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Hey, this is head coach Hue Jackson, the greatest coach of all time. You're listening to the Fantasy Football podcast. Welcome to the Fantasy Football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway and Jason Moore and Mike. Right. I welcome in my time I was curious what you were going to do maybe. Well, I no greater introduction than the greatest coach of all time. Yeah, Michael, I love Michael Keaton. He'll be in the Hall of Fame, right.


I first met Adam Gase is coaching tonight. And so we thought Hugh Jackson should introduce the show.


That would seem because Adam Gase will be available on Cameo very pretty soon.


You're going to hear, hey, this is Adam. That's the greatest coach of all time. Oh, man, please.


Oh, come on. Thursday, October 1st. Welcome in to the Fantasy Football podcast. Mike Wright. Jason Moore. I'm Andy Holloway. I will say this about tonight. We got the news that Le'Veon Bell is targeting a week five return. This is the last time to see the wall torn down, fellas. Oh, Gorbals. Mr. Kornblau has one more chance to get it down.


Sometimes it takes me a second to remember our references. You're right. He's going at that wall with, like, a toothpick. It's like not getting anywhere. This is the I saw a tweet. Frank Gore is the he's he's starting tonight. And he was playing football before Thursday Night Football was invented.


Yeah. OK, check it out. It checks out. We got that true. It is true. Thursday Night Football, has it been around that long?


Yeah, but Frank Gore has ATF ballers on Twitter. The fantasy football dotcom is the website. Join the full dotcom is the fantasy football community.


Oh, very proud to announce that last night we managed to, thanks to the foot clan entirely bring home our fourth best sports podcast award at the from the podcast awards. And we also won best comedy for the Super Bowl, our podcast, our other our other show.


So what's the Powers podcast? What is that?


That is a show that we do not prepare for in any way, shape or form. That's true. So that is our comedy podcast that you can check out where we you know, we try to we try to keep it one hundred on the show.


Oh, yeah. Right here. So we try to keep it on. Fantastic. We don't let the we don't let the tangents go too far. We want to entertain you, but we want to bring you some knowledge that helps you win your week. We try to balance that.


Yeah. We're here to win and win win. Gorbals joked win win. Exactly.


And so, yeah, we do try to stay on task, but we we have an itch. Yeah. That we have that much. At least that's the spitball comedy podcast. You can you can check that out. And if you're worried that we're just a bunch of jokesters, look, we should celebrate the fact that right now we are all three in the top twelve in rankings as well. So we're getting it done. Fantasy football. That's right.


Our accuracy is well, it's good or good.


Jason is always willing to speak on behalf of us on such matters. I got you, but no thank you very much for coming. You guys are awesome. And. Yeah, it's exciting to be acknowledged for good work. We definitely have been here for a long time doing this and we love doing it. So thank you very much. It is. Going to be a busy show today, we have matchups to get into, we have some big news to break down that broke this morning.


Jason's boom boom kicker starts of the week. Let's get it going.


Taking it up to one hundred. Presented by head and shoulders available at Wal-Mart. All right, I'm not Goosen anymore in this segment. Oh, you're finally going to take it down. I took it to one hundred last week with Devin Singletary. Right. Mike, you hit with Jerick McKinnon and then Justin Tuck drew sample.


Now, for the record, this was my first mistake. Correct. And he did catch 100 percent. When you miss Miss Big. Oh, I'm sorry. He caught 100 percent of his pass.


That's right. Yeah.


So we pick a player we think is going to take it up to one hundred this week. Sometimes it's a player outside the kind of consensus top group of ranked starters in fantasy. Sometimes it's a player that had a bum week, somebody that struggled that we think is going to bring it back this week. I'm going with the game tonight. I'm going to take Melvin Gordon against the Jets tonight. He was quite putrid last week against Tampa, finished forty third at the running back position, but he had been double digits the past two weeks, finishing 16th and eighteenth at the position he gets the Jets.


It's a great matchup. They don't have Portland side. And this is the Melvin Gordon offensive. Lindsay's probably not playing. Yeah, so I think Melvin Gordon, big bounce back game tonight. Probably the sole highlight of this game fantasy wise.


Yeah. If there's I mean, if you look at every option that you can start, there's not one outside of Melvin Gordon that I am either that I'm like happy about being in my lineup. So I think that's fair. I'm going with a guy who has stunk twice in a row and apparently has been so bad that when I walked in, our producers were like, are you really is a player? Are you taking them OK? I just want to make sure that that wasn't like a joke written in by someone else.


No, I am taking Marquez, Valdes, Scantlin taking it up. Scantlin, Scantlin. We're dropping the now, man, when you're friends, when you're close, you can drop the G. It's kind of like a first name basis. So Scantlin going to be out there, scampered around and do a great. Here's the thing. Squibbing Scantlin, he was the wide receiver. Eleven week one. Right. Aaron Rodgers. Paramount went nuclear. Every wide receiver had had a day.


And if you look at the snap percentages over the last three weeks, Scantlin has been very involved. He was on the field over 90 percent of the time and he's a deep threat. And this matchup against Atlanta makes sense that you would drop part of his name because he drops most of his passes. Oh, hey, you go, boom.


Oh, cut it off.


So my point is, I think the matchup is one of those where you could take a shot. You know, a flyer. Look at my team right now is dealing with some issues. And if you have to dig deep on the waiver wire, I think that this is a matchup where if it comes through, if Scantlin has your first game, which I am projecting, if he takes it up to 100, it's going to be a really good successful you know, it's going to be a 80 plus yard touchdown game.


And that will certainly be taking it up to 100. All right.


I'm going with the Las Vegas slot machine himself, Hunter Renfroe rookies. Brian? Oh, I support this message.


Yeah, of course. And it is it is like the leader of the Henry Rug's bandwagon. It's really funny of the Hunter Renfroe bandwagon. Well, Derek Carr bandwagon it. No, it's funny the way that we attach to these players. And this guy is Hunter Renfroe, but I am all in on it this week.


Right now, I feel like you're overstating it a bit. I don't want it. This official rookies, Brian Edwards, Henry Rug's likely not playing. This is the Renfroe in Wallarah show that will be happening. He's going to get a whole bunch of targets, and I expect him to hit the jackpot and take it up to one hundred.


Great opportunity for Hunter Renfroe this week due to the reasons you outlined, so I agree pictures take your hair up to one hundred with head and shoulders available at Wal-Mart. Pictures up today. And check out next Tuesday's episode to hear how our up to 100 picks fared. Let's talk news.


News& notes from around the league. All right, the big news today, the Steelers Titans game has been officially postponed beyond this week, so it is not going to take place Monday or Tuesday. And additional Titans player and one personnel member tested positive for covid-19. It will not be played in week for this will be treated as the Titans by week. It's going to have a ripple effect for the Steelers, for other teams as the schedule adjusts, but in a way now obviously we are wishing well to all those affected in Tennessee, the players, the personnel, hopefully I had heard that some of these cases, if not all, had been asymptomatic thus far.


We hope that continues and everybody stays healthy. The league's making the right decision to announce it early, and they're also making the right decision to not jeopardize Steelers players or additional staff not pulling.


What was the Marlins? Yeah, well, we got it. But we're going to vote to play anyway.


Yeah, the trickle down effect is significant. So maybe this is a wake up call to some of the teams that had been lax about some of their protocols. Hopefully we so we wish them well. And for fantasy players, best possible news to find out on a Thursday morning before any games have taken place this week, including tonight's game that this game is not going to happen. No more contingency plans, no more backup players. We fundamentally know this game is a bye for both teams or this week is a bye for both teams.


People have been complaining. I've seen it on Twitter. They're complaining that sleeper won't consider players missing this week. As covid are eligible because they don't have covid. Right, and just so that we can weigh in. Yeah, so here's here's the situation. This is going to be a mouse game for both teams and they will get this game back. This is the bye week. It's an unexpected by you. Correct. Had looked at the schedule and you weren't able to plan for this.


But this is a situation where you should not be able to put them on your covid either spot. This is a bye weekend. Look, if you're like, no, you don't understand. Nobody has it off worse than I do, OK? I had I had AJ Brown and Corey Davis and James Connor and Benny Snell All Rockin while I lost Christian McCaffrey. I'm going to have to deal with it. My bench is full of by weeks now, unexpectedly in week four, and it's going to be fine.


So I encourage you all just play the waiver wire, do your best and you'll get by weeks back later in the season when you know, when you thought they were going to miss a game. I had Kenyon, Drake and James Connor sharing a week eight by the purpose of know the purpose of covid year.


If the team is playing in, a player is missing that game due to covid. Yes, injury updates. Leonard Fournette could be out in week for Ronald Jones will get a lot of work.


Well, let's throw that. There is a little bit of a positive spin here for the Titans. AJ Brown had a chance to play. He had a chance. So now that is the bye week there. That's an extra game of AJ Brown. If he is on your team, that's how you should choose to look at this. I dropped Corey Davis. I'm not holding on to him because I feel like AJ Brown will be back by the time the Titans are.


Same goes for Donte Johnson, who had a concussion this past week. He gets an extra week without you. Come on. Half full. People have full. Half full. We got to do what we got to do.


Leonard Fournette could be out. Bruce Arians not optimistic about him playing or Godwyn playing. Both will likely miss. That was wild.


And the Leonard Fournette news. I feel like that kind of came out of nowhere. Scottie Miller has a great opportunity. Oh wait. He's hurt his groin. Durant didn't practice. So with Chris Godwin out, we would expect that Justin Watson will be playing in the slot. If Scottie Miller is he has a practice the last couple of days. If Scottie Miller is out, Justin Watson becomes a really intriguing deep play. He will be in the slot.


He will be on the field. He will take the place of Chris Godwin. And Chris Harris won't be playing for the Chargers. So he if you're in a deeper league, he is interesting to me.


Yeah. I mean, and maybe you see, I hate to even bring it up, but he was on the field for more snaps.


He was targeted more often last week.


And if there's multiple injuries, you could see a floor game from Rob Gronkowski this this week. I mean, if it's Mike Evans and Justin Watson, how can you not think about Rob Gronkowski?


Does Rob Gronkowski, like have you seen a man run more awkwardly than Rob Gronkowski is running this year?


I mean, you guys, we watched me play football, so, yes, you two have. But I Furhman NFL athlete, I understand. Like, he's always looked he's he's never looked like fundamentally sound when he's running because he's such a big lumbering dude. But this year in particular, like that guy is running three miles an hour ever since he went like full time brace on the knee a few years back, he's looked bad.


What do you guys feel? This he was the tight end last week. Six for forty eight didn't get into the end zone. It is a viable place.


You are not wrong. You were not wrong. Is that's dangerous. But you're not wrong, right?


It could happen. And you can try that out. I will. I will watch you seven targets. Note your you are right. If, if those players are out there going to need the tight ends now it could end up being OJ Howard instead of Gronkowski or Cameron brate in the end zone, who knows? But I think that this is a question for Tom Brady. I know Chris right now, but the Chargers are still a very good defense.


They've got a good pass rush. You know, a couple of weeks ago, granted with Chris Harris, they put a three quarter lockdown on Pat Mahomes, which is not very easy, obviously, in division. But I do think Tom Brady is someone I would be looking to pivot off of if you're missing, you know, two thirds of your best receiving weapons.


Michael Thomas was limited on Wednesday. Do you think he plays this week? I do. I would still prepare that he is not going to play, but next week would be inevitable. Then, surprisingly, DeAndre Hopkins missed practice on Wednesday. I think that's a vet day. Yeah, he has been in Iron Man in his eight year NFL career thus far.


Think he's missed like two games ever. Kareem Hunt, this one's a little bit more concerning. Didn't practice. On Wednesday, Stefanski said he was day to day. They did promote Dontrelle Hilliard from the practice squad. But, you know, we'll see what happens. It's, you know, day to day sounds good. If he said week to week, that would sound bad. But whatever it sounds like is irrelevant by comparison to Transaction's being made. Pulling up Dontrelle Hill, Hillyard says they are preparing to be without Kareem Hunt.


To me now, that's not a guarantee. Doesn't play. But, you know, we I, I always trust, you know, we say follow the money. I trust the transactions more than I trust the coach speak.


I don't know how frequent it is for them to call up a practice squad running back midweek if a guy misses a few days of practice.


Yeah, it feels very early. Usually the practice squad player is called up on Friday, so I just don't know what that means. You better be ready. Yeah, I agree. And then that makes Nick Chubb a I mean, not that you're not playing nature, but set up for success against Dallas.


Chris Carson Limited with the knee injury, Carlos Hyde Limited with the shoulder injury. Is Travis home or somewhere on the radar?


He said he's somewhere on that radar. Squeak Oh, yeah. That's the that was the radar. Yeah. He was right on the edge of the screen radar before I have seen him on the hunt for Red October. Oh, man. On when I was a child in my house. You the hunt for Red October. I liked it. Thanks.


Yeah. I mean, look at Sean Connery. Yes, it is Connery. It's good news that Chris Carson is I am the last one, but it's the last sub I have. No, no.


I think I went Fragonard on that. I think that was the last dragon.


Chris caution should play. So Carson was expected to miss this week. I am William Forest, that is bring up an excellent point. That bad news from Sean Connery doesn't sound nearly as bad.


So that's how we should all receive it. That should always the Titans and the Steelers getting pushed back.


So, you know. Oh, good. Pretty bad back. Yeah. No, no acrostic.


Yeah. So back to the news. Can you trust any of these can you trust any of these running backs for Seattle? That's the question.


I think you will be able to by the time we get to Sunday. Yeah, who would you expect right now will be the primary? I still think it's Carlos. I do too. Yeah. Yeah. George killed John McKinnon back, a practice leader charged back at practice frames, right back at practice with Zach Moss back, a practice, McKinnon being back, that's that's a pretty big deal. I wasn't expecting him.


Yeah, he practice in full. So he is he's a go. He's just, you know, Jeff again. Absolutely. He's a starter bowl fantasy option this week.


Jared Cook, Mike Williams, John Brown, Henry Rug's, the Jackson no practice. We need to watch Cook pretty closely. It's not very fun if he's your starting tight end to have to add another tight into the roster. But you might have to do that. Could be a Jimmy Graham or Gronkowski or some of the we got some starts the week. We're bringing up the day on the show.


Those are two very interesting names. Which one would you take out of those two? I would go on the Jimmy Graham. I would, too.


OK, yeah. After last week and Nick Foles optimism, that type of thing. Mike mentioned it Thursday night football updates. Phil Lindsay unlikely to play. Jamison Crowder, Jamison Crowder is not 100 percent. He is expected to play, which means you can't play Jamison Crowder and you can't reach into the bushes and try and pick up Braxton Berrios, which is if you have to play Jamison Crowder because you're in. Oh, do you have to play Crowder in my line up and I do not like I think if he's starting you can take your shot.


I make sure he's not in your flex. Oh he is. Thank you. That's a great reminder there, Mike.


All right. Any other news that we need to get into? Hopefully not. All right. We're going to get into the matchups momentarily. We want to thank today's sponsor. We're talking about W. G you if you are ready to earn your degree, but you need a university that works with your schedule. That's what W.G. You brings its flexibility, something that you know all about, Jason.


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You guys ready? Yup. Fantasy forecast. All right, it's week four and we're into the match ups, the Indianapolis Colts setting a two and one taking on the Chicago Bears in Chicago. Bears are three, No. The Nick Foles experience begins, the Colts are two and a half point favorites, it's forty three and a half point over under. All right, it's Nick Foles versus Pea River. All right. And I think it's interesting. I mean, the Colts defense has been pretty good of late and they are two and one.


They are favored on the road by two and a half points. And so despite the three record, we're looking at the Colts as the favorites in this game. Jonathan Taylor, I must start David Montgomery a must start and somebody that we'll talk about a little bit later. Question marks around other Colts fantasy options, though. Players like Nijem Hines, Ty Hilton, Mo Ali Coggs. What are you doing with the rest of Indianapolis, their favorite in this game.


How do you feel about it? Yeah, I don't think that this looks like a name Hynde's game necessarily T.Y. Hilton is the biggest question mark to me. I think everybody who has him is wondering, can I actually play this player? Now, if you look at the last two weeks, they've been trouncing their opponent. They've been the game has just been over and they haven't needed to throw the ball. They haven't needed to play a lot of their starters late.


It took the ceiling away from Jonathan Taylor this last week. It took a lot of what Hilton could have done. I expect this game to be close. I mean, there's only a two and a half point line. And in a close game, you're going to need to throw the ball. I know it's not going to Michael Pittman. He's not playing. I know it's not going to Pierce Campbell. He's not playing. I am starting to help in this matchup.


And it's really, really tough. That should have been my taking it up to one hundred player because I thought, oh, wow, you're in. Well, a lot of fantasy managers are absolutely benching to.


I hope. I mean, look for me, once this is three weeks in a row where he's been terrible the entire season, he has not been worthy of a start. How do you start a player like that? I think you do that when the other two options, that wide receiver are gone and it's going to be a competitive game where they're going to need him. Nick Foles gets a start. Neither of these quarterbacks is a real fantasy option, but he does offer a little bit more of a ceiling to Allen Robinson.


We have him as the wide receiver five on the week right now. That's that's a bit high. That seems a little bit high. Yeah. But last week, big week for Allen Robinson in the target totals. They'll be there. I've been looking to see if I can pick Allen Robinson up on the cheap in leagues right now. So listen to Mike Defenseman. Right. Last week, a week before you said it might be my last chance and I haven't I haven't succeeded.


Well, it was your last chance. Yeah. I mean, yeah, I have to say, once the sale is over, let me get in on it.


Colts are currently number one against the opposing fantasy quarterbacks. Number five against running back, five against wide receiver, one against tight end. They are crushing people. And last week to pick sixes in that game against Darnell, they have been outstanding.


They are they have been absolutely great. And this is a defense leading up to the season. They were the defense. I said my number one I wanted the most. They've lived up to the billing. However, you have to at least have the context of they've played the Jaguars, the Vikings week to dumpster fire and the Jets. So they're they're good. Right.


But I think similar to what we saw kind of with with the Patriots last year, where they were a little inflated because they were just playing really hurting teams with those in those early weeks.


I don't expect them to shut Chicago down.


They still seem like a great play this. Oh, yes. Because Nick Foles will make I mean, we talked about it. He won that game, but he tried to throw a couple pick sixes. I have no idea how he won. Jimmy Granpa.


Yeah. Yeah, I mean, I think you can play him. Look, I know we disagree here, or at least I think Mike and I do on Anthony Miller, but my argument for Anthony Miller and Jimmy Granpa is actually your argument, Mike, from years past where Nick Foles targets the slot. That is what he's shot his whole career. He comes in and all of a sudden he's he's hyper targeting Gen Y you did last year.




He was based on Nick Foles slot usage. And then obviously he didn't play and and did the slot was used. But my point here is I think that Anthony Miller is a starter fantasy option, not not someone that I'm looking to, Renfroe or Anthony Miller.


I think that Hunter Renfroe is safer.


I think the volume is more secure there to help Ty Hilton, OK. Do I, Hilton? Yeah, Jacksonville Jaguars take on the Cincinnati Bengals, Jags are one and two. Bengals are two and one battle. That's true in the cat battle.


The Bengals are three point favorites. It's a wonderful forty nine point over under.


Uh. Oh, you don't agree? No, that's fine, that's a nice overunder, I guess we just went from 43 to 49, Mike. Welcome back. Well, on the line open at 47 and a half point. So this is a game that people are betting the over. They're looking at what Joe Burrow has been able to do and what Gardner's been able to do and say. I think these two guys are going to go tit for tat.


Tit for tat. Oh, OK.


All right. I don't have an applause button, but that was one of your best, I have to know. Did you stumble into that or did you did you have it planned out and you just executed flawlessly? That was on the fly, my man. Oh, unbelieve unbuild.


That was that was pretty good. Thank you. Yeah, that's that's all I can give you.


Shut it down. We're done. We're done for the day. OK, so guard you gerbera can you start both of these quarterbacks this week. I well I'll say this for Gardner. I believe you should be able to play him. But last week without Chark that was very worrisome to see just how important Chaak was to the passing attack. They couldn't do very, very much against the Miami Dolphins. So if Jay Chaak is out, I'm going to pivot away.


I mean, if you're playing someone like Gardner, you're you're playing the lower tier, you're streaming. Give me Ryan Fitzpatrick. But if Deja Chark is in and you don't really have a huge option like you're in a dynasty in, your quarterbacks aren't great. If sharks in them, then yes, you can play Gardner. I agree with you and I don't know that we expect Shark in Gardner is is worrisome. But on the other side, Joe Burrow is someone you should play.


He's looked excellent. I think they've done good things with their receiving corps. The fact that they said, you know what, John Ross, I know you got a lot of draft capital, but you just don't get it done. We're going to go ahead. Oh, you're healthy. You're still not active for this game. We're going to bring in our early round draft pick, Tee Higgins, to go with Tyler Boyd, who's got a good connection.


And then hopefully AJ Green still has something. The weapons.


This is the walk the plank game for AJ Green. Mm. Yeah, this is the law. If AJ Green is not a fantasy contributor to this week. It's time to go. Yes, but regardless, AJ Green can even if he has a mediocre game, he can help open things up for Joe Burrow. I think you should be starting a perfect example of, you know, we talked about Tom Brady earlier. If I had Tom Brady and Joe Burrow, Joe Bura would be in my starting line.


OK, what about Drew Sampler Platter to who won reception last week? Jason Moore. You talked me into Drew last week. That's a poo sample. It is. And then you got the Jaguars defense ranked 30th against fantasy wide or tight ends.


Look, I'm not in any kind of redraft. You can't possibly start Drew sample, but I think there's not even a little taste.


I think this week will show you well, because you you just don't want to look like he had a much more significant role. I'm pretty interested in seeing how it works out to Higgins on the field.


Last week looked like he took by Drew Sample. It was like, who's this tight end? Oh, that's T is enormous. He is you know, he's out there. So, you know, if that's a type of player, an archetype that, you know, the Jaguars struggle against, that's where I would either Tyler Boyd is the wide receivers start for Cincinnati.


I above all others. I agree. And on the other side, hopefully he's back. We're going to monitor practice reports and get back with you on that. If he's if he's active because he's limited today in practice, that means we still don't know if he comes back. Are you immediately starting him against the Bengals?


The Bengals defense has some deceptive metrics right now. They are seventh against fantasy quarterbacks and fourth against wide receivers. And so you're saying to yourself, well, that is that's intimidating for Chark coming back from injury. They play Tyrod Taylor in week one, OK? They went up against Baker and the running offense in week two and then the Carson Wentz experience in the tie.


So that's not and you know, you talk about wide receiving options. It does not make me think this insanity defense is that level of of great, so I think Chaak is somebody that you probably have to play if you drafted him and he's active. If I have any any kind of other pivot, I would I would prefer to bench him. It's not like he was great before the injury. Now he's got the injury coming back if he's hampered at all.


I know he had you know, we caught all of his targets and had a touchdown or two, but it wasn't what you hoped for.


You know, if I had a runner, I like the overunder and the chance that Bura puts up big points and they have to catch up. Sure. Sure. But we so we kind of disagree on Iraq. Would you play Chaak or Crowder? Well, they're both coming off of injury, so I'll go Chark. I think the ceiling is higher there. All right.


Can anybody give me charge for my Jamison Crowder, please?


After you've driven his value down a little bit, maybe that trades on the table.


All right. Dirk stinks, man. Bro, who's got him? Probably Mike. The Cleveland Browns.


Mere cowboys games and overlanders, the Cleveland Browns, two and one. Dallas Cowboys one and two Cowboys, four and a half point favorites with a fifty six point over under.


There we go. There we go. We talked about the fact that we might not have Kareem Hunt in this game. We are waiting to see what happens Thursday, Friday practice's.


But Dach and Baker, I mean, d'Arc in your lineup, Zech in your lineup. Are you confident with Cooper and. I. Confidence, that's that's a tough thing to fully put on the CD lam and Michael Gallup and Gallup hit last week said Lamb also monitor sea lamb because he had like a weird leg whip where a defender ran into his leg. He missed time after that. Really didn't do anything in the game after that as well. I haven't heard a report on him, but he got hurt last week.


So this is one of those like unreported injuries that you need to pay attention to me. Cooper is in. Not I'm not super confident, but I'm probably playing all of them, playing all three, I'm not playing Cedrick Wilson until I know for sure that he's involved in it. But Selam Michael Gallop, you could play them as low end wide receiver twos, I believe.


Is this the game where Dallas is finally not coming from behind and Zeke can get his work done? I mean, Cleveland's been really rough on defense this year. Dallas has been playing from behind all year long.


Is this kind of breakout week?


Probably not. I think it's going to be more of what you've seen, which is good. I mean, yeah, nobody should be disappointed in Ezekiel Elliott. Maybe you regret not taking Kamara, but outside outside of that, Zeke has been solid, reliable and will continue to be so. But this is a passing team.


The Cowboys defense has been bad and they are going to you know, the question is really to me is can Baker pass the ball well enough in this very high overunder game against a very beatable defense, a secondary that looks not up to the task?


This should be in Odell Beckham.


Junior Gates should be forty one point two points per game, given up to opposing wide receivers by Dallas through the first three weeks. This should be a Beckham game. It should be a Beckham game. What about a Landry or Hooper game?


No. What is the status of whooper him? And he got banged up as well last week. And we saw the rookie Harrison Bryant, tight end. He was the one who got the touchdown for the Cleveland Browns. So if not, I take it all back. I wasn't playing Hooper anyways. This was never. Why discuss Hooper? Exactly. Yeah, OK.


Now I will say this the same way that we point out that the Colts defense looks inflated. The the Dallas Cowboys defense that is so beatable in Baker and Odell should have a good game. You know, they did play against Russell Wilson and they played against Matt Ryan with Julio Jones and the Rams in week one. So they've gone up against much better quarterbacks than Baker Dalton Schultz. We'll talk about him shortly. He's he's somebody somebody that you can start this week.




And for sure, the New Orleans Saints at one wanted to take on the Detroit Lions at one in two. The Saints are four and a half point favorites in this game, it's a 54 point overrun. Why are they dancing around that number?


And almost upset of the wig. Well, well, well, I didn't really plan that one, but when I saw the line and the Lions having they've had some success, they've had some close games, I have confidence with them at home to compete with the Saints. Saints have some stuff gone a little bit sideways for them right now. I'm not been impressed with Drew Brees. We don't know if Michael Thomas is going to be back out there. It's kind of iffy.


Is he limited when he's back out there? And Kenny Golladay, you know. Back on the field make such a difference to this Detroit offense, all right. I don't mind it because I love Matthew Stafford this week on the Lions side. I love Stafford. Now that Kenny Golladay is back and looked good enough, you looked like you get another week of rest and recovery and he should be, you know, mostly the kind of Goldi that we are used to.


Meanwhile, the running backs of Detroit continue to stay away. You're not I'm not playing anybody on this team. And, well, we'll talk about it.


We'll talk about T.J. Hawkinson on the Lions side of the ball here in a little bit. I think it's a good play. The Saints have really been confounded by opposing tight ends so far on the season.


I was only going to say Adrian Peterson is a start. If you are somebody that is waiting for Chris Carson to play and you have to make a last second pivot because that he's in the Frank Gore category and you aren't going to have a choice with Frank Gore because he's playing tonight. So if you need the desperation, I'm going to get 20 opportunities. Player Peterson is that he's going to get 20 opportunities. It's not going to look pretty, but he's not going to goose you.


He's the one I would play of the three if I were correct into that corner.


Obviously, Alvin Kamara, I would love Inoke.


Would you like to start? Alvin Kamara? Jamison Crowder.


It's tough, but if I could trade Jamison Crowder straight up, I would do it. You would you wouldn't include anything else. But if you could get a straight out.


If I could get the you don't want overpay. Right. Can you play Drew Brees. Yeah.


So here, here's the thing. Yes. Here's why. Alvin Kamara. That is a big reason why. And also I do think Michael Thomas gets back the fact that they didn't place him on the short term. I r the fact that he didn't practice until now and he is back practicing, I expect him to be there. And so the combination of those two guys with the fact that the Detroit Lions, I think, can keep up in this game, I, I don't expect them to win.


I took the Saints to cover this spread. But, you know, Stafford and Hokanson and Golladay, they're going to be able to do enough to where Drew Brees continues throwing the ball, Drew Brees or Joe Bercovici versus Jacksonville. I'm going to take Joe, but I really like Joe Drew Brees or Ryan Fitzpatrick versus Seattle.


Get out of here. Get out. I know. I knew the answer. Ryan Fitzpatrick all day. Jared Cook need to monitor if if Drew Brees will have him as a weapon in this game, assuming if Michael Thomas plays, you're not taking a shot on any other Saints wide receivers. That is correct. Are you done with Marvin Jones? Is this experiment over with his lack of production through the first three weeks and then Golladay being back? Yes, which means fifty yard touchdown.


Incoming for Marvin Jones, probably. Right. Seattle Seahawks, a three and take on the one and two Miami Dolphins. This game is a fifty two point fifty two and a half over under Seahawks are six and a half point road favorites. You can play both quarterbacks. Obviously, Russell is in your lineup. Ryan Fitzpatrick. I mean, the Seahawks have allowed three straight top seven quarterback finishes.


Yeah, we're all like, you know, super excited for Russell Wilson that he's he looks like he's being unleashed the term they're letting him cook, you know. Yeah. Unlimited, which is Mr. Unlimited. And and it's a shout out to the coaching staff. But we we have we're not thinking the right people here shout out to the Seattle defense.


You guys are coming through in a way that fantasy players are oh, chefs, kiss to you guys when you because you are the real heroes, you're the real MVP here who are, in fact, letting Russell Wilson cook. So thank you all for the cook.


When you are mixing up the cauldron, the recipe for a record setting fantasy season, you must add one part. Bad defense. Yes, you must.


It's what drove the Mahomes fifty touchdown season. Now, obviously, Russ is on his way to seventy five touchdowns, so that's a little bit different. Um, by the way, do you know who the number three wide receiver is in total yardage in the NFL right now? DK Metcalf Deek, yeah, yeah, yeah, he is exceeded all expectations. Seventy two yards per reception right now.


Yes. I mean that's what it feels like every single time that that ball goes to the moon, eventually it comes down and Gamak outstretched, even the people who were out there for. And look, I admit I was not fully touting DK Metcalf. I liked him where he was in the draft. But, you know, it came down to I like Tyler Lockett a bit more. And even the people who were fully Team DK Metcalf, I don't think you could have expected what has happened through these first three weeks.


I think you're going to end this season with two wide receiver one's fantasy. I think you have Tyler Lockett and DKA Metcalf both as a top twelve wide receiver this season as of right now. Locket is number two. Metcalf is number four at the position, which is pretty incredible, Miami does not stand in the way of those two players. Don't know Russell Wilson. Those are your three main starts from the Seattle offense. Beyond that, it gets way too murky right now at the running back position hide.


If Carson is out, yeah, or Peterson is going to ask, oh, you are you oh, then let me answer. Yes, if Chris Carson is out. Carlos Hyde is a player that you should absolutely be starting.


I'm worried about the injury, the shoulder injury, maybe muddying that water and then splitting time behind Carson. That would be my concern.


Yeah. I mean, we'll continue to monitor practice reports if anything gets downgraded or, you know, if there's a legit worry. Sure. But if he's starting and Chris Carson isn't, I think you can trust him.


All right. The Dolphins side of the ball. Brian Flores came out yesterday, said, Myles Gaskin is everything we want in a dolphin. Yeah, and he's he Flipper's.


Look, you can't ask for anything more than 27 times his name. Sounds are incredible. I mean, the twenty seven touches, that's Derrick Henry. And can you do. Except you get points per.


No, I don't think so. I really don't think I can put my OK enough to do it. Yeah. That's how I got to speed that up.


Everything you wanted to do, you got to be louder. That was really quite well. I was really scared it was going to be bad. I know. I'm trying to egg you on to get it bad. Go loud.


Mike, what was I saying. You were making a great point. So it was Derrick Henry and of Myles getting the touches are phenomenal.


He is the the centerpiece. And you're getting receiving work, which Derrick Henry doesn't care. So if you're in a full PPR league, even better, I still believe that the ceiling is extremely unlikable here for Myles Gaskin. They get around the goal line. He doesn't get the touchdowns. He is not good enough to score from twenty five yards away, is he? He gets tackled is he might use ten passes. Absolutely. He might catch ten passes.


He's got a high floor and a low ceiling. He's someone that I think you can start in a pinch. Adrian Peterson, let's start him over. Frank Gore. He's a crawl space, you know. Yeah, he's OK. He's a crawlspace. Sometimes they're necessary.


All right. Devante Parker, we're going to talk about him a little bit later. Yeah, you can play him this week, Miccosukee. Sure. Yep, sure. Absolutely. The Chargers that wanted to take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the two and one, the Buccaneers are seven and a half point favorites. It's a mere forty three and a half point over under. But with that, with the bucks being such heavy favorites, that gives in twenty five and a half implied point chargers just eighteen, which makes it a little bit tough.


But you kind of know who you're starting in Los Angeles. That is a mercy. You have Austin Ekeler and you got Keenan Allen. Yep.


And the question mark to me is Joshua Kelly. Whether or not you feel you can start him currently I feel you cannot start him. This is a game I think we're expecting them to be losing. Vegas is expecting them to be losing, in which case that's not a great Joshua Kelly game script. That's an awesome ekler game script. So outside of those two, meet Hunter. Henry is OK. Yeah, for a tight end. I mean, if I have Hunter Henry, I'm happy.


Hunter Henry or Miccosukee Koseki. Yeah, go get Sookie for upside.


Henry is not shown that he has that right now. Um, on the other side we talked about Brady, I mean Brady sitting on the waiver wire of our league a record and nobody really wants him and he is going to stay. You know, Godwyn not being out there maybe. No, Scottie Miller, it doesn't seem special. And then Ronald Jones is a good start in this game. Yeah. Just based on volume and opportunity in the Vegas line.


Um, Mike Evans is obviously a great start, is phenomenal. And he doesn't have Chris Godwin. Yeah. And he will probably catch more than one yard touchdown this game.


And then I think Gronkowski I think Gronkowski would play Gronkowski in this game over when I play him over.


Hunter Henry. No, you play him over Hunter Henry.


I might. I might there they're probably not. All right, anybody else from this game that you want to talk about or no offense tonight I'll play. No offense. OK, yeah. No, let's not get nuts. Baltimore, the Ravens at two and one take on the Washington football team. Man, it's going to be bad for Dwayne Haskins, yes, this. This might be it, fellas, over under three interceptions. Let's make it two and a half.


Oh, gosh, I'm going to take the under. I expect the find. What if it's two and a half turnovers? Oh, then I'll take the over. All right. Yeah. Ron Rivera, head coach of Washington, has saying he will have the patience. But if you have if you take last week's game, throw in the Baltimore Ravens defense against Dwayne Haskins coming off a loss in this might be it.


The Ravens are a 13 point favorite to forty five and a half point over under. That gives Washington sixteen points to spread between Gibson. Yeah, Clarin in Thomas and I o McLaurin is in because he's look, they're going to be losing. Washington will be losing. And Dwight and McLaurin is the entire passing offense. If I can sit Antonio Gibson. I'm trying to do that this week. He's my dude but I'm not playing him with Dwayne Haskins led offensive against the Baltimore Ravens.


Yeah. The Ravens right now. Or top five against running backs. Fantasy points given up. This is not a Gibson game. I agree. You're looking at Terry MacLaurin and nobody else from the Washington football team. What about the other side? You have Lamar, obviously you going to play him in this matchup. But Ingram, Dobbins, Gus Edwards, the running back position has been Mercè. We have Ingram just on the edges of RB two in the rankings this week, but through three week, 60 second 1958, the nineteenth was because he got into the end zone.


I want seven attempts last week, I want to say, Mark Ingram, sure, but the problem here is the way where you're going, the way that this game ends up, Gus Edwards might be the running back. Who has the most fantasy points on this team when he comes up and he turns into the janitor and he is just cleaning up the entire second half? Yeah, if they're up 17 points at some point, you're going to this bus bus driving downhill.


So maybe that means you don't start anybody. I would still start. You know, we've been talking about the I think there's a new barometer called the Adrian Peterson Barometer. Like, would you start over Adrian Peterson? And I would start Mark Ingram. I would over Adrian Peterson. When you're favored by this much run happy team, this is a great touchdown game for Mark Ingram.


It's also a great touchdown game for Mark Andrews. The Washington defense is twenty seventh against opposing fantasy. Titans is giving up fourteen point six points per game. You're going to play Mark Andrews. The other question is actually Hollywood Brown. Hollywood brown. It's like if you're going to play him, you would be playing him here. Yes, you will. I will. We talked about him quite a bit yesterday. So what happens if Hollywood Brown does not deliver in this game?


Yeah, that's that's going to be really rough. If Hollywood Brown doesn't deliver, I think everybody's going to say you can't start him. He's his volatility is high. But when you talk about a twenty four percent market share, this is hopefully a get right game for Lamar Jackson. If Lamar Jackson looks good, Hollywood will look good. And I'm speaking about the passing work, obviously, of Lamar Jackson. And, you know, the issue is, again, similar to what we're talking about with Gus Edwards.


You know, you saw week one, the Ravens come out trounced their opponent. Hollywood had one hundred yards in the first half was awesome. But then they didn't really need it anymore from that point on. And so you could have that happen. You just hope.


And Marquese Brown connects on one of the deep touchdowns is a big game for Hollywood, I think in terms of whether he ends up in fancy lineups in seventeen starts in his career three times inside the top twenty nine. All right. I think that wraps up this match up unless you guys have anything else you want to add.


I do not. Starts of the week. All right, all right, we've got a start to the week time, Mike, why don't you kick it off? Well, thank you, fine.


Fellow you at the quarterback position, I will be taking Matthew Stafford against the Saints like he's at home. Currently, the Saints are the fifth best matchup against fantasy quarterbacks. Kenny Golladay is back. I am not overthinking it. Stafford at home with his full set of weapons. He has a fantasy start.


OK, Jason, look, I'm taking Ryan Fitzpatrick all day. Yeah, we just alluded to how much I believe in Ryan Fitzpatrick go back to last year, the second half last year when Devante Parker kind of broke out. He was phenomenal in his last nine games, played with the Dolphins as a starter. Seven of the nine. He's been a quarterback, one, he should be a quarterback one this week. I mean, he's just been good and Parker's healthy.


And the matchup and the magic. The magic. I mean, the Seattle defense is going to say have some have some magic.


They're so generous. They are giving. Yeah. Joe Berl is my start of the week at the quarterback position against Jacksonville. Quite the start to his career thus far, running, running for his life and yet completing sixty five percent of his passes, facing the fifth easiest team against opposing quarterbacks. He is the quarterback ten on the year right now ahead of Lamar Jackson. Joe Barrow, my start of the week at the quarterback position. My running back start is Darrell Henderson from the Los Angeles Rams.


He's taking on the New York Giants the past two weeks. He is averaging over six yards a carry. He's been a great player. We loved him coming into the into the league high draft capital pick. He just needed his opportunity to go. And now with cameras out, Darrell Henderson has displayed he is currently the best running back for the Los Angeles Rams. They are a run first team right now. So I love them in this spot. Start here against the Giants.


My start of the week running back is Kenyon Drake. I mean, people are people are disappointed. Here we go. He's averaging almost twenty touches a game and he hasn't done enough with it in the last week. You expected better things for him from the Dolphins and or the Lions matchup. But the Carolina Panthers have been giving up touchdowns on the ground running backs. I expect them to do it this week. If you get, too, opportunities against Carolina Panthers who have so far given up the second most, fourth, most and seventh most fantasy points to opposing running backs.


This should be a Kenyan Drake week. I can't imagine benching him even in the midst of your disappointment.


It feels like week four is kind of like the make it or break a week for certain players, I'm 100 percent on board with you on Kenyon Drake. I feel like I made all those arguments about Detroit last week. So I hope he comes through. I expect him to come through. I'm with you on it. David Montgomery's my running back start of the week. The opportunity is present. No Tarik Cohen for the rest of the year means there's going to be a lot more third down opportunities for David Montgomery.


Some of those two minute drill situations, he's made some strides. This offensive line has made some strides. His yards per carry has jumped from three point seven to four point four this season. I think he's just going to become a more reliable fantasy option the rest of the way. So David Montgomery against Indianapolis. And I'm going same lines here as Jason. Given that given the but part here of one of the guys that I loved during the off season, D.J. Moore from the Carolina Panthers, he is taking on Arizona, the matchup is great.


The pace of play for this team is going to be excellent. The overunder is there. And he should be matched up a lot with Dre Kirkpatrick, who with pro football focus. He is currently ranked as a bottom five cornerback starter. He's not having a great season. He missed all last week. Look, he's also banged up the areas. Are there more accounts for 50 percent of the air yards for the Carolina Panthers? He's pulling in. Twenty four percent of the targets.


I expect the air yards to hit this week. And demand not only has a great game, but he has a big touchdown as well. I'm going with the stack, Devante Parker going with Ryan Fitzpatrick, that's the key to Fitzpatrick and they've got a mind meld that's been great. The second half of last year, Devante Parker was a top five fantasy wide receiver. Now he's been dealing with a hamstring injury that we should be enough weeks removed where I think Parker just lights it up.


I have him in several leagues. He will be in every single starting lineup. I'll find a way. I'm having a trouble right now. You're having trouble? I'm having troubles.


Are you having no trouble where I've I've got a lineup and I really, really, really want to get them in. I've got Odell Beckham. Tyler Lockett.


Oh, good. Stefon Diggs. Oh my. In there. And I will be starting Devante Parker probably over Odell Beckham. But the matchup I mean. Oh that's tough. But I, I do think Devante Parker will have a, you know, ten plus targets in this game against Seattle and a touchdown.


Diggs is currently number four in the NFL in terms of receiving yardage, Hopkins is number one.


Well, Fuller's my start of the week will follow the flying V. We're back, baby. Yes. Taking on Minnesota, the third easiest matchup against fantasy wide receivers. Here's something you like to see. Ninety four percent of snaps for. Well, Fuller last week as a top target for Deshaun Watson. This team is due for the offensive explosion we've wanted to see from Deshaun Watson after starting on three. And guess what? You talk about generous secondaries.


Minnesota's like, hey, Seattle, hold my beer. Yeah, I'm here to provide some fantasy value to the opposing wide receiver, so. Well, Fallers, Mistah. Yeah, I am totally in on that. If you can go trade for Fuller or Cookes cheap, this is the time to do it because they're about to have a pretty solid run for fantasy. My my start of the week at the running or the tight end position. Dalton Schultz from the Dallas Cowboys.


I am sticking with the process. Despite Logan Thomas not coming through last week against the Cleveland Browns, the volume will be there, the opportunity will be there. Cleveland can be beat at the tight end position. So Dalton should see a fair amount of targets in this game.


Yeah, and I'm going to start TJ Hawkinson opposite your Matthew Stafford start of the week. I've seen enough of the Saints to see how utterly bamboozled they are by the tight end position. I mean, like they're having a trouble with it. They are having a massive trouble with it. You saw two weeks ago the the Raiders just kept throwing the ball over and over and over to Darren Waller and they couldn't do anything. And then this past week against the Packers, the Packers just kept running the same play where they leak out the tight end and they're like Lewis Sternbergh.


Everybody had a great game. So I think Hokanson is set up for success here against the Saints defense that is massively struggling with Titans. All right.


Let me say this first. TJ Hokanson, Dalton Schultz better starts of the week than my start of the week here. But I like it. I'm pivoting. I like.


Oh, you're not. Oh, boo. I'm going to go with Rob Gronkowski this week. Oh, no, Rob Gronkowski.


Mike, you've highlighted Chris Harris is missing this game, the inside of the field, an area that Tom Brady is very comfortable with, probably no Scottie Miller. Justin Watson's not reliable. Mike Evans is an outside guy. You're going to stand for that, Jason. Rob Gronkowski is going to be my star of the week this week.


State Water in fantasy. He's not the same player. It didn't matter last week with six catches on, seven targets. He looked like he was getting further integrated into the offense, looked like he was running in but six, four forty eight. He gets in the end zone this week. I'm going to make him. I started the week. That's I think that's fine. I love that, I love it. I hope it comes through and honest, honestly, like all jokes aside, there's a clear and utter path for it to come true.


It makes sense. It's founded in logic. I just think you're going to be upset if OJ Howard comes down with a touchdown. I agree with you. All right. Those are our starts of the week. You can check out all of the rankings, the smart IT tool at the fantasy football or dotcom. Now, the most important segment of the show.


Jason Moore's iron clad, locked and loaded, 100 percent guaranteed boom boom kicker of the week, if you're feeling blue and in need of some fantasy solace, put on your big boy pants and go with the cardinals, Zangabad Zollars.


It wasn't nearly cringe enough for my taste, but I agree it was outstanding. I don't know what I'm confused about is when it when it will show up.


Oh, Bill Shakespeare over here. Well done. I'm impressed.


I take that in that kitty kitty cat joke you made earlier on fire and then they have a trouble. I mean, this is just the a show wordsmith. This is why we won those awards right here, right now.


They're actually here to take them back. We want to thank pristine auction assigned Devante Parker football cleat. This is one of the cool things. You get some neat what they have pylons, sometimes cleats over there.


Forty seven dollars for a signed cleat.


I'm just glad it was a football cleat and not like a soccer cleat. That would've been embarrassing. Yeah. Yeah. Having him sign the wrong shoes. Yeah, yeah. They don't do that over their pristine auction. That's right. They use the code ballers, get a ten dollar credit. We did it, guys. We made it. We got more matchups on the show tomorrow and yeah, we're done.


It's over. No more trouble from these guys for the day. Stay safe, everybody. We'll see you tomorrow. Goodbye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy football podcast, join our fantasy football community on Join the Dotcom and follow us on Twitter at the footballers. And foot clan, look, it has been a crazy year and more than ever. If you're looking at education, if you're looking at an online education, you need flexibility, you need affordability.


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