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This is Melvin Gordon and you listening to the Fantasy Football podcast. Welcome to the Fantasy Football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike, right. Welcome in my world. It's Friday, someone had a double shot of espresso over here was what's perhaps my man, you're on fire Friday, October 2nd. No, Hap's mike. No, Hap's Friday. Was that that game? That's just yeah. I was the the barn burner. But the kicker battle, that game was fun and terrible.


It like it reminds me of. So, you know, like it's dinner time, yeah, you're like, oh, crap, I'm hungry, I have no idea what to eat. Yeah, we're we're well past me making a meal. I'm going to go through the fridge, the pantry, and I'm just going to slap something together. And you're like grabbing all these random ingredients you put together. It looks disgusting. And then you eat it. You're like, oh, OK, it's better than I thought it'd be like, OK, I got some nutrition.


We hit the over. We had a good time. Yeah. And the few fantasy options that you did play actually came through. I mean, if you played Melvin Gordon, I would say he took it up to a hundred. Yeah. And he, you know was the last run.


Forty three. So that was a forty three yarder. Just to add on Pilottown, you had Crowder have a good game Jerry.


Judy had a good game. Look it was fun man. Oh yeah. You had Judy. I did have Jamison. Crowder was fine like you said, no offense but he got injured on the left early.


The good news is they said that it's not it appears minor, so I expect he'll he'll be back next game.


Sam Darnel that run well, where is that? Ben that's called the. I'm going to slide. Just got you.


Defense stopped every defensive player kind of thought it was pretend or something.


I yeah. A quarterback should be practicing the pump fake slide.


It's called No Respect. That's what it's called. The defense had no respect for Darnel. It's been reported this morning that despite being 014 with a negative sixty six point differential, Adam Gase will remain the head coach of the New York Jets.


Well, that's a in fairness to Adam case. He had to play against a third string undrafted quarterback who came to for his first start flying across the country. That's no easy task, Reid. What's also no easy task is for beribboned over here, Brett the Ripper. He played a fantastic game until like the final half of the fourth quarter was like, oh, he lost all of his powers, forgot how to play football. It starts turning the ball.


Last night gave me some flashbacks to when I played quarterback in our flag football league for multiple reasons. For one, that Sam Donald run. That was me. Mm hmm.


Because it was so elegant and they there was often no respect for your running, no respect for the running game. And somehow I could sneak around and to the beribboned game was pretty much that's pretty much me in a nutshell. Oh, you're looking good. Oh, you're throwing it. Well, what was that?


My wide receiver did me the favor. That's what Judy did. And then to just go interceptions, which was my kind of that was my thing.


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Congratulations, Matthew.


Thank you for supporting the show. Yeah, and you can klukowski Mr Olmert and Mr Klukowski is what it should be.


Yes, that's right, Jason. Pristine auction. Dotcom is where we got that idea here. Is that all the time signed Jersey use the code ballers that pristine auction knockoff. One announcement before we get into the news. I am pivoting my start of the week, I'm not going to be caught. With Wil Fuller's hamstring, because this popped up on the injury report late yesterday after I made Wil Fuller, who's got the perfect match up set up for him.


Here's Will Fuller's hamstring knocking on the door again. I'm not going to look. He's supposed to play the report this morning. He's supposed to play. It's a great matchup. If you've got the fortitude to do it, it should work out if he stays healthy and you play.


It's me, my hamstring. Don't forget about me. Why is the hamstring sell gear in the frozen universe?


Yes, that's one hundred percent what it was.


So I'm going to pivot. I had Joe Buhrow as my quarterback started the week. I'm going to give you Tyler Boyd, Tyler Boyd, start of the week, Steketee last week. Thirteen targets, ten receptions. One hundred twenty five yards.


Yeah. Over the last two weeks, Joe Burrow's understood a simple fact about this offense. When you target Tyler Boyd, it seems to work out a target. Seven receptions two weeks ago ended up as the wide receiver. Ten last week, the wide receiver sixteen. This is a great matchup against Jacksonville. So I'll make the pivot, save myself from the Swedish hamstring or whatever that hamstring.


Whoa. No, no, no. You don't want a hamstring blowout? No. News& notes from around the league. All right, we have more covid news, come on, man, I'm sorry, Mike. Adam Schefter reporting. Two more Titans players have tested positive for covid-19, that is seven total players, six staff members. Mercifully, the league made the right decision, canceled the game. It seems to be contained to one team and Mike, you're making a face, we don't have more news.


No. OK, well, the news is now we have to speculate moving forward. They have the bills next week. That game, if basically Schefter said if more positive cases come this weekend, that game is in jeopardy. Yeah. Where we stand right now, the the plan that's been floated so far by the NFL is a very simple, very elegant solution. I think it was you basically have to move the the Pittsburgh and the Ravens game.


Yeah. From week to week eight. And that was going to take care of the situation.


Now, if you're taking two games off of the docket, you really have a competitive problem going for the Titans. And there's quite the mosaic puzzle for the NFL to figure out if that happens. We don't know for sure that it will, but we hopefully we don't have to deal with it.


Yeah, Major League Baseball had to deal with a more significant multi team issue. They got through it. They got to the playoffs, the league not playing this game, that it was an important decision. And we're all hopeful that all these players staff are safe, healthy, and it doesn't spread any further. And we get through it. It's 20/20 has been a weird one guy. Did you did you know that I've heard man stay safe. Take care of each other.


Some in or out questions for the week. Julio Jones is going to play.


He's trending in the right direction towards playing. I think he will play. Russell Gage is someone that is also trending positively through the concussion protocol. So he could be a pivot. What about his teammate, Calvin Ridley? Yeah, I believe he plays as well. It's the Monday night game. Makes things a little bit difficult here because you have so like let's say you're counting on Julio Jones. I guess the pivot is that I would be looking at is Mark was Valdés scandalising Jayson's take it up to one hundred player because you you're not sure that Russell Gage is going to play it.


If someone has Calvin Ridley, they're also looking at Monday trying to get their pivot ready. So you better you better just throw moves on the bench right now.


All I heard was Wil Fuller and a bunch of lineups based on this news. Davante Adams returned to practice. He did say he wants to be one hundred percent before he plays, said he will not play one percent under.


So if he's not feeling perfect, he will not play. That is scary but smart. Allen Lazard. This was big news. Jason mentioned Marquese Valdes Scantlin yesterday without any knowledge that Allen Lazard was injured in here all of a sudden. He's undergone surgery for muscle surgery out indefinitely, that sucks for the lizard king coming off clearly his best game of his career. Yeah, and so Imbibes will be targeted. Those tight ends that got involved last week could be more involved this week.


And then Aaron Jones will mean he bears the burden of this offense right now. Michael Thomas, Michael Thomas.


Is he going to return? You know, they've said it isn't a lock that he's out there. He's practicing in limited fashion. It's too early to tell. I'm going to listen to Matthew Betts injury podcast. You can listen to that over at Join the Football. Come for the premiere teer. I'm going to listen to him more than me because there's there's really no telling. The timeline says he could get in, but he probably won't be 100 percent.


So I don't know if they'll put him out there or not. Yes, the Saints are the early game on Sunday and we'll have a Friday practice report. That's what Betts ends up talking about. All the Friday practice reports on that part. Jared Cook did not practice on Thursday. That's not good. Hopkins didn't either. DeAndre Hopkins Ankle Injury Cardinals GM Steve Chim's said it will be up to Hopkins to make the decision if he plays. Based on that and Hopkins history of playing through everything in his career, I expect him to be out there.


This was an injury nobody knew about. Yeah, so it's not. So that makes it not fair. It sure feels that way. It does. It's like, wait, what? Hopkins is injured. When did that happen?


Yeah, my team in our league of record has Beckham, Hopkins and Hunt. All three left the game totally fine according to all the knowledge we had and the eyeballs and eyeballs. And here's Beckham added to the injury report with the back injury. Hunt didn't practice again on Thursday.


They've said it's not serious, but they're they're not they're treating it like it's also we did bring up the promotion of Dantrell Hilliard to the team. That was in response to a special teamer rookie that they lost. So that was not necessarily for Kareem Hunt. However, it does help them in this situation if Kareem Hunt still continues to miss practices. So TBD, I mean, you've got to monitor the Friday practice reports. Make sure you're following our social media account on Twitter.


We will put out all the information there.


Yeah, well, game day alerts on Sunday. Mike will be live again on Sunday as well with last minute inactive reports. Terry MacLaurin added to the injury report with a thigh issue. It's not a great match up. He was the one Redskin. Oh, man. Oh, man. Washington football. Yeah, I forgot. I got to get the Terry McLaurin was added. Are you worried about his availability? I think he'll play. All right.


Chris Carson, Carlos Hyde, both limited on Wednesday and Thursday. I think maybe both play. Yeah, this is really a wait and see if if Chris Carson is active. Are you guys just going right back in? I mean, you probably don't have another choice. Yeah, I agree with Andy. If he's active, you're going to end up playing him. I mean, what else do we have, DJ Chark? Yeah, he's he's practicing, but we we will see it like the you playing him if he's active because Doug Cameron said he's comfortable with him playing this week.


I want to see what his practice status is for Friday is like. If we get a full practice here, then, yeah, I'll put him back in the on the the other bigger note here. And this is just a strategy note.


Leonard Fort Leonard Fort Leonard Faulk. Leonard Fournette did not practice Thursday. We knew from news a couple of days ago that all of a sudden it sounds like Leonard Fournette is not going to play. Ronald Jones becomes very, very interesting for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But there was also a quote earlier in this week that I had missed. But it was from head coach Bruce Arians speaking about Keyshawn Vaughn says your time is coming. So I'm not I'm not calling for Keyshawn Vaughn to break out this weekend.


Just saying if you've got that empty space and you're looking forward for a strategy, early pick up.


The there's no guarantee that Ronald Jones is the safe and great play, I would throw Keyshawn Vaughn on the back of your bench if you have that spot, one of the most common strategies I utilize. I'm sure a lot of listeners do. And if you don't start doing it, if you have air spots, what will happen is every Sunday morning there will be certain players that are ruled out. You know, the last couple of weeks it's been Jamison Crowder who's been questionable and then, OK, they rule them out.


So I throw them to my ear and I pick up a backup running back. I pick up some running back that if an injury happens, I get him before the waiver wire Kikkoman as a name to look for a hard part there is that we've been completely avoiding the backfield in general. I get it so. I just don't know what his upside is, Gio Bernard, back to pick up. All right, Brooks, can you do me a favor?


No more injuries. Please do that because you sort that out.


I'm working on a man. I'm trying. We want good news. George Little.


Yeah, in. Yeah, he's back, baby. And Derek McKinnon. Yeah. In practicing in full gear. Everybody's healthy.


Yeah. All right. Match up time. Fantasy forecast. Arizona Cardinals at two and one take on the Carolina Panthers at one and two, the Cardinals are three and a half point favorites. It's a fifty one point overunder. As cardinal fans, Arizona residents. I don't want to see the Cardoza defense without DeAndre Hopkins. That would be a significant downgrade. I think anyone in who's an NFL fan or fantasy football fan does not want to see that happen outside of the Panthers fans.


I don't think the Cardinals win the game without DeAndre Hopkins. So that'll be interesting. They are favorites right now. It's a fifty one point over under. OK, Jason, you brought up Kenyan Drake is your start of the week great opportunity here against the 31st ranked run defense in terms of fantasy points allowed to the running back position. Carolina, they have struggled. This is the game that if you could have any confidence in Kenyan Drake, it has to be this.


You have to start Kenyan Drake. You're going to make a mistake if you don't. I realize he's been disappointing. He's gotten a lot of touches, hasn't done enough with them. But if you look at the Carolina defense, OK, they're the 31st ranked on the season and you go, well, it's only been three weeks, so that can be really skewed. Well, let's look back to last year where they were the thirty second ranked Rushdy. This is a lot better.


This is a lot of games running where they just give up a ton of fantasy points to the running back. If DeAndre Hopkins is in or out and hobbled or less than hundred percent, they're going to need to rely on Kenyan Drake.


He's a must start and that's why he's my start the weekend. I will say this.


I will be very concerned if at the end of this week, Kenyan Drake is the running back, you know, twenty eight and has fifteen touches for forty six yards. I will start to get worried.


I will be worried. Yeah.


Fully worried. You'll move the panic alarm up a little bit. Yeah but it's not happening every single. I feel like this is a make or break week for so many players and another one is D.J. Moore here, D.J. Moore. Mike started the week at the wide receiver position in this game. Real quick, though, Mike Davis, the other running back. Oh, he's must play. Is he a must start as well? Yeah, he absolutely.


They're they're treating him like Christian McCaffrey. He's getting the usage. He's getting targets sees here. Don't you mean Myles Gaskin? They're treating him like Myles Gaskin.


Sure. All right. James Moore has the solid match up. I think this is another week where you look at GE more and you adjust your opinion of him if he cannot put up a good performance in this game against Arizona. That's fair.


Yeah, that is fair. But, you know, I'm with Mike on this. We drafted these players high for a reason. And what they've shown so far this year is not that they are busts it. They've just it hasn't happened, but they've been involved. And there's a lot of behind the scenes metrics that say, yeah, just stick with it. And the matchup is great.


Yeah, yeah. We'll see what D.J. more can do if Hopkins misses, if he decides to sit down. And that's the big one. Arizona Kyla Murray, the passing game. We know the pace of play. Arizona runs a lot of no huddle. They get a lot of offensive production from that wide receiver position. Who is the the potential start there outside of DeAndre Hopkins? Is it Andy Isobella, who's had a couple of weeks? Larry Fitzgerald, who was basically ignored last week?


Christian Kirk could be back with the groin injury.


It's truly we were we were talking about this at lunch the other day, and we we each picked one of those three guys, which leads me to believe that you probably want to stay away. I mean, if you're looking at one of those players or or moves, I probably lean I do lean towards NB's. If I were to take one of these players, I think it would be Andy Isobella for the deep, big play, I hope, because I think that the range of outcomes for all three of these players is a really bad game.


So I'm going to take who I think has the highest upside, Robby Anderson.


Is he a solid wide receiver, too, in this matchup? He's yeah, he's Robby Anderson is getting the volume to be a wide receiver to three every week. Does he deserve to be ranked ahead of D.J. Moore on a weekly basis?


He could. He absolutely could. I mean, making his way there. The thing is, they're both really. But we have a very, very small data set. But their numbers are close. Robby Anderson has scored, though. So that's a that's the bigger difference between the two of them.


Kyler Murray is the QB seven on the week in our rankings, he was the QB five, five and ten through the first three weeks. He seems very safe at the quarterback position right now.


What if Hopkins misses? Are you pivoting off of Cayler, not against Carolina? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, he Cuyler was a great he didn't have Hopkins last year and he was a great fantasy quarterback. So here's the number that a stat that speaks to the variance of the Carolina Panthers and D.J. Moore, Teddy Bridgewater, seventh in passing yards thirtieth in passing touchdowns like there's Teddy Bridgewater and the receivers are getting it done in yardage. We just haven't seen the scores coming.


Do you think that that's a result of garbage time for them or are being a team that's constantly giving it up on the other side? That's it's a good question. It's a good question. But I do believe that Jim Moore comes through with a touchdown this week. All right. Before we talk about the Minnesota Vikings and the Houston Texans, want to remind all the foot clan if you play DFS, the DFS pass has been absolutely kicking butt this year for people out there.


If you had the DFS pass and you were looking at the dart throws from last week, guys like Rex Burkhead, Tyler Croft, Hunter Renfroe, these players before the week, you'd be like, well, nobody would actually pick them, even though they blew up for fantasy. They were in the DFS pass on those dart throw articles. The articles have been amazing. The generator helps you build lineups. You can check it all out at DFS past, come and get it half off and just upgrade if you had the ultimate draft kit.


So check it out at the DFS pass. And don't forget the DFS podcast, the Fantasy Football DFS podcast with Kyle, the Borgerson and Matthew Betts. They are crushing it. They had everybody in Tyler Lockett last week getting those three touchdowns and everybody's game. It was fantastic. Check it out wherever you listen to podcasts. And they're passionate about it. They're excited about it each and every week. They really pour in the effort and it comes when they come through for listeners.


And here's the cool thing about it, we've gotten a lot of feedback this year, we've changed the format. We've put these two guys in charge because we wanted it to be what we've always wanted it to be, which is DFS for the rest of us. They teach you not just like this guy's stats and they're teaching you how to play the game better, how to actually have fun playing the and and and win, which makes it fun. It's not a lot of fun to lose at DFS.


So, yeah, check it out.


You will have a good time if you can play DFS, the DFS part the Minnesota Vikings own three taking on the Houston Texans own three Texans are three and a half point favorites. It's a 53 and a half point over under. I do think Houston wins this game. They haven't had very much success or an easy schedule thus far, Minnesota. It's just not been pretty. Both of these teams need a win really bad, and it's a pretty, pretty nice over under Deshaun Watson, you're going to play Deshaun Watson in this game, Dalvin Cook.


Yes, absolutely. David Johnson, the tough schedule. You got to keep that in mind with David Johnson. He is the RB. Twenty one through three weeks you're saying, OK, maybe not what you hoped. While he's played Baltimore, he's played Pittsburgh. He's had difficult situations, found his way into the end zone a couple of times. David Johnson's in your lineup.


Yeah, he very easily could have been a start of the week this week. This is one of those, you know, Kenyon Drake, David Johnson, these two guys are a bad couple of weeks. The disappointing, I should say, not really bad for either. And the matchup is very good for both. And Dalvin Cook is set up for success this week at He's ah before by consensus ranking. I think he's my number one overall on the week.


Justin Jefferson is one of the big questions in this game. You have a kind of a philosophical view where you don't want to chase points in fantasy. But chasing points for Cedrick Wilson is different than looking at a completely changed opportunity for a rookie wide receiver when they break out. Will Justin Jefferson be one of the top scoring receivers of the week? Probably not. But I do believe that what they did fundamentally last week, which was shift his role in the offense, increase his snap, count, target share, and then saw the results that they saw from it.


Look, this team has to throw the football. This is not going they're not going to win with Dalvin Cook in defense. They're going to win throwing the ball. Kirk Cousins has been historically a very competent, accurate passer. I think Justin Jefferson is a player.


You can start this week against this Houston defense. I agree, 78 percent of snaps last week, nine targets. And they were one point away from winning the game. I mean, it was a very, very close game with that. When you have a breakout to the tune of one hundred and seventy five yards as a first round draft pick, you don't go away. You don't you don't move from that. Obviously, he's not going to do this week in and week out.


But yeah, I'm starting Justin Jefferson.


If you grab Justin Jefferson, you played a lot of fab or you burned your highest waiver priority to get him. So, yeah, he's he's in.


Mike, if you had to choose Terry McLaurin, we have that injury tweak. We've got Baltimore or Justin Jefferson, Terry McLaurin, my lawn. But I was going to bring up a couple of names for you. OK, AJ Green versus Jacksonville or the rookie Justin Jefferson. I'll probably pay Jefferson Brandin Cooks on the other side of the ball from just Jefferson. Great matchup against Minnesota. Will Fuller Variance hamstring. I'll play Justin Jefferson. OK, I would go cookes Jefferson, AJ Green cooks, his cooks is sitting one, four, three right now, which is the same thing just Jefferson is doing.


But yeah, I understand people going either.


Either way, just to Jefferson is so tough. We don't know the flaw for him right now. Yeah, well the the floor is two for twenty six. Like that's I don't like chasing points and I really don't like chasing rookie points but the situations there he's, he is supposed to be this guy, he was drafted to be the Stefon Diggs replacement, the New York Giants that own three take on the Los Angeles Rams at two and one Rams are heavy favorite 13 points to forty eight point overunder.


It gives the Rams a thirty one point implied point total. The Giants just under 18. I don't really see this game going against the script right now, that's the script question marks are Daniel Jones. I fully believe the Rams will do on offense whatever they want to do on offense. I think that Darrell Henderson is going to have a great game, Mike, of the week. And if they need or early enough, if Woods and Kupp can get involved, I think, look, I'm starting all my rams because right now Sean McVay has gotten this team.


They're the number one and pass and Rush success rate. They're just playing great. So the question marks to me are on the New York Giants side of the ball. Are, you know, the Daniel Jones in a multi quarterback league? Can you start him in this matchup? You know, Devonta Freeman, you picked him up. What how bad does it have to be in order to play him? And then you've got guys like Slaten and Golden Tate.


I mean, if you're down thirteen points and you're throwing the ball there, there should be fantasy relevance here. Jamison Crowder last night. Got it done. Who gets it done for the Giants? Nobody. Someone will get it done.


Not necessarily. I mean, I get it with the Crowder. Crowder is easier if there's one man, right?


The Jets and the Giants are the two worst scoring offenses in football. The minute my perception of the Giants is different, then my perception of the Jets. I think about the Jets and I think complete ineptitude on offense. Adam Gase, they can't move the football. When I think of the Giants, they go, oh, man, exciting. Daniel Jones. He's kind of like Winston. He turns it out somebody is going to have a big game.


It hasn't equated to points on the field and playing the Rams right now.


You know, Jalen Ramsey roaming on one of these guys, are you going to take Slaten away and then say, OK, Gold Tait's the guy? I mean, I just have a lot of hesitancy here. I think I am other than Evan Engram as a tight end flyer. I am I think I'm completely out on the Giants. It's just my approach that I want to play the game.


That's where I am. I'm with Andy, that Evan Engram. I think you can play him the Rams twenty first against fantasy tight ends right now. Daniel Jones is being pressured a league high over forty one percent of the time. I think the MVP of this game will be Aaron Donald, like Daniel Jones. Sometimes you're right. Sometimes someone comes through and they get it done. But there's also some times where an offensive line is so atrocious and so overly matched that nobody ever gets anything going for that offense and I'm going to even go with anyone.


Evan Engram has the seventh most targets at the tight end position. He has not come through at all. So he is a he's a streamer option at best. But that's the only where I'm going. Only place I'm going. These running backs. No freaking way. Yeah, no. I playing anyone from this back for the Giants have scored thirty eight points total on the season.


And if you want to know how bad it gets when it gets bad, I mean Derek Slaten had the impressive debut against Pittsburgh the last two weeks. His snap counts have gone up from that game. I think he had nine targets last week.


Three is seven seven three, four, three, three, four. Fifty three went from the number four wide receiver to eighty second and sixty ninth.


The the risk is just so high, it doesn't mean that Slaten can't come down with a couple. Yeah.


So that means basically if this game script goes the way Vegas is, the way that we are projecting it is 100 percent a Darnell Anderson game. You must play Darnell.


And there are now Anderson would be of Cornell. Anderson is. That's Darrell Henderson. Yeah. The best nickname Olneyville.


The only player who has a completely different name has a nickname. Mike started the week. Darrell Henderson. He's going to smash. Yeah.


And we know that carmakers is not likely to be active in this game. The difference between Henderson and Malcom Brown, Brown could get some goal line carries and make you annoyed.


I think Malcolm Brown's contract says he's only allowed to score in week one, but he gets to do it multiple times, multiple years. He can try and other weeks. But fail. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, for sure. OK, auto starts. Robert Woods. Cooper Kupp. Yep, yep, yep. Tyler Higbee, Gerald Everett. Some interesting Evan Silva tweeted, The snap counts have gone down for Tyler Higbee significantly from his breakout period of time.


Last year he was 73 percent in that run. He's at fifty three percent right now. Roots run last week, Higbee twelve, Everett ten at the tight end position. So they are spreading it around a little bit. Higbee is always a threat to score. And you talk about a matchup like this. I mean, I'd rather have him in my lineup than not. Probably Tyler Higbee. Yeah, I agree. All right.


The New England Patriots, the two and one take on the three. You know, Kansas City Chiefs. This one is going to be exciting. This is going to be fun. You've got Patrick Mahomes and Cam Newton showering praise upon one another to reporters. Do we got a compliment versus compliment fight?


Yeah, they are both win the war of kindness. No, no, no, no. After you. No, no, no. After you love what you do with your hair. Cam. Yeah, they are both big fans of one another.


But are you guys a fan of the Booty Scooter I oh.


And did that drop change your your statistical projections. I am concerned for Cam Newton in this matchup I the Kansas City can shut down the passing game. They're going to be handing it off to running backs a lot on the Patriots side of the ball, that will be the game plan it's going to come down to can Cam does Cam get those carries inside the five? He probably still will. But how many of those opportunities are going to actually show up in this game?


So I, I have Cam Newton everywhere and I am strongly considering in a pivot, a pivot. If I can get Ryan Fitzpatrick against Seattle, I am strongly considering making that move, but oh, by the voice of public opinion.


But Cam Newton's been running and they'll be down and he'll have lots of fantasy points.


He might. I'm just very concerned about it this week. Well, I want to point out that the mobile rushing quarterback fantasy extraordinaire who was down and you wanted a lot of fantasy points from last week is a better version currently in 2020 of Cam Newton. And that was Lamar Jackson. You were not happy with that fantasy performance, so to speak. To Mike's point, I do think this is a pivot week from Cam.


Cam was the twenty eighth ranked quarterback last week against Las Vegas. Really? He was it was that bad. Really bad.


Seventeen for twenty eight. One hundred and sixty two yards. One touchdown. Nothing on the ground.


So you because sexy Rexy was stealing all the glory. Yeah. And also because they, I mean it was an easy cakewalk game. They didn't need much from Cam. Easy easy. W thirty six to twenty. Yeah. I think that there's some garbage time potential here for Cam in this game. But you're not, you know the big the big week he had when he threw for three hundred ninety seven yards.


I was against the Seattle secondary. You're not going to have that same experience here. He will need other wide receivers to step up this year to be consistent in the passing game. He can't just be Julian Edelman. He's going to need to kill Harry to step up or you're not going to get that kind of yardage. Sony, Michel, James White, Rex Burkhead. Hmm. Gross, gross, gross, gross. Here's the thing, Rex Burkhead was great while James White was not there.


Now James White is back at practice. So you go, OK, can I trust Rex Burkhead? I'm not sure. I don't think I can. Sony, Michel has actually been better than you think.


He's averaging like definitely better than Al Borland thinks. Yeah, I'll pollinates that guy. You know, he's he's been averaging about nine and a half fantasy points per game, one of the better yards per carry in the league right now. But he's been limited on Wednesday and Thursday with a quad. I don't know if there's anyone here that you can trust. And and this is speaking as a man who whose desperation has caused him to have Sony, Michel, in his league of record lineup.


Well, that's because you lost James Connor suddenly with the with the Caffrey.


I mean, it's just these snap counts of 30 percent. Twenty one percent. Thirty eight percent for Sony. For Sony. Michel, I'm out.


Are you give me your reaction to Clyde Edwards players debut three weeks into the year. He was the RB ten, the RB thirty, the RB twelve. We haven't seen, you know, that explosion game. But you're heavily involved. How are you feeling about Clyde? Three weeks. And I'm feeling fantastic about Clyde. The he's getting tons of opportunities. You know, his debut. Twenty seven opportunities. Eighteen twenty six. And like he's coming through, he's, he's had to RB one games already to two thirds of his games as a running back one.


And that's with one touchdown, one touchdown. And that's, that's the outlier for a Kansas City running back.


That's why we know they are so good, is that the running backs have huge opportunity to score touchdowns all the time. So the fact that Clyde Edwards is getting the opportunities, especially through the passing game and is and is coming through and not scoring touchdowns, I would be very happy to have him on my team. And if somebody if you if someone in your league is a little bit shook by it because they're seeing other options have like really explosive games.


Oh, please, I will trade immediately for Clyde. Yeah. I mean, he's he's been disappointing on the ground the last couple of weeks as far as efficiency goes, hasn't even hit four per carry. But he's been fine for fantasy. And the reality is he's on pace for seventy eight opportunities. That number is alarmingly high. It's absurd and it's for a great offense. So yeah, I'm I'm not too worried. You know, he wasn't my favorite prospect coming in.


If you remember predraft, I was not in on the hype until the location and then I was completely in. But it doesn't matter. He's going to be absolutely fine week in and week out for fantasy because of this offense.


Tyreek Hill is a must start. Obviously, I assume we're starting Edelman on the other side just based on how he's played.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. But not with enthusiasm. Nope, definitely not. Put these players in order. Sammy Watkins. Michael Hardeman. Kry Harry Macall Hardeman. Nikil, Harry, Sammy Watkins agreed. OK, Watkins was. Active last week. Yeah, I mean, he was eight targets, you never know when the Luther King is going to do something, but your big plays come from a harden, right. And, you know, not eight targets from Patrick Mahomes.


Sounds great. Yeah, but seven for 62. That's that's that's OK. You're not you're not, you know, slam the desk. But, you know, when when all of a sudden and you look over and it's like two catches for one hundred yards and two touchdowns for Michael Hardman.


Just thirty nine percent snap count last week with Watkins back down from sixty five percent the week before with him gone. But he had the big play, almost had a second one, Calce, yep, OK, the Buffalo Bills three now taking on the Las Vegas Raiders at two and one. The bills are three point favorites, it's a 52 and a half point over under. And well, you know, we know the story, we know that you're starting.


Oh, Josh Allen, excellent. The bills have been impressive thus far, the raillery, the writers are two and one coming off of a beating at the hands of the Patriots. They're also hurt, I mean, no Henry Rug's, no Brian Edwards, you might say, OK, well, these guys haven't done a whole lot. No big deal. Well, they they mattered quite a bit when they're out there on the field. And Henry Rug's is stretching the field and there's opportunities underneath.


Those are afforded to Hunter Renfroe into Darren Waller by the the deep roots of these other players. And whether or not you respect Nelson Aguilar, it's it's a little different. And we saw last week, Mike, you either tweeted this or shared it with me. The Patriots double covered the underneath routes for Derek Carr, making his life literally impossible.


It's like, wait, the checkdown is gone. I don't know what to do. Super gone.


So Josh Jacobs, he's the RBA on the year you're playing Josh Jacobs averaging twenty two point seven Rush attempts per game. Zach Moss is supposed to be back. We think he'll be back. Are you playing Singletary and or Moss this week running backs for the bills?


I know it sucks because the matchup is there. You should want to play the starting running back for the Buffalo Bills. And I. I don't really want to.


I am absolutely fine. Starting Devin Singletary. OK, yeah. I think with with Moss banged up with this matchup against the Raiders, I would, I would be absolutely fine. I mean, obviously it's a matter of who you have. Maybe this is just speaking as a man who has Sony, Michel, in his lineup right now. But give me all the Devin Singletary I can handle. But I think with the matchup, you can start him with, they say confidence.


They say the grass is greener on the other side. And when you have Sony, Michel, active in your lineup, it is actually true. All other grass is greener in that situation.


Was that turf that is green forever, yellow field that's super green.


Dot Jacobs, Darren Waller have not been on practice reports. They are healthy. You can put the Wallers in, right? Oh, yes, for sure. Oh, goo goo, goo goo last week was tough for walrus owners, so. All right, Tyler Kroft, big week last week. Farewell. Goodbye. One timer. That's. Yeah. Stefon Diggs. Yep. Put them in your lineup. Anybody else in this matchup that you're looking at now, John Brown, you know, he's had a couple of plays here and there.


He has limited practice. He and what with what Josh Allen is doing here, just ripping off three, 400 yard games. Are you going with John Brown or because he's banged up, are you taking a shot? Are you going cold? BEASLEY The Beasley's infected with a one hundred yard game last week. If I had to take one of those two, it would be Beasley. You saw the first two weeks. John Brown was was great. Then he got injured.


There was a lot of worry he wasn't going to play last week. He had two targets for no catches and no yards. And now he's, you know, not really practicing in full right now. I'm I don't you cannot rely on John Brown right now.


The Philadelphia Eagles at oh two and one take on the San Francisco 49ers at two and one. I don't know if you guys have looked at the standings. The the NFC East standings, yes, the NFC West standings, well, one of the reasons is the West keeps playing all these teams.


Yeah, it's not fair.


The Redskins are winning the division, the Washington football team, the Eagles. How am I doing this twice today?


The Eagles. Maybe Mark Rippon's coming to mind and I'm going back in time. The more impressive thing to me than Washington leading the division is that the Eagles are a half game out of first. They haven't won a game. They're winless and they are a half game out of first. What a trash division. I think it also just settles. West Coast is the best. West Coast is better than the East Coast. Take that. East Coasters.


Luckily, the Eagles, they navigated a tie to position themselves to within half a game. Twenty 19 yards per play. The Eagles this year. Twenty ninth and past success rate. It's been a chicken or the egg situation for Carson Wentz for quite some time now, does wind stink or does he stink because he has to target Hightower and Greg Ward? We may never know.


Well, here's what we know. We know he stinks when he has to target those as his main receivers. Yesterday's practice, literally only Greg Ward was active. That was the only wide receiver on the 53 man roster who was at practice at all, even as a limited participant. That's ridiculous. He has MS. He's missing, you know, three original starters from the offensive line. You can't trust Carson Wentz at all in the slightest. He doesn't have time to throw to nobody.


You know who I think we can finally trust? Zach Ertz. I don't. How are you feeling about Zach Ertz? I mean, you have to start Zach Ertz. You drafted him in the you know, the middle rounds. We've had two, but it's been very disappointing. Well, with Dallas got her out of the way, all of these wide receivers out of the way. The rapport over the years that he has with Ertz, I mean, where where else is he going with the ball?


So, yeah, you have to trust Zach Ertz this week. Greg, I think you can spot start this week, probably. I know the matchups not great, but Greg Ward last week heavily targeted. He's somebody that I picked up in league of record as a an emergency pivot for DeAndre Hopkins in case Hopkins misses the game. What do I want as a replacement for a superstar? I want targets. And he had eleven last week.


Greg Ward did. There aren't many options, and with Dallas being gone as well, it's probably hurts and it's probably Ward and Myles Sanders. It's Bill Sanders who's Miles Sanders. Since coming back from the injury, it's getting to twenty six and a half opportunities per game. He was limited Wednesday and Thursday. He's right. And right now he's a little bit hurt. So that is what he's listed at.


Any of you guys ever pulled a glute? I have. How do you I don't think I've ever pulled a glute, but I've had like a butt strain.


I've certainly strained and been, like, be tweaked. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Good tweak. So you've strained. You've tweaked. You haven't pulled. What is the difference, not Dr. Miller, but Brooks, how's your glutes? Just fine, OK? He must work out.


But you're starting Miles Sanders. You know, unless he's shockingly not active, you pretty much have to start emeny should be involved in the passing game for all the other aforementioned reasons. I mean, this is a this team is just in trouble. Is there any almost upset potential here with Nick Mullin starting at quarterback and all the injuries that the there should be?


I mean, you know, I forget who it was. It was calling the San Francisco 49ers, the Tigers, because they've got about half of their team right now. You're missing Boza and Solomon Thomas on the defensive end and Richard Sherman. And you're starting quarterback and most mulattos.


Coleman, I mean, this is really insane that they're they're favored by more than a touchdown with their Litoral B team out there. But I, I'm pretty sure I took the them to cover. McKinnon is a good start. Yeah, I think the question is, Brandon, are you can you get another week out of them? Probably not. Yeah. I'm not relying on him.


He's got the Darius Slay matchup this week. Here's a here's a fun stat for you. Only two quarterbacks in NFL history have thrown for twenty six hundred passing yards and fourteen touchdowns in their first nine career starts.


Patrick Mahomes oh, yeah, he's great, McMullen's. Oh, well, he's he's a very competent.


I mean, Nick Mullins was in the dreams of both head coaches that played last night in terms of having them behind center or him behind center for those teams. He's good.


Yeah, I've never watched him and felt like he can't handle the job, which is why they're favored by seven and a half points. Yeah, George Kittle has been practicing in full. He's ready to go. He's back and healthy. He's obviously a must start and a very thankful starter. Anybody who's been dealing with the Pivot's while they while he's been injured. Congratulations. Also, George Kinloch.


Forty Niners fans will disagree with me on this. But as a Cardinal fan, I really wish the beat up. Forty Niners could have been playing teams that weren't the Jets, Giants and Eagles these past three weeks as they're going to run off probably another huge win Monday Night Football.


Oh, yes, Monday night, the Atlanta.


It's going to be hot. Falcons at only three. Take on the three and the Packers. The Falcons fans, as if they haven't suffered enough, will now get to hear about what has happened. On national TV throughout the game now will be how many times are we going to hear about what's happened to the Falcons? Over the course of that night, I think they've got it on a 90 second timer, so however long the game is divided by 90 seconds should be your answer every twenty eight minutes and then every three minutes and then every 20 minutes.


Every three minutes. Monday Night Football has a low blow ending.


I was joking at lunch with you guys. Like this is the only team that you you like. What's the point of football to get a get a nice big lead. Right. You don't want that if you're the Falcons, but the Falcons like you don't feel safe. Ever know triple zero. You don't want to be down, obviously, and you also don't want to be up. So let's just have a close.


This just in. The Falcons have decided not to participate in Monday Night Football. No. All right. The Packers are seven point favorites, though, to 56 and a half point over under. Atlanta games have been good for fantasy football purposes, Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers. Are you playing both? Rodgers loses Lazard could not have Atom's. And does it change if Adams is not out there? Not one bit.


I know that so far this year it has been a mistake to start these quarterbacks without there Michael Thomas, without their Kenny Golladay. And so here maybe the lesson needs to be learned and I deserve to be slapped in the face. But what we saw last season, some of Aaron Rodgers best games came without Davante Adams, not because other guys stepped up, but because the matchups were fantastic. The matchup is fantastic. There's a 56 and a half point over under.


I you know, I mean, this is the points will be flowing here and this is prime time. Aaron Rodgers is going to have that chip on his shoulder and play fantastic in prime time. Whoever it is that's out on the field will be catching the ball.


And I'm starting both quarterbacks in all situations.


Marquese Valdés scantly this week. Jason you're taking it to one hundred player or Greg Ward from the previous matchup. I would take him VSE. I think the opportunity will be there in prime time. Aaron Rodgers is is as good as it gets.


You agree with that Mike. I do, yeah. You would go Ambiens. OK, a slight correction on what I just said, said I'd start both quarterbacks no matter what the situation. I think if you are missing Julio Jones or if you're missing the other two, you know, unless you've got the wide receivers there, I'm not sure I would start.


Matt Ryan, the Green Bay Packers defense is legit. This team is is good. And I deserve to apologize to them because I thought. Last chance. I deserve to apologize. Yes, I.


I think that's correct. No, no, no, no. Look, I deserve this now that that makes sense.


Sometimes you deserve something that is. But you deserve a punishment. Right. I they deserve an apology.


Yes. Would have been the proper way to say that. That sounds so much better. Andy. Yeah. Why didn't I say that. But I apologize to the Packers because last year I thought it was just this mirage and a sham.


And so far, I mean, this is where they're going to completely collapse now and now. I deserve the apology. And you really that you deserve that. I take your moment. Thank you. Yes.


The Packers opponents averaging just fifty five plays per game. That's twenty ninth in the NFL. I think that's a combination of a pretty solid defense combined with long drives from Aaron Rodgers, third down conversions taking up the clock, Aaron Jones, who's great. But that's something to keep in mind. If you are missing a wide receiver in Matt Ryan last week, you know, it was a struggle without Julio Jones. Twenty seventh last week after two top ten finishes for Matt Ryan.


So what you said in a different word, order than normal is absolutely right about this game. Matt Ryan might be somebody you pivot away from if Ridley is out of this game.


The tough thing is that it's Monday Night Football. So I'll give you my example on my Dynasty team. I've got Matt Ryan in the lineup right now and I've got Julio Jones, you know, to stack. But if Julio didn't play, I would want to pivot to Joe Bura, except I'm not sure if I know yet or if Julio is going to be a game time decision. What would you do? I would say, but I would just play him.


Oh, man, I think you're right, this is 100 percent your dynasty situation, right? This is 100 percent what I'm dealing with. The injuries have not been kind to me this year. You saw how bad it can be for Matt Ryan last week. The Packers are a great team. Matt Ryan, what does he do? He doesn't give you garbage time. He just plain doesn't he doesn't know how.


It is interesting the a note I want to throw out here, because I've been very negative on him for the draft season and fantasy football. I think that Todd Gurley is in a really good spot here. Todd Gurley is a he is a strong running back to play this week, despite Brian Hill having a big game last week and other guys getting on the field. I would be playing Todd Gurley if I had him. I I completely agree with you, Mike.


We were looking at his numbers yesterday. He was pretty good last week, five point seven, Akari and the Packers give up five point for a carry. And if you're missing wide receiver, that's possibly more involvement. Slow the game down. Don't give the ball to Aaron Rodgers. I'm with you.


All the opportunities have been there for him. Fourteen carries, twenty one carries, fourteen carries and seven targets on the season.


What are you doing with Hayden Hurst? I would play Hawkinson over him, I would play Shultz over him, I'd play Ingram over him. All right. So it sounds like we are not playing. I'm not excited to play them either. I'm just checking because you have the you have the variance of what's going on with wide receivers. But he hasn't really been coming through and the tie and the Packers are pretty strong against the tight end. I see a note in here from Kyle, the editor in chief, the Borgo again himself.


And he wants me to he wants me to ask the question, are you starting, Robert, Tonya Harding?


Oh, I couldn't decide if that one's worth bringing to light, but it is the fantasy football podcast. So the answer is no, I'm not starting Tonya Harding. No, maybe in a DFS, you know, dart throw type of play. Sure. But not in an orchard and two weeks back to back. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


If I had to choose between Robert Tonya Harding and Hayden Hurst, I would go Hayden Hurst. OK. All right. I think we're done with that game. There is a there's nothing. Oh, be good one. The Titans Steelers will be played in week seven officially. All right. So that will mean that the Steelers are not playing the Ravens in week seven.


That game will move to week eight, their previous bye. So, again, you don't have a bye week, week eight where you thought you had with the Steelers, correct?


All right, don't forget gameday alerts, join the full dot com Mike will be live one hour before Sunday, kickoff on Sunday, live on all of our social media platforms.


Drop it like it's hot presented by monkey knife fight. All right, our favorite week for props from monkey knife fight, you can participate in the fun.


The enjoyment should be PyCon Dotcom. Go to Bala's pix dotcom, use the code Bala's. You'll get one hundred percent deposit match. You'll get to play in tons of these more or less to 50 bucks, up to 50 bucks. You get to play in tons of these amazing props, which is a lot of fun. This week in every week we pick our favorites. Last week nailed it, Derrick Henry, big game this week, Aaron Jones, Monday Night Football, I'm taking the more the line is set at 71, OK.


Wow. Half rushing yards variant. That's a lot of yards. That's a lot of yards. The Monday Night Football game, he's averaging one hundred one a game this year. This team with the injuries, a wide receiver. I have even more confidence that Aaron Jones will be the centerpiece. So I'm going to take the more just like I did last week with Derrick. Henry worked out that. All right? I mean, that he is a decent line.


It is. I mean, he's averaging way over that, but he's also only cross that threshold once. Seventy five yards out of three weeks. I mean. Yeah, no, I'm just say that that's a bold take. I'm going with Darryl Henderson. His more or less is said. I'm just laughing because yours is Darryl Henderson.


Sixty seven and a half rushing yards, which is I mean it's a very similar look.


It's way under made similar line to mine that you were very flabbergasted at.


But go ahead, Darryl Henderson, 67, seven and a half I am taking the more the Giants are allowing over one hundred and twenty rushing yards per game. Darryl Henderson, since becoming the starting running back for the the most run heavy team in the league, he is averaging six yards per carry. He is showing off why they drafted him in the third round two years ago. I think he crushes. I really wanted it. I really wanted to come to you, Mike, and say, yeah, but he's only done it one time this year, but he's actually done it twice.


That's right.


And he didn't he wasn't really around in week one, right? Yeah. So he's done it 100 percent of his real games. I am now.


You heard it here first, Darryl Henderson, greater sign. Aaron Jones. According to Mike.


Here's here's the thing. I'm not saying that I've never missed a layup before. I have. But Layup missed quite a few, if I recall that layups are actually something you struggle with.


Well, it was OK. So now we're getting off on a tangent. But yeah, I mean, I was this. Why did I bring this up. Yeah. Because what you're so good at you could get to the hoop but you can't, could get to the hoop. How will I burn right past you with a little Tim Hardaway crossover.


Oh you, you couldn't do the layup and then he just, he's just or I'm going to post that. I'd spin and I get this. Why don't he's famous for blowing the layup. I don't. Well this is bad news because I'm taking a layup. Right. I was there with you. I was never great at basketball. And part of that is because the concept of the layup made no sense. I would just innervated you.


I would gently just toss the ball up and that thing would hit the backboard and launch pass because it's so strong. Yeah. All right.


So here's what you're going to do when when you see my, like, as ha, you're going to slam dunk this so that you don't miss the layup. There you go to me. This line is a layup. I take your defense.


If you could have dunked, you would have dunked instead of laid it up 100 percent. Yeah. And you can dunk on this. Devante Parker, more than four and a half receptions. They're playing the Seahawks.


Dorothy Parker has come the first quarter. No, I mean, so here's the thing. He's been playing injured the last couple of weeks and the last couple of weeks. He's had more than four and a half receptions in both games. Now he's got four and a half reception line against the Seahawks who, you know, that the Dolphins are going to have to throw the ball a lot. In fact, he's had fewer than four and a half receptions in only four out of his last fourteen games as a seventy one percent hitting that more number.


And I am taking it and dunking it because, you know, I will miss the layup, but I will make the slam dunk.


The slam dunk it is. You deserve to make this. I deserve to slam this ball. The Ballers Picks Dotcom is the website. If you want to participate and get that one hundred percent deposit match up to fifty dollars on monkey nine fight.


All right. A couple updates. Kris Carson, excellent week of practice expected to play, according to Pete Carroll. OK, all right. Hey, Kareem Hunt returned to practice on Friday, right?


Yes. Let's go. Scottie Miller back at practice today. Yeah. Yeah. Leonard Fournette out.


Oh. Oh, he's out. Yeah. All right. Well, that's actually great news. Chris Godwin's out to officially.


Well, we already knew that the guy one being out that was already known, but Leonard Fournette being out is is really good news because it means not for Leonard as much.


Sure, but for fantasy clarity. You can start Ronald Jones and without this it's not like you could have started Leonard Fournette. So I think the, you know, the matchup is pretty good. Terry MacLaurin, limited practice today, so we'll have to monitor the concern. You not really OK. Doesn't concern me. All right, Sunday live, one hour before kickoff, Mike will be live with the latest. Terry MacLaurin news exclusively. And thank you for listening and supporting the show this week.


Goodbye. Stay safe, everybody. Take care. Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy football podcast, join our fantasy football community on Join the Dotcom and follow us on Twitter at the F.