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Foot Clan, your fantasy drafts are fast approaching, which means you need the ultimate draft kit. We've got all of our research, all of our blood, sweat and tears of this past off season poured into the ultimate draft kit. We're talking Sleeper's breakouts, bus values.


We've got all the coaching changes, all the rookies broken down, letting you know who you need to draft. We've got a lot of pretty cool tools in there as well. The consistency charts. See how a player has performed week to week mix a high ceiling player with somebody. Maybe that gives you that week to week Robert Wood style stuff. You can check out all the neat features of the ultimate draft carried ultimate draft kit dotcom. To the fantasy football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike Wright.


Oh, come in. Was that a how? Everybody said, yes, yeah, it's going to be a good one. I'm just not awake yet. Oh yeah, we are. Would you like my coffee? I've had some coffee.


It doesn't take. It hasn't taken. Welcome to the show, the fantasy football podcast. Back with you.


I guess I could tie the Howel into the NHL playoffs, the Arizona Coyotes and. But you wouldn't want me to do that because you are you're not a sports fan, you're a football fan. You're looking right at me while you're saying that. And actually, I checked in on the Coyotes score last night and I was disappointed. Oh, did we lose? Yeah, we did. And oh, no, it was really my fault because I followed the entire game, got myself some dinner.


Zero zero with six minutes left in the game, spoiler we didn't score again. I sit down to eat my dinner and they the avalanche score three times in like a minute. It was three nothing. And I was like I hadn't even finished a bite. And I was like, well, it is a waste of time.


Do they or do they just stop the game after that like they really should have? I mean, there was nothing you got us. It's just one game, Mike. It's just one game.


And we're not going to talk about the NHL anymore. That might be the first time in the what is this episode one thousand something that might be the first time we've ever brought up NHL in this podcast.


It's nine 19, Jason. We're not to a thousand. We we're not there yet.


We have quarterback rankings on today's episode, so that'll be fun. And a walk through our top ten quarterbacks. And I have a quick question. I feel like this one would apply daily with the way camp is transpiring in breaking down depth charts and looking at players and teams. Name a player that you've been changing your opinion on lately, so somebody that you have just was on yesterday's maybe it was the foot cast yesterday. I talked about how or at the very end of the episode, Courtland Sutton just kind of starting to wondering if I'm wondering if I'm a little too long.


Courtland Sutton, that was an example on yesterday's show for me. It's Lev Bell, OK, for whatever reason, in or out in OT and into my top 10.


Oh the spicy at ten but.


It doesn't take much we have to remember, like the Lev Bell experience last year was so melancholy, it was so it finished 10th or 11th every week. It was just trudging along two yards of carry. And we have to remember, it doesn't take a whole lot when you are receiving back to get inside the top 10. I haven't projected for just over like a thousand yards rushing. Five hundred yards receiving. That gets into my top 10 Widger with seven touchdowns total between rushing and receiving, so I just think.


There are so few true workhorse backs, he's one of them, the offensive line, the quarterback situation, as bad as it could get last year, yet still was OK. I'm feeling positive towards love Bell.


I do understand what you're saying. I totally get that. I don't feel the same way. In fact, yesterday Adam Gates came out and said a bunch of really good things. You know that. What did you think the headlines were? You know, I'm going to use love, Bill, much more effectively. You know, love bells in great shape. He slimed. Yeah, that was another piece. He's he's lost a little bit of weight.


But it's one of those things where when I watch that speech, that that conversation that Adam Gates was having, I I'm like, wait a minute. He's talking about how he used them incorrectly, tried to force them the ball in the beginning of last year. And he's he said he's twenty eight now. We've got to make sure he plays all 16 and I'm gonna use it more effectively to me. This says less volume left, right and center. Now, I agree with you, he's still a work workhorse back.


He's still going to get the vast majority of volume. But that made concerns for me. I almost moved him down. But I think I've I've got him at a spot that I actually like him. I still have him having about twenty fewer carries in last season. But so I'm I'm neutral.


Leave it to Adam Gaist to say we got to spell our twenty eight year old.


With a man who could file for AARP retirement right now, we're going to spell him with Frank Gore. What are you doing?


Here's this freakin guy, man, the player that is quite the beard now.


Two oh three or no. Oh, dude. Oh, like Adam Gase.


Oh, man. I don't want to see out of guys beard. I want to see Frank Gore's beard. Yeah. Be awesome. Be Adam is is he's in disguise. I got to he's taking a vacation from himself. Who have you been changing on, Jason? I've been changing on Todd Gurley and this started this started on the Fire and Ice episode, Mike. Oh, my bad. Yes, it was. It was due to you bringing up the total roots run and realizing that it wasn't.


You know, there's a lot being made right now of, you know, last year the Rams did not throw to the running back.


They were, you know, lowest in the league at the percentage of throws to the running back. But that insinuates that was by design. And it wasn't because the roots run were up near the top of the league. They had the running backs going out. They had Gurley going out to catch passes. He wasn't getting the ball. So you question, was it him?


And now with the reports coming out of Atlanta that early, you know, when they saw Todd Gurley, who was walking with a noticeable limp that they're looking at maybe limiting his workload and you question, is there something wrong?


Was there last year with Gurley himself? Is it going to carry over? Are they going to limit his touches? My hope coming into the offseason was, look, this is a one year deal for a coach that has to win or he is out. Give it to Gurley, keep him on the field. I don't care about his health or even getting to sixteen because I need to win the next game now. And that was kind of my belief.


And now I'm I'm I'm second guessing that and questioning Todd Gurley ability. So he's someone that I've certainly been cooling on. You know, the thing with Todd Gurley, it's like, OK, when you're evaluating a fantasy player, what can go right and weigh it against what can go wrong if it goes right for Todd Gurley, he's not Los Angeles Rams. Todd Gurley, he's the running back twelve. He's like, yeah, yeah. He's like Freeman last year where Freeman still had a production unit.


You weren't really pleased with it for fantasy purposes. So I'm. Yeah, I'm with you. I'm out. I'm out on Todd Gurley. I haven't it's hard to really locate someone for me who I'm really changing on, I'm still waiting for the more reports to come in, the things that are kind of filtering out right now. I'm sure we'll talk about it. But Josh Jacobs is like 60 receptions now, OK? It's coming from the player.


You know, we always have to temper those things.


I like when a player is driving his own hype train. That's very fun. I'm driving. He's he's on board with me.


The co-pilot. Yeah. I told him to get the word out.


I like when I'm changing, it's because I'm going back and forth in my head every single day. I have no idea what to do with Joe Mixon, talented, running back like we saw it. And now you have the coaching staff coming out saying, well, we see him as a volume running back. That means we have to get him the ball more. And which is what they did in the second half of the season. They they found that the more he touches the ball, the better their team is.


Then they're talking about what we got to get Joe Mix and more involved in the passing game, which that's when you take a running back and you you put the turbo boost on their fantasy production. But I don't quite trust the team, but and then got a rookie quarterback. So what I'm changing. I'm literally going back and forth every single day on Joe Mix and not knowing what to do, especially with his ATP. You know, you have to draft Joe Mixon, what, in the early second round or so to get him in.


And then your opportunity cost is I'm taking Joe Mixon instead of taking Kenyon Drake instead of taking Myles Sanders. So that's where I am. It's it's not I haven't been pushed a direction where I'm going to stick yet, but I am just waffling, believing in the wind.


If I could go Jacobs Mixon because you can write. I mean that that works. Yes.


If I if I'm drafting towards the back of the first round and I get to go Jacobs Mixon it would be a dream come true.


I think it would be more likely to happen as Mixin Jacobs as he in the second more than more than Mixin. But yeah. That you could very easily walk away with that combination.


Yeah. The Bengals are going to be one of the more interesting teams in football overall because I like their potential on offense, regardless of being, you know, a young rookie quarterback and a younger head coach. I think this is I mean, last year we experienced the transformation ADP right now for Jacobs Mix, it's the same oh, my one eleven. But you saw this in Arizona with Kliff Kingsbury and the offense starting to figure it out with a young quarterback over the course of the year and a really good things for his value.


And I think Joe Burrow's good. And I think getting AJ Green back makes any quarterback better. And Joe Mixon is just a he's a a workhorse. I mean, he does if you watched the games last year, he does get better over the course of the game.


He just wears you down and he runs he he runs harder in the third and fourth quarter, even when they were down. That was the crazy thing about the end of last year. Their season was over. They were in the running for the number one overall pick and third and fourth quarter, Joe Mixon was playing as if it was the Super Bowl.


That's one of the things I really like about him on the field. He just never takes the playoff compared to maybe, I don't know. Le'Veon Bill.


All right, Twitter. How dare you. The guy that I'm like here on now, who you have rank pretty pretty high, too. Yeah. Twitter at the footballers if you want to follow the show. The website is the fantasy football or dotcom. I encourage you to go check it out. We got player profiles up there. Now the ultimate draft gets over there.


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You can find a dynasty league. You can find people that want to play fantasy football the way you do. Yeah. Not people that will play it and maybe show up at the draft or maybe put the right lineup in there. Three out of nine weeks online leagues.


I mean, your your personal league that you're used to having. Maybe they take a vote this year and they say it's not happening. Go over the foot clan leagues, dotcom getting a couple or if you're recruiting a couple spots for a league where you lost somebody.


So let's get to the news. News& notes from around the league. All right. George Kittel, George Kittel got the bad graduation's Mr. Kittel, five years, seventy five million dollar contract extension, four star tight end George Kittle reported by Ian Rapoport this morning. And half of it's going to be guaranteed. He is the foundation of the offense. He is, we were saying in the office yesterday, it's like. I've been ready to move towards Kittel, the number one tight end spot for like a month and a half just.


Not Kelsey, Kelsey, four straight years. Hard to take, you know, Jimmy Garoppolo compared to Patrick Mahomes throwing the football. Exactly, but Kittel is. He's a man, you know he is. It is insane, like just how foundational a tight end can be to a team, but I've seen, you know, the the brass talk about George kid on people saying, well, OK, doing the mental experiment. If you had to start over, everyone's available in the draft, like, where's George Kittle going to be like, oh, he's a second round pick.


He might even be a first round pick. You know, that's wild, man. He's a tight end, but he is that important to the team is a great blocker. Yeah, he's a great receiver. He's only twenty six years old.


He's a great locker room guy. Absolutely. And he can cut down trees without an axe to out axe Carol.


Well, let's transition to another very important tight end Seahawks time. Bewildered.


I am amazed and I'm starting to believe no tight end will dizzily practiced Wednesday to serve 10 months after tearing his Achilles.


Pete Carroll expects him to be ready for a weak one. What is happening? What do they have in Montana that they don't have the rest of the world?


Montana. Strong work ethic, Mike. It is. And here's the thing.


Here's there's reason to believe it, that he's OK and it's because he's come back from a horrible injury already and been a fantasy factor. Now, last year, I know dizzily was good, but you are still looking at a sample size of twenty three receptions for the season, so it temper your expectations.


But he has started for me and him and Greg Olsen will share the work and he is he is pushing Frank Gore for this infinite all category.


So you are at twenty four. I saw a very funny tweet. I can't remember who put it out, but it is like we'll dizzily is what happens when you combine Wolverine with Mr. Glass. Right. Buddy Hield Yeah it was pretty funny. Tweet. So Andy have you. You stated him. I did. But does that mean you have purchased the tickets, have you booked the vacation to Disney. Are you going to Disneyland. No I'm not.


OK now I have Greg Olsen stated for more respect because I feel like Jason had the reservation booked for over a year.


For a while I thought I had to cancel it, so I wasn't sure. I waffle the now and now I'm going to say it's not the safest place on earth. No, it's not the safest place on earth, but it's a it's a good time. I mean, look, if he ends up the starting tight end, which I do think is in the realm of possibility. So while but I think we can all agree that whoever the primary tight end is there, I mean, Russell Wilson is going to be utilized in fantasy relevant.


There'll be more than one. Could be won't just be one. Well, sure, that's why I said primary, sure. And you think that's well, this week one, I think it could be. OK, I have Greg Olsen out that way.


They still have Hollister on the depth chart, too, but I'm impressed. Way to go, Will. Well, and that's just awesome. Yes. Just to get back, I mean, turn your Achilles after you tore your patella.


Yikes. Stay healthy, my friend Frank Reich, some hype train says Marla Mac has earned the right to be the starting running back, but that they're going to ride the hot hand. Marla Mac is a seventh round pick right now, the third running back off the board. I've seen them go later than that. Oh, yes. Many, many times. That is, I've seen them go eight, nine round. And then Jonathan Taylor right now is in the fourth round and I've seen him go in the third.


So if this gap is only three rounds, I'm probably taking Jonathan Taylor in the fourth round. That's that's what I wanted to focus on, as if if it's really, you know, Macías early seventh and Taylor is early fourth, I'm taking Jonathan Taylor. But but if you you know, you've swapped the rounds out. One goes earlier, one goes later, then OK, maybe I'll take a chance that Mack is the guy. But I look the hot hand.


Taylor's hands are magma. They're just they're hot all the time.


The offensive line is great and Taylor's the future. So it's not gonna take much to give him a lot of work. And if he's setting the precedent now that he's willing to ride the hot hand, you know, Marlon Mack is going to have games. He's a great running back. He's also completely free if you want to acquire him in a dynasty.


And I have no idea whether you should add or not because he's just like the free gift at the end of a purchase there.


Just do you get three weeks of Marlon Mack? What's that worth in a dinosaur league? Do you get five weeks? Marlon Mack is twenty four. I know he is. He's in his contract year, correct. Yeah he is. They didn't give him an extension.


Unfortunately he has the free agent of doom class coming up where there are just a ton, a ton of running backs who are going to be taking each other's money. Yeah, he will get a back up job next year, but he's a good enough running back to where his talent mixed with, you know, the position, says that in the future, if you're talking to Dynasty, like, he could very well find his way into a starting job again due to do you guys wanna help me out?


Perfect timing. I received the text message right now offering me Marlon Mack.


No. Oh, no, I did just now. Was it from one of the producers? Listen, no. No, it was not. It was from our dynasty, it seems. And I just brought up Marlon Mack and I got a trade off right now. All right, let's hear it. And this is I need help evaluating this. I have some, uh, dynasty bench, young wide receivers. Anthony Miller, would you trade Anthony Miller away to get Marlin back in a Diocletian?


Oh, not Michael Hardman. Would you try a in a way to win the Lomachenko way? All right. And the last ones, Deontae Johnson. And of course not. No, of course I'm not doing that.


What was the offer? Those were the offers of those three because so they came to you is like. If I give you a dollar, will you give me ten dollars?


I yeah, and I don't want to, but it can be in quarters. Yeah, it could be in one dollar bills or a ten dollar bill. You pick how you want to give me ten dollars, but I'm still going to give you one dollar more. So but you just it's ironic though because you just made the point. Biomax twenty four right now behind a great offensive line. We'll have another contract. But somebody like Anthony Miller is but a backup contract.


Yeah, I don't feel like Anthony Miller is giving ten dollars for one dollar. No, I agree.


I thought you were too high when you said ten dollars. Three day might might be ten dollars. But, you know, the the reality is some of it is team dependent. If you've got just if you're locked and loaded with four stud wide receivers and you're hoping one of those guys cracks your roster and you're in desperate need of running back, then you should go make a different trade. Right? Go find a different running man. Apparently, don't buy baalim.


Mac is our. Yeah.


And then we got to get on to the quarterback rankings here. But the NFL is reporting a positivity rate. Around less than one percent sat in the studio yesterday. There are eighteen teams that have not had one positive test. I did watch the hard knocks last night. Oh, which is also known as a one hour tour of covid protocols. Yeah, it's what I said, but.


You know, I walked away from it with a couple of different thoughts, one, I walked away from it thinking every team is kind of doing things a little bit different. That was one thing. You know, every team is kind of finding their way. And there were a number of people that were like, OK, we kind of don't know how to do everything right. The masks on the field sometimes, sometimes on their chins, on the field, you know, but they're all tested before they go in.


So I thought it was you know, it's kind of indicative of the covid universe right now where everybody's doing what they think is the best thing to do, but nobody knows for sure that that's the best thing to do. Yeah, but also that they are just they're spending the money. They're taking the time. They're making the investment on the kind of safety. Yeah. Safety and just the camaraderie of, look, we are all interdependent. That's the thing with covid.


I can't make just an individual decision. I would love to do that. And I'd love to tell you you can go make yours, but your decision affects you're the player playing next to you know, it seems like, as you know, NFL is a a league where, you know, your team is just a brotherhood and it's like that might protect these teams. You know, you have hopefully, you know that I'm optimistic. The testing has been good and they're going to continue daily testing until further notice.


I think we're going to get through camp. Hopefully we can get through a full season. That's our expectation. Jason, I saw you on Twitter yesterday. That's your expectation as well.


I think that the season starts on time. Play sixteen games, finishes on time. That's my genuine belief. Yeah. It's just, you know, I think that there's been enough in place and these teams will fight through the problems.


And if you did not hear the Buffalo Bills, Sean McDermott, head coach, they gave him a four year extension. So he is not going anywhere. He's done a pretty solid job at a four year old because it was a six year. But does he got like two more on it? I believe it is. I believe that's what it is. But I love him. I think he's a great coach. He's turning that defense around. Yeah, big time before we get into the top ten quarterback rankings.


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Yeah, like if I beat you, like, for instance, like if I bought a joint ventures, would that remind you of anything of the days gone by?


Just don't want to talk about that. At least you want distant past and up river. That one would hurt more.


I will have to take a look, see Simpy River merchandise.


So what code do they use make the code is Ballan. I've heard of that. Yeah. A pristine auction. Dotcom. All right, quarterback Tom.


Quarterbacks, all right, top 10 quarterback rankings show we are looking at our consensus rankings in six point per passing touchdown format. Lamar Jackson comes in at number one. No, you said six point, so he can't come in.


Number one, he's rushing quarterback. He comes in at number one, Jason. Yeah, he's pretty good, he's so good, he's very good. That's because he threw thirty six passing touchdowns, but that's six times six that's going to come down.


I know that Pat Mahomes would be the number one quarterback because he throws so many touchdowns.


He ran for twelve hundred yards, Jason. So good. One hundred and seventy six catches for twelve hundred yards. In other words he ran for what three hundred more yards then left bell on like eight and fewer carries. Yeah that's pretty insane. Seven rushing touchdowns which means he had a total of forty three touchdowns he was responsible for last year.


A pillar of consistency. He had a horrible week five where he finished seventeenth of the position. Otherwise every single week he finished inside the top twelve and all but three of those inside the top six. I mean it this is kind of the antidote to a late round quarterback philosophy. If this is what you can guarantee, if you can get this like we talk about late on quarterbacks because they're replaceable, if you could get a certified guarantee that this is the kind of production you would get from a quarterback that's not replaceable, that's not replaceable at all, not even close.


What Lamar Jackson did last year is not replaceable. And all the tongue in cheek stuff about Pat Mahomes, the reason I say that is because I went into this offseason very confident Mahomes would be my number one. I nerved the touchdown rate from Lamar Jackson. I believe that the kids, the cheesed off, it's going to have a phenomenal year. You know, I've got Pat Mahomes back up to forty touchdowns. Not many times is that been done before.


And when I looked at my rankings at the end and saw that, oh, Lamar Jackson is still number one, the rushing baseline is. Pure outlandishness it is I mean, he he's he's broken pretty much every record that that existed. The only other quarterback, you know, since two thousand rush for a thousand yards was Michael Vick, and he just barely beat it. Lamar Jackson had twelve hundred and thirteen yards and he didn't play 16 games.


To give you context on why he's still number one, even if he has a regression, which he will, because they all do when they have seasons like this.


His fantasy point production last year was, you know, 70 points over somebody like Dak Prescott. So if it comes down, it's still number one by a wide margin. Yeah, that's the reason why Lamar Jackson is not a second round pick for me. I'm not calling for where he's going right now. I'm not calling for regression on the rushing. I think Lamar Jackson is going to rest for over a thousand yards again. Yes. Maybe it's eleven hundred and not twelve hundred, but that's whatever that's that's a very small difference.


The regression is in the passing touchdowns. Nine percent of his attempts turned into a touchdown. That number is astronomical. Reminder, the league average for players that throw the ball or that have like two hundred attempts. It's like four point six. It fluctuates from like four and a half to four point seven. So he has the efficiency. It's going to come down. He still is my number one quarterback. But the thing is, if that efficiency does come down as historically, it always does.


Then he's not the week to week difference maker that it would take for him to pay back the value of a second round pick. It's tough of them.


I mean, we have him at one. He's actually being drafted behind Patrick Mahomes. What?


Yeah, there are two picks apart, but they are being draft. He is being drafted behind Patrick Mahomes. And if efficiency comes down, I don't think the consistency changes almost at all because of the rushing baseline. They'll still be a top 12 quarterback on a weekly basis. But does he keep hitting that number one spot or do you draft him in a two QB or a super flex league super flex or two QB?


I think he's in conversation from the first pick through about the sixth pick. I mean, he's going to be a first round guy for sure.


Any worry about injury?


Because when you rush the ball a hundred and seventy six times to one hundred yards, I've seen some good injury analysis done on the specificity of types of run design versus scramble the percentage of his runs. And it leads me to believe that he is not at any more high of an injury risk than most other quarterbacks the way that he's been running the ball. That that's not to say that. I mean, any any player can get injured. But I don't have the same worry that I had last year before reading that analysis that looked deep into the genuine context of not just Lamar Jackson, but a historical injury rates on on rushing attempts by quarterbacks.


Patrick Mahomes comes in at number two. And last year had the injury, which was in the Denver game in week seven. If you look at the very small six week sample size, prior to that, he was on pace for fifty six hundred passing yards and thirty seven passing touchdowns now.


When you're on pace for fifty six hundred passing yards. It is worth highlighting, I mean, he threw for 50 touchdowns the year before his pace, even though he was literally ablaze, was only thirty seven passing touchdowns. That was the off season narrative. We knew that the passing touchdowns are going to come down because they've come down for everybody that's ever hit that mark. And they're, you know, they're just a variable that changes over time. But his career touchdown rate is six point nine percent.


Yes, he is he is excellent, I honestly, I think the only thing to talk about with Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes single quarterback league, what round will you actually draft? Third round. Third down, Jason? Yeah, that's that's right where I am.


I think I would consider it in the fourth, which means that we probably have.


But there's still people out there. You look the game of drafting late round quarterbacks, it's about getting value for a position where there's only one started. Generally, we're talking about single quarterback leagues. There's one started. So there's only twelve quarterbacks going. And you got to get you got to extract the value. That doesn't mean you bury your head in the sand of of a quarterback who can be a difference maker in in the third for you guys and in the fourth for me.


Yeah. It's one of those things where home leagues now it's known that like, oh, you're right. It's all about popularity. It's popular. You don't want to be the first one drafting a quarterback. You don't want to be the loser. That's like, oh, yeah, early quarterback. It's not a game of chicken. But the point is, is if that pushes your specific league to put those quarterbacks out of value, not at their average draft price, that's, you know, the normal league.


But if your league lets them drop, then then have the confidence in that third or fourth round to take them. But at you know, in the second, it is certainly much more difficult to pay off when you are replacing a stud, running back a stud wide receiver and you're ripping them out of a position that you need. You know, collectively between those two positions, at least six guys.


Number three, come, it's Dak Prescott. Comes in at number three. Number three for myself and Jason, number four for Mike currently being drafted is the QB four in the sixth round. Is he the real best value considering the weapons that he has, the fact he finished number two overall last year? Obviously, Mahomes had the injury, but I mean, he has been a machine for seasons for top 12 finishes at the quarterback position, Cooper, Lamb, Gallop, Zeke, and I mean burying the lead here.


Blake Darwin, thank you. I appreciate that. Mike McCarthy takes over. Mike McCarthy has come out and said he's the one learning the most this offseason. In other words, the Kellen Moore system is staying put and he is trying to learn it. I mean, that's great news.


That is for an offense. You know, you don't want Mike McCarthy to come in to this great offensive last year and then be like, all right, guys, look at how I run things. You know, they had this most of the same players. Now he's searching for coattails. The say yes, exactly he is. But he's good at that. Yes. I mean, he has found a champion in four years of Karen's coattails.


We're on to the next season.


I mean, whenever he goes to a black tie, he's he's in tails. Right? Of course, like he has the the jacket with Forte.


Well, now I'm just imagining him on the sideline, you know, for penguins. Yes. That's how he coaches now. Yeah. He's the penguin. Oh, my God.


Right, right, right. That's not a great car. Not a lot of ambition to be compared to the penguin.


So here's where you start. And you said, OK, so see the best value. Right? So he's a six round pick, six round pick. He's our consensus quarterback. Three was great last year. The Hafitz is intact. He could be the number one finishes number one.


Right. So is he that value and I think this is where you have to bring up. Yes, he was the quarterback to last year. He was, you know, maybe the quarterback three in reality of Mahomes wasn't sure injured. But the gap on a per game basis between those top two guys and the next best is monumental. You look at the gap between Dak and the quarterback. Twelve. And it isn't it's not as big as you think.


So I don't necessarily look here and say, OK, well, this is great. I only have to replace a sixth round running back or wide receiver. I don't think that he's a gimme in the sixth. If he drops, I do like him. But there's so many quarterbacks that I think are are able to do not necessarily the the odds aren't as high as DACs, but there are a lot of quarterbacks later that are able to do what I think Dak could do this year.


Interestingly, last year Dak had the most wide receiver drops in the NFL through thirty touchdowns, almost 5000 yards.


He was great. He does not run the ball the way you know Lamar Jackson. No, I love Murray. Some of those players do. Cuyler and Dak are going at the exact same spot in drafts, essentially. Do you find yourself because when I asked the value question, is Cayler somebody that you're more willing to to grab in the sixth round than deck because of the rushing upside? Because of the fact that Cayler I mean, last year in his rookie season, over five hundred rushing yards, he does have the ability to go four, five, six, seven hundred rushing yards in the right season, which would raise the ceiling.


It's a great question to put those two next to each other, because when you say dak or Cayler, I lean towards Dak because I've seen it and it's he's safer. But if you're drafting someone at this point for them to really be worth it and help you win a championship, you need the breakout. And if you talk about sealing between Dak and Cayler, Kyla's rushing yardage says that if if the passing touchdowns of the passing volume comes, Dak wouldn't be able to keep up with Cayler because of the rushing capability.


So maybe Cayler is the higher.


Kylo was the quarterback seven last year in a season in which he threw 20 touchdowns. Yeah, that's why it's the answer for me is it's Cuyler QB seven and now you add DeAndre Hopkins into that. I focus on the fact that Calamari Murray three point seven percent of his attempts turn into a touchdown because if you are watching Arizona Cardinals games, you would see the offense moving fantastically. And then as soon as they get into the twenty, into the red zone, things just sputter out and they have to kick a field goal over and over.


And now, you know, you add DeAndre Hopkins, now you add a second year in the NFL for Carla Murray. That's why I would go with him as Overdeck.


OK, and Cayler is four on our consensus list. Last year, like I said, twenty touchdowns. Five hundred and forty four rushing yards, four touchdowns on the ground. DeAndre Hopkins arrives. That is a big deal. Yes it is. And always open Hall of Fame caliber wide receiver that you add to an offense that was taking strides forward. Christian Kirk played hurt last year. He's back healthy. You have Larry Legend and you have Kenyon Drake, a very capable pass catching running back out of the backfield.


The sky is the limit for Cuyler. Yeah. What's that?


You even have a guy that can go wrong there in Arizona because. Oh, a lot could go wrong. I mean, the blueprint for how it goes wrong is has been brought up. It's Baker. Mayfield Baker had a phenomenal rookie season. He adds Odell Beckham Jr.. The Browns were the hot team. I mean, drafted high. Basically, Baker was expected to take that step forward. And instead, the offensive line got a little bit worse.


Odell Beckham wasn't the same Odell Beckham we had seen. And instead of taking that year to leap forward, teams have film on Baker and maybe he takes a a year or two step back. I mean, this is about Cuyler Murray, not his pieces. This is about whether or not he is taking a step forward, getting better at his reads. You look at last year, so many rookie idiocy moments where he's taking a 20 yard sack. You know, he absolutely does not need to take a shower.


So, you know, there are ways it can go wrong. Cuyler is nowhere near as safe as Dak Kyla's floor is. You know, he he sputters and falters, but his ceiling is is monumental.


Yeah, he did have some real terrible games last year. So, you know, even though the final numbers were good, he had back to back weeks and weeks, seven and eight, where you were like, oh, no, the wheels are falling off for Cayler, finishing at the basement fantasy wise. And the end of the year wasn't good either. We hope DeAndre Hopkins helps him take that step forward. But now you get into the murky land of like so dak.


He has these WarZ, these reasons why he might not be worth that six round pick cayler. Yes, the upside's there, but it's far from a guarantee, like you said. Does he take the Carson Wentz Lamar Jackson second year leap or does he go the way of Baker Mayfield?


For the record, we all assume he's taking a leap forward, but is not I mean, we are Arizona, you know, cardinal fans. But that is not the rationale. We've been down on plenty of cardinals plenty of times. The evidence says he should take a step forward because not just him, it's Kliff.


Kingsbury came in and was a rookie in the NFL as a head coach and was figuring things out, completely changed the offense after four weeks and trying to run his ten personnel. So coming into year two, there's there's a lot of reason for optimum finish.


QB seven last year, QB five is the ADP for Katamari right now. All right, Russell, Russell Wilson, Golfo, well, Russell Wilson, a number five. So been ringing a lot of guff my way on social media, Mr. Unlimited. Yeah, and unlimited. Yeah. Yeah.


We respect you, Russ, as a player on the field.


Here's this fantasy finish walk off into the league.


Eleven eight three three nine one nine four. Russell Wilson sounds like a telephone number was up and down last year, we had the adventures with Russell Wilson a couple of weeks inside the top five dropsonde, 18, couple of weeks inside, 18, 17, number one overall, 14, 19, 16. You couldn't quite predict when they'd need Russell to be Mr. Unlimited and when they wouldn't.


The go ahead the first 10 weeks of the year last year where he was I mean, he was really good. He scored well and was a high end fantasy quarterback going into week eleven into their bye week. And yet you had five weeks where he was a top five quarterback week winning weeks. You had five weeks where he was not in the top twelve. He wasn't in the top fourteen.


Yeah. I mean, fourteen was his best and the other five games. Yeah. So certainly to your credit, Mike, you were down on Russ. And the consistency was not there. This was a team that wanted to run the ball, right. And when they found success and didn't need Russell Wilson to do it. That's the irony.


He's Mr. Limited. Yes. By his own offensive system and the kind of paradigm in Seattle.


Do you guys want to play a game?


Oh, yes. Yes. I'm happy to hear oh, man. Oh, mine, so this game. Shout out to Kyle the Borgen, our editor and he has a game for us that's over the last four years in this game is called Russell Wilson.


Oh, no.


Or Andy Dalton. Oh, my God. This is four years. This is what Russell Wilson has been the quarterback for. Quarterback nine, quarterback one and quarterback nine.


I can't say this is my favorite game of all time. All right.


Question number one. Russell Wilson or Andy Dalton?


Completions per game. I'm going to go, Dalton. Yeah, OK. Yeah, more volume. We started off with the softball there. Yes. Andy Dalton just over twenty one. Russell Wilson, just over 20. So you mean very close. And I will say all of these numbers are in fact very close.


Three hundred yard games, so those really big games that they get it done through the air the last four seasons, Russell Wilson or Andy Dalton. That's got to be Andy, I'm going to go into it is Andy Dalton, who has 11 of them compared to 10 for Russell Wilson, still limited that delivery frames?


Yes, total. Three hundred, because I know Andy Dalton is Miss Games and Russell hasn't. You know, these are total games over three hundred and in the games played is in fact fifty six for Andy Dalton, 64 for Russell Wilson. So eight fewer games yet through three games. Yeah. Let's go with passing yards per game. Russell Wilson or Andy Dalton. Well based on the three hundred yard games, I want to go with Andy Dalton. Let's hear it.


Oh, it's Russell Wilson.


He still has Andy Dalton beat out on that one. But here comes the real home with a nice to beat Andy Dalton. It's the grand finale. Fellas, the last four seasons, Russell Wilson or Andy Dalton, who has more rushing touchdowns? Oh, that's that's that's only there because Andy Dalton wins it.


I mean, that's. Yes, that's dirty. Okay, it's Andy Sandigo.


Andy, don't that that definitive is the better quarterback.


You heard it here, aren't you? So what do you do with all these all these fun games? Yes. Jokes aside, laughing about the inconsistency on a weekly basis, the supreme consistency on a career basis and the ceiling.


Russell Wilson's ceiling is when he gets there, is very, very vocal.


We we every year that goes by that Russell Wilson doesn't get a chance to throw the ball as much as people want him to because his efficiency is always insane. I mean. Thirty one touchdowns, five interceptions last year. Every year that goes by, it becomes compounded the frustration from Seattle fans that want to see him do it or fantasy owners don't want to see him be more consistent. I will never draft Russell Wilson in fantasy football. His price right now is the QB three.


He deserves all the respect of being arguably the best quarterback in football. And I mean, like he's arguably the best quarterback in football. He should be in the conversation. Yeah. And, you know, Chert Mahomes maybe Lamar, but I would put Russell two behind Mahomes in terms of it. And he's being drafted.


What you're talking about, he's being drafted in front of Dak and Tyler Murray. It's just I'm not taking the chance with Russell right there.


Yeah, because the the range of outcomes week to week is too vast for for the draft investment. Yeah, I agree.


But he can he finishes the quarterback one off. Yes, of course he could. And could he win you three or four weeks in a row. Yes, he will. I mean, if you have them and you start him every week, he will win you several weeks. It's just a matter of the other ones when he lets you down.


Yeah. I mean, he has weapons, too. I mean, Dick Metcalf taking the step forward.


Tyler Lockett is a phenomenal wide receiver who has a mind meld with Russell Wilson. And, you know, Philidor Dorsett just moves on offense.


Phillip Dawson is perfect for this offense, right yourself. I mean, you think Russ isn't going to hit a couple of bombs to Phillip Dorsett, Drew Brees, a number six on our rankings, five for me, four for Jason, seven for Mike.


He was outstanding to in the year after coming back from injury. This is one of the best teams in football. When you have Michael Thomas available at any moment and then you add Emmanuel Sanders, I think you have a real stable baseline in the price you pay for Drew Brees in fantasy leagues is while his age is baked into it. I mean, he's a QB seven off the board. It's the back of the seventh round. I've drafted him later than that in many drafts.


So Drew Brees kind of. You know, he doesn't give you that flash, but he is going to throw probably 30 to 35 touchdowns in this offense, if not more.


Drew Brees is he's tough simply because we think he was locked in. He was a fantasy football legend, you know, for since 2011, where he was cruising along as the number one. Number one. Number two, like he was always a top six guy. Then the offense shifted the last couple years and I'm talking about 20, 17 and 18, heavy, heavy rush, rush back rushing touchdowns with Mark Ingram. And it's got great. And now it changed a bit last year.


So, you know, Drew Brees, his touchdown percent over the last three years was five point four percent. It went up to the highest touchdown percent of his career. So I am and this is just I'm playing devil's advocate over here because I like Drew Brees. I like the adding Emmanuel Sanders to this to this roster makes the passing attack much better for Drew Brees. He has I have my concerns, though, because he could go either way.


You could go where he still finished as a top twelve quarterback in twenty seventeen. But that was the year where if I'm trying to remember the stat of my head, where he he pretty much was not a top twelve quarterback on a weekly basis, but still finished in the top twelve because he played on sixteen. He was consistent and he was never, he never had past games, he was always just OK. He was it was an absolute floor play.


So he's never been in the top eight with Michael Thomas. Well, yes, he would have been within like the second half of last year, but you missed a bunch of time with the when he handed when he came back in week eight, from that point on, he was the quarterback for.


So you burned it down. You saw it last year. He was he was phenomenal. So I'm not worried about the age you add. Emmanuel Sanders, this offense is great. What Mike is saying is it's just a matter of how did the touchdowns go in because the touchdowns are coming for the Saints. This is a great continuity in a year of crazy change. I love the Saints. I love the Saints offense. I want Kamara and want Brees while Michael Thomas.


I'm I'm I'm I'm all in. I want Jared Cook. It's just a matter of when they get in the red zone, do they happen to throw the touchdowns in or run the touchdowns in because you know, the yardage will be there, you know, the quality play will be there.


Twenty two more touchdowns in Aaron Rodgers over there. Last twenty five games combined, Wolf. Really the last twenty five by Drew Brees.


Sixty four touchdowns. Aaron Rodgers. Forty two. Touchdown. Wolf, it's crazy, Deshaun Watson comes in at number seven, that the Packers don't love that. Oh, I see what you did, my man.


I like it a is it Jordan? Jordan loves Jordan love joke, which you used his last name in a sentence for the Packers who drafted him after trading up to get him.


Oh, man. Tell me more about this joke, Jason. Well, number seven on our top 10 list, Jordan.


Love, Jordan. Love comes in at number seven. No, Deshaun Watson. Mike, you got him up at five. A lot of confidence there, if you ask me for a few more players that I am rising on in fantasy drafts. Will Fuller is actually on that. Will Fuller, he says he is healthy. That's all we have to go off of right now. But we know that a healthy will fuller with Deshaun Watson historically like last year, was a little bit rough, but historically has been.


I like to see fire. I love hearing. Will Fuller say if I stay healthy, the sky's the limit.


Like he knows that I like that, that he's that he can look in the mirror. And that's the problem. I get hurt all the time. Yeah. Yeah. Step one is admitting that you have a problem. Sure. And he's done it so that now he can actually work on this. Because, you know, Eddie, we played a game, uh, in the studio. You had us play a game, Will Fuller or Odell Beckham.


And the numbers were shocking, which is great if he stays on the field, which is great for Deshaun Watson.


Yeah, well, they were shocking, willful, fuller. More top 10 weeks than Odell Beckham over the last three years or so. But Deshaun Watson, he loses DeAndre Hopkins. When you combine that with the fact that, you know, your big addition is Brandin Cooks, David Johnson in the backfield, Randall Cobb, very difficult schedule.


We've walked through Houston's first seven games. It's it's a tough schedule, especially at the very top of the year. You don't have the rapport with these guys the way you did with DeAndre Hopkins for those big games. I do wonder if Watson is just kind of off the board in terms of, you know, if you draft him, let's put it this way. If you draft him, you have to pay a price that says you're starting him every single week.


The season starts very difficult for Houston and you don't know who he's going to have that rapport with.


There seems to be more risk with what he's in the six rounds, same as Daxam, Skylar, I mean, behind him. But in that range and in that range, I just don't see the same upside or consistency, even though I do like Deshaun Watson. And I'm not worried too much about the schedule, because my belief is this when when they are playing a good team and they are losing, they will have no chance other than to put the ball in Deshaun Watson's hands and have him make magic.


And I think he will make magic. So I don't you know, it's one of those things where when the team needs Watson, I think he'll come through. I'm a big believer in the talent. But when you lose Hopkins, you have an injury plagued. I mean, look look at his. You can argue that his three main wide receivers, depending on where you put Randall Cobb, you know, could be willful or Brandin Cooks and Kenny Stills.


Those are three of the more injury prone guys, you know, out there. So it's tough to trust.


You had I mean, you had some problems last year and you couldn't always predict it with Deshaun Watson. He threw zero touchdowns against Jacksonville in week two, which came out of nowhere with zero against Carolina in week four.


So, I mean, it's the bad teams are not as good.


Yeah, but I know Jason Baltimore, he threw zero and he finished twenty eighth at the quarterback position in Baltimore in week eleven as well. So he had I mean he had zero touchdowns against Tampa in week sixteen. There were four games last year. He threw zero touchdowns and another three were only through one. So there were disappearing acts from Deshaun Watson last year. Yeah. And that was with Hopkins and that was with Hopkins. And they were difficult to predict.


And he's a great player, but he also tries to do too much.


Sometimes he reminds me a lot of Russell Wilson at the end of the year.


He's going to be great. It's just going to be kind of up and down some good game, some bad games. And when you put the ball in his hands, he's going to make magic happen. But it's it's going to be a roller coaster ride. I don't want I mean, look at the beginning of last year.


You've said it's going to make magic a lot. Do you know something? I see a warlock. He is one of. Oh, man, does Shawn Warlock.


Oh, that's pretty good that I didn't even think about when I got to be more careful.


He you know why I keep saying he's going to make magic is because I don't know that I could name five players in the NFL. I enjoy watching more than Deshaun Watson. He is. He's so fun. And it's always on these crazy broken plays.


You think he's sacked and he gets free and makes a scramble and bam, it could be there could be major problems for Deshaun Warlock because good will Fuller gets hurt. Sometimes a spell backfires. Yeah, I'm just saying, like, if you take this team and you subtract Waffler Fuller tomorrow, you're going to have problems. If you take this team and you subtract Brandin Cooks, you're going to have problems. Brooks brought this up. We didn't see Juju without Antonio Brown and we haven't seen Wil Fuller without DeAndre Hopkins on the other side either.


So as much upside or potential as that player has, I'm just saying you remove a piece or two, you combine the schedule. Watson's always kicking against the Godes a little bit with Bill O'Brien. You just have more downside to me, more risk and worth where you have to draft them. Zero teams will be on zero of mine. Carson Wentz today. Josh Allen at number nine. I'll highlight this about Carson Wentz statistically, he had a great season last year in terms of like it's shocking to me, like it surprises me with the weapons that he had, what he was able to do, because you go back to that MVP type of year that he was having in twenty seventeen and you come back and like last year, he's over 4000 yards with twenty seven passing touchdowns he had nobody to throw to all year long.


He may not have anybody here, but he had a more impressive year than I think people give him credit for. Yeah. For How dare you Greg Ward. Could be a strike is going to start for this team from week five point proven from week five on. You know, that was when a lot of the injuries hit and he had a hodgepodge. He still finished. OK, when it comes to the totality of those games, very similar what Drew Brees did a couple of years ago.


But on a weekly basis, he wasn't a top twelve guy was 1889. You know, he's he's in the teens. So he's not helping you on a weekly basis. But I here's what I believe about Carson Wentz. I think he's a great quarterback. I would put him up near the top. I think he's a lock in my top ten as far as real life quarterbacks, the last few years either he has been injured or his wide receiving corps has been injured in twenty seventeen.


There were no injuries to the wide receiver corps and in his injury was, you know, super late. But in thirteen games he was the quarterback. Six. If he has health, he's got Zach Ertz, he's got Godor. They drafted Jalen Reagor, who I believe in Deshaun Jackson is healthy. We don't know Alshon, but there's a enough weapons there and I, I believe in Doug Peterson and I so I'm, I'm in on Carson Wentz this year in the ninth round.


He's probably a quarterback I walk away with more than most. So then to ask the question another way, you believe he has the upside to be a top five guy this year?


100 percent. Interesting. I know. While you don't. Yeah, I'm just.


I don't know how to feel about Carson Wentz in that ambiguity always. I just don't draft him. It's one of those things where maybe I'm very wrong, maybe I'm very wrong about Carson Wentz. And he is as good as you believe he is, Jayco. But he's just for me is it doesn't inspire confidence. It doesn't inspire excitement. So I don't draft him for fantasy. Final point here. The one issue now, obviously to two years ago, he was incredible.


He was a difference maker each and every week. If you look at last year, you know, you start 12 quarterbacks. We say this. This is why late round quarterbacks are the prescription.


Last year, your league starts 12. He really wasn't a difference maker, except for two of those 16 weeks, right? Otherwise, he's in the bottom half of what your league potentially got on a week to week basis.


I think if you're so I know what you're saying.


You're saying top six. But in reality, I think if your quarterback finishes that week as a top 12, you're good, especially if you're drafting this guy late. Yeah. And, you know, five of the first six weeks he was in the top 12.


Let's put that to the test, because he's being drafted in the same range as these last two players. On our top 10 quarterback list, Josh Allen comes in at number nine just down. Excellent.


Matthew Stafford at number 10 on our consensus ranks, which is a you know, you can get him around later. So putting Matthew Stafford on the board around later or Carson wins.


I would take Carson Wentz. I would take Stafford as what I. I actually have Matthew Stafford ranked ahead of Carson Wentz this year. I think I think that those are obviously the kind of quarterbacks we're probably going to end up with in a lot of our drafts, unless you're going to go really, really late, unless you're getting a Cam Newton.


We've talked about when so let's talk about Allen and Stafford to finish out the episode. Josh Allen last year had three thousand yards passing 20 touchdowns, did his damage on the ground, nine rushing touchdowns.


So while five hundred plus rushing yards, I was you know, I think Stefon Diggs can make a big impact for Josh Allen's progression as a passer. It's never been about his efficiency in the passing game. That's good because it's not there, because it doesn't exist. But I do think Josh Allen's a good quarterback. I think he continues to move forward, whether that translates to fantasy value or not. I'm concerned that it doesn't have to. His his success in the NFL does not have it.


Much like Russell Wilson with the early rushing kind of oriented, defensive minded Seattle Seahawks. Josh Allen can have a fabulous NFL season without giving you what you want for your fantasy.


Last year, Josh Allen games that Josh Allen scored more than two total touchdowns.


One. One, and that was the week talking, passing Russian combined. Yes, wow, that and that was the week he was the quarterback one on on that particular week.


But other than that, if you look at his game log, he was very mad.


And here's my concern for for Josh Allen. It's funny because people look at this argument a different way than I do. They the argument against of against Zach Moss, their third round rookie running back saying, well, Josh Allen is going to take his touchdowns. Frank Gore had 11 carries inside the five that turned into two touchdowns. Josh Allen had five carries inside the five that turned into five touchdowns. If Frank Gore were able to execute better inside the five, what happens to Josh Allen's touchdown?


That's the way I am looking to go down there. Thank you. So thank you for answering my rhetorical question. So that's my concern for Josh Allen. What if Alan finishes the year with four rushing touchdowns because the passing touchdowns are not they're not jumping to a level they could, though, couldn't they? Not to me. I mean, Lamar, this is Lamar Jackson question of of last offseason. Every single season discussion was Lamar Jackson has no chance to become this passing is inaccurate.




I mean, and then all of a sudden the jump happened. That's when you add Stefon Diggs to the equation. A great team.


I'm just asking the question, could Josh Allen be one of the players that make that massive leap?


He's going to have to jump up to the 66 completion percentage range like Lamar Jackson.


Yeah, can he? Yes, he absolutely can move that. No further digs will move it up and not just digs. I mean, the reality is what Diggs does is he makes John Brown and Cole Beasley better at the role that they are now playing for the team. So I think he's got a good wide receiving corps. I think he can make that jump. I do not believe he will make that jump to be good enough in the passing game, because I think he I think he loses rushing work.


I think they want him to try to get better at passing. So you look at both Kyla Murray and Josh Allen, I think both of them are going to rely a little less on their rushing and a little more on their passing. And both added an elite wide receiver. But I think Cuyler is Sanaa's like, why not just do both? Right. But that well, that's my point, is that I believe Kayla came in with the passing pedigree, the passing accuracy, the passing ability to take a leap forward, whereas the probability of Josh Allen doing that is not the same.


So I'm you know, he's he's still good. He's still got a rushing baseline, but he's more like my quarterback. Ten if I had to. Because that's where you have him, right? Exactly. Is more like more he is in.


I cannot imagine having Josh Allen and not utilizing what he's brought you on the ground. I mean, it's just like the Cam Newton equation. You, Josh Allen is going to run because Josh Allen is going to get outside the pocket and have the ability to run the football. I think he has a beautiful opening schedule. He plays the Jets, the Dolphins, the Rams, then the Raiders. Yeah, that's a start. The year solid. I think he has a he's a great late round target to me.


Yeah. To start to start the season and just see if you do get the magic with Stefon Diggs because Hathaways there.


Yeah. I mean, the reality is Josh Allen is a is a great runner. He has a bad schedule this year, gets off to a hot start. But the thing I can't wrap my head around is how he is so good rushing the ball in the NFL and so bad at running as a human. You guys remember his forty where he he ran like Dwight Schrute brother. He doesn't know how to use his arms. If you haven't seen it floatplane, you must look up Josh Allen's forty run.


It's hysterical. I've never seen a guy run like this. That's not a comedy show.


I feel like he was mailing it in like he's just like, I don't care about that. I mean, I'm remembering it now. It's very funny. It is great. I forgot about it.


And then Matthew Stafford last year was unbelievable through the first nine weeks of the season. Yeah, I was impressed with Matt Patricia's willingness to change kind of the identity that he came into the league possessing and just handing the ball off to Stafford and letting him do his thing. It made them competitive against better teams.


Well, it's I mean, it it can work hand in hand because it's if you want to be all right, we're the tough running team. Draw everybody up with the run and then throw deep, which is what Stafford Wood did last year. I mean, it was airing it out more than any quarterback in the league. Yeah. And they gave him the ability to throw on first down frequently, which was is you know, you talk to Warren Sharpe, it's like that's Warren Trump's dream is these NFL teams start to take the step for like Andy Reid does in Kansas City and throw the ball on or running down.


And they let Matthew Stafford do that often.


You're not allowed to do that. Are allowed to do that running down. Yeah. Well, welcome to two Chadians on the field.


Both run the ball. I don't know why it's tough. Hey, hey, listen, that's my cousin Matty.


Here's here's the offense that Matt Patricia ran last year.


He pulled the book out. It's a real thick book. It's got all the plays in it. But the cover page, the title, it says Don't get fired. And it's really that's step one.


And it doesn't matter what you do. I don't care if your identity is to run the football and play defense. Here's a little tip. You couldn't run and you couldn't play defense. So if you're going to win, you're going to give Matthew Stafford the opportunity to throw to Kenny G and Marvin Jones. And now you've got a arguably the best pass catching running back, coming out of college. And DeAndre Swift, we talk about, OK, maybe they can't run the football since Barry Sanders.


That doesn't mean DeAndre Swift can't be a weapon in this offense. Catching the ball fifty times the weight, the theoretical is the most relevant running back out of the backfield in Detroit in the last twenty years because he caught the foot. So I do like Starford because of his draft capital, he's the quarterback thirteen off the board. You can take him with your we all we all like close to the last pick. He's on our break our value list.


I do have the worry with Stafford. My only worry because he was unfathomably good. The beginning of last year is great. I don't worry about him. I do worry about Patricia and The O.C. in the sense that we were coming in the last year saying they want to run the ball. That's the history. That's what they say. That's what they've done. And they didn't. And great. We had a small sample size half of the year. We're Stafford was airing it out.


But I don't think that that is a flat guarantee, because we saw in a short stretch that, you know, I think if they could run the ball and play defense, that's that's what they want to try to do. So, you know, I worry about the coaching limiting Stafford, but we did, but we did not see him limited last year.


He was telling him it was actually unlimited. His pace, 5000 passing yards. Thirty eight touchdowns. Just for people who don't understand. It wasn't, you know, three weeks. It was it was eight games played. So a lot of upside. We all see it here at the fantasy football. All right. That is it with that.


Is it for today? Not forever. We'll be back again. We will be back tomorrow with more quarterback talk.


And honestly, the more exciting, though, with the more exciting quarterbacks, because these are the guys that you get to take the shot. This is where Lamar Jackson was last year. I'm just thinking about Josh Allen. Yeah, goodbye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy football podcast, join our fantasy football community on Join the Dotcom and follow us on Twitter at the footballers.