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Hey, everybody, welcome back to another episode of the Fantasy Football podcast. I'm your host, Dan Harris, and it's a happy day for me today because the first time and I don't know, feels like forever. The three of us are here.


Mike Tagliani and Caliphate's find fans on Twitter at Dan Harris, 80 at Microglia NFL and at Kyly NFL. Boys, how are you today?


Good. I'm just hoping your your kids make an appearance on the podcast today. If you guys tuned in for the Sunday morning live stream dads, kids were like the stars of the show.


So usually I let them I made a deal with them when I realized I was going to be hosting eight podcasts a week to live streams, because it used to be like, oh, dad's hosting the Sunday night podcast. Everything stops. No talking, OK, it's crazy. And then I was like, I can't do this to them. Like, this is their whole life is just to be DOPs.


So I said, OK, if you guys want to come in, especially on the livestream, it's fine. And I was talk to you guys before that. I like the strategy.


I'm not going to lie because when they come on people, it's hard for them to be mean when you have a little dude right next to me and a little girl on my left shoulder and they're just talking nonsense. It's really hard for people to get too mad at whatever advice you're giving. So I was telling you guys it's a good it's not a bad strategy if you want to try it out on Sunday mornings. I'm just saying, especially since you're struggling with your voice, it's how are you doing?


You missed last week for most of our podcast. We missed you.


I'm back while I'm somewhat back. My voice, my voice is still a little wavering. I'm like literally like sucking down on a cough drop right now, like, because I've been hacking all morning. So that's I mean, that's just a glimpse into what my week has been like for the past week and a half.


But no, I'm here. I'm excited to chat with you guys, literally. I was like a kid on Christmas morning. Like, I'm just so excited to talk to you, too, because I haven't done that for so long, so I'm ready to let you down.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, I would expect nothing less. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Well, look, this is this is a good show. And the reason really is because I was thinking about last week we were all over the place. And this is why it's good to have the three of us talking about it. We were very different on how we viewed the pickups last week. We do our consensus article. You guys check it out.


It's fantasy pros that we have the main account a couple of times. If we update our waiver, our rankings, it automatically updates in there so you can see him. But we were different about Mike Davis. I mean, Yates', you were you were bearish on on whether or not you should pick him up. I was not really excited about Devonta Freeman, even when he came out late and stuff like that. So it's good for us to get through.


Hopefully we'll get some disagreement, but also some consensus so we can get fantasy managers some solid advice. So, look, today is Waverider day. That's what we're going to be doing. And we talking about our waiver wire pickups. But if you really want to do it right, you should check out our waiver assistant. It's over fancy prose that comes my playbook. Identify the top players to add, in your league view, the percentage of experts who would add that player to your roster, you get a detailed analysis of the impact of any free agent pick up would have on your team.


Now, waiver wire, our waiver assistant, just one of the many amazing features in RMI Playbook tools that's available to our premium members. We've got a great offer for you today to get our highest premium tier for the rest of the season free. Just go to post.com offers again, go premium for free at fantasy Broadcom slash offers. All right. So game plan for today. As I said, it's all waiver wires. We are going to talk about our notable the notable waiver wire pickups by position.


We'll start with running back wide receiver, quarterback and tight end. Then we'll talk about our top five overall. Then we're going to have our top QB and DST streamers for week four. And then we're going to drop our keep because I feel like there are a lot of fringe guys and tags. A couple of them we talked about last night on the Sunday Night Show, which can watch again if you missed it, you can go to YouTube, dotcom slash fantasy pros.


We live stream it so you can watch it live, but you can also watch it now. Yeah, I'm going to ask you about a couple of guys that tax and I were like, do we drop this guy? I'm going to keep those guys even separate because I got a lot of guys who were in week four, OK? I got a team that's staring down on three unless I could somehow keep Lamar Jackson. We've got to make some tough decisions, so let's get into it.


But first, let's start with running back here.


To me. There are two guys who lead the way. Let me start with let's start with tax, OK? Tax, who is your top running back to pick up this week?


It was Jeff Wilson. And if you guys read my article on Saturday mornings that comes out or even checked the waiver wire rankings last week, you guys would have had Jeff Wilson on your roster because Dan and I argued about him. And granted, Dan's process was actually correct in terms of McKinnon getting more of the touches. But fortunately, there was enough to go around for both of these guys. But Jerick McKinnon suffered a rib injury in that game. It just goes further to show that jerk reaction is not built to handle a giant workload.


Even if Jerick McKinnon is active this week, I believe it's going to be more of a 50/50 time share. And Jeff Wilson is the one who's probably going to see the majority of goal line touches considering that rib injury. So, yeah, Jeff Wilson is my number one Waverider.


And so let me ask you a question. Are you just absolutely assuming that he starts out because it's a really mild sprain, there was talk that he could even be back this week.


But you're just assuming he's out the MCL sprain. I mean, I don't know how you come back after one week. I don't know how that happens. You know, like what they call an ankle sprain is actually a tear. It's just how do you how bad is that? Here and I don't know if that heals on anybody, you know, in one week, it's tough to say that he can't play through it, but why push it back when you have other running backs who have proven to be competent?


So, I mean, I'm not I guess I shouldn't assume that he's automatically out, but I don't think he's going to play this week. All right. How about you, Yates?


Is Wilson your number one four running backs?


No, I have Wilson at two. And the reason I mean, I agree with a lot of Texas points, I think I don't think for him most. It comes back for this week. I think you I think at least one more week, right.


For him to sit out and then we might be talking about him coming back, you know, the week after that.


But the reason why I don't have Wilson, that one is not because he went 12 for 15 on the ground like he has. He's always been able to find the end zone. That's not a concern. It's the matchup next week, particularly. So this is not a situation where he like he's a long term solution. Right. Because we were talking about Rahime, most are coming back. How severe is McKinnon's injury? We don't know yet, but it's the matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles defense that just shut down Joe Mixon.


So I just think that I just I'm not super confident in rolling out a guy who went twelve for fifteen against a really, really stout defense. So that's why he's at two, though I still think he needs to be added. And who's number one for you? Is it Hyde? It's it's Carlos Hyde. Based on the news that we got before recording that Chris Carson is a one to two week injury is what he's looking like. So I doubt he plays in this next game.


Seattle doesn't need him to win this matchup. Russell Wilson is going to throw for seven touchdowns in this one like, you know, right there against Miami.


Yes, for context, yeah, they're against Miami. So I think Carlos Hyde for him to step in. Rashard Penny's not coming back yet. You have D.J. Dallas and Travis Homer on the roster behind him. Croci is going to get the majority of the work here. Fifteen carries an opportunity to score in this one. Yeah, I'll take Carlos Hyde.


OK, I'm going to follow up on a couple of questions with both you. But first, Tagg's is hide your number two.


He is. And you can make the case where he's number one. It just depends on what you some about. Mostert And as for hide James Cole from he does NFL next gen stats and he had a stat before the season saying that Carlos Hyde, the type of runs that he succeeded on the most, are the ones that the Seahawks run the most, where he said that it was like a match made in heaven, where it's like if anything ever happened to Chris Carson that Carlos Hyde would actually succeed in this run scheme.


So I know they're allowing Russell to cook and all that stuff, but the matchup against Miami is a much better matchup. So if you're looking for a one a one week replacement, I'd probably say that Carlos Hyde might be the better option.


All right. So let me give a couple of my thoughts, because, you know, not not that it's going to win, but we're we're basically all in lockstep on this one. I do have Wilson as my number one, but it's a very one A one B situation with Hyde. I don't have a particularly strong preference on which one you go after if you need a short term replacement. The one thing I will say is that I feel pretty confident that Carson is going to miss two weeks.


And the reason is they have their by coming up after two weeks. So they've got Miami, they've got Minnesota. They're probably going to win both games pretty handily, you would assume. And if so, there's really no reason to push Chris Carson. That's especially true as the running game becomes less and less important as a part of their offense. Russ is cooking and he is whatever he's cooking.


I mean I mean, it's very, very good. They don't need to worry about it that much. I think for me, if you're going long term, I do think, Wilson, because I do think that there is a possibility and I want to know what you guys think about this, that Wilson carves out a bigger long term role. I don't know how long Tevin Coleman is going to be out, but he's on IRR. I don't know if it's if it's a you know, I don't remember the exact time line.


It could be longer than that.


Wilson, you know, has talent. Tagg's, you had it nailed last week. It's just that McKinnon I mean, it's his first game back and already he's dealing with an injury. He didn't have that many touches. He is a guy who Mostert has dealt with injuries in his career. He has a chance if he can show, you know, more than the twelve for fifteen on the ground. He got it done there a little bit. If he can show, he can carve out a bigger sort of role in this San Francisco offense, because as we talk about all the time, Kyle Shanahan wants to rotate back as much as possible.


I don't think he wants to do it where he Mostert is really leading the way. So let me get a fat percentage of you right now. I guess, first of all, are whichever ones are top running back hide for you, Yates and Wilson for you tags? Are they your top way or our pick up of the week?


Like overall, not just running back? Yes, top. They are high. Yep. For your tax as well as your top of the week. Well, and by the way, after talking and Yates making some points that he did this way, I always like talking with you guys in the podcast, like just looking at those matchups and thinking like short term, because I don't think Jeff Wilson is a long term solution either, because, again, Mostert will be back.


And I think you're right, Dan, in terms of him carving out a role as the season goes on with Tevin Coleman out four to six weeks or whatever it is. But Carlos Hyde could potentially be a two week starter in the matchups that they have if Chris Carlson's out.


So I'm actually going to go hide. I'm going to move him my ranking. So kudos to Yates on this one. I will say that I'd be willing to go if you're if you one of those teams that's struggling like you have Christian McCaffrey, you didn't get Mike Davis or something like that, I think you should be willing to go twenty twenty five percent for Hudd. How happy this is the happiest day of my life, and to be clear, let's can we just make it clear that it was more my point about the fact that by coming up in two weeks and so it's probably a week now.


OK, fine. We'll give you it's. Yeah, it's what percentage of your fat. But you add up. Wait, hold on. Tags. Just to be clear, you said twenty to twenty five percent on height. How about Wilson. That's where I had him. I actually had him at like 15 and you know, thinking about the short term replacement. Fifteen to twenty is where I'd say Wilson belongs.


OK, all right. Yeah it's fab. What do you got for those. It's the exact same. It's the exact same for me. Twenty to twenty five for Hyde if you are especially desperate at running back and then fifteen to twenty four.


Wilson Yeah I think that that's in the range. I think I'm probably more at the twenty percent range for both. I don't have a strong preference for Hyde because I do think that Wilson is going to be a starter double option for you next week. It is a bad matchup, but I think it's the Forty Niners. They can figure out a way to involve Wilson enough. So I've got twenty percent of both right now. I still have Wilson as my one high as my two overall, not just with running backs but there again one a R one being I'd be twenty percent max on each one of them.


But it is something and this is guys, I mean we don't talk about this all the time, but we did kind of reference it last week, this year more than ever, given all the injuries that are coming in, this week wasn't even a terrible week for injuries. But there are a lot that are coming down. You the short term play is the much more important play, which is why I loved Mike Davis last week and I said 30 to thirty five percent on Mike Davis because he's a guy who you knew was going to get all that work early on, or at least we thought was going to get all that work early on.


So you're willing and this is with your forbids, you agree that you're basically willing to spend maybe more than you would with a guy who's, you know, high shelf life is almost certainly two weeks tops. Right. Because Chris Carson could be out for the next two weeks. And Rashaad Penny is going to be shot the back. Right, exactly. And they've got to buy. So once you get to Arizona in whatever week that is seven, then, you know, Hyde's going to have very little utility at that point.


But you're still willing at this point to spend Grunty player, basically. Yeah. Yeah, right. Good. Very good. All right.


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That's owner's box dotcom slash fantasy prose. OK, other running backs. Yes. Who's next on your running back list? And is this a person that you think fantasy managers should be adding the next person's Rex Burkhead?


Yeah, but I you can add him, but I don't know if you necessarily want to rely on him for anything more than a week like Burkhead, his involvement in this offense was primarily through the air. Right. He didn't get a ton of done on the ground, three touchdowns. We can't deny that.


And there are going to be people that are listening to this that want to spend like all their fat on Rex Burkhead. I guarantee it, because they see three touchdowns and they're going to go crazy. But this is still the New England Patriots backfield like this is still the backfield that has so much volatility week in and week out. Yes, all running backs went ridiculous last week. Sony Michel with why eight for one seventeen off time, Brady had like, this ridiculous efficiency.


That's not going to happen every single week, OK? And the scoring opportunities are still very minimal. And that's not even taking into account that we don't know when James White is going to come back. James White might roll up to the facility on Thursday. And then there goes Rexburg heads opportunity. So if you spend fifty percent of your fab, even thirty percent like, I just think that is so much invested in a running back that I don't, I don't feel comfortable with because you could left, you could be left sitting there going like, OK, well I just spent all this money and now I can't start Rex Burkhead.




And don't forget there is another patriots running back that should be coming back soon. But I mean, first of all. Yeah, it's give me the percent fat percentage, OK? You can't get you miss out on Wilson. You miss out on hide what you're running back needy team. How high are you willing to convert? If I'm a running back neede team, well, let's go here, OK, because, you know, there is always a scenario like, oh gosh, somebody in one of my league started appearing this week.


So you've got you've got different scenarios in that car. You're like, oh, my God, give me Rexburg hat, please, somebody.


But if you're at a point where you're you're not desperate, it's not like you need definitely somebody to start, but you are looking for a running back that you are short on running back.


That's where you go in there 15 max. Yeah, I'm lower than that too. I agree. Yeah. And that's the thing.


That's my Max. And you're saying like for a running back neede team, right? Yeah. Yeah. I'm not even whole. I didn't mean to hold that against you.


I don't think I was like that. I just want to throw I just want to throw up because it's Rexburg had for 15 percent of that. But I remember Myles Gaskin guys were all and to be fair, even if we were doing it today, I still wouldn't give fifteen percent for Myles Gaskin. I'm just kidding. I right. OK, Rex Burkhead, your number three. No, I have, I have Damien Harris is my numbers are coming back because I mean it's about that goal role.


And Sony, Michel, I know he had a big game, but Damien Harris was the guy that was pushing him for his job through training camp. And they were talking about that. That could potentially start the year as the one two down back. And, you know, I don't think that one performance against the Raiders changes that the Raiders are one of the worst teams in the league when it comes to stopping running backs. So, you know, the fact that he only had eight carries shows that they really don't trust Sony Michel anymore.


I think he's lost the trust in that coaching staff and and that Damian Harris is going to have a role. But in the end, I don't I'm not spending more than like two bucks on on someone like Damian Harris because the Patriots running backs, you just don't want it. You don't want to roster them. I have Rexburg had one league, right. Picked him up this week and I had to start him. If anybody wants to give me anything useful for him, I will give I will give him away, like happily, because once a James White comes back to this team, his value goes in the dumps.


But again, we have to pay attention to Damian Harris and whether or not he's going to be ready to play this week or if he's going to remain out if James White's back with the team, because there could be a one week value for Rex Burkhead. I just don't see it.


Yeah, that that's where I have I have Burke. I have Birket at eight percent, a very precise number. This is where I'm looking. I'm like, oh, all right. Well, I'm not spending ten percent of my budget. I'm Rex Burkhead. But if I desperately need somebody for this week, Burkett's a good player. He fits what they need to do. He factors into the passing game. And you've got Kansas City next week. I think if you desperately need somebody for this week coming up, that's why I'm at eight percent, but no other running back on my list.


And I have Harris Fifth. Actually, I have Brian Hill, for which we'll talk about those guys are one percent of your budget guys. Those guys are like, all right, fine, if I've got to do something, Burkhead might be a guy who I think could factor in potentially next week. And again, we are week. You are week to week at this point. You are just trying to survive. Do it again. We're not even at five weeks yet, so I don't know what we're going to do when we get there.


But right now, do what you need to do to survive.


So Burkhead is an eight percent max guy for me. Exact number, eight percent. Figure that out. If it's if it's like a percentage of it, you've got to do it like, OK, I'll bid seventeen dollars and thirty eight cents. That's exactly how much David Yates do you like Harris fourth or is there another guy on your list.


I do have Harris fourth, but again, it's not anything crazy. I'm not looking at anything necessarily like looking at adding any of these guys past Rex Burkhead. And you heard it in my voice, like I'm not even super excited about adding Rex Burkhead.


So like all these guys, again, we're talking about in the context of anything more than an eight person league. Right. Like, again, you're running back. Depth has just been decimated with these injuries and you need production week in and week out. You can't be adding this guy who could potentially be a stash down the road. So I just don't think Harris, even if he comes back, there's too many mouths to feed. I don't think that he is going to suddenly come in and be the main guy and he's not going to get goal line work because it's going to Cam Newton.


So, yeah, I'm just not super excited about any of these guys. Have Frank Gore still somehow on this list? I really don't care. Like, you know, that's just what I will pay someone.


I will pay someone fat money to take Frank or I'll of that.


Well, I guess.


What about Brian Hill? He's a guy Tagg's. We mentioned it last night. You were not excited about what you saw from Todd Gurley, though. He got into the end zone. Gurley at thirty five snaps The Falcons talked about getting little more involved. He had twenty three snaps, ten touches, 80 yards. And the score is Hill. Not a guy who you're even thinking about adding.


No, he's a stash. He's he's someone that I don't want to spend anything any more than like two or three bucks on him and five. But if you could stash him on your bench, I don't think it's a bad idea. I think the Falcons coaching staff is about to get fired. They can only fire so many coordinators before Dan Quinn loses the job. And I don't know what that's going to look like. Are they going to go to Dirk Cutter's, the interim head coach?


I don't know. But it could it could allow for some other input because Todd Gurley is on he's only on a one year deal with that team. It's not like they have a long term commitment to him. If he's not playing very well and he's not, he looks terrible. He looks again. I mentioned on the podcast last night, he looks like a thirty year old running back. That's just kind of going through the motions. He's not creating any yardage for himself, whereas Brian Hill scored on a long.


Run last week, and it was while I was watching it, I was like, Todd Gurley doesn't score on that play. Yep. And that's why I think Brian Hill, some of the usual Stasch, I don't know if they're ever going to give him the true number one role, but it's becoming more of a it's becoming a closer time. Sure thing. It was 14 to eight in terms of the careers that they got this week. So it's closing in.


And if something were to happen to Gurley where he wouldn't miss any time, which is well, it's definitely possible. Brian Hill, someone that we would be talking about on the waiver wire show that you should be adding. So why not just stick them on your roster at the chance that he might turn into someone?


Yeah, I like that also was a stash. So I want to ask about and I would prefer him to someone like Harris because it's just it's very difficult for me to see anybody on the Patriots.


Real quick, I want to I want to say this about Damon Harris is that let's pretend for a second that Damon Harris is activated and he's active on game day and Sony, Michel is deactivated. Would you guys feel differently about him? Like, would you guys want to start him in the league?


I still wouldn't want to start him. Correct? That's exactly. It's like no, there's no way I want to. There's no way. I mean, because I assume Burkhead is going to be active while we hope, of course, comes back soon. And there's a goal line back on the Patriots and his name is Cameron Newton. So it's just really not something where I want to go near the White House.


The reason I'm asking is because Harris, if he is active, he doesn't play special teams. So that's why last year people are like, oh, he was inactive for so many games. And if he doesn't play special teams, that means if he is active, he's going to have a role. But you guys are probably he was probably right in this one in terms of just like a void patriots running backs. It's all possible.


Yeah, to be clear, all Patriots running backs ahead of Frank Gore. So just put that out there. OK, wide receivers, let's start with you.


Yates, who's your number one wide receiver pick up this week?


Guys, it's Justin Jefferson. I for context here, I loved Justin Jefferson coming out of college. Tagg's can to test like I absolutely love Justin Jefferson had rated above Kelam like I'm all in with Jefferson. The reason why I wasn't recommending him as a late round sleeper or anything heading into draft season was that he was third on the depth chart for some reason that they had put Alibek Johnson ahead of him on the depth chart.


He wasn't getting the snaps to start and then he exploded yesterday and showed the talent that I think, you know, warranted him being ranked above Kilim and Jalen Reagor in my pre draft rankings. So looking at Jefferson and now you look at this offense, this offense needs someone else outside of Adam Thielen and Dalvin Cook to step up like they absolutely need someone else in. The Vikings ended up running more plays yesterday than they had previously the first two games. So that is enticing moving forward.


I think that Jefferson and this is part of it to Jefferson going up against Houston, Detroit and Atlanta, I believe over the next three matchups like those are Seattle knocks.


Excuse me.


Yep. So like those are three really, really enticing matchups that I think you can roll out. Justin Jefferson. There's a flex based on what you saw.


Yeah. I mean, we talked about him last night and incredibly impressive performance. Texas, he's number one for you.


He's not number one. Him and Brandon Eisuke are very, very close in mind because there's definitely some pros and cons that I could say about both players. And I will say that I think Brandon Duke is the toughest player for me to rank on the waiver wire this week, because I just don't he's the number one receiver there right now. But you have George Kittle is going to come back. You have a backup quarterback taking the reins for another couple of weeks.


You have DBO Samuell, who might come back in week five. You have a run first team. I just don't know how much I can trust Brandon. Are you? At the same time, Justin Jefferson is not the number one on his team. He's never going to be unless Adam Thielen is hurt. This matchup this week against Houston is a good match up and it's one that I would prefer over Brandon Duke. So if you're looking for a one week run a player, I would definitely say it's Jefferson.


I was just literally doing research for that game and that game has a total of fifty one and a half, which is massive. The Texans, their opponents are averaging, I think, seventy two plays per game. So the Vikings should get up there and plays. I expect it to be a Dalvin Cook game. But as Yates mentioned, OBC Johnson is now seemingly fourth on the depth chart. He's fallen behind Chad Beatty. So Justin Jefferson should be a lock.


You know, if this team is running, you know, the plays that they typically do, you know, around 60 to 65 plays, we should see Justin Jefferson getting, you know, five to seven targets per game. And that's worthwhile in fantasy. However, I don't have my number one because I think that goes to Alshon Jeffery. Yep. Because the Eagles desperately need him back on the field. He practiced in a limited fashion last week.


They obviously ruled him out. But if he does come back, this is a guy who walks back and he's he's a safety blanket for Carson Wentz. And I understand it's not sexy to play Alshon Jeffery and nobody wants to say it or anything like that, but he is a guy went on the field he produces.


OK, so out of curiosity, do you know Philadelphia's upcoming schedule attacks off the top of your head?


I mean, I know they're playing San Francisco this week. That follows up with Pittsburgh, which is followed up with Baltimore. Yeah, yeah. By the way, we'll talk about it. You know, we talked about last night, but can you drop Carson Wentz? I have probably an opinion on that, but that is my one worry with Jeffrey coming back, because I still think this week is a little bit of a long shot. He returned to limited practice for the first.


Last week, the list, Frank, Indri, we have absolutely no idea what happens with those are the most notoriously unpredictable injuries that you can have. With that said, he's my number one guy, too. And I do want to make it clear and I think we're all, you know. Yes, I'll get to you in a second on how you view Alshon Jeffery. And actually, I guess we haven't heard about a EUC from you either.


But for me, Jeffrey Eisuke, Jason Deverson, they're all right there. Those are the clear three guys. I think that if you need a wide receiver, you're looking to pick up. And again, Jeffrey may not be back this week. He certainly is up in the air. So if you have to make your way over pick ups on Monday or even on Tuesday, you may not have enough information, do you? Should also pressure Ferb deadline to Wednesday nights, by the way, just to protest.


But if that's the case, there's a lot of uncertainty with Jeffrey. So if you are not strong at wide receiver now, if you need somebody this week, Jeffrey may not be your guy there. I do slightly prefer IUC, although, yes, I think you brought up great points and we mentioned it last night. Jefferson's big game happened when the Minnesota offense looked so much better. And that's sort of a, oh, look at this.


Perhaps this is something we need to be looking into. And he's got a great matchup coming up. So I guess he talk to me about Brandon Eisuke and then talk to me about Alshon Jeffery and where they slot it. And then we'll talk what percentage of our fab are willing to give up shirt.


So just with Jefferson to like Tagg's mentioned, he's the number two behind Adam Thielen. Well, it's different than other offenses because the Titans are not involved in this offense. Dalvin cooks barely involved as a receiver out of the backfield. Two. So Jefferson is the number. I mean he's the number three option in the overall offense. So that's the difference there with Brandon.


I guess I have about eleven.


I don't really really touch him because I hold on eleven overall or eleven wide receiver.


Like what? I do not go ahead, touch Brandon. I you this because a lot of the factors that Teg said like this is a run first offense. The matchup that they just had was perfect for Brandon Eisuke to explode with the ground game working as well as it did. Then you have the question marks of is Jimmy Garoppolo coming back as Nick McMullan's guys? If Nick Mullins is starting at quarterback next week against the Philadelphia Philadelphia Eagles defense, I'm not expecting good things from this offense.


I'm just not. And then you have Darius Slay now going to say, OK, I'll lock down Brandon. I'm a rookie wide receiver who I thought was raw coming out.


I just I'm not expecting big things from Eisuke moving forward and then George Kittle going to come back. DBO Samuel is going to come back like all the targets in a run first offense are suddenly just going to disappear for Brandon Eisuke. So I think I think this was the one game that we can say I hit his ceiling. I just don't see a ceiling moving forward. All right.


I'm tossing it to you tax. But I do want to make a general commentary on this podcast. This is something that I absolutely love about the dynamic that we have. I'm like uber conservative with how I rank. I'm just like very vanilla. I take into account a lot of factors. Tagliavini, Yates, you are always bold and I love it. And I think that adds so much value to everything that we talk about because you have your takes you back them up strongly.


I mean, I love you know, people loved our Twitter, you know. Yeah, that's private. But you back them up and you have reserved your opinion and it is good. It adds value. I think when you have these differing opinions like this. With that said tags, please go take yates' now. Go ahead.


I'm not going to take them down. I like listening to this stuff. I mean, I think that's why I like doing this show with you guys. Like, as you mentioned, Yeats's like the more one willing to stand out on a limb and say Ty Hilton is outside of his top 50 wide receivers in the draft rankings. That's worked out so far. And then he, like obviously and Justin Jeffersons is number one wide receiver. I actually agree with what a lot of what he said about Jefferson, and I was having difficulty ranking those guys.


So if I if you want to tell me you're going to take Jefferson over, I you I have no issue with that. I love the fact that, Dan, you brought up the future schedule for Alshon Jeffery. Had I known that he was placing the Steelers and the Ravens the two following weeks, I would say anybody who picks him up is actually going to drop him during that period. So you don't need to pick him up. Yes. I mean, that's why I think we do the show.


And I think that's why none of us have any issue giving the other person crap. So I appreciate you guys and the fact that you look forward because like as you guys know, I'm going to week to week basis in terms of like writing the primer. I never look ahead in the schedule. And that's one of the things that I look forward to learn from then. So I appreciate the insight. And I might move. Justin Jefferson, that's my number one wide receiver this week.


OK, but you're not doing what I wanted to do, which is to take Yates down. I'm ranking Brad Pitt. I love it. I'm going to go take it down. And he spends the entire two minutes complimenting me.


That's a bit that's a bit like outlandish for my take. Now, I want to know the players that you have ahead of tonight, because you can tell me that you're like, OK, I'll take it off, Jefferson. I'll take Alshon Jeffery, I'll take Tee Higgins. But you're really going to pick up Curtis Samual over Brendon. Are you really going to take Scottie Miller or Cole Beasley? Yeah.


So that's that's the point. So looking at this, all these guys pass like my top what top ten overall is kind of where I focus in because that's where the majority. If people are going to be looking as far as their waiver wire rankings, then after that I'm kind of just like throw them into a giant bowl in a tier and I really don't care which one pops out. Right.


Like, so with I you get 11 like. Yes, looking at it, I should probably move him above Curda Samuel, because I just don't see it with Curtis Samuel. So yeah, I should probably move him above. But as far as much more than that, like Scott, I want to know who else. Scottie, Scotty Miller. And listen, stop OK here.


No, no, no, no. I've got your back. I've got your back. Here you go.


So if Chris Godwin misses time, Scotty Miller becomes an intriguing option, even though the matchup next week sucks. Terrible. Yeah, it's a terrible matchup for Scotty Miller. Totally get it. But he's getting targeted deep downfield. He's getting utilized in this offense. Mike Evans, two targets, two yards, two touchdowns last week, like he's not seeing the target. So, like, I just don't think that we can ignore what Scottie Miller's do. We can't ignore what Cole Beasley is doing, like everyone just wants to hate on Cole Beasley.


But this offense in Buffalo is insane.


Right now. It's cooking. Also, John Brown got injured. We don't know how exactly exactly. John Brown potentially out. And we haven't even talked about Gabriel Davis, who I'm not necessarily looking at again.


Right. I mean, I don't really care. But like with Cole Beasley 100 yards last week, guys, we can't ignore that.


So this is a busy guy for sure. Like, you could plug him entering by weeks and get us a decent, like nine point PPR floor. I'm fine with that. But right now, are you adding by week options, though?


Well, no, because what Cole Beasley, though, I think next week against Las Vegas, Josh Allen could throw easily over three hundred yards yet again. And if John Brown is out, then Cole Beasley becomes an intriguing. I'm trying to look at this with the perspective of these teams that are dealing with wide receiver injuries. Let's say that you have Ty Hilton and you want to drop him because he's not good name. And you can say like I need an option to fill in for Cole Beasley.


I can go in and I can pick up this guy who is now producing and has are also like guys. I have Greg Ward at six because he saw eleven targets last week. Dallas got likely going to miss time with an ankle injury. Alshon Jeffery likely not coming back this next week. They're going to need Greg Ward and it's a fine matchup for him. So I like I'm fine.


Rolling out Greg Ward over Brandon, are you OK? So I do I do want to say this. Waverider ringings to me right now are not on a week to week basis, but if you do want to go that route, I would say Cole Beasley should be moved up. I mean, arguably one of the top five Waverider wide receivers because, yes, he is producing a John Brown is nicked up and Josh Allen's playing out of his frickin mind.


All those things go into play, but he's never going to be a league winner like Cole. Beasley was really good last year. Nobody ever wanted to admit it. I literally used that guy every week during my weeks. It was fantastic. He gave me a fantastic floor and he was what he was. I never expected him to win me fantasy leagues, whereas like grabbing guys like I you who could potentially turn into that number one receiver, like we saw him used like DBO Samuell last week.


We saw him being used out of the backfield. He is the number one receiver. When George Kittle comes back, defenses are not going to say, hey, we have to stop Brandon Duke. That's not really a thing. And rookie wide receivers. This was really his second game in the National Football League. And we've seen wide receivers like Justin Jefferson leading like jury duty for like to a certain extent where these players are taking a little bit of time because they had no pre-season.


Even AJ Green and Rob Gronkowski guys have been in the league taking these first couple of weeks and like literally just getting accustomed, like getting their legs underneath them. So I do believe that Brandon Duke has higher upside. But if you're looking for an option this week, I'm probably going to rank Cole Beasley ahead of Brandon Duke this week because Duke is playing against Philly, which means he's going to see Darius Slay quite a bit and Cole Beasley is going against the Raiders.


So, I mean, I guess it just depends on what you want to know. Exactly. I'm just not into I'm not into the bayou just yet.


Mentally, I think that's that's the different. Really quick down. I'll just say this and. No, no, no, don't, don't don't go quick. Say as much as you want like this.


That's the difference in philosophy here as far as like our rankings of Waverider. And I go more week to week because I think that like based on the injury specifically this year, like people are going to need these options right away. And I think that Cole Beasley, we need to look at him more than just what he's been in the past if this offense is going to be cooking as much as it is. So I think that he is someone who yes, I don't I agree that he's not going to be a league winner.


But yet, Brandon IUC in this offense, even if he is the number one wide receiver, he's not the number one receiver. It's George Kittle when he's healthy. So I don't think that run heavy offense. Brandon, are you suddenly going to turn into a league winner? So that's that's the balance. All these guys are really close and it all depends on what you need. So ranking them is pretty difficult. But, yeah, I look at it more from a week to week perspective, and I guess that that's where you're at times where you look more long term.


And as far as who could be. Yeah.


I mean were you and then were would you so like to be the mediator here just to say if you're looking at it and you're not going to start any of these wide receivers, you're just looking for a waiver wire pick up to put on your bench and your whatever, would you grab Cole Beasley? Are you going to take it upside? Play like a Tee Higgins or Discretional?


Yeah, I would take Tee Higgins or let this get channel. They have I have Channel Seven, Higgins' Eighth, Beasley ten. So it's not crazy. I don't go crazy with it. But this is a perfect first of all, great arguments on both sides. Great arguments. I'm the owner's box, one of our sponsors. I'm the owner's box of the waiver wire, OK, because some people like the season long look, some people like the daily luck and others go in between for the weekly sort of thing.


And I'm in between in that when I'm looking at running backs, I almost always value the immediate need above the long term need. And I basically said that a guy like that's why I like Mike Davis. Mike Davis, assuming that Chris McCaffrey does come back and for weeks has little long term value, he's probably going to be useless for the second half of the season. I don't care. That was a guy who I was willing to spend significant fab on because I know I'm going to be able to roll them out there each week.


But with wide receivers, I almost always view it differently just because I think wide receiver is pretty deep. We mentioned Scottie Miller. He's almost certainly a guy even with a tough matchup there. You can probably get away with starting next week, assuming that guy win is out. TracFone Smith is a guy we don't know whether or not Michael Thomas is going to be there, but he's getting targets enough that you can think about rolling Mount Curtis. Samuel gets involved not for whatever reason was not as involved as he should have been on Thursday night, but he probably will be going forward.


Tee Higgins got a ton of targets and I think saw the most snaps of any Bengals wide receiver. There are a lot of guys out there, Cole Beasley, you can find guys who you can throw in there for a wide receiver. So for me, I take more of a long term outlook. That's why I still have Jeffrey ranked highest, because I do think Jeffrey is going to be tough.


Matchups aside, long term, he is a guy who you are going to roll out there each and every week so long as he's healthy with very little thought to it. And for me, Brandon, I, by the way, splits the baby a little bit. What I love about Duke is that they got him involved in every way they could possibly get him involved. Remember, he scored a touchdown yesterday wasn't a receiving touchdown. It was a rough rushing touchdown.


Three carries for thirty one yards and a touchdown. I think they know what they have in IUC dbo. Samuel is not coming back this week. We know that. Right. He basically is looking at week five. I think they know what they have. I think they need to get him involved with all the injuries and I think he is going to be involved. So both short term and long term, I you can sort of my play for me other than.


At thumbtacks, I do generally look long term, so we've all now spoke for like 10 minutes, each of you, I was like, let me put a number on it tags. Have you moved, Geoffrey, now, given that schedule off your number one wide receiver?


Yeah, I mean, he's right. It's like it's like a one B situation for me.


What is the fab percentage you're willing to spend on, let's say, the top three guys? We've talked about eight to 10 on Macs, on all of them, eight to 10. How about you, Yates? What about your top your top couple of guys?


I'll spend 15 on Justin Jefferson and then probably about 10 to 15 on Keelan Cole, who I have a second eval is your second, even if we didn't even get there.


I'm sorry.


Go ahead. Yeah, no, I just was Keelan Cole super quick. Like, I just think that he's still too involved in this offense to ignore. And I'm not expecting weekly what we saw from Gardner Minshew last week. I just think that was a Microsoft game, like he's going to bounce back. And I think that even if it does come back into the lineup, it's not going to be enough to affect Keelan Cole. So I'm going with Cole at second and then Alshon Jeffery at three, but he's like ten percent there.


Tee Higgins is an intriguing one, but again, it balances out like, how do you want to look at it? Can I have it for excuse me. So like all depends on how you want to look at it. Is he more of a long term play or is he someone that you can roll out this week, this week against Jacksonville? It's a great lineup, are a great matchup, but then it gets Baltimore the week after that.


So he's like a ten to fifteen percent for me, too. OK, so for me, I'm willing to go basically fifteen percent on Jeffrey. Jeffrey is a guy again who I feel like in a few weeks the schedule is terrible coming up. So it is something where I'm like, oh no, but if he is healthy, he's probably somebody who you're going to be a borderline starter for you in fantasy. If he's one hundred percent healthy, even with those matchups.


And he's a guy who in the second half of the season could legitimately be a wide receiver, too, if he's fully healthy. And Carson Wentz desperately, if he's still the quarterback, desperately needs somebody to throw the ball to after that IUC and Deverson, both twelve percent. I think you can get away well, so a little bit less. Not a weekend to go crazy necessarily with these guys. All right. Before we keep going, guys like erectile dysfunction.


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Yeah. Hey Jeffrey, are you can Jefferson write in fourth is Keelan Cole. Chaak, by the way, is undergoing more tests today.


Oh no, I didn't hear that. Yeah, I saw that pop up on Twitter today and it made me wonder if there's a bigger issue going on with him that we really don't know about because they've called it chest and back injuries. We don't have much to go off of there. But they were saying he was undergoing more testing on Monday, which makes me worried about the fact that he might not be available again this week. I'm going to that's actually going to factor in big time for me, because I was assuming, since he was trending up right before the Thursday night game, that this is just I oh, it's Thursday.


We don't have enough to survive on seriously hurt. That changes call. Yeah, go ahead. Yeah. So, I mean, there's definitely some we got to pay attention to as waiver wires approach. But I did have before I had t against a five of all at six and then I had called Beasley at seven. So it really just comes down to like my rankings are based on if you don't need a wide receiver right now, you just want to throw someone on your bench with better, better long term value.


But again, as you said, if you need someone to produce this week, I think Cole Beasley would be a better start than someone like Ty Higgins going against Jacksonville. Because Jacksonville, again, I just started researching that game. I think they've only seen forty six wide receiver targets through three games. So teams haven't thrown the ball a whole lot. They haven't needed to. And even though Tee Higgins has six fifteen targets over the last two weeks, we can't forget that Joe throwing the ball five times in the game.


So it's the target shares under fifteen percent. So it's not like it's massive that it's like, oh, you have to play him every single week. He's trending up for sure. And if something were to happen to AJ Green Tea, Higgins is going to be coming every week. Fantasy play. But it's more of like that's why I prefer him over a cold Beasley just because I think that he has higher upside long term, especially if you're stash him on your bench.


I will mention one final thing before we go to quarterbacks, which is if you are in the our internal our fantasy league with our kids, where we set up the league for our kids, our old dog who. Died a couple of years ago, was named Beesley, so you can expect my son to use his waiver claim on Colbys. And so if you want it, you better go get him. OK, let's go to quarterback here. Let's go back to you tax for your first one.


Are there any quarterbacks? Who's your top quarterback off waivers this week? Oh, this one's tough because I haven't been able to go through the games just yet. It's between Kirk Cousins and Ryan Fitzpatrick. If you want to go back to week, I think it's week seven of last year. And like basically that's when Ryan Tannehill and I found the stat going back to look for something on Ryan Tannehill. If you go back to when he took over as a starter, which was in week seven last year, Ryan Fitzpatrick, I think, has scored the third most fantasy points among quarterbacks since that time.


And I don't think anybody ever wants to play Ryan Fitzpatrick. But going against Seattle, you can't you don't run the ball against Seattle. No teams have been able to. I mean, Ezekiel Elliott last week ends up with, what? Fifty eight total yards? Terrible. That team is now allowed. I think it might be up to ten wide receivers through three weeks. That finishes top thirty six PPR plays so that Ryan Fitzpatrick is definitely on the streaming radar.


I'm digging into this Kirk Cousins game right now. I do believe it's a Dalvin Cook game, but it does. It makes me feel better to know that the Texans have a seventy two plays per game. Teams haven't thrown the ball a whole lot against them. As a matter of fact, teams have called passing plays against them just forty seven percent of the time, which is the lowest in the NFL. So this kind of matches up with what the Vikings want to do with a run first offense.


But the game has a fifty one and a half point overunder, which typically bodes well for fantasy players. So I'm torn between Fitzpatrick and Cousins right now, but I. I think I might lean Fitzpatrick. I don't know. OK, how about you, Yates.


I'll go cousins and then Fitzpatrick. But it's a one a one B situation. I'm fine with either one of them. Text me arguments. That was well said. Sorry to be a downer, but I'm exactly the same.


I mean, I have cousins legitimately like twenty first.


Also when you look at my overall Waverider rank, I mean quarterbacks are always low just because I don't know. There are like. Right. Eighteen guys you can stream every week. I don't really care like you. I need Kirk Cousins necessarily. But Kirk Cousins is twenty first and Ryan Fitzpatrick is twenty second. So they are legitimately right there next to each other. No fouls for you guys. You're not starting quarterback. Not going after Indianapolis now. Not yet.


OK, fine.


Well far be it for me to drum up any controversy that Yates, who's your top tight end Waverider, pick up its air Jibran.


And this is like if you are desperate for a tight end and I think you can roll out Eric Ebron involved in the red zone, saw that red zone Target was able to make a really nice catch in the back of the end zone from Roethlisberger. And I think the the reason why he saw seven targets last week was because Donte Johnson left the game with his potential concussion. So we just don't know at this point his status for next week. So if you're looking for a tight end, you really, really need an option.


I think you can go with Eric Ebron and he can produce for you. If Johnson misses, if he if Johnson somehow comes back from this, passes concussion protocol, then I'll be more hesitant. But as of right now, I'm fine with rolling out Eric Ebron.


Seven targets, five catches, fifty two yards and a touchdown for Iran. They made a point to get him the ball. How about you, Texas Ebron, your number one?


He's my number two. I actually wrote in the primer last week that Ebron had run fifty five pass routes through two weeks, which was top twenty tight ends in football. And I said Ebron, as someone who watches the weeks go on because it shouldn't surprise you if he has a big game with the number of pass routes he's running. But save that for a week that they're expected to throw the ball a whole lot. I didn't expect them to throw the ball a whole lot against Houston, so I didn't play him as a streamer.


But this doesn't surprise me. You know, he he's someone that can be added. But there's just so many weapons there. I would prefer to wait. And I don't think that he's in every week tight end that you could just plug and play. I think one player that could potentially be that guy is Moily Cox. I think they let the genie out of the bottle and I don't think they could put them back in. Jack Doyle is a he's just a guy.


That's the definition of Jack Doyle. He's fine as a tight end. He stays in to block. He's a three down tight end, but he's not a guy that's going to get a whole lot done in the passing game. And knowing that Parris Campbell is out for the season, essentially, I'm just going to assume that Parris Campbell's not going to play again this season. That's very Ty Hilton. Clearly not looking like the player of old Zach Pascal is whatever.


Michael Pittman can't stay on the field. He's always hurt. Malayali Cox has played fantastic. And I know he only saw three targets, but he turned them into production this week in a game where Rivers. What, did he throw the ball? Twenty one times. So it's not like he could have racked up a whole bunch of targets anyway. But Rivers has always loved his tight ends. And Moily Cox is the most athletic one he's seen in quite some time.


So I would take my chances on him being a potential every week starter over Ebron, who is going to have some splash weeks for sure.


But I just don't want to rely on him every week. Three analysts, three different opinions on who your top tight end should be off the waiver. Why are you going to say Jimmy Graham? No, I'm not going to say to me. I'm going to say Logan Thomas, who still in twenty five to. No, no, no. Here's OK against Baltimore. OK, no, no, no. Well, hold on. Let's make it clear.


If you need somebody to start this week, Logan Thomas is not your man, OK? You are not starting logotype this this week against Baltimore, and again, this is just what to do running backs this week. I don't know if you need to stream somebody this week. Yeah, I would agree that both LeBron number two for me and Mobily, Cox number three for me, probably even Jimmy Graham, number four for me. But for long term, Thomas just continues to get the crazy targets that pass their bad targets 100 percent on time.


Are you excited? There was there was a report this morning. There was a report this morning about what that Rivera was basically like. I don't really know if we can do that. Like, I don't know exactly what you did. Yeah, he said we can't our players through that anymore. We can do this. I mean, this is just horrific quarterback play.


And I think that if you replace him with whoever I mean, I don't see Alex Smith and Ben Smith, you know, I don't I don't think Kyle Allen then I assume. But either we are talking about way.


I know. I know. I know all about to become a Jets fan. And then you can look at other options which are like, boy, those options are disgusting. But when you're a Jets fan, you're like, oh, my God, this is amazing.


These are the best players in the country for Mitch. No, stop it. OK, when you've got what you've got Dwayne Haskins and you see going, you're like, all right, I'll I'll take Kyle Allen if you're going to give this guy seven to nine targets a week. I think also to be clear, they're all way low on my on my pick up rankings. I'm not buying into the Myle Cox thing. I'm just not I he played, you know, slightly more snaps than Doyle here.


And maybe he will continue necessarily. But I do think that they were easing Doyle in a little bit, although you've made a good point that Malali Cox does, you know, the genie maybe out of the bottle a little bit because he was playing well. And Eric Ebron, again, I think it was a lot of it, although they made a point to try to get the ball, was mostly Deontay Johnson right out. And it's a concussion.


He may be back. I think when he's back, there just aren't enough targets there for Iran to really factor in. I will make it clear those are my top three. It is very, very minor. But Logan Thomas, the guy, they're terrible targets. But but I think it's a little quick. Are you picking up Chris Herndon? No. Well, he's getting targets. They're bad. They're he's not getting as many target targets as Logan, as many not as targets.


He's not getting any targets as Logan Thomas, the New England and the New England. Go ahead, kiss my car. I'll watch the game over at a bar and have it. All right. That Logan Thomas again, he's get what do you get, like eight, seven, eight targets a game. And at some point, if they do make the switch, I think, look, let's make it as clear as possible. My official recommendation as to who to pick up at tight end is no place to start a fire start at the time and leave your tight and spot empty.


Just don't click. Correct. All right. You know what? I've beaten down too much. Let's go to our top five waiver wire pickups of the week. Let's start with you, Yates.


Overall, overall, I have Carlos side at number one, Justin Jefferson at number two, Jeff Wilson at number three, Keelan Cole at four, and then Alshon Jeffery at five. All right. How about you tax? All right.


I have it. Carlos Hyde, number one, Jeff Wilson, number two. And then the next three are all bunched together. It's just in Jefferson, Alshon Jeffery and Brandon Duke.


Yeah, Tagg's. We have the same top five. Exactly, but they're all bunched together. I still have Wilson number one and high number two, but it is one and one B and as we have been talking about it, I will admit that I'm like I'm probably the better. Yeah. For the short term. So he'll probably move to number one for me. And again, I had them both at twenty percent. And then I have Alstyne, Jeffery, Brandon Duke and Justin Jefferson.


There are top five, so we're pretty aligned there just with a little bit of a different option. We talked about QB guys coming in, but are there any other QB streamers that you like? We talked about cousins, probably Fitzpatrick. They're probably the best two that are widely available. Anybody else on your radar tags?


Can we consider Deshaun Watson a streamer? Probably not. And my guess is his research didn't do anything. I'm totally kidding. I was a joke, but he hasn't finished as a top ten quarterback through three weeks. But no, they've had they've had I don't know who made the schedule. Yeah. Why they hated Tuesday. It was not great. I mean in Minnesota was supposed to be good but they're not. So I mean this is this could be the breakout week for Deshaun Watson, even though Minnesota fun fact.


This is before your research starts. Since the start of twenty nineteen, the Vikings have played nineteen games. Obviously they've allowed exactly ten fantasy points in the ground to quarterbacks. That's a ten. Wow. OK, yeah. That's a good stat. You've got a stat for that. I like it. Tagg's. Well done. How about you Yates. Anybody who might actually be available to you.


Think about his name is Patrick Mahomes.


Oh yeah. Who. Yeah. Yeah exactly. Yeah. No he's no you can pick him up. Kirk Cousins is really the only one that I'm considering, but I'm not expecting anything like he'll probably be at like QB fifteen in my rankings. Like I'm not super, super excited. Fitzpatrick has a chance to finish within the top twelve base just based on passing volume because he's going to need to throw the ball. But I'm not super excited about him either.


Can I ask you guys, because somebody who is still available, not not in as many leagues as Cousins or Fitzpatrick, but it is Jared Goff. He's available in a lot of leagues. Would you prefer him against the. Science versus somebody like Cousins or Fitzpatrick, or would you still rather see one of those guys? So I'd be fine. Oh no. I mean, gosh, yeah, it'd be fun, right? Actually, pretty well this year.


Yeah, he is. And, you know, part of thing we talked about on our betting pros NFL podcast is I really think a big part of it is the fact that there are no fans, because I do think that Mikveh is just in his ear and it's fine and he plays better on the road. So I like what they've been doing over there in Los Angeles. Tough game to lose yesterday, but I agree if he is available because I was looking at the roster percentages before we started going, and he's available in like 40 percent of league.


So if he is, I think he's a guy who go ahead and dream. How about D.C.? There is one answer to the stream, the DST this week. And if you don't give it to me, I'm signing off of this podcast. Go ahead, Yates'. There are there. There's one there. There's one. There's only one one and one every week.


There is. It's whoever you're playing a certainty. Wilkos Defense has been decimated by injuries. Yeah. Doesn't matter. Does play. They're playing no jets. Correct. The Thursday night on Thursday.


Skip this Thursday night game. No legitimately can rewon. All of our listeners must share in my misery and understand that by virtue of being born in Queens, OK, to like a die hard jets' family, I am forced by blood. Do not only watch this team every time they play, but be like very heavily invested in how they perform.


Imagine that for the entire forty years of my life.


Add on then that I am a Mets fan. Add on then that I'm a Knicks fan and then you have why I am the way that I am. Well, thank you. Go ahead. I'm sorry. I mean God then got even with it, even with the injuries they have to be the. No, here's the thing. So we're recording this Monday afternoon.


So we've got the Chiefs and Ravens tonight. Like I typically I'll hit like eleven o'clock or maybe ten thirty because I have a two year old.


I'm just exhausted all the time. So I fall, I fall asleep and I'll wake up early, watch the rest of the game on game pass. I'm staying up tonight, I'm staying up to watch this game because I am like needing my actual good football fixed. So to carry me through to next Sunday because this game on Thursday. Now, the Broncos defense is a defense that you can stream their under 40 percent roster in Yahoo! Leagues. The other one that I am like this feels super gross, but I think you can actually roll out the Jets defense if you are desperate.


OK, because you're looking at Denver, is it Brett, how do you even say his last name?


Mark Robinson. He was a quarterback. Someone said to you, I got bad information. This is not his nephew or his son, one of the other. All right.


There my entire basis for calling him his son was Tagg's telling me it wasn't where we told me it was his son.


By the way, this is a fault right now. Go ahead, Spiderman. Me just you two pointing at each other.


I mean, and then, guys, there's actually a possibility and I'm really, really just rooting for this for the entertainment factor that we see. Blake Bortles at quarterback for the Denver Broncos.


Just to be clear, in a rare, serious moment, I did hear that he's probably still going to be inactive for that game because he's not going to be up to speed yet from OK. Right. Well, that's why I'm rooting that. That is for the for the entertainment value. I, I would I actually I don't think that's a terrible call because if you I mean the Bucs defense a little underrated anyway. But if you watch that game, you were just like, oh God, this is terrible.


With that said, it's clearly Denver over the Jets tanks. Anybody else other than the very clear answer, which is, well, it's Denver, but they lost another part of their defense. I mean, now it's like this defense is like who so bad? I mean, but it's the Jets. Yeah, it's just the run. Adam Gase get fired after this game.


Yeah. They're actually looking into they're actually already looking at coaching candidates. It's after it's after the first game. There's no makes no. Right. Fisher just doesn't make any sense. Before there's a game, have the Thursday game, give him an extra week and then you know we'll have a whole separate podcast, by the way, on my thoughts on Sam Darnel.


But we were kind of talking about a little bit, but I feel so bad for him. I do, too. That's why areas like what do you want to do when you inevitably get the number one pick? And I'm like, man, I just he hasn't gotten a fair shake. Well, I don't really know even yet what to make of them. Regardless, nobody cares. Dropper keep let's go there. This is the fringe where the guys who might be trouble might be capable.


I will start Yates' with you very quickly on a couple of guys. The tags that I mentioned last night helping Chris drop wouldn't know you.


And what do I need to get Ty Hilton on the spot while I am your biggest fan? Get on this podcast. OK, dropping or keeping. Carson, Wentz, Yates.


I drop him. That is correct. Dropping or keeping Marvin Jones me or text you. Taxon discusses all so happy I'm keeping him.


Yeah, I think we were borderline. We were saying it depends on who for who. Yeah. But it just depends on how deep the league is.


But yeah it is tough on line. No the answer this one for you. Yeah it's strapper keep Evan Engram answer is never should have never should have drafted him. Yep. Got it. OK, all right. Let's go to actual Jabbawockeez. We'll start with you Tagg's. You don't need any analysis, but I know you guys will throw in a little bit anyway. They want drop our keep tags. DeAndre Swift.


How old I guess. Oh I feel so gross saying it. I'm an old. All right. Yeah it's.


You saw what, six snaps. I think that's what it was. I didn't see the official number but that was like six snaps. Yeah. I drop him if you need a running back, if you need Carlos Hyde, drop them.


Yeah. That's the right answer. Hold if you can. But if you're in any sort of roster roster crunch, just drop, yates', drop or keep any giants running back. Drop them Tagg's.


I'm going to keep Devonta Freeman. He was he was not caught up in the playbook. It's clear that Dion Lewis is not going to get that workload and he still is starting running back. Remember James Robinson? Nobody was really excited about it where it was like, we don't want to do that. And then I'm not saying Devonta Freeman's going to win your fantasy league, but in a league where guys are starting Jeff Wilson and Jerrick McKinnon and Ten Team leagues, it's crazy we're there.


So I say hold Devonta Freeman. That's that's fair. That comes with a caveat. Yeah, it depends on who. But Wayne Gallman and John Lewis should never have been added. Yeah, that's fine. And I will say that you probably shouldn't even have bothered picking up Devonta Freeman so you can feel free to drop him. That is the Harris official stance. Let's go to Texas. Oh, you know what? This one doesn't count. I wrote this last night and then he wound up having a good game start, drop or keep Drew Brees tags.


I mean, he's a streamer. I guess you keep them. I mean, they're they're running as Detroit this week. I think you have to run the ball over Detroit. But yeah. Yeah, it's, um.


He's in that same territory. Streaming option. I'm fine. Dropping him a few if there's a better option. Yeah. Start drop. Keep Leonard Fournette drop him. At this point I don't want to deal with this backfield.


Tagg's I'd keep him. Yeah I'd hold him to but I completely agree with you. Yes I bought it. We talked about it. Oh I did remember. I bit oh I totally bet starts that show taxers. Like why, why is the community at twenty fifth on for now.




I said I was like I don't think I ranked seventy but all of a sudden but I was one hundred. Like, right around twenty, you know, like aren't sure what to avoid, but I would hold him if you could just, you know, if there's an injury to Ronald Jones or if he eventually just runs with it, that's fine. Tagg's drop or keep. Jarvis Landry.


You guess? Yeah.


It's keeping the Browns only through the ball. They've thrown the ball twenty three times the past two weeks. Yeah.


They don't want to throw the ball. Right. I know it's not they're not going to happen normally because they're going up again. Who do they play Washington and who do they play to that they play in Cincinnati. Thank you. So like those are two.


Those are two.


Those are two great teams. So they're going to get you're going to get in these matchups where they're going to have to throw the ball more Jobcentres to find wide receiver three. OK, my official stance on Jarvis Landry is do whatever you want is not going to win or lose your fantasy league. I don't care. You could drop them if somebody drop Jarvis Landry. I'm not like, oh, my God, they had to go.


And you gave me so much crap on Friday with the Will Fuller. You're like, do you start Will Fuller? I was like, I don't know. And Dan was like, this is your job. So you're right. It's your job to tell people. You say, do whatever you want. That's before it starts. Drop, forgive whatever doesn't matter. Five. You need my official recommendation. You sure that's fine. OK, yeah, it's special for you.


Drop it. Keep T.Y. help drop. You're keeping him. Keep your keep.


All right. We're not we've got, you know, seven more podcast this week.


Tune in for our podcast. There are a lot this we're going to talk about, too. I had my most of them tag strapper, keep Henry Rug's.


Keep Brian Edwards is hurt now, too. I'll keep him, OK? Yes, I'll keep them to yeah, I'm keeping him in this scenario. Not if somebody dropped him I wouldn't be too mad about it. But I'm still giving them yates' drop or keep your boy Latavius Murray, keep him.


I expect he saw the majority of the calories and it wasn't close in that game. Alvin Kamara was just he went beast mode through the air. So literally beast mode had beast mode running.


So I think looking at Latavius Murray and set against Detroit, they're going to try to run the ball and they're going to be successful. Latavius Murray was picking up chunk gains in that game, too. So I'm fine.


I'm fine keeping Murray up tax. He has one less carry than Kamara on the season. I think they want it to be a Mark Ingram type split with him. So I'll keep and once Drew Brees starts playing better, which hopefully happens because I don't want to see him go out like this, it'll it'll present more scoring opportunities to tag strapper, keep carmakers, keep just because of the offense he plays for.


He's basically like a high end handcuff is what he is.


Yeah, I don't think you can drop him, but he's lost all of his like, you know, momentum. Yeah, yeah. I'm going to go drop guys. I think that you you don't have to don't spight drop them. But if you are in a roster crunch and you drop carmakers, I think it's fine. Darryl Henderson looks really, really good. Yeah. Basically, he's a handcuff at this point. And even if something happened to Henderson, you've still got to compete with Malcolm Brown.


So at this point, I'm OK to drop because I. Let's finish with you. Yeah, it's last one. Drop or keep. Brandin Cooks.


Um, I'm fine keeping him. I just think, again, you talked about the matchups with Houston, that these have been brutal for him. So moving forward, I expect the schedule to lighten up, at least in him to get more involved in this offense. Watson, the bounce back, they're still developing chemistry.


I'm fine holding on to him. But if you need to drop in for a better option, I'm not opposed to it.


Tax help, keep better days ahead. Yep, I agree. You just look at their schedule just to be you know, they played KC, Baltimore, Pittsburgh. They've got Minnesota, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Green Bay, Jacksonville, Cleveland. They've got some matchups you can split. So I agree. Keep him there. All right.


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