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Hey there, everybody. Welcome back to another episode of Fantasy Pro Football podcast, I'm your host, Dan Harris with me, our Kyle Yates and Mike Tech.


There you can find us on Twitter at Dan Harris, 80 at Kyly NFL and Mike Tagliani. NFL boys, imagine that you did a draft on Saturday. You felt pretty good about it wasn't perfect team.


But, you know, Leonard Fournette just continued to fall like he always did in drafts. And you want him getting him in the fourth, fifth round, even maybe something like that. Your boy Jalen Reagor excited. We've all been pumping him up. Really get to go. You're feeling really good about your team.


And then Sunday and this morning happened. So let's dive right into it. No wasting time here. Let's talk about Fournette, OK? He's been cut as of this morning. Apparently they could not give him away and as we have all separately joked about, either privately or publicly, I don't know why he didn't call Adam Gates, who probably would have given up a third rounder for him versus the Jaguars backfield.


What are you doing with this backfield? Are you targeting anybody? Does anybody actually going to have fantasy value? Let's start with you, Tagg's. Yeah, I mean, Reichel Almstead appears to be the clear cut favorite here for the starting job. I don't know if the Jags are done, but it really makes no sense for them to go out and sign someone like Devonta Freeman when they just cut money. They said in training camp that Fournette just didn't look.


It had nothing to do with his off the field stuff. It was all had to do with his performance on the field and they felt like the other running backs were playing better. I think it gives them a better chance of winning zero games. Basically, this team, everything they've done this offseason has suggested they want to take the season tank for Trevor, whatever you want to call it. So. Well, Almstead appears to be locked into that role.


However, Chris Thompson is clearly going to mix it on passing downs. That's one of the reasons we were waiting for that a little bit. This team is going to be a negative game scripts continually. I mean, this defense is shredded to bits. They're going to be starting quite a few rookies in that secondary that have zero NFL game action, not even pre-season Ozick Beau. He's someone that's actually on the depth chart that people are expecting to get some carries.


But in the end, I don't even really know if it's going to matter. This is a team that's probably going to average about twenty five running back touches per game, maybe twenty four. Chris Thompson's going to see probably eight to 12 of those. We're going to see Armstead locked into. I'm going to guess right now 12 to 15 touches per game, which is not terrible. But it's also not great when you're talking about a low scoring offense and one that's going to be a negative game scripts, especially when he's not a great receiver.


So I've put him in at RB. Thirty three right now. I don't feel great about it. I'm not going to prioritize him in draft. And to be honest with you, I wasn't drafting very many running backs in that territory to begin with. So I don't think I'm going to be starting now. Yeah, it's a great yeah, completely.


The negative game scripts is the thing that's worth highlighting here, because you're looking at Reichel ALMSTEAD and you're saying, OK, well, he's he's going to inherit a lot of the touches right in first and second down work. But yet how many games are the Jaguars actually going to be competitive in this year where they're going to be compete, you know, competing throughout all four quarters? It could be where we see Armstead get the majority of the work on first and second down throughout the first quarter, second quarter.


And then come the third quarter, they're losing so much that you see Chris Thompson the rest of the way. So so if there's any back that I want to own, it's Chris Thompson in this backfield, especially in full PPR leagues, half PPR even and in standard especially, he gets pushed down a little bit. He's going to have value in full PPR leagues. However, with Reichle, Almstead, that's a guy that I'm fine rostering and having like as a bench stash that I can roll in on by weeks.


You know, if I and especially if I get decimated with injuries early on. But to the running back position, excuse me, but otherwise he's just not someone that I'm, like, overly overly excited about.


All right. Let's give just a very quick a number on it. In half PPR rankings, we have all updated our rankings. He Reichel Almstead thirty seventh in mind tagged. You said what. Thirty thirty three. Thirty three. Yeah.


Yeah I'm down at forty eight because I'm, I'm not finding again low scoring offense. Right. As far as I'm like I'm not projecting a high rushing touchdown total for him.


So that's why he's, that's why he's down very quickly Fournette are you still drafting him late assuming that he's going to be picked up at some point by a team that's needed for running backs.


I'm not, I'm not because I think there are going to be people in your league that are going to still be looking at him like they're still going to take the shot on him, like maybe eleventh round in half PPR drafts where they'll be taking the shot on him. And at that point, if he's still there in like the 15th round, you know, and my final pick, whatever. Yeah, I might take him just because he has a potential to land somewhere, but he's not going to land anywhere that's going to give him the type of workload that he would have had in Jacksonville.


And he wasn't even efficient with that. So it's like, what's the upside here with drafting Leonard Fournette?


Does any part of us wonder if Leonard Fournette inefficiency in Jacksonville has to do with the offensive system? I mean, we talk all the time about running backs don't matter in this and that and this and that. If Leonard Fournette had wound up with the Saints rather than the Jaguars, would he have been a different running back in his career? I think so. He's a guy that had breakaway potential at LSU and he just hasn't looked like that running back in the NFL.


Part of it probably comes down to the offensive line. So, I mean, I'm not going to sit here and pretend that Fournette is a as good as a running back because I thought he was going to be coming out of LSU. But I don't think he's as bad as people are making him out to. I think the bears are a team that would make a ton of sense to go after them, they don't have very much depth on their depth chart.


He would accentuate someone like Tarik Cohen, where, you know, Yates, you brought up Le'Veon Bell potentially to the Bears. And I said that never made so much sense just because Le'Veon Bell is a great receiver and you're going to negate that entire part of his game. So Fournette makes a whole lot of sense for the Bears, especially knowing that David Montgomery is dealing with this injury. I put Fournette at RB 41 right now. I do think that he gets picked up and I would rather own him than someone like Adrian Peterson or Tevin Coleman, where I know what the ceiling is with these guys.


I might as well take my chances on Fournette. I think the Bears and the Eagles are the two teams that I would watch the closest to signing him.


Yeah, I never thought he deserved quite as much hate as it got 792 yards after contact last year, third in the NFL among running backs. So I think in the end, the best case scenario for him is if he doesn't get claimed and then he just sits back and waits for an injury and when a starting running back gets injured and then he's just like, great, I can sign with them, that's really the way you get value. Even lower than that.


I'm in the 50 50 first, I think. Well, in the draft and with one of my late last picks maybe. But in the end, he's just not a guy who obviously I am going to expect to have any fantasy value this year, but hopefully he does if he lands in the right situation. Let's very quickly go to Jalen Rager, who I believe it's tech. It's been diagnosed now is a separated shoulder. I don't know whether or not that's beneficial.


It is just a shoulder injury. The word is expect him to miss about four weeks. That would put him. If that's true, again, I don't want to do too much on that timeline. It was very it was less than certain. But let's assume for weeks that would put him maybe at week three if he can't get ready for that week for are you still drafting? Jalen recreates it.


It all depends on his price tag and how far he falls. I was in a draft yesterday with, you know, somebody from from my church and we were doing a draft and he felt like the fourteenth round in a fourteen team league. And at that point it was like, yeah, draft him because and this was like literally as the news came out about Jalen Reagor. So I was like, yeah, draft him, because at that point you're still getting like a potential boom bass player or boom player.


Excuse me. Later on in your draft at the fourteenth round in a fourteen team league, you're looking at other guys that are just like I don't even know who any of these players are. Right. So I think that is worth the shot there. But if I still have to draft him in like the tenth round, eleventh round, that's where I'm going to be like, no, I will let someone else take him, because again, we're still talking about a rookie coming in in an off season that they haven't had any time to get onto the field yet.


In-game experience. Right. So I wasn't expecting, like a huge jump right off and, you know, take off kind of situation for Jalen Reagor. I was expecting him to take a while to acclimate to this offense anyway. So now you delay that because he's not getting practice time either during this entire, you know, while he's sidelined. So I'm just not targeting Jalen Reagor anywhere. What's his number on your half PPR rankings for receivers?


I've met wide receiver seventy because I am projecting him to miss the first three weeks of the season tax. It hurts to see this happen. Obviously, the way it happened was in practice. Carson Wentz was sitting this practice out. He's been dealing with some sort of soft tissue injury of his own. Jalen hurts there. An interception and rager got hurt making the tackle, which the play should have been blown dead anyways, which is so it's frustrating to see for someone like Reeger.


I have moved him down to wide receiver fifty one because, I mean, I'm not saying I need a draft in there, but it's more about where I expect him to finish at year's end. And I think I had him up around wide receiver forty. So I did drop, you know, for, for the multiple weeks that he's going to miss because again, these timelines, they're usually a best case scenario. So if they're saying for weeks, you know, returning week three, that's like best case scenario.


So I think Yates is right in terms of saying week four, but I don't want to regret missing out on him. So there's it's a tooth. I have, like, literally mixed emotions on this because part of me feels like it's going to be on Odell Beckham situation where Beckham a lot of people like him going into fantasy drafts that year and then he suffered the hamstring injury, missed, I think it was the first four weeks. And then once he came out, he exploded like right away.


I think Rager can be that player. But the issue is that early in the fantasy season, you need to have players in your bench that you can cut. And it's the reason that I've moved DBO Sanyal down so far is that I don't want to have someone there handcuffing my roster where you're basically sitting there like looking at rager every week and you're like, oh, he's going to come back and I don't want to drop him, but I really want to pick up this guy off waivers.


So it really puts you in an awkward situation. So I think Yates is correct in saying that it depends on the league you're in, how many bench spots you have, because most leagues are adding more bench spots. And if you have, let's say, eight bench spots, I am absolutely cool with drafting. Jalen Reagor is a top fifty five wide receiver still because again you're going to keep them on your bench. But if you move into those five bench spots, it's almost difficult.


It's really difficult to roster someone like that.


Yeah, I've got him at fifty six and I had him about where you were Tagg's. He was, he was pushing to get into my top 40. He was just outside of that but I'm at fifty six for basically the reasons that you say I will still draft him. I have no problem keeping him on my roster and when you get to fifty six they're basically you guys that I'm expecting to contribute right away anyway. So if you're taking that shot you might as well say well here's a guy with upside.


I'm willing to. Roll them for a couple of weeks, because, again, the upside is there, the big problem is, of course, that we don't even know if Alstrom Jeffery's going on the list would not necessarily he might be. But there's these rumors, right, that he's going to miss the first few weeks, but not necessarily going public, which means by the time Reagan gets back, al-Kandari may be back and that that does put a little bit of a damper on his value.


But all right, enough news. We've got a lot to do. OK, this is literally like like, OK, great. We'll go right into it and be like, oh, wait, the entire NFL blew up. So let's get into it. We're going to do a half hour mock draft tonight, is that right? Just to be clear, yes. NPR one quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, one tight end, two flex spots and six bench.


We're not doing any defense or kickers, boys. Fantastic.


Now, obviously, because it's the three of us doing one mock draft, we are going to be using our multiuser draft, which is in our mock draft lobby. You know, the draft simulator by now you can Minecraft in five minutes against smart artificial drafters using rankings from experts across the industry. The multiuser drafts basically the same exact thing as our draft simulator. Except like us, you can do it with other real people. Today, Tagg's, Yates and I will draft against each other.


But again, the gaps are going to be filled in by realistic artificial bots that are going to draft from the remaining spots. Again, same interfaces our draft simulator. So just go to Fantasy Post.com, draft wizard to check it out.


Also, before we get into it, let me remind you about another podcast that we have that I hosted called Game Changers. We interview some of the biggest names in the fantasy sports industry. Take a look at their journeys to the top, Mike Wright, Michael Fabiano, Jake Seelie, just to name a couple who have been on it. Our most recent episode was a really, really good one. Leslie Eccles, the co-founder of Fanjul. It's a great list.


And check it out. If you are interested in either DFS or just building a business, she's got a great information and advice to lend you find it anywhere you listen to your podcast or go over to fancy prose dot com slash podcast. All right, tags. Let's get started. Tagg's is recording this on his desktop, by the way. So you're going to see what he does if you get mad at it on our YouTube channel, YouTube dotcom, I suppose you can go out and yell at him.


All right. You ready to go?


Taxi? Yes. So we have it on randomise for the start of the draft. So we have no idea where our draft positions will be. Maybe Yates' lucks out again against the second pick, still loses the draft, whatever it is.


Hey, I got three. You got three. Dan got two and I got six. What the hell's happening? I always end up in the second half of the draft for whatever reason. I love it.


All right. So the mock draft starts. So I'm really excited because I'm thinking Christian McCaffrey might follow me here to my team. Man, by the way, is Woody's revenge. Now, this one is something where, frankly, my guess is that you two probably would take second Barkley here. I actually have Ezekiel Elliott on my board as. Yes, please. You're very happy about this because you want someone that's very happy. Give me a one.




Do you have a big difference between Elliott, by the way, and one? Because to me it's basically the same thing. I feel just Zeke is a tiny bit safer now.


There's there's a pretty big gap between really for you. Is there a big gap?


There's not a big gap. I had I had a draft a couple of weeks ago where I had the number two pick and in a real draft like it was taking place. And I actually got my followers decide who I was going to draft because it was so close between them two. And I've actually, to be fair, like there's people actually debating sequence number one over Christian McCaffrey, I think. No, I think it's a bad argument. I'm not there.


Yeah, but I mean, Barkley, I mean, he is a freak and I get that. And the offensive line has been upgraded. The receivers are all healthy and this and that. But the receivers being healthy, could that be a detriment to second Barkley and no Eli Manning, obviously the checked out machine, that's actually also part of what it is. I do think that it's a downgrade for him to not have Eli Manning there. And and I've done it again.


Please do not come out with hate. I love them. It is a clear top three. But for me, there's a tiebreaker with Zeke. All right. After I took Elliott, Yates took Barkley. Then it went Thomas. Alvin Kamara tags. You're on the clock at number six. What he got?


Yeah, this is I had a lot of people asking me about this pick and who they would take, you know, whether it be telling Coach Derrick Henry, Clyde Edwards or Edwards, where's the fun pick? Right. Like, we all want to get excited about it. But is you know, there's still some unknown there. And I'm willing to draft him at, you know, seven overall, eight overall. If those other running backs are gone, it's just really difficult for me to do it.


If I'm like, let's say that you're playing for a ton of money and not just a fun team. I'm probably going to take Dalvin Cook or Derrick Henry in this case. I'm going to pretend that Dalvin Cook, he is in the team. The weird part is guys, we haven't talked about Yannick and Galloway was traded to the Vikings and they reworked his contract, ate up all the cap space the Vikings had. So I think it's very possible that Dalvin Cook this is his final year with the Vikings and that he becomes a free agent next year.


I don't know how that's going to work out. Like in terms of like his. Are you guys assuming he's playing or do you guys would you guys rather take Derrick Henry with that pick knowing that there is some uncomfortable tension between him and the Vikings?


Personally, I am still willing to take I don't look, he can't hold out, man. Like, you just can't it doesn't make any sense under the new CBA. I just imagine that he's going to play and I think he's going to play angry and then I think he's going to get paid after it. So for me, I'm still willing to take him. I realize that you can't win your draft in the first round, but you can. And lose it, the risk there for me is not enough for me to worry about losing it, so I'm still taking him there, which is the pic that you made, which I think is the correct pick.


I don't know about you yet. Yeah, I'm there. Dalvin Cook.


Obviously, it's one thing for a running back who has played all 16 games, you know, like every year of his career. Like it's one thing for Christian McCaffrey to like have this impending holdout. Right. But then it's another for Dalvin Cook who has yet to play 60 a full 16 game season. So I think he is the focal point of this offense. You do have a one two punch with Alexander Madisen there in that backfield, but Dalvin Cook doesn't have the type of leverage that he needs to to be able to hold out.


So I expect to see him on the field. Week one again, it's kind of just hanging over. So it's it's really close. If you want to take Derrick Henry, I'm not going to fault you, but I do understand taking Dalvin Cook you out the one or six.


All right, Tagg's, you're about to go. Let's Yeah.


No know. So like there's a lot of players that came off the board that are typically available. There are two or seven like Aaron Jones came off the board already. The wide receivers I was looking at was DeAndre Hopkins, Chris Godwin and hearing all the reports about Scottie Miller playing extremely well, Tom Brady, Tom Brady liking him a lot. We might not see Chris Godwin play the slot as much as he did in twenty nineteen. And that's a little bit worrisome because he was a guy that did a lot better with his slot targets than he did in the perimeter.


And actually there have been some big reporters saying that Chris Godwin looks good, but he doesn't look quite like the same player he was last year. And they're wondering if there's some sort of injury that he's been hiding. He's missed a little time, as I say, during the right. So you wonder about that?


Yeah, it's forced me to move him back a little bit in terms of overall. So I chose to go with Austin Ekeler someone who actually has been the quite the opposite. I've actually been moving Ekler up my board because they're starting to get less and less question marks because I mean, like, if you guys watch hard knocks, you can clearly see how much this team loves Austin Ekeler. They don't really even mention Josh Kelly or Justin Jackson. Those guys are kind of in the background.


And I understand that those guys are going to get some carries as well. And a run first offense. But Austin Ekeler clearly has a role. He was highly efficient last year, even though there is some regression getting him as my high end RB two. I'm cool with that.


Yeah, I love it. So we can just talk about the picks that went after Tagg's first. It's a lot of running backs, as you might expect. Patrick Mahomes does go at the turn, which is something obviously that we wouldn't do. But you are probably going to see at some point to see it everywhere.


Home leagues for sure. Other than that, it's a lot of running backs. Nick Chubb, Myles Sanders, Kenyon Drake, Aaron Jones, Joe Mixon, Josh Jacobs, just name a few, went before Tagg's got their tax takes. Ekler, then DeAndre Hopkins, Chris Godwin Yates. You go here with Allen Robinson. You're a favorite. The are you worried, by the way, at all? Because they're you know, he's a little nicked up and there have even been some kind of slow rumors that he might even miss week one unless he improves.


But you're not worried about you're just going none of this time, not if there's anything concrete. I mean, we're here in this with a ton of guys, right? Like we're here it with Kenny Drake in a walking boot. And then we're hearing it with Chris Godwin potentially banged up. We're hearing it with Allen. So it's not enough at this point to drastically alter my rankings, if that makes sense. So I'm going to stick true to my board right now.


And if I'm again, this is why we say, like, push your draft back as far as you can. Right. And so at this point, though, I still am going to lean into my rankings. I'm still going to lean into the fact that Allen Robinson is a top seven receiver for me this year. I love his target volume in this offense. I love his opportunity. I'm going to take Allen Robinson to be my wide receiver one.


Yeah. So for me, that left the guy that I really wanted. Yates, you and I have talked about this quite a bit, which is the tight ends when you are getting here at the close to the turn. I have Kelsey higher than this on my board even. I think I've Kelsey at fifteen or sixteen, maybe seventeen. Either way, getting this at the twenty third pick overall for me is a steal you know, I love. I would have probably taken Kittel two at the turn right here because I think it's fine.


And again, the running backs that were here, which again are still here because the guy who Christian McCaffrey and I think you might see this with the guy at number one, they don't necessarily feel the need to go running back at the turn because they're so locked in there. A lot of times they're willing to wait. And the guy at, you know, with the first pick went with Kittel and Kenny Golladay leaving me the running back that I really wanted a guy who I was able to get much later, earlier in the off season, but now is the highest on my board and I have to take care.


And that's James Connor. He's a guy who has slowly moved up, I believe, RB fourteen, maybe fifteen slightly ahead of Chris Carson for me. So I'm starting my draft right now with two running backs, Ezekiel Elliott and James Connor with Travis County tags. Are you with me, by the way, that you're going to take if you're at the turn right there and Kelsey falls to you? That's a must pick, don't you think?


Yes, Kelsey is like an auto pick him or him or Kittel auto pick at the end of the second round. Like, I'm not kidding. I would probably debate them in the middle of the second round had Ekler come off the board and instead of Patrick Mahomes like, so therefore Ekler wouldn't have fallen to me. I probably would have gotten tied down there. Just you're getting proven production again if Yates' I think you did the same thing. I have this test on me and I read it O'May other day.


It was someone that's basically said if you're playing in a league that has just flex positions, it's no tight end required. Where do you rank Kelsey and Kittel among wide receivers? They started out as my wide receiver. Seven. And wide receiver eight, so it goes to show just how important, like how valuable they are as like basically a wide receiver one. So getting him in that tight end spot, it's worth so much so getting in there at the end of the second, I think I think what he stole there to 11.


I did. You are absolutely correct. All right. Go ahead, Yates. Make your next pick here.


Yeah, I'm going to try this, guys, is the first time all year that I've drafted Lamar Jackson. But for him to be here at the beginning of the third round, I feel like that's pretty good value, especially when we see Patrick Mahomes go at the one twelve and then there's a full round in between Lamar Jackson. So I typically deploy a late round QB strategy. But Lamar Jackson and the the positional advantage that he brings at the quarterback position for him to be there, I want to see what my team looks like.


And again, we're doing these mock drafts right there. We're doing them for a reason. So I'm going to take them over here and see how my team looks at the end.


Yeah, I don't hate it. I mean, it's earlier than I haven't, but I do I do have Lamar and Mahomes as third round picks late third round. So when you're there close to the turn, if you want a guy, you've got to basically, you know, take the leap. And it'll be interesting to see how your team turns out. Tags, before we go on to your next pick, you can obviously keep drafting. I do want to remind everybody about our monster giveaway.


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Catch us up on all the pics that I missed that you made for your too. Well, I made two picks. Obviously I had Dalvin Cook Austin Ekeler in the first two rounds. So the reason I tend to do that RB RB strategy is because I like the wide receivers in the third and fourth rounds, sometimes the fifth rounds. I know Yates is probably swearing in his chair over there. He probably muted himself here because not only I took Odell Beckham in the third when my favorite upside picks there is a I understand he's a lower end wide receiver one, but he's falling into the third all the time.


I got to has one 150 target upside all day long, getting him the third. I love it. But then I got Calvin Ridley in the fourth round, the middle of the fourth round, which is obviously fantastic as my wide receiver too. And it was funny because when I came up on the clock, it was between Calvin Ridley and Robert was right. And Ridley is someone that I have like two spots higher than Robert Woods. I think they're both tremendous values.


And like, whichever one I don't take, Yates is going to take. Right. And well, Robert Woods went to Team four, who, by the way, team four. I don't know how you guys feel about this, but team four is drafted. Michael Thomas, Chris Godwin, Mike Evans and Robert Woods. I think he's going with the zero running back approach here. Really crazy, by the way, team four.


Crazy, but you can do that, by the way. You can try out different strategies and actually say this is what I want to employ for this draft on our draft simulator. And if you do, it'll basically make suggestions for you. I do not like that strategy. As I wrote in my running back primer sort of article, I get really nervous when people don't get running backs early, regardless of anything else. All right. So Yates', you snipe me at the four ten.


Why don't you talk about your pick there?


Yeah, Jaque is someone who is moving up my board. I had him lower and that was one of the things like and you guys know this like as we are talking about so many of these different players and just going through our projections, we hit on different players. And some of these guys just kind of fall in between the cracks. They just kind of fall there and we don't talk about them or I just don't even notice where they are in my rankings just because there's so much else going on.


Well, I noticed the other day that D.J. Chark was in my wide receiver twenties and I was like, no, he's got to be way higher than that. I got to move him up. And then especially now. The news of Leonard Fournette today, where I had the Jags being a little bit more I mean, not anywhere close to balance, but I had them with a little bit more of a rushing attack. Well, now they're not going to be even as efficient as that.


So they're going to be even more PSAP, which creates more opportunity for Chark. So I have I moved all the way up to wide receiver 16 and half PPR formats. So this is a guy that I absolutely love to be my wide receiver to.


Yeah, I love Chark. I was really annoyed at you more so than usual, which is weird.


So I'm sitting here left and again I've started with Ezekiel Elliott, James Carter and Travis Kelsi. So I'm obviously looking for at least one wide receiver here. I was hoping for Chaak. I went for a guy who's a little lower on my board, not that much. And I went with Tyler Lockett again. I am totally fine with that. I think Lockett is a solid, you know, to be my wide receiver, one that's not ideally what you want.


But Travis Kalanick is really my wide receiver, one for my wide receiver, two, I'm sort of caught in between. And I'm going to go with Keenan Allen, who I know Yates is not happy with. I passed over Courtland Sutton here, which might be Yates's pick. I've been debating it a lot more. And frankly, I do think a couple of things. Number one, I do think Allen is probably going to get a little more work than I kind of originally had anticipated.


And also, you know, again, the injury already to Darren James, the defense is not going to be it. Defense is going to be good. But I do think that of the wide receivers, I still think, given that he plays a slot and everything, that he is going to get more the work and he's going to be fairly reliable and half PPR. So my team so far, Ezekiel Elliott, James Connor, Travis Kelsey, Tyler Lockett, Keenan Allen, and I am fine with that.


And Yates, you're back up on the clock, guys.


I need a running back and good luck with that. I don't I don't want any these. David Johnson. Le'Veon Bell. No, thank you. Kareem Hunt. I would love to have as an Army three. I don't want him as an RB two on my roster carmakers. I don't want him as an arbiter on my roster. David Montgomery. I don't want him as an RB. Two on my roster. DeAndre Swift. Raheem Mostert. No, thank you.


So I'm screwed.


So how do we how do we feel right now about the Jackson round three?


Lamar Jack. Not feeling great about that. I'm going to lean into some value here though, guys. I'm going to take Devante Parker here. I'm just going to load up my roster with some wide receivers and hopefully I can get some of these running backs later on. Again, I got quite a few picks in between. My next one dropped in here at the turn. I'm a little surprised.


Can go Courtland Sutton there. Yeah, it's because I know you've talked about him, right? Sometimes I get both of you confused because we just knock on the gates.


You were the high guy on Sutton. Are you the low guy on?


I did move. I had Sutton up, but then I moved him down recently. I have Devante Parker at seventeen and Courtland Sutton that eighteen and they're separated by a point in my purse. OK, so flip a coin. I don't care. But Vontae Parker was my pick here.


So Tagg's after Parker goes carmakers, who is, you know, moving upwards, of course, with Darrell Henderson. You know, if you for week one and then Bell goes to Tagg's, you are sitting there with Dalvin Cook, Austin Ekeler Odell Beckham and Calvin Ridley. What do you think in here? No, I'm digging it. And the wide receivers that are on the board right now, I feel like it's a cluster where I don't I don't feel like I'm missing out on a tier if I pass on a wide receiver here.


So I'm going to go back to the running back position. And I know it's not sexy to draft someone like Le'Veon Bell or David Johnson. I was narrowing it down to those two. And fortunately, Team five made it easier on me. Just took they took me out of my misery and took Le'Veon Bell there at the final five pick, which, by the way, I know that Le'Veon Bell has received a ton of hate. Right. Like recently and rightfully so in terms of like the offense that he plays in.


But at the same time, guys like he's a consistent running back to running back three option, like he's not sexy, he's not going to win your fantasy championship. But he also is not a guy that's going to lose it if you drive someone like him ahead of him, like Team four did. I think you could actually live to regret that pick more than you would someone like Le'Veon Bell, whose role it solidified? It's again, it's not a great offense.


It's not. But he's a guy that's going to get fifteen touches per game. We can't say that about carmakers. So getting him as my RB, getting David Johnson is my RB three. I know there's some risk involved, but at the same time, who doesn't have risk at this point in the draft? And I'm not going to let him fall any further. The fifth round, I'm OK with David Johnson.


Well, first of all, I almost like David Johnson with my pick. I'm a little higher on him than you guys are, generally speaking. But going to Bell, I completely agree, man. I hate at this point has gone too far. And I get all the report. I mean, he's seeing a 60 40 split with Frank or encamp, but I don't really buy any at Frank cause, what? Thirty seven years old. I don't care how much Adam Gase likes him.


He's not going to be able to take enough. And again, well, for his own benefit. Needs to have a good year. If he wants to, he's going to be somewhere else next year. If he wants another contract, he's got to have a big year. He's going to be motivated. The Jets have a better offensive line. Of course, I think he's fine as a low end RB, two people are avoiding him like the plague.


And I don't really agree with that. So.


All right, Tagg's, there is a little bit of a QB run here, oddly enough, before your next pick in this round. Dak Prescott, Russell Wilson and Kyla Murray have all gone. You're not going to be here around six, are you?


No, absolutely not. And I feel like I'm drafting against myself. AJ Green is one of five 12 like I passed on him because I was like, oh, he's going to be there in the six, he's always there in the sixth, but I'm drifting against myself, apparently. So I'm going to go ahead and take his teammate, another guy that I'm extremely high on, and Tyler Boyd. I have AJ Green at Wide Receiver 24 in my rankings.


I have Boyd at twenty seven. I think both of them are fantastic values based on where they're being drafted. So to get to board is my wide receiver, three to pair with Odell Beckham and Calvin Ridley. I feel I feel phenomenal about it. It's phenomenal. OK, I would feel fine about it.


How about that. That's how I go with it. I like it. I've got it, I've got it on all the Bengals as you are.


But I do like boy there is as a wide receiver three, especially when you filled your flex.


All right, before we get to our next pick, let me just ask you, do you want a million dollars? Because according to my son's explanation of the movie Antman, there's apparently some soup that you can turn to the size of like an insect and sneak into anywhere and just take whatever you want. But because he's seven and I'm not sure I believe him, I suggest going after a little differently.


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Only at drafting sportsbook minimum of five dollar deposit is required.


Other terms and conditions and eligibility restrictions apply to draft kings dot com for details. All right, Yates, you are back on the clock. What you got, guys? I need a running back.


Wait, wait, wait. You need a running back? Yeah, I need a running back. I'm taking the Andre Swift. I actually was considering him with my previous pick. And I guess there are concerns that he might not be ready for week one. So I will need to, like, compensate and I will need to protect myself with some guys that are going to be on the field week one. But DeAndre Swift, who I project to be the lead guy in this backfield here at the Six Ten, is phenomenal value in my opinion.


I'm going to take advantage of that and for the underserve to be my RB two. I'm fine with that.


Now, real quick, Yates, would you prioritize? Let's pretend that you take Swift in your real draft. Would you prioritize getting someone like Carry On Johnson, even if you had to reach around just to make sure that you have the starting running back on that team?


So here's the thing with Detroit is that even if Swift misses, I don't think they're going to give the entire workload to carry on Johnson. I think they'll factor in Ty Johnson. I think they'll factor in both. Scarbro So I think Johnson is going to just remain in this, like, satellite, you know, back kind of change of pace, roll, you know, eight to ten touches per week. Maybe that goes up maybe to ten to twelve a week.


But I don't think he's suddenly going to be this like fifteen, eighteen touch guy if Swift misses time.


Yeah, it's you know, you took swift. I'm thinking about what I want to do here, and I am going to take the running back that I would have taken instead of Swift. And for me, that's where he mostert, who is higher on my board right now than to have to again, had missed seven or eight straight practices. And again, it's a little dicey to take someone, in my opinion, who is looking maybe like you might miss week one, at least as your RB two.


But for me, I took Ramos'. I do think in the end that he's going to get the line to the work I get. Jerrick McKinnon is there. I get Tevin Coleman is there. But I think you saw what Mozart did last year. They kind of, quote unquote, committed to him. Not really, but they essentially wanted to get him on the roster, made him happy. To be fair. I also thought that I would be able to get either Hollywood Brown or Michael Gallop and the guy, but no one took him out of this.


So that's maybe a tiny bit of an error on my part. But I don't care. I'm totally fine with it. So I'm fine. I'm fine. But this is like I just imagine that I am the dog drinking coffee in the meeting with my house burning down around me. No, I'm fine, because honestly, I will be honest. Remote. It was one spot ahead of Hollywood Brown on my board. And again, I like having the running back.


That's so right now I am sitting here with Ezekiel Elliott, James Connor, Tyler Lockett, Keenan Allen, Travis Kelsey and Raheem Mostert.


I am going to take a wide receiver here, my third guy. It's a guy who I kind of spoke negatively about because of all the injury risk. But in the end, I cannot deny the upside. And if he stays healthy, he's going to smash this draft position. Of course, staying healthy is the issue.


And it's Will Fuller, who I'm going to take right now as I fill out my wide receiver spot. Is there a side there?


Yeah, yeah. I had Fuller MICU. I want to while Yates thinks about his pick roll. I want to ask you a question, Dan, because I have seen Tyler Lockett, DK Metcalf continually, like I've done a lot of drafts at this point. Lockett and Metcalf are almost continually there going around that four or five turn right where you were and you took Lockett, D.K. Metcalf, one in five to one. Are you opposed, let's say that you're around that range and you took Lockett and you needed another wide receiver.


Are you opposed to having both Tyler Lockett and came back half on your team this year?


No, I'm not necessarily. I think, you know, we get asked this question a lot. It usually comes up with Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley, where the answer is always no. Of course, that's totally fine. Do that. I'm not Jones for attacks because unless, you know, Mr. Unlimited is really Mr. Unlimited, there's never that much of a passing volume. But you saw it last year. Both can be extremely valuable just because, again, even if he doesn't open up the offense, even if they do stick with the let me just run it until it's third and seven.


Now, we have to let Russell Wilson cook. You know, given how Metcalf is such a threat in the red zone, given how hyper efficient Lockett is, I think there is it wouldn't be my first choice to do, but I wouldn't avoid it if there was a clear differentiation in wide receivers. All right, Yates, go ahead. Talk about your pick at seven 03.


Yeah, I took Jordan Howard and this is based off and taking DeAndre Swift Howard. It has guaranteed volume. Right? He's this guy who I can plug into my RB two spot if Swift does miss time. And I know that he's going to get his guaranteed touches with having second Barkley too. That's the thing. Like Cygwin Barkley is kind of in the same conversation as CMC where he's like kind of like two running backs in one. Right. So to be able to have I don't need in state production for my running back to spot because someone is going to be able to carry my team.


So to get Jordan Howard here, I'm not crazy about it. Let me make that clear. I'm not super crazy about having Jordan Howard as my RB two, but at this spot of the draft and the way that my roster has been constructed, I needed safety.


Yeah, I don't love it. I'm just going to be honest. I get it. And I guess Jordan Howard is the definition of safety. And again, I think part of it, when you look at your team is we just have to accept that we're not going to love the way it looks when you just kind of eyeball it when you have Lamar Jackson. Right. Because we're all used to just waiting on quarterback necessarily. And so you look and you're like, OK, Sichuan's great, then DeAndre Swift, then Jordan Howard.


It's not something that you really want to be targeting. But I guess you know if you're looking for sort of the floor Howard is going to give you, but obviously there's a pretty low ceiling tags are up.


I, I took a receiver that I think has hundred 120 target potential in the seventh round. I feel great about that. I don't even want to mention his name because people are going to give me crap for it, but not in reality.


It's yeah, it's Bretonneux probably in a position to get the most targets he's ever seen in his career with that Houston defense. The state that it's in, obviously, Will Fuller has trouble staying on the field. We already know that Randall Hobbs new to the offense. David Johnson's due to the offense. So Brandin cooks a guy that's gone team to team and continually produced. You know, we talked to Jeff Fisher on the podcast the other day, and he was saying that basically, if you have a player that's gone, you know, he's moved from town to town and he continually produces he's probably going to keep producing, obviously, when a team invest as much as they did in him.


So I'm going to take him and then I'm also going to get ahead of this because Yates is drafting after me. And I know Hayden Hurst is going to be on his team if I don't draft him here. So I understand your competition, what's taking place around him. You know, we already had Hunter, Henry, Tyler Higbee, Evan Ingram and Jared Cook come off the board. First, I would take Evan Ingram, most likely before Hurst there in that same tier for me.


But basically I feel like I got good value with him in the eighth round here. Yeah, I love him in the eighth round. I have him over Ingram and you know, this is the guy that I want shares of tagged your team. It's looking good. It's annoying me, but it's looking good. Running Backs Dalvin Cook, Austin Ekeler wide receivers, Odell Beckham Junior Calvin Ridley and Tyler Boyd. Tight end Hayden Hurst. Remember, this is a to flex league.


He's got David Johnson and Brandin Cooks. That's a good team tax. I hate it, but it's a good team. It's a good team. Yeah, it's where you going to take her steer, by the way.


Are you just going to try to pound wasn't I wasn't just because I took Lahmar earlier. You know, if I had weight, if I had waited on quarterback and I wasn't at the point where I'm like, I still need to load up on running back, I probably would have considered her first here because back into the eighth round I feel like is great value for him. So I'm not faulting tax at all, but I wouldn't have been selecting him here.


OK, so who are you selecting? I'm taking Tarricone. We're looking at a guy that if we can get if I can get steady RB two production out of him, which I think we can in PPR formats especially. And then you factor in the fact that Dave Montgomery isn't going to be there potentially the first two weeks of the season. Cohen's going to see a ton of work, not necessarily on the ground, but through the air. And so for Cohen, at the back end of the eighth round, if he can bounce back to just it's two different tails, right?


Like as far as what he put on the field in twenty eighteen versus twenty nineteen, twenty, eighteen, ten something yards per reception, twenty, nineteen five something yards per reception. Like it's just ridiculous. If you can get to eight, seven yards per reception with the volume that he sees, he's going to drastically outperform where he's being drafted right now.


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Remember, no contract so you can cancel any time. Foubert TV dotcom slash fantasy prose for fifteen percent off your first month and a free trial. That's Bubo TV.com slash fantasy prose. All right, so I'm up at the eleventh pick of the eighth round and I'm looking at it and a guy, you know, I think this is an OK place to take a quarterback if you absolutely have to. For me, this is the teardrop when you get to quarterbacks and it's Matt Ryan and I have him as the eighth quarterback when you get past this.


Carson Wentz again, already battling a soft tissue injury. Tom Brady, fine. I get if you want to assume that he's going to kind of air it out a little bit. Aaron Rodgers, we all love we wouldn't mind waiting super long, but he's less certain for Ryan here. You know, the second year back in Cutter system, I think this is going to be sort of a monstrous year for him. So I like locking that up because I think we all expect big things necessarily from the Falcons offense.


And the guy who I assumed would be waiting. Also, you can look, this is part of what you need to do. I'm near the turn. The guy at one on one did not have a quarterback yet. I thought there was a chance that he would take one. And he did. He took Tom Brady. So this is why. But a guy who I thought I would be able to get here was the guy who frankly, I just keep moving on my board.


I don't know how you guys feel. I have moved him up slightly past the guy who should be drafted ahead of him in most leagues. And that's Zach Moss. I'm starting to get really excited about Zach Moss, putting aside the, you know, goal line work. It's one of the things with with Josh Allen, you know, we talk about all the touchdowns and all, you know, when he got them from within the five, Frank Gore got a ton of opportunities, however many it was within the ten.


Within the five. He just wasn't able to convert. I think Moss will be able to do it. Singletary isn't having the greatest camp. I think Moss is going to really carve out a bigger role. So at this point, for my second flex position gives me a lot of running back that. How do you guys feel out of curiosity about Moss as we head into, you know, the biggest or the second biggest draft weekend of the season?


I mean, I I loved Moss as a prospect and I got a lot of crap for it. I had him as a top five running back in the class. I liked him a lot. I thought injuries were always the biggest concern with him. And unfortunately, we're hearing about a neck issue that he's dealing with right now that has him not practicing. And that is worrisome for me. Obviously, Devin Singletary was not running away with the job. They were extremely impressed with Moss.


I want to see him back in practice, you know, at least at some point this year, this week, so that I can feel confident drafting in this weekend. But as of right now, I think we have to move him down just a little bit because health has always been a concern for him.


Yeah, my understanding of the neck injury was that it's not a huge deal. So, you know, if I if there's been something more lately that I heard that it's not supposed to threaten his availability for for in season. But if it were obviously, then that's something that we need to think about. But again, we're in the ninth round at this point. It's something where I think in the end his upside is worth it. Yeah, it's.


You took Latavius Murray. Yep. I'm just going to continue to hammer running back at this point, and I because I like the value of wide receiver later on. So I'm just going to grab these running backs who have I think Bruce Murray is going to be a steady contributor for your roster, but then also has immense upside if Alvin Kamara deals with injuries again this year. So I'm going to just kind of balance on my roster with these guys as far as running back the guys who are safe and steady, but then can also present some huge upside.


So Latavius Murray here.


OK, so then we're on the clock with you. Tags in between after Latavius Murray, when Terry Slaten and Phillip Linzey, what are you looking to do here at the sixth pick of the ninth round?


Oh, I'm frustrated. You know, I really did think that Latavius or Lindsay was going to be there and they both went. So especially Yates. It's his fifth running back. What a piece of crap.


But he's doing. By the way, you're doing exactly what you need to do when you take the strategy. Oh, for sure. All right. Out here, right? Oh, he's no, he's he did it right. And I'm just mad because I didn't just play I wanted. So now it's down to Matt Breeda throwing a fit. The reason that I this is so tough to do. I'm going to take Matt Breeda here just because I think that there's a better chance that Anthony Miller falls back to me or Sterling Shepard.


I like both those wide receivers in this range. Now met Rita. I was looking at the week one matchup that they have against the Patriots. I started thinking, OK, OK, Jordan Howard is a guy that's ran behind great offensive lines. This this Dolphins offensive line, by the way, I don't think many people realize they have five. Brand new starters, including three rookies on the offensive line that is going to take a lot of time.


And Jordan Howard is a guy that he's not elusive. He's a guy that's going to follow his block. He's going to hit the hole when he's supposed to. If they're not making those holes, that's a problem. Whereas Matt Breeda is a little bit more elusive. He's obviously one of the fastest guys in the NFL. According to next gen stats, he is the fastest man in the NFL with pads on. So him as the primary pass catching down back option.


I think that he's someone that's useful as like a spot starter. So that's where he is. He's on my bench right now. So I'm going to give you gambled you gambled that Anthony Miller would make it back to you. And he did. And he absolutely did. So getting Anthony Miller's My Wide Receiver five. I am to I mean, it worked out the best way I thought it could because I wanted Shepherd or Anthony Miller to fall to me.


So having that redone, Anthony Miller on my bench feels pretty good. Yeah.


Now, I like that pick. I would have picked one or two other running backs ahead of Breeda, but I don't have a huge issue with it at that spot. All right, Yates, tenth pick of the tenth round.


How many running backs are left for you to fill your roster with taking a taking another one here? Because I can also if I'm looking at the draft board, I see that Dan's got his tight end and I see that team one has his tight end so I can wait on grabbing my guy. I'm going to draft Antonio Gibson here. And again, at this point now I have. How many running backs do I have? Five, six. But again, I've got four bench spots left and my tight end so I can take advantage of the wide receiver depth later on.


And I can just now finish up my draft with wide receivers unless, you know, the star running back falls to me.


So again, with not taking that running back early on and taking Lamar Jackson, I want to load up on these running backs later on. And I feel pretty good about my roster now with guys like Saken, DeAndre Swift, Jordan Howard, Tyreke Coleman, Latavius Murray and Antonio Gibson as my running backs.


Yeah I, I like that pick. That's who I would have taken I think Tagg's Overbury to. We haven't talked about him that much lately. Tagg's, what's your thought here on Gibson. I mean he's getting a lot of positive buzz right now.


I know he is, but I mean, who's not in camp really. Who's not getting Leonard Fournette? Very little to see what's going on right now. Got to guys. But seriously, I mean, I just want little to do with the Washington backfield. They still have a ton of running backs on their JD McKissic is apparently someone they want to get the ball in his hands as well. They were saying if they only have three running backs active on game day, it would be JD McKissic over Bryce Love.


So therefore, that worries me because they obviously have a role for him. Peyton Barber still on the roster for whatever reason, that entire team. I just want no part of it. It just feels like a team that's going to I don't I don't think any week you're going to be able to project any of them for more than like twelve touches. And Adrian Peterson's, obviously, he's going to get, you know, his eight to 12 carries per game or whatever it is.


So I just I don't I'm not excited about this team that has a horrible offensive line. I know Gibson is a weapon. And I think at this point the draft is probably worth taking the shot on him. But I just never find myself reaching on him as much as some people do.


Yeah, I think that's fair. I took Preston Williams here again, a guy who generally has had favorable reports on his health. People, you know, thought he might miss significant time coming in. I think when he's been on the field, he really makes a difference.


It makes me a little worried about Parker, too. Not, you know, not crazy. But when you look at their splits, Parker splits when Williams wasn't on the field last year versus when he was. Now I'm being the expert suggesting that Golden Tate would probably be a good pick for me right here. There's still a bunch of receivers I like. I'm going to take a guy who I really like and I think is a really good pick this late when you need running back depth, which I don't necessarily do because I have four.


But it's Boston, Scott. You know, we've talked about him a lot lately. Yates, you and I especially. He's a guy again, especially Myles Sanders. Forget about the injury. But if Myles Sanders, you know, lower body, big injury is anything he's you know, Scott is obviously going to factor. And now again, will they sign Leonard Fournette? Will they finally bring in somebody else? If so, you know, maybe that puts a damper on it.


But Scott's a guy who, you know, averaged almost eighty eight yards, you know, from scrimmage in the four games at the end of last year. I think given the injury, especially now with Rager, they're just you know, I think Scott's going to have an expanded role. So I like him, especially in half PPR or full PPR leagues getting him this late. OK, yeah, it's a shocker. This is a shocker. I don't understand.


Who is this person? Who'd you take here at the third pick?


The guy named Johnny Smith. You heard of him? Yeah, I'm surprised. I'm surprised you dared wait this long. I could have just typed him right before.


Even though I have a tight end, you can never have too many tight end like that. All right.


Daniel Smith, I don't think we need to talk about it. All right, then. Golden Tate goes Tagg's. Who do you got here at the sixth pick of the eleven? There are two players in my queue right now, and I'm looking at the rest of the draft board because this is what you should be doing. If your league does not have a draft board, you should be creating your own a color coded so you can look at it and figure these things out, as Yates did with his tight end.


I'm looking at it. Every team after me has a quarterback. So unless one of them grabs another quarterback, I'm going to be OK waiting for Carson. Wentz is the quarterback that I want. And I know that sometimes, you know, this happens in league, so you have to be prepared. And if Wentz goes, I can go with Matthew Stafford. I'm fine with that. But I also have Tony Pollard and I'm guessing that Pollard would not be back there if I waited on him.


So I'm going to take Tony Pollard. Here is one of the best bench stashes in fantasy football. And I'm going to take Carson. Once if he falls back to me, yeah, this is the time to do it. This is the time where you want to take those guys who are going to be like Scott for me is kind of the last guy of a guy who I'm like, you know, he offers right now at least handcuffed outside, but he independently he also offers value.


You can get in there. Once you get past that guy, then this is where you start pounding those running back. So Tagg's, did your gamble pay off?


Of course it did. Because it did. Because like that, some say and that's why we look ahead. Right. And getting Carson Wentz in the 12th round. Now, granted, I felt like Dan got a really good value with Matt Ryan at the end of the eighth round, but getting once in the 12th makes me feel even better.


Yeah, once in the twelfth is good. Again, this is something where I find myself gravitating more and more towards Ryan. And originally I think I had Ryan Eigth, I have Wentz. There's not a huge difference between them, but for me that's the tier. Like, I think Ryan offers that upside to be the top five QB and again, once already dealing with the soft tissue injury. And again, he's already got you know, maybe the Eagles are Kurzman man or the curse or whatever it is, because he's already dealing with that.


So it is a guy where I'm willing to take Ryan, even if it's two rounds earlier than Wentz personally. OK, it's your top ten pick of the 12th round and you only have three wide receivers.


Yeah. So I'm kind of ticked because Deshaun Jackson was the guy that I was like, he'll be there for me in the 12th round and he wanted the eleven eleven. I love Deshaun Jackson, especially factoring in Jalen Rager missing time. So for him to go there, I was kind of ticked and upset. I'm going to want to argue until this portion of the well, I cued up three wide receivers and it was Deshawn Jackson, Parris Campbell and Michael Pittman, Junior Pittman, Junior still here.


I'm going to take him as my wide receiver four, because I think I mean, you guys know I love Michael Pittman, Junior, and I think that he can make an immediate impact in the NFL. So I think to get him as my wide receiver for I don't need to rely on him right away. And so even if he does have an adjustment period, I think still going to be able to afford that. So, yeah. Michael Pittman.


Yeah, no problem with that. I took a guy who, you know, very quickly becoming my guy and all that. It was I, Allen Lazard, that's my guy this year. I'm drafting him late everywhere. I've explained the reasons several times already.


He's a guy who, again, it's the second if it is an Aaron Rodgers, I use the term metaphorical middle finger season, then I do just I find it hard to see Lazard not having a big year. So that's like I'm going to take again this a time where, you know, the backup running back sort of where we are. I'm going to take a guy who I liked before sort of camp started. I like more now. I do think Austin Ekeler is going to be the guy, but if there is another guy, I think it is going to be Joshua Kelly and not Justin Jackson.


So there's laughing going out. I don't know if that's because we staller if you're. Yeah, no, no, I kid you not like if you guys are watching on YouTube, you can actually see my reactions as these things are happening. And so I'm putting players in my queue as I'm thinking about my picks. And literally there is dropping off every pick Dan makes. That's right.


That's right. We ain't doing any crazy dance. First mock draft. Let me try to cool new strategy where I draft Michael Thomas and George Kittle early.


This is my and this is how I actually draft. So now Tagg's realize would be like, oh man, we like all players. Of course, the three of us talk all day long about players. Nothing. Not not that surprising. All right. Anyway, yeah. Its third pick of the thirteenth round. Go ahead. You know, these wide receivers suck.


I'm going to take I'm going to take Dede Westbrook. And looking at this opportunity in this offense, again, we've talked about it high passing volume offense. I need a wide receiver at this point who can just soak up targets. And so indeed Westbrook has the talent to turn it into something. We've kind of been waiting for it to happen. I think he was over drafted last year. I was someone who was definitely excited with Nick Foles coming into town.


But now that you have Gardner Minshew and an offense that is going to be throwing the ball a ton. I like did Westbrook here, by the way, something I do want to point out is that you we have a cheat sheet creator where you can create rankings, you can do it based off of experts in the UCR, you can use your own, you can do whatever you want and then take them into the draft room like this, which is what I have.


So when I look up top, you'll see there's a cheat sheet option. I look those are my rankings that I'm looking at, which is great because I can look at them exactly where I have them and it's very easy to follow up. Sorry, I just want to point that out. All right, Tagg's, go ahead. You've got, what, two picks left here, three picks up.


Three picks. Yeah. Yeah. So, I mean, this is where I call arms that's available there. I mean, I'm not going to take them just because I mean, I let I let the guy that took Patrick Mahomes in the first round pick, Leonard Fournette the fourth. All right. So, I mean, the news just broke. So, you know, we understand that, you know, maybe they're not really, really talked about it.


I mean, he would be right around where I made the pick of Matt Breeda. I took Darin's and Evans is the clear cut back up to Derrick Henry. It just feels like one of those handcuffs that you don't really have to wonder about because there's really nobody else in the roster. So that's why I went there.


This is the one Tagg's where you chastise me because you've got this stat about how many yards before contact Tennessee running backs were able to see you're OK with Evans, right?


Because I again, I view him not in that Tony Pollard sort of category necessarily, but not that. Far behind it, because I do think if something happens, Henry walks into a giant role. Well, do you remember like last year when Derrick Henry had to miss that one game with the hamstring? It was like week 14 or something like that. And we and Dion Lewis was like considered a top 15 play because there was really nobody else in the roster to take those touches.


And he did actually live up to that. So it's not sexy. I'm not saying it's going to be a league winner like Tony Pollard would be, but I think you'd have it every week running back to in that range. And then on the 14th round, I'm going to take to kill Harry. You know, when they sign Cam Newton there in New England, I felt like it was a big boost for him. I think Mohamed Sanu also benefits.


I think the biggest loser in that was Julian Edelman, because Cam Newton is not a guy who typically checked down over the middle of the field. Now, granted, he's never had Julian Edelman on his roster, but at the same time to kill him. He is a guy that can win one on one situations. And, you know, to find out what I have in week one against Miami, we'll see if he gets targeted, if he gets targeted five or six times in that game, I'll probably keep him on my roster.


If he plays as the number three wide receiver and he plays twenty snaps, I'm cutting in week one for one of the best waiver wire acquisitions.


All right, Yates, what do you got here? Second to last back to John Ross. Yeah, you know, Tagg's loves that.


You're a piece of crap that so mean. You guys are just to me, you guys are taking all my guys. I'm supposed to be like a John Ross.


My last pick, by the way, by the way, this is something I just want to point out while we're doing this. You look at the tight ends who are still available even now. Right? Dallas Gotthard, Blake Darwin, T.J. Hawkins and Noah Fant, Eric Bron, Jack Doyle, Chris Herndon. In my opinion, if you're in a pinch, you can start any of those guys even in like a normal twelve team league that you need to start.


They are capable of being tied in ones pretty easily and they all have upside. So it is something where I think, you know, I'm not mad about taking Travis Kelsie in the second or anything like that, but I do think that it is something where you can really wait really or ever not even draft a tight end and probably be OK. I'm going to now again, I'm pretty loaded at this point at all the position, so I don't need to focus on one or the other.


I'm going to take James Washington again. You know, I think if you can get a little piece of the Pittsburgh passing, I'm at this point, you do it. They're not going to throw as much as they used to. And you assume obviously do do some issues there. We are all excited about the Andre Johnson. But if you're able to get, you know, James Washington, you never know, he could emerge. So it's worth the shot for me.


Another guy who you guys know that I like drafting very late in my drafts is Steven Sims. Again, we don't love the Washington offense, but I do think that somebody he's probably going to be playing out of the slot. He closed last year strong. So he's a guy who I'm trying to get with pretty much my last pick. So, yeah, it's who you got here for your last pick.


I am going to actually take a second time down here, guys. I'm looking at the opportunity and the guys that are still here on the board. Dan mentioned it. I'm going to take Blake Darwin to kind of pair here with with Johnny Smith, different by weeks to. So that kind of lines up, right. If you're going to take two tight ends, which we typically don't recommend doing. But if you are, make sure that they're different by weeks.


So with Blake Darwin and Johnny Smith having different body weeks here, I think that that one of those guys is going to break out, in my opinion. And so even if I am wrong on Johnny Smith, then I have Blake Darwin, who I think is going to be a fantasy relevant player this season.


That is the the point, by the way, I think as much as you love Johnny Smith, he is far from a certain breakout candidate. So when you are waiting, you're like this going to be my guy. There are a lot of these guys. So if you are going to take two tight ends, that's when you do it. When you have two of these guys, probably one of them is going to be serviceable each and every week.


So I don't mind if they're at all.


Tagg's last pick closes up. Yeah, I'm going to take a second right as well, because I'm not a fan of the rest of the board. I was going to say Chris Thompson, but he wasn't there. That's what I'm going to go T.J. Hokanson, because I can actually trade him away. You know, if you grab a backup tight end, like Blake Darwin, like a Chris Herndon Hokanson, those guys, if you grab on like people will overpay for a title that has a big week, one performance and it's definitely possible with all these guys.


All right. So time for draft grades. I will lead us off. I got an A minus 90 out of 100. How about you guys? Yates I got an eighty five out.


One hundred. I got a 94 out of 100.


My God, this is always the worst.


All right, fags, why don't you read your your league winning Roth championship roster, right? So a quarterback as Carson Wentz running backs Dalvin Cook, Austin Ekeler wide receiver, Odell Beckham, Calvin Ridley, Tyler Boyd, tight end Hayden Hurst. My flex spots are David Johnson and Brandin Cooks. And the my bench is just littered with guys that I like, just potential upside. Matt Breeda, Anthony Miller, Tony Pollard, Harry Derrington, Evans, A.J. Hokanson.


Now it's a good team. It's a deep team. I really have no problem. Unfortunately, if I'm going to be honest with you, if you're winning the great, it really is. It's a good team. It's a deep team. I think that's how you go about building your team. Yeah. Go ahead and read your team and then tell everyone how you feel about taking quarterback in the third round. Yeah.


So I took Lamar Jackson as my quarterback about second Barkley, DeAndre Swift, Allan Robinson, Chaak, Devante Parker and then Johnny Smith and Jordan Howard and Tarricone in my flex right now. Obviously, I would switch those around. And my bench's, Latavius Murray, Antonio Gibson, Blake Darwin. Michael Pittman, Junior. Westbrook and John Ross, the consensus grade obviously hurt me with not taking that second running back early and of course, having D'Andre Swift and Jordan Howard as my second guys, which I know the majority of experts are not high on.


So but I like my team guys. I do. I really like I think that I would taking that quarterback early. I use the right approach to be able to just hammer running back in the mid rounds and take advantage of some really high upside guys with Latavius Murray, Antonio Gibson, I mean, even Tarricone if things get back on track. So I'm a fan of this roster, even though the grade doesn't reflect at all.


Right. So for me, I have quarterback Matt Ryan running backs, Zeke Elliott and James Connor, wide receivers Tyler Lockett, Keenan Allen and Wil Fuller, tight end, Travis Kelsey, my two flexors, Ibraheem Mostert and Zach Moss. My bench is Preston Williams, Boston. Scott Alamsyah, James Washington, Joshua Kelly, Steven Sims. I'm not disappointed to roll into a season with that team whatsoever. And again, some of it is personal preference. I like Moss and again, Tagg's mentioned the neck issues.


I have not been overly concerned about it. I don't think it threatens his availability for the season as of now. So I'm willing to take him and I am a little bit high on him. And he mostert again, it's kind of my guy, a guy who I'm willing to necessarily go with. But in the end, that's really what separates it. That was a good draft. That was our last mock draft Monday. Well, of that season.


I know.


Can you guys believe that you're so close? And that's what I thought was so weird that the Jags decided to cut Leonard Fournette like today of all days.


They were probably desperately trying to trade him. And Adam Gase got a new phone numbers. They couldn't make a new phone. Who does a new phone? Who dis.


All right. That is going to do it for today's episode, our final mock draft episode of the season. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Remember, try your own multiuser draft over at fancy post.com draft wizard or use the draft simulator, do by yourself, draft against us, get grades from us. Get Uber prepped for your draft again. Fantasy Pros Dotcom Draft Wizard. I do want to remind everybody you do not have a lot of time left to enter this giveaway.


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