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Hey, everybody, welcome back to another episode of the Fantasy Football podcast, I'm your host, Dan Harris. With me are my guys, Kyle Yates and Mike Pagliaro. You can find us on Twitter at Dan Harris, 80, Kyly NFL and Mike Tagliani or NFL Boys. How are you today? I mean, I think I'm better than Dan. Dan walked in, feisty. We were talking before the show and Dan feels like he's on edge. I don't know if it's like it's coming into what we're going to be doing today.


He just wanted to to get fired up for it or whatever. But you said you pick up what he was. Did you smell what he was stepping? I hate that expression.


Gross. I love it. I love it.


Yeah. Yeah. We got feisty Dan, but I wanted to say this, guys. I saw something today that I haven't seen like that. I just completely forgot existed. And I don't know if, like, twenty, twenty and just everything else going on. I completely forgot that school buses were thing. I saw a school bus outside my window today. I was like, oh, I forgot about those. Yeah, it's weird. I saw a school bus like our like regular driver doing like a test run, I think.


And I was like, oh, I remember those, those were nice, but yeah, school buses just I feel like they're going to be all these weird things that we used to take for granted that we haven't seen in forever.


And it's going to be like, oh yeah, I remember when those were thing weird times guys other times.


But you know what's not going to be weird when football starts back up, which is going to be so soon and we are so excited about it. And so today we're going to be talking about some final round flyers that we're looking at in our drafts. And then we're going to have a little three person baseball draft on Fanjul. Some fun here as we head into the final couple of weeks. But before we get into it, how many mock drafts have you guys completed with our draft simulator?


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All right, boys, let's jump into it. Let's talk about some late round flyers maybe found around flyers. Let's start with Yates'. Let's start with you. Who's a guy who you are targeting in your maybe with your last pick or one of your aspects? Yeah.


So if we're looking in the last round of your drafts, you're looking at these guys who potentially could hit immediately. Right. You're looking at these players that the last spot of your bench should be these ones, that if they don't hit immediately, you're cutting them for waiver wire pickups week one. Right, because they're going to be these players that just emerged out of nowhere. We all know this. If you played fantasy football for any length of time, you know, that week one waiver wire is just insane, right?


It's just insanity. So you're looking for these players that are going to be on the field taking a player in the last round of your draft that might not start for the first three weeks of the season, probably not the best move, whereas you would be better off served taking this guy who has high upside and could hit immediately. With that in mind, I'm taking Brian Edwards in the last round of my dress. We're looking at these guys going outside the top one hundred and eighty and ADP right now.


And Brian Edwards is falling outside the top 200. So you're looking at Brian Edwards. This is a starting. He's going to be starting, I believe, in this offense in Las Vegas. I probably should mention where the heck he plays Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver. You're looking at this receiving corps and you're saying that Tyrell Williams is now banged up, but then you have Henry Rug's and then Hunter Renfroe potentially being involved. If Rugg stays on the outside, Edwards profiles as a receiver.


He's a big bodied receiver, excellent hands, concentration, Comtesse accountability, scouting him at South Carolina. I absolutely fell in love with his talent. So looking at him and he's getting rave reviews out of camp, Derek Carr comparing him to Davante Adams or something that like, no, let's pump the brakes a little bit here. You got a guy hasn't even played a snap in the NFL, but you're looking for opportunity with your last round pick. And so Brian Edwards absolutely fills that.


And he's weak one against Carolina. That's going to be a high scoring affair. So Edwards could absolutely fall into the end zone in week one and be a guy that you could then either keep or trade.


Yeah. Let me ask you something. If you own Edwards, if you roster and. And he doesn't go off after week one, maybe even week two, are you just cutting bait right there and moving on? How long do you give a guy like that when you draft him in the final round?


Yeah, yeah, it's a good question. So it all depends on what his involvement in the offense is. Right. If this is that he was on the field for, you know, the majority of the snaps but just didn't get targeted, then I'm willing to hold on to him just a little bit longer, you know, and all depends. Right. It all depends on who's on the waiver wire and who I would be targeting. But looking at if he is just not on the field, if there is a very, very limited path for him to get onto the field, then I will easily cut bait.


But looking at his opportunity, especially with no preseason, this kind of is I got to see what he looks like on the field. I got to see what his involvement is because I think he will be involved in this offense. It just depends on what level of involvement and if he's going to be useful for fantasy football purposes. And let's not forget, you mentioned Tyrell Williams dealing with the labor, and I didn't know that he did that missed it.


You know, this is why I'm feisty. It's not my game today, boys. I've got, like, three podcasts scheduled to sit down. All right. So I'm just going to be quiet here. Did you guys know that Tyrell Williams is dealing with. I heard that. I heard that this time. Remember where Brigg really, really smart guy mentioned that? Yeah, I'm breaking news traffic. I'm just excited because I may in a moment talk about another relative receiver who I like to target at the end.


But first I will throw out the tags tags late round, last round flyer. What he got. I'm going to go with Allen Lazard here, Allen Lazard with someone that obviously worked his way into the Green Bay offense last year. There was a lot of guys that were disappointing, including Marquez, Valdes, Gentling, and there's just guys that Aaron Rodgers does not like throwing to. And they're just not on the same page. They're not where they're supposed to be.


And Valdés scaling is kind of fallen into that tier equity. M.S. Brown obviously missed a majority of last season, had hasn't had time to build that chemistry. Meanwhile, Allen Lazard was someone who literally spent Thanksgiving with Aaron Rodgers and his family. So therefore, these two have a relationship. And all we're hearing from metal floor is that he sees someone that players can learn from in terms of his work ethic and what he's doing on the field. I don't think there's any question that he's going to start in two wide receiver sets was something that didn't really happen until the final few weeks of last season.


And then we saw him get targeted nine times in week sixteen, eight times in week seventeen. Aaron Rodgers has supported multiple top thirty wide receivers in ten different seasons. It's very possible that Allen Lazard is is someone that people thought Marquez has built. Scantlin was going to be last year because if you guys were, you know, flash back a year ago from today, you'd see that Marksville deskilling was being drafted as a top forty fantasy wide receiver. Now you see Aaron Rodgers, No.


Two wide receiver falling all the way to the last round. It makes absolutely zero sense. You're going to find out from week one basically what you have and you know, they play against Minnesota. That's actually I don't know if people realize it, but that's actually a fantastic matchup for wide receivers now. So Allen, Lazard is someone that I am willing to take with one of my last picks. And he's I mean, I don't even think I'm going to wait until my last pick to take him, but that's according to ADP.


You're able to get them there.


Yeah, he was a guy we discussed last week, Tagg's, with somebody who, you know, you didn't even want to you reluctantly called me out on being too high on him because I know you liked him as well. But, yeah, he is definitely a guy who I'm trying to roster in pretty much every league, because, again, to me, I feel like we're in this weird scenario where, man, you look at that offense for the Packers and you look at what Matt LaFleur is doing and you don't that's not Novins.


You're like, yeah, give me a piece of that passing game right now. You don't really want that. Right? But there is this scenario where Aaron Rodgers is giving the metaphorical middle finger to everyone, this entire thing. And I think to your point tags, it's a good opening schedule for the passing game at least. So I think you're going to know early, like you said, whether or not you're going to want a piece of that passing game.


It's beyond Davante Adams, obviously. And Lazard is the guy. Yates, do you agree with that or is this guy you're targeting to roster in the last round of your leagues?


I mean, it depends, right? Because the past couple of seasons we've talked about the potential wide receiver, two in you know, in Aaron Rodgers led offense. And that was equanimity as St Brown a couple of years ago. And then, like Tagg's mentioned, MVS Marquez Volda scantly last year, and they just didn't work. Right. So I think if this is the caveat, if Allen Lazard was going in the tenth round or ninth round, right.


If he was going in the range that NVS was last year, then I would be like I would be very hesitant to invest. However, you're looking at again, he's in this conversation for a reason, a late round flyer. This is a guy that I'm willing to take the shot on because I want I want pieces in Aaron Rodgers led offense. And if something happens to Davante Adams, Allen, Lazard, eleven targets per game, easy. And if you can get that in your and your last round.


Absolutely. I think that's also something that we discuss which are guys who might have independent value, who you obviously want to add on, but they also combine that by offering this elite hand. You know, you don't think about handcuffing wide receivers, but they offer this elite upside. The guy in front of them get injured. And I think Lazard fits that bill for me. Look, you talk about Edwards, the guy on the Raiders that I really kind of have been looking at late in my draft is Hunter Renfrow.


Now he's at one. Seventy six are right on that borderline. Between where we're talking about 180, but again, you know, we mentioned Tyrell Williams, you did my bad about that. You look at what he did last year, whatever tags give you a break when you look at really what he did last year.


And I get that we're all excited about Edwards and we're all excited about rug's. Of course, the three of us all are.


But he was second Renfroe was second among rookie wide receivers in yards per route. I'm going to say Route three. I've actually made a point of it. I'm not kidding. It's now gotten to the point where you break a habit where every time you're about to say you change it in your mind, eight yards per round behind only, of course, AJ Brown, who we know had basically a historic season, one hundred and fourteen point three passer rating.


When he was targeted, he led the Raiders in red zone receptions. He led the Raiders in targets inside the ten yard line. He's one of the best at getting separation. He was, I think, second among wide receivers or at least one of the leaders in separation at time of Target. Again, if you're going to have Tyrell Williams suffering from labor veteran, if you've got rookies all around there, remember, this is a year where rookie wide receivers in particular, I'm not that you know, for the Raiders, not as much, especially a guy like rug's is going to take the short targets.


So, you know, I don't think you need to really develop that much chemistry in game. But again, no preseason games right now. You're mostly dealing with rookies. Renfroe is the Raiders receiver who I think has the biggest chance and he looks good in camp. I mean, I've sort of monitored reports on him because I've been looking at him. He looks good right now in camp. He's a guy who I'm willing to take a shot on in the last round because, again, a guy who I think you'll know pretty early whether or not you have something there.


Dan, I love you. I really do. You, but I will own exactly zero Hunter Renfro shares in a way, I take it back. Do not leave you alone. You can't take it back. It's too late because you you said it and I actually heard it. Unlike Tyrell recorded. I can't do anything about it. It's true. But now the reason I'm not going to do that is because like it's almost like I feel like it's a cold Beesley scenario all over again where he had a couple of big games in Dallas and this and that.


And people always thought that there could be more there with him. They've just added too many options to this offense. And then when you look at where his targets take place is he's a slot only wide receiver. He is not someone that you want lining up on the perimeter. And I understand the whole yards per route run thing, but it's a very, very small sample size. When you figure twenty percent of Hunter Renfroe yards in twenty nineteen, we're on two catches.


Twenty percent of them. It's crazy. So I don't want to put too much into that. I do think yards per run is typically a good start to look out for wide receivers. Thicky generally speaking, it's a sticky stat.


It typically is, but it's such a small sample size with Renfroe because he wasn't on the field all the time. I know he had a bigger role as the year went on, but this team clearly went out and added rug's and they've talked about playing him in the slot at the start of the year. And I think that makes a lot of sense considering his skill set and how they want to get the ball in his hands. Lynn Bowden, we've talked about him.


He's a hybrid running back wide receiver. They talked about we want to get Josh Jacobs. Sixty receptions or whatever they want to do. Darren Waller is not someone that you want to eliminate from your offense because he's a mismatch for linebackers and safeties. So you just start going through the offense and you're like, this isn't a great offense. You know, if we're talking about the Saints, it would more it'd be more like, OK, you know, we could find multiple options working here.


I just don't see that with Derek Carr and the Raiders, especially, you know, knowing the coaching staff that they play under. Now, I do get that. And I'll turn it over to you in one second and then we'll move on, because I don't you know, Hunter Row is not going to be like a crazy fantasy, crazy fantasy argument. But over the last eight games, he was on pace for seventy four catches over a thousand yards and a touchdown.


It's like there is I get you know, you pointed out tags. You made a lot of great points. But there are certain things. And again, especially basically it's him, Wollar and rookies and there is something with rookie running backs. I'm not quite as worried about this year, but rookie wide receivers is something where I'm a little hesitant with.


So I do think that Renfroe could take a bigger step. Go ahead, Yates. Off of your two cents and then we'll move on.


Yeah, just super quick, after we got the news that they were going to be moving Henry Rug's into the slot more. And this came out a couple of weeks ago. I buried Hunter Renfroe because I was like, you do not put rug's and Renfroe in competition at the same position and say, no, we're going to stick with Hunter Renfroe. Right. Like rug's is just a ten times more of an athlete than Renfroe is. So but now with the news of Tyrell Williams potentially going to be battling through this injury, like he's going to try to play and I get it from his perspective because he's about to lose his starting job.


So I think in that instance, if Williams isn't able to fight through it, then rug's would be moved to this z. receiver, this outside receiver, who will then stretch the field and then you'll have Renfroe as a slot and an Edwards as the receiver. So that could be the argument that Renfroe can get back into relevancy.


But I just don't I just don't see a ceiling there. Yeah, I think all of that is fair. And again, one of these guys who draft late, you're going to find out early whether or not there is going to be any value there. OK, hey, guys, I'm hijacking this conversation because I need some I have some breaking news for Yates and I'm sorry in advance. I'm just bringing all sorts of bad news today. David Montgomery had to be carted off the practice field today and they're there.


Expect they do not believe the injuries to his knee is what the bears are saying. But some people are saying maybe an Achilles.


Yeah. Oh, Dave Montgomery left today's Bears practice on a cart. We'll know more when we talk to Matt Nagy here in a bit. JJ Stankovic. Not great. Dang it, boy, Yates, are you are you OK to continue? All right. Do we have to call this up? I would love to scrap this entire podcast. They're about to sign Devonta Freeman or about Summariser for.


Well, I'm telling you, man, by the way, I just want to announce on the podcast, I'm going to say it before it happens. If the bear sign Isaiah Crowell, I think I'm going to give up my fandom for a year.


First of all, you don't control that and you know that there's no way that you could just be like I'm that if there were, my life would be very well. You're just all too much about correct. And that's next. Don't forget also. I'm sure I'm sure Adam Gaist right now is looking at Isaiah Crowell and being like, man, this is a guy who we can really add to this on it a different dimension. Real quick, I'm going to bring up a hypothetical.


I know, again, I'm hijacking this entire conversation, OK? But the Bears believe they're a team built to win now, right? That's why they traded for Jimmy Graham. They traded for Nick Foles. OK, Leonard Fournette for a fifth round pick of Montgomery's injuries is actually legitimate.


So, by the way, this is I think it was with you. I think we talked about on Lifestream Fournette or maybe it was a few yards. Fournette is a guy who, again, we talk about the possibility of him being traded. And it was always like, well, what is that going to do? You know, who knows? He'll find himself. This could be the type of situation which is one of the reasons why I liked drafting Fournette is that this is the type of situation where Fournette gets traded, where somebody loses their starting running back.


And again, we don't know what happened in Montgomery necessarily, but if it does and he walks into a situation where it's like, great, here's a bell Bellcore roll that you can earn and especially around the end zone. I don't know. Yeah, they they may do that whether they're actually ready to win now. They are trying to win now. So it is something where I could see that. I mean, this is all speculation, by the way.


Now I'm sure we'll have more on tomorrow's show. But for now. Yeah, I don't know. I mean, they'd certainly I think they'd offer that. So dead inside. All right. Well, with that, obviously, your time. Devonta Freeman with their last breath. Right. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Slide's I didn't know. I'm going to talk about Devin Dewani. I've talked about him previously on the podcast. But a rookie wide receiver, again, it comes with expectation management.


Right. He's being drafted outside the top two hundred and twenty in ADP for a reason. So this is more in the conversation of if you're in like a deeper league, if you're in a league this year that added extra bench spots and you're going to be drafting eighteen rounds versus sixteen. Right. Or fifteen or whatever, Devin Devaney is a guy to keep your eye on because I think he has a fantastic slot receiver. He gets yards after the catch, which is what you want in Baltimore.


He's out of Texas, rookie wide receiver and now with the Baltimore Ravens. He is a supercharges the position from Willie Snead. Right. Willie Snead is has just been a guy over his career. Devin, he has a chance to be special in the NFL. I loved his tape. And so putting him in this offense where you get Lamar Jackson out on the run or you just get the ball into Devin Devaney's hands and let him create he is a speed demon for for forty yard dash at the combine.


So this is a guy just to keep an eye on Wright and especially if you're in later rounds, then you can take the guy, you can take him with your last round pick if you're in just a normal fifteen round, you know even fourteen round whatever. I wouldn't recommend drafting him necessarily because they're going to be other guys that are going to provide more immediate value. But David Duchovny is a guy to keep an eye on on your waiver wire tags.


I mean, this is a back to back one where I'm going to say, no, I'm not going to own any Devon DeVone, because I've already started research for week one. And I started going through this Ravens depth chart and trying to figure out if there's any value outside of Marquese Brown and even him. I think it's going to be difficult for him to be consistent in fantasy football. Did you guys like if you guys were to take a guess right now, how many targets per game do you think Ravens wide receivers averaged last year?


Yeah, it's you probably have a stab at this, a stab at it right away, like twelve, ten point eight.


Yes. Ten point eight targets per game. So even if we say, all right, we're going to project the Ravens to throw the ball, you know, fifty more times this year, that's basically three more times per game. And if you figure a fifty percent target share. So to the wide receiver position, which is actually higher than the Ravens did last year, we're it's like one and a half more targets per game. So we're talking about twelve targets per game.


And if he's not coming on the field until three wide receiver sets, because Myles Boykin is going to start on the perimeter with Merkies Brown or however they're going to do it, that's why I can't see Devin DuVernay making any sort of impact this year. I'm not saying he can't be a player in the league. I do believe that it's just more about the opportunity is just is so limited in this offense when you have guys like Merkies Brown and Mark Andrews at the top of the depth chart.


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Use the code yates'. All right, thanks. Go ahead to your next guy. All right.


My next guy is a guy we have not talked about at all. And I really wanted to bring him up because I don't think people realize the opportunity he might have and how things might change for him and his offense this year. And that's Dede Westbrook. We talk a lot about Gardner Minshew. And, you know, Chark is a he's already broken out in a way, but maybe an elite performer this season. But it's kind of like that Tampa Bay, you know, where last year the defense wasn't great.


The Jags defense is in terrible shape. It's just they've lost any any positives they had going on the defense. They lost most of them, 90 percent of them. They're a team that's going to allow a lot of fantasy points. There are a lot of points, I should say, in general. So when you look at the offense and you're like, OK, they're going to throw the ball quite a bit more than they did last year. Did Westbrook's over one hundred targets last year.


If we go back to Jay Gruden when he was in Washington, he never really focused too much on one receiver. Sure, there were some seasons and there were Garzón get a lot of targets. But where did Jamison Crowder make his name? It was under Jay Gruden in the slot there. But they're talking about moving into the slot and and on the perimeter. So that would actually help Dede Westbrook, in my opinion. I've been saying over the last couple of years they've unfairly pigeonholed him into the slot role.


When Dede Westbrook is a guy that stretched the field in college, I don't know why they they decided, oh, he has to be a guy is because he's smaller. No, the guy is fast. He's a decent football player. I wanted nothing to do with him last year when his ADP was around wide receiver thirty. But getting him in the last round of an offense, it's going to throw the ball maybe six hundred times. Sign me up.


What do you think it's.


Yeah, I like him as a late round value. I've always liked the talent of Dede Westbrook. It's just been his involvement in this offense. It's just been puzzling. So to and an offense that is going like Texas, it's going to be airing the ball out this year. So I want pieces of this offense. I'm not scared off by Lévesque National. This was a guy that I kind of liked, but I think he's coming out. But I think he's more of this guy who's a hybrid, right?


You get him some running back touches, you get him some some like shallow crosses and let him create. So the involvement of D.J. Chaak potentially moving into the slot more kind of scares me. But then that also could mean that, like I said, he's moving out to the outside, which can create some deep targets, deep downfield and utilize the speed we have to remember. Dede Westbrook can scoot. So I think this is just a guy that I, I'm fine taking a late round fly around and see if it pans out.


All right.


So my next guy Yates, I mean you talked about somebody going real late. You aren't real late. This guy is being drafted three hundred and tenth overall PPR, ADP and it's Steven Simms. Now he was a guy who I liked kind of early Yates'. We talked about it, you know, an NBA draft where I took him late in a fifteen team PPR league. I mean, he's probably going to be playing at the slot. We joke about the lack of passengers.


We were doing it the other day on our message about their their tight end situation. Look, he finished his last four games, averaging five catches, fifty seven and a half yards and a score for the last four games of last season. I get the Dwayne Haskins in there. But it is barren. It is barren. Assuming Haskins starts, by the way, it is barren in their pass catchers. I don't love the offense. I don't it's not like I'm targeting that offense other than MacLaurin to get a piece of it.


But when you're talking about a guy who's just a complete afterthought in drafts, considering I like a skill, I think if he plays of the side, he's got a decent chance to provide. I mean, he's not going to be a superstar. He doesn't have the upside or anything close to it to be like a guy. You're like, oh, this is a top twenty four wide receiver. But as a guy and in PPR leagues and half PPR leagues who you might be able to start as a flex as a wide receiver, three maybe or at least fill in on your bikes.


There's too much opportunity there for me to just sit back. And I don't really get how, you know, essentially he's going completely undrafted outside of like. Team leagues, yes, so I went back recently and was restating the Washington football team out, right. I was going through and redoing my projections for them, and I was shocked to find out that Steven Sims only had a 60 percent catch rate on fifty six targets last year and averaged nine point one yards per reception.


Now we can talk about the quarterback, play all we want on that. But nine point one for a slot receiver that can move as well as Sims does is not great. So for me to move Sims up into a fantasy relevant player. Right, because I think he can be like this guy who can soak up targets in this offense. But for him to in a low passing volume offense and an offense that I'm not projecting to be anything like high powered.


Right. Like he has to be doing it on the back of 13 yards per reception. Twelve yards per reception. He has to go up in that category. Granted, he had four touchdowns on fifty six targets last year, so that can work for him. But I was just shocked to see those numbers. This is a guy that I'm fine in like super, super, super deep leagues. But outside of, like, your typical reader, like I'm not I'm not looking at Steven Sims to actually agree.


Yeah, I think Greg Ward is a better version just because he's tied to a better offense. I think they're both tied into a similar role. They're both expected to be starters in the slot in three wide receiver sets. It's just the quarterback play. I mean, I'm staying away from Washington pretty much in general, unless you want Terry McLaurin outside of him. I really just don't want any part. You're not staying away from McClaren, right? Just to be clear, McLaurin, I'm not owning much up just because of where he's going and drafts he's going.


I would take D.J Chark, Dekay Metcalf over him just cause I feel like their quarterback play is going to be so much better. I can't trust Terry McLaurin on a weekly basis. And I think if you go back and look at last year's numbers, you'll see I think there was just one game all season where he saw double digit targets. Does that change this year? It's possible for sure. I think he's a fine, low end wide receiver, too.


But there's just people willing to draft him with more equity than I am at all. Yeah, I think that's fair. And again, you know, Greg Ward is a guy who's going like he I'm sure over the next two weeks his ABCP is going to rise pretty significantly given the news that's coming out of Philadelphia. All right. Let's get to your last guy here.


I'm still reeling from David Montgomery. Oh, man.


You're on. I'm here on the first nonmarket draft. Tell them.


All right, Admiral, I'm going to bring up Josh Kelly, Josh Kelly, UCLA.


Running back now with the Los Angeles Chargers. You're looking at an opportunity in this offense to assume the workload, not the full workload. Right. Because a lot of the coaches are going to go to Tyrod Taylor that Melvin Gordon occupied last season. Austin Ekeler is going to be this guy who gets a ton of work out of the backfield as a receiver. He'll see some work on the ground. But Justin Jackson up to this point, hasn't been able to stay healthy.


He's looked fine when he's, you know, gotten the touches, but he's not this guy who's going to suddenly assume this large workload. I loved Josh Kelley's film coming out. So looking at if you load up on wide receiver early in your draft, let's just say that you take Michael Thomas with your first round and then a really solid wide receiver follows you and your second round. And you just need to load up on running back later on in your draft with the last pick.


Josh Kelly is a fine option because I think he's going to get ten carries and he has the talent to make it count. And he can you know, the rushing quarterback is very effective for the running back in the red zone. So for him to be able to get that opportunity with a mobile quarterback to take away attention, I just think Kelly can absolutely outperform where he's being drafted right now.


How about you to your grave? I worry a little bit about him in terms of like the pecking order and where it's going to go knowing the shortened offseason, because we already wondered, OK, is he going to overtake that? And being that they don't have any preseason action, I think it's going to be really difficult for four rookies who aren't needed, aren't relied upon immediately to have much of an impact. And I think that he fits that that role.


I know they like Joshua Kelly, but Justin Jackson has done well when he's been promoted into other opportunities. So this seems like it's going to be an ugly three headed monster with Ekler receiving most of the work. So I don't I don't mind the pick, though. I mean, this is one of those guys the last round pick you take, because, again, as we talked about earlier on the show, you need guys like this on your roster that you can just cut bait with.


You're going to learn exactly what he is. Week one. If he gets out there and gets five catches, you cut him loose and you say all he is a handcuff and he's not even the direct handcuff because it seems like Justin Jackson would probably have a larger role. I dig this one is the final round pick.


Yeah, I really like it actually, because I do think that it sort of combines two really good things. One is I think the Chargers, especially now Mike Williams, dealing with the injury. I think they are just going to so lean into that running game now. I think they're just going to lean on their defense and lean on the running game especially early. It's something where I think the running backs are going to get, you know, however it's divvied up, they're going to get a ton of touches.


And I do think that you're going to know exactly where you guys just said. You're going to know what the pecking order is right out of the gate. It might be that Kelly is behind Ekler and in front of Jackson. So if so, you're going to know that right out of the gate and that's a guy then that you're going to want to hold. So I think it's a really, really good type of player to take a late round flyer on.


All right. Thanks. Go ahead. Who's your last guy?


My last one. I mean, it's I have to mention John Ross all the time because I am a John Ross, Stan, if you will. I just believe in the player. And if you look at him last year in this offense under Zach Taylor, Zach Taylor knows he's a player, too. It's all about health with John Ross. And he saw I think it was. Fifty six or fifty eight targets in just eight games last year, that's all he played.


So if you think that AJ Green is going to miss time, if you're not a big believer in Tyler Boyd seeing those targets again, look at John Ross, because you talk about a guy that I'm envisioning him around 70 to 80 targets. That's a difference maker at wide receiver three that you could plug in during certain weeks. Right, because AJ Green is going to be top tier coverage. Tyler Boyd's obviously going to see a lot of attention there.


So if he gets single coverage over the top, they don't tilt a defense. John Ross way, Joe Burrowes, the type of quarterback who can get the ball to him. I mean, if you go back and watch Burrow, it was one of his best traits in college was thrown that deep ball with phenomenal touch. It's like there's only certain guys that I see with that touch on a deep ball like Russell Wilson has. It was just a drop in the bucket and Joe Burrow has that.


So John Ross tying him to like, you know, to borrow and this offense that's going to throw the ball six hundred times. I'm a big fan of John Ross and take it in with your last pick because he is going to be in the starting lineup. Makes a whole lot of sense tags.


I asked us to tease you a little bit, but it's an honest question. Is there any part of the Bengals offense that you do not want a piece of this year for your fans?


I don't want their tight ends. Joe Mixon, I'm a little hesitant just because they've never used him in that role. But if you look at the second half of last year, they clearly want to there's a lot of opportunity in this offense, and that's the reason I like it. Even though Dalton missed three full games last year, he still should have finished as a top twelve fantasy quarterback based on the opportunity he had throwing the ball. So there is just so much value to be had in this offense.


I just don't think people realize how inefficient they were with Andy Dalton last year. It was just so inefficient. And again, I think Zach Taylor had a bad go at it. So when you when you bring all these weapons on the field, it's just think about being a defensive coordinator and saying if we do not get pressure, this team will eat us alive because they have players that could beat you at every level the field.


How about you? Do you like Ross last round flyer?


Yeah, I mean, pieces of this offense. If AJ Green can't stay healthy, I think that's the issue. If if Green is on the field, I don't see the true upside there for Ross where you're going to be comfortable putting him in your starting lineup at any point of the season. However, if AJ Green continues to struggle with these injuries, that minor hamstring injury last week, he's just at the point of his career where this is a concern.


This is something that you have to be worried about when drafting AJ Green. So if you can get John Ross late with a quarterback like Joe now. Yeah, I'm all for that. Yeah, I certainly have no problem with it. There's no downside. But there is the upside when you're taking in that late. And I look, I was teasing you, but I agree. I think you do want as many pieces as you can of this Bengals offense is here because I do have a lot of faith in Brown.


I do think it's going to be pretty dynamic for my last guy. I might have been Jake might have been Jake Sealy.


I don't remember who we talked about but Scott with. But it is both silly. Yep. Yeah. One hundred and seventy eight in half PPR, ADP. Look, everyone's super excited about Myles Sanders, right, because the Eagles didn't bring in anybody else to sort of share touches with them. But that hasn't manifested itself in the way fantasy managers are viewing Scott. And I kind of think it should, you know, look, the last four games, obviously, they were dealing with tons of injuries, but eighty seven point five yards from scrimmage per game.


And that last game when Sanders got injured, twenty three touches for him. So, like, he's only got sixty one career carries. He's small, he's five, six. But again, I mean, Corey Clement is the other guy in the backfield. As Jeffrey already injured, you saw Darren Sproles carve out a role for himself for years in Philadelphia. I could easily see him getting ten touches per game with a healthy Sander Sanders already battling whatever this vague, you know, lower body injury is supposed to be fine.


But he's a guy who, you know, barely drafted, I think is a guy who you can roll out there, especially in PPR leagues, but in Happy Valley leagues, you might be able to get away with, as you know, a borderline flex option or something like that. And if something happens to Sanders, unless they add somebody else, he's going to get a lot of work. So for me, he's a guy I'm starting with.


One of my last picks you up against Washington in week one, too. There should be plenty of touches to go around that game.


Yeah, it sounds like again. Yeah, it's you agree, by the way. I think because I think we talked about this and I think you're on board. Right. I wasn't listening.


I was still tilting. He literally cannot yates'. I want to make it clear you have a job to do right now. Your job is to be on this podcast. OK, we can talk about how David Wright has ruined us, ruined everything.


But, you know, we're talking about, hey, I'm throwing out Le'Veon Bell, the Chicago rumors on Twitter right now.


That's what I'm doing. I mean, yeah, I admire your ability to multitask, but actually, I don't because you're not you don't like that because I was guy to the wrong task, Derek. But I guess I'll give you 20 seconds to not think about Dave Montgomery and Boston Boston. Scott, as a late round flyer. I'm fine with it. Jak's ranking of him up in the 30s is very aggressive and I can't get there personally because I think Sanders is going to be this guy.


But if Sanders is news is coming out that he's not ready to go week one and you push your draft back, you know, late right as far back as you can, and Scott is sitting there in the last round, I'm fine with taking him.


Yeah. Yeah, it's real quick. And I'm just going to put Yates in a little bit better mood. Maybe maybe this is up to the minute. Like, we're giving you up to minute news here, David Montgomery, Tom Pelissero, the NFL is reporting that there's optimism he avoided a serious injury, that it could be a groin strain.


So we don't know guy these podcast. Right. So this is new to you because I don't think you guys the podcast before you need to produce podcast, write, put them and then get them out.


So by the time everyone is, it's not breaking news anymore. They know what's going on. No, we have to address it, obviously. I'm glad we addressed that. But it's like we're breaking down like, hey, guys, massive developments.


Like by the time people Adam Schefter, Adam Schefter tweeted out unsigned free agents, running backs include Devonta Freeman and Marshawn Lynch and Robert Termine. We're screwed. All right.


Just do me a favor after you listen to this podcast, please. Just immediately tweet nonstop and gates and list everybody I'm available to play running back if need be. We can get something going, but OK, that's going to do it for the portion of our show we're tagging along to talk about later on. And, you know, over there, we will now go to the second part of our podcast where we do a three man basketball draft on Fanjul.


And Yates' continues to tell about the company name tags. Can't explain a little bit about, you know, because I haven't even signed up for this yet, so I'm getting ready to go.


But way to go. Dan, I hate to go.


The second I sign up, we start driving.


So I don't think they need to hear dustier details. I think that the listeners wanted to hear is that you were not prepared and you were not ready. You were not in the draft. You and I are here. We're ready for it. We're doing it. I'm very upset by the David Montgomery News. Did you guys hear that yet? You know, David Cameron apparently had to find someone. You know that if you guys are just watching this right now on YouTube, YouTube, dot com slash, you know, that's got to start singing, killing me softly.


Yates is is just curled up in a little fetal position right now at the at the recent news that they Montgomery happened to be injured. But anyway, tags. Go ahead. Sorry. Yeah, sorry. Sorry to even laugh about that, but it was just funny considering where Yates has been tilting basically over the last half hour or so. But we are going to be doing a quick three man basketball league where this is if you guys are unaware what basketball is, it's basically where you go through and you draft a team.


Typically, you might have like twenty rounds. You could do three men, you could do six man, you could do twelve men. But what happens is every single week it's going to take the best players that you have on your roster and automatically insert them into your lineup. So you're getting the best part of drafting, like drafting is one of the funnest parts of fantasy football. Let's be real about it. You look at your team and you're just psyched about it.


You don't have to deal with all the headaches you do every single week. You have to pay attention to who's inactive, who's active. You don't do trades, no waiver wire editions. It's just going to take your draft and put it in the lineup. I mean, fortunately for us, there's going to be studs stacked up throughout our teams because it's a three man baseball league. So, I mean, I might just get, you know, Julio Jones in, like the fourth round or something like that, which would be pretty cool.


Yeah, sure. Obviously, baseball is is something which especially right now, man, I don't like you. I don't know how many leagues you guys are in, but, you know, especially with that overlap, too many people. I mean, there are times where I'm like, man, I got to set my you know, my favorite claims are my Fabio, stuff like that. And just having a baseball team where you're just going to automatically take your best players without you needing to worry about it is really great.


I'm wondering, you guys, I don't want you to give anything to too much away right now as we get into this. But out of curiosity, generally, especially Tagg's, like how what's your general overall baseball strategy? And does it change much when you go to something small like this, like a three person league?


Yeah, it definitely does, because positional scarcity doesn't almost it almost doesn't exist right. Where it's like if you're in a twelve team league and the advantage that Kelsey and Kill give you in those leagues is tremendous because guys are going to be starting guys way down there. But in this league, obviously, if we have three tight ends, that's only nine tight ends drafted. You could if you pass on tight end early, you're able to stack the position later and get rid of some of that volatility because someone is going to produce.


You just might need to put more on your roster. I don't have a set in stone strategy as I go through basketball, because I think it all depends on where you're at with your position. Like, if I have two quarterbacks that are extremely stable in a basketball format, I don't feel the need to draft a third one because they're they're typically always on the field. Whereas if you draft someone like, you know, a mobile quarterback that's, you know, or someone like Ben Roethlisberger, who routinely misses multiple games a year, you're going to need that third quarterback just to make up.


If there's a season ending injury and you don't want your league just, you know, totally screwed because you did that. So it's so weird. It's almost like the way I am in season long leagues, though, Dan, is that I just take value when it's presented to me. I read my roster. I read the rest of the room. It's a little tougher to do in a three man. I'm not going to lie. It's going to be a weird time to do that.


But I know I know a lot of people in the industry do love doing these three men baseball leagues. I've never done them personally myself. So I'm I'm kind of looking forward to see what my team is going to look like.


Yeah, ditto. I bet you I'm going to be like, man, my team is amazing. I'm going to rock the house. Yeah.


Generally in basketball, obviously, some things you need to keep in mind are our bye week. Obviously that that's a huge deal. You have to make sure, of course, that you're not missing out on any of that. And again, upside, you know, I've talked some so much this season about. Guys like Jamison Crowder, who I think are going to are undervalue this year, I think stability, everything like that in season long leagues are the type of guys who want those aren't best ballparks, certainly not in the three personally, but even in bigger leagues.


That's not the type of guy that you target in a basketball league. You really want upside. You're OK. If they're going to give you you know, you look at Tagg's boom bust and everything in between, like the guys who boom, like those are the guys really more who you like to look at necessarily in baseball. Now, a three person league. We're all going to have a bunch of guys like that. Are you guys ready to go?


Because I'm just way to do it to click. Ready? I'm ready. Right. All right. I'm coming in right now, and I hope I don't screw anything out there.


Dan, do not screw this up. All you have to do. I'll try. OK, I made it zero dollars. You had no excuse not to join. OK, here we go.


Enter contest. I'm going to click it. I don't know what pic we're going to be. There we go. Sweet. All right. It looks like Tagg's your first.


I'm pretty stoked about that. I'm not going to lie. And this is this is kind of karma for Yates'. By the way, did you hear what Yates did to me yesterday? No, he we had a private discussion between me, him and Joe Pisapia. And I called them too high maintenance because they were talking about times they were available. And so I got in there and they decided to not do it randomly. But just say, hey, you're the last pick in this draft because basically because you call as high maintenance.


So they teamed up on me. It was not cool. And this is Karma Yates. All right. I love it.


Adam Schefter tweeted, beaten head coach Matt Nagy said running back David Montgomery suffered a groin strain and he is undergoing further testing. Team is optimistic. I think he meant Bears head coach not beaten.


I thought it might be both. It might be, but you never know. I'd also like to welcome everybody into our bear's only podcast. Right now. We're here to kind of talk. And what we're what we're just going to do is read to you every tweet that comes out about David Montgomery, even though you're listening to this six hours later. I thought that I got so don't worry, my therapy session. Let me let me back there. I can't right there into their face.


I don't know what to just draft. Dave Montgomery would like a second pick and there we go. All right. So, Tagg's, you made your first pick.


I did. I'm obviously picking Christian McCaffrey because, well, if you try and make an argument against Christian McCaffrey, you're going to be wrong. So I'm just not even going to let you try. That's all. Fair, Gates, you've got the second back. Please don't forget Montgomery or tell me that, OK?


No, I'm taking Cygwin Barkley. I think they're the gap between obviously CMC last year and any other running back was just ridiculous. I don't think the gap between CMC and SecondMarket this year is going to be drastic. I think Barkley is going to be right up there. Yeah. All right.


And I am taking Alvin Kamara and Ezekiel Elliott again. This is not something where I, you know, both guys have massive upside and high floor anyway. But it's not something where I'm really looking at a wide receiver yet. They're just so I mean, you just you know, there are so many wide receivers essentially available, especially when we're going to be drafting maybe twenty four overall.


Yeah. All right. I'm back up, but I'm going to go another running back here. I'm going to go with Derrick Henry. And I think for Derek Henry, the boom potential. Right. I think is just astronomical. So I'm going to take him here to pair with Sequim Barkley. I'm actually just going to get two wide receivers here, guys. I'm going to go with Michael Thomas and I'm going to go with Davante Adams because as I've talked about in the boom bust and everything in between is that wide receivers are once you get outside those top three wide receivers, it's kind of like a free for all.


Everybody is just like, you know, these if you get a wide receiver one plus rate thirty three percent of the time, that's considered good. So why would I not take advantage of this in a league where we're looking for elite players to fill these spots? I mean, Michael Thomas devoutness. I just took two thirds of the best wide receivers in the NFL.


OK, yeah, it's you just Clyde Edwards in there.


Yeah. I think we've talked about it. Like, if I want someone who can potentially finishes the RB one Clyde in this offense absolutely can with his involvement in the receiving game. So to get him here in the third round, obviously it's crazy with it being a three man team. But I'm loading up on running back here, guys. Well, I also took another running back, and that was Dalvin Cook. Again, this is a guy who very easily you know, there aren't many guys who have the potential to just be the number one running back overall on the season and weekly.


And that's a guy like Cook if he stays healthy and if he plays a full season. Now, Tagg's, I'm drafting this guy here who I know you're not going to like, but it's Travis. Kelsey, I also usually wait on tight end in a basketball format. But in something small like this, I think a guy like Kelsey and maybe Kittel are the types of guys who can kind of do some damage because they're they're so guaranteed to give you strong performance.


We like a lot of guys who are late, you know, a tight end and stuff like that. For me, in a smaller league like this, a tight end is where you can actually gain a little bit of an edge. So I'm willing to take one a little bit early. And you just took George Kittle. So you're obviously on board with that? I did. I obviously I as soon as you took him, I was like, all right, let's hope that Yates leaves me.


Yates took Tyreek Hill. I think that's a fantastic pick. Oh yeah, that's great. Right there, especially in a basketball format. This is where I'm going to go with Joe Mixon. Obviously he's fallen further and I think most people would think we're in the fifth round of this three team draft. So I mean what am I what are we talking? About now, 13th pick overall, that's so getting Joe Mixon outside the first round, essentially, I feel pretty good about that.


OK, Yates, you took the guy who I was eyeing right there, and that was Julio Jones, again, from Julio to fall into the fifth round or whatever we're in now.


I'm just going to load up on wide receivers in August. Got Derrick Henry, Clyde Tyreek Hill, Julio Jones. I feel like that's a pretty good start.


Yeah, this is fine. I'm you know, again, I generally will wait on quarterback, but again, in a three person league, I think if you can grab one of the top two. So I'm going to grab Lamar Jackson here again, a guy who I think is just going to offer just know massive upside. We can we get and I'm going to again, this is a guy who we've talked about it's not a guy who I am fully in love with.


But given his talent, given the amount of targets that he got, obviously all the time in Houston, everything like that, I'm going to take DeAndre Hopkins here because I think, you know, I'm a little worried about him, you know, season long. But I think he's going to have some boom weeks. So it's my first wide receiver. I believe that I talk back to you. I'm down on DeAndre Hopkins from a season long perspective relative to his ADP.


Right. That has to come with that qualification. He's borderline brown and ADP, correct? Yeah, right. Yeah. Love the talent. So to get him here, he's going to have some boom performances. I'm going to go with Myles Sanders guys.


That was going to be my next pick. I had him queued up there. It was him and Kenyan Drake that were close together. So I definitely, definitely agree with the Michael Sanders pick. All right. Now, this is where it gets a little bit interesting for me. Instead of reaching, I am going to I am actually going down and I think are employing some similar strategies because we're taking the best players that we can and positions. And I have I have the best quarterback in the NFL in fantasy Patrick Mahomes.


I have the best running back in Christian McCaffrey, the best wide receiver, actually the top two wide receivers in Michael Thomas and Devonta Adams and arguably the best tight end in George Kittle. Second best I said arguably bloody second. Yeah. Could you break up this time? It's Kittel first.


Hey, to go. You guys are taking those quarterbacks.


I don't want to miss out on that run that's going to start here. So I'm going to grab mine. I'm going to grab Dak Prescott, OK? All right. I like it. So I am sitting here and I am looking at Lamar Jackson, Zeke Elliott, Alvin Kamara, Dalvin Cook, DeAndre Hopkins and Travis Kelce. What a team I'm going to go with. This is why you're going to love your team no matter what you do in baseball.


I'm going to take Josh Jacobs here, and he's a guy who, again, I'm I'm excited about, you know, I don't care about the pass catchers that they're bringing in everywhere and everything like that. And another guy who I'm going to take is a guy who is not consistent. And, you know, again, you know, you could argue this is the wrong wide receiver to take. But in a basketball league, I do think that Mike Evans is going to be the guy who's going to kind of have the bigger weeks, the week winning weeks, so to say.


So I'm going to take Evans here over Chris Godwin, who's there, and I think that's arguable. But from a basketball perspective, that's around. So back to you, Yates. Well, yeah, looking at my wide receiver with Tyreek Hill and Julio Jones with Tyreek Hill being a little bit more boom bust, I do want some stability. So I am going to take Chris Godwin here and be my third wide receiver. Yeah.


You know, taken Evans over Godwin. That's that's bold my friend. Yeah. No, look obviously I have Godwyn ahead of Evans from a season long perspective, but I do think that, you know, as good as Godwyn is going to be, especially, you know, half PPR formats, full PPR, I do think that Evans is going to have the bigger weeks when they come, they're going to be less consistent. But I think in a three person league like that's like I'm going to have enough depth wide receiver to cover it.


So thank you. Technique. Chubb, I did first pick, which is an excellent pick, I think I did. And now I'm a little bit torn on my next pick, but I am going to go ahead and just keep going this running back. Just nail these running backs real quick and just get them out of the way. I'm going to take Austin Ekeler to present some stability. This is a half PPR format for those who are wondering.


But my roster, I mean, Christian McCaffrey, Joe Mixon, Kenyon Drake, Nick Chubb and Austin Ekler, I feel like there's plenty of upside there to pair with, you know, my top tier quarterback, wide receivers and tight end. So I think at the point in a three man draft, I guess we could talk about this as we work through it. Guys, is where do you feel like you just kind of stop with running backs because you don't even need to go with the zero running back approach, obviously, because, you know, it's a three man league and you're not going to be drafted in the backups at all.


Yeah, I mean, I was looking at it right now. I mean, I've got Zeke Kamara, Dalvin Cook and Josh and I'm like, oh, and then you just took Aaron Jones. So that was somebody who I was like, oh, maybe I want. But I'm looking at everybody else and it's hard for me to really see somebody who could go crazy. Except, by the way, for this guy who, again, this is just something where I'm like, man, if things break out and he does what needs to do and because I'm drafting with you two dudes, I'm going to take Jonathan Taylor here.


So it's obviously earlier than than sort of where I would necessarily think about him. But for me, a guy like Jonathan Taylor, man, if he wins, if he gets that job and he becomes the primary carrier, I mean, he's going to be a guy who who can easily be a weekly top five guy, potentially. Necessarily. So that's a guy where I'm going with there for my second pick. I need a wide receiver. I'm going to take Kenny Golladay again.


If if the Lions employ sort of a similar, you know, offensive scheme like they did in, you know, when when Matt Stafford was healthy last year, they could be a monster, not a guy I'm really targeting in season. But that's what I'm there for now. You just took Allan Robinson, OK, so obviously, you know, you're thinking bears because, you know, Dave Montgomery got hurt. Yes.


Yeah, he did. Yeah. You know, Allan Robinson, I went with Aaron Jones the last round because I was looking at Amari Cooper, though, and looking at my basic situation. No tags mentioned it. I have a lot of players on Bye Week 10. And so I really didn't want to load up on those, at least in those key critical positions, whereas Tagg's just took Amari Cooper. And I think that's an excellent pick and best of all formats.


Absolutely. Absolutely. And your other pick tag is Odell Beckham Junior, who, you know, I'm not a huge fan of this year, but in a basketball format. Yeah, that's a guy. That's a guy for sure. That's my wide receiver. Three. Yeah. Yeah. Well, you're just fantastic, aren't you.


OK, yeah. OK, thank you for listening. You know, we're halfway through this year. You've got ten now you're 11. So you think again. My guy who I was going to take there is AJ Brown, another really, really good pick in this draft. Yeah. Big blowout performances at this point. But I mean, look, you know, your roster is going to be stacked wherever it is. So, you know, half of my picks right now are guys who I just kind of want to make you guys a little mad at.


So I am taking Calvin Ridley here, obviously has the has a giant boom potential. I'm going to take another guy who, again, it's something where how do I think he's going to do on a season long thing? I'm optimistic on it and I feel really good about him. But if he does if everything does work out in the way I think it's going to go, then he could be sort of, you know, have huge weeks if the Steelers go back to sort of their high passing ways.


And that's produced mysteries there. So that might be because they were. Calvin Ridley introduced mysteries, too. Yeah, for sure. And and Yates just took Mark Andrews. That was a good pick. I actually was contemplating them there just because, again, getting those tight ends out of the way, not allowing someone else to get them. Zach Ertz is one of those guys for me where it's just there's so much there's so many targets available for him.


As much as I like Jalen Reagor, I can't pretend that he's not a rookie in a in a weird off season. So snagging Zach Ertz here is my second tight end up here with Kittel. It's almost like I could be done at the position if I really wanted to be. And then looking for a little bit upside with this pick, I'm going to go with a target hog here in more detail, more obviously with a terrible, terrible situation last year in terms of quarterback play and what he was working with, obviously going to Teddy Bridgewater.


We don't know how the chemistry is going to work between those two. But I do want to say that, you know, with Joe Brady coming in as The O.C., I do think it's going to be a well balanced attack. Obviously, they're going to use Christian McCaffrey in different ways. But D.J. Moore is a guy that you feature. He's going to play that possession style role. You have Robby Anderson to stretch the field. You have Curtis Samuel in that hybrid role.


But are you are you guys like in Andre Moore? And if somebody wanted to wait at wide receiver, would you be OK with him as like a wide receiver? Is your wide receiver one, if you took, you know, two running backs, maybe even three running backs in the first three rounds?


Yeah, I'm not going to call myself, quote unquote in Andre Moore this year because I think the industry is in like we talked to Jamie Eisenberg, had him seventh, for example, in his in his rankings. That is not somebody who that's not where I am. I have as a as a strong wide receiver, too. But again, people always ask, am I OK with this guy? Is my wide receiver one if the rest of your roster is stacked?


Absolutely. D.J. More can be a wide receiver. One for me. I just took two guys. Again, these are guys who I'm really happy to get in best performance. It's James Connor again, a guy who absolutely has not only if he's healthy, a pretty high floor, but really a super high ceiling if everything breaks. Right. And Adam Thielen again, a guy who's just kind of forgotten about like, you know, he obviously, you know, two years ago he had the eight straight games of one hundred yards receiving.


So he's, you know, basketball season long. I'm all about Adam Thielen. Yeah.


I thought about him and him and D.J. Moore were right there together and I thought Thielen had a better chance of making it back to me. Yeah. OK, so you took Dick McCarthy back to you. Tagg's. We are on Tagg's.


You have filled thirteen of your twenty spots right here so. All right. Who are you going here. I am going to take the upside in Kyler Murray. I already have Patrick Mahomes obviously. But getting Kyler Murray, a guy that we know can finish is the QB one with the rushing upside that he offers and adding DeAndre Hopkins that offense. I like Tyler Murray more to best ball than I do in a in a draft league. So I feel cool about that.


And then now I'm trying to figure out, do I do I actually pull I am going to do it. I'm going to say to Todd Gurley, I think that's who I want to draft here.


I don't think you're up. You're not on the clock yet. Yeah, man, I'm nervous drafting I, I did not draft Cooper Kupp. Yeah, you did. Sorry man.


You got to be up on it. No he drafted Cooper Kupp. I do like you know I want to take Todd Gurley. I can tell you that Todd Gurley will be a great pick in your next pick, but I can't tell you that because I just drafted him because that's what you're the weakest. Unlike you, I'm paying attention. By the way, I drafted Josh Allen. I the guy who I, I was thinking about Russell Wilson, who Yates took right before me.


I have Lamar Jackson. And again, the guy I really wanted was Deshaun Watson. Same bye week as the Murdochs. So that is something where I probably could have just taken. Sean Watson got in another cube necessarily for that, but Josh is a guy who, by the way, in baseball, I like guys who offer you also like a solid floor with the rushing because I think that, you know, their fancy point production is going to be there regardless.


And so you're not going to have any weaker, like, oh, man, I just got a dud from the position.


You take Wollar here. Yates' Yeah. I took him because looking at Mark Andrews, I needed someone with a different bye week. Wollar is kind of that next guy up. Hayden Hurst would have been someone that I would have considered as well.


Yes, that would have been good. I'm still Tagg's. You have two tight ends, right? I have two touchdowns. Yes. Yes, I actually have a Erts and it'll SASO. I'm still sitting here with Kelsey and again in a three man league, I'm willing to kind of roll with that again. There are a lot of upside tight ends that we like. You obviously mentioned one of them yet. So Tagg's, you take D.J. Takir love that pick.


Absolutely love it. I think that's it. That's a fantastic pick. You know, especially I mean, it's our teams are going to look fantastic. But, you know, what do you think about it? I love Chark. We talked about the offense and you took Leonard Fournette. That actually surprised me a little bit because, you know, I'm surprised that you want to go that route unless you're thinking he obviously gets traded. Yeah, that's what I think the possibility is.


And there's obviously going to be some room for some touchdown regression to the mean here with him. So even if he does lose some of that receiving down work touchdowns, he's a guy that can score two touchdowns in a week. I don't think anybody would be shocked. So where I got him as my old RB six crazy. It feels good. Feels odd. It's almost like having him as your RB two in a regular Whittman League, which is so I'm beating up on wide receiver here.


And again, this is why I was kind of like running back tight end, maybe QB early. I added Terry McLaurin and Devante Parker. I mean, these are guys with, you know, are going to have big weeks that are just going to kind of come in. They're good best ball players, especially the league like this. So we're almost done. I've got I've got two picks left tags. We've got three. And yes, you did take Deshaun Watson, by the way.


So do you have three QB is now at this? I do. I do.


I want to just kind of solidify that. So I've got Dak Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson. Yeah. All right.


Let's see here I. So by week's you actually have to pay attention to in baseball. It's the only time that I actually care about best about my week's. See, I just feel like I'm so stacked these positions. I don't I'm going to go ahead and take Matt Ryan. I know I'm taking a third quarterback when I really don't need to in this format, especially with Patrick Mahomes and Kyla Murray. But these are going to be some crazy high scoring teams.


Yeah, this is this is a tough one, right. Because you're sort of like I'm looking there and, you know, I need to back up tight end. And the guy I really love, as you guys know, is Hayden Hurst, and he has the same bye week as Chelsea. So that that is something. And again, this is really more like just a bye week sort of play for me. This is not a guy. I'm like, oh, man, I need to figure out exactly what's going to be there, because that's what.


And you do take Hayden Hurst. Yates. Yeah, I panicked. Son of a because I panicked. I just took the guy. That's Karmo again. There's karma coming back to you then. Yeah. No, it's fair and I don't really care. But just how difficult this is, I know I don't think this all for fun anyway. And Kelsey, I'm sure is going to be my starting guy for almost every week.


So I'm just going to do a little solid here and dress well, which is really just a little hiatus. How you doing? But I know I'm watching you and I see you. That's fantastic. So now I'm looking for my last guy in baseball leagues. And again, there is a guy and you want to talk about somebody who's got the potential. If you take my freaking guy, I hope I do. But I mean, it's willful. It's a guy.


OK, all right. Yeah, that's a baseball guy, right? That's a guy who if he's healthy and if he doesn't leave the game early, he's got massive potential. So my draft is done. You guys are up to your last couple of picks and then we will go through our rosters. Yeah, I'm getting Kareem Hunt here, guys.


Yeah, I'm going to go with the willful or esq pick and I'm going to take Maki's Brown, my final.


Yes, he was a guy actually I looked at around there too ago. So I think what we can say is that our teams are absolutely terrific.


I mean, can I tell you our transport this into a redraft team? Yes. Right. Hey, guys, check out this basketball team. I just have so why don't we eat very quickly, run through our team's Tagg's guys. This is this whole eight man leagues feels I mean. Yeah, I don't know, man. It's nothing like by the way, by the way, I understand that some guys are dealing with some issues in their lives right now.


And if you if you're going down to like an eight man league or something like that or ten man, because some people can't play this, you don't want to whatever the case may be, add more starting positions to your fantasy lineup. That's going to help increase that skill gap because every team is going to be stacked. So reward depth on a team. My my lineup here is Patrick Mahomes Kyler Murray and Matt Ryan at quarterback by running backs, Christian McCaffrey, Joe Mixon, Kenyon Drake, Nick Chubb, Austin Ekeler and Leonard Fournette, my wide receivers.


Michael Thomas, Davante Adams, Odell Beckham, Amari Cooper, Moore, Cooper Kupp. I didn't I didn't make that pick.


Tyler Lockett, Marquese Brown, George Kittle and Zach Ertz are my tight ends. I mean this, that is that, that is a decent team. How about you Yates. What do you got. Make it better. I came out really balanced guys.


I got three quarterbacks, seven wide receivers, seven running backs in three tight ends. I got Dak Prescott, Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson, second Barkley, Derrick Henry, Clyde Edwards, Hilaire Myles Sanders, Aaron Jones, Melvin Gordon and Kareem Hunt.


Tyreek Hill. Julio Jones. Chris Godwin Allen Rob. And AJ Brown, Robert Woods, DKA Metcalf, goodness, and then Mark Andrews, Darren Waller and Hayden Hurst at Tight End, your team succeeds.


Sorry. No, that's that's a great team, of course. And you know, my team is at QB. I've got Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen. My running backs are Ezekiel Elliott, Alvin Kamara, Dalvin Cook, Josh Jacobs, Jonathan Taylor, James Connor and Todd Gurley. My wide receivers are DeAndre Hopkins, Mike Evans, Kenny Golladay, Calvin Ridley, Juju Smith, Schuster, Adam Thielen, Terry McLaurin, Devante Parker and Wil Fuller. And my Titans are Travis Kelsie and Johnny Smith.


So what do you guys think? I mean, this was our first three person draft. It's fun and you love your team when you get out of it, right? It's so much fun. There's a ton of fun. Super quick, too. Yeah. Yeah, it was quick, especially when Tagg's isn't paying attention to address Cooper Kupp and then goes crazy. So. All right, before we go, I just want to mention this. I just saw a tweet that Dave Montgomery got injured today at practice.


I don't know if you knew that.


I'm I just go on this and this. All right, we will have this. But again, guys, go check out Fadhel, do some baseball drafts. There are a lot of fun like you do with your buddies. Do whatever you want to do. It's really, really great to to get out there and, you know, three person, twelve person, whatever you want to do then best is an entirely different game. And you know, this season it's going to be tough.


You're going to have to really actively manage your teams with baseball leagues, especially if you don't need to worry about that. You can just set it drafted the best part of fantasy and then forget it. Thanks again to manscape, guys. It is a jungle down there. You need to clean it up now. Go to manscape dotcom. Use our code yates' for twenty percent off your order and free shipping. Check out their Lawnmower 3.0 and their Shear's 2.0.


Again, manscape dotcom with the code yates' for twenty percent off your order and free shipping. And do not forget to head over to fantasy pro dotcom slash draft wizard. Do a draft, do fifty drafts, do one hundred drafts. It is quick and easy and you can try out different strategies and get grades from each of us. Again, that's fantasy post.com slash draft. Listen, it's totally free to use, but there are some added cool features for our MVP and Hall of Fame subscribers, including access to realistic auction and dynasty mock drafts.


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We're going to be back tomorrow with another episode I just wanted you to watch just. The street your again.