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Yo. Welcome to the Fantasy Football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike, right. Welcome in. And Mike and Jason, the fantasy football is back with you Tuesday, February twenty third.


Got some news to talk about today. We're going to get into the mailbag. Well, yeah, yeah, some pretty big news have already already thought through quite a bit. So I'll be curious what you guys think. It means for fantasy football. Speaking of the Carson Wentz news, we'll talk about momentarily, you heard Jason talking at the top about the UDCA presale. You can find that an ultimate draft gay.com, you've got a week left to get into the little giveaway we got for the listener league.


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You don't have to wait till June 1st. No waiting. People don't like to wait.


Oh, I hate waiting. Waiting sucks. That's why I have the plus.


When I was going through my checkout process, I was like, oh yeah. And I'm like, no, I want, I want the plus give me the give me the stuff. Right.


Good, good. You made the right choice. You can find us on Instagram, Instagram, dot com slash fantasy footballers on Twitter. Jason is at Jason FFL. Mike is at five hit man.


You can find me at Andy Hollaway can find you is a as a crazy sports card giver awaya these days I've been given away some of my sports card collection on the old Twitter sphere.


I got some it got a Gary Payton card I'm giving away today.


So we're seeing one not the Lakers. Gary Payton, not Gary Payton. You got the Sonics. It's a rookie. The rookie card. Mike Oh, I missed the part.


You said rookie. Sorry, I just heard Gary Payne.


Now some given that bad dog away. Oh, look, I'm just saying thanks to all the foot clan out there giving away some of the cards I found in my. I don't know, closet, I guess I'd I'd love to find my cards. I have no idea where they are. And I have a friend, a friend told me about how apparently, like Marvel cards and those things are now also doing very well.


I'm like, dude, I had a binder of, like, super awesome foil Marvel cards that are probably worth so much money now. And I've no I don't know where they are. They're in a dumpster. You could be a millionaire, Mike. But now look at you, Scrub.


I did see some like Dwayne Johnson, like University of Miami card selling for big money.


What was the Rock? The Ride? Would anybody want that card?


Like fifteen thousand dollars plus he's a super, super famous super big star or a football player. I mean, you could look at it two ways.


Jason is the best part is as Jason sees the wide world of collectibles all around him just blossoming into the riches that they've become Pokémon cards and sports cards and NBA top shot and this whole universe. But Jason has no ability to understand why people collect things.


I just I look I mean, I get it as a store of value, as an investment, but like but just like a fascination about a piece of paper with a with a dude on it, like, I don't care.


I know.


I mean, at least if it's like if it's signed then that's cool. It's like they were they were participating in this thing like oh that makes it better. But it was just like, oh, about a prodder.


But if it's about a prop from a movie like if you got a prop from Ace Ventura, I know you're like Jim Carrey.


Sure. I think it would really depend on can I wield as a weapon, you know, is the prop something I could kill an intruder with?


Well, if you see if you saw enough, Jason, I'm sure you could get it done with almost any prob.


Exactly. Yeah, I mean, it doesn't have to be a, you know, a legitimate weapon or a katana, but it can I can I maim an intruder and save my family, then that's a value.


What I enjoy is that because you've never been able to relate to this, I want to believe you'll you'll try, but you won't know how to have collectibles. So you'll get something else. You'll put it in your room. And then like some parts of the day, you'll go and stare at it because you think that's what people do with their collectibles and you're just learning.


Exactly because everything is running the cycle right now.


Of course. At what point are we really sad that we dumped our POG collection?


Eventually, Mike, we found three to five years or who knows? Who knows?


It's crazy. It's crazy. But we let's talk about this news. It's part of the quick question. Today, Colts' acquired Carson Wentz from the Eagles in exchange for a twenty twenty one third round pick. An additional twenty twenty two second round pick Eagles will also take on the thirty three point eight million dollars in debt cap penalties, which is insane. That's the largest number in league history for one player. And the overarching question everybody wants to know is what is the fantasy impact of Wentz to the Colts?


I put a poll up on my Twitter when this move happened. I was curious what people thought. Was this an upgrade on Philip Rivers from last year? Two thirds of people said, yes, it was an upgrade. How do you guys weigh in here on the impact of Wentz to the Colts? Were the NFL ratings that bad last year that two thirds of people who watched didn't realize that Philip Rivers was a way better quarterback than Carson Wentz?


I think it's the unknown, Mike. I think it is the. But it's unknown well enough. No, it is. Here's here's the unknown. Carson Wentz played at an MVP level in his past. He is still young. Philip Rivers was on the very end of his career, was not going to perform like an MVP. That is what I think the mystery upside is for people. Am I wrong, Jason? No, you're right.


I mean, age has to play a factor, right? Everybody gets worse unless you're Tom Brady as you get older. And so, you know, Philip Rivers, this coming twenty twenty one season versus Carson Wentz, I think is a very valid debate as to who would be a better real world quarterback. And then fast forward to two years, three years from now, like I think you would have to say, Carson Wentz should be better than Philip Rivers in three years.


So, you know that that factors in as far as fantasy goes.


This is a good this is good news for the Colts because Carson Wentz say whatever you want about him, whether he's completely washed, as we saw last year, all of his struggles is bad completion percentages.


You know, benching that that version of Carson Wentz is still a massive upgrade over absolutely nobody or incoming non highly drafted rookie or, you know, that that was what the options were for, for the cure.


Mike, if I had told you that Jameis Winston was the new starting quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, would you have voted for him as an upgrade to Philip Rivers or Philip Rivers is better?


I would say an upgrade for fantasy purposes, but Philip Rivers is a better quarterback. OK, all right. Philip Rivers Rivers.


I like James. I like James from a fantasy wide receivers.


But Rivers is fine. Here's what else I think the Narrative Street bears out with Carson Wentz and the optimism that comes with Indianapolis.


Frank Reich, The History with Carson Wentz. Combined with the offensive line and running game of the Colts, a lot of people want to do apologize for Carson Wentz because of the offensive line, the injuries. I don't think he inherits a better wide receiver corps. I think it's pretty net neutral in my mind. You know, Michael Pittman isn't as an exciting player. He is not ready to carry an offense. They need to add something. Yeah, they need to add somebody, possibly a veteran, somebody to come in and contribute some amount of tight end value, is there?


Probably, but there's a lot of question marks. I think it's good for Carson Wentz, obviously, as potential destinations for those of you that haven't been dynasty, whereas a starter.


Yeah, you can stand behind a good offensive line and try to renew his career.


And Carson Wentz will be good for fantasy. He will because he still utilizes his legs. I don't know if you guys realize so. Carson Wentz played horrifically for whatever reason. I realize injuries to the. But did you realize that when he got benched in week thirteen through the first twelve weeks of the season, he was the quarterback eleven and fantasy like he he was for fantasy purposes.


He wasn't as horrific as I you know, everyone who always told me that, that if you're the QB eleven, you're you're actually bad, then I'm saying that's not necessarily respond.


Yes, absolutely. It's not the home run best thing ever. But it's also it doesn't it doesn't match up with a player who was benched because of his horrific play still for fantasy, because he was mobile, you know, and can score rushing touchdowns, things like that.


It's it's one of those situations where play on the NFL field doesn't match what the play in fantasy football gives you and the pass catchers just to highlight this, you know, to held an unrestricted free agent, Zach Pascal, restricted free agent Trey Burton, unrestricted mohalla Cox restricted. Oh, you got to get him back. Jack Doyle probably cut.


So when you look out at the it's almost like Philadelphia for for Carson Wentz where it's like five Travis Fulgham and you know, is I don't know if Ty Hilton comes back for a year or something like that. We need to see who is throwing the ball to. But it's interesting news and I know we've talked about Jalen Hurts and we will continue to in the offseason, but obviously he's lined up to be the starter in Philadelphia as well. So if you were someone that, say, had both those guys on a dynasty team.


Oh, yeah. You at least have both those guys now as NFL starters for the upcoming season.


Most like I mean, talk talk about a great thing to happen. If someone out there to me has these two on their dynasty roster and now they both have value.


Twenty, twenty. I look at maybe different. You know, we talked about this on the forecast and you can go listen to more of the Jalen Hurts talk. But this like I see this trade.


Is that your new podcast, The Jalen Hurts our.


Yes, I see this as the Jalen Hurts trade, not the Carson Wentz trade like this is much more important, I think for fantasy four for Jalen hurts.


All right. Oh yeah. I was wondering. Thanks. Um, let's get into some more news. News & notes from around the league. All right, just a couple of pieces of news to talk about, Eagles have released Deshawn Jackson.


I didn't know very well this was inevitable. Yes. And played, what, eight games? You know, he's 32 if he hits, right? Yeah. Yeah. And, you know, injured repeatedly, still explosive. And in fact, like everything, everything you thought about him, whether you were bullish or bearish, was right.


I mean, isn't that kind of true for Deshawn Jackson? Can anybody really say I was wrong about him? I mean, if you're like, wow, he gets injured too much, he's too old. Well, you were right. Oh, well, when he's on the field, he's great. You were right. I went back and I watched every Jalen hurts there and I forgot about the like eighty one yard bomb to I was like, oh yeah.


Football. Look at him wide open. Like this dude's still got the burners but yeah he's, he's irrelevant.


And if he, if he decides to not hang them up but sign with some other team as a gadget speed guy, he'll, he'll be irrelevant for fitness. He won't have enough volume to to be someone that you can reliably plug into your lineup or even have on your roster. That's how I view him.


But you're you're dead, right? I mean, he hasn't had a top thirty six finish since twenty sixteen, a top 20 finish since twenty fourteen. His, his days are are done but still seem to have the wheels when he was out there on the field until the wheels got hurt. Marvin Jones says he wants to sign with a Super Bowl contender. Let me name some teams that you you could put Marvin Jones on because he can play Baltimore Green Bay.




Well what's that again Jason?


Yeah. I mean, that is can you picture a better situation? You know, like, I think that is the perfect that's the peanut butter and jelly. You know, here's a red zone, deep field stretching guy that is far more reliable than an MVP. You know, an excellent oralism brown. Yeah. Or Lazaar for sure.


You know, Aaron Rodgers could absolutely support both of those guys. And he's got the mold of a touchdown machine. It's just like the the literal, perfect pairing, in my opinion.


Other destinations could be Tennessee. Corey Davis could be leaving Washington, Indianapolis. We just talked about Indianapolis. That would be a nice destination, somebody for Carson Wentz to overthrow.


Oh, at first. At first I thought of that like like like a monarch or a government like he's going to overthrow.


And then I was like, oh, no, that makes far more sense. Just simply pass the ball a little too long. Oh, all right.


And then the athletic stuff, how reporting the Patriots have had conversations regarding every potential quarterback trade target in the league. Yeah, that makes sense.


And according to every other team in America, they said, how about no, you sit in this for a while.


Hatred's Oh, my goodness. Idea of the league locking out New England for a little while, a little bit of a break. Any other news that we need to talk about? I don't believe so. We're going to get into the mailbag. But before we do that. Guys, it's important that I tell you about our friends at Hello Fresh, Hello, Fresh. I like to just made up a jingle for them.


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Mailbag. You see, there was there was a point in time today where we weren't sure Mike was going to be with us. That's right. Episode on the episode. Yes.


And right. So a little ominous. Yeah. We thought he's going to get overthrown by a no. But luckily he was here because there was some you know, we have a very sophisticated. Kind of system at the fantasy football for when our responsibility comes up and maybe it's got the ad read for the day or you got to record a shout out video for the foot clan or need to do a promotional video.


And yes, some stuff is, you know, more fun than others. Some some stuff is just like, you know, I'm busy. And we have a policy where if you touch your nose first, you don't have to do it.


Mm hmm. And Jason had touched his nose. So I was going to get stuck with a mailbag draft today, apparently, and that just wouldn't have been good. Might save the day. Thank you, Mike. You're welcome.


Thank you, Mike. All right. Into the mailbag we go.


If you have a question for the show, go to the website. The fantasy football dot dotcom dial a voice mail hotline, three zero two four six forty four B are you on the mic today?


Well, I am. All right. Well, that's that's good. No, no, go. E-mail questions today, huh? I'll be honest, Brooks is out, and I couldn't figure out how to access them, so here we are. Yeah. Shout out to Brooks under the weather today. So, Al Borland. That's OK. That's fine. You couldn't find the answering machine at the office.


Exactly. Man, I wish we had an old school answering machine and we heard them coming in during the day. Oh, that would be awesome.


That would be really funny because you'd hear people mess up their question because, you know, people call up the voicemail line and recorded a couple of times. All right. First question today. It's a dynasty question from Twitter. Would you rather have Saken or Derek Yati moving forward in a dynasty league?


Take one.


Yeah, it has to be like one. I realize he's coming off of an injury. But when you look at Cequent Barkley's age versus a second contract player like Derrick Henry, I love both. I'd like to have both. But you're talking about a three year age gap.


And usually when you're when you're looking at running backs, you're like you're hoping for three good years. You know, by the time three years is on now, say one is the age that Henry is already. Well, let me try to sway you the other direction. Who's better?


Next year I would pick someone in a retrial. I'll still draft pick one above him. Did you swim? No, I didn't. Why are you doing the wrong thing? Would you draft Derrick Henry oversight wound to the injury? Is and is that injury concerns or Derrick Derrick yet he was better than, say, one the year before without injury concerns.


So I mean, so I mean, head to head, he was better then he wasn't hurt last year and he was two thousand yard rusher established offense that can get in the red zone. He's got touchdown guarantee far superior than Saken Barkley. I mean, I don't even know who the quarterback is in New York, do you, right now? I do, yeah. Anytime. Yeah.


I mean for is that guaranteed for would you bet your house on the fact Danny Dimes is the quarterback and we tend next year barring injury?


I do not I don't think that they will. I mean, I don't expect them to make any kind of move to replace Danny.


Oh, they are they are ready and willing to get rid of Danny Daibes in New York.


This is not their future is not going to stop calling him Danny Show.


Why? Just because it's a bad nick. Because it's bad. It's a bad nickname. I was it bad? Because it's like that's just kind of a loser nickname or is it bad because it's actually like he doesn't really throw dimes.


It's a little bit of both.


No, I thought it was Danny Dimes because you get ten cents on the dollar in terms of foul ball right now since. Well, so Danny Nicole I think will be the the quarterback next year.


I certainly think it will start that way.


But they they were starting to call for somebody else halfway through the year at do that dude turns the ball over and it makes him really happy to do it. I'm Steve in Ohio. Who do I keep? All would be for a fifth rounder. Antonio Gibson, Justin Jefferson, Cam Akers. Oh, brother. All for a fifth, so this is really tough.


I think you could make an argument for any of the three. When I'm looking at these players, I feel like the safest option is actually Justin Jefferson. I think he is a very known commodity at that position. However, in a keeper league where you're going to have the best players kept already and at a value, I feel usually like I'm going to prefer to hold on to a running back. And if I do, I'm going to I'm going to keep carmakers personally and hope for the upside of him inheriting the Todd Gurley role.


But I mean, if one of you argues for the third man, Antonio Gibson, I'd be like, yeah, I see it. I get it.


Mike, are you Jefferson or Gibson? I know I'm I'm ACRS right now. Are you? Yeah.


Did you have this discussion on the show recently, the ACRS versus Antonio Gibson? Possibly. We were we were talking Mixin versus Gibson, but I'm just the volume they were given carmakers at the end. And it's it's so difficult because everything Jason said is true is like what the risk of Gibson and ACRS is far greater than Justin Jefferson. But the the upside of getting a top five running back, which is it's in the realm of possibilities for both of those guys, in my opinion.


You know, that would outweigh what Jefferson could give you. All right.


I think I mean, Jefferson Instagram question from Dominique Shields says, If you had to sport one uncommon clothing accessory for the rest of your life, what would it be?


You could have a special hat, a cane, a scarf, a monocle, that type of accessory. Someone assuming Jason would be a fedora.


Oh, yeah. We had that woman. We had Fedora Week, and it was a huge not success. It was.


Oh, it was a great success. It really depends on whether you were the one wearing the fedora you were. And that made it not a success for you, right? I enjoyed it.


Yeah. I mean, I think it was because I was stupid. I looked right now it doesn't fit my head at all. And my head looked stupid and shrunken.


And now if I'm going to if I'm going to sport one accessory, I don't know what could I could like a sports jacket. Could that be an accessory? Like, I'm always I'm always wearing a little blazer. Like, depends how weird it looks. Yeah. I'm not a regular one, like a Dumb and Dumber one maybe.


Why is it got to be weird. I got to have a stupid scarf if I got a scarf on.


I know common clothing accessory. I mean people wear sport jackets. When's the last time you've seen me wear a sports. You do. That doesn't matter. It's not uncommon. Why are you trying to look cool with your uncommon clothing accessory.


Here's. All right. Well, how about a cane? You want a cane, don't I?


I'm going to need one soon enough. No, I'll go boatie. I'll go. Oh, nice try to boto because I feel like both sides with t shirts.


That's just a it's a classic gag and I'm not getting out of the T-shirt world so I'm going see cowboy hat.


You know that. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. That makes sense. I'll take some kind of cool neck scarf. All right.


Nobody went monarchal. All right. Dynasty started questioning the barnacle man. Like that's a lot of work. I don't have the eye muscles for a monocle.


But let me ask you this. Everything you say when you use the monocle, are you smarter? Like, if I was sitting here, you're asking me a question on the show and I pull the monocle out before I answer hold it up like I'm looking, uh, and then answer, am I wise? No, only if you have a British accent.


Much snooty here.


OK, look, I feel like you are do you come off is just really arrogant but I don't know about smarter. All right. Yeah.


The monocles, you know, lasic really got rid of the need for the monocles. It's from what. Yeah that was it. Also Mike apparently looks like Cam Newton. That's what Al Borland is saying.


Oh with the with the killer scarf's. Yeah. You, you guys saw the cam. I have to bring it up. You saw the Cam Newton. I've seen clips of the the interview a little bit. Well, not the interview I'm talking about, the kid at his camp that was calling him. Oh, I didn't want I heard about it. I didn't watch it, though.


I earned it, Cam. Yeah, that was pretty incredible. Yeah, the kid was atrocious. He was just basically trash talking cam at his own camp for being a free agent. And Cam showed like a ton of restraint.


I thought, oh, yeah, Cam was great in that way. So some kid is at the Cam Newton cam. Yeah. Like paid a bunch of money to go to the Cam Newton cam. Cam Newton, a previous NFL MVP, was in the Super Bowl.


I understand maybe he doesn't have what he had, but he could still teach you you're not at a camp because like this player is currently the best because they can teach me how to be better.


Well, and there's a lot of NFL players talking about the video, like talking about Cam had way more patience than they would have had for this stuff this kid was saying. And but Cam did I think Cam did just keep saying I'm rich. So you want Brooks bro approach here is just like I'm rich.


I'm rich. I'm rich. He is.


All right, Twitter question from Brandon Hatch When's the best time to start a dynasty startup? You could start the league whenever as far as like getting your people together, getting the communication going, because you can even trade pics before you ever have a draft, you know, even you just you set the draft order. And if someone wants to trade up for these picks, for those picks, that's fun. But I wouldn't recommend starting it until, like, doing the actual start up draft until after the NFL draft.


There is it's and that's my my question is, well, I like having let free agency go, let the draft go because the draft will happen and there will be a team that you didn't expect that spends a day to pick on a running back. And you go, OK, so that guy I just drafted in the fourth round, his ATP is about to plummet by six rounds. That would have been nice to know. So it's. It's I think it's better to have the information, do you want to play without that information?


Like do you want to to play with that risk and where you're drafting someone like Aaron Jones, who if Aaron Jones goes back to Green Bay, status quo, man, he's going to be great for fantasy. If he goes somewhere else, he'll still be good. But is now but now there's a greater chance that he is not as good as he was when he was in Green Bay. So it's just it just depends on how much risk you want to play with and how much the other players want to have or do you want to have more information.


All right, Chris in Cincinnati, where the young dynasty wide receiver question in Dynasty put these wide receivers in order. Jerry Judy Dejour. Brandon, are you going home, got my order. I've got mine. I don't want to I don't want to say it. And Swale. Oh, man, nothing you say could possibly change my opinion on anything.


I was I was speaking to make an album. OK, so I did not want to sway them.


Oh. What do you got my. I have my but I'm not going to say it, and now my first. First up, we both touched our nose there. Uh uh oh do I dynasty.


I am going to go. I have no idea. This is unbelievably difficult. All right. Let me see if I can sway you. I think, Jerry, this is the best player out of the three of these guys.


Jaque, situation is about to get a whole lot better going from Gardner Minshew and Mike Glennon to Trevor Lawrence. Presumably then Brandon Eisuke is a I mean, he's in a great system for the skill set that he has, but we have not seen the 49ers be at full strength.


And can I throw another wrench into the situation? Is D.J. Chark will be an unrestricted free agent after this upcoming season? OK, so he may get he gets rookie year, Trevor Lawrence. But if he's not part of the future, if they draft somebody else, they sign somebody. He could be not long for that team. And, you know, it's hard to see him being a dominant one somewhere else.


Yeah, I'm going to I'm going to I'm taking Brandon Eisuke first. He's the clear first to me because it's interesting. Yeah. I mean, if you look and you say, OK, Jerry, Judy and Brandon, are you two rookies this last season? Obviously, Brandon are way outplayed. Jerry, Judy, this current rookie season, it doesn't mean it will always happen, but that's a pretty good barometer for future success is past success. Then you say, OK, what's the situation for their teams?


Part of the reason why Jerry Judy wasn't that great was the quarterback play. We don't know that that's going to be improved. I'm going to trust Kyle Shanahan, the offense, what we saw from a great rookie season in IUC. And then I think I I might actually go Chaak over jury duty. Oh, look. Yeah, my outlook on duty. I still think he's a great player. But if it's true lock, if they're not able to upgrade the quarterback position, then.


I don't know when Courtland Sutton comes back in June, the two or with Patrick and Hamala, is he the is he the three, possibly four a drew? Lots of interesting.


It's really it's nebulous there. And I think the other two are are good players with, you know, good opportunities this coming season.


Wajarri, Judy is my number one. So I have them in a different order. Jury duty is number one because his physical traits, abilities and skill I think have the highest ceiling whose brain and I quarterback this year right now.


It will be Jimmy Garoppolo unless they upgrade like they're not looking to just replace him for, you know, willy nilly in draft, someone they don't believe in because they don't have a quarterback. They got Super Bowl with them, but they're a team where they're always looking like if they can get a player that shouldn't be on the market, if they can get Deshaun Watson, they're going to go after them.


They're they're in the same boat that the Rams were in with at Goff there, except for the more discontent, I think, than even the Rams were with their quarterback, except by playing better position financially.


I don't think any of these three have a guarantee at quarterback for the next few years. So, yeah, you might be right with you. I don't see him as a prototypical one. I see Judy being able to get there. So I'll go. I'll go. Judy, are you Chark? Mike, you get to give your answer. I end up siding with Jason Ronak first. Yeah. The interesting, though, looking at the draft order.


And to me there are I think we're going to see five quarterbacks taken in like the top fifteen this year. I think they're going to be a bunch of there usually is. But this year in particular, I think we're going to see that. And I mean, it depends on as well. How does people see Mac Jones, I guess. But sitting at twelve, the San Francisco Forty Niners, they could be in play for someone like Trae Lance and.


That changes everything drastically, which is why we're again talking about when you do a dynasty, start up, the separation between these three guys after the NFL draft will be far more clear than it is right now. All right, our Twitter question. What is the hardest part of being a fantasy analyst that people don't usually get to see? Oh, getting things wrong. That is the correct answer, we we put a lot of we joke and we have fun, but we put a lot of energy work effort.


We're all building our own stat tracking docs and algorithms and projection models and all these things that we can do. We we then especially during the season, look at every match up, every piece of information we can get a hold of, and and we put our strength and belief behind certain players certain weeks. And her brother, when they just go out and suck because they're still human beings on a field with 99 other players over the course of a game, it's it just hurts.


It feels bad. And that's that's what you don't necessarily see. We care a lot about getting those things right. And that means we care even more about getting them wrong. That Twitter question came in from at Can you take me? Hoyer said, I was born and felt it necessary when Creed when a crude reference can just enter into the fray.


It's important. Absolutely. Pearl Jam to. I mean, you got Al Borland.


Henry said if Aaron Jones doesn't get resigned and most resigned, what is the idea?


It's always a tricky one. When you're writing, you need to sign because you have to have the hyphen in there. You need the hyphen. You're right. You're putting the word resigned. Yeah.


It's like a real overthrow situation. If Aaron Jones doesn't get resigned, what is the ideal landing spot for him?


Is Arizona a destination for Arizona would be fantastic. That would be actually a really assuming the replacement of Kenyan Drake. That would be phenomenal. The first place that came to my mind was Miami. This is a place that made Myles Gaskin very relevant and then Akhmad very relevant. They're willing to give the ball in a workhorse fashion to an undersized back. That's what I want for Aaron Jones. And if they spend a bunch of money to bring him in, I would I would be happy with him there.


I can't wait for the draft. I can't wait to see and, you know, free agency in the draft and just get a lay of the land and start projecting ways for Jalen hurts to fail.


This off season is going to be so much fun. All right. Twitter question from Barry Brunete. Give us one under the radar skill that Andy, Mike and Jason are really good at that no one would know. I saw this question before, beforehand, and so I thought about it. Oh, Jason wants to answer these. I want to I want I mean, we should all answer them, but I've got my answers. Mike, you're whistling.


I thought you ought to be.


I thought you weren't going to be part of the show. But his whistling is unfathomably good. Like you've never heard someone whistle like Mike. Can you give us just a little spot here?


But this is a little bit is difficult to whistle when you're when you're laughing and whistling into a microphone like.


OK, you know what, it is not my bet is all, but he is he is excited. I felt like I was, you know, walking on a breezy, sunny day right there. No, for Songbird.


Yeah, that was Songbird. Yeah.


You've got like a vibrato in a whistle. I don't know how you do it. And Andy blows my mind with multitasking.


We'll be in the middle of somehow two completely different conversations, one on slack, one on somewhere else. And then he's posting messages on a third thing going on about a fourth. It is worried. It's it's like he has extra time in the moment in his brain. Yeah, well, I guess that's more what it is. He's it's got more real estate to connect things.


Yeah. I just been browsing eBay Top Shop while we were talking anyway.


Exactly. And Jason, what's your special skill then that no one knows about expert level Sudoku player? I've actually been getting into Sudoku a lot. I used to like twenty years ago and I just picked I've never I've never done that. We have to you have to be smart. You've got to have logic. I mean, it's it's just it's a logic puzzle.


And but, man, I've really been hammering them lately, getting really when you smash a high level Sudoku like it, really, you feel like Sudoku.


Is there a Sudoku? Hi. Yeah, it's like like getting a pump. You know, you work out well and some people work out and they they get a pump like where their muscles are are engorged. And that happens to your brain after a good Sudoku man.


Oh yeah. You finish an expert and under your name like it's like thump in.


Got your heartbeat shown up there. Yeah. You want this man alive. Whistling Sucks my Kyle Pitts. Oh, here's a good Kyle Pitts question.


Kyle Pitts has a question for you. Oh, fantastic. It's about Kyle Pitts.


He's too busy scoring touchdowns. All right. Twitter question from Noel.


How high would you take Kyle Pitts in the rookie draft assuming a decent landing spot? Look, Kyle Pitts is going to be drafted potentially in the top ten in the NFL draft. So I would assume a good landing spot for cowpats. Well, I mean, the most. Yes, I expect him to be some place that, look, when you spend a pick that high on a tight end, right. Like better using like Detroit and T.J. Hokanson, like the Denver Broncos and no offense, like Detroit and Eric Ebron, like stop using Detroit in your arguments.


Well, what if they do it again? If it's Detroit, then we've got a problem.


But the Cleveland Browns are David and Andrew or David and Joe. OK, OK, Howard. No, you're right.


You're right. I'm thinking top five, though. I mean, none of those guys went to the top five in. I've seen him marked in the top five.


I this is the way that I view it for Dynasty. For Dynasty. He'll probably be a back first half of the first round prospect. I'm going to take most of the running backs and wide receivers that I like above him when it comes to tight ends. I don't want you know, it's like, what kind of stocks do you like? I don't want to stock that I feel is going to have to take two or three years before it's valuable.


I'd rather trade for that stock in two years before a breakout. And maybe maybe he comes out and has a phenomenal rookie season because he's he's otherworldly. He's, you know, more talented, more special. But like even the greats, Gronk, you know, didn't just missed his rookie season.


Kelsey Kittel didn't have a good rookie season. And they're and they're the world's best prospects.


And so I just don't love rookie drafting tight ends all that much Persian. It's very difficult because of what he could become his his. Goodness gracious. Yeah. That's what got Pitts. Boy, I mean, if you don't draft him, you never get the good ones. I mean, if you don't invest, you have to live with the bad rookie year, even from a potential upside guy. Put them in. Let me give you two spots for Kyle Pitts.


OK, let's start with Atlanta. It's about L.A. pick somewhere in the top there, number four now they have another pick after that, don't they? Well, yeah, they have more picks in the draft. Well, I'm not projecting them to pick him up for as my point. Let me let me look at the first round again there. Then the third pick in the second round. OK, how about San Francisco, 12. I've heard that and that is upsetting, that would not be a great rookie year landing spot, you know, at the very best, he's splitting time with George Kittle.


OK, all right, so if you're looking at the people in the top five and do you like, that's to me saying the Cincinnati Bengals are going to take Kyle Pitts and Kyle Pitts with Joe Burrow. Is that. Exciting enough that you would spend up in your first round? All right, Jason's probably right with where he put the pick. What do you say, late first round dissy? That makes sense, probably because you are going to have to wait on the you're not going to get a Kittel year, Skelsey year, any of that Wollar year out of him in year one.


Cincinnati is a good destination there. Philadelphia could be a good destination.


Carolina, could you remember how to get into Thomas's Mary Thomas?


All right. That might be the best destination. They have no tight end and could really use one.


And if they lose New England at 15 possible, let's say that we're just listing a bunch of teams now. But the two I've most closely seen him linked with would be the Chargers. Yes. I mean, that's just a matter of practicality because. Yeah, because Unter Energy is a free agent and I've seen him drafted by Robock drafted to the Arizona Cardinals a lot. Oh, yeah.


I'll tell you what, both of those destinations are great uptempo offenses, young quarterbacks. And you're drafted with the capital to be a day one starter with that athletic talent, a whole need at tight end, assuming that Unter moves on. Yeah, yep, um, OK, we. Twitter question, can you guys revisit your Keepa rules in your league? I know you've mentioned it before. I would love to hear again. Is that the answer, Mike?


No. Yeah. Well, they asked if we could. Can we? Yeah, of course we could.


But we won't go to the bathroom, OK. You got him.


Yeah, we play our keeper league is unique in the fact that you get to keep one franchise player and that is a completely locked player for your team. And then you select three keepers that go into a lottery. They may not match the position of the franchise player and two thirds you get to keep one goes back into the draft and it's a lottery. So it's random. So this is a way for some high priced talent to go back into the draft and to keep the league.


And it makes for an exciting additional event day in our league of record each and every year when we do our keep our lottery and either celebrate the fact that you kept the players you wanted or weep and cry when they drop back into the draft. You know, like when Joe Mixon dropped into the draft last year and I got stuck with David Montgomery. Remember that? Yes.


You were really upset about that. I was.


So that's how we do it. All right. Last question here from Twitter at Guiseppe says, What podcast do you guys listen to on your free time?


I it always varies. It's like rotating between I like stuff you should know, I like, uh, TESO Daily. Yeah, it's the daily, I like some financial stuff.


There was a great podcast. I'm pulling it up. I mean, How to Lose All Your Money on Crypto podcast.


Oh, it's such a good one. We are the hosts.


We're speaking of that spitball spot where we are the hosts. That's right. I know from now from now I was, I was I'm really upset because it's a phenomenal podcast. It's one of those, like, audio dramas. You know, it's but there's only six, six episodes.


And I was getting all into it. And then I was like, it's just it's like taking a hiatus after six. Ridiculous.


I got into a bunch of the true crime for a long time. But I need like a new one. I need somebody to give me the like. Someone needs to commit a crime and then they need to do a podcast on it. I'm on it.


Uh, I think Conan I like the Conan podcast. The Barbarian. Mm hmm. They so big.


He's so huge in the podcast that matters Pristina's. And we want to it's a weird day to day.


We want to thank Christine Auction for supporting the podcast. And Alvin Kamara signed jerseys up on pristine auction dotcom. Right now, the current bid price. Seventy three dollars. You can go check that out. There is a Keenan Allen signed Eclipse alternate speed mini helmet up there for 42 dollars right now. Hundreds, though, of daily auctions. Find your favorite fantasy player, commemorate them. Jason doesn't know how to collect stuff, but most people do. And you can do it at, oh, I don't know, dotcom.


I know how I got a pristine auction and I make a complete account with the with the code ballers get a ten dollar credit, then you make a negative ten dollars. That's right.


Jason, we're paying you at auction. You go ballers.


All right. That'll do it for today's episode of the show. Hey, do not miss Thursday's episode. Seriously, ten things to remember from the last year. It is one of our best off season episodes. If you miss it, I'll be so upset. So don't. We'll talk to you on Thursday. Goodbye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the Fantasy Football podcast. Join our fantasy football community on Join the Full Dotcom and follow us on Twitter at the F F Balers.