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Hey, yo, what's up, everybody? It's me, Joe, Joe Bessarabia, and welcome to Fantasy Pros. It is me, it is my Tagliani and it's you. And we're talking fantasy football today. And oh, my goodness, we've got a monumental trade of a quarterback to talk about today. We're also going to go through the twenty twenty breakouts of this past season and whether or not they're an illusion or they're for real. So Mike may or may not take out his magic kit, do a few little tricks for everybody, which is great, especially if you're watching on the YouTube channel.


I know he's got a lot of sleeves that are full of scarves and all kinds of things that are happening today. We're also going to talk a little bit about some potential twenty, twenty one breakouts and whether or not there are some early candidates that we like for some basketball drafts or maybe even just guys to keep an eye on in their ADP this offseason. And hopefully we'll get to a little fantasy or reality to a little fun game. We played on the MLB Show earlier today and hopefully my tag leader will make it through alive because old man tag, there is a contest right now and he is such a soldier man.


He is here for your fantasy football needs no matter what, rain or shine. Healthier, sick. Mike, how are you doing, my friend? Oh, man. Well, I have obviously been better from a health standpoint. 75 percent of my household is sick now. But I learned two things from those intro, the intro that you just did. So one, that is more energy than any one that I've ever heard. And I've been doing this podcast for, you know, this is my fourth year.


Now, that is more energy than I've ever heard on an intro. So congrats on that. And then two, you called me Mike. And that is something that's really odd to me, because basically it's been Tagg's now for so long that when someone calls me Mike, I think I'm in trouble because it's like my voice, right? Like it's almost like your wife. My wife, when she calls me Mike, I am in deep doo doo.


And if it's Michael. I might as well just run away, I told you, whenever I call you Tagg's, I always feel like you're some lovable children's character and I am Winnie the Pooh. Right. I know. Yeah. Like you, you know, you get stuck in some of that corner at all. Your tags can't get out to be after. You somehow need to take them out of there and the tags and you are went on their way down the road.


I'll call those and hopefully things will go well and I'll call you tags and we'll see. Right now, you're in trouble because you're sick and you probably should be resting, but instead you're talking football, so we'll soon get after it. But before we do, we want to tell you how to win some free swag because everybody likes free swag here in pristine auction is a great partner of ours here. Fantasy pros you can enter to win right now to win a JK Dobbins autographed jersey.


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Who doesn't want to. JK Dobbins Jersey. Besides Mike who still was down on him for some reason, no matter how many touchdowns he scored at the end of the year, he still just doesn't like him. And just. You're just wrong. That is not true. That is not true. You just you don't like him at all. My goodness. Adam Schefter has dropped a huge bomb here. He has agreed. It feels like Philadelphia has agreed to trade Carson Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts, which I got to tell you, Mike or Tagg's or, you know, whatever you want to call you.


I think this was kind of a no brainer, foregone conclusion. So it's an exchange for a twenty twenty one third round pick and a conditional twenty twenty two second round pick. And look, that certainly could turn things around for the Eagles very quickly. And I think that when you're looking at landing spots for Carson Wentz, I know I've said it on sports great. A bunch of times on the TV side. I heard you say it here a few times on the shows.


It just felt like the great fit. You've got the offensive line. You've proved the concept of taking a quarterback from a bad offensive line last year. You have Philip Rivers dropping him to a good one and getting to the playoffs with that quarterback. You have the cap space because the Andrew Luck retirement, it just all seemed to fit. And not to mention Frank Reich, who really you know, when Carson Wentz was at his peak, it was Frank Reich who is getting the job done with him.


So this is a no brainer. I think it's a great move for the Eagles. I think it's a great move for Carson Wentz. I think everybody wins here. So how fantasy owners want, I guess, is the question.


Yeah, I do believe that fantasy owners will be happy with this. I mean, if you remember, go back to Philip Rivers in twenty nineteen. People were saying that he was done. You know, I remember Dan talking about in the podcast quite a bit saying that Rivers just didn't have it anymore. And then we saw as his time went on in Indianapolis, where it was just an offensive, friendly scenario and he played really well as the year went on.


Got better and better when I don't know if it's any coincidence that once played his best ball under Frank Reich. Maybe Reich is the genius behind that team that won the Super Bowl. Maybe it's not Doug Davidson, you know what I mean? Well, you know what? Can I can I touch on that? Because you brought it up. And I want to ask you this. You know, when when you think about going back in time, right.


Carson Wentz was Boy Wonder could do no wrong. Everything was going great before the knee injury. And Doug Peterson was the butt of all the jokes of worst coach in the NFL. Then you have that incredible Super Bowl run with Foles. And next thing you know, that narrative kind of got flipped. And yet here we are a few years later and maybe you're onto something. Maybe it was Frank Reich. And ever since, you know, things have not gone in the right direction.


And what's the common denominator? He's not there anymore, right? In the Colts, they were contenders right away under Frank. Right. Right. And despite the quarterback problems, you know, Jacoby Brisset, what do they go that they go seven to nine or something like that? Yeah. And they started off hot.


They actually had a shot at the playoffs that year and then they kind of helping out at the end. Allen got hurt and they had a bunch of other injuries, too. I think Mack had an injury, too, but yeah, you're right. Yeah. No, that's the thing that you have to think about when you're all this stuff. So Carson Wentz, you know, we've seen him play at an MVP level before. You know, everybody wants to attach to Cam Newton.


Right. Everybody goes back to say, how did we let an MVP, you know, not get signed and that the Panthers are the Patriots steal him? Well, it's because he had one MVP season, really did as a passer. And that's what helped him win that MVP. And Carson Wentz, we've seen that out of him. We've seen MVP quarterback type play. We've seen one bad season and that bad season, basically, that's basically what everybody's hinging this on.


So as a Bears fan, I was OK if they wanted to trade for Carson Wentz, but I did not want them to pay the asking price, which, by the way, we heard, which is a bunch of crap, two first round picks that was never going to happen. No, this deal, this deal, it's a third round pick and a second round pick that can become a first. And it seems likely that it will because the details that came out is that if Carson Wentz.


Seventy five percent of the snaps in 2021, that becomes a first round pick. So it's basically the Colts saying, hey, if this guy stays healthy, we feel like we're going to make the playoffs. It's going to be worth it to send that first round pick. If he gets hurt again, like Carson Wentz has done in the past, we have protection and we're listening a second or third round pick for a guy that can play in an MVP type level.


So I love this play by them. The Colts were in a weird spot. It was like, you know, you have the Houston Texans who are reeling. You have the Jacksonville Jaguars who are going to be good with Trevor Lawrence. It's just they're still rebuilding where it's like it's the Colts time to shine. And it was like, all right. Rivers retired. Anthony Costanzo retired. You're starting left tackle. You have Justin Houston coming up on free agency.


You have Xavier Rhodes, your top cornerback, Malik Hooker, your top safety. These guys were all free agents. So it was more like, all right, the Colts have to decide, are we going to rebuild this roster or are we going to try and win right now because we have a window? They're going to win right now. That's what this trade does for me. Carson Wentz can play. I got a guy that can win a Super Bowl.


I believe that he's good enough to do that in this offensive line is going to allow him to play the way that he did in Philadelphia when he was playing well. And he's only a year removed from being the only QB one to have a passing touchdown in every single game.


Like we forget that. I mean, that was only two seasons ago. It's just staggering to me how we can just kind of throw people away after a bad year and a terrible offensive line. And look, Carson Wentz certainly is to blame for impacting it even worse, sometimes trying to do too much, sort of doubling down and making a bad situation even worse situation. But I think this is a great short term and long term for the Colts. You're right.


Colts clearly prove that they belong in the AFC They took the bills to their limit. They almost won that football game. You could argue they could have should have won that football game in the playoffs. And I think it's a no brainer here. Put them back with Rike and I think we can safely buy back in because Wentz was one of the safer clubs before you head into twenty twenty and then it all just fell apart. And good for the Eagles to to turn the page and see where they're going.


All right, Hotcake, I'm going to ask you right now, where do they go? Is a Jalen hurts or are they going to fish around for another quarterback in the draft? I think it's I think it's still up in the air. A lot of people are going to Twitter right now saying that Jalen Hurts is an automatic, you know, top eight quarterback in fantasy drafts. Lock it up. I don't I don't necessarily think that because when I was going through the Eagles and trying to figure out what it is that they wanted, what it is they needed on their roster, it was like, OK, they obviously could use a quarterback if they trade away when you don't, because Jalen Hurts is far from a sure thing.


Agreed. And then, you know, I looked at it and I was like, they really need a linebacker. And I ended up mocking them, a linebacker there with the fifth overall or the sixth overall pick. But in reality, they never draft linebackers. I mean, at some point that has to change. And you say as Michael Parsons, good enough for them to do it, but it's very possible they draft a quarterback there at six, especially if someone like Justin Fields falls to them or, you know, do they see enough upside?


And Trillanes, there's a lot of question marks here with the NFL draft and free agency that I just don't think anyone should jump to conclusions and say that Jalen Hurts is automatically a top eight quarterback. But what I do think is that this is a step closer for you, right. Your step closer to him under this new coaching staff, having some, you know, confidence behind him and the fact that he can lead this team because there's no guarantee that they even get a quarterback at six that they want.


Yeah, you know what? And going back to Carson Wentz to supporting him in the run game to for a change. I mean, what a nice change of pace there. So we'll see what the Eagles do obviously work in progress. And by the way, when everyone says jump to conclusions, I always think of office space. Is that wrong? That I always think of the mat like every time, no matter what it is, no matter what the scenario is, I want to jump to conclusions.


And I'm like, that sounds like a fun game. I want to play with my Dagley Air. Another bit of news going to your Bears do is Tom Pelissero is old man. Tagg's is trying to make sure that he survives the program here. Old man Dag's. Did you know that? NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reports that the Bears and Allen Robinson haven't had any sort of contact regarding a contract since September.


I'm sure it's not surprising, but do you have an early landing spot in your head where you think Allen Robinson is going to end up for twenty one?


It's not surprising at all. Allen Robinson, the bears have had a disconnect for quite some time. He wasn't with the quarterback during the playoffs. He kept tweeting about, I want to ring and I don't I think he might blame a man. He's played with some rough quarterbacks in his career. Right. And that's why to me, I think he obviously wants to go to free agency. I don't think he wants to resign with the bears because if they had something to offer him, they would have gotten that deal done.


But there's reports of a sign and trade potentially that the bears are exploring. With that, I have the Ravens as the destination for Allen. Right. This is terrible. You and I think way too much alike. This is either maybe the greatest thing in the world or the worst. Probably the greatest. Let's be honest. But I said the same thing for four weeks now that doesn't it just make sense to have a guy who can get open on his own, a guy they can really rely on.


And let's see if Lamar can go back to being as good of a pocket passer as he was in college because he was better than people give him credit for. Yeah, no. And he's improved in the NFL. I mean, now he just doesn't have that possession style receiver and Marquese Browns, not that guy. You know, Dez Bryant coming back after being out of the game for a couple of years. He's and 210 years old. Yeah, that's what I'm saying.


Like, he he just needs that possession style receiver. I think Allen Robinson is a perfect. I for that and I think another team to watch, and I think it's it might sound crazy to some people, but the Seahawks are a team to watch because of Allen. Robinson is willing to take like a team friendly deal, say I want to win Super Bowl. And, you know, joining Dick Metcalf as like Dick is like that field structure that can play a different roles.


Right. Allen Robinson plays the intermediate area and then you have Tyler Lockett playing in the slot.


My God, do they have the cap space, even with a friendly deal to make that work, though? That's the thing. There are some moves that have to be made around it, but they're not negative in the cap right now. So I don't I think there's a chance, like if he's willing to take a short term deal to try and win a ring, I think that team would make sense.


Now, look, I'm with you on the Ravens, and I think that's the most logical spot there. And and think it'll make Hollywood brown better to Hollywood. Brown is a mistake. Wide receiver. When you watch him, I'm sure you've seen this do that touchdown run that he had. There was like how many, five straight games, whatever was with a touchdown to end the season? Almost every single one of them. I would say probably four of the five or five of the six, whatever the number was, they were mistakes by the defense.


I mean, literally like somebody fell down, somebody missed the coverage and he's open for a second and he goes, and that's great to have. But that's not something you can rely on. Third downs.


And everybody knows he's looking for Andrews. And it's just you got to you got to figure it out. And I get the idea of this past year saying, well, Hollywood wasn't healthy in his rookie year. Let's see what he is. Well, now, you know, go out there and get Allen Robinson, some kind of guy like that. And let's give Lamar something else for this offense. All right. So going back to twenty twenty for a moment.


We're going to take a look right now and see if we can discuss some of the the breakouts and whether or not we're buying or selling these breakout seasons because breakouts are great. Everybody loves breakouts. After the show, Mike's going to break out some more cough medicine, hopefully, and hopefully he'll make it through.


But, you know, it's always difficult because sometimes there's guys that we want to be great, then they're not great right away. And then they do break out and we're still not buying into it. And that probably fits David Montgomery to a certain extent for some people. Now, I don't know where you are, but I was very encouraged by David Montgomery, you know, coming in there and having the season he had. I do believe it. I was high on Montgomery going in.


I've had some problems with the Matt Nagy play calling. I didn't like I didn't like going into the season, starting to Robiskie, then having Foles and Robiskie. I thought they should have just started Foles and then let Drabinsky come in, be the conquering hero and things might have gone better for them, but alas, it is what it is. So David Montgomery on the year had two hundred and forty seven attempts. He had over a thousand rushing yards, ten seventy four point three per carry.


He also had fifty four receptions for 438 receiving yards and ten touchdowns. So this is certainly a breakout year year to not too surprising we've seen in the past. Melvin Gordon, have a great year to guys who we were high on, didn't have the greatest rookie season boom year to happens and all of a sudden it happens and they become stud running backs. And he finished obviously with an incredible flourish. So here's the question. Do you buy the breakout of David Montgomery in twenty twenty?


No, I don't buy it as a as a true breakout.


I'm looking at his ADP right now are, as I should say, is easier because we don't have ADP data yet, but right around RB eighteen, RB nineteen. And I think that's fair for him. I think he's, he's a, he's a RB two and you're going to see his ceiling come down, you're going to see his floor come down. We don't know who the Bears quarterback is. If this offense can't score points, he's not going to be scoring opportunities, which means it's problematic.


And then you look at the the you know, the return of Tarricone Cohen is someone that the bears love. You know, they did sign him do a big extension. They were talks about him being sent off to Philadelphia. That was never going to happen. He was reassured by ownership, by the coaches. So he was always coming back. Three, Cohen is going to get eight to ten touches per game. And most of that stuff is going to be that that receiving work that David Montgomery was getting.


You know, he was getting five, six targets per game and that's why he was so damn reliable. You're going to go back to kind of the player that he was before Tarik Cohen got hurt. And if you look at that sample size, he was never a terrible fantasy running back, but he was never someone that was going to win you fantasy titles. And then you add in the fact that he had one of the softest schedules over the final six weeks or whatever it was.


And you're kind of like, OK, I'm not buying it as a breakout. I think he's a fine running back. And I think the Bears can move forward with him as the running back. But as a low end RB two, that's about where he should go. I think this is where close to where I had him last year. He was being drafted around RB. Twenty five. Twenty six. I had him around RB nineteen, RB twenty.


And I was saying that he was if you get him as your RB two and you want to go wide receiver heavy early, you're going to be fine with that. So I almost feel the same way as I did last year about David Montgomery because I don't I don't really feel much better about this offense in general. All right. Question, should the bears still be in love with Tarricone at this point? Yeah, I mean, I believe he's a piece now.


Do they use him correctly? There's the real question. No, I don't have any faith in the play calling anymore. I think that Tarricone, if used correctly, he could be a dance rolls type player.


Yeah, I mean, certainly he certainly has that upside. We've seen the flashes of it, but it's just it's odd. The usage is definitely odd. All right. Let's go to another guy that I don't think anybody saw coming. Maybe you did. I don't know, but I certainly didn't. I mean, he was down on the depth chart. He was a guy that if you drafted, lay people might have added or he was somebody that people added.


Right. For the season started, and it's James Robinson, and I don't think anybody could argue with the return on James Robinson, you got him for free and he had a tremendous season. Two hundred and forty attempts. He also had ten seventy rushing yards, four and a half yards per carry. He also had 49 receptions for 344, also ten touchdowns. So now James Roberts is going to be playing with a different quarterback, most likely 99 percent.


Trevor Lawrence. So in your opinion, is this all of a sudden in any way sustainable or. You know, because I guess there's two sides of the argument. You could say, well, Trevor Lawrence makes the offense better and more scoring opportunities and that's a positive. But with Trevor Lawrence also comes probably more pass attempts and things of that nature. So in your opinion, do you think James Robinson, No. One was really a breakout, which I feel like he was in number two.


Do you think in any way, shape or form it's sustainable?


This is a loaded question. There are so many if that's why I talk about it, I added so much into that question. So now you could go. It's weird the way you listed this on the show sheet. I see that now. Looking at it now, I could see Dave Montgomery and James Robinson basically have the same stats, like it or the exact same. So that's the question, right? Is like you have a new coaching staff coming in, coming in, and they have loads of draft picks.


They have four picks inside the top 45 this year. Not to say they're going to take a running back with one of those, but it's very, very likely that they had a running back at some point. And the question is, how much does he eat? And it's not whether or not they have another running back that's going to eat into some work running backs today. Just do not get the workload that James Robinson got this year. You know, he was basically typically no.


Yeah, there were times where it was like over 90 percent of the touches. And that's just that just doesn't happen. So, I mean, we're going to dial it back for sure. And James Robinson, we saw him wear down as the year went on and then he ended up missing a week or two at the end of the year because he was just worn down. He was beaten down. So I do believe that this is an offense, that they're going to involve someone else.


And then you talked about Trevor Lawrence. Lawrence has underrated mobility. He sure does. He's fantastic. Isn't underrated. I feel like we all talk about it. I mean, it's weird. So does that make it underrated? Because I feel like I know it. You know, it seems like everybody's going to do in the write up. Seems to know it. It's a good question. I mean, but if you look at his like early X, I don't think I think people are underestimating underrating his mobility there because he's obviously a passer that we expect to walk into the league and play competently from the get go.


He's not going to walk in and be Aaron Rodgers or anything like that. But with the mobility and I said the same thing about Joe Bura last year. Right. It's a similar kind of feel. Exactly. Kingsborough had that was he had underrated mobility as far as I was concerned. But Lawrence is noted as like the guy that he's just he's a great pocket passer. He's that tall guy that you want. But again, it is like burrow.


It's like it's like Andrew Luck, you know, like he was someone that has some mobility to his game. When he came in, I think he scored five or six rushing touchdowns his first season. That can happen with Trevor Lawrence. And that's going to drag down James Robinson's ceiling. And I don't think this offense is going to suddenly turn into the Chiefs or anything like that, you know, in year one. So James Robinson is going to take a hit.


But looking again, I pulled up because I want to see where people are at on him right now. And it it feels right. He's right there with David Montgomery as the RB twenty increase. That feels right to me. I mean, if they don't draft someone of significance, I'm going to move him higher than that. But I think right now it feels about right.


Yeah, I can agree with that. So what? He was twenty and Montgomery was eighteen. Is that what you said? Montgomery was nineteen, 19, nineteen. And then he was on number twenty.


A number twenty. OK, so neck and neck which is ironic. Again, we talked about the stats being eerily similar and I don't even think either one of us realize it too. They were both kind of back to back there and you go, yeah, pretty much the same guy, even down to the number of touchdowns. Yeah. All right.


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He had eleven touchdowns, actually converted wide receiver. So I think it took him a little bit of time to continue to adjust to the position, but certainly saw some flashes from Antonio Gibson. He had fourteen games. He did miss some time. One hundred and seventy yards, excuse 170 attempts. Seven hundred ninety five yards rushing, four point seven yards per carry, thirty six receptions, four to forty seven and again the eleven touchdown. So Gibson certainly show that he can be a very interesting fantasy piece.


Certainly JD McKissic presence there this year, he did catch a ton of balls out of the backfield, so it felt like Gibson was a bit of a breakout. I think there were some people low key going into the season that, you know, especially when Adrian Peterson was jettisoned and they were like, OK, well, maybe Gibbs is now going to get a chance.


And it took a little while. But the work I want to say that was worth the wait, because what you saw towards the end, I think was at least the very least encouraging for twenty twenty one. How do you feel about Gibson? Are you buying what you saw last year out of him as somewhat. He's someone that I don't even know if Washington is fully buying at this point. I mean, it's like think about it, JD McKissic not going anywhere with the way that he played last year.


There's no way that they're going to eliminate him from the offense. And it was really based on game script. And if you had a game where that where Washington was going to win, it was like, hey, you could play someone like Antonio Gibson in DFS if you felt like Washington was going to fall behind. It was like, hey, stay away, stay away. Because, you know, he did only top 13 carries four times all season.


He only tops seventy five rushing yards three times all year. Two of those were against the Cowboys. Do they even count? I mean, they count. But yes, Wright is made. Yeah. So I mean he scored I think it was over 55 PPR points against the Cowboys in just two games, which basically carried his season. It was like over a quarter of his fantasy points were in two games against the Cowboys. So, yeah, but he gets to play them again next year.


Mike, don't forget, he doesn't. Do they get better? I don't know how. I mean, jeez. Mean can't get worse. Better they get I mean I don't want to say they can't get any worse because I've seen things get worse. But you would assume better. But I don't know if great or even good is in the cards, if they can really turn that around.


They really don't. But I think even the people that were high on Antonio Gibson coming into this year, because there were a lot of people who are high on Antonio Gates, they look him. I don't think any of them would be very excited to know that he top twenty five receiving yards just twice. I figured he would be used more as a receiver. But the addition of JD McKissic was real and it was something that I don't think any of us want to really wanted to admit because he was like a journeyman.


Right. You know, JT McKissic, who's worried about that guy. Hey man, I want a ton of money with McKissic on Zeke. You know, just from the PR standpoint is like that flex guy or that second RB something which just he was Goldmann. He was money in the bank because of the volume. Right. And Logan Thomas came out at the end of the season. They had Terry McLaurin. They're talking about adding another receiver like a big name receiver.


They might sign Kenny Golladay, they might sign Allen Robinson. They have kept him to do it, too. So so it's like trying to figure out all that stuff. Seeing Antonio Gibson. It's funny because Gibson's eighteen, David Montgomery's nineteen, James Robinson's twenty and the consensus rankings right now. So they're all there. So all these guys and I did not know that when I selected all three guys. Right. But I mean, what what a funny set of circumstances.


They're all in there. And and look, you know, that's and that's why we're having this conversation, because you have to sort of compartmentalize a little bit, OK, this was twenty twenty. These were the circumstances. And if Mike is right and they do bring in a big wide receiver there, if, you know, Trevor Lawrence comes in and things change considerably in terms of the workload for James Robinson, you know, Tarricone goes back and changes the David Montgomery profile.


These are all things you have to take into account. You can't just be lazy and look at last year's stats and say, oh, it's a breakout, everything's fine. You have to dig a little deeper and see exactly where you're going to stack up because you do have some great running backs coming in the league this year, too. You have some more guys. They were rookies last year that, again, like the carmakers of the world and guys like that, that, you know, Dinora, Diondre Swift, where you think they're going to continue to improve.


So there's a lot to kind of digest with that. Let's switch gears from the running backs to the wide receivers. And there's no way you're not going to fight on this one because it was definitely a breakout for Justin Jefferson. I mean, there's just no way, shape or form. It wasn't I was higher on Joseph Jefferson than a lot of people. But, dude, let me tell you, there was no way I thought this season was coming.


I was hoping maybe you could get a Stefon Diggs season, maybe a thousand yards, six touchdowns or something like that. Well, he had eighty eight receptions on one hundred and twenty five targets for fourteen hundred yards and seven touchdowns. It was an incredible season for him. And I think what I was so taken with with Jefferson was how good he was in certain games were Thielen wasn't healthy. And to me that is always the mark. It's the one thing that I remember in the preseason last year we talked about Calvin Ridley.


OK, prove it when Julio's not on the field and when you did that then you knew for sure this is the guy. It's going to be gold. And I feel like with Joseph Jefferson, he did that at moments last year and that was so appealing and going back to it to, you know, Kirk Cousins gets a lot of you know, he gets a lot of slack. He's the butt of a lot of jokes and rightfully so. But if you start to eliminate the bad starts of seasons and look at the rest of the body work, Cousins last two years were pretty productive.


So Justin Jefferson, huge season. The problem is, it's so huge, Mike. I feel like it's going to be tough to live up to. Do you are you buying or selling the break out of Justin Jefferson in year one?


I am buying the hell out of Justin Jefferson.


I have I have him ranked as my number eight wide receiver for Redrafts next year. So I'm I'm all in it's not just Dynasty. It's three draft to and I'll be full disclosure. So you said your higher ups. And I was. I was. I was. I was. And I took a lot of slack for people like, wow, that's just I'm like, no, it's not lazy. I watch Jefferson play in college. I think he's a really good fit for Kirk Cousins and the style of play and it.


There was enough in the offense because you saw Diggs and Thielen be able to both have a thousand yard y, you know, thousand receiving seasons, so you know that there was enough to go around potentially, just theoretically when the opportunity and the talent come together, that typically makes for a good spot, not 4500 yards season. Good spot. But again he just blew away my expectations. Oh no, it was ridiculous what he did. And so going back I had him ranked over Kilim in my draft rankings.


I love Justin Jefferson. I did have him behind jury duty. I will be honest there. I like I still like duty. But Justin Jefferson was someone I loved. OK, but however full, full, I'm honest, you're disclosing a lot of. I just want everyone to appreciate all of Mike's disclosures. Yes. It's really nice. I'm forced to do it. But Jefferson, I did not like him and redraft this year. I was lower than the consensus on him.


And the reason I was is because going back to the time that they had their training camp, which was like a month long, he was forced into quarantine during that. And so there was two weeks where he was held out of the team and then basically came back to the team. And the team was it was came out in the media where it was like saying the team wasn't really happy with where he was at in his progress. And then all of a sudden, when the first week or two happened, it was like, yeah, this is basically what I expected.


He wasn't even in the starting lineup. He wasn't on the field very much. And then all of a sudden, week three happens and there's like a breakthrough and it's like, OK, what happened here? And then you see it build and you're just like, it took me a little while to get a board just because it was just like there were based on some big plays and there was a lot of stuff that he did after the catch where I didn't think that Justin Jefferson was going to be he's not going to be an AJ Brown type receiver, a guy that's going to catch the ball into the middle field, break a million tackles, find his way in the end zone.


Jefferson is a route runner. He's a very smart route runner. But I don't again, I don't think he's eight yards is the catch guy. So it took me a little bit to get there. But then again, but now after the season, he had the fact that he did it the entire time while Thielen was off the field while the was on the field. Thielen's a year older, Kirk Cousins is obviously going to be there. The Vikings defense.


Again, this goes back to the reason I didn't like him in draft because the Vikings defense was good the year before and it was like, OK, Cousins threw the ball fewer than 500 times. Even if we get a bump in that, it's like how many pass attempts are there really to go around? Because this team did not even feed Stefon Diggs the ball. But now but again, now that Jefferson overcame the fact that he was out with covid like during training camp, now that we we've seen him basically walk into the starting lineup in week three, finish with fourteen hundred yards, despite all of the things happening around him, it's like this guy proved anything that you like, anything, any the the expectations you set for Justin Jefferson, he exceeded all of them.


So it's like why should we not believe in this guy when Adam Thielen is on. He's 31, 32 years old now, Kirk Cousins, he's still at the twilight of his career. Kirk Cousins is still fine. They're not going to be adding another big name, wide receiver to this bunch. They have some a lot of needs on defense. So they do. You know what the defense, Mike? I'm just going to throw this out there.


That was one of the few real, tangible home field advantages. That building was very loud. And I think that defense fed off that. I think opposing quarterbacks had a really hard time getting the snap out and, you know, everybody communicating. And you saw it. You saw it was a very loud and very tough place to play. And they fed off that and we took that away. I think you saw the defense collapse and I think then it started to hurt their confidence.


And, look, they have personnel issues, too. Yeah. Yeah. But I think getting people in that building is a huge win possibly for Minnesota going into next year and whether or not that defense can bounce back. And I think it can actually, you know, depending on how things go, a covid and all these things, if we continue on through the summer, it's something to keep an eye on because we're looking for like a bounce back defense.


The Vikings could be one of them if a few tweaks here and there and getting that home field advantage back in the crowd. Let's go to Will Fuller, because this is a player who obviously injuries have always played a part. And, my goodness, it was so good. And then, oh, the suspension. Oh, the PEDs. Now, over the eleven games that he did play, he did have fifty three receptions and seventy five targets.


He had eight hundred and seventy nine yards, he had sixteen point six on the average and eight touchdowns. So I don't know what more you could ask over eleven games. Now there's a lot of uncertainty obviously going going forward with Will Fuller for a myriad of reasons. So this was I think a breakout, but at the same time has been so much negative that I imagine you're going to be selling. But maybe I'm wrong. I don't want to speak for Dag's.


So you tell me. I mean, if willful are lands in the right spot, are you kind of low key buying because everybody else might be out?


I had depends. So, Houston, if they keep Deshaun Watson, I think like literally should be tattooed, that Will Fuller is going be a Texan for life, because if they keep this, they were terrific. They've always been terrific together. Yes. It basically depends if willful stays in Houston. I mean I mean, he's always been good when he's on the field. It's just a matter of when he's going to be on the field and his draft position.


You're never going to have to pay what he's actually worth because there's always that injury concern and you're getting a suspension concern. Maybe that's why you know, what someone said on Twitter and I give him credit for that, is that they said whatever it is that kept willful or healthy for the season, it should be legalized. I saw it. I saw that. Did you read tweet? I think that might have seen the same thing. Yeah, I absolutely saw that tweet.


And, you know, one hundred percent, right? Yeah. Let's just do it. But but if he goes somewhere else, I don't know if I'm going to have as much. Confidence, just because him and John Watson seem to be on the same page, you add in the injury risks, but as of right now, he's the clear cut target leader in that wide receiver corps. So if he's with the Texans, I'm in. But if he's not, then no.


OK, fair enough.


Corey Davis, we've been waiting for four years. There was never been a matter of talent. It's always been about health and being on the field. And Ryan Tannehill certainly has transformed the Tennessee Titans offense. There's no way we can argue that against that. So Corey Davis last year against sixty five catches. Ninety two targets for him. Nine hundred and eighty four yards, fifteen point one was the average and he had five touchdowns. Now, Corey Davis did have some monster games.


So I don't know if that hurts your opinion of him, because kind of like Antonio Gibson, there were some clusters there. He had some huge games and then some quiet games. And certainly he's fighting Derrick Henry if he should stay there. And certainly he's fighting AJ Brown and even Ryan Daniels is a guy will run the ball in himself. So and in terms a touchdown equity, it could be hard to find. Bakary Davis has never been a question in terms of the talent.


If he lands back with the Tennessee Titans, if he lands in a spot that maybe is we look at him go, hey, this is a good opportunity, good quarterback, good line. He'll have time to, you know, be throwing the ball to. Are you buying the break out of Corey Davis or is it too little too late?


Oh, I am. I always like Corey Davis. And I was just waiting for the targets to get there. But I don't I don't think I'm buying it. No. And part of it comes from the fact that I think he's going to be back with the Titans. And AJ Brown is set up for a just a oh, he's a monster.


He's a guy. Just he's you know, I hated I hated the argument last year. So many people get thrown out while he just didn't get enough. He was too efficient, too efficient. Like I what that was like when people used to say all Chris Carter, I was like sustainable. But all you had to do was just realize that it was also his first year. Like, just give him a little bit more time and, you know, there will be some more volume and all be good.


And what you're seeing is a guy emerge who was just a complete matchup nightmare for defenses. And I just love AJ Brown.


Oh, he's he's a freak. I mean, come on. Like, that dude is just built differently than other people. I gave him a word in our word show, and it was just it was basically just saying bow down. Yeah, it was about out award where it was just like, you know, don't try and come to him incorrectly because he will throw you on the ground. So that's what's going to prevent for me, Corey Davis.


And even if Corey Davis does go to another team, I don't think it's a team that is looking for a number one. I think it's as a complementary piece. So basically, if the Ravens were to miss out on Allen Robinson, I could see them going with a Corey Davis to pair with Merkies Brown. It would kind of make sense as a cheaper alternative. But I know I'm not really buying the Corey Davis breakout. I mean, it is a wide receiver, four or something like that.


Yeah, I'll take him there. But in terms of where he finished this year, what I buy at that price, absolutely not. All right.


Let's move on to quarterback here and talk about Justin Herbert, because this is another guy that I think absolutely blew away expectations. So even if you like Justin Herbert, I don't think anybody could have seen him winning Rookie of the Year and playing as well as he had fifteen games. He played he had a sixty six point six completion percentage. He won Rookie of the year. He had forty three hundred yards. He had 31 touchdowns, ten picks. He also had five rushing touchdowns, which I think gets lost on people sometimes, which was, you know, one of the things you look up and you go, oh yeah, he did have that too.


He played very well. I was most impressed with herbut down the stretch, I think it was that night game against the Raiders at the time where he didn't have Keenan Allen. I think Williams was hurt too. And he just still was going out there slinging the ball with confidence. And that to me was really where I said, OK, now I'm buying in Justin Herbert. Now I feel confident because, you know, we have great weapons here.


It certainly helps. The Chargers absolutely had their issues last year. But Justin Herbert, I think, really kind of blew away expectations. This was absolutely a breakout. The question is, are we comfortable now that this is the new standard? Because he has set now an expectation that he is going to have forty three hundred yards or somewhere around there, he's going to maybe throw around 30 touchdowns. And I think there's improvements that you can make and we'll see what the new coach, if they do make those improvements.


But for you is just an herbut somebody that you're buying this breakout or you selling it because it is quarterback and single quarterback leagues, you don't have to chase that necessarily. I do think there is a divide between the elites. And if you don't have those guys, you are playing a little bit of catch up. But there is some depth and you are getting Trevor Lawrence in the league and you are getting Joe Burrow back healthy next year. So where are you at with Herber?


I like Herbert. If you were to put him up against someone like Jalen hurts, I take herbut in a retake or in a redraft format with him. He was someone that I was extremely down on this year. You know, like I, I still when I go back. So what I'm doing right now is I'm going through the NFL draft stuff. I'm looking at team needs in terms of free agency and the draft. And every single time I look at the Chargers offensive line, I am astonished at how well Justin Herbert played because their offensive line is trash, like it's legit.


It's like honestly, they could use starters that like every position except for right tackle, which is not even a huge pass blocking position. That's more of like usually it's basically the same line that Rivers played in the year before. And it was terrible then. I mean, you know. Yeah, it's amazing to you could have. The gear he had with that, and you look at the rivers here before that, now, granted he was older but still, you know, less athletic, we can make that argument.


But my goodness, still what Herbert did, it even becomes more impressive. Well, Rivers had Russell Okung there. Well, when he did play and then they traded him away and it was just like now Sam Tavey, Trey Pipkins are to our left tackle. That's who they played. I mean, it's kind of ridiculous. So to see Herbert walk into the situation where he was not the starter, he he he started literally started week two and he had an hour notice.


It was like, hey, this guy punches punctured lung. Our doctor punched him in the lung. You're going to be forced to start. And it's like he walks into that and he just they didn't want they didn't want him to keep the job. They wanted to take the job away from him 100 percent. Anthony Lynn said it over and over. He's not the starter. Tyrod Taylor, maybe the starter he played so well that they couldn't give the job back to Tyrod Taylor when he got healthy.


So, you know, to set the record for most quarterbacks, like passing touchdowns by eight, most incredible. And again, a year where he had no preseason in a year where he knows that he didn't start week one, he didn't prepare to start week to like. It's absolutely ridiculous. I mean, he dealt with injuries. Obviously, the offensive line was crap. Mike Williams was dealing with injuries. Keenan Allen dealt with injuries throughout the year.


So this I mean, this guy could the arrows pointing up for Justin Herbert from a prospect standpoint. Now, a coaching change is one of those things that can shake things up. And it's like you might want to dial back expectations just a little bit, but I feel good about herbut based on what I saw on 20/20. All right.


Last one here is through a tight end out there. TJ Hawkinson, who I know people have expectations for, especially his rookie year in that first game. His rookie year was brilliant and then everybody was chasing it thereafter. But last year he had sixty seven catches on. One hundred and one target, seven hundred and twenty three yards. Fifty one was the longest of all the receptions. He did have six touchdowns on the year or so. Hawkinson now has another quarterback to be playing with is not Matthew Stafford.


So how do you feel about the Hokanson break out now that the circumstances of the QB position have changed in Detroit?


If everything were to remain static, I'd be selling Hawkinson. But I'm going to buy because there's there's no nobody that it's comes down. There's nobody else there. I mean, legitimately, the only wide receivers the Lions have under contract for twenty twenty one, Laquinta Cifas, who I do like, and Geronimo Ellison. That's it. That's it. Everybody else is free agent. They're gone. And now you go from Matthew Stafford to Jared Goff and that's not exactly great.


But, you know, when it comes to tight ends, all you look for is targets. And if they're getting targets, I'm buying. It was like Hayden Hurst last year. And was he very consistent? No, but outside of a couple of tight ends, who really was. But he did finish the top ten tight end. And I think Hayden Hurst finishes number nine, but Hokanson is going to get 100 plus targets. That's just a lock to happen.


So therefore, when you get a tight end that's locked into one hundred targets, you're going to draft him as a top six tight end just because even if he's not even efficient, he's going to finish as a top six tight end.


All right. Let's get to the mailbag because we like our listeners here and this is from I hope I say this right, Jacob Cole, Jacob Cole.


That's a very strong name. I like Jacob Cole. It sounds like a very strong it's almost like I don't know.


I don't know what if what if what if it's Joe Kopko, it could be Joe Kopko.


But the fact that there's only one capital and it's the J makes me think it's one name. It's Jacob. How about we just call him Jabu. OK, that's fine. So Jova wants which second year wide receiver do you think has the highest floor ceiling in the upcoming season? And who knows, they may or might may not be one of the guys that we're talking about next. So, Mike, there were certainly no shortage of talent in the wide receiver class last year.


Many of them surprised, many of them just, you know, even Van Jefferson in the playoffs. He kept getting these guys that keep popping up. And it was like an embarrassment of riches. So who is it that second year? Maybe he didn't have the biggest season, you think? Well, could jump that ladder. I mean, he already had a big season. But if you're asking for floor ceiling combo, it's Justin Jefferson. I mean, OK, that's right.


You're getting a floor, right? Let's say somebody else that's boring. Everybody know. Hey, let's go. Let's go. Somebody else wasn't on the let's say not in that same pantheon of like the breakout guys. So let's let's go to that next group. Or maybe it's a junior. Maybe it's somebody. Is he Higgens? It's Higgins. Yeah. It's again, basically like we need job to be healthy. They are going to add some offensive linemen.


They have some cap space. They they have a high draft pick. I fully expect the Bengals to be a better football team in twenty, twenty one as long as Joe Healthy and even on a bad football team last year with AJ Green stealing what was the tenth most air yards in the NFL, ridiculous Tee Higgins still when he was on the field for eight games with Joe Buhrow as a starter in those eight games, he was a top twelve wide receiver.


You know, again, I think it's remarkable when you look at what some of these rookies did in twenty twenty unbelievable quarterbacks considering the circumstances. Oh, yeah, that's what I think. All of us were absolutely right to be a little kid. Yes. Yes. And yet they were still so good and they still had, like Claypoole having the big games that he had. You still had, like I said, Van Jefferson. He still had Hagans you.


Had some early CD lamps off that looked so good, it was just it was unbelievable to me and it really is a credit to the style of play in college football right now. The coaching these guys are getting in high school, even in, you know, the Pop Warner leagues and all that stuff, it's just really improved. And you see it with baseball, too. You see, you know, the young kids are just hitting the ground running because the instructions better.


They understand the pro style offense is more and it's just it's crazy to me.


And this one coming in, I hope it's going to be as good because the bar so high. But Mike, it's pretty great.


It's a good class of wide receivers. I don't I don't I don't think it's as top-heavy as last year was, but there's definitely some names and there are going to make an impact right away. But I think it's remarkable. I think the NFL is changing. You remember the term third year wide receiver breakout. I do that. You know, so for those who are new to fantasy football, that was actually a thing. Those people who aren't old like me.


And that's true. But basically, you know, one of the stats that I came across from my article was that 25 percent of the top twenty four wide receivers last year were in their first or second year. That's something that would have never happened 10 years ago. Like not even it wouldn't even have been in the conversation. You had had to figure that out. But now we have to start figuring that stuff out. So, you know, Higgins, what he did last year, you know, a lot of guys there was a lot of guys that that played extremely well in their rookie season.


But Higgins, despite competing with AJ Green and all those areas and targets that he got, despite competing with Tyler Boyd, the running backs, you know, like all those things, Jibaro in his rookie season, there were a lot of factors here. And he Higgins was still balling out. So he was someone I don't know why people are hating on him like him is like the wide receiver, 23 or 24, and he's there. And I just felt like that's way too low.


I have him up at wide receiver fifteen right now. Well, I can tell everybody right now that this summer Mike and I are going to ruin any value that was available for Tee Higgins because we see the same. I mean, it just is we're going to talk about him all the time and we're going to ruin it. So draft early, draft him, get him then, because by the time we roll into the last week of August, it's going to be completely ruined by being tax.


He's on this list actually that I put together of twenty twenty one potential NFL breakout. So we'll transition right through to Higgins. And let's talk about some of the other wide receivers here. Cedi Lam is on that list for me. I think I mentioned the last time we were together. I remember September and I remember how good he was with Dak. And I just think this guy is just an all world talent. I think he's going to fit so well when Dak is back healthy there with the Cowboys and they're going to fly.


Brandon Ikuko, want to throw into that mix, too, because, look, it's I love Debow, but I'm frustrated and I think I needed to step back, evaluate my feelings and realize that as much as I like Tebow and if it is for the offense that I think is healthy and out there and played so well towards the end of the season. Jerry. Judy, I want to throw in that mix, too. Is there anybody you want to throw out that I threw in or somebody you want to put into this mix?


Those to me are guys that all have the potential, especially if, Judy, you know, when you get Courtland Sutton back healthy, you have Fant there and you get the right quarterback potentially. I think you could turn things around there very quickly in Denver. Is there anybody else for you off the top of your head? You want to throw a wide receiver? No, that's that's a good group to put out there. And, you know, there are factors limiting all those guys.


Lamb, he's Bahais behind Amari Cooper. Cooper was a stud with Dak there. Michael Gallop is someone that came on as the year went on. He's going to be going into a free agent year. So Lamb, while he's going to be very, very usable, I don't know if he's gonna have his true breakout until gallops come. Yeah, but you know what that does? It does keep him in single coverage a lot. It doesn't. It keeps him in the slot.


That's where they're playing it, which is also where I want to. That's that's the question, though. Is lamb going to be as good once Amari Cooper is cut? Because it seems likely that Cooper, looking at his contract that he's going to be cut after twenty twenty one in the Michael Gallops, a free agent. So it's like Lamb is going to become the guy we haven't seen, like he played more snaps than I think any other wide receiver in the NFL this year.


So he was basically slot only, which is good because him coming out of Oklahoma, the cornerbacks that he saw there, it was that was my concern about him, is that he didn't see very good cornerbacks in college where, Judy, he saw the best of the best in Alabama. So it was like I figured there would be a learning curve. But knowing that he was able to go right into the slot, that's like the best thing for him because it can keep his confidence level up.


He can learn the ins and outs of the NFL. But it'll be I'll be curious to see what happens to him when he moves the perimeter. But definitely like I'm in the slot. Brandon, are you ball or I mean, but at the same time, you know, you talked about jury duty and the quarterback issues in Denver. It's the same thing in San Francisco. If Jimmy Garoppolo is still the quarterback, which there's rumors that that might not be the case.


If he's still the quarterback, I don't think they're going to throw the ball enough to support a George Kittle to support a devotional, to support a Brendon. Are you on a consistent basis? And I think it's the same argument that we could talk about in Denver, where their defenses are good enough to the point where they're not going to throw the ball a whole lot so it can prevent those guys from breaking out. Whereas, again, someone like Ty Higgins, he became the number one on his team last year.


They're losing a lot of those targets this offseason and his quarterback should get better in year two. So that's why I say Higgins is the breakout candidate of that group for me. All right. I got to throw some running backs at you two. These are the guys that I have circled, right? Now, carmakers I saw that night against the Patriots, I saw it all, I saw a guy run inside, outside, protect the football, catch the football, score touchdowns, run hard, run outside.


I thought, oh, I mean, that's all I needed. And then he did it a few more times. So I'm good. AJ Dillon, we talked about him last show, so I don't want to go too much there. Once again, I just think that guy is a beast. And Najee Harris, to me, I actually caught you on another show I was watching. I was getting ready, doing some other things. I was like, oh, look, Mike's on some other podcast doing a guest spot.


And you said something once again that I literally said just a week before, which is I don't want to get crazy here and say this because people are going to think I'm being hyperbolic and saying a little bit. But there's something about Najee Harris that reminds me about Adrian Peterson a little bit. And I felt the same way. And I heard you say, and I go, OK, I'm not completely crazy. I feel like this is a special running back.


I'm not taking away anything from Ayten. He's wonderfully talented too. But there's something about Harris when I watch him run and I understand it's it's tough because it's Alabama and I get all that because he's always running with a great line and great talent around him. And of course he looks great because everything is great at Alabama. However, I think I know greatness when I see it and it's very, very rare in the black book. I know two times we've ever done this.


It was Ezekiel Elliott and say Quinn Barkley, we put a rookie in the first round. And I got to tell you, I don't know where he's going to land right now, but I'm starting to trend in that general vicinity. So do you think I'm being hyperbolic? Do you think this is too much here for nine hours, or are you with me? No, I'm with you. I you know, like when I do my big board, people ask me, they're like, oh, here is the number two.


And I'm like, well, hold up, hold up. So the way I do my big board is basically the players that I believe are cannot miss regardless of their position. If they cannot miss players, I'm going to I'm at the top now. Here is the best player in my opinion. Now, does that mean that you should draft him at number two overall, the NFL draft? No, no, not at all. Like running backs in the first round make very little sense most of the time.


Right. But if you get a running back. Oh, look, they've they've devalued the position. Yeah, sure. It's just a different look. But but that doesn't mean that Derrick Henry can't go out there and have a two thousand yards either. It doesn't mean that you can't see great running back play still happen in the NFL because it does. Correct. And I'm not I'm not I'm not of the camp that says running backs don't matter. Running backs don't matter as much as they used to.


Running backs don't matter as much as some NFL coaches think they do. But don't tell me running backs don't matter. You can't put Derrick Henry and David Montgomery in the same conversation. You can't do that because they're different players and they do make a difference. They do make a difference. And if you're going to say, oh, well, that's an exception. No, it's not. If you say running backs don't matter, that means they don't actually matter.


Najee Harris matters. He's good. He's a guy that I do anticipate someone taking him in the back half of the first round because with running backs nowadays, you want that fifth year option. So by taking him in the first round, you get the fifth year option. You never really have to pay him. And it's really crappy. It is the worst thing in the world for running backs because they get used, they get abused and they're just kind of done, you know what I mean?


But Nigel Harris deserves to be a back end, first round pick. I will not fault a team for taking him there. And then, as you mentioned, carmakers is someone that it seemed like Sean McVay like really trusted him, especially when it came when it came down to time where it's like, OK, this guy's coming off a high ankle sprain. How good is he going to be? And it's like continually giving him carries while other running backs were available.


I want to buy it. I 100 percent want to buy in. But just part of you feel, Joe, that that it's a little Kenyan Drake ish where it's like we we it's not a new team, but they know this is the team that drafted him. Where you're going with this, it's only it was the second half of the season. It was the very end when all teams were basically worn down. All defenses were struggling. You know, every team was struggling.


Conditioning wasn't where it was, you know, even last year with these teams. But then you seen carmakers, a guy who had basically no miles on him through the first. You're right. But you know what? I think part of the reason he had no miles was because of the the injury wasn't healthy. And I think if Sean McVay had his druthers, he would have gotten way more action early on. So it kind of like a it's like a weird chicken and egg.


Yeah, you're not wrong. There's definitely like if you're going to throw the negative about carmakers out there, that's the negative. The negative. It was so good at the end. But then again, do we want to say the same thing about Jonathan Taylor, who was so good the second half of the season? Do I say the same? They were a lot of guys. We talked about Montgomery, how good he was in the second half of the season.


So I think there's there's always that balance you have to walk because it's guys getting up to speed in the offense, being comfortable, understanding their role, understanding execution. It's just starting to feel the playbook, being more involved in the offense and the confidence level is really important to these guys. But there's also the you know, what is going on in week fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, those teams that are voting it in on defense. And and, yes, you have to take that into account.


I think the track record of Sean McVay is usage of Todd Gurley is something that I think I would go back to. And I'm not saying it's going to be that because I don't think he wants to burn out Cam. But I think maybe a version of that is there. And I'm still excited about it, because the way again, this is also beyond the stats. I think this is why you watch, right? Because when you watched him in some of those big games down the stretch and I keep going back to that Thursday night game against the pass, I think was Thursday.


Yeah, it was. It was. Yeah, it was. And that was just I mean, you just saw it and the Pats defense, they were hearable the week before. Shut out. They had shut out the charge, but if you want if you want, but anybody that watched that game was like carmakers like this, he's going to run for 200 yards. And he almost did. He almost did. And he could have. And and look, I think that Akers is somebody that he's going to go right where he should because there's enough guy still ahead of him.


You know, the Zillo is, you know, the established running backs where it's going to keep him in that low end RB one discussion in high end RB two, whatever. You know, we could debate that as time goes on. Yeah, I think that's kind of where it is called Kummetz. The one tight end I would throw out there because I already think Logan Thomas to a certain extent did break out. So I don't think it's like a big thing.


But Cole comment, I feel like we haven't seen the best of him. I'm still worried about him. But theoretically, you know, Matt Nagy was able to make Travis Kelce, you know, a thing for a while. So why can't we do that same kind of thing with Cole Kimmett? Maybe it's kind of wishful thinking. But Mike, is there any other player in any other position that you want to throw out there as potential breakouts that you kind of have in your mind right now?


Again, we'll get more into this in the summertime when we have more data. And obviously the draft dust has settled. But right now, in your opinion, is there somebody else you want to like just right off the top of your head? This guy makes sense.


No, I think this is a really good list, like the one you went through. There's a lot of guys that are teetering and it's going to really depend on what happens in the in the draft and in free agency, because as I've said before, I believe players are going to be cut. That wouldn't normally be cut in off season. I think it's going to change a lot of things and it's going to create a lot of value in fantasy drawback movement.


We've never seen quarterback movement ever. This is this is going to be the most entertaining offseason in the history of the NFL because of the quarterback movement. I cannot wait. It's going to be so great. It's going to be crazy and it's going to change things all the time where I'm almost we're going to be doing, you know, on the YouTube channel. We're going to be doing mock draft videos where we're going to be basically going through and reading my mock draft and it's going to go on YouTube.


And I'm like, hey, this stuff might not be good in 24 hours because like with all the moves that are happening, it's going to have a butterfly effect on the entire league and it's going to change things because people have to clear up like cap room and things like that. So it's kind of crazy. This this offseason is going to be one to remember. It's going to be one that I don't know if it's going to get back to normal next year either, just because, like with the CBA, they're spreading it out over a couple of years, the money, the revenue lost.


So it's going to be interesting, that's for sure. And it's something I'm looking forward to. And, you know, fortunately, we get to talk about the stuff all the time and keep you guys updated on it now.


Right. And look, I would be so great that that Carson Wentz thing happened like twenty minutes before. Yeah.


Like, how perfect is that? Oh, it's like we planned. All right. Before we close things out here, we're going to play a little fantasy or reality.


I'm going to make a statement and Mike and I are going to determine if that statement is a fantasy or a reality. So let's start with this one. Chris Godwin will return to Tampa Bay next year. I think Brady loves him some Chris Godwin. So I'm going to put this to you. There have been some rumblings that he is indeed going to go back there. And last time I checked, Tom Brady gets what Tom Brady wants. So the question is, is Chris Godwin what Tom Brady wants?


Fantasy reality. Chris Godwin is back in Tampa. Well, the Bucs have some decisions to make, that's for sure, because like, you know, there's a lot of guys on the defensive side of the ball. Apparently, they want Gronk back. They want Abby back. You know, these guys would want a Super Bowl. They're all going to take less money to do it. Mike Evans has talked about moving money around in his contract to make some of these signings work.


So I'm going to go ahead and say this is a reality, that he's going to come back. I think it's a little bit unfair just because Chris Godwin was not a high draft pick. He did not make a whole lot of money on his first NFL contract. And this is his chance to cash in. But at the same time, I mean, he makes decent money and in Super Bowls is different. But it's at some point it's like this guy's got to get paid.


So it's like, are you going to accept a deal like a two year deal from the Bucs? It seems like it'd be a bad idea from his part because you never know what's going to happen from an injury standpoint. But hopefully the bucks take care of him if he does stay there.


All right. Let's go to number two here. Now, this weekend, I had the most amazing thing. We have the switch in my house and my eight year old daughter was over because her sister was at a sleepover. And so my eight year old sitting there, we were playing some of the old school games on the switch and she's really gotten into football this year. My kids picked every game we went through every single week together, and I taught her how to play old school Tecmo Bowl on the switch and she is obsessed with it now.


It is great. After homework the other day, she said, Can we go downstairs and play Tecmo Ball? This is like the most beautiful, wonderful moment ever. I'm so excited about this. I eventually did crack and tell her about Bo Jackson and we talked about that and how that all works. And you look, now that you're you know, you've played a couple of games, now I will let you be Bo Jackson. But still, this is amazing for me.


So I'm going to ask you this question, Mike. Tecmo Bowl was your go to football video game from your youth fantasy or reality? Well, yeah, it definitely was when I was playing football. I mean, I'm going to be honest and say RBI baseball was my jam, like junior RBI baseball.


Of course, I remember RBI play a ton of RBI, but I liked baseball stars because you can make your own guys there and you could like do like the real rosters however they were. And that was always really appealing. Plus you had all those wacky teams like the ghouls and they had like, you know, the legends team where they couldn't have the rights to anybody like Pete Rose was just Pete and like, you know. Hank Aaron was Hank, everyone just went by their first name, which was hilarious, but you knew who they were.


Oh yeah, I was a big baseball stars guy. Tecmo Bowl is definitely and I also had Joe Montana football in the Sago, which I played a ton. And I feel like nobody talks about that. It was like kind of in that madness. Why early mad years? I did have the madness it got on. But Joe Montana football is underrated.


I got into Madden quite a bit. That was something I wanted to do, roster construction as I got older. And that was just like the nurdin me coming out. So shocking to see where you ended. It is. Yeah, I know you mentioned it the other day. I think it was on the Dynasty podcast. He mentioned something about that sometimes he would sometimes even skip a year in the franchise mode, like you'd almost simit just because you wanted to get to the off to do the draft and free agency and all that.


And it's funny because that's something I used to do, too. But yeah, it was like, dude, I'm a nerd and I'm proud to say it, but yeah, definitely played all those games.


Yeah. Tech Bubble is definitely my go to and the hot, hot, hot, hot, hot.


I just can't get enough it. All right, last one. Now look, this is something you can go and check out on Twitter. I saw this trending on Twitter, so I had to click on it. So I want you if you haven't seen already, Mike, I want you to open this up and watch this for a second as I'm talking and setting this up, somebody I don't know why. Maybe because they were bored. They decided to do a whole weird, like, high quality, high resolution version of the classic Rick Roll.


Rick Astley never going to give you up video. And it's so crystal clear. And his red hair is so stunningly clear and everything. There's something kind of it's almost like he's in the room with you. It's a little off-putting, but I want you to decide for everybody. So I'm going to ask you, fantasy or reality, you are weirded out by HD request.


No, that's a fantasy, dude. Come on. Come on. Like you're not weirded out. No, no. I see the guy HD. He's rocking it. Dude, this guy. No. Okay. I love 80s music, by the way. Like, that's all right. You put on 80s music around me. I'm pretty much a fan of anything nowadays, but 80s is like, dude, 80s get like it just does it for me.


I love it like everybody heard this song, but nobody saw him right away. And then when everybody saw him, they're like one of the guys. That's the best thing about Rick Astley. I thought, that's fantastic. And I don't know. So I think it's a reality. I think it's weirding me out. So I'm going to say reality, but it's weirding me out in a good way because I feel like, you know, he's really communicating to me that he is never going to give me up and he's never going to let me down.


And I think that is at the end of the day, the most important thing. And we're not going to let you down either on the show. Obviously, you can follow us on Twitter at my tag. You can follow me a copy of Seventeen again, thanks to our friends at pristine auction. Make sure you go over to the site I threw out. I'll throw it out here one more time for you boys and girls at the end of the show just because it's very important here.


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Again, that's pristine auction, dotcom, PR, iei, any auction dotcom.


Well, that'll do it for me and Mike, but the story of the game goes on for Tagg's. I'm Joey P.. We'll see you next time, kids.