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Welcome to the Fantasy Football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike, right. Now, welcome in. Tuesday, March 2nd. Back at it another week, more fantasy football to talk about some some doubt chatter, DDT chatter.


Yeah, we're going to, you know. Yeah, it's not often focused on in the show, but there's a little bit of chatter about every every every march brings a new surprise.


Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Well, tease that for a moment. We'll tease it for a moment.


You can follow the show on Instagram, Instagram, dot com slash fantasy football or Twitter at the footballers and the websites, the fantasy footballers. Dotcom. Welcome in, everybody. Mike right here, Jason Moore. I'm Andy Holloway. Great show for you today. We got to toss a coin into the wishing well at the top of the show, make some free agency.


I guess they're not just predictions right there. They're just wishes. That's why we theme our segments. Yeah, real deft, real special, joined the foot dotcoms, the community, and I guess we'll save the excitement for the new segment and instead we'll. We'll start here with. The wishing well. What do you most want to see happen in free agency? We have our full preview and predictions next week. NFL Free Agency set to start very, very soon.


But give me your your best case scenario for a certain player certainty. Well, what do I want personally then, if you're talking about Mike? Right. I want improvements for my own dynasty team. And for me, that means Aaron Jones to simply sign somewhere else, go make so much money, Mr. Jones.


And free. This has nothing to do with their. No, nothing. Look at Joe's great guy. It'd be good for fantasy football, but everything I hear about him. But I had I drafted AJ Dillon in last year's rookie draft, so I would very much like to see what his quads get done. You just want him out of Green Bay. But what do you think is his best landing spot the best chance for Jones? It's Miami. Yeah, for me.


Look, for, for me, I, I, I want Jameis Winston to come back to starting NFL quarterback level. It's great for fantasy and I want him going to the Denver Broncos. I we've talked about this before, but no offense, Courtland Sutton, jury duty. These are three players. I like that I do not want any part of.


You don't want this. I do know you don't. Oh, there's no one more irresponsible than Drew lock.


Oh, wait, there's Jameis Winston. But what does that matter? I don't care that the Broncos win games. They can go on sixteen. I just want the fantasy points. And and when he was a buccaneer, I mean, you had Chris guy with a Mike Evans.


Andrew Lock is in training to become Jameis Winston Act.


So they are better. Look, you call your Trulock. No, you're showing up at the airport. He just doesn't show up. Jamous gets there if look like he's like an hour late, but inside of the airport, but he at least gets there eventually. Good things still happen when James wins.


I guess you can want more for your Broncos pass catching weapons to Jameis Winston. But I mean, this is free agency. What? What so you could the only other name you could throw out there would be Ryan Fitzpatrick. But I want more for Ryan Fitzpatrick. I want I want him to go to the Washington football team and win.


I want him to go into the playoffs and, you know, have a good team over there.


All right. I'm going to help you out, Jason, because I know there's only one thing you want more than apparently Jameis Winston to the Denver Broncos this offseason. Do tell. And that is you want Jalen hurts to be all that he can be.


You want to see that completion percentage creep up into the mid 50s and be an MVP? Oh, I can't do that. All right.


Well, this is why it's troubling that we have the show we have, because if I didn't dislike John Hurts, he wouldn't like him this much.


I don't think that's true. I know that's true.


Chris Godwin to Philadelphia, thank you. I'll say Chris Godwin to Philadelphia. This is perfect for a couple of reasons. One, it gets a very reliable security blanket for Jalen hurts, too. It puts Chris Godwin in the position where he isn't completely unrivalled. No one option for a team that is hard to come by when you are heading into free agency in general. It's an opportunity for Godwyn to be drafted highly in fantasy and provide the kind of weapon that Jalen hurts is going to need to be consistent both for fantasy and for NFL purposes.


So I think Godwyn to Philly would be interesting.


I'm going to throw one last wish out there because this one is actually this is just this is as altruistic as you get, because I have no I have no skin in this game. I think this is just a wish that all NFL NFL fans should root for. Allen Robinson gets a competent quarterback. I don't know. I don't know where it is, but just somewhere where he doesn't play with a steaming pile of crap throwing him the ball like he has done since college.


But don't question. Yeah. May I have the floor with Jameis Winston satisfy you in that or not? Yes, because he's competent. OK, all right. There we go. OK, because then Allen Robinson could stay right where he is resigning with the bears and then Winston could. Sure.


That could happen. Yeah. Every time that I want to insult the Winston side of things, I will get the productive numbers of fantasy.


But I don't know if it was very enjoyable if you had Mike Evans or Chris Godwin. No. I mean, if you were Mike Evans or Chris Godwin like it was, Allen Robinson needs the ball in his catch radius. That's an area where Winston struggles at times. But five thousand yards.


Oh, I know I that's why, you know, they wanted him back so badly.


I mean, in Tampa, it's really all about those interceptions because that's what helps him throw five thousand yards. And I hope they don't go away. Wherever he was, Bruce Arians to like Jameis Winston is going to land somewhere potentially as a starter at some point in time. He's not going to be with Bruce Arians again. So I don't think 5000 yards and the willy nilly was 30 interceptions.


Correct. I wish that was I should have a button that just that is what it says every time you say something good about him.


But it's crazy, man. He completed almost 61 percent of his passes, had over fifty one hundred yards, three touchdowns. But but he had thirty years.


Yeah. And I wonder how many of those were coming back from huge deficits, playing soft defenses and absolutely.


No, a competent quarterback for Allen Robinson. See, I like that wish, but I always I want to believe that a you know, that a wish is possible. Oh.


You know, now blowing out the candles on the birthday cake, you want it to be possible that it comes true and he seems destined for. I will probably resign. No, don't do it. He'll probably take the money, resign in Chicago. Don't do it. And how do they how can they let him go? I feel like if you let Allen Robinson go in Chicago, you are. Rebuilding, yeah, and they're not going to rebuild in Chicago.


He could very well end up on a franchise tag with a lot of these big name wide receivers. They've all been thrown out there with the franchise tag opportunity because it's like for the Lions, for the Bears, if they lose their number one, they are they're running on empty water.


So you're asking, how can you let them go? They already screwed up. You should have resigned him already, like during the season. You should have given Allan Robinson a contract. Well, he was asking for that.


Yeah, you're right. That's not it didn't happen. And we'll see where he goes.


All right. It's March. So this segment's more fun. News & notes from around the league. Look, look, this is great. Mike alluded to some DST news, and we don't you know, we don't cover a lot of DST news, but I know who's number one on my board now.


The Cardinals are giving JJ what a two year deal. Yeah, David.


Thank you, Houston. And we didn't even have the train. They just let him go, oh, man, because we destroyed that franchise by trading David Johnson, we got a twofer. I mean, if we don't do that trade last year, no way we get one. Oh, but yeah, but he's washed.


He's washed.


Yeah. No, he's not. That is factually inaccurate. No one goes double team player in the NFL last year, right? Yes. Number nine on PFS pass rushing ranking tied for second four tackles for a loss.


He's not the best defensive player in the NFL anymore. No, certainly not. But he's not bad. Well, it came out of nowhere again, just like last year's Hopkins Street, where Arizona was not even rumored as a destination for Jayjay want. But now the Cardinals have the number one and number two edge rushers in terms of total sacks since twenty twelve. So that'll work. That's great.


Peter King reporting. The NFL is highly likely to have a 17 game regular season in twenty twenty one. This is the first year, according to this new collective bargaining agreement, that they're able to add the 17th game.


The sources reporting on this are, in fact, the NFL's bank account highly likely to happen. It is allowed.


It is not a guarantee. It's not official yet. There will be a seventeen week season, but from my understanding, they will make more money with more games.


The extra game will be an inter conference match up. The AFC likely to get the extra home game in twenty one and then they will alternate.


So the NFL will not only add a game, but they'll make something out of it as a unique kind of sounds fun to me. Situation be new for fantasy football players to Russell Wilson's agent says he is not requested a trade, but if he were dealt he would waive is no no trade clause for the Cowboys, Saints, Raiders or Bears or get me out of here.


I'm not I'm not I'm not saying like I want I want to trade. I'm just saying, like the Cowboys, the Saints, the Raiders, Bears, those would be great.


Just seeing if they send a trade off for over, I'll say. Yes.


I mean, this is a limited the options. I mean. I asked the question on Twitter. Which some people took issue with, but the idea of, you know, is it good for the NFL if Russ cooks elsewhere or Russ stays put? And sixty five percent would like him to cook elsewhere. OK, I think chaos is interesting. Congress leaving Seattle after winning every single year is interesting.


Yes, it would be a great narrative. Awesome to just see. And it's one of those science experiments, right? We had this this last season with Tom Brady. Is it Belichick? Is it is it Brady? You know, and there's there's more nuance to it. But obviously, Brady won the the the battle. Bill Belichick is the most overrated head coach of all time. Now, that's been scientifically proven by what Brady did. But if Russell Wilson goes somewhere else, then you just have that fun narrative of watching.


Is it him?


Was it Seattle and that Chicago. Allen Robinson that worked for you, Mike? Yes, I would I would accept that.


And so what, Allen Robinson?


I can't believe he wants to go. He wants to go somewhere where they're going to let him throw the ball. I mean, that's the issue here, is that Seattle wants to run play good defense. That's the Pete Carroll way. So I'm surprised he he throws the bears out there, another great defensive team that seems like they're, you know, I mean, maybe it's just Mr. Brisky making them seem so mild on offense.


But I'm guessing that if Matt Nagy had Russell Wilson, we would see a lot more throwing in Chicago. Yeah, that makes sense.


What would you rather here's a would you rather can I can I throw the ball of this down? No. Well, here's a would you rather your Allen Robinson in this situation, would you rather have a career filled with competent but not exceptional quarterbacks that give you consistent numbers or.


Incompetent quarterbacks for the first five years of your career, and then you get you pay your dues and then you get the Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes is like prolific a few prolific years or a bunch of really good years.


It's where I feel so bad for Allen Robinson is where your your situation then turns it like past success equals future success. We mentioned that on the show. So if Allen Robinson had started his career not playing with Blake Bortles, his career trajectory is so much different. You know, when when the market opens up and he tours ACL going into free agency, his free agency market was. Was not great, I mean, he got just what was it, a one might have been one year or two year, I can't remember, but it was not the type of contract that a player who is as good as Owen Robinson deserves.


And part of that is the quarterbacks that you had to play with. So I would rather take playing with a good quarterback at the beginning so that I can make sure I'm making a maximizing my NFL money.


I say, OK, so the financial benefits. Yeah. Versus the. OK, I'm going to need the Hall of Fame quarterback. I would I would choose the other one because I want I want the chance at greatness and that won't come with mediocre.


You want the crazy year where you end up with twenty touchdowns. Absolutely. OK, a report from the athletic believing hunter Henry could get ten point five million a year in free agency, which is what Austin Hooper got last year. I could see that for sure.


Is there any particular landing spots for Hunter Henry that would get you hot and bothered? Tennessee, Jacksonville, Carolina. Cincinnati, Cincinnati is probably my favorite destination. Jason, you know what you're doing? I'm ruining Drew samples, right? Bright future. I realized then that that would be hard for me to swallow that pill. But I do think, you know what?


I started the week. One week is out of us. And we had like a single catch. She was taking it up to one. It was a team player. And then Jason tried to spin it that his catch percentage rate was in fact, there was one catch, his one game. He caught 100 percent of his passes because you tricked me into spending like sixty five. You know, we got him. That's right. I tricked you. You tricked me.


But I do one of the quarters I had in my pocket for the wishing well, I didn't I didn't bring it out. Was Antonio Brown to the Bengals because I. I want good things. I want good things for Joe Barrow.


And just that chaos of Antonio Brown going into division. I did think things are bad things. I said good. Antonio Brown just won a Super Bowl, my man.


Oh, he did five thousand yards.


So but I would like I would like the Bengals to upgrade their receiving weapons for Joe.


You could do better than Antonio Brown, I think.


Why I give him Hunter.


Henry Washington's going to part ways with Alex Smith. Strange reports. Yeah, I haven't read a lot about them, but just Alex Smith has said the team didn't really want him there, didn't really want to give him a chance, didn't really want him on the roster. So surprising.


Not how it came across. In terms of very strange, the PR, I mean, it seemed like through the season, it was like he was there. It's hard to tell. Yeah, I mean, when you're comparing to to wanting Dwayne Haskins is your quarterback, it can seem like you. Anything's better, right?


Like you love Alex Smith, right? Even if you don't, apparently. But Mike was bringing this up earlier in the studio. Just the fact that, you know, you're coming into this new franchise. You see the quarterback is an issue, the quarterback room, and you assume that Alex Smith will never be able to come back, won't be able to play football. He's getting paid. And so that that could be a difficult entry into the franchise.


But if if I had been given the coaching position for Washington, you would be doing everything you can to move on from Alex Smith as an organization. It this is unfortunate because this is removing humanity from the equation. But to do the best thing for the team, I can't count on Alex Smith, who almost had his leg removed. And so the story that Smith came was able to come back and played OK football. But I'm sure that was a very difficult thing for the Washington management to handle.


Pretty tough for Alex, too. Yes.


Trying to make a comeback to win Comeback Player of the year in an environment that you didn't feel comfortable. Yeah. And you didn't feel like people were rooting for you to do that. Apparently, 49ers have reached out to the Panthers about a potential trade for Teddy Bridgewater.


OK, they must hate Garappolo because Bridgewater's to me, I think gropple is better than Bridgewater, it's not even an argument worth having because neither one is great. But like, why would you say is Bridgewater is not an answer to the Garappolo problem. That's just so weird to me. No, he's just another Garappolo, right. He's good at the short stuff though. Yeah. He can find Brandon. Are you going to four yard in. He can hand it off to DeBaun in and around.


I think that they are done with Jimmy G and that's what the the one message that's been here in my mind all year long, the way that they've talked about trades.


I think that they realize they've maybe hit a wall with and he's been hurt a lot. Not that Bridgewater is the solution to that problem either. But what choice do you have? Yeah, I would say they did get to a Super Bowl with him, but Jared Goff got there, too. He got the boot. Yeah, a couple of cap casualties. Texans released three down running back Duke Johnson.


Bill O'Brien is really bad, was was really, really bad at his franchise, is in trouble, but at least they can rebuild their draft picks this year.


Yeah, it's crazy because the well, how about, like, how many taxes is jaywalking ticket for the Houston Texans this year? Let this be a lesson to those of you who think. The NFL should behave like a fantasy football team because Bill O'Brien did everything he could do to run the franchise, exactly how.


Maybe an inexperienced person would run it, go all in. I will go ahead and trade for Duke Johnson. I'm going to I'm going to trade away my picks for protection for Deshaun Watson. I'm going to trade away my future. And this is going to be a long, long journey out of this hole. Well, what Bill O'Brien forgot is your spouse, you trade your future for now, but he traded the future and then he traded the present.


That which is it's not all you have. All you're left with is the past. Yes, in the past. Well, they also got rid of the past because Jayjay was. No, that's true. Part of the franchise.


So you just get so like Bill O'Brien's punishment should not he should have to be back right after, like, half of the losing est record in NFL history on his record.


It's not fair because when they win, reinspire Bill O'Brien, when they win one game this season, the is going be like, see, you feel good. I was we were winning games.


Rehire Bill O'Brien. That is the new plan.


Now, if you're a Texans fan, do you become an Arizona Cardinals fan because like you're a farm team. Yes. Because they feed into the Cardinals.


Or do you hate the Cardinals? They hate us because they ruined your franchise. They definitely hate us. Well, but just come and look. If you can't beat them, join them. And I welcome you to our side. And when you get here, we'll put some music on for you.


Oh, this is this is the official open invitation. Dance with us. If you're a Houston Texans fan and you are, you're willing to jump ship and get out, be an Arizona cardinal, join us. Yes, you're welcome. All are welcome.


Houston has a problem. Adam Humphries released as well, pronounced with an Umphrey's. Yeah, saving four point seventy five million dollars from the Titans.


If you didn't know, we're out of my head.


All right. We are going to move into some mailbag. Answer your questions.


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Mike, I just hope that means yes.


Mailbag. OK, yeah, it was good. That's good. All right, if you have a question for the show. You can visit the website, click the submit a question button or dial our voice mail hotline three zero two four six forty FFP. We've got some voice mail calls on the show today, some questions from Twitter and join the dotcom and elsewhere. So let's start with a let's start with one of those voicemails.


Hi, Bob. This is Dan out of Lincoln, Nebraska. Happy owner of the 2020 case. So the job there. But good job to you. Is there a player that comes to mind as someone who you forget just how good they are until you watched tape like to watch film of them? My answer would be awesome. Ekler or just every time I watch them, I'm like, wow, he really is good, but thanks. Have a good day.


I definitely have a name popping into my head, which is Kareem Hunt. I think Kareem Hunt saying, quote unquote, second fiddle in Cleveland made people forget, like this was a prolific RB, one kind of game changing runner. The fact that he he just runs through tackles on a regular basis, that in a way that other running backs can't.


You know, we talk about having a case of the measles. Yeah, but Mike Causley is actually shown that when you watch you like the dude is a gamer.


I mean, he's really good. He's always open. He catches everything and he's not afraid of contact, even though he's a little bitty baby thing out there.


So I, I think he's a really good football player and it's not a good one. Not that you forget, really, but maybe you're not watching these games. But I'll go with a twofer in Minnesota, Donovan Cook and Adam Thielen. When you actually watch them play, not just look at your box score afterwards, like, oh man, David Cook, give me fantasy points, go watch.


I was actually getting the fantasy points and you realize that he is in elite tier running back in the NFL. Yeah. Kyle check man.


If you're taking it, you're just talking about a film guy. That's not always a fantasy guy.


Goodness gracious. Has he ever thrown a pass, if he has he completed it had to be for a touchdown. OK. All right, dynasty question on Instagram Knewton Team Dynasty League start up draft. Who ends up going number one? Whoever is taken there, who would I take it, the one on one? Yeah, I think that's the question. My what a dumb answer, Mike, where phrase your question better. Who goes one on one if it's me.


I would take Tyreek Hill there. Yeah, I would I would assume the risk, right, the risk because of the off the field stuff, I keep going back and forth in my own head between Devonta Adams and Tyreek Hill. Less risk but more age with Adams.


But it would be, it would be between those two for me like it is. Stefon Diggs in the running for you there.


No, no, he's he's the next tier down at wide receiver Tyreek Hill is another answer to the one player jumps out on film even though you know they're good as well, because every time you watch him you're like, wow, it's not bear now because what's crazy is he can stop as fast as he can go and he can go real fast.


Yeah. And in his healthy. Yeah, that is that is weird, despite because he's got the same disease that Mike Williams has, which is he goes out and he falls real hard to the ground, but he seems to stay pretty much healthy, less mess, less mess to ride the earth. Yeah, imagine you jumped up his eyes. Oh, I'm injured. I'm injured.


My only hope is that the cushion of we'll call that cause a divot in the crater, the crater in the turf.


So we're not nice people.


No, that was the worst one I know. Mike, Mike just jumped in.


And we love you, buddy. I know. I know. You wouldn't cause a crater now.


Just a just a large divot now not killing no dinosaurs. Just going to hurt people while they try to run through that area where I fell before. That's it. Rope it off. Rope it up.


We're going to get the groundskeeper over here. Jay fell again. I mean, this isn't really I mean, the odds of you getting that high in the air.


I know that's what's really dumb about this. And being lost in the equation is even though when I was stepladder appeared on the field, even though at our combine I did have the highest. Oh, you I do. I sure did. Check the tape. Oh, my God. Yeah. We have checked the chase. You lie, cheater. All right.


I should let you have that after we just put you through.


Oh, did you see these quads don't long. It's the name of your album. The fourth one. Yeah.


All right.


Oh, how do we keep going if we miss three albums from G.S.? No, no, no. I've released zero. Oh, oh. You're the name of my fourth. What's your first album?


Well, it's got to be someone with a single I mean, Quad's, you can't come out with a quad title on an album one. Oh, I get it.


I get it.


We're moving on to South Carolina. Is there any chance to say go into the twenty, twenty one season with Taysom Hill, the starting quarterback, and if they do what it has done, see value in a super league? Thanks.


There's definitely a chance. I agree. I mean, right now it seems like you'd have to say it's between Taysom and Jamous, even though, you know, they could go after a different free agent. Those two guys could leave or Jamous could. If he is the starter, though, I think his dynasty values very good.


Well, if Taysom Hill is the starter, what are the chances that he enters the season because he signed a two year deal, if I remember right, last offseason. So he's on one year right now. What are the chances that he goes into the season without an extension?


Well, I know that the Saints are not in a great cap space, so unless that extension could actually help them cap wise and I don't believe it would looking at his contract, I think he would basically be on a one year deal. So you'd have the danger of from a dynasty outlook of saying this guy could just be a one year quarterback. But my belief is that if Taysom Hill is the quarterback for the Saints, they'll be a good team.


They'll win the majority of their games and he will be back after that. So I would I would view him as, you know, a top fifteen quarterback because he runs the ball. That's always good for fantasy, but top fifteen with some risk.


Yeah, there's the risk is just is the contract. If Taysom Hill had an extension right now, he would easily be a top ten guy for me despite I know he's thirty one or going to be thirty one or something like that really hasn't played much. But he was tremendous for football and he's going to run a bunch and he was actually pretty accurate. All right, Andrew has a question which over the Hill, veterans still have several years left of value in Dynasty Tom Brady players who everyone is dumping on because they're too old but can still provide solid value on the cheap.


It's not even a joke like it's a joke, but it's also the truth. I believe I'm talking about an extension. Right. Which is not a joke. It sounds like a joke. Yeah. Tom Brady probably has three solid years of fantasy production left.


And I don't know what genetic quirk you can have where you can win seven championships and gain a bigger chip on your shoulder. Like I like, he's proven he's done everything that should make anybody just rest on their laurels and yet. I know he's going to come back hungrier next year than he did this year, because all he just playoffs, he's always hungry, he's looking for me. That's what he makes out of his diet and was like, I'm starving.


There's only 10 or so other over the hill players, quote unquote, over the hill.


Is Julio in that category? Yet he's still high price, though, and you could take your shot on like Hilton, like T.Y. Hilton, there's OK, there is a strong chance that T.Y. Hilton is duen. Yep. There is a strong chance of that. But I think that he I think what he has left, it could still be of value to NFL teams and he could be a veteran and still give you a couple more years, you know, not know about Melvin Gordon.


Does he have value? Yeah. I mean, he's a starting running back right now. And so all starting running back to value. I'm trying to think Gurley is done. Correct.


Trying to think of some older names. I think this could be true. I think Adam Thielen could still have like two or three years left. And I can tell you right now that if you poke the manager who has Adam Thielen, they look at him as man. I've got to, I've got to get something now because it's overwrites. He's older and I still think you're going to have to really solid years of fantasy production for Thielen. OK, I can't really oh, Gronkowski.


I would even play I don't know if they come back, I think things went well for him this past past year and things like every thing that could go right for his fantasy value went right. Yeah. So I would be out.


He's not multi years of value left. You guys want to Zach Ertz on your team. No, thanks. OK, we've been beaten down. Sleep tight in question, is Adam Trautmann a valid, tight end sleeper going into next season is to make. Yeah, he has to make. I think if you're calling him a Titan sleeper. Yes, I think that is valid. And that's under the premise that Jared Cook would leave. Correct. All right, Dan in Ontario, would you trade AJ Dillon no, for the seventh, you haven't even heard the rest of the question.


There has to be an answer of yes, potentially for that for Tyreek Hill and Alvin Kamara. I shouldn't have committed. Yeah. For the seventh overall pick in the rookie draft.


That's a really good question. That's a super interesting question.


Seven Overall I, I would say AJ Dillon will not have the backfield to himself.


There is no chance of that. No, I, I think that what happens is Jamaal Williams will be back, but it will be he'll be passing downs back. It'll be one A one. B like Dillon one. Yes. That that's how I see it shaking out. It could absolutely go the other direction.


If you need a running back, I would not trade him for the one or seven. There's going to be probably a really great wide receiver there. But here's what we know about AJ Dillon Ellis. OK, see if you agree with me. I saw enough from AJ Dillon on an NFL field that tells me he belongs there and if he is given a shot to produce, he's going to be a good player. I agree. And Aaron Rodgers will open things up for his skill set.


Meanwhile, the 107 that is not a given. You have the rookie fever. I get it. I got the rookie fever, too. But you could be drafting Jalen Reagor at the 107. And it's such an interesting question because let me just. Look at the outcomes here. Mm hmm. What if they pay and Jones, sure, if they pay her and Jones, I don't know if we see Mike that day. I'll be I'll be very sad, I mean, because what's the dynasty value of AJ Dillon at that moment in time?


Almost nonexistent?


No, I completely disagree that it's non-existent. He's still the backup in Green Bay. Jama'a, if Aaron Jones what's the dynasty value of a backup running back is the point, though, your your one mishap away from having a starting running back for a high scoring offense?


I'm in between where you guys are. If if Aaron Jones comes back, Aaron Jones is the clear cut front runner.


He is the fantasy option. However, they won't bring back Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams.


I'd be surprised financially if they do that.


So that would at least vault AJ Dillon up to a more relevant combination, because Jamaal Williams was very relevant this last year, but obviously not someone that you would love. Now, I don't expect Aaron Jones to be back because they have AJ Dillon. They might actually resign Jamaal Williams much, much, much cheaper and have a one two punch there. So Jamaal Williams could be someone that you could target in a dynasty league. It's really just a matter of what do you believe is going to happen with Aaron Jones?


Because you bring up the perfect point, the the range of outcomes here for me, Dillon could be a top ten type of upside if if Jones left are great.


But if he doesn't, then the trade value goes so far down and. But if you're still gambling on the one of seven. Sure. So why with the way I see it is why would you not gamble on the you have the proof that if Dillon is the starting running back, he's going to be very good. He's going to score a whole lot of touchdowns. Yeah, I mean, I it's silly because this is the this is obviously what the question is, but it kind of feels different.


If I were to think about drafting AJ Dillon at the 107, like, I would definitely do that. Right. So I would rather have aget. Well, we're going to know, right? Yeah, by the time yeah, I mean, it'll be nice to know after the free agency. Yeah.


And then after the draft that that one in seven becomes much more clear as far as how many great players landed in great land, except what's the first negotiation day where they can whisper in the bushes about signing contracts.


I like they still call it the legal tampering. Why can't you just call it negotiations? Are that that's not the legal name for it, is it? I think that's what they still call it. Yes.


Legal tampering. Legal tampering. So that's just people having a conversation. Why we are definitely legally doing. Why do you have to clarify? This is legal. Is this the purge? We got one dead 90 year. It's OK. Yeah.


And if it's why is it tampering? It's it's not tampering is illegal like legal. That's why I don't think it can't be the real.


I'm telling you, this is what they still call it. And it's you are saying this is a a legal illegal activity. All right.


So legal, legal jaywalking, legal stealing, also known as the crosswalk. Legal jaywalking. That's right. That's right. So that the the legal tampering period starts on March 15th. Beware the Ides of March. That's two days. The seventeenth opens up free agency. Hmm. What what does I mean? The middle, I believe really.


I've never known. I've heard that phrase a lot. I've known I need to be where it is.


Type in real quick on that keyboard.


It just seventy fourth day in the Roman calendar corresponding to the fifteenth of March. Not so sure it means middle, but could hit the middle of March. Sure. I stand by the. Twitter question from Holwell, 33, which starting quarterback would you most want to go on a long road trip with? I feel like we've answered a question like this before, probably. Well, let's answer it again. Road trip with an NFL player. Yeah, starting quarterback.


Oh, starting quarterback. Let's rank them from worst. Worst Russell Wilson.


That's all I got. Yeah. I don't think you would make my list. So he'd be like, I'd have thirty one and then. And that's Chandler Catanzaro, Russell Wilson, car ride across the country. Give me that, Kenzaburo, OK? I'm really tired. I still think Baker would just be a blast. Yeah, I would love to to just share car ride, share some jokes.


That'll be fun. I feel like Baqer like you'd start out well and then he'd find like you'd be at a rest stop and you find some other people that are cooler than you and be like I'm don't go with them and leave, you know. So why don't you want to run in here? We we need some more Cheesus and then you come out and he's gone. I need somebody on my level of coolness I that won't leave me in it. People may grimace, but I've seen Aaron Rodgers in enough interviews.


He is. And he is interesting. He's an interesting person. You've seen him on he's crushed on Jeopardy! Like he's also a really smart dude, if he's a wild card a little bit. But he's he's always just so laid back and casual in these in these interviews that that's what I'm talking about. That's what I need. A road trip. I don't need I high levels of energy the entire time.


We need ebbs and flows, but mostly just just sitting calmly chatting. Now get out of here. I'm going. We're cut it up. We're having fun. We're laughing. It's me.


As I'm going to get a three pack here, I'm going to take Baker Mayfield, Matthew Stafford, Cam Newton. We are going to have a blast. Cam Newton would be fantastic.


I mean, you know, he can't be you can't be hurt in a car accident. Even know possible. That's that's don't let him be the driver because he has a skewed you know, his risk tolerance. His risk tolerance is he's not worried about an accident at all because he can't be hurt.


Instagram question should head to head or most points be the tiebreaker for PAY-OFF playoffs? Oh, most points. Most points. Yeah, I get the desire for the the head to head, but I beat you, but I scored 200 more points than you. It's a fantasy is far different than real NFL football. Reward the team that's been better. Longer. Yeah, I mean, that's the truth. Although it feels real bad if you beat somebody in the regular season and then they get the spot over you.


Yeah, but if they have that many more points than you, then things have gone sideways for that team several times throughout the season.


Yeah, total points is pretty good for most things and most like an indicator for how a team's done, but. Not always. Sometimes you can have sure, you can have those weeks where you know the two hundred point week and distorts things a little bit, but. All right, keep your question from the website, Mantin Pittsburgh, do I keep Jonathan Taylor in the fifth or Stefon Diggs in the sixth PPR league home?


Oh, I'm taking Stefon Diggs Azami. You're so in a real. Is it because of the PR people, because the PR or have PR right?


Because the draft cost whatever by a fifth or sixth round pick in. So in redraft, you're drafting Stefon Diggs before you take Taylor? I probably would not draft Stefon Diggs before I would take Taylor, you know, because of where they will land in and where I need to grab each player. But I do think Diggs is the safer option here. You know, they're a in a PPR. Diggs was so consistent, so great. Now has another year with Josh Allen.


And I would I would say those players will go very near each other in the draft. So give me the give me the one round value difference. And I've still got the reason why it's a little easier because I've still got my first and my second round picks available to go after running backs. I'd take Taylor. You both make interesting points, I would go Stefon Diggs, all right, Instagram, what do we do with Jay Chark in a dynasty league?


Hang on to him or shopping for a draft pick.


Hang onto him. I think I would hang on to him, because if you shot him for a draft pick, then you are again kind of like what Mike was saying. There's risk built into that. But the upside now realize, you know, Chaak could play not getting a top five pick for D.J. chart, in which case holding on to him is the better.


You'll probably get a second round pick, which is well below a 50 percent hit rate in the second round.


So I would say digit sharks potential to hit again in his career is higher than 50 percent.


I would agree. And to be relevant this year will happen. Now, there's a realistic outcome here where at the end of this year, I believe this would be the final year of his contract. He moves on and that and that stinks. But you'll have value this year in knee jerk. And then you have the if it if it's good enough value, they resign him. And now he's locked to a great quarterback for a long time. All right.


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