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Welcome to the Fantasy Football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike, right. Oh, welcome in. It's Friday time. Yeah. Hey, uh, it's Friday, it's Friday time, August 14. There's a great man once said it's Friday time. Oh, OK. You're quoting yourself from a moment ago. I said a great man. Oh, no, I heard I not.


Did I stutter? Andy, Mark and Jason, the fantasy footballer, is back with you Friday.


So that means the weekend. Comes tomorrow, which means we get to sleep, maybe I've heard good things about sleep this past week looking into it. Yeah, we had a couple of shows while the past two days we had the podcast in the morning and we had the foot cast in the evening. And then we had the podcast at suppertime and we had the serious show. Yes.


And now we've got the podcast. Oh, so this is the podcast, right? Football.


And that's because things are ramping up. People are getting excited. Because football's on the way, as they should. I mean, I'm really look, we're all sons fans here. Oh, gosh.


But each NHL yesterday. Sons today. Yeah.


I mean, look, as as a sports fan, our team, if you're not aware, if you're not into the basketball, our great team. Incredible, incredible. Undefeated, was invited to get into the playoffs, went undefeated and didn't get in the playoffs. But the point that I'm making has nothing to do with that. It has to do with the unfathomable level of passion that me and my boys were watching a basketball game with. I mean, when football kicks off.


Yeah, you better not be no camera on me during these games because I went nuts last night.


I deleted unique access for all people from Portland, as you should, as you should.


Damian Lillard definitely doesn't get a udca. He he had bought one. We removed access.


Probably has his own football draft. It probably is good.


If he wanted to he could shoot it from half court you jerk.


All right, back to the show.


We have quarterbacks on today's episode, the second quarterbacks rankings episode. Some news to talk about and as Mike said, it's Friday time.


But Klann, Friday. I'm going to make this segment more interactive this year, we have the Foot Clan Friday giveaway, and if you're a supporter of the show over it, join the football team. You get a, dare I say, plethora of benefits from such support.


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Maybe somebody might say that and he's responsible for finding our sweet, sweet giveaway every Friday.


And what do we have for our listeners today, Brooks? When the price is right?


Voice for just took it. He just do it in your voice. And Amari Cooper signed many.


OK, Amari Cooper signed many helmet.


The winner is Jeff Dell'Orto.


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Well, he's going to want more. I mean, that's just true. It may be a gift for others or whatever. So use the code ballers. Mike would need to buy something else immediately to replace.


Yeah, well, you know, it's like sometimes you take a bite of a sandwich like, oh, that was bad and you need to wash it down. Do you have that experience a lot? Don't you make the sandwich? No, no, I don't make my own food.


That's the chef's job is and it's you go to the aviary while he brings you the food we established. I'm a great man. Oh, my God. Great. I make great sandwiches. Oh, this is going to be a special day.


I did not use the main Twitter account to share my grievances from the son's missing the playoffs last night.


A little surprised. I did use my own account andI hollaway Jason's that Jason FFL at fitment the main account at the followers.


We keep that professional.


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Let's talk some news. News& notes from around the league. All right, the Kansas City Chiefs feeling a little bit like the Los Angeles Rams of last year, where they have infinite money to sign infinite players.


Well, they did they did begin this off season with one hundred and forty one dollars in cap space. And that is not an exaggeration. That was a joke. No, they had one hundred forty one dollars. Somehow they have signed a 10 year deal to repatriate the half a billion dollar deal there. Chris Jones paid. Yeah. Oh yeah. You can pay your stars when apparently when you win the Super Bowl, they fly some money under the under the rug.


That one forty one double it up almost three hundred dollars with the cap space. They've been pretty clever with their future cap usage. What this means for fantasy is really really I didn't even say who signed.


Oh you didn't. Travis Kelsey. A four year extension on the heels of the Kittel deal.


But go on. So he's under contract now for six years. And where this matters for fantasy is in your dynasty leagues, you might be looking at, you know, if you're Chelsea owner, you're worried about, OK, you know, he's he's great. He's dominant. But when do I capitalize on that, on the talent and and move him? The fact that he has more years, it really does matter. Moves the needle for me as far as confidence long term, Zach Ertz is great.


Zach Ertz is a little bit younger, but he doesn't have a contract now. And when he comes up for as far as, you know, a long term contract, when that comes up, the cap space of the team might just dictate that they've got to move on to Dallas Godor. But we know that Kelsey will be the guy until his legs stop working.


Well in George Killed, just signed a contract extension. And the difference when you look at these two players in terms of who do I rank? Number one, who do I rate number two? It's like, you know, kiddo, got the butt tap yesterday. Kelsey comes out today, gets the but like the difference is they're just two peas in a pod here. Didn't because we had the situation where Kelsey had the record, the yardage record for a tight end, and then Kittle broke it like an hour later.


That direction I thought, I can't remember if my memory is that Kittel, I could vet it. Yeah, you vet it. But one of them definitely had the broken record in the end.


Oh, he did. OK, well, there you go. Yeah, but I mean, you're right. These are two. It's nice to have these extensions for these foundational tight ends. And, you know, they're the two players that you look at in fantasy drafts and you kind of if you want to take the shot on them, you know what you're getting right outside of injury. It's kind of bonafied for both of those, right? Absolutely.


All right.


We laughed a little bit. New England Patriots running back. Lamar Miller joined Sony Michel on the pup. It's very bizarre.


Upon signing, I feel I want to believe that he was seen hard knocks. We've seen the signing room. I want to believe he went and signed it and then he was let off to the pop like the pup is a physical place to go to. Right. And so on. The shells there you go to the pump room. Yeah. Yeah. We're going to take you right over to your regularly scheduled pupi. I like to think he's signed his contract, got up, turned around and.


Oh no. Oh, he probably signed it sitting like you would have. The reality here is that's not great news for his recovery. You know, he was brought in basically as an insurance option because of Sony, Michelle's recovery. So Ben Cummins just put out a an article on the fantasy footballers that was contrarian.


Yeah, I was surprised about it. I checked the date on it.


I know, because it was it was yesterday or the day before yesterday, certainly before this news. But he was he was pulling for Damian Harris as a good late round dart throw. And then with this news. Yeah, you've got to keep your eye on him. Maybe he's on some.


Yeah. These two injury plagued veterans ahead of Damien Harris. It's not like Rex Burkhead is an injury plagued in his own right. Right. Smokescreens for the Damien Harris like. Would you take him at the very, very back of a draft just to see what happens? And week one, I would be willing to do it. Yeah, absolutely. Especially now. I mean, we had the smoke of the running back coach talking up Damien Harris and his ability and some other respected minds who are, you know, NFL guys who break down film and have said Damien Harris is very good.


He's probably better than Sony, Michel. I mean, you get a little the draft capital thing starts to infect your mind a bit in the fact that he couldn't get on the field last year. But, yes, you need to be paying attention to training camp or if you're drafting right now, I would I would take the shot on Damien Harris before the ATP goes up.


And I'll piggyback one more story. Just the hype train, at least in my mind, is moving for Cameron Newton. Welcome aboard, my friend. Well, it was.


It's just been very positive out of New England Patriots camp cam is a dominant personality. Yeah. And, you know, some people were talking about the fact that Ryan was in Chicago, couldn't bring Cam Newton in. Oh, yeah. Because he he would be the starter.


He would you would have while you would have devoured your biscuits, all the all the other bears players would be like, that's my guy. Yeah.


I think Jared Stidham is like, yeah, that's my guy. Yeah. Because Cam is awesome. You know, he's he's an outlandish personality, but he's also fun and charismatic and he's smart, smart guy, too.


And he wins. And Bill Belichick had some comments yesterday just about him coming in and he's learning the system. But his competition is they call him like a hardworking kid or something.


So they're all kids to Bill. Yeah, well, he's a little bit old. Cam Cam Newton has been my favorite later round guy. You've taken him a few times in our mock draft, and I'm. Feeling more optimistic about his his opportunity and in delivering fantasy value. I mean, he's always done it. We still don't know what the running totals will be for Cam. And I think it's a fair. Like caution for fantasy owners to have sounds like they have some running back problems that could be solved by a healthy Cam Newton.


Yeah, yeah. So it'll be interesting in New England. All right. Let's let's jump back into the main event. Quarterbacks, the important quarterbacks, deep voice announcer guy, because these are look, we talked about the best quarterbacks last episode and some of them are being drafted late, but most of them are being drafted early. Now, that's one through 10. Yes, the top 10 list. So, yeah, it's one through ten. But yeah, today we're talking about the the back half of the top 20 quarterbacks.


And these are the guys that you're probably going to draft in your league if you if you adhere to the late rounds, probably who we're going to draft. Right.


Certainly, you know, I like come along for the ride. You know, usually I'm in the double digit rounds and, you know, you've got to find someone. Stafford could be there from the top 10 episode for sure. Probably will be. Yeah, but a lot of these players, especially the first one, were kicked kicking off with are still going later in some drafts and I think have high upside. And why is this so important?


There were 40 different top 12 quarterbacks last season, but maybe.


Yes, yes. There's only thirty two NFL teams. I know confounding, isn't it?


Forty top twelve quarterbacks. We're talking about names like AJ McCarron, Matt Sharp, Matt Moore, Jeff Driscol.


But Andy, that's an outlier season. It's only time that's happened.


You're right. Voice of public opinion. Except for in twenty fifteen there were four point twenty sixteen. There were forty twenty seventeen. There were forty three. Twenty eighteen. There were forty one.


I think I was wrong. The humble voice of public opinion.


You've been put in your place to go like a Muppet baby. I feel like I started to sound like what's the the poop guy from Mr. Haig. Yeah. Oh my goodness.


Oh dear. Thank you, Mike. You're welcome. Also never again.


No. Five five consecutive years with forty or more top twelve quarterbacks now. It's not going to be easy to predict the Matt Moore, Jeff Driscoll climbing into the top 12 weeks, what it means is that there are that's a huge number, which means that on a weekly basis, if you look at matchups, if you look at opportunity to move quarterbacks into your starting lineup, it's very, very possible to stream the position year after year after year.


We do a stream where we each pick a quarterback to stream every week and we've done it for years. And on average, that quarterback has finished as the quarterback six.


So you can use that early draft capital on positions that you start more of and you can look towards the back of the draft for quarterbacks, that in this case, when you're looking at your draft, you probably you're glancing at that early season sketch when you make a decision.


About a screaming quarterback, right, for sure, I mean, there are guys, you know, we brought up Daniel Jones, a guy that could have a breakout year this year, like the breakout, but really believe in him. But his early season schedule says he's off my draft board. Look, I'm not I don't want to start with those first couple of weeks because of his schedule. And I whoever I'm drafting. Sure you hope. You hope all of a sudden he has this breakout Lamar Jackson year and you start him the entirety of the year.


But you assume when you draft these late round quarterbacks, they're going to start him for a couple of weeks, be watching the waiver wire and pivot to a great matchup and be streaming the position. Top draft quarterbacks last year, very disappointing, nine of the first 10 quarterbacks selected in the 20, 19 in 20, 19 drafts finish lower than where they were drafted. So that that's all the players that even, you know, yesterday were talking about the top 10 and the guarantees, nine out of ten, you know, finish lower.


So, you know, it's wild about quarterbacks as they are very difficult to project on a season long scope. But weekly, it's much easier when you have data on the matchups.


And that's why guys like like Jeff Driscol, you go, oh, look, I get it. Maybe he's maybe he stinks. I don't care. He's all dressed because he's playing against a defense that stinks. Yeah. And this sounds really dumb to say out loud, but all of these teams, they play four quarters and they play the same amount of snaps. And if you're a bad team, you still play four quarters and you still have the opportunity to have X amount of possessions in the NFL.


And that means any quarterback can even you know, we're talking about Tyrod Taylor in the Chargers and their offense being a question mark. Well, you still are going to have opportunities. And in today's NFL, look, every single year, 40 guys put up top 12 weeks and Tom Brady comes in at number 11. Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, of course, and his current average position a little bit higher than where we have him.


The quarterback, nine in the eighth round where you have him.


Where where were you? Oh, I see, I see, because you have him at nine. That's right. And you'd like to brag about that.


I believe in Tom Brady this year. I think that's right. I got him right on ADP. Your fight about it. I mean, I'm excited. Nine to read Tom Brady's nine, my sweet spot outlook. And I feel like I am higher in my heart than nine. And my point is this. We've talked about it a little bit. I don't remember which shows at this point. They all run together. But Tom Brady did not leave the New England Patriots to be a game manager for a good defense with, you know, just to slightly improve his weapons.


He went to Tampa Bay, to Bruce Arians, to that one of, if not his best receiving corps of all time, to a system that wants to air the ball out.


And he's he wants to flex. He wants to go there and show I'm Tom Brady. I'm the best quarterback.


I want to go now. I want it now. That's what we're going to see. That's what I believe.


Well, and I I've said this on this show. You're not going to get a medium season from Tom Brady if he still has it now. Narrative Street of, Hey, I'm Tom Brady, I want to come in flex. It worked for Peyton Manning in Denver for a year. Fifty five touchdowns. It was nice, but it also didn't work.


Peyton Manning breaks some news to you. He didn't want to be a game manager the year that they won the Super Bowl. Right. He became one because his body said you're a game manager now. So it's just to say that the risk with Tom Brady, it's built that they just built into that risk.


I mean, and you're not paying a high price for him.


Well, you're shaking your head. How crazy is it that Manning won the Super Bowl when he was so bad he led the league and he wasn't? If he was a game manager, he was a terrible game manager, throwing picks left, right and center, and he won the Super Bowl that year. It makes defense just tells me that I could have done it.


I get on it the A-League flag football team quarterback, my concern with Tom Brady is the Bruce Arians system. While it reigns fantasy points down upon all of us. The first year that quarterbacks are in the system, they end up turning the ball over a lot. Now, I know we're comparing some guys to Tom Brady, which is a difficult thing to do of the probably the greatest quarterback of all time. But Andrew Luck, it was his rookie year.


But Andrew Luck, that's the most interceptions that he threw Carson Palmer his first year with Bruce Arians, the most interceptions he'd ever thrown. Jameis Winston last year with his first tie or his first year with Bruce Arians. He threw a whole bunch of picks to It's it and it's not.


So it's not just one quarterback who's coming in in the first year for Bruce Arians and struggling a bit.


Do you think that that he's bringing? Tom Brady along in his system, as much as Brady is wringing his system along the way they did in Denver, because other than unlike Jameis Winston, who needed to follow as much as possible.


Brady needs to do what he's comfortable doing at the same time. I think there's a little bit of meeting in the middle there, but from the reports out of camp, it's talking about how well Brady has been picking up this system. It really does seem like it's going to be Bruce Arians system, but it's still Tom Brady's mind and decisions on the field. Now, to your point, Mike, I have Tom Brady with 14 interceptions, which is, you know, that's an outlet that's like double what Tom Brady is used to throwing.


So I do think he'll turn the ball over a little bit more in this system. But he's going to throw the ball a lot. He's going to throw two great weapons. Mike Evans, you know, Chris Goblin. He's got Gronk. He's got OJ. Howard, I you know, I love the upside here.


Yes, there is. I don't think that Quarterback nine is where Tom Brady can really end up. I mean, I think he can be a top five guy with these weapons. You know, we talk about Russell Cook. You wonder how long Brady's been restrained by the weapons and the offensive scheme with Bill Belichick because it just worked. Right. The defense. And, you know, he didn't have weapons like Chris Godwin, like Mike Evans in New England.


Let Tom Cook.


The the last thing I'll say is getting a salad. That's true. Yeah, that's true.


The point, man, look good. I got for you some routes. Yeah. The last thing I will say is at quarterback nine, you know, I have them there. I think he can beat that. But we have brought up the the risk of the age and the changing team. There is you know, it's it's not a safe pick. I don't I don't look at this as as a safe pick. It's an exciting pick.


Sure. Well, let's talk about the schedule, though. As you say, New Orleans to start the year. It's going to be fun. You start on the road playing against the Saints, then you get a nice matchup against the Carolina Panthers, but then you get Denver and the Chargers. It doesn't bother me that that's not a big worry to me either.


I mean, New Orleans going to score a lot of points. It's probably going to be a high scoring game. Carolina week to I'm not worried about these these matchups. All right.


Aaron Rodgers. Yes. Aaron Rodgers comes in at number twelve. And we'll talk about Aaron Rodgers. Right now in a moment, oh, yes, before we get it, Aaron Rodgers, want to think today's sponsor quip. Ladies and gentlemen, if you followed this podcast for any amount of time, you know, that quip loves the show and we love quip. My entire family is outfitted with quip electric toothbrushes. Is that how you would say it?


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Aaron Rodgers has taken a few waves in when it comes to his fantasy value over the last few years.


It's the quarterback 10 off the board right now, he's ranked lower on our consensus quarterback rankings. He's 12. I've got him at 12, Jason at 14, Mike at 16. It's not been a predictable ride with Aaron Rodgers. You get the extra. Is it a chip on his shoulder or is it a sign to where the door is? I don't know, Jordan. I love being drafted was another negative mark for Aaron Rodgers this offseason, but he is still Aaron Rodgers.


He can still go out and give you that weak winning performance, just not coming as often.


Yeah, I remember at 16. I hate it, I hate that he is that low in my rankings. I mean, is there a part of you that believes there could be a top five guy this year?


Yes, it's still inside of me. And I don't know if that's just the good will that Aaron Rodgers has built up of of so many years of being a dominant fantasy quarterback. When you have the fact that he's since 2011, he hasn't finished outside of the top ten when he's when he's healthy and actually playing, including last year. Yeah, he was still number 10. He gave you four performances inside the top three, which that's that's week winning stuff.


And you don't have to draft him where you normally would, I mean, he has a as a fantasy owner, if my opponent has Aaron Rodgers, even though he's going late and yes, I'm my. But still clench that week. Yeah. I'm still pretty worried about what's going to happen.


Well, you know that he can go nuclear, have a four touchdown game. You know, he still had three weeks, four weeks last year where he was a top three quarterback. The problem, great man once said that and he didn't have Devonta Adams for part of the year. Yeah.


Amazingly, some of his best performances were without him. Yeah, it was weird. That is weird.


Yeah. I'm not super in on Aaron Rodgers. I have taken him when he falls into the double digit rounds because you do have that upside. But I don't think you're going to have consistency. What we saw last year with floor, I believe is what's going to happen going forward. They invested in AJ Dillon. They care much more about the running game and the defense than what we're used to seeing with Aaron Rodgers. You think? Oh, I've got Aaron Rodgers.


He's about to get, you know, the Russell Wilson treatment here of like now we're we'll let you help us win a game when the game is on the line. But in the meantime, we want to control, you know, the narrative of the game script with defense and running the ball. Have a little mini game. A little mini game.


Yeah, it's not it's not as it's not as big as the other ones. But this this little mini game is called Aaron Rodgers or Jared Goff.


OK, the last teams very similar to the other games. Yes, but it's mini. Well, there's only a few here. It's one question, but I was thinking about this and I guess it's one who finished higher last year over the last three years. So that's a good thing. You know, Aaron Rodgers, you know, he had one down year, obviously missed some games, but this is all per game. His completion percentage was higher.


GOFF Right. Aaron Rodgers, Rodgers, it's Goff. Jared Goff. Those first two years of McVay was was a very high, incomplete percentage yards per game.


Goff, Will Rogers, Goff. That is correct, it's gof, OK, yeah, touchdowns per game. Really, you think, God, no, I'm just answering questions, but it's GoF, OK?


He's Shame's. Do you think it was GoF, you dummy? Well, it was all right. I got you no matter what you say. All right. But obviously, Goff throws a lot more passes.


Aaron Rodgers has always been Mr. Efficiency. Yes, higher touchdowns. Feels like a regular size game. Yeah. Higher touchdown percentage per pass. So who throws a higher percentage of his passes for touchdown? I remember playing this game beyond the mini portion.


Sure. Who is it? Goff.


I'm just saying, you know, look at where he's ranked.


I mean, he's but I mean, Aaron Rodgers still allows a little bit more on the ground. Goff doesn't do much rushing the ball. So you have a little bit of a baseline there. But my point is I think we're looking at the previous Aaron Rodgers and saying he can get back. But it's been three years.


It's been a while. It's been a while.


Are you happy with him as you is you're locked and loaded quarterback? No. I mean, that's that's the question is, are you drafting him to stream other quarterbacks? You're drafting him to play him every week. I mean, he was much, much more valuable against bottom six defenses.


It was a huge gap, nine point three fantasy points different between facing a top sixteen defense and a bottom sixteen defense.


Yeah, he beat up on bad defenses, but looking at the schedule, Minnesota, Detroit Saints. Falcons, yeah. Light them up. So this year you have three plus match ups with Aaron Rodgers out of the first four games. So yes. And he's going is the quarterback ten in ADP? I imagine he's going to be all over the place when you're in your home leagues because you'll have the people who are still completely in on Aaron Rodgers and then you'll have the contrarian leagues that are completely off of Aaron Rodgers.


I look, I'm I'm interested I'm interested to draft Aaron Rodgers. If you're in a league where everyone is a late round, subscribes to the late round theory and you can grab Rodgers late, I'm still interested to try it out for the first few games.


It does have a really good schedule. No, not not just I mean, he's got the by and week five, but even after that, he's got some good matchups. The first half of the year is pretty solid. Yeah.


One of the things that's interesting is yesterday on the Sirius XM show, we talked about stock options. We talked about what wide receiver quarterback combos are you most likely to end up with, willing to draft if you have Davante Adams, if you're in that spot where Davante Adams falls to you, you didn't get to choose to draft his quarterback.


That's going to supply him all of those massive wide receiver numbers in the tenth round.


Yeah, if I had Adams, I would be drafting Rodgers for that stack. So my stack was this quarterback right here, Matt Ryan coming in at number thirteen. Matt Ryan is kind of I don't feel like we haven't talked about him almost at all. And if I end up with Julio Jones in the top of the second round, I'm looking at Matt Ryan lead in draft as well. His start to last season was unbelievable. The first six games he was on a fifty three hundred yard pace and something like forty touchdowns.


So he has that in him. We've seen it year over year. Twenty sixteen. He was the number two overall quarterback. Twenty eighteen. He was the number two overall quarterback. Last year he was still in the top twelve, finish the number eleven and he had a bad offensive line and the the team struggled. But like Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley, we expect big things from them. It's coming at as a result of Matt Ryan finding a way to get it done.


They did have an ankle injury that it's often I don't remember that Matt Ryan got hurt last.


That's why Matt Schaub had a top 40 week. Yeah, top top 12 week. Top 40. It's no good. Oh, yeah, it's pretty weak. Almost every week he had he got hurt and he did miss a game.


And then you saw a pretty noticeable downtick in his production. I'm not going to blame it all on the ankle because Matt Ryan does these things from time to time. But Matt Ryan has I mean, he's had this cycle now where. He keeps getting new offensive coordinators and he's not great the first year they even with Kyle Shanahan, he was not great the first year that Shanahan was there. And then he burned everything to the ground. The second year, Kyle Shanahan leaves.


You have a new Ossy. He's bad. Then he's great again the next year. Now we have and now we're back and we're back in that cycle where Matt rains still through the fifth most passing yards in the league. He's going to throw a ton of yards. It's up to those touchdowns and interceptions and the history of Matt Ryan not saying I'm not playing the game of well, he was bad last year, so that means he's going to be good.


It's no, we have we have an actual reason for that. And it's a change of system. Maybe Matt Ryan's just not he can't adapt to the change that quickly because it's the difference between Matt Ryan last year finishing where he where he did, which was QB eleven.


So it was in fifteen games. Yeah. It's fine for fantasy that the difference between that QB eleven and him being a weekly starter is a top seven guy. It's just two to three interceptions and two to three touchdowns. If you were able to flip those numbers, then Matt Ryan is great for fantasy purposes and he can easily do that. You have to pay the QB eight, though. So are you willing to to pay up a QB eight price for Matt Ryan in hopes that he can change those numbers?


No, I'm probably not. And I and I do like Matt Ryan this year. Last year, I was a little bit more down on him. I would be very happy with Matt Ryan, but I'm not going to take him as the eighth quarterback off the board. That's that's just higher than I think. I've seen him going in a lot of real drafts I've been in. If he falls to value gets near those double digit rounds, I'd be happy with them.


He does have a very difficult schedule on the course of the season. Warren Sharp has him projected for the toughest schedule against opposing defenses, specifically passing defenses. So that's something at least to monitor. But everything else you're saying is true. We know he's going to throw for four thousand plus. You're just going to demolish that. We know he's got weapons that are safe and secure. I think he's got an upgraded hopefully. But I believe he it is still an upgraded running back from Devonta Freeman to throw the ball, too.


So I'm happy with Matt Ryan, but I'm not reaching for Matt Ryan. Fourteen shocker here. Probably going to have some debate. Daniel Jones ends up our consensus. Fourteen. Mike is the reason why he's got them up at 12. I know he talked about some breakout opportunities. We also talked about the atrocious early schedule for Daniel Jones, Pittsburgh, Chicago, San Francisco, the Rams I.


Look at Daniel Jones, and I think I see him through a similar lens to Gardner Minshew, Mike is apparently a big fan of these second year breakout opportunities. I don't I wasn't as impressed with Daniel Jones as I think Mike was. And I don't think that this year is going to be an easy road for him.


So I have at 18 months him 12 days and more in the middle. How do you see this season playing out for Daniel Jones? Interesting pick last year by Dave Gettleman was but you know, he certainly flashin and did some things that, you know, rookie quarterback traditionally haven't been able to do, but more of them are doing more recently. Yeah, more of them are. But he still did things that people have not done over the last 10 years, rookie quarterbacks that have played at least 10 games and averaged over 250 passing yards.


That list is Andrew Luck, Baker Cam, Jameis Winston and now Daniel Jones. Like, that's not a big list for over the last 10 years. He gives you enough on the ground. He was on a pace for three hundred sixty five rushing yards. That's not, like, incredible, but that's that Alex Smith, you know, removes a mistake or two because it gives you twenty five to thirty five yards on the ground. We've we have eighteen rookie quarterbacks who have thrown more than twenty touchdowns.


Daniel Jones is fourth on that list. I saw ceiling games. Yes. He had a bit of a fumbling problem. He the interceptions weren't too bad, but the phone gets a chance. I get it, but fumbles to me can be corrected. For four quarterbacks, it's easier to correct the following problem than it is to correct the interception problem. In my opinion, he's surrounded by elite speed, you know, with with Slaten and Shepard and Evan Ingram, who is who is back Szechwan.


And yeah. And that's not even including second Barkley. So I, I believe that Daniel Jones has the ability and the potential. It's it's a bit sketchier to call him the breakout, especially with that early season schedule. It could look really bad through four games. But I do believe that Daniel Jones has the ability and opportunity to bring that's the right word.


And I I'm not a believer. Mike is a believer.


I am not a believer. He had four outstanding games as a rookie.


Detroit, the Jets, the Redskins, the Washington football team. Yes, the Washington football team, the Jets, Detroit and the Buccaneers early in the season when their defense was bad. And and so does he have the does he have the skill set and the weapons to go off? Yes. But outside of those games, there wasn't another top half. I mean, he wasn't in the top fifteen the whole season he was in. He was a rookie.


And that's fine. But when I look at the talent. I don't I'm not confident that I can project a leap forward. He's got a new coordinator, a new system, shorten the off season, tough opening schedule. He won't be on any of my teams.


Yeah, I was going to say, like to the point about, like, accomplishing certain metrics as a rookie. That's just a tough one for me fundamentally, because one a lot of rookies don't get the whole season. I'm of the impression that if you're a top pick, top three round rookie quarterback and you get to start 16 games, you're probably going to do things that most rookie quarterbacks didn't do over the last 20 years because today's NFL, with the scoring, with the protection of the quarterback, with all of the weapons and the schemes, I think more quarterbacks will do that.


So I don't look at that as my only benchmark for him. Not saying you do. I know that he had big games. If you started him in week eight, 10 or 16, you won Bravo because I don't know how you had the guts to do it, but he was winning you weeks and has all of his weapons there. So it's just about belief and whether you believe he has the opportunity to be that guy. For me, he's a potentially streaming option.


Oh, I'd love to stream him in a really plus matchup. The weapons are there. We saw he can't explode. I don't want him to be the guy certainly at the beginning of the season or in any kind of mediocre matchup.


Big Ben comes in at fifteen. What is Big Ben have left? He finished number three overall quarterback in twenty eighteen, but we all the question marks going into last year were built around what is Big Ben without Antonio Brown. And we don't have an answer yet. And now we have to ask the question of what is Big Ben coming off an injury without Antonio Brown? And we don't have an answer yet.


I do not answer the first question. I know you're asking our what? Are you got a third in there, buddy?


And the truth is, I'm not sure I do know this.


I have one answer for you. He's better than what they had in Pittsburgh last year. Yes, I can guarantee it.


Here's what I know that I can answer this question with. He's going in the 11th, almost 12th round the 16th quarterback off the board, undrafted in some leagues.


At that price, I am 100 percent willing to take the risk that Big Ben is healthy, because if he is, you're going to find out quick in New York in week one, right?


I mean, if he is now, he should crush the Giants.


He will outperform that ADP without any problem. So Big Ben is probably one of my most favorite late round picks this year.


There are certainly worries. I mean, you just laid out some great questions. We we haven't seen someone come back on this timeline from this injury. This is a baseball injury, not really a football injury. Here he has it. There's not a lot of experience. The baseball timeline is longer, but he's already he's throwing balls. He looks healthy right now in camp.


And this is a good defense. That's the other thing that you need to bring into the equation. Not only is there the question is about injury. And Antonio Brown, this is a defense that is back to the old Steelers way where Big Ben was more of a middle tier fantasy quarterback because they I mean, they almost made the playoffs last year with the the worst offense I've ever seen.


That's one way to put it. I mean, it was bad. It was real, real bad. They didn't have weapons with Juju and Donte Johnson. I mean, outside of outside of Josh Rosen led teams, this might be the worst team I can remember on offense.


Last year, spot reserved for Josh Rosen led teams. That's a category.


Yeah, they don't count. That's like. Well, yeah, college football teams are worse. But I mean, it was the backups to Big Ben where it just wasn't an NFL offense. And remember when you liked Josh Rosen? I do.


I believe that him coming out of college and I will say this, it is too bad I will 100 percent admit my own faults. And I say all the time, I don't trust my own rookie quarterback scouting once star in the NFL. I feel like I can help.


But there's so many I wouldn't take too much blame on yourself when a player is drafted at the tenth overall spot by NFL.


Well, you look at how many I mean, it's OK that you believe the guy drafted 10 overall. I'm not.


I'm only saying that because I remember the hope in your heart. And I remember the the way you felt when that draft pick happened is different than the way I felt.


Yeah. Mhm. But like you said, Josh Rosen, collegiate quarterback, moving on, Cam Newton, we talked about him at the top. I have him at 19 right now, Jason at twenty one, Mike at eleven. This is not the spot that Cam Newton will be in my rankings if he, you know, a week from now most likely. The solidified starting role of the of the Patriots with Cam Newton is not 19 for me, so he's kind of sitting here.


He's being drafted with the same doubts that these rankings represent, which is QB 14, probably the starter, but most people in Mok's or just taking somebody else that they know is the starter, I think at this point. I mean, what give our listeners the percentage chance that Cam Newton is the starter in New England at this point, because we've done this a few times over the past few weeks, unless he gets a new injury.


I would say 100 percent. Yeah, 100 percent. Yeah, I'm right there.


So these rankings need to get adjusted a little bit. I the upside of Cam Newton with where you're going to have to draft a tremendous. Now let me put it this way, Mike, because you said one hundred percent.


You're on board with Cam, Matt Ryan sitting there and they throw on Cam Newton sitting sitting there in the eighth round. Both have upside. We've seen it. Who are you taking? I will take Kim. I I'll I'll go for that. He's we've seen the top five potential over and over, not just potential to the realization of being a top five fantasy quarterback.


I believe that Cam Newton is healthy. He was a victim of the off season of this new covid life. Like he he got stuck in a really, really hard place, had to take this deal from the Patriots, which I think will end up turning out into a very, very good deal for Cam Newton injury consultants. And on Twitter, they they're watching Cam Newton video and saying, look, he's healthy. He is he is good to go.


You now you have all these running back concerns. And I was.


Oh, breaking it. Don't be Cam Newton. You know, this is kind of this is kind of just me having fun because. Players are playing football, but ESPN said Clyde Edwards that there was defeated back on Friday's practice.


We have our first actual Thursday actual practice report of their players taking reps in a specific spot. I know. I know that wasn't really breaking news because we expect him to be.


But you know what? Expecting something and having it take place in practice, we hadn't been able to validate things like that. So I apologize. No need to apologize. Like validation feels good. So the question for Cam Newton is he's been a lower volume passer in in terms of passing yards. And he's had a couple of seasons where he's just gone off and he won an MVP. But historically, you know, like mid three thousand yards. But then you look at the Patriots system, this is it's the same exact question of Tom Brady going down to Bruce Arians system, which, you know, who's going to conform, Cam Newton going up to the Patriots system.


Does does Cam Newton now get an elevated passing yard baseline because he's working with Bill Belichick?


I just think that people they question the receiving corps because they don't know who's actually going to come out on top. Julian Edelman, older Nikil Henry didn't show much. Mohamed Sanu didn't show much.


They question that. But Cam Newton of all quarterbacks has been here before. Yep. We've he his foundational receiver was Kelvin Benjamin, four years in Carolina where he was a viable fantasy option.


Again, it still was Everton Funchess.


Yeah. These are not players that should really be.


I mean, Kelvin Benjamin left Carolina any time. Yeah. Yeah, he he was good because of Cam, not in spite of Cam. Right. He just disappeared from the league basically. And so I just think that the ambiguity adds to the draft capital, the questions for the receivers and for Cam Newton in New England. By the way, when I have a bad offseason, I hope my contingency plan is to become the starting quarterback for Bill Belichick.


First off, season went so bad that he's the starting quarterback for the Patriots. But the upside is tremendous for Cam Newton and, you know. There's a reason Vegas made him one of the best odds at NFL MVP when he signed, that doesn't seem like something you would make that jump immediately. But the storyline is there. You can see it in front of your face. Bill Belichick. Once the prove as much as Tom Brady that it was him and to speak and compare because I'm not I'm not quite as bullish on on Cam Newton, I do recognize he's always been good for fantasy.


The Russian baseline, the Russian touchdowns will be there. I like a much more in in four point passing leagues because he will have, you know, five, six, seven rushing touchdowns, but probably be in low 20s in the in the passing touchdowns.


But one thing that has changed since I originally started, Cam Newton, is the Patriots defense that, you know, we were just talking about how great the Steelers defense is and maybe that hurts Big Ben. But they lost some pieces to the Opt-Out on their defense. Sure. And so that great, unfathomably locked down first half of last year, defense for the Patriots. That's not. Yeah. What Cam is going to have.


He might have to get it started to fade over the back half of the year, too, with the the more difficult matchups. You're right. You're right. They might not have I mean, how many times have they had on defense?


Three or four. But they're big. They're big names. HIGHTOWER Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's important pieces.


Ryan Tannehill comes in at seventeen. Kirk Cousins at eighteen. Jason is the lowest on tannahill. At twenty four, what happened? You're saying because I left last year, Supergiant. Yes, what happened is he's lowered in one spot per day. So what happened? It's just liking other players in a part of it is like other players. Twenty three other guys, but part of it. So I'm not. Look, we talked about there's 40, you know, quarterbacks that that can hit top 12.


This is my quarterback, 24. And I'm fine with Tannahill. I think he's OK.


But when I went back for my ranks, number one in my heart, that's a classic. I would say. Twenty four in my ranks, eighteen in my heart. If I'm being honest, the reality is we have a we have a very large sample of watching Tannehill play football.


And last year his efficiency was fantastic. He was a superstar.


He was one of the best quarterbacks, the entirety of his season that he played from week seven, all the Adam Geisa work he had, the release from Adam Gase helps players.


So, oh, mercy. The release from Ajay's. Well, well, well. From the team. Yeah, yeah. From from the control.




Oh, but the reality is, I think that their red zone efficiency, AJ Brown's incredible ability to never be tackled after he catches the football that Jonas Smith hype.


Man, we got some today. I like Jonas Smith. He's he's high up in my rankings. I think Tannehill is good, not great. And I think for fantasy purposes, that's what you're going to get. You're going to get good. Not great. And I'm fine with Tannahill here, but I'm just not excited. I don't expect him to keep the level of efficiency he had.


I'm really sorry that I brought up Adam Gase. Yeah. Thank you.


Unnecessary I the truth is, is when Ryan Tannehill was in Miami, there was off season hype multiple times because of what he was able to do during with stretches in my. Yes. As a fantasy a I mean he finished eighth in a season. It wasn't out of nowhere for Ryan Tannehill. To me, we saw it's a progression before the Adam gaze problems like Kirk.


So to go to Kirk Cousins here, is it.


It's tough because Kirk Cousins is very, very good. He has an excellent real life quarterback. They asked him to do way less last year. Now, he came through with the efficiency to Stefon Diggs. What was happening with all the the deep touchdowns? I don't know if they'll be able to ask that little of him this year. This is like twice where he is in my. This is the hope for Kirk Cousins.


Is that the hope for Kirk Cousins fantasy outlook now for a Minnesota Vikings fans.


But their defense, it got exposed that the like the second half of last year, they just lost Griffin, who they were really hoping to bring back on the defensive line, think their defense is going to be a problem. And if it is, if it really is a problem, if Coach Zimmer can't figure out how to piece it back together, Kirk Cousins is going to have to do more and he can do more. He can be incredibly efficient.


Reminds me of of the Tony Romo years where what's funny, Tony Romo never got the respect I thought he deserved at the quarterback position either. So with Adam Thielen, I think Kirk Cousins can be a solid, you know, fringe QB one. I don't have him ranked anywhere there. I'm trying to paint the picture of what could go right for Kirk Cousins.


I'm not going to draft when they, when they play in offense is going to score big, you know, against the Minnesota defense that is beat up. You can look to Kirk Cousins to get you a fantasy streaming performance, in my opinion. Agreed.


We need to get into basketball. I want to read the last two, Jared Goff, Gardner, Minshew, come in at 19 and 20. But then I want to throw this out on the table for you guys.


Somebody ranked between twenty one and 30. That you think has the chance to surprise at the quarterback position this year, and that group is Joe Burrow, Derek Carr, Baker, Mayfield, Philip Rivers, Jimmy G, Sam Donald, Teddy Bridgewater, Drew Lock.


I mean, these players will be started this year in certain matchups. But who do you think has the best odds of being a consistent week to week playing?


The guy that I'm most excited about from that list is Baker. Mayfield is a post hype sleeper. If you think about last year coming in, people drafted into the fourth round, just he had an incredible rookie season, adds Odell Beckham. And the sky's the limit. He was going to be a superstar. Dynasty drafts. He was, you know, a first rounder. And now all of a sudden he's left for dead. And the reality is, if Odell Beckham was injured and the offensive line did get worse and now they've certainly improved that there's a chance he just bounces back and actually is a good quarterback.


So I'm willing to take the shot on Baker and I'm going to go Jubera.


I think Jubera, if you ask me right now to lock Jobb or Baker Mayfield into my lineup for the season, I will lock Jibaro in.


He's got a little bit of the ignored Arizona like situation in Cincinnati, where you have an up and coming high pass volume head coach, smart guy, AJ Green Tea Higgins', Tyler Boyd, as reliable as they get. And then Joe Mixon out of the backfield, they can give you value there. I think Joppa is going to have one of the best, if not the best rookie season for a quarterback that we've seen in some time. And for a surprise, I would go to Teddy Bridgewater.


I mean, one, because it would really be shocking. But just the what he has set up with in Carolina with Matt Rule, I, I really do believe that Teddy Bridgewater can surprise not a top five. Sure. Surprise, but a oh, I picked this guy up to stream him and all of a sudden now I'm just playing him every week.


What's amazing about these names, as we move on, I can make a case for many more of them. And Philip Rivers, great opportunity. Derek Carr, great weapons. Great opportunity. Jimmy Garoppolo. Yeah. I mean, he's, he was decent, has good weapons. What about the number two quarterback over the those. The final stretch of weeks. Ryan fits Ryan Fitzpatrick and don't hold on tightly to your Ryan Fitzpatrick pick, but it's nice when he's when he's playing.


Yeah. Basketball breakdown presented by Underdog Finnessey. I make sure you guys check out underdog fantasy dotcom people have asked all offseason my DMS on Twitter, where do I play basketball draft is gone. Well, the team behind draft is behind underdog fantasy. They just debuted this app. It will be familiar to you. You will love it. And basketball is great. And so you need to check that out. An underdog fantasy dotcom and Mike is bringing us a basketball.


Well, and I want to remind people about the basketball mania for a chance at a million dollars in prizes. This is going on a billion dollar, even a million dollar million dollar bill.


You want that million dollar bill, you got to go to see how much million dollar George Kittle got. Oh, he got a lot of million dollars. Yeah. All right. We've got a few of it. We're done with you. Go on. So, look, when you're in baseball, to me, the best part of this is I can draft upside players and I don't go into the end of the week and go, dang it, I knew I should have started them.


I should have took them off my bench. And these are the players that make sure you have a plan to target these players. You know, you want to have a strategy. You're not just picking off your rankings. You're using your tiered rankings, know who your targets are going to be in these later rounds. And I want to highlight specifically a few of these guys, Curtis Samuel, I talked about Teddy Bridgewater, I think in surprise Curtis Samuel last year had he was among the league leaders in air yards.


He just had a quarterback who could not hit him. He was getting open. He just had really bad quarterback play. Burchard, Perriman, he sure that's a good look.


He showed enough last year at the end with Jameis Winston when he turned into a waiver wire championship type of a player, Denzel Mims, their second round rookie for the New York Jets. OK, he's injured. He's he's not practicing. Bershad Perriman is in Michael Hardeman, the one touch man. He is absolutely unbelievable in the last name. I want to highlight it, James Washington. He is completely left off the radar for the Pittsburgh Steelers. It's going in the seventeenth round or later or undrafted.


It might be nice to have Washington on your side here.


Thank you, Jason. I appreciate that. But all the hype is Juju. It's Deonte Johnson.


James Washington quietly produced as well last year for the Pittsburgh Steelers with the terrible quarterback play. It's possible that Washington really did level up his game and or at least in basketball. We'll give you three or four weeks of just, you know, Martavis like weeks.


Well that's what, that's what I mean. I love this list. These are all double digit round wide receivers who you don't have to pick when it's going to happen, but know that you should be targeting these players and have a plan where you're going to draft. How many games will Michael Hardman have a forty yard touchdown.


Probably three, three or four.


In my mind it was for how many will James Washington have? No, no. My point is, how many will you start him for in your redraft league?


Oh, zero. How many will you how many times will you get those awesome plays, monster scoring in basketball every single time.


Yeah, I think bringing Burchard Perelman's name up right now with the Denzel Mims hamstring injury, which happened today, I didn't mention the news, but it's more significant. It's got no timetable right now. You're already a rookie. Perriman is probably being under valued everywhere because there aren't weapons in New York outside of him. I mean, Jamison Crowder has his role, but he's a slot receiver in Bershad Perriman on the outside.


Probably just completely ignored right now. Wait, you're talking about the wide receiver to the last month of the season? Well, yes, they certainly do.


What you sign a sign up for underdog today. Enter the basketball mania. As Mike said, you can win one million dollars or dollar in prizes by going to underdog fantasy dotcom. No, the sky's the limit. You could turn that into dollars on fantasy. All right.


That is it for today's episode of the show. Thank you for joining us. Enjoy your weekend. And I'm going to I'm going to tell you right now, somebody might have a little livestream popping up this weekend, just saying goodbye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy football podcast, join our fantasy football community on Join the Dotcom and follow us on Twitter at the footballers.