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Eric Dickerson, NFL Hall of Famer, and you listen to the fantasy football podcast. Welcome to the Fantasy Football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway and Jason Moore and Mike. Right. Welcome in. Thursday, March 4th, the fantasy football is back with you, Jason Moore Mike, right. I'm Andy Holloway. Always a pleasure to join you too, gentlemen, around this fine table. Just to discuss the finer points of fantasy football, ever sophisticated a nobleman's game.






We have a coaching changes episode for you today. We've been promising this episode for a while.


So we are here. It is here to stop asking about delivered and that'll do it.


So you won't hit the Altro there at all and will be changed. Yeah, it happens every year.


Just think about last year. It's the same thing. All right. There it is. Thank you.


Know, this will be fun. We're going to break down the coaching changes that have taken place this offseason in the NFL. And we'll talk a little bit about what happened last year and reflect on the changes and what that meant for fantasy football. Got some news to talk about, some bycel, I guess, doing well today. I'm Mike Scott. The hair covered up. Oh, but I don't know if you saw the breaking news. I announced it to the world.


Well, you get the haircut this Friday. Oh, really? I'm getting a haircut. Right.


I maybe adjust your schedule, adjust your ranks accordingly. If you have been on this wild ride of growing hair out with me prepared, can you get that cut at Lowe's right.


With the hedge trimmers like you go to the Lowe's, where else would you get your haircut?


OK, he's got some thick hair.


Well, that's that's big news, Mike. That's really headline stuff. I probably should have opened the show with that. Right.


It also your birthday. Now, here's the great news. That's true. When they're listening, when this show comes out super, not your birthday, it will not be your birthday. So ask yourself, listener, did you wish Mike a happy birthday yesterday? Oh, man. You should have if you didn't guess who just got muted.


Oh, your birthday, Mike. I know nobody's birthday could be as important as Jay since he makes the biggest deal. He gets his own beer. It's a full week. But is it I mean, is that a big at this age?


Is it a big deal for you? It's it's a day. Yeah, it's a day of my birth. I don't know. I'm sure I'll eat something of my own choosing tonight. OK, so that's pretty sweet. Yeah. Do you to tell the kids to suck it up, you spend the whole day like waiting for a surprise to happen, expecting a surprise party from people around you. Yes. Only to be disappointed. Yes.


No YouTube dotcom slash the fantasy football. If you want to watch the show, you can subscribe over there. Click the bell. Let's get into some bycel who? Buy or sell presented by pristine auction. I completely forgot a huge announcement at the top of the show. Oh, my man. So I'm going to pause the bycel for just a moment because we have been well, we can we can buy or sell this person actually getting the listener spot, but I'm going to buy it.


We we had the very special listener Lee Giveaway that was associated with preordering the ultimate draft kit before March 1st.


And as promised, we're giving away a spot and we've done so. Via random. No generator. Yes, and the lucky winner is. Dalton C. Oh, oh, we got a is this the studio audience loves it. Dalton, congratulations. They're not envious or jealous.


The studio audience, they're very frequent, are very supportive. They're they're they're disappointed, but they're happy for Dalton. Yeah. And there are more spots than just Dalton Spot.


Otherwise, he would he would win the league by default, just him alone.


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So I hit the drop again. What's the rule there? I think a double drop. I look, I'm lost. I don't know. I don't know how to get into it without a drop. Yeah, this is kind of for us. Buy or sell presented by pristine auction. All right, by yourself, Ryan Tannehill as a top ten fantasy quarterback in 2021, who, believe it or not.


Quarterback seven. He was the quarterback seven in twenty twenty. He had seven rushing touchdowns. Including five of them in the final three games. Oh, man, that giant in the Green Bay.


Yeah, Certa led the NFL in fourth quarter comebacks game winning drives. I mean, he's good, he's a good player. I don't know why why can't. Players rewrite their story. More effectively, I know he thinks he has, you think he has? Well, he is he is doing it right now. Yes, OK. But Mike, when I say Ryan Tannehill or Justin Herbert. How do you think about that? Who's a better player?


Yeah, who's who do you want? Dad is interesting for my fantasy team.


Yeah, or real life. Real life.


I would take big, big Erb's, I guess, because he's young and he's going into a second year and he just set the the the the rookie record for passing touchdowns. So I'm looking at longevity of career, but for fantasy purposes I think I would I'm going to go with Tannehill now. Tannehill has concerns. He lost his ossy, you know, because Arthur has a plan and that plan will be enacted down in Atlanta. Is Derrick Henry still there?


Yeah. OK, the play is still going to work. All right, I'll take Ryan Tannehill in the top 10. OK, so you're buying Jason?


I think the line is really good. There's about eight quarterbacks that I would for sure put ahead of him.


And then he's right there at that like nine, 10, 11, 12 spot. I love Ryan Tannehill for fantasy. I think he's going to have a fantastic season next year even without Arthur there.


But I'm going to sell here. I expect Jalen hurts and whoever the Saints quarterback to be ahead of them, I would put Justin Herbert ahead of him and I think that will push him outside of the top 10. But this is why, you know, we love late round quarterback drafting. Nobody is going to be drafting Ryan Tannehill High. I will be thrilled to have him be my fantasy quarterback in twenty twenty one, but I will sell the top ten finish.


He did overproduce in touchdowns.


So if he gets any if he gets it with any of that regression, that's just two titans.


And the Titans have done that two years in a row of just see when it's when it does.


It's called overproducing when when Mahomes does it. It's called producing. Well, yes, there is. That is what I'm finding part about. But I'm sick of you highlighting that seven rushing touchdowns, a career high and passing touchdowns. When you hit your career high, you have overproduced. Is AJ Brown still there? Yeah, I believe he's still there. Is Corey Davis still there?


No, I probably don't know the real one. Yeah, no. Oh, is Adam Humphries still there? Oh, he was he there last year.


All right. That was. Oh, I didn't even.


Yeah. What's your answer? I'm going to have fun. I'm going to be all right. I'm going to buy that. He he makes it inside the top ten. Think what a world I'm buying in, you're selling. I know I've always been the Ryan Tannehill guy, but, you know, it's funny we make these jokes as this guy. There's this guy. But Johnny Smith could be gone. Corey Davis could be gone. It could be worse next season four for Tannahill.


And that's that's fair.


All right. That was by herself from pristine auction. Right now they have a golden ticket. Oh, what did you do today through March 11th?


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All right, let's talk news. News & notes from around the league. You must be really hyped for this this Kyle Rudolph news, is that the news that we have here, really? That's what you're saying, because he gets his own segment now. We got we got two pieces of news. All right. It is it's big news. Kyle Rudolph said, hey, I want the ball more. I'm your guy. Yeah.


If you didn't follow the the negotiations of the Minnesota Vikings and Kyle Rudolph, this is what allegedly happened, that the Vikings called him in and said, hey, we're going to need you to restructure your contract. We got to bring your salary down. We got to bring your carpet down.


And he said, no, I'm not going to do that. And, you know, what I actually want is the ball more I want more targets. And now the Minnesota Vikings said. You're free to find those targets, but I'll be here with a different team.


So now, naturally, I've already seen it bigger, bigger Herb Smith. Year three. No, Kyle Rudolph. Will he be appropriately hyped, overhyped heading into the new year? I mean, we're treading on dangerous waters right now. Yeah, I mean, he will get a lot of hype. He will be one of those early, late, round, tight ends, if that makes sense.


Yes. And I think he should be he's got the opportunity, the talent, the skill set really go to early in drafts.


I don't think he'll go too early.


But I know I'm hitting you with that one. It's March.


I think he will be an appropriate pick because all titans suck. And so what you want is a chance that you get a breakout season whenever you find the Mark Andrews will be there.


Joe Miller, the junior hide from last year. Maybe, but that was I mean, that was fine. If you took a shot on John Hill and he started the season strong and then it turned out he was like anyone else you were going to draft there, you've got to take your shot on these guys. And and he has had the talent. He he showed that last year he got into a stretch where he was a reliable starter.


And that was with Rudolph there.


Yeah, I think he'll be one of my favorite thing.


Yeah, I think he will. He will give you games. I mean, he's going to give you games next year. It'll be a matter of are you content with your tight end being the fourth option on a team because he he'll be the fourth option behind. Right. The two wideouts and cook except for the one game where we were all really relying on David Cook to get those. Yeah. Touchdowns and they just kept stealing them.


Here's a man who had a different conversation with his general manager, David Johnson. Who's restructured his contract to stay with Houston in twenty twenty one, it's a one year deal, four point twenty five million guaranteed. If he had not restructured, he could have been cut. If he had played under the existing contract, he only had about two million guaranteed. So this was a way to get more guaranteed money and help the cap situation in Houston. Who just let go of Duke Johnson?


Yeah, it's worth noting there was a tweet from Diana Terracini from ESPN talking about she was texting with an NFL head coach and talking about how next week is going to be an absolute what were her words, I believe, massacre, a massacre next week around the league. With all the cuts, you've got the cap situation doing something that is different than the normal expectation in the last several decades of the NFL because of the revenue from this last season. So you're going to have a lot of cap casualty cuts coming up, just like you saw with Kyle Rudolph.


All right. Any other news that we need to get into free agency preview predictions next week? No, no, no. I was just going to add on to the David Johnson. We highlighted that. We talked about him. The truth. I don't know if we've talked about him, just how. Yeah, he only played twelve games, but he was actually he was competent for fantasy. He was on a pace for over nine hundred rushing yards, eight touchdowns and forty four receptions to Sean Watson going to be his quarterback.


That remains to be seen.


Yeah. That's going to change the single season outlook of David.


Yes. And the head coach that brought him in, that traded DeAndre Hopkins for him is no longer there as well. Right. So there was a decision to be made. David Johnson could have hit the open market, could have tried to find a guaranteed deal doing something there. But this is his chance to stay a starter at Duke Johnson is out of the way.


Yeah. So that's that is helpful. All those touches that Duke Johnson was taken away, they were more than zero.


I believe what David Johnson played thirteen games last year, missed a couple of twelve missed with the concussion and another injury.


OK, let's you want to move.


Move on. Let's do it. Let's do it. Coaching carousel. Another year in the books, another year where I'm not offered a head coaching position, not even an offensive coordinator position for a professional team.


It's kind of ridiculous. But, you know, here we are.


How many years have to go by until that happens from here? I would say 16, OK, 16 more, 16 additional years.


And then I will be offered a coaching assistant to the quarterback coach if one can hope or waterboy.


Yeah. Well, look, I did play flag football, you did you have qualifications at quarterback? Oh, I was a real coach on the field, as they said. All right.


Last year, 2020, there were five new head coaches, 12 new offensive coordinators. This year, twenty twenty one. There are seven new head coaches and 13 new offensive coordinators, if you look at last year's head coaching changes.


Carolina, they had a new head coach, Matt Rule. He went five and 11 after Ron Rivera went five and seven and 12 games the previous year.


Murderer Kevin Stefanski, one of the new additions, one coach of the year 11 and five after Freddy Kitchens was given the boot.


Mike McCarthy replacing Jason Garrett. Garrett was eight and eight. McCarthy was six and 10. One of them had Dak Prescott for the whole year. Joe Judge replaced Pat Shurmur to game increase in the win column six and 10. I thought they played well. I thought Joe Judge did a good job, considering he lost quite early in the year.


He lost Daniel Jones to where?


Injury, sort of, I know, and to himself, yeah, that's right, you see Petronius for 12 the year before and then Ron Rivera, seven and nine in Washington, replacing Jay Gruden in, you know, made the playoffs a division winner, Ron Rivera.


Yeah. And so that's what happened last year. What were your takeaways from, I guess, when we looked at these changes heading into the year, like Kevin Stefanski is the one that sticks out and you say, OK, you knew he was coming from the Dalvin Cook Minnesota system. You knew running the football was going to be the new identity of the team. We questioned things about Baker Mayfield's productivity potential, but you had Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt as valuable fantasy options all year long.


Any other takeaways from, you know, what you remember conjecturing about these these guys last offseason?


One of the takeaways that I have from this last offseason was that the I know we're bringing up the head coaches, but the offensive coordinator changes where it was just an ossy that came in to fill a void. And sometimes that's because of a promotion. Sometimes that's because of a of a firing.


But they pretty much all stayed the same last year when it was just the O.C. changing. If they were bad, they stayed bad. If they were decent, they stayed decent. And, you know, I'm going to keep that in mind as we look at this year's offensive coordinator changes, because especially this year, it seems like the vast majority of the teams have just had an O change or like in House, we're just going to try to keep the same system.


We don't want to, you know, break what's working. And I expect next year to be the feathers won't be ruffled too much with the O.C. changes.


Well, and I think one important thing to keep in mind is the coaching change is a piece of the offensive puzzle. But you want to see if these coaches with certain identities follow through with that identity in the NFL draft and free agency, for example, Kevin Stefanski, you saw their offensive line become a priority instantaneously when he became the head coach and when they brought in, you know, free agents. And they were the number one ranked offensive line last year.


And it made a humongous difference. They went from twelfth in rushing yards per game to third.


So you want to see you can have an identity someplace, but if you don't have the personnel in your new place, it's not going to work.


Which is an excellent transition to talking about Atlanta, the Atlanta Falcons have brought in Arthur Smith Arthur. Oh, let's see if his plan works out.


Arthur coming off of some very successful years in Tennessee, 12th in yards and twenty nineteen second in twenty twenty and. Is this Derrick Henry, is Arthur Smith the product of Derrick Henry or was the Derrick Henry success partially to your credit, Arthur Smith? Atlanta is certainly hoping that Arthur was the guy. But what's interesting for me is. Will see which direction does Arthur go? Does he try to find his Derrick Henry? How aggressive will the Atlanta Falcons be trying to get the centerpiece of the offense?


Because it should be a running back like it was in Tennessee. They don't have one on the roster right now. Yeah, play action works when it's not Itoh Smith. That's the way it works. A lot better. Yes, works better. So that is one of the questions. Was he riding the coattails of Derrick Henry coming into the situation? And I think you're right, this is an identity. And will the team fulfill that need for a running back in the draft?


Well, I mean, there is not going to be a Derrick Henry out there. You know, Derrick Henry is an outlier of a player. Sure. The question is, you know, did you can argue that Arthur Blank or Arthur Arthur Blank, Arthur Smith here tailored an offense to what he had in Derrick and Ryan Tannehill?


Right. We're talking about his efficiency, how good he was, and you can credit some of that to Arthur Smith. Arthur Smith, long time with the Tennessee Titans, started, I think, on the defensive side of the ball. It was just about everywhere. Tight ends kind of bounced around. And he's still young, is thirty eight years old.


So whether or not I've seen some people believe that he is a coach that tailors his system to the players he has, and that's what you want. That's what the press conference insinuated.


But it's yet to be seen. And I have a really hard, difficult time crediting him with the success that Derrick Henry brought to the Tennessee Titans, weighing in with Atlanta specifically.


You have an offense that you wonder how much is left in the tank for Matt Ryan and Julio specifically. We love Calvin Ridley. Matt Ryan's been productive, but it's been up, as you know, part and parcel of being a very, very high pass attempt.


Team fourth in the league last year, fifth and passing yards, fourth in pace of play. Twenty seventh in rushing yards. So rushing was not part of their identity. Because their personnel didn't suit it necessarily in the team, you know, they were going to go with what worked. So that's something that we're going to watch and they got Davor going. Now, as the offensive coordinator, Cutter is out. I'm very excited, though, for all the reaction that Matt Ryan will be running.


You look, if if you're on Twitter. Right at that. Yes. If you're on Twitter at all and joining in sports Twitter and seeing the debates, I mean, the data on play action is it it's very strong.


Like, why are these teams not running play action more? So I'm excited that Matt Ryan will be able to do that. Who's going to will Julio Jones just take over that AJ Brown type of role in the offense? I mean, who is already great, but. Maybe maybe we'll get a few more actual like bomb touchstones for our man, Julio Touchdown Jones.


Yeah, when the pitch video that they send out for play action, it's all Tennessee Titan highlights. That's the truth.


I do think they're going to need to significantly upgrade their running back in the draft. That's obviously a key for them. And they're going to look to do that. But I, I look at Arthur Smith, his, you know, two years kind of running the offense in Tennessee and Regan coming from Chicago. And I view them as lambs to the slaughter over the next two years, really. I do. I and I know I'm more alone on that.


I know people that I respect absolutely love Arthur Smith. Like he's going to be brilliant and change things. I think he'll be gone in two years. I'd like that he has had tremendous success. I mean, he maybe it wasn't him. Maybe it was mostly Derrick Henry that will find that out, but at least he has that on his resume. Let me there's some guys that got a head coaching position where you look at the resume and go, oh, yeah, why not?


In and exactly right. And I don't want to I don't want to connect these two. I don't want to connect them at all. But I'm going to do it. I'm doing it right now. No, no, no. I'm disconnecting them.


But showing an example, an example over on the other shelf, totally disconnected from this shiffer shelf. Yes. Which is Adam Gase had some great success on his resume because of Peyton Manning. So that's the scarers like it was.


It was it really was a you Arthur Smith. Probably not.


All right, before we move on to the next team where we are going to raise the testosterone levels of the show tremendously, it's good news.


It's good for Indy. What it on this show, what do you think?


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Yeah, say lamb to the slaughter. Yeah.


Bring in Arthur Smith to Detroit to be eaten alive by the new head coach, Dan Campbell. Guns Mahoney. I mean, there's going to be some biting involved kneecaps.


Yeah, Dan Campbell's replacing Matt. Patricia in Detroit, Anthony Lynn, former head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers, replacing Darrell Bevell. Your silence is deafening, silence is trying to find the storyline to lead with within Campbell coming into this position on a team that seems. Committed to rebuilding, Matthew Stafford is not their quarterback anymore. We haven't been able to say that in a really long time. Anthony Lane is no longer a head coach. He's an offensive coordinator.


He's going to be a piece of a new identity here in Detroit.


And I guess I'm asking you, what is the true identity of this new team, this true alpha Dan Campbell taking over? It's easy.


It's really like no, no joking. It is easy to identify what their identity will be. They've talked about it and they've hired coaches to back it up.


They want to be a tough, you know, hard nosed, hard nosed Murkoff knows a man's man of a team. You look at who they've got, Duce Staley, Anthony Lynn, Mark Brunell, Antwaan Randle El Deanship. They're hiring players to come out here. You know, these guys work hard and. But the problem is. That hard work, that finding that man's man, that's going to be difficult to work without the talent on the roster to take that next step up, you know, it doesn't strike me as schemers.


This doesn't strike me as a group of, you know, chess playing, you know, match three offensive systems here.


This strikes me as we're going to want to hit them in the face harder than they hit us and be stronger. And you know that that is hype. Is that going to work with the the beach boy running the offense? I don't know, I will say this to Dan Campbell's credit now, they signed him to a longer term deal. They know that it's a longer term project. Yes, this was somebody that Sean Payton trusted to be his assistant head coach, to be a tight end coach on his team, to come into an office that we consider to be innovative in an offense that is on the forward thinking edge of the NFL side of things.


So, you know, that's a credit to Dan Campbell coming from that pedigree. Somebody well respected, somebody that. Look, when you don't have the personnel. You need a coach like this sometimes, certainly, because you can get. You know, this is a team that I think will compete, but maybe more than people think, well, we know about this, these types of systems, when you have a coach that's like that. I mean, we're having fun over.


We're turning Dan Campbell into a caricature which he's he's not because we also, you know, in that what got lost in his comment of saying we're going to be biting kneecaps was also him talking about how well we're going to get the respect involved in the slot, because we're going to we we're going to utilize our pass catching running back. So positive things for fantasy football. But the this very high tech approach. When you're losing, it does not work like it's you're like Joe Judge up in New York.


I have my concerns for Joe Jojo's long term. If he doesn't get it going this year, the players are going to turn on Joe Judd's for for with the old school approach. And if you look at the talent that Detroit does have, they were solid on the offensive line. They were 13th ranked offensive line. They have D'Andre Swift. He's a talented player.


They have Anthony Lynn. What can he do? He can run the football. So if you look at that and then you contrast it with the history of Detroit, which is we can't run the football, that will be the thing you have to see change. There were 30 of them Rush attempts thirtieth rushing yards last year.


So sure move D'Andre Swift into the slot. Also line them up and hand him the football. Try to stay competitive in these games. That's the angle that I'm looking at. That's the area of confidence that I would have with Anthony. Lynn, you're going to you're not going to ask Jared Goff to win every game for you or especially when you have or any every or any especially when you probably won't have Kenny Golladay. You're not going to have Marvin Jones.


T.J. Hawkinson won't carry your offense. This is a running football team. That's the direction we're heading. Compete, keep it close. Win the turnover battle. Bites of kneecaps, but now we're down 14, now we're down 18, down 21. We want to keep running the ball. Oh, is that the old hue Jackson Cleveland offense? Where did we get from 14 to eight? Well, you know, the couple safety issues.


Yeah. Yeah. No, it does remind me a little bit of like you can have an identity.


You want to run the football. You want to be able to do that, but when you're down twenty one points, what do you do then? Hugh Jackson wanted to run the football in Cleveland. That's all I'm saying.


I'm I'm true as the running back that we Croal Corelli's.


I'm trying to think of Sean Payton's coaching tree. You know, Sean Payton is as respected as it gets when I think of the best coaches, the best minds in the NFL.


You know, Andy Reid, Sean Payton, you know, Shanahan McVay, you know, are maybe in that Bill Belichick is still a good coach, Jason. Sure, sure. Sure.


I'm talking about offensive minds, specifically Bill Belichick. Unbelievable. But like the coaching tree from Sean Payton, I'm scratching my head to like, I can't think of anybody that's come from that. And now I don't know if Dan Campbell would be considered that. He obviously was an interim head coach in the past when guns Mahoney was all the rage.


But I will say this to to wrap this up his biceps and they're amazing. And so Dame Campbell deserves that. Could put a bow on it just to put a ball there.


They're playing actually to get the salary cap under control. He is they are arm wrestling for contracts. Oh, they're not going to give out a lot of contract. No. Well, I'm saying you get a raise if you beat him in arm wrestling, OK, if you're not going to win a lot of games, your coach will be really strong.


That's one of the fundamental pieces of the NFL.


Jacksonville, new head coach, new offensive coordinator, Urban Meyer. Welcome, Doug Marone. Farewell, Darrell Bevell. Hey, how are you doing? Jay Gruden piece at the carousel is truly ridiculous in Jacksonville. No, just of coaches in the NFL. Oh, Darrell Bela's. He's going everywhere.


Oh, yeah. Like we just talked about where he had a job. Yeah. And he was released. Oh, don't worry. You got a new job.


Not to mention I mean, obviously we know he's from Seattle, spent six years in Seattle, is their offensive coordinator, spent time with Minnesota. Urban Meyer. OK, comes from the college game, it should, if nothing else is going to be really fun to watch the Jacksonville Jaguars and figure out what can Urban Meyer do in the in the pros. And he is one of the most successful coaches in college history, 187 and 32 and different, a different organization.


Florida and Ohio State created two monstrous juggernauts.


Yeah, and. You don't need the. Draft the right quarterback at the one on one, which should be Trevor Lawrence, and needs to implement an offense that, you know, he's been a spread guy. Does this mean good things for Lévesque, a talented athlete?


Are the athletes in this offense going to have more of an opportunity to be put into good positions? And what does it mean for James Robinson, somebody that was so productive for fantasy players last year that everybody's kind of like afraid to believe in going into year two? And rightly so. But Darrell Bevell run the football. Yeah, which which Bevill is going to show up, Seattle, Bevell or Detroit in Seattle. I mean, they were top five rushing offense year after year.


I mean, that's that was the the beast mode years. Those the Marshawn Lynch years then in Detroit. You know, a top 10 passing attack the last couple of years with with Starford, so which should that's a credit to Bevell of morphing to the players around him? I was I was going to say that that seems like if you're telling me that you are such a run heavy coordinator and you're working for Pete Carroll, if we've seen anything this offseason, it's Pete Carroll's DNA that he wants to run the ball.


So when when Darrell bevels there, he doesn't have any more of Carroll's influence. Exactly. And he succeeded with that. And then, you know, he was a good, you know, passing game coordinator with Stafford. So I think it's tailoring to the personnel the issue, I think for the twenty twenty one season for fantasy football, as will the personnel be good enough in the rookie season. Strikes me similar to what we saw from the Carolina Panthers, right?


Yeah. Kind of a complete ground up rebuild and their long term plans. And so you're going to have a rookie quarterback and a lot of changes and they're going to be OK and show some flashes. But for the most part, here will not be that great.


Here's a reason to believe in James Robinson, assuming they don't add some marquee free agent running back or draft another running back, that's going to steal a bunch of touches thirtieth.


That's what Jacksonville ranked in points per game last year. Twenty eight in total yards, 30 second in rushing attempts, 31st in rushing touchdowns. And he was very, very productive, if you have an offense that, like I think Caroline is a great cop that shows some flashes, shows some creativity, I have no doubt that Trevor Lawrence is going to be able to do some of that in this offense. Maybe it will mean good things, even if the percentage of rush share that James Robinson has goes down inevitably.


Right, because he had everything. He had all the carries on the 30 second rate rushing attempts. Sure. All right. Los Angeles, the Chargers, Anthony Lynn, he is elsewhere.


They have a new head coach, Brandon Saley, they have a new offensive coordinator, Joe Lombardi, this is the scariest one by far to me of because of the promise we saw from Justin Herbert and Co.. There are I mean, there are a lot of pieces. You have you have a quarterback, one you have, in my opinion, a running back one. And Wozniak, where you have a wide receiver, one in Keenan Allen and Brandon Staley's, he is a defensive coach.


So this is OK, we're going to be leaning on Joe Lombardi, who. Yeah, he's been in the league a long time. He's had a shot. He's got that last name. He's got the last name. He had a shot to be in Detroit for two years. It didn't work.


He had to go crawling back to being the quarterbacks coach in New Orleans again, which he's got ten years worth of tough stance of being that that's a position that is a long time to just be a quarterbacks coach.


So this one and I'm not saying that he can't succeed. I'm just saying that this is the most concerning where we have big time fantasy players and we have a very unproven, well, offensive mind coming in to be the leader of that office.


Let's let's put this into what happened last year, too. You have some things to lose here. I mean, he says he wants to be up tempo. Well, you can't really get much better than they were last year. They were second in pace of play in all of football.


So that's cool. Maybe you want to maintain that or you could be number one. It could be number one.


Number two is the first loser fifth and pass attempt sixth, then passing yard last year. Austin Éclairs injury probably contributed to that to to a large degree, sure. But a lot to lose here with Justin Herbert's potential if things don't go right.


And you know, Anthony Lane was an offensive lineman coach, I would really have preferred for the hiring to be exactly the opposite, where they get a nice offensive mind in there and maybe an unproven defensive coordinator. Because the truth is, and we've talked about this, you know, plenty in the season, a little bit in the off season. The Los Angeles Chargers on paper have one of the most talented defenses. They lost so many pieces to injury this past season that their defense was atrocious, which helped them become so, you know, they had to play fast.


When you're down by a lot of points, you don't get to huddle up for, you know, forty seconds.


So I worry that Brandon Staley is a great hire for real football and he's going to come in and take this great defense on paper and make them a really good defense and protect that and slow it down. We'll be able to they don't want to slow down their offense. But when you're up, when you have a lead, you want fewer possessions, right? Exactly. You you want the opportunity to play slower and win the game. And I think they're going to do that.


I think it's a good hire a head coach.


I'm not inspired by the offensive coordinator. And so that's like a double whammy here where I will have some worries, some, you know, every team that is making a coach has a variable when you're drafting these offensive players. And this is a larger variable to me.


All right. The Jets, new head coach, new offensive coordinator. Oh, boy, they were not good last year. No, they hired Robert Saleha from the 49ers microflora comes in, is the offensive coordinator. This was the worst off. I mean, Adam Gase, the stink remains.


I mean, it takes a time washing fumigation. Oh, my gosh. Yeah. They're really going to need to bring in the big guns.


I mean, they may have to hang up some really, really big those air fresheners from the car, like the Christmas trees all over the building.


I know they're they have called a lot of septic people. They're pumping out all the tanks. So, you know, Ghostbusters are showing up. That's right. We go from here to thank you.


We go from the the team I'm the most nervous about to the one I'm the most excited about. Like Robert Solla is Ikki. People love him. I like his he he is he's a dick. So darn it, he has a defensive minded dude. If he's in your division you don't like him because he when, when they make a play the camera's going over to him and you like that guy, get him out of my face. But his, his, his players love him.


Hearing Richard Sherman in particular speak about him is it's clear that the the players are going to love him and Mike Lefler. Now, this is a completely unproven guy. But this is a coach who is a disciple of the Shannahan system, he has spent his entire career with Kyle Shanahan. I mean, he went he was with him when the Falcons he went over to San Francisco. And the Shanahan system for fantasy football is a delight. And the Jets have been mocked, drafted that they would there they are a team that will probably spend one of their higher picks at least a day to pick on a superstar running back, which that's another injection of a of rookie into into our fantasy lineups in the Sini Shanahan system type of system, which I'm making an assumption that he's going to bring a Shanahan system.


I think it's a pretty good assumption. Yeah. That a coach who's been in that system his whole career. So I am excited. I'm very excited to see what happens for you.


Think they can improve on 30 second points per game, Mike, or twenty ninth in pace of play or second in total yards?


I would wager that they could, I mean, nowhere to go but up and the team is going to be framed completely different in your minds post draft when they have most likely a brand new exciting young quarterback, like you said, probably an exciting young running back to grow together.


I had coach and an exciting office, and if they don't bring in a running back, then I'm very excited for my dynasty team because I. Michael Oh, my gosh.


Not happening. Not happening. Yeah. Look, come on, guys. What are you pulling, Michael, around on the San Francisco 49ers? And you'd be excited about it if he is the starting running back. If he is a starting running back.


Yes, I just I'm saying that that is what's not happening. Yeah, I can hope and dream La Flor. I love the higher. I like young coaches that come up in an offensive system that has been proven so far. Those usually hit. And I don't think Solla is a great coach personally. I think he is he is Dan Quinn. I mean he is the hyped great defense coming over. But he had such good talent in San Francisco and he had such energy that, you know, built his name up.


And I would say that this past year showed that he is to me, showed that he was a good coach. You talked about the Chargers losing pieces. San Francisco lost all of their stars and they were still a competent they were not a good 15 yards allowed.


He went from second in yards and yards allowed to 15 yards allowed. And you lost all you lost all of your studs. I would say this last year was the evidence for me. And that's why I got the job when the players went down.


If you remember, the the the the game flow this last season, the 49ers started the season as just you don't want to play against them. And when the when the injuries happen and obviously it's you're going to be worse. But I don't think he did anything special. You targeted the the Niners at the end of the year.


But Dan Quinn was great for fantasy for the Falcons.


So I like this all. I care about fantasy. So this is good news is what I'm saying.


All right. Let's go to Philadelphia next. Sirianni replacing Doug Peterson. Shane Steichen coming over from the Chargers as the offensive coordinator. This one is fun because we get to find out who gets to take credit for Justin Herbert's success, because you guys, Anthony Lynn has an offensive job, Shane Steichen has an offensive job. Fight, yeah, maybe it's herbut though, yeah, maybe, maybe, maybe they both stink, so.


Twenty ninth in pace of play. Last year, Philadelphia needed a change. Carson Wentz is gone. Twenty eight passing yards.


Young coats, thirty nine years old. Colts offensive coordinator from twenty eighteen to twenty twenty. How do you feel about this move or do you even know how to feel? I, I, I do like it. I like it a lot. We've we've talked at length about our agreement or disagreement or just feelings on Jalen hurts.


But I like this agreement.


Right. Oh yeah. Wasn't enough. I thought I was Multiple-choice. Well we agree that he's going to be valuable for fantasy. We disagree on whether he is actually a good quarterback. But what I do think is good here is that, you know, assuming that they go forward with Herts, which is is my belief they're bringing in someone to build a team around, you know, a new system similar to what we saw with the Ravens, bring in a new coordinator and building around Lamar Jackson.


So I like this. I think this is good for the the Eagles, good for fantasy football.


And Sirianni has you know, he's he's he's been good wherever he's been now. Was that Philip Rivers? Was that, you know, the the weapons he had? Sure. That plays a part. But I don't feel like he has ridden the coattails of absolute world class excellence. You know, the Peyton Manning at the top, the Derrick Henry being the best running back out there. He he's just had good pieces and he's done a lot with them.


Yeah. I mean, into Steichen credit, you can say. I mean, look, he certainly didn't hold Justin Herbert back, though, correct? Yeah. He was willing to take a young quarterback and put him in a position where he can drive the ball downfield and use the weapons that he has. I anticipate that Philadelphia will do some things in this draft to make you slightly more encouraged about the personnel on the offensive side of the football beyond Michael Sanders and Jalen hurts throwing to insert name here.


And that will help as well, because you want if a new offensive coordinator comes in and a new head coach comes in and you're dealing with a young quarterback, you at least want, for fantasy purposes, somebody that's going to trust that guy to, you know, actually throw the football. And we saw that with Justin Herbert. We've seen it with more younger quarterbacks. So that evidence is good. We get to talk about Houston. Yeah, Mike has really looked forward to this for a while.


David Cooley replacing Bill O'Brien, Ramia Cornell's little. Stand at the end of the year, David Colly, how do you feel about David killing Mike?


So this show has spent some time piling on the Houston Texans, mostly because of all the gifts that they have given. Well, to the Arizona Cardinals who say they have they've piled on themselves. Yeah, they've they've brought it upon themselves, really.


And we didn't make them do all that stupid stuff. Look, here's here's what I know about David Cawley as David Cawley, the coach. I mean, he's Andy Reid loves him. We know that he spent some time good. He spent some time.


Is the wide receiver coach in Kansas City with Andy Reid for four years, the wide receiver coach, David Cawley, three of the four years a non wide receiver led the team in receiving, including the 12 14 year where no wide receiver touchdowns happened for an entire year. He was the wide receiver coach. Where did he go after that? Well, then he went he was the quarterback coach in Buffalo for a couple of years, including the Josh Allen fifty two point eight completion percentage year.


Then where did he go? Oh, now he's the wide receiver, coach and past coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens where they finished. Let me check my notes. Twenty seventh and last.


Got to get that guy Watts. Got to hire that guy immediately, but thought that maybe he's a good coach. But this resume sucks. This is not a good read me. Well, he finds himself at least resumes. I don't know, because what we look at and what the league looks at seem to be different sometimes.


It I mean, to his credit, you know, so he's had he's had a tough run of. Success, but he finds himself in a really good situation. Oh, yeah, this is the bar. We're not sure yet who their quarterback is going to be, but we do know that they have no draft picks or they have some, but they don't have good ones and they don't have a lot of talent on the team.


So I think he I think his resume is about how can he do it?


Sixty five years old, he's the oldest first time head coach in NFL history. What? Is that true? I believe that is true. I will vet that to make sure. And yeah, he's 65 and once again. We want everyone to succeed is if David Kelly succeeds, happy for. We're happy for him. We're happy that because there's if successful teams are successful for fantasy.


But this is just I. I cannot fathom success.


Yeah. It's it's hard to see. Going to beat Tennessee, Indianapolis and in a head coach is I mean, their job is different for each team. Sometimes you are just the the manager of the team. You are you're keeping morale up. You're making sure that the personalities jive and you're overseeing things. It's not really your scheme. That is, you're not the Xs and OS type of coach. But I don't know how to spin this one, Houston, I am sorry, which leads me to the the greater point of the open invitation, which has been accepted by many of you on Twitter.


Welcome to join the Arizona Cardinals fandom.


You are well, you're that invitation is not it has not closed. That invitation remains open. All are welcome.


From Houston, all our welcome to Late Night. It was nice. Eight nations where you want to be now they did you see those graphics that they post, the meems, the like.


Hey, if you weren't with us at eight night. Yeah, don't be with us. One rate, seven and one.


They did retain the same offensive coordinator that they that they that they moved to. So that is hopefully good, right?


Yes, it is. Sure. I mean, I'm trying to find a silver lining here.


Guys, before we close out the show, I want to talk about some of the offensive coordinator changes. Six out of seven of the new hires were from the same organization because it's worth just mentioning like variables matter in fantasy. So if things change, you want to know. Are they going to change? All right, you know, practically on the field, Marcus Brady is the new offensive coordinator in Indianapolis. I'm going to ask some quick questions on these changes.


And you guys give me your gut reaction or what you've looked at. Do you expect the same from the Colts offense, thanks to Frank Reich? Yes.


OK, the Miami Dolphins, they have new coach offensive coordinators. All right. Who I from what I understand, they're drawing straws each week on who will take the blame because it's more of a blame thing.


So, too, is starting.


Oh, man.


Maybe there's this too many cooks in the kitchen. What's going to happen with this offense? I know you guys are so excited about the thought of Aaron Jones going here. They were they were not. Great piece of play wise with Chan Gailey, but he's out the door. Should have more personnel. This year, the Dolphins, I believe the dolphins are building their team correct in the at least in the way that Mike Wright would handle building, which is double offensive coordinator Dodgeville.


No, not necessarily that part. But just saying last year when it was like they have to spend their second round pick on a running back and they said, no, no, no, we don't.


We're going to build the rest of the team because running backs don't matter. So I believe in the Miami Dolphins. I believe they will be contending for the division. All right.


The Vikings went from Kevin Stefanski to Gary Kubiak. Gary Kubiak out the door. Oh, no. Well, Clint Kubiak taken over. Thirty four years old.


Good cubs, the Cubs acoustic. I was worried about losing Kubiak.


No, no, you're fine. The Steelers.


Matt Canada. Matt Canada. The American. Right. Yeah. Oh, oh. As opposed to Steve America.


The Canadian. Yes. OK, new offensive coordinator in Pittsburgh. This should matter, right? I mean, we saw some weird things out of this offense last year. We saw this short passing game with with New LAAM, Big Ben.


We saw James Connor fail.


We what what in the world is going to happen with this offense this year?


They needed a change here. And look, the offensive coordinator is Big Ben Roethlisberger. It was it still will be. He'll be the one really leading the charge in in charge. But when Randy Fichtner took over, it was to put everything on the arm of Big Ben, if you remember when that happened and all the the arguing with The O.C. originally and Big Ben really want to throw it more. I do think it will be a little bit more balanced now with the American OK.


With Canada in the American. Yes, the forty Niners.


They didn't have an offensive coordinator, they're adding Mike McDaniel as an offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan more the same. We know what the offensive that is correct.


Who is the offensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Rams? Who cares?


It's Sean McVay. It's Kyle Shanahan. We good? All right.


Brian Schottenheimer. He didn't want Brian Schottenheimer didn't want to run the ball enough.


What a world. And so Shane Waldron is coming into the game and he's quoted as saying there is, quote, philosophical alignment with Pete Carroll. OK, OK, so I think we know what that means. Yeah, we do.


And then the Tennessee Titans, Arthur oh, he's out the door and Todd Downing is taking over. I am not very concerned with the offense in Tennessee changing. It has worked. You have a very stable situation ahead, Coach. Are you concerned at all with the change from Arthur Smith to Todd Downing? I'm I would not say overly concerned, but this is a there's certainly a variable there, OK, for me. All right.


Free agency preview predictions. Oh, we're not the wishing well, right predictions people were quick to remind me that the cap room situation in Philadelphia was not conducive to Chris Godwin arriving. It was a wishing well. Yeah. All right.


Broncos fans did not like Jameis Winston there.


And I get that is wishing well. There's a wishing well. All right. But those episodes coming up next week. That'll do it for today's episode of the podcast.


Thank you for supporting the show. Subscribing, reviewing. We love doing this. And that is because of you. So thank you so much indeed. And we will be back very, very soon. Goodbye. Goodbye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy football podcast, join our fantasy football community on Join the Dotcom and follow us on Twitter at the Fabulous.