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Bourgeoning Mike, which means Grund or present participle, bourgeoning, bourgeoning, begin to grow.


Begin to grow. You got we nailed it.


Join the foot dotcom haters alarums to get into the fantasy football is Karkare. Welcome to the Fantasy Football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike, right. Welcome in his Bergenheim Virgin in Virgin Virgin, had you never heard that word before, Mike? I had I don't know, it just it caught me off guard. I mean, I would say it's a collegiate word, but you're really the only one with the degree around here.


Yeah. You never forget that. I guess Jason has one, too. I'm the only one without a degree around here. Like I said, it's a heist. It's a high school work. Jay, you got a degree? Yeah, Jason has a degree, doesn't he?


We have to wait so he can actually hear us and then we'll be able to respond because. Oh, what am I responding to I.


Did you get your college degree? Did you finish? I did. I did not the first time, but I went back. Oh, that's right. That's right. That's right. Yes. I'll do you very special. Do you have a degree. I do not. Mr. Brooks. Know who I am the most. Wait a minute.


So Mike. Mike has one. Mike has a degree. But we did not vet our employees. We didn't we didn't put the must have a college degree. Just imagine how good it could have been if we had sat that way. Better people here. Glass ceiling.


I've got the one year program. That's what. Oh, the one year program. That's like a certificate. Yeah. Nine ninety nine nine nine nine. Hey look, here I am.


I got the job. That's true. That's true. Well, lessons learned. Welcome to this burgeoning podcast.


Oh, we've got a great show today. We have some news. We got to catch you up on big time news. We knew that we might be facing some covid tumult this this season. And we are we've got Bycel on the show today as well, the Thursday night preview. And we're stepping into the panic room. We're going to bring up some players that.


The people are panicked about three weeks into the season and so. Let's let's get into it, let's get into it, you can find us on Twitter at the fallen, join the fight, dotcoms, the community and the fantasy football or dot com for the rankings, the smart set tool, the player profiles making some big time upgrades to the player profiles here in the next couple of weeks, we're going to get some video clips in when we talk about certain players so you can kind of dig deep when you're making those start set decisions.


When I do some bycel, Mike, oh, yes, please, let's do it. Buy or sell presented by pristine auction. All right, last week, buy or sell, quick recap, James Conrad, top 15, running back, he finished at RB eight. So Mike and Jason nailed it.


Nailed it. David Johnson, that is that supposed to signify you succeeding?


Well, we checked with the computer because somebody succeeded on all of these so well that you could hit your own button. Yeah, you can hit it for me. David Johnson, ten fantasy points at Pittsburgh.


I nailed it. That's right. Adam Thielen, a top ten wide receiver against Tennessee.


Mike and I, we both sold it. I feel like the Jason bought it and he was, he was just Jefferson and I was telling you Jefferson it wasn't a top ten wide receiver.


Right. Who, Adam Thielen, yeah. Oh, we sold it. Yeah, he was the top 10. Yeah, yeah. I would push the correct button but that seems wrong. I think you should just do it because we were both correct. You got it.


All right. Week four Bycel.


You guys ready? Yup. Nobody was perfect last week, by the way.


So we got to shoot for perfection this week. Amari Cooper.


Fifteen fantasy points against Cleveland. Now, that seems like a high bar to bet on.


It sure does, considering so far he has not hit that on the season so well. Yeah, I'm going to sell as well. He has been so you know, we make fun of Amari Cooper's consistency. How's this for consistency? Thirteen point one points weak, one thirteen point zero points weak to thirteen point one points. Weak three. He's going to think he's doing it. It's just not in the top ten like people had hoped. If that's the floor, though, I'll take that floor and then give me that huge game.


Where has he gotten into the end zone this year with those scores? I don't remember off the top of my head that I'm going to sell Mike, are you? It's it's tough to it's tough to sell that he's just under it every you know, every three weeks. Yes. He has not scored. So you can bet on a score. Yeah, I think that I'm going to buy this. I'm going to buy that. Amari Cooper breaks through.


He has a decent game, a better than a wide receiver. Twenty four finishes. It's tough. It's tougher, I guess, for Amari Cooper, just because of the way that this offense is running in clicking and firing on all cylinders and that it's just interchangeable pieces, you know. And now we have the introduction of Cedric Cedric Wilson over here, who's now just another puzzle piece, who he could go off any single week, but I will buy it just to be different.


Give some Marc Cooper support.


I don't know what people did with Cedric Wilson in the waiver pickup area, but with KD Lamb getting hurt, Wilson taking advantage, I think it's a one week wonder situation.


It certainly could be. I mean, we had this last year with Devin Smith. Yeah, we had the Smethwick.


Yeah. Devante Parker as a top twenty wide receiver against Seattle. This is a bye. It's a bye for me. Seattle's defense has allowed 430 passing yards per game. Bye bye bye. I mean, we're going to talk about him a lot tomorrow. I mean, Devante Parker is someone that you know, I have Devante Parker in several leagues. I haven't been able to start him yet. And I can't wait to plug him in my lineup.


Yeah, I mean, he was he's had some tough matchups and still been he still looks like the Devante Parker of last year to me. Darrell Henderson Jr. One hundred and twenty. He's a junior now as of today. OK, yeah. One hundred and twenty total yards against the Giants this week. In week two, he had one hundred and twenty one total yards in week three. One hundred and twenty total yards. Very nice line here Brooks.


One hundred and twenty total yards against the Giants.


That's a lot of yards. It is a lot of yards. I think Darrell Henderson is going to have a very good game. I by Darrell Henderson, but I'm going to sell the hundred and twenty total yards. It's just that's that's a lot. And so far he's only gone over it by one yard. So let me well, let me see if I can change your mind for you.


Sean McVay, when asked if Darrell Henderson will start on Sunday based on his performance the last two weeks, he threw out the.


I think so. Oh, that's a dead weight, I think that's it. I just I think sending me over. Yeah, I'm going to sell it. Darryl Henderson is going to be great this week. You should start him. But one hundred and twenty total yards, that's a high bar. I think, you know, it's kind of like I feel like I'm it's one of those bets where you take the field and you just say, yeah, you know, I like this team, but I'm going to take every other team.


It's just more common to have games under 120 yards.


And I don't like the both of you have sold it because now I backed into a corner. I must buy this. I love Darryl Henderson for this week. He is probably showing up in the starts of the week tomorrow. All right.


That was by herself from pristine auction. Check out pristine auction. Dotcom used the code ballers get a ten dollars credit.


Let's talk news. News& notes from around the league. All right, this is the headline, this is the big news, we go and we need more information. But right now, Sunday's game between the Steelers and the Titans has been postponed. Now, don't don't hear that. It's not necessarily happening this week. It won't happen Sunday morning at 10 a.m. There are multiple options for rescheduling, Monday night is an option. That will be based on test results, I assume, then, if we don't see more results, because there was one more Titans player that tested positive.


And so the league decided at that point, hey, we need more time, it could be Monday night, it could end up being something where the bikes are moved around and you actually have a Steelers titans by this week.


So if we had no more information right now, you are in a tailspin because at this point you're having to roster a bunch of other players with no more information on whether they play Monday night. Hopefully, mercifully, we'll have Thursday, Friday information on whether it is definitively Monday Night Football or completely moving, and you have you can make accommodations for your team. Yeah, it's some positive news.


So far, so good for the Minnesota Vikings. That was the team that played the Titans where we had to you know, they you had to have the concern that it spread into multiple locker rooms. So, so far, so good for the Vikings. I don't think we're all in the clear yet. We need a couple more days of no positive tests. But the fact that another player.


Breaking news.


Oh, all right. Oh, boy. Sorry, my kid brother. Oh, brother.


We have breaking news. Literally tweeted just now. Ian Rapoport is saying that the game will now be played either Monday or Tuesday rather than Sunday, and then at that Tuesday would count as a week for games.


Yeah, it would have to, yes. Although that will be wild.


And I welcome the 20 to one Tuesday Night Football. Oh, man. OK, we get a new football time. Yeah, a day that has never, never been proclaimed as its football team Tuesday touchdown Tuesday, but this makes it even.


I know Ian Rapoport is reporting it will either be played Monday or Tuesday, but if it tests don't lend itself to Monday or Tuesday, it won't be played this week. So we are still in that boat.


But you don't have a pivot now, like if it was Monday, we could be giving the advice that, well, grab some of the players from the Monday night game if you want to hedge against that or something like that. Now, you are just.


You might need to plan away from Steelers and Titans at this, you probably do, but give it give in the next couple of days. Some of these players are much more difficult to replace. You know, if you've got Derrick Henry. It's really difficult to plug someone else in your lineup. Whereas if you've got Ben Roethlisberger, if you've got Ryan Tannehill, you know, you just go ahead and you stream a different quarterback. And that's, you know, that's easy enough to do.


But, man, I don't I'm I'm happy that I'm not currently a manager of Derrick Henry on any of my rosters. OK, Chris Godwin had his MRI confirmed a mild hamstring pull out for week for possibly week five. I would count on him out both weeks. Yeah, week five, they are the Thursday night game. So it's a, you know, the shorter week. Then he gets ten days if he skips it. Yeah. So anticipate going out for two weeks.


Deontay Johnson's in the concussion protocol now. He is a part of that game. So this extra day or two could actually make him active. Dallas got hurt. Jalen Reagor both placed on short term either we knew that both players were going to be out for quite some time. Henry Rug's a long shot this week. Brian Edwards is already out. Hunter, Renfroe Hunter, I mean, he's going to be heavily targeted. Yes, he is. I mean, Darren, I am the walrus goo goo good.


You should have quite a bounce back week here after being shut down by the Patriots. But, yes, the not obvious pick would be Hunter. Renfroe is very interesting. Now, you want to get in on some Nelson Aguilar. Jason, is that on your list of replacements for Corey Davis this week?


No, I mean, I think I would rather just get really sick and barf a lot. They have to rely on Nelson Aguilar. But, you know, you can you can choose your path for yourself.


It's balf now. Balf later. Yeah. Lev Bell targeting a week five return. It's interesting. I thought about. Making some trades for Lev Bell now let me make the case, I mean, OK, people are very embittered with the start to the season they invested. No, it wasn't a first or second round pick on that bell, but you still thought he'd be one of your starters. He's coming back here in a couple of weeks, so you could get ahead of acquiring him and Adam Gase could be gone and a new head coach.


Good point. A new head coach coming in. Let me give you a little tip here. Left Belgrade ursine Frank Gore left Belgrade ursine sign blogg.


This is known to everyone except for Adam Gase. That's my point.


So if right now you let's say the left bell manager is zero and three and needs help now, sure, you could target Lev Bell on the cheap ski. Just a thought. Yeah, now it's possible, you know, you you you you had me at Adam Gase could be gone. That's really where because the truth is leading up to the season. I was, you know, early in the off season, we were kind of talking about, look, the volumes just going to be there if he touches the ball, you know, 250 to 300 times over a 16 game season.


Yeah, he's he might be not the love bell of old, but he will be decent for fantasy. And then as we approached closer to the season, we realized, look, Frank, Gore is going to be a thing, Adam. Gas is going to be a thing. And yeah, I think maybe we get back to the volume play we hoped for in love. Bill, he he hasn't looked spry. So I don't I don't I don't think he's going to be a star, but I think he could be a really solid running back.


Definitely didn't look spry once the. What's the hamstring went. Yeah. OK. And then I think that's all we have for news right now. We will we'll break in a foul ball and finds anymore covid related news. I do want to remind everybody out there as we move into the Panic Room segment about our DFS past. Now, these guys have been smashing it each and every week. We've got the DFS podcast. If you play DFS, check out DFS past dotcom weekly cash picks.


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What are we like? I'm laughing because if you're on the YouTube look, we made a decision today. Jason is remote, remoting into the show. And so on the YouTube, we've had him in the corner of the show and some feedback came in. They said they want him in his spot. They feel more comfortable. Jason's video in his actual spot on the show. And so we've got him like in his spot.


But then we went to the slider cam, which is our panning cam, and he's still spot, which I don't know how you wizards back there work that out. I assume he's not moving at all. OK, they're not. It just surprised me to still see him on the screen. All right. It's panic room time.


All right. Here's what we're doing. That's loud. Well, you got to let people know you're panicked.


Yeah, that's that's level four panic. Now, there are four levels of panic, Mike. I don't know if you knew this. The world of panic levels, it's burgeoning. And so we've got level one, not panic level to somewhat worried. Level three, we're getting freaked out. Yeah, level four is full. That's full on level four is that's level four.


Yeah. All right. The alarms are going off. All right.


And so we're going to bring up some players that will determine what level we're at.


D. J. Moore, Panthers wide receiver through three weeks, is the wide receiver twenty nine, he finished forty ninth and week one fourteenth and week to 15th in week three. Only one red zone target on the year. He's not been like, if there's a Julio Jones in training, it's been more in terms of the touchdowns, just doesn't find his way into the end zone, six touchdowns in 34 career games.


We talked about him as a breakout on the basis that, look, these touchdown numbers have to go up with the amount of targets and receptions we're getting.


Robby Anderson right now is the wide receiver 10, I think that Robby Anderson is also the reason why people are so freaked out about D.J. more because there's a reason. Well, the reason I'm saying not just that there's someone else in this offense which like that's that's a natural thing. Someone emerges and becomes another top option for the offense. But they are seeing Robby Anderson's production, who he has scored. And that's the big difference between D.J. Moore and Robby Anderson.


Robby Anderson is ninth and Target's fourteenth in yards. He just hasn't scored. He is the fifth most er yards. DJ Moore. Yes, that I did. I say you did say Robby Anderson. I apologize. Yes. This is D.J. Moore. The peripherals are there. He is just not scoring touchdowns now you could say. I am panicked because now we have quite the history of not more not scoring touchdowns, maybe this is a Julio Jones problem where T.J. Moore is going to always have a bunch of receptions, a bunch of yardage.


He just won't put up the touchdowns. That may be. But my level of panic on D.J. Moore is nothing more than a two. He is still heavily involved, some worried. Yeah, yeah.


It's fair because I was hoping for more touchdowns and buying into the positive touchdown regression for more the meanwhile, the schedule for DJ more Arizona, Atlanta, and those are two very strong or two strong matchups here for D.J. Moore and the Carolina Panthers. So I am not freaked out, but it's OK to be a little bit worried through three weeks. I'm closer to level three than I am to level two because I thought more would give me a DJ floor, Mike.


And if he doesn't get into the end zone.


Finishing is the wide receiver, fifty two of his first three weeks. It concerns me. It's one of the reasons I wasn't as bullish on Carolina. It wasn't that I didn't think they could do it, is that I hadn't seen them actually do it with the new head coach, with Robby Anderson, with Teddy Bridgewater. It concerns me, I'm I'm probably a little more level three than level two. Jason, where are you on the panic scale? I am a level one, I am not panicked at all.


D.J. Moore would be someone that I would be targeting on the cheap. Now, I will say this. The hope for the huge breakout, the you're going to have a top six wide receiver, a top ten wide receiver. Just who's dominant? Sure.


I'm not I'm not confident in that in the slightest. It does not appear that this is going to be a monster breakout. But I'm also not panicked at all. Deja Moore is going to be great for fantasy this season. The targets, like Mike said, they've been there. He is getting the targets. His last game stunk because the Carolina Panthers were winning and they won. And they they weren't throwing the ball that much. I mean, they're their leader in targets was their running back.


This is not going to be the normal game script for the Carolina Panthers. If you're telling me that he's getting more like what we saw the first two games, nine targets, thirteen targets. He's a hyper talented athlete, a great wide receiver. He'll get his. So I'm I'm not worried about D.J. Moore at all.


All right. Odell Beckham Jr. right now, he's the wide receiver. Thirty eight on the season. He it's looking pretty similar to last year to me with Odell Beckham Jr. now panic is relative to expectation. I would say that this is a difficult one. I mean, he was 15th last week. Forty seven, I'm sorry. Forty seventh last week, 15th the week before against Cincinnati. He gets to play Dallas this week. Twenty two targets, you always have those peripherals with Odel where he's got the sixth highest target share in football.


Twenty eight percent, fifth highest areas share, but these have been there for him.


I mean, he's been a high target for a guy in Cleveland. It just hasn't equated to very much seven point nine fantasy points, then fifteen the week before, then three. He's come out and said he knows he's not going to put up prolific numbers in this offense with Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt. So define panic on Odell Beckham and what that means, because I'm having a hard time. Yeah, you have to just accept the the tier adjustment for Odell Beckham.


I don't think that the talent has changed. I think that he could be a dominant wide receiver if you were in a different situation. But the situation has strongly capped. What is going to happen with Odell Beckham. I was a big supporter of of Baker Mayfield. It's not looking great like for for Baker to be that number one pick that the Cleveland Browns thought they were getting. He's I think he'll be fine. But you got to grow more and more concerned as you from last year's performance from Baker, three games of like, OK, he's he's fine.


He's fine. Just starting quarterback. This team can win with him, but you're not going to get numbers from Odell Beckham. So it's once you have adjusted him down to, OK, Odell Beckham is a a lower end wide receiver to then I'm not panicked. If you are still hoping that you have a top 10 guy, you should be freaked out full. You should be on DEFCON four here because that's it's it's not going to happen. Go ahead.


The combination here of the Browns being a good team as far as their defense looks good, their offensive line and running backs are great. They don't want to use Odell Beckham the way that fantasy managers want Odell Beckham used. And you're going to get a lot more a lot more bad games than good games. And so, yeah, I'm a three here. Mike laid it out. Well, it's it's about expectation, but Odell Beckham is not a top 15 wide receiver and won't be while he's around.


Yeah, I think most games are going to end up being. I mean, the difference between last week where he was outside the top 40 and the week before we was inside the top 15 was essentially connecting on one deep shot. You're going to have some play action. You're going to have a deep shot or two. If Beckham hits the deep shot, you're going to be happy that week. And if he doesn't, you haven't seen volume in Cleveland to sustain, you know, hope for a top tier wide receiver.


So that would put him at two, three range. If you're looking at it in terms of hoping the injury problems fixed Odell Beckham and he would be a top tier guy.


And this was a big week, though, Dallas is bleeding surance to the wide receiver position, if Beckham can't get it done in week three in Dallas, where Dallas will put up points against Cleveland, that would be I think it's going to be a good week for Becky.


Yeah, I agree. After saying we're super worried and over the course of the season, it's not going to be good for Beckham. It is going to be good this week because Dallas doesn't have any kind of lock down corner that scares you at all. And they'll be able to score on the Browns defense. So they will need Odell Beckham this week despite the fact that they want to be a run first team. Let me put you on the spot here.


You have to lock a wide receiver into your roster for the rest of the season.


Their name is either Odell Beckham Jr. or Robbie Anderson, Lokman, Robbie Anderson. Jason, who are you putting in? Oh, wow. Oh, man, that was quite the sound you made with your mouth. That was an elephant.


It it was. I never forget. And there's a lot that I want to forget with both of these players. If I had to lock one in rest of season, it would be Robby Anderson.


OK, I would I would look I would go back home, would you? Yeah, I'm all right. But it's close. I'm not saying it's a you know.


Yeah, I get that this and this is the wild thing about fantasy football in three weeks. And you got to start making some some adjustments, some expectation adjustments. And I like Robbie Anderson's outlook moving forward.


Hollywood Brown. This is a big time. It's the big one. There's a lot to unpack here. Markese, Hollywood, brown. It has not been good wide receiver 57 on the season, no fantasy finish in the first three weeks above 25, which was week one, 62, 96, that is a whatever the opposite of heating up is. He's doing it right now. Twenty five, sixty to ninety six cooling off, nice Mike. Genius, genius.


What's what's the opposite of hot anyway?


Everybody. Nobody out here. Somebody. Brooks, can you look at working it out.


Look, it has been terrible, snaps are up from last year, but the more to unpack is that Lamar Jackson is 30 second in the NFL. In passing yardage, Lamar Jackson hasn't looked the same. We knew regression was coming because it always it comes for all, whether you're Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, Lamar Jackson. But I think we thought, hey.


The snap count increase. The maturation in the passing game for Lamar would equate to a lot more than Hollywood, I am a fool. I mean, where you drafted I guess I'm a level three. I'm a level three getting freaked out with Hollywood Brown because he's we helped more consistency. And you've got no consistency.


Yeah. Jason, where are you at? Yeah, I look, he's my guy. I love Hollywood Brown and obviously I have hated the first three weeks, you know, but I did not ever view him as someone that was going to be a consistent wide receiver. He's going to have monster games and then go away for some games like most wide receivers do. He's much more in the young Deshawn Jackson vein than someone that's just a PR machine. He's got a twenty four percent target share.


He's got the seven most deep targets in the league. You look at, you know, week one, he was involved. He had over one hundred yards by halftime and then they didn't really need him. Week two was disappointing. Then this last week we we all watched that game against Kansas City. He connects on that deep ball touch down towards the end of the game. And all of a sudden he's probably has his best week of the season.


So I'm not you know, I'm a two. I'm not liking I'm not not worried at all. I am a little bit worried. My worry is more on Lamar Jackson. I haven't seen anything for Marquese Brown that's made me think he's not the player. I hope he is. What's going on is Lamar hasn't looked as crisp.


He like you said, he's he's thirty second passing yards is the thirty second best and I would hope for I have a correction on the twenty seventh not thirty seconds.


Oh way better Kyle. The way to go again was super on. He's actually twenty seven.


We're warming up so yeah I'm, I'm worried but I think at the end of the season you're going to have plenty of games that are outside the top 50.


Yeah. But then you're going to start him. That's the problem every week. This is the type of player that you you have to take your lumps with it. It depends on how you construct a roster. But I have very commonly had, you know, really reliable my, my, my, my Robert Woods and my Julio Jones type players. And I supplement them with a Hollywood brown type where. Yeah, I mean, he might disappoint or he might win you a week, but you pretty much have to take the lumps if you want the good the good games.


I mean, I'm not benching Hollywood because he's not great. Every single game. Any games.


Yeah. Yeah, unfortunate. How about this, Jason?


I've got a real novel. Incredible question for you. You ready? You have to lock a wide receiver into your roster the rest of the season. Hollywood Brown or Robby Anderson.


I would I would go Hollywood Brown. That one is so easy for me. And maybe it's maybe it's a little bit of, you know, hoping because of my passion for Hollywood. But I you know, if you told me the rest of season who scores more total fantasy points, I'll take a bet with you on Hollywood versus Robby Anderson.


I'll take a bet with you on Hollywood versus Odell Beckham Junior Resta season based on the fact you answered Robbie on one and Hollywood on the other. Let's go.


Waterbed, more bets with Beckham, great. What are you doing to yourself, more bets with Beckham?


Well, I just think it just seems a little bit wild where we've had a good game from Beckham. We haven't had one from Hollywood. And Hollywood was really inconsistent last year. I just know as a fantasy manager, you have to have some cojones to lock a player into your lineup.


Just gave you a two point game and a six point game before that. Are you viewing it as he's a must must start still?


Might I view him the same way Jason does? Yeah, that if you have Hollywood Brown, you're not playing matchups. You aren't saying, well, they've got a great corner here. Maybe I don't play them. Oh, I want to play him here. No, you have to play him every single week or you're just you will chase the dragon and you'll be wrong and more often than you will be. Right. You just got to deal with it, OK?


I mean, it's tough. Hollywood, really tough because I feel like there isn't evidence yet in his career of him being worth playing consistently like you even last year, even though he missed some time, he had three games in all of last year, Win Active, where he was the top twelve wide receiver. So I'm trying to figure out what is the foundation for putting him into your lineup.


Let let me let me ask you this, because I think, you know, we're about to talk about a teammate and it really comes down to what do you believe about Lamar Jackson? Not not him as a fantasy asset, as a mobile quarterback, but as a passer. Do you think what we've seen through these first three weeks is what we'll have for the season from Lamar Jackson, the passer, or do you think Lamar Jackson will get it together?


You know, not be the twenty seventh ranked passing yards guy throw for, you know, around a thirty touchdown pace? What do you guys think about Lamar Jackson's passing ability in twenty twenty? I do not think it comes down to that, I certainly think it's going to be much, much better, but it doesn't come down to that for me because he was outstanding last year in Hollywood was not a consistent play, nor a person you could. He hasn't proven to me like I don't I don't understand why you wouldn't take the prove it to me approach with Hollywood Brown.


I'm really not trying to be difficult, but I'm looking at his game like last year, not the games he missed, the games he played. And I see three times in the last eight, nine weeks that you would have wanted to play him. So I think Mama gets a lot better. But I would rather put somebody in that I know is going to produce.


Yeah, the context of that game is part of why I liked Hollywood. Brown comes on, was great, got injured, was very limited snap counts when they needed him towards the end of that season. Look, in the playoffs, he was just outstanding. It's kind of a talent plus quarterback situation. And so, you know, the next player we're talking about, Mark Andrews, what's the panic? Are we panicked about Mark Andrews? Because you look at both of these players, Marquese Brown and Mark Andrews, they're week two in week three, stunk three points in week two for Mark Andrews, three points in week three for Mark Andrews.


And I get it, we saw last year great consistency. Mark Andrews has that baseline we don't have with Hollywood, but it's Lamar Jackson's lack of passing in the offense that's really bringing these Ravens receivers down.


I'm not panic on my level. One on Mark Andrews. Yeah, I'm level one for Mark Andrews as well. The opportunity is, is there he's getting he's getting targets in the end zone. We we saw it happen. He just for target share among titans right now. He didn't come down with the couple shots. So, no, I'm I'm not panicked on Mark Andrews, especially when you factor in, like, the landscape of tight ends. You've got to be in a Mark Andrews.


OK, let me ask you this. Let's say you have you have Noah Fant. Are you trying to go after Mark Andrews? Are you trying to buy low pay package, no offense with some other option and get Mark Andrews, because that's that's what I would be doing. Yes, absolutely. Agree with that completely. I'll be ripping deals right now because I don't want to lean on the roulette of Denver quarterback situation.


That's and that's the biggest reason I would be making that big going with that. Go ahead. Jay Fant was just an example. If you've got, you know, hawks, if you've got koseki, if you've got Geno Smith, if you've got a tight end that looks like they could be something you're not sure, would you be trying to package them to buy low on Mark Andrews is more the the question. Yeah, those those other guys absolutely.


Fantas interesting to me specifically. I don't know my confidence. And in Noah Fant, the player is absolutely sky high. But the unfortunate circumstance he has found himself in with the quarterbacks, that's why I would make the move. Now, if you're like it's called the Dwayne Haskins effect to Logan Thomas, his target share if Drew Lock had never gotten hurt. Yes. In that week. And would I be packaging no offense. Plus something from Mark Andrews.


Probably not. I would agree with you. I would be keeping my depth piece with Cortland, sorting out no offense with consistent quarterback play an opportunity, no offense will be great. And I still think that Noah Fant is a he's a locked in like top eight, probably even a top five guy. To me, that's how I see him. If he had Drew Lock never get hurt. So he's a little bit different to me than when you're comparing koseki.


And he's the guy, Jason, he's the best example because he's the player you can craft the narrative to acquire MacAndrews with. All you do is tell somebody, do you want no offense, he's the number three tight end. So, by the way, NFL statement on the Titans Steelers game, I'm going to read this to you, the Steelers Titans game originally scheduled for Sunday at 1:00 p.m. Eastern, will be rescheduled to allow additional time for further testing and to ensure the health and safety of the players.


Details on the new game date and time on either Monday or Tuesday will be announced as soon as possible. So we should have. We should have an opportunity very soon to know when that game is locked in, which could really change the equation quite a bit. So I think at this point, we should maybe jump into the Thursday night preview and spend as little time there as humanly possible.


Thursday night breakdown. All right, Mike, Mike, we are contractually required, yeah, to speak about this due to it being considered a quote unquote, NFL game, alleged, allegedly.


We have you know what? I'm going to change my tune on this. I'm going to change it right now. You want to know why I like it? Here's how I'm going to change my positivity. Give it to me. We would have climbed a mountain to watch this game five months ago.


You're darn right we will, because we didn't think we'd have football. But we've got football. And this is called football. It's Thursday Night Football. Are you going to say football time tomorrow, Mike? Yeah.


See, see. Let's go, Will. Let's go.


OK, it's football. Yeah.


There might be like a question mark, a little bit of a pubescent voice when you say it. All right. The only three Denver Broncos take on the and three New York Jets.


Here's what's on the line. If. Adam Gase loses this game, he could be out on his keester, he could be gone. And so we get to watch Sam Tunnelled face Brett Rippin.


And. Well, there you go, Vic, Vic Fangio doesn't even know his quarterback's name, so he called him Mark Rippin. You guys remember Mark Rypien? Either of you do. Oh, yeah. Yeah. The name is familiar. Yeah.


I mean, Washington Redskins, if you grew up watching football quarterback for the Redskins. Oh. So he was actually he's great. He's a good quarterback. All right. But this is his son and Vick thought it might be his father when he called him Mark. But here we are, fantasy wise. That is what we do. We talk about fantasy options for this game you are looking at. All right.


Great news. The quarterbacks are out a year out. Get them out of there. Yep. Melvin Gordon, I actually think I'm quite content. Happy to play Melvin Gordon. He will bounce back in this game because it's the Jets. Frank Gore, he's averaging eighteen rushes a game. He must be a star. Right, Jason? Jason in Europe.


No, I'm not starting Frank Gore. No, I'm not either.


You've got the thirtieth in points per drive versus the thirty second in points per drive.


Oh, you know, outside of Melvin Gordon, I'm you know, I might start Jerry Judy in a in a pinch in a desperate situation and no offense. And then whoever the PR wide receiver is, whether it's Crown or Fezzan or Berríos, if he's out. Yes. Where are you, Andy? On on Braxton Berrios. Let's say. Let's go through the exercise. Jamison Crowder ruled out. Yeah, you I mean, it's still a slam dunk.


So it's you know, it's at least it's their starting quarterback, the the Denver Broncos, currently twenty eighth against fantasy wide receivers. There is an opportunity here.


Would you go Braxton Berrios or Hunter Renfroe Renfro. Case closed.


That was too easy. It was too easy here. Berríos is setting up unfortunately like a trap. Berríos or Sammy Watkins. Why? Oh, I just chose Watkins in a starts it on this show.


I thought it would be close. That was smart. Now here's the problem. It's Braxton Berrios and the last two weeks, his fantasy production, while respectable 16 twenty fourth, you said you should start him, right? I mean, he scored both weeks. If he doesn't score, you're going to sit there with a five or six point week with Braxton Berrios.


And you have it just seems like it's a desperation PPR dart throw.


Despite the past two weeks, I've turned the corner on Barry, which is chasing points, you know, I mean, when you're going based off the past and saying I oh man, I don't want to miss out on his touchdown last week, well, guess what you did. So move on.


I would rather chase points here go.


Which I've never said before. All right. I also have another very difficult question. Who wins this game? I think it's probably the Jets, unfortunately, Jason, who wins this game, I, I believe it will be the Broncos, but the world the entire world is rooting for the Broncos to win.


And this is where Adam Gase comes through and keeps his job and wins the game. But but I think the better roster is even with the third string quarterback who is not as good, you know, as Samed Arnold, I think the team and the coaching and everything else is better on the Broncos side.


Mike, I think the Jets win. A reminder to take your Thursday night players out of the Fleck's or just out of your lineups altogether or out of your lineup, you could do that. Take Melvin Gordon out of your flex, put them in your running backs, because he might be in as a flex. That way, you have some some room to move.


Looks like we'll have a game on Monday or Tuesday as of right now with the the Titans game, so that'd be good.


Brooks, is there any real key Thursday night players that you've been just dying to hear us break down?


No. All right. Let's just let's do some mailbag. Mailbag. OK, all right, if you have a question, go to the website, the fantasy football or soccer team, click the submit a question button or dial our voice mail hotline three zero two four six four tff B.


We have a voicemail question to kick us off. Hey, guys, big fans have been listening to the three years now. I have a commissioner question, two guys in my league who dropped David Johnson on Levien Bell this week. What should I do? I think that's kind of crazy things. So some rage, rage drops, some rage quitter's, why would you drop and what do you. That's so bizarre, he's he's great. He's been good.


I mean, he he has been, like, outstanding, but he's been on the start of the year.


What Chiefs, Ravens, Steelers and looking at our strength of schedule tool like he is. He's set up for first of good match ups here. I just I don't think the question is more like what do you do as a commissioner, Mike, in a situation where somebody drops in on droppable, what do you do? You do let everybody bid on that player or do you put them back on the roster? I guess it's pretty arbitrary. Why I was working through it is like David Johnson.


I don't get it. Le'Veon Bell. And let's say you have we don't know the size of this bench. Maybe you don't have an E.R. slot and you're in you're like, I don't want to hold on to Le'Veon Bell. I'm just going to drop him to me. You can make the you can make the case for it. I wouldn't do it. I don't advise anybody to do that. But you can at least make the case. David Johnson just simply doesn't make sense.


So I guess I needed to work through that process first, but that's all. How do you handle that as a commissioner? You you don't I mean, you let it happen. You you have hopefully you have fab. Hopefully you don't have your prior waiver priority. That's just resetting every single week. So the worst team gets to pick up all these players for free. I wouldn't do anything. And I mean, I remember we had back quite a few years ago in the League of Record.


David Wilson, if David remember David running back for the Giants, he was a first round pick at the time of our draft, I can't remember who his teammate was, but like he broke his leg in the preseason week three and also David Wilson. Wilson's the starter. That's the year that David Wilson comes out. He fumbles right away because, you know, Coffle Fab went out on David Wilson and.


Well, no, he was Wilson was drafted. Coffin benches him because, you know, got to be a man. You got to teach him a lesson. Someone in our league dropped David Wilson, and it seemed like the stupidest thing that anybody had ever done. And we were all there was a hullabaloo about it. Someone dropped the 400 here on David Wilson, and it was completely the incorrect decision. David Wilson never did anything that entire season or his career.


So I'm just letting this play out.


If it was done, though, by a manager that's giving up, because that that that could happen. That happens in league. Somebody is furious. They're upset. They don't like that. They dump all the players at that point. You've got to put them back on the roster and bring in a new if it's a full roster, dump the manager, then, yeah, you have to put them in, put the players back. You have to lock that team and you have to unfortunately remove that person, which is easier said than done because it might be your friend.


One more question from John in Arizona. Should I trade James Robinson for Joe Mixon right now? Oh, man. That. That is a tough question because James Robinson has been so good, so we have the details. This is an eight person league. I am so in an eight team league. I think I would make the move, I would make the move, grab Joe Mix and hope you can weather out the storm. This is exactly what happened to Joe Mixon last year.


He was terrible to start the year. Joe Burle looks like a legitimate franchise quarterback. I know Jason was was showering him with praise earlier, maybe a couple of weeks ago, but I'm with him. Joe Burrow looks fantastic. The attempts are there for Joe Mixon. The running back share is there. I think the touchdowns will end up. They will end up coming for Joe Mixon, so I'm willing to take this chance because I think that the ceiling should Joe Mixon hit it is higher than what James Robert Robinson can sustain with Jacksonville.


It's zero touchdowns for Mixon on the year so far, three for James Robinson across three games. That is the majority difference. I would do the deal I would rather have Joe makes in rest of season. It's tough, though.


That will be a tough trade to actually hit the Zeph. But yeah, yeah. That those are the toughest ones. When you have a player that's playing really well and a player that isn't and you're you're making a gamble, you're betting. All right. Later today, we've got the foot cast, the bonus weekly episode of the show. You can get access to that to join the foot dotcom tomorrow.


We've got match ups. We've got start of the week taking it to one hundred players. It's going to be a great episode tomorrow. Make sure you tune in and subscribe. We'll talk to you then. Good bye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy football podcast, join our fantasy football community on Join the Dotcom and follow us on Twitter at the footballers.