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Hey there, everybody. Welcome back to another episode of Defense, a pro football podcast. I'm your host, Dan Harris with me as always. Of course, is Mike Tegui there? You can find us on Twitter at Dan Harris and Mike Tegui NFL text.


How are you doing? Oh, I got a bad case of heartburn and started last night and I usually just goes away after, like, you know, 15 minutes or whatever, but it hasn't gone away. So I'm a little concerned.


I'm worried about you, but I also refuse to accept it because Thursday is the happy day, because Brymer is done. It's the only time of the week that I'm willing to talk to you. So suck it up and let's get going, because we've got a great guest today. It's Elliott Crist over at Fay, the noise dot com. You can find him on Twitter at his name, Elliott. Chris Elliott, thanks for coming on the show.


Hey, I'm pumped to be here and I'm glad I got my on a good day, so. Yeah, but already he's like lowering expectations with a little heartburn. Start, don't start. You two are both Jets fans. You guys have a moment. Today's a bad day for you, Elliott. You're the other one. That's right. I forgot the other Jets fan in the country.


I'm a Broncos fan. Oh, no, no. Oh, yeah, that's true.


But now now they're the report that gas is going to be fired. What am I what are we even doing?


Why am I I mean, I think that's long term for the Jets. As long as he's not there next year. I think it's good that he's not fired because they're more likely to lose.


Yeah, you know, that's a that's a great point. But if it you know, realistically, they're more likely to lose no matter who's there. It really doesn't matter at this point. But anyway, let's get going into this. It's the DFS show today. So this does not really pertain to DFS. But I would be remiss to not mention that shortly before we started recording, it came out that the Titans Steelers game this week is postponed.


It's not going to be played on Monday. It's like we played on Tuesday. It is done for this week.


So what is Gates going to do? No, no.


Jonas Smith today, I he's he's not dealing well with it so far right now, guys. It doesn't, though, at this point, it doesn't impact anything that we were thinking about this week. Right. Because it had already been moved off the slate regardless. So it really has no impact for DFS. I just want to make that clear. We will talk about it more tomorrow, a little bit on Dan and Kyle in the morning. So for today, though, let's get into our DFS show first.


We are going to start, as always, with our favorite pricier cash game, played each position. Then we'll discuss a couple of cash game value plays, indisposition one GPP gamble at each position, a quick discussion of a defense that you guys like and then your stock of the Week and lock of the week. But before we get into it, in about six hours, I'm going to record the betting pros. NFL podcast is available wherever you get your podcast or I'm betting pros.


Dot com slash podcast, weekly show. Matt Peralta, who is the host of the daily podcast to which you should also be subscribed.


We go through each game on the slate. It's going to come out tomorrow morning. On Friday, Matt is as plugged in with Vegas insiders as anyone I know. There are times when we're leaning one way and he'll have talk to his connections in the sports books, which will tell him that he thinks we're on the wrong side, like on the Titans game against the Vikings last week, or there would be a spread that's seven and a half. I'm a little nervous because of the hook to take the favorite.


And he'd have some professional letters telling him that they take it up to a ten point spread. It's a great listen again, the betting pros NFL podcast. Anywhere you listen to podcast or I'm betting Post.com podcast. All right, let's get into it. Guys, let's start with you. You could talk about either Tracking's or Fanjul, whatever you want to talk about, but what's your favorite pricier cash game? Play of the day. And let's start at the running back position.


I mean, yeah, you're you're starting me off for the softball here, right? It's Alvin Kamara. And I don't think it's particularly close. Know I know Michael Thomas might play this week and that could obviously impact some of his target upside. But this is what we get when we have a fully healthy Alvin Kamara and now he takes on a Lions team that, you know, they've missed. Twenty nine tackles on the season. They're not a good tackling team.


We know he breaks tackles and has the contact balance that we're looking for. He's going to have huge usage in the passing game. Even though he's only tenth and snap percentage, he's second awaited opportunity. Plus the rushing defense of the Lions. You could drive a bus through those holes right there, thirtieth in adjusted line yards. Thirty second in an open field yards. You're just going to Alvin Kamara in the open field, getting fed the ball in a you know, it's still indoors even though it's in Detroit.


And, you know, give me as much. Alvin Kamara has price tag as I can get in cash this week.


Yeah. He was eight thousand on draft kings tags. I assume you agree if you are paying up or running back, it has to be Alvin Kamara, right?


I like him quite a bit. I think that there's a chance that Latavius Murray steals some of the thunder that he has this week, though, in terms of like his real upside. I think Latavius Murray's an interesting tournament play because he could always fall into the end zone twice and kind of steal cameras. Thunder Dalvin Cook is a fine play at the high price too. I mean Kamara is the preferred play, but if you need to save four hundred dollars and go down to Dalvin Cook, I'm ok with that.


Houston has really, really struggled. They were a good run defense last year with D.J Reidar, so losing him has not helped matters. There were giant holes like if you watch James Contar last week, James Connor is not impressive, like he's not running very well at all. But he managed to go over a hundred yards and a touchdown against them last week, Dalvin Cook and in a week where Minnesota had to stay with the facility and all that stuff, I do believe that it's going to be a run heavy plan for them where it's like, hey, we have to base our attack on this because we you can't walk through, you can't do your your usual practice routine.


So it's going to have to be a simple game plan. Dalvin Cook is always a big part of that, so it's seventy six hundred in what's considered to be one of the higher scoring games in the state because Houston should rack up the points in this game. I like Dalvin Cook as well.


Yeah, and Fanjul, there's really no comparison. I mean, Kamara isn't even the highest price guy on the slate. It's Zek at 9000 Fanjul cameras, 800 down cook only one hundred dollars cheaper so far on Fanjul. I don't think if you are willing to pay at running back, I just, I don't see. I agree that Cook is a great play but I just don't see how you get away from Alvin Kamara here. Let's go to wide receiver.


Who's your favorite lady? Who's your favorite priciest if you're paying up, who's your favorite priciest player?


I'm cheating here a little bit because I think the answer in cash is Mike Evans with no Chris Godwin. It's not a good match up. Right, with Casey Hayward, but he should get the volume increase.


But my real quick, though, Elliott, I know you wanted to mention Mike Mike Evans, and I'm glad you did, though. And I want to say this before you get into your wide receiver. Mike Evans played the slot on about, I think was fifty percent of the snaps that when Chris Godwin was out in week two, if he goes into the slot, Casey Hayward doesn't really go there. And Chris Harris Jr was just placed and I r is that like if you if you go back and look at that, ah maybe it's it's so many things that we miss in a certain week because it's impossible to keep up with all this stuff.


If that's the case again, doesn't that make Mike Evans a better play? Yeah, it does.


I mean, anytime a guy moves into a slot, you end up getting a clean release. Right? I think it's easier to succeed in the slot. So that's definitely going to help. I think he's the right answer. But I didn't want to go with the easy answer. And I don't even think my guys considered pricey. But Devante Parker this week going against the Seattle Seahawks I think is a fantastic option. You know, the Seahawks are twenty nine DVOA against the pass.


The worst team, DVOA Teep, they get shredded on the left side of the field where Parker's going to run about half his rounds.


And, you know, Fitzpatrick has been money in the last nine games as well. You know, they're putting up big numbers. This is the second highest, total game. I think Parker is a safe bet for eight or nine targets in this game against one of the worst secondaries. And, you know, I think he's a real safe option at fifty seven hundred on draft.


Yeah, I think Parker is a great option. This week he was more in my catch game value plays certainly because of at least his price, especially on Fanjul. It's interesting the difference with Evans, because Evans is one of the pricier wide receivers on Faneuil's. He's the I mean, if you take out Godwyn, he's the fifth highest price on Fanjul, but he's a lot cheaper, at least when it comes to other wide receivers on draft kings. How about you, Tagg's?


If you're paying up a wide receiver who you go with?


I mean, Hopkins missed practice yesterday. I don't know if that's a real thing or if it's just basically them giving him a reason to have the day off. It's got to be a reason that I saw that, too. It's got to be just them giving a day off. Right. There's been no word of any injury before, but it really it's going to be tough to pay 8500 for them this week.


So I don't want to pretend that people can just fit them in their lineup like, oh, I'm going to play DeAndre Hopkins because there's so much value on the slate. I don't know if you can get up to him in eighty five hundred, especially if you want to pay one of the play, one of the higher price running backs.


So and just to be clear, on Draft Kings, he's 8500. Next highest is Michael Thomas, right at seventy six. So that's a huge difference. But if Thomas were to practice in full I'd play him at seventy six hundred all day. But Tyler Lockett is a fantastic player. Lockett is in the top in terms of yards for the Seahawks. He's way up there. He's caught over 80 percent of his passes, which is something that Russell Wilson wide receivers typically do.


Then you go to this matchup against Miami who have Jamal Perry. He's an undrafted free agent in the slot allowing one hundred two point four quarterback rating in his coverage. Over the course of his entire career, the Dolphins have allowed the eighth most yards per targets, wide receivers. They're allowing a 70 percent completion rate to wide receivers. There's really nothing here to dislike about Tyler Lockett. I understand that he's not a target monster where he's getting twelve, thirteen targets like some of these other guys might be projected to.


But coming from Russell Wilson in this matchup, I would say that his eight nine targets are worth more than thirteen. Fourteen targets from another quarterback to another wide receiver. So Tyler Lockett at seven K, it's expensive. I'm not going to say it's not indicate that cafs attractive at sixty eight but DKA is going to see. And Howard who is. I'm not going to say he's great because I think that there was a little bit overrated in terms of what he is, but he is a better cornerback than they have anywhere else in the field, especially with Byron Jones out.


So it doesn't really matter does it, at this point? It really doesn't.


I mean, it really, given what he did to Gilmore, you know, the other week, the guy's a freak.


Yeah. One one quick point on Tyler Lockett to his game that he has over eight targets in his career. He averages over one hundred yards. Yeah, that's probably been the most efficient receiver in the NFL the last three, four years. And obviously, that has a lot to do with Russell Wilson. But you can get the Tyler Lockett targets by games. You're getting a star player that Dolphins Seahawks game in general is a great one to target cash and tournament's because the Seahawks defense, I know some people still they're not really a defense anymore like there.


They get no pressure. Jamal Adams is their best pass rusher and he's missing the game. Yeah, he's entitled to safety is your best pass rusher. You're in real trouble.


Is he definitely out? By the way, has Adams been declared that was a bad groin injury like he was? Like literally gimpy around the sidelines, I don't think he's playing this game. OK, sorry, go ahead, Elliott. I'm sorry. I don't mean to cut you off. No, I was just I mean, it's it's we're recording this Thursday morning, right. So I don't think we know anything for sure, but I think he's much more on the down side of questionable than he is on the probable side.


But I think in general, this game has a lot of shootout potential and getting pieces to it. It's really smart.


Yeah, I think that absolutely applies both in season long and DFS. Elliot, let me just ask you a quick question, because you mentioned Evans. Evans is 600 dollars cheaper on draft kings. If he were the same price as it, would you prefer a lockout or would you prefer Evans?


So this is one of those situations where I would probably lean to Evans because I think he's going to have a lot higher ownership and in cash games, a guy like Evans who can break a stalemate if he's going to be 50 plus percent, Owen with no Chris got one. I just kind of view that as a cash block because I don't want to get crushed by Evans. OK, all right.


Let's go now to quarterback here. Who is your if you're paying up the quarterback position, there are a lot of, you know, solid options right now at quarterback. Who are you going for, Ali? I hadn't sars-cov-2. Yeah. I mean, Russell Wilson probably would be right. I mean, the thing is, this year, there's so many good pay up quarterbacks, right? Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Dak, Prescott Calamar, they're all running to watch, which to me just adds such a floor.


I mean, we'll get to him later. Fitzpatricks the best value. Yep. But Russell Wilson against that. Dolphins secondary with what he's doing right now. I mean, the man's going to throw for three plus touchdowns, which sounds absurd, right, to just kind of lock that in. And two hundred eighty plus yards against one of the worst secondaries. If and the fact that he's now attached to such a bad defense is going to keep him having to throw as much as he has to throw.


Plus, he's going to run. He's just, you know, locked and loaded into 25 plus DKA points.


Yeah, he's 7800 on DKA tags. Is there any way if you are willing to pay up, I mean, are you just saying, OK, I'll take that, or do you take, you know, somebody like Josh Allen who's 500 dollars cheaper against Las Vegas or are you just know it's got to be Wilson if you're paying up? No, I think it's got to be Wilson. It's seventy seven. Eight hundred. They're pricing these quarterbacks up this year.


You're seeing a lot of quarterbacks over seven K, which is not the case. Last year you'd see a lot of max out around seventy five hundred, but 7800 for Wilson with the way he's playing right now. Knowing that Carlos Hyde is Carlos Hyde actually was limited in practice yesterday. And then Chris Carson, I know they're saying there's a chance he plays, he's not going to play in this game. So the fact that their run game is like limited and the fact that they've already gone towards the whole let's cook thing in this matchup, it just makes no sense not to utilize Wilson.


So, yeah, if I'm paying up, I'm gonna go to Wilson. Seventy eight hundred.


It doesn't matter to me when I'm considering the quarterback who's playing or running back, make it all play none of that good play. It makes no difference to me as to what Wilson's going to do because it's just a different philosophy right now and he's playing at such a high level that it really doesn't matter to me. I like Allen a lot, too. He's five hundred dollars cheaper on draft kings. He's only four hundred dollars cheaper on Vendel. But it doesn't matter if you're paying up.


It's got to be Wilson. I think we're all in agreement here. All right. Let's go to tight end here. Elliott, if you're paying up, who are you going with?


So is it cheating to say, I'm not going to pay up? It is actually.


That's not asking you. I am forcing you right now. You have to pay up. Of course, that's the correct answer this week, but you have to pay up. Who is it?


No, I think it's actually a very valid point that in general, when you're when you're punting tight end, you're not just hoping for your guys to succeed. But if they get eight or nine points, the odds that one of these top tight ends is just getting fifteen points, especially with Travis Kelsey off somebody. The main slates has been a successful strategy. I mean, Kelsey is the guy with the highest floor in the highest ceiling. I don't know quite how I'm going to get to sixty eight hundred for tight end.


So for me it's probably Kazuki. And again, it goes right back to this game. The Seahawks are the worst team covering the slot. The man is not a tight end. He really is a slot receiver. We just saw him eat up the bills in the same exact situation. He's leading the team in targets share. He's a big play guy. He only came he's coming off just three targets last week, so his ownership should be deflated.


He's an end zone red zone guy. I think that Kazuki is an absolute smash play, 50 100.


So you like a sickie over essentially the same price. Darren Waller. Not as good a matchup, of course, but everyone is injured in that passing game for Las Vegas.


I think Waller will be the more popular play for sure at fifty two hundred, you know, after that, showing us the Saints. Obviously he didn't do the same thing. The thing I was really interested in is that while there's only running about 22 to 24 percent of his roots in the slot, so I think he's going to be outside more and he may get a lot of Trae White. I think that's who the bills are really going to look to take away in this one.


And you may end up getting a hunter run. Varosha Yeah.


Who I mean, who else are they going to use today is way down like that. You're not going to have cover running a run from the slot. They're not going to have him cover agents. Are you going to do that? Nelson Agholor on the perimeter. Like who knows?


Who knows how bad Zay Jones is better. The Buffalo Bills. That's a great point. Yeah, no, and you know, whether we'll talk about him on this or season long leagues, certainly Renfroe when I when I did, my projections for this week came out high and my you know, my weekly rankings for just regular fantasy season long fantasy. So he is a guy who I think can exploit it because I do think you're absolutely right. I do think it's going to be white on wall.


How about you, Tagg's, your forced again? Like I forced Eliot to pay up.


If I'm forced to pay up, I would probably go to Mark Andrews. Travis Kelce, if you look at his career over the against Bill Belichick. Now, again, this defense is not the same as it's been or the last couple of years, especially last year. But Travis Kelsie has been somewhat limited in his production against them. Mark Andrews, this seems like a bounced back spot for the Ravens. You know, they were just embarrassed on prime time television and Mark Andrews had a bad game.


But if you look at Washington without chiefs young, they're going to struggle to get a pass rush. And if you give Lamar Jackson time, it's when he's, like, thrown out of the pocket, that's when things kind of go awry or he takes off running. But if he's able to stand tall in the pocket and kind of look down the field, Mark Andrews will get open against that secondary. That team has already allowed a 100 yard performance to Dallas Goddard back in week one.


And again, that was before the pass rush took a hit. Ron Rivera, if you look at his team back in Carolina last year, that was a team that allowed eight point ninety nine yards per target, which was like literally right next to the Cardinals, nine point two yards per target. So they were just as bad. So the scheme under Ron Rivera is just clearly tight, unfriendly. So I think Mark Andrews makes sense to pay up if if you're going to.


But it's unlikely, as Elliott said, it's just it's a week where there's just not a whole ton of value and you just don't you can't spend appetitive.


Right. So the true answer is, Elliott said, is no one. But if you absolutely have to tax, let me ask you something very quickly. If you are forced, as I am forcing you to do right now, to pay up at tight end and there's an 800 dollar difference on draft kings between Chelsea and Andrews on Fadhel, they're almost the same price. It's a 200 dollars difference. So with the price difference, are you still going Andrews' in that case?


If they're basically the same price or I go the stability of Kelsey at that point, Kelsey is just too safe. I mean, he's posted I posted in the primer this week, he's posted tight end one numbers in I think it's thirty two of his last thirty five games. It's just stupid. Like the guy's floor is just ridiculous. Mark Andrews is a ceiling play for sure. But yeah, Kelsey is just a stupid efficient.


The one good thing about Andrew's too is like the reason he didn't have a good game last week against the Chiefs with his drops. Right. I think he dropped one hundred and twenty total yards and that touchdown that he had in the end zone.




He I'm not tilted over the fact that I had his player drop over in here, that I think I saw you tweeting out. Think about whether or not he had his drops or something like that.


I mean, yeah, but he he had that last year.


Tweeter's won one game where he couldn't catch the football, but that's not like a problem that he tends to have. So I think he'll bounce back nicely. But just to your guys point, I mean, the payoff for a tight end is typically a losing strategy, right?


Yes. Well, if you are going to do it on Vendel and again, this is certainly not the week to do it, nor is there most weeks not to do it. I would go, Kelsey, just because it's essentially the same price as András on Fanjul, so I would do that.


All right, guys, before we get into some cash game value plays, let's talk a little person action here. I told you guys how I got my kids these signed Tyreek Hill Jersey because he's on their fantasy team and my daughter legitimately thinks that he's part cheetah. It came yesterday and I'm now the official superhero of the Harris household. No longer does my son walk around saying you're not as cool as Damien Harris or my daughter say Harrison Ford was in Star Wars, but you can't even make me a grilled cheese.


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Just use our code. Fancy prose in the registration field. When you sign up, they'll know we sent you again. That's pristine auction dotcom. Use the code. Fancy prose. All right. Let's get to our cash game value plays here. Guys, congratulations. I'm no longer forcing you to spend up. Where are you going, Elliott? At running back with me. Two guys, if you want, who are, you know, whatever you want to do.


But guys who you are essentially think in cash value plays?


Well, I think David Johnson is a really strong play. Who who do the Texans piss off?


And whoever makes the schedule without having to open up with the Chiefs, Ravens and Steelers, that's I mean, they bless them this week, right? With the Vikings just being horrendous on defense and basically everything, David is getting the usage in both the pass game, in the run game. I'd like to Johnson to be out, but I don't think it ultimately matters that much. I think Kenyon Drake, this is the week it's now or never. Basically, any time a running back plays the Panthers, he's cash game viable because they've.


Their last 19 games, they've allowed over 2500 yards and thirty two touchdowns to running backs. That's no, I mean, that's what you're looking for, right? And Drake is getting the volume. He hasn't had the efficiency. But give me, you know, 20 carries against the Carolina Panthers for six K. I'm going to take it all day long.


Yeah, Drake and Johnson were definitely two of my guys at Johnson. A little less attractive on Fanjul than he is on drafting with the pricing. But tags. You were big on Drake last week. He let you down. You're going back to the.


Well, I am. I am. He was the first person I put my Kashechewan line up at six K. Yeah, I'm playing Drake. I mean, a lot of the reasons Elliott said, Carolina, you just don't pass up that matchup. And if you can't get it done here, I'm willing to say that I was wrong, but I'm going to go there again for six K and I'm torn between David Johnson and Joe Mixon. I think both of them are solid plays here.


This is the first time you're getting a Bengals team that's actually favored to win that obviously benefits Joe Mixon in the role that he has in that team. And I want to remind people, last year Mixon was the RB. Thirty four through the first seven weeks of the season, he scored one touchdown during those seven games. And then from there he was the RB five in Fantasy. He scored six touchdowns in the last nine games, total tons of touches.


This team knows that he he's like basically a catalyst to their success. But Joe Burrow, the more the better Joe Barrow gets. You know, I've talked about this, Dan, the better Joe Barrow gets, the more defenses have to remain honest and respect that. I believe in this game. Joe Mixon scores his first touchdown of the season. He should get twenty touches in this game at fifty eight hundred. That's really hard to pass up. I do understand the love for David Johnson.


So it's kind of torn between those guys. Maybe you guys could help me one way or the other.


I'll toss it to you because those are, you know, David Johnson, Joe Mixon and can you, Drake are the three guys that were on my list. I think it's going to be a great game for all three of those guys. I prefer Drake, but yeah, I mean, you know, they're favored. You know, it's going to be a run heavy game script. He's getting twenty plus touches a week. Anyway, I do think this the week he breaks out.


But you can go ahead. Elliott, what do you think here between Joe Mixon, David Johnson?


I mean, I don't think you can go wrong either way. If you don't want to pay up for Kamara, you probably just play all three. I mean, these are your cash game guys you pick from. Right, because they're high volume guys that I mixing really should be more involved in the past game than he is. But the Bengals game script should be much different this week. They do want to run the football. They just keep getting down.


So give me 20 Mixon touches against the Jaguars and I'm going to feel very confident. But give me, you know, fifteen carries from David Johnson and five or six targets and they got it. The reason I'm kind of wishy washy here, I think it is a toss up and I think it's you can't go wrong in cash. I don't think either one is going to hurt you if you play Drake and one of these two and Alvin Kamara, I think you have the right staple of cash game running backs.


So, look, we're all in the same area. And Mixon is, what, fifty eight hundred on draft kings and Johnson is fifty six hundred, I believe. So, you know, if you're in that area, that's who you're paying for. But I'm going to give you three other guys in that area, just maybe people who are playing right now, like I'm Dichato mix.


I don't want to play them or they're worried about their jobs or anything like that.


So they let me give you three other guys in the same price range who you're basically you're not allowed to choose Joe Mixon or David Johnson. So let's go with Darrell Henderson against the Giants for fifty eight hundred. Mike Davis against Arizona, four fifty seven hundred or Dave Montgomery against Indianapolis for 5500. You are forced. You cannot say David Johnson fifty six times or Joe makes a fifty eight hundred. Same thing. You have to choose between those three. Darrell Henderson, Mike Davis, Dave Montgomery.


We're a stickler for the rules here on these. You you're like I team. I don't vegeta the first time. So you're like, no more work. Dad is the sheriff around these parts of Darrell Henderson of carmakers is out again.


I mean, he saw. Sorry, go ahead.


He saw three targets last week in twenty attempts on the ground. Malcolm Brown obviously is a little banged up if assuming carmakers is out. And that's one for me, it's Henderson against the Giants defense that can't stop anyone. And if Henderson was going to start to get that usage, as you know, a thirteen point home favorite, this Rams team is very run heavy once they get leads. I think Henderson could have a really big game against the Giants.


How about you tag same guys, Henderson, Mike Davis or Dave Montgomery?


If I had to choose, I would definitely be Henderson. I think Henderson is a great tournament play.


Yeah. All right. Well, clearly encash again. It's the same price. It's Maksym David Johnson, but I'm nothing if not a stickler for rules. Let's go to wide receiver here and we're talking about cash game value plays. Elliott, start us off. Absolutely.


So I mean, I'm going to go right to Hunter Renfro, right. I mean the the bills you attack the bills in the slot, it's works every week and for some reason people don't do it every week. I mean, Jamison Crowder went for one hundred touchdown Miccosukee again. He went for one hundred and a touchdown. Cooper Kupp went for one hundred and a touchdown there for it. I'm not sure he had more than 70 career receiving yards and that had 70 yards against the hole in the slot.


Yeah just to Ron Johnson is a lot of the most receptions and the most yards of any quarter in the slot this year. Trey White played four percent of snaps in the slot last year. There are no other receivers. On this team, Hunter Renfroe is 4600. I mean, you talk about a punt cash game play, it's it's Renfrow at forty six hundred on draft Kings is going to have a really nice floor because he's going to see ten plus targets against the team that covers the slot as poorly as anybody.


Yeah, he's a great play, both in season long and in DFS. How about you Tadcaster game value play a wide receiver.


High value plays at wide receiver Odell Beckham is fifty eight hundred against the Cowboys. That team cannot stop anybody. They just lost their best corner Uzan to IRR before last week. Odell Beckham is going to eat against them and that team is going to put up points in the Browns. This is not going to be one of those games with the Browns could just run the ball thirty, thirty five times. They also don't have seemingly might not have, I should say, Kareem Hunt.


Yeah. Do we have any any word, by the way, I realize it's Thursday. We'll cover it tomorrow. On Friday. Do we have word other than he just missed practice? Is this serious something Kareem Hunt?


They're saying that they're hopeful that he can play, but he did entirely miss practice yesterday. So even if he does play, he's going to be limited. And the game plan, this is this is a real back home game. If you give him fifty eight hundred, I don't care if he gets six targets, he's going to produce something that. I also think that Devonta Parker, who Elliott already talked about, makes a ton of sense of fifty seven hundred.


And lastly and in that range DJ Moore. Fifty six. I mean there's just so much value a wide receiver this week. That's why it's to pay up for someone like Hopkins doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I'm playing that value game with those guys. Yeah.


They're sixty five hundred or seventy receivers price in the five K range right now. I just want to echo T.J. Moore. That was my second guy. You know, I got to think. Forty nine percent of the air yards against a Cardinals team in a pace up spot. This is the time to play.


You guys are a little annoying because you always take all my names, but it's fine. I don't really care. It's fine. What about Robby Anderson, by the way, guys? Do you care? Because there's a bigger difference. He's almost the same price as D.J. More on draft kings, but he's significantly lower on Fanjul. So do you guys have the same do you think he's a safer cash game play if the pricing were different? I mean, I realize with it being relatively the same, we'd all prefer D.J. more.


But if there's a significant difference, do you, Anderson, as a kind of a cash game play that you'd be willing to roll out there? Is he, you know, less certain essentially than more energy?


There would be a GPP play for me. He's not he's not a guy. He's not just his skill set in general is not necessarily the kind of guy I go to in cash.


I think part of us is tarnished from what happened with the Jets. If you go and Robby Anderson, like I said this, it's an issue with me. I'm working through D.J. Moore. We view, as in every week must play. Right. Anderson is seen almost as many targets. Twenty six to twenty four. And we consider Anderson a borderline starter in fantasy football. Anderson has a higher catch rate. He has more receptions. He has more yards, touchdowns and fantasy points.


D.J Moore actually has a deeper averaged up the target. So it's not I don't even want to say more safer, but it's it's a mental thing I'm working through. And you guys, as Jets fans or former Jets fans, however you want to look at it, you guys might have. Oh, whoa, whoa. You guys, by the way, she was Robby Anderson because of what you seen there, but basically him with a new team.


He's been a different player.


Oh, I liked Robby Anderson, by the way. I thought he was it was a bonehead decision to let him go for the Jets. He does have that seventy five yard touchdown catch, which obviously inflates things. And if D.J. Morton dropped a touchdown pass and Teddy Bridgewater didn't miss him for a 50 yard touchdown in week one and he had two touchdowns, you know, and one hundred plus yards in week one, we'd be having a different conversation. I just think that more is more likely to see a higher percentage of the targets in this game.


Yeah, and he's just the talent I prefer. It's not the Robby. I also like when you look at ownership and cash, Moore is going to have way more ownership, especially on draft kings, than Robbie Anderson does in cash. Anderson's probably like a five to eight percent ownership kind of guy. Morris probably in the twenty percent range in cash. And at that point, like Anderson doesn't gain me that much where it's worth pivoting to him in cash, in tournaments.


He's absolutely important.


All right. You know what, guys? I prepared a bunch of similarly priced wide receivers and we've talked about them all. So we're just going to move on here to quarterbacks because we all loved Vontae Parker. We all love Odell Beckham are actually. Let me ask you very quickly, because Beckham was also on my list. I have been fading Beckham all year long in season long leagues. At the very least, I haven't touched them in DFS because I'm just not a huge fan of what they're going to be doing in Cleveland this year.


But this week, I agree with Tagg's. I do like I'm against Dallas's fifty eight hundred on draft kings. Is he a guy who you're willing to agree with taxes, you're willing to buy him in your cash game lineups?


Yeah, I mean, at this point the Cowboys are basically rolling out the three of us corner.


Well, I know I can't guard Odell Beckham that you haven't you haven't seen me in various years here. That's that's a real Indian right now. That's true. That's true. That's really so good. My seven year old son. All right, guys, before we keep going, let's talk about monkey knife fight. You want to add some fun to your fantasy football experience this season? That's a monkey knife fight. They've got a ton of contests that are super easy to play, things like five out of five or more or less like, well, Aaron Rodgers, pass four more or.


Less than three hundred and one yards on Monday night, what about Matt Ryan? Is he going to pass for more or less than 300 yards? Those are the types of games he can play.


I'm looking at a fight if you want. And if you've got those answers, fantastic. It's time to win some money. They've also got these contests with huge prize multipliers. They can win you 150 times nearby.


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Do not forget to use promo code fantasy prose when you do, that's monkey knife fight, dotcom slash fantasy prose, daily fantasy sports for the rest of us, terms and conditions apply. See site for full details.


OK, let's go to quarterback here. Let's go to cash game value plays. Let's start with you, Elliott.


I appreciate you letting me start first, man, because I'm assuming that I'm going to steal your guys, guy.


I just don't I don't like tags and I'm not allowed to start first. So it's just really kind of the lesser of the evils. Woody, what he ahead?


It's Ryan Fitzpatrick and it's I mean, fifty fifty four hundred in the second highest total game against the Seahawks secondary. Fitzpatrick actually has the most fantasy points of any quarterback in the last nine games he runs, he chucks, he's got players in great matchups. It's Ryan Fitzpatrick.


Yeah, it's it just is the answer. Like I, I mean, I Tagg's you may have something different, but that certainly is the name here. You want this game, you want this game in every every part of fantasy. You want this game. So is he your guy tax or do you have somebody else.


That's magic. I mean no quarterback is finished with fewer than twenty three point nine fantasy points against the Seahawks this year. Last year, they were they were struggling defense last year. They're not generating any pressure up front. They're going to be OK. Jamal Adams, Ryan Fitzpatrick, as I said on the show yesterday, going back to week seven of last year, Ryan Fitzpatrick has actually scored the fourth most fantasy points among quarterbacks. He has that Diggs factor.


He also has the fact that to talk by law is out right now with an illness. So I don't even if even if he were to struggle for whatever reason in the first half, they're not going to pull him for a guy that's sick.


So that's Patrick. Yep. OK, so I have bad news for you guys in the fake Dan game that I like to play. Ryan Fitzpatrick is not available. You have to choose somebody else. You have to chase the fake game that I make because we all know what the other. The problem is that we all have very, very similar opinions as to what the value plays are, what the right plays are this week. So I need to try to make it crazy.


I don't know. So three to choose from here, you cannot play. Ryan Fitzpatrick is off the table. You have to play one of the Sean Watson at sixty hundred, Cam Newton at sixty four or Joe Barrow at sixty three hundred. Elliott, I will throw it to you.


You have to play. You have no choice. I have made the rules of this game. You have to play one of those three guys. Who is it.


Well, I mean, this is a nice Segway. If I was going to talk about Cam Newton being right, GPP play, I don't think you can go wrong with Cam or Watson, but Cam Newton last week against the Raiders didn't get the goal line work, which really obviously limited his upside. I don't think that's going to be the case in this Chiefs game where they're going to be playing from behind and have to play keep up. I think you're going to see a similar output to the Seattle game.


Now, I'm not saying going to score thirty eight points, but I think you'll see him much more involved running the football. I mean, he's got fifteen, eleven and nine carries. That type of rushing floor is exactly what we're looking for. He looks healthy. He's done a good job on play action. The Chiefs actually final targets underneath, which works well for the Patriots because that's how a lot of their offense works. I think Cam Newton had a really good spot, but Watson would be the cash game option.


He's much he's safer against the Vikings defense. That is not a defense.


How about you to actually agree? I agree.


It's Watson. Kim Cam is fine for a tournament, obviously, but if he doesn't score rushing touchdown like his, his numbers are not going to look good. The Chiefs actually have allowed one or less passing touchdowns in eight of the last nine regular season games. So this game seems like it would be very, very bad for someone like Cam Newton. They can't run that style that they did against the dolphins where it's like, oh, I just want to run.


I can't run the ball fifteen times. That's not going to happen. So the chiefs are a much better defense than people give them credit for.


Yeah, no, I agree, especially in the past. Let's go to tight end here. Elliott, who is your cash game value play? I mean, I guess really it's koseki essentially. But who's your cash game valuably?


Yeah. I mean, by the way, the other guy you could mention that we didn't talk about in quarterback Baker Mayfield. Yeah. All right.


If you if you didn't want to play or even Teddy Bridgewater, we just talked about Robby Anderson and D.J. Moore. We talk up Odell Beckham. These guys quarterback plays to stack them with are also really cheap. If Beckham goes nuclear, Baker had a big game. Yeah, well, I had my tight end point play that I continue to come back to every single week as Logan Thomas. And it's not because Logan Thomas is any good and it's because Logan Thomas has target volume.


Right? Eight targets, nine targets, seven targets. He's probably the second option on the offense. I know Inmind had a good game last week. They're going to be down. They're going to be throwing the. All right, and at 3500, he allows me to play who pay up elsewhere, but I'm going to go with Koseki. I think I think he is the top hat. I'm playing with Slater, 51 out there. Yeah, I think that's right.


You hear all those things about Logan Thomas. You heard about that? Sorry, we had it. We had a fight earlier this week.


We did. As Dan likes bad football players.


And I do I'm I'm a Jets fan. I, I started off by saying he's not good at Carax and that's how that's how Jet fans are.


All I like to do. Go ahead.


I like Rob Gronkowski is a value this week. And it's weird because I was just saying that. But he's played a season high. Sixty three snaps. Howard played just thirty three last week. That's different than what happened in the first couple of weeks. Gronk also ran double the pass routes that Howard did. He saw a season high, seven targets with Chris Godwin out with Scottie Miller. Now, he's also questionable for this game. There's a I mean, Mike Evans, if they do allow Casey Hayward to go and shadow him, Tom Brady is going to be looking for Gronk and Grant look better.


His deadline may not have looked great last week, but honestly, Tom Brady should have hit him for a twenty one yard touchdown. He was wide. Yeah, he missed them. He missed them. Yep.


Looking at the Chargers, the reason that you have to like him as you look at the defense, they're missing Derwin James. They're missing Chris Harris Jr. The only thing they have really now, Casey Hayward, is that's what you fear. And if Hayward starts shadowing Mike Evans, then obviously, you know, we Ronald Jones is going to be used that much in the passing game. He never is. Leonard Fournette might be out for this game all of a sudden.


We're just missing a whole bunch of people here. And Rob Gronkowski is going to kind of walk into, I would say is going to get six plus targets in this game. And we saw Kelsey rack up nine catches for nine yards and a touchdown. Even Kusama caught four or five targets against this team for forty five yards. So at 3600, Gronk is he's underpriced.


So you prefer him Tagg's then to I mean, because you know better than better than the bad football player, Logan Thomas. Yes, that's fine. I mean, that was implicit in your answer. But what about, you know, a guy like Molly Cox, who you like?


I mean, it's against Chicago or even Jimmy Graham. You know, they're basically the same price, a couple hundred dollars higher. But Grokster guy then.


And yeah, both pretty terrible matchups. Moily, Cox, I can't trust I want to trust him, but I can't because Jack Doyle is going to play and it was going to play and if he starts getting some targets all of a sudden Alli Cox might be walking away from this game with like two or three targets. I can't take that chance by going down to thirty nine hundred. There's some other players that we'll talk about in the tournament section. But I mean, Logan, Thomas and Gronk are fine if you're looking to go keep a tight end.


They really are. I'm not going to say Logan Thomas is a terrible play. He's really not. But I think Gronk presents higher touchdown upside than Logan Thomas. OK, that's fair.


All right. Well, let's get into the GPP Gambles here. Let's start with running back. Elliot, who is your guy?


Clyde Edwards. Yes.


Nice. Well, well done with the pronunciation.


I don't I mean, if you watch really nice football, you don't know how to pronounce his last name at this point.


I mean, legitimately, I feel actually bad. He was getting you know, he was getting stuff for that. He was getting stuff from Patrick Mahomes mom. I mean, it was just a bad name for the announcers. Go ahead. I'm sorry.


Pat Mahomes. Anyway, listen, Clyde Edwards, Hilaire Helyer, however you want to say it is, you know, the chiefs running back has always been a guy we want to target. He hasn't really gone nuclear yet with a touchdown upside, but it's there. He's getting the pass game work. Daryl Williams is terrible. Darwyn Thompson fumbled. I think that this is a really good spot for sixty four hundred where a lot of people are going to be looking at the Drake, David Johnson's and Nixon's and you pay up a couple hundred dollars more, you get a slightly different roster construction.


He's got a really good spot. I think he's a really, really strong player running back.


Yeah, that's a that's a really, really good name for tournaments.


How about you tax love Edwards there he was on my list of tournament guys. Darrell Henderson. Fifty eight hundred coming off the matchups that he has against Buffalo and Philly. It's like you look at the Giants defense and it should be just like game over, lights out. Like he's running with his job and he looks fantastic doing it. Fifty one hundred. I like him a lot, considering you have the guys like Mixon and Drake in that range and even David Johnson.


So people aren't going to play Darrell Henderson very much. And again, let's Tobias Murray, he has one fewer carry than Alvin Kamara does on the season. So if he falls into the end zone twice at 4900, I don't think he's a terrible play in tournaments and units.


You love Latavius, no matter what the format is this year, it's fine. And it's it's tournament only, though. I honestly get the call. I get the call. All right, guys, it's great. Let's go now to a GPP gamble at wide receiver. Of course. Elliott, I will begin with you. And you can steal whoever Tagg's wants to talk about. So good.


I mean, if Presson Williams. Mm hmm. I mean, forty five hundred, he's going to carry very little ownership. We're coming off a game where the Dolphins played a ton of twenty two and twelve personnel. I don't think that's going to work against Seattle. All the reasons I like Devante Parker or the reasons I like Preston Williams, who was actually leading the team in targets and areas going into the game against the Jaguars. He had a two toughest matchups in the league that you can have the first two weeks where the Patriots shadowed him with Stephon Gilmore and the bill shadowed him with Trae.


Right. He's not going to have that issue in this game. He's only forty five hundred. There's a lot of cheap exposure you can get on the Dolphins side here. If you want to play Russell Wilson over Ryan Fitzpatrick, you probably should run it back with preffered Williams over Devante Parker because it allows you to still have the salary you want. So Presson Williams is chief exposure to that game where his snap rate should go back to the 85 percent rate.


He'll play a lot on the outside. He'll get the deep targets and he has touchdown equity in this offense.


Yeah, I talked about him. We did like I do at Sleeper's on a bus video. And Williams is one of my guys that's on our YouTube channel, YouTube dotcom slash fancy Prouse because, yeah, I agree with you. I think this is a nice thing and I don't think he's going to be overly owned here. Good. Tagg's GPP Gamble at wide receiver Brandin Cooks.


Yes, that was my dude. Brandin Cooks is a great play at 4500. He's underpriced again. We talked about the schedule for the Texans to start out the year. It was going to be impossible for those guys to start out really hot. Will Fuller could even be in this conversation at fifty nine hundred. It's an easy team to stack really against the Vikings. That team shouldn't have a whole lot of plays. The Vikings opponents are averaging, I think, sixty nine point three plays per game.


I'm not mistaken, the Texans, they run a fast pace. So I do like Brandin Cooks an awful lot here. He's going to match up with one of the rookies, Jeff Gladney or Cameron Dantzler, whichever one is healthy or out there, whatever. But the two of those guys have combined on twenty five targets to allow two hundred and seventy seven yards and two touchdowns to this point. So I like we'll learn a lot. But I also think Brandin Cooks is a fantastic play.


I don't have it. I'm going to have exposure to both those guys. Yeah, I love Cookes.


That was actually the guy. I mean 4500 as well. You know, he's playing pretty much all the snaps. He's running around on pretty much every passing. Bledsoe I agree. I like what do you think out of this quick though.


I want to ask you guys before like we keep moving because I wanted to say Stefon Diggs is crazy up there at sixty eight hundred dollars but is he going to be worth it this week. He might be Elliott.


I mean the Raiders are always a secondary you attack. Yeah. Especially with the deep ball. Yeah.


I mean their numbers are a little bit better this year because Drew Brees.


Right, with colored weights at this point, Franklin and the Patriots don't have vertical threats. So their numbers are a lot better. But last year, that's exactly where you attack them. And you know, Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, that's going to be a weekly tournament stack because people are going to look to these other guys. It's not that Allen isn't a fantastic fantasy player, right. It's just that he continues to get priced right next to Patrick Mahomes and Russell Wilson.


And you're like, so it ends up leaving Josh Allen on her own. Yeah.


Yeah, that's a great point. All right. Let's go to quarterback here and L.A. I mean, you gave it away earlier, but I assume it's Newton for you. Yeah, I think Newton just with his rushing upside.


That's that's one of the things that it's just it's so attractive, especially when he becomes the goal line back. We saw in that Seattle game where they inside the five yard line, they basically were like, it's the Cam Newton show. Now, they didn't do that against the Raiders. They did do it against the Dolphins. I think they're more than likely not the not to do it against the chiefs. And you could stack that chiefs game with Newton and elsewhere and and, you know, even potentially Tyreek Hill.


And you're going to have a very low own game stuck in a game that's in the 50s. And getting exposure to the chiefs is low. Ownership is always an intriguing one.


Yeah, he's a great tournament play. I agree with that. He was the guy who I had no one on my list for you play. How about you? Tagg's is your guy or you got somebody else? No, I mean in tournaments. I mean, Josh Allen. I don't know how he's going to be on there. So the thing is, is like I know that Josh Allen's been playing like an MVP and all that stuff, but I just don't know how high anybody going to be.


Owen, there are a lot of good quarterback options this week. So Josh Allen's backing him with with Diggs. It's it's an expensive combo, but it's one that could potentially work out with no John Brown, one that I really like. Baker Mayfield, you already hit on that. We know that Kevin Stefanski wants to run the ball a lot. There's no secret about that. But there are some games where they're going to have to unleash it. And this is probably one of them.


I guess the Cowboys is a team that's one and two has disappointed to start the year. The Browns are probably going to be without their top cornerback Denzel Ward for this game. They've already been without Grady Williams. They have problems at linebacker issues, at safety, with injuries. So, I mean, if they're not getting to the quarterback like that team is going to allow so many points to the Cowboys that we should see a lot of pass attempts out of this offense.


And we haven't seen that, which is why you're going to see, you know, Baker Mayfield with one percent ownership. That's basically what's going to be Odell Beckham is going to be lower than he should be, even at fifty eight hundred. So it's an easy game to stack.


All right. Let's go to tight end here. Who's your deep play? Elliott. Yeah.


So whenever I look to take a deep, tight end, it's always in a game stacked. Right. So last week I took Greg Olsen. We just missed a touchdown with him. Then up. Hayden Hurst was a good example the week before. You just take guys in the high scoring game and kind of hope you get lucky a little bit low ownership and it's a way to gain leverage on the field. For me, it's Dalton Schultz this week.


Are the Browns, you know, they're they just give up touchdowns to tight ends at thirteen touchdowns in the last nineteen games. That's that's a lot. Shultz's heavily involved in this offensive. Who I am is a little banged up right after that punt return. He he snaps for a minute. That's what I really saw the Cedrick Wilson Show. I think he is the cheap, you know, play that's really a tournament play because you're getting leverage to the highest total game.


All right, how about you tax? I dig that call. It's a good one. I like T.J. Hokanson as well. 4800 he the reason I think that because some people are going to consider him in cash because he's only forty eight hundred, you get a discount from those other guys and the game has a high total. The Saints have really struggled against tight ends, but I don't I don't want to assume that continues because they did bring in Malcolm Jenkins, who's one of the best cover safeties in the game.


He did struggle with Darren Waller, but I just don't know if the Saints defense is nearly as bad as people think they are, especially after three weeks, because the first three weeks of last year, they really did struggle and then turn things around moving forward. So but Hokanson, at 4800, he's not too expensive where he's going to crush your hopes and dreams if he doesn't go off. So, again, if the Saints team has allowed tons of production to the tight end position and knowing that Marshon Lattimore is going to match up with Kenny Golladay, that's a really good matchup for New Orleans because Galatea Golladay doesn't create separation and Marshon Lattimore is like glue to these wide receivers.


So it's going to be nothing but contested catches frugality. So I do like Hawkinson.


Yeah, I agree with you at least that Lattimore taking away Golladay is going to open things up for other people in the office. I don't mind Marvin Jones just generally in season long leagues either this year, this week, because I do think finally that things are going to open up. Let's go to DST, look for tags. He always takes the jets or did you guys talk me off the ledge? Because it always makes sense to do that. And I just want to state my case here.


There are four defenses, just four that are scoring more than ten points per game. So why would you waste your money moving up to one of those defenses are so hard to predict. But I will admit I went too far last week. I went too far.


I played the Jets to never play the Jets in anything. Just don't do.


I'm so glad we reached your limit. It only took a historically terrible. I thought the right strategy in general works, though, because it's a position that has so much variance that you attack the low, the low dollar plays the low ownership and kind of hope. You get lucky and hope that there aren't defensive touchdowns for other people. Right. The problem is that the Bucs ended up as Chalke and the Colts ended up as Chalke, both crushed. Yeah, right.


So are you guys going to the Dolphins then at 2000 this week against six? No, I'm not I'm not going to go against Russell Wilson. No, no, no, no, no, no. Go, go, go.


Because, Elliott, just to be clear, Tagg's legitimately like I want whatever the lowest priced defense is going to say. I don't even care who they're playing.


So that's why I want to make that clear. So go ahead.


I always just looked for pressure, right. Because, you know, teams are going to give up points. You're going to have variance pressures where issues get caused. I think the Buccaneers this week are really intriguing. Of the rookie quarterback, Herbert has shown flashes of brilliance.


He's also shown flashes of doing really dumb things.


The Bucs have been one of the best defenses that don't get talked about this year. I mean, obviously, with him playing Jeff Driscoll and the Carolina Panthers have inflated those numbers. But this is a team that gets pressure. They've got a lot of talented young players in that secondary. They don't really have holes on that defense. And, you know, I think at home, in a low, total game with seven point favorites, they make a lot of sense.


And at 3400, they're more than I want to pay for a defense. But I find myself with the ability to get up to tax.


There's no way you have gone to a point where you're going to spend up on the defense to that extent. Right. Well, so here's the funny thing. I actually put down the bucks as my favorite defense this week at thirty four hundred in terms of like what I project in pure value. But I'm probably going to go down to the Texans. There are 2500. They're at home. They're favorites. Minnesota has not been able to be at their facility all week, which should affect some things.


Houston is not they don't now have the pass rush they used to. But Kirk Cousins, I would imagine that Houston's going to force the Vikings into a situation that they're not technically. Oh, they're not always used to. Right. Then falling behind. Houston's going to put points in the board against this Minnesota defense. So we saw how that looked against the Packers. We saw how that looked against the Indianapolis Colts. It wasn't the greatest thing for the Vikings offense.


So Texans to 2500 is that's probably where I'm going to wind up in my cash games just because it's going to allow me to do some things. Now, if I can get up in price and if I have some money, absolutely. I would love to get to the bucks at thirty four hundred.


Yeah, the Texans are the guys for me. If you're, if you're paying down at 2500 for short, because I do think that they're a little under priced at least with what they're going to be able to do this week. Let's finish up now guys with our Stack of the week in our Lochley. We start with your sack, Loïc Elliott.


So, I mean, this is a big spoiler, but it's the Dolphins.


That is brand new information. I'm sorry. Go ahead. Like I've only mentioned all the Seahawks and Dolphins players, right? I mean, but again, teams that don't get pressure that throw the ball, these are the games we want to stack. It's worked with the Seahawks or would have worked with the Seahawks Patriots game that worked with the Cowboys Falcons game. It worked with the Cowboys Seahawks game. It worked with the Seahawks Falcons game. And, you know, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.


And there's lots of value dolphins to run back with, you know, Tyler Lockett or Decameron. Can't argue with it. Go ahead, take stock of the Week. I'm going to go with I definitely want to attack that game and that probably would've been my first choice. But my second choice would be Baker, Mayfield, Odell Beckham. You can get Amari Cooper on the other way around. There's a lot of ways to stack that game against the Browns.


Guys are extremely cheap. I think Austin Hooper is actually a sneaky play in a turn.


You know, I was going to ask about the tags in that range because it was the same price as the guys like, you know, Molly Cocks and stuff like guys. Whether or not you had any interest in that, given how big you've been on the cash at all, like, I wouldn't play him there because he hasn't had a game with more than four targets, I'm not mistaken. But in this game, again, where they're going to throw the ball more like Baker, Mayfield has thrown the ball forty six times over the last two weeks.


And so people are talking about back be like, oh, why do you like Beckham? He's never going to be that guy. Do you think they're actually going to throw the ball twenty three times per game? Because if they don't against the team that, you know, Dallas is going to score points. So if you look at Beckham the last two weeks, he's gotten, I think, thirteen targets in the two games combined. If you're quarterback threw forty six times and you're you're wide receiver had thirteen targets, you'd be really happy about that.


So I think it's possible we hit that number with Baker Mayfield this week. I'm guessing it's probably going to be somewhere around forty pass attempts. So at his low price, Obeida, the underpriced and then kind of pick which cowboys that you want to throw in there, if it's a Mahri, if it Zeke, whatever the case may be.


All right. Lock the week. Let's finish it up. Elliott, go ahead.


I think it's Miccosukee for me. I think the you know, I talked about this tight end position is not something I want to mess with. And the fact that he's really a receiver playing tight end and a great game. Again, spoiler alert Dolphins Seahawks game like it like this week.


All right. I can't argue with that, as we've talked about before. And Tag Shedlock of the week. You know what they say, fool me once. Shame on you. Fool me twice. Strike three. I'm going Kenyan Drake here, guys, that Drake is going to be in my lineups and I'm going to live with that. And if and if I get this wrong, you guys feel free to add me on Twitter. I'll take I will take the heat on that one.


Sometimes I get aggravated, but I would deserve it. But Kenyan Drake is going to come through this week.


Yeah, I can't argue with either one of those things, which makes me annoyed because I like to argue with tags. But anyway. All right, that's going to do it anyway. It was great having you on. It was so refreshing to have another person to share in the misery of being a Jets fan. Just remind everybody where they can find more of you and your work. Yeah, you can follow me on Twitter at Elliott Cross. Check out all my work at FTN Phantasy, Dotcom, left hand daily dot com and hefting.


That's dot com. We just launched a bunch of new tools, a ton of free tools, so much data, so much content. We're really proud of what we're building over there. So make sure you check it all out of ten daily dot com. All right.


That is going to do it for today's show.


Remember to check out our betting pros NFL podcast. It drops each week overnight on Thursday. And thanks to our sponsor Pristine Auction, remember thousands of auctions every day, autographed sports memorabilia, you can become cooler than Harrison Ford. Pristine auction, dotcom that's priced high end auction dotcom. And finally, monkey knife fight. Remember, sign up using our code fancy prose. Monkey knife is going to match your deposit up to 50 percent and you'll get a free Hall of Fame subscription to Fancy Prose.


We'll be back with Dan Incoll in the morning. In the morning. We'll talk to you then.