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Everyone, welcome into the fantasy pro football podcast. My name is Kyle Yates and I am your host. I'm joined, as always by Mike Tagliani and you can find both of us on Twitter at Kyle. Why NFL and Mike Tagliani, NFL tags.


You get that cowboy hat yet? No, I did not. That's still never going to happen. I, I should say I should never say never. But it's not happening. But yeah, it's a weird Damián. It's Wednesday and we watched a football game last night. And then tomorrow we don't have a football game, which some people haven't realized. I was talking to my neighbor and he was just like, wait, there's no Thursday night game.


No, there's no Thursday night game. With the shuffling around the schedule, we actually have time to ourselves tomorrow night. What are you going to do with yourself, Yates?


Probably work on football stuff, just playing catch up, because now we you know, my schedule is pushed back from Tuesday stuff with the game.


So probably be working. I'm not going to lie. But anyway, hey, we have an awesome guest lined up for today's show. We brought him on. He's Adam Pfeiffer of Fade the Noise Fantasy. He hosts the Fade the Chalk podcast, and he can be found on Twitter at a Phifer twenty four. Adam, thanks for jumping on, man. Yeah, guys, thanks for having me.


Stoked to be here. I would probably be even more stoked if last night just didn't happen. But I appreciate the info.


We will get into that for sure and find out why Adam is a little upset about that. But hey, before we get into the conversation for today, I want to make sure everyone knows about the start sit assistant with my playbook. So you guys, you got to know about this, OK? If you're playing fantasy football, you absolutely need to know about the start, said Assistant. You can find it again at fantasy post.com. Slash my playbook.


You can get an instant recommendation on the best lineup for this week. You can view the percentage of experts who would start each player on your roster. You can edit and set your lineup for any league directly from within my playbook. And if you have multiple leagues, you can even view and modify lineups for all of your colleagues in one place with our multi league mode and submit your lineups to their respective league hosts with just a couple of clicks. It is a lifesaver.


Play your best possible lineup and win your week by using the start assistant at Fantasy Post.com. My playbook. All right, guys, a couple of news items that I want to touch on before we get into the recap of last night's game. Melvin Gordon running back for the Denver Broncos, charged with a DUI last night. Tagg's, I'll just throw this to you. What can fantasy managers expect moving forward from this situation? Is it going to be, as far as Melvin Gordon's like job is in jeopardy here with as a roster roster spot on the Denver Broncos?


It could be. They're talking about he actually went into the facility today, so he was charged with it. He went into the facility. They had a talk with him and they sent him home. So therefore, he's not in the building on the day that they start putting the game plan into place. So I if you if you have Melvin Gordon, your fantasy team don't expect to happen this week. That's basically my advice here. And I posted on Twitter just a few moments ago, I said that I've seen Phillip Lindsay on some waiver wires and I'm in very competitive leagues.


But it's gotten to the point now where if you don't have a lot of bench spots in your league, teams have had to drop players like Phillip Lindsay because they're looking for players to start. And Lindsay has been obviously out for quite a while. So if Lindsay is out there, I mean, I don't know how much you guys feel like it, but I'm willing to spend a lot a lot of Waverider like budget to get Phillip Lindsay, if I can.


I mean, I think I'd go up to 40 percent completely.


I think that if he is still sitting there and there's a very good chance that he is because, again, he hasn't been in the he hasn't been healthy. He hasn't been active. So he could have easily been dropped by some fantasy managers in your league and he could be sitting there. I would be very aggressive in trying to get him. Adam, what do you think there is, Phillip? Lindsay, someone who if he is sitting there on your waiver wire, he's looking at like a mustard?




I mean, like we obviously haven't seen him play since week one and that Monday night doubleheader. And if you remember when that game was, when he was healthy, it was like a full on 50/50 split between Lindsay and Melvin Gordon. I think before he actually left the game, Lindsay had one more career, two more carriers or so. So like even if Melvin Gordon, you know, appeals this or, you know, like misses, if the suspension is more towards next season, like Philip Lindsay wouldn't be like a guy that you would have added for nothing necessarily, because we know I mean, I'm sure you guys will talk about it all week and everybody else will be like the running back position is already hurting in fantasy with all the injuries.


And then you look at weeks, week six in particular with the bye week. I mean, no Josh Jacobs, no Alvin Kamara, no Chris Carson. And if you were depending on the two Chargers backs, I mean, they're all not available this week. So Phillip Lindsay, like, regardless of Gordon's there or not, is probably going to get, you know, ten to twelve touches. And if Melvin Gordon is not available, then you're getting the Melvin Gordon workload that we saw the last couple of weeks.




We will keep everyone up to date as we find out more information there. But as Aztek said, it's not looking good for his prospects for playing this Sunday against the Patriots. Let's move on here. The big news that dropped last night during the game, Le'Veon Bell released by the New York Jets. Let's talk about this for a second. And I mean Tagg's. Let's look at the jets that look at this from the Jets perspective first. OK, so what does this mean for fantasy for.


The Jets, I mean, is it really just Jamison Crowder at this point, is the only Jets player that you're willing to go anywhere near? Yeah, pretty much as long as Adam is the coach and if they're letting go of players before they let go of Adam Cosiness, we heard a couple of weeks ago before the Thursday night game, they said even if they lose that game, that they were going to be retaining Adam Gates. Apparently they weren't lying.


I mean, I don't know what Adam Gase has to do to get fired, but he hasn't yet. And it doesn't seem like it's anywhere close. This team has apparently given up on him and that offensive line is terrible. Sam Donald's out another week. Michael Piran would be the one that I would grab, I guess, just to see if there's anything there. Because Frank Gore, we know what Frank Gore is. We know what he's not.


We know that he's a guy that has scored like two touchdowns on like 400 carries over the last three years. Yeah. You don't you don't want Frank Gore. Yeah, I really don't want my copyright either at the same time, I mean, we just finished talking about, you know, the running back landscape and teams need starting running backs, you know, so I think that if Michael Piran, he is worth a dart throw, but I'm not I'm not holding out hope necessarily.


I liked him coming out of college. But this team is not going anywhere anytime soon. Let's flip the page here, though, Adam. Let's talk about where could Le'Veon Bell potentially land? So looking at it, I think it comes down to what does he want? Does he want to sign as a backup on a contender or does he want to try to reset his market and push for one more like big contract? So there's a wide range of outcomes here for Le'Veon Bell, but it's kind of one of those things that fantasy managers are kind of just hoping that he stays away from the guys that they're depending on.


Right. If he lands in a backfield, it's going to hurt the fantasy value of some other option. So let's talk about some of the landing spots here. Do you have one or two that you're kind of insane?


Like this would probably be a really good spot for fantasy? Yeah, those are a couple that stand out, right? I mean, Chicago obviously makes some sense.


I know personally, as somebody that's been, you know, in on David Montgomery during the off season and in season, you know, his uptick in passing game work. I mean, the last two weeks he's run, you know, career high and routes and then he's seen a career high and catches and targets the last two weeks without Tarricone. So, like, that would obviously hurt his overall ceiling now that he's becoming a viable pass catcher. But there's obviously a need there.


Not not even just because, like, there was there was a need there. You can make the argument even when Tarricone was there, because we know he wasn't getting 100 carries. And, you know, I'm sure as Tagg's has tags knows and you guys know, like the depth that the running back position is, you know, arguably the worst in the NFL. And somehow that team is four and one right now. And they're going to probably want to not even just the running backs, but like outside of Allen Robinson, you don't have any consistency as a pass catcher like you can.


You can put Le'Veon Bell in and give him some carries in, line them up in the slot. Like, I think that would make a lot of sense. And then there's also teams like would Detroit add another running back? Would you know, everybody's going for that for the rest of time. Apparently, Tampa Bay is going to be a rumor to every running back. But I think Chicago would be like the best logical fit if he wants to know, compete this year because the bears are off to a good start and the Fed is there if he just wants.


I've also heard, like some people talking about the cardinals, that would be kind of interesting, Kenny. You know, they didn't commit to him fully in the off season. He's on that one year deal. He hasn't played exactly. You know very well. And, you know, Le'Veon Bell could, you know, thrive in an offense led by Carla Murray in that spread offense with DeAndre Hopkins. So those two would be interesting. But to me, like wherever he does sign, it's going to hurt somebody, right?


Like he unless he goes to even Miami, like Myles Gaskin has been awesome this year. So, like, even if he goes to Miami, which would be another fit that's hurting Myles Gaskin, he's kind of emerged as a really strong fantasy play each week.


So no matter what, unless he goes back to the Jets somehow or somebody tackles Florida, you what do you think here with the Le'Veon Bell situation?


We were talking about this in a slack message. So I know that you've got some thoughts on here. What are your thoughts here with Le'Veon Bell?


I believe the Bears do. I think the bears make the most sense for Le'Veon Bell, for the Bears, for everybody involved. I don't think the bears are a contender. Obviously, we're both bears guys. We both grew up in Chicago. But I think this this team is very I don't I don't know how they're four and one, I'm going to be honest. But David Montgomery is a guy that they talked about. I don't say they because they never did.


They felt like David Montgomery was the guy when Leonard Fournette became available. They didn't even approach that. They said we're we're not interested in that. That was well, Tarricone was still healthy. So I think they had to at least entertain the idea that Le'Veon Bell can come in and provide a stable presence in the passing game, because using Cordarrelle Patterson in that role is the dumbest thing I've ever done, because anytime he goes in that backfield, you know exactly what's going to be happening.


If I know that means the opposing defensive coordinator knows. So, Le'Veon Bell, the reason that it makes sense for him as a player because he walks into a situation where he's more talented than David Montgomery. Granted, Bell is not the same player he once was, but he has a wider skill set, a better pass catcher, more respected, could force defenses to remain honest, because David Montgomery, I think he's seen stack boxes on like eight percent of his carry.


So it's not that he's seeing loaded fronts. That's not the reason that he's not getting it done. So the bears make a whole lot of sense. You know, you were talking about some other landing spots that I didn't necessarily agree with because I felt like Le'Veon Bell as a is a person. What we've come to know him as is, I don't want to say selfish, but he cares about himself. He cares about how people view him. He cares about a lot of that stuff.


Right. I don't think he's signing with a team that he doesn't have a chance to become the starter. The Bears, he absolutely has that chance to become it. Whereas if you went to a team like the Titans, he's the clear number two to Derrick Henry. You're not going to bench Derrick Henry for Le'Veon Bell. So there are a lot of teams that you can make a case for. But when it comes to Bell as a player, he's going to clear waivers because nobody's picking up that contract.


So when it comes to Bell as a player, if he's really looking for a situation that he can thrive, that he actually gets notoriety, I don't I don't know if there's a better spot in the Bears. Looking at and that's why I brought it up at the beginning, was saying, like, what does Le'Veon Bell want? Does he want to sign with a contender and be like a complimentary piece? Then I think that's where teams like the Titans, you know, make a ton of sense, maybe even the.


Well, not the 49ers. The 49ers aren't going anywhere, you know, like the bills, like these teams that he can walk and be the complimentary piece, because I think even in Chicago with David Montgomery, even as like he's looked fine, but he's not producing the way that he should with this opportunity. But yet at the same time, like they're not going to take Le'Veon Bell off the street in week six and give him the 100 percent of the carries, 100 percent of the touches out of the backfield.


They're just not going to do it. So I think that it depends on what he wants. Does he want to be that complimentary piece on a kid, on a contender, then teams like the Titans makes sense. Does he want to try to reset his market and try to get one last big contract as a running back at his age? It's not going to happen. We can sit here now and we can say even if he goes to a team like let's just say like you threw up at Miami, if he goes to Miami, he can beat out Myles Gaskin.


Myles Gaskin has looked great, but he can still beat out Myles Gaskin and get, you know, the majority of the carries show that he still has it. But, yeah, he's not going to get a big contract at twenty eight years old. Twenty nine years old, entering free agency next year. So I think it all depends on what he wants. I think you summed it up perfectly, Adam. No matter where he lands, it's going to hurt someone.


And so I think at this point, it's just we're just waiting. We're waiting to see who it's going to hurt, how it's going to affect players for fantasy. We, of course, we'll talk about it more and break it down as we get more news. But we've got to move on. Guys, let's talk about the Tuesday Night Football recap. It sounds so freakin weird to say that, but Tuesday Night Football recap, we had the Titans put on a show against the Buffalo Bills.


Josh Allen. Twenty six or forty one, two hundred and sixty three yards passing two touchdowns, two interceptions, only four for eighteen on the ground tags. Josh Allen has been dominant this year. Are we concerned about Josh Allen after this performance?


No, I'm not concerned. It was a bad game. You know, it's the same thing as Jimmy Garoppolo ought to be going to say, oh, did he come back too soon from that ankle injury? Did you know Josh Allen like it? Was it a fluke for the first month? I think players have bad games. It's all I think it was. He didn't look as confident last night. He didn't I don't know why he stopped running the ball.


It's like he has to show off that arm all the time. Missing. John Brown clearly affected him. Isaiah McKenzie. That's I believe that's who the ball bounced off of the chest on one of the first three. Roberts under Roberts bounce off his chest. And that was an interception on Josh Allen. So I don't want to put everything on him. He was not great last night. But at the same time, I'm not panicking. He just needs to get back to running the ball, especially this week against chiefs.


Yep, completely agree.


Let's move on to the wide receiver position, though. Again, you mentioned John Brown not in not in action. Cole Beasley catches all of his target six to fifty. Three's a fine PPR flex option. Gabriel Davis showed off nine targets, five for fifty eight. But here's the big one. Stefon Diggs. Sixteen targets, ten receptions, one hundred and six yards. Adam, you mentioned you're a Bills fan before we started recording. How happy are you that you guys made that trade for Stefon Diggs in the off season?


Every week I watch him play. I say to my friends and everybody that knows me, I say I would have I would have given to first round picks for that guy.


I mean, he has been so ridiculously good this year.


And I think that was a little bit of Josh Allen's problem last night, was because John Brown wasn't there and Stefon Diggs is so good, he was kind of force feeding him the ball a little bit. But like at the end of the day, he's, you know, one of the elite receivers in this game. So it's hard not to. But, yeah, like, I completely overlooked the fact that, a, you know, Stefon Diggs can just be that good no matter where he goes and be like the Buffalo Bills.


And a big reason why Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs have both been so good this year is Bryan Table is literally just giving Josh Allen the keys of the offense. We've we've come to know the bills as a run, first run heavy team that relies on that. And good defense. Their defense is terrible. But even before that, like right off the bat this year, Josh Allen was commanding this offense there. The bills are one of the pass heaviest teams in on early downs in the NFL.


And I don't think that's going to change. I think their skill right now is to just run three and four wide sets. Stefon Diggs, you know, just getting open at will. And he's just been unbelievable. So, yeah, like after weeks one and two, like a lot of people, because I'm sure you guys know Stefon Diggs is a guy going wide receiver. Twenty five range a lot of times. Yes. So a lot of a lot of people in fantasy drafted him and they they have other guys that are viable.


But now, like especially after the first two weeks, you know that Stefon Diggs is in your starting lineup every single week.


I was going to phrase that to tags in this way like Tagg's moving forward. Stefon Diggs, low and wide receiver one.


Yeah, you kind of have to think of them that way. I have them. I think I haven't ranked is my number thirteen wide receiver. So it might be high end wide receiver. It's a borderline wide receiver. Yeah. Yes, yeah.


He's been dominant. Let's flip over to the Titans here. Ryan Tannehill. Twenty one for twenty eight, one ninety five passing not not crazy but yet three touchdowns and then also gets it done on the ground for four forty two and a score. Ryan Tannehill. I didn't necessarily think that this was a fantastic. Matchup for Ryan Tannehill, where I was considering playing him, Troy Davis White, you know, missing this game, played a huge role in that, too.


But yet Ryan Tannehill here, what are we what are we thinking about Tannehill moving forward? Tax low end QB one kind of this QB to play him in the right matchups? Yeah, I mean, it's weeks like the one that they have coming up where Derrick Henry against Houston should just like literally pound this team into oblivion. And Henry was a little upset a few times. Had to be like being pulled out of the game. He kind of looked at the sideline like, why are you pulling me out?


I know they didn't run the ball with extreme efficiency last week, but against Houston, they're going to have plenty of holes. And that's the that's the area you have to worry about Tannehill. But he keeps getting it done, even though there are those games, even though towards the end of last year, Derrick Henry was a monster. Ryan Tannehill still been a top six fantasy quarterback ever since he took over the starting job. So I really don't know why we should start doubting him now.


So, I mean, I will say that he is a low end QB, one high end QB, too, especially with AJ Brown back in the lineup.


Seven receptions on nine targets. Eighty two total yards and a score is dominant. Welcome back to the NFL, AJ Brown. Johnny Smith continues to get it done. Five receptions, 40 yards, two touchdowns, ridiculous production from Johnny Smith this year. And then Derrick Henry, of course, finding the end zone twice. So those are the three main options that I'm considering moving forward as far as far as this receiving corps. And Derrick Henry on the ground of obviously.


But AJ Brown, Johnny Smith, outside of that, you really don't need to be looking at any of these other guys, even Corey Davis, when he comes back before we keep moving, I want to say thank you to Felix Gray for sponsoring today's podcast.


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OK, guys, let's move on to some of the starts here. We're going to be looking at the running back position here and of course, looking at the running back half PPR, XRX standing for expert consensus ranking, taking all the rankings from the experts around the industry, putting them into an average year. So let's go to tags here first and then we'll go to Adam for the running back position. Let's look at a player outside the top twenty and the running back position who you were saying you guys should be considering starting this week.


I don't know why people continue to doubt Myles Gaskin. Like I said, I basically look at wasted opportunity in terms of what they're getting in the backfield, and even though he wasn't getting the golden touches, he has been getting the 16th most wasted opportunity among running backs. So that already in itself is just like, OK, this guy has got a solid floor on this team. You look at the matchup against the Jets, they're now nine and a half point favorites, which is just crazy for a divisional game.


They are at home. All that bodes well for a running back that's getting, you know, 70 percent of the team's touches. Jordan Howard was inactive last week, and that's why Myles Gaskin did get a goal line care. He scored a touchdown. So if we're getting that with Gascón, combined with that sixteenth most opportunity among running backs, why are people ranking him outside the top 20 of our running backs? I think he's a rock solid RB two this week.


And honestly, it would not shock me at all if he finishes as a top ten option.


He's the name that I that I wrote down. Adam, would you agree?


Yeah, it's just it's just ridiculous. Like, there's a lot of like why would you even want to.


I understand the upside, but why would you want to gamble on the Rams running backs over Myles Gaskin right now or the Ravens running backs? And a lot of those guys are often ranked ahead of him. I mean, I'd even start I'd start Gascón over Kenyan Drake, like like what has he done? The guys really involved in the passing game, he's literally top eight in among all running back categories that you want for a pass. Get your running back.


Right. He's fifth and Target's more running backs fourth in receptions six and receiving yards eighth and roots run. And then, like Tag said, the the only knock on him has been the lack of goal line work. Jordan Howard, healthy scratch and immediately you see Myles Gaskin convert that go on carry into a touchdown. He also had three or four redzone targets in that last game against San Francisco. So like Matt Breeda had, I think nine carries, like four of them came with that game kind of out of reach, although it was kind of hard to reach from the get go.


But Myles Gaskin is looking at, you know, 16 to 20 touches a game right now.


And if if Jordan Howard is a healthy scratch again and considering the Dolphins just did whatever they wanted to and gas can look good, I don't know why he wouldn't be. You're looking at a guy who needs to be at least viewed as a top twenty running back and maybe even higher. Just give him the floor and now the potential upside that he's getting. Go on work. Yeah.


Twenty nine in in half PPR right now. I've got him at twenty two tags.


Where do you have him this week. I have him all the way up at sixteen. OK, I guess I, I would. You mentioned all those guys. I'd start over David Johnson, I start over Devin Singletary over Kenyon Drake Gaskin. I mean the Jets are facing an average of thirty point two running back touches per game. So like I think it's a lock for him to get eighteen touches. The Jets have been a good run defense under Greg Williams, but I think we're starting to see a team that's giving up on their coach.


And we've seen this before. We've definitely seen this before. Our teams have just given up because they're just tired of playing for that guy and there's no accountability by the front office. Why should you know what I mean? This team is going nowhere. So, Myles Gaskin, again. Eighteen plus touches. That's hard to replace.


I think it completely comes down to so far this season. I viewed Myles gassing as like this high end RB three because he is not getting the goal line work now he's getting that. So absolutely. Bump him up in your rankings. I mean, I was going to say I have a twenty two. I can easily see the case to move him higher. I've got Kenyon Drake at twenty right now. Not feeling great about that. I can easily see playing Myles Gaskin over Kenny Drake, like you said, Adam so completely agree there.


Let's go over to the wide receiver position. If we are all in agreement that Myles Gaskin is the running back that you need to be starting, let's move over to the wide receiver position, looking at someone outside the top thirty that we are considering a start here. Tagg's, who do you have?


I mean, I'm kind of abusing the system here, but I'm going to say, Devante Parker, I don't I don't understand why he's ranked outside the top thirty. Do you guys have any information like that? I miss an injury on Devante Parker and I've done this with Parker on the show before. I've said I don't get it. And then there was a start of the week segment where I was like, play like I think you brought up Parker.


And I was you didn't even need to say the rest. I was like, Star Parker. I don't know how you don't start Parker this week against the Jets. I mean, the Jets have allowed to 100 yard receivers in the season already. Neither of those receivers even saw more than seven targets. Those receivers were DeAndre Hopkins, Ten, Patrick, both perimeter wide receivers. There have been nine wide receivers who have totaled at least fifty two yards against the Jets.


That's that shows that Parker has a high floor. And then when you realize their best, cornerback Ryan Poole plays in the slot, which is where Devante Parker doesn't play on the perimeter. That that duo they have on the perimeter there has just been burned. They've had to go to Lamar Jackson playing a cornerback right now, and he is allowed eleven of thirteen passing for 204 yards and a touchdown in his coverage right now. So peer decir is no better.


There's a reason that the Colts moved on from here to here. They just cut his contract. They ate the money. This is a terrible secondary. I don't know why you would not start Devante Parker if you're not gonna starting this week, trade him away. No.


The only thing that I can think of for Devante Parker being he's he's moving up. I think when I looked at this, looked at it this morning, he was at thirty two right before we started recording. He was at thirty one. He's now at. So he's just that this is moving up, I fully expect him to be up in the top 20 by the time that we get to, you know, Thursday, Friday, later on this week, but only three targets last week.


So that's the only thing that I can think of that would indicate that he should be this low in the rankings. I've got a much, much higher than that still to four fifty and a score last week. So and again, you mentioned it out of this game, got out of hand pretty quickly. So they didn't even need Devante Parker to win. So I think Devante Parker absolutely was someone that I circled here. Adam, was he the name that you were going to bring up or do you have someone else?


He wasn't, but I totally agree. I mean, patissier, like last time, we all kind of saw him in prime time. It was that it was that Broncos game where he had a couple of good play. But that was mainly because, you know, Brett Rypien just made some terrible throws and this guy's given up like three fantasy points per target and coverage. He has legitimately been terrible. And Devante Parker is a guy who we've seen in the past have success against the elite corners in the NFL.


So, like this should be almost a cakewalk for him. I'm going to go to another team that just has not given us any reason to not play receivers against them. And that's the Dallas Cowboys. And you're obviously starting DeAndre Hopkins every week.


But Christian Kirk, you know, he had this Jets matchup last week, which is a great one, I think, at five or 78. So you'll take that. And look, I mean, Dallas has just been so bad defensively, especially against wide receivers at fantasy, Jeff Ratcliffe and a lot of the guys at the site, they just they're so incredible with these tools that they produce. And there's one that it's an advanced TVP tool which shows where how many fantasy points teams are giving up to what receivers or receivers on the right side of the formation, the left side of the formation in the slot.


And Dallas has been bad against, you know, pretty much everywhere. But third, most fantasy points per game allowed to write wide receivers, which is where Christian Kirk finds out primarily. So he'll see the rookie, Trevon Treveon Diggs, who, you know, he's had some some ups and a lot more downs. He's given up a lot of production and coverage this season. Third, most yards in coverage, two touchdowns, just, you know, not been a great start for this for this entire secondary.


And I think Kyler Murray and this offense should be able to be able to do whatever they want. And they haven't been run blocking very well, which is a reason why Drake hasn't been good. And like there really is only one decent part of this Dallas defense and it's kind of their front seven.


So like if if they're going to attack this defense, it's going to be through the air. And Christian Kirk is a guy that I really like. If you're hurting that receiver this week, if you're replacing, you know, the Seattle receivers, for instance, I would definitely look to go get Christian.


Kirk talked about him on the waiver wire. So tags and I brought up Christian Kirk. I was pretty high on him because of this matchup. If you need a wide receiver this week, I was saying go grab Christian Kirk because I love the matchup. Adam illustrating it there for me with some great research there. So, Tagg's, what are your thoughts here on Christian Kirk? Do you think that he's someone that you can roll into your lineup as a solid flex play or maybe even someone higher than that as like a potential low end wide receiver?


Three, I think he has a sturdy floor. He has gotten at least five targets and three of the four games that he's played the Cowboys as a team, like a unit as a whole, they've allowed two point two point one eight PPR points per target to wide receivers that ranks as the third highest in the NFL. I guess the question that I have with Kirk is, does Shadowbox come back? And if he does, does he go back to left cornerback where he they kind of flip flopped him and Trevon Diggs, if it was he is healthy and he goes back to left corner, that's where Kirk's running most of his routes.


And that would be the worst matchup on the field. We know DeAndre Hopkins is going to go off like that's going to happen. It's just a matter of is there enough production to go around? And considering that I have Kyler Murray as tentatively I have him as my number one quarterback this week, I think that there's enough room for production here. Even if he comes back, he's coming off a hamstring injury, which they could be it could be aggravated.


He could be at least a percent because they're rushing him back because the secondary is just bleeding fantasy points. So I do think that he has a wide receiver for type floor, but I think that he can get into the wide receiver three range.


The only thing I'm worried about with Christian Kirk is that if there really is covering DeAndre Hopkins, like, he might just get 100 catches.


Yeah, he's not. That's how it's slated to be right now.


I, I don't know if they change things, but even if they put over Diggs over on him, it's not going to matter that the only way Christian Kirk does have a solid game here is if DeAndre Hopkins like literally just has like a George Kittle Monday night, something like the Eagles possible.


It is very, very possible. I've got Hopkins at two this week and it's just like I, I'm not questioning that at all. Like, I feel like you can absolutely finish her. I feel like it's a block. I love the call there, obviously with Christian Kirk. And because I talked about him on my on the waiver wire podcast saying that I'm absolutely a fan of Kirk this week. I'm going to go with Jamison Crowder here, guys.


We look at Crowder and especially now that we don't have the question marks of Le'Veon Bell. You're looking at this offense. You know that they're going to be throwing the ball because they're going to be playing from behind. And Jamison Crowder has done nothing this season to indicate that he can not be a fine wide receiver to start. I mean, look at his his finishes. He's only played in three games. He makes two and three, but wide receiver seven on the week against Buffalo with thirteen targets in week four, wide receiver, twenty five with ten targets, went for seven and 104.


And then last week. Against Arizona wide receiver, nine to ten targets, eight receptions, one hundred six yards and a score. So he needs the score to be able to get up into the top 12. But yet, guys in ACR right now he's where is he, 35 like this. This is a low end wide receiver, three. And I'm saying stardom is as more than that. Like because we just don't he's getting the work. And even though it feels gross to roll out a Jets wide receiver, Jamison Crowder is going to be a safe wide receiver.


Two options. I have met twenty four right now.


I don't even like Jamison Crowder. Most weeks I talk with Dan about this on the Recap podcast. He's like, Why are you so low on Jamison Crowder? I'm like, I don't know. He's just not sexy, whatever. But I've gone through it and I don't I don't see how you rank him below, like wide receiver twenty, like he's a high end wide receiver, three at worst considering the matchup this week.


Yeah. Yeah. And that's yeah. I didn't even talk about the matchup. I mean, it's just looking at the fact that he is literally the only option here. I mean, Jeff Smith, people are talking about Jeff Smith as an option, like, no, he's not going to take away enough work from Jamison Crowder that Crowder cannot be ruled out as a solid wide receiver. To Adam, what are your thoughts here on Crowder before we move on to Titan?


Yeah, like, I don't know.


There's a there's a there's a path to where, like, your team is just really, really Souder's heaver and like. Yeah, would you would you, you know, feel better benching Crowder even though he has the floor. If you're needing upside, I get it. But like the like you said, he's given us no reason to not just continue to throw him out there. The quarterback change didn't do anything to hurt him last week. And like he's also scoring like he's obviously known as a slot guy, you know, getting those six, seven yard catches.


But he's been making some, you know, bigger plays down the field this year, two, which has been nice. And again, at the end of the day, Le'Veon Bell is not there anymore either. So the Dyno Denzel Mims might come back, but we're not expecting him to get any sort of significant target share in this offense. It's going to be Jamison Crowder going forward. And yeah, like just, you know, what you're getting every week.


You're probably getting like eight for seventy, like every week. And like, the upside games have been there as well. So 100 percent of the the main the and the only sign of life in this Jets offense right now is Jamison Crowder, 100 percent.


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All right. Let's move on to the tight end position here, Tagg's. Let's look outside the top 12. Who is someone that you are considering as a start this week?


Why is Miccosukee ranked 15th among Titans Dolphins fan out Tagg's? I'm not a dolphin. I mean, I'm a fan of attacking the Jets. And it's weird that I did bring up dolphins every single time. Here it goes to show I like Ryan Fitzpatrick.


Spoiler alert, but going for four. But honestly, I want you to know that every single time I like a sickie, he blows up my face. And then every time I figure Siggie, he blows up. So it's like, I don't know, I don't want to jinx it here. But the matchup against the Jets, it's hard not to like him. I mean, there have been three relevant fantasy titans that they've played against through five weeks.


They total Jordan Reed caught seven passes for fifty yards and two touchdowns coming back from the dead. Mosley Cox, who's not running any routes. I think he ran sixteen routes in that game. He got three passes for fifty yards and a touchdown. Noah Fant caught five passes for 35 yards. I mean, the game script is the only thing I can worry about for all these players. But I'm looking at the top options. Like Devante Parker is clearly the top option, that offense.


I don't think he played a big role last week, but I mean, he just totaled, what was it, ninety one yards against the forty Niners defense that had in their previous twenty games, they'd allowed just four tight ends to top thirty two yards. He just dominated a really tough matchup. So it's like you're looking at it's not to say that koseki is like a smash like 100 percent. I feel confident saying that he's going to kill it with tight on one value.


But when you're comparing him to every other tight end, like T.J. Hawkinson, as he's I don't I don't even know. Has he seen more than five targets yet? I don't think he has. Zach Ertz has been playing like garbage. I still say you trust him. Robert Tarkanian, he's caught a touchdown every two point eight targets. I know Evan Ingram been terrible in that offense. He he's someone that's really interesting this week because he is like the squeaky wheel.


Does he get the grease? Because he said this week about the offense, they said, why are you struggling? He's like, well, I'm asked to do a lot of curl roots, and I'm not just running down the seam like I was last year. So I don't know if that's like a sign that we need to get this guy the ball. We need to stretch the field a little bit. Or if they're going to say, you know what, screw you, Evan Ingram.


We're going to put Kaden Smith on the field. Eric, Iran, there's so many damn options in Pittsburgh. Can we say that we absolutely love him. So it's just it's comparing Kazuki to all those other options. And I just I feel like he presents the most upside and the targets have been there for him most of the time.


Yeah, definitely not a locked and loaded guaranteed option. But yet looking at the matchup, if you want to play the matchup, and I think that that's kind of where we need to be with these tight ends right now. I mean, you just listed through some of these other options. We looked at the guys that were ranked in the top 12 last week that just absolutely disappointed. I mean, five out of the top twelve, you know, tight ends combining for seven catches for forty eight yards or whatever it was.


It was just it was abysmal. So I think if you're looking at someone that you want to roll the dice with, Koseki is absolutely worth considering. Six, six targets last week, five receptions. Ninety one yards and a score. Definitely worth plugging into your lineup if you are in need of a tight end. Adam, let's go to you here. Who is someone that you're looking at at the tight end position?


So that Sunday night game against Seattle and Minnesota was really interesting for me for a lot of reasons, but finally started to see something from Irv Smith. And I was really high on Earth. Smith in the offseason, mainly because my co-host on the Fade to Check podcast, Derek Brown Debro, was super high on him. He talked me into it.


And through the first couple of weeks, he was not being used at all. And it was really frustrating. But on on that and that's what I like. Game he ran thirty one pass routes, which doesn't sound like an immense number, but when you consider it in weeks, one through four, he only ran like sixty pass routes.


They clearly made an effort to get him involved.


He had a season high targets and like they need him because Justin Jarvis has been great and Adam Thielen is incredible, but they don't have anything at receiver or any pass catchers other than those two receivers. And Dalvin Cook, we know Dalvin Cook might not play this week. They ran twelve personnel at the highest rate of the season last game and now he gets the Falcons who have just been absolutely awful against tight ends this season. Sure Ian Thomas. And do anything.


Ian Thomas is involved in the offense. Cool, but we saw Robert Tarnya with three touchdowns. They're just giving it up to every single tight end they face. They've given up multiple touchdowns to the tight ends, like three of their five games. I think. URF Smith, you know, there's been a lot of disappointment, a tight end this week, this season. And I think Aerosmith, given the sign we saw on Sunday night, could be somebody that you can pick up and chase an upside game because like Colorado, if only has 10 targets this year and Irv Smith has run more routes in him.


So I think they're going to we're going to continue to see Aerosmith play a little bit more, maybe lineup in the slot a little bit more. So I'm really intrigued by Aerosmith this week, given the uptick in usage and the matchup.


Adamu stole my guy. And you made my argument for me that I'm right there with you.


Whether Smith, he said, look good. He has he's always had the talent, but it's been the fact that he has not been involved in this offense and now that that, again, you mentioned he was a clear part of this game plan. You look at the first two targets in that game, you know, right out of the gate, it was Irv Smith on a slant. It got batted down. And then the second one, you know, like he was just completely a part of this game plan.


And, yes, absolutely. They need someone else outside of Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson to step up in this offense. And Kyle Rudolph, you can still be a factor in the red zone, but his day has passed. I think Earl Smith is now the future. So I think looking at here's the thing. I said this on the waiver wire podcast. Like, if you if it was hypothetically Minnesota was going up against Baltimore or a really, really stout defense, I would be saying probably don't take the shot whether Smith this week.


Right. But yet he's going up against Atlanta. And this is the week that if you are if you're just done with Zach Ertz, you're so frustrated, frustrated with Zach Ertz, Dalton Schultz, like these other guys who are just so week in and week out, you know, just terrible, you know, that have just so much volatility to him. Take the shot, Will Smith. You can pick him up, stream them like I think it could work out for you.


Tagg's, what do you think here with Smith and especially against Atlanta?


I am four spots higher than consensus on him. So I am I am somewhat with you guys. I am a little hesitant because last week was the first time that we've seen a Vikings tight end, whether it be him or Kyle Rudolph C more than four targets since week thirteen of last year. It was a weird game. I think they were targeting towards the line of scrimmage a little bit more because that Seattle pass rush was somehow getting to cousins. It was a very messy game with the rim there in Seattle.


So I'm cautiously optimistic with Smith because we do want to see him play a bigger role against Atlanta. They don't have Dalvin Cook and I don't think they're going to be running the ball thirty times they're having their running backs touch the ball thirty times so we should see an increase in pass attempts. So I'm with you guys. I'm cautiously optimistic, but I'm optimistic. Yeah, I think that if you are like I said, if you are in a spot where you need a tight end replacement for this week, that's why I brought him up on the waiver wire podcast.


I'm sure that he in some leagues, he's still sitting there. So I think that we you can look his way. Let's go to the quarterback position and fly through this one. Guy's a start at the QB position outside the top 12 tags. Are you going for four here?


I mean, it's unfair. You said out to the top 12. I want to say Kirk Cousins, but he's not outside the top 12. I have cousins at six right now.


I have him very high as well. I just want to I just want I just want to make a point that there's two guys that I would have said over Ryan Fitzpatrick before, because, again, these quarterbacks are like Tom Brady and Kirk Cousins are both guys that I would start over Ryan Fitzpatrick. But I mean, I've already talked enough about the dolphins. I'm going to screw myself 100 percent. I know it. But Ryan Fitzpatrick, I mean, if you were to go back to last year when they basically went to him in a full time basis, this is like I think it's like to week five weeks six, seven, I think.




Where they went to him, he's been like the number four quarterback in fantasy football. He did have a stinker, you know, a couple of weeks ago where they talked about benching him. But against the Jets, I mean, the Jets, the Jets, everything. Nothing but good comes from playing against the Jets. That's that's all.


I mean, looking at he's the guy that I was going to bring up, too. I mean, he's too obvious of an answer here. I think the other one that I would say it all depends on what his health status looks like. But Cam Newton, he's sitting at seventeen right now. If he comes off of covid the covered list and absolutely fire him up, he's at seventeen again, like I said. But Ryan Fitzpatrick, the the clear answer here, unless, Adam, you have someone else that you wanna bring up.


Cam was one, but I kind of shied away from it just because of the uncertainty in Denver. Up a lot of production to on the ground. Quarterbacks Sam Donald is actually still running on that Thursday night touchdown.


The other one I was gonna mention and I had to make sure nothing happened last night. But Ryan Tenno. Hmmm, look, we talked about him. The the only concern I have is kind of similar to the DeAndre Hopkins mindset, but I just hope Derek doesn't have 700 rushing yards in this game. But, you know, the Texans, when I'm looking at streaming quarterbacks that aren't like the top five, they start every week or whatever. I just want teams that don't generate a pass rush.


Houston, bottom six and pressure. Right. Right. Now, you know, their secondary outside of Bradley Roby hasn't even hasn't been that sharp. And even without Cory Davis, Adam Humphries like the play action with their Keniry. We saw it last night. It just it just makes his job so much easier, especially when AJ Brown's back and Jonathan Smith in the middle of the field. And I think Ben Argerich, McKinney is a hurt now for for the Texans as well.


So, yeah, I just think, Tannahill, super safe floor. And I think in this spot, you know, if the Texans can put up points, could be a game or a sneaky shoot out. So I like Tannehill and the Afghans. If Cam does get cleared to play, I like him a lot way above where he's ranked as well.


Absolutely. Let's go over to some of our targets of the week, fellas. Let's go to the running back position. Tagg's, I'm going to go to you first. Make sure that you are on a half PPR and not standard.


You would you have had the running back position within the top 20 that you're saying if you can and I will say this first, this is a huge like just you most likely cannot sit any of these players within the top twenty. But yeah, I think the way that we can phrases is adjust your expectations. How about that? Because again, the running back landscape, you're not going to be able to afford to sit some of these guys. So let's just say adjust your expectations.


Who is someone that you're looking at here at the running back position?


Yeah, I mean, Darrell Henderson was up there, but now he's not. So it's kind of screwing my list I have here. I'm going to cheat here. I'm a stay Kenyan. Drake, I. I think it's a real possibility that the Cardinals decide to start going with Chase Edmunds a little bit more. This game can go south on them against the Cowboys. It's weird because I think Arizona is favored by two and a half in this game.


Well, that's bananas. I mean, that's what I'm seeing right now, unless I'm just blind. But, yeah, I don't I don't understand how that's happening. The Cowboys, this is all about basically expectations on Kenyan Drake. It's not so much the matchup against Cowboys because the Cowboys just allowed Devonta Freeman to look fine. But it's more about Chase Edmunds earning more touches moving forward because Drake has accounted for eighty eighty one point seven percent of the team's carries.


But then you've seen twenty three of the twenty nine targets go to Chase Edmunds. So is he going to start eating into that rushing total? It felt like Arizona was just trying to get Kenyan Drake going last week and they kept using him inside the five yard line. Let him push through that and he finally got that rushing touchdown. It was nothing special he did on that run. I just I was a Drake supporter before this year. I think he looks bad.


I think the offensive line's a problem. We know that. But I think he's a problem as well. And I legitimately just concerned that he's going to start losing some of those touches. So I would rather start someone like Myles Gaskin over him.


Cardinals are favored by two and a half, just half way. It's crazy. OK, so let's.


Yeah, so let's go let's go over to you, Adam, who is a running back that you're considering at least adjusting your expectations for?


Yeah, and it definitely helps after what we saw last night. But I'm definitely tempering expectations on Devin Singletary. Zach Moss has been practicing and for the last two Fridays and yet has not been able to play. So like, I'm cautiously expecting him to be back and we know that will sap any little golden opportunities that Singletary will have.


We've seen a lot of teams against the Chiefs this year. Just pound the rock and try to keep Mahomes off the field. Buffalo, I talked about it. That's not their mindset this year, man. They are opening the playbook. They're throwing early on downs. And if Matt Molano and Trey White aren't back, I mean, Patrick Mahomes is going to do whatever he wants. He probably can do whatever he wants anyway. But that's the case. I mean, Josh Allen, they're going to throw and throw and throw.


And we know Singletary, his past coaching role isn't massive. So for me, like this is seems like a spot where he's probably going to max out of like 12 to 13 touches at the Chiefs, you know, put up points in this game, which they should. And that's just kind of scares me off him a little bit. So, yeah, like, it's hard with all these running backs her and on by the bench him. But like, again, a lot of people might have picked up Myles Gaskin or Devonta Freeman.


I think I'd start those two both easily over Devin Singletary this week, for instance. I'm right there with you.


I think that Singletary, especially after what we saw last night, eleven for twenty five on the ground, not super involved in the receiving game. So yet he doesn't offer a safe floor. And so I think in this matchup, he is probably someone that you need to be looking elsewhere if you can't. And again, too, it's been super weird. I've been saying, like I think Zach Moss plays, you know, as we lead up to the games have been like, yeah, I think Zach Moss plays.


I think he plays. Oh, wait, he's a surprise. Inactive, inactive. So I just think that, yeah, if if Zach Moss comes back, it's going to be.


Very hard to see how Devin Singletary returns, are we to value I think he is he should be looked at as an arbitrary at best for me, guys. It's more so I'm not saying to sit him, but yet Mike Davis all the way up at seven against the Bears defense is a very, very hard sell for me to say that he's a locked and loaded RB one, yet like a solid RB one. Now, he has been fantastic and I'm not going to dispute that in any way.


He has looked amazing and went off last week against Atlanta. This Bears run defense is not the same without Eddie Goldman up the middle, but yet. And it can be beat, you know, it can be run on. But yet at the same time, this is a very, very stout defense. I think the Carolina Panthers offense is going to struggle more than they have previously. So looking at Mike Davis all the way up at seven, that's just a little bit too high for me to say.


Yes, start him confidently. He's more of a low end RB two in my rankings to someone that I want to kind of just temper expectations on. So I wanted to make sure I mentioned him. Let's go over to the wide receiver position. Tagg's, who was someone that you're saying in the top 30 that you should be looking to see if you can.


I'm not going to play it safe on this one. I'm going to say Marquese Brown, he's up at wide receiver sixteen in the consensus. And I think people are doing that because of what happened with Chase Claypoole last week, but it was kind of a blip on the radar. The Eagles secondary has allowed seven point five eight yards per target to wide receivers, which is the fourth lowest mark in the league. They've allowed just eleven yards per reception, which is the lowest mark in the league.


So it's basically, you know, if you want to beat them, the reason that the number three wide receiver has done pretty well against them in terms of like, you know, Darius Slay is the top cornerback. They have Nichelle Roby Coleman, who hasn't been great in the slot. That's actually, by the way, Chase Claypoole, where he did a lot of his damage last week, was in the slot. He scored two of his touchdowns in there.


Marquese Brown only goes in the slot twenty four percent of the time so he's going to match up with Darius Slay for the majority of the game. Marquese Brown is a guy that has less than 50 yards in I. It's fifteen of his last nineteen games so I understand that he has back to back games that have been actually, you know, fantasy relevant, but he has been a boom or bust player and I just don't think this matchup is as good as people think.


If he does not score, you are not happy that you start him. And so I think in this matchup you got to play the percentages. Does he score now? He can always break away a long play. He can always you know, Lamar Jackson can scramble and find him on a, you know, scramble drill. But yeah, at the same time, like, what are the percentage chances of that, especially when you factor in Derry clé going to be guarding him.


So yeah, to have him up at sixteen is a little bit of a a little bit aggressive. I think he's always going to be this wide receiver. Three in my rankings, someone that has the boom potential but then also has this bust potential that you know, like we've seen earlier this season, he's super hit or miss. So. All right, Adam, let's go to you. A wide receiver in the top 30 that you're saying people should say if they can.


I'm not really sure why Michael Gow continues to be kind of ranked where he is, like he's had one good game and he's being used as the vertical field stretcher in this offense, which that's that's fine and all.


But like now you have Andy Dalton, who, you know, good for the Cowboys for for making that signing in the off season because I don't want to happen. And now, obviously, unfortunately, with that guy out like it's massive for them, but with Keadilan just looking like a superstar in the slot, like, why would you not look to him? Almost every play, especially Amari Cooper, who's going to not be you know, he might be covered by Patrick Peterson, but like he was shadowed by James Bradberry.


Last game has been really good. I don't think he's going to be as little involved as he was last week. And it's like Michael Gallop, like if he doesn't Holon, I know we had those two deep completions to to seal a game that was that was great to see. But like for me as a top 24, 25 guy, I just don't see it because it hasn't happened. And like Michael Gallop is probably going to see some Peterson in this game, too.


We know he doesn't play in the slot at all. And, you know, he plays, you know, around 50 percent left and 45 50 percent right. So he'll play on both sides of the field that way. And that's the case. We'll see Patrick Peterson. So I just don't see it with him. There's a ton of receivers I'd rather play over Michael Gallop this week.


Let me put that to the test that Brandin cooks obviously super, you know, just disappointing two weeks ago, comes back, has a phenomenal game last week, like would you play Brandin Cooks over Michael Gallop this week?


I think I would. I just I saw I saw a quote from Deshaun Watson saying that they were they made an effort to get him involved, that there is goose egg. So maybe that was a one game thing. But I tend to lean towards a side of, you know, they need they need Brandin Cooks in this offense. And I just think, like, you don't like giving a zero, obviously, but I don't think either of these guys have massive flaws.


But like, if you're to tell me who's is higher, I mean, Brandin Cooks provides a higher target ceiling than Michael Gallop given their offices.


Yeah, I would agree with that tax. But you do that, too. Would you target Brandin Cooks? I actually got them right next to each other at thirty seven. Thirty eight. So it's really a toss up for me. It's something that I might find us as the week goes on. But I'm with you. I'm, I'm low on Michael Gallop. I'm at thirty seven when his ex is twenty six.


Yeah I've got him at thirty four so I'm right there with you guys. One of the guys in this range to that I want to bring up is D.J. More D.J. More obviously had a phenomenal game last week. And you know people are saying like OK, well he finally broke out and he could be the player that we think he, you know, has always had the talent to be obviously for four ninety five and a score, but that a lot of that yardage came on that big play and running down the sideline against the Atlanta Falcons defense.


Now you're going up against the Bears defense who. Yes, I just talked about the run defense is, you know, can be run on the pass. Not happening. They are shutting down opposing wide receivers this season. So D.J. Moore, if he had come out and gotten like ten targets last week and Robbie Anderson saw like eight or seven, now, that would be something that would have me a little bit more optimistic. Ranking him all the way up at eighteen is where he is in ICR right now.


Guys have gotten down at thirty one. I just he only saw five targets last week. He is still not involved enough in this offense. And again, an offense that I'm projecting to struggle a little bit this week against the Bears defense. He's just not someone that I can rule out there with confidence tax. What do you think here?


Yeah, I mean, it's difficult to sit him, but I agree with you. I'm lower on him than the consensus. I have him seven spots lower. So I think, again, I think it's difficult to sit him for a player like Lévesque astronaut or even a Mikal Hardman or something like that. But I am lower in general and more this week.


Adam, would you would you consider selling high on D.J. more? Because I think that his values sky high right now.


Yeah. So I write a like a stock report article at Afghan Fantasy every Monday. And Robby Anderson has been in that article in terms of like stock up for like three the five weeks because he's like it's not just this week or last week.


He's been the wide receiver one all year long, because I think we overlooked the connection between Robby Anderson and Matt Rule like Temple connection and the fact that he is literally running the complete opposite route, Terry, that he ran in in New York. He's he's the guy running the slants. He's playing in one wide receiver sets like TJ Moore is the field stretcher. Like, I think if you if you have, like, needs a running back and you know, D.J.


Moore is your wide receiver three or something like that. Like, absolutely. Look to do it because it's Jim, we're going to be just downright dreadful this year. I don't think so. He's too talented. There's going to be games where Carolina has to throw. But I don't think it was, you know, a knee jerk reaction in week two to say Robby Anderson was a wide receiver, one in this team. And it's clear as day now.


I mean, he has double digit targets and I think three or five games he's been the guy.


So, yeah, he has just been producing like nobody's business. So I think I just don't think that there's enough here for D.J. Moore. And like you said, he's not going to be, you know, consistent outside the top 60 wide receivers or anything. He's going to have, you know, value. But yet at the same time, to have him all the way up at eighteen was a little bit too aggressive for me. So I wanted to point that out.


Let's go to the tight end position here, Tagg's. There's a clear and obvious name for me here in the in the. But who you going with, Dalton Schultz is someone that I'm a little worried about this week coming off last week's game, he had three targets. I mentioned that at the end of the week for game, he came up like kind of gimpy. And I was wondering if something came of that. He was not listed on the practice report, on the injury report.


So I kind of wondering, I was like, maybe I overexaggerated it, whatever, but for whatever reason, he didn't get the targets. And then Andy Dalton comes in. We know that the passing volume is probably going to come down for this team as a whole. Arizona is no longer, unfortunately, the giving tree that it was last year against tight ends because we just played every tight end against them. But this year, I don't think they had a lot of single tight end over like 52 yards.


So Dalton Schultz is not he's not a Lockton start for me. Yeah, I think that's the right mindset with him, that he's not a Lockton now, he can absolutely produce because I mean, you look at the tight end landscape and if you get more than three catches, you're probably going to be in the top 12. But looking at I mean, Dalton Schultz to Andy Dalton had that connection with Tyler ifour for so long so that it could be this thing where we could be proven wrong.


And he has, you know, an inclination to target the tight end position. Dalton Shultz's. But as far as a locked and loaded, I agree with you taxies all the way up at seven right now. I'm a little bit lower than that. I'm not confident in starting him this week. Adam, let's go to you. Who is a tight end inside the top 12 that you are considering sitting? If it wasn't for Tyler Higbee three touchdown game against the Eagles, I mean, where would he be at?


You know, I mean, bad is not and it's not even his fault. It's just the Rams running attack has been really good. And that's what they've been sticking to. They are calling a run at the second highest rate in the NFL, just under 52 percent of the time.


And Tyler Higbee, before he broke out last year, he was there blocking tight end. And Gerald Everett being back, has taken away from his workload and his touches and his roots are giving Gerald Everett like carries inside the three inside the five yard line. Tyler Higbee on a team that's running the ball, one of the highest rates in NFL. As a result, he's blocking I mean, he leads all tight ends in the NFL and run blocking snaps and he's thirtieth and routes are on a tight end.


Like for me, if you need your tight end to be running routes, it's that simple and can tell. Scored two touchdowns on to play action passes inside the tent.


Absolutely. And he's still going to have a roll down there. But if he doesn't score, the floor is like incredibly low. I mean, we've seen it so against the Niners tax talked about how good the Niners defense has been against tight ends. They held Zach Ertz to what was of, you know, four catches for nine yards. The only touchdown that he opposed last week was like a three hour touchdown to Adam Shaheen. So they've been a lead against that position.


I just have no no confidence in Tyler Igby right now with how this team is running the football and they're going to continue to do that.


I'm completely there with you. I mean, you look at you mentioned that one game, right? In week two, he went for he saw five targets, which was his season high, five receptions. Fifty four yards, three touchdowns. He obviously finished as the number one overall tight end that week. But outside of that week, one tight end finish of twenty one week, three twenty week for thirty two week five twenty nine. So I mean you're rolling him into your lineup as nothing more than a touchdown dependent tight end too.


So for him to still be ranked up at eleven is, is very, very aggressive for me. I'm not crazy about starting him and I'm looking to him if I can. The name here guys for me is Zach Ertz. And it pains me to say I am very frustrated with Zach Ertz this year. I have him in several places. But I mean, we can't be starting Zach Ertz anymore. He can't be in your starting lineup with what we have seen and now especially going up against Baltimore, I think that this offense is going to struggle even more than it has this season.


Baltimore is just been on fire from a defensive perspective. So I'm looking at Zach Ertz again. I talked just talked about Tyler Higbee's fantasy finishes. Let's talk about Zach Ertz. I mean, fifteen, twenty one seven where he went. He saw ten targets in week three against Cincinnati, seven for seventy. But then twenty seven, 43, like the past two weeks, have just been atrocious for Zach Ertz. Six targets, one reception for six yards.


He just does not look the same on the field. And I think that it can certainly bounce back any given week. And I hope and pray that it does because we need Zach Ertz to be good for fantasy football. But right now he cannot be in your starting lineup. He's five in a.. I haven't met fourteen this week. I'm just not confident plugging him into my lineup. Adam, do you agree here with Zach Ertz or do you are you still buying in?


I want to buy in like I know Travis Fulgham broke the slate last week, but it's like they still we'll see if Alshon and Deshawn Jackson get back.


My question is like, if you have Zach Ertz in your team, who exactly are you confident benching him for? Right. Right, right, right. That's that's the tough part.


Like, if you like Mike Jéssica, like, I think at this point you kind of have to play your psyche right now over him. But other than that, like you're going to pick up Robert Tanin with Davante Adams back and feel comfortable. I don't know Dalton Schultz like it's such a tough spot for Zach Ertz because you would still imagine him to be incredibly involved with the Eagles offense right now. But it's just what does he have? Five catches for fourteen yards over the last two weeks?


It's it's such a weird situation. Luckily, I traded him away two weeks ago. I am very happy about that, although my tight end now is hating her.


So really. But but yeah, it's a it's a tricky situation.


Tagg's, what are your thoughts here? I know that you're still kind of on the like buying into Zach Ertz. And again, I'll like the same way that Adam did. I'd want to buy in, but I just can't right now.


Yeah, he's still in the the league and routes among tight ends. The Ravens have been a good defense, but at the same time, they've already allowed three titans to post 50 plus yards against them, including David and Joka and Jordan ACoNs to athletic tight ends. And I mentioned this before. Ertz is better with Alshon Jeffery in the lineup. If you go through and look at his game logs, like do the game splits between those two, when when Jeffrey is in the lineup, you would think it's like, oh, Ertz is going to get more targets.


His target floor is higher. It doesn't matter. He's not very efficient with his targets. When Jeffrey's out of the lineup, Jeffrey and Deshawn Jackson are going to pull coverage away from Ertz where teams don't get to Kiona key in on him as much. I do believe there's a bounce back. And I don't think that the Ravens this is the one position that I'm not really scared of against them. All right.


Let's the quarterback position. We got to fly through. This guy's really quick. Who is a sit for you within the top twelve? Did we did the starts, but we haven't talked about the set. Is there anyone that really jumps off the page? There isn't really. For me. I mean, it's really tough. But I would say that Jared Goff is someone that I'd be worried about a little bit. He has not thrown more than thirty two pass attempts in any game this year.


The 49ers, even though their defense is just. Estimated right now, they have since the start of last year, they've lost three quarterbacks to hit more than seven point four yards per attempt, which means basically attempts. You need attempts against them, unless you're right, Patrick, because he's just the goat. But Jared Goff, with the lack of passing attempts, it's definitely worrisome.


Yeah, he's at 12 right now. That was probably the one that I was going to point out. Adam, anyone that jumps off the page to you?


Yeah, Goff was the guy when I first looked, Matt Ryan was 12. And then I wrote, like, definitely him. So I'll just add that he has one touchdown pass since the first quarter of week three.


Yeah. Is not been great for Matt Ryan. I would sit him, if you can, to. Let's go to the sleeper segment here, guys. Let's look at someone outside the top thirty six running backs that we can say that you should consider plugging into your lineup as a sleeper option. I'll just throw mine out here really quick. It's JD McKissic. Actually, JD McKissic moved up, so never mind.


He was mine to actually. Yeah, he he just skyrocketed. So let's go. Tagg's, who do you have while I scramble for the heck I'm going to pick up now I'm going with DeAndre Swiftian, DeAndre Swift coming out of their bye week.


I think this is a chance to implement him more in the offense. And the Lions are a team that they're not going anywhere fast. They drafted Swift obviously at the top of the second round. He has been involved in the passing game. There was one game in there where it was just like his role was actually nonexistent. But outside of that, he's actually been used in the passing game. If they come out of this by and involve him a little bit more, I think you're going to start to see an arbitrary in fantasy circles.


So I'm willing to take that shot on him during by weeks, if you're like in a real pinch. OK, Adam, what about for you? So McKissic was originally mine, and I saw he moved up. So this this but I think McKissic is out there. I think a lot of people are wondering about McKissic if they could start them and the U.S. are correct in that aspect.


Yeah, I mean, like a lot of people will point to the fact that Alex Smith, he always targets him, Alex Smith. But he started like three of them from Kyle Allen. And Kyle Allen was not you know, they're not throwing down the field. I mean, three of his units were behind the line of scrimmage. So I don't all so I like McKissack a lot. And I'm going to add Frenk or. Oh, God, that feels great.


Listen, listen, I know it's bad, but they were making a stop there for a good amount of work with with or without Le'Veon Bell.


Now he's fully out of the equation and it's just the matchup. I know revenge games for Frank would really count because he's played like five.


But Miami's also been, you know, vulnerable against Iran. They're allowing one point six rushing touchdowns per game. The red zone defense has been bad. Frank gets you like an ugly seventeen carries for 60 yards and a touchdown. And again, like I said, Kamara Jacobs curse Carson on by Barkley. McCaffrey hurt like people need running backs and there aren't many running backs getting fifteen carries. I think Frank Gore is getting that this week.


Yeah, I mean desperation play at best for me but he's at, he's at 51 right now. I think I expect him to move up with the Le'Veon Bell, the other name that I'll throw it out. Mike Boone, if you were looking for a desperation by week villain, I mean, looking at the opportunity here in this Atlanta and Vikings game, looking at, I mean, Alexander Madison twenty carries, but then there's still with how much the Vikings are on the ball.


There's still some opportunity here for Mike Boone if Dalvin Cook does indeed miss this game, which I fully expect him to. So if you are desperate, I think you can rule out.


Mike Boone, let's go. Fantasy Championship PTSD.


Yeah, let's go to the wide receiver position outside the top 50. I'm going to bring up Tim Patrick, wide receiver for the Denver Broncos. You're looking at if K.J. Handler does indeed miss this game. I mean, Patrick, sixty six. And right now, I think that he is a starter in this offense. And it looks like Drew Lock is going to be back this week. So I think that you can rule out Tim Patrick there as a flex play, maybe even more than that.


So, Adam, who is your guy here for the wide receiver position?


For the sleeper? This one really hurts me to say, because I hate that he's this far down, but he has not been good this year. It's Marvin Jones, man.


Look, yeah, everybody knows Marvin Jones is going to have a six, four eighty and three touchdown game at some point.


Why not this week against Jacksonville, who their defense is, you know, below average to begin with. And, you know, last week they were without Josh Allen on the D line, Myles Jack in the middle and Seija Henderson and A.J. Haynes on E.R. So they are really banged up in the secondary. They allow the most points per drive in the NFL. I like Stafford this week. I like the Detroit offense. And Marvin Jones is like he's obviously on the wrong side of thirty, but he is he's not this bad.


He's going to have a big game eventually. Why not this week?


So it looks like we just lost Tagg's. His power just went out, so. Yep. So Tagg's fell off the ship here. So we're just going to move into a segment here. Adam, looking at the the players here, who should I start? OK, so I'm going to just throw out some names here for you and that are back to back to back in LCR. And let's just say, if you have all these options available to you, who would you be going with?


Looking at the quarterback position of Gardner Minshew, Matthew Stafford, Kirk Cousins and Tom Brady out of those out of that group, who would you be looking to start this week? Who is the highest in your rankings?


That one is very close. I believe I would go Stafford, mainly because I think Tampa Bay can get a lot done on the ground with Ronald Jones against Green Bay, and that could take away from Brady plus, we don't know Godwyn status. And the same with Gardner Minshew Schachte in practice Wednesday that concerns me. Stafford Kenny Galleries back his his you know, d passing numbers have improved each week since Golladay has been back. I talked about Marvin Jones in his Jacksonville defense.


I'm going to go Stafford.


Yeah, that's probably where I would be going as well. Let's go over to excuse me, the running back position. I'm just going to throw some guys that are in this like low end RB two territory. So let's look at Darrell Henderson. Chase Edmunds is all the way up at twenty three. So I don't think I don't know where you have him, but I don't have him that high. So Darrell Henderson, Chase Edmunds, Devonta Freeman and Mark Ingram are all back to back in ETR.


Who out of that group would you be starting? That's great, I'm going to go Devonta Freeman, he is his first game with the Giants, they kind of eased him in and then last weekend's Dallas, he kind of dominated the snap share, got the majority of the running back carries and go on work. Washington's defense has a solid front seven, but they've been banged up as well and frames just very involved right now. So I think I know I think you should feel better about Freeman's expected volume than Darrell Henderson, especially when Sean McVay has already said that carmakers is going to have a larger role this week.


Yep. Yeah, it's concerning with Anderson. You never know what you're going to get even though the potential is there. Right. He has certainly has a high ceiling, but Freeman brings a solid floor. Let's look at the wide receiver position again, looking at these guys who are kind of in this range of a low and wide receiver. Three, let's look at we have Ty Hilton all the way up at thirty one again, Chase Claypoole, Michael Hardman.


And let's throw Jamison Crowder there. John Brown is the next in line, but he has the injury concern. We just don't know his status yet. So Ty Hilton, Chase Claypool, Michael Harmon and Jamison Crowder, who would you be going with?


I'm more of a risk averse guy, so I think it's easily Crowder. I understand Claypool's got the hype. I really want to pick Michael Hardman because I love him. And if Tyreek Hill sees Trey White, Michael should be able to torch Josh Norman with his speed. So it's really close. I'm starting Mikal in a lot of leagues, but I wouldn't feel comfortable just yet. Starting over the floor of Crowder for sure.


All right, let's move on to the tight end position here. Tyler Higbee, Hayden Hurst, Jimmy Graham or Austin Hooper, Austin Hooper coming off a ten target game. Who would you be going with there? Tyler Higbee, Hayden Hurst, Jimmy Grammer, Austin Hooper.


It's definitely not Tyler Higbee. It's close between Hurst and Hooper. Hurst is running a ton of routes, but Hoopers Target shares have been improving each week. Now I'm going to lean Hayden Hurst. I understand the production has been there. Julio might sit again like he's running so many routes. He's getting like around six targets per game and an offense that should be throwing a lot each week. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. But Hooper's close.


Yeah, for sure. I mean, Whooper moving forward, I've I'm optimistic. I mean, has a talent and is now seeing the opportunities here. So, guys, if you are in the same spot where you're looking at some of these guys that we talked about, if you've got multiple players you want to compare to help you in your lineup decisions, you can do so for free with our who should I start to look at? Fantasy pros, dotcom start.


You can compare up to four players at each position or across multiple positions. So please check it out at fantasy pros dotcom start. All right. Let's just do one last thing here before we get you out of here, Adam, let's look at the let's put our names next to these guys, the start of the week. We don't even need to do it by position. Let's just go one player that you were saying, you're putting your stamp of approval on start of the week and then we'll do that for the sit of the week as well.


A little bit of an asterisk, but I'm assuming Dalvin cooks out. I've I woke up this morning and inserted Alexander Madison a handful of lineups and it felt great. So if if Dalvin Cook does get rolled out, which it looks like it's happening, you play out in Madison and any move on.


Oh my word completely. I've got him as a top five back this week. Who would you have for a sit of the week.


I think it's pretty easy for me to get away from the Eagles, so it's like Zacher, it's like I mentioned, it's hard to sit on, but like Zach Ertz, Carson Wentz, anybody on the Eagles, except for really Myles Sanders, I just I don't see how you can play them right now. I know the production wasn't terrible against the Steelers, but I think the Ravens defense will perform much better this week than the Steelers did last week.


Yeah, Zach Ertz is mindset of the week as well. I'm just I you can't be playing him right now, especially in this matchup. I will go with Jamison Crowder as my start of the week, though looking at his opportunity in this offense, it's very difficult to find anyone else that you can give targets to in this offense and you know that they're going to be throwing the ball. So I will go with Jamison Crowder. That is going to do it for today's show, guys.


Adam, thank you so much for taking some time out of your day to come chat with this man. Really appreciate it.


Yeah, absolutely. The blast. Yeah. Remind everyone where they can find and follow you on Twitter, if you wouldn't mind.


Yeah, I'm on Twitter at eight, Phifer 24. And yeah, all the content up at Faid, The Noise at Ten Fantasy and me and Debra's podcast Feed the Child. It's been fun and we had tags on them. I'd love to have you on as well CO. Absolutely, man. We would love it.


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We'll be back tomorrow with another episode.


Guys from Mike Tagliani, who again fell off the ship and Adam Phifer.


I'm Kyle Yates and we'll see you next time.