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Straight out of campin, like comparing players, let's talk to the pros. Hey, yo, what's up, everybody? It's me, Joey Dijo piece of beer and welcome to Fantasy Prose, where the fantasy experts live. It is me, it is Tagg's and it's you. And we're talking all things rookies today with a great guest. That's right. We're talking about the top five rookie running backs, quarterbacks and wide receivers that are coming into the NFL via the draft this season, who their comps are, what our expectations are, and a whole lot more.


We've got the right person to do that because our guest today is Travis May. You can follow him on Twitter at FF underscore Travis M, he covers NFL, CFB He's got fantasy football stuff over on Rotaries. He also hosts the College to Canton podcast there. So great stuff there. Travis, welcome to the show. I'm excited to have you, my friend. Hey, glad to be here.


Always, always good to hop on. The fantasy show feels like it's becoming an annual ritual here.


Just to join you guys, talk about some prospects last year, all all running backs.


And this year it looks like it's a little bit of everything. So I just want to be here. Thanks for having me.


And Tagg's, I'm excited, as always, to talk to you. My my CFF here at Fantasy Pros and Tags. I don't know if you knew this or not, but I was been inspired by Cam Newton this week. I'm going to start my own camp for kids about broadcasting and stuff like that and see how it goes and see if I get trolled. Do you think that's a good idea? What he thought? That's a terrible idea. Really terrible idea, as is the the whole preshow ritual we do here.


We have a clap session. Joe had to do it three damn times before the show started because he just he doesn't count correctly. He does like a three to one.


And I'm like, wait a minute, wait correctly. Everything has been thrown off. I'm happy we have Travis here, who, by the way, I he came into the room and I said, what's up, Trevor?


And I was like I was like, you're talking about miscounting. You need to get our guest name right. No, I didn't know. It's because I've been thinking about Trevor Lawrence so much that Trevor came in here and I just thought goat status. The number one pick we have Travis, we have Trevor Lawrence. We're going to talk about this today. Yeah, right. Trevor.


That's where I met Trevor. I mean, Travis. Well, look, we're going to we're going to play a game which is perfect for today called Get to Know Me. Also at the end of the show, where we get to know a little bit more about some of our analysts here, which will be fun. So hopefully by the end, Mike will also know Travis's name as we continue on with the program. But before we get into it, I want to start here because we've got a little giveaway because of our friends and pristine auction.


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Good stuff. Free swag thanks to our good friends at pristine auction. So we are ready to get after it again. We're going to go round table style here and we'll start with our guest, Travis Travis. Mike Travis, OK for running back prospects.


We want to get it. Well, you know, that's why I get the medium bucks and Mike gets a lot know, he's like a big diva. He's like, you know, he's like, well, you know you know, we barely even call him by his real name. He's just tags here. It's true. I've actually been told don't call him Mike, it'll throw people off. So there you have it. Throws me off because I'm in trouble.


Well, like like. Yeah. Michael, Michael, Michael, I'm in trouble. That's usually what it means. No, well, I think we've established that today already, but.


All right. Let's start with the Najee Harris, obviously, and all world talent. I mean, I know Mike and I've already had this conversation, but Travis, I want to hear your comp for him. And while you're at it, give me your ideal landing spot in the draft for him and what your expectations are for twenty twenty one for Najee Harris, the brilliant running back from Alabama. Yeah.


So Najia Harris, I mean, at this point, a lot of people have been talking about him for several years.


I mean, those that love nerdier versions of fantasy football, like, you know, college fantasy or even divi, like where you can actually roster college players years in advance.


Like we've been talking about Najee Harris for seriously five years. You know, it's just like he was the next to this guy.


The next this guy. Everybody's been Koppenhaver for years and years. But I think to me, a good cop would be Stephen Jackson.


I think he's got that size. I don't think he has Derrick Henry size, but I think he's got great balance.


He's just got an incredible nose for the endzone. He showed that this last year, you know, had like twenty I think it was 19 or 20 touchdowns inside the ten. This year, which is just insane, so I really like his ability to be a heavy touchdown scoring machine and maybe do that for the Atlanta Falcons.


I think that would be a lot of fun. They need to get their running back room figured out. And so I think that would be a nice spot where he could have an instant impact and score some big fantasy points early that.


Travis, real quick, do you think that this is a guy that and we've kind of had this discussion, Mike, and I don't want to get your excuse me at Tagg's, and I have had this discussion before about whether or not you feel that he is worthy of a late first round pick, depending on the landing spot, of course.


But you mean just for.


Well, in the draft. In the draft, because it's very rare that we get to this point sometimes with rookies. But I feel like this guy scratching that surface and I've only seen two guys in the last 10 years. I really felt that strongly about Cequent and Zeke. Do you think he's in that same kind of mold?


I don't think he's in that mold.


No, I don't think he's that elite level kind of talent where you're like, OK, right away I'm going to draft him and he's just going to be the go to I mean, think about every year there's one guy that we prop up and then normally we're wrong about that one guy.


And, you know, it's like even like this past year with Clyde Edwards, a player like that was great for two weeks. And then then what happened? So I think I think I would probably be very hesitant to take him that early.


And honestly, I depending on landing spot, depending on where Eaton goes, I think I might be more interested and go in that direction. Earlier, I had tags.


How about you for Najee Harris? Where do you want him to land up and where do you put him in terms of comps?


So comps, we talked about it and it's it's a high comparison for me. I actually love the Stephen Jackson one. It's really good. I think he's a little bit more fluid in terms of what I saw to Stephen Jackson. But Stephen Jackson was a really good running back who was never recognized as an elite like elite of the elite running backs is because he played an eight and a terrible football team for the majority of his career, had limited scoring opportunities with the Rams.


But Adrian Peterson is a name that we threw out there with someone like Nasra Harris coming out uber talented. And, you know, you, Joe, you brought up would you draft him at the end of the first round and redraft? No, I don't know if there's a situation that I can see him going to that I would draft in there just because you look at the running, the teams that need running backs, that need workhorse running backs that are going to have a shot to draft dodger Harris.


And I don't think that they're in a position to score enough points or have an offensive line to support a first round running back. So I don't think he's going to go there. I think I think what you're looking at, best case scenario for him is that he's like a high end RB two right now because the teams that should be interested are teams like the Steelers who have to rebuild their offensive line. It seems like they've lost two starters already.


They might lose a third. We don't know the dolphins who are kind of in rebuild mode. The offensive line got better last year. And if they take Penny Sewell at three and then get to eighteen and take Harris, that would that would be an ideal landing spot for him. The Jets terrible, you know, is an offense. There's there's things changing there. The bills are a team that I could see interested in him. The Falcons are could be a team that's maybe in the second round that would interest if he falls that far.


But again, there's limited teams where he can go to where I just don't know if he's going to have the impact that people want in fantasy football. But make no mistake about it, Nigel Harris, is he's going to be a good running back in fantasy football for a very long time. All right.


Let's move to number two on the running back, Liz Travis, eighteen. Now, obviously, Ayton has some really good patience at the line. Travis he's a guy that has some long strides and that was always Wilson's impressive to me. When I watch H.A., he was allowing the play to develop and I think that's something we always talk about, Love Bell and some guys like that. But I don't wanna put that comp on him necessarily because I feel like he's different.


But from your perspective, who's the comp for ATN? Where do you want him to be?


Man, I think if if you look at what Travis Eaton has done with his game in the past year and a half to go from this guy who was just self admittedly afraid to catch the ball to a guy that is functioning as the de facto wide receiver, two for Clemson in just less than two full seasons. I mean, it just complete transformation as a receiving back. He's really just rounded out his game to where he has essentially almost a perfect profile.


Yes. He didn't have a crazy rushing final season, kind of got stuffed against, like Notre Dame, a couple other spots.


But, you know, it was against like top ten defenses where he was struggling in any any back is going to struggle in those situations.


So I think he wants so badly to be Alvin Kamara like he wants so badly to be the next Kamara. And I think I think at this point, I think that's probably his best modern comp. I mean, he's not going to be coming anybody that that high level is a little bit scary.


But I think that's kind of his ceiling, you know, and I don't necessarily always like camping super high like that.


But I think he has that kind of potential because he has. But really, perhaps even better, long speed than Kamara. And he's shown to have some immediate burst and incredible contact balance and now, as of late, just incredible receiving shop.


So, man, I, I still have eaten is my running back one in this class and just above the ceiling. And I think that that would be great. If he goes to a spot, you mentioned that that patient's right, I think if you went to the Steelers, that would kind of change what they do. You know, with you know, they're used to kind of a slower back.


But, you know, they might have to get used to that with some actual speed again. But I think that would be a really fun spot moving forward.


If I'm glad you mentioned Travis, the the the idea of, you know, you hate it. And I do do it and I think we all do it was like everybody's compared to a superstar. Well, that's that's terrible. But in all fairness, today we're talking about the top five. So these guys are supposed to be in that conversation of they could become stars or superstars are all pro players, whatever.


And I think that that's important that as you go through when you hear a lot draft coverage, everybody's not going to be a star. We know there's just go back and look at every draft. So I think we both feel like Harris, ATN, Tagg's, I'm sure you kind of agree this guy's got star potential. So in your opinion, what kind of star does he remind you of and where would you like him to end up?


Yeah, and the company's really tough, right? Because no one wants to hear you talk about a guy like this guy comes to, you know, a backup running back from so-and-so team. They want to hear that because they're like, I don't even know what he looks like. So you kind of have to give a comparison for a player that they the style, the size and all those things that kind of remind you of. And we're on typically when people do comparisons, they're doing high end projections.


And they're doing that because they want you to know the ceiling of that player. But on top of that, the high ceiling players, those are the ones that people watch on TV and they have an idea as to who that player is. So when we talk about Alvin Kamara, it makes sense for Travis ETN because that's the type of player he is, like that Aaron Jones style running back. I say Aaron Jones and Alvin Kamara are so similar in a lot of ways that Aaron Jones is underrated and people think it's because he plays for the Packers.


It's not he's he's phenomenal. And he just happens to play for the Packers ETN. It's good to Penn where he goes right now. I mocked him. I did the first mark and I put him to the bucks because you think about it, and they're a team that's got to save a lot of money in free agency to resign some of their defensive players. They're not going to be reassigned. Leonard Fournette, who made himself some money at the end of the 2020 season.


So the Bucs need a pass catching running back. And Ronald Jones, by the way, has never been completely trusted. He's fumbled. He's dropped passes. He's done all those things. And he only has one year left on his contract. So this is his last year on the contract. So why not go get Travis Eaton and have kind of like that Saint style one two punch where ETN could essentially take over and be that guy that they always wanted to pass, catching running back.


The other two teams that I put down are the Jets and the Falcons, because that's ultimately where I'm expecting him to go late. First round, early, second round. That's where I'm I'm going. So any of those teams that he would land on, I'm willing to put him in the middling RB two conversation right now. Like if you were doing an early draft and you could draft rookies for whatever reason, I don't know why you would do that.


But if you did, I do think Eaton is going to be a starter fantasy asset no matter where he winds up, because someone's going to use a lot of draft equity in him. And you don't draft running backs in the first round or the second round that you're really not going to use because that rookie contract is basically that's your moneymaker right there. You're saving a crap ton of money because you're not paying or running back on the open market and you're using them up because that's the highlight of their career.


Like they are running backs are in their prime when they walk into the NFL. So, you know, Travis Eaton Pass catcher, he's for a guy that's smaller. You know, he's a smaller stature running back. That's why he's I can't say he's Kamara, but he's very hard to tackle. He's slippery. You know, he's he knows contact balance is very good. He's a downhill runner despite having that patients in for a guy his size. You know, I think he's right around 200 pounds.


He does play a little bit downhill, which is really good for a running back that size, because a lot of them get jumpy. They want to bounce everything outside. He doesn't do that. I do like ETN. Just curious to see where he lands. And if you answer the box, this is going to be a headache because you're going to be like Ronald Jones is actually a good one to come back. But it's yen. And the Bucks, by the way, did want to draft a running back last year.


They just didn't get one of the ones that they wanted.


Yeah, I agree with you wholeheartedly to Fournette is going to cash in because he hasn't gotten that opportunity yet and the money's going to go to Godwyn in defense. That's that's where it's going to go. Now, it's funny you mentioned Aaron Jones. Maybe we'll go back to you with this one, Tagg's, because Davonte Williams, who you know from USC, I actually wrote down for me, he reminds you of Aaron Jones. He's not afraid of contact.


He has good balance. And when you kind of close your eyes there and you just kind of, you know, squinting and you watch him to me every time I see the same sort of runs, especially when you get in the red zone that I saw Aaron Jones do the last two years.


So in your opinion, is there another comp besides that in your head for for Williams and where you think he might end up?


Might I had someone like Chris Carson, you know, of Montel Williams stay healthy. You know, he's he's a banger. You know, he's willing to go in there. He has that low center of gravity. He's going to he'll go nose to nose with you. And it's like try and tackle me, dude. Like, the guy can break tackles. He only had really one big year in college. So I'm not going to sit here and say that he's a can't miss prospect.


I think there's only two at the running back position. I think Harrison ETN are the only ones that I can say who are can't miss. That's why I think Carson's a good comp for him, because we've seen flashes of Carson being RB one in fantasy football, but we've also seen some injury concerns. We've seen a team. Unwilling to fully go to him as they trusted RB one, they're mixing in other running backs, I kind of see that for Jovanotti Williams right now, and he kind of had it in college with Michael Carter.


So I do like him. It's just I can't say that he's a can't miss prospect. I think he's ideal for the Steelers and what they do, depending on the route that the Steelers take, because if the Steelers, let's say, they keep Ben Roethlisberger, they're going to have to add to that offensive line early in the draft. The defense is in pretty good shape. Can they add some pieces? Sure. But it's in good shape where the offensive line needs help, especially left tackle.


So they take an offensive lineman taking Davonte Williams. You know, you can get him in the second or third round where you're not spending that equity that you do on Najee Harris or Travis ETN. So I believe that it would be the best case scenario for him to wind up with a team like the Steelers or even the Seahawks to replace Chris Carson.


All right, Travis, for you, where would you put Williams?


Yeah, I think I mean, you kind of stole where I was going to go with Williams. I think another team I would look at, you know, depending on what happens is off season and how they kind of restructure things. Maybe the dolphins, even just that would be a fun opportunity for him to maybe come in and obviously be the best option there right away. And he has underrated speed like he ran in the four or five guys in high school.


So he's got that breakaway speed mixed with the side and receiving opportunity.


And so if they they really change everything with their quarterback situation or to kind of they finally give him the reins and just let him, you know, pass the ball around and distribute.


I think there could be a pretty good underrated landing spot, one that wouldn't, you know, wouldn't overinflated stock, I don't think. And no one's thinking, oh, yeah, the dolphins are incredible.


And so I think it would be great for every type of fantasy football for him to go there because it wouldn't be an obvious, oh, slam dunk.


And, you know, he rises up to where he's basically undrafted, draftable, but you would maybe get him after still guys like Nyjer Harris and after Travis Eaton and maybe after another guy who goes to a decent landing spot.


But one of my favorite running back prospects in the class.


If you look at his yards after contact numbers, his yards after contact per reception numbers is just ridiculous. Scoring ability, as demonstrated this past year, having twenty twenty plus touchdowns.


Really incredible prospect and so glad that I actually had him on a couple of teams already before this year because I play like I mentioned David.


Yeah. Yeah.


So having college players years in advance already locking these guys up and so thankful to have Jovanotti like some deeper leagues where I don't even have to worry about adding him to my team because he's already on it.


Well, let's talk about number four on the list here, who is incredibly versatile fast. Just, you know, a guy who really fits with an offense that has creativity in it. And I think it's Kenny gain well of Memphis. So, Travis, when you look at him, who does he remind you of and where would he be a good fit? Because clearly, as a player, you could do a lot of with.


Yeah, well, let's let's just talk about I'm just prefacing this by saying going back to the ridiculously high end comps here.


Oh yeah. Just ridiculously high in comps.


If everything went perfect.


And he, you know, he had basically this entire year to work on his athleticism to add some weight and maintain that speed.


He took the entire season off. So he came off that like 1500 plus yards season with like fifty plus catches for Memphis. He's he's an outside run artist.


And so I think if you you know, if he got in perfect shape and got his fourth time down, Jamaal Charles is his is his cap.


I like that's that's the kind of ceiling that he could have if he really spent the last year perfecting his body and turning himself into an NFL athlete. He was not there two years ago when he gets to 2019, the last time we saw him on a football field playing competitively.


But I think that he has that kind of ability. I mean, Mike Norvell and he was really great about getting Gainesville out in space to where he could just make somebody miss and uses speed to get to the second level. And he was incredibly efficient in that scheme. And I think if he goes to another place that is really good at getting their backs in space and setting them up to be like a home run hitting nightmare for defenses, I think he could really take off early.


But he could also do absolutely nothing because there's there's really no comp that's really good for him unless he added significant weight or added some elite speed this offseason.


So where would you want to see the Jamaal Charles style player end up there?


I think it wouldn't be perfect, but I think if like if he went to perhaps the Cardinals, you know, if he was like he's basically he could basically be Kenyan Drake, but even better and maybe faster like that, you know, that kind of option and a really high flying offense that, you know, can spread it out and has a mobile quarterback to kind of set him up and get him into space real quick.


I think I think that would be a good landing spot for him.


All right. How about you, Tagg's, when you're looking at. Well, where do you think do you see that same Jamaal Charles Cobb we are so in line in this one and in and a lot of ways I'm not going to give him Jamaal Charles, but a running back that was actually compared to Jamaal Charles. So it's fair. C.J. Spiller is the guy I had down. Sure. Yeah. Well, there's a perfect example, right?


Texas, like the high in the low right of OK, you know, this guy could be good. Well, I mean, not the Caesar salad is bad, but it was limited. He had a short window where he was he was a good time-Share running back, right? Yeah. And that's kind of how you gain. Well, I don't know if he's ever going to be a guy that's going to get 250 carries. You know, I think he'd have to put on a lot of weight to do that.


So you kind of look at the teams and the Cardinals were my ideal landing spot because getting well is someone that is going to be used as a wide receiver in the NFL, like you're going to line him up in the slot continually. And knowing that the Cardinals want to run for wide receiver sets a lot. He can be used in a variety of different ways. And I think Kingsbury's the type of guy that can find a way to use him.


It would also be very beneficial from a fantasy standpoint because the team could move on from Kenyon Drake and kind of rotate Chase Edmunds and gain while they're back there. Other teams that I put down to interested patriots, you know, if they get rid of James White, he can fill a role. Now, they have a quarterback situation, issues where I don't know if they're going to do. We've seen the Raiders look at team players like this. You know, that they last year, they try to do it with Inboden and then they traded him away.


Maybe he wasn't the player that they thought he might be, but gain well might be that guy. You know, they're looking for guys that are just athletes that can create even though they don't have the coaching staff to do it. And then the Packers are another team that you look into him because the Packers obviously lacking some receivers they have AJ Dillon is a thumper. They're going to need another back to pair with him. And unless they resign, you know, Aaron Jones or Jamaal Williams, they have a running back issue in terms of depth.


So but the Cardinals were the team that I put down for the show that I wanted to see him go to, because I believe that it would be an offense that would best suit his abilities, maybe three, four, three.


I think the Cardinals a great landing spot for him now. I do. I just I do. And that's that's when I had my doubts, too, that it's all three of us are agree. And that's always something. Everybody now listen, everybody out there for the cardinals, all the scouts who listen to the show, hear fantasy pros, go get on that. All right. Last year, but certainly not.


Do we have to talk about do we have to talk about him? I really think I have other running backs. So hang on a second.


I'm going off. I'm going off what John told me to do, which is go off our fantasy pro. I want to know what Travis has his number five running back. That's what I'm OK. Travis, who do you have is your number five running back? Is it Juber Hubbard or is it somebody else?


So, yeah, right here. Given who we've already taken, I would still go a true believer.


Yeah. OK, are you happy now? I'm not happy, but I'm happy that we can talk about it. All right. Let's talk about Mike's unhappiness. But let's start with you, Travis, first. Since you are happy about this and we can kind of throw in is his number five here, where do you see Hobert? I mean, obviously the speed is there. So where would you like to see him land and who needs remind you of of that speed?


So I think, you know, this is kind of a throwback, but I've been saying that he is kind of a just slightly lighter version of this player for, I don't know, almost two years now.


I think he reminds me of Ahman Green, like he has incredible speed and he's got like that kind of probably a little bit to upright running style, you know, like a green head that, you know you know, I'm saying like maybe like the low end would be like a TJ Yeldon with more speed because, like, he also had that weird pad level thing, like I mean, like when you get, you know, running fast, like he's almost like leaning back a little bit.


I think that's who allowed him to because I mean, I think you kind of forget because Ahman Green had like sub four for speed if you built a prototype.


So he was really, really quick. And I think Chuba Hubbard, he had, you know, Canadian Olympic sprinting upside like he wanted to be an Olympic sprinter, like he's that kind of quick.


So I think he has that crazy upside given his speed and another situation where, hey, if he goes to the cardinals or if, hey, if he goes to some scheme that's going to get their guys in space, I think that he could succeed pretty early on.


But he's kind of this guy.


The tale of two seasons where we saw this 2000 pass rusher in 2019. And then this year he wasn't healthy. They had three quarterbacks that they were dealing with. The the offensive line was graded way, way lower. And so there's a lot of external factors that kind of, you know, and it was a covered season. There's just everything layers upon layers that we can make excuses.


Maybe it sounds like it's too much of an excuse, but it's just with Chuba Hubbard, he's still a really, really good running back.


So I don't think he's like a running back one or two in this class anymore, running back three even, you know, but I think he is a day to running back with extreme speed.


He needs to kind of improve with his contact balance and prove that he can be a more consistent contributor as a receiver. But that's just not how Oklahoma State uses the running backs. But I still do believe in Jubelirer.


All right, Tagg's, who is your number five? Minor five is Michael Carter, North Carolina. So, you know, Hubbard is I don't know, I went in with high expectations for him because, you know, I don't watch college throughout the NFL season. And then I get. The end of it, and it's like I start going through all the players and I have to do that very quickly. So Hubbard was someone that last year I knew that everybody talked about him coming out.


So I had watched him previously and it was like, OK, I thought he was good, but it was more like, all right, we'll see what happens because he's going to go back to school. And then he went back to school in a year that he probably should have produced even bigger numbers because there were players that opted out, teams that did whatever. But he did not look good. I mean, I think he's best suited for his own asone scheme, like with cut back lanes, because that will take advantage of that speed you're talking about, because he's not someone that could bang in between the tackles.


He's not big enough to do that either. But his pad level is way too high. He lowers his shoulders in his head rather than bringing down those hips, that center of gravity that you see guys like Frank Gore, do you continually. I didn't like Hubbert. I actually moved him down after I was expecting a lot more is what I basically came down to. Whereas Carter is not he's not he's not a guy that's going to be your your workhorse running back.


But he's someone that I come to Justin in. And I think that this is spot on. Like I was so proud when I came up with this one because Justin Forcett was a guy that was playing a role and a lot of different teams and he was doing it well. And it's just like that Michael Carter kind of does everything well. He's not blessed, you know, with elite athleticism like others in this class. Ah. But he makes everything kind of look easy and he does everything well and he plays in a very controlled manner and he can pass, protect and all that stuff, even for a smaller guy.


So Justin Forcett, when he finally got a chance with the Ravens to kind of shine, you know, when there were some injuries in front of him on the depth chart, it's like, all right, we're going to give this guy fifteen plus touches. And he made the most of them. So Michael Carter is a good Tubac that you can pair this off. The Bucs decided that they didn't want to take a running back in that first round and they wanted to wait.


Pairing someone like Michael Carter with Ronald Jones would make so much sense.


All right. Before we move on to the wide receivers, I just want everybody to know I'm very excited because last week I got to hear Dan Harris talk about Magic Spoon, and now I'm getting some sense to me. So I'm very excited about this. And and, look, everybody out there is always looking for something early in the morning, how to get your coffee. You got to get the kids ready for their school stuff. You got work stuff.


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I kind of want some cereal right now. Like now. Now I know why Dan Harris gets so excited about the magic spoon. I'm reading it and I'm excited about it. So I'm also excited about the wide receiver. So, Travis, let's start with Jamarcus, because Chase did not play last year, but certainly left his mark in 2019. So I always think it's fascinating when you find a player that you actually have a hard time coming. And I think that always means special.


So for me, I have a hard time with Jamarcus. Where do you go and where do you want to see him land?


I think the comp for me is and again, it's super high end if we're looking at early career for this guy. But Odell Odell Beckham Jr., like, I think he's got that kind of upside.


And, you know, he doesn't have the the weird almost basketball moves with his round with his route running style.


Like he's not like that. But he can take the top of a defense.


And if you look at his average depth of the target numbers and his catch rate at the depth of target that he was doing it and his crazy explosive season in 2019, he's somebody that can threaten at every single level of the defense.


And it is almost impossible to Compean because he was just so freakin dominant and having over twenty receiving touchdowns.


And what perhaps the best receiving in passing offense in college football history and doing it at a young age is just really hard to get him and go, oh, yeah, there's obviously he comes to this guy because he's just so stinking good.


And when you mix in, if you like production metrics and typical production profiles, like how many times you see a guy just like explode and then like, I'm just going to take the year off, like there's there's never that.


That's just not a thing. So one of my metrics that I built for Rotaries is the adjusted production and. And as far as like second year players, like he was, you know, 99 percentile like second year breakout kind of players like well at the very top, like even after his sophomore season, had he entered the draft, then he would have already been over in 80th, 80th percentile NFL prospect at that time.


So doing that at such an early age and dominating at every level of the field, he's just so, so good.


So I think if you pair him, if he goes like to the Bengals, like if they snag him really early top 10 picks and you pair him with Joe Burrow, that would be a lot of fun to see that that tandem go off at the next level.


Tags might be concern, though, for all his D. Higgins shares. So, Chase, for you. What's the upside and where do you like to see him? Land tax.


I mean, I don't I don't think he's going to last to the Bengals to be fair. I mean, er now we're starting to hear more and more teams moving up and like potentially even at three, the dolphins are a lot of people are making chase to the dolphins at three. But yeah, the Bengals do have a lot of other needs when it comes to their offensive line and their defense to protect Joe Burrow. I mean, as much as as much fun as it would be, I think that it would be from a football standpoint, I think it would make sense for them to go a different direction.


But one team that I think that everyone should be coming around on is the Eagles, just because they just they just released Deshaun Jackson. They're cutting Alshon Jeffery when the New Year starts. So Jalen Ragan, Jamaal Chase would make for a phenomenal duo. And it's almost like that thing where it's like, hey, if Jalen hurts is going to be good, he's going to be good now because he's going to have these players available to him. And if he's not good with these players, he's never going to be good.


It is a new offense. So basically they're just rebuilding everything. The tight ends aren't going to mean as much in this offense without Doug Peterson there. So I do believe that Jamal is probably I'd say that's the latest he falls to now is probably six at the ITW to the Eagles, because he is getting a lot of, you know, high praise and rightfully so. And he's actually put on some weight muscle from last offseason, which is a good thing if he wants to be that number one, that possession style receiver and Mike Hunt for him.


DeAndre Hopkins and I see you saying it because, like when I first started watching him, I thought I was going to be back home and then I was like, you know what? Beckham generates a little bit more separation in the intermediate routes. Beckham is a better route runner, I think, than Chase. But Chase is so phenomenal in short space areas, like in terms of like when the ball gets to him, there's always like this half yard to a yard separation where it's like it's not by accident, like the defenders are on top of him and he has this slight push off move that he does.


That is phenomenal. It's so subtle. And he just does it so naturally that it's just it's fun to watch DeMarcus play football. It really is, because there's little things that he does as a wide receiver, because I'm usually a route runner guy. Like he's not a jury duty. He's not a Calvin Ridley. He's not those guys who I have loved in years past. But DeMarcus is special in his own way. And I think that's the thing with DeAndre Hopkins.


DeAndre Hopkins is not a phenomenal separator. You could tell me all you want, but he's not. He's a guy that you can trust in those tight situations, those contested catches. He's a guy that you throw the ball to. Incredibly strong hands can win at every level of the field. I think Chase is a better, deep threat than DeAndre Hopkins. But Jamal Chase is special, very intelligent, and he has that. And I said this before another show, but he has that wide receiver, one swag.


He has it, you know what I mean? Like, he's a guy that no, he knows he belongs. It's something that AJ Brown when I watched AJ Brown in college, I'm like, this just has that swagger about him. Or you just know he's gonna walk on the field and it's like he owns it. He owns you.


I love when, you know, the play breaks down. The Hopkins is always that guy that finds a way to make the play. That's that's the thing I always loved about Hopkins. And you see him, you go, nobody should be able to do what he just did. Right. So that is that some high praise right there. Let's let's talk about some high praise that went to the Heisman Trophy winner, too, is DeVonté Smith of Alabama, who, you know, I'm just from watching it.


I just watched a bunch of more film before the show today, just trying to, like, you know, get up especially hard on everybody. Yeah, a little fresh, little fresh film. That's what you got to get in the morning. You get your magic spoon, your fresh film, and you're ready for the show.


But I started to see some Keenan Allen in there at times. And I know that might sound a little strange because people think of Keenan Allen is like, well, he's more of a possession wide receiver or something. But there's there's certain things that he does is a little intangible things that I always think you're just great. And it's why he has such huge totals every year, because he does the little things. And I see Devonta Smith doing the same thing.


So, Travis, where do you see him? Who does he remind you of and where do you think he's going to end up possibly landing in 21?


So I hate to always just cop a player to, you know, a player on the same college team, but I'm going to do it again because I don't care.


I know.


So, Devonta Smith, I think I would say he could be Calvin Ridley, like that would be his ceiling.


Obviously, he's going to get knocked because he's too skinny and the dude is really stinking, skinny, but I like super skinny, but at the same time, I like what he was able to do.


And you talked about that next level of separation and just that creativity and and just finding ways to be always open.


He's just minister, always open.


And he was even dating back to his freshman year when he was still having to split targets with one Calvin Ridley and jury duty and Henry Rug's.


And so, like, I just don't really have many questions from a film standpoint with Davonte other than maybe weight questions, you know, because when you're talking about a guy who has more receiving touchdowns than any other power, five wide receiver in history.


Yes, he's coming out in his fourth year. Yes.


He's a little bit older for a rookie. If you're talking about like analytical bends, have wide receivers and who's hit at his age and at his weight.


And that's why he's almost impossible, because he's just he's just Devonta Smith. He has nobody else.


Yeah, but like with I think with Calvin Ridley, though, like he is, that he was a little bit older and people nitpicked his age when he came out. But the thing about Ridley is he was like nineteen in high school. So like he really wasn't his fault. And Davonte, it's like he's coming out after his senior year. It's not really his fault. He could have come out last year and he was already and many people's opinion the best producing and the best wide receiver.


Even when Jerry Judy was still on Alabama, when Henry Rhodes was still on Alabama, when Jalen Wato was still there. And he was way outproducing Waddle, especially before this past year and the early few weeks of the 2020 season where they were kind of splitting targets this past season.


But Devonta Smith, man, he's a black monster consistently up there in terms of YAC target like top ten in the entire nation, I think every single year except for his freshman season. And so I just I don't really have any worries. And I'd love to see him go to the Lions.


I believe Marvin Jones, you know, I think he's I think he's a free agent now. And so really interesting situation. New quarterback there, obviously.


But, you know, we can pick apart Goff and what he's been, but he's fed some wide receivers and he like and he likes those guys that can get him get some YAC for him. And because it's not like he can hit him downfield and and Devadas Smith can take the ball and just run with it.


Yeah it's that. To get open, that's what I yeah, that's my Keenan Allen things I always feel like when you look at the Allen totals, you say, how does he have so yards every year and how many catches? Because he's always open. He somehow always finds that way. And that's the same thing that I see about Smith. Now, what do you see Tagg's about Smith for you? And where do you think the ideal, at least in your mind, landing spot might be for him in the NFL draft?


Yeah, Devonta Smith is a wizard. I mean, he is he's a wizard ninja. You know, it's kind of remarkable to like you watch it and you're just like, OK, if you legitimately didn't pay attention to the weight stuff and you just watch the kid play football, he's he's he's so good. Like, I think he would be up there with Chase if he were if he were if he had the size that Chase does. But the the way concerns are real because you look at historical comps and you say historically there's a problem.


His listed weight was 174. He reportedly didn't win at the Senior Bowl because some people said he was under 170, which again, I don't know why he would have lost weight. But if you look back to someone like Marvin Harrison and again, we're talking about a Hall of Fame wide receiver, but Marvin Harrison was someone that, you know, six foot, 175 pounds, roughly. He made it work. And there are outliers in everything. And, you know, if you're an NFL, GM, this is the way I think about it, right?


If you're an NFL, GM, if you miss on a player you don't want to be a to miss because the guy just sucked because he was bad at football. All right. So if you draft Devonta Smith and he's phenomenal. Right. And then he gets injured and then basically his career ends, whatever the case may be, you can live with that as a GM, you're not going to get buried for it. OK, if you draft someone, you know, if you take a chance on someone else over him, he's going to make you pay.


Because if he were guaranteed a career that he did not get injured, Devonta Smith is going to be a star like he is extremely good. Again, just watching him play football. He belongs in that wide receiver. One conversation he does. Calvin Ridley was a name that I put in there. I don't think that he's quite the the stop and go route runner that that really is. But Marvin Harrison like that, that comparison is real. There's a reason people are talking about it is because the kid is just so good.


And I, I really do hope a team that they kind of look past that and say, hey, you know what, we know that, you know, over the long period, a period of time or NFL history, I should say, wide receivers typically don't fare very well if you're under 175 pounds or whatever. But there are outliers and based on the way that he's played, he deserves an opportunity and he's going to get draft in the first round.


The team that I put him to is the Giants right outside the top ten just because they're a great spot. Yeah, because if they can move Sterling Shepard back into the slot, get rid of Golden Tate and then have, you know, Slaten out there. And then again, Daniel Jones has all the weapons he needs to succeed. With second Barkley back, I think that would be an ideal landing spot for Devonta Smith to kind of be brought in because he's not going to be the guy that's relied upon for 140 targets right away, but he's going to play a big part in that offensive.


Now, Rashard Bateman for Minnesota. Look, speed, size, I mean, the guy's got all of it. So, Travis, where do you think he might really be able to help an NFL team? And in your opinion, if you had to kind of, you know, put that comp on him of saying, OK, what the at least the upside might be of Bateman? What would it be?


I think I like to compare him to Tyler Boyd, that kind of player. Like, I don't I don't think he's the absolute ceiling play necessarily at the position, but I think because of his running ability and really he wins in very specific ways on the field, especially out of slants and double moves and specific out breaking routes and things like that.


I love Rashard Bateman and I don't think he's like a ceiling play as much as Chase would be or as some other guys in this class.


But I think he could be a really trustworthy, high volume guy in the right spot. And just like, boy, he had a really early breakout age in college. He's entering the draft early. He analytically speaking for us nerds that like to live in spreadsheets, like he checks like all the boxes and has done so for two years already. And so Boyd was that same way.


I think we forget that he came out and he was so early, he was so productive for Pitt. Similarly, Bateman is as well.


And I think if you want to plug him in a situation with a quarterback who likes to throw the routes that he wins in consistently, more so than maybe anybody else in college, I think you parent with two to talk about.


The dolphins like to it's on and talk about.


Oh, it was like the slant pass artist, you know, like he just like hit he like hit Henry Rug's or whoever it was on a slant and they just go for a billion miles or, you know, he'd hit them on a double double move deep and they'd finish it for a touchdown. And I think that that's exactly what Rashard Bateman did for Minnesota.


With kind of worst quarterback play in Tanner Morgan, and so if you give him the quarterback, that really hits him in stride in the ways that he wins, he can turn into a volume guy in a safe for guy, but maybe not like an absolute top tier wide receiver, one for you in fantasy now tax. How about you for Batman?


I it's funny, you already talked about this player and I did not get it with Devonta Smith, but I get it was shot. Batman, it's Keenan Allen. Keenan Allen is the guy that I always come back to with him very right now.


It's funny you say that, Mike, because it wasn't it was physically. Yeah. I'm with like he looks and feels more like he now and then. Like, I felt like the ability of the guy is always open and which is always like it was very funny that we kind of like crossed over there on that. But I agree with you wholeheartedly about the physical.


Yeah. He's he's just a smart runner. He's not he's not an incredible athlete. You know, he's not someone that he's not I don't think he's as talented as Keenan Allen is is a runner. But I think his intelligence and understanding how to work a cornerback, I think that plays into his separation. Oh, he did play at Minnesota. He didn't play to Alabama or anything like that. But he understands things, how to use things to his advantage.


He's he's a hands catcher. I love that about him. Doesn't rely on his body. He snags the ball away from his body. He played in the premier most of the time. But I think that he's also someone that would benefit from a slot heavy role. So a team that needs you basically want to look at a team that's going to need a player that can play anywhere they need him to be that alpha. And I think Rashard Bateman has it in him.


So right now, I think a team, if they don't franchise or if they can't make it work with Allen Robinson, I think the Bears are a team to watch for him because the bears do need that. They have you know, Anthony Miller has basically he's never earned it with Matt Nagy. It's just not happening right now. He's going to be in the final year of his deal in 2021. There's not there's no sense in predicting a breakout with him anymore.


Darnell Mooney was a piece for sure, but he's not a number one. He's that wide receiver, that field stretcher, whereas Bateman can he can play all over the field. I kind of like the fit a lot. I think Washington would make some sense to pair him with Terry McLaurin, the Titans behind AJ Brown, like there's a lot of places in that in that twenty to like basically the back at mid to back end. First round. I think Bateman belongs in that conversation.


And if he does fall in a situation where he starts right away, I think he could be fantasy relevant right away just because, again, he's not someone that you're gonna have to rely on physical traits or you're going to rely on him to learn more routes. Basically, he has the smarts to do it. He has the physical ability to do it. He can walk in and contribute in week one. All right, let's talk about Jalen Waddle, and obviously Travis had his moment where he said, OK, here I go, I'm going to make a big comp and Tagg's at his and I guess it's my turn now officially.


So I'm going to do this because I'm watching the film this morning to on him.


And I've seen him play, you know, this past year, in years past. And it's just there's moments he has that just are very Davante Adams like in terms of what he does and how he does it. And it's a huge thing, especially, you know, Adams coming off such an incredible season. But he has those kind of moments now. I don't know if he can be that guy consistently. We'll see. It's always tough, Travis, when you have to gauge guys coming out of college in a great program where they have, you know, so many weapons and they can do so much because everybody looks great because it's impossible to defend against them.


But when you watch Jalen Wadle, what do you see and where would you like to see him play in the NFL?


I think every single year from now until the end of time, there's going to be at least one wide receiver that gets up to Deshawn Jackson and every single draft class. But I think that it actually makes sense to me that it's Deshawn Jackson is the four for Jalen model.


And it's because, I mean, not only are they kind of smaller Slider's super fast guys, they can make a difference once the ball is in their hand. It's just like anything can happen. But they're also super dynamic returners.


Like, I think that he could have we could have some similarly ridiculous highlights in the return game at the next level. From Jalen Wadle, as we have done with the Shaun Jackson and I know in recent memory, you know, all we remember is Deshawn Jackson getting hurt, missing games and not really doing anything crazy but his ceiling like 2012, 2013 and 2014, like I think with the Eagles or in Washington where he was, he was really good and his ceiling was high.


But I think the floor is absolutely atrocious for this guy as well.


Like just for fantasy.


I mean, just because, again, just like with devoutness, Smith for four different reasons, why he never really broke out production wise for us nerds again, like like our spreadsheets and like our our players to actually produce in college.


And yes, he was competing with some other really good wide receivers that went on to see some really high draft capital.


But, you know, it just feels like there's a lot of excuses there.


So we'll see how he gets plugged in. I think the ceiling is the Shaun Jackson, who, by the way, is like low key, like top 40 or 50 all the time in receiving yards.


I'm going to say, isn't he the all time leader and receiving yards for the Eagles? Yeah, I think so. So it's like, yeah, it's not bad. You know, recent memory.


People people like to knock and they think of like the 33 year old version of Deshaun Jackson.


But man, early career dude, if that's a ceiling I'm all in.


But I'm a little bit hesitant just because if he hits, it's going to be he's going to create a new standard.


I know it's crazy. I know it's crazy, though. Is that Deshawn Jackson, his numbers? Yeah, they're phenomenal. If you look at all time, I think he was a better football player than his numbers even show like that. Dude, I think that's because he had such an impact.


He had an impact and he was a momentum guy. Yes. Yes. All right. So for you, what do you want to put on Wadle, Texas.


All right. What? I like him. I like him a lot. He plays bigger than he is. And that's why I come for him is like Steve Smith type player. Yeah, like he's a scrappy dude, but he has more speed. And that's why I think you can actually compare him to Tyreek Hill in a way he doesn't have the cuts that Tyreek Hill does, which is why I don't want to put that comp on him, but I think he's somewhere in the middle of those two players.


Right. Like Steve Smith was a good route runner. He couldn't stretch the field as much as Tyreek Hill does, but it's kind of I feel like a mix between those with Jalen Wadle because the guy speed you're you're not going to keep up with them. Like good luck if you if he gets one step ahead of you, he's gone. He's you're not, you're not going to, you're not going to catch up to him. He doesn't lose any speed in his cut's moving upfield now he's again he runs them out a little bit too much in his underneath stuff, which is why he can get there though.


Like there are definitely things that I can see where he can get there, but he does return those punts. But what I love is that he helps out his quarterback so much like you see guys that are his size and move the way that he does. Typically, it's like they need the ball dropped in their bread basket. You look at like two to Attwell out of Louisville. You see someone like that and it's like he needs the ball dropped correctly, you know, like it's got to go there.


Jalen Waddle's not that like Jalen Waddle's like, hey, if you want to throw me, I'm going to go up and get the ball. And that's that's the mentality that someone like Steve Smith had where even though he was a shorter receiver, he was he was going to ball out like he was going to go out there. He was going to make it happen. I feel that way about Jalen Waddle. And it's just it really stinks because Devonta Smith, you know, you didn't see his you saw you saw play, obviously beforehand, but you saw in 20/20 like the ceiling.


Right. But Jalen Waddle, the guys that he played with in college, it's just stupid, like it's stupid competition that he had the entire time. So when people talk about, you know, market share and what they did, I don't pay attention to college stats, to be honest. I almost find them meaningless. And I understand that a lot of people rely on that. But I think there's so many factors that are built into it. And I think this was actually working against Jalen Waddle.


I think he's a star. And but I do think that he has to learn in the correct team that understands how to use a player like him. You know, the Patriots. They are a team that traditionally loved to move their wide receivers around the field, they love to move in the slot. They need a wide receiver like Wadle because they don't have they need a playmate.


Yeah, they need a statement. Exactly. They need someone who it's like we need a splash play who can deliver that. And Jalen Waddle would change that immediately for them. To Nikil Harry was never that guy. He was never no. Harry was a bad pick.


But Jalen Wadle Jalen what if they took Jalen Waddle at fifteen. I think that's where they're at. I would I would be on board with that. As a Patriots fan, there's a lot of moves that the Patriots kind of need to make and figure out the quarterback situation. But I do like Wattyl quite a bit.


He's a game breaker as a Patriots fan. I approve that message. Mike, I just want you to know Rondo more Minnesota obviously. Purdue's Rondo more. Look, when I watch him, he seems like the lower half is more like a running back. Travis I don't know if that kind of plays for you too. It's almost weird because we talk about some of these wide receivers in the types you see sometimes, you know, they're actually, you know, very thin in the legs.


But if you look at a guy like Rondo more from produ side and sometimes you look at him physically like it's kind of more like a running back. So in your opinion, what kind of comp does he draw comparisons to? And also, where do you think he might be a good fit? Sure. Well, real quick on the on the stats thing, so I ascribe to both film and analytics, I use both analogies. Yeah.


And so I think I think they definitely mean something.


But I think at the same time, Jalen Wato might just be an exception, like, you know, those guys that they can be that exception. It's hard to make the decision from a purely analytic standpoint that they're going to be the exception.


And there's not really like an objective reason to make that decision.


But at the same time, it just looks like and feels like Waldo could be that guy. But Rondo Moore, he's a guy that broke out from a statistical standpoint as a true freshman for my alma mater of Purdue.


And I was so excited.


I remember getting so pumped about him even before he played a snap.


I don't know if you think everybody has probably seen this at some point, but like, he was squatting 600 pounds the summer before he even played it down in college.


And this is a dude who was like, you know, at the time he was like five five, nine 180, you know, and just squatting 600 pounds.


He has that lower body build of the running back. He's got that ridiculous burst. He goes from zero to 1000 miles per hour and about a tenth of a second.


And so I really love Ron Elmore's game, I think he's like Percy Harvin, but potentially even more explosive like that, that kind of like I think he's just ridiculous.


He was not really afforded any real opportunity to really in the past two seasons to do much with and really utilizes a skill set because produce quarterbacks have been terrible.


They kind of chucked the ball down and hope something good happens with David Bell or they hit Rondo more like a negative two yards Zadar and like hope something happens and so teams just were keying on him after is ridiculous, you know, 2200 all purpose yards true freshman season back in 2018.


And so I think he's somebody that can absolutely explode and I'd love to see him just be used incredibly creatively.


I know a lot of people like Lévesque astronaut, but I think if he goes to the Jaguars and he's like Urban Meyer's, you know, like 20, I guess it was 2018, Parris Campbell, like that high volume. Just get him all over the field, just get the ball in his hands type guy.


And then he has Trevor Lawrence throwing the ball to him like that. Looks like that could be a lot of fun.


Or if you put him at the Packers and had Aaron Rodgers actually have a receiver with some speed for him.


So that would be that would be a blast. How about you, Tagg's, where your thoughts on Moore?


Moore is someone that you know, I saw a Tyreek Hill comparison on him. I was like, no, not no, no. It's not like I actually got more Golden Tate feel from him than anything. And what's funny is, like people forget Golden Tate was like a low forfour guy. And, you know, you go back to his tape at Notre Dame and he was someone that legitimately was used, as he feels Dresher as as his career has gone on.


He's changed into that that Pitbull style, you know, over the slot guy. And I think Rundell more could play that role. I think he could play multiple roles. And that's why my landing spot for him was the Panthers. I think the Panthers would make sense if they if they move on from Curtis Samuel to find a player who can who can play that takes some handoffs because he is built like a running back and a little bit he can absorb some hits.


He's dealt with some injuries, though. But but he's a guy that could be used all over the field. It seems like that's what they want out there. And they figured out a way how to use Curtis Samuel. As the year went on, he got better and better. So I I'm curious to see where he lands. I don't think that he's someone that you could just drop in any offense and he's going to succeed. I think that you need a certain offense for him to work, as you know, especially from like a fantasy perspective.


So I'll be watching where he lands like there's players. That's where I think the drop off for me is after four after the top four wide receivers, it's like, OK, landing spot is going to matter a lot. You know, Travis, you talked about Deshaun Watson, Deshaun Jackson and how, you know, there's always a count for him. I think Dwane Eskridge is someone that you could talk about, like a DaShawn Jackson type player, too.


Again, it's just finding a landing spot for those guys that are outside the top four. I think that's going to matter most. Like we're sometimes in the past, I've leaned too much on landing spot when it comes to major talent like AJ Brown was someone I loved him as a talent, hated the landing spot. And was I right to hit the landing spot with Marcus Mariota?


Yeah, I was. And you know, AJ Brown, I would have never become AJ Brown if Marcus Mariota was still the quarterback, but at the same time I downgraded him too much on that. So I'm not going to do that with the top four, but the guys that I'm not completely sold on lendings about will matter. All right.


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And you put in the code fantasy pros and you will get a five dollar credit. So it's very simple. You just register right there. You put in that registration code. Next thing you know, you're up and bidding for all these really cool items. Again, go to pristine auction dotcom. That's pricey. Any auction dotcom. Let's get to the Cubs and guys, look, I'm not trying to be hyperbolic here, but it's just plain and simple.


I like to think of myself as the quarterback guy for the black book. Every year. I do all the quarterback write ups for all the rookies, too. And I got to tell you, I haven't felt this good about a quarterback prospect since Peyton Manning, where I just feel like, yep, like this guy. Like he's the guy and he's and he's mobile and tags. And I were talking about that to people. People don't give him enough credit of how mobile he is and how quick he is.


And a smart runner also. And he is so good. And I watched his little pro day workout last week. And you watch him make these throws and everything just looks so good and. Yeah. Understands in shorts and all that stuff too. But look, I know the goods when I see the goods. Trevor Lawrence is the goods. I mean, I don't think any of us think he's not going to go one. But I again, I don't.


No, if we've seen anything like Trevor Lawrence because he has all the acumen of a Peyton Manning, but all the athleticism of some of the modern day quarterbacks we've seen in the last five years or so, Travis, I don't know what you want to you know, I think we know the landing spot here. Is there anything else we can add about Trevor Lawrence? Maybe let's talk about his expectations instead.


Like if you're going to put a number, like put some numbers out there, touchdowns, yards, four passing yards for him in year one, year one for Trevor Lawrence could be anything because.


Well, that's not helpful. No, come on. Just like it could be anything like his ceiling is just there might not be one.


It's somebody we've known we've known since he was 16 years old that he was going to be a Pro Bowl.


Maybe all pro type quarterback like this has been somebody he and Justin Fields have been God's gift to the quarterback position for five years.


Like we knew, hey, this is this is quarterback one.


This is quarterback, too. I know some people disagree about Justin Fields being quarterback, too, but we've known this for five years, guys.


And like Trevor Lawrence is ridiculous. He's way more mobile than you think. He's way more accurate than you think. He is not overrated.


I've seen some grow stakes here lately. Just talking about even like Zach Wilson being up above him in his classroom.


It's just like just click away, but it's over bored and want to get clicked on because they said, yeah, that's what that is. They ignore that noise.


It's like the dude came in and as a true freshman, usurped a guy who just took comes into the playoffs the year before. And I was like, hey, I'm already the best guy on the roster. I should go. I should probably go from high school to the NFL and had like a 90th percentile adjusted yards per pass attempt club as a true freshman and then just only got better. You think he couldn't get better and then he did again and then.


Oh, yeah. By the way, I can outrun all your linebackers and even some of your safeties and finish a long touchdown run.


So Trevor Lawrence, I'm thinking like 35 plus touchdowns in his first year and 4500 passing yards.


Forty five when I was going. That's number forty one. It's like the rest. It's not even hyperbole.


Like, I'm not I don't think it's like it's it's the dude is going to be given the keys and he's got some weapons already and he's just going to go and they're going to have to be throwing because the Jags are still the Jags.


And so I think he's going to have a lot of ridiculous numbers.


Jags, I know you like Lawrence as much as we do. So just give me your numbers, because at this point, what more can you say, Lawrence? So if you look at it, job like he got hurt after ten games, but if you took his numbers and extrapolated him over sixteen, he would have run for the 4300. Justin Herbert missed the first game he threw for 43, 36. Now it's true. Thirty five touchdowns. That's the bold part.


I can see the yardage. Hundred percent, 35 touchdowns. If he does that in his first year, I will be impressed. And I think that honestly, Justin Herbert isn't he's played the closest count we could have just because Herbert is statistically he is that he is that tall mold of a quarterback, the guy that has some ability, but he's not as good as I've actually seen that debate. Have you guys seen that where someone was saying if you had an NFL franchise and you had Herbert, would you trade him for the number one overall pick?


I would. I would I take Lawrence?


Yeah. I wouldn't even what I've seen out of her and I would still take it.


It's pretty remarkable. I've seen enough lords to feel really good about right in Lawrence. I mean, you guys so good. I mean, he's going to the Jags. We know that. And I said immediately walking in the league, he's going to a top fifteen fantasy quarterback. I'm interested to see what they see they do throughout the rest of the draft because they have, you know, four picks inside the top 45, if I'm not mistaken. So they're a team that's going to add around him.


I'm curious to see what this roster looks like, including the left tackle, because they're starting left tackle. Cam Robinson is a free agent. I don't know if they're going to resign him or what, but there's definitely some work to be done. But Lawrence is going to be a good one.


I still have some skepticism about Urban Meyer personally, but that's my own thing. I got to get over that just in Fields, Ohio State. Look, terrific season for him, no doubt about that incredibly athletic quarterback. He does a lot of good things. Great athlete, I guess. Here's my thing. When I look at fields, I look at a guy to who needs to get a little bit better. Look at off DBS. He seems to get locked in, from what I've seen, a little bit too much.


You can get away with that in college. When you have great talent, you just lock it and just have that better guy beat the other guy and the other side when in the NFL it's going to eat you up. So that's one level of improvement that I think he can go out there and get. But in terms of comp, Travis, where do you see Justin Fields in your mind? You know, people this may sound lazy, but it's not, I promise, it's it's like a he's a Cam Newton Lite with a better arm and more like a lot more accuracy.


Yeah, I hope so.


Like, I like his because he has he can add even a little bit more weight and be even more annoying runners to try to defend against.


And he can really stay up in the pocket and he's not afraid to stand in there and just fight off a defensive lineman that's got 50 pounds on him.


He doesn't care. He's going to stand in there and take a hit and hopefully he stays healthy with that mindset, but he can fling it with the best of him.


And like I said, I mean, he had all the pressure in the world.


He had his own freakin Netflix show, for goodness sakes, like when he was six doesn't now it's like honestly, let's be honest, who doesn't have I mean, Tagg's not one, for God's sake, boy, they just follow him around. Yeah.


Yeah. And so, I mean, he had all the pressure on. He goes to Georgia and for some reason Kirby smart like you have to go with Jake from instead of Justin Fields.


And that sounds like a great idea.


And and yeah, that worked out.


And then in Fields in his first season shows up and is immediately like the second best passer in all of college football and just wipes out defenses just left and right has almost basically a perfect season, over forty touchdowns to just three interceptions.


And just like I said, similar to Trevor Lawrence coming in and have, like I said, I guess the ninety third percentile adjusted yard for pass attempt clip. They're just incredible, efficient, incredibly efficient as a passer and rusher and I think he's only going to get better.


We've only seen a guy, you know, he hasn't had three full seasons of action. We've only seen twenty two full starting games of Justin. Feels like he could get even better. I think the ceiling is almost limitless for him. I think the the short term might you know, it depends on where he lands. Like, if he goes to jets, it's like, well, that stinks. His career is over.


But if he goes to like the Falcons or somebody else where, you know, they're not terrible, they're not going to ruin him. It could be a lot of fun for him. And he could be like a twenty something touchdowns in his first year and maybe a half dozen rushing touchdowns to go with it.


Tagg's, where would you put fields and what's the upside? I mean, I have fields going to the Falcons at four right now just because I don't see the Jets. But that's the thing. I'm not doing trades yet. I think a team, if the Jets start to I say that they're going to take fields, I don't think Wilson is going to go over him. I think this is all nonsense as far as I'm concerned. I don't know.


I don't understand it. But I think fields are going to have to, whether it be the Jets or someone else that trades up into that pick. So, you know, if he were to follow the Falcons, that's a problem because he's not going to start in year one. They're going to start Matt Ryan. They're going to try to trade him after the year in season, whatever the case may be. But Fields is someone that I struggled with a come for him because I don't want to put him in Russell Wilson territory because I don't think he's Russell Wilson.


Like his accuracy when he has when he sets his feet is really frickin good. He can you can make throws from different angles. But the reason that I want to use it is because Russell Wilson is special, like incredibly special. And I think people underestimate him all the time is that he's got that mobility fields has mobility similar to Russell Wilson. However, when Fields fields pressure, he becomes a runner. Russell Wilson doesn't. Russell Wilson is a guy that logit running for him is the last desperate option.


Like he does not want to run. He doesn't he wants to show off his arm and they both have incredible accuracy. Obviously, Wilson's the better, but he's almost like a worse version of Russell Wilson. Cam Newton is more like a physical presence that it's just so like he was he was not a quarterback, even though he was a quarterback. He wasn't where it was really difficult for me to find a comfort field. But he's a Russell Wilson style quarterback that just doesn't have the I don't know that he doesn't he doesn't have the gravitas in the pocket.


He doesn't. He doesn't. And Russell Wilson immediately and and once again, he yes, he did have it immediately. And that's that kind of goes back to my earlier note, ballfields, which is, again, being able to see the field differently. And I think the confidence of when you start to see the field properly and be able to look one way and in turn to look the other way, that keeps the defense is honest. It gives you a little bit more confidence to what you're doing with the ball.


So just locked in. If that thing's not there, then you panic and run. And I think that's kind of symptomatic fields. And I had a tough time putting a comp on him, too. I kind of like taking those two things together and saying, yeah, okay, athleticism like Cam Newton. But, you know, more kind of like if he can develop properly in the pocket, maybe there's like a Russell Wilson sort of upside there.


Let's talk about Trillanes for a second here, guys, because, you know, big, strong, fast, quick release. He has a lot of raw athleticism to which every time, you know, going back a couple of years ago when I used to watch Josh Allen tape, all I saw was his raw athleticism was like, man, if this kid can just harness all these goods, man, it's going to be a really special guy. When you're looking at Trey, Lance, Travis, what do you see or who do you see and where do you want to see him?


Yeah, so he he might be somebody that I would come up to, like a Deshaun Watson, maybe even slightly more athletic like I mean when you look at what he can do with his legs, but as a passer as well, it's just he's got a lot going for him.


It's really hard to gauge how good. He really was, because we're talking about FCS quarterback and competition, but when you look at how perfect his ear was, I guess it was 2019. I mean, 28 touchdowns, zero interceptions in like over a thousand rushing yards like that.


Just it's like a video game quarterback.


It's like somebody hopped on NCAA in 2014 and just like, hey, I'm going to you know, if I throw a pick, I'm going to reset my my Xbox and try again.


But he did it perfect and just had an incredible season. And then this year he only played one game and it was against central Arkansas and it was OK. And so, like, what do you do with that? Because it's very, very limited resume as a as a starter.


He's got a bunch of roll out boots and runs and it looks like he could fit.


And I think he would actually fit really well with the Falcons and what Arthur Smith might want him to do.


He feels like an Arthur Smith kind of quarterback to me.


And so that would be if it's not Fields', Lance would be the quarterback. I'd want to land there.


But, man, he's he has a lot of fun. I just he's it would be almost impossible to predict him as a successful NFL quarterback given his resume. How about you, Tagg's?


When you're looking at Lance, what do you see? I saw a little bit of that Josh Allen you were talking about. I also sense some like Colin Kaepernick to him. Yeah. Yeah.


Same kind of raw athleticism. Like if you could just harness it all for good. And you're right.


And there's there's shades of that right there. Shades of what can be like a player that can't be stopped. You know, when Kaepernick was at his best, it was like, how do you stop this guy? You know, Josh Allen was that way this year. But then you also seen shades of Trillanes where was like even when he came play the one game this year, it was like it was bad, it was real bad, and it was against bad competition to begin that he really should have dominated.


So there's definitely question marks around Trillanes. But when you draft someone like him, you understand that what you're drafting, you don't you say I'm not getting, you know, Trevor Lawrence. I'm not getting some of that's polished. That's going to start right from day one. You're drafting a guy that you hope that he can sit for a year, like we talked about Patrick Mahomes in a similar fashion. Right. Like if you go back to that draft class, I know so many people want to give the Bears crap now about what they did.


But if you go back and look at draft boards back then, Deshaun Watson, Robiskie were one two. They were almost all boards. Ninety percent of them where Patrick Mahomes was considered. And I said this is that he had the highest ceiling of all the quarterbacks, but he had to rein them in. You had to you had to like legit like it was you. He had that gunslinger mentality. Sure. I feel like Trillanes is a guy that it's like there could be a major reward for you in this, but there could also be a major disappointment if he's Reverdy, if he basically it's almost like if he had a Jordan love type effect where Jordan love, if you go back to twenty eighteen, he had he had a good season.


I still didn't think he was a can't miss player. But then twenty nineteen he regressed and it was like OK, well let's go back to talk about the twenty eighteen film. No these are young kids. They have to progress. That's all you want out of quarterbacks is to progress. And one game I can't say we should judge him on one game, but at the same time there are question marks because of it. So I believe he's walking in his back up.


I think the Panthers are a team. If they don't land Deshaun Watson like they want or if they don't trade up or whatever the case may be landing, Lance would make a lot of sense because they have Bridgewater under contract for two more years. They have an out in his contract after this year. So if Lance is ready after one year, they can go to him in 2022. So the Panthers are the team I see him going to.


And Mahomes and Mahomes sad. Everybody forgets. You know, you sat for a whole year and Alex Smith behind Alex Smith with a great quarterback kind of mentor guru. And Andy Reid. I mean, it's it's not an accident. You know, it might be best for him to sit for a year. And, you know, I mean, Allen sat for first half of a season. At the very least. Zach Wilson is the next guy on our list here.


And, you know, for me, strong arm, mobile quarterback for me, I know this is not going to get everybody super excited, but I see when Ryan Fitzpatrick was with Buffalo, like this guy who, like you can make plays and he's got a good arm and he's got some you know, he's got some guts. And that's what I see. I don't see too much more than that. I know some people just love Zach Wilson, but in your opinion, where do you put him, Travis?


And when you're kind of evaluating him and where you think he'd be good landing spot and what kind of quarterback do you think he'll be?


Yeah, I know it's BYU and they're independent. And so you think that they're kind of like in that Notre Dame category, but they're really not.


If you're looking at this past season, I with there, they kind of had to, like, redo their whole schedule and it was a mess of a season for them.


But if you look at the schedule for them this year, it wasn't they didn't even have a top eight schedule in terms of strength of schedule, like by all the analytics you want to kind of like the ASPEY plus or whatever else you want to do to kind of wait the defenses that he faced.


He might as well have, like, played really good college or really good high school teams. Like it was basically like just a tier above what Trey Lance was probably playing.


It's like that bad of defense across the board, like even the teams that normally have good defenses didn't this year that they faced off against.


And the only team that really had a good defense might have been the best defense that they faced was coastal Carolina.


And they lost and it wasn't. A perfect game for Zach Wilson, and so there are major questions for competition with him because the year before he was not good, like he was not a good quarterback in 2019, it was not pretty. And so, like, which one is it? Is it the guy who just smoked everybody this past year and had an analytical profile like 98, 99 percentile, especially for, you know, adjust for certain metrics in that offense, like play action or percentage and other things, like I'm coming around on Wilson because analytically there's an argument for him.


The film people seem to like him as much as as much as anybody.


And, you know, people would prop him up. But I have I have questions and I don't think he has the same level of mobility as Trillanes.


So, no, I do have drylands. He does not. Yeah, yeah, exactly.


And so I think some people but I don't think that's is common knowledge as we think it is like because really pretty obvious what you really like.


I think and I think most people don't understand because they don't watch Fox football well, they're just relying on people who have podcasts that tell them what to think, you know.


But and so Travis and his home, be careful here, like, you know. But I you think there's a difference between quickness. I see.


I think Wilson's quick is fast, but there's a difference between those two the way they which is why I use the Fitzpatrick comp tags when I'm looking at because Fitzpatrick wasn't fast, but he was quick, you know, really young Fitzpatrick tags when you remember him, you know, coming into the league, he would be able to get out there. Obviously, he was like, sneaky, quick. And you were like, you know, all of a sudden all over the field, like, let's go with this guy.


I don't expect that. But for you, when you look at Zach Wilson, like, do you have over three tags?


Like, where do you know him before? I'm willing to take the upset trillionths over him. Wilson to me, my comp, Johnny Manziel, Jay Cutler type player. Manziel was someone that obviously had high expectations coming out of college, had some ability to his game, had an arm, but it never all came together. I don't know if we can say based on one dominant season that that, you know, Zach Wilson is that guy, Jay Cutler.


Also, when he came in the league, he had a big arm. You know, he could with a flick of the wrist, you throw the ball 70 yards. But he also had some mobility to his game. And it's like there's a lot of there's a lot of projecting when it comes to Zach Wilson where you'd never like to do that in the NFL. That's why it's like there's so many things. There's so many moving parts in college.


That was Zach Wilson. There's just more question marks for me than anything. And I feel like when I know his accuracy level was high this year. But if you look before this year, I think it was down 62 percent. I when I watch Zach Wilson, there's certain quarterbacks you watch and you say, OK, when this guy throws to a receiver that's open, he's hitting him. Where was Zach Wilson? I don't get that feeling. I feel like it's almost just like a Robiskie type thing where it's like when he hits it, it's going to look pretty.


When he doesn't, it's like it's like almost like if he throws it, it's like like Ryan Fitzpatrick, even though I know, by the way, there is a there is a quarterback in this class who is Ryan Fitzpatrick.


And it's not Zach Wilson, it's Kyle Trask out of Florida. I actually like Kyle. I think he's a competent player. I trust you, but he's even more of I mean, yeah, I guess he's that gunslinger to like. He's just going out and grip it and rip it. I would love the Patriots to take a chance on that guy because I like you know, I am I am equal parts excited and terrified by that statement as a Patriots fan, because I kind of feel deep down to like, take a shot, see what you get.


Maybe you get Brett Favre or maybe you or maybe you don't like. I don't think he's fans get to know. I know you don't like that gunslinger guy who is going to go out there and like he's going to give you a yes. And that that roster is so bereft of guys who can make a difference on the offensive side. It is stunning. And they've gotten away with it with great execution for the last twenty years with Tom Brady, which brings us to our next quarterback.


And when I think about Mike Jones, I think about execution. I think about a guy that, yes, you're giving him an embarrassment of riches in terms of toys to play with, but you still got to execute. And Mike Jones is really good at executing. He's got good awareness, good in the pocket, good decision making skills, very polished, smart guy. Look, I don't think he is as exciting to watch as a lot of the other quarterbacks we've talked about.


But, Travis, that doesn't mean he can't be a winning quarterback in the NFL. And I know sometimes the Alabama quarterbacks you go up and down about. But what are your thoughts on Mike Jones?


Who does he remind you of? He is playoff. Yes, that was nine percent what I would have with. I love that.


That is like yes, that is perfect because he has way better decision making than Eli Manning, regular season, Eli Manning especially.


But like a couple of specific playoff run, Eli Manning like he is, that he like physical intangibles, like he looks like your uncle out there, like just trying to figure it out in the pocket, like, medically speaking.


But but but, you know, he's not and he's not going to while and his arm strength isn't a rocket either. But at the same time, like, he puts the ball in the right place every single time. And I think that that is really underrated.


I think people want to pick him apart for not having high success or not doing much.


In his second read, the didn't ever have to like he he had, like you said, ridiculous weapons that were five yards wide open.


And so maybe that's that inflates his profile overall.


But what he did consistently this year and holding off a five star quarterback in Bryce Young, I mean, can't knock him for what he did.


He just said, look, I'm I'm nobody's rooting for me right now.


Everybody wants this kid to be this kid who come from a pedigree. Everything, right. Perfect high school, a situation like he's got the athleticism upside. But, hey, I'm just Matt Jones, and I'm going to put it exactly where it needs to go. I'm going to keep this offense on schedule.


And I think he could be a top, you know, twenty quarterback, but not top eight or nine quarterback ever for a playoff quarterback.


I mean, yeah, you nailed it. I don't know if you can run up that, Travis. Kind of I mean, play off Eli Manning. Sounds like a perfectly as I could put it. I don't know if you want to touch it. I think I think that's the best case scenario. But he reminds me of Eli Manning, basically what it came down to me because he's a guy that has really bad footwork at times, a guy like sometimes, you know, the part of the reason I don't like Mack Jones and this is the sole reason is that I have an issue with quarterbacks that he goes and I think he does.


I think he does sometimes. And that was playing in Alabama with a good offensive line in front of him where it's like if he goes to a team that doesn't have one of the better offensive lines. And by the way, we're hearing that the Panthers are his floor. And I'm like, you guys are crazy. If he goes top eight, I give up, I give up doing mock drafts. I don't think Matt Jones should go that high.


No heat? No, I had some he played with some of the best receivers out there, you know what I mean? He did play well at times. I think he's he's fine from a clean pocket. But when it comes to I've even seen throws that he makes when I watch his film where he's in a clean pocket and you see him like falling back as he's throwing the ball. And I'm like, no, no, dude, no, no, it's bad.


So you just know when there's pressure coming, how bad it's going to be. So I just don't think there's anything special about Mac Jones's game. And I am worried, depending on landing spot, what that turns into. But me personally, I'm not saying how trash should go before him, but I in terms of I can understand where they're being drafted. I would rather take Trask a couple of rounds later. Fair enough. All right, let's have some fun to close things out, let's get to know everybody better here and get to know me.


This is where we're going to sit and talk with our our fantasy pros here. And we're going to have a little music, Ed.. I know he's a big music guy, Travis. Hopefully you are, too. So I'm going to ask to get to know me questions real quick. Real fun. Let's keep it light and simple. So what was your roll up song in high school? Everybody's got the windows down trying to be cool. I want to know what Travis was rolling up to his high school listening to.


Come on, lay it on me.


I, I, I just. I went through the weird high school kids. That's fine.


That's even better for this segment. Let's go. You know, I listen to everything. I went there like a super punky phase and whatever I had, like the longer hair with the swoosh in the front, I got, you know, called life.


It wasn't my name, but, you know, but at the same time, I like, ironically listened to a bunch of, like, super gangster music and then throw in some other stuff.


I don't know.


But I would just like I would roll up to whatever athletic prowess in practice I was going to and listen to just lose yourself, you know, like because that's like the go to make maybe for you.


That's right. That's right. Yeah. OK, that's fair. Do you have one. Well it depends on where I was rolling up to Joe High School.


I'm saying to high school I guess I get my rolling up on friends or am I wrong on girls? Like there was a different song for those you can have. Dude, dude. Absolutely. So let's get both. I was always so I was always big. So like, if you want girls like Nelly was the side, it was a popular thing to do.


You played Nelly like you keep rolling up to the you know, I could see them names from this. And I say right now on Twitter, yeah, there's going to be so many. I just that another song was Loud Pipes by Lil Wayne.


So Lil Wayne was actually I actually liked him before. Like I he got mainstream and I don't even like him anymore. Like, I know a lot of people love Lil Wayne now, but I think I don't I don't think he's very good anymore. But I liked his older stuff when I was younger. But I'm I'm into everything. But I was I was in some rap and hip hop back then. I was into rock. So your next question, Joe, will answer a different side, though.


That's OK. All right.


Well, we'll get to so for me, it was I was it was big retro phase there. So it was a little Jimi Hendrix, Purple Haze, you know, something about that, that big sound. You have the windows open. That's some big stuff with the guitar. Also a little raw bass. It takes too little old school kind of thing sometimes because I want to rock right now. And I'm Jospeh and I think everyone knows I came to get down.


Let's do what would be your wrestling entrance music. Travis, if you had one, you know, you have an idea you want to come out. I mentioned before in pristine auction, I'm keeping an eye on the Ric Flair stuff. So how about for for you when you're looking at wrestling entrance?


So this is because. I think so. I did like a queen cover band thing for a while, so I think I got to go and do the Freddie Mercury.


Or were you like the guitar player? Depends on it, depending on the venue in the song or whatever. But I, I got to do, you know, we will rock you, you know, I guess also and lead. That's I think, you know, that would be my go to for sure.


All right. So a little we will rock you. How about you. Taxi. What's what's yours. It's got to be a car horn.


It is a corn thing. Come on, dude. Of course, corn. It's blind and it's the best line is the best intro that you can have. And if you've ever seen the 1999 Woodstock video of corn playing blind, you'll understand exactly what I'm talking about because I mean, that comes out and he screams, Are you ready? And then it just gets down. Let's let's let's do it. It's again, it's, by the way, the roll up, the Nelly one.


I never even said that the song the song is number one. If you play the song number one by Nelly, it was it was the girl getting song.


I'm going to go old school. You ever see the movie basketball? How about Don't Hate Me because I'm beautiful by Nerf.


I got that. Not the Joe piece of video up song. Right. You just hear that. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful now. Don't hate me because I'm not. I mean now we know it's perfect. I think you should, you should be your walk up to should be you covering the song I Oh you're right Travis.


You're totally right. I should be singing that one. All right. Last one. This is, by the way, that's listening right now.


You now know why GOP is single. Singing Hey, man, I love, you know, come here, I am happy.


All right, next name an artist or a song that you love. I guess I didn't play enough, Nelly. That was the only true name, an artist or song that you love that might surprise people because you're oh, you're a top fantasy football guy, both of you.


So let's see, obviously, the sensitive side or something else. Maybe everyone is. Yeah, there are going to be some people that disown me.


Now, that's fine. But that's what this is for. Yeah.


So early career, I thought was just super cheesy and bad and awful. But as I worked in the music industry for a half dozen years and kind of, you know, lived in the publishing space for a really long time, I learned to appreciate songwriting a lot more than I did growing up. And so now I actually really appreciate Taylor Swift. And so it's great.


Yeah, I have to honor a lot of people, do a lot of Taylor Swift and I may or may not sing the songs in the car when they're not there. Exactly. Exactly.


It's like it's like I know more songs of hers than I probably, you know, so but then than a lot of people would admit.


But see, this is a safe place. I like this. It's all of us, you know, letting our guard down. Tagg's, how about this one is actually easy for me because my daughter told me the other day that she was surprised that I would listen to the song. She actually called me a girl.


So it's a Cassidy pope if my heart if my heart to heart. And I think that song is just so phenomenal. And like Luján, I think it's a dark song, but it's a song that she sings beautifully. But I think that song could be done in a million different ways.


But I love that song. All right. That's good. No, no, no. She actually used to be our neighbor. We live downtown Nashville. You and that's all. Yeah. So, like, my my wife would just like see her at the gym and that's awesome.


She seems like a sweetheart, but she. Yeah. Oh yeah. I like that pop punk band that she did a long time.


Hey. Monday. Yes. Yes.


I bet nobody listening today thought that this was how the show was going. It's true. Nobody thought we'd start here with campaign running backs and we'd end up at Kassidy Pope. Yeah. Here we are. I'll give mine too. I've seen her now twice in concert. Pink, big fan, great voice, incredible life show worth every penny. I encourage every great catalogue of music, you know, all the songs and then like she'll play live like I heard her play at a concert once.


That was that she played smells like teen spirit. Oh my God. She just do a whole rock album. She's so good. So good. So it's a little pink for me, a little Taylor Swift for Travis and a little Kasey Polecats the girl getting Consejo.


You got pink. There you go. Maybe we should just start the big Littlefair. Oh, no, we're not.


We're just you know, we'll all go what next time.


The concerts are about our matching T-shirts, you know. All right. I want to remind everybody about our giveaway again. Do not forget, we still have that giveaway at fancy post.com slash contest for that JK Dobbins jersey. Take that screenshot, fill out the form and you can win that jersey. You only got a few days left here, so get on that one. Thank our sponsors. Magic Spoon, go to Magic Spoon dot com slash fantasy prose.


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