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It is the fantasy focused football podcast presented by Geico, and I know you're used to hearing Field Yates's voice, but Field is under the weather. So sitting next to me on the couch as you watch us live and if you're listening in, your home is secret squirrel Daniel Dopp playing the role of field just in a much hairier way.


So. Obviously. Last night in sports was unprecedented, and I think I speak I'm only going to speak for myself, but I would be surprised to learn that I'm not speaking for the entire fantasy focus 006. I want to crew both in front of the mikes and behind the mikes to say that we we come today with heavy hearts and we come in today. We didn't we weren't even sure if we should come in today like it's it's. The NBA, I don't know how you wouldn't be aware of this, but yet but last night the NBA canceled three games.


I postponed them, I should say. And I don't know what your immediate reaction, Daniel, but mine was. I get it. I totally get it. And I was you know, I retweeted Stephen A. Smith, I thought spoke eloquently about it. And I retweeted his video, which was just saying how proud he was of the NBA players for. For saying, hey, we've been saying this socially, we've been saying this in interviews, we've been saying this like on our social media channels, and it's not enough and we need to take another step.


And so we are taking another step forward in voicing, you know, you know, our opinions and, you know, and saying this is wrong. Something has to change.


And I you know, I fully support and fully agree with the message. And I am an unprecedented day in sports.


Yeah, it really is.


The NBA, the WNBA, Major League Baseball, MLS, all of them like taking a stand in support, which I thought was a beautiful and amazing thing to see the as we start we're taping this at 10 a.m. and so as far as I know and I could be wrong on this, but I know that at least so far, the Jets, the Colts and Washington have all said they're canceling practice. My suspicion is, is that most, if not all teams in the NFL will do so.


So it's it's been sort of incredible to see.


So it would be weird for us, Daniel, to not acknowledge, like we're in unprecedented times.


We're in press at times for so many different reasons, obviously, you know, but as it affects the sports world, as it affects the sports world, it feels silly and insignificant to talk about fake football. Yeah.


If we acknowledge that we feel like there are much greater stories going on in the world, literally up to 90 seconds before we tape this, we were still talking about whether or not it would be right for us to decide to come on and talk about and be silly and be our show as a reprieve, because we understand that's what our podcast is to a lot of people.


That's correct. And if you're even watching this, the truth is, is that this is a this is a massive story. It's an important story. It's an important story to the to the history of our country. It's a massively important story. And so if you're tuning into this, like when massively important stories happened, Daniel, you don't think let me hear what Matthew Brady thinks about that. Like like you want to hear what Matthew Brady thinks about fake football and occasionally some nonsense.


And so, listen, there are a lot of different programs, both here on ESPN and other networks and other platforms that are discussing this. And that will do deep dives into this.


Specifically, the Woj part you should check out, just like from the NBA bubble today, is going to have so much great reporting. Definitely check out the hotspot if you have not. But you're right. That's not what our podcast is, that it's not what our podcast is.


And so I feel like if you are tuning in to this show, you are doing so because you have a draft coming up.


You play fantasy football to escape everything else in your life and it is a hobby of yours. And so if you are tuning in today, you would like to hear us talk about fantasy football. And so we we just want to we want to acknowledge what is going on.


We stand with them. We support them very much. We we we fully believe in the message that the NBA players are are sending and that all the sports world that are joining in them. So we are with them in solidarity. We completely we don't want to be that. We want no no ambiguity about that. You and I specifically, Daniel, not that anyone on the show, but you want to know, is that talking right now? So just we are in full support of them.


But what we're going to do is if you'd like to talk more about this, we suggest going elsewhere. If you want to talk about fake football, we're going to do that after this quick sound. Free wi fi to see news from the national football. This is the instant replay.


All right, secret's so my love hate column came out on ESPN Dotcom a little while ago. And so what we decided to do, we are through double trouble. And so what you and I decided to do was do a love hate show where we're going to talk through some of the players that are on my love hate. Maybe didn't read the column. Fair enough. You just I just want your click click. I did. Clicked it. That's all I care about.


So so we're just going to talk about some of the players that are on the love hate list.


As always, I don't hate I don't love or hate players. I love or hate their ATP.


Correct. So I think that's always important to acknowledge and remember. But are we doing. But first, I think are we doing a news or noise? Yeah, you bet. Let's get into a little bit of news noise before we get into love. Hate Matthew Berry. But that's what's coming up today on the show. And we have an exclusive interview with Jack Attack. Jack Pozniak, who was the courageous young man and my friend that I wrote about at the top of the love hate column this year.


And I think you're not going to want to miss that. But let's start with news. A secret squirrel. Yeah, absolutely.


We're going to bring in Stephania for a part of this as well. Obviously, Stephania, David Montgomery carted off practice, we were told, and then we found out that it was maybe not as serious as we initially thought with a groin injury. What can you tell us about David Montgomery and whether or not his injury is news or noise?


Well, it's news for sure. And David Montgomery did suffer a groin injury yesterday. And there was a video that was posted from practice, just a short clip, but it showed exactly how it happened. He was making a move and this is very typical, kind of planted in his left foot as if he was going to cut to the right foot, never really planted it, slid away from him, kind of forced him into a half split. And he immediately was in some serious pain.


Now, groin injuries, just like any other soft tissue injury, can vary greatly in terms of severity. And we don't know any more details about the severity of it. As you mentioned, it was initially reported he was carted off and later it was reported that he, in fact, walked off the field. I would say you can't put too much stock in either of those things. At training camp, carts exist to efficiently get players from back fields into the training room.


And if you walk it off, sometimes that doesn't necessarily indicate everything's OK either. So we await further details before you can project any sort of timeline. But obviously a concern for the Bears and for David Montgomery.


So, Matthew, if this Hillinger at all or would be something that you're looking at now in draft season, how is that not only affecting David Montgomery stock, but potentially Tarik Cohen? Would he step into a larger workload even though he's a smaller back? So I don't think so.


I think he gets a few more touches. But no, he's not built to be an every down back.


I mean, I will tell you that I lowered David Montgomery running back 40, like if I'm drafting today, because there's there's a chance.


I mean, it's Divinia said we're waiting to see, you know, what's going to happen with him, but there's a chance he misses significant time. You know, I mean, that's and so, again, in a season where there's so much going on that we just don't know the variable of David Montgomery, who, by the way, wasn't great last year fantasy wise.


Right. The argument for David Montgomery was, oh, he's improved and he's he's got that backfield all to himself. But now you add injury concern. I dropped in to running back forty. So the fallout there is that does Tarik Cohen. I moved Tarricone up a few spots because I do think he gets a few more touches a game. But I don't think if Dave Montgomery is going to miss significant time, I think two things happens. No. One is you see a significant uptick in touches for Cordarrelle Patterson.


Oh, I don't know before. Yeah, I probably I probably should not be talking about Cordele Patterson. I should not be allowed to talk about it. But the truth is, because I you know, I love Cordarrelle and I've always been a Cordarrelle Patterson fan. But the fact is, is that both the Bears and, you know, towards the end of his Patriots career, like they actually used him at running backs him and he's used more on special teams and as a running back these days than he is as a wide receiver.


And so my expectation is, look, they you know, they have Ryan knowl like they don't have a lot of depth on that team. And so my expectation is, is that, you know, whether it's Devonta Freeman or somebody else, he's the biggest name out there.


They would sign a veteran or maybe they make a trade for somebody. You know, there. You know, Leonard Fournette is rumored to be on the block. But my expectation is, is that if they had to play a game today, Cordarrelle Patterson would be their starting running back and they would use to recount a little bit more and they would try to be pattabhi. Right.


But, you know, and I guess you'd see some, you know, Ryan nowl in there and but yeah, this is absolutely news.


And we wait to see what's going to happen with David Montgomery, but he makes me nervous. I would be concerned if I had a draft in the next few days. Absolutely. All right.


We're going to go back to Stephania here, Sony Michel Stephania practice for the first time yesterday after dealing with a foot injury all offseason. This news or noise at Sony, Michel got on the practice field. This is news he came off the physically unable to perform list and we weren't sure how long he was going to stay on it if that was going to run up into the season. Sony, Michel, coming off of an off season foot surgery that was relatively minor, but surgery is always minor until you prove that you can recover from it.


And obviously, the purplest in training camp is a very familiar thing with Sony, Michel. Damien Harris getting a lot of praise for his work in camp. And when there was no Sony, Michel, he looked like the clear front runner. But now that Michelle is back, let's see what he does over the next week or ten days and if he's, in fact, ready to go by week one, which is great.


Good to see. I want no part of the Patriots backfield. Yeah, me either.


I mean, like, if you want to take a late run flyer on Damien Harris, you're in a basketball league and you want to you want to drop James White. Fine.


But I think there's a very there's a legitimately good chance that the best, quote unquote, running back on the Patriots this year is Cam Newton. Right. But the guy with the most rushing yards in the most rushing touchdowns is Cam Newton. I think that that's within the realm of possibility. And so I you know.


Yeah, I'm not in on Tony Michelle this week, superexcited, glad that he's healthy, glad to be back out on the field, but just not somebody I'm interested in probably looking at dress this, you know, and it just further crowds that backfield, as we mentioned, like, you know, Lamar Miller is there and Rex Burkhead there and James Waitz there and Damian Harris is there.


And again, the best goal line rushing quarterback in NFL history. Yeah. Is there? Yeah, absolutely.


All right, Stefon, I want to say thank you very much. We're going to let you go. Obviously, you got a bunch going on tomorrow. We are going to do our big injury show with Stephanie. So she's going to be working the phones, getting some last minute news for that. So, Stephania, thank you very much for coming and joining us today. We really appreciate it. Hey, thank you, guys.


And before I go. Yeah, Matthew, you said you didn't know if you spoke for me. One of the people you were speaking for.


I didn't want to pursue anything now, but thank you very much to you and Daniel. And I am 100 percent with you.


I, I thought you would, having known you and knowing the kind of person you are. Stefania, I'm not at all surprised to hear you say that. So anyway, my friend, good to see you. And we're excited about the Stephania episode tomorrow, which will be all andree's and we'll all be you. So my love to you and Rico, we'll talk to you soon. OK. All right, Matthew Jeff from the Athletics as JK Dobbins, I like to say his last name, I tell you right now that's that's called being a pro.


Just don't mispronounce it so much. Jose from the Athletic as Ribbeck Zeybek.


I think I apologize, but the the Ravens reporter from the athletic Devins Jeff.


We believe it's Rebec, I think. But OK, go ahead. At least I made an attempt. You made an attempt. That's all right. Fair enough.


But but your last name has solidified in early season roll based on how dynamic he has looked at practice. Matthew Berry, obviously a ton of hype around Jaquet Dobbins with what he can do there. Is this news or noise or kind of just like, well, obviously he was going to have an early down role, early season, early season.


And so I think it's here's this is a weird one, but I think it's noise. But the reason I think it's noise is not what you think. So I think it's noise because it's just sort of like, what does that mean? Right. It's a sort of work grade. He's getting buzz.


But I think it's news because, by the way, Jake, we were already in on Jake. Jake Evans. We're doing the love hate episode today, Jake. It happens. It's already a love. Jake Dobbins is like sort of my go to example in terms of draft strategy this year. Like Jake Dobbins is going as of yesterday before the David Montgomery injury, Jake Davis is going like five or six spots behind Tarik Cohen. And I was I've said this many times, I'll say it again.


Jake Dobbins over Trae Cohen all day, every day, because the upside for Tricot, like even David Montgomery got, God forbid, is out for the year three.


Cohen's best case scenario is as a high end flex play. Right. Like they're going to sign a veteran, although do something they're not like. Jake Tarricone is not built to do more than eight to 12 touches a game. Yeah. Whereas Jake Dobbins, if he's the starting running back of the Baltimore Ravens, is a league winner.


He is a league winner at that ADP. It's unreal.


Oh, so, look, I mean, like if you watch any of the tape of him in college, like, this guy is awesome. And then you think about, you know, he's a true three down back. And then he goes to Baltimore, which is like one of, if not the best rushing offense in the NFL and putting him in the backfield with Lamar Jackson like.


Yeah, yeah.


So so it's actually it's noise, but it's news just in the fact that Baltimore is seeing what we're seeing in the fact that he's already, despite the fact that they did so well last year, that Mark Ingram is not only a veteran presence, but beloved in that team. Yeah, like I mean, like, again, we always talk about this. Fantasy football teams are like any other organization. There's politics there and people are always like, well, what if Frank Morris keep hanging around because people love Frank Gore?


I mean, like good football player, obviously. And I think he's I think he's a Hall of Famer. But the reason why at this age, Frank Gore still has a role is because people love Frank Gore. He's like an awesome teammate.


And so so the fact that even with Mark Ingram, they're ensconced where you didn't expect to hear from me, ensconced in his role in Baltimore and JK Dobbins is already carving out some playing time for himself.


So I think that is. You know, I just said it was noise, but I just it's worth noting, I mean, it just it just it just means you may have to reach around or two earlier.


JK Dobbins is here. I wish there was no buzz about Jacob.


Yeah, because the upside for Jacob is just unreal. If I mean, if it was just him back there, it would be, you know, a totally different conversation. So, man. All right. All right.


What we're going to go to Matthew, but I just want to do a quick reset, though, OK? For those of you who have not listened to have not read Matthew's love, hate your love.


Hate is based on overall ADP or overall ranks and where you have them in your ranks. So like you said, it is not about whether you hate the player in fantasy this year or hate the player for any personal thing or think that. Let's just I just want to do a quick reset so that everyone knows what your love hate. Right. Correct. So these are players that I feel are undervalued on ESPN dotcom. So you may like like they'll be times sometimes where I say, well, you know, I don't like this guy.


Can't believe he's going in the fourth round or they'll be like well over on such and such.


Ladies go to the second round and I'm like, I hear you. I don't know if I don't write for that site. Right. Like, just, you know, guys like I work for ESPN. I'm a company man, so.


Oh, there you go. I like seeing you push the buttons in real time.


This is exciting. Your little iPad there. Like we Lisa, we can take a wide shot the next time I'll call for a drop. Like we'll see Daniel literally push the buttons. People can see at home. Like what you do. Yeah. Behind the curtain. All right. Behind the curtain.


So for me, basically. Right. So we're using a ESPN, ADP. I'm a company man.


Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I didn't know I was too early to take the shot, like, I'm sorry. OK, so let's start there then, anyway. All right, all right. So anyway, so that's the idea here is so my first love, Daniel Jones, Danny Times. I thought I was Danny Times.


You were not Danny Di, but I was on that card. That card actually have to start calling Danny Times. His ADP is QB. Fifteen hundred and thirty ninth. Overall, I'm his QB. Twelve hundred and thirteenth overall. So I have him two rounds higher in the overall. I have three spots higher in the positional ranks here. Look I've talked about Danny Jones, Daniel Jones quite a bit. And you know what? I'm going to make an announcement right here right now.


What are you doing? Not only is Daniel Jones my QB love this year, he is my. Can we take a shot of me? Good. Let me look at my cameras. America Daniel Jones is my fantasy ride or die this year maybe.


Baby, that baby, baby, thank you very much. There you go, Daddy Daibes. Fantasy writer, so fantasy writer, die baby, talk to me about why, because obviously there's a lot of upside in his offense. You know, Golden Tate, Evan Ingram, if he's healthy, you've got Dariusz Slaten, you've got Sterling Shepard, you've got Saken Barkley.


There's a lot of like I like names on that offense. I like the Barkley was fifth finalist. I listen, those wide receivers never get enough love. We always talk about Cequent there.


Yeah. Look, I think there's a lot of things here for fantasy success. OK, first off, by the way, he's already had it. I don't think people realize this second half of last year was the best quarterback in fantasy. Yeah, he was really good. More mobile than he gets credit for. He average over twenty rushing yards a game.


And so in the stat that blows me away and I've used this a lot, but it blows me away. You mentioned all those players. You mentioned Saken, Sterling Shepard, Golden Tate, Evan Ingram, Darius Clayton. They played zero snaps together last year. Zero. Unreal. It's unbelievable. And so. So think about Daniel Jones, right. Daniel Jones gets drafted. Everyone hates the pick. They're there. Everyone's just making fun of Dave Gettleman.


They're just going in on him. Right. And I can't believe you picked Daniel Jones at six. You should have picked Haskins or you could have got Daniel Jones later. Oh, by the way, now you're walking to a team with this living legend, Eli, and everyone's just like, oh, is this guy going to replace Eli who led us to two Super Bowls? Eli Manning is beloved within the Giants organization within the city of New York.


And so there's just all this like that's a tough spot for anyone to come into. Yeah. And then in the middle of the season, you know, whatever, I think game five I want to say, but or he starts game five, he gets thrown into a season where, again, look, during the off season last year, Daniel Jones was getting, you know, maybe gets five throws a practice or something like that, or he's working with the second team, like Eli Manning is getting all the first team reps leading up to the season.


So they don't just trying to find his way to the field, just trying to remember where he picks up his jersey. And so he gets out there and he performs well. And by the way, he's got a different cast of characters with him now. He comes in a year or two knowing this is his team. Eli has retired. They have a new offense coordinator. And Jason Garrett, who is going to build this offense around Daniel Jones.


And I understand there's some people that, you know, aren't huge. Jason Garrett, fans of him as the head coach. But whether it's Dak Prescott, whether it's Tony Romo, like throughout the years, like guys have put up fantasy numbers under Jason Garrett. And I know he hasn't played calls in a while called plays in a while, but I'm not worried about it like you've seen. You saw the upside last year. Twenty eight more fantasy points in four different games that was tied for third most despite he played only twelve games.


I think the defense once again is bad. They're going to be top five and pass percentage once again for the fourth straight year. They've done it for three straight years.


Give me Danny Jones, my fantasy writer Die and my QB love this year. I love it very quickly. Just want to mention some other guys that are receiving votes again, guys that I think are going to low. Ben Roethlisberger, third best quarterback in twenty eighteen. He's going like his QB seventeen. It's going to be one of those pass heavy offenses in the NFL. Jared Goff last year was top five and pass attempts in passing yards and twenty eighth and touchdown percentage.


Yeah. Just got insanely unlucky. He's going, he's going QB outside the top twenty four quarterbacks. So that's just kind of a late late round guy. And the last one, Gardner Minshew.


Who the heck is Gardner. Minshew. Gardner Minshew wonders who the hell Matthew Berry is. I appreciate the support Daniels, but many more people know who he is than they know who I am. But the fact is, is that even though Garnishments who thinks he's a first round pick and I don't necessarily agree with that, I do have a much higher than the consensus he's going as QB. Twenty seven a.m. as QB twenty again, much more mobile quarterback than he gets credit for.


They're going to be very pass heavy offense under Jay Gruden and it's going to be a bad defense. So I love Gardner Minshew in two quarterback leagues or deeper leagues this year as well.


So let's look on the other side of this coin here and talk about a quarterback that you don't love in Aaron Rodgers, which by name, value alone. It's like, how do you not love Aaron Rodgers? I mean, the guy's been a fantasy superstar for what feels like a decade. Always had great wide receivers. But he makes the hate list here, Matthew.


He does indeed. And look, just, you know, like Aaron Rodgers gets motivated and watches a lot of ESPN.


So my fear is, is that I've talked about the fact that Rodgers is on the hate list and he's going to see that somehow. And then he's just to spite me.


He's going to go on and throw for 5000 yards, which he can do, which he can do. I think, you know, they talked about the fact that, like, this is the third year that Aaron Rodgers did not make the NFL. One hundred top ten. He was I think he was like eleventh and the previous two years that he was left off the top ten of the NFL's top 100, he won the MVP that year. So, like, I don't know.


But here's the argument. Last year he was not a great fantasy quarterback, OK? Under fifteen fantasy points, in ten of sixteen games, he only had four games with twenty or more fantasy points as well. Like you see it there on the screen. He's going as QB 11, Imust as QB sixteen. After week nine, he only had two games with multiple touchdown passes. My concern here is that it worked like Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are more concerned about winning NFL games and they are fantasy games for managers.


Yep, and the Packers had one of their best seasons in Aaron Rodgers career. Right? I mean, they made it to the NFC champions. Can they were a game away from going to the Super Bowl? You know, it's been a long time since they've had a season that good. And so and they did that going run heavy, where Aaron Rodgers was not one of the league leaders in past attempts where, you know, he didn't throw a ton of touchdowns and he got a little bit unlucky.


But still, whatever the fact is, is that they didn't add any pass catchers. The one guy they did add, Devin Funchess, has opted out of the twenty twenty season. They added AJ Dillon.


So if I'm Matt LaFleur and I'm Aaron Rodgers, I'm like, we can do what we did last year, which got us to the NFC championship game and maybe we get over the hump and get to the Super Bowl this year or we can go back to our ways of slinging it all over the field to Allen, Lazard and MVS.


And I like Lazard as a late round player, you know, to Robert Tonin and Jay Sternbergh, are the two guys competing for the title position? But I don't know. I love Aaron Rodgers as a player.


I think he's one of the best real life NFL quarterbacks. But fantasy wise, I do not believe he's a top twelve quarterback this year, which is where he's going, the ADP, which is why he makes the hate list. I agree with you there.


Nine finishes as QB, twenty or worse in twenty nineteen. Matthew Berry. I mean that just seems unreal.


So from twenty sixteen to twenty eighteen he scored twenty or more fantasy points in over half his games. Fifty three percent of his games last year. Twenty five percent of his games like just like not a big bunch of bad games but he didn't have the big upside games.


Yeah. Yep. So it's just, it's just, it's just a concern. And so the question is, when you see a performance like that, you're like, why did that happen and is it going to change? And my argument is that given the personnel and what we've seen them do in the off season and the success they had on the field last year, I don't see why it would change.


So I want to talk about Chris Carson. We've already spent a lot of time on Chris Carson, so I think we can be pretty quick here and move on. But Chris Carson is a love for you. I want you to beat the drum one more time in case viewers or listeners didn't hear you do it.


When we talked about the Seattle Seahawks during their double trouble, he's currently going fortieth overall. I'm at twenty third overall and I'm I'm a little bit running this year. Yeah, easily. And I'm in the top fifteen fantasy running back and I might be too low on him. He's the lead running back on one of the best offenses and one of the best rushing offenses in the NFL last year, the Seahawks seventh in rock percentage, of course, Carson fifteen carries per game at nine different games with twenty or more carries Herries I'm sorry.


Twenty or more touches I should say. But he was fifteen carries per game at eighteen point five. That was his average. And by the way, he actually doubled his receptions per game from the year before. They're using more in the passing game. And then you think about like what are we talk about here? Like fantasy success comes from two things, talent and opportunity. We talk about all the time. We believe in the talent. Yes.


Like, this is a hard runner. This is a kid that, you know, as a seventh round draft pick beat out a first round draft pick.


And Rashaad Penny, he was drafted the year before, but they like they used him like remember they had Eddie Lacy that those veterans there and still like it became the Chris Carson show. And so I can just tell you, they love Chris Carson in Seattle. They just love the toughness and the mentality he brings. And then you think about his competition. So we believe in the talent and then you think about the opportunity. His his competition is Rashaad Penny, who is likely to start the season on the physically unable to perform list and has been banged up and hasn't been able to beat him out of three years yet.


Carlos Hyde, who's on a six team in four years, Houston, loved Carlos Hyde so much, who ran for a thousand yards last year. Houston was like, you know, we're going to go pay for David Johnson instead of resigning you cheap, which is what they could have done with Carlos Hyde or Dallas, who's a nice pass catcher. But literally, when Pete Carroll had his post draft press conference and was going over the draft picks, the first thing he said about Dallas is, yeah, the guys are really excited to get him on special teams.


This will be the Chris Carson show in Seattle. Yeah, and and as much as you and I were like are like, hey, will you let Ross Cook? They want to run the rock, which is Pete Carroll's joke, like it's going to be a run heavy team. And one of the best options in the NFL, Chris Carson, just maybe isn't it's not sexy or whatever, like he doesn't get any love. The last argument against Chris Carson is why he gets hurt, gets banged up last two years.


He's played twenty nine games. That's the same. It's the same as Alvin Kamara. That's the same as second Barkley. We drafted both those guys in the top five. So we do. It's more than Dalvin Cook drafted him in the top seven.


I, I don't know. I don't know. Give me Chris Carson. I don't understand. I'm just. I'm ringing the bell. I'm banging the drum. I don't understand why there's not more love for Chris Carson.


All Let's talk about another running back here real quick. Kareem Hunt. Yeah. Makes your love list. And I don't want to say that's interesting because of the whole point of this is, again, it's where it's ADP and where you have them ranked overall. But the second running back there in Cleveland still obviously has value. And we've seen what Kareem Hunt can do when he's on the field, even spending time with Nick Chubb.


So talk to me about why he makes the love list last year, running back twenty four and points per game after returning. OK, by the way, he was a top fifteen running back and forth of his first five games.


We know about his talent like he's Nick Chubb is a really good runner between the tackles. But, you know, as a pass catcher, Kareem Hunt is awesome. That's an improved offensive line. We expect it to be a more efficient offense. Now with Kevin Stefanski calling the plays. You've heard reports out of camp that there might be using Kareem Hunt like as a slot receiver. Some like so. And also, as we talk about a a year of covid and there's so many things unknown, we talk about wanting insurance on players like I think Kareem Hunt has standalone fantasy value, high end, Fleck's low end RB two, you know, kind of level of relevancy.


But if something were to happen to Nick Chubb, you could make an argument that Kareem Hunt, having the entire Cleveland offense to himself would be a top three fantasy running back. Yeah, would be like only CMC would be the no brainer. Start over him with that talent and opportunity. Absolutely.


I mean, we've seen Kareem Hunt do that. And so I just think the potential upside for him, plus his usage and the fact that he's going seventy fifth overall is the forty sixth overall player. So I am as a fifth rounder on ESPN. He's currently going in the eighth and I am as a top 20 running back like because I just, I think he's that talented. I think that offense is going to be that good. I think they'll use him more.


They basically split touches once he came back. Him and Nick Chubb split touches last year. And if you're Kevin Stefanski and you come into that system, you're like, all right, what am I got to work with? You're not going to be like, you know, who needs less touches Kareem Hunt right now. I mean, right.


Kick the ball at his hand because he's not really doing what we wanted to do on the field like he's crushes it when he's out there for him. So. So, yeah. All right.


Matthew Berry, really quickly, give me some one sentences and some others receiving votes here for the running back position.


I think David Johnson is massively undervalued as well. I have met thirty three overall. He's going forty eight overall on ESPN Dotcom. Again, we sort of talk about the politics of a NFL football team. David Johnson, the Houston Texans need David Johnson to work. Yes, he's going to get a massive workload.


You don't trade DeAndre Hopkins and not use David Johnson and take on David Johnson's contract. Right. Like that would just be unrealistic to think that he's not going to be correct.


Others receiving votes. I love her. He mostert like, I think the I understand the concerns about Jerick, McKinnon and Tevin Coleman, but I think the concerns on that are too high. Again, this is a guy that could be Derrick Henry. Give it like when you think about all the pass catcher options in San Francisco and how banged up they are, they're going to be even more run heavy than they were last year. Remember, Mostert ranked fourth in fantasy points per touch last year.


So we expect him to get at least a slight increase in touch.


I think Mostert at his current ADP will be is a nice value here. Antonio Gibson of my Washington football team. I've talked about Bryce love as well. But regardless of who the quote starting running back is of Washington, Antonio Gibson is going to touch the ball a lot. He's basically free. And ESPN drafts Boston. Scott, we all talk about Myles Sanders. But from week fourteen on Boston, Scott was the seventh best running back in fantasy. Look at this.


You see it here on your screen. If you're watching it live, like, look, this is what he did in games where he got double digit touches in twenty nineteen games with ten plus touches, touches in twenty nineteen twenty four point eight fantasy points against the Giants that would have been running back five thirteen point five against Washington that have been running back twenty three and thirty five point eight against the Giants. Again, that would have been running back one.


Those are massive week's massive numbers. And by the way, these games were all in which Michael Sanders got twenty touches. Wow. So look, Doug Peterson was running back by committee. And so for everyone that's all in on Myles Sanders. And I know we disagree a little bit there, but I will tell you that Boston Scott's going to have a role and he's a talented player and it's a good offense and he's free in draft. So those are some of my other receiving votes at the running back position.


Matthew Berry, why don't you tell us about ZIP recruiter? I would love to secret squirrel.


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But if you look a little bit closer, last year, Jacksonville ranked 30th Inrush percentage. They were 30 second inrush percentage when inside the five yard line. That's bad. And if you think about Jay Gruden, the new offense coordinator, what does he like to do? We like to throw. Yeah. And so what really kept Leonard Fournette is fantasy value alive last year was the pass catching. Well, he got unlucky with the touchdowns, but the pass catching was insane.


He averaged five receptions a game last year. Meanwhile, the previous two years, two point eight receptions per game. What did Jacksonville do this year? Jacksonville tried to trade him, couldn't find any takers. They went on and signed Chris Thompson, who was Jay Gruden past coaching back when they were in Washington together.


Yeah. So my argument here, Chris Thompson over the last three seasons has averaged basically four receptions a game is that the receiving work for Leonard Fournette goes way down, that there's still one of the passerby's teams in the NFL and that may be Leonard Fournette doesn't get the massive volume that he has previously because they're going to be run heavy. I'm sorry, because they're going to pass heavy and because I don't think he's the future.


You know, I think they need to see what they have in recall. Armstead, who I think gets more work. I think I'm going to butcher his name. I apologize. But Divin Sgro, I think Osogbo.


I apologize. I just like you. I would. Yeah, yeah. I'm not trying it either. But they have a couple of young running backs that they like. They're in Jacksonville. I think maybe they're like, hey we've, they've already said we're not picking up Leonard Fournette fifth year option which for a running back they took fourth overall is a massive indictment. Yep. That they're like you're going to play out this year and then you're done. And that's assuming he stays on the field.


Remember, this is a guy who's missed twelve games in three years and not always for injury related reasons. And so for where he's currently going, he's currently going thirty ninth overall running back sixteen. I'm as running back twenty four. Fifty sixth overall. I'm just I'm not in on Leonard Fournette. I've ranked him at a spot where I want to make sure he has to be an insane bargain and he's not going to be a starting running back for me if I take him.


And maybe that blows up my face because he's he's at the moment scheduled for a big workload. Yeah, I don't know. There's a guy that averages under four yards per carry for his career. If fingers crossed, I really like Leonard Fournette.


And I hope that as a part of this, maybe declining that fifth year option is like, hey, something's going to click, man, and I'm going to put this together because the guy is unbelievably talented. He's got a body that's just unreal for that running back position. But, yeah, I totally get what you're saying. I understand it. Trying to pass catchers. We should maybe go to pass catchers. Let's do that. The two pass catchers here.


So everyone's going to call me a homer for saying that Terry McLaurin or Terry McCoy scoring is on my love list here.


But I don't know.


For me, again, talent and opportunity, we agree on the talent. I think everyone that watches football agrees on the talent. Yeah, I don't think we're calling you a homer because you love Terry McClung. Because we all love if we if you didn't love him, you'd be an idiot.


That's what we would call you. Fair enough. Wide receiver. Twenty four. Sixty seventh overall is where he's going on ESPN Emons wide receiver eighteen. The forty first player overall. So I have two and a half rounds higher than the ADP in terms of where he's going overall. Here's a guy that was twelve among wide receivers, minimum fifty targets and catch percentage above expectation for next gen stats, sixth among wide receivers, minimum fifty targets and passer rating when targeted ten end zone targets, it was tied for 11th among wide receivers.


And think about the Washington team last year. Coach gets fired midseason their pass every first five games. Then Bill Clinton comes in and now we're going to run the ball.


We're going to, you know, and so they become a run for his team. Bad offensive line quarterback changes. Now, Haskins is in there. The whole thing was a mess and McLaurin still was able to produce. Now you come in to Scott Turner as the new offense quarter last year, the Carolina Panthers second in the NFL in pass attempts. And some of that was because they were so bad on defense. And I actually think Washington's can have a decent defense this year.


But trust me, Scott Turner, son of Norb, is going to throw and talking to a lot of the Redskins staff at the combine, everyone said to me, Terry McLaurin is going to be a DJ Moore and Scott Turner's offense. D.J. Moore got one hundred thirty five targets right here. Yeah, I mean, so and again, you you know, I believe Haskins has improved. I'm not ready to bail on Dwayne Haskins. You don't throw fifty touchdowns at Ohio State as a scrub.


I'm sorry. Like, he got thrown into an awful situation last year, an organization that was in chaos. And as we know, even more chaos than we realized last year on the football field. It was just an awful organization last year. And so.


For me, I think MacLaurin is just a guy that is going to get a massive opportunity because they don't have a lot else around him in terms of the passing game, it's going to be pass heavy offense and he's insanely talented.


One more guy that I absolutely love want to make sure we get him in. Markese Brown.


Yes, Hollywood Brown. Love him. Hollywood brown eye. He's going 80 third overall. I am fifty ninth overall. I'm having his wide receiver. Twenty seven. He's going he's wide receiver thirty. So I'm slightly higher in the in the positional but significantly higher in the overall which I think is the important part. Yeah.


And that's what I just wanted to point out here, is that when people talk about love hate, you might only be three spots different in the rankings. But when you look at where they're drafted and what rounds they're going and that's what we're talking about, you've got them twenty four spots apart in the ADP. That's that's huge. Significantly higher.


Yeah, I'm fifty ninth overall. He's going eighty third overall on ESPN dotcom, six different games with five or more targets last year, the average fifteen and a half fantasy points per game. And again you sort of think about it, here's a guy that was coming off the list, Frank injury coming into a situation. They were changing the offense. We didn't know they were going to let Lamar Cook. We thought they were going to, but we didn't know, not to the extent they did.


And obviously, you know, performed in a big way, I think now second year in the system, fully healthy coming in. He's the number one wide receiver on one of the best offenses in the NFL talent plus opportunity. Who's he competing for with targets? Mark Andrews. And then like Myles Boykin. Right.


Maybe Devin Devaney, you know, I think is an interesting link. And both of them as flyers, but like not yes, it's Hollywood brown.


And so, you know, our friend Graham Barfield put this out on Twitter and I totally agree with it. He goes, everyone's looking for the next TYREEK Hill when all they have to do is draft Marquese Brown. Yeah, I thought that was a really great tweet. I want to give my buddy Graham some love and just say one hundred percent agree was already there. Marquese Brown. I think if Daniel Jones wasn't going to be my ride or die Marquese Brown was going to be it.


All right, let's be real quick on one more.


Amari Cooper makes the hate list. Matthew Berry. Which is interesting because Amari Cooper I feel like was good, but at the same point his teammate Michael Gallop was also pretty good. I have a feeling that's part of that's part of it, right.


Again, it's all about ADP. So you think about Michael Gallop, who's going significantly less. It's I don't see it. I'm trying to read this green.


Oh, yeah. Look at that. I was supposed to take that off the note, Matthew. Remember that? And we had that. I asked and we didn't have old man eyes. We didn't. So, like, he puts us in that's like like I don't know if you guys can see this on the on, but look at that. It's like it's impossible to read. Like, when you're up close. It actually is easier to read on the Amari Cooper is going fifty picks ahead of Michael down there.


He thinks there's a catch about time.


Fifty picks. That's a lot. That's a lot. Fifty picks ahead of Michael Gallop who by the way, after the Cowboys week, week eight by last year, Michael Gallop, not Amari Cooper, led the cowboys and targets receptions receiving yards, fantasy points, touchdowns.


I mean. Right, they get all that right there. See Kyle talking to me. Ah, there you go. That's not a per game basis on a per game basis, of course. And I know people are like, well, Amari Cooper got a little banged up, but Amari Cooper always gets a little bit banged up. I feel like he's like he plays through. He's a tough guy. Yeah, but the fact of the matter is, there were seven different weeks in which Amari Cooper was wide wide receiver.


Thirty or worse. Five different games with under seven fantasy points. And for that kind of up and down, like you can't tell me that guy is going to be a top ten fantasy wide receiver, which is where he's going. Give me Michael Gallop, 50 picks afterwards, who again, I think I have obviously you see it on the screen there.


I have Amari Cooper ranked higher than Michael Gallop, but there's not a big difference. Yeah, and Marty Cooper is on the hate list. And Michael gallops on the levels because I much rather have Michael Gallop 50 picks because I don't believe the difference in production between them will be 50 picks. So, yeah, I just hate where Amari Cooper's being drafted. I am all in on the Cowboys offense, and I do think Amari Cooper ends the year as a as a significant fantasy asset.


But I think there's going to be a lot more variance week to week. And I don't love that for where he's going in drafts to talk about others losing votes real quick.


We cannot maybe at the back end of the podcast right now, though, I'm going to do a quick word and then we're going to bring in an interview that we have, Matthew, that you're going to to do for us.


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Save an extra 15 percent when you switch by October 7th. Visit Geico Dotcom to learn more. So it is my absolute honor and pleasure to welcome in my friend Jack Pozniak, Jack Attack, of course, his mother, Robin, you read the love hate column. You read all about Jack and Jack. You just completed the second annual Jack Attack Fantasy Football League. You had to pick one, which is not surprising given your blessed life, my friend.


All right. My first question to you is you went Christian McCaffrey at one.


You ever consider going with any other player or was it CMC all the way, emergency all the way, just just just because of his monstrousness?


And I think that's the right call. I think that that's the right call. Now, I see you wearing a chief shirt. I noticed that you went in the second and third round when you came to the background. And I thought, this is really interesting here. You went with Travis Kelsey and Tyreek Hill or Tyreek Hill and then Travis Kelsey, as you see it on our screen here for people watching at home.


So was that so?


Yeah. So, Jack, here's my question. Did you go into the draft saying, hey, I want to target the chiefs, I want to I want to double up guys that were on the Super Bowl winning team?


Or is that just how the draft fell to you and those were the best players available was just how you just felt to me.


OK, which makes sense, by the way. Listen, if you're going to get two players, two players that are getting passes from Patrick Mahomes, probably not the the worst thing to do there. I like the pick. Yeah. And as as our as our our listeners can see, we've talked about this in terms of roster construction. If you don't go running back, running back to start, especially if you get one of those early round running backs, you can build studs like you now have a top three wide receiver atop the best tight end and the best running back in football.


And by the way, you were still able to get Tyler Lockett for you still have a very strong wide receiver, one there in Lockett and you have Diggs is your number two, your running back?




Hey, let's talk about your Mark Ingram and Mark Ingram. You went with the Ravens as well. You've got nice running back depth, which will allow you to trade, I think, should you need to. Hey, last question for you about your fantasy team.


Here you went you went with Drew Brees.


You you drafted two quarterbacks, you drafted Drew Brees, but you also drafted your favorite player, Jones, Daniel Jones. What do you love about Daniel Jones so much? I love man is he is indeed the man, this is our love hate show and he's a love for me. I'm expecting a big year from Daniel Jones. So you and I are on the same team. You and I both team Daniel Jones were both rooting for Daniel.


So we saw there on the screen to your team name, what's your team name for Yag to play football.


So, Jack, attack fantasy football. The Jack attack is is there and in charge. What's your favorite thing about fantasy football? Last year was your first year playing. What did you what do you enjoy about it? Just doing the dry well, having all your buddies around, I know, I know your friend Jordan Jacobs set it all up, right?


Jordan's there with you right now, if you can. And there's Jordan. Hey, Jordan. What's up, buddy? How are you? There you go. Your friend Mason is there as well.


Hey, Robin, how so all these animals came over to your house. How were they? Were they were they behaved?


You can imagine, first of all, the social distance. Everyone wore masks for the safety of Jack, which is very respectable. Right.


But secondly, they were a team. I mean, you can tell who was old, young, who is seasoned. They really rallied. They were animated. They were discussing the game in detail. And what I love is that Jack was right in it.


Well, that's the beauty of fantasy football, is that. It is. It is. You know, as we always talk about Jack Attack TPF, which is that's your that's your that's your website. If people want to learn more about your your journey Jack attack LTP, which is level the playing field, and that's what fantasy football does as well. It levels the playing field. And so, yeah, young or old, seasoned veteran or newbie, we're all out there sweating our flex plays and trying to figure out who those late round sleepers are.


I want to so so Jack, I think a lot of people, when they read my article, well, that was the first time they were exposed to F.D.. There's only three hundred and fifty people in the world alive that have this disease. What would you want our audience to know about living with F.D.? It is OK to have it tell them why.


Why is it OK to have it? Because you can do whatever you want. Still, he told me yesterday, you can still do whatever you want to do. If you have a dream, you can make it happen as long as you want, Jack. Any other as long as you watch Jack Benny. So say it louder, believe yourself, believe in yourself and never quit.


Yep, 100 percent believe in yourself and never quit. There's no question about that. I'm curious as as a mother who's been living with us for 14 years, what would you like the audience to know about F.D.? What's interesting, you ask people look at him differently. He doesn't have control of his autonomic system, so he drools, he doesn't produce tears, he can't manage his temperature. His how much his heart rate, his blood pressure. The coolest but weirdest thing is that he feels no pain, pain.


So he's as tough as any guy on that football field. He's had his finger cut off. He's had surgery with no anesthesia. He actually is really powerful. But all of those things make him our super hero. So he's not any different, even though he has a lot of medical. What does that face? As long as that a lot of medical issues? The reality is, is that he's inside and mentally really fierce and really smart.


Listen, I cry when I get a hangnail. So, like, no question about it, Jack is so much tougher than me. Like, he lost a finger.


I just heard what he lost a finger balling a finger ball and telling the story. What happened? You tell the ball just what in the return?


Yeah. And it came back and forth and then his fingers, my my mind wasn't looking up.


The next wasn't looking right.


Yeah. Throwing the nurse out of the box. OK, his pinky got caught between two balls.


No I got the ball but I put my finger and then his back to the floor and I continued to ball and the ball is right.


Wow. Yeah. Yeah. I mean you got eyes like it's like oh god that's awful.


But it just goes to show you the challenges of of living with that because you don't realize something. You don't realize you've lost your pinky, you don't feel pain, you know, and as a mother, you can't you can't fix that or try to try to call for help because he doesn't know.


He's not aware of it. He's not calling for help. So incredible challenges. Jack, it's been a real honor for me to get to know you and a real pleasure. But what I've been impressed about is, is how many friends you have. And I know Michael Jordan and Jason Garrett are among the people you count as friends. What was it like to meet MJ? There was a bus in Spain. And what was cool was that they just gave me some shoes off, huh?


So you got my shoes? There was no smoking. Yeah. So it was similar to this. We have gotten used to the bomb site, similar to where you go. Only one thing. Oh, God.


Symbol is, by the way, you're APSA, by the way, Robin. You're absolutely right. Jack is exactly like every other teenage boy. That's what my teenage boy does to me, around one hundred percent.


But let me tell you something similar to this, where you told me there's just two two dudes talking football. Yeah, that was Michael Jordan. There were two dudes watching basketball. Happen to be at the Barclay Center, happened to be amongst. Who else was there? Carmelo Anthony there. And there's a lot of famous people there, but it was just to do watching the basketball game, which is which is awesome.


And it's a credit to MJ. And it's a credit to you, Jack, that Rob and I know you told me when we were talking for the story that what was supposed to be like a quick little meet and greet ended up being like a, you know, a four hour experience at the game, at MJ Suite, at the Barclays at the Barclays Center.


So a credit to you. And that that's very cool. And I know Jason Garrett spent a long time family friend as well.


Yes. Yes. Tell him how you know Jason, OK? This is why I want him to go on and on.


OK, how do you know Jason? Because he played football like I mean. Yeah, it's all right.


Yeah. He played football with your dad. Princeton. Yeah, yes.




So this morning. Oh my God. That's all right, I'm sorry to say. But Grilles Garrett, his wife this morning said good luck. Jason loves you. Jason was at his bar mitzvah and he's probably the smartest, the nicest man that you can actually meet. So we're just honored to call him our friend.


Well, you know, Stephania Bell, my co-host, went to college with Jason as well. And so was probably there at the same time as your father. And, you know, Stefon is friends with Jason as well. I met him a few times through Stephania. And I have to agree with you. He's an incredibly kind and wonderful man, and we're excited to see what he does with the Giants offense this year. Hey, last question for me here, Jack, because I is I know you're a big Madden fan.


When you when you play man, who's your team? No question, the Giants no, no question, no, you're wearing a chief's jersey. I mean, the Giants have struggled recently. There's no quite you never think about the Giants, you never think about it. You never think about the Chiefs. Never think about the Ravens.


Think this is true. All right. All right. Fair enough.


If anyone wants to if anyone wants to challenge you to a game on Madden, because I know you've told me offline.


I know you've told me you're pretty good yet. How can if they want to play on Madden, how can they do it? And they haven't sworn it could do it OK, but if they can.


OK, so if they have a four, what's your gamertag? How can they find you?


Is Jambos Neck one, two, three, four. J pose neck and neck is spelled post neck J neck one, two, three, four. I think you're about to have a lot more friends and you can school them all in Madden with your giants somehow. I don't know. I had I may have to take you on. I'm not good at Madden, but if you're playing the Giants, maybe I got a shot. Hey, Jack, I just want to tell you I'm really excited.


It's been a real pleasure and honor to get to know you and become friends with you. Thank you for letting me down. Yeah, let me. We are there's something else you wanted to say. What else you got? You got another question for me? Anything you can say. Anything you want.


Brother, this is your show. I'm just here. Right.


What do you got. Thank you. Thank you so much for having me on.


It is absolutely my pleasure. It is my pleasure and honor and it's been a real thrill to get to know you. Thank you for letting me into your world and let me be your friend and thank you for letting me share your story with everyone. And I'm rooting for Jack Attack Man. Like you need to email me. You need to let me know how your team is doing over the over the over the season. Right. I'm rooting for you.


All right. Hey, listen, welcome, welcome to being a teenage kid brother, that's what it's about. Moms are supposed to be parents are always supposed to be annoying. I enjoy my kids. You have no idea. And so does my wife. So, yeah, it's. Yeah, I got you got I got news for you. You got more years of this. You got more years of this. Moms are supposed to be annoying you.


Do you just gonna have to deal with it.


All right, brother, listen, good luck to you this season. I'm sure we'll talk again very soon. So let me know how I can help with the team.


All right, brother. All right. Thank you, Matthew. I did.


We'll see you soon. There you go, Jack, attack, wow, real superhero, serious, real life superhero. That kid is amazing. How kid, how awesome is that guy? Like, not only not only is Jack amazing, Jack's mom seems like I want I mean, I love my mom, but I want Jack's mom to be my mom, too.


I like the way you do. So she she's a single mom of four. Wow. And you know, Jack, as I mentioned the story, Jack's father passed away when he was eight. I want to say he's 14 now. He turned 14 last December.


And so she's an incredible woman, you know, and hearing her story and hearing what she has to deal with.


She's an she's an extremely impressive person and they're an impressive family. And so it's been like that wasn't baloney. Like it has been a real honor to get to know them.


And, you know, something I treasure and that kid's awesome. He's just he's just an awesome kid. And by the way, you know, you saw on the screen he drafted a really good team. He did. He drafted a really good team. I mean, like, I don't know if we flash it up for a second real quick once again. But back in those two chiefs, back to back in the second and third is one of the things that we talked about, talked about in terms of roster construction.




So, I mean, he's got he's got Tyreek Hill. He's got Chris McCaffrey once you get Chris McCaffrey. So then he's got he's got Tyreek Hill and Tyler Lockett is his top two wide receivers. He's got Kelsey and then all he needs is one of his second running backs to pop. So he's got Melvin Gordon, he's got Mark Ingram. If you go to the second page, he also got JK Dobbins. So he's got the Ravens running back there.


Yeah, I like the upside. And Jerry Judy, of course, he's a Giants fan. So he went Sterling Shepard, Daniel Jones, by the way, he's legit friends with Jason Garrett, whose long time friend of the family. Yep. So, like, he'll know when to start. Sterling Shepard. I'm hoping Jason will be like, listen, this is Sterling's week, you know what I mean? And like, give a little bit of a heads up there.


But but one story that I wasn't able to get into, the story that I wrote about him and that we didn't get into in the interview, though, that I loved was that Robin mentioned briefly how Jason made his bar mitzvah. So his bar mitzvah happened in December.


And Jason, it was like a really snowy, windy day and like his flight got delayed to get to New York and then he, like, had to, like, get diverted to Rochester and then he had to rent a car to drive. Like Jason Garrett had this whole planes, trains and automobiles, real thing, where almost anyone else would have said, you know what, I tried, but I just I'm not going to the bar mitzvah. But Jessica, it's like, oh, no, no, we're getting to this bar mitzvah.


And they made it. And so they made it with like minutes to spare, but like went above and beyond and like, he donates every year to the charity. Doesn't make it anyway. Like, I just. I just want to give a love to the Garretts who, because I know that Robin has told me how important the Garretts have been to Jack and, you know, and to the Bosnich family.


So it's just it's great to, you know, so much to see love there, Matthew. That's what we need right now.


There needs to be so much more just love and and feeling all that good stuff right now in our world and being able to see Jack and his mom and have him, like, in all honesty, coming out of out of the way of everything. It's important to make sure mentally, just like, you know, yeah, I've had some fun with this.


One hundred percent, like, you know, really, like really like his team and would encourage you would very much encourage you if you would like to hear more names.


More importantly, read about Jack, go to ESPN dot com and read My Love Hate Story or open ESPN fantasy app and you can find it there and you can get more names and learn more about Jack. And I hope everyone, if you play Madden on PS4, I hope you'll challenge him. Jay Pozniak, one, two, three, four.


So I have to see if I can find them on there.


So I am not here tomorrow. I am. I am. I'll be up late tonight writing ten lists at ten. So but Stefania is here tomorrow and it'll be it's the injury show every injury analysis you you need to know who you can avoid and who you can trust injury wise as you had in your draft. The great Stephania Bell will detail tomorrow. That'll be fantastic.


It's always good to be able to reset to as we get closer to drafts. I know we've talked about a lot of these players in double trouble, but it's always just good to have a refresh on all of that. So, Matthew Berry, your love hate.


I got to be honest, I agree with most of these players. I appreciate that. I'm surprised. I appreciate that. Secret Grow.


Brand new episode of The Fantasy Show with me and you is available now on ESPN. Plus, it is the running back show. The we're doing another show Friday as well. So check that out as well for at Daniel Dopp on Twitter at Stephania Underscore ESPN. I'm at Matthew Berry tmr and all forms of social media except the fantasy life app where I'm merely Matthew Berry.


We appreciate you guys tuning in, staying, staying with us. Stay safe out there. Be careful.


God bless. We love you. Peace out. You know, six oh one oh. Never going to hustle, in case you didn't know. Matthew Berry, GM on you. You guys go ahead, give me grief for being on SportsCenter for forty five seconds. You can do better than me because I don't think you could jailbait yet if you're you're you're terrible at hashtag improvs. I feel great. I feel great stuff on your back. Oh, no.


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OK, Mom, I empty the dishwasher, vacuum the basement and folded the sheets out of the dryer. What? Oh, and next, I'm going to clean Minton's litter box.


Are in some kind of prank show or something. That's a camera, isn't it?


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