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Everyone, welcome into the fantasy pro football podcast. My name is Kyle Yates and I am your host. I'm joined, as always by Mike Taggle. Here you can find both of us on Twitter at Kyly NFL and Mike Treglia, NFL Tagg's. You and I are both in the Midwest here right now. And the weather has been dippin. It's in the 50s consistently whenever I love this weather, man.


Oh, no, it's fantastic. And it makes it makes it feel like football season because it's when it's warm here in Illinois, it's I mean, it just doesn't feel like it's football season now. It does. It's like hoodie, whether it's my favorite weather ever. And it just so happens that both Chicago teams are in the playoffs right now, like both the Cubs and the White Sox. So it's a good day to be a Chicago line for sure.


And I've got like I've got a good old fashioned storm going on right outside my window right now. So if you hear some thunder, maybe maybe that'll come through in the thunder. We'll find out. Thunder strike. All right, guys. Hey, we are joined today by Jacob Gibbs from CBS Sportsline. He can be found on Twitter at Jay Gibbs. Underscore twenty three. You got to listen to what he says because he did pretty well in the draft rankings accuracy competition from last year.


Jacob, welcome to the Fantasy Pros football podcast.


Yeah, man, thanks for having me on. I've been looking for this big fan of both you guys do. Big fan of the podcast. I didn't know you guys were Midwesterners. I am from Kansas City, so I am loving this weather as well. There we go.


Yeah, I'm in Michigan, taxes in Illinois. So we've got the Midwest covered here. Yeah. All right, guys. Hey, two things I want to cover right away before we get into our starts. That conversation, like we got to talk about this right away because it's on the forefront of fantasy managers minds. The first thing here is the Titans and Steelers game. Right. Dan and I talked about it on yesterday's podcast that this was a reality.


Right. That this could very easily be pushed back. We got official word today that this has the game has been postponed now tags. What does this mean exactly? And will we still see them play this week?


I do believe we're going to see them play. Apparently, it's if there's no positive test, they're going to keep it on Monday. And then if there are positives, they're gonna push it back a day or something like that. So what you have to do is if you have a tough decision between a borderline player that you were debating on starting during that game and you have a game that's playing on Thursday night, which I hope you don't because. Well, it's it's it's going to be a bad football game, but then you almost have to lean on the side of caution there or grab another player off the waiver wire that you could potentially swap out later in the week.


So that's basically what is changing for us right now. We haven't heard all the the details of this because some people are saying that all of a sudden Yahoo! Is popping up, that it's showing us they have a bye this week. I would assume that these fantasy points are going to count towards week four. I don't know why they would change that, but it's going to mess up everything, including waiver wires, because you have to push that stuff back almost a full day.


Yeah, for sure. And we're flying by the seat of our pants, right. Like all of us are. Right. This is unprecedented territory. We could potentially have Tuesday Night Football for the first time in a very long time. So this is going to be really interesting. So we'll keep you guys updated like this is the reason why you listen to this podcast. So that way you can stay up to date on the latest news. As soon as we get more information, guys are going to make sure that you find out about it.


So I want to cover the second thing here, though, that was pretty big. Additionally, James White, he returned to practice today for the New England Patriots. This was the concern with adding Rex Burkhead on waivers. Was that right? White could roll up to the facility at any point. So, Jacob, what does this do for the Patriots backfield moving forward? Because this is just a mess now.


Yeah, it just muddles things even more. I don't I don't think there's any way you can trust Burkhead. A big obviously had the three touchdowns, but the big driving force behind his fantasy relevancy was just his volume in the passing game. He's sixth in routes run over the last two weeks among running backs. And what James White, I just don't think he's going to retain that role. I do think White is somebody that you might be able to plug in right away in PPR leagues.


No team sophomore running back targets against them than the Chiefs last year. So I think he is if I'm starting anyone from New England's backfield, it is James Wide. But, yeah, it's just I don't know, it's kind of a growth situation. We've got like four running backs here that are getting touches.


So and Damien Harris might be active this week. We don't know if he's actually going to activate him or not, but it's ugly, man.


Yeah, yeah. I'm with you, Jacob. The James White is the only one that I want to touch from a fantasy perspective, especially in this game. It's a good matchup. New England going to have to throw the ball, right. So James White could see some significant volume coming back. But, yeah, this just every every other running back. Sony, Michel, Rex Burkhead. I mean, JJ Taylor is probably going to be inactive now.


Like, it just it muddies things super, super bad. All right, guys, before we get into it, I want to make sure everyone knows about the start sit assistant that can be found in my playbook. So get this, guys. You can get an instant recommendation on the best lineup for this week. You can view the percentage of experts who would start each player on your roster. You can edit and set your lineup for any league directly from within my playbook.


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To this multi league mode, way more than I probably even should know, there's a lot of features about it that I don't even realize myself honestly, like I work for the company and like I find new things all the time, like I was looking through when I pulled up the car for the show today, because we're going to go through that for the start sit advice. It had it highlighted under one leg and it basically highlights all the players. You have the players that are on waivers that you could potentially pick up that are just part of the rankings.


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The top starts per position, OK? We're looking at these players. Let's start with running backs here outside the top twenty of our extra half PPR LCR, which stands for Expert Consensus Rankings. This takes all the rankings from experts across the industry, puts them into one and gives an average. So it's saying who the experts are on average recommending here. So let's look at the outside the top twenty tags going to throw it to you first. Who is a top start for you at the running back position outside the top twenty?


I mean, I don't know why we are avoiding David Johnson. I see him down at 22 right now. I have him four spots higher than ACR. I could make a case to move him up to like sixteen among running backs while Duke Johnson's been out. David Johnson's total. Twenty eight of the thirty Texans running back touches. Duke Johnson might be expected back this week, but it seems like they're being very cautious with him against the Vikings, 72 plays per game.


Running backs have totaled one hundred and seven touches against them. So even if they do divide it up between Duke Johnson and David Johnson, I'm expecting him to get plenty of opportunity here in this Minnesota defense is just it's leaking fantasy points. And to cover all the wide receivers they have for the Houston Texans, it's going to force them to drop a lot of guys back in coverage. David Johnson has had a rough couple of weeks against Pittsburgh and Baltimore.


But listen to what I just said. He played against Pittsburgh in Baltimore. So it's going to be a lot easier time this week. I trusted him and we won against Kansas City. I'm trusting him in week four against Minnesota.


I mean, yeah, obviously hasn't gotten a ton done on the ground in the past couple of matchups. Very, very difficult matchup. So popped off in week one. Looked great. Was a consistent contributor. So definitely in this matchup, could be someone that returns more than RB twenty to value. Jacob, let's go to you here. Here who is a guy that you're looking at outside the top twenty.


Just one thing I want to drop real quick on David Johnson. I think Mike brought up a really good point about the plays per game. The Minnesota is allowing the Texans rank 31st in plays per game on the year. They're only averaging fifty four plays per game after ranking twelfth last year. And I think everybody knows is a good matchup. But that's something that really is going overlooked a little bit with David Johnson playing every single snap. Essentially, the fact that they're going to see probably an increase in snaps by ten to fifteen plays in this game is going to make a huge difference.


So I actually have him as my top ten running back right now. I think that's a really good call. The other guys, Mike Davis and Darrell Henderson, are both obvious ones. I think you probably hit on one of those two. I'm going to mention Jerick McKinnon. Actually, I think you hit on this last week tags that Nick Malone's really likes to target running backs. He had an eighteen percent target share two running backs last year and a week three, we saw the Niners target running backs on 25 percent of their targets.


The first half splits from McKinnon in that game are what really have me excited. He did come out at the end of the game with a ribs and rib injury. I don't know how serious it is, but he played eighty one percent of the offensive snaps in the first half. He handled eleven of their sixteen running back touches in the first half and he was third on the team with a six percent target here in the first half. And so if he's healthy and ready to go here against Philadelphia, a team that does give up receptions to running backs, I think McKinnon could really have another strong game here.


I think he's somebody you could be looking at as potentially a top twenty running back. Just given the workload that he's seen. I don't know if you guys think that Geoff Wilson is going to be more involved or do you think you buy that? It was a first half thing and he's the real starter if the game is competitive.


I mean, you tell me what you think here, because I'm a little torn on this one because I feel like the 49ers are going to be one of two ways they could say, OK, Jerick, McKinnon, there's a reason that nobody ever really use him as a true three down workhorse. Even after Adrian Peterson left, they ended up going, well, it's obvious, Murray, even when everybody thought it would be McKinnon and now that they trusted him in that starting role and it's like he gets a they're calling it a rib contusion.


So I'm assuming that he's going to be able to play because basically what that is, it's a bruise. He's got a bruise. But if he's not taking part like in full practices as it goes through the week, I would think that Jeff Wilson is going to be more more involved in the game plan early in the game. With that being said, I don't think it's a great matchup for Jeff Wilson on the ground because the Eagles this is I mean, Darrell Henderson was the first one who top fifty rushing yards against them this year.


And if you go back to the start of last year, that's a span of nineteen games. They've allowed just three running backs to rush for more than sixty six yards. So the Eagles are not a great matchup. But if you're a pass catcher like McKinnon and even Wilson, he was involved last week. This is a I mean, the matchup against the Eagles there, someone that's struggling, their linebackers are obviously not very good. Now they may be forced to move Jalen Mills back to cornerback because the injury to about cinematics.


So there's like so much so many moving parts in this defense that I don't think it's a I don't think it's a matchup. You want to avoid, but I'm struggling, trying to figure out which one I would play if I had the choice of both because they are there at home, there are six point favorites. The Eagles are reeling right now. They're not scoring points. So I just don't see this game getting out of like a run heavy game script for them.


Yeah, it's not a great matchup, you know, tax. You alluded to it. But the difference here is that he is and those are great stats and pointing out his target share like he comes with a safe floor because he's getting the targets out of the backfield. And as far as for fantasy purposes, that's what you want with these running backs. You want a safe floor and someone who is involved in the receiving game. So I think Gerke McKinnon and this was the ironic part, like insects.


You brought it up like I was watching the game last week and I saw Jerick McKinnon score. You know, he does a celebration in the back of the endzone. And like, I legitimately had the thought, I was like, good for him. Like, I'm just like good for him because he's been so injured throughout his career. Like and then it was so ironic that he gets injured at the end of that game. You know, I was just like, dang it, you know.


So moving forward, the injury does play a huge part in that call, Jacob. Right. And I think you would even say that, like, if obviously he doesn't get full practice is in, you know, today, tomorrow, even Friday, like, obviously you're going to pivot off of this. But from a safe floor perspective outside the top twenty, he's someone that I definitely think you can look at. The other guy that I'm going to point out here, and you alluded to it, Jake, a great call is Darrell Henderson, Darrell Henderson at RB.


Twenty three and a half PPR. All right.


Now I've got him higher than that. Like you're going up against the New York Giants run defense that they can't stop anyone. So Darrell and Darrell Henderson back to back games against Philadelphia and Buffalo has looked fantastic. Those are two. We're just we just finished talking about Philadelphia as a very, very difficult run defense and he shredded them. So now he's getting the majority of the workload. Sean McVay has come out and said he is going to be this the starter.


Right. It's not like he's going to get twenty five carries in this game, you know, and Malcolm Brown, five, but yet Malcolm Brown will still be involved. But that's still enough for Darrell Henderson to return value. He has a great chance of finding the end zone in this one against New York Giants. So I think outside the top twenty, I've got to point out, Darryl Henderson, because he's someone that you can absolutely plug into your lineup.


I'm looking to everywhere that I've got him. So Tagg's, Darrell Henderson, do you think this is a good call here? One hundred percent.


I have him as a mid tier RB two. He was another guy who was going to mention along with David Johnson, but I figured one of you guys would snag Henderson. You know, I do mention that it's kind of like a Ronald Jones situation where if there's any snag in his play, where if he fumbles or misses the pass protection, whatever he can, you know, obviously loose snaps to someone like Malcolm Brown or even carmakers, if he's active, if carmakers isn't active, I might even move Daryl Henderson up, you know, maybe to RB sixteen on the week.


I like him quite a bit in this matchup, opposing running backs of average, just over thirty touches per game against the Giants there. I think they're thirteen point favorites in this game. There's really nothing to dislike about Henderson considering the games that he's coming off, the opponents that they were against.




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All right, guys, let's move over to the wide receiver here and we'll talk about our top start for the wide receivers outside the top thirty. OK, so the top three wide receivers up. I'm going to give this to you first and then I'll go to Tagg's and I'll wrap it up here. Who is a guy outside the top thirty wide receivers that you're looking at saying fantasy managers should be starting this guy this week?


I think it's Brad Duke. There are a ton of rookies outside the top thirty that have a chance to take another step forward. We saw a lot of these guys play well in week three and now you because one of them and he's just continuing to get more involved over the last two weeks for San Francisco. He has a 73 percent snap rate and an eighteen percent target rate, which isn't great. But I think we're going to continue to see him get more involved.


He did have more targets last week. And with a lot of the injuries that San Francisco is dealing with, I think this sets up really well. And like you guys talked about, Philadelphia is really tough against the run. And so I think we could see you get a lot more attention against Philadelphia secondary that is has struggled dating back to like twenty seventeen. So he's he's somebody that I think he has a really high ceiling, depending on how the injuries shake out in San Francisco and.


He's not getting as much attention as he should because I think he kind of got overshadowed by Higgins big performance or, you know, Justin Jefferson, who I assume will be his guy.


So, yeah, I'm definitely not this week, Tagg's, I talked about it that, you know, he wasn't high on my waiver wire rankings because I was concerned about this matchup with Darius Slay. Where do you land on this? Duke isn't someone that I'm opposed to fantasy managers starting this week, but he's not necessarily someone that I am personally saying, hey, go start this guy. So where do you land? Do you fall in between?


Yeah, I'm a little bit I would I would probably want to feed him just because I there's a chance that Darius, like, shadows him. There's a chance because Kendrick Bourne, I feel like he's just a forgotten man that nobody really ever wants to to you know, I mean, assign someone to him. And I've mentioned the problems that they're having in their secondary right now. So if variously doesn't shadow at all and Brandon, you get stuck against, maybe they move Jalen Mills back down to cornerback.


If he gets matched up with Jalen Mills, he's going to win that matchup because Jalen Mills is terrible. So there is definitely a scenario that I can see him panning out this week, but he's more of like a risk reward wide receiver for for me.


OK, all right. Let's go back to you here. Who is a guy that you're looking at for a top start at the wide receiver position outside the top thirty, I say start Brandin Cooks as a wide receiver three this week.


I understand that he's gotten off to a slow start with Houston, but remember that it was a new team. This was basically his pre-season. He's had Matt. He's dealt with he dealt with an injury. And then week one, he plays the team that has allowed the fewest yards to wide receivers in both twenty, nineteen and twenty twenty. Nobody realizes that the chiefs are actually really, really good against wide receivers. They play Baltimore, which well, it's Baltimore, and then they played Pittsburgh.


So it's like the start to his schedule was absolutely brutal. He's gotten healthier. He's starting to get more targets. And now he's going to see a mixture of rookies, Jeff Gladney and Cameron Dantzler. Those two have combined to allow 19 of 25 passing for two hundred and seventy seven yards and two touchdowns in their coverage. This is a week where Houston is like a get right game. I mean, they still have not given up on the season.


Clearly, they're talking about bringing in Earl Thomas when their own three, which it really makes no sense. It made no sense why they traded away DeAndre Hopkins for David Johnson. But yeah, that's a whole other. But it's all relative, though, right, is where this team needs to get right game. They need a feel good game. Minnesota is the team to provide that again with those seventy two plays against, there's going to be plenty of targets to go around here.


I'm anticipating Brandin Cooks to see at least six to eight targets in this game, and that's more than enough against this Minnesota secondary.


You said it, you said get right game. And that's exactly what I was going to say for Brandin Cooks. Will Fuller like these? Deshaun Watson like this is absolutely a get right game. And I can't even remember what game I was watching last week where the announcers were talking about Houston and they were like, who made this? Like what? Who made the start to the schedule for Houston and why do they hate Houston? You know, because it is a absolutely brutal schedule.


And so looking at now, Brandin Cooks, yes, he's been dealing with an injury. He was dealing with a quad injury up into the game last week. So he hasn't been fully healthy either. But I think, like you said, to six to eight targets is in the realm of possibilities is probably the most likely scenario. And if that's the case, then you plug him in as a wide receiver, three with upside. So I like to call there guys.


I'm going to go with a player in a matchup that even if Davante Adams plays, I'm saying that you need to be rolling out Allen Lazard and this. The reason why is because it's against Atlanta tags you brought up on Twitter. It was fantastic. You mentioned that the overunder for this game is, what, fifty eight point fifty eight right now?


That's absurd. That's ridiculous. And I think it can easily hit the over. Like you're looking at these two offenses, like looking at the amount of points that these two teams in their separate games have put up as far as the overall accumulative score is insane. And so in this in this instance, I want the receiving options. Even if Davante Adams comes back and continues to see thirty percent of the targets, whatever, Allen, Lazard is still going to be a fine option that you can plug in as a wide receiver.


Three is going to see four to six targets and he most likely will fall into the end zone because Aaron Rodgers is going to have to throw in this one. I like the the receiving options in this game. So I'm saying, Allen Lazard, you need to be looking at him even if Davante Adams comes back.


Yeah, it's it's a smash spot for the Packers offense. The question is they keep their foot on the throttle. And that tweet, by the way, was the Packers game so far have netted seventy seven, sixty three and sixty seven points. The Falcons games have netted sixty three, seventy nine and fifty six points. This is ridiculous. So when I saw fifty eight point total, I'm like, oh you should smash the under. And I was like, wait a minute.


But you look at it and thought Grady Jarrett like the interior defensive tackle for the Falcons, he might not play this week, TICC MacKinley, he might not play this week. They're down two of their top corner to their starting cornerbacks, including the slot cornerback Dahlquist Dennard, who's supposed to be coming out us are. So, yeah, there's a lot of problems with this defense and it's it's kind of one of those games where it's like they could just pick and choose their battles.


And clearly, Allen Lazard is growing, his role is growing, the confidence is growing and coming off that game against the Saints massive game in a. An important game for them, so, you know, Allen Lazard, I definitely like him a lot more than most this week for sure.


All right, let's pivot over to the quarterback position, guys. I want to keep it moving, Jake. I'm going to throw it to you first here, because it's been a while since you've talked. So top starts per position at the quarterback. We're looking outside the top 12 here. So who is someone at the quarterback position outside the top 12 that you're saying fantasy managers should be considering starting this week?


I think it's got to be Fitz magic, right? I mean, you guys have talked about some of the high overlanders and one of the highest on the slate is the Seahawks versus the Dolphins. And Seattle's secondary, like many teams, is dealing with a lot of injuries right now. And Miami should be pretty. I would expect them to be playing from behind. They're actually only six point five point underdogs, which surprised me. But I think we're going to see him drop back much more than we saw in week three.


He's got Devante Parker getting healthy finally. And the Seahawks are allowing 440 passing yards per game, which is obviously just. That's insane. It's insane. Yeah. And it's mostly a product of them getting ahead and people having to go to this, you know, air raid attack. But I think that's probably what we're going to see from Miami. I'm just curious, like, how how high do you think it's too high to have Fitzpatrick ranked this week?


Well, I'll jump in here because this was my guy, too, obviously.


I would say with my say with nine. Perfect. So we're all in agreement. And I tweeted this out earlier today, the Seattle you mentioned the four hundred passing yards, which is absurd. The Seattle Seahawks are currently allowing forty seven point nine points on average to opposing wideouts this season. So like looking at Devante Parker, the receiving options, I mean, even Preston Williams can be rolled out as a flex option this week if you're giving up on average, forty seven point nine points on average.


So as far as your question, Jacob, how high is too high? He would probably be the moment that I would be like starting to get concerned with my ranking would be probably around like ten, because there are some really, really good options to speak to as far as above him in the quarterback ranks that have a really good matchup. So I don't know if I would necessarily feel comfortable going much higher than 10. But Tagg's, where where do you land on this?


Yeah, I have him right now at QB eleven. There's a lot of good quarterbacks to play. I really thought like when I researched this game, it was one of the first ones I did and I was like, oh, Fitzpatrick is going to be like a top eight quarterback for me. And then I start realizing all the good matchups across the league. And some are safer than Fitzpatrick because he does tend to have some games where he just like totally Gafsa and it doesn't work out.


But this matchup is just so damn good. The Seahawks, they might not even have Jamal Adams this week, and they weren't good with Jamal Adams. They're not generating any pressure, which should give Fitzpatrick time. They can't stop any wide receivers. They can't stop tight ends if they don't have Jamal Adams. So Fitzpatrick is he's such a good start. And by the way, if you go back to week seven of last year, Ryan Fitzpatrick has scored the fourth most fantasy points among quarterbacks.


Only Lamar Jackson, Dak Prescott and Josh Allen about scored him. It's it's kind of remarkable, to be honest with you. And in this matchup where I mean, you really don't think that those points are going to come from Jordan.


Howard, do you watch this via Jordan? Howard, three touchdown game for three yards on the ground? No, we're looking at Ryan Fitzpatrick.


It's crazy, too, because, like, he is on the waiver wire, like I this morning, I didn't I didn't put in waiver claims. And I in one league, I was I was terrible. I was rolling out Mr. Brisky as my streaming option.


And then I realized that I forgot to put in a waiver claim and I, you know, dropped to Robiskie. And Fitzpatrick was sitting there on the waiver wire in this fourteen team league. I was like, perfect, I'm going to pick him up. Am I Dynasty League of Carson Wentz and Ryan Tannehill don't like their matchups. This week I picked up Ryan Fitzpatrick off the waiver wire and a one QB dynasty. He's available. And so he's going to be this guy that you can confidently roll in.


I've got him at thirteen now, and that's again just looking at there are some really, really good matchups. So, Jacob, love the call there with Ryan Fitzpatrick. I think that is unanimous that we are all saying you have to start in this week. Let's look at the tight end position here, guys. Tag's a tight end outside the top twelve. Who's a guy that you want to bring up?


You know what? I'm going to go on a limb here, and I'm just going to say that Gronk is someone that I think it you took my guy might be back on the radar. It seemed like he turned a corner in week three. He looked better. He actually should have had a touchdown. He played a season high. Sixty three snaps. Brady just overthrew him on a college. He was he had nobody within five yards of him and he just overthrew it.


It should have been I think it was a twenty one yard touchdown. And then when you look at the matchup that he has this week, I just feel like against the Chargers, they're a team that clearly they shut down wide receivers. I know they just lost Chris Harris Jr. But you figure that Casey Hayward is going to they're going to find a way to get him to cover Mike Evans, even if Evans probably goes into the slot. So they've lost him.


They've lost Chris Harris, they've lost Derwin James, and all of a sudden they're just lacking options. And it's not like they're going to take Hayward and say, hey, you're going to cover Rob Gronkowski. No one's going to do that. To a tight end in Titans have actually performed against the Chargers this week because of those factors. So I think Rob Gronkowski is someone that you could actually play this week. I think with Gronk, obviously, you know, you heard me exclaim that this was my guy, too.


So I think the reasoning here, too, and the reason why I like it is. Chris Godwin is out this game, most likely out for next week, too, and so this opens up a lot of targets in this offense. Again, where you talked about the corner matchup, it's not great for Mike Evans. I still think he's going to see a ton of targets, but the targets have to go somewhere. And so looking at Gronk, if Godwin was playing in this game, it would be a little bit more hesitant.


He'd be somewhere around like my tight end, let's say 20. But right now he's tight. In twenty seven and a half, PPR guys like the experts are split on what to do with Gronk. I think that you can roll him out there if you are desperate at the position. Let's say that you have an Evan Ingram, you know, in your eye. I don't want to roster Evan Ingram anymore, is what you're saying. I think you can drop Ingram and pick up Rob Gronkowski and plug him in in this matchup.


I think you can absolutely get away with that. Jacob, let's go to you here. Who is a guy for the tight end that you're saying that you can pick up and start?


Yeah. So I would actually go down. Sure. Not diving quite as deep as you guys here. I think he's the tight end. Fifteen on consensus played almost 70 percent of the snaps and has a sixteen percent target share of the last two weeks. He's actually leading the team in red zone targets, for whatever that's worth. On the year in the Browns have not been very good against tight ends. This game is expected to be a shootout. The titans that are facing Logan Thomas did not play well last week, but before that, the Bengals Titans were targeted fifteen times against the Browns and had almost a hundred yards.


And then Mark Andrews obviously had two scores against them in week one. So I don't think he's a super high ceiling pick here. But just given the amount of routes he's running right now, with the amount of points that are supposed to be scored in this game, I think Shultz's something that you can plug in. Like you said, if you are just kind of getting sick of the WINNINGHAM experience and you want somebody that should get you some points in a league, I like Shields's outlook in this matchup.


It's actually a really good point. That's something that I hadn't considered looking at the Browns linebacking corps and the guys who would be guarding Dalton Schultz. It's not great. So absolutely. And again, bringing up the Bengals tight ends if the Bengals Titans can go off against, you know, your your defense here and then they see one target the next week, I think that you're susceptible. So, yeah, I don't hate that call Dalton Schultz there. I think he definitely needs to be someone that I'm looking at moving up my rankings.


I've got Titan seventeen right now. Based on your argument, Jacob, I can definitely see moving him up.


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Just go to butcher box dotcom slash fantasy prose. That's butcher box dotcom slash fantasy prose.


All right, guys, let's move over to the Top CITs. OK, so now we're going to be looking we're going back to running backs here and we're going to look at these guys with in the top 20 at the running back position that we're saying, hey, if you can, it might be wise to bench this player or to avoid or just adjust your expectations. OK, so let's go to Tagg's here first. Who is a running back within the top twenty that you're saying not crazy about this week?


I know David Montgomery is going to walk into a lot more touches with Tarricone out for the year, but it's still it's not a match up to target the Indianapolis Colts. Have they have allowed one 100 yard rusher against them through thirty five games under Matt Airflows and and Frank Reich. So they don't they clearly don't allow big rushing performances. That defensive line is really good. They're getting a lot of pressure on quarterbacks. And on top of that, they've allowed for I think it's four or five rushing touchdowns since the start of last year.


So they're not a team that they're basically a team you can't run the ball against and you're not going to score many rushing touchdowns against. David Montgomery is not a guy that they've used heavily in the passing game. And on top of that, he is actually sharing carries with Cordarrelle Patterson for whatever reason. So I'm not a big fan of Montgomery this week. I mean, he's a guy that's probably going to get, I'll say, fifteen plus touches.


So you're going to start him in most leagues just because he, he's guaranteed volume. But I have him is like a a low, low, low end RB two. High end RB three this week, I think the volume is is what is giving me confidence to rank him at 18, which is right in line with. So I'm and again, I've been on Montgomery all offseason, all season. So, like, I'm willing to buy into the majority of the workload, the increased, you know, with Nick Foles to like we have to talk about that.


He's going to take what's available to him. He's going to dump it down, which means that we could see some increased targets. For Dave Montgomery, the matchup is not great. I completely agree with you, Tex, that that stat that you threw out scares the crap out of me. But Dave Montgomery hasn't exactly been someone that you can say is hitting over 100 yards on the ground consistently. But he's still been somewhat producing, is still being a somewhat safe option for you as an RB two.


And when you're looking at.


So here's a question for you, though, Yates. Would you start Darryl Henderson over? David Montgomery? Where do I.


Yeah, well, I have him at seventeen 18. I would start Henderson.


Yeah, I have Henderson over Montgomery but that's, that's close. So I again I'll play the matchup game there. And I think that Henderson against the Giants is a better matchup, so I totally get that call. Let's go to you, Jacob, who is a running back that you're saying that you might want to avoid if you can.


It's Todd Gurley, and I just want to bring him up because I think people might be into him just because of a projected shoot out here and what they saw on camera due to Green Bay last week. But I think you guys have already hit on a few of these guys, whether it's Darrell Henderson or Mike Davis, even guys like McKinnon potentially or even houseguests. And I think you consider starting over Gurley. And it's really just about the total lack of involvement in the passing game.


We saw Gurley get three targets in the first week and he did drop one of those after leading all running backs in drop rate last year. And since then, he's just been a complete nonfactor. He has one target over the last two games and he's actually twenty seventh in routes run among running backs in the last two games, which is kind of crazy considering how much Atlanta passes the ball. Obviously we saw Brian Hill with a nice touchdown run last week and he's starting to take more and more work from Gurley.


And so I just in a game that Atlanta is projected to be playing from behind and likely going to be passing a lot, I just don't have much interest in Gurley. There's always a chance that he finds the end zone once or twice. But I don't know. He's really projecting is a boom bust option at this point. And I think there are a lot of guys with much more guaranteed volume that I'd rather start. That's fair.


I think Gurley moving forward is always going to land in my rankings, probably like RB. Twenty three, RB twenty four. Like just because it's cutting the gap there of the potential range of outcomes. This guy who could find the end zone again and we talked about this matchup like crazy over under I think there's going to be points put up on the board. But do we start to see Brian Hill be more of a factor, which we I mean, we have as the is going on, he's been more and more involved.


And so do we see Todd Gurley's workload decline? If he doesn't find the end zone, you're not going to be super happy that you started him. I mean, last week, what was it, 14 times for 80 yards? Like fourteen carries for eight yards. It's a fine step. But he scored but only two targets last week. One reception for two yards like no, thank you. You know, so he's like this low end RB two doesn't really have much upside.


He's kind of in that same range of a David Johnson for me on a week to week basis. So Tagg's Todd Gurley here, is this someone that you're, like, officially concerned about moving forward?


Not I am concerned about him. I think that you should sell him right now. If you can get someone to buy the fact that maybe they don't watch all the games, just watch RedZone or something like that, I would sell Todd Gurley. If you can get some like Joe Mixon in return, I would do that deal right now because people are they're panicking on mix in. They're the same thing with Kenyan Drake. I would do the trade. Gurley now for them if you can.


But Gurley, he actually has run the most pass routes of this backfield. Forty seven to Brian Hill's thirty five, Aerosmith twenty nine. But he's not getting the targets. It's not Matt Ryan is not checking down a whole lot. I don't think he has to against this Packers team. No running back has totaled more than twelve carries against the Packers thus far. It's basically because of the game script and what you're projecting in this one. You want to say, hey, whoever's going to get the pass can't pass down.


Work is going to be the most valuable here. And it is still GURLEY, but it feels gross. The only reason I worry about feeding him is because he does play in the Falcons offense that's projected to score like thirty points in this game and that it's like he can fall into the end zone twice. And then you're looking at your roster and you're like, oh, I started someone like David Montgomery over him where he, you know, he rushes for fifty yards and catches, you know, two passes for twelve years.


So that's the reason it's always tough to fade. GURLEY So I haven't an RB. Twenty one, but I absolutely do think that there's there's serious bust risk here if he does not score a touchdown.


Good points, the guy that I'm going to bring up is Melvin Gordon at RB 17 and half PPR right now, this game. I just want to avoid, if I can, you know, just like maybe Noah Fant, maybe jury duty is a flex option. Melvin Gordon, as a low end RB two, maybe high end RB three, we're not even talking about the fact that Phillip Lindsay started to practice again. I don't think he's going to come back for this game on a short week, maybe if it was Sunday.


But this offense with Brett Rypien as your starting quarterback now, how many scoring opportunities is Melvin Gordon going to be put into against a fairly good Jets run defense? So it's like I don't think that there's a ceiling here for Melvin Gordon and for him to be ranked ranked at seventeen is saying confidently starting him, you know, like I'm just not there. I think that you can put him in as a low end RB two, high end RB three.


And that's kind of where you need to expect, because, again, I just don't expect this offense to be able to move the ball much. And Gordon makes his fantasy, like his fantasy value comes from his scoring opportunities. So I'm not super excited about Melvin Gordon. I think that if you can, you should be looking to set him. Let's move over to the wide receivers. Guys, Tagg's will go to you first. Who is a wide receiver within the top 30 that you're saying avoid if you can.


I'm going to go with KD Lamb. I'm worried about him that there's an injury that we don't know about. And there was a hit that he took last week. It was right on his knee and it was it did not look good. And he came out of the game for a series or two. And then all of a sudden we see Cedric Wilson playing a lot more snaps. And it's like, what's going on here? It's just one of those things where when I see him ranked like the consensus is like twenty four among or twenty two among wide receivers.


That's crazy. I have him down around like thirty six. I'm like playing this one cautiously and he's not someone like let's not pretend that he's presenting such a ceiling every single week that you have to play him. He's like he's catching a bunch of targets over the middle of the field. He's benefiting from Amari Cooper, Michael Gallop being on the perimeter, that's fine. But again, if he's not going to be playing all the snaps, it's basically what I want you to do is pay attention to the injury reports as the week goes on, pay attention to our rankings, because I will move up if he's practicing in full and we hear nothing different about it.


But I just don't feel great about CD column this week after just seeing him basically come off the field for, you know, over I think it over thirty three percent of the snaps last week you took my guy tags, Adam at thirty seven this week coming out wide receivers and I've got him, I've got him at thirty guys so I'm in agreement with you here.


Twenty two. Seems like his ceiling and that's with him getting a touch down and like Michael Gallop not getting one right like that is the kind of scenario that would allow him to get to twenty two. Now the thing working in his favor is that he is lining up against Tavia Thomas in this one, who Tyler Boyd went for seven and seventy two, seven receptions for seventy two yards in week two. I think that's a beatable matchup. But yet at the same time to have him ranked at twenty two is, is very aggressive in my opinion.


So I've got him at thirty Texas said at thirty six and then Jacob at thirty seven. Correct. Yeah, so this is a guy, low end wide receiver, three, this guy that you should be you should still be starting, I think. And again, like you said, this is someone that, again, from a injury perspective, you definitely do need to pay attention to. But what you're saying is like adjust your expectations like someone as far as wanting to know for sure.


And I would also say that if for whatever reason that we hear that Denzel Ward is going to play, I would actually upgrade Denzel or KM's ranking just because right now I'm not projecting Denzel Ward to play. And that means Amari Cooper is going to go bananas. So if Ward plays, it's going to be Neymar. He's got a much tougher matchup on that side of the field when he's over there, which would obviously, you know, the matchup for CDM in the slot is not bad against Cleveland.


It's really not. It's just a matter like his health right now.


Sure. OK, Jacob, do we go to you here for a guy that you're looking at? You said it was Keadilan, it was going to be Keadilan, but I can do Maki's Brown. And this is another kind of risk reward guy like Gurley where he could he could definitely burn me on this pick. But I just think they're going to and they have a huge implied total. So if he does happen to get there early touchdowns, it's a matchup we could.


But I think more likely than not, if we simulate this 100 times, you're going to be disappointed with the outcome from Marquese Brown. Huge spread in this one. And we saw in the first two weeks when Baltimore was playing with huge leads, Baltimore threw fifty eight percent of the time in the first half and just 33 percent of the time in the second half. And we saw Hollywood Brown be much, much less involved in the second half of both those games.


He had nine catches on, ten targets for one hundred and thirty eight yards in the first half, and just one catch on to targets for five yards in the second half. And we've seen them just kind of shift into the, you know, Gus Edwards just running out the clock mode in the second half of these blowouts. And that definitely could be the case against Washington on the flip side, like they are going to be Mrs. Chase Young. And so Lamar might have time to, you know, hit Hollywood deep a couple of times here.


But barring that, I think that this is going to be a disappointing game for Hollywood brownness. And there's a lot of receivers in this. You know, we've mentioned Eleazar and people like that that I just I think they're much safer start than Marquese Brown this week. I think it's a great call.


I have been more optimistic in buying in on Marcus Brown over the past two weeks and he's burned me right. Because it just the offense hasn't been there, the production hasn't been there. That's a great stat as far as the first half and second half split. So Marquese Brown I've got a wide receiver. Twenty eight on the week right now. He's still someone that I think you can roll in as a wide receiver three and deal with the potential range of outcomes because he could absolutely hit one long pass and take it to the House or he could go and do what he did last week, which is just not be super involved.


And and Lamar could miss him, which he did. You know, Brown would have had a wide open touchdown. He would have taken that pass in for a touchdown. But Jackson under threw him in that Monday Night Football.


Yeah. So I'm on the exact same page. I had him really high last week in it because of these splits, because I thought I was going to be competitive game. And it was super disappointing. And I also I'm a wide receiver. Twenty eight this week.


Perfect. Perfect. The guy I'm going to bring up is a huge shocker to anyone who has. Listen, Steve Hilton to a Hilton at the wide receiver. Twenty seven spot shachar Shuker. No, I mean T.Y. Hilton is a wide receiver. Seventy one on the season through three weeks. And so looking at T.Y., yes, he has a increased opportunity in front of him. And if he were going up against a better matchup, it would be one that I would be more willing to buy in to.


Ty Hilton at his current ranking of twenty seven. I would be saying, yeah, I think you can get away with rolling into Y Hilton as a wide receiver. Three. However, looking at this matchup against Chicago and Philip Rivers, I mean Jonathan Taylor should be able to get some work done on the ground, like I don't have him as high as the industry. I think industry hasn't it like running back seven on the week? Like I'm not buying in that high on Jonathan Taylor this week against the Bears defense.


But looking at Ty Hilton and Zach Pascal as your wide receivers with Philip Rivers, who has not looked good throughout the first couple of weeks of the season, and this bears pass, rush and defense. I just don't think the passing game is going to be able to get much done in this one. So you're relying on Ty Hilton to score a touchdown, which he hasn't done up to this point of the season to hit that wide receiver. Twenty seven mark.


So I've got to at forty this week.


So it's higher than what I've had previously. Tighes But looking at Hilton, like I just don't think that he's someone that I'm willing to buy into that wide receiver. Twenty seven.


I am with you this week. I at thirty seven. I don't think it's a good matchup at all. And by the way Yates, you could use this in a tweet if you want ten. Patrick has more fantasy points than to text text.


I was literally going to bring up in an argument against you I hulton but I didn't feel want to feel like I was piling on that. Tim Patrick has more fantasy points on the season. Why? That is ridiculous. We talk. We talk. Wait.


And that's before the Thursday night game too. Yeah. So Patrick, he's only going to go up with Rippin.


There are some shocking names on the list as far as fantasy points above Ty Hilton on the season text. That is crazy. We talk way too much. Yeah.


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Let's move over to the quarterback position again. We talked about it. There are some really, really good matchups this week for the guys who are considered in the top 12.


So it was difficult for me to look at someone in this list. It tags. I'll go to you first. Was there someone that you identified that was like, I really just want to sit this guy, if I can? Matthew Stafford? Yeah, that was my that was my name, too. So.


Yeah, well, if you go back to last year, the Saints defense started out the exact same way, like they legitimately they were terrible to begin the year. And you kind of wonder you're like, OK, maybe this team isn't built to win a Super Bowl. And then it was literally I think it was week four was the turning point. I wrote this game up and it was it was basically in week four, they played Dak Prescott. He was like considered chalk and DFS.


He ended up with two hundred twenty three yards, no touchdowns and an interception with Marshon Lattimore matching up with Kenny Golladay. That's a tough matchup for him. Marvin Jones hasn't been doing anything. T.J. Hodgkinson's the guy who's got to get it done. But at the same time, Malcolm Jenkins might be settling in whatever the case may be. They've struggled against tight ends like really, really bad. But Malcolm Jenkins is one of the best cover safeties in the game.


So I don't know what's happening there. But, yeah, Matthew Stafford, I am not not too excited about playing him this week.


So it sounds like that was our guy for across the board. So let's just throw our rankings here of Matthew Stafford. I have met eighteen right now. Where do you guys have them?


Uh, sixteen. I've got about fifteen. OK, perfect. So all in the same range. And again, flip a coin with any of these guys are kind of in the same tier. So we're all in that same range of saying, sit, Matthew Stafford, if you start with Patrick over him.


Exactly. It's just that there's guys like Fitzpatrick and Joe Barrow and Ben Roethlisberger that I would just rather start those guys. There's so many quarterbacks with good matchups this week. Exactly. I'm yeah, I'm not believing that the Saints defense is done yet. I just I don't know. I'm not going to Stafford for this week. OK, perfect.


So let's go over to tight ends here, guys, for our top sets tax. You took the guy that I was going to bring up. So it sounds, you know, Evan Ingram. Jacob, is that the same for you, you guys?


Hey, Evan Ingram, so much that he actually was the one like liked him. And then I was like, I always follow the targets, the tight end. But seriously, this has been bad. Like, he's he just hasn't been very good at football so far. Like, he just does not look good. And again, I usually chase targets a tight end. And it's one of those positions where it's there's so much volatility, you tend to follow the targets.


But he's been so bad.


I just I don't know. I keep following the targets as well, following the routes run, hoping for a bounce back and it is not working out.


My guy would actually be Tyler Higbee. And so we're again going with kind of a boom bust touchdown dependent guy that might make me look down there. But as you guys on with Darrell Henderson, the Rams really want to run and they're thirteen point favorites on the year. They're thirtieth in situation neutral pass rate, which means like when the score is within six points. Either way, they're passing at the thirtieth rate. They really want to run the ball and Higbee's blocking a lot more.


I don't know if people realize this because he's been finding the end zone. He ran just sixteen routes on fifty snaps last week and he was targeted just three times on the year. He ranks thirtieth among titans and routes run and his twenty second and targets and he's gone by would like touchdowns alone. And it's, it's not like he's playing some starring role in the red zone. It's not like, you know, Gronk and you know, twenty sixteen or something like he's seen just three red zone targets all year three and he scored a touchdown on all three of them.


There are thirty titans who have been, you know, had seen that type of red zone usage. I just I don't know, maybe he'll just keep scoring a touchdown in single time. He gets thrown, too, in the red zone. And I'll feel bad about this one. But I, I have him at Titan nine and I think he's ranked as the Titan for you. Say you have the nine two.


I have right there. I was going to say I'm Lumb lower on him. It's tough to set him because like you look at the options around him and you're kind of like. I really want to start no offense, with Brett Rypien over someone like Tyler Higbee, but you're right, those the pass rates have declined every week, 22, 17 and then 16 last week. So that's clearly not enough, especially in a game that the Rams fell behind big time.


So it's like you wonder, OK, Sean McVay doing his thing and that's what he's always done. Right. Sean McVay evolves. He doesn't just stick with the same exact offense that he ran the year before. So we got to follow this and say that there is some risk with Tyler Higbee moving forward.


So I'm going to be honest, Jacob, I. I tuned out because halfway through your argument, because you said that the giant or the Rams were thirteen point favorites and I was like, there's no way that that's right.


Like, there's no way that is absurd. Yeah.


13, 13 point favorites. Oh, my goodness.


I don't know how I didn't know that, but holy crap. Yeah.


You said earlier you like Darrell Henderson probably won't get 20 carries is like he might get 20 carries and I run 40 teams. Oh my word. I had no idea. And the money is still heavily on the Rams with that line. That is insane. I think they can hit it though. I don't, I don't, I don't doubt it. But thirteen is very aggressive. That's insane. OK, I'm back on track. Your guys. Yeah.


Evan Ingram was going to be my answer here just because again, we haven't seen anything from Ingram up to this point of the season to indicate that he can be a top twelve or to be ranked as a top twelve guy. And this offense is just terrible. And I just it's a tough matchup for him to. I'm not super crazy about Evan Ingram this week. OK, guys, let's go to I'm just going to throw out some players here and we'll start at the running back.


So I'm just going to throw and we'll fly through these tags. I'm going to give you some names here. And you tell me which one out of this list that you would prefer to start. OK, so we've got Devin Singletary. These guys are all back to back in half PPR. OK, so Devin Singletary, David Montgomery, Melvin Gordon and Todd Gurley, Devin Singletary out Las Vegas, Dave Montgomery, Indianapolis, Melvin Gordon at the Jets, Todd Gurley at Green Bay.


Out of that list, who would you be willing to play? I'll take Gordon. He's going to get eighteen plus touches in that game. I know you don't like him very much, but I think it's just such a high floor with him. He doesn't share that workload. Even if Philippians he comes back, he's going to be limited. All the goal line work. There's going to be some points scored in that game. It's not going to be exciting.


I'll take I'll take Melvin Gordon, OK.


And Devin Singletary, too important to keep in context that Zach must return to practice. So, OK, let's take a look at the running back position. David Johnson, Mike Davis, Kareem Hunt or Darrell Henderson. David Johnson against Minnesota, of course, Mike Davis at Arizona, Kareem Hunt at Dallas and Darrell Henderson at New York who are out of that group. Are you looking at starting this week?


I would go David Johnson, but that is where the contingency that Duke, I am assuming, is going to sit. It didn't sound like I was particularly close to playing. If he if Duke plays, I think he'll probably take 25, 30 percent of the snaps, which would make it a lot closer between David Johnson and Mike Davis. But right now, I actually have Davey Johnson ranked his running back eleven. And so he's he's not even close to somebody like Kareem Hunt for me.


But that's that's who I go with.


Guess that's news if you guys missed it. Kareem Hunt, Miss Practice. Yes, he's a he's he's day to day. They're calling him.


Yep. Good call. All right, Texas, move to the wide receiver position. Devante Parker against Seattle Mordialloc. You don't even need to tell me the rest of them.


Devante Parker. Right. How high do you have? Devante Parker rank fourteen. OK, that's probably that's around where I've got him, too.


I really like him this week. Let's go to you, Jacob. Julian Edelman at Kansas City, Tyler Boyd versus Jacksonville. Well, Fuller versus Minnesota and Ty Hilton that Chicago out of that group. Who are you playing?


Definitely is going to be Will Fuller for me. I just really love the matchup. We've talked at length already about the get right spot here for Houston. I have for all the way up at wide receiver nineteen this week.


OK, OK, so let's go to quarterback Tagg's. I'll throw this to you. Matt Ryan at Green Bay, Joe Burrow versus Jacksonville, Matthew Stafford versus New Orleans. We talked about him, but then Ben Roethlisberger at Tennessee, assuming that this game happens in week four. Right. So out of that list, Matt Ryan, Joe Buhrow, Matthew Stafford, Ben Roethlisberger, who you playing have Matt Ryan.


And honestly, guys, I don't I would be torn on who to start. I think I might go with Matt Ryan over Aaron Rodgers in the rankings this week because Aaron Jones can do whatever Aaron Jones does. Right. And Matt Ryan, as he has Todd Gurley, he's he's going to throw the ball forty, forty five times in a game that has an over under fifty eight points as long as Julio Jones is expected back. I think Matt Ryan is is a locked in play.


All right, Jacob, for you at the tight end position. OK, so let's go with Johnny Smith versus Pittsburgh again, assuming that this game does happen in week four, T.J. Hawkinson versus New Orleans, Noah Fant at the Jets and then Hayden Hurst at Green Bay, Geno Smith, TJ Hawkinson, Noah and Hayden Hurst. Who are you starting?


I've got Fan first out of this group. And I want to ask you guys real quickly, though, where you at on Hayhurst? Because I think you're both Hinan like I was this year, and I was super, super bombed by his usage last week without Julio or Russell Gage, because I have him the lowest out of that group.


I think their game plan got screwed up. Yeah, I really I do. I know they were going through the. A week like they were going to have Julio and then turn and we don't have him, and then Gage gets knocked out early and it's like they don't know where to go. Hurst was actually visibly upset on the field at one point. I don't know if he was yelling at Matt Ryan or what, but that dude plays with a lot of emotion.


Fortunately, he scored a touchdown. I have met 12 this week, like I actually went over Noah Fant, considering this whole Brett Rypien situation has played really well, getting a high target share. But I just don't know how much I want to trust that. Dolphins.


Yeah, I've got them at eight and it's above T.J. Hawkinson and Noah at nine and 10 respectively. And it's mostly because of the matchup and assuming points are going to go up in this one. T.J. Hawkinson against New Orleans, no offense against the Jets, like just not super excited about either of those, but hitting her still at eight for me. So I'm still buying in. I'm still starting him. All right, guys, let's go. Just lightning round here as our start of the week.


So the again, we talked about these guys in different positions, but let's just say are planning to flag on this player who is our absolute guaranteed locked and loaded start of the week. Tagg's who who is it for you?


Devante Parker. That's why when you mention his name, I was like, you don't even need to go any further. Right. Devante Parker, great matchup for him.


Should put points up on the board. Love the call. Jacob, what about for you?


Started the week I was going to go before, but I've already talked about him, so I'll go with Mike Davis. I really love the spot here against Arizona. I think they're going to keep checking down him at a high rate. The Kano's definitely give up a lot of catches to opposing running backs. So I think Mike Davis is somebody can you can start in PPR leagues for sure.


We talked about him for me, it's Darrell Henderson. And that just even has more influenced by the thirteen point favorite, you know. So looking at that, I am yeah, I'm buying into that. Buying into Darrell Henderson as a whole. Even if Cam Acres plays, I don't expect him to see a ton of work. This is Darrell Henderson's backfield moving forward. I think against this defense, you can easily plug him in and get solid production.


Let's go to the sit of the week. OK, we talked again. We talked about some of these guys, so it might be the same one, but tags sit of the week.


Who is it for you to buy Hilton? Good boy, Jacob. What about him? For what about for you? It's Tyler Higbee. And I don't know, it's tough because it's a onesie position, so you might not want to, you know, do I drop you don't drop Tyler Higbee, obviously. But if I drop something else, pick up a tight end to start over Higbee. But in a league where you have any other option, maybe you have Geno Smith or TJ Hawkinson or NOA Fan Hunter, Henry, all those guys Miccosukee out for all of them going to be this week.


Sure. And then for me, it is Ty Hilton to I talked about him earlier and just every every week sit. So, OK, guys, let's let's wrap this up here. We're coming up on the end. But let's wrap it up. We have to talk about this game.


Thursday Night Football preview, a barn burner between Brett Rypien and the Denver Broncos offense and Sam Donaldson, the New York Jets offense. Tagg's, I'm going to kick this over to you first. Does Adam Gass get fired after this game?


I mean, I should I don't even want to comment on this because I feel bad when I tell when I say someone I know is terrible at his job.


Not saying that he doesn't know football, but he's terrible at his job and yes, he does get fired for this after he loses to Brett Rypien. Yeah.


Let me let me just phrase it like this, OK? Is there anyone in this game we talked about Melvin Gordon? I think you can I think you can still rule out Melvin Gordon. But again, I was just saying adjust your expectations. No offense is probably the other one that we can say definitely start Tagg's. Are you saying that you can start jury duty in this one as a flex option with even with Brett Rypien?


Yeah, I would I would say that I think Brett report has nothing to lose. He'll let it fly. Jury duty create separation. Judy plays in the slot, which is where Brian Poole is probably the best cornerback on the Jets roster, which really sucks because that's obviously the matchup that Judy's going to have considering I think he played 94 percent of his snaps in the slot last week. A lot of people were surprised by that. They thought A.J. Hammer was going to be that guy.


But it seems like they like Judy there. So I think Judy is flex play worthy. He's like a wide receiver, three wide receiver for borderline guy for me. So if you're if you're torn between someone, I would be torn to play Jerry Judy or Ty Hilton this week. That just goes to show where I think to you I Hilton's at. I have them right in the same range. I would play Jerry Judy over someone like Cory Davis.


OK, so that that's for the Denver offense. Really no one else that you're looking at, K.J. Handler, someone down the line, but he needs Drew Lock. He needs this offense to be good in order for him to be involved in this offense. So let's go over to the Jets. Jacob, is there anyone on the Jets that you're saying you should be starting this week?


I actually do have someone which is probably not good because you never want to have a Jets player that you're trusting. But I think Brack's embarrassed. If I was forced to choose Jet, I think he's somebody you could trust in a deep, you know, PPR league or potentially if you're playing a showdown state on Thursday. He has played 76 percent of the snaps over the last two weeks and does have a team high. Twenty one percent target share during that time.


And he also has the best matchup against Denver secondary that is against their slot. Undrafted rookie. I think Baci, I think is how you said the name, but I really don't know for sure.


Well, go. Sure, yeah. So like, I'm unqualified corners only to have been targeted to hire persons separate from the slot then hit this year. And I think that if New York is going to have any success moving the ball through the air, it's probably going to be to him. So if I had to choose anybody, it would be him.


Yeah, I think that's the right call. If if you had to choose someone, it would be Braxton Berrios. I'm not super excited about him. Is anything more than a wide receiver for Infl PPR leagues, but I think he can he can return value for you. He's getting the targets. That just goes to show how valuable the slot receiver is in Adam Gates's offense. And we've always talked about that with Jamison Crowder. That was the whole reason why we liked Crowder and Landry way back in in Miami.


So, yeah, I think Braxton Berrios is a fine, deep league play, but otherwise this is just a game that I do not want to watch personally. But of course I'm still going to because it's football and it's on the TV. So. All right, guys, that is going to do it for today's show. Huge. Thank you to Jacob for coming on. Jacob, remind everyone where they can find and follow you on Twitter. It's at Jacob's Underscore two three.


Still have that ugly underscore in there. Yeah. Give me Follansbee between now Nerdist. That's all all day long. All week.


Hey, well you're, you're with the right audience for that so. Yeah absolutely. Jacob, thank you for coming on. Appreciate it. Tagg's, any final words before we get out of here.


No, I'm just, I mean when you're stuck watching that game tomorrow night, just understand that it's better to have bad football than no football. So take it in for what it is.


Yeah, I saw this and someone posted this on Twitter earlier. Like in March, we would have been begging for this game, you know, in in April we would have been begging for this game. So keep that in a contact in mind as you watch it. But again, it's football, so make sure that you tune in. All right, guys, again, like I said, that's going to do it for today's show.


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I'm Kyle Yates and we'll see you next time.