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Everyone, welcome into the fantasy pro football podcast. My name is Kyle Yates and I am your host. I'm joined, as always by Mike Treglia and you can find us on Twitter at Kyly NFL and Mike Tagliani, NFL Tags. How's it going, man?


It's weird already. I mean, I woke up this morning, I got on Twitter and I started checking my mentions and I looked in the trending department and it said the purge was trending. So apparently we're headed for a purge in the United States. I don't know what's happening, why the purge was trending. By the way, did you watch that? That was I don't think I don't even think I want to know. To be fair, you know, I don't I try and not pay attention to all that stuff right now because I just want to remain positive as we head into the NFL season.


But it's been a weird history. It's 20, 20.


It wouldn't even surprise me at this point. But hey, we are joined by Joe Pisapia today. You know him. You love him. He's over at sports. Great. And on TV all day. Every day. Essentially, he can be found on Twitter at Joe Pisapia 17. Joe, welcome in, men.


Oh, yes. I don't know. They know me. Whether or not they love me, let's be honest remains to be seen. It's kind of a love hate here even.


I mean, come on, let's let's be frank. No, I'm excited, as always, to chat with you boys. We got a fun show here today, and I like the way we're doing it, too. I think it's clever. I think it's fun. And I'm ready to get into it, man. I'm excited.


Yeah, man, I'm excited for this, too. Before we get into it, though, I want to quickly tell you about the Daily Juice podcast. It's a betting focused podcast that we are releasing every day, all year round. Betting pros host Matt Parol spends fifteen minutes sharing his insight and picks on each day's most notable bets across all sports. This includes NASCAR, UFC, MLB, NBA, NHL and, of course, the NFL. The Daily Juice podcast is now available on all major podcast platforms and you can also listen to it at Benning Post.com.


Sugar, Daily Juice. Our guys today we are talking breakouts. We're going to be looking at these players that could emerge and become either top tier or consistent producers for your fantasy football lineup week in and week out. So now that haven't already done it right. So some examples from last year would have been Devante Parker, who finally became who everyone expected him to be for years, or even someone like a Terry McLaurin who showed up in a big way as a rookie.


Normally, the way that we would do this, we go around the table. Right. And we would just talk about as many players as we can get to you. But I want to switch things up a little bit today. OK, let's do a draft. We're going to build our fantasy football, all breakout team rosters through a snake draft format. We'll do one quarterback, two running back, three wide receiver and a tight end. Sound good?


I mean, yeah, I'm really curious as to how this is going to work out with the draft or because something tells me that we all want the same player at the top of this draft.


OK, so as far as the draft order, Tagg's is going to be last because he insulted us yesterday in our group chat.


He did. He did insult us. He caused us to do numerous GIFs in response to his insults. So, Kyle, I think that's only fair. But look, Tagg's, look at it this way. You get to double up. He gets a pick two guys.


Oh, that's awesome. Thank you so much, guys. It's like having the number three pick in a rookie draft. Awesome. But you also have to look for hey, you said that you both, Joe and I were high maintenance.


So there are consequences for your actions, right? This is one of them. So, Joe, you have the first pick, right? Yeah, I guess you get to be the one. Oh, one. And again, we'll do this as a snake draft. So I'll be second, text third, fourth and then I'll be the fifth. Joe sixth, seventh. OK, goes like that. Let's kick it off here Joe. All Breakout team.


Who do you got up at the 101.


You know, Kyle, I've always had very nice things about you and now I know why. I know why because I get the first pick here. And by the way, tags, have you realize what a good job Kyle has done here on the show?


I just want you to to realize that just bask in the glory for a moment. I hate the both of you. Let me begin by taking my first pick here.


And under the circumstances of what you put out here, although in some ways it's a cop out because it's the easy one, I'm still going to do it anyway just to annoy microglia, which I'm going to take Clyde Edwards letter first, because it's very rare that you do get a running back who ends up returning first round value in his rookie season.


It doesn't happen that often. It's happened more recently with transcendant guys like Cequent Barkley, like Ezekiel Elliott.


And I put those guys in a different level in terms of Clyde Edwards Hillaire necessarily. Now, here's the thing. I was a big fan of him and LSU, but he was also in a fantastic offense and everything's working well for him.


He's also got a fantastic offense now in the NFL. You go back and look at the rookie track record of going back to Westbrook and McCoy in every running back that Andy Reid's had, he made Jamaal Charles.


I mean, all these guys great.


Right? So if he's able to do that with young running backs, why not Clyde Edwards earlier?


You look at the depth chart with Williams out now, it just all makes sense. Now what I take him in my top four overall picks. No, I would not. Is it possible he ends up there? Yes.


Am I asking myself questions and answering them? Probably. However, I'm going to tell you this. I think that if you do take him in the late first round or even mid first round, if you can get him there and most people play in these casual leagues, right.


Edwards there is going to return value. I think they are regardless, even if he doesn't just come out of the gate guns blazing. But I just think this offense is too good. His role. Potential. We saw Kareem Hunt even a few years ago, have an incredible first year where really people didn't see quite how good he would be coming and we should have because of the track record of Andy Reid.


So all that track record stands up to me, like Clyde Edwards earlier is still a really good mid to low first round pick this year, despite the lack of NFL track record.


Because just because a guy hasn't taken a snap in the NFL is not a good reason not to value him.


Let's I want to get your opinion on this. So let's say you're in your draft are happening right there. They're about to kick off here. So let's just say your Kansas City Chiefs fan, right. You're listening to this year Kansas City Chiefs fan. And you really, really, really, really, really want to retire on your fantasy football team. Right. So what is what's the threshold? What's the highest that you're willing to go in your draft to take him?


Like, obviously, you're obviously I hope that you're not taking him over Christian McCaffrey and say, go on, Barkley. Right. Zeke would probably be in that consideration. But then are you willing to take Clyde Edwards allare over Alvin Kamara, Dalvin Cook, Joe Mixon, where's that threshold for you?


I'm not going to take him over Kamara, but I would I would consider him over Dalvin Cook just because of the contract situation and what we're hearing from Adam Schefter, a guy that's continually plugged in to the league, he obviously knows things that we don't sometimes. So knowing that he's saying that there's some concern about around Dalvin Cook and basically the contract situation he's dealing with. But yeah, I mean, my brother, it's weird. Right before we started recording this podcast, my brother called me and he was asking me about Derrick Henry versus Clyde Edwards Hillaire in which one you hear I would lean towards in a PPR format.


And I ultimately said it depends on the type of draft you are. I've always said that you can't win your fantasy league in the first round, but you can lose it. Edwards, who is the guy that wants some more risk if you want a chance at RB one upside like the legitimately the RB one, I think there's a chance that he can finish there under Andy Reid, who, by the way, he's been coaching now for twenty years, just five times throughout those twenty years.


He not had a top eighteen fantasy running back. So the floor is there with Clyde Edwards there as well. But Derrick Henry does not have he doesn't have top two upside. He's not going to finish. Is the top two running back because he doesn't get enough work in the passing game? We already saw him score tons of touchdowns last year. So we may have seen Derrick Henry Seeling last year in terms of where he can finish, but he's a very safe player in the first round.


So if you're looking for the potential RB one and you're willing to take a little bit of risk to make that happen, Clyde Auxiliary, you know, at number five or number six, overall, I'm not going to sit here and say that you're wrong for doing so.


All right. I'm going to move on here to the one zero two. I am looking at my options. You know what? I'm going to go a little bit off the wall here, guys, because I'm looking at the quarterback position and I can't approach this like a normal fantasy draft because there aren't many guys that I can identify at the quarterback position that I think are going to truly break out. I'm going to go with Joe Burrow here at the 102 and looking at Joe Burrow, obviously a ridiculous season at LSU last year, one of the best, if not the best quarterback performance that we've ever seen in college football history and one of the most talented prospects coming out since maybe Andrew Luck.


So looking at Joe Burrow and and this is the thing to with rookie quarterbacks, like we can talk about two Otunga by Loha now in Miami. Right. And I love to I love to the prospect. But from a fantasy perspective, I'm not relying on him in any way for his rookie season. He might not even play, but it's a lot to do with his weapons. Right? He's got Devante Parker. Preston Williams. Yeah, but then Miccosukee and then Jordan, Howard and Matt, like, it's not a great surrounding cast.


You look at Joe Buhrow, surrounded cast in Cincinnati of AJ Green, Tyler Boyd, Joe Mixon and then John Ross. You have Higgins' to factoring in like this is a loaded receiving corps. Geovani Bernard out of the backfield too, as a receiver. So I think they're going to help Joe Borghese into the NFL. And we could be talking about Joe Burrow as a top twelve quarterback when the season's all said and done. I think it's possible.


I do worry a little bit about the fact that, you know, the limited off season now, AJ Green missing a little bit of time with his hamstring thing, though he is running on the side again. So he's clearly about to get ready back on the field. John Ross did return to the team practicing with the first team. So there are things coming. He gets off to a little rough start there, playing the Chargers in week one. Right.


So there are some concerns around Basra, but I'm with you in the fact that I do think he's I've said it before and I'll say it again is that I believe he's the most pro ready quarterback I've seen since Andrew Luck. And knowing that he's coming into this offense where Zach Taylor is a sharp guy and I feel like he was dealt a very bad hand last year. And this is the year where you're actually going to see what he's able to do with this offense.


So I do like but he was actually one of my two choices that I had a quarterback. So I'm a little sad to see one of them come off the board.


Yeah, I'm glad we're disappointing too early. I think this is the way we want to do things here.


Just to point out to here's Andrew Luck's rookie season four thousand three hundred and seventy four yards. Twenty three touchdowns.


I did throw eighteen picks, but a lot of people forget early on his career, you know, this guy was running a bit. So the rushing yards actually let's he had five rushing touchdowns and two hundred and fifty five rushing yards. I think people kind of forget that early in his career, he had nine touchdowns in his first two years rushing.


So if Joe Brock can come close to that, that's pretty good season right there out of the gate.


Oh, my word. Yeah. And that and it's not like Jibaro is a statue back there, right? Jibaro can can move.


No, not at all. He's quite mobile.


Yeah. So. You could absolutely rack up those easy rushing yards, OK, tags, you finally get to make a pick here. Who are you going with at the moment? Well, I'm happy to say that my number two pick, I thought that Jonathan Taylor was going to go off the board. I'm going to go with Jonathan Taylor here. Indianapolis Colts running back. If you guys don't know who Jonathan Taylor is, he's the discounted Nick Chubb this year.


So if you don't get Chubb at the top of the second round because you wanted him there, take Jonathan Taylor in the fourth round and be just as happy. You know, these guys have very similar situations where I don't think that we see Nijem Hynes and Marlon Mack combined for more than maybe 12, 14 touches a week. And this is a Colts team that's probably going to have their running backs touch the ball thirty, thirty two times per game.


So we're talking about 15 to 18 touches for Jonathan Taylor out of the gate. I don't think that. I think the Marlon Mack thing, if you watched the interview with Marlon Mack, where they asked him about Jonathan Taylor, he's a fan of Jonathan Taylor and says this kid's going to dominate the league. And it sounded like a guy that knew he was already losing that starting job and rightfully so. Again, if you're happy with Marlon Mack and you're happy with nightime Hines, you don't feel the need to draft someone like Jonathan Taylor in the second round, a guy that had nine hundred and twenty six carries in just three years at Wisconsin running backs.


Their rookie contract is what's most valuable over the entire span of their career, like that rookie contract. That's why you're seeing a lot of running backs struggle to get those second contracts. And they're holding out because they don't want to go through that process. So Jonathan Taylor needs to be used and abused. For those of you who think that you know not him, Hines is the next Austin Ekeler or something like that. He played 21 snaps per game last year.


That was without Jonathan Taylor on the roster with Marlon Mack dealing with injuries. It's all bad. So, yeah, Jonathan Taylor is I think there's a realistic possibility he finishes a top twelve running back this year and upside for a little bit more. Again, he's sort of like a Nick Chubb in that he's not going to be used a whole lot in the passing game. But even if he catches twenty five thirty balls, that's going to be fine for a guy that should average, I'd say, close to five yards per carry behind this Colts offensive line.


Joe, if you're going to deploy a you let's say you take Michael Thomas in the first round, another top tier wide receiver falls to you in the second round. Right. So let's say that you load up on wide receiver early and maybe you take Excelsior Kittel and they're there in the third round. In the fourth round is kind of where Jonathan Taylor is going. And granted, his ADP seems to be rising. So this may all be a moot point.


But let's just say Jonathan Taylor is your RB one. Would you be comfortable with that? Well, here's the thing.


You have to understand that this is kind of black book one on one here, going to the idea of where's the where's the roster strength? Well, the roster strength is already built somewhere with wide receiver. So if you're you're winning there and you're outproducing people at wide receiver one and wide receiver two, then you can stomach having somebody with upside as your RB one. That being said, I think it's imperative that you also get guys in your lineup that are not the sexiest running backs to and have some depth there.


Guys like James White, who in a PPR, I think is going to bounce back and have a very good season. That kind of running back. That isn't the most exciting one, the Mark Ingram's of the world, the guys like that where you're just going to build through depth and build through maybe some veterans as well who kind of get undervalued interest because people just take their productivity for granted. I think it's just important. Make sure you back that up because you want the upside of Taylor.


And if you have to pay early to get it, pay for it, get it, especially if you already have some roster strength at the wide receiver spot, then make sure you back it up with some guys that you rely on that are proven, that are in the system. They know the systems and you don't have as many question marks about it.


Makes sense. All right, Tagg's, back to you. Started the second round. Yeah, start the second round. I'm going to go with a position that I know there's only really one player that I want to take in the spot, a tight end. And I'm going to take Hayden Hurst, Hayden Hurst. You know, a lot of people have attached this to use a bust. You know, the Ravens took him in the first round and did it feel like it was a bit of a reach for them in that draft?


Maybe a little bit, because Hurst was a little bit older. He should have been going to a team that was built to win then, which made sense. But then they drafted Mark Andrews in the third round. And don't don't get it twisted, you know, just because Mark Andrews is one of the best touchdowns in the NFL, it doesn't mean hating her sucks. It just means that he dealt with injuries his first year didn't get on the field so much in his second year.


He actually played pretty well behind Mark Andrews. But again, the Falcons saw an opportunity to pounce. They traded away a second round pick for him to replace Austin Hooper. Austin Hooper last year was on pace for one hundred and nineteen targets over 16 games season one hundred nineteen. Even if you want to say Hayden Hurst comes and doesn't get that target share right away, that's fine. I get you. I fully understand it. We're talking about this team leading the NFL in passing attempts.


I think it's consensus across the board. Everybody thinks the Falcons are going to lead the league in pass attempts, even if we take away twenty nine targets, bring that down to ninety targets. That's that's quite a bit. Twenty nine. That's a lot. Bring that down to ninety. Over the last ten years, 93 percent of tight ends who have seen ninety three or more targets or ninety or more targets have finished as a tight end. One Hayden Hurst is going to finish as a tight end.


One he has top five upside in this offense. He's a fantastic player that needs a receiver over the middle of the field because again, when they traded away Mohamed Sanu, it created a void in Russell Gaige. He played fine, but he's not the answer. And they knew that. And that's why they went out and traded for Hayden Hurst, a strong pick for Hayden or so I am, all aboard the Hayden Hurst train as a breakout player in twenty twenty.


He was on my list where where do you have him ranked Hayden Hurst for this season, not weak in terms of relative position value hurts him because he doesn't have a lot of track record. But I am weighing a lot of the projections that Mike is weighing, too, which is understanding that this offense could absolutely yield him to have an Austin Hooper esque sort of season. He has the talent to do that. I think they just also speaks to how good Mark Andrews is that he was kind of suppressed a little bit in Baltimore because Andrews was that good.


It wasn't that he was bad because Hurst would have moments where he catch the ball or have a great catch or great moment you go, wow, I guy's pretty good. Why doesn't he get more opportunity? And then you see Mark Andrews and you'd say, OK, that's what I think. And I think we have to understand that that just happens.


Sometimes it happens in baseball too, or good players are just blocked by somebody who happens to be better talent wise or fits better or got there ahead of them. So I'm with Mike.


When you're just looking at the volume of the opportunity, all that points to Hayden Hurst being a low and tight end one in terms of draft capital. I think you can get him very easily there. And I like taking Hurst as opposed to going for that middle of tight end sometimes where there's a little less upside. I think he's right there in that like seven, eight conversation. And then after that, it's like, hey, I mean, why not take a guy like hers?


Because, you know, in terms of at least you're going to have chances for fantasy points. And that's what's important.


And you can look at a guy like Wallaroos got a ton of opportunities but doesn't cash in on a lot of them, especially in the red zone. That's kind of troubling, too. And is that going to get better year over year?


I think that's a legitimate question to ask. So I'm with Mike on Hurst as well. He was on my list.


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All right, guys, I am up here. I'm going to take Calvin Ridley. And if you've been listening to oh, that's a cop out.


What he he already he was already a consistent not emerge as a top tier.


He's not a wide receiver. One I say that is not a wide receiver. One, you couldn't say he already broke out, though. I would have put Ridley.


He was like a wide a middling wide receiver. Three merged into like wide receiver to level last year. But he hasn't been a top tier guy. I'm saying that he could emerge and break out to become a top tier guy. Oh, Mike, here we go.


Ready? You tell me if this is an elite top tier stat line. Sixty three catches. Eight hundred and sixty six yards in like thirteen games in thirteen games. Yeah, yeah. I think it's almost like an argument like about D.J Chaak. Right. Digitas already broke out.


I guess I got to cross him off my list. Duco I think I think really broke out. Right, like if you look at we talked about it in the boom bust and everything in between show that we did is that Ridley was already a borderline wide receiver one last year. People don't realize it because, again, he did have that shortened stat line. So it didn't quite add up because he had a finish in the top twenty receiver last year or two, maybe even top fifteen had he played all sixteen games at that pace.


But I mean, I agree with you, obviously. I also want to I want to talk about him here because he's his ADP is still wide receiver seventeen and is still wide receiver seventeen. Got to look at wide receiver seven this season. So I'm talking about Kelvin really in the sense of a breakout. Yes. He's been a consistent producer for your fantasy football lineup, but he hasn't truly broken out into this top tier guy, which is why I want to highlight him here and say that Calvin Ridley is going to be a steal in drafts this year.


I absolutely love him.


So, yeah, I'm I'm going to do the same thing you did to me earlier at the hypothetical. Let's say that you're in a draft, OK? And this is realistic. I've had this happen and it really hurts me to make the choice. You get on the board and you're looking at Calvin Ridley there. You're looking at Amari Cooper, you're looking at Mike Evans. Which one of those eight you're going to take right now? Let's throw more into that mix as well.


I will still take Ridley because I think Ridley can make up for it with touchdown production. Moore is not going to do it in this offense. Moore can do it on the back of pure volume. I have more drastically, you know, with more targets than Calvin Ridley, but really is going to score more touchdowns. Yeah, I struggle with that territory.


You know what I think? I think that's also the difference between us in this community, like the, quote, analysis community. Right.


As opposed to most laypeople out there. They still see Julio and they're not even don't not thinking about Calvin Ridley, but not thinking of them in the same way that we are.


And we've given them a lot of attention on this show. And I know I have on my shows as well. So I think we are, in a way, living in a fictitious universe compared to what's reality out there. And reality as people look at Calvin Ridley is like, oh yeah, I guess he's a good wide receiver, too.


But we're all thinking, hey, this guy already showed you. He's a wide receiver one. But they don't they don't look at the 13 games enough. They don't look at the second half. And if they don't dig in to the in the casual league.


So I think under those guidelines, Kyle was kind of right. Like he hasn't he hasn't broken through to the masses.


But in terms of this community of the analyst community, he absolutely has.


Yeah. And I just want to say that, you know, over the six games that Ridley played without Muhammad Sanu, he was on a one hundred and thirty one target pace. That's if he gets hundred thirty one targets. He's a wide receiver. One.


Yeah. All right, Joe, let's go to you here for you've got two picks back to back.


Well, I'm going to have to cross the shark off my list because I want Mike yelling at me. Yeah, I will. I know you will. I know. All right. Let's let's go for another running back here.


Let's go carmaker's. Henderson's already hurt. I already feel like this is the guy down at the goal line anyway. And I think if Boy Wonder Sean McVay is going to keep his job, then he's going to have to get back to some fundamentals of running the football and helping Jared Goff out a little bit, because Jared Goff is not the kind of quarterback, in my opinion, that's going to go out there and just slinging around and make great decisions and be awesome.


He really needs a good running game to support it. And look, the O-line did not play well last year either. So there is some risk here with this. And yes, I am going with another rookie here, but I just I don't see a universe where carmakers isn't this guy from day one. And I just think it's going to get better as the season goes on.


And it might not be perfect right away, but I think in terms of investment, it makes a lot of sense. Once again, is he the guy who probably looks like the most like a three down back? Yes. Is he the guy at the goal line? Yes. That's enough for me for fantasy to think that he could be a really good RB two. And considering where he's getting drafted, I think it's it's a lot of upside there that you can have a decent ADP.


Yates, I know you're going to disagree with this one.


I was just going to say like I was going to ask Joe, like, where's the threshold of where you back off? Right. Like if he's going RB.


Twenty eight in ADP, like Joe Aflex RB right now, which is I mean, great. Right. Like are you saying that you want him so badly that you're willing to take him as like your RB two, would you be comfortable with him as a flex.


Like I'm and I'll tell you what, if Kareem Hunt is there is a flex, I'm still taking him. But if someone strikes me for Kareem Hunt and I'm looking at the flex position and I'm looking at names like Devin Singletary, who I wonder about those same things I just said about game makers, where the goal line touches. If I wonder about Bahi Mostert being on five different teams in three years and how good is he really. And those kind of questions.


And then, you know, look at James White, who I mentioned earlier. Right. These are all the names that are in that same area.


There's only one guy that I think is basically has the potential to be in an uninhibited backfield, and that's carmakers and with the touchdown equity, potentially.


And if that offense can bounce back a bit, it wasn't that long ago. It was only two years ago that everybody was falling all over themselves to get involved in the Rams offense.


It was a down year last year, without a doubt, but I don't want to write it off completely just yet.


I'm sure they're going to get back to some basics this year. And I think part of that involves him. So where he's going is like the perfect storm for me. Flex RB. Yeah, yeah. Kenny finishes an RB two. Absolutely. And I think you're always looking for just like Calvin Ridley. I'm drafting him as a wide receiver to value, but I think he's going to play like a one. If you can consistently do that in your fantasy team, you're going to you're going to be a pretty real force to be reckoned with.


Yeah. Joe. Hey, real quick, would you take carmaker's overeasy? MOSTERT Yes. OK, so here's my take on this. And I know why people wouldn't, but I would. I have a lot of Mostert issues I'm going on from childhood.


It's really from my childhood. Like it's nice from McVeigh himself, though. I have a quote here. This is direct like word for word. I think it'll just naturally work itself out. I think if you look at the success San Fran had last year with that running back by committee approach, what I thought Kyle Shanahan and their players did a great job is, is that, hey, we're going to have an open mind approach and we're going to be committed to trying to have some balance.


And then we'll go with the hot hand or whoever really expresses themselves is deserving the carries that speaks like it's like stay away from this backfield. And it really does. Because Raheem Mostert, as a guy that established himself late in the year and we're talking about a potential breakout, and I think Darrell Henderson is better than any of the competition. I think Darrell Henderson's better than Tevin Coleman. I don't think Tevin Coleman is very good. I think he's I don't disagree with that.


I think he's a fine.


I think Shanahan, the way he wants to do things, he's going to continuously change it up. Whereas McVeigh, I think see, I can interpret that same thing is basically, hey, I don't want to upset the guys that have been here already. So I'm going to make sure that they feel like they're in this. But I don't think they are. And I think that's. That's the point is, you know, I watched Anderson last year, I mean, Henderson's fast, there's no doubt about that.


But I think Henderson also misses a lot of the finer points of the running back position when you watch him. And I think that that's something and the injury already does not help.


So that bumps him up to a certain degree. Of course, there's risk with these guys. There's risk with Moster.


I mean, CJ Anderson came out of nowhere like most or two, and everybody loved him. And how did that work out? We have to kind of keep our ears up for these things. And I don't think five different teams in three years were wrong about Reggie Mostert. And I think that is something that's a red flag for me. It's the one that that I want to throw out here, because, like, I'm glad I have this one readily available.


The reason I wanted to throw that out to Joe is because let's pretend that he is the most heard of this offense. That's fine. The 49ers offense last year, the running backs averaged thirty one point three touches per game. The Rams offense last year, twenty five point nine touches per year. So it was great.


Anything they missed the playoffs. And I think that's exactly the point. Like, you're making your point. And that's kind of the same point I'm making just in the inverse, which is we missed the playoffs last year. Holy crap. We need to get back to what we used to do well. And who can do it the best. And I think Akers is that guy.


Yeah, I'm obviously I'm lower on Akers because I like Joe. You mentioned that Henderson is missing some of the finer nuances of the running back position. Akers is absolutely missing some of the finer nuances at the running back position, in my opinion, watching his tape at Florida State, there are some holes that he misses and granted, like I've talked about it, the offensive line at Florida State was atrocious, just terrible, atrocious.


It was atrocious. Yeah, it was atrocious.


So but and that led to a lot of poor habits. Now, I don't think those are going to be ironed out right away. But if there is one player that I'm looking at, looking at the running back position, that I can say I'm terrified of my ranking of him because he absolutely has the potential to prove me wrong. It's carmakers because hot hand approach, if ACRS gets into this offense and he becomes a natural fit as a pass catcher out of the backfield, if he becomes if all those things get ironed out right away.


And this is one of the situations that I wish we had preseason to be able to say ACRS is still missing some of that vision that he needs to succeed at the next level if he becomes the guy in this backfield. Absolutely. You know, he's going to drastically outperform RB twenty eight ADP. So that's the kind of thing that I have him lower, but I can absolutely see the path for him to break out. I just think it's a much more narrow path than some people may admit.


So. All right, I'm going to run through the rosters here really quick. Tag says Jonathan Taylor and Hayden Hurst. I have Joe and Calvin Ridley. Joe, you have Clyde Taylor and carmakers. Let's go back to you to start round three. All right.


I'm going to start with DK Metcalf, because although he did have a decent yardage total, 900 last year and seven touchdowns, he didn't only catch fifty eight balls. And I think that if that number improves even slightly, this is another guy who's being drafted on that fringe of wide receiver.


Two, three was like right on that bubble. That can absolutely finish is a high end to maybe low end one bubble.


Like I think he's got that kind of jump potentially.


And and as this offense continues to, you know, start to progress a little bit more and maybe Russell Wilson does get a little bit more leeway early on and maybe they don't run the football quite as much early on in games.


But even if they don't, it's really kind of looking at Tyler Lockett is this very safe, nice wide receiver, and that's fine. But the upside all lies with DK Metcalf. And I think there's still a narrative out there that while he's just a physical specimen, he's not very good. And I don't know about that mean watching last year.


I think there's no doubt that the ceiling is higher for Metcalf than Lockett. And I think Russell Wilson is on the precipice of winning his first MVP this year. So I'm going to put DK Metcalf as a big reason why and circle him on my board.


We've talked about that ties. We talked about that previously that I mean, Dick Metcalf going is a mid mid range wide receiver to right now. He absolutely has the potential to finish as a top twelve wide receiver.


I mad at both of you right now, just DKA Metcalf, I he didn't truly break out, so I shouldn't be mad about this one. But Metcalf was a weekly producer, like I played him last year continually as a wide receiver three. And that's why I'm going to lose this draft, by the way, just because I'm drafting differently. But I took a tight end second. What are you doing? Well, I mean, it's your break out the tight ends.


I mean, one are you guys is going to say to yourself, what are you guys to say? George Kittle? I'm I'm waiting for it. I mean, Dick Metcalf, wide receiver. Thirty two last year. Like, that's that's not fantastic. Like, it's good. As for a rookie, but that's not top tier.


Well, I think that's more like I think it's a different between I think you guys are talking more about elite breakout potential where I'm talking about every week fantasy starter material and I'm looking for guys like I don't outside of the rookie running back. And Taylor, I don't know if I have anybody being drafted in starter territory. To be fair, you guys will see basically my picks are we got a couple of guys there drafted on the fringe on my list of.


Yeah, I don't disagree with either. Like, I love Ridley and I love Dick Metcalf. I think Dick Logit has top ten wide receiver upside. If you're shooting for upside this year and you like one elite ceiling, you want to have fun this fantasy season. I take DKA Matt. Half over Tyler Lockett, and he's a guy is going at 24 and he's practically wide receiver 10 team league, which a lot of people are playing out there. Let's be honest.


Get out of Tenjin legs, guys. But not everybody has many friends is you.


You're very popular, but everybody really likes you. Look at me. Twitter followers.


You have you know, you can put mine together and we're still like half of, you know, if we only wrote more words, Kyle, we just.


Right. Yeah, that's the issue. Oh, she's all right. All right. So he? S trying to recover from that one. I don't know. Or going anywhere. Yeah, you're up Yates'.


I'm up. I'm going to go dontae Johnson tags that work for you. That actually was he was on my list so I did. OK, perfect. Three for three. I'm going to go Deontae Johnson here looking at Deontae Johnson and his opportunity in this Steelers offense. We've talked about it. He performed really well last year with Mason, Rudolph and Doug Hodges as his quarterback's right. And we still saw him be like Flex Worthy's starter, you know, this guy that you could roll in on a weekly basis.


And he still produced. And I think now this year, with this offense potentially getting back on track, you're going to have James cornerback healthy. You're going to have Ben Roethlisberger back healthy. Who the difference between even a thirty eight year old Ben Roethlisberger and Mason Rudolph or Doug Hodges is a drastic difference. Right. So Donte Johnson, I think, is going to become this second guy in this offense that Roethlisberger is going to lock on to. You're talking about Juju and then it's Dante Johnson, because I don't see Chase Claypole, you know, receiving significant amount of targets.


Obviously, James Washington has seen a significant amount of targets with Ben Roethlisberger. And then you're looking at Vance McDonald and Eric Ebron. I think those guys are going to be factors in the red zone, but not this guy, those guys that are going to soak up targets. So Johnson could be in line for a huge workload this season. I want shares of him everywhere. And I have him right outside wide receiver, two range guys. So in half PPR format.


So this is a guy that I really like. I think he's going to break out this.


I am so excited about Deontay Johnson this year and I'm glad all three of us had him on the list because I think just the minimum is the minimum got to be somewhere around like 75, 80 catches and one thousand plus yards with seven touchdowns or something like that's just like the base where if Roethlisberger is just OK and this offense is just OK, which I don't think it's going to be, it's just all there.


And it's not like it's not lazy to look at it and say, well, you know, it's well, the Pittsburgh Steelers offense is, you know, always going to throw for 4500 yards or closer to 5000 potentially to depending on the year.


And someone's got to catch it.


Well, you're right. Somebody has to catch it. And I don't I haven't seen enough of James Washington to prove that he's the guy for me. And Deonte Johnson did so many good things last year with some of the worst quarterback play. I've seen the league in quite some time.


And that is saying something because I've watched Osweiler and I watch some other guy. Now I'm just, you know, that was that was like bad on a whole new level of bad last year for the Pittsburgh Steelers.


And they got worse at a certain point, too, which is mind blowing, that they didn't address it more in the offseason. But I digress. Deontay Johnson, I think definitely a guy when you say he's going 38 overall, it's such an incredible value. And I think there's a lot of people still don't outside of the Pittsburgh area don't really grasp how good that potentially is this year.


Yeah, Deontay Johnson clearly on my list. There's a couple of guys being drafted ahead of them right now that I don't agree with. DBO Samuel shouldn't be drafted ahead of them. Gordon Brown, Darius Slaten, Greed, KD Lamb, Emmanuel Sanders. None of those guys should be going over to Grant Johnson over all of them.


Yeah, I agree.


Before moving on with the show, I want to take some time and mention that our show is proud to be presented to you today by Fan Fantasy.


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I'm taking Ronald Jones, Ronald Jones, the guy, obviously, that, you know, we couldn't really trust last year. And I think he's a good player to pair. Let's pretend that you do go with, you know, that wide receiver heavy approach early in the draft and you get Jonathan Taylor's your RB to what? And you're kind of like, I don't know if I how I feel about that. If you grab Ronald Jones later in your draft, I think you're going to be really happy because you're getting a guy that's starting for this team.


And if you're worried about Ronald Jones losing that starting job eventually to maybe a Keyshawn Vaughn, I guess it's possible and we have to make that into it. Right. And that's why he's falling in. But when Ronald Jones is the starter, you're going to put him in your lineup. He's going to be getting fifteen touches per game in that Tom Brady led offense. So if you want to say, OK, until Taylor truly breaks out, which I actually think Taylor breaks out week one against Jacksonville, I don't think there's any chance he doesn't.


But even if you if you didn't feel great about it, if you if you grab a running back that you think is going to take some time, pairing him with Ronald Jones makes a whole lot of sense because Ronald Jones does have that job to start the year, not only to Bruce Arians say it, but Leshawn McCoy has set it and said that I'm only here to mentor this kid. You know, I know. I know Twitter wants to hate Ronald Jones and that, you know, any time he drops a pass, they jump on Twitter and say he's a terrible receiver and then beat reporters, come out the next day and say he's having an awesome day.


It was it was one bad day. He had guys. And it's like, are we going to pretend that Julio Jones never drop the pass? It's going to happen. So Fitzgerald never dropped one? Well, Larry Fitzgerald's a freak, I know. But now Ronald Jones is definitely someone that is in line for a breakout, a guy that could be in your lineup every day. And I think that there's true top twelve potential there if he does, in fact, have that workhorse low workload.


I have been the Keyshawn Van guy all offseason, but with the recent news that Vaughn is not getting up to speed in camp. And I think if we had a pre-season again, I'm just going to lean back on that as much as I can, because it is it does make a difference, right? Having the preseason and getting the glimpse of these rookies and how they're adjusting. So but without that, Keyshawn Bonds getting he's not up to speed. And Ronald Jones has this backfield.


You're looking at Leshawn McCoy, Daury, Ohkuma wallet, like, no, those guys aren't taking away significant amount of touches from a very, very high powered offense with Tom Brady at quarterback, Chris on Mike Evans, OJ Howard, Rob Gronkowski. This is and you're talking about scoring opportunities galore for Ronald Jones. So I have been coming around on Jones. Joe, really quick, where do you have Jones ranked and is this a guy that you would be comfortable, let's say, again, let's just go back to this kind of exercise if you wait on running back, are you comfortable with Jones even as your RB two?


I'm not, but I think everything Mike is saying is correct. And I do think that he is the best guy out there. And we saw glimpses of it last year.


But the problem is it's almost like this weird catch. Twenty two where if you don't leave him out there to fail, he's never going to succeed. But every time he fails, you pull him out or you or you start taking torches away. And it's just at a certain point you have to just ride it out. And it just I don't know when Bruce Arians is going to just ride it out.


And that is my concern with Ronald Jones once again this year, because I thought last year was going to be that year and it wasn't where they just let him ride it out for good, for better, for worse, whatever.


And with Brady there, I feel like my one fear is that it's even more exasperated this year because we have a two year window to win there. The margin for error is even smaller now. We're not in a rebuild. We're in win now. We have giant expectations. And if he fails a little bit, what happens to him into a rotation?


And I hope everything Mike is saying is right. And I think everything he's saying is really good analysis. And I and I do have cautiously optimistic overall.


Jones, but I think he's more the kind of guy I'm using a DFS than a guy that I'd be using in my season long lineup tags.


Before we go to your next pick, just super quick, if we didn't have these concerns about Ronald Jones's pass blocker. Right. I think and and pass catching, like you pointed out, the numbers, he's adequate. Right. And he showed that he can be serviceable in the NFL, but it's the pass protection that is the thing that can get him benched. Right. We've talked about that. And that's why I liked Keyshawn Vaughn, because I was impressed with him as a pass protector.


But if we didn't have that concern, where would Ronald Jones be going in drafts?


I believe that he'd be going around that RB. Twenty two range. We'd see him all the way up there with guys like Mark Ingram, David Johnson, David Montgomery, because those are guys locked into a rock n roll. They're going to get fifteen touches per week. And again, my thing with Ronald Jones is that there's no competition on this roster right now. I'm I'm serious. There's not a good Mulwala. We know exactly who he is. Right.


He's a pass catcher, whatever he might contribute in some PPR formats during a bye week. Whatever Wlezien McCoy sucks. Well, Sean McCoy legit didn't get it done in Andy Reid's offense. Do you think Bruce Arians is magically going to make him better?


He's been he's been so good. He's but he is the most so long on his backfield that he's only he's not that guy. Like, he's not going to pass locker either. He's not the lead.


But I think out of that grouping, he might be the most physical or the most savvy enough that if you're going to protect Tom Brady, it's something to understand that if that ends up being just a default look, it would not be shocking to me, that's all. I'm not saying it's going to happen. I'm telling it like it wouldn't a. Me, you put the other veteran with the other veteran and you just sit back and let the guys just play football.


All right, so Tagg's, you said RB. Twenty two range is where you think, OK, all right, Texans go to you here for the start of the fourth round, I think. All right. I need to take a wide receiver because you guys are just taking all these studs. I'm going to go my mind's still outside the top thirty. He was a guy that we thought maybe at the start of last year that might be coming every week.


Producer, but really, really tailed off after the injury started to pile up. And Merkies Brown is someone that I mean, I absolutely loved him in college and I felt like he could come into the NFL and be and I use this I don't use this comparison very often. I know other people use it all the time. Deshawn Jackson, DeSean Jackson was so underrated as a football player, probably still is one of the best not for your fantasy team all the time, but he's one of the best football players and what he does to a defense.


Marquese Brown was a guy that I thought can come into the NFL and do a lot of those things. He plays with obviously Lamar Jackson, a guy who got tremendously better as a passer. Last year I led the league in passing touchdowns. I mean, what more do you want out of them? This is a team that is going to throw the ball a little bit more in twenty twenty and Marqise Brown coming back on that list for surgery. I don't think people realize just how impossible that is to come from.


I've literally done my own personal research and gone through players that have had foot surgery in the same calendar year and none of them succeed. You know, a lot of times they do go back to that second surgery. But Marquese Brown, to play the way he did at the start of the year, it was almost like he he pushed through while he had that foot healthy and then everything started to pile up in there. His foot started bothering him, he had a hamstring issues, he had a back issue, whatever.


They started piling up and he started to suffer and the production department. But Marquese Brown is a game changer. And if this team does throw more that he's the clear cut number one option on that team in terms of among the wide receivers. So if we get one hundred targets to Marquese Brown, that's worth a lot more than 120 targets to some of these other mediocre wide receivers. So I think he's a true breakout star.


He was on my list.


I was going to take him next if I had the opportunity for many of the same reasons that Mike just said, Kyle, I know about you, but I'm looking at guys who have big time potential who can really hit that home run in a week.


And I think that's what you're looking for when you you know, when you have that solid wide receiver, one we start look at the rest of your wide receivers.


You start looking and say, OK, who can hit a home run? Who can, you know, have four or five games that are just absolutely spectacular. And I think he kind of falls in line with that.


And I do think I'm optimistic that Lamar Jackson will throw the ball a little bit more this coming season.


And it looks like Brown was working his tail off this offseason. Kyle, where do you have Brown?


I have Brown a little bit further down because it all comes down to if he can see over one hundred targets, then I think he's going to return value. But I'm I'm a Devin DuVernay guy, and I think that he is a perfect fit in this offense. And so I have him I'm probably like the highest in the industry on Devin Devaney because I have him seeing a significant target here in this offense. But if we're talking about a perfect, like, flex play where you can identify ahead of time these matchups that Jackson's going to have to throw a little bit more.


And Brown can see, you know, more than six targets, a game that he has the potential to take any pass to the House. So that is an absolute play that I would love to have where I can put him in my flex and get those big blowout performances looking last year. And granted, yes, we can talk about the foot injury last year. If Brown didn't score, you weren't happy that you started him like it was really, really bad.


So but once he scored and especially that week that he had, I think, two or three receiving touchdowns, you know, he was like the wide receiver to that week. Right. Like so I think he absolutely has a potential. But looking at the full season performance, I I'm going to let someone else take Marcus Brown. I am up here now. I'm looking at a running back because I have Joe Burrell, Calvin Ridley and Deonte Johnson.


Guys, I'm going to take David Montgomery and it's looking at Montgomery from the perspective of volume. You're looking at a guy who finishes the RB twenty five last season. But you're also considering that at the beginning of the year they were working in Mike Davis. Mike Davis was a factor in that backfield before he got cut week eight, I think it was right before that deadline. So David Montgomery is the guy in this backfield. You have to Cohen as a factor.


He's not going to see more than 90 carries on the ground. It's unlikely you have. But of course, he's going to be a factor through the receiving game, David Montgomery and Ryan Noll or your backs that can carry the load. And Ryan Noll hasn't shown that he can do that in the NFL, not even close. So Dave Montgomery is in line for two hundred and sixty five plus carries. And at his current ADP, there's no way that he doesn't breakout to this player that you can consistently rely on.


It's not going to be sexy. I don't think you're going to be super happy. But yet he's going to produce for your lineup. So I want to get your guys his opinion on this. I'm obviously really high on Dave Montgomery of RB Sixteen right now. So I think he's going to drastically outperform where he's being drafted. But where are you guys that I'll go to Texas than Joe? All right.


So David Montgomery is someone that I was calling out as a tremendous value early in draft season. And then he started moving up and now he's going back down and he's going around the RB. Twenty five. Twenty six range. I think he's a tremendous value there and I think that's fine. We're to take him the argue against him. Is that what's his ceiling like? What's his actual ceiling. Because we don't we don't really know. I think that RB fifteen is probably his ceiling.


And so he's one of those guys where I said, if you want to take that late running back approach that modified zero running back approach, whatever you want to call it. David Montgomery can work out as your RB two, because he is it, he offers a safe floor. I would actually if there was a bed out there that I could make that if David Montgomery's in the field for 16 games, he's going to finish somewhere in between the range of RB 15 and RB 25.


That's basically I would bet on that range is where he finishes. And that's difficult to say with a lot of guys where guys like Mark Ingram, there's a wide range of outcomes with JJ Dobbins. David Johnson is someone that there's a wide range of outcomes. So when you get to that range, some people are willing to take some chances, whereas David Montgomery is really the safe player. I, I like him in the fifth, sixth round. I think that's fantastic value for him.


But again, I just don't know what his true upside is in this offense. Unless, you know, Matt Nagy gets back on is a is a legitimate play caller and calls on offense and the offense of the offensive line takes a step forward, which they've only gone backward the last couple of years. So it's just really difficult for me to see the crazy upside with Montgomery, even though I do think that he is a safe, low end RB two.


I think the floor is safer as well than other people do.


However, I also think it's kind of amusing that the narrative out there right now is, well, the Bears offense can't be any worse than they were last year, really, because they know they can't they cannot get any worse than they were last year.


I don't know.


I think I think you could always find a new low. I think really pretty quickly, I've seen enough Nick Foles in my life. Do I get it? The guy who won the Super Bowl is a magical run. Sunshine and Rainbows. It was a Disney movie. Terrific.


I live in a world terrific.


I live in the real world where I've watched enough Nick Foles games and I know what he is. He's mediocre at best. And and Robiskie has been inconsistent. That's the thing. You've seen moments where he's played up to the competition and moments where he's played down to it. And that is a very frustrating thing when you're looking for a quarterback to develop.


So even with that aside, I do think the floor of Montgomery in terms of volume is very safe.


And I think that you also have to give guys a little bit more leeway because not every guy first year hits.


Melvin Gordon did not hit in his first year. Right. Second year. Pretty darn good ever since. Pretty darn good.


OK, regardless of your Melvin Gordon fan, you have to respect the body of work. So I think what you're looking at is more of that vein of, hey, look, it was his first year in the league. The Bears offense certainly had their struggles. Montgomery had his struggles at times, too.


But I also think that they're not going to get away from the volume like Mike is saying, and I think that is important.


So as a flex RB, really interesting as a second RB, you better back it up right away.


The the argument like Tag said, what's the ceiling for David Montgomery? The ceiling is I mean, guys, you saw thirty three carries inside the red zone last year. That was top fifteen in the NFL. Same amount is Aaron Jones last year. Now, granted, David Montgomery didn't do a lot with it because what's the threat at quarterback? You're not. The defense in a condensed space is not worried about Mr. Brisky throwing a laser to Allen Robinson.


Right. They're going to just focus in on Dave Montgomery, stack the box. And so he didn't have these rushing lanes with Aaron Jones did with Aaron Rodgers is a quarterback. Right. So but thirty three carries inside the red zone. Only six touchdowns that can easily go up if this offense gets back to adequate. So, again, I'm not sitting here. I have Dave Montgomery for eight rushing touchdowns on the season. I'm not projecting him to be a ten plus rushing touchdown guy.


But for him to have this opportunity in this offense and if this offense can even get into the red zone more than it was last year, because it's not say that this offense was just a frequent visitor in the red zone last. You're right, they weren't. So the opportunities are there for David Montgomery. If you're looking for a running back two and you need opportunity, David Montgomery is a guy to look for.


He's good inside the five yard line. So you mentioned the thirty three carries inside the twenty four, six touchdowns. He actually only had fourteen carries inside the five yard line. He converted five of those four touchdowns, which is actually a pretty good rate.


Yeah. Yep. Joe, you're up here. I am up and I'm going to go take two wide receivers. I'll double up and I'll let you guys chat about them.


First one is a guy that right now the depth chart tells me this guy is going to play, is getting a lot of opportunity.


And I think his quarterback situation, you know, a lot better soon. Yeah, that's right. Preston Williams, Miami Dolphins. OK, I guess that's fine. It's fine.


Oh, it's fine. It's fine. Oh, everybody, it's OK. It's Mike improves.


OK, now who did you think I was. OK, I'm not going to tell you jerk. Not going to tell me. All right. President Williams is is that guy. Because once again going at wide receiver forty nine. He is not a rookie.


He is a guy that did show you a little bit last year. I know fantasy pros got projections on him somewhere around 800 plus yards and five touchdowns and sixty catches.


And, you know, that's a pretty good season out of a guy I'm going to take there. I actually think there's upside for more. And I think two is going to play a lot more than other people do.


I have to look in to, you know, compete himself into a role there earlier than later? That's just the kind of guy he is.


And he's somehow going to find a way to do it because he's too and that's what he does.


But Presson Williams, I think at wide receiver, basically fifty. I don't know. I mean, he's got a leg up on some of the other rookies out there who haven't played at all yet. So he's more familiar with the system and what's going on there.


And I think he showed you enough last year to be at least mildly excited about some upside there.


And look look at one debacle after a certain point last year to Williams, and it was almost a.


Good, if not better than Parker before the injury, and then the other guy is said Lam and this one is based on talent, is based on offense, it's also based on upside to a certain extent, because I'm looking at Lam and I say to myself, all right, the floor is what Randall Cobb did last year because he's far more athletic at this point in his life than Randall Cobb is and working in the slot.


I think that's going to be a very productive area for this Cowboys offense.


Then if there is an injury to Amari Cooper, if there is an injury to Michael Gallop for any stretch of time, this guy all of a sudden goes into wide receiver to territory for that span.


In my opinion, he's that kind of a talent. So I'm going to put talent first here.


So I'm going to go with Williams for opportunity and land with talent, and I'm going to stir him up and see what happens. I love the approach with lamb and it's built into this. I was talking about this. All these podcasts are running together at this point, so I have no idea who I saw. What's today. Yeah, what is today. But I was saying, like with KD Lamb, he's one of these guys that from a projection standpoint, he's not going to come in super great because you have Amari Cooper and Michael Gallop ahead of him as far as the target share.


And then, of course, Zeke involved out of the backfield. And Blake Darwin is a guy who could breakout this year. But then you're looking at KD Lamb and there is like ranking him where his projections have him is not smart because the built in upside that something happens to Amari Cooper and Michael Gallop. Oh, my word. You know, he could easily shoot up into top twenty four, maybe even top twenty, because this offense is going to be very, very high powered.


And looking at Cedric Wilson is the next guy in line, you know, like who's that. You know, so it's like Cedi Lamb is going to be this guy that can absolutely drastically outperform where he's being drafted this year if everything goes this way. I like the call there, Joe. I am going to go with a running back here, my second running back. I'm going to take Antonio Gibson, Washington football team looking at Antonio Gibson. And I loved his tape.


I loved his statement. Memphis granted limited college touches only seventy seven total touches in college, but six foot two hundred twenty nine pounds, four three nine forty yard dash at the combine like this guy can move and he has excellent hands. He was used as a wide receiver and running back combo at Memphis. And so looking at his opportunity in this offense, he's going to be moved all around the formation. You could potentially move him out into the slot.


I think Steven Simmons is going to be utilized to. But then you're also looking like JD McKissic is going to see some work. But the moment that you put McKissic and Gibson on the field at the same time, Gibson is going to just blow McKissic out of the water from what you can do after the catch. So if you're looking for a guy who could break out this year that not many people know about. Right. The casual fantasy football player doesn't know the name Antonio Gibson because, again, looking at the running back, the rookie running backs, you're talking about Cledus, the player, Jonathan Taylor, D'Andre Swift, carmakers, all those guys are like the ones that can float up towards the top.


Antonio Gibson is going to stay down. His ADP's going to stay down in the 50s by, you know, as people are drafting. So Gibson this year, I absolutely love I'm taking him as my second running back here in this breakout roster.


Does the Bryce love stuff bother? You know, there's been a lot of buzz about him, AKAM. I'm just asking because, yeah, every day it's like a new Bryce love clip that somebody I really don't I really don't buy into that personally.


It's been a long time since we've seen Bryce love on the football field. And I just Gibson is immensely more talented, in my opinion, than Bryce love. So I'm I'm not worried about it.


If I knew that Bryce Love was healthy, I would absolutely be concerned because I think Bryce Love is someone that's shown that he can handle a giant workload, whereas Antonio Gibson is kind of like a Michael Hardman is a guy that, you know, just hasn't touched the ball a whole lot. And it's not to say he can't do it. We just haven't seen it. So there's obviously risk around that. He was drafted as a wide receiver, running back, whatever the hell, you know, he's some sort of hybrid.


And I don't mind him where he's going, because as soon as Derrieres Guice was cut from the team, Antonio Gibson, some people were talking about, oh, and take him in the seventh round. I'm like, you guys on crack. But the highest I'm seeing him right now. And among the big sites is forty five at running back. And that's fine because again, you're taking is a bench player. You're hoping there's some upside there. I'm OK with that.


If you were to draft him as a starter, I have a giant issue with that. I think there is something to be watched with as Bryce love thing. But I still think Adrian Peterson crushes any value that these other running backs are going to have because Peterson is not come back to sit on the bench, guys. He's not going to do it. And he's been actually really good. I'm not I'm really not into Washington running backs at all this year in a fourteen team league.


Mike, would you stash Bryce Love in a 14 team league? I'll take I'll take one as my RB four, OK?


Because I think that's like we start getting into the deeper pools of play where, you know, people do play in the bigger leagues. I wonder, you know, Gibson all of a sudden becomes much more intriguing potentially. And the guys on the the situation where we don't know yet, and I think you have to keep in mind folks out there listening, like, you know, you do have to speculate and you might have to throw a couple of darts and hopefully one of them hits of two of them hit.


Amazing. But if one of them hits, you know, sometimes you got to cast a wide net with some of these guys. Yeah, for sure. No, I get I get it.


Let's go lightning round here. Let's start to move through some of these. We got you have three picks left, obviously. So let's go get yours back to back and let's move through some of these last I mean, I'm going with Jalen Reagor. He was someone that contemplated way back in the first round, but I was trying to go positional value Jalen ragers like a stud. And he this is what I thought Joe was talking. About when he started talking, saying that he could be the number one on the death chart, I think he absolutely is the number one on the depth chart in terms of targets among the wide receiver.


You were mad that I was going to take your guy. Not mad that I thought I was dumb. Oh, yeah. No, no, no. That's all I'm saying. It's just that he's not he's not Jalen Ragers. All that's very vigilant ragers one of my favorites. I've talked about him quite a bit, so I don't need to go into it a whole lot on him. And then my my other one. I just want to give a quick shout out.


I'm not picking Damian Harris, but nobody's able to draft him because we all have our two running backs already. Damian Harris should absolutely be on this list as a potential. Yeah, let me tell you, man, I've got him everywhere this year. Betty Snell and Damien Harris are basically every every every Benjamín looks like that. Damien Harris, he could be the starting running back for the Patriots in week one. But I'm going to go back to wide receiver and this one's so tough.


I'm going to go with Anthony Miller just because I want to take Yates off. Homer, take it. Well, Miller, if you were to go and look at the games last year with Taylor, Gabriel without Taylor, Gabriel, there's a massive difference between the two. Without Gabriel, there were seven games in those seven games. He had forty five targets. Twenty nine receptions, three hundred and seventy yards and two touchdowns. So again, just remember that three hundred seventy yards and two touchdowns in the nine games.


Two more games with Gabriel. He had two hundred eighty six yards, no touchdowns. And Anthony Miller has apparently he's healthy. He played through a torn labrum at the beginning. His rookie season last year he played with a shoulder injury. They said he didn't dedicate himself the way that they thought he would this offseason. They say he's like a different player. He showed up and he's like determined and knowing that he needs to be a big part of this offense, knowing that even if Nick Foles were to take over as a starter, that guy has a tendency to go over the middle of the field.


Anthony Miller is a superstar. It's just a matter of can we see that? Can he get the targets to get there? Because with targets, he is absolutely electric. So getting Anthony Miller is my wide receiver. Three, I'm pretty stoked.


Yeah. Seven touchdowns this rookie season. He can absolutely produce. All right. I am going to go with Michael Pittman, Junior here. I was looking and debating Anthony Miller. So I like to call their tags, but I like Michael Pittman Junior more talking about a guy all the way down in the 60s. And right now at the position, I think he can finish in the thirties. This is a guy who I absolutely loved coming out of college.


And I think he fits perfectly to what Philip Rivers has locked on to. You're looking at Philip Rivers over his career. Now, granted, we can talk about the wide receiver courses had of Keenan Allen and Mike Williams and then Travis Benjamin. You know, as that kind of field stretching that Travis Benjamin role is what Ty Hilton is going to be occupying. You have Paris Campbell out of the slot and then you have Michael Pittman Jr occupying this Mike Williams role.


This guy is going to be utilized deep downfield. So Travis Benjamin was never highly targeted from Philip Rivers. So granted, that could be the fact that it's Travis Benjamin and antiwhite Hilton now at this, but also Ty Hilton comes with his own injury risk. So if you're talking about an opportunity in an offense and kind of what Joe was talking about with KD Lamb, like Michael Pittman, junior in this offense can absolutely crush value this year. So if you're looking for this guy who could be the Terry MacLaurin, right.


This rookie wide receiver, to just absolutely come out of nowhere, I think it's Michael Pittman, junior this year.


Yeah, I think he's definitely on that. All right. I guess I'm up here and because you gave me the first pick. I will not take your tight end, Kyle, because I know exactly out of respect for you for letting me do that. Everyone knows. Everyone knows.


But I'm in a position right now to do it, and I'm not going to stick it to you. Just want you to know I'm not going to do that. So there you go to work it courts together. It's already two to one against. You see what happened here.


All right. So I will take my quarterback here.


And it's funny, Bubba was mine, too, but that's kind of, you know, where I think most of us look because it's tough to say break out quarterback. What I will say is I think there's a better Baker Mayfield season available to us.


And I think that if they do kind of scale things back a little bit and build up the confidence, you know, Baker Mayfield's biggest downfall is the mistakes.


It's the interceptions.


It's and if you are going to paint him a little bit with Kareem Hunt catching ball and adding some, you know, passing yards because of his yards after the catch, if you're going to support him with Nick Chubb running the football and able to run more play action in that way with those two running backs used properly, I think you're setting Baker Mayfield up for a better chance to be successful and make less mistakes because he is going to have more clear looks downfield.


He's going to be in a better situation there. And I think Austin Hooper is an improvement over what they had at tight end, even though everyone's off of Austin Hooper. I just think that, you know, he's that is that's actually an important little piece there that they added this offseason how much they utilize.


And we'll find out. But I do think there's a better season. So I was going to say Baker Mayfield is the breakout, so don't love him. But I think he can get into that low end QB one conversation if he can limit the mistakes, because when you stop throwing picks, all of a sudden you continue down the field and then good things happen in your touchdown. Upside goes up. The more they it's a it's such an easy variable, but it's one that we overlook too much.


And I think that is the big thing. If you can get away from that. And for tight end, I'm going to take Blake Darwin once again.


It's you know, I kind talk about this last time on the show of targets went to the tight end position. Dak is always look for the tight end. That's not going to change. This is. His opportunity to shine here and I think Dallas is going to just be another big time offensive year for them, without a doubt. So those are my last you guys.


Well, Blake, Darwin was on my list. So if you took Johnny Smith, then I was going to take. I wasn't going to do that to you. I know. I will take Johnny Smith, if you have been listening to this podcast for any length of time, you know that I love Johnny Smith this year. So Johnny Smith talking about one of the most athletic touchdowns in the NFL. He's going to be he fits this offense perfectly from a rack perspective.


Get the ball out of Ryan Tannehill, his hands quickly and just let him create. They give him opportunities in the running game, too, which is ridiculous. So I love Johnny Smith this year. I think he's absolutely going to break out in a huge way. And our Bold Predictions episode, Tagg's, I think about a month ago, again, all these two running together. But I talked about Geno Smith, that finishing again, it was a bold print.


That was last week. Well, think. Oh, wow, OK, because I was on there.


Donna Smith finishing is a top three tight end.


We did two of them anyway. But Johnny Smith finishing as the top three tight end was my hot take prediction for the season. And I think he can absolutely do it, just like we've seen George Kittle do with ability. So. All right, Tagg's, let's go to you. Your final pick, you're forced into a quarterback. Where are you going? I am.


And I'm actually happy that he's still here because he's a guy that I'm getting a lot of Tsukuba format's. It's Gardner Minshew, a guy that, you know, he rushed for 344 yards last year and didn't score a single touchdown. Quarterbacks on average score touchdown about I think it's very like ninety two yards or so on average. And Gardner Lynch, who is clearly an above average rusher. So, you know, you're going to see three, maybe four rushing touchdowns this year, combined with the fact that D.J chart taken another step in his career.


They're moving him around the formation and he's impressive in Jordan's offense. You know, Jay Gruden has turned Kirk Cousins into a top six quarterback on multiple occasions. So I think that it's very it's highly in the realm of possibilities like Artarmon. She's a top twelve fantasy quarterback this year. And that you're relying on him more than maybe even someone like, dare I say, bold, hot take here more than someone like Tom Brady or even Josh Allen. I don't know if I can go with Josh Allen.


I can't get to. But Brady has to get to that. I see that world. That's a hot topic. I'm not ranking him above those guys hot. Burned yourself too close to the sun.


That's what happened. All right. Garnham injury was on my list, too, so I like that call. All right. I'm going to run through the rosters here. Joe, you had Baker Mayfield is your quarterback and then your two running backs were Clyde Edwards, Hillary and Cam Akers, Dick Metcalf, Preston Williams and Katie Lamb for your wide receivers. And then Blake Darwin. I had Joe as my quarterback, David Montgomery and Antonio Gibson as my running backs, Calvin Ridley, Deonte Johnson and Michael Pittman, junior for wide receivers.


And then Johnny Smith at tight end shocker Tagg's. You had Gardner Minshew at quarterback, Johnathan Taylor, Ronald Jones again, Tagg's pick and Ronald Jones shocker there Marquese Brown, Jalen Reagor and Anthony Miller at wide receiver and then Hayden Hurst at Tight End. So guys that's going to do it for today's show. Make sure to head over to the YouTube dotcom slash fantasy pros and let us know which one of us you think won this draft in the comments section.


We'd love to. We'd love to see those that should be fun.


And which one didn't cheat and know which one won the draft? No, there's no cheating at talking. I'm a guest.


I'm a guess you're like a living guess. You say you're like a relative that comes to visit them, stays for like a month. Yeah. I'm like like Brad Pitt in in a true romance where he's just the guy, like on the couch. Just that's the only time you'll ever get me. And Brad Pitt references the other bro, but like he's just there getting stoned on the couch and true romance.


That's me. That's me.


Like that's a huge thank you to Joe for coming on, man.


It's always a blast. Likewise, guys. Was always fun then. Yes. You could tell everybody in the comments on YouTube of why I won.


So thank you guys. Don't forget that you can find and follow all of us on Twitter at Kiawah NFL, at Microglia NFL and at seventeen.


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