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What's up, guys, this is Terrell Owens and Matthew Hagit, get your popcorn ready. You're listening to the Fantasy Pro Football podcast.


Everyone, welcome into the fantasy pro football podcast. My name is Kyle Yates and I am your host.


I'm joined as always by my much older co-host, Mike Ceglia.


You can find both of us on Twitter, Kyly, NFL and Mike Tagliani, NFL tags. I haven't done this with you before, but we're going to play a quick game of fantasy. Matchmaker Aaron Jones's contract is up with the Green Bay Packers at the end of this season.


Dream landing spot for him for fantasy football in 2021.


Go Atlanta Falcons. OK, perfect. You got that right. Well done.


Thanks, son. I'm excited to bring in our guests for today's show. Andy Barens from Yahoo! I think today is going to be a fun episode, guys. He can be found on Twitter at Andy Barens. Andy, how are you doing, man? Are you just as fried and ready for the season as we are?


I am absolutely fried. I am, of course, ready for the season. I'll try to speak up a little bit for the much older tags and guys.


The words the senses are are fading on him.


This is this is already started out horribly, guys. You know, it's the weird part is I was actually looking forward to this episode because I generally like Andy and Yates is kind of like, well, he's calling I think he's going start calling me dad. And then we have Dan Grandpa. So I don't know. I mean, this this podcast has gone into weird place, has tags grumpy already. If he needs a nap in the middle of I get talked about my age almost every day at work tags.


So don't even don't even start. I definitely do. I definitely do. OK, hey guys, before we get into the content for today's show, I want to remind everyone about this amazing giveaway we've got going on. We've got a sign Davante Adams helmet, a 200 dollar gift card for pristine auction, a 200 dollar gift card to Porter Road Butcher, a package of fantasy football goods for your league champion and last place loser from trophy CMAC.


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Just leave an honest review on iTunes or Stitcher for the podcast and use the form to submit your screenshot of your review, along with your screenshot of your YouTube subscription to qualify for the bonus prize again to enter and get more details on this monster prize package giveaway. Just had a fantasy post.com contest. All right.


I want to touch on a couple of news items before we go through our favorite targets in each round today, guys. Joe Mixon has been on the sideline recently with what Zach Taylor called a minor injury. But a report came out earlier today from the athletics, Paul Denner, that Mixon was completely absent and it could be linked to a holdout. Then there was another report later on right before we started recording that it could be as simple as he's dealing with migraines.


And I'll throw this to you. We obviously need more information before we can analyze this super in depth for fantasy purposes. Right. But if you have a draft this weekend, which I'm sure a lot of people will argue still comfortable drafting Joe Mixon in the first round, it's kind of a loaded question because it assumes that I have taken Joe Mixon in the first round at some point thus far.


And I have not and it's not really even dislike for Mixon. It's just a it's just a slight variance between my own rankings and in consensus. Somebody always seems to like Mixon in that seven to 10 range. I have almost always been taking one of the like. If I get stuck in the back half of the first round, which is not necessarily where I want to be, but if I get there, I like the receivers that land there. I've been taken Tyreke there regularly.


I'll take Davante Adams around that spot. I'll take Julio. I mean I like the tight ends. It just hasn't been Mixon for me. I like the team, I like the general offensive setup there. And you know I had him in a couple of leagues last season in which I mean I don't need to tell people that he was an absolute hero at the end of the year when he was the absolute centerpiece of the offense. I don't see the path to like fourteen touchdowns, sixteen touchdowns.


And that's what we look for in a first round running back. I doubt I doubt we see that happen. And he caught like thirty five balls last year, which is also like the things that we need from the running back position in an RB one, our receptions and you know we need them to pile up touchdowns. And he's kind of third tier in those regards. For me, that's very fair.


I mean, Tagg's we were talking about before we recorded this suddenly back end of the RB, one conversation with, you know, maybe even Dalvin Cook into that conversation. But then Myles Sanders, I mean, can Drake and a walking like suddenly it's a crapshoot. Like where are you? What are your feelings on this now.


Yeah, I'm definitely a little worried when Adam Schefter says that he's second guessing about Dalvin Cook and we heard whispers about Mix in this offseason about that he could potentially hold out if he didn't get a new deal. You know, with this new CBA, there's a lot of red tape to get through and I'm not going to speculate. On on things that could be happening there, but all of a sudden the end of the first round, it doesn't look like it might be a running back for me.


It looks like I could be playing it safe with someone like DeVonté Adams if he falls there, maybe Julio Jones, these running backs, these injuries are starting to pile up. The question marks are piling up. And they were kind of already there with mix in with that offensive line. A rookie quarterback. Again, we do like burrow. We do think the offensive line takes a step forward. But there were question marks around him not not being used enough in the passing game.


So I basically use these things as a tiebreaker. And now the issue was I was using it as a tiebreaker to choose mixin over Kenyon Drake, who's in a walking boot. But then it's like right now they're both like, what's happening here? And then it's like, I don't really want to take Nick Chubb in that range. Myles Sanders dealing with an injury. They're all in the same tier. They're right. But I might just lean with a wide receiver at that point.


That's fair. I mean, it all depends on how you like your roster when you start out with a wide receiver there in the first round. But again, if you're looking at some of these other guys that have tons of question marks, it's fair to to talk about that. My my one question is going to be how far to see Clyde Edwards play or move up. You know, you have the top four solidified, right? You have Christian McCaffrey, Cequent Barkley, Zeke Elliott and Alvin Kamara kind of as your top four is consensus.


And then this Clyde Edwards Hilaire move up to a top five running back being drafted there. That's a little bit too rich for me, I think. But with these other question marks that certainly can't happen.


Derrick Henry and credit really belong in that tiers as far as I'm concerned, in that next year. Yeah, yeah. That's fair. Derrick Henry. Yep. All right, guys. And we also talked about it live on yesterday's podcast, Tagg's. But David Montgomery went down in practice. He walked off on his own power, but then was carted in since they were on their far practice field. So, however, it does look like he escaped major injury.


It came out again right before we started recording that he's expected to miss two to four weeks with a minor groin injury. So this could put him on pace to start week one. Or it looks like maybe week three could be the latest that we see him on the field tags. Are you still looking at Montgomery as a value in the fifth round or so?


No, I'm not. When you have a running back with a soft tissue injury, especially someone that David Montgomery was kind of I don't want to say he was on thin ice because they did draft him in the third round, they didn't add any depth. I am fully expecting the Bears to bring in someone, you know, as a depth piece. If not, you know, someone more than a death piece that would share the load with David Montgomery, because I don't want to sit here and pretend that he looked great last year.


He didn't. I know he was in shape and he looked good in camp. But there's a lot of worries here. And Tarik Cohen is really the only the running back on the roster. I mean, Ryan Noll, he's not a guy that you're going to expect to come in and get fifteen touches per game with Montgomery. He's not ready, so they have to be prepared for that. So this is going to slide David Montgomery down probably into that maybe Jordan Howard type territory, you know, probably around that RB thirty range where I'm probably not going to end up with him in a lot of fantasy drafts.


I think he's going to be a nice depth piece if you can get him later on, because I do think that once he's on the field, he will be the main guy. But to rely on him as potentially your RB two, if you start wide receiver heavy, that's not just not a place that I want to be in now at this point. So.


All right, guys, let's get into this, because today is going to be a lot different than our other normal shows today.


We're going through hopefully sixteen rounds of ADP data and we're each going to present our favorite players by round. For those who struggle with math, that's forty eight players that are going to be coming at you through the airwaves. We're not going to spend time dissecting each player or everyone giving their opinions, but we're going to have a minute to present our thoughts on these players and then we'll move on to the next person. Some good guys. Sounds good. Yeah.


All right, perfect. Tagg's, you're up first and then and you'll go next. I'll finish up the round and then we'll move on. And we are doing this in half PPR just FYI.


So Tagg's, let's go with round one. Who is your favorite target?


I mean, if I don't say Christian McCaffrey, I'm dumb. So if you have the ability to drive Christian McCaffrey, you should draft him. Basically, if you were to play fantasy football last year. And Christian McCaffrey, let's say that he stopped playing football altogether, just said, you know what, I'm going to take the rest of the year off in week twelve. He still would have been the RB one by a full 22 PPR points. I understand it's a new coaching staff and this and that.


But I can't you can't sit here and pretend that the offense is going to be worse than it was last year with Kyle Allen under center for the majority of the year. So Christian McCaffrey, I know that RB ones just don't, you know, finishes RB one back to back years, even though Todd Gurley did. People tend to overlook that. But there's really no good argument you can make against Christian McCaffrey this year. There's really not. He's a generational talent and he needs to be atop the draft boards.


I completely agree. Andy, who is your guy here in the first round? That's your favorite target?


Yeah, this one's really hard to argue with. Right. And technicals it I mean, Christian McCaffrey is the is the consensus number one across the board, regardless of format. He's he's the number one and super flex, like he's just the number one everywhere. Just to just to throw another name out there.


I will say that I am perfectly comfortable anywhere in the top three picks. One of the things you guys probably know about me and my history at Yahoo! Is that every year I do these drafts a lot videos, I'll pop up in your draft room and give you some sort of weird either joking analysis or draft slot specific advice.


Right. And one thing that we do find historically in Yahoo! Leagues over decades of data. Is that you want to be in the first half of the first round and I know that there are people who are loyalists to the turn, they love being 10 or 12 or whatever, you are somewhat less likely to win a draft from that spot. It doesn't mean that you can't win from any spot. But generally speaking, we nail the the someone in the top six picks and that is the that is the better position to be in.


So I happen to really like anything in the top three. If you give me Zeke Elliott at three, I'm perfectly happy there because it often allows me to begin with either a Zeke Julio build or with a Zeke Kittel build.


And I'm way into that. Mm hmm.


I was looking yesterday at Zeke's red zone rushing from last season. As far as his overall attempts. It's ridiculous. It's stupid.


Like completely blows every other running back out of the water. The guy that I will bring up is Cequent Barkley. I mean, just in this conversation, obviously, CMC is going to be the guy that everyone is going to be targeting. Right. But if you get the one or two, I don't think you should be viewing it as a consolation prize. Right. Like second, Barkley is a phenomenal talent at the running back position. And yes, CMC, you know, the stat, the tags dropped off.


If you stop playing in week twelve, he would have still been the RB one. That's absurd. That's stupid. But yet Sequenom Barkley was dealing with injury last year. And I think that if someone had played all sixteen games and was fully healthy, right. That's then it would have been a much, much narrower gap. So I think Saken absolutely belongs in this conversation. I still have CMC ranked at number one, but someone's right behind him.


As far as RB two and a guy that I want on my fantasy football roster this year, I'm fine taking Cequent Barkley at the 102, you know.


You know, the other thing about Cequent Barkley is that you just got a glimpse of his, like, full destructive firepower in the fantasy playoffs. Right. Like, if you happen to make the fantasy playoffs with one on your roster, got four hundred plus scrimmage yards and what was a four or five touchdowns in weeks, 15 and 16. And that was that was virtually unbeatable unless you were going up against the team that had who else? Kenyon Drake had a huge fantasy playoff run.


But but Barkley was one of those guys who decided leagues.


Hmm. Yeah. And I mean, he had a game like twelve rushing yards or something like that. Like, it was just a terrible stat line. Right. But yet again, if you can't cut like Cequent can on that ankle, then he's not going to be able to do what he can do. Right. But then fully healthy. Cequent is just he's in that same conversation with CMC for me. All right. Let's move on to round two here.


Tagg's, who are you looking at? I'm going to abuse the crap out of here because this is updated, by the way. We actually go through and updated every couple of days. So it is up to date. Clyde Edwards Hillaire is currently going as the nineteenth player on average, as high as the thirteenth on average on any site. So he still it doesn't matter. He's still going into the second round. You know, there's a lot of people listening right now that might be like, oh, he's not going to go there at MYLIE He's going to last till seven or six.


I get that, guys. But we have to understand that the majority of public hates rookies. They don't want to draft them. And that's why he's following in some of these drafts. Clyde, obviously is a true three down back. That reminds me a lot of Ray Rice. And you guys remember Ray Rice was always a consensus top three pick in fantasy draft, despite playing alongside of Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense, Clyde Edwards. There was my favorite running back in this class.


It had nothing to do with landing with Kansas City that obviously, you know, just boosted my love for him. But going into this offense, after hearing that Damian Williams opted out, he's the clear three down back here. He's a guy that they used a first round pick on, despite the fact that they have some holes on that defense that they could have used some help on. So was it worth it to take him in the first round?


I mean, I don't know. But in fact, for fantasy purposes, we absolutely love this. And honestly, I really, truly believe he's going to be part of that number one conversation next year. When we go into fantasy draft is a guy that does it all on three downs, pass catcher and all that stuff. So Clyde Edwards, if you get him in the second round, you are absolutely stealing.


Andy, where are you at with with this is Clyde Anderson or your answer here? Yeah, I got to say, it almost feels like cheating.


Yes. And Tagg's alluded to this because I feel like in a competitive league, in a in a league full of hard core players, Edwards, Hillary is going to go somewhere in the top certainly in the top seven picks. But we've seen him go as high as top five. That's a perfectly reasonable pick, too.


So I don't I mean, I don't think he falls in the middle of the second round in a hard core league. And anybody listening to the Fantasy Pros podcast is is probably pretty hardcore player. You're not going to see this happen a lot. Tax is also right, though, that in in hometown leagues, you know, it's you and your high school buddies, you and your college buddies. This can happen. Rookies will they'll be enough people who are like, nope, not touching a rookie in the first round and he can fall.


Another thing, by the way, as I look at this that jumps out at me, is that there are there are four chiefs that go in the first two rounds. Yes. It's crazy.


Like, yeah, well, I can't I'm not sure I can remember a time when that's happened. I can think of some offenses that have produced three fantasy choices that go typically in the top twenty four. But it just does not often happen that we see four players from one team go and they're all justified too, like I get it with all of them.


So for me, the the pick that will actually fall to the second round in, in a hard core league that I love is is George Kittle and. I suggested earlier that if I can if I can begin a draft with with Zeke Elliott and George Kittle, that's just about perfect for me. Kittel has had no luck at all on like red zone targets on inside the ten targets so far. I feel like he had maybe three or four negated touchdowns last year due to penalties.


There's going to be a year where George Kittle gives us thirteen hundred yards and ten touchdowns, twelve touchdowns, and has an all time season at the tight end spot. And and it could very well be 20, 20.


I had I did a Twitter ask me anything last night and I had someone asked me, could we see from the Chiefs offense, the QB one running back, one wide receiver one and tight end one in fantasy this year. And my immediate response was like, no, there's no way. And then I was like, wait a second. You know, like, I paused. I was like, can that actually happen? The percentage chance of it is very, very minimal.


But in this Geeves offense, on my word, I think there's an actual conversation for it.


So closer is the my answer here too. I'm going to cheat and I'm going to take credit, Russell, because here's the scary part, guys. I have to tell there, based on my projections as the RB seven in my rankings guys, I only have them with nine total touchdowns. What happens if he gets twelve total touchdowns, fourteen total touchdowns, which is very, very possible in this offense? Then we're talking about Clyde OdaTV as the RB one.


And so if you can get him in like Tagg's and he said in these home leagues where the you know, the casual player just isn't paying attention and doesn't really know who Clyde Edwards is, if you can get him at 19 overall.


Absolutely. All day long. Absolutely.


I'll just point out that we're only a year removed from Kansas City, giving us the QB one, the wide receiver one and the tight end one.


So it's not much just to also have the the RB so ridiculous.


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All right, let's go to you for round three. All right. So I will say that if I had to give a second pick in the second round, it would be Kenyan. Drake, if you wanted me to give you someone that I actually falls there quite a bit, Kenyan Drake. But going to the third round, I'm going to say Odell Beckham Jr. And I know a lot of people are going to take I don't want to say take offense to it, but they're going to ridicule me for it.


And that's fine. It's just rare to get a player who presents no one overall wide receiver upside in the third round. You just typically don't find that a lot of wide receivers, they start to blend in when you get into this territory. And that's why a lot of people are waiting. They're going to go with that RB RB approach to get the wide receivers in the third, fourth, maybe even fifth round. Odell Beckham is a guy that was obviously playing in a Freddie kitchen's offense last year that didn't know what the hell they were doing.


If you go back and it's something that my three year old Ganzi next gen stats allows you to go and look at the roots, run for players. And you saw continually Baker Mayfield being under stress last year. At the beginning of the year, the offensive line couldn't block anyone. And yet you continue to see Odell Beckham go out there and run routes that are 15 yards down the field, a fifteen yard comeback. It's like, wow, this this is genius.


Let's keep it going here. Kitchens. And he was we also found out that he's playing through like a sports hernia or a groin injury. Obviously, that's going to hamper a wide receiver. We have a big sample with Odell Beckham. You know, he's had he's had at least a thousand yards in five of six seasons and he's only played sixteen games twice. I understand that there's some injury concerns, but if there wasn't, I'd be taking him higher than he is.


Unfortunately, you're able to get him in the fourth round sometimes. But he's my favorite pick in this round because I think that he's the only one that presents true number one overall wide receiver upside.


Would you be comfortable starting to draft with two running backs and then Odell as your wide receiver one time? Yes, I've done it. All right, Andy, let's go to you here for your guy in round three.


I love this call. Actually, Tagg's and I on the we're on the same page with this one. For me, this is Odell and Tex had all the key points. He's he's the one wide receiver in this round that I think has the strongest likelihood of actually finishing as the overall wide receiver, one like.


People were just crushing him last year, obviously, for not living up to expectations. The guy the guy played like unless you don't believe that he had a sports hernia last year, which I guess maybe you don't, that's a brutal thing to play through. And he did it. So, you know, obviously, availability is one of the things that is most prized by actual NFL teams. So credit to him for playing through a pretty significant issue. Yeah, it it helped crush his fantasy value.


Still finished with over a thousand yards. They were kind of empty yards. Obviously. I like everything about the direction that the Browns offense is going. I would expect the offensive line to be better. I would expect the play calling to better suit Baker Mayfield's skills and limitations. I like that they have actual grown ups on the coaching staff this year.


Like you like. The whole situation seems better to me.


And like Odell is not old, he's not an old player. It is entirely plausible that he finishes as a top three, even the number one overall wide receiver.


If you can get Odell Beckham as your wide receiver, two on your roster. Right. Which you can in this situation where you're drafting him in round three. And like I said, even round four in some instances, I love that because he does have top five upside. All right. I'm going to talk about Allen Robinson here, because this is a guy that I love to target and I'm fine with Allen Robinson is my wide receiver. One, we saw him put up absurd numbers last season, even with the terrible quarterback play that Mr.


Brisky was putting on the field. And now you're looking at Nick Foles seems to be pulling away with the job in this in this QB competition. And now I'm not sitting here saying that Nick Foles is going to be this like top fifteen NFL quarterback or anything like that. But this offense thrives on just staying on schedule. Right. And so you get positive yardage, you avoid taking these sacks. Nick Foles is a smart quarterback. He's going to be able to diagnose a defense quickly and just get the ball out, but then additionally get the ball out in a place where the receiver can actually turn and run with it.




That we saw all last season. If you go back and watch film, Mr. Brisky putting the ball behind the receivers where they just simply have to fall in catch receiver, the Bears receivers were like towards the bottom of the NFL in terms of overall yards after the catch. And so in this offense where you can simply just stay on schedule, if Nick Foles can execute the offense, that means more scoring opportunities for Allen Robinson, more trips into the red zone, potentially even more plays on the field.


And then you factor in now that David Montgomery might not be ready to start the season, they're going to have to throw the ball more than they were planning on. So that means even more opportunity for Robinson, for Anthony Miller and then these tight ends. So I think Allen Robinson is a very, very safe option. I think that he is going to absolutely just be. Yeah. This guy that you can rely on week in and week out and you're going to be happy that you drafted him in round three.


All right. Let's move on round four here.


Tagg's, who do you got? Round four? Oh, it depends on who you get in the first three rounds. I have two guys here that I really love and I know I'm taking the cop out here, but I love Calvin Ridley and I love James Connor. James Connor would be a first round pick if you were playing all sixteen games. He'd go at the tail end of the first. I take him over someone like Nick Chubb. Obviously there's some health concerns with him.


But knowing Roethlisberger coming off that injury, you know, there could be even more dumped down passes. And James Kind proved to be a competent pass catcher two years ago when he was on the field. So really like James Connor. But I mean, we talked about Ridley this entire offseason. So it feels bad to even say that I should go with someone else here. It just depends on how you like your roster in the later rounds. If you feel like you have a running back.


I mean, I think David Montgomery probably would have been that guy for Yates that he could find the fifth, sixth round. Therefore, you would feel OK passing on Connor for someone like Ridley. But the running back position is drying out. So quick to get James Connor potentially as your RB three flex player, you know, in the fourth round, it just feels so easy to make that pick. Where is Calvin Ridley? As much as we love him, it's just going to be really difficult to pass on the value of Connor right there to Texas.


Point on Connor. Mike Tomlin has said this off like this very off season, that he's not that interested in committee arrangements. Right. That he likes to have a single Bellcore back who who gets all of the touches. Tomlin openly talks about it. There's no reason to think that that won't happen for Connor. So I do think he's a good Gaulier. I agree. All right, Andy, I'll turn it right back to you. Who's your favorite target here in round four?


There is probably not a player in fantasy drafts who I acquire more often than Mark Ingram. You can often get him in round five. Yes. And people are people are running away from him. And listen, JJ Dobbins, really good player. He was a great collegiate back. I have no doubt that he can be the future of the running back position in Baltimore and all that. Mark Ingram was spectacular last year. He was five yards. A carry is fifteen touchdowns.


He did nothing wrong. He would have he would have taken significantly more touches. But the Ravens kept blowing people out. Right. Like they'd roll up 40 points and a half and then Ingram could sit and it would be the Gus Edwards show. So Ingram could have had a larger work workload. I just never expect a team when something just works flawlessly. I never expect them to to veer away from. The next season, I feel like they did a nice job strengthening a strength in the draft and I understand the Dobbins pick in that light, I just don't think he's any sort of immediate threat to Mark Ingram as a high volume running back for the most run heavy team in the league.


I was looking at Mark Ingram last season and I was saying that this guy has top 10 upside like I was willing to reach a little bit to get Mark Ingram on my rosters because I said in this offense with a mobile quarterback. Now, again, I wasn't projecting Lamar Jackson to do what he did on the football field. He would have been my QB one if that was the instance. But like I was saying, draft Mark Ingram, because he has this upside.


I will say this this year, though, I don't think he has top five upside.


As long as JJ Dobbins is on the roster, however, he is going to be a very, very safe option for you to plug in as your RB two, and especially Tagg's mentioned it. When you're looking at these other guys like we're going to talk about in the next round, like Le'Veon Bell is going right in front of Mark Ingram.


Give me a Mark Ayling. Yeah, I almost vomited when I saw that on your spreadsheet. That's just absolutely disgusting.


Like, give me Mark Ingram all day long. You're talking about Le'Veon Bell in the probably the most low scoring offense in the NFL versus Mark Ingram, the lead back in the highest scoring offense in the NFL, potentially, you know, up there in the conversation with the Kansas City Chiefs.


Yeah, give me Mark Ingram. All right, guys, I of course, Calvin really is my honorable mention here. Talk about him all the time so I won't hear Jonathan Taylor. Jonathan Taylor is going to be my guy that I love targeting.


I love Jonathan Taylor is my RB two on my fantasy football rosters. If I can start my draft with a running back in the first round and then potentially a wide receiver, if one falls to me and again, I'm not locked into these strategies. Right. I'm just throwing out a hypothetical here and I can get Jonathan Taylor is my RB two. This guy is going to come out of the gate swinging. You're talking about Jacksonville, the Jacksonville Jaguars defense in week one.


Jonathan Taylor could run for two hundred yards like I'm and I'm not even joking. He is absolutely just going to come out swinging in this offense. He's going to take over this job sooner than people realize. I'm all in on Jonathan Taylor this year proving that. I mean, he's one of the most talented, pure runners coming out of college that we've seen since Daquan Barkley. Again, it's not a huge gap, you know, in time.


But yet this dude is a talented runner and I want him on my fantasy football rosters this year.


He's not going to be super involved in the passing game. So that is not what if he was, he'd be an RB one conversation, but as an RB two for a guy behind the best offensive line in football, I want him on my rosters.


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All right. Moving on to round five, I'm going to go with Robert Woods and it feels really weird to be able to get him in the fifth round. And honestly, Andy, looking at Yahoo's ADP right now, he's sixty five overall. You can get him in the sixth round, which is just bananas. But Robert Woods is one of the safest wide receiver two's in fantasy. So if you get in the fifth round and let's say that you take three running backs like you in that scenario where you take James Connor, you get Edwards Hillaire, you get CMC, whatever, you get that combination, you have Beckham and then you want to pair him with, let's say, Beckham, you're a little worried about the volatility.


You want to pair him with someone like Robert Woods. Robert Woods, by the way, was more consistent than Mike Evans and Kenny Golladay as a wide receiver to last year in fantasy lineups. And he only scored two touchdowns. So if you start adding touchdowns to that, all of a sudden he has a little bit more upside. Don't forget that Brandin Cooks is gone. Todd Gurley is gone. I know Cam Acres was brought in. They drafted Van Jefferson.


But I mean, Robert Woods is one of the focal points of this offense, and that's never changed. While Sean McVay has evolved his offense and done all these things, Robert Woods has always been highlighted in the offense and you have little to worry about there. So getting him in the fifth or sixth round, it just feels like madness because it's either he's your wide receiver to that you got in the fifth round or he's your wide receiver three and you have mesure three.


I mean, congratulations.


Yeah, I'm I'm obviously there with you. He would be my mentioned here. To Andy, let's go to you, I'm willing to take look like I'd be willing to take him as a second round wide receiver. I think he's I think he's that good. I've got him ranked inside the top ten receiver like that's where he was until he you know, he had that little nagging ankle injury very late last year. I want to say he was like the wide receiver, eight wide receiver, nine before that, as we as we came into December, had a couple of slow weeks when he was hurt.


And it cost him a little bit in terms of overall finish that that guys, even by the standards of the NFL, is just an extraordinary athlete for three speed at his height, at six for just a just an absolutely dominant player. And it's a team. You know, you were speaking about Jacksonville's defense earlier, like they're going to be chasing points all year. That is going to be kind of a kind of a sneaky, fun passing game, kind of into Minshew as a as a very late quarterback.


And I am especially into Iraq, who could very well see one hundred and sixty targets this year. And he's just a dominant physical specimen, like on the order of Julio Jones. Again, I find it almost difficult to be patient with him and wait for ADP because I value I'm sort of the back end of the second round. And here he is waiting for you in round five. That's crazy.


Yeah. I mean, and obviously him with his connection with Minshew, they have a connection, right? Whenever we saw Minshew in chalk on the field, they were putting up fantasy numbers. So I don't hate that call at all. He's he's someone that I actually have not been looking at a ton because in this range I'm looking at Robert Woods. Right. Like Woods is the guy is my guy. I have him ranked inside my top ten. He's my D.J Chark.


Right. andI like you have to have Robert Woods, the other guy that I mentioned, that could potentially finish in the top ten that I love targeting. If I'm not going to mention Robert. What's your name? Metcalf. Metcalf last season was heavily targeted in the red zone, had a very poor catch percentage. But you're talking about involvement in the key parts of the field that can translate to fantasy production.


Nine touchdowns last year. Guys, that's crazy. And when you are tying him to a quarterback like Russell Wilson, who can easily just put the ball right where it needs to be for DK Metcalf, deep downfield. Again, you're talking about athletic freak shows, right, with DK Metcalf. This is a guy that I think we need to be talking more about. D.K. Metcalf breaking out into the top ten at the position more this season.


So if I can't mention Robert Woods here, I'm going to mention DKA Metcalf because I think his receivers in this round are just insane because we talked about Terry McClaren. Terry McClaren could get a few hundred targets.


Could you could he could legitimately lead the NFL had targets this season because why would you throw at anybody else in Washington? Right.


All right. Let's move on to round six. This is where it gets a little bit interesting. So, Tighes, let's go to you here for your pick in round six.


I mean, David Montgomery would have been a pick in this round, like someone that I would consider for sure. If you wanted to wait on running back a little bit and get him is like a low end RB two and sack up on wide receivers or a tight end or whatever you wanted to do. But I'm going to go back to the guy that I will never quit, and that is AJ Green. AJ Green. A lot of times I'm able to give him the seventh or eighth round, but ATP consultancy ATP hasn't here in the sixth.


And again, we just went through this with Woods where it's like you get him as your wide receiver to you get AJ Green as your wide receiver three. That's kind of ridiculous to have because AJ Green, I understand the injury concerns. I understand, you know, he's 32 years old. Well, he came in the league at the same time as Julio Jones did. These guys are both they've been playing the same amount of time. I understand that the injuries are more recent with Green, whereas Julio had some injuries at the beginning of his career.


But both these guys have been monsters when they're on the field. You know, one has done it with Matt Ryan. The other one has done it with Andy Dalton. Why guys like Ty Hilton and Adam Thielen are being drafted over AJ Green. You kind of got me. I understand that Thielen is in he's in line to maybe get 150 targets so I can understand that one. But when they're both on the field, AJ Green has been the best talent of those aging wide receivers.


And to get him out here, if you take him in the sixth or seventh rounder wherever you get him, he's not going to lose you your fantasy league if he's not on the field. That's the bottom line. That's what I want to make clear about this, is that if you're drafting AJ Green, like I projected that he can finish in the top fifteen wide receiver. Sure. If you take him in the third or fourth round, obviously there's a lot of risk there.


And if you miss, you're in trouble. Let's not pretend many guys in the sixth round offer stability in your fantasy lineup. You know what I mean? There's question marks around everyone in this range. And AJ Green is the one who went on the field we know is a superstar.


Four points. All right, Andy, let's go to you for around six. I mentioned Mark Ingram as the player that I probably have the most exposure to. The number two is probably DeAndre Swift. I just absolutely love him. Tagg's mentioned Edwards. Hilaire is the number one running back on his board coming into the draft. Swift was the number one running back on mine. I may have even said this in conversation with you guys before. Like, there's there's not a single game that I saw from any prospect that was any better than Swift against Alabama in the SEC title game a couple of years ago.


He's he's just a marvelous receiver. He's a he's a really inventive runner. I love him. And I don't like I don't I don't view Karen Johnson is that much of a threat. I know other people do. They could split snaps to some extent, but I can't imagine giving carry on very. He touches that could otherwise go to Diondre Swift again, he's a he's a more versatile player. I think he's a much better back and carry on.


Listen was super inefficient last season and he's had knee injuries in each of the last two years. And I just think that the fact that they drafted Swift at all as early as they did is your signal that they're looking to move on. And I feel like his price is depressed a little bit by the fact that so many lions running backs have disappointed us over the years. It's been Javaid Best and Ameer Abdullah and the Kevin Smith and Jones and Lane, like everybody, everybody they draft seems to seems to disappoint us.


But you can't hang all that on DeAndre Swift. I just think he's a wonderful player.


I think if we didn't have the the question marks of Kerrianne Johnson and DeAndre Swift splitting the workload that we would be seeing Swifts step up in the top 20, because I think from a talent perspective, I'm right there with you. He was my number one running back from a film perspective. He dropped a little bit based on landing spot. Great Jonathan Taylor jumped above him, but because those guys were super close. But I love Swift and his talent coming out, so I completely agree there for me in this range.


I want Kareem Hunt in looking at Kareem Hunt attacks mentioned in round six, like I think Hunt is going to have some standalone value. But even if he isn't as involved in the passing game as we anticipate, he's not going to hurt my roster. He's not going to absolutely sink my season. However, if something does happen to Nick Chubb, we have a top five running back on our hands in that that I got in the sixth round. And so I think, again, I'm mentioning that Kareem Hunt, I think, is going to have standalone value, especially in full PPR formats.


But then if you can get him as your RB three and he has this potential upside. Oh, man, I want that. I want that in round six. And especially looking at some of the other guys, like kingmakers, DeAndre Swifties, tempting. But if I'm he's going Kareem Hunt at the back end of the sixth round.


So if it's between carmakers and Kareem Hunt for me, I'm taking Kareem Hunt ten times out of ten.


Yeah, I'm with you on Hunt. Standalone value, obviously league winning upside there. That's where I think I think ideally around seven because I think six now six is probably fine. I just I think it's rough to do that. You don't want to miss your RB two, but as a flex option. Yeah. Yeah.


All right, let's go round seven here. We got some interesting names here, tags including a couple of tight ends. So who are you thinking here in round seven?


I'm going to go with another Bengals wide receiver because I think that both of them are going to be a weekly starter. I'm going to say Tyler Boyd being a top twenty four wide receiver in each of the last two seasons and now gets an upgrade at the quarterback position. Boyd and Green are every week starters. Boyd actually played better in twenty eighteen when AJ Green was on the field because Tyler Boyd just doesn't see a whole lot of coverage, you know, you know, not a whole lot of attention.


And then obviously you have John Ross out there stretching the defense. Tyler boy's going to be left one on one, sometimes with linebackers or safeties, and that's just not a fair matchup. And that's why I like the Bengals offense so much, is because this could be a very so much like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from last year, where it's like you see in Jameis Winston check up, you know, over 600 passes. I think we could see the same thing out of Joe Barrow this year.


And he just happens to have a wide receiver corps that's super talented. So Tyler Boyd in the seventh round is a wide receiver, three, wide receiver four. It's just fantastic.


Hated job growth target Justin Jefferson.


I heard that he was a little bit. Yeah, just a little bit.


Yeah. No, I love I love Boyd at this offense is going to be it's going to be fun. It's going to be fun to see and especially when you have a quarterback like Dobra and to get these guys at, at these discounts. Right. Like we have to call it a discount for Tyler Boyd because he should be going well above this. I have him ranked well above this. So, yeah, I'm with you there. Tax. All right, Andy, let's go to you.


I want to give an honorable mention in in this round because I love taking a big swing on on Wil Fuller in round seven. I absolutely love it. He's the one guy on that team that that Deshaun has existing rapport with. And in a year when continuity is going to matter more than ever, I think Fuller, you know, even if you only get twelve games, three or four of those games are going to just be weak winners. They're going to be spectacular.


But again, he's only my honorable mention here, because at the top of this round on the old spreadsheet here, I see Michael Gallop. And that's just that's just an auto pick for me. I want Michael Gallop all day.


I, I kind of don't understand the gap between his ADP and and Cooper's like. I think Cooper's a good player. I think Gallup has a chance to be really special. And I get a I get a cheaper share of an offense that I think could be the best in the NFC that that seems totally in play. Right. Dak coming off a forty nine hundred yard season. Gallop averaged about 10 yards per target last year. He's been a big play receiver for him.


Fourteen games he gives you eleven hundred yards. I mean, he's going to see one hundred and twenty targets this season. Again, an explosive big play threat. So that's that's the kind of player that I'm sort of describing that that I want to take in this range, that that fuller type, that gallop type where when they really pop, you win the week.


I mean, for context there, Amari Cooper going off the board as a wide receiver. Eleven. Michael Gallop is a wide receiver, 29. I'm in complete agreement, Andy. I don't think there should be that far of a gap between these two. I think that the presence of Keadilan. Kind of depresses all three of their value where I don't think that necessarily all any of them can finish within the top 12, in my opinion, unless something were to happen with an injury rate of Cooperman's time, if Goutman time, then you'd see Lambe jump up, you'd see, you know, Galip jump up, whatever, but they're going to outproduce where they're being drafted.


And again, tie yourself to wide receivers and good offenses. And Dallas is a very good offense this year.


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Now Fandor, more ways to win. The guy that I want to talk about here is Jarvis Landry. Jarvis Landry has done nothing but outproduce where he's been drafted his entire career and he's currently going off. The board is a wide receiver. Thirty one. And looking at his opportunity, we talked about for so many years, we talked about Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs in the Minnesota Vikings offense as these guys who you could rely on week in and week out.


You know, people were ranking them consistently, both in the top 20, even though it was a low passing volume offense. You look at this wide receiver corps now in Cleveland, tags mentioned Odell Beckham and then as Jarvis Landry and behind him, you got Rashard Higgins, Donovan Jones, like those are the wide receivers behind him in on offense. It's going to be running heavy. Twelve personnel, which is one running back, two touchdowns on the field.


You're going to have Landry and Beckham on the field all the time. And these guys are going to have the same level of impact that Thielen and Diggs had for so many years. So and then not to even mention the fact that if Beckham struggles with injury again this year and misses time, Landry is going to see so many freaking targets. Like I just want I want shares of this offense and I want Landry at this price tag where I can get him as my wide receiver three or wide receiver four.


I think that's a tremendous value. You take him over, Boyd? Not necessarily.


I would Boyd would be my guy. I will say that I should have clarified that at the beginning. Boyd would be my guy that I would target. Landry would be right behind him, though, in this range.


Yeah, I worry about Landry coming off the hip surgery he just got. I recently he got cleared. Yeah, yeah, yeah. If you if he hadn't been cleared obviously at this point then that would be level for concern. Excuse me, that I would not mention him in this range but yet with him being cleared and him being back on the field, I'm fine with it. I'm fine with targeting him here in the seventh round. All right, let's go round eight and let's pick up the pace here, guys, a little bit.


Tagg's, who do we got? Ronald Jones. I mean, starting running back for a top ten scoring offense in the eighth round. Yeah. Sign me up every single time. There's risk involved. Sure. But I mean, he'd be going is a third or fourth round pick if there were no risk attached to him. So let's not pretend that again, there's any running backs in the eighth round who offer stability. So taking a starting running back here, it just feels like I've been waiting for his ADP to go up and I mean RB.


Thirty one still. It doesn't make any sense to me.


All right. That's my guy to spoil. It's going to be Ronaldo. So, Andy, where are you at?


Yeah, it's a it's a good call. He is, if not the very last potential full workload running back available on the draft board. That is really close to it, right? It is. It is a long fall for Ronald Jones. And I think it just reflects how miserable he was a couple of years ago. But I mean, how long are we going to hold that against him? The other day mailshot out here is another Jones, and that's Marvin Jones, who is really separated from Kenny Golladay.


They were about on a per game basis. There was about a point of difference between them last year, like Marvin Jones had a good year, nine touchdowns in a season where Matthew Stafford was off the field for half of it. Stafford, of course, was on pace for another 5000 yard season, like thirty eight touchdowns, something like that before the injury. So we get a full year of Matthew Stafford. There's almost no way that that Marvin Jones is a bust at this ADP.


You're talking about Jones coming with his own injury concerns at this point of his career, of course. But yet again, eighth round the investment there. If he misses time, it's not going to significantly hurt your roster. However, when he's on the field, you can plug him in as a wide receiver, too. I think you can easily rotate him in. So I love that call. All right. Let's move on to round nine here, guys.


We are cooking tag.


Sudhi, you got Deontay Johnson, wide receiver, the Pittsburgh Steelers, his rookie season. We saw a very, very sturdy 18 percent target share, Roethlisberger has supported multiple top 32 fantasy wide receivers in 11 of his 15 career seasons. You know, Deonte Johnson is someone that I mean, he led the NFL in yards of separation at Target among perimeter wide receivers last year, and that's despite bad quarterback play. Basically, they would wait until he was open.


He got open an awful lot. So Matt Harmon came on the show just recently, talked about how after going through reception perception, how how high he was on Johnson, he's someone that actually flew up his draft board. I like Johnson. So to hear him say that just made me feel even better about him in the ninth round is someone that you're wide receiver for on your team. That's kind of crazy.


I feel like Deontay Johnson is the right answer here. So I'll just I'll just piggyback on on what Tagg's is saying there. I think he's clearly the right answer, like he was good last year. And now we get to see him with what we hope is a fully healthy Ben Roethlisberger. This is gonna be a great year. Like I know he's he's been dealing with a nagging injury issue, but it sure seems like he's going to be good to go for the opener.


He's a huge talent and this is going to be a pretty fun offense. The other the other name I'll throw out as sort of an honorable mention here would be Jerry Judy, who goes very late, round nine. It is pretty rare that you hear the kind of praise that he is getting from other players. When Kareem Jackson says they've never like he's never seen someone get in out of his breaks like Jerry Judy does, like he's he's super refined.


He's a technician. He's ready to go. He's going to hit the ground running. And that that could be a sneaky fun offense as well.


It could be it could be very fun to see what Denver does on the football field this year. And if Drew Lock can rise to the occasion that Denver offense is going to be, it's going to be difficult to deal with. Deonte Johnson would have been my guy, too. Wide receiver. Forty one off the board. I have met wide receiver. Twenty seven and half PPR formats guys. So I absolutely think he's going to crush his ADP right now.


The other guy that I think is going to absolutely crush is ADP. Tarik Cohen, RB.


Forty off the board. I do not understand why he is all the way down here talking about RB twelve finish in twenty eighteen when the offense was actually pretty good, then last year fell off a cliff. He hurt a lot of people. So I understand it. I understand people just not wanting to draft Rick Cohen. However, we saw very, very little explosive place from Trae come in last year and that's just not who he is as a player.


And if he can get back to, again, this offense on schedule, you're looking at a less mobile quarterback with Nick Foles and Mr. Besuki. He's going to be looking to check the ball down if the pressure comes in rather than looking to try to escape. So Tyreke Coleman could absolutely see over one hundred targets and then not not even factoring in now with David Montgomery potentially missing the first two weeks of the season. If you're in any PPR format this season and Tarricone is sitting there in the back end of the ninth round, literally the last pick of the ninth round in consensus.


Right now I'm hitting that draft button every single time. Yeah, yeah.


And I just want to say real quick, the Broncos, if Drew Lock does not work out, like if he can't make it work with the players they've surrounded him with, he never will. Yeah. Like this like that team is super stacked on offense right now.


I completely agree. I mean, yeah, CJ a handler to Grant is another thing I like is that they're all in the same sort of age timeline with your life. Yeah. Yeah. They're just, they're just all in sync in terms of how you would expect the players to develop. I was just I was just going through the drooler game against Houston last year.


The three hundred plus yard three touchdown game like that was he was able to do more last year than I feel like anybody expected him to. So that was pretty encouraging. Yep. I agree.


All right, let's move on to round ten here. There are some interesting names, tags. I think I know who you're going to go with here.


But let's see. I mean, this is the easiest pick to make in your draft right now. It's Hayden Hurst. I mean, Hayden moving into a role that Austin Hooper was on 119 target pace last year. It's just ridiculous, the volume. That's what you're going to chase. A tight end. Hurst was a former first round pick and that a lot of people the reason he's falling down draft boards is because people are like, oh, he's orks.


He was behind Mark Andrews. Say that to yourself in the mirror a couple of times. That guy is a top three titan in the NFL. So I don't really hold anything against Hearst. Will he ever be a top three Titan in the NFL? Probably not. But at the same time, this team never replaced Mohamed Sanu. And unless you think that Russell Gage is going to be a thing, Hayden Hurst is going to be a top ten fantasy titan with top five upside.


I agree this this round had the clearest correct answer I like. It's kind of a minefield of around when you when you look through it.


Oh, I'll also add that, like, one of the things that you say that you'll see in Yahoo! ADP is that some of the defenses and kickers start to go here. That's a that's a reflection of of auto draft logic at Yahoo!


It's directly Andy. So direct all your complaints.


And it's not like our users are just, you know, knuckleheads. And then it's the auto draft logic fills out your starting lineup before it does anything else. So I'm just apologizing for Yahoo! ADP here. You see some.


Well, to be fair to say, to be fair, Andy Hayden Hurst is showing as a ninth rounder and Yahoo! We're using consensus ADP. So it's a mix of sites, but Yahoo! Has Heaton-Harris in the ninth, so they might be smarter than the average one.


Yeah, well, I think that is entirely boosted by my work.


Just like this guy is going to be a top five, top six. Tight end as long as. He stays healthy just based on the workload that that Hooper was getting last season. Yeah, I mean, looking round seven, we didn't I mentioned that there were some interesting tight ends in round seven. Jared Cook and Evan Ingram going off the board and around seven. Yeah, no, thank you. I am going to absolutely wait to get Hayden Hurst in round ten.


And then if I somehow miss out on Hayden Hurst, you guys know where I'm going. Later on, Latavius Murray will be my guy that I will mention if I cannot mention Hayden Hurst looking at Murray RB. Forty three off the board. I think Murray has some standalone value this year with Alvin Kamara back and healthy. They're going to get back to running the ball more than they did last season. When Kamara wasn't healthy, they weren't as efficient as an offense.


So they they're passing numbers inflated last year, especially, too, when you figure in that Drew Brees missed some time as well.


So Latavius Murray has this built in upside that Kareem Hunt does, right. If Alvin Kamara goes down with injury, just like with Nick Chubb, Latavius Murray can be a top five fantasy football running back in this offense. So to get him here in round ten where you don't have to start, Latavius Murray, I think you can, but you don't have to. You can sit on your bench and be this guy that you can rotate in on by week's or again, hold if something happens to Alvin Kamara because you have immense upside.


I would absolutely rather take Latavius Murray than a Darrell Henderson who's going to spots ahead of him. You know, I just don't I don't want to do that. I want Latavius Murray and I want the upside there. So let's move on to round eleven.


Tagg's, who are you going with here? Round eleven? I'm going to I mean, Latavius Murray was on that like the cusp in when I initially did my research for this. He was actually in that eleventh round. But I'm going to instead go with Henry Rug's, a guy that depending on the balance of your roster, you're able to choose, you know, wide receiver running back in this range. But we're now bench territory and you're looking for someone that you could potentially plug in, you know, with the way the state of the NFL is right now, where if someone walks into the stadium, they have 102 temperature.


They can't play whatever the case may be and they're automatically scratched. You can plug and play someone like this that gives you tremendous upside. Henry Rug's is the guy that I actually think that he is going to lead these wide receivers and targets. I know there's been talks about other wide receivers getting mixed in, but if they're going to use him in the slot quite a bit, they clearly have a role for him. And when they drafted him over Jerry, Judy, it was the dumbest thing.


And I will continue to say that it was the dumbest thing they could have done as a franchise. But at the same time, they clearly had a role for rug's in place and they want to get the ball in his hands. They have to let him create. And I think he's going to offer a better floor than some people think. And then obviously he's got that massive big play upside. So to plug and play him, you know, have as a wide receiver for wide receiver five on your fantasy team, I feel like Henry Rug's is just a tremendous pick in the double digit runs.


I completely agree. Andy, where are you? I love this round. I want to do an entire break out podcast on this. Maybe this this this round is just I want to build a team from this round.


I love it. I'm looking at the names at around 11:00. Tagg's knows that I have a longtime love affair with Jamison Crowder. I will never stop predicting one hundred catch season for Jamison Crowder. I love rug's. That was a good call. Justin Jefferson goes right after him and he steps into a situation where there's a there's triple digit targets waiting for him.


I have Zach Moss all over the place. He's an ideal complement to Devin Singletary is a bigger back if anybody's going to slide into that Frank Gore role from last season. Frank Gore had eighteen carries inside the ten yard line last year and Devin Singletary had three. Moss' was a hyper efficient receiver in college, like I love that pick. But the guy that I want to highlight here is someone that I just drafted last night, and that's Joe Barrow. I think Joe Barrow has a chance to be a top ten fantasy quarterback immediately.


If we had had a normal off season with normal OTAs and just normal interaction between coaches and players, like he'd be an easy call to break Andrew Luck's rookie passing record.


I think I think he still has a shot at maybe forty two hundred passing yards. It's just so rare that we see an immensely talented quarterback fall into a situation where he gets this kind of receiving corps. And that's mostly because AJ Green was absent last year. But I mean, for a guy with this kind of talent to get Boyd and Green at his disposal and that running game and a better offensive line like, it's just it's just a beautiful situation, I think, bro.


I think he can outscore Josh Allen. I think he can outscore, you know, your Drew Brees and Matt Ryan's in Tom Brady's and all that. Like, I think he can easily finish inside the top eight, the top ten at the position he's got. He's got rushing upside to the man ran for twelve touchdowns over the last two years.


I forgot about that. Jeez. Yeah. No, he was I mean, QB sixteen off the board.


That's a value for Joe. The guy will mention any mention of Jamison Crowder. He was going to be the guy that I talked about because you're looking at this New York Jets offense. Again, I mentioned it with Le'Veon Bell. Not going to be a high scoring offense, however, for fantasy football, that doesn't really matter if you're getting targets, and especially if you're in a full PPR league and wide receiver. Forty six off the board for Jamison Crowder.


I get that people just don't want to invest in this Jets offense, I guess.


But you're talking about Bershad Perriman dealing with. This with his own injuries, Denzel Mims dealing with his injuries like he's not on the field, they're they're rolling out and trying to hype up Chris Hogan, who they signed two weeks ago.


Like, no, Jamison Crowder could be in line for hundred and fifty targets in this offense. And I'm not even exaggerating. So I granted if he's a safe option, I don't think he has tremendous, tremendous upside. But to double back to, like, just a team building and roster construction strategy, if you take AJ Green in route, what round was that? Six, whatever is your wide receiver? Three double back in round eleven. Grab Jamison Crowder because that is a safe option to then kind of just counterbalance your roster where AJ Green does come with the injury concerns.


He comes, but he comes with tremendous upside. If he misses time, guess what? You've got Jamison Crowder sitting right there that you can plug into your wide receiver. Three spot.


I love that strategy. All right. Let's move on to round twelve here. Tagg's, do I can I just call out your guy? You sure?


Go ahead, Jalen. Right, 100 percent. I mean, if you guys are listen, you know, this is a it's to find a guy in the 12th round that could lead his team of wide receivers and targets, receptions and touchdowns without an injury. It's madness. I mean, it's it's madness. Jalen Reagor is the best wide receiver on that team right now. I mean, Deshaun Jackson is a good football player. He really is. But Rager is a guy that has explosive.


He could be this year's Terry McLaurin 100 percent.


All right, Andy, what about you? Yeah, that's the right call here. And it pains me to agree with right now, so far.


But I feel like I feel like ragers is the obvious.


Right call. Because, again, as you say, it could be he could be a really good teams number one receiver. And you're landing you're late this late in round twelve. I should also say that if I'm if I'm interested in Zeke Elliott in the first round, then I'm probably pretty interested in Tony Pollard here in round 12, who is going to have a little bit of maybe standalone value through the bye weeks. He was one hundred touch guy last year, five yards per carry.


So Pollard's good. But the right answer here, I feel like is Jalen Reagor. Hmm.


I will agree on that one. It's Jalen Reagor. And then I'm glad that you mentioned a man named Tony Pollard was going to be the other guy that I brought up again, upside upside at the position of Zeke if he goes down and could potentially have standalone value.


All right, let's move on to round thirteen guys. Round thirteen actually might be my favorite round in the entire day. I don't know, like you talked about an earlier round that you love.


I'm looking at round thirteen. I'm like, I want all these guys.


So who are you, who are you looking at here in round thirteen. Anthony Miller in the seven games without Taylor Gabriel. Last year, Miller posted twenty nine receptions, three hundred seventy yards, two touchdowns over 16 games. That would amounted to sixty six receptions, eight hundred forty six yards and five touchdowns. By comparison, Emmanuel Sanders in seventeen games last year racked up sixty six catches, eight hundred and sixty nine yards and five touchdowns, finishing as the wide receiver.


Thirty and again that's not, that's legitimately what he did last year with Gabriel out of the lineup. Others natural progression in his in his game. He's going to be healthy this year. He's been playing through a torn labrum the last two years. Obviously, a Foles wins that job. It could be more competent quarterback play. So I think that he has twice the chance to get competent quarterback play this year in Allen. Robinson might lose a few targets to someone like Anthony Miller because he happens to be really, really good to football.


Andy, how about you? Yeah, that's Miller's a really good call here. I'm a little bit embarrassed that he falls this far because it has a lot to do with what Yahoo dragsters or our team.


Oh, yeah. Well, drafters are almost taking this guy outside the top two hundred picks, which is not you know, that's not the fault of my ranks. I know it's not the fault of Harmons ranks. We both like him a whole lot, I think has a chance at a huge season. And obviously Nick Foles can support two starting quality fantasy receivers. I think he's a good quarterback. I'll I'll just also mention that Jared Goff goes in this round, and that's kind of crazy.


He was almost seemed like a game changer a couple of years ago. He has back to back forty six hundred yard seasons. If we love Robert Woods early and we like Cooper Kupp early, Jared Goff, there's no reason to think that he can't have his third straight forty six hundred yard season, perhaps with some positive improvements in terms of, in terms of total passing touchdowns.


Guys to me it's Geno Smith, end of analysis. Let's move on to round 14. That's about right. I'm, I'm not joking.


Let's move on to round fourteen tags. Who do we got. All right, so I actually I chose there's, there's two people here and I'll let you guys take the other ones. I know who it's going to be. I'm going to say to Sean Jackson, over the last three years, Deshawn Jackson has been a wide receiver, three or better in fifty percent of his games. He's not sexy, I get it. But with the state of the league potential absences, he's a great plug and play stash as a veteran, if Jalen Raker takes it, if he's battling for time to get on the field, Deshaun Jackson would clearly be the number one option in this passing attack at wide receiver.


So knowing that we've only seen with Carson Wentz for one really one game where he caught eight of nine targets for like 150 yards and two touchdowns and they're playing Washington again in week one. You guys should know that Deshaun Jackson around fourteen, you might be able to get a week one performance out of him. If you're if you have a wide receiver who's slated to miss week one or something like that, Deshawn Jackson can step in and be a wide receiver.


Three, I completely agree. He was going to be the guy that I talked about. Andy, who do you got? Yeah, I think Digex is a great call here, can't help but notice that Cam Newton on average is going in round 14. I mean, I shouldn't keep picking quarterbacks at this point, but this is obviously a reflection of the fact that I tend to take quarterbacks late.


If you can find Cam here, you know, I talked about Joe Burrows, somebody who has a path to a top 10 finish while Cam has multiple top five, top three finishes on his resume. And he doesn't have to be exactly that guy that he was in Carolina. I think he's the best goal line rushing option for the Patriots right now, you know, in a super murky backfield. I think Cam can easily deliver top five, top five overall positional finish.


Letting him fall to around 14 is a little bit crazy.


Yeah, he was going to be the guy that I talked about. I mean, if you're looking at let's let's play this game and was super quick. So if he's not, he's going earlier in smartly leagues. He's going earlier. What is the earliest that you would be willing to take Cam Newton as your QB one?


Well, again, if I'm if I'm not taking Mahomes and Jackson, like, let's say they don't fall to round three or round for where I'm where, I'm probably looking at them, then I'm a wait a really long time. And I don't like I don't fixate on one guy. That's the thing. You can't just be like locked in on Cam Newton. And because, like, the whole point of this position, especially in one quarterback leagues, is to is to not wait on it.


So am I going to reach for Cam in round nine? No, probably not. But you routinely see him fall to to round 12, round 13, round 14. So that's where I'm that's generally where I'm shopping for my quarterbacks. Yeah.


Those are the two guys that jumped out at me, Deshawn Jackson and Cam Newton. So I like the calls there, guys. All right, let's go.


Let's just go one more round here. Let's wrap up this conversation around fifteen. We've got a few interesting names on the board taxes. AJ Dillon.


Oh, absolutely not. Allen. Allen Lazard will be my pick here. It's like one of my favorite late round picks because he's a guy that you're going to find out what you got immediately. He closed out the twenty nineteen season by seeing eight and nine targets in those two games. It took him a while to get into that starting lineup. But now that he's there, that Funchess opted out, that Velda Scantlin can't learn where to be out on the field where he needs to be.


Aaron Rodgers likes to have trust in his receivers and I think he hasn't Lazard in year two of those guys actually practicing together. I do believe there's room for growth. And obviously, if Davante Adams were to miss any time Allen Lazard is walking into again, it's probably going to be that, you know, six to ten targets per game range, which is fantastic from someone like Rodgers.


So with your last pick, Allen Lazard, you know, one thing I really like about Lazard is you rarely see a quote from him that isn't just dripping with the fact that he's got he's got a real edge to him, right? Wankhede he doesn't he doesn't like that. He's that he's such a disrespected commodity that nobody has any belief in him. Like he feels that you hear it all the time. Should we do should we do it.


Mean A you kind of tour for Aaron Rodgers and Allen Lazard this year. Is that possible. Yeah, absolutely.


Absolutely. I like that.


Call the the player that I'm going to go with here is Blake Darwan, who I have landed in a ton of spots. He's another guy who averaged about nine yards per target last year. Again, I think that Dallas offense going to be really explosive. You look at the number of vacated targets with the absence of Randall Cobb, of Jason Witten, that's over. That's over one hundred and sixty total targets that are up for grabs. And clearly a huge chunk of that goes to KD Lamb.


Another big chunk of it is going to go to Blake Jawin, who already saw something like forty targets last year. It's it's not going to be that surprising if he finishes with one hundred targets, which is pretty rare among tight ends. In a typical season, you'll only see four or five tight ends at all who see triple digit targets. And I think he's in that club this year.


And you got to stop stealing. My guys do. Blake Darwan. I have he's tight end. Twenty two off the board right now. I have as a top twelve tight end. I'm at tight end twelve right now. So this is a guy that I Yamal in on and I think he has tremendous potential. And again, we talked about it with Michael Gallop, like what happens if one of these wide receiver options goes down because the next guy in line in Dallas is Cedrick Wilson.


Like Cedric Wilson is not going to step in and assume the workload from a target perspective, that is KD, whatever or whatever that's going to be dispersed around the offense. And Blake, Darwin stands to benefit, too. So he has immense upside this season to along with a safe floor, in my opinion. All right, guys, that is all we've got for today. Huge. Thank you to Andy Barrence for coming on and dropping some fantasy football knowledge.


I appreciate you taking some time out of your day to chat with us.


Oh, hey, thanks for inviting me. This this podcast notion, this idea, this sort of like favorite pick by round is a is a great idea. I was happy to be part of it.


Absolutely. Thank you so much.


Don't forget that you can follow him on Twitter at Andy Barrence. Mike and I are on Twitter as well at Kyly NFL and Mike Tagliani NFL. And we're also on Instagram to that Kyle White NFL and Mike Tagliani Tagg's. Any closing remarks before we get out of here? I just got to go yell at some kids to get off my lawn.


Oh, they don't forget about your now, don't forget also back in the recliner for a nap.


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