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What's Outliners Fortinet has been cut. Well, good news, half of you still have your drafts left. Better news for anybody who's already drafted using the ultimate draft kit. You saw Leonard Fournette was in there as a bust. We said, well, stay away, stay far, far away from the situation.


So thank you later. Didn't like him and tried to trade him for a bag of potato chips. Here's the point. If you still have your draft left to go get the ultimate draft, get get our tiered base rankings, get these blurb write ups, get our risk rating, which was very high on Leonard Fournette, dominate your draft this weekend. It is not too late at Ultimate Draft. Get Dotcom. Welcome to the Fantasy Football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike, right.


Welcome in. Monday, August thirty, first, the fantasy football was back with you, Jason Moore, Mike the fantasy hit man. Right. I'm Andy Holloway.


Busy morning. Not surprised the NFL is quickly approaching. The regular season is ten days away. Oh, that's fun to say. I know. I know. We're only ten days away from Deshawn Jackson scoring twice in week one.


Can you believe that?


Look, it's looking more likely by the day. Well, let me ask you this, Eddie. Do you think the Eagles will score twice in week one? I do. Well, and there's a pretty good cheer on Jackson.


Yeah. Or Zachares. We will talk about some more Eagles injury news. We'll get into the big story of the morning. Leonard Fournette. Has been released by the Jacksonville Jaguars, and this was a bombshell that hit very early this morning. I got up and I said, oh, I need to I need to get a 30 to bold prediction article out again this year. And then as I started to think about that, Leonard Fournette is cut. In the 11th hour after they apparently tried to trade him, they like this was punishment, if feels they really did him dirty to at this point to have not let him test any sort of free agent market.


The quote was coming out saying, well, we just couldn't get anything for him. So move on. If you don't want them on your team, let the player go and try and find a better situation.


I don't you know, we don't we don't know.


But it just feels personal. Yeah, it's it's crazy how you hold on to someone until you're 10 days away from the league and then you cut them where they can't do anything. It's a bad situation for Leonard Fournette. He will be signed by someone. I don't think I think he'll clear waivers and then be a free agent. You guys think he's got a good chance of being picked up? A pretty decent chance of being, but not good. And the situation can only get worse for Leonard Fournette.


We will press pause.


We'll come right back to it in the news. Talk about Chris Thompson, talk about the rest of the backfield where we think Fournette could end up on a reminder. You can find us on Twitter at the F Bala's YouTube dot com, slash the fantasy football as if you missed these sleeper bold draft. We did that on Saturday. You can watch it right now. Drafted against Juju Smith, Schuster, Nanjo ten, the Tatman, Zac Efron and a bunch of other great folks in that celebrity draft.


I think it went pretty well. I think it was a good time. And so you can check that out on YouTube. Here's the quick question of the Day. Give a what if scenario for the twenty twenty season. And the fantasy football implications as such. So, Jason, give us an example. I had fun last night really digging deep into this questioning and challenging myself. What if AJ Green is one hundred percent healthy and he is the player he has always been on the field.


He's the same age as Julio Jones, who's a first round value. You're saying what if AJ Green is just the dominant AJ Green? He's always been because I am not a believer in that. That's not how I projected. But I need to be wise and and say, what would that be? So here's what I did. I took a look at his last two full seasons, which are admittedly twenty, fifteen and twenty seventeen. It's been a while, but I wanted to really look at if he if he has a full healthy season, how good is he?


I looked at the average target market share, the average yardage market share, the average touchdown market share. Put all that together and extrapolated it out to current year rookie projections for Joe Bura. And I said if he gets what he got in the past, these monstrous numbers, what would Joe Burrow's support if he stays identical? Well, here was my results. AJ Green would have ninety three receptions, thirteen hundred and forty one yards and eight touchdowns, which would make him my wide receiver five, which is outstanding.


Now, I don't think that, you know, in the past with those other teams in 2015 and 2017 when he was younger and the backups were Brandan LA Fell and you know, Tyler Kroft and change, I don't think he's going to have that. I think a realistic if he's healthy and dominant, still would be more like a twenty five percent market share, which put him still as my wide receiver. Ten. I have moved him up because of this exercise of my rankings.


Now I'm not projecting him to be fully.


How is it tough to do exercise, Jason? Oh man.


Only mental squats. OK, and my mental workout was pretty good. I still in some shimmies. I like to work up a mental sweat. Exactly in a book.


So I did move him up. He was my wide receiver. Thirty eight which shows, you know, that is disrespectful.


It was a man, it was a little bit disrespectful in the sense that I, I was projecting him to be done, be you know, this is, you know, the, the beginning of the swansong. I moved him up to wide receiver. Twenty six. So he's still not someone I'm projecting to be who he was, but he has a great wide receiver, is currently healthy.


I guess the issue is for him and he definitely is in the rearview mirror, but sometimes objects appear closer than they are.


I will say this. I'm going to throw one more thing in there and I've loved everything about this morning so far. Now, if AJ Green does go down, I encourage every fantasy football player to run out and get Tyler Boyd. If he's not drafted, pick him up. The volume will be there for him if AJ Green is down again, but hopefully he's not. Hopefully we get to see some vintage AJ Green. The stat line that you put together there is is like AJ Green Stat Line every year of his entire career projected if it was a short season or full season.


So I hope that's what we get. There's a lot of questions, Joe Borough, we don't know. And I've got him projected for a great season. In fact, this move to Joe Burrow up this little exercise to my quarterback. Fifteen. But if you look back at those years where AJ Green dominated and, you know, Dalton and and company was four thousand one hundred yards, three thousand three hundred twenty yards in twenty seventeen and AJ Green still dominate.


Mike, what about you, what's your What-If scenario for twenty nineteen. So my what if scenario here is and I've kind of is this the same as a wishful thinking scenario. A little bit.


OK, let's say for twenty nineteen a.. Yes. We are very accurate on what ifs in twenty nineteen at this point.


What if Jameis Winston throws thirty interceptions. He'll probably get released from the team. Apologies Brooks the I try not to mention twenty twenty but thanks. I have alluded to this a little bit of kind of going down the the dream path. What if Teddy Bridgewater actually goes deep with frequency for the Carolina Panthers.


He was, I mean it was paid in are paid a lot of money to become their guy. He's surrounded by talented. You're surrounded by three wide receivers who can get it done in the vertical game, vertical game with D.J. Moore, Curtis, Samual and free agent Robby Anderson. And then, of course, you know, Chris McCaffrey is there, but last year. If you look at guys who threw the ball over one hundred and fifty times, he has the second best adjusted deep completion percentage.


He's good at throwing the ball deep. He just chooses not to or at least historically, we haven't seen him really do that. We have seen a little bit of hype coming out of camp that this is going to be worked in more for from Teddy Bridgewater. We've seen one of those famous training camp video highlight clips of him going deep. And it was it just brought it up again to me of what could this offense actually become if you have an accurate passer going down the field to Toccata Samual, who last year I mean, he he was his air yards were through the roof.


His completion on on those passes was really bad because his quarterback was so bad. But what happens to the Carolina Panthers if head coach Matt Jawohl turns Teddy Bridgewater entered into a deep password and that's what would happen.




These fools, it reminds me of Alex Smith. He was always good at throwing deep. And that just didn't it wasn't his tendency. He didn't like to do it. That is a great cop of. You how many years did we see Alex Smith being a great quarterback, a very accurate quarterback and just, OK, we know who he is. We've written it off. He is never, ever going to be a guy who just airs it out.


And then Andy Reid finally unlocked cars in that category to. Sure and make a good passer. Doesn't do it a lot.


And that's why I bring up the coaching change.


What if what Matt Rule, maybe he unlocks the door and Teddy Bridgewater starts chucking it down the field. It has to feel good for Teddy to have the job to himself, to he's not coming in after Drew Brees and just making sure that they don't lose and they draft a quarterback where he's coming in as the starter.


Don't lose the job. Eventually. Someday they'll they'll switch. He's he's the guy for now.


It's a good point. And as we transition into news, my What-If scenario for twenty twenty. Is what if Jacksonville really is the worst team in the NFL? What does that mean for the prospects of Garder Minshew? It's a bit of a chicken or egg, right? If Gardner succeeds, they probably won't have the last pick in the draft. But I'm saying, what if because there is no team, this is the Vegas favorite to get the number one pick their win total in Vegas before cutting Leonard Fournette before the trade this weekend.


With the Vikings dismantling that defense in its entirety, they were projected with the number one pick. So I wanted to look back at the last 10 years. What's the fantasy finish of the team that finishes last at the quarterback position?


Right. Which oftentimes is more than one quarterback because the season has gone poorly. So I looked at total points at the quarterback position, not just one. Here's the fantasy finishes the last 10 years, 30, first, 30 second. Twenty ninth, 30 second. Twenty fourth, twenty first, thirty second, twenty fifth, eighteenth. All right. Thirty second, twenty fourth. Wow. So you just told me. That they're not getting the last pick.


I like where you're at. My big worry is what if they're actually better now that they don't have to give the ball to Leonard Fournette 200 times?


Now, that's good data and it is.


Twenty seventh is the average fantasy finish for the team that finishes last. Now again, I said it's chicken or the egg. You can believe that Gardner will usurp the odds, but right now this team looks like a train wreck and they've been a train wreck for ten years. You should start talking about Jacksonville and their management and their coaching and their hierarchy and the organization in the same breath that you do, the Cleveland Browns. That's the level of futility.


And I'm sorry if you're a Jacksonville fan. Yeah. Or a Cleveland fan. You do know I'm telling the truth.


Oh, they know how honest I feel like for the first time ever. You know, that was disrespectful to the Browns, like, you know, Jacksonville. So it's just going to be tough.


It's going to be tough. I want people to know the risks. It doesn't mean that Garner can't be better. It doesn't mean he can't be the difference maker because of the on the ground work that he'll have if he rushes for four hundred yards. It just means that the odds are against him literally in Vegas. And according to fantasy finish at the quarterback position. I don't disagree that the. The odds are against Gardner, Minshew mean, looking back historically, but I saw an excellent tweet from Emmanuel Acho who a lot is being made of all the first round, but it's coming up again for Jacksonville because Leonard Fournette is now a first round bust you could have drafted.


Deshaun Watson, you could have drafted Patrick Mahomes, you screwed up really bad, and so they just the list of their first round buss was put out and it's like, man, look at all these whiffs. And Emmanuela was making the point, maybe it's not all these players fault.


Maybe the team is doing a terrible job at at coaching their guys that maybe they just have had really, really bad leadership. And you can't just keep pointing the finger at guys were twenty one years old.


What's incredible, though, is that Jacksonville as an organization, I like Jay Gruden, but Jay Gruden was in the exact same situation in Washington, organizational failure, talented head coach. I mean, Gruden is making the rounds between Cincinnati, Washington and Jacksonville.


He's like, I know where I could get a job. Unbelievable.


So there's just a wide variance there for Gardner. And in other words, I think if it starts poorly, you might want to just move on to somebody else. A couple other things before you get into the news. We invite you to join us in the global, the largest season long fantasy football league out there, join the fight dotcom. You can become a part of the mega global Jason. I don't know. Do you know the current count?


Are we over like 6000?


I don't know the current count. I know the last time I saw it, we were well over three thousand. But that was that was quite a while ago.


So the Magleby, if you didn't get a chance to get into the listener league this year, you didn't make the cut or you're going. I just don't have I don't I don't know how to make some funny video that's going to impress the guys will look, just win here and you're in the win the largest tournament and don't exist. Prove you're the best fantasy player out there. All right. Let's talk news.


News& notes from around the league. We have a lot to discuss by way of news, like I said, the NFL season is 10 days away and it's. It's going to be a very interesting week, one for a lot of teams. Let's circle back now to the Leonard Fournette news. Yet you hear about this.


Yeah, Jacksonville waived him and here we are. If you had the Utica, if you've listen to the show at all, we've been talking about Chris Thompson for a long time. Mike is nodding with kind of like father knows best kind that that's just one of those like we see the Gulf and that was definitely some Gulf given about why do these guys like Chris Thompson so much?


He's only running back right now with history, with Jay Gruden. According to camp reports, Chris Thompson has been dominating and redzone work, that is an interesting byline. He is very, very good.


He is an excellent running back who, if he's on the field, like the reason Chris Thompson was a sleeper for us is if he's on the field, the team is better than if then if Leonard Fournette is on the field, it's just that these are facts. He also is part of the big facts. As Chris Thompson can't finish the season. He plays like 10 games a year, but he still has a huge impact for his team in those 10 games.


He is a more dynamic pass. Catcher Leonard Fournette last year, despite the quantity was terrible, is like five yards per game, just over six. But still that if you are getting 100 hundred targets and you're averaging just over six yards, the reception, that is a negative play for your team. Certainly. I mean, there's only two players out there who had a larger percentage of the team's total yardage than Leonard Fournette, Christian McCaffrey, Nick Chubb.


Leonard Fournette accounted for a ton of the Jacksonville offense, but he was at the same time super inefficient. So if you actually have someone more efficient out there accounting for that, this could legitimately be an upgrade for the team. That being said for C.A.C., twenty nine years old. Yeah, Chris Thompson is not playing 16.


He's not going to be the guy who fills in for Leonard Fournette. His role is established back from, you know, on Washington. He is going to come out on the third downs. You can't make him a three down. Won't survive it.


He he'll last three games. This transaction to me shows we have Racquel Almstead from last year. He he missed some time in camp, was on the covid list. I went back and watch film. He looks OK. And then to me this is this is more confidence in Divine Osogbo, who comes out of Nebraska, went back and watched film on him too. He's a banger. He is a good player. The team must feel confident that they can get whatever inefficiency Leonard Fournette was providing, which between these two gentlemen, which honestly just it's of it's an amazing turn.


We've just been crapping on the Jacksonville leadership for a while. But to realize you can move forward with Almstead and get the same production that Leonard Fournette was giving you, and you don't you aren't pigeonholed into having to give Leonard Fournette the ball two hundred and fifty times like you could be more creative.


I was smirking when you're talking about Chris Thompson, just because it's like in the worlds of what if what if this is Chris Thompson's Justin Forsett year, that he would be such a very, very good for fantasy.


Yeah, that is, people have asked me 5000 questions this morning about Chris Thompson. So I'm going to ask you guys, I'm going to reiterate some of them. Would you drop Alexander Madison to pick up Chris Thompson off a waiver wire? Yes. OK, would you pick up Chris Thompson or would you pick up the other two guys? Right. OK, Chris Thompson, unequivocally, how high should Chris Thompson go in draft based on this news?


You know, I don't I don't think people are going to be clamoring for Chris Thompson, so you don't want to reach ahead of other really quality players. I find that that usually is in the middle of the seventh round for me, where they're still really good players in the middle of the seventh, the back of the seventh, eighth round, depending on how your home league goes, is where there's so many question marks that I'm willing to take them there.


That's not to say I wouldn't take him even ahead of that spot. I think he will be a quality back if he can stay healthy.


Would you draft Chris Thompson over David Montgomery today? Wow. Yes, but well, no. Gosh, you're saying over as in as I say, because we talking about where David Montgomery could drop in a draft, kind of sounded like the sixth, seventh, eighth round. I guess I would take Montgomery there still. But to echo what you were saying, once you're in the eighth round, I take the guys that you believe and take the Upsidaisy where there's you don't need to follow just a pure rankings at that point.


Like, go get the guys you believe can win you a league. Which is what that's why Antonio Gibson is in that range. And I Woodroffe Gibson over Chris Thompson. But I'm saying you're not you're not spending a huge opportunity cost in the ninth round.


You get it wrong. There doesn't mean the same thing is getting a wrong somewhere else. I.


It you believe it because the guy that you didn't take and you took him and said that guy is probably not going to do well either. That's that's the difference. Yeah. You know, and just to speak on this real quick, I do want to point out. Right, Paul Armstead has missed most of camp. Yeah. He was on the cover list, but he's also injured. He is not there today. He is currently out when they released Leonard Fournette.


And they're looking at who they have. They have barely seen requirements that I, I think interest Diviners Igbo. I think Diviners Igbo is the guy that I would prefer to take the shot on of those two, which is less pick shot.


That is its last pick. That's Dynasty waiver wire. That's what I'm talking about.


There are two more things to discuss here. One, I've seen a lot of people speculate about Devonta Freeman going to Jacksonville. I'm going to handicap that it is zero percent chance.


Wow. I can go to one percent.


He already turned down a, I believe, a four million dollar contract from Seattle. They waived Leonard Fournette and saved four million dollars. I don't unless this was purely spite and not financial, which I doubt because this team is not exactly a Super Bowl contender. Why go spend four million dollars on a different, inefficient running back? I don't have the odds. It's a very high at all. It's a better pass catcher. I mean, he fits more with Jay Gruden would want to do.


Yeah, maybe he was. I don't know if he is.


I'll put it out. I put it a good five. OK, five to the other side of the coin. The last question here before we move on to some other news, where does Leonard Fournette go?


That is the other question is bears. OK, the bears.


I know it. Look, it's chalk. Sometimes chalk is chalk for a reason. It makes just so much sense for the Bears to grab Fournette if they they don't really have a backup plan for David Montgomery unless it is Patterson. So I believe that he ends up there. He plays for a couple of weeks and then David Montgomery gets his job back. Does that OK? He plays for a couple of weeks. So that doesn't change the answer to your earlier question about where you dropped Montgomery relative to Chris Thompson.


No, and I'm. So let's say this. Are you going to draft Leonard Fournette in like the 12th round? I've been telling people as a free agent, let's say you're drafted today, we we took a poll. There are still more drafts to come for Ficklin listeners than there are have passed like this week and this weekend. There are a lot of drafts you're drafting today. Everyone wants to know where do you draft Leonard Fournette, the free agent?


I've been saying 10 through 12.


OK, so you're still willing to draft him and see where the chips fall? Yes, OK. But there aren't scenarios where he's getting two hundred sixty five carries and seventy six receptions that other teams that are in my in the back of my mind. And you guys bring up some if you have them. Philadelphia right now the playoffs.


Yeah. Injury plagued team that needs a running back. Kick the tires with Freeman kick the tires with Carlos. I owe the fantasy gods.


If he clears waivers, Philadelphia becomes an even higher possibility to me. Sure.


How funny would it be if the Falcons they're like, let's just see what we got in Todd Gurley. Leonard Fournette. Oh my gosh. Either of them have it left. The Rams who lost Todd Gurley?


You know, I believe Melvin Gordon chimed in on Twitter and said he thinks the Rams will pick him up.


Melvin Gordon's out there given analysis now.


OK, he's he needs to do something. He's a running back. Who knows? Teams that might have been interested in running backs.


Pittsburgh, what about Pittsburgh is up there. They just never seem to make that signing ever. Yeah. And is it financially I don't know if it's a one million dollar deal after he clears waivers. All right. Let's pause for a second in the news. Let's think today's sponsors, uh. It's time to talk about there again, we get to bring them up again. I love my theory on the stress of life in fantasy football. It weighs on all of us, whether you're an elite athlete or a regular person trying to get through the day.


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Mike, you said before that show how much I've been working on my fitness. My muscles were getting a little bit sore, so I'm a bust. Not that they're going, man.


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Right. Oh, that that's that's baseball underdog. It's so much fun to play.


Where do they go, Mike? What are the underdog fantasy? Dotcom.


All right, let's talk about the Eagles, because we have to every single time we have news. Eagles wide receiver Jalen Reagor suffered a shoulder injury.


It turned out that that was a partially torn labor. He's out two to four weeks, but that is really a little bit up in the air, too. It's just a matter of can he get back in that amount of time? So crappy because this was a domino effect of Carson Wentz is day to day with a soft tissue injury. Carson Wentz was not in and hurts through an interception. And then Jalen Reagor went to tackle somebody on an interception on just a play that is meaningless and it doesn't have to happen.


And he tore his freakin shoulder. This stinks.


There is no business for that team not to call the play off right then.


I mean, you should not be trying to have your offensive players tackle defensive players in a transition drill there and now.


But neither here nor there, they're hurting. The everybody's getting hurt every day. They lost their last left tackle. Their wide receiver corps is now decimated again.


And here's Greg Ward with Targeted toward the Good Camp.


And yet Carson Wentz is now hurt. Like, I think I'm just kind of trying not to draft the Eagles if I still have a draft to go. Myles Sanders, the. I mean, you taken him over the other guys in that tier, we just said on Friday that we would I'm taking him at the back of that tier. I still believe in him, but it is worrisome when the offensive line is injured. The quarterback is currently just a little just a little, you know, soft tissue issue.


The running back is week to week. Your main starting wide receiver is, I still assume, going to end up on the pup. Remember Alshon Jeffery Jalen Reagor, superstar young guy. I mean, the team is certainly a mess on offense. It's you know, if you want to avoid that, to avoid the injury DIBP, I'm fine with it. I am still a believer that Carson Wentz is a great quarterback, not a good quarterback.


In which case, where are you moving? Deshaun Jackson. He's already been one of our favorite values over the entire off season. Now, where are you? Prioritize.


I don't think you have to prioritize him. I don't think he's moving up. He's been of value in the double digit rounds in every league I've been in. I don't think this this news.


But that was before rigor was going to be gone for up to four weeks. I'd move them up around or two. He's the weirdest player because you could draft him in the 10th round and you can start in week one. And that is not a lie. You could just put him right in your lineup.


It's it is really funny because, you know, we've obviously gotten Deshaun Jackson in plenty of places.


And after the draft, you go to set your week one and you go, hmm, I think we should put Deshaun Jackson, who I drafted so much later into my starting roster over, you know, really, really high end hopeful prospects.


And I don't think you can really draft Jalen Rager. I mean, you don't know when he's going to be back. And he's a rookie and he still got to make his, you know, make an impact. And it's going to take too much time. And it's disappointing because it is now, I'm sure that there are plenty playing basketball that have Jalen Maker. And, you know, that might be the white situation where you're OK. Yeah, I still believe Rager can make an impact on the season, but how are you going to draft a rookie to sit on your bench and be injured and then acclimate?


And I'm probably not doing that. We we drafted Jalen Reagor in the Super Bowl and we've already dropped him for somebody else. I can't wait to win a title there again. All right. And no, that's not fair news, Ian Rapoport reporting Cooper Kupp suffered a mercifully low ankle sprain in Saturday's scrimmage.


Rams say its minor said had the game been this week, Cooper Kupp would have been playing. So if you saw the headline, it seems like there's no reason to be alarmed. But it's the season is 10 days away. Nonetheless, D'Andre Swift returned to practice on a limited basis Monday after missing more than a week with a leg injury.


Carry on will likely open the season in a starting role.


Carry on is the area on the draft is the exact same thing as the Sean Jackson. He's a player you can draft at the back of the draft and start week one. Probably this is a situation don't look at or don't look at the the the problem of Kariong Johnson saying, well, I'm not getting this.


Don't look at it in your drafts going well. He's not going to be the starter for the entire season, which I talked about. Yes, exactly. In our tips and tricks show, I was talking about breaking the season down into chunks for the draft chunk on Johnson could be a tremendous value. And then, look, maybe three to four weeks into the season, you trade on Johnson or in the realm of possibilities. He finally shows out and he is the leader of the of the time.


Sure. You don't know what's going to happen in Detroit, but people are still drafting D'Andre Swift in like the sixth, seventh round and carry on Johnson the tenth or later. Don't ignore him because you he won't be the start of the whole year. That's fine. You still take him.


Karen Johnson is a nice bridge to Jonathan Taylor, yeah, ham acres, yes, Jaquet Dobbins, whoever you're taking, even Diondre Swift, I think I mean, we just saw Swift going the fifth in the Super Bowl and carry on in the 10th.


So it's just one of those weird late round values, almost like worst case taken the Peyton Barber last year, where you could start it for a few weeks.


The fantasy birds that carry on Johnson has left upon. Jayson's not speaking for a reason. Exactly. That's that's how bad Karen Johnson has burned people and that's why he's available in the 10th. I have recused myself from this conversation and all future carry on.


But let us let Mike and I, who love nothing more than to bash carry on projections, be the voice of reason. Stay water. He is a starting running back, especially if you go Christian McCaffrey a one on one and then take a bunch of other positions for a while.


Look, this has been a fun episode, guys. I mean, you guys talk I'm talking up AJ Green. This is just like a healing bonding. Yeah. You know, OK, welcome to the campfire. You know who's feeling the best of all?


It's got to be our ball because isn't Fournette one of the your keepers in league a record?


He was. Well, what did you really think. Oh no. Well, OK, you still have your first round pick, right. At least you can get a running back there.


I gave that up to get Fournette to to me. That's right. I love you.


Oh yeah.


We do not enough not to bring it up but we love you just right up to that line. All right. Devante Parker has missed the last few practices dealing with a minor undisclosed injury, secret injury for Devante Parker. Mm. It's not great. Keep it secret.


We don't know. We don't know any more details in that we're speaking of. Keep it secret. Keep it safe. Matt Nagy, head coach from the Chicago Bears. Look, he's not going to tell anybody who the starting quarterback is for week one.


What are you doing if you don't have a starting quarterback named for week one, get so scared of your team. Nobody, because you don't have a starting quarterback on your roster. Here's here's the truth. I listen to the press interview and the way he's talking about it, he's like, obviously, we have a weak one starter. But to the press, we're not going to tell you guys who that is. It's one of those you know, this is going to this is exactly what Matt Nagy does every week in press conferences.


He spends more time trying to confuse the media and the other team than coaching his own players.


Is this your card? No, hold on.


We're we're going to spend all of the offseason holding a kicking competition.


That's the real problem we have. Oh, so dumb. It's really what if you're a defense?


What's the difference between preparing between those two? That's my that's my entire point. Or if if it is in fact, like if Robiskie is the guy that you're going to go forward with and I, I believe it's going to be Robiskie, they're still going to try.


It's easier to go from Sobecki to Falls, then falls to Biscay. If that makes sense.


I think it's going to be false. But they might be Foles all year. Well, look, Matt Nagy is winning because we don't know the story. We're purply.


But my point is, you can't know exactly. You'll never know what your card was.


My point for if it's Drabinsky, give the dude some confidence. Go out there and proclaim to the world our starting quarterback is Mitch Robiskie. It I just I think that goes a long way instead of this garbage where you think you're getting an advantage. Well, in that same press conference Maggie was talking about, you know, both guys have done some good things and both guys have you know, they've had some some plays they would want back. Basically, no one here is good enough to lead the bears where they want to go.


Sorry, Bears fans. This is just I. I can't stand when the coaches do.


Who would have thought that this guy, number two, would be this far down in the storylines? But I it's been a wild ride with love bell in the backfield in New York. But it is. It's all over the map. People are surprised to hear us talk about Love Bell so negatively a few days ago with where he is in our rankings. Now, you have news out of Jets camp. A couple pieces of news. Well, Michael Pirone, who had been flashing in camp, he's got an MRI coming on his ankle.


He was carted off the field. That's not a good sign for the rookie. Caitlyn belonged to the Jets, traded for. He failed his physical after he was cut. Yeah, just cut. Then he was traded for what's the current status?


And he's now Adolphine again. He's been reverted back to the dolphins.


Yeah, busting out a slice, it was a little weird. Where where where have you been hiding that thing? It's Velcro under the table, my friend. Is that for the Jets only? This is for anybody who deserves a slide. You're not busted up for Matt Nagy. I thought about it, but I knew we were getting the byline. So there you go. Now I can slide whistle. Anyone at this tower who did this to do this?


Well, it's a combination. I'd say there's no way he went out and bought it himself.


Oh, no, I, I, I, I mean, the tremendous work by the footballers, the big Simmy slide whistle.


Unbelievable. Oh, man. Oh, OK. OK, let's bring I know we've really stepped up our production levels here. I still think love bells.


OK, I think it's fine. I mean, there's the jets, you know, they know how to make love bell happy. They tweeted a nice video of him making an incredible catch this weekend and Lev Bell retweeted it. That's how we know he's fine, right?


Tweets It was very impressive video.


But Adam Gase came out and he talked about the fact that him and Lev had more conversations.


You know, if you want to win, you want a shot at winning. Lavelle's got to be on the field. It can't be a thirty seven year old Frank Gore taking over Kerry now in the video, bell was on the field with Frank Gore as well. He was playing wide receiver with their wide receiver corps. Makes sense. It makes Bells a great receiver.


I'm still fine with Love Bell. And if everybody's off of him and he's a fourth round pick, OK, I mean, let me have that opportunity at that upside in a pass catching league with the basket. Yeah, I'll reiterate what I said at the end of that bust segment. I have him ranked higher in my running back rankings than where he is currently being drafted. The reason I think he's a bust is because of all the question marks with the offensive team, with Frank Gore and the wide receivers that are right next to him.


Guys like Cooper Kupp and Tyler Lockett, who I believe in that range, are are far more assured, assured. There's just less variables there to me. All right.


We still have we got the hype train for Brian Edwards. He's been the starting receiver in Raiders camp. Very talented player, very.


He could have as much of a rookie impact as any rookie out there. He could very well just take Tyrell Williams job before week one. I will say this. Stay tuned this week for the bold predictions episode. Okey dokey. Yeah. Oh my. Oh, my, my.


Oh. Cowboys EVP Stephen Jones says the Blake Jarrin has had an amazing camp.


You're darn right he has. How's it feel right in Falkor? Oh, it's it's sensational. The wind is just my my hair. I mean, covid hair is just blowing all over the place. The amount of potential success Blake Jarrin has right now is incredible.


And that's really what matters to me right now. Take the victory lap right now. My Twitter with Blake. Darwin has been very, very light, very, very fun because it's just nonstop positive press. And I look, it's just hype right now. I fully believe that Blake Darwin will breakout this season when asked about Leonard Fournette. Always good for a quote, head coach Bruce Arians said, we'll wait and see. He has been a good player.


We'll just have to wait and see where he fits. Yeah. OK, thanks, Bruce.


Bruce, stop. Stop, Bruce. That could be a problem. That sounds like a waivers issue.


Yeah, that could be a problem. It's not in our doc, but I wanted to bring up this piece of hype. Do you guys make anything? Out of the fact that for the Rams, we know that Darrell Henderson is banged up, they're hoping he's back week one, but then there was a note that Malcolm Brown, worth a conversation, is running as the featured running back with the wants and needs to use the word running loosely.


I mean, I've I've brought him up here.


We we did it last year where we were like, hello, little Malcolm Brown is a fine player. I mean, the.


Yes, but all last year it was Darryl, like the Twitter, at least in the Twitter sphere was Darrell Henderson. And we brought up like they really like Malcolm Brown, follow the money of what they did. I believe it was last year where he was given a tender. He was signed by the Lions. And the Rams said, no, no, no, no, no, we need Malcolm Brown. And he was, in fact, really the backup for Todd Gurley.


Is he is he in front of cameras? Are we overlooking Brown?


Yeah, I 100 percent think that we as a collective are overlooking him and I fully expect him to get the first carry week one and probably the most carry.


The reason that we're overlooking him is the same reason you guys are overlooking Adrian Peterson, who will have two hundred carries again this year. That's fair. You don't want him. That's why you overlook you don't actually want to draft him. So we don't want to talk about him because we don't want to we don't want to draft him because his upside is not carmakers upside. It is Malcolm Brown's. The upside, which I mean. Fits in the category.


You can get a start out of them. I bet you can. There was a lot of rushing touchdowns scored last year by Todd Gurley. One hundred percent and quite a few of them were taken by Malcolm Brown. And those were the weeks could start Malcolm Brown. So if there's more of those weeks, you could probably do worse. Malcolm might doesn't even like talking about it. I was just imagining it. If we do, we have another.


Bill, situation where we love carmakers, we love is potential what but what if he's between the 20s guy and then Malcolm Browns coming in on third down and he's taken all the goal line? There's a problem. Brutal.


Yeah. There's something that could happen here. And it is basically carmakers as a rookie who snaps are limited to start the year in that time when Darrell Henderson is limited, by the time Henderson's back, that's when you have a three headed monster and a problem. That is the painting, the worst case scenario. Now, the best case scenario is carmakers breaks off a sixty five yard touchdown in week one. And the rest is. Yeah. All right, Colts are still weighing the severity of the Trey Burton injury.


Sounds like it could last into the regular season. Yes. And this brings up a favorite of the show because Jack Doyle has been dealing with his own injury. But the player back from injury, Mo Alex, a.k.a. Gigantor and look alike. I know.


I know Andy is grimacing, but hear me out. I'm grimacing because I tried to I tried to believe in him last year and it didn't work out. But here's the difference. Philip Rivers is the quarterback and they've been talking a lot in camp. How Philip Rivers is once again featuring his running backs and the tight ends in the passing game, because that's what Philip Rivers has done his entire freaking career. Whoever the starting tight end is for, the Colts will have fantasy 15 receptions in his entire career.


I was going to say, I agree with you. Whoever the starting tight end is for the Colts will be valuable for fantasy. It's not Molly Cox, correct? But Mo Cox is the largest.


And that is because he's the largest man in the NFL, predicting four receptions this year for four touchdowns. That is my that's fair Allie Cox prediction. But Doyle is back in camp. And so if Burton's gone and Mike is right about what Philip Rivers does, then this is a fatal situation.


Yeah, I like it.


It's been a wild ride today, guys, mostly.


Most are still starring and starting in 49ers camp. Are you drafting Joe McInerney anywhere people are asking him the first. I have it. Oh, Chris Thompson. Oh yeah, that quite a lot. I haven't drafted McKinnon anywhere, but. I guess this is just a he he's the third guy on the depth chart, he probably will see the field more than fantasy. Players are hoping he's on the field, but I just don't see him having a stand alone fantasy value.


You weren't going to draft Jeff Wilson if McKinnon wasn't there. So it's the same type of thing. Exactly. Who might not make the team? All right. Let's do some mailbag.




All right, if you have a question for the show, if we can help you out, go to the website, the fantasy footballers dot com, click the submit a question button you can to the voice mail hotline as well, three zero two four six four FFP jumping into a voicemail.


Piebalgs, this is Tyler from Minnesota. Here, trick question. I have a and I'm looking Intriguer Trigger from Holmes if I include either Murray in the deal. What other level of player? What I need to include in the tree to make the trade fair. Thanks, Lúcio. You are definitely from Minnesota. Yes, I love it, don't you know? What are you got to include with Cayler to get Mahomes?


Unfortunately, you got to include a really good piece. And that's you know, that's why when we're drafting, we don't usually draft Mahomes because you are giving up a really good piece that's, you know, a second or third round pick. And obviously, if you pair it with Cuyler, you don't have to necessarily give up a second.


But I think you're going to have to give up absolutely. On every week starter. There's no depth option where you're going to pair them with a flex type player and Cuyler and get the trade to go through.


Yeah, I actually try to go the other direction on these trades most often because Mahomes has such value in the eyes of everybody for good reason. You can sometimes get Cuyler plus a huge piece and then bank on the of breakout. Would you trade Cayler and. Fournette, yes. Yeah, sure, Cayler and Ty Hilton. For Patrick Mahomes, I would I'm pretty low, yeah, no, I mean, and if you wouldn't do that, then no, you're not one you're not getting a trade done, because if you're offering a player a lower level than Ty Hilton, it just just keep Cuyler.


Enjoy the ride, man. Yeah. All right. Another voicemail. Hey, what's up?


Football's big fan and your boyfriend, Brent, I just wanted to ask you guys, what do you think is more likely, Chris Garvin, to finish as the number one receiver or Mike Evans to lead the league in touchdowns? Thanks. Interesting, yeah, that's a fun one more likely. I guess it's more likely to me that Evans would lead the league in touchdowns. That's where I am, too, but I do.


Both of these are long shots. I don't know how long shot. I mean, Chris Godwin right now in our rankings is already a top eight wide receiver. So I lean that way of, you know, if the touchdowns, you know, who's going to have more touchdowns, we would predict Mike Evans between the two of them. But it could it could very easily end up being Godwyn, whereas who's going to have the most receptions is definitely going to be Godwyn.


So if the touchdowns happen to go Godwin's Way, Eileen Godwin was the number two wide receiver last year.


So I don't think it's a tremendous long shot to say with Tom Brady he could be number one.


All right, Instagram question carmakers. Are David Montgomery in a PPR league? It's a great question. If Montgomery could, he doesn't feel good right now, but assuming they don't sign Leonard Fournette, Montgomery could be the same to 70 to three hundred touch running back in week two.


I mean, despite what we just said about Malcolm Brown being disrespected and being more involved than we want, it's still carmakers to me, because I believe you followed it up perfectly. The same reason that we aren't caring about Malcolm Brown is we don't care about Adrian Peterson. We're looking for the upside and we love carmaker's talent. So I'm hoping that the breakout happens. And I'll take the guy to tell.


I'll do a key question here. And I would take Montgomery. Yeah, that's where I am in a vacuum. But if this is your if because Montgomery drops, this is your RB five. Then I might go ACRS, yeah, that's for something to that extent, I before I'd be fine. Would you now take Zakar? This is from you to would you now take Zachares over MacAndrews with the Reger injury? I wouldn't I wouldn't I wouldn't take him over MacAndrews necessarily, if it's a full PPR, I might.


But, you know, our normal leagues are half PPR. But I would take Zach Ertz value because he's still going at least a full round behind Mark Andrews when I've been in any real live draft.


And I love Zachares value this year to go see the news about Jonathan Taylor struggling with drops in camp. I've heard it honestly doesn't bother me. OK, it's not the best news. No, no, it's not good news. No, it's OK.


But I I'm on the I'm on the team of, like, drops are kind of overrated. Hmm, OK, I think I think could be interesting to see how that backfield plays out. Highball is this is Nick from Brooklyn. I was wondering, what are weaknesses in yourself when it comes to fantasy football and what do you hope to improve on this season? For me, I'm overly patient with players that I hope to bring the magic and they just don't.


Thank you.


Yeah, that's that's tough. It's easy to be it's easy to have that weakness because we spend so many months with hopes and dreams for a player. I mean, I don't know how patient Mike would be with Blake Giwa. Probably pretty patient a bit. I would say my a weakness I need to improve on is the week we tell people about it. But the week one confirmation of, say, last year it was Sammy Watkins. We liked him as a deep shot in leagues of don't forget about Sammy Watkins.


He absolutely goes off week one and it looks great on the field. And it was I'm not trade, Sammy. I don't care what you come in, we take Sammy walk because I'm taking this victory lap all the way to the championship. And it that happens with me too frequently of a player I like they they break out and I don't even consider trading that player at peak value for me. I've been wondering and this is part of why I did this exercise last night.


I've been wondering if it's my risk aversion in the middle rounds compared to the reward, Ty Hilton, AJ Green, all of the running backs who have changed teams. I just don't want any of them. Like I pass on absolutely every single one of those players in every draft I've been in. And I'm questioning if at the end of the year, someone like a James Connor and an AJ Green were great options. So, you know, that's, I guess, TBD.


But I'm self evaluating there.


I have mentioned before I have trouble with the non prototypical, you know, the wide receiver twos and the kind of pass catching dependent running backs. My my problem there is I have a really hard time, even if I make the jump to draft them or roster them, I have a hard time putting them into the lineup. It's hard for me to make the decision on a weekly basis to throw somebody in. I guess I use name Hines as an example for this year as opposed to the Adrian Peterson or the Malcolm Brown, knowing that that ball is going to be handed to that player.


Sure, it might go for two point one yards, but the guaranteed of of opportunities versus waiting and hoping for that pass catcher catch any opportunity. You take touches over talent. I do take touches over talent. And sometimes that's burned me. Right. So but those are our only weaknesses. We have to be clear, there are no other list.


And really, I mean, we're they're not that weak now. We just had to make something. I wasn't even sure if mine was a weakness to be determined. It could be a strength. It's not a bug. It's a feature. We are a player we should have brought up. I'm going to we've got to circle back to the top of this little discussion out wide receiver for Jacksonville. When we were talking about Leonard Fournette is gone. Schnall in college did see a, you know, at least a handful, a little spattering of of attempts, you know, his second year.


Seventeen attempts. Twenty three, his final year in the college in rushing attempts, Jacksonville spent a second round pick to get him on the team. I don't I'm not saying Alshon, they're going to convert him to a running back.


I'm saying he is. The drumbeat has been rising for shinobi manufacturing touchdown for him.


And now there they may see more of those manufactured Percy Harvin type of touches, like we just got to get him the ball and see what happens. So I Chennault is interesting to me now, as if you want to draft one of the rookies. I think I think it's a good point. And I have him down for twenty five. Twenty six rushing attempts on the year seven. He's a couple times a week either in the screen game, right in arounds or wildcat type of format.


Tonight we'll have some interesting opportunities. All right. We want to thank pristine auction for supporting the show. Thank you, Christine. And you are awesome. You have a fire sale promotion right now. First fire sale. Pristine auction is ever done. Did you know that? I did not. I'm on my way.


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Pristine auction outcome, communist code ballers. Boy, what will tomorrow hold?


Oh, we'll have to wait and find out and talk to you tomorrow. Goodbye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy football podcast, join our fantasy football community on Join the Dotcom and follow us on Twitter at the footballers.