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Do you ever think about how you're going to die? Wow, OK, what a way to start the trailer, Gabby truly I think I'm going to choke to death specifically on a cool ranch, Doritos. I'm definitely slipping in the shower. I'm for sure going to die taking a selfie anyway. Hey, I'm Gabby. I'm Taylor. I'm Neka. And we're the host of a new podcast called Argyle's.


We're just three fun and flirty gals talking about all the fun and flirty ways that people expire, like how three people died because of a poodle and how you shouldn't trust your ex-boyfriend to help you get rid of a body or how you could just be out boating with the boys and dine the innocent. Who knows? We'll also find out about all of Nico's boyfriends. That is untrue. And we will find out that Taylor is a horse girl and Gabby is the best one.


OK, Gabby, basically this podcast is kind of like Sex in the City. If they only talked about that, people join us as we laugh, but mostly crime in the face of death. We'll also learn how to grow as people through the power of friendship.


So listen to Cadaveric House for your weekly dose of death cadaveric. This is a production of School of Humans and I Heart Radio out Dec. nine. New episodes out on Wednesdays.


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