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Welcome to the Fantasy Football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike, right. Welcome in, I'm still falling Tuesday, broken into September. Oh, wait, is that true? Oh, no, September. Jason just looked at his watch in September.


That was not a gag. It's really September. Yes. Yes. Oh, all right. Time is nothing. Time is infinite time. What time is Frank Gore? Welcome into the show, the fantasy football podcast, appreciate you with us and Mike and Jason, we have a stash or trash episode today.


If you're a new listener, welcome in. Excited to be with you for this upcoming fantasy football season. We like to take a holistic approach to fantasy football, bringing you not just the stats and the analytics, but also some contextual advice, some things that can help you have an advantage over your league mates and help you, you know, take the next step. A lot of people reach out and they're like. I just keep finishing fourth, I just keep finishing third or just outside of the playoffs, and you just got to turn a couple of dials.


Yeah, the whole point is championship. And, you know, while we're, you know, talk about the ultimate draft kit and were were, you know, wanting to. Well, first of all, the draft is literally the most fun day of the year in fantasy football. But I've said this many times in the past, you don't win your championship. At the draft last year, we won the sleeper bowl, which, you know, Juju and Ninja and the Tatman.


We're the champions there. I believe our first round pick was Juju and our third round pick was Devonta Freeman. Some injuries got in the way of those being good picks and we won the championship. So stick with us. It will be a fun year.


Jason, will the big shimmy slide whistle make a draft day appearance?


Oh, probably. I mean, listen, this is who I am.


More big shimmies and more slide, which is probably more slide whistles for Yarl's picks.


OK, OK. Every time you, you know, take some old injured guy, I'll give you a good slide. Oh I do that all the time.


I had a CBS draft last night. AJ Green is now a member of my team once again had him last year. He was the foundation of a championship team. He was your mascot. He was my mascot last year and I brought him back.


You did win the championship there? I did. With AJ Green sitting on my bench in Michael Gallop in my lineup instead. Quick question of the day.


Who is risen in your rankings the most during training camp, Jason Hard Knocks is tonight in your answer. Yeah. Oh, you got the hard knocks.


But look, I might be getting the hard knocks bump, but it's a double up. It's not just the hard knocks from the player. I've been rising on his Keenan Allen. I still I mean, we knew coming into this year he's super talented but super talented wide receivers. When they have, you know, a team passing problem, they take a major step back for fantasy. That's what I've been projecting this year. But it's not just the bump of watching hard knocks and remembering.


Man, he's he's not good, he's great, you know, is one of those guys where it's like he will get open and he will be targeted and you will kill them. The reality is Mike Williams is injured. To start the season, the targets will need to go his direction. The season will start with Tyrod Taylor, which I think if you look at my season long rankings, I have still the majority of the games going the herbut, which I, I started.


I started the second question that, oh, I do not anymore.


It's just a matter of wins and losses. If they get off to a bad start, I think that they will make the transition. But watching hard knock shows me that this is Tyrod team right now and herbut is the future. But they're looking at him that way as the future, not the the current year present started. So I will probably make that switch. But that's what I'm saying, is that at some point my rankings will account for herbut, which I think will be a step down for Keenan Allen.


Was was it the Cleveland Browns hard knocks season when Tyrod was the starter there to.


Do you remember remember, was that the season where, like we had the Browns hard knocks, Tyrod was there that year? I believe so. I believe so. Tyrod has a history of being the guy on hard knocks. Every league that I end up with, Keenan Allen, is more wide receiver two because the draft falls that way. I'm happy despite the doubt in the concern about the offense. I just end up OK, PR wise. That guy's great.


All right, I have an answer that. I wasn't expecting to have its Terry McLaurin, I had these guys that that's your guy? Yeah, I had him just he's made the biggest rankings jump over the course of the last two months.


I've always you know, if you just watch a game of Terry McLaurin playing football, you know, the talent is there. But when I when I started to you know, obviously he's been great in camp. He's their only wide receiver. It's what it comes down to. He's their only real target in the passing game. And this team is simply going to pass the ball a lot more than they did last year. Yes, they are. And do I believe Terry McLaurin can get separation at every level on a consistent basis?


I do. Do I believe in Dwayne Haskins? Not really. But I didn't I don't believe in Blake Bortles, and that didn't matter to Allen Robinson. And I don't necessarily believe that Jared Goff is a top ten quarterback, but that doesn't matter to Robert Woods or Cooper Kupp. So I think McClaren on pure volume has a great opportunity and know just come down to is this a four touchdown season or is this a seven eight touchdown season for Terry McLaurin as to whether he can break into that top twelve?


But I think McClaren has risen up my rankings the most is off season. The guy that has gone up my rankings the most is Damien Harris. I mean, especially when you started zero with like the expectation for Damien Harris. The running back for the New England Patriots third round pick last year was zero.


The even the Damien Harris truthers on Twitter had gone full. Homer Simpsons or Homer Simpson just going back into the bush like nothing to see here. Don't worry about me. I never said anything good about Harris. And then the the injuries just kept stacking up for Sony. Michel, they signed Lamar Miller. And it's like, well, OK, well, Damien Hirst still not going to see the Lamar Miller immediately on to the purplest, although he is off now.


But all camp reports from the beat reporters. Damien Harris is tearing up training camp. He looks great in all facets of the game. He looks excellent catching the ball he has passed. Protection is solid. He just he is one of the stars of camp. So he is a he's a player that has risen the most of my rankings and someone who I am targeting at the back of drafts.


If if Damien Harris if this just turns into a really fun off season fluff piece, so be it. But the fact that Damien Harris might be the leader of the TIME-SHARE for the New England Patriots in the double digit rounds, that's very interesting to me.


You drafting for upside at that stage in your draft? If you miss, you miss. Right. It doesn't really matter. Now, I will say this. The Bears are the odds on favorite to sign Leonard Fournette, the second team with the highest odds to sign them are the New England Patriots. According to I think it's odd shak right now who released those numbers.


That makes sense. Mike and I were looking yesterday at what teams and then if because we don't think Leonard Fournette is really that good. No. And we were like, what teams out there could actually be better off for signing him? And the Patriots were one of those teams we questioned. Perhaps they could benefit from that body type. I mean, they've done very well with a blunt back there before. And if there's one thing Leonard Fournette can do, it's look at Blunt.


Yeah. Yeah. It's just amazing how this is like the poster up on his wall. This was a can't miss prospect.


This was a player that was drafted by Jacksonville ahead of Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson, top five pick.


And, you know, he's been OK for fantasy. Sure. But not a great player and not one that anyone was willing to trade even a seventh round pick for. With holes to fill on NFL teams all over the place and running back, being the easiest place to trade for somebody to come in and play. He found no home.


Really think about it, a sixth, seventh round pick the chance of that player. I know they were drafted, but 75th round picks don't make the team all the time. All the time in the NFL teams like, nah, I'll take a chance on this player who probably won't be on my roster over taking on the salary for Leonard Fournette. Is there a Roth? Is there a player that you've become a larger fan of who's risen most in your hearts in this offseason period?


For me, it's been Joe Burrow, OK, I find myself actively rooting for the outlier rookie season, the success in Cincinnati, all the glowing camp reports and just his work ethic. It's all been very positive and I want him to supply AJ Green with targets.


But I'm I'm actively rooting for Joe Bura. Like, I have nothing to do with my hope that AJ Green returns to fantasy dominance.


I like teams that I mean, last year, Dalton Finley, they combined to throw, you know, their top 10 and pass attempts with that offense. I just think there's so much fantasy potential in Cincinnati. My team last night, I have Mixon and AJ Green on that team. So self-interest. All right, Jason, do you have somebody that has risen in your heart?


And I can't really think of anyone specifically. I mean, obviously, I've always had an affinity for David Johnson, and I'm rooting for him as a as a person, as a man in his new location. But I don't know if there's anybody who is just you know, I've I've I've grown brand new, warm, fuzzy feelings for.


No, I just have warm, fuzzy feelings for most players already, and if I don't, it's not good for that. Certainly not. I guess Ronald Jones Rogers will be the answer from last season and beyond to this season. OK, I am rooting for Ronald Jones and I love the work ethic he's shown this off season, living with his trainer, you know, going out and running the hills in Arizona in the summer. You know, those things show this just in.


Ronald Jones has. I can't make that joke. It's hot in Arizona, though. Mike, you can't answer Blake Darwin. Oh, was that your answer? It's always my answer. And if you've been listening to the show, it's for me. It's Devante Parker.


I want the breakout to be real. OK, we're all scared that it's not as given as evidenced by his ADP, because if you were all in a fantasy, players were all in on that break out being the truth. He would be a second round pick because that's how dominant he was for fantasy at the end of the year. I want it to be real. I want Devante Parker to succeed. All right.


We'll talk more about him in a moment. Couple of mine. Did I miss a note on the Vontae Parker? Yeah, you did. No.


Well, not not really.


I mean, he's just not practicing fantasy MVP episode is tomorrow. Tomorrow, the fantasy MVP episode. We will share our fantasy football MVP for twenty twenty. We will have the privilege of being joined by ten industry experts with their fantasy MVP picks.


All three of them are us.


Those are experts and we're three of them. If you're drafting this week, this weekend, ultimate draft, get dotcom.


And now we're joined by Jason. More of the fantasy thrown to myself. That would be fun.


News& notes from around the lake. All right, let's talk about the big news yesterday, the headline news, the concerning news. Adam Schefter reporting. Alvin Alvin Kamara, unexcused absence from training camp, the last three days, contract related, believed allegedly, uh, four sources confirmed via his two point one million dollar this year contract. I mean, we have faced this down with Alvin Cook, Joe Mixon, Alvin Kamara now.


How concerned are you are you drafting? Let's put it that way, you we have big time drafts coming up.


Well, you know, we just drafted him thanks to mostly me. We had three different players. We're looking at the number four spot. I won the argument. Here's the thing that is really upsetting about that argument is this was his third missed practice. How did we not hear about this till day three? Give us some update on day one and two. Yeah, I would change. I mean, we were close. You know, we were looking at David Cook.


We were looking at Clyde Edwards in there. I would certainly draft those guys over Kamara.


How wild is it then if you're talking about pure risk? When you're talking about those three players, like, OK, who do you know, 100 percent is going to be there on week one, it's the rookie like the other guys, I still think they're going to be there. You saw very, very high percentage chance that they're there. But how wild is it now that the rookie is the one who is carrying the lower risk? I yeah, it's wild.


And to calm the fears of many that have already drafted Alvin Kamara, I agree with Mike. I think he will play. I mean, there's not a lot of options for a player in this situation. There's the option of sitting out some practice. You don't get hurt as you're negotiating a contract. But if you don't play, according to the CBA, the team can submit a request for you to come back. And if he doesn't play, he's not going to total a year and he's not going to become a free agent.


He's not going to get paid. He's going to play it under the same amount of money next year, which is the problem for Dalvin Cook, which is a problem for any of these guys.


But what do you make about August 17th? Twenty, twenty, ten, fifty, nine a.m.. Alvin Kamara on Twitter. Sorry in advance.


I want to believe he had some Chipotle that morning and it was for the afternoon to himself. It was an all around him. Yeah. I will say this similar to, you know, the advice we get when you're drafting Dalvin Cook, you want to get Alexander Madison because it's not a shared, you know one A one B it's A we know who the next man up is. If you are drafting Alvin Kamara, definitely target Latavius Murray in case Kamara decides to take a hit in the money department and miss one or two weeks, because if he misses the first two weeks like he missed, you know, week seven and eight last year due to injury, Latavius Murray was the running back to and the running back three those two weeks.


It's like an automatic difference maker. I was in an industry drive last night and I didn't know where to take Latavius Murray. I'm sitting there trying to make that decision, like, how far is he going to drop? Whereas normal ADP's.


Yeah, I didn't get a chance to get him. But like you said, if Kamara misses a couple of weeks or if the team, you know, you don't show up, you don't practice. That week, one week to I will have the same workload, I will say I am not nearly as. Fully convinced that Latavius Murray will come in and be a three down running back. I know it's this is a deep cut, but Ty Montgomery is there.


Ty Montgomery has a more comparable skill set to Alvin Kamara than Latavius Murray. I think that Murray is will be the primary guy, but I don't think it's all of a sudden Latavius Murray is getting 70, 80 percent of the touches. That's a fair name to be aware of in camp. I know that Ty Montgomery has been playing more as a wide receiver than as a running back and, you know, getting involved in that way. But he is a talented guy who was not there last season.


All right.


He went Latavius Murray went in the eighth round of the industry moch last night. Interesting 10th pick of the eighth round. Would you I mean, is that would you take him higher than that? No, I would not. That is about the highest I would take him.


Would you take Latavius Murray today or carry on Johnson today? I would take carry on Johnson. Yeah, probably carry on.


He's projected to be the weak one starter. And if Kamara comes back tomorrow, then you're Latavius Murray piece is nothing but insurance. Yeah, I'd like to be clear. We're just relaying the facts of what is out there and trying to prognosticate a little bit. I am still very much on the side that Alvin Kamara is going to be their week one. This is just this sucks for four fantasy drafts that have already happened to put that doubt in your heart, in the ones that are are coming up.


But I'm moving forward that Alvin Kamara is still there. We want the camera Cameron Wolfe report.


I was alluding to Mike another day. Devante Parker isn't practicing. It's been a week now. He's riding an exercise bike. He's not in uniform.


Oh, so it's been a week. I mean, I knew he had missed some time, but he's still not back out on the field. That stinks. Yeah. Myles Sanders struggling through a hamstring injury. Adam Caplan talking about the hamstring. He was spotted Sunday doing shadow drills. And I am I mean, obviously, I know what that means, so I'm not going to explain it.


I'd like to believe it means shadow boxing, you know, because one that's a great workout. It's tried and true, too. It's going to up your self defense should sure run into your back alley problem.


I like to believe that he has a needle and thread and he's trying to stitch his shadow on our floor.


Peter Pan, I don't think is any of those things, actually. Oh, all right.


But are you concerned about his availability week one? You know, he hasn't practiced since August 18th.


Infl, is Boston Scott going to have a bigger week? One workload? Is it Corey Clement? Is it Grimace Face McGee?


Yes, yes. Grimace Face McGee. I'm hearing great things about him. Yeah. I mean, there's not good look, I think that all the other running backs who are currently healthy and out there, the Derrick Henry's, Nick Chubb's, Josh Jacobs, Joe Mixon, I'm taking them ahead of Myles Sanders right now because of this. But he does represent a gigantic tear up from to me, from the giant questionmark players that have switched teams and are older.


So I will still take Myles Sanders at the end of that, you know, upper tier of running backs. All right.


And then bummer for Chargers fans. Derwin James needs surgery. Going to miss six to eight months is such a good player, such a disappointing, uh, you know, injury.


Any other news that you guys want to bring up? Lamar Miller's off the top. Like he said, I'd say the only other one to watch because we love him as a a late round, tight end sleeper. Chris Herndon got a banged up in practice. Is some kind of chest issue out of said he had chest tightness? We're not sure if it's related to some of the rib and lung problems he had last year.


But this is something you need to pay attention to, to perhaps maybe you're taking your late round, tight end shot at somebody else in that tight end, I hope can somehow be Jamison Crowder, because if he's just going to end up a PPR monster, you are not wrong.


If Chris Herndon misses time like we've liked Jamison Crowder as as a floor draft pick in that eight nine range, especially in PPR.


But if Chris Vernon is not there, Jay was a target or James, that's that's exactly what it would be, a target. You would have to throw him the ball. And honestly, it raises Bell a little bit just because of his past coaching mentality.


Let me. Jamison Target. Yeah, that's true. Let me read to you a tweet from Beat Writer in New York. I don't know if you guys saw this starting Jets offense, working against the back up. Six possessions scored zero points, turn it over three times, punted three times, picked up five total first downs on six drives, lost twenty seven to nothing to the backups.


Well, here's the thing. They know all the plays. This is definitely related to that, not just overall I. Yes, it does bring some like PTSD forward from watching them play. Last year, their offense was atrocious.


The only other news I would bring up before we move on is Amari Cooper has not been participating in team drills for I haven't seen today's practice report, but the last three practices Amari Cooper has been doing individual workouts. Mike McCarthy was asked, are you concerned? He said, no, not at all. But, you know, it's something to be aware of because I haven't really seen it reported widely outside of Dallas. But there, you know, everyone's wondering what's going on with Amari Cooper a little bit.


Yeah. Now, that makes sense. All right, before we move on, we want to take it to one hundred year and thank Head and Shoulders and Wal-Mart for helping sponsor this episode of fantasy football.


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It will be a free reign at fantasy chance dotcom and by the way, free expedited production. So they're going to get it out to you really quickly. Nice. All right, you guys. Guys ready for. Let's go. Stash or trash? All right, stash your trash last year we we had an episode just like this, found John Brown in the late rounds.


We're trying to look at some of these very, very back of draft options and whether or not you believe they're worth tacking on the end of your bench, whether you think you'd be holding them to see what happens. And, you know, I can tell you from drafting yesterday, there are a ton of players in this category where you're thinking, do I want to give this guy a chance to develop this guy a chance to develop? Is this you know, is this a fair play?


Is this a ceiling play?


So let's start at running back. He was once the slippery fish, what is he now? I'm going out and just smack in your funny binders full macho man off the top ropes and took out your microphone stand at my right hand is no my no respect for our equipment over here is just what I mean, I'm telling you.


So was that the microphone stay under the table that you know, that was the microphone stand. I don't know why Lisha McCoy got me through this stand.


I think he's going to call him a trash based on that reaction for me. I am going to say trash because I don't believe that he has it left. I don't think he's going to get the role. And when I'm looking late, you know, I want someone who can win the entirety of a job. And I just don't believe that Lusha McCoy can do that at this point. I think Ronald Jones is better at this point in their careers, especially as a as a runner.


And they're going to need to utilize him. I mean, you know, there were games last year where Lasha McCoy was benched, including the Super Bowl. So it's one of those things where I respect Bruce Arians. I know he wants the vet in there. I know that if Ronald Jones whiffs on some pass protection, Sean McCoy will be in that game. He will absolutely be put in your, you know, in that game. But will he ever be in your lineup in fantasy when that happens?


And I don't think you'll ever be able to see either the follow up game to a missed assignment or the mid game switch to a missed assignment. So you're going to have this player who will have a couple games of relevance. But I don't think you ever start him for that. I think he's a clog. I'm not necessarily stashing Leshawn McCoy for what you're talking about and thinking he is going to break into my line. If this is someone I'm taking at the very back of the draft and if we know anything about Bruce Arians, he likes guys that are proven in pass protection, guys that can catch the ball, that are not going to fumble.


They're reliable. And he often finds himself enamored with guys who are, as you would say, washed. We saw it happen in Arizona when Chris Johnson, who he was, he was fine, but he kept getting on the field over David Johnson, who was explosive and can make things happen, like Ronald Jones. Get Jones the ball in space. Better things will happen then. At this point, then if Qadi has the exact same scenario lineup.


But the reason he's a statue for me is week one shady might make them out, get a rushing touchdown, have 40 to 50 total yards, and then you might have a trade piece, someone that you can trade with a with a someone else on your team and go get like a big upgrade. Go steal someone's fifth round pick that had a bad week. Yes. Yeah. I think he's probably a trash for me. I get the trade angle but I'm not going to draft for that, I don't think.


And it's like if if Ronald Jones goes down because, you know, what's his ceiling, how much work does the rest of the backfield get in that situation? Is the ceiling.


Honestly, I'm trying not to be hyperbolic, but it's Tom Brady. Think about how much we have seen Tom Brady dump the ball off to his running back. Now it's a new team, new system. Will that continue? But I think it's worth taking the chance because the ceiling that is shady gets 60 targets. All right. So Jason and I both put them in the trash category. Mike with the stash, Benny Snell, Junior back up in Pittsburgh.


All the camp reports about Benny Snell's that he's come back and he looks like a different player, he said about 12 to 15 pounds, he looks like Jason, you brought up the fact that they were they were asking some beat reporters in Pittsburgh, you know, is the is the running back of twenty twenty one on this roster?


Yeah, they they they posed the question, do you believe it's James Connor, someone else on the roster or someone not on the roster? The the lead back in twenty, twenty one. Their answer was they believe it's going to be Benny Snell, that he's taken over as a locker room leader this year. He's come in fit and is looking faster, which that's important. He did not look very fast.


But you know, that's what's going on in Pittsburgh is that he's coming into year two, having taken it up, up a notch, and he looks like the clear second guy in line. And so this is a question of I would not stash him as a whole, as a hopeful player, that it becomes a timeshare. I don't think Tomlin going to do that. But I would consider in a deeper league stashing him as an insurance policy for a you know, to to be the backup for a running back who I don't know, has had a few injury problems in his career per week.




I mean, if you wanted to say, OK. The running backs that are out there, who are great, who's the most risky, you know, maybe right now Alvin Kamara comes to mind, maybe he'll miss the season. James Condon has to be like top five for sure. Maybe top one.


Top one is up their contract issue for him next year, right. For. Yeah. James Connors is on the last year of his contract where it it's tough going with these two players because I think McCoy can just get into the starting role through like through someone else messing up. He can just or play his way into the starting role. Benny Snell cannot. But do you thinking about fab, you know, like your free agent budget where you're trying to get these guys off the waivers?


James Connor goes down, misses time, wins a vacation, whatever, how hard are you going after Benny Snell? What kind of a of a drop are you putting?


Well, on him, the difficult part is that we were here in a way like it's cool to have a camp report that you look good, but we were here. James Cunningham is time. We Benny Snell is on Roster's.


It wasn't great, I mean, it wasn't something special now Big Ben was fair and he looked the narrative straight, but because we haven't seen Binnie's now come in and we don't know if Anthony McFarland gets work and we don't know if you know how good he looks.


It's hard to, you know, Fatboys. Yeah. I mean, people would spend up if you knew he was gone for the year. I just don't know if he's somebody that I'm looking at betting on a week one injury. He's a he's trash not stash.


Yeah, I'm not I would not stand still if week one Ronald Jones and James Connor were to go down. I would certainly put my waiver claim or the more. Yes. Fab on Benny Snell. So he's he's a statue for me. I don't know if I would. From the past catching, sure, I mean, that that could be an issue, you know. I mean, look, he he wasn't great.


He had three weeks last year, the second half of the year when he got the opportunity where he was a top twenty one twenty four back, you know, RB two or better. But they were I mean, they were in the eighteens, you know, they weren't all you.


Right. Like a bunch of carrison. Right. A couple.


But again, I mean you were playing without a quarterback with their terrible offense that had no scoring opportunities every single game.


Let's go to wide receiver Curtis Samuel Stasha trash last year. He was the you know, if Godwyn was the off season hype train that paid off Sammy was the off season hype train that. Went into a ravine, I mean, it was not good for your fantasy roster. So are you looking at post type sleep or a rebound situation for courtesy, or does the acquisition of Robby Anderson just kind of muddy those waters entirely? Stash your trash late round courtesy a real shot I like.


Would you let me put it this way while you're thinking about it?


OK, would you believe it if you start if you start the year with a good courtesy email game, are you really buying that as anything more than an outlier? That is an excellent point of and I just talked about this yesterday, like that confirmation week one buys it's it hits me right in the heart of if I draft Curtis Samual late and he explodes week one, I've done it. All right. I've done it again. I use suckers at the draft.


Did not take on Samuel. I have him. You will never get him on your team. He is with me until the end. So that's an unfortunate part of if you draft Curtis Samuel and he hits on week one, the heart will go all in on Curtis Samuel. And I think I have to protect my heart from that actually happening. So I am not going to be drafting Curtis.


Samuel, it's funny you sorry that if he had a good week one, would you be in. I think I would almost be upset because I'd be like, well, I can't, I don't I don't trust it enough to to put him in your lineup the next week to put him in my lineup the next week. But now I can't cut him. I mean, maybe you could trade him. That would be great. I would be willing to trade him in that situation.


But I you know, there's a lot of quality mouths to feed there. You know, D.J. Moore's going to be the one with Robby Anderson there and Christian McCaffrey. I think Curtis Samuel has some big games, but I don't think he's going to be reliable.


Who do you prefer, Curtis? Samuel or Robby Anderson? I would prefer.


Robby Anderson, interesting, just because of the money, the the the system, he actually has more familiarity with this system from college. So, you know, it's one of those where I don't think I want the credit, Samuel, but it's it's hard for me to say that because if you just say, do you believe in the talent of Curtis? I'd say, well, yeah. Do you believe that the Carolina Panthers with Teddy Bridgewater could surprise and be a decent offense?


Yes, I do. So those things point.


You believe that Curtis Samuel could be anything more than the number three option in that offense over the course of the year? No, no. And that's the problem. Yeah. Here's the first stash for me. Nikil Harry, wide receiver for the New England Patriots. OK, the connection between him and Cam Newton encamp is reported to be very good.


Yes. And I want the stash at the end of the draft where week one could validate a season long trend or serve to potentially signify a season long trend if Nakheel Harry comes out and let me give him a stat line.


Let's say he goes six for one hundred and ten and one. Oh, my goodness. In week one.


Right. I could see the path we're in to kill Harry is the is the one valuable target in that offense for the rest of the season. That's what I'm looking for at the end of the draft. I am looking for upside. I'm looking for a ceiling. And if I don't get a weak one with the kill Harry, he will find his way to the waiver.




Is there any way that Nikil Harry could be the number one option in that offense, even with Julian Edelman there? I think there is a way that that happens. I certainly am not projecting that. And I have not really liked the camp reports. You know, there's there's some camp reports talking about, oh, there's good connection there. The majority of camp reports just on Harry by himself is that he's had mental errors and has not always looked very good.


So it's not been a glowing camp for Nikil Harry. But your point, Andy, if you've got to look at what happens week one. For any of these guys, if they just go out and stink, well, OK, we got them, but what if they go out and have a good week? Does it help your roster? Does it turn into someone that you believe you could start? Does it turn into someone that the league will validate and say I could trade for him?


And I think McElhenney does fit.


And I want to remind people what fantasy relevance meant to a Cam Newton target in Kelvin Benjamin, because you think of, oh, Benjamin as fantasy relevant, that equated to a 50 percent catch percentage, 63 and 73 receptions in the two relevant years, nine touchdowns, seven touchdowns. So I think the key here, he can catch sixty three passes for seven touchdowns. Yeah. On fifty fifty percent of his targets. Six forty five. He's a big dude and the first round capital backs that up.


Yeah. And in a fun trivia fact here that I'm just finding out to kill Harry. Born in Toronto, Canada.


Wow. So sure. Your. That changes things significantly now. Now a mustache for sure. All right, so wait, final answer, then kill stash of trash. I think he's a stash. I'm going to stash him. OK, let's. There's one before you move on, because we're talking about all these water issues are going right in the same area.


There's one guy that I would put ahead of both of those two for me as my stash. And that would be Bushrod Perriman. Really, yes or no?


He's very hurt right now. Yeah.


I mean, that is an issue. But, ah, the Jets are very hurt right now. Chris Herndon is very hurt right now. And my point, you know, we talk about Jamison Target and saying he's the only guy there. Oh, no. But Burchard Perriman did that about Parker last year. He at the end of the season, he looked like what he was drafted to be goes and signs in a vacated Robby Anderson spot. I just I believe, I guess super valuable here, Robby Anderson spot, here's why I, I, I think that the odds of Brassard Perriman hitting this year are slightly higher than the odds of Nikil Harry hitting this year.


Interesting. Just because, you know, Mohamed Sanu is still there. Julian Edelman is still there. I mean, you know, I I'm not confident that the Patriots are going to throw a lot. I think they're going to use Cam Newton skill. So they're very they're very similar to me.


Obviously, the trash Perriman for you, Mike. I will not be stashing Perriman. I see it. I did it at the back of my CBS draft yesterday.


Jason, I wasn't happy about the report this morning where he is still have swelling around the knee.


Yeah, the injury has gone on for quite some time. I believe almost half of training camp on a new team this year. No. Let me ask you a question. The two cultures that I think are in the highest likelihood of a midseason exit from the team, it's. Adam gaze, and then I don't know if they'd fire him or not, but it could go south quickly. And it's Matt Naggie in Chicago. Do you think those two guys finish the season with their respective clubs as the head coach?


I would say. I put the odds on that they do I think Gates will be gone before the end of the season. I do, too.


All right, here's a tough one. People need to know this answer may be the most important one. Stash of trash. Jalen Reagor in drafts because the injury is going to run into the season. Yeah, and when you look at what's happening in Philadelphia. It's easy to say, OK, I'm going to stash him for a couple of weeks, he comes back, establishes himself, then I got a second half guy. That's really not how you play fantasy with rookies.


The other thing is when he comes back. Also, Jeffrey will be back by the time Jalen Reagor comes back, so you will have more pieces to the puzzle if Deshawn Jackson stays healthy. Alison Jeffries there. Greg Ward establishes himself in the first couple of weeks. Zach, here's Jason Rager trying to find his way. Often injury. So what do you think is it is he still a stash for you or would you rather just because you can pass on that pick and go Michael Pittman, you can pass on that pick and go jury duty, Nikil Harry or Bershad Pariaman, right?


I am not. Even though I absolutely love the talent of Jalen reagor him in jury duty, I'm all in on their futures. I would not draft Jalen Reagor in any draft because of what I already know. I already guarantee what's going to happen to my roster, which is I have a spot that is taken up now. If I've got Niha League, if you've got I are what you're going to see in covid leagues, a lot of leagues are adding I and they're just going to be available then.


Sure. I would literally draft him to stash him on my I'm sure.


Great. That's a great, great point. But if I'm in a normal league that does not have an IRR spot, I can't take up in this season a bench spot for a guy who's not playing who when he comes back, we project slow to start. I don't usually draft rookie wide receivers. You know, AJ Brown was awesome last year. The but not in the beginning. That's how it usually is. He wasn't drafted by a lot of people.


Right. My point is the best rookie wide receivers over the last several years, when you look at drafting them, it doesn't work out in the beginning of the season. Here's an interesting one, Mike Williams is injured. Is he somebody that you're willing to stash to see if that Tyrod Taylor deep ball connection? I mean, Mike Williams is a 20 catch or a 20 heartbreaker guy.


He's a 20 Caspari game type of guy.


Maybe it's better than first season. You know, I am I'm not stashing my quelque I you know, baseball. I'll still take the the value there because he'll come back and you'll get the entirety of the season and you'll get those big plays automatically set in your lineup. But I wasn't really wanting him in redrafts prior to the injury. Much so now while he's injured, I don't want I mean we just talked about that with Rager. It's so wild to remember that Mike Williams was a thousand yard receiver last year.


He's very, very good. But I'm with Jason. I'm not drafting Mike Williams in with with hopes and dreams of whenever, you know, like week. Let's say he's back quickly. Week three, he's in there. Are you going to start in week three? No, you're you're certainly not. So you're talking about oh, it's almost a month in that a guy has just been on your bench doing nothing or and there are players like him that are probably sitting on waiver wire that you can take another shot on.


Yeah. And you want to know when you can take a shot on Mike Williams on waivers in week three. He'll be there. Even if he's drafted in your league. He'll be there come week three and you just scoop them up.


Yeah, if he's drafted, he'll be one of the people cut to pick up the new hotness. And we want named Curtis, Samuel or whoever it might be. Final stash of trash before mailbag.


The pride and joy of Mike, the Phoenix men's right dynasty's dynasty team, Carlos Hyde, Stasha Trash, Carlos Hyde, one of your foundational pieces for your dynasty team. Look, you are not wrong. He is a big part of what my dinosaur team is going to be doing this year. And no, I would not be drafting him in redraft the upside of Gado side is. Is he's the backup Chris Carson this time, which I don't. I think that Chris Carson is going to start the year Chris guys is going to be fantastic for fantasy football.


Yes, Carlos side will get touches, but are these valuable touches like Rashaad Penny has passed catching in his skill set? Carlos, I can catch the ball. But that's where the skill set kind of stops, he's a grinder, and so I will not be drafting Carlos. Yeah, Rashaad Penny makes the window for where Carlos Hyde would be valuable for fantasy. Too small for me to take the shot on him as that.


Do you think, Rashaad Penny at all this year? I do. I think he'll be back in week seven after after the pup.


I think we might not see I, I think we may not. But if he comes back to me, it's not week 17. Carson report this morning, just the praise by Pete Carroll is actually praising his players that we're talking about this time.


And he said, Chris Carson. Yeah, it's been incredible. Yeah. To me, the way that I see it with the injury timeline is that Penny will come back at some point this season. So at that point, you you've got Chris Carson healthy right now. If he were to go down before Penny is back, then, yes, crosseyed would be valuable. But you're that's a lot of ifs and small window of opportunity to to draft him.


So he's a he's trying to be.


All right. We're going to jump into the mailbag to remind you there are over 6000 Magleby. Entrance, oh, man, so you can go to McLibel, Dotcom, learn more about the largest fantasy football league, play with the foot clan, win a spot in the listener league. Jason, you make it.


Do you want to do a mega mailbag drop?


Sure. Mailbag Smith, I know you sound like you sounded a little worried to me again here, elbow dying on the other side of the room.


Swear to me all, if you have a question, go to the website.


The Fantasy Football or Dotcom GANDIL, the voice mail hotline, three zero two four six four T.F. of B, we're here to help.


Here's a voicemail about David in Grand Rapids, Michigan here. Just curious how much percentage that I should spend on Chris Thompson. My waiver is clear tonight.


I have given that governs my slacks and Alvin Kamara as my running back one, really looking to take care of the first few weeks of the season.


I think I can do it for me, but I am so happy that we have this question because I've seen the how much of my fat budget question with Chris Thompson all over Twitter. People want to be hand-held with this decision on Chris Thompson. It's tough, but what a great thank you for giving us your context. Yeah. Thank you for telling Alvin Kamara. David Montgomery Montgomery's Going to miss time. This is why league context matters. We can't just tell everybody go spend fifty percent of your fab budget on Chris Thompson.


If you're for running backs deep on your team, you don't have to do that or anyone. I would not spend. Right. Fifty percent even this fine gentleman.


Yeah, no, no, no. You don't have to do that. Look, you go. I know my number, you know. OK, they give your number, my number for this specific situation where you really need it at the same time. OK, I like that. I like that. Get get your number percentage centage one, two, three percent. OK, Mike, for for the pod. So Mike with seven percent. Wow.


You guys out. I am loving this. Is that in on time with some twenty six percent. I went thirty three for this gentleman. Why not for everybody. For this guy.


Oh man. No there's no starters. I'm loving it. Yeah. Yeah.


I mean if they're not getting him my right, if Alvin Kamara sits and David Montgomery is obviously injured, then you don't have anyone to play. You've got to spend up. And the thing is, is when you spend up at the beginning of the like, he hates Chris Thompson this week.


To be clear, I. Joe. Yeah. Week one. I just think your pre-season, you're getting more value for your budget. I mean, you you get the entirety of whatever Chris Thompson plays, as opposed to when you know, you're in week twelve and you're spending twelve percent of your budget, then you don't get as much. So if that's why I'm willing to spend up in the preseason in week one higher than normal. No, I'm all in on Chris Thompson, believe me.


It's just trying to think through how in. Are other people the you know, the home leagues out there, the just the consensus out there? I feel like it's not very high on Chris Thompson. In fact, yesterday, all of the questions were, is it a required ALMSTEAD? They were focused on other players, not it. I didn't see much chatter saying how this like this is a huge bump for Chris Thompson. This is the Austin Ekeler season.


Yes. That's the template for your way forward with that type of running back. He's pretty good as a just a straight runner, but he's not prototypical. He's not required Almstead or Justin Jackson or those players. But how many what's the stat breakdown going to be right for Chris Thompson? That's the question. And if you have David Montgomery. I mean, if he let me put it this way, Mike. If he has an option to pick up Tarricone.


But you can pick up Chris Thompson, would you rather pick up Tarricone for five percent IFAB and play him in David Montgomery's stead or rather play? Spend twenty five percent for Chris Thompson. I think I would prefer to do the go the Chris Thompson route because of what have I what I believe Chris Thompson can become. I just say that's it's it's a risky proposition when you're weighing all the factors and probabilities and outcomes of what can happen. That's it's a bold move is certainly a bold move.


But to be fair, very different circumstance, but like we've we've seen these situations before, a couple of years ago, when Le'Veon Bell all of a sudden was not there at the beginning of the season, it was. How hard do you go after James Connor and I, I remember we had someone in our league, I think dropped 30 something percent on James Connor and it was what have you just done? This is a one week guy.


And then James Connor goes off to be one of the best players in fantasy. So like I said, bold, but fortune does favor the bold. I think that the outcome what could happen with Chris Thompson is incredible.


Instagram question, is Devonta Freeman worth a late round flyer? Let's make him a stash of trash. Devonta Freeman is a trash.


I'm not drafting for him. I don't I don't see a place where he could go. And really be relevant now, the the the the path forward is he doesn't sign until after an unexpected injury and he basically is a universal insurance policy that you're taking. You don't know what team he's going to be on, but if you know player X, Y or Z goes down, then they signed Devonta Freeman.


But you had to go in with, like volcano insurance. And you don't live in Hawaii, right? Yes, exactly. The reality is you for the super. Yeah. You don't need to do that. Imagine just imagine here. Todd Gurley gets a big vacation, and so he goes away and the role is open for Devonta Freeman to go in and get all those herf, he knows the system. He's going to get all the work.


And he wasn't good last year in the perfect role for him. He's not going to be better going in this year. He's he's a trash.


Would you feel any different about Freeman in the lake, Freeman or McCoy? They feel very similar to me in there, like upside in there. You know, if Freeman was that third down back in Tampa, I would feel the same about him as I do McCoy, but not much better.


Honestly, just watching film, I feel like Lashon McCoy looked better than than Freeman last year. Yeah, that one of them has a job. Well, that makes sense.


It's so incredible to me that these running backs that are still the most athletic, better than everybody on Earth players, that there can be that small little switch that happens. You know, did it happen to David Johnson? I don't know. But where you go from being in the tippy top of the one percent to like the bottom of the one percent. And that difference is like you're going out of the league.


Devonta Freeman right now is a superstar athlete. I mean, if you saw him out on the playground shooting some hoops, you'd be like, dang, are you a professional athlete?


Yes. And he's lost it. It's a sad it's just mean. It's a small, small difference.


All right. We want to thank pristine auction once again today for sponsoring the show. Davante Adams signed football cleat.


That's pretty sweet. Why didn't we buy that? It was 52 dollars per game.


Game worn, not washed. I would like. It's also not true. I would like it on the set. I work on that.


Yeah, it's too late. It's gone. We get the money for the point. But ever since I put an autographed cleat alert on your phone. Thank you. I like fifty two dollars. Twenty eight cents. Pristine auction dotcom. Use the code ballers, Jason. Well, yeah, you're going to make that mistake 10 bucks for free is forty three dollars now. You could have no bucks for free or you can use the code. Bollon is ten for free.


I would use the code. All right. That does it for the Fantasy Football podcast. Thank you for your support and for reviewing the show on Apple podcast means a lot. And we'll be back with you and be sure tomorrow. Goodbye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy football podcast, join our fantasy football community on Join the Dotcom and follow us on Twitter at the Fabulous.