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And everyone, welcome back to the Bentz pro football podcast on your coach, Dan Harris. You can find me on Twitter at Dan Harris. It is Friday. So we are going to be breaking down each and every game that's going to be played this weekend. But first, as we always do, we are going to welcome in Dr. David Chow. You find him on Twitter at pro football, taking to pro football doc dot com and go to out kick dot com to find all his great work.


Dr. Chao, thank you, as always, for fitting us into your busy schedule on a Friday morning. Thank you.


And thanks for accommodating between the surgery cases cetera.


I know you've got a busy schedule, but that's why I try to clear my hole Friday morning to make sure we get you in whenever you give me that text and say, let's go. I'm ready to go. Let's jump into it right now with Chris Godwin. You know, he's dealing with a hamstring injury, has missed a couple of games. He has returned to practice on a limited basis. But, you know, it might be known by the time people are listening to this when the final report comes out.


But what do you think Godwin's chances are of suiting up this week? And if not this week?


Next week? I think next week is pretty good. This week is still iffy. And even if he suits up, you know, you're the fantasy expert and you guys, you've got to look at other options, right? I don't expect him to suit up Volson, get ten targets, eight catches and a touchdown, you know, I mean, so I think he's going to be a little limited with his hamstring, although I am more optimistic on his partner in crime, Mike Evans, who seems to be a cyborg playing through things, did better than I expected off that mild high ankle sprain and now is one week further removed.


So I'm rather optimistic on Mike Evans. Yeah.


I mean, he played through it last week. And again, they do have the quote unquote Mutebi, given that they played on that Thursday night. So they have a little extra time to get ready. But yeah, Evans always looks like he's on the verge of going out of the game. And then the next thing you know, he's back. And what about D.J Chark? He left late last week with an ankle injury. He has not practice yet, at least coming into today.


I was watching that game pretty closely. I didn't even really see it. I couldn't tell when anything really happened. But obviously he's missed practice both days already this week. So what do you think on Chark?


Well, you're right not to see it. If you did see it, you'd be seeing things because he went out with about seven minutes to go in the game, if I remember correctly. And it wasn't shown on TV. It was out of the frame. He wasn't targeted on the play. And and there was a little bit of contact with the corner. So I went back and looked at the all twenty two on the coach's film game pass. And those views are so distanced I didn't see anything specific.


But that's actually good news because if this were something more serious, I think I would.


And so he's the big unknown of the week. I'm not adding a ton here. Certainly you would say to straight do not practice's is a do not play, you know, kind of situation, but it could hold out a little bit of hope. Still, I don't think he's going on either. I don't think this is a long term thing and he still has a chance to to get going this week. I know I'm not adding anything specific, but I don't really have much to go on even looking at all.


Twenty two video.


I think that's good enough, though, the fact that, you know, we're not missing anything. It wasn't like there's something readily apparent that you could draw conclusions from for now is you're going to hear later when we talk about with Yates, I'm not ranking Turk to play this week and I'm assuming that he's going to be out. But we'll you'll probably know more by the time you listen to this. Let's go to the Browns here. You have a couple of interesting scenarios going on.


You've got Beckham Junior who's been sent home with an illness, but there's no covid-19 positive test yet. So we don't really know what's going on there. I don't know if you can talk about that. We also have Baker Mayfield, who's dealing with rib and chest injuries, and even Jarvis Landry is a little banged up. So, you know, what can we take away here from anybody on the Browns? Sure.


And I'll give you some good news on Odell Beckham Junior. I have him in fantasy as well. So hopefully it's not just hopeful thinking, but I talked about it on the podcast this week, the pro football podcast, and brought up the issue of illnesses. There's no question this year there's a lot more illnesses that are popping up and people do get nervous that this is covered. This is not covid illness.


There's a separate list for covid, but this is covered, related indirectly in this way. In the past, when someone had a runny nose or a low grade fever or something, they would typically be still allowed in the facility and allowed to practice. And sometimes those people would be listed for practice with nothing, and sometimes they would be limited practice, but they would be around this year. If you have any symptoms that might be a precursor to covid, you are sent home.


And when you are sent home, here comes the DNP and you have to put a reason so it becomes illness. Adrian Peterson had the same thing. If you look at injury reports, you'll see this much more prevalent this year than in the past.


But I don't know that I would put a lot of stock into it. A midweek illness where were sent home, sent home kind of implies. This is they're really sick in this case and the pandemic not really true, any symptoms in your system out of safety and precaution for your teammates and the facility itself? So I don't make a lot of the illness stuff this year.


And I think you could, you know, book that and not get so afraid when you see that pop up as far as Baker Mayfield is concerned.


Look, I just go by video, so I don't know. Yes, it's been reported at ribs and maybe chest. I still worry about an AC joint type thing and maybe and see joints type spraying the way that he went down. Baker said he rolled so avoided his shoulders. And I don't doubt him that he's got some rib issues. But I still think there's a shoulder component. And here's why. On my weekly serious hit with Pat Curwen and and Jim Miller, I asked Jim Miller, former NFL quarterback, hey, if you have ribs, do you let your arm hang down at your side?


He goes, no, you do that with an AC. I've had both. And I said and he added, so give him credit, said Uncle Sam, shaking his arm. If you have a rib, that's the last thing you want to do, is shake your arm and jostle things. But in AC joint, you're sort of like moving around to see what you got there. So even with that said, this is Baker Mayfield. They're playing the Steelers a big game he's going to play.


Will he take a pregame injection to help them out? Maybe, but he's going to play. And, you know, I'm not worried about that. All right. How about Jimmy Garoppolo?


He did come back last week. A little bit of a surprise. Did not look great. Not sure if it was just rust or if the ankle injury was bothering him, but he is practicing this week. So do you think that he's not only going to play but play up to his potential in this game? Yes and yes.


I think that last week was a tiny bit rushed and it was could have been more or as much about the rust and limited practice after missing a couple of weeks versus the ankle and yes, the back foot ankle, the mild hankel, he could have had some issues pushing off, which might have affected the accuracy. But I think he was taking on the second half not to make the ankle worse, but also to protect him because it turned out to be a blowout game for the Dolphins.


But he fully practiced this week. I expect the Jimmy G of normal of old to be back in this game here. All right.


That's good for all. Forty Niners pass catchers and the offense in general. How about Devonta Adams? Certainly looks like he's going to play. He's had the bye week. Is this you know, you've got guys who come back from these injuries and sometimes they're kind of eased into it. Do you expect Devonta Adams to be a full go in this one full go?


One hundred percent. If you have him in your in your team and you don't play him, you're being completely silly. I think he's going to have full go full targets, full everything. Part of it is he could have rushed back before the ball, but the whole point was to wait. Right. And now I think he really is one hundred percent or very, very close to it. So I expect a big quote, normal outing for Davante Adams to Broncos, who are expected to come back and play this weekend are Dru Locke and Noah Fant.


Do you expect both of them to be full go or is there some trepidation about throwing them, do you think, into starting lineups given their injuries?


I've got first of all, there are three Broncos coming back this week. If you throw in Phillip Lindsay from his turf toe and who knows what the split is going to be there with Melvin Gordon in his issue there. But I think Drew Lock, I would be more or less concerned about his rust than about his shoulder being the young quarterback that he is. But he should be close and no offense, should be pretty good to go to. And both these, you know, the game being pushed back due to covid against the Patriots, I think Drew Lockwood, who played last week, no offense, not so much.


So they get no offense back with the push back in a healthier drew lock. But obviously Cam Newton is back and I think Stephon Gilmore will be, too, for the Patriots. Those two definitely would not have played if the game went off last week.


Yep, definitely. Good news for anybody rostering Newton and the Patriots defense. Let's finish up here with a guy who I'm assuming perhaps by the time people listen to this, will have already been ruled out. But let's look at is probably more long term outlook. That's Dalvin Cook that they have a bye next week. So I assume that the Vikings are going to be careful with them. But do you expect them to miss this week? And if so, do you expect him to return after the bye week?


Yeah, when it happened Monday night, I believe it was, you know, that adductor groin strain. Yes. It's on the same side that he had the twenty nineteen hamstring. Yes. On the same side as the twenty eighteen ACL. But this is not injury prone and that's not related to those. And I expected him to miss time. The question was how much I take. It is good news that this is not a three week ordeal, but I don't know why anyone would be surprised.


Mike Zimmer, does the typical coach speak? Dalvin Cook's not playing this week period. End of discussion. They have the buy next week based on the injury itself in the video he was going to miss some time. Great news is one week plus the bye week and then back, and that's kind of what he's tracking towards right now. But if you have Dalvin Cook, you're thinking about him, you should you need to make alternate plans.


Excellent. All right. That basically lines up with exactly what I was thinking, which I think fancy managers. Of course, we're talking about Alexander Madison this week. He'll be a great start against the Falcons. All right, Dr. Chao, as always, thank you for fitting us in between surgeries. Remind everyone where they can find more of you and your great work.


Twitter, a pro football doc, but pro football, dot.com, it's free. And and, you know, we we put up some video within a minute of Dak Prescott's injury that broke it down. And that said what he would need in the emergency surgery and the fact that he'll be fine for week one two thousand twenty one. And so there's some good video there where he even slams his ankle. His first reaction after the ankle, this fracture dislocation is he doesn't call for help.


He actually slams the ankle on the turf to try and straighten it, sees it fall back out and then calls for help. So that's why he was The Beast of the Week on the pro football podcast there. But and thanks to some of your listeners, I'm sure it's fantasy pros power that you guys all crashed the website momentarily.


Dak was injured and so it's free. So sign up and take a look. No credit cards, no spamming, nothing like that. And we appreciate you.


And again, I will reiterate on a personal level that the second I see an injury that happens in a football game, I immediately go to your Twitter profile, because I know that you're if you're around, you're going to be looking at the video and giving a very quick review. And in my experience, it's almost always accurate, just based off the video. So everybody should follow you over a pro football doc. We will be coming up in a minute with Yates and we will talk about each matchup for week six at the NFL season.


I'll talk to you in two seconds. All right. Now let's bring in Kyle Yates for Dan and Kyle in the morning.


You can find Kyle on Twitter, of course, at Kawika NFL. I can't believe I called Kyle. It feels weird because I was thinking, what's up, Kyle Yates?


How are you now going to be a full name thing over time? That's fine. No, I'm good, man. It's been a good morning. I got my weekly article published literally right before we hit record here. And my family, you know, my son and my wife, we were dancin to the Hamilton soundtrack in the kitchen this morning. So, yeah, I'm in a good mood, man.


Never gets old. Can't be a bad day. When you started with the Hamilton soundtrack, we got a bunch of news to get to. Before we get through every game, let's start with the good news, which is that the Vikings have apparently been the Vikings and the Falcons have apparently been cleared to play. No additional positive test here for the Falcons. So it looks like that game is on. So we will talk about how high we have every player in that game, including Alexander Madison, which is perfect Segway, because it's essentially a Hamilton character, as you expect.


But unfortunately, we got news this morning. Again, this is taping at nine thirty Eastern Time. So we do not have all the details, but that the Colts are dealing with some apparently presumptive positive tests, multiple ones, and they've shut down the facility for now. Yes. I don't think we know anything about this game and whether it's got a chance to play, whether it's going to be canceled, whether it's going to be moved to Tuesday.


The Colts are playing the Bengals this week. So I I don't really think there's anything we can really offer fantasy managers at this moment. I'm sure they'll know more by the time they listen to it. So I don't really think there's much to be addressed. And we should just talk about the game as usual.


There you go with that. Yeah, I'm good with that. I thought you were going to stop your sentence after we don't know anything. I just thought I was going to be the end of your sentence. No, just looking at this game, I think, you know, we'll move forward. If if anything, it will just be moved from, you know, this week as far as Sunday to potentially another Tuesday night football game. Well, it's possible they'll cancel it.


They'll find another way to buy. But you should know, Yates, that whenever I can say something in five words, but I'm able to say it in forty, I will I will choose the latter. Let's very briefly again, it's not going to matter for this week, which is what we really do on the show.


But we'd be remiss. We did not mention the Le'Veon Bell news Bell decides to sign with the Chiefs, one of the three expected places that he could land. Now, he cannot not play in the game this week. That is off the table because of the NFL's covid-19 testing protocols. You've got to test negative or something for five or six straight days won't be done by game time. So for this week, you don't need to worry about it. When we talk about that game.


However, in the future, let's just put a little bit of a pin in. Let's put an exact note on where we have these guys going forward. How much does it hurt Edwards players value and where do you think Bell's going to rank for the rest of season going forward?


Yeah, I'm interested to hear your thoughts here, because I feel really gross about wherever Adam Taylor I mean, looking at this is plummets as value. And he's been a safe, you know, low end RB one just based on the fact that he's getting carries in this dynamic offense and he's been involved in the receiving game. But yet looking at he hasn't been able to score from the goal line like only one rushing touchdown on the season. That was the one the long break away play in week one.


Against the Texans, so I I think Le'Veon Bell comes onto the field as the goal line back because Cledus player just doesn't have the size to be able to punch it in at the goal line. So this definitely hurts. I think he's still going to be fine. I still think he's going to be an RB two.


I have to lare again. I want to hear your thoughts because I don't feel great about this, but I have Clyde Edwards at 19. I have Le'Veon Bell at 22.


OK, all right. This season. So I think that what we are doing right now is for the most part, speculating, because there's no way to know. There's absolutely no way to know how this is going to unfold coming in. But you do bring up a good point is Edward Air has, you know, quote unquote struggled at the goal line, but he just hasn't punched in right now. My rest of season rankings have Edwards allare at fifteen and Le'Veon Bell at thirty two.


Now, that's not final. That was just what we try to do immediately. We have sort of a thing where when news like this breaks, Yates and I and tags go and we update our rest of season rankings immediately because we we want to make sure that fantasy managers have the best advice that we can give as soon as they possibly can. So I'm going to dig into it. I can't say with 100 percent certainty that that's where he's going to set land.


And again, it's going to partially depend on where certain guys move up or down. It is. It hurts Edwards. There's value. There's no doubt about it. I do. We both agree, of course, that he's still the back to roster if you have to roster one. But Bell certainly could carve out a bigger role. The reason why I haven't moved him up crazy is because, look, things can change and, you know, Bell can get rejuvenated and he's still very talented.


And maybe he was just, you know, bored or hated the Jets or anything that anybody all of the above who goes to the Jets feels. But he he did not look good when he was playing. He did not look good last week. I don't care about the fact that he, you know, rushed 14 times or 13 times for 60 yards, like a better running back could have gained a lot more. Now, he may be rejuvenated and the offense fits him perfectly.


But I'm just you know, Edwards Air has been fine. He hasn't been great. So I do still see him getting, you know, plenty of carries, plenty of touches for now. But he is in the RB two range. And for me for right now, I would have Bell just you know, he's outside the arbitrary range. But I do think that this is something where if I had Bell, I'm not dealing him because I want to see where it goes.


You know what I like to see? Whether or not he does get the goal line is whether he does factor in more in the passing game. It could be a huge boon to his value. But right now I have an RB three range. I don't expect him to come in and take all the goal line touches or split carries or anything like that. I think he's going to be more of a change of pace back. Remember, they needed an upgrade.


They needed an upgrade. This is I don't think Bell went to the place where he thought he would get the most work. I think that probably would have been maybe Miami might like that. I think he wants to win the championship at this point. He's getting paid anyway. The Jets have guaranteed his salary, so it doesn't really matter. So I do think you factors in. But he's more like RB three range for me now. Again, he's not going to play this week.


So we when we get to that game, let's remember that. All right. So let's get into all the games. You know, the deal. We're going to go through game by game here. First, let me remind you about our monster giveaway that runs for another roughly two weeks through Halloween night at eleven fifty nine p.m., assigned black and gold Aaron Jones helmet, a two hundred dollar gift card to pristine auction, a 200 dollar gift card to Porter Road Butcher, a package of fancy football goods for your league winner and your last place loser from Travis Mack and a one month subscription to Foubert TV.


You can enter this contest in one of three ways. Follow us on Twitter at Fancy Prose. Follow us on Instagram at Manzie Brose. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, YouTube Dotcom Slash Fantasy Prose and go to fancy prose dotcom slash contest. Make sure you verify that you have done one of those things and that's it. You can do all three of those things and have three entries into our contest. It's really easy. Again, Twitter advanced brose, Instagram at Fancy Prose, YouTube dotcom slash fantasy prose grab that is it.


All right. Before you get into the games. Yeah. Its accuracy challenge as always. You know what that is by now, if you listen to the show venturers, Brozak challenge three contests where you pick ten over under fantasy points per week. It's sponsored by BET MGM. The grand prize is a three day, two night stay at and MGM Resort in Las Vegas, including round trip airfare. Let's get into it. Aaron Rodgers against the Bucs nineteen point two fantasy points.


Yates over under. I want to go over there.


I am to Ben Roethlisberger against Cleveland, eighteen point six fantasy points. Good line.


I am actually going to go over with this one as well.


I am as well to four to Aaron Jones at the Bucks fifteen point three fantasy points.


This one's going to be super close. I have Aaron Jones just above it, though. So I'm going I'm going to take the over again.


Yeah, I don't think it's going to be close. He's at fifteen point three. I'm at fifteen point five. So we're both over exactly where he most rams thirteen point three fantasy points. Over, I'm over as well, we're four four in the Oval right now, Kareem Hunt against Pittsburgh, sixteen point six fantasy points over again.


I have Kareem Hunt is my third overall back this week.


Oh, that is bull. All right. Well, we'll get into that. I'm mean, I have him under here. I think he's coming under this. No, not by much. But I do have it projected for roughly half a point under Allen Robinson against Carolina, thirteen point five fantasy points.


Or are you seeing too many targets? I feel crazy. Never take the over this many times, but I'm going to take the over again.


I had the same exact feeling on this. I mean I've been under on Hunt but I do have the over on Robinson as well. How about Hollywood Brown eleven point nine fantasy points against Philadelphia.


That one I'll take the under on. I will take the over on that one. So we are basically whatever we got six out of seven on the over here.


Dareus Slaten against Washington eleven point six fantasy points and it's a fine matchup. I'll take the over but I'm not expecting anything drastic drastically over that.


I also have the barely over as I will call it. Justin Deverson against Atlanta, eleven point two fantasy points over over as well. And Zach Ertz against Baltimore, nine under defensive points, Zach Ertz, whatever they're under now.


I actually had the over on this one. I think that not by much. Basically, that's a good line for him at nine point one. I do think I think they're getting a little healthier wide receiver. And I do think that Baltimore under the radar not that great against tight ends. I do think you can do some stuff. All right. Again, it's Friday morning. So we're we don't have the full practice sports yet. We will try to give some caveats.


But let's get into the game by game. As always. We will start with the Thursday night game. And to recap it, I beat my son in Avenger's Monopoly by trading my daughter for the Lokey Odyn combo and putting headquarters on them. So there's a Thursday night game this week, of course, no football game. So I was like, where are you going? What do you do?


Oh, you know, I've got some really obnoxious dad joke waiting to go at every single moment. Let's get into this weekend's games. Texans visiting that titans. Let's talk about the Texans.


I mean, I feel like you're not excited to start David Johnson, but you're starting David Johnson. Is that fair?


Yeah. Yeah. I think that he's, again, looking at the options that you have at the running back position. I think that you have to start him up as a low end RB two.


Yeah, I'm eighteen. Where do you have out of curiosity in your mind?


It's a good question. I have David Johnson at twenty three actually. OK, David Johnson, I'm sorry. I'm looking at my Restasis and rankings. I didn't take. Hold on.


What a rookie mistake. It's not like I do this podcast every week. I know I have haven't met fourteen.


OK, so you're safe there. So I don't even have to ask you A or B you're starting Will Fuller. I assume you're good with him at this point every week.


Wide receiver, two ish low and wide receiver too high and wide receiver three. That's just kind of the way that you need to be looking at him every single week comes with huge upside. Yeah, it comes to an extremely low floor every single week. You know, he could just disappear. So it's kind of one of those things that you plug them into your lineup and you just deal with the range of outcomes.


Will Fuller or Hollywood Brown?


I mean, they're both in that same category. You literally like they're clones of each other. I think I'll go with I'll go with Will Fuller this week.


Yeah. That's why I choose them, because they're the same person I have Woelfel the twenty fifth and Hollywood Brown twenty six. So we it sounds like we're reviewing them sameway. What about Brandin Cooks here. Are you willing to trust them after that monstrous game last week.


Yeah, I'm willing to go back. I'm willing to go back to Brandin Cooks as a wide receiver. Three, I like the matchup here for him. And I think that, you know, again, weird range of outcomes that we just don't know what it's going to look like. But the first week without Bill O'Brien, we saw Brendan Brandin cooks be a focal point of this offense. I think he can get back to being a consistent contributor for you.


It is an exploitable secondary. I'm not willing to trust him quite that much. I've got him right now. Forty third. My guess is he's going to end up a couple of spots higher as a, you know, depending on who's in and who's out. But would you start Brandin Cooks or if he's healthy Lévesque Missional.


I would start Lévesque because I don't think D.J Chark plays this week.


That is, I'm not ranking targeter. I'm assuming he doesn't play, which stinks. I loved each other. I wish he could just stay on the field because he's great but also hurts. But we'll get to that game that also hurts Gardner Minshew and Deshaun Watson. You're fine with starting in this one, right? Yeah, yeah. Very good. Titans, you're obviously starting AJ Brown in so many plays. He's missed practice, but I assume that was just because he's sort of dealing with the knee and that Tuesday game you're starting, Derrick Henry, of course, your starting best tight end average on Smith.


Are you streaming Ryan Tannehill this week?


Yeah. If you need to look at what he did last week, I don't think we can sit him. And this is a fine matchup for opposing quarterbacks. So I am fine rolling in. Ryan Tannehill as a low end quarterback, one Ryan Tannehill or Gardner Minshew.


It would be Garner Minshew. But with D.J. Chaak missing, I'm probably going to bump him down my rankings. So, Rohinton, hell Hollywood move.


Yep, that's what I do. I have ten eleven I mentioned right now twelfth and that's under the assumption that doesn't play again. I'm not I'm not basically saying like well we saw what happened in Miami, therefore, you know, we know I think that was more of a scratch. Or George, and I think they weren't really prepared for it, so I just heard Minshew, which I'm ranking him with the assumption that Iraq doesn't play. Hopefully he does, but for now, we're assuming that he doesn't.


Let's go to the Broncos visiting the Patriots.


The Broncos have held in check running backs pretty well, both on the ground and through the air. But no Darryl Casey. Not sure if that really hurts them.


Are you starting Damian Harris this week as nothing more than an arbitrary I mean, he's one of those guys. Like, he just needs to be viewed as a bye week filling no scoring upside now with Cam Newton coming back into the lineup here. So I just don't he's going to have to break away a long touchdown run in order to score because we know that Newton's the goal line back. So I just think, you know, he's someone that you can roll in as a bye week, fill in.


But I'm not expecting anything crazy.


It was funny because I was just looking at it. I was like, OK, this is cool. And I realized that the thing that I had chastised you for, which was looking at rest of season rankings, I had accidentally switched over there.


Well I have Harris twenty ninth on on the week. So yeah I agree he's an OK RB three. But I agree with Cam Newton back. You assume that Newton is going to steal the eagle. And we're speaking of Cam Newton, he's right back into your QB one range. No hesitation with them. One hundred percent.


I think that they're going to run him consistently in this game. I mean, the Patriots are ten point favorites in this game, which is insane. So but I think it can happen. You know, like I'm not criticizing the line there. It's just insane that that is a huge line. So I just say, like I'm saying, Cam Newton absolutely plugging back in as a midrange quarterback, one with ridiculous upside if he finds the end zone as a rusher.




And let's go back, by the way, to the Brandin Cooks thing, because I had just very briefly in the last game, I had said where I had him, actually, I'm thirty seven for my weekly rankings. I was also chastising Yates. I am I am the worst human of all the humans. I apologize for that. Are you starting any wide receiver in this game board? Actually, you know what? Forget it. Forget about just the Patriots.


Are you starting any wide receiver in this game?


Yeah, yeah. Julian Edelman as a wide receiver, three jury duty as a wide receiver. Three, Tim Patrick is a flex play outside of that. Nikil, here he is like he's outside my top 50 wide receivers in the week, not excited about starting him, but Julian Edelman, Judy and Tim Patrick assuming kids handlers out. Yeah, I'm starting Julian Edelman as wide receiver, three hundred thirty first right now, Judy, is 30th, which is like a flex play, and you're dealing with biotechs right now.


So that probably puts them where somebody is starting. Patrick is forty eight. I don't really know whether or not we can assume that's seven. Gilmore who again, that's a big deal. Sounds like he's going to play right now. He's been activated. Yeah. covid-19 list. That certainly hurts the passing game. I'm not really looking to start any of them. I mean, I'd start Edelmann. That's fine. I have Judy in several leagues. I will almost certainly be starting him, but I'm not quite as excited about Tim Patrick as I had hoped to be.


Let's go. The Broncos here. If Melvin Gordon plays, which right now it sounds like he's going to. Are you starting him?


I'm yeah, I'm fine. Starting him as a low end RB two. He's probably in that same territory as far as how we're viewing David Johnson.


So I think you can roll out Phillip Lindsey being back concerns.


I mean, we talked about this on the Start set podcast. Like Phillip Lindsay being back, I could easily see this being a 50/50 split again. And so if that's the case, then Gordon loses some of his appeal. But again, it's talking about by week's and the fact that if you have Melvin Gordon, you most likely have to play him.


Yeah, that's basically what it comes down to. If you have Melvin Gordon, you're probably playing him, but you're not all that jazzed about it. Now, Gordon somehow is out for this game or suspended. You're firing up Phillip. Lindsay, no hesitation, right?


Yeah. Yeah. Phillip Lindsay as a top twenty four running back and it looks like no offense going to be back as he sneak into your top twelve.


I mean based on the position. Yeah. I mean I'm not expecting crazy things with him coming off of this injury, but yet at the same time when we're talking about, you know, if you're looking at playing Dalton Schultz or Noah Fant, give me no offense.


Yeah, no offense is twelfth for me. So he sneaks in. Not crazy about it, but yeah, he's definitely going to sneak in Falcons visiting the Vikings, which is a game that is now on, I'm assuming. No Julio Jones here. You'll probably know by the time you listen to this podcast. Are you starting or sitting Matt Ryan?


I'm sitting him if I can. He's outside of he's at fifteen right now and my rankings. And that's sandwiched between Tom Brady and Andy Dalton. So, I mean, any Dalton might be the safer play. Matt Ryan has a higher ceiling in this game. But yet without Julio Jones in the way he's look the past three weeks, we can't trust him. Yeah, I have Dalton ahead of Matt Ryan for sure. I Ryan seventeen right now under the assumption that Julio Jones doesn't play.


I'm just there's no way you can trust Ryan at this point, given how he's looked the past few weeks. You're starting Todd Gurley. Of course you're starting Calvin Ridley. Are you starting anyone else on the Falcons?


You might be forced into starting Hayden and Hayden Hurst, but I think that you should just be expecting high end tied in two numbers. I'm not crazy about him this week, but outside, you can't go back to Russell Gates or ultimately Zacchaeus. You just can't do it. So it's Calvin Ridley and Hayden Hurst and Todd Gurley. Yeah.


And Hirst's for me, falls outside of the starting range. I have been sixteenth right now, so I think you can probably find better options right now, which pains me. And I think there will be a game where Hayden Hurst really cares about. But I don't know if you're going to know when that game starts. Would you rather start, though, in this game, Hayden Hurst or the guy we talked about on the waiver wire show, Irv Smith Jr then I was literally just about to ask you the exact same thing.


I was looking at my rankings.


I was like, Smith, I will play Hayden Hurst slightly above Herb Smith, if that makes sense. Like Irv Smith. I just want to wait one more week before I, like, confidently roll him out into my lineup. But I think that the arrow is pointing up and I think that he can go off in this game. But it could also be something where he goes back to his usage that he's had throughout the first couple of weeks of the season.


Yeah, no, that's exactly what I've heard. Sixteen and I have Herb Smith nineteen. So again, both guys who are as low as that sounds, those are guys who you could start because a lot of the guys ahead of them might have been picked up by fans, managers, because once you get past the top six or seven titans, a wasteland as it usually is. And so a lot of guys maybe rostering too tight. And so you might be forced into starting with those guys.


And even though the ranked 16th, the nineteenth, that's more in the range of I don't really want to do it, but I'd be OK with doing it because the whole position is terrible. How high do you have Alexander Madison this week of Alexander Madison at four.


Yeah, that's too low. I'm at thirty. Yeah, this is just the spot. I mean, you know, assuming Dalvin Cook is out, which I think is a fair assumption. Yeah. There's no way he's playing in this game. Correct. There's no way. Are you screaming Kirk Cousins. Yeah, absolutely.


Tagg's and I were talking about Tagg's had him at six when we were doing the podcast on Wednesday. I've Kirk Cousins at eight so I think you can absolutely plug them in this match. Very, very high overunder. I think points are going to go up on the board in this one. I really hope so, because the last couple of weeks have not been these potential shoot outs have not been as promising as we've as we've thought. But yet, Kirk Cousins, in this game, I think you can absolutely rule them in as a streamer.


Yeah, I'm as eleven. So still a streamer, of course, but not quite as excited as you guys are. You're, of course, starting Adam Thielen as Adam Thielen too. I've met one who I like it.


OK, and how about Jefferson here. Are you willing to say I'm kind of quiet.


Last week he was, he was quiet last week but I think that this week is again against Atlanta like you start your wide receiver. Against Atlanta. So if I am projecting Kirk Cousins to be all the way up at eight and have a great game, then I'm expecting Justin Jefferson to bounce back. So I have Jefferson right now. It's very, very aggressive. He might come down a little bit by the time that we get to Sunday and lineup's lock.


But I'm at 13 right now. Dan Wow. 13 is high, but I have made 18. So that's, you know, in the same universe. I agree. When I first did my projections, I was like, am I really am I really can do this right now? And you guys know, we joke about all the time, like I do projections. And then after the projections are done, sometimes I look at players and I adjust.


Sometimes it doesn't work out. Like when I invested Brandin Cooks down last week after my initial reactions were like, no, no, this is a good game. I can't do this. But right now, Jefferson sits at eighteen, so he is somebody who I would look to start. So yeah, I have right now as I'm showing the camera water bottle, people tease me sometimes when I drink out of it. It has the times of the day on it so I can know how much I'm supposed to be drinking so I can stick with it.


It's an egregious amount of water for me and I also have something on it that says set goals and demolish them because I really wanted to pump myself up with my water bottle. That's how I roll. I do not demolish my goal. Yeah, it's not when it comes to water drinking, I never drink enough water. And when that happens, especially since I've been working at home, I just don't feel as productive. Like my brain is foggy, like I feel like I can't think straight, which is tough because you and I are poring over stats all day long.


But my wife runs nonstop, as you know, and she said that one of her remembers of a running group turned around to something called Hydra. And I was like, well, that's fine. But as she knows, I'm not a runner. There's a finite amount of exercise that one couple can do. And to balance out the fact that she takes all about, I do nothing. I do no physical activity. It works for me. But she was like, no, no, no, you don't you don't need to exercise or be a runner or anything like that.


It just helps you hydrate faster. So I tried it. And you know this because we work together, but I have just been crushing life. Now, at this moment, I'm not force feeding myself. Like what I feel like is gallons and gallons of water. It is football season. OK, you know that I go to bed at like 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. because I'm messaging you at that time to wake me up at like seven. I popped in the lemonade packet into my water bottle in the morning.


I'm ready to go. They also have this new immunity line that they've rolled out. It's available in either lemon, ginger or hot apple cider, over a thousand milligrams of vitamin C, B6, B, twelve and D, and that's really important when you live in the Northeast like I do, where we've got like two more weeks of sunlight and then it's just going to be darkness as the early winter sets in. So getting vitamin D somewhere else is really important.


Just a ton of essential vitamins, minerals and electrolytes with ginger and zinc. It's total immune support starts at a buck a packet. That's it for a 30 day supply. And you can save even more with a monthly subscription. Right now, our listeners can save twenty five percent off their first order. Go to drink hydrant dotcom fantasy pros enter promo code.


Fans browse at checkout that's dry and Widra and T dotcom slash fantasy prose. Enter the promo code fantasy Broza check out for twenty five percent off your first order.


Heidrick Where Water Meets Wellness. All right, let's get into Washington, visiting the Giants, usual breakdown for Washington, start Terry McLaurin, start Antonio Gibson and start nobody else. Is that right? Correct.


One player that I'm going to tweet this out on Sunday. Just a sneak preview, Stasch Antonio Gandi Golden, if you can. So we're seeing Gandi Gold in his Snapp's increase week after week. And I think that I mean, he was one of my receivers that I was willing to stand on the table for in this rookie draft class coming out of liberty, literally watching him. I was like, this is AJ Green. I'm watching AJ Green now.


He's very raw again, coming out of Liberty University at D3 School. So I don't think that his adjustment to the NFL level has gone, you know, as quick it's gone as you know, as expected that he's coming. He's making a significant jump, but he's continuing to get on the field and he's starting to see significant snaps. So I think moving forward, Gaine Golden could be a fantasy relevant option and just stash him if you can. Otherwise, just leave him on your waiver wire, continue to monitor again.


I know that with by weeks and everything like that, most people can't afford to stash him. But I'm just saying keep an eye on him and but you're not you're not signing him at all this week, correct? Correct. No, don't put him in your starting lineup.


If you're in an eighty person league, you might want to start him. I do have him ranked one hundredth this week. I just checked my, by the way, for ranking wide receivers as usually 100 wide receivers. He legitimately is my 100th wide receiver this week. But yes, I'm just teasing you. Yes, of course, it's a start. And I and I do like that. By the way, that's something that fantasy managers should be thinking about if they can afford it, given the weeks right now is stashing players in advance who might not have value this week, but who have the potential to have value in the week after.


And you can get ahead of the way. Reward for the Giants. Are you good now with Devonta Freeman or we like firing him up as a borderline RB to give him the basics?


Yeah, yeah, I think so, because we saw him get it done on the ground last week, again, looking explosive and and found the end zone. But then he wasn't super involved in the receiving game, which is what gives him a safe floor. So I don't think he's going to have as much room to run in this one against the Washington defensive front. But yet he can bounce back with a significant amount of work in the receiving game.


So I have Devonta Freeman way higher than I thought I was going to and way higher than it feels comfortable. But again, by week's end and a lot of injuries, I have Devonta Freeman at twenty two right now I'm twentieth.


So I'm I'm with you. John Freeman or Kenyon Drake. I'll go Freeman Freeman or Ronald Jones against Green Bay.


I'm going to go with Ronald Jones there. But he obviously comes to the concern that if Leonard Fournette is active in this game and you know, Leonard Fournette could just simply take over at any point.


Yeah, no, but that is how I have it as well. I Ronald Jones, slightly higher than Devonta Freeman, one spot higher than Kendrick Dareus. Slaten starter set.


You can start him again as a wide receiver. Three with Daniel Jones not getting anything done through the air, essentially. I mean, Slaten went off last week because of the matchup against the Cowboys. Now, the Washington secondary isn't, you know, isn't a cakewalk, but yet it's not one of the stoutest units in the NFL, you know, one of the top tier. So I think it's just kind of an average matchup for Derek. And I think you can plug him in.


But again, I'm not expecting anything more than wide receiver three production.


Yeah, I've gotten twenty seven, so I'm probably a tiny bit higher than you are is my guess, wherever you have him ranked. But I would, I would fire them up. I'd feel OK about it. Not again. Certainly I felt better about him last week but I'd be willing to work with him this week. How about Evan Engram here. Are you willing to roll the dice? I've Ingram 10th, so he's in my starting lineup.


I think he has to be in your starting lineup just based off of the landscape. I have Ingram at nine and that is like the grossest sentence. I just come out of my mouth this entire season. I just, I almost vomited saying that. So you got a lot of great sentences. Thank you. You know with Evan Ingram I just.


His depth of target is ridiculously low. It's terrible they're misusing him in this offense. I just, I'm not excited about it, but he always has the potential to find the end zone. So I guess you go with him. Yep.


No, I agree. Would you rather start Evan Ingram or Robert Tonin? Robert Tanin. Yeah, I agree with that. Bengals visiting the Colts, assuming this game plays. How do you feel about Tyler Boyd this week?


I'm as a high end wide receiver, three this week, tough matchup, but I think that he can still Jibaro is going to bounce back. That was a ridiculous performance last week. Just terrible. It's never going to be that bad again. This is a stout pass defense, but yet at the same time, I think that burro is going to have a fine day. So Tyler Boyd, I like him a little bit more than I did last week.


Tyler Boyd or Darius Slayton. I'll go to the border. Yeah, I have Boyd one spot ahead. Boyd Twenty six. Slaten Twenty seven. How about Higgens? Are you willing to roll them out now? He's getting the targets.


Yeah. A roll is a low end wide receiver. Three flex play.


Yeah man we're right there. I'm thirty fifth so we're right there. I mean you're starting to mix in each and every week, right. You're not 100 percent good. It's not a great matchup. So Boros, I mean, he's outside the screaming conversation for you, right. Correct. Burrough is eighteen. Yes.


That is no, he's a nineteen for me. Sorry. Sorry. Disagree for the Colts. I mean, you know. We've had some discussions, mostly with tags about how Jonathan Taylor looks, doesn't look what he's doing, what he's not doing. But in this matchup against the Bengals top five option for you, I don't have him all the way up there.


ETR has met like three, I think last time. I'm so I've I've got seven. OK, all right.


I mean, they've been they've been bad against the run. I think Geno Atkins is probably going to play here, which will help. But again, you're not going to rely on Philip Rivers at this point to do anything. Are you starting anyone else on the Colts other than John Taylor?


Not if I can afford to. I'm going to sit Ty Hilton just because, again, I expect this to be a Jonathan Taylor game. I expect, of course. Well, Jordan Wilkins is dealing with his own injury, so we don't know if he's going to play in this game. If that's if that doesn't happen, then I'll boost Jonathan Taylor up. But then nightime Hines should be a factor, too. So I just think they're going to keep the ball in the ground as much as they can.


It doesn't bode well for T.Y. He'll intersect. Pascal, I'm even Trey Burton. It just there's you don't want to start anybody in the passing game. I still have to. I Hilton ranked as like a borderline wide receiver. Three. So if you're in a situation where you have to like Ivy Leagues because I like talent coming in where I have to start stardom. But again, you saw his, I think his best game of the season last week and it wasn't great.


And that was because they were chasing points, which I don't expect in this game. So, yeah, it's unfortunate, but with rivers under center, it's just not good. But Taylor, rock solid, locked in, guaranteed start. All right.


Before we keep going, let's talk about Fanjul. You heard me say that I want to be forced to play certain guys into my season long lineups.


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Now that's Vendel dotcom slash fantasy prose. Fanjul More ways to win. Let's go to the Ravens visiting the Eagles. Of course, you were starting Lamar Jackson and Mark Andrews and we said you're good to go with Hollywood Brown.


Yeah, again, as a wide receiver, three every single week.


Yeah, I could pretend like I was looking at my weekly rankings even when we were at that part of it. But I wasn't I was looking at my my rankings, which I legitimately chastised you for. I'm sorry, YouTube. Comment me away. I went first and I actually have Brown Seventeenth this week, so I think I had him like twenty fifth or something like that. I'm seventeen right now so I'm good with starting him for sure. Are you starting any Baltimore running back which we ask every single week and every single week.


I feel like your answer is I don't really want to come on the same thing again.


I mean that's how I feel to forced into starting marking Irman a couple of places just because of by weeks and other option. I don't feel great about it. But where to have them ranked this week? Mark Ingram is let flip over to running backs. Mark Ingram is still loading twenty five.


OK, twenty five. Where is he. Twenty five. Oh all right. So you're, I mean I'm, I'm thirty four like I'm like really avoiding it.


It all depends like the name is behind him right now or Devin Singletary, which I don't want to start because I think Zach Moss plays nineteen Hines. I don't want to start now. He means Damien Harris. Not crazy about Damien Harris, Jamaal Williams and then Chase Edmunds like those in and Frank Gore like I'm not. So it's like in comparison of the other options that's what, that's what pushes them up to RB twenty five.


I do have him above Frank Gore, so that is good. But yeah. And happy Bahaman. I'm, I'm rolling with Hines. I'm rolling with Harris. I'm rolling with Singletary for sure. Even with Zach Moss. I don't want to start working on him. I just don't. But again, he's thirty fourth for me so it's like a reluctant like OK I have Ingram in a league or two and I have to start him because that's the landscaper.


I'm going to have a league where every especially if the Colts Bengals gets postponed. Oh my word.


I have no I had three very solid running backs, I have none. So you're going to be dealing with that. But yeah, if you're in a pinch, go ahead and do it for the Eagles. We don't know right now. Let's say if Alison Jeffrey and Deshawn Jackson are out, which I don't expect. But if they're out, are you starting any Eagles wide receiver in this matchup, Greg Ward?


But as a like low and wide receiver, three flex play in full PPR leagues, I'm staying away from Travis Fulgham in this matchup. If Jeffery and Jackson sit even I'm in, then of course, if they play, then of course you're not. And Travis Fulgham, but, man, I'm just it's not going to be a good day for the Eagles offense, I'm still I'm starting for them. If Jeffrey and Jackson are out, I know it's a terrible matchup, but by starting him, I mean, like borderline wide receiver three, maybe flex play at this point, because I just think, you know, despite the matchup, given the connection he's shown with wins, given the lack of other options, given the targets that he's suddenly been seeing and producing with, I'd be willing to roll them out there if I had to.


Now, I do expect both Alshon Jeffery and Deshawn Jackson to play, you may know otherwise. And if they do play Yates, are you starting either Alshon Jeffery audition Jackson. I'll start Alshon Jeffery.


I'm staying away from Deshaun Jackson. I'm starting Alshon Jeffery is a low and wide receiver.


Three I think that's right. I think that's where I'll have them. I haven't ranked them yet because I want you know, for now I'm just going under the assumption until I see it. But I do think that that's probably right. He'll be a borderline wide receiver for three. And then going forward, I'm going to have him ranked doesn't every week starter for sure. You're still starting. Myles Sanders, of course, despite the tough matchup.


Yeah, yeah. Again, we're we're talking about Mark Ingram at twenty five. Am I right? We'd better be talking about Myles Sanders as a start this week.


Yes. And start, sit or throw away forever.


Zach Ertz set him. Yeah. I don't want to go. Where do you have him ranked. I got Zach Ertz is becoming the poster boy for discussion on this five. Yes, but where do you Adam rank.


Yeah. Zach Ertz has turned into the T.Y. Hilton. He's at fifteen in my rankings. Let's let's hope this turns out better for me than the two. I don't think so. He's fifteen for you. OK, so you're starting let me give you a couple of guys, Zach Ertz or Gabriel Ebron. I have run at fourteen. Zach Ertz or Dalton Schultz. I have Dalton Schultz at eleven.


Zach Ertz or Jimmy Graham. Jimmy Graham at seven.


There it is. We are not starting Zach Ertz if you are Yates. I still am. I mean, I have an eighth. But again, everybody who's after that, I don't feel comfortable with anybody going on right now. I do have Jimmy Graham is a borderline starter as well. So I'm not that crazy. But I would still stare at Zach Ertz. I think eventually this is going to happen. And unless I see an injury as much as I'm moving down, I'd start Robert Kanyon over him.


I just think the psyche over him, I'd start today, hokanson over him, but I would still roll them out there if I had. I'm sorry for everybody who is mad about that. Lions visiting the Jaguars. Are you start being either Adrian Peterson or DeAndre Swift I ap at twenty four this week.


Man, you are just like so horrified by your own rank. It's disgusting.


But but that's a crazy ranking because I have, I'm twenty six so that is. I agree. That's what you have to do this week. I mean that's where it is. Adrian Peterson or. Well you've already said how about Darryl Henderson. I'll go. Darryl Henderson.


Adrian Peterson or Kenyon Drake.


I'll go Kenyon Drake there. But I it twenty two I Peterson at twenty four. OK, and how about the swift. I'm not going near. You know, I'm a little more comfortable with them, and I'm not, again, let the usual caveat of this week is horrific when you're looking at these running backs who are outside this arbitrary range. But right now, swift to my early projections have come out at 28. I kind of have this feeling that they're going to use the bye week to get him more involved and to understand what he can do.


And again, the people behind him, we've talked about these options, like I don't want to start marking him. I would take my chances on the swift right now and have PPR formats given how involved he is in the passing game over somebody like Mark Ingram. So where a swift fall in your actual rankings? I'm not going to find out. I mean, yeah, he's at 49 right now, Dan. OK, all right. I want you to and I will as well, since this is a I mean, you don't find it often where we're twenty one spots apart on a guy.


Let's both make a deal. We will both take a close look at DeAndre Swift and maybe talk it out in our select panel and then see where we had that. Your starting Kenny Golladay, are you willing to roll the dice on Marvin, though?


A great matchup willing? No, I think that it was Adam Phifer on the show that said that, you know, we know that a six reception for 80 yards and three touchdown game is coming.


I think last week, wasn't it week six last year after that, he started off horrendously. Yeah.


You know, like we know that it's coming at some point. So, I mean, I would not recommend I would not feel comfortable recommending him as a flex play. It would just be as a desperation like I am losing by a ton, you know, are projected to lose by a ton. And I just need that, like, jolt, you know, that could go off. Then in this matchup. It could be Marvin Jones.


Marvin Jones for me is my forty third ranked wide receiver on the week. And he is somebody who I'm rostering him in one spot. Can't believe I somehow didn't drop him. And I'm hoping that my hand is forced and I have to start him. You know, I'm hoping that there are enough, like, you know, Chaak isn't going to play or something like that. And I'm like, well, I don't have anybody else. I have to throw Marvin Jones.


So where did you say that you had him? Forty third. I have him exactly at forty third as well. He's going to finish forty third buddy. Congratulations. You're right. He's so you can start him if you absolutely have to as a flex play. I don't want to, I'm just hoping that my hand is forced and I have to because you know the game that you finally are like I'm done with this, I'm out in this matchup. He's just going to explode.


Yeah, but forty third, essentially. So I'm I'm not looking to start him. And again, T.J. Hokanson against the team that just is abysmal against tight ends. How high do you have him? I've met five. Yes, that's excellent. I also have him at five. Are you streaming Matthew Stafford in this matchup? Yeah, absolutely. I have Stafford Act. I had him at five at one point. Yeah, I'm at five. I have Matthew Stafford.


She'll be five on the week. All right. I'm at ninth, but there's not a big difference in between there. So, yeah, we're both farm right up Jaguars. Let's assume Charcot's is out of plays. You start them, right? I mean. Yeah, yeah. And this completely. Let's assume he's out. So what are you doing with Lévesque Schnall or Kinkle?


I like both of them. As far as my projections right now, I have not projected to play. So to Cole is currently at twenty four and my rankings and Lévesque is at twenty five.


Wow. That's high. Yeah I like it. I like the bonus. If the Jaguars are like throwing the ball forty five times a game still and I expect this to be, this is a very, very high overunder and if they are throwing the ball as much as they are, then it creates an incredible opportunity for these wide receivers. So Chris Connolly is not going to be a thing. De de de de Westbrook is going to come in probably if Digitas exits.


But he's not getting targets. So, Tyler, ifour isn't involved. James Robinson should be fine if James Robinson pretty high in my rankings this week. So but again, Keelan Cole Nabisco's should see enough work to be to return, you know, low and wide receiver to high and wide receiver three value. Yeah. Right now I don't have either one of them quite as high as you did, but I do have them as both wide receivers. They're both more in the wide receiver three range.


But I could see pushing Schnatter, who again, he's been dealing with his own sort of right.


He did return to practice. He did yesterday. Yes, I believe so. Wonderful.


OK, so he should play and he should be fine then. But yeah, I could see by the time all things are said and done, he pushes wide receiver to territory. But Cole is almost certainly going to stay in wide receiver three territory for me. Are you willing to roll with me until I mentioned it earlier? You know, he, of course, had that his one really bad game against Miami without Dege. Are you willing to roll with him as a streamer if goes out?


Yeah, I'm still rolling with I'll probably put him. He's at nine right now and my rankings, but I think I'm going to drop him a little bit to probably around thirteen. So just behind Ryan Fitzpatrick and Ryan Tannehill.


Yeah, I'm thirteenth right now as well under the assumption that chart doesn't by certainly a guy who you can get away with starting, but not somebody who I'm running out there to start. Bears visiting the Panthers smash for Dave Montgomery, right.


Completely. Yep, I agree. I mean, I if you have him, you're starting about Montgomery or Todd Gurley against Minnesota.


I have Montgomery. Montgomery at ten. I've Gurley at thirteen, OK. You were good to go then with him, big game for Allan Robinson coming, I assume. Yeah, I mean, with the target total see seen. Absolutely. And how about Jimmy Graham?


We talked about you said seven four Democrats have met. Seven doesn't feel great, but yet you seen the targets in the you know, the part of the field that matters for tight end production. So if you're willing if you're going to bet on any one right now, bet on Jimmy Graham finding the end zone.


Yeah, I haven't 13th right now, but my guess is when all is said and done, he's going to sneak into the top 12, which is crazy that this is the world we live in right now with Graham. But he does get the red zone targets. And again, there's very little difference in my projected fantasy point totals for like 13 through, you know, nine at this point. Anybody else in the bears or you want to move to the Panthers?


No, let's move on. Mike Davis, an obvious start here, right? Yeah.


Yeah. I still have him within my top ten. I'm not expecting the ceiling that he's had the past couple of weeks. You know, in this matchup, the Bears can be run on. But I think that it's a phenomenal defense. So I'm just not expecting the ceiling. I have Davis at nine this week, so I still think that he's someone that you start you rolling. But again, I'm not expecting a huge ceiling.


And has Robby Anderson earned your trust regardless of the matchup like in this one?


Oh, yeah, completely. I have Robby Anderson.


So as a top ten wide receiver this week, based on my projections, OK, I mean, I'm 15, so not crazy, but yeah, I mean, this is where he is right now. He is good to go. Guaranteed locked in as no worse than a wide receiver. Two. How about D.J. more trusting him after that big game against Falcons last week?


I'm not well, I still think you can play him. It's all about expectations. People ACR had him up is like the wide receiver. Seventeen above Robby Anderson earlier on this week. And I was just like, no way. D.J. Moore, only five targets last week. Yes, he broke away for the long touchdown. Yes, you can always do that. He has a talent to do it. But yet you're he's not seeing enough targets in this offense to warrant high end wide receiver two rankings.


So I have him I have D.J. Moore thirty right now. I'm not excited about starting him. But again, I still think you can't plug them into your lineup.


Yeah, I'm a little higher than that. I am right now. Twenty one, so I get significantly higher. But I agreed that that last game not overly encouraged by that because it really did look like the Falcons just kind of melded in on that like long touchdown run. Yeah. Right. Yeah. It's like they were just sort of he was like jogging. So yeah, I agree with that. All right, let's go to the Browns visiting the Steelers.


A lot of weird issues right now with the Browns that maybe fantasy managers will have more clarity on by the time they listen to this legitimately.


Just saw a tweet, as I was saying that from Tom Pelissero, that Odell Beckham junior remains out of the building with Parkerville and proto protocol. Correct. So it's possible he's going to miss the game. Let's assume that he doesn't. Let's assume that he plays for now. He's dealing with an illness. If he plays, are you starting him? Yeah, I have met twelve right now. Yeah.


OK, I am at nineteen. Not as excited about although the Steelers they do give up a ton of fantasy points to opposing wide receivers, so it's not exactly a matchup to fade. How about Jarvis Landry? He is dealing with hip injuries. He's been out of practice, but he played through it last week. And don't forget, by the way, this should factor into how you feel about the wide receivers. Baker Mayfield is dealing with the rib injuries and he's going to play.


But he didn't raise Mama didn't raise no wassailing, does not sound 100 percent like I don't like thoughts about like I'm fine. I'm going to tough it out or something. Like he's trending in the right direction. I don't want to hear that. I want to be like, you're good to go. So my guess is he's going to be a little limited. They are going to get they get after the quarterback. He takes a couple of hits that's going to affect them.


But are you starting Jarvis Landry, assuming that he plays.


Yeah, I have him as a wide receiver through this week. Yeah, no, so do I. And Kareem Hunt, where do you have him.


I said I have met three. Fire them up man. That is too many touches, too many touches to ignore.


I it's you know, it's funny because I have 7th which isn't a huge difference, but it sounds crazy but it's three but yeah you're not if you have Kareem Hunt you're starting it without question. How about Austin Hooper suddenly getting target. Seventeen targets over the last two weeks. Are you willing to roll with him in your lineup?


Yeah, if we're talking about guys like Dalton Schultz, like give me Austin Hooper over him. I mean, I might also snooper's at ten right now. Again, I talked about Evan Ingram at nine. I should probably move Austin Hooper above. Evan Ingram.


Yeah. Right now my early projection and again, this is partially that I'm a little worried about the passing game. So I have you know, we're in the same range and all these guys, except that I have them a little lower than you do because I'm a little worried that Mayfield's injury is going to affect him. Right now I have Hooper at fifteen. If I gave him half a fantasy point more in my projections to be at eleven. So it's really right in there.


I do think he's a guy you can get away with starting for the Steelers starter set Big Ben, you start him start as a low end.


Could be one in this matchup. Yep.


And let's talk about the wide receivers. It sounds like they're all going to play. So which one of them or all of them are you willing to start?


Yeah, I'm still willing to start. All of them looking at Deonte Johnson, if he does indeed come back for this one. I haven't projected right now at wide receiver nineteen, I have Juju at twenty two and then I have Claypoole at.


Forty one, so I think Claypole is a flex play this week, I know that a lot of people are going to be rushing out to play him after what he did last week. I just think that was a product of our byproduct of Dontae Johnson missing. So, you know, I think that expectations need to be managed here. Claypole can obviously find the end zone, you know, and that can boost that, which is what makes him an appealing flex play.


But I don't think that he sees the necessary targets to finish higher than that.


How about Iraq, Iran here, Iran again, I think I said I have at 14, so I think you can roll him out above guys like Zach Ertz. But again, he's just kind of in the stream in consideration.


OK, so you're good with Claypoole. Regardless, you said of 50, assuming the underdogs would play it here. Good.


Still, you think he's going to get enough work there as a flex play, but I think that is pretty fair. I have him right now ranked exactly there like a pretty high end flex play, because I do think, again, to quote Tagg's, the genie is out of the bottle a little bit with people. Even if Dontae Johnson plays the game, everybody is waiting for the Jets versus Dolphins. We talked about how the Jets run. Defense is OK, but they do give up a ton of touchdowns to running back.


So, I mean, I assume you're good to go with Myles Gaskin right now, right? Yeah.


We we talked about Myles Gaskin as all three of us, Adam Tagg's and I on the set show had him as our start of the week, you know, because looking at Myles Gaskin, he is now getting the golden opportunity here. He's getting the touches. That was a huge concern about, you know, Le'Veon Bell coming to Miami and just decimating Myles Gaskins fantasy value. That didn't happen. So continue to plug them into your lineup, especially this week.


And you're streaming Ryan Fitzpatrick. Yes. You have no qualms about starting Monday, Parker, I assume, against the centage. Please, please, please start by Vontae Parker. What about Preston Williams after you know how to only five targets but over one hundred yards in the touchdown last week, are you willing to roll with him?


I have him as a flex play. I actually have him one spot below Chase Claypoole, so I think you can roll them into your lineup and deal with the potential, you know, range of outcomes.


Yeah. Again, another guy who I sort of I'm not going to start based on my rankings. He's forty fifth right now, but he is a guy who I'm sort of hoping that my hand gets forced if I have him and I have to play him because I could see a big game here. I do think that there is certainly the possibility that he just needed the time to recover from the ACL. And now that he's done that, he's going to be a kind of reliable wide receiver.


Three going forward. I don't rank that way yet because I want to see it again. But I wouldn't run away from starting him if I absolutely had to. And if I was desperate this week.


How about Miccosukee Goreski I have up there right in that same territory with Jimmy Graham and Austin Hooper. And so I think you absolutely can plug in Miccosukee.


Minkowski is sixth in my initial rankings. I think it's going to be a big day for him, as it should be for anybody who faces the Jets for the Jets. Are you starting anyone other than Jamison Crowder?


Nope. Let's move on. Woo! Bucs versus Packers. That's true. By the way. I think I would be remiss. I have franker thirty six among running backs and half PPR in the Michael P, Ryan forty ninth one and give a number on it because people are going to yell at me like well I'm desperate. I need something. Go. Yeah I have Frank Gore thirty one and I have a copy right in the basement. I'm not trusting him yet.




I do think that Michael Ryan is a guy who you might want to pick up and stash because of the Jets have any brands, which there is no evidence of, that they would at least say, let me see what Paul Ryan does going forward in the future. But so you have them thirty first. I'm thirty six. There is a universe where you can start. Frank Gore and I live in that universe in one very upset about it, Bucks versus Packers', assuming that both Chris Godwin and or Mike Evans plays, you're just starting them, right?


No concerns.


Yeah. Chris Godwin and and Mike Evans, assuming that both of them play, I think that you look at them as low and wide receiver Tyus Godwin certainly can finish higher than that. But he comes to the injury concerns. I'm not ready to just plug him in and say, like, all right, here we go. You know, locked and loaded, wide receiver one. So that's just where you need to be viewing him. But he certainly can finish higher than that.


Mike Evans is a low and wide receiver, two with Godwin back in the lineup, not going to see as many targets, but always can find that two yard touchdown. So I think that he is a yeah, he's someone who can he's probably in that range in my rankings. I can pull that up.


No. Yeah, I've Evans higher because I do think I realize that you've got this weird thing going on where he's just basically the Jordan Howard sometimes of wide receivers at this point. But I do think that this is going to be a shoot out, given that, you know, the Packers offense is really humming. You've got Devonta Adams coming back and you've got injuries on the Bucs defense, even though they have been strong. So I do think the Bucs are going to need points.


I do think that they're going to be angry. So I'm I'm fine to start. Evans more like a wide receiver, one in this matchup. Godwyn, I right now have ranked 16th because I do think that it's unlikely that he's just going to be out there playing one hundred percent of the snaps, you know, at at full speed, ready to go. But I do think, given that he's gotten in some limited practices so far, he is going to be able to go.


And so I would throw him out there. But again, more like a wide receiver to right now. You got your actual numbers pulled up now.


So I haven't accounted for Godwin and I balance out my rankings with DCR. So ETR was pretty low on him coming into. When I did my last drinking sweep, so he's at thirty three right now, he'll move up. Mike Evans is at 20, he'll move down just a little bit.


OK, yeah, I and I have basically the way of protecting it is again, Godwyn playing, not playing the full complement of snaps. So I've got one right now at 16, but I am higher on Evans and I do think it's going to be a good day. But Ronald Jones, I assume, like me, you're feeling pretty good about right now.


Yeah, I mean, looking fantastic on the ground, but he's still a liability as a receiver out of the backfield. So I think even though he came up with that weird like, you know, catch in the game, Thursday night should have been a touchdown. He was convinced that he dropped it. You know, like you believe the refs when they said that he didn't catch it. So I think Ronald Jones, you just have to plug him in as especially this week as a, you know, mid-range RB two, and you deal with the potential range of outcomes.


I don't know if four playing in this game. I haven't heard anything. I think he's been limited in practice so we could see him come back in and start to take away touches. But I mean, we saw Keyshawn Vaughn start to be involved in this in this in this receiving corps, you know, as a receiver out of the backfield. So that's just something that's concerning moving forward.


Considering Fournette was active last week, even though it was only in an emergency fashion, that does make me think that ten days later that, you know, he's returned to practice again and limited fashion he might get in, which would put a little bit of a damper on Ronald Jones. And again, as we say often, that does put out the possibility of anything goes wrong with Jones. There's always the possibility that he is going to be, you know, benched for at least, you know, a series or more.


And then Fournette has the chance to run with it. All that said, right now, Jones is nineteenth in my running back rankings, so I am good to go with him. Let's go to the Packers. You're starting Aaron Rodgers, you're starting Aaron Jones, you're starting Devonta Adams starter set. Robert Tanon, you're good to go with them.


Yeah, I mean, fire them up, roll with, you know, roll with the possibility that they need him in this offense. And so I have I've tonnie in at six right now. I know that you know I was once saying like I'm not crazy about picking up Tanya and that was before we saw the tight end landscape just be like this desert wasteland. So you know, now Tanya just gets pushed up based on necessity. Yeah.


I've got him seven so we're in the same range. How about numbers here? I mean, Tags mentioned him as somebody who picked up you and I were sort of like, well, so where do you have him ranked this week?


Yeah, I picked up moves on waivers this week in one league and I felt gross doing it. Yeah. So but I've got to play him because some other options. So flex play at best. You're just hoping that he finds the end zone.


Yeah, I'm forty seventh right now. I would like if our producers are listening, can we get into the fantasy pros shop a shirt that said I felt gross doing it with a picture of Yates'. That's basically how he feels about his rankings. Rams visited the Forty Niners. You're starting both Rams receivers here. Are you starting any Rams running back?


I'm starting Darrell Henderson. I'm still willing to buy into the fact that, you know, this Rams offense is running the ball quite a bit there. They're run heavy team at this point. So I think that he is the clear back carmakers will obviously see touches. Malcolm Brown is fading into oblivion. So I think that Darrell Henderson, we'll see enough work to return low end RB to value.


Yeah, that's basically where I am. I having twenty fifth. I don't like it but I would, I would roll them out there for sure. How about Tyler Higbee. Are we moving on India. Yep. That's how I am too. I mean I haven't fourteenth. So again he is in this sort of scenario where I might be able to roll with it. But Jimmy Graham no offense, Dalton Schultz, Evan Engram, Eric Ron. I am starting them all over.




I have Tyler Higbee, one spot above Logan Thomas and my tight end rankings.


If that tells you anything damn well, that's hard because Logan Thomas might be the best time I know ever. So no no good. OK, forty Niners RG Mostert a great start here. George Kittle of course. Are you starting anybody else on the 49ers in this game.


DBO Samuel as a flex play. A high end flex play for me but you're just hoping that Jimmy Garoppolo bounces back from whatever it was that he put on the field last week and then.


Yeah, Brandon Duke is a low end flex play, OK, I mean I have them ranks right around each other. I have Eisuke right now. Forty second and dbo forty six. Sounds like you would play dbo over eight. Correct. OK, yeah but not by a significant amount. Correct. OK, so we're in the same range. They're, they're both flex play. You can get away with starting them if you absolutely have to, but we're not Jones ing to do it.


Chiefs at the bills. You're starting all the obvious names here for the chiefs and the bills frankly. But the chiefs for sure. Are you starting Mikkel Hartmann without Sammy Watkins?


I've got Michael Harden at thirty five right now in my ranking. So fire him up. OK, yeah.


I mean Watkins's I don't think he's going on either, but he's not going anywhere. But he's not playing this game.


Yeah he's he's definitely not playing this game. This is certainly a matchup where, you know, you want to see where it goes. It's really been about the snaps with Hardman and like Tyreek Hill, he's basically a red zone threat any time he gets on the field. I haven't heard you say you had thirty five. Yeah, I'm thirtieth. So I'm, I'm even a little more excited about it than you are. I mean the bulls should get held there in the secondary here, but I don't really think of.


With an angry Chiefs team for the bills, are you starting, Devin Singletary if Zach Moss plays. I have Singletary.


What did I say? Twenty six. So I think based on necessity this week, you have to. But yet if you have other options, I'd be looking to set them.


And what about if Zach Moss does not play? Even even with that, he's not going to move up much in my rankings like he Elden's getting just, you know, getting plenty of work anyway, right? Yeah.


I mean, yeldon, the majority of his work came in, like when that game was complete. Well, the majority of his production kept the majority of his production came when when the game was sort of out there. But he was out there. He was spelling Singletary, you know, more than I thought even early in the game. Yeah.


Singletary was also just terribly inefficient that entire game. So if Zakouma sets, I might move Singletary above Adrian Peterson, but that's probably about as far as I'll go.


Yeah, right now I have Singletary 20, 30. It's just it's hard to get away from any running back basically this week with the assumption that Moss plays. But it is I think there's a guy who could move significantly in my rankings from now until I do after I do my sweep on Saturday night. It is Singletary because I really need to see how things are going to shake out. Are you starting John Brown if he plays, yeah.


Yeah. If John Brown is active and he gets into practice today, then I think that you can or, you know, Saturday, since they have the Monday night game, then I think you can rule out John Brown. I like him. This offense needed him. You know, they needed him last game. And so I think that in this matchup where Buffalo is going to have to throw the ball, then fire up. John Brown is a high end wide receiver.


Three, how about Colt Beasley if John Brown does not play?


And obviously if John Brown does play either way, flex play in full PPR leagues. Yeah, only in full PPR really. For me right now, he's ranked fifty third and half PPR. He does produce so that that might be a little unfair. And I will take a closer look. But yeah, just not somebody who I'm really out there. But again, we've got by weeks we may have more cancellations right now. So do what you got to do.


Final game cardinals visiting Dallas Katamari and DeAndre Hopkins are guaranteed. And again, where did we say where did you say you have Kenyon Drake ranked this week?


Drake is at 22 right now. OK, yeah, he's a twenty one for me. So again, people keep saying, I know what I mean. Look at that. Look at the guys we've been talking about this week. Like can you drink the guy who gets out there? What about Chase Edmunds, though? I mean, he's getting, you know, you know, high single digit touches per week. He's getting a little more involved. There's talk.


They want to get a more involved. Where do you have him ranked?


That's the thing with Chase Edmunds. Like everyone early on this week, he was at like twenty three in L.A. and was just like that is so freaking high for a guy who's only seen like nine touches a game. Yeah. He's finding the end zone. Yeah, he looks great, but yeah, they're still rolling out Kenyan Drake as the main guy. Kenny Drake has not seen a dip in his snaps at all. Kenny, our Chase Edmunds is starting to see a slight uptick, but it's not enough for me to feel confident.


So this week I've chase Edmunds at thirty. He would be much lower on a normal week.


So, yeah. And that's I mean, again, the defense is terrible. And you are essentially with running backs. We're just in a wasteland right now. Want to get basically outside of RB two territory. So I would feel OK if you have to start Edmunds doing it and you, like we talked about on the way, show you like Christian Kirk this week, right?


I do. I do. I have him as a low end wide receiver, three this week. I think in this matchup you can fire him up. He's starting to see you starting to see an uptick in targets. He's starting to become involved in this offense. The concern that we had and Adam mentioned it, I keep going back to the start, Ciccio, but like he mentioned, like the only concern, the only way that Christian Kirk does not perform in this matchup, as if DeAndre Hopkins sees thirty targets in this game and catches all three of them, you know, like in it, it's a very good possibility that.


No, that is true. That is, you know, we talked about on the waiver wire, one of the reasons why I wasn't quite as high on picking up Kirk is because I figured you'd probably have him ranked a little higher than I would this week just because, again, last week he saw seven targets. But that was the first time in more than five. So I am right now at forty first. That's probably going to move a little bit.


That's a guy you can start as a flex, but if you have to. But he's probably going to move a little bit as I read you my rankings for this weekend for Dallas. You're of course, starting. Zeke, is there a big impact right now on how you feel about the wide receivers this week, given that it's ended and not Dak Prescott, or are you starting all three of them or benching Gallup or how you.


Yeah, yeah. So Amari Cooper and KD Lamb, I'm still fine. Firing up as high and wide receiver Tyus Cooper, maybe even a low and wide receiver. One Gallop is the one that I'm a little concerned about. And in my projections he felt a little bit with Dalton stepping in. So I just I'm not super excited about Gallop. He's kind of in the same territory now as a Will Fuller Marquese Brown, like these guys who can take a deep pass and take it to the House, but otherwise they have a very low floor.


There's a wide range of outcomes on these guys week in and week out. So I think that with Gallup that's just kind of one of those guys that if you're forced into playing him, then you're hoping that he finds the end zone. Otherwise, I probably would be looking to him if I can.


Michael Gallup or Tee Higgins, I'll go Tee Higgins, Michael Gallup or Jarvis Landry. Assuming that he's healthy.


I'll go. Jarvis Landry.


OK, so I my guess is I don't know what your actual number is on Gallup. I'm thirty third. So he is still somebody who I'm willing to roll out as a low end wide receiver. Three and again their offensive line is banged up and I think that really hurts Gallup because I think he's got to stretch the field. But he did see at the very end of the game, I mean, what he's so talented, those two catches he had with Dalton to basically win that game last week.


He's really talented and I hope they get a more involved. And again, Dalton Schultz still basically a borderline starter for you.


Just. Yeah, based on the landscape. I'm not excited about playing them, but. You might be forced into he is in my top 12 as well. All right, that is it a reminder that we post our rankings to our Twitter profiles. We all do rankings, articles. You can view them there. You can also check out our sit shows. I do mine on Instagram at the Vanity Fair's account at Fancy Brose. Remember, if you subscribe, enter a contest to try to win our monster giveaway.


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