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Shown here, thermosphere. Thanks, thanks for having me, boys. I'm very, very excited to do a mock draft. I, you know, prepped a lot and I'm ready to pick for these teams and I'm actually glad I'm not representing my favorite team, the Steelers, because I would like to see someone else pick for them so I can get mad at the pick. You know what I mean? So I think that's the whole reason I would not want to pick for my team.


What's the problem? And. But not so. The. That's not that's not or. You know, Urban is just I've known him for a while and he's a good guy, so you know that that's why I hired him, of course, you know, there's no way I would have hired anyone else if I was the head coach or the general manager. Excuse me. So for head coach. But, yeah, this is an easy pick. This is the easiest pick of the draft for the last three years.


The number one pick in this draft has been Trevor Lawrence. And it's not going to change. Now, I know there's been a lot of smoke screens and all that stuff about some people maybe having Zach Wilson or Justin Fields ahead of Trevor Lawrence. But he is he's the best prospect since Andrew Luck, who was the best prospect since Peyton Manning? Who was the best prospect since John Elway. So it's it's an easy line here. You know, the the Jaguars had problems on offense and defense last year.


That's why they're picking number one. The Jets made a huge mistake by winning games. So the Jaguars take Trevor Lawrence in this spot.


So. Very, very much what? That is not what. I don't have a quarterback here, I they the Atlanta Falcons would be very, very disappointed with Justin Field's going here. I think he would be a perfect fit for Atlanta, but he went number two to the Jets. So I think in this spot for Atlanta, it's really time to work on this defense. And Joe, you and I have talked about how the Atlanta defense has been rough for a while.


If you're at pick number four, you can fill in some some needs here in Atlanta has plenty of them, obviously. But I think you want to go with BPA. And in my opinion, the BPA best player available here is Michael Parsons, a linebacker out of Penn State. So you get a leader in the middle of that defense to start rebuilding around it. The guy is going to help them. Last year, they had the fourth most total yards given up and the fourth most yards per play, six point two yards per play.


Only Detroit, Jacksonville and Houston were worse than them. So I think Michael Parsons comes in here and starts not solidifies, but helps solidify this defense in Atlanta. What's that, that? Right now, we're very, very. Dr.. Oh, you want your. The that No one No. And it's all very. You're not throwing down the. Both of them wanted to one for the. So while you're wondering. Yeah, I'm actually really disappointed in my ability to hire head coaches, so it hasn't been great so far with the franchises I have.


But this is I mean, Jama'a Chase going one pick in front of the lions, I think hurts a little bit. Obviously, my number one pick here for Detroit, I think probably would have been Michael Parsons. But since the quarterbacks went early, you know, two wide receivers leave him for them and Kenny Golladay, who they might franchise tag, and Marvin Jones, who is obviously the cheaper option. So wide receiver is a big need. But the defense was horrific last year for Detroit.


They gave up the most points on defense they had. They gave it more yards than any team as well. Six thousand seven hundred and sixteen yards, third most passing yards, fifth most rushing yards given up the second fewest takeaways of any team. The fourth most offensive penalties, third, highest percentage of scoring drives given up, worst pressure percentage in the NFL. So that's where we're going to go with this pick. We're going to get a local product here in quitte pay the edge defender out of Michigan to put some pressure on the quarterback.


The guy is an absolute beast. He's a freak of an athlete. And I think that Detroit would benefit greatly by adding him to the roster. No one. One, the thing that. But. You're under contract here in three. That's what for. Oh, wow. No. All right, so. Yeah, they they need a lot of pieces here, and there's there's no way I'm going to get any crap for whoever I pick for the Cowboys, right.


So this is a really difficult one, because to me, it comes down to between do I want to protect my investment because they're about to drop a whole bag on Dak Prescott like he is going to get a ton of money. So do I want to protect him or do I want to stop the the leaking in that secondary? And I think that's where I'm going to go with this pick. I'm going to take Patrick Surtain, the cornerback out of Alabama here for the Cowboys, because that is the thing that I hear Cowboys fans complain about the most.


Obviously, Dak goes down with the busted ankle last year. You do want to protect him. And Slater is a good pick here. So it's a tough pick between those two. But I think I'm going to take Patrick Surtain just because he's higher on my board.


Well, one and one earns. Six and seven. So very good. We're obviously not. But it's also lot more. Or is not here on. So let's. That is. Probably wondering why. Right now. I don't think that anybody that I think that what they find out there that Paul. Here's one that I thought your. That's right, yeah, I have the Washington football team here and I would be giving up the one 19 and then the second round pick this year in a second round pick in the following year to acquire this pick.


And for Washington, I'm going to give them the quarterback out of Alabama, Mack Jones, obviously big quarterback issues with Washington. Last season, Dwayne Haskins didn't work out and got hurt. And, you know, they got the comeback player in the year and a great story and Alex Smith. But we've had some recent transgressions there. And he subsequently got released probably more for the 19 million dollar cap hit than what he actually said. But this team needs a QB and Matt Jones probably needs to sit a little bit.


So maybe Kyle Allen can get in there, your boy, Kyle, Joe, but maybe get in there for a couple of weeks.


Coil, coil.


But Washington was twenty fifth in points last year, third fewest total yards, twenty fifth and passing yards. And they had a one to one touchdown to pick ratio. Sixteen passing touchdowns, six interceptions. That dog will not hunt even in the NFC East. So let's get them a quarterback in here that can make the most out of this team. So. So, yeah, you know, is have.


All right, we're. You go to the offensive line for Allah and you add a guy, a big tackle out of northwestern Rashaun Slater, they had the night a few yards in the NFL, but the third lowest yards per rush and tied for the third fewest rushing touchdowns last year. Obviously, a little bit of that comes from the running back position with Austin Ekeler being banged up last season. But I think that adding a big tackle to protect, not only protect Justin Herbert, but help in that running game, too, is probably priority number one for the Chargers.


So give me Rashaun Slater, the big tackle out of Northwestern for them.


Yes, problem. You're not the only out every. It out so that all of a sudden your whole body. All not. The. Not. Yeah, I mean, particularly on the defensive side, and they gave up over two thousand rushing yards last year, obviously that has been helped by the addition of JJ, what they're going to unretire number ninety nine for him. So he's going to be happy in the desert. And there's been rumblings of a Kyler Murray deal for Deshaun Watson, too.


I don't think that's going to happen, but it's always interesting to hear on the local radio. But I think the big thing that they need here is someone to replace Patrick Peterson. He did not play very well last year. There are some good corners on the board here. So I'm going to give them fairly the big tall cornerback out of Virginia Tech. This team also gave up the seventh most yards after the catch last season and were third with the most offensive third most offensive penalties with one hundred and four.


Only Philly and Denver had more defensive penalties than the Arizona Cardinals last year. So I think he's going to help them stop some of this bleeding. And when you're playing the Cardinals, they're going to pass the ball a lot and score a lot of points. And, you know, they're going to have to protect against the pass to go point for point with teams. So I think Caleb fairly helps them out a ton here.


So. Now. Well. Oh. Why the Great War photographer? Up. This is under way right now and they're happening right now, but. Bring them on right now. While the settlement on the. Another. Salary right now, right here, right now. But here is the famous. Mortier. Yeah, absolutely, you're right, Joe, I mean, the third fewest in the NFL at 19, second worst pressure percentage behind only the Detroit Lions last year.


So Ed Trasher is absolutely the biggest need for the Tennessee Titans at this point. I'm going to give them Jalen Phillips, The Edge Russia out of Miami. He can also kick inside a little bit. He's a big boy. Six foot five, two hundred and sixty pounds, big dude. And need they need to get to the quarterback. They gave up a lot of passing yards, too, because they just put no pressure on NFL QB. So they got to get an edge rusher here.


And I think Jalen Phillips is the best one on the board for them.


Yes, no more. Plus, one thing that friend. That's. There is no way. For now on. Yeah, yes. Absolutely going to have no money at all to resign anyone, so Villanova's gone. So you got to have Jenkins in there or Eichenberg, like you said there, got to protect Big Ben. The offensive line is rough. We're going to have. Yep, I'd pull that trigger for sure. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, it's probably not going to happen because of the individual, but yeah, I mean, you know, every single offensive lineman, you know, every single player in the draft is a risk.


So you've seen Orlando Brown play at the NFL level before and he's pretty solid. So I would absolutely do that. But yeah, like you said, I don't think it's going to happen because this Baltimore. I'm going to go with some defense with this pick, I think, you know, like we said before, Jacksonville just has a ton of needs, obviously picking number one overall. But, you know, this is the pick that they acquired from one of the picks that they acquired from the Rams in the Jalen Ramsey trade.


So let's go ahead and replace him, which is not something I usually like doing a trade for the position that you traded away from, because then you're going to be compared against that player for the rest of your career, which isn't really fair to the draftees. But J.C. Horn out of South Carolina is a very, very solid cornerback. And I think that Jacksonville really needs to shore that up, among many other things, of course. But I think he's probably the best player on the board that fits for them.


So give me J.C. Horn, the CB out of South Carolina for the Jags.


And lastly, there are. Yeah, there's no quarterbacks here and, you know, looks like they're going to go with Jameis Winston, I hope the Taysom Hill experiment is over with. I'm tired of seeing that mainly for fantasy purposes. But, you know, I think that Malcolm Brown is probably going to be a cut for them and they're going to need another nose tackle. So I'm going to give them this guy's name, Leevi on onWe Zacky from Washington, the big nose tackle there.


It's a tough call between him and Tom Itogi out of Ohio State. They're both kind of in this range here. But I've seen way more Saints centric mock drafts have Leevi for them. So I'm going to have him as the big interior defensive line replacement for Malcolm Brown after he is cut to save some cap room there in Cap Hill. Right now, the Saints are.


Well. It's no longer that that will be lot. What's your. Stop, stop. No, I don't know why you're here to tell me what the bottom line is. Why would I want to wear. That is why they're not here for. And I wonder about. I think that's a fair point. I think the fact that would come right now and the. He's great, yeah, he's very, very good. So, I mean, I did not expect him to go to the bill, so I'm with tags on that.


I do like Gabe Davis. Yes. Yeah, I mean, I thought that his floor was kind of to Green Bay, so that that's where I saw Bateman going. But but I mean, you know, wherever he lands, he lands. He's going to and end up being a great wide receiver. So he's going to be great in Buffalo. And he's going to push Beasley and Gabe Davis out for sure. Not at all, but to lesser roles, of course, very, very quickly.


So it's a great pick for Buffalo. It's just not a huge need for them. So it was a surprise to me. There were what they were not quite. Margaret. That's what happens with deep wide receiver classes, too, is they start to fall a little bit back because you can get a good one later. I think it was Janet Kingsway that you that you forgot. Yeah. Yeah, he did, yeah. On office on. Yeah, I'm going to I mean, we saw the offensive line issues for Kansas City, and this is once again, you pay your quarterback half a billion dollars, you have to protect him.


So I'm going to go ahead and give them Wyatt Davis, interior offensive linemen out of Ohio State University. I think it's a nice plug and play for them. And, you know, we can't have him running for five hundred yards every single game. So I think that that is what the Kansas City Chiefs would do at that point. Offensive line. Next here. What want to in your that? I think. So outside that one. The.


No. Yeah, I appreciate that, Joe, and, you know, you can line me up anywhere as long as I don't have to run far, I'll be pretty good. So I have a burst. But after the burst, I got nothing in the gas tank runs out real quick. So but but I really appreciate you guys having me on. And of course, like Joe said, you can find me on Twitter at Borgmann Sports. And in this league right now, obviously, we're doing a lot of baseball prep.


We just did what we call a hell week, which is one show every single day, which we normally do. Two shows a week for baseball. Just fired up my NFL draft podcast with John Lobb as my first guest, laying a base on the good offensive prospects for fantasy football. In that one, the Welsh has prospect, one that just moved on in the baseball pods, you know, tournament that we have going on there. We're going to be on on Thursday in this league is we have a baseball show, the Welsh's minor league list.


We have all of our stuff over a patron dotcom army for all that stuff. So thank you guys very much for having me on. And please check out my work, if you would.


I almost came to Kansas City, I almost came to Kansas City because that's, you know, I'm. Yeah. Yeah. But frankly. Not recently. We're trying to figure out how to navigate the. But so far, not the. Yeah, maybe a little disappointed that neither one of my Texas guys went in the first round, but I'm, you know, used to stuff like that happening, so I wouldn't be that surprised if both of them fall out of the first round.


You know, I'm just glad to have a couple of prospects out of Texas in the draft up high this year. So that's probably what was most surprising to me. And, you know, look, Green Bay, not taking a wide receiver is going to it's going to be tough. The response from the Packers fans is going to be rough tagged. So, you know.


Yeah, yeah, I'm with you, it's still a great pick, but, yeah, it's I think the Packers fans might riot if they don't get a wide receiver. Paul. Oh. Von.