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You know, six oh one oh. Fancy, fancy. See you in those six oh one oh. Fancy, fancy. The fantasy focused football podcast is presented by Geico Tuesday, September 29, Field Yates, Matthew Berry, Stephania Bell and Kyle Sloppy sitting in for Daniel Dopp today.


Kyle will do an esteemable job, as he always does. We had a game. What is esteemable mean?


I think it means like, excellent. Do you think it means that or I'm not the brain here, OK? I didn't go to and I went obviously here for my good looks to find you. Does that mean it's to find you went to many? Did I make that word up, Zephania? I mean, I think the intent of Princeton.


Yeah. You're brainy. I'm I miss. I was 62. All right. But it's for the best, Virginia. Probably for the best. Khaldoon esteemable job.


I mean, is that a word is esteemable, a word worthy of esteem.


I believe esteemable is a word. I think it is taking esteem in your. I an adverb, yeah. OK, thank you, a. so says worthy of esteem.


Yeah, that's the definition in your dictionary. I said I'm not listening to you guys. But that's a word.


It's a real word. It is a word there. All right.


We we're going to get to last night's game and so much more because we do have a bunch of news. But first, a little bit of housekeeping. And we had a really fun time last week during our virtual live show mailbag. Spectacular.


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The Chiefs took care of business last night. Thirty four to twenty I'm not.


The game was incredibly well hyped and was still a joy and a blast to watch. Matthew didn't quite live up to the hype. Let's just be Frank Minnawi under hit, right?


I mean, you and I both took fifty four and a half and it was fifty four.


All right. Exactly. It's brutal. Brutal. Yeah, beat. We sat there yesterday just mocking those who would ever take the under. I know. How dare you take the under under hit then you're the dead.


That's right. He also the Ravens he was the one contrarian there. Right.


But we, we thought the Chiefs would cover. They did. Congratulations then. We also did think the over would hit and it did not.


And part of the reason why is that Patrick Mahomes has a chance. He's got a chance. I think he's I think he's going to make it in this league hashtag analysis right there.


I just like the throw.


You know, I tweeted out the video, the throw that he may mean and he was ridiculous.


He's just he was absolutely brilliant last night.


But the throw he made to Tyreek Hill for the touchdown the touchdown throw to Tyreek Hill. Yeah. He was such a thing of beauty like that was better than them.


Michael Harmon one in your opinion. I thought the harbor one was even better. Yeah, I don't know.


I think just because he was going off of his back foot and it just, it seems so effortless. Yeah. And it obviously isn't. They all do but I know but like it just seems I don't know, all of it is up in all of it anyway.


So you did something different here because Mahomes finishes with forty fantasy points. I believe his career high, by the way, in a single game, three to eighty five passing yards with four passing touchdowns. He had a rushing touchdown just for good measure.


And there's really not much analysis to give other than the fact that Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback in the NFL and right now it doesn't feel particularly close.


Well, you know what I mean. Bite my tongue a little.


Russell, this is Russell Wilson fans going, what is my guy got to do? That's right. Sorry about that, Russell Wilson.


But Patrick Rollins is still the best quarterback in the NFL, in my opinion. And Matthew, you wanted to play a little bit of work.


I just I just said, you know, because I like I'm like, so here's the thing. Like, I'm like I'm thinking last night as we're watching this because I don't want to talk about the game today. I'm like, what am I going to say about Patrick Holmes that you don't know, that you haven't. Right. The guy is awesome. He's brilliant. He's amazing. He's incredible. And then I thought, well, he's also he's astonishing field.


He's astounding, right? He's stunning. He's staggering. He stupefying and sensational and phenomenal and incredible, right, breathtaking, extraordinary, remarkable, marvelous, incredible, phenomenal, wonderful, exciting, flabbergasting, dumbfounding. Wow. There there any more here on this? Yeah. OK, Pacula miraculous.


Sorry, you're jumping around. Bill Belichick said it well this morning, Bill Belichick was asked about him as the Patriots, of course, play this chiefs. On Sunday, Mike Reese asked him, what are your thoughts on Patrick Mahomes? And Bill Belichick said basically, you know what? All the superlatives have been thrown out there so far. So I just be repeating what others have said accurately.


And I don't think Amaze Balls has been thrown out there yet, but we are now throwing it out there. Bill Belichick, so you can feel free to repeat amaze balls. But yeah, we have now run out of superlatives to describe Patrick Mahomes. He is amazing. Incredible. And you know, all that and a bag of chips.


My question to you, Field, Mr. Yates, here is if you had Patrick Mahomes in a standard 10 team one quarterback league tritium, you're asking me. Yeah, would you trade him?


And if so, what would it require? What would you want to get for Patrick Mahomes?


Probably an RB one, because the idea would be that somebody would be silly enough to try to trade for Patrick Mahomes right now be the apex of his value, a career high.


Forty fantasy points.


So I would be thinking something along the lines of an elite running back or wide receiver because I know how these trades work.


Matthew, I would not be trading my number one wide receiver or running back for Patrick Mahomes right now.


But I understand that if someone's motivated to get Mahomes right now, they're enamored by last night and they're willing to pay the premium. It's not going to happen, though.


Yeah, I mean, but like, if somebody were to offer you Lamar Jackson and something for Mahomes off of last night, would you do that or Matt?


I mean, look at the past two weeks because this Mahomet was this amazing fantasy.


Football often is emotional and reactionary for that game last night. And Jackson had a bad game in Mahomes is brilliant.


And you just sort of like, you know, I mean, like. Yeah, like it would somebody if somebody offered you Josh Allen and a running back, like a starting usable running back from a home. So you do in that deal. Yeah, of course. Exactly.


So just maybe test the waters that maybe you do have somebody that roster's Patrick Mahomes that maybe you think you could potentially or excuse me if you have someone if you roster Patrick Mahomes, you could sort of prime away or push them away to somebody might be a bit desperate.


Let's move forward because it's really special. Dude, just pass along honestly with the chiefs.


So, like, in a lot of cases, the analysis is sort of just like here are the numbers, get ready to start them again next week.


I thought another solid effort from Clyde Edwards.


Hillary, who I think as we look back and we're almost a quarter of the way through this season, Matthew, like he was probably appropriately ranked going into the season somewhere between like seven and 10 on your fantasy board. Do think if we redid the drafts right now, I think you'd be asking for Claitor delayer somewhere in that seven to 10 range?


Right. I think maybe a little bit higher. Just realize there's been.


Yeah, but I mean, like Alvin Kamara, Ezekiel Elliott Wright, Derrick Entertainment or any of those guys know and cook, Dalvin Cook and Cook ahead of them.


Is Austin Ekeler Yes or no.


No. I'd still have l'air already five. Yeah. So already at six. Right. So I said like that's five. I'm Aaron Jones. No, no.


Oh yeah. I probably have Aaron Jones. I don't know. It's like I said, I was saying he's slightly higher than seven to ten, but I see what you mean like but he's right there.


That's what I'm saying, is that before this season, I think conversation with him, Aaron Jones, I think that's a conversation.


OK, so it's a conversation. So going into the air, we said somewhere between six to ten. Correct. A quarter of the way through season. He's about six through ten. And we'll see how things you know, again, the workload, pretty solid guy, a little bit more passing game volume last night did not find the end zone. But of course, good things happen in that offense. Tyreek Hill, the only player so far this year with a receiving touchdown and five catches and all three weeks.


Remember that year the Chiefs couldn't throw a touchdown to a wide receiver is amazing. I think it was, it was an Alex Smith. I think it was the penultimate year of Alex Smith. Right, you're right.


That was a while. But like, just like how crazy that was, like they literally couldn't throw a touchdown to a wide receiver here.


Tyreek Hill was awesome. The one thing I would the only thing I would caution against. But the Chiefs last night, you know, Mieko Hardeman Box scores wise. Really nice game obviously. You know, for Friday one of the touchdown on six targets played less than thirty snaps in this game. Just he's a part time player and when it hits it hits. But it just he's not ready for fantasy stardom yet.


Bottom line is the Chiefs have four guys you lock it in with, right? Mahomes Kliner, Delayer, Tyreek Hill and obviously Travis Kelsey is on pace for a career high.


One hundred and twelve receptions. That guy is just phenomenal. Let's give the Ravens mad because there might actually be some content to create out of this Ravens offense because Lamar Jackson and the Ravens offense was all out of sorts.


This was deja vu from the playoff game against the Titans last year, as Lamar Jackson conceded after the game that the Chiefs are the Ravens kryptonite and that the Chiefs followed the Titans blueprint from that playoff game last year. There all kinds of damning stats about how the Ravens have performed when falling down by ten plus points since Lamar became the starter. But that's not going to happen frequently. So better days are ahead. But this was Lamar's worst fantasy game since week.


Five of 20 or 19, and I think if you have Lamar Matthew, you have one of two options here.


One is, you see, I think you only have one option.


You probably ride it out. Right, like it's going to be much better. On the worst day of his fantasy season, perhaps this year, he had fourteen point two fantasy points. Right. Like, that's if that's the worst it gets for Lamar Jackson, it reminds you of why his floor is still remarkably high.


I think this maybe is reflective of the conversation that we had going into the season that he was being drafted in the beginning of a second round and 10 team leagues like just it's rare that you pay the premium on quarterbacks and it's actually worth the while.


But I actually don't mind making an offer to somebody that has Lamar Jackson in your league.


You know, I mean, like that might be, again, like if the person was Lamar Jackson, your league is owned three is one and two and sitting there panicking a little bit after last night, make an offer, see what you like. You might be able to get Jackson for below market value.


And if that were the case, you know, I, I would absolutely do this. I mean, the Ravens play my Washington professional football team next week, and. That's right. I mean, like, does Lamar Jackson put up fifty in the first half?


Maybe. I like by the way, I mean, Washington, by the way, lost one of their best offensive linemen yesterday, I noticed. Right, exactly. That's a huge loss for that line there. We don't know yet about how if Chase Young is going to miss the game here like so the Washington defense, which secondary was already struggling.


Now the D line is banged up and now you've got an angry Ravens team like I mean, I just like it's gonna be a long season for us in Washington.


But no, I thought it was incredible respect shown by the Ravens last night to ensure that that Jerick McKinnon would not finish the top twenty five running back. Actually, no, they did the exact opposite. That's right. Mark Ingram last night. How about this? Mark Ingram three fantasy points. JK Dobbins actually had eight point four fantasy points. Gus Edwards had ten carries last night. This sounds remarkable. This is just a truly remarkable question to even ask Matthew for a team that set the NFL single season rushing yardage mark in twenty nineteen.


And of course, Lamar Jackson was a huge part of that.


Is there a single Ravens running back that you can play right now?


No. And you know what I'm going to do field dates. I'm going to do something now that I don't think has been done in fantasy football analysis, history, victory lap.


No, no, no, no, no. I did that yesterday and quite well, I think Americans seem to love it there on the Internet.


Know, what I'm going to do is I'm going to simultaneously take a W and an L.


Oh, because I was a favor of Mark Ingram in the preseason because I was so high on JK Dobbins. And I'm clearly, you know, like, listen, this is going to be a committee and I think Dobbins is the better player. All right. You know, and so I was down on Ingram and I had him ranked, you know, significantly lower than consensus. So I'm going to I think I get a W on Mark Ingram through three weeks.


Having said that, I think I also take a massive L on JK Dobbins because my whole reasoning for Ingram was entirely because of Dobbins. And I have a ton of shares of Dobbins across all of my legs because I'm like, this guy is special. I imagine if he becomes the lead running back of this offense, just what he could do. He's a true three down back. And the fact of the matter is, is that Gus Edwards isn't going away and he's in there just enough to be annoying to fantasy managers and effective for the Ravens.


I mean, he had down the stretch when they were trying to make that last drive to make it a game, to bring it within one score. Edwards is the one who had the big run towards the end. Yeah, Edwards was the guy who was in. And so so I want to take a win on fading Ingram and a big L on pumping up Dobbins.


You know what also makes sense. Yeah. Is here's how the analysis is going to unfold for us. Right. Is we're going to tell you that you cannot trust a Ravens running back until you see it right. You're going have to wait to see it before you actually put them back in your lineup. And then what's going to happen is the first week that we do that will probably be this week. One of these three running backs, probably Jake Dobbins or Mark Ingram, is going to have thirty one fantasy points.


And then we're going to say, why do we not recommend that guy this week? That's how this works, right? That's how this works.


Well, so this is interesting because I actually got into a whole conversation on Twitter yesterday with a with platform and our friend platform who does a great job. And I really like Pat like. So anytime you have a conversation on Twitter, everyone's it's like all of a sudden the popcorn gifts and you're like, I'm just I'm having a conversation with a buddy of mine that I respect.


Like I'm going to multiple leagues with Pat. Anyway, Pat does a great job. But anyway, we were going back and forth on James Connor and the conversation was just about the idea here is, is that it's not just in to know. It's not just about a player performing well. It's about knowing when to start that player. And my argument about James Connor, we don't have to do a whole James Connor discussion, but my argument about James Connor is that so far you're one, four, three.


If you were a pro James Connor fan because he killed you in week one, I would argue that a lot of people didn't start him in week two because there were a lot of reports out of Pittsburgh and national reporters as well that it was going to be a running back by committee in week two when people were concerned about Benny Snell in week two. And, you know, does he get hurt again? And then so you didn't start off in week two.


You started in week three and he paid off for you in a big way. So regardless of whether you agree on the James Connor thing, the fact is, is that to your point, like, it's not just about having talented running backs, which Ingram and Dobens and even Edwards, if any one of them, to start a good player here as a good player, it's about knowing when to stardom, because J.K. Jacobs had a great fantasy week, week one, but no one started him in Carrizo, 22 yards and two touchdowns.


Well, but it was a great fantasy to say he'd been happier and happy to start with that day. Yeah.


So that's the problem here, is knowing failing some sort of massive thing. Where were Coach Harbaugh comes out and says, like, this guy is our guy.


It's going to be really awkward, him or an injury, which we're never rooting for an injury to one of these guys.


I think this backfield is just a mess. And for as explosive an offense as the Ravens is field, it really comes down to three guys.


And I would just say one more scenario work could work in your favor is when they have a bloodbath week, right. Where they just destroy a team like they could. I'm sorry, not not going to be on night. Like they could put up forty five points this week and easily each of those two running backs. Let's focus on the two because I think Sideboards Edwards is a nice player, but not a fantasy asset. Mark Ingram and Jackie Dobbins both find the end zone.


The problem is that I don't know that we're expecting them to run through every opponent like they could. Very well. Washington this week. Let's move forward because there are some other concerning nights. Last night, Mark Andrews gave you three catches on, eight targets for twenty two yards, had a couple opportunities in the end zone on a play that I think Mark Andrews has to make, as was evidence that was echoed, I should say, by Brian Greasy, I think Lewis Reddick as well on the broadcast and the Hollywood Brown.


Two catches on, six targets for thirteen yards, just brutal. The good news is Hollywood Brown's getting at least six targets in all three games so far this season. That was he had six plus targets and just one of his final ten games in twenty nineteen.


So volume is better for Hollywood Brown. I sure hope the touchdowns are coming because at the end of the preseason, I was starting to think this guy was primed for a break out year. Ravens are now two and one.


They play Washington on Sunday. The Patriots go to Kansas City to play the Chiefs. The Chiefs, they're the cream of the crop. Maybe the rest of the league is like this, looking up at the mountaintop.


Just to put a wrap on the Ravens, I am hanging tough with Marquese Brown and Mark Andrews. I'm encouraged by the targets. Andrews almost had a touchdown. Should have caught that ball. It was a tougher one, but that's a catch. He makes the one touchdown pass. The Jackson three went to Nick Boyle, which easily you know, they were in a run package, you know, in Boyles. They're blocking tight end by that easily. Could have been Mark Andrews as well.


Like that offense runs. You know, they're passing offense, especially down the middle up and runs through their tight end. So I get it. It's been tough with Andrews. He was the first he was the number one tight in fantasy in week one. He was tight in thirty three last week, tight in thirty four in week three. But I'm hanging tough with him and I'm hanging tough with Marquese Brown. Better days are ahead for this Ravens offense and it's going to start the Sunday against my Washington professional football team.


I read a bunch of news to get to and obviously more injury updates on Tuesday as we had coaching press conferences on Monday to find out. If I'm not mistaken, I'm going to start here with Dallas Goddard for you with the Eagles, who have dealt with about as many injuries on offense as anybody not named before the Niners.


Yeah, yesterday we said that Dallas got hurt, injured his ankle in the game. We thought he'd be out for multiple weeks. But Jeff McClain just reporting that his left ankle is actually fractured. It's not sprained. And he said this according to an NFL source, that he'll be out for an extended timeline. But the timeline shouldn't be too lengthy. It will depend on how he recovers. So just updating the nature of the injury, you still we're going to have to plan for multiple weeks for Dallas Goddard just to find, you know, you just getting this news.


And so it's just sort of like, you know, you haven't been able to sift through it and you always want to check with your sources. So it also depends on, like, how fractured. Right. But I'm just curious, when you hear this news and you say multiple weeks, we talk in four, we talk in eight, can you give us a a like just a time frame here?


Because multiple weeks could be two, it could be ten. So just are we are we thinking a month? We're thinking longer.


Just what's your initial gut reaction here? Yeah, it's a fair question. There's just a few things to unpack here. So according to the source that McClain cited, he said the recovery time shouldn't be too lengthy. Now, normally when you hear fracture, you think takes six weeks for a bone to fully heal from a fracture. But you can get chip fractures in the ankle, sometimes in conjunction with the sprain. You can get a tiny little fracture.


So it shows up as a chip off the bone. But within a couple of weeks, it's totally fine. It's more of a comfort thing and then you're able to play. So again, without knowing the nature of the fracture and where it is, it's hard to know whether it really is just two to three weeks or if you're talking six. All right.


We'll talk about some tight end replacements later on in waiver wire. Chris Carson Stephania.


So also worth noting, the Eagles bye is week nine. So, no, it's going to be a while before they can, you know, sort of get right there.


So Chris Carson, as we discussed on Monday, shows Divinia was the recipient of a dirty play. The Cowboys continue to say. No intent there from Tristan Hill, we can agree to disagree on that, but what's the latest on Chris Carson's recovery time? He was fortunate because, you know, the need just does not have any give in the direction of rotation. Normally, tissues are going to fail when you hold on to it like that and twisted it.


But a grade one sprain, according to Adam Shifter's report from the Seahawks. So that's the most mild form. And it sounds like depending on how he looks this week, there's a chance he could even play in week four. So stay tuned. Not a lock, but it's possible.


OK, so we'll revisit a little bit later on the show and waivers as well. But Carlos, I, the presumptive next man up in the Seahawks backfield, I'm pretty bullish on this player having a pretty good workload here. I understand what you said about Travis Homer, who did play when things got up tempo on Sunday.


I know the Seahawks defense is deplorable right now. I mean, they can't stop anybody. Right. But I don't think it's going to be quite as competitive and atmosphere on Sunday in Miami as it was this past Sunday against Dallas or the Sunday before that against the Patriots or the Sunday before that against the Falcons. Agreed? Yeah, I agree.


And they may they may sit here. The Seattle may sit here and say, like, you know, listen, we're we're feeling pretty good about where we are.


Our bias in week six, we have legitimate Super Bowl aspirations. Chris Carson is an important part of what we want to do. And going forward, we know what we think we can get by the Dolphins with Carlos Hyde, Travis Homer, et cetera. And I forget who they play in week five. But I think I want to say it's Minnesota. I could be wrong, thirsty, cold, you know who it is. But it's like it's not a team that you go like, oh, boy, they need to bring the you know, the the full workload there.


Are you right there, Minnesota. So, I mean, you know, that's a defense that obviously has struggled through three games the other season as well.


So Seattle may take a cautious approach here with Chris Carson, especially given his history, and say, hey, you know what, let's get through week six. That's better. And they may see how that goes with Miami. But again, if they go to Florida, if they beat Miami and therefore no and they're sitting here going, yeah, you just got the alert.


I did, I think. Right. Probably so.


Matt, our producer, sorry to jump in here. I'm just going to make this announcement or just sort of pass along. This comes from chef via the Titans. So for those who have not seen this yet, after this is a statement from the Tennessee Titans, after multiple positive covid test within their organization, the team is halting in-person work today and made this announcement out of an abundance of caution. The organization has decided to work remotely today as we follow NFL protocols related to the covid-19 virus.


Several tests have come back positive and are working through the process of confirming them. We'll have more information tomorrow.


I don't know. There's much to do with this right now. I will just maybe to turn to Stephania and just sort of refresh people on if we have any idea what the next steps would be here and what kind of flags this might raise for you.


Well, this is the first of its kind in that we're in season with multiple tests reported and I haven't seen the exact tweet, so I don't know if it's players, personnel, maybe they're just leaving it generic for now. But the standard practice then would be to follow up, to confirm the test, but in the meantime, to isolate. So the main thing they want to do, and they have said this from before the season started to mitigate risk, is to stop spread.


So anyone who tested positive, assuming it was before they got to the facility, would not have been allowed in if they were there. They would then be isolated and sent home and monitored with subsequent follow up. So for now, we we stay and watch. But this is the first time we're having something like this. Obviously, in the regular season, I'll pass along that.


It does seem like the Vikings, out of an abundance of caution themselves, will suspend in-person activities today. They, of course, play the Titans this past week, but the positives have all been registered from the Titans organization, not just just passing this all along. We have a lot to unpack here, and it probably will take us a couple of days to know what the actual fallout is of this.


I don't want to get too far into, hey, you know, start replacing Derrick Henry in your lineup this weekend. As Diana Rosine noted, there has been no decision yet on whether the Titans game with the Steelers this Sunday would be impacted by this. Chalk this up to us, getting information in live time and owning up to the fact that we need a little bit more time to understand the exact well. Hopefully we will have some more information on this, even if we even if the information is what the possibilities are.


A lot of range of outcomes here. But I will say, just because this is the last time we're going to get to talk to people field before waivers runs tonight in most most leagues. Yeah. And so I would say that this is a news story that is worth watching, because if there's a chance I'm not even saying it will, but if there is a chance that the Titans game on Sunday could be postponed as a result of this, I do think listen, I am I am I trying to find a Derrick Henry replacement with Carlos?


You know what I mean?


Like, am I but I'm just saying, like, I would be looking at my waiver wire and thinking to myself, like, if I don't have a titan available to me this Sunday, what am I going to do? I actually I don't think that's if that's within the range of possibilities and we don't.


Know that it is I don't want to be very clear. Well, the other thing is, is I would say watch the transaction wire because there is the reserve covid-19 list. So anyone who would get added to that list, even if it's in the process of investigation while they're pursuing testing, then fantasy players should go ahead and make plans even if that person ultimately gets removed.


All right. So much leaked here.


A lot more information to come on. This story would encourage everybody to follow along with it in real time, as best you can on Wednesday show. We'll have as much of an update as we can provide for you. And if there is a fantasy spin, we'll dive into it.


A bit more news here. Tarricone confirmed that his are the bears confirmed that Tarik Cohen's ACL has been torn. They also confirmed. So Safinia I mean, I don't want to dive too deep into that, not out of a disrespect to Tarricone, but, you know, he's out for the year. And fortunately, we've seen a good level of return from players from this injury. It's been something that NFL athletes have proven. They are, you know, tremendous enough to come back and be as strong as ever.


Right. You never take it for granted. The other thing that I would point out, though, isn't unusual is we see this noncontact most of the time. Right. Guy goes down, he grabs his knee, and then that's that's it. But Terry Collins was he was getting ready to return a punt and got rolled into by Brian Hill, the Falcons. So a little bit different sometimes. Not always, but sometimes that can mean a little bit more damage.


So, again, after he has surgery, we'll know a little bit more, but for fantasy purposes done for the year. All right.


Nick Foles, by the way, is taking over as the Bears starter for week four. And Matt, now you said this is not just for week four and then we'll just, you know, reevaluate on Sunday night, know this is going forward.


Nick Foles, now starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears. And I got to tell you, Matthew, if you roster Allan Robinson, you're waking up with a smile this morning. And I get it.


It's not that Allan Robinson has been unable to produce with that quarterbacks because he has played with lots of bad quarterbacks in his career or quarterbacks that are less than effective, I should say.


But this is good news.


He seemed to have a connection with Nick Foles on Sunday and a short period of time. He had four catches on, six targets for 54 yards and a touchdown. I just think Nick Foles is a better player than Mitch Robiskie. If you're a wide receiver, I prefer your outlook when you have a better quarterback than an inferior quarterback.


Hashtag analysis. I agree with you. And by the way, look, the schedule isn't great, but it's not daunting. Like they play the Colts at home this week, you know, a decent matchup. You know, like I mean, like Colts have played good defense, but and then Tampa Bay at home. So those are like sort of middle of the road matchups. I think Tampa is actually a pretty good defense. But then at Carolina, OK, good at the Rams, a little bit tough.


So it's like sort of a middle of the road, you know, not not a bunch of cakewalks other than maybe Carolina, but not a lot of ones where, you know, they're not on the road to Pittsburgh either. So, you know, I think this is ultimately a positive for the Bears offense as a whole. I don't know that anyone was rostering Robiskie, even the deepest of leagues. But, you know, maybe Anthony Miller, who caught a touchdown from Foles on Sunday, maybe he starts coming around and getting more run.


He was somebody that we liked in the preseason a lot. We like his talent. And could the ghost of Jimmy Graham come back and gallop into fantasy lineups once again?


I mean, Jimmy Graham's had two touchdowns in three games.


So, I mean, not that crazy, but no, he's like he's had to do better. We he's had one better week. The Mark Andrews. I mean, you know, it's it's crazy town.


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So it's time now for some big name updates. And we're going to get testifying in just a moment. But smart trade decisions is informed by IBM Watson. I thought this was really interesting. Michael Thomas, who of course, has missed the past two weeks, was the consensus number one wide receiver in fantasy coming into the season. He was the first non running back off the board. And here's what happens.


You get hurt, people start come calling. Michael Thomas was the most common player in week three trade proposals per IBM Watson with over 200000 trade proposals. Now, of course, the vast and I mean overwhelmingly vast majority of those proposals were turned down. And in part because Stephania maybe people are banking on Michael Thomas returning soon. What do you think?


Well, it sounds to feel like Michael Thomas could come back in a week. For now, he hasn't practiced at all. But he was doing individual workouts late last week and reportedly looking good. And I think the Saints are encouraged. Remember, there was a discussion about putting him on injured reserve, which would have forced him to miss three games. He lobbied hard not to go on that this would be the third week. So if he can go and practice this week and not have a setback and the ankle feels comfortable, he looks good, then I would expect that Michael Thomas will make his return in week four.


I feel a little bit bad for teams because people are what's going to happen is they're going to be occasions where a player has an injury that might cost him one or two games. It might end up costing him three or four games. And people are going to clamor. Why didn't you put the guy on air?


Well, it's already happened. Yeah, it's already it's like Stephania, it's it's it's so unfair to the teams from me. Like, we don't know how long these things can last. You may not need the roster spot.


We have roster flexibility this year, but I digress. Vontae Adams missed week three. I noted yesterday he was really close, right? I mean, he was staggering, but he was very close. Now they have an extra day to prepare because they play the Falcons on Monday Night Football on ESPN.


Of course, we don't have drops it, but I am a company man.


You're just kidding. We have dropped out of nowhere. Let's go for the auction room. Wow.


So, Stefania, do we think Devante could return on Monday night?


I think so. I mean, this was an injury that was not believed to be serious. We talked about it last week that he lobbied to go back into the game in week two and he was hurt, but they held him out for an abundance of caution and then kept him out for this week's game when I think he was eager to try and push it. Obviously, being smart, Green Bay, very solid medical staff and tends to be a little bit more conservative with the big picture in mind.


So I think all the encouraging bits that we heard suggests that he could be ready for Monday night.


The way abundance of caution feels like the new I hope this email find the out twenty twenty items that has been overused. We've said, oh wow, I get that.


It's been over years after I said, oh yeah. All the, all those other twenty people just gave me. Yeah. Yeah.


You know, hope you're well staying safe you know. But how are you handling all this.


OK, I'm not self conscious. How are you doing. Oh Stefania. Oh this is. No, no, no, no this is not I'm just some more of a general observation.


This is definitely no good news though. Sounds like a good news on Davante Adams. All Things Considered there. Let's play a game of Panicker patience because this is sort of a re this is continuing or maybe getting to names that we didn't quite have the time to get to on Monday's show. And these are players that are stars and they have not played like stars recently. And in the cases of some, you might be ready to drop them. Matthew, but Odell Beckham Jr.


in week two had the touchdown and we all went crazy.


It was great. Odell got a touchdown. That was awesome. And by the way, just an update here. The Vikings have now also suspended in person activities. So as you suspect, it could be the case, but they've done so officially. Back to Odell Beckham, JR.


Odell Beckham had a nice week to not a great week to, but a nice week to. And in week three, he had four catches for fifty nine yards and nine point nine fantasy points.


It's been a long time that we've been waiting for this Odell Beckham junior breakout.


Matthew Panic or patients on Odell Panic. OK, how panicked are you. Panic to the point that you are considering dropping him to the point that you might be flexing him, might be dropping him to your bench? I'm panicked. Are you? I am panicked in that I am hoping that someone will trade him a trade for him from me and give me relatively market value. So I'm not I'm not robbing him. This is the question. What's market value now?


I think wide receiver two is market value. I think he's still perceived that way. He isn't.


If you get wide receiver two, I would sprint like and say, Eric Hill, wide receiver three. Here's my concern here on Odell Beckham Jr. Right? I mean, right. So you see he's, you know, wide receiver. Forty four last week.


The concern with with Odell Beckham junior here is that this offense has become very unhappy. They have a fifty point three percent rush rate, that second highest in the NFL between Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt. They are running the ball very effectively. And by the way, the option is they don't run the ball. They have to let Baker throw it. And that has been a challenge. I mean, like I don't mean I'm not trying to beat up on Baker Mayfield, but he is he has been to be kind, inconsistent and inaccurate.


It's a good point that they have been run heavy. Mike Clay, I also noted they played two games back to back weeks where they've controlled the game. Right. And that's right. He's he's a little bit nervous about Nick Chubb is Mike. And you think this weekend could be a week where it actually is a pass heavy week and they play the Cowboys in Dallas and Dallas can't stop anybody, but they can throw it that much is for sure. So I hear you out on that.


I just don't know that Cleveland will be as run heavy going forward as they were in the past two weeks, unless they're much better than I give them credit for right now.


No, I understand that. I mean, the game script has worked certainly in their favor. But the fact is, is that, OK, so you have become but you also have Landry, you've got the Titans. I mean, they're using Kareem Hunt, Kareem Hunt's touchdown. He's their best receiver, right? I mean, right. I mean, Kareem Hunt was a Kareem Hunt, went out wide and like he ran a wide receiver route. That touchdown wasn't a pass out of the backfield.


Kareem Hunt was on the line of scrimmage on that touchdown play. And so for me, you know, you asked me Panicker Patience and yes, I am panicked on Odell Beckham Jr in the sense of like I drafted him to be one of my two starting wide receivers. I drafted him with the idea that this is that his upside, his range of outcomes includes best wide receiver in fantasy football. And so far he has been anything but. And my concern is less about Beckham and more about the nature of how the offense has gone so far and the nature of his quarterback.


Yeah, and I'm panicked, by the way, on his teammate.


Jarvis Landry, of course, is a very close friend in his Cleveland Browns teammate after being his LSU teammate, who had four catches on, four targets last week for thirty six yards. He's got four catches on average through through games so far this season. The old sort of saying on Jarvis Landry, I think I might have coined it myself, was that he wakes up earlier to bed and has eight catches in a season.


Right now he's on pace for sixty four and he has just one touchdown catch in his past eight games.


So I'm panicked as well. Now, I like both of these players. They're definitely talented dudes.


Here's where I think the strategy play might be here. OK, is that so? They've been down this these past three weeks, right? They've been down for the players. They're of their ilk on Sunday by the Cowboys. So maybe what we saw maybe like what the reality is for the Browns is somewhere in between what you were talking about and maybe what I've been sort of suggesting in McLay hinted at as well play by the Cowboys on Sunday.


That's a shootout. If they put the Cowboys on Sunday into a shootout and it's like a thirty seven thirty five game and Odell and Jarvis Landry or one of the two of them finds the end zone has a eighty catch eight yards plus a touchdown game. Maybe use the trade high idea here because sell high idea because you just talked about how Patrick Mahomes we might just overthink it after one game last night. Maybe that's a play here at the Browns because this is so Landry, if he levels, that's eventually maybe I'll feel better about it because he's kind of done this for a larger period of time, longer period time with with Beckham.


And you didn't pay nearly with Baker. You don't pay as much. Both Odell might be one good game. And then you're cashing out there because I just don't know that I'll ever get to that level. We expected him to be it.


And I was one who thought he could have a monster year this year. Of course. I mean, the concern here is that even if they're pass heavy, right? I mean, like Beckham's got five catches are under in five straight games. I know it's the total, the volume. And by the way, I mean, even when he's getting targets, can Baker get him the ball? I mean, Baker has really struggled with accuracy. You think about like here's our upcoming schedule, right?


So at Dallas, home to the Colts, at Pittsburgh, at Cincinnati, you know, so OK, Cincinnati, we saw what happened. Like, I like the matchup, but you think about that. Well, but you think about Pittsburgh and you're like, OK, well, that's it. That's a game where they should be trailing. Right. OK, but then that's also a game where the Steelers are going to be blitzing a lot. They're one of the blitz heaviest teams in the NFL.


And Baker is bad under pressure, like his accuracy numbers when he's under pressure are really bad. And so, you know, can the Colts get to him? I hear you on the Cowboys and that should be a shootout in theory. But even when they're trailing, is it definitely all Beckham or is it going to be a lot of dumb props to Kareem Hunt? By the way, are you trying to sell high on Nick Chubb based on all this?


I would consider it, yeah, I would. I would consider it for sure. I don't want to. Kareem Hunt, though, he might be the most valuable Brown based software. He was drafted to buy Hilton Panicker patients here, three catches for fifty two yards this past week. Of course, you got the pep talk from grandma. Didn't quite work out. He's got just ten catches for this season. If you say anything other than panic, I think you are wrong.


No, I was going to say panic. Hundred percent. I like panic. Yeah. I mean so the Dynasty League that that were in that me and you and thirsty Kyle in like I've suffered a bunch of injuries. Christian McCaffrey is the centerpiece of that, that that team. I do have Mike Davis on that team, but still it's Ty Hilton is like on that team.


And I'm, you know, hopefully not not everyone in the league listen to the podcast. But, yeah, I'm open for business like, you know, and in that dinosaur league, I want out of the TWA Hilton business. It's the only league I have Hilton. And I'm nervous, like because even with the injury to Paris, Campbell, and we didn't get to it in this collection, but Michael Pittman hurt as well. So in theory, he should be getting a lot of targets.


But I think it's we be run heavy offense. I think they go more to tighten sets. And I just think Hilton, he's going to have some big games from here until the end of the season. But do we think we can count on him for consistent fantasy production in a Philip Rivers led offense? I'm not sure on you. Matthew just mentioned it. So can you give us the update on Michael Pittman Jr., their second round pick out of USC?


Yeah, this is actually an interesting scenario. So I think I've seen that he had calf surgery, but it's really something far more specific. He had what is called acute compartment syndrome, and it's a medical emergency. And it's not totally uncommon in the NFL if you have an injury where you have some bleeding in an area like the lower leg, there are muscle compartments, meaning you have muscles and nerves contained in one area by a thin membrane of tissue.


So it doesn't allow for a lot of swelling. And if you have swelling, that happens rapidly and starts putting too much pressure on those muscles and nerves in the area and the blood flow cannot be maintained, you run the risk of tissue death and that's why it's a medical emergency. So they get to the hospital and they do a procedure called a fasciotomy where they release that fascia and it immediately takes the pressure off. It sounds drastic and and it is in a sense of time, but it's something that you can recover from fully.


I don't know if Field will remember this, but Matthew probably will. But Hakeem Nicks back in 2010 had a similar injury and he was out for two weeks. They projected two to three weeks. He was back in two. But we've seen other players miss up to six to eight weeks. So it really depends. Sounds like they got it very quickly, which is the positive here. And it really depends on how he specifically recovers. But multiple weeks in any regard.


OK, so the Colts are thin at wide receiver. Let's move forward to Todd Gurley, who had eighty rushing yards, a touchdown plus the catch and two yards in week three and probably saying to yourself, that sounds OK to me. Right. But are you panicking or patient here, Matthew? Because it just doesn't look panic. Yeah, doesn't look right. There's there's a layer to this.


I would I I want out of the Todd Gurley business. If I have Todd Gurley in the league and I do in one or two, like I'm going to explore trade options for him. I'm not going to just give him away. But there's some real concerns here.


We think about how pass heavy this Falcons offense has been. Wright crazy pass heavy. Todd Gurley has three receptions on the year. That's crazy. Three. Wow.


I mean, one of the most pass happy teams in the NFL. And Todd Gurley has literally three receptions for three yards, three receptions for three yards. He's currently running back thirty two on the season. He's averaging one point three yards per carry after contact. That is 31st out of thirty five qualified running backs and it's down twenty six percent from last season. He has seven targets this season, and by the way, he's splitting time with Brian Hill.


That's the part that's most concerning to me, is that he had so Brian Hill had nine carries in week three for fifty eight yards. And I get it, the Falcons problem is not the offense right now. It's the defense. It's the execution in critical moments. It's special teams. But if if you're on three, you'll try anything. If you're desperate, you will try anything.


So I would I file this one under monitoring. I think Brian Hill is actually an OK speculative add on the waiver wire. I agree. It's monetary, right.


Because, you know, Todd Gurley doesn't figure to fade entirely from this backfield.


But if it becomes anything close to a 50/50 split, a player with a lack of explosive ability right now and a lack of a passing game role right now could move from basically an RB two to more likely a low end flex play.


The the preseason argument for Todd Gurley was, listen, they're going to use him in the passing game. Look at how many targets Devonta Freeman got. And it's going to be tremendous volume. Right? He's on this one year prove it deal. And they don't really have anyone else in the backfield like those were the two big arguments for Todd Gurley. Well, he's not getting the volume so far because he's splitting time with Brian Hill and he's not getting the passing game work.


So like you're you've been bailed out a couple of games here because he's fallen to the end zone. But ultimately, I I'm just saying, while his value is still high, well, that you have the touchdown to sort of point to and the fantasy point totals. Look, hi, if I have Todd Gurley on my team, I am exploring options to try to trade him for, you know, running back to ish value. I am just saying personally saying I want out of the Todd Gurley business.


You know, if there is a positive here, they do play Carolina twice in the next five weeks.


One thing, it's a reality of all the injuries that took place in week two had other injuries as well, is that you've got a lot of players on your bench right now and not all of them are in either slots, but maybe some of them are. Your bench just feels thinner because they're guys you're holding on to because you feel like, you know, hey, it might be one or two weeks or Raheem Moster, for example. Right. He doesn't go on.


I can't lose declared out for the week and that, you know, so you got in week roster management that you don't have as much flexibility.


So you have to find players that you actually can drop. So let's reintroduce Dump's feel and have a conversation about. Yeah, starting quarterback Matthew, welcome.


Adamsville population you. And so who are we putting in dumps fill today? Field Ministry. How about Carson Wentz.


Yeah, he's rossant. Seventy percent of Leakey's quarterback. Twenty two.


The Eagles have all of a rash of pass catcher injuries, Fonua told us earlier on. Now Goddard's going to miss probably multiple weeks, maybe even closer to, who knows, a month or six weeks. Who knows? They play at San Francisco, at Pittsburgh, home to Baltimore. And maybe Baltimore is not quite as formidable. The challenge based off what we saw last night, I still think they're pretty good. But Carson Wentz and Patrick Mahomes. That's right.


He's not Patrick Mahomes. He's not close. And their pass catchers are not close to what the chiefs have as well. I'm surprised he's rostered in this many weeks.


I don't know how you would start him with any level of confidence, especially, again, attempts is going to get at their defenses, somewhat beat up, but still on the road at San Francisco, at Pittsburgh, home to Baltimore. I'm not sure I need to say more than that. But to your point about, you know, I mean, no. Jalen Reagor, Deshaun Jackson left the game last week as well. I mean, like, it's I mean, it's it is Greg Ward.


It's you know, I mean, it really is. It's it's Greg Ward. It's Zach Ertz. It's they're going to go probably more run heavy here. It's good news. We have Myles Sanders, I suppose. But yeah, Carson Wentz just doesn't look right.


On Whippy radio yesterday, Doug Peterson said that they are not considering benching Carson Wentz and I don't think that's a surprise. But the fact that the question had to be asked field, that's the I mean, the fact that it was even a question that Doug Peterson had to address should tell you how low Carson Wentz is stock is these days.


I feel you on that. I want to add one last note on the Titans and the Vikings before we get into the waiver wire, because we have an important day on the waiver wire and this might actually impact things.


The Titans, according to Diana Rosine. Will not be allowed into their building until Saturday. Wow, Saturday. So if if the NFL plays the game between the Titans and the Steelers on Sunday as scheduled, and I believe the game is in Tennessee, don't know for a fact, then just keep that in mind. Is that like their preparation could literally it's in Tennessee, so they're not traveling.


Their preparation could literally be done all remotely this week. There are a lot of tentacles here. I'm just passing this along in real time. You know, I suppose one hypothetical as I start to imagine things is that do they move into Tuesday, as it's going to say, well, we've seen that before, like with snow storms, like that snowstorm.


Yes. Could we move to Tuesday? And that would give them enough. Like, if so, you think Saturday, Sunday, Monday. That's basically the same kind of week as a Thursday night game, the same kind of prep time. Right.


So and we would have trust me, our our app team would work incredibly hard to make sure that like we would if you're wondering, would the Tuesday points count towards week four?


Yes. We'll figure all that out at a later time. Let's get to the waiver wire, though, and not going to ignore the Titans and Vikings for right now. But understand that there's there's more nuance. We'll get more information there.


Well, we are encouraging everyone to do is pay attention the news. Follow Attfield Yates on Twitter. Follow me at Matthew TMR. Follow at Adam Schefter if you aren't for some reason already and all of our news breakers here at ESPN at McLay NFL, we will be talking at Stephania underscore ESPN. We will be talking about this for the rest of, I'm sure, the week, but certainly prior to waivers tonight. Wait to the last minute, if you can, to put in your waivers now.


But Field Minister Yates, you are, in fact, the author of our Free Agent Fines column, our waiver wire column, and who starts us off at running back if you need one. And chances are you might, you probably do.


It's Myles Gaskin for the Dolphins is available about 44 percent of leagues. He had twenty two carries for sixty six yards and five catches last week for twenty nine yards. Good for an RB. Twenty one finish. Myles Gaskin looks like the guy in the Dolphins backfield right now. And Matthew Lemons into lemonade is brought to you by truly hard seltzer. In a story we discussed earlier on is Chris Carson, who is going to potentially miss some time for the Seattle Seahawks.


And I mentioned the name Carlos Hyde, who's available in over 90 percent of leagues.


The upcoming schedule for the Seahawks is at Miami, home to Minnesota. They go into their bye. So if Carson does miss time, as we discussed, it could be sort of logical that he returns after the bye. And Carlos Hyde over a thousand rushing yards last year quietly.


And it was an effective year for the Texans. He's not a huge pass catcher. Certainly Travis Homer will have some run there, or maybe Chris Carson's a fast healer.


But if you need someone, I do think there is a case that Carlos Hyde could have the most value in week for amongst waiver wire running backs this week.


Good matchup, ever good ever matchup a good match for Seattle. The chance for even if he has forty five rushing yards, he could have forty five rushing yards and two rushing touchdowns, both from one yard out.


Right. He certainly easily could. I mean, even in a game in which the Jaguars were getting blown out, James Robinson had a massive game against the same Miami Dolphins team. And so to your point, I mean, the Seahawks seem unstoppable right now offensively. And so they're going to get in close. Do they give one or two to Carlos Hyde? I agree with you, field. And again, they also play Minnesota the following week until their bye.


So if Chris Carson is out until week seven, Carlos Hyde could have a lot of value for the next two weeks.


Jeff Wilson, junior for the Forty Niners, could be called upon. We don't have enough time to go through the entire forty Niners injury report on any podcast, but especially now with all of the injuries they have. Jeremy McKinnon is considered day to day, according to Kyle Shanahan, along with Raheem Mostert. Will they give him more information on Mostert later on Wednesday, as will Kyle Shanahan suggested to the media yesterday? But Jeff Wilson Junior will be the next man up.


We don't know whether he'll be pressed into action or not, but this is a just in case waiver wire addition. Let me get you to a couple of wide receivers. I want to show these on a touch screen. And just a little moment here, Justin Jefferson for the Vikings. And again, the news on the Vikings. As we have stated earlier, they are going to shut down their facility right now. Again, this is a cautionary move by them as multiple Titans players and staffers tested positive covid-19.


The Titans played in Minnesota against the Vikings this past Sunday. But Justin Jefferson looked great in that game for the Vikings, their first round pick at seven catches for one hundred and seventy five yards, plus a touchdown good for thirty point five fantasy points. He's available in about two thirds of leagues. One more name here is Corey Davis for the Titans, forty seven point two percent rostered titans. Again, I just gave it the update on the Vikings.


The other half of that coin is the Titans, and he's been good. He's got double digit fantasy points in all three games so far this season, volume has been pretty steady. He had a touchdown in week two. So I, like Corey Davis, is just sort of, you know, he's not going to hurt. He's a smart player to have on your bench right now for wide receiver depth. The talent is unquestionably there. And Able will give you just one more name before we get to.


And, of course, eventually is that again for the for the Bangles, kind of a fun sort of speculative like I think this is a player that has more talent and opportunity ahead of him. He may not make his way into your lineup this week or next or the week after that, but if you are searching around for options to pad your roster depth Tegan's, you could do much worse than it's going to be a pass heavy offense there in Cincinnati.


He's a talented guy. The fact that John Ross was a healthy scratch, look, there are three wide sets is going to be void in the slot. AJ Green and T Higgins on either side. I absolutely love T. Higgins and Dynasty agreed on that.


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All right, so we're just a little bit different here. This is cool, we actually have a touch screen available now. So for those of you listening on the audio, we'll give you the rundown and a version and audio version form. And for those of you watching a video, you can see me with my handy dandy Apple iPad so I can move players up to the screen. So obviously every week we talk about a lot of names on the waiver wire.


And I always tell people that it's not one size fits all for what your needs are.


Right. More pressing need if you roster Chris Carson the waiver and the waiver wire out of the week, maybe unquestionably Carlos height. But if you're looking for a long term need, it may be somebody different. I get it. Everybody has different needs. But you know what? I'm going to try my best to give you my top five waiver wire ads in the order in which I would consider adding them using then these 10 names right here.


OK, you may not agree, but that's OK. Yep, fair enough.


I'm going to start with Greg Ward for the Philadelphia Eagles, because they are down to the thinnest of wide receiver rooms maybe in the NFL right now, other than a few other teams. They're just so banged up. And you know what? It is Mathew's. I get it. Maybe Deshawn Jackson returns this week. Maybe Alshon Jeffery plays the next couple of weeks.


But, Matthew, this happened last year. And Greg Ward, he just stuck around. He eleven targets in week three.


Did Greg Ward I think he's a player that in a room where there's very few players that Carson Wentz has consistently been able to find chemistry with, he seemed to have some chemistry with Carson Wentz.


So a name to keep in mind for those looking for wide receiver depth.


You know what team he played for in the AAF?


He was Houston. No, I believe he was a San Antonio commander.


Commander Nice. Kyle will correct me on that, but I believe he was a San Antonio commander, Greg Ward Jr. and I agree with your statement there. I see you've got Corey Davis, a number four.


Corey Davis comes in at number four. Not a lot of it's nothing juicy here. Right? I just think that AJ Brown continues to be an injury problem. It sounds like it could be a while on AJ Brown and they're going to be players in oscillate back and forth as we look through whether or not, like, you know, their value is going to be dependent upon injuries and things like that. But Corey Davis might have like six, seven, eight weeks of total value by the time it's all said and done.


And given the offense he plays in the quarterback play, it's possible that even when AJ Brown does return, Corey Davis could have value, as we saw in week one.


So Corey Davis, number four for me on this list. Number three is Justin Jefferson. And I'm pretty excited about Justin Jefferson player that has plenty of talent. The Vikings need to be much better offensively, but they finally found something in their wide receiver to opposite of Adam Thielen after Mike Zimmer, their head coach, kind of suggested we might need this, right.


I mean, we might need Justin Jefferson to get going more in week three. He delivered in a major way.


And by the way, you love the matchup with the Texans, a defense that has struggled as well. I mean, they should be able to keep the momentum going against Houston.


Fun fact. All three head coaches in Houston, Texans history will be coaching in the same game on Sunday. Vikings Texans Bill O'Brien, Gary Kubiak and also Dom Capers.


Number two, Carlos Hyde, Seattle Seahawks running back again.


We don't know specifically what will happen if we will see Chris Carson as soon as this week. It's possible. It's not a guarantee, but it certainly sounds like Carlos Hyde could be in the mix for the Seattle Seahawks in week four and maybe week five. As Matthew mentioned, they have that week six. Bye. So maybe two weeks of utility here for Carlos Hyde. In many people, I've been hurt badly at the running back spot because of all the injuries around the NFL.


And I'll just say quickly here, because I got this question a lot on social media.


If you don't have Chris Carson, go grab it. Don't need it. Even if you don't need a running back, somebody does. That's right. Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. If I was high on a waiver priority and I was playing the person that had Chris Cox in my league, I would absolutely pick up Carlos Hyde. It is completely fair and legitimate. The final name here is Myles Gaskin. We talked about him just a moment ago for the Dolphins.


He seems to be the only starting running back that is like truly, legitimately the starting running back. And it looks obvious he's going to stay that way for his team. Right now, that is not rostered in over 50 percent of leagues. I don't know. This is going to be a weekly top fifteen play at any point. But I think that Myles Gaskin will be a weekly top twenty five or so consideration, a guy who's got some pass catching ability and the Dolphins might find themselves in a few shootouts.


That could certainly be an important part of his game going forward.


And he's a young player and is there in the rebuilding process. You know, like this is a guy they need to evaluate. The only thing in his game is he gets pulled to the goal line for Jordan Howard. But they gave him a little bit of, you know, go to go run in the last game.


And hopefully, as they trust him more in those situations, his role only expands. I agree with you. Gaskin is the clear cut number one thirsty. Kyle, time for trivia. What do we got? It's that time of the day. I want you to name for me the two Hall of Famers that have opened the season with one hundred and fifty rushing yards and two hundred and fifty receiving yards through week three. The basis for this question, obviously, Alvin Kamara has done as much of this season.


Again, that's one hundred and fifty rushing yards, two hundred and fifty receiving yards through the first three weeks of a season. I need two Hall of Famers already in the Hall of Fame.


Not going to be in the Hall of Fame. So there are more than two that have done this or not, just the two Hall of Famers.


There's a handful of people that have done it, but only two in the Hall of Fame brought to us by Geico trivia is brought to you by Geico is drought brought to us by Geico. We appreciate their support of the podcast in many ways. Who wants to go first? You want to guest Matthew?


Sure. I'm bad on who's in the Hall of Fame and who's about to be. But I think these guys both are. I certainly know they well, I've I've led Dana and Thomlinson and Marshall Faulk are my are my guesses I have with and Tomlinson and Marshall Faulk.


I have a different answer. I think Stiffy is going to be right. I don't know. I guess a former miner.


I know I have Lithuanian Tomlinson and Emmitt Smith.


OK, if we're wrong if we're wrong here, I feel like Roger Craig could be asleep. The answer is wrong. But what do you got, Kyle? What is the correct answer?


Craig is not right. Mathurin Field both get one with Marshall Faulk. Thurman Thomas.


Oh my gosh, I got zero.


Thurman Thomas Thomas, the first member of the Oklahoma State Football Ring of Fame, the great Norman Thomas love Thurman Thomas.


A lot of good running backs.


I did a I did a fan when I first got to ESPN in 2008, 2008, we did a fantasy football event with Thurman Thomas at a at a bar in New York City.


Awesome, dude.


Awesome, awesome. Dude, I think he remembers that or. No, no, they didn't know a ton about fantasy football.


OK, but he was Thurman Thomas, you know, he's a legend and he's a legend.


He was great. He's a legend. He's a Geico trivia answer as well. A reminder, we'll have much more on this developing story between the Vikings and the Titans. Multiple Titans players and staffers have tested positive for covid-19. The two teams have shut down their facilities for the time being.


For Matthew and Safinia and Kyle Field, we'll talk to you guys on Wednesday.


Rankine's and much more new episode of the fantasy show on ESPN plus is out. Go check it out.


He's out in those six or no.