a cannon for an arm.


And so, yes, you add DeAndre Hopkins to a a receiving corps that has a healthy Christian Kirk, the Hall of Famer. Larry Fitzgerald. We like Dan Arnold as a sleeper this year as well. Then we will get to him in a second here. So and obviously, Kenyon Drake, a nice pass catching running back out of the backfield.


Let's move to Kenyon Drake, because I think there is at least a case may not be a strong but there is at least a case for Kenyon.


Drake is the number one player in fantasy football this year. You know why?


Because he told us himself, if we can take the graphic of Kenyon Drake from Twitter over the weekend, KDDI 32, which is his Twitter profile, he has a picture of himself and it says, this is the face you'll make when I help lead you to a fantasy championship this season with a big smiley face emoji and a very happy Kenyon Drake. We'll have some analysis here for a second. I'm kidding. Obviously, on him, having a case is the number one player in your draft this year.


Before we get to analysis, though, Matthew, I know you tweeted about this like it is great to see players embrace the role that fantasy football can have in their life and how it can help their career and their popularity and their Q score for lack of a better term.


Yeah, so it was nice for Kenyon Drake just kind of as a nod to fans. It was it was a.. The Arizona Cardinals social media.


Oh, come on. It's a new year. It's a new year.


All is forgiven at AISI Cardinals. But yes, I quote tweeted that and I just said it was awesome to see as well love Kenyon Drake sort of embracing his role in fantasy football. And I always love a player believing in himself what he got. Daniel, I just want to say the like as a part of this, like, this is what we want, right? We've talked about like players embracing fantasy and let's all have fun with it. It is now the onus of the fans and the people that are on Twitter to not be a jerk when you're talking to those players.


That's part of like you did this for your fantasy team. It's a very personal decision. If there's a player that says, I hate fantasy football, that's fine, I'm OK with it. There's only one rule that's not allowed.


Daniel just said fans getting up and players mentioned saying, you didn't do me the way. You know, you did not help me out as much as you should have.


But it is we want so don't ruin it for everybody. But it's cool.


Kenyon Drake, listen, Kenyan Drake had a career, I'm sure resurrections the right term, but just. Yeah, he had a career catapult last year. And part of the reason why we know him so well is not because he played for a team that went whatever it was six and ten last year, but because he was a fantasy superstar.


So, Matthew, I do think, though, and I really genuinely believe this because I've we overanalyze our top ten, four positions way too much sometimes during the preseason, especially when we can't see them play at all. But we have discussed the top seven running backs frequently in some order after Christian McCaffrey, Saken Barkley, Ezekiel Elliott, Dalvin Cook, Alvin Kamara, also Clyde Edwards, l'Air and Derrick Henry. Next, players often off the board include Nick Chubb, Aaron Jones and also Joe Mixon, Josh Jacobs and Josh Jacob.


Well, Myles Sanders yet. Are we overthinking things, should Kenyan Drake be the eighth running back, maybe even a first round pick, like should it be a lock? Because there are some suggestions that he should be a lock first round pick a lock.


Yeah, I don't think we are overlooking. Interesting.


I understand the argument. Here's here's the pro Kenyan Drake argument, and I mostly buy it, right. I mean, this is a guy that after he joined the cardinals from week nine on, was the third best running back in fantasy.


He averaged over 18 touches a game over one hundred scrimmage yards a game, had eight touchdowns, which was tied for third among all players that span. He was nothing short of amazing.


And so if we expect this entire offense to take a step forward this year, which we all do right, we expect Kyler Murray to take a big step forward. We expect the addition of DeAndre Hopkins to stretch the field, allowing for more underneath stuff, which is where Kenyon Drake can operate. We get all that. OK, here's the argument against you're talking about eight games. It's a small sample size. Yeah. Kenyon Drake was a committee back at Alabama, right?


He was a committee back in Miami under the first regime. He was a committee back in Miami, in the second regime right there, like two different professional coaching staffs, rightly or wrongly have. I don't want to say given up on him, but have not said we want to turn the keys of our offense over to you. He has found a home in Arizona can sustain that for an entire season. I was going to be you know what?


The first two may have viewed him that way. And you know, the third one did they transition tagged him? Yeah. Paid him a ton of money this year. And exactly.


I'm just giving you the anti argument. I'm just saying that you the question you asked is, are we overthinking this? Is this a no brainer? Is it should he just be locked in his RB eight? And my answer is, is no. I do not think we are overthinking this. I do not think Kenyon Drake is without risk. Look, I have Kenyan Drake as my running back thirteen, right? So I'm slightly lower in consensus than him.


He's running back eleven. It is because that risk built in. I am more of a fan of Austin, equi more a fan of like Josh Jacobs, Joe Mixon, some of those guys. Right. Who I think have longer track records of success and I think more of a floor. All right. But one hundred percent. Could Kenyan Drake be this year's Aaron Jones? Absolutely.


Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I just think the volume should be really good, even if the rushing yards per carry is not gargantuan. And you mentioned he had eight touchdowns last year in that eight week stretch. Four of them came in one game. So we understand some of the indicators. I just really like Kenyan Drake, maybe even more than I realize. Stephania actually, any anything else on the the Cardinals here? Matthew before me, the only other thing I just wanted to mention, you know, I love my, like, late round tight ends.


Is that Dan Arnold last two games, like just had a, you know, kind of a nice little run there. And I just if you were in a deep league like the Scott Fishbowls Super Super Flex League, he's a guy like every league and which is a deep league that's tight and premium. And I've done a few of those drafts. I leave with Dannah old. I'm just just a name to either put on your radar or if you're in a super deep league.


I do think there's some very positive buzz about Dan Arnold coming out of Arizona. I know they like him.


OK, keep an eye on Dan Arnold, according to Matthew Berry. Like that. All right, Stephania, you are up.


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Hey, Matthew Berry. Two things I just wanted to mention very quickly about the Cardinals that I or one thing I'll mention very quickly, which is that I think Chase Edmunds is also one of my favorite sort of running back flyers insurance.


Just again, as we talked about, we saw Chase Edmunds be really productive last year. I mean, you know, when when he got an opportunity before Kenyan Drake came over, Chase Edmunds looked the part, I think Chase Edmunds as they starting running back in the NFL. And so just that's a guy look, if something were to happen to Kenyan Drake, whether it's performance or injury related, Chase Edmunds would be a top ten fantasy running back.


I'm assuming the other thing you wanted to mention was that I know we did not get into Christian Kirk in much depth, but he's an exceptional value. I mean, this is a player who's got plenty of talent.


And if he gets the opportunity to be the number two wide receiver, which may not be the case because of Larry Fitzgerald, at least for this year, he's a guy that would really benefit being slotted into that number two role as opposed to maybe being thrust into a number one wide receiver role, a very talented young wide receiver who I have ranked higher than the consensus.


Daniel, I think it's time for a couple of social questions. Trivia. Do we have time? You were asking about my put it on the board shirt that I'm wearing.


Not yet. But Matthew, I was going to ask you about that in a second. Why don't you tell us about it now? Well, I was just saying it's available at fantasy life.


Is that gradient font at the bottom? Look at that. Yeah, it's really nice. There's an entire 060 collection. If you're a fan of the show, you want a spicy tomato T-shirt. If you want a crappy band you've never heard of shirt, you want a cursives to find your bell shirt. You get them all at fantasy life. Dotcom yourself a little merch, support the show, support what we're doing here. What's the inside of that shirt feel like is a soft you want it?


Can you show us what the inside of the show looks like?


That one of my you know, no one wants to see my big fat white belly, but I'm just saying it's very comfortable. You can sleep in it. You can wear it with pride at the 060 and. Oh, here. What are you guys?


Let's be quick here on these social questions. Number one, what are your thoughts on if a game is suspended Monday night for covid and there are still players remaining, how do you suggest that that matchup be determined? And this is just that strategy thing that we talked about for like this episode one, if you're going to think about it, make sure your league has a strategy. So I'm just curious for you guys put in front of you on the on the spot, I realized my first instinct is probably that you need to render all matchups that weak, null and void.


Yeah, I mean, it depends on what the NFL says, right, if the NFL says we're going to replay this game three weeks from now, then that matchup isn't, you know, postponed.


It's postponed until the results of that game happen. Having said that, I do think as we've talked about this, you just need to consider every scenario and we're just going to see a lot of this is we making up as we go along. But I would say have a tiebreaker in your league rules, right. That about like, you know, is there a like could you substitute somebody like that? You know, maybe you could say this is outside the box, but maybe you could.


Like by if it's canceled. By, let's say, noon that day, you could take the players you had scheduled to play, throw out their best and worst game of the season, take their average score for the year to that point, and give them that many points that week.


I know that's weird, but this is all weird, right? This is the way to do it. The other way I was going to say is like that in the case that there's any cancellation, you just immediately for that we go to a best ball format, which means that your best of all the players that are on your roster, whatever the best sport starting lineup would have been so that, you know, everyone's equal. They're right just in it's retroactively started for what the best possible lineup would have been.


OK, I like that.


The whole point of that question if is just for even for the audience, just think about it. The strategy, all it is, is just talking about make sure everyone's on the same page.


So we're going to head it back to Kyle right now in the bunker for our Geico trivia question of the day, the second half of last season after you joined the Cardinals, Kenyan Drake with a top five running back on three different occasions. Which of these four running backs didn't have three such finishes in all of twenty nineteen? Option A, Joe Mixon, Option B, Mark Ingram, Option C, Alvin Kamara. Option D, Nick Chubb.


I know I'm wrong. I'm going to guess anyways, but I know I'm wrong. I can only be so. Yeah, I mean I've got a twenty five percent chance of being right, which is sort of my usual batting average in life anyway. Stephania as always, you get first opportunity. Who are you going with.


I was down to two, but I'm going to go with Joe Mixon to finance a Joe Mixon.


Matthew, who to you. So I say Alvin Kamara. Right. I think the smart play is to go with Alvin Kamara because he's the biggest star to that group. And he had such a bad touchdown luck, he would be the most surprising. I'm going to go with Joe Mixon as well. First of all. Yeah, I know he came on strong late in the season, but maybe not Joe Mixon. I don't know. It's the smart play is to always, always follow to find your best option.


A Joe Mixon answer the other two.


It's got better than both field and just getting it right and Matthew being the only one to do this field.


And Divinia, you're not the best in the business for nothing. Thank you for your great trivia insight and thank you for all the great interest in your insights.


I love that Matthew was like, Hey, Kyle, can we make sure we get some multiple choice questions, please? And then he's the only one, the multiple choice question. Right? I did not suggest that. But I love you. I love you. Just great stuff. I, for one, would like to thank him for his service to the 060 and oh, I don't know who the researcher is tomorrow, but I just want to thank Kyle.


Great career. Yeah. Been awesome working together. I'm sure you. Kyle, thanks so much and best of luck in your next week. We're going to have to go to Rodo, pass the aerostats from now on if Kyle's not here anymore. That's right.


Wrote a past time show violations for Matthew. We are back on Tuesday with more double trouble. Continue to watch the fantasy football marathon we're on all day, all night fantasy show on ESPN two at three p.m. today.


Tune in to watch that three p.m. ESPN to go piece out six oh one oh.


Never going to hustle, in case you didn't know. Matthew Berry, tmr on YouTube. You guys go ahead, give me grief for being on SportsCenter for forty five seconds. You can do better than me because I don't think you could jailbait yet if you're terrible at hashtag improv. I feel great. I feel great stuff on your belt. Oh, no, that's very good for you. Secrets, but Daniel does make you have mediocre fantasy and by your own people realize that never.


Geico knows there are many reasons why you ride from the thrill of the revving engine and pure adrenaline of flying down the highway to the confidence of knowing that Geico always has your back with 24/7 access to claim service. But Ari Snider has one reason in particular that I had extremely large upper arms.


They won't even fit into most shirts. Thankfully, biking really embraces vest culture, so I feel accepted.


I go motorcycle. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.